Vessel (2012) Movie Script

Boston, please, confirm
Northeast 1156
heading to 600, over.
That's a negative, White Plains.
No visual of the dash-8
in question.
-Confirm weather delay.
-That's negative. We can't confirm
any interference this time.
Tune in 298 for reports.
Liberty 298.
This is Boston Control.
Good evening, Boston.
Liberty 298 with you
flight level 370.
You look after your left site.
5 miles for a dash-8.
You see anything?
That's a negative, Boston.
Nothing in sight.
Alright, keep an eye for us.
We had 2 dash-8 take off.
but lost contact with them,
Hey folks, we are up here
in the cockpit.
Looks like we runned into
a little bit of turbulence.
So if you are not already
there, please, take your seats,
and fasten your seat belts
and I'll try to find us
a smoother altitude.
Can I get you anything?
Hey, guys, sorry
to break up the party.
Chloe, I need you to turn
around in your seat
and put your seat belts on
for me, please.
Stay seated this way,
thank you.
Sorry about that.
But just so we're clear,
she started it.
Well, she's an unaccompanied
She doesn't know any better.
You, however...
I'm also unaccompanied too.
And you are Emma.
Excuse me, miss.
I have to go
to the girl's room.
OK, I'm coming with you.
It was nice to meet you,
Are you having a good flight?
What the hell?
Holy shit!
Hey, stop it.
You think I find this cute?
Listen to me, there's something
outside and it's flying right at us.
You're scaring the other
Just look.
There's nothing there.
No, it must had just missed us.
It's gotta be somewhere.
Hey, take you seat.
You need to stop.
Right now.
I swear it.
I swear I saw something.
Hey, Chloe, are you ok?
What happened?
You know...
He just feels a little sick.
So while he gets better,
let's take you back
to your seat, ok?
Everybody, stay calm.
The lights will be back on
in just a second.
Please, just stay seated
and make sure your
seat belts are buckled.
Everything is fine. Please,
I need you to remain seated.
Please, remain seated.
-Everything is fine.
-It's above us.
It's above us.
We gotta tell the pilot.
Tell him that this thing is above us.
Come on!
Hurry, it's Emma,
open the door.
Get the hell back.
Get seated.
There's something above us.
We have to descend.
Everything is out.
The radio, the controls,
But then why
aren't we falling?
You stay put, OK?
I'll be here right back!
I can't see anything.
Hit the wipers, Jim.
I... I got it.
Holy shit!
Where'd it go?
Run, Chloe, run!
Somebody help!
I think you got him, Jim!
Oh, my God!
Can you hear me?
Oh, God!
You son of a bitch!
Come back, White Plains,
come back.
Any read on Liberty 298
since your last report?
Negative, Liberty 298 is still
AWOL as of 1932.
-No sign, Boston.
-Hartford, this is Boston.
Any sign of Liberty 298
on visual, please respond.
Boston, alert,
we have something. We have something.
Come back.
Liberty 298, this is White Plains.
How do your read?
Repeat, Liberty 298,
how do you read?
We read you loud and clear,
White Plains.
We lost you
for a second there.
It must've been
one of those solar flares.
It sure gave us a good scare.
There you are, Chloe.
What are you doing
out of your seat?
I wanna go home.