Veteran (2015) Movie Script

Hey! It's not that one, come here.
I know. I was just looking around.
Let's go find good one
You have some good vision to choose a good car.
Just wait.
I will choose the perfect for you.
We will give it to you at a cheap price.
We'll give it to you for cheap.
We'll come again next time.
Come again.
Mr. and Mrs.
Where are you trying to go?
Mister, shh!
Hey, honey.
I'm in the middle of a meeting right now.
Hang up.
Instead of looking at those other sellers
come look at these.
All of those cars are for married people
but this store is for dating couples.
Benz ah
She going to drive so I hope
there aren't any problems.
Can you show me the engine?
You seem to know a lot about these things.
Hey Yeon!
A rich women bought this car for her son-in-law.
You'll know if you look at the mileage.
But her son-in-law was scouted by the USA.
He couldn't come back to Korea.
Wow, my pretty baby.
Look at you with that nice car.
Should we go with this one?
We'll have to buy it to see if it's good enough.
You're talking nonsense.
Ah, why are you acting like this, seriously?
Mister, you must really know this business.
Mister, we're gonna test-drive it first, okay?
The vehicle license plates have been confirmed.
Thank you.
Take care sir.
Let's get to work.
Hey, just wait for the next green light to go.
The next light, the next light you asshole.
Carefully, carefully you damn girl.
How many times do I have to tell you?
Is this your car?
Also, can't you try acting more naturally?
Check to see if anyone is following first.
I'm driving now.
Can you stop bossing me around?
How can drive without shoes? Are you crazy?
Aren't you going to drive properly?
Watch out in front.
Why don't you drive then?
Ah, again, again.
Send me a text at least. A text.
Are you guys really going to be like this?
Do you have the memory of a goldfish?
We were about to call you first, but you called us.
This boy trying to talk back to me again.
If you talk this well, you should have been a lawyer.
We bought the car.
Hey, drive safely.
Let's not doing this acting together next time.
We really don't match well as partners.
Can't? Can't? Do you want to get hit?
I'm gonna cause an accident~ I'm gonna cause an accident~
I'm the one driving.
oh god, these two
Hang up immediately and confirm
that any payments were made.
We bought it in a 3 month contract,
stop giving me pressure.
I'm hanging up.
Miss, isn't that the car?
Ah, shit.
I told you not to eat when you talk to your commander.
What about Do Chul?
Get ready to go.
Ah, really?
Shh, today these guys seriously...
We did not eat all of it
so we can get a refund for the leftovers right?
Sir... But you already ate it all.
Hey, you have to take out GPS.
Just a minute. The GPS is in the trunk.
Oh man, I gotta go pee, where is toilet?
Where is the toilet?
Damn that scared me.
Who are you?
What is this?
I almost peed my pants.
You should have moved faster.
Aren't you the guy from earlier
that Mister?
Oh yeah! You've been working hard.
Didn't my friends come yet?
Hey, can't you hear? Who the hell are you?
Hello? What are you doing, not coming?
Hey! I asked who you are!
What? At a gas station?
You guys were waiting without any gas?
Are you kidding me?
Hurry up and come, I'm starving.
What are you doing, not wearing them?
Are you guys still playing with these?
Don't be like that.
You're going to get hurt.
Are you insane?
Stop the movement! We are cops.
Hey, we're here.
Watch your step, don't act stupid.
Is the car okay?
You need to wonder if I got wounded first.
This is reason why you don't get promoted.
Is this guy?
Call the lawyer!
Ah shit, I forgot to make a phone call.
I'm going to have a phone call.
Seo Do Chul stay here until I'm finished, okay?
Wait, wait, wait a minute.
If you hurt this guy,
I can't cover you anymore.
Last time when you beat that other guy
he broke his chin and now he can't even talk.
He's really happy when people fed him.
This boy became police to beat up people.
Come here.
Come here, it's okay dude.
Hold this.
Hold it
with two hands. There.
How can you beat up a police officer?
And with a weapon at that.
Put it down for now and come here quickly.
This is self-defense.
Bastard, you want to play with the police?
Use words, words. Use words instead.
Sit properly.
Where you taking this car after this work?
We ask things rudely but I want you
to answer me politely.
Seoul isn't the only place you're working right?
Oh ho, you're answers have become a lot shorter.
Where is next course?
To send it to Russia.
Russians are personally coming here for it?
Oh you already figured out how it works.
Commander! Let go for dinner!
This house is really messy.
What time is it that the kid is just laying out here?
Ask your son.
Look at how she talks to her husband.
Eat some fried chicken.
Stop throwing your jacket like that.
Are you the only one that works?
I get it, I get it.
Why you being so mad?
Did something happen today?
There isn't any problem at my workplace.
Your son is problem.
Your son.
Why? What's wrong with my son?
He beat children up at school.
Man, I thought it was something important.
Boys all grow up like that.
My little hero, here we go.
I can afford to pay for you beating up another boy.
But if you get beat up,
I can't afford to pay the medical bill.
You're teaching just great things, aren't you?
His mother is a social welfare worker
and his father police officer.
But you want to make him like a gangster?
Can't you talk nicely?
I'm going to solve big case this time.
I'm going to get a big reward this time.
Let's go to bed, my son.
Before you get your big reward, go to the bank.
Why the bank?
We need to refinance our loans.
What loans?
Loans for this house's lease!
Why are you getting annoyed at me?
Just get more loans and just buy this house.
Wipe your feet before you go in.
Real man shouldn't care about loans, right?
Live like a big man.
Life like that would be no big deal.
Where did I put my legal seal and my loan papers?
Fucking loan.
I'm sorry that I couldn't pay you much
because I'm working now.
People like us who receive day-end wages
just to keep working as much as we can.
Driver Bae, you don't send your son to school?
He already went to school.
I work for him to go school.
But I have no money to pay for tutoring.
Is your workplace still giving you problems?
Regardless of how it goes we get paid, it goes the same.
Even though we do our work,
we still can't properly receive our pay.
Are there still people who take money
like that these days?
Every few decades there are still such people.
Anyway, today there aren't going to be
any dangerous situations?
No, there won't. Just drive safely.
All you have to do is drop this off.
I don't worry about myself, just about this car.
Nowadays nobody cares about people getting hurt, huh?
You'll get hurt.
Director Kang.
How do you communicate with the Russians?
They speak Korean well.
I'm telling you, these days we need to learn.
Look at those bastards. Just by learning a
foreign language, they expand their market.
I'm too old to learn other languages.
But you young people can do it easily.
Don't just study at test season,
study always, everyday.
I don't even expect money for academy lessons,
but you have to give us some free time to say that.
You always go to clubs when you have time.
Recently clubs are also a good place to learn English.
Then you can work at a club.
I have many friends who work at nightclubs.
After you get out of jail
all your friends will be doing other things,
so don't worry about it.
Going to jail makes me want to get out of jail.
You gonna have some hard time from now on.
Thanks for calling me though.
You also worked hard. Go back safely.
Also our team is going to send you the money tonight,
so check that it comes.
The police won't cheat me on my money.
I have to go now. See you later.
Driver Bae, wait a minute.
If someone cheats you on your money,
give me a call.
Really. Really.
I'll go now.
Son, buy yourself some snacks that you like.
You don't have to do this.
It's fine.
That's right!
Men have to think fast and smart.
You have to say thank you.
Thank you.
I will buy you some drinks later on.
The meeting is starting.
Now the bunch of bastards are gathered together.
Now seems like a good time to take care of them.
The deal has been done well.
Now my lovely friends, let's prepare.
It's time to get to work.
Don't get nervous.
Our teams are ready now.
Everyone else hold their position
and don't lose anyone.
Okay, what a beautiful job you have done.
Damn it!
If you're gonna run, stay in a group.
Do Chul, Do Chul. You go catch the boss.
What? I'm damn tired.
What do you mean tired? Go catch him!
Other boys are easy to catch.
How long are you going to run away?
I'm tired to death.
Why not take a break?
No, I won't!
Stop chasing me.
You bastard.
Take me too.
You bastard!
What the hell?
Miss Bong!
I've been telling him that we need more people.
How am I going to find him in this large place?
All he does is order us around. Damn.
Damn, that scared me.
Ah, shit.
Stop, stop.
Hey, hey. Just leave.
Just go man, just keep going.
Let go asshole.
Let go. Damn, it hurts.
Fucking bastard.
How dare you touch me like that.
Let's go now, stand.
Bastards want to get killed.
Aren't you tired? Come and ride.
You want some water?
Thank you.
I also have a lot of things to do in Seoul.
Just ride with me
Fine, let's just go together.
That's right, it's good to ride with your friends.
Let's go!
Hey, I'm here already, where are you?
Over here, here.
Hey it's really interesting.
Hey guys. Attention, attention.
Fill out everything in here.
1. Name
2. Birthday
Three, slowly. Shit.
Look at this jacket.
Pretty, pretty. You look great.
Finish up quickly and go.
Can reporters enter now?
Tell them I will go downstairs.
Hey, all the files.
You got everything?
I will hurry.
Hey, bastards.
You will be reported in front of the cameras.
If you don't want get embarrassed,
cover your own faces.
And this Crowe Komi and Fedor.
What do I have to do? This is so frustrating.
Why hasn't the interpreter come yet?
I can speak Korean.
I want to call a lawyer.
How dare you speak rudely?
Sir, want me to call an interpreter?
Of course.
We need interpreter so li looks like a big event.
Just take one of our staff who speaks English.
A promotion is coming, a promotion has come.
Put my name on a big desk.
Get some drinks and party.
Oh yeah, a promotion.
Let's have a promotion.
Where is the director?
Are you going to keep saying that you don't know?
You are just as bad as the director.
I really can't contact him.
What a rude lady.
How can you fire us all of a sudden?
At at least give us our money.
We spent our own money for meals and gas.
Why are you doing this to me?
I am someone who just earns a paycheck too.
I'll kill you.
You haven't gone to sleep yet?
Go to bed quickly, so your mother
won't be mad in the morning.
Daddy already had dinner.
I will be home soon.
Tell mommy that daddy will be home soon.
Daddy has to go.
I said just wait a minute.
Oh Driver Bae.
What happened to you?
Why have you been avoiding my calls?
When did I do that?
Did you called me?
You're not answering your phone
and you aren't at the office.
You fucking asshole.
Just tell me what you want.
None of that other crap.
Let's not curse.
You're the one making me curse.
What do you want from me?
I mean
how can you end our contract one-sidedly through a text?
Did I do that?
It was the company that told me to do that.
So why did all of you join a group?
What are you? Red rights?
Even so
You should give us what we earned.
Take it.
Take everything.
If you have anything to take, the take it.
I will let you take it.
Let's talk through words, words.
I am using words.
Did I hit you?
Then bring me a medical certificate.
How many times have I told you?
If you really want money, go to company.
I don't have any money.
I don't even have money for a motel.
So with that crippled girl,
we're dating in that container.
Can't you see?
Can't you see?
Can't you see it?
Ah, really.
I'm sick of it.
Oh, really.
Get in.
Is this right place?
Where is it?
Why aren't you answering the phone?
Over here.
Hey, why don't you answer your phone?
Are they doing valet parking?
Oh, Detective Yoon.
Why are you having dinner in such a place?
Is it really okay for me to join this dinner?
Of course it should be you. Who else should come?
Is she celebrity?
Don't act so embarrassing.
Lots of them are downstairs.
It's because our sponsors are killer.
I want to introduce to some great people.
That's why I called you.
Do you know what will come out,
if you listen to my words?
Cake will come out.
If it's emergency call, you can come in later.
I don't know this number. Is it a reporter?
Leave a message after the beep.
This place is so nice.
Hello, hello.
Oh yeah.
Oh yeah, hello.
Stop it already.
Thank you President Yoon.
Come on, let's go inside.
Manager Jo.
Greet him.
Come here.
I'm Seo Do Chul.
Look closely.
Ready? Not yet?
Use some muscles.
Use all your strength.
What was that?
It was just a joke.
A joke.
While we're having an enjoyable time,
I have someone to introduce.
It's okay, it's okay.
Go on.
Have a seat
When our Da Hye had problems, he was a big help.
He also helped role of female police officers in the drama.
Freeze. If you move I will shoot.
The best detective Seo Do Chul.
He's a really good guy.
We need to know these kinds of good people.
This man here is a
doctor in plastic surgery office, chest surgery major.
This is Dr. Kim. Applause.
Then this man over here works Gangwon-do nose surgery.
Nature's destroyer
President Lee Yong Hoon.
As for this party's main character,
our Albatross Entertainment's reliable supporter.
Soon he will be promote to Vice President for Sinjin Group.
Manager of Planning Department, Jo Tae Ho.
Jo Tae Ho, Jo Tae Ho.
Is that the Sinjin Group that I know?
Why are you being like this?
It's party place, so just relax.
But how do you know the President Yoon?
When he was at studying abroad,
I helped him and Da-Hye a lot.
You just bought one meal.
As you see, I'm much younger.
I'm drinking with a millionaire.
But I thought that millionaires play differently.
Stop it already.
Millionaires should play like this?
I'm sorry.
This is how a millionaire plays.
Please forgive me.
Our detective won't be fooled easily.
He is veteran, isn't he? A veteran.
So cool
A genius.
You were surprised, weren't you?
My grandfather says to be friend
after testing their personality.
President Yoon.
Jo Tae Ho seems to lead an exciting life.
Tae Ho.
don't get yourself into trouble.
Shall we cheers to that?
Let's eat hangover soup.
Why do you want to workout now?
Why do things that you don't normally do?
You think I want to do this?
This time they added a strength test.
If I don't workout, I can't defend myself.
Leaders run in field?
You don't even have basic manner.
You have to cooperate with company.
You can stop working out now.
I think you don't have to workout.
Come here and hold the dumbbell.
That boy must be crazy.
Now grab it.
Are you going to keep talking while I'm trying to exercise?
I can't focus and breathe properly like that.
Let's start with aerobics, aerobics.
Do you know Jo Tae Oh from Sinjin Group?
Jo Tae Oh?
He's the son of the president of Sinjin Group, right?
I heard he's a troublemaker.
After studying abroad, he's been causing a lot of trouble.
Who told you that?
He's famous around business people.
I drank with him.
Don't get up immediately.
People will pay more attention if you do.
Just keep sitting.
Do some stretching.
It hurts.
Just be in pain now, rather than be embarrassed for a month.
Captain, are you all right?
What? Why?
Captain, you seem to be bleeding.
Going to the sauna won't help with a rupture.
Usually it helps with a rupture.
My boys are really weak.
That Sinjin Group's Jo Tae Ho.
I can smell something from him.
you can smell something from Jo Tae Ho.
I wish I could smell something too.
That female officer from that drama and her manager.
They told me to visit the party and meet him.
That brat.
That look on his face felt weird.
Yesterday, I
shook hands with a high director
for first time as a police officer.
It felt warm.
Hey Do Chul,
before we finish up this case,
let's not make any trouble okay?
It'll be big one.
I think he's doing drugs.
It's just rhinitis.
He's a millionaire and all grown-up.
Rhinitis is nonsense.
Did you pay for the drinks last night?
Why are you getting so upset?
If you think you can handle him by yourself,
then do whatever you want.
Otherwise hurry up and come back to work at the office.
For the past 14 months construction on the sea
with the three trillion development plan
K Construction also has a project completely planned...
I only picked reports about the company.
Would you like to listen later?
That's not what's important right now.
Why is there suddenly an emergency staff meeting?
The conference room is in the upstairs hall.
Please arrive punctually, the Emergency
Personnel Group meeting will be held on time.
Before the president was investigated by the prosecution
there seems to have been movement
for arrangement of the Allied Groups.
Then are we going to have a connection on our side?
Do not be too proud.
Today's meeting may take longer than usual,
so endure it even if you get thirsty.
You're telling me to wear this?
It's required for long and important meetings.
We can't leave until the president leaves.
The following is an emergency notification.
Today's scheduled emergency meeting of Sinjin Group,
has been canceled by the president
due the prosecutor's investigation.
I represent the president in telling you
to please return to your posts for now.
You will receive a notification of the time for the next meeting.
Today's scheduled emergency meeting of Sinjin Group,
has been canceled by the president
due the prosecutor' investigation.
If he gathers everyone like that,
what are we supposed to do when he suddenly cancels like that?
If father goes in like that,
won't control go over to my sister?
Let's wait for now.
They need to have meetings and it won't happen that easily.
Also, the prosecutor's investigation will take long.
I don't care if he is a shareholder.
Between my brother, my sister, and me,
control will go to one of us.
We don't have any information now.
Was our ability to get information this weak?
Um, that's
because of your uncle.
Right now he's a bit sensitive
Now is not the time to work.
Because of the chairman's situation,
your mom is a bit sensitive right now.
Apartment model.
What is that?
That's nothing.
Am I not supposed to know what's happening
in the company?
that's not it.
Because of a dissolution of a contract,
these people are protesting.
But there's no legal problem on our side.
So we want to make it clear
before getting the police involved.
We'll just immediately call the police and deal with it.
Don't make it complicated.
Just send them to me.
It's hard to manage our good image right now,
so let's finish it between just us and them.
Your son is very handsome.
With that cute son, how can you do
such a protest on the road?
Have you eaten?
I apologize.
I didn't mean to do that.
Then what is it?
You can't fire us one-sidedly like that.
We didn't fire you.
Did you guys have a contract with us?
What about that monthly pay?
Sir, we really don't have any money
leftover after working.
Oil is too expensive
We drive 80km for eight hours.
In order to save the money, I don't even eat.
But then the company says they won't give us money.
We are all having hard times.
From when I was young, every day I heard it was
the worst economic year.
The economy in the following year was even worse.
Every year I've been hearing that.
So did I die?
I didn't die.
You want that, don't you?
how much do you need?
Ah yes, it's...
Please sit.
Just tell me total amount, total.
Say thank you.
Thank you
It's quite a bit. Four hundred and twenty.
420 million?
420 total?
Driver, do you know about the handle of a stone mixer?
The handle of a stone mixer is unlucky because
to mix things you put in some food and try to move it but,
the handle breaks off.
This type of situation is what we call unlucky.
It's ridiculous, because of just the handle I can't do my work.
That's how I feel right now.
This is the lower production director.
I'm sorry, president.
What nonsense. Why am I the president?
I'm sorry, vice-president.
I told you I would get you your money this week.
When did you?
Director, you took the driver's money?
No, no, no.
Wear them, both of you.
Take care of the recording.
Let's give a cheer for our driver.
It's going to be okay. Don't keep talking
only of money like daddy
and give me a cheer.
What are you trying to do now?
What are you doing? You'll scare the kid.
It's okay, it's okay.
This is how to earn money.
See how hard your dad works to earn money.
So when you grow up, you will be honoring your daddy.
Why are you just standing like that?
Like a man, come on.
Director if you don't play good,
your contract will be gone.
What you guys doing in front of a child?
Director, nicely done.
Driver you can't get money if you play like that.
If you want your money wear the gloves.
Your dad is working so hard to make money.
Cheer on your daddy.
Go dad!
Take the child out and let's talk.
Hold on.
Executive Chu. The driver is going to break his teeth.
Put some tissue in his mouth.
Don't break your teeth.
This is why you shouldn't have made this happen.
Man. Because of some money, look what happened to you.
Driver this is money you asked me for earlier
and I put some more in.
And with this buy some snacks for your kid and go to the hospital.
So now we are done with all our business. Okay?
Keep your strength up.
Our office needs those kind of girls.
Writer Of modeled that character after me.
Recently, I'm going crazy because of my nephew.
He wants to be an actor so bad, it's crazy.
Hey Do Chul.
You can get someone in the entertainment industry, right?
Is it a boy or girl?
It's a boy. Very handsome.
He's like 185cm tall?
I don't like if it's too tall.
You just eat a lot.
Captain, why are you being mean to Miss Bong?
Just tell him to learn some skills.
Nowadays even dogs and cows want to be an actors.
What? Dogs and cows?
Hey, put some rice on for me.
Hello. I'm Seoul Police Surveillance Team Seo Do Chul.
Don't cry, speak slowly. Word by word.
I came quickly right?
What happened to your father?
Father fell from the stairs, I called you for help
with the business card you gave him.
Okay, you did good.
Have you eaten?
Who are you?
I worked with Driver Bae.
I'm a police officer.
The police are already here.
You say you are a police officer?
Gwangsu team staff.
After discussing wage problems with the company after a protest.
He tried to committed suicide in emergency exit.
Luckily when he fell off, he hit the one of stair rails.
It saved his life, but now he's unconscious.
Anyway, this is a situation where Sinjin
should be held responsible, right?
Because they withheld money, this happened.
That's the worker's opinion.
But legally, he's not connected to Sinjin cGroup.
Although the director and affiliated companies signed up,
because of the advance contract, it's a bit ambiguous.
Also today they say director gave him money.
Now he's unconscious, so we can't figure out
why he attempted suicide.
The child is still so young and I really don't know what to do.
A real man should eat in this kind of difficult
situation and get his strength back.
After surgery, your father will be okay, so don't worry.
I heard you were with your dad all day. You didn't go to school?
It was a founding anniversary holiday.
Oh, skipping, huh?
But how you come you went home by yourself?
How did that happen?
Dad sent me ahead on a taxi first.
Wow, you can take a taxi by yourself. How amazing.
Because of me daddy couldn't take taxi.
He didn't do anything wrong.
Of course, who said he did anything wrong?
Your dad didn't anything wrong.
If he didn't do anything wrong, why did he get beat up?
Beaten? Daddy got beat up?
He got beaten?
His son personally saw it happen.
The child and mother were so shocked that
I think they forgot to tell you everything properly.
Okay, then I will immediately go meet the child.
Drink this and wait.
Thank you.
Earlier the child was so frightened and kept crying.
So if you see the notes...
Did you check the CCTV for what actually happened?
We have already checked, but during that time
there was a repair request.
What repair request?
It's kind of weird for us that it happened at the same time.
Also it's individual CCTV, so we can't keep investigating.
What about the check for the money?
Did you meet person who gave him the check?
Seriously, that's too much.
Even if we are both police, isn't that too much?
If you keep being like this, we will protest.
Do you think our staff are stupid?
I'm here to help new staff.
Can't you see the situation? How are you helping?
Our staff know what they're doing too.
There is other work to do besides focusing on a suicide case.
What did you just say? I'm just helping them.
What's your level? You said you work at Gwangsu Station right?
Calm down, calm down.
If you have the authority, then just take this case
with you to Gwangsu Station.
Just because there was a suicide,
should I put everyone in jail?
Stop pushing me.
What you want me to do, huh?
Seo Do Chul from Gwangsu Station?
This case is not even involved with them.
He's a friend of that driver.
Legal team.
Investigate the situation, prepare to sue him
for disturbing our business first.
Yes sir.
Seriously, these people. I'm not playing with you.
I'm the Chief Secretary. I heard you came to see us.
What brought you here?
Oh you're the Chief Secretary, then you are higher
up than my friend Tae Ho?
By chance, I found out that there was something bad
that happened at my friend Tae Ho's workplace.
So I came to see if there's something I can help you with.
It's true there was bad happening, but we are doing
everything by the law. You don't have to worry.
Is my friend Tae Ho very busy?
I hope that you don't try to make this an
uncomfortable situation for us.
If you think that is some kind interesting event going on.
There's no such thing.
Interesting happenings, like what?
Like someone getting beaten?
The vice president is using the elevator please use stairs for now.
I have your contact information, so...
Hey Tae Ho! Jo Tae Ho!
Block him now.
Tae Ho! Ow my leg, my leg.
Tae Ho!
All of you can't do your work properly?
Call the police line and investigate this detective.
Hey, do you think I'm funny?
You think I pay you for this?
Lower your body.
Your choking too tight.
Do not choke too hard. Let him go.
You're choking too hard. Release now! Release!
Are you okay?
It's okay, I'm fine.
If you're that weak, you can't be professional.
Find other job where you can do better.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Should we play one more game?
I don't feel like living in that apartment.
We didn't have time submit a new plan for this item and
it was modified again.
Bite her, bite her good.
It's just a joke, a joke.
Let's change model to a fresher one.
These days there's a drama called "Evil Beauty"?
The younger girl on that drama is attractive.
Why was it so noisy at the company today?
Do you know Detective Seo Do Chul? He told me he knows
you personally, so I barely stopped him this time.
Detective? Who? It's not because of that case, is it?
He said he knows you personally, he asked me if there's anything he could help with.
Moron, who's helping who?
I think since it's big case,
he's try to earn some extra money.
But don't worry, I will take care of it.
In this country, business people are always
regarded as sinners.
But they're relying on our taxes, right?
What about the hospital?
In the office for ruptures
they didn't leave any traces on the medical record
It's more natural to say it's because of the fall.
The doctor in charge told me there is only little chance
that he'll wake up.
Meet his family and finish things up.
Then let our team clean everything up.
We'll wrap things up neatly.
Work with some common sense, common sense.
It's not a problem,
until you make it one.
Wait a little longer and I'll be there soon as possible.
I've done my work hours for this month.
I'm not talking about that.
What kind of troubles are you causing?
Someone from above called me.
Have you been causing any trouble?
Stop pushing me.
I'll explain later. Bye.
Hey, what are you guys doing now?
I'm asking you, what are you doing?
Detective Seo Do Chul,
let's be careful of each other.
What? Careful of each other?
How can you be so noisy in the hospital?
Go outside and talk.
Okay, okay.
Did they give you money? Did you accept it?
Did they make you sign anything?
No, I just...
Let's talk outside.
Let me go, I'm talking right now.
Chief Secretary Choi.
Let me go.
Because they are big company, they pay for the hospital fees
and add some extra money for their image.
That's what a lawyer should do,
why are the police helping with that?
What can a lawyer do?
He attempted suicide.
A man attempted suicide at
a conglomerate's headquarters.
Not a single article was published.
The company is trying to settle things with money.
Settlement? That was compensation.
You need to know why he attempted suicide
to know whether it is compensation or not.
That man who's lying in bed
got beaten in Jo Tae Ho's office.
Why do you keep investigating our case.
We also did an investigation.
Their legal team wanted to sue that man
for obstructing their workplace,
but Jo Tae Ho stopped that for him.
Did he also pay you?
Even though we are both police, you really...
Really what?
We don't have money, but we have pride.
When you're using handcuffs, at least keep your pride.
Sorry honey.
This is too hard because I'm hungry. It's so unjust it's hard for me.
I want to live like human, not for hunger.
How many times have I been treated inhumanely
because of the money? I can't live like this.
When weak person wants to get revenge,
this is the only way.
Forgive me.
That detective seems like he's not in on it for money.
Director Jung was chief officer.
If you order me, I will visit him and
connect to the station's high positioned officers and
ask them the favor of keeping him away from this case.
After President Kim retired,
he wanted to enter politics,
so he started to run really hard.
Although he looks inscrutable,
if you meet him personally, he will be good to you.
Everyone take this uniform.
What brought a busy person here personally?
I'm Jo Tae Ho.
I should have visited you earlier.
Don't say that.
I was able to meet one of my seniors
and play my game in a nice place today thanks to you.
You can use this place anytime you want.
Can I?
Let's walk a little.
Ah, yes.
These days because of your father's complicated situation
and the unfortunate incident at the company,
things have been hard for you, right?
I should have worked harder.
I'm afraid I'm still lacking a lot.
I already checked on the situation.
This incident should already be over with.
There has been a guy at Gwangsu Station who is acting on his own.
I heard that too.
The chief in that station is my friend from college.
We are even working together now.
Even more,
I heard that his daughter graduated
from the University of Music Hall.
She'll be competing in an upcoming contest.
my son has to find a job after graduation.
Your son is already that age?
What was his major?
Seo Do Chul, recently why are you fooling around?
Are you going to keep giving me a hard time?
I keep complimenting you, but you...
That's not it. It's because of the
driver who helped us out when
we were catching those Russians.
Now you dare to interrupt me?
I heard you said that other team
has been receiving money.
Because you're famous now,
you don't think of your team, huh?
Hey, are you the only police officer?
Rude asshole.
If I hear one more thing about Sinjin Group...
Let him handle this drug case so he can't move around.
Why are you so discouraged?
Don't be so discouraged.
Hyo Rim too. Look at me.
Joo Yeon.
Oh, I'm sorry to interrupt.
There's guest for you.
Detective Seo Do Chul,
I understand he has a personal relationship with driver but...
How should I put this...
He's overreacting.
That won't help anybody either.
I'm not concerned with my husband's job.
I heard you are having hard time
because of house loans.
We can help you.
As for the child's education,
our company's education team
will support him until college.
Please persuade your husband.
A feeling is not justice.
If your husband continues to investigate us,
we can't continue to support the driver's family.
I hope you choose right direction
for you and us.
By the way, I already have this bag.
Oh, is it that my bag is a Chinese imitation?
This color is hard to match with clothes and shoes.
Then we will help you with that.
It looks like this can hold a lot of things, right?
But the fact is that it won't store as much as it looks like.
You don't have to take these out in here, please go home and look at it.
Then why did you give it to me here?
You want me to write you a receipt or something?
When we were asking for a sponsor
from the welfare office,
you guys ignored us no matter how many times we asked.
Wow, this can be used as a one-year sponsorship.
Are you guys not tired of bribing people
with money everyday?
If you act like this, you will regret it.
After having married that man, my whole life is a regret.
I have nothing more to regret,
so don't worry about me.
How embarrassing, investigate a gambling group?
I won't do it.
Follow orders. Who do you think you are?
Come here.
Hey, Seo Do Chul.
When we got married, what did you tell me?
Even if we won't live a fancy life, at least
we would live without shame.
But then why are you letting those people
make me feel ashamed?
What the hell are you doing in my work place?
Are you announcing to everyone that
we need money for our house?
Sinjin Group came to see me.
They gave me a designer bag filled with fifty-dollar bills.
That son of a bitch. Who's that bastard?
Hello? You're the police officer,
so you find out who it is.
We promised to not involve in each other's work,
but I will say one thing.
Let's not live an embarrassing life.
Hey, Lee Joo Yeon.
Do you know what was the most embarrassing?
After seeing a designer bag and money in front of me,
I actually hesitated.
I am also human and a woman.
Even if you are the police,
you need membership to enter here.
Get the fuck out of my way.
What you doing? You're making a big mistake.
Ah, it was you.
Detective, don't you have any laws?
Laws? How dare you talk about law in front of me?
I told you not to cause any trouble, didn't I?
Bastard, see how big of a mistake you have made.
You came to see a detective's wife
and tried to give her money.
Aren't you being too rude front of foreign guests?
If these people here knew that you were a police officer,
what would be their impression of South Korea's police force?
It would be very bad, you bastard.
Don't touch me, you assholes.
Why are you doing this to me?
Will you be able to handle the results of your actions?
Hey, Jo Tae Ho.
An assault charge won't be that big of a charge for you.
Just apologize properly and
take responsibility for the victim's family.
This little asshole.
Don't touch me assholes.
You are the prosecutor in charge, right?
Shit, why do you have to hit me in front of other people?
Our company and other local police also declared that case.
But the main desk didn't post it.
It's just simply a suicide case.
That's not it.
Then what?
If you give me all of rumors and information on Jo Tae Ho.
I will give you the scenario for the Sinjin case.
It can be a big issue.
You always try to catch without bait,
I need some bait to be caught.
You brat.
Before he suicide there was an assault incident.
Jo Tae Ho personally ordered it and he was
on scene while it happened.
Very well set.
Only the victim's son's testimony does not match.
Young son?
But the officer in charge is making every effort
to end this case soon as possible.
Since I'm not responsible for this case,
there's nothing I can do..
If you make an interesting article,
I may be able to do something.
This is going to be good.
Don't reveal this information to anyone else.
I asked where are you now?
Can't you hear?
Is there anybody there?
Director, have you eaten?
We will provide you everything.
Take a vacation abroad.
What kind of shit are you talking about?
I'm also a victim, so why do I have to runaway?
Can't you see already? This place is like a jail.
I know.
I'm not saying to just leave.
I also have ears to know what's going on.
I was a big member of Mamos Gang.
Be honest. We're suffering like this now
because of that detective.
In this area, there are many people
who are hungry and without fear.
Since they started to live here
people here don't have identify information,
which means they can do all sorts of work.
What kind of work?
Making sure to finish things clearly.
Isn't that what we both want?
Anyway, sooner or later that detective will come to find me.
When he comes to see me,
foreigners who wants money from me
will make a mistake thinking that he was me
and fucking stab him.
Pretend it happened. Then what can they do to us?
What's your quote for this job?
Five big bills in cash.
I'll be confident having guys from the Philippines.
You came really early.
Go park it.
I had conversation with Director Jeon.
He had an interesting proposal thought up.
I thought we won't be calling each other like this.
Don't say that.
I didn't want to call you either.
So you were pregnant.
So you want to marry me?
Think before it happens, don't think after it happened.
If you play this kind of game with me one more time, you're dead.
Let them come in.
Come on in, please.
A Myungsung Journal reporter called.
By letting them put their ads and we prevented
that article from going out.
What kind of trouble has he made?
What happened?
I'm sorry.
Do you want to be like your father,
apologizing until you die?
What have you been doing?
We support you to prevent this kind of trouble.
In that article, how much of it is the truth?
Would you believe it if I say it's not true?
Get down.
Do you want me to use my fists?
How have you been managing things to let this happen?
You know what's going on in our company now
and let this happen?
Director Choi, what have you been doing
to let things get this bad?
I'm sorry.
I will take responsibility and do my best to resolve this
and not let it affect the company.
Who's the reporter?
Employees at the field are no problem.
We even checked other employees call records
and e-mail but nobody else seems to have reported it.
you mean reporters
got that from praying to God?
With this attitude how the hell are you
going to manage things?
You are going to raise your blood pressure.
Use anything to stop this article from going around.
Talk to my wife and
reserve dinner with Hong Interpol.
That woman is crazy about her paintings.
You will dismiss all the staff
related to this event.
You also need to quietly go abroad for a while.
This is the last time.
If you cause trouble one more time,
you won't receive even a penny from my company.
Remember that.
Don't drive, I will get you a driver.
That's not important right now.
That project from the director.
Let's start that.
Vice president Jo.
Tae Ho that's too dangerous of a choice.
Even you ignore me now?
Just because I'm a child of a second wife?
Why you saying that? You know it's not about that.
The president is using all his power to stop them,
why should we do that?
Then why can't you solve such an easy problem?
If you and I want to survive in this house
we have to be stronger.
We can't even solve this easy problem.
I will have to give everything to my brother and sister.
The director hasn't been in contact with me for the past few days.
What kind of situation is this, seriously?
I can't even work.
Miss, let me use your phone. My battery's run out.
There's plenty of phones in here.
Do not worry. I'm not using it for an international call.
Why are you violating the privacy of others?
Oh look at this, there was call from the director ten minutes ago.
we police officers go eat meals after seeing dead people.
If I wanted to, I could put you in jail by making the laws.
There were people who got chosen by me
whose three generations are now living in jail.
With just one phone call
I can figure out your history of calls
and text between the director.
You want me to print out your email history too?
You little brat, where did you learn to be so rude?
Where is the director?
What now?
Today, I can't go to the market
because I too much work to do.
What market? You want me to bring some snacks?
My car handle has problems so-
Hey, listen to me.
I don't know what kind of trouble
you have been making recently, but
there are several inspectors who have come to see you.
Inspectors? What are you saying?
Anyway, don't come to the office today.
Captain Oh.
Hello? Hello?
Detective Seo, don't make cause trouble
for us and return to the office.
I bowed and put my hands up, but
he kicked me hard
and didn't say anything about being a police officer.
He threw me handcuffs.
For this guy,
due to the severe beating, he received a concussion.
He hit me with that iron thing.
He simply start beating and kicking.
I remember when I almost lost consciousness.
What Miranda rights?
I lost consciousness and when I woke up
I had been brought to a police station.
I'm was working.
Someone started to attack the boss,
so I just tried to save boss.
I'm sorry to wake you up. It's because I'm in a hurry.
Among our family, there's a detective name Seo Do Chul.
Previously he had worked with me on the mob case. Right, right, right.
Inspectors came here to see him.
Since you are also an inspector,
I wanted to know what's happening to him.
Because of people like you,
there's many people getting hurt.
The police force's image has been dragged down.
Don't act based on emotions.
Detective Seo.
Your wife met with Director Choi from Sinjin Group.
What makes it difficult is that she opened
that bag and took out that money.
I hear you keep investigating Sinjin Group,
even though it's not your case.
You also met Jo Tae Ho today and threatened him right?
From now on, stop investigating Sinjin Group.
Make the right decision.
If you keep doing this, your leader and
directors will get into a difficult situation.
You guys are fucking shameful.
If you're family, you don't stab each other with a knife.
You want me to investigate all your family?
Sorry to interrupt.
Where did you guys get permission to investigate him?
Can't you see were in the middle of talking?
I called the Department of Supervision.
There's no official notification to investigate him.
Don't you know? We work directly under the Chief of Police.
Did you talk directly to the Chief of Police?
Okay, okay. Then
let's talk with our boss.
If you need, I will let him know that you guys have to take him.
There's no need for that, we got everything we need.
Next time your entire team will be finished.
Fucking assholes.
Restrain yourself. With their power,
they just act like gangsters, what can you do?
Are you okay?
Do you think this is okay?
I'm just asking, why are you mad at me?
Why? Why? Why? Why are you like this?
Just before
a girl from the container contacted us.
Make sure you won't tell anyone.
The director called me and asked me to send some
money to his account since he's urgently going abroad.
You're sure that I won't get hurt, right?
I told you that you won't.
Don't worry. Just hurry and send me
a message with his location.
Hey Seo Do Chul, come here now.
Why are you trying to ruin my life?
You don't want to see me get promoted?
I understand that an innocent person wrongly got hurt
which made you pissed off,
But Jo is virtually untouchable.
If you're the prosecution, I understand but...
It's not negotiable.
Bro. Bro.
Things already happened,
why you trying to make things bigger?
What made you change like this?
Don't be scared. You won't die. You told me a judge kills with the law
and police kill with the law I will just kill it with the law.
Whose going to give your permission for this mission?
You and I...
We have to work until our children grow up.
You have done everything you could.
Let's go back to office.
You can go to the head police director's seat like that.
I'm not destine to be a police director anyway.
Hey you brat, that's not even your case.
One of my friend tried to investigate a rich guy.
He lost his job, got divorced and is now homeless.
Now he lives by selling small things.
Get out.
Go ahead you brat.
You scared shit out of me.
When we're on same boat, we move together.
Wow, so cool.
Hey kid, how you came here?
I told him to drop me at home, I have date today.
Isn't your house opposite direction?
Total opposite.
Rock, paper, scissors.
Rock, paper, scissors.
Hey can you move the car with license plate number 806.
That's a special spot, how can you park there?
Get him.
Grab him.
It's not him.
I don't know.
You asshole.
Grab it. Grab it. Grab the knife.
Do Chul! Catch that bastard.
You bastard!
Hey, stop righ there.
It's Director Jeon.
This crazy asshole
is trying to kill me.
You bastard.
Stop there you bastard.
Stop chasing me.
You fucking asshole.
I'm going to kill you now.
Oh, Miss Bong, nice.
Ah seriously.
Stop moving you shit.
Who are you that you're doing this to me?
Brother of the police officer who got stabbed
by a knife you son of a bitch.
How many times do I have to tell you?
I was confined by these people.
I called Director Choi to borrow some money.
I heard the youngest got stabbed.
Is that him?
Yeah, it's these guys.
Hey Detective Wang.
It looks like
there's a spider web.
I understand sir.
Who is it?
Which son of a bitch stabbed our youngest?
Oh, are you the commander?
The police who move by the law can't do this.
Is there any law in here?
Did you stab my youngest with a knife?
Not me personally.
You idiots.
How can a police officer get hurt by such bastards?
He has someone supporting him from behind.
Is his supporter God?
How dare he stab a police officer.
I will take responsibility here, so
bring the guy who order him to do that.
All of you heard that, right?
Now case has been changed to one
of violence against an officer.
Hey, did you find anything?
Yes sir. A very big one.
This brat received everything in cash.
Also he has passport and airplane ticket to the Philippines.
The case isn't over yet so we can track
the phone and check the CCTV.
This son of a bitch will be finished.
Really impressive.
While you're tracing his visit to Sinjin Group,
bring the files for Driver Bae too.
Bong, you must get those 911 records.
Detective, I heard you got some big case.
I just...
I have a guest, so move.
I understand.
Go over there.
Sit down, sit down.
Have you eaten?
Here. I should have visited you first,
but I didn't have any experience.
I'm sorry.
What's there to be sorry for?
You didn't have to buy these either, but thank you.
How's the Driver Bae?
He's not able to come out of the ICU yet?
Not yet.
You will get sick if you stay all day in the hospital.
Come outside sometimes.
Even though the wind is little cold.
How's your son doing?
He's doing well at his grandmother's, right?
Thanks to you.
He is very mature.
But what did you want to tell me?
This is text message he sent me.
I keep looking at it and I felt a little strange.
He doesn't usually write long text messages,
even if he thought it'd be last time.
His spellings are usually wrong too and he don't use the space bar.
He usually says it's ridiculous to be holding a phone all day.
He doesn't like to send text messages either.
You have Driver Bae's phone, right?
I'm sorry for this situation.
I've already dispatched the police and lawyers try to stop them.
Sit down first.
You haven't eaten yet, right?
Sit down.
You work without your family.
You have to take care of meals.
I like this eel.
The police officer who got stabbed didn't die, right?
Yes. Although he got injured, it's not life-threatening.
Also the director and his friends at the scene
if they can't figure out,
they know it's dangerous situation.
We are handling it well with our lawyer.
This can be solved.
We couldn't eat together like this before.
What a life...
Watching you reminds me of your dad.
You act just like him.
He asked me to take care of you like my own child
before he died
I'm ashamed to see your father's face.
I'll do better.
Dae Yong.
We're family right?
This time our Dae Yong will act as our family.
Take responsibility for the last assault case
and the police officer event.
All my lawyers will defend you.
It'll be tiring for you,
but in the end we will definitely get you out.
Your aunt wanted to keep your family away
from bad situations so
we will send your children to study abroad.
After this case is done with,
you can be the president of Sinjin Motor Center
that your father had failed to be.
What the hell are you doing?
Turned himself in?
Right now he's already in a very guilty
and nervous situation.
Director Choi, this is not right.
Why are you doing this?
According to the process of law...
Did Jo Tae Ho tell you he would take care of your family
and future for taking responsibility for his crimes?
Are you threatening the prisoner?
Isn't this assault from a police officer?
"Take it easy. "
I got it.
I also feel bad about police officer who was wounded.
I misunderstood of the director's plan.
I meant to let him solve things himself.
I didn't know he's method of solving things was by killing.
How much did you get paid for doing this?
If you keep doing this, he will be transferred to our station.
You morons, he is trying to take all the responsibility
for someone else's crimes.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Director Choi, I'm really curious.
Let me ask you one thing.
Ask what?
No, no.
Go ahead.
Even for you, isn't it strange?
By just saying sorry,
everything could have been done with.
How could it have turned out this big?
You guys are used to getting criticism,
but why you making things this big?
That's why I came here to turn myself in.
To stop things from getting even bigger.
You guys are seriously fucking evil bastards.
I'm telling you to take your hands off of everything related to this case.
It's been transferred to someone else.
What about the attempted murder case of our youngest?
Someone already turned himself in.
All the events that Do Chul was investigating,
transfer them to Team 1.
Captain Oh, you'll be promoted.
The others will be sent to other teams.
Then is our team being disbanded?
You're here?
Take a seat.
I heard that all our cases are being transferred and we're being disbanded.
That's not it. I mean it's not that we got fired. Let's talk later at the office.
Why did we get fired?
Do Chul.
Miss Bong, did you find things I told you to?
Did you order them to do something?
Did you find what I asked for?
The first call from Sinjin Group and Driver Bae's
text message don't match.
When the police received the call, it was 11:39.
But there was actually another call before that.
There was an interruption that caused them
to hang up so 911 called back at 11:22.
That time, the reception didn't report it.
But text message from Driver Bae
is 15 minutes later, at 11:37.
If the the incident occurred at first call...
That means that Driver Bae sent a text message
after the incident.
Also on that day, they started lunch time
thirty minutes earlier than usual.
So they cleared everyone out during that period.
Look, from the beginning this case has been all wrong.
Just give me one day.
I'll even bet my house.
I thought you were renting.
Is it okay to keep bothering a prisoner like this?
I thought we can't talk without a lawyer?
I'm not here to investigate you. I'm just visiting you.
You're just saying the same thing over and over anyway.
If you have time for this, go and have a meal with your family.
Children grow up fast.
Stop all the bullshit and think about yourself.
You really want to turn yourself in?
For both Driver Bae's assault case
and the attempted murder of a police officer?
I told you that I don't know anything about that police case.
Is that really it?
If you're are going to keep saying these kinds of things,
let's just talk in court.
This place is quite uncomfortable. I have to go sleep
Sit down.
Why did all of you do that?
Driver Bae didn't try to commit suicide.
This visit is done.
Don't try to joke around and sit your ass down. I need to know why you turned yourself in.
Driver Bae got beaten by the director,
he received money,
and then sent his son back home.
But he felt so mad and feel wronged.
So he went back to see you guys.
Up to that point is the confirmed truth.
But at the time the accident occurred,
Jo Tae Ho touched him.
One of the people there got nervous and called 911.
A guy who's very sneaky changed the scenario.
In conclusion, Driver Bae didn't try to kill himself.
You guys made it look like he attempted suicide.
Wow, you wrote a good scenario.
But do you have any evidence?
People who doing sports have a lot of fear.
There was phone call to 911 with his phone.
Even though he is temporary worker,
because he broke his ankle,
you dismissed him immediately.
Do you have the confidence to bring him to court?
Of course.
There are many more revelations too.
Director Jo in prison also has a lot of evidence.
You also have some evidence.
Oh I forgot to say threatening our vice president won't help.
How far do you think you can go with your money?
Don't push your luck, detective.
Atrocities like assault is at least a sentence of three years in prison.
An additional five years at least for attempted murder.
Abetting in the murder of a police officer is five years more.
No matter who's in charge of the case,
the law doesn't change.
You people.
Merchants are always investing in what you can see,
but businessmen invest in what you can't see.
I am now investing my precious time in here.
Then your investment was wrong.
Director Jo will be on a flight to Singapore tomorrow.
You can't even apply for a foreign travel ban.
Can you catch him by tonight?
You should have invested in me.
Hey Jung Il.
Is your ankle doing okay?
I'm fine. I just wanted to know your schedule.
You'll have some time when Vice President Jo moves, right?
Okay. Okay.
Then contact me when you have some time.
It's certain that he has a flight abroad tomorrow morning.
There are meetings before he leaves.
Tomorrow when he goes to Singapore,
exposing his identity will be of no use.
Then his drug usage evidence will have
completely disappeared.
We have evidence from a guy who was
until just recently was still his bodyguard.
I know. I know.
I understand your reasoning.
Even though he's really asshole,
who's going to open things up in this situation?
That's why because situation is like this
he wanted to make good relationship
with others for his backup.
If you look at that VIP list...
These are all high level people. What if we fail?
You think we would operate without backup plan?
Stop saying nonsense.
If you want some good credits,
take responsibility for the Jubu gambling case.
Are you really going to be like this?
I clearly told you guys to take that case.
Did I ever make you feel bad?
Who helped you with your house problems?
Your marriage and children's birthdays.
Even when your father died, I went to the funeral.
When your mother-in-law died,
our team handled everything.
And when you had to go daughter's wedding,
I went to take care of that case by myself.
On that rainy day I got cut with a knife.
That's because you wanted to look cool and got injured.
then what about me?
When you got in trouble at Yeongdeungpo
I went to cover for you and got a hole in my head.
Both of you are really too much
At the civil engineering field in Incheon,
where my legs became like this
where were the two of you? In the sauna!
Even now if it's raining,
I can't even sleep because of my leg!
Our team,
are we expecting something big?
We just wanted to do some work.
Are you really going to let us disband like this?
That's why
gambling groups are everywhere in this country.
Maybe they will make an appearance at Jo Tae Ho's party?
What are you doing?
I though you had to catch him by tonight.
I very clearly said to take care of this gambling case.
From what I've heard
gambling gangs are more organized than thugs.
Even though they are a gang,
not only gangsters are in there.
So that's why we came here.
Then should we prepare an assault jacket or something?
Police make history with their body.
My guts were pouring out and I almost died.
Honey, it's me..
I wanted to hear your voice so I called.
You know...
Is the kid doing okay?
That white car is a guy name Lee Dong Ju,
the nephew of a police chief.
The car behind is the manager of an
That car that just came is a talent.
Talent who?
Speak slowly you brat.
Hey Detective Hwang,
make sure check that car entering now.
Hold your positions. Lee Dong Ju is entering.
Jo Jo Jo Tae Ho.
That that that one.
Where, you brat?
That one in the middle.
Detective Hwang remember Jo Tae Ho's car.
That bastard did an illegal U-turn
which means a fine of sixty dollars.
Since Jo Tae Ho has arrived, the party is starting.
Let's go pick up some garbage.
Hey, who's car is that?
Hey Detective Hwang, there's a strange car going in.
Check that car.
It just went straight to building.
Hey, move.
You can't enter.
No, you can't enter.
You guys don't know who I am?
Captain. It looks like Jung Da Hye is going
to mess up the party.
What if the party breaks down?
Don't say that kind of unlucky shit.
You're dead when we get back to the office.
The vice president wants to see you quietly,
so follow us.
if you play with me, then you're dead.
Why did you come here?
How can you do this to me?
To the person carrying your child?
You want to take it out in here?
Are you a human?
If you are in party, when do they start doing drugs?
You fucking bastard!
Miss Bong, are you ready?
There's people dying in this building.
A woman was also stripped of her clothes and raped.
What? Rape?
Yes, we will be there.
What happened?
Why are you crying?
They said that at the building over there
a girl was raped and being killed.
That must be a major event.
It might be a gambling gang.
We should hurry up and go.
A dog raised by humans get so afraid if he sees a mirror.
He thought he was a person, but actually he's a dog.
Honey, please don't do this to me.
We had good times before.
Just let me extend the advertising contract.
Then I would just quietly remove the child
as if nothing had happened.
I want to get along with you,
but you just want to use me, huh?
So have a fun time and leave.
Sorry for the late disturbance.
I said nothing's wrong here.
It's because we received a report.
Sir, do you have a warrant?
Warrant, my ass.
If there's a report, we can search without a warrant.
Should we tell you the report number?
Vice president!
What is it?
Do you guys know this is an unlawful interference with an officer in the execution of his duty?
We are also protecting private property.
Hey, let's push.
Hey, you know what will happen if all these people
are found here, don't you?
I don't know what to do, so you figure out and block them.
Don't come to me. Look, blood.
You bastard.
Do you bastards want to die?
These people really don't listen.
These people make me use the gun.
Hey, just use your weapons.
Aren't you the only one who brought your weapon?
Why don't you answer the phone?
Anyway, I have to leave first so
let me use the private aircraft right now.
I don't care destination, just soon as possible.
I will be there in hour.
Open the door first.
This bastard.
What is this? Ohhh.
Hey, get inside.
This place looks nice.
Hey, where are you going now?
Da Hye! Wake up.
Let them line up at this side.
Hey, what you doing?
You fucking bastard.
This is the police
Pause you morons.
If other people saw this, seriously.
You guys are now in violation
of anesthetic regulations
and the Youth Protection Act.
Just are all caught.
All of you are damned.
Jo Tae Ho!
That motherfucker!
Are you okay, sir?
I'm all right.
All right.
You sure?
I'm really okay.
Jo Tae Ho!
Violation of Anesthetic Regulations,
Violation Adult Special Law
contrary to the Youth Protection Act,
drinking, speeding,
public facilities damage,
public safety enforcement impediment,
assault against Driver Bae and attempted murder,
and attempted murder of a police officer.
You are under arrest.
You have the right to remain silent.
You have the right to an attorney.
Anything you say will be used against
you in a court of law.
I told you stay out of trouble, you motherfucker.
You want to try me, huh?
Do the work that you can actually handle.
Move aside.
I told you to move!
Don't come close to me.
Hey, wait a second.
Hey, young man you're being very rude.
Honey, let's just go.
I'm the owner of that Artbox.
You made all this mess and now
where are you trying to go?
What the hell is he trying to do now?
Move aside.
Plus beating up a police officer, you've been filmed
by everyone here you motherfucker.
From now on, it's self-defense.
How long do you think it will take to remove these?
30 minutes?
At the longest, it will be an hour you asshole.
Hey, you bastard.
You motherfucker, it'll take over 10 fucking years.
Fuck, I'll be damned.
Miss Bong, nice.
How you can you kick like that? You'll get hurt.
Are you alright?
It hurts. This bastard fights really fucking well.
You look just fine. Let's just get you to a hospital.
This is the guy I've heard so much about.
Let me go!
Today is the first public trial of Jo Tae Ho.
Today's public trial is related to the events
that jointly indicted Choi Dae Yong as well as
the shipping company wholly owned
by the director Jeon Sung Ho.
The origin of this event is the one-man protest
demonstration by Bae over payment of wages.
Bae was then called into the office and assaulted.
Be strong dad!