Veve (2014) Movie Script

Hurry up!
Let's finish the job.
We can't afford to be late.
Okay, Boss.
I didn't open
this hospital to win votes.
When a child gets sick
and the nearest hospital is in Nairobi,
how many parents can foot the bill?
It's my duty to ensure
that every child is well fed,
receives a good education
and is healthy.
Thank you very much.
Where is the President?
Play fair!
- Let's play. Relax, there's no problem.
It's your turn.
You've missed!
Place your bets
and be warned: I will win it all!
Hey, guys. Hi!
Don't threaten us.
- Hold your horses!
How's the game?
- We're playing for money.
Show me the money.
- Get lost, if you don't have money.
Stop it, play fair!
- Yeah, stop cheating!
Calm down.
Just relax.
- Right, I'm off.
Go ahead. It's about money, okay?
- I won.
Kago! Kago! Kago!
Don't be stupid!
- Don't you shout at me!
Don't be stupid. Get lost, ugly face!
Bigheaded fool, get lost!
- Get lost yourself I - Oh, whatever.
Tell those farmers
that I won't be concerned.
Enjoy your meal.
Have you found Kago?
Not yet.
Maybe he's at the farm, harvesting,
or roaming the streets with the boys.
why don't you ever listen to me?
Kago needs a mother. Maybe that
will make him drop the bad habits.
I'll let you know, if I find him.
don't worry.
The veve delivery will arrive soon.
You know I've always liked you, Amos.
From when you were a shifty farmer.
Now is a bad time.
Tell Halima
to sen/e our pamer some tea.
Was the hospital opening
reported in the news?
People liked your speech.
- Yeah.
You know, I've been watching Obama.
I must visit him.
We think alike.
Give me your hand.
I came across
one of Obama's speeches on the Internet.
I must use it in my next speech.
That smells
I can buy cream that isn't perfumed.
As long as it isn't perfumed!
Do you know how many people
I've bribed because of you?
I have a job.
- Whatjob?
I make my own money.
Where did you pick up this habit?
Where did you learn this habit?
- You sound smart,
yet you've never been
inside a classroom.
I'm not some agemate, understood?
I've worked hard
and I didn't mess up my life.
You're so stupid!
Come here. We're going home.
Leave me alone. I don't want to go.
- What?
Let go of me.
- Whafre you saying? You're so stubborn!
Sweetie, how is Nairobi?
- Not bad.
Why do you always
leave and forget me in Meru?
It's too cold in Nairobi.
You stay here in Meru,
where I'll come and see you.
- You shouldn't leave me behind.
Ah, Sammy!
- Yes, sir.
You know, I've been thinking.
We need to expand our business.
We have more than enough,
don't you think?
Do you know who said that?
Winston Churchill.
- Aha.
You should change
your attitude, my friend.
Because I'm content?
Let's say, I know my limits.
That's the difference
between you and me.
That's why you still work for me
after all these years.
see you later!
These workers are doing shoddy work.
Come here! Over here!
Come here!
Hey, remove that thing!
What {fie hefiis going on?
- What are you doing here?
So you no longer speak Swahili?
What am I doing here?
We've been informed that your business
is involved in drug dealing.
Do you know how long
you'll spend in jail, if found guilty?
Do you?
You. You!
I don't want to do this,
but it's my job.
However, there are many ways
of making this go away.
Those ways I know,
I have someone handling my issues.
He has someone who handles it.
That's him and this is me. Understood?
I'll be back.
Come on, let's go!
Hello, sir.
Things went according to plan.
I want him to crawl on his knees.
Things are in motion.
We have two types
of veve trees here: asili and liboi.
If you want to grow veve,
use a one-year old seedling
like this one here.
These veve plants
are one year old.
The rest are old enough to be harvested.
Hello, Ladies.
- Hi.
How are you?
Why does he restrain us
from selling to other buyers?
He doesn't.
He buys from us at such a low price
compared to farmers in other areas.
I can't help you at the moment.
Some of us
are forming a union.
You know Amos
won't pay anyone who's in a union.
Let me tell you this:
Amos is a thief.
He's ripping us off!
This is too little.
It's enough.
Just add some more.
- It's enough.
- This is very little.
To solve our problem,
we have to find another buyer.
Let's think about that.
Even if this works,
how will we transport the veve?
Amos owns all pickups.
We'll have to buy our own pickup.
That's very expensive.
It's impossible to buy one ourselves.
- And we'd have to hire a driver!
We'll all contribute, little by little,
and before you know it,
we'll have our own pickup. - Good point!
Why have I been called to a meeting
by the farmers and the elders?
The farmers want to form a union.
How are you, Sammy?
- Fine.
I need you to represent me
at a meeting tomorrow.
But I have work to do.
It won't take long.
I need someone to speak for me.
When these old men see your beauty,
all their worries will be forgotten.
do you think sending her will work?
I said burn down his farm!
These men you're taking about
can '1' touch me.
Nobody in this business
can outdo my power.
Amos! Amos! Amos!
How are you?
- Great!
How are you?
- Great!
Are there any young people here?
- Yes! - Any women here? - Yes!
Any men here?
- Yes!
When I started offl had some land.
It was a tiny piece of land.
But I knew that if I worked hard,
I would someday reap the benefits.
I want to see our community
work hard and flourish.
I encourage our young people to study
at least up to form four. Understood?
As for the rest of you:
the government is now granting loans.
So get a loan, buy a plot of land
and develop it gradually.
Are you with me?
Yes! - Feel free to approach me,
and I'll help you.
I want to thank all who
supported me since I started in politics.
I especially want to thank my wife Esther.
Amos is the best!
- Amos is the best!
He has a gun!
Whatjust happened there?
- Someone had a gun, sir.
Demand an
investigation of {fie matter.
A campaign meeting
led by {he Honorable Amos Munene,
MP of igembe South,
was disrupted
when a man fried to kill the MP.
While {he Honorable Munene
was giving his speech
an unidentified man
alkegediy pointed a gun athim
with the intentto shoot. No statement
has been issued about the suspect
The police urges eye witnesses to come
fomardwifiw a" helpful infonnafion.
This incident comes shortly
after a report was issued
ihaiihe Honorable Munene is losing
popularity among his consfluenis.
We love Amos very much.
He helps the poor, the weak and the old.
That's why we have faith in him.
Shaba Ranks.
- Mister Lover-Lover. You know me.
You've been quiet. I was worried.
Are you ready for a job?
What is this place?
This is a dump.
You must be out of your mind. No way!
Can't we rob some other place?
Did you know Amos pays people
in Maua in cash every day?
Let me ask you:
what would you do with three million?
Three million.
Three million.
We make it look like Wadu did it.
Wadu does business with Amos.
You'll go for Amos's money
and I'll handle Wadu's planes. Okay?
We'll make them go at each other.
This is a suicide job.
If you want to kill yourself,
do it alone.
Does that mean you won't do it?
I didn't say that.
When you came to Kamiti prison,
I was about to kill myself.
It's all in the past.
- Yes. It is all in the past.
But still
I owe you my life.
We will do it.
As always, thick as thieves.
- Thick as thieves!
I have to get close to Amos.
Remove that speed governor.
I've no idea who installed it,
but he must be stupid.
- Alright.
Who are you?
- I'm looking for a job as a driver.
We don't need any drivers here.
I've driven trucks for a while.
For seven years.
I've been to Zimbabwe, Uganda, Sudan.
My boss Ali Juma sent me here.
So Ali Juma is your boss?
Okay, give me your number.
All the drivers have left.
Let me figure out what to do.
What was your name again?
- Kenzo.
The MP's wife has car trouble
and she needs to get to a meeting.
Mechanic, come over here.
I'm sending you with this guy.
Go as fast as you can.
If you get there in ten minutes,
you might get the job.
Who is he?
Sammy sent him with me.
He is a new driver.
I can't wait.
Can you take me to Maua?
My grandson in Nairobi
buys a bundle for 500 Kenyan shillings.
A bundle is about four to five stems.
Do the math.
Even if Amos buys a kilo from us
for as much as 22.000 shillings,
he still makes a profit.
With all due respect to Mzee, I think
Amos has done a lot for the community.
In business there are always people
who make more than others.
If we start pushing Amos,
we might ruin things.
So do we just sit
and watch him oppress us?
For me things are fine the way they are.
- Then why isn't he here?
I won't be part of that union.
Those who want more money
should buy a bigger farm
and plant more veve trees.
- Yes. That's how it should be.
Amos's wife is here.
Let's welcome her.
She might have a solution.
I bring greetings from my husband Amos.
I'm deeply touched
by your warm reception. Thank you!
Amos has done a lot for the community.
He's concerned about your welfare.
Amos wants Maua to flourish.
Haven't you seen
the development? Right?
He's oppressing us.
I believe
Amos will agree to your buying price.
IdonT believe he will.
Do you think I was right?
What about?
Telling them
that their demands would be met.
Do you want me
to tell you the truth or otherwise?
The truth.
It seems this issue
has been bothering them for a while.
Telling them anything else
would have been wrong.
How could I have known their problems?
I barely know them.
It's good
you were there to listen to them.
They're not used to that.
Why did you tell the farmers
I'd agree to their demands?
I'm happy to see you.
I hope you had a nice day.
How was your day?
They're not asking for much.
You were supposed
to give a few remarks.
And I did.
Don't bother. I'll find a solution.
Are there many?
I haven't hired you yet. Return this car
to the MP's residence.
you can take the bus back.
Am I an errand boy now?
- What?
Give it back.
Hurry up! Don't be sluggish.
Hello? - Hello, Sammy?
- What's the matter?
Where's Kenzo staying?
- In Maua. Why?
He left something in the car.
- I can send someone.
No, no, don't worry, I'll handle it.
- Okay.
That's none of your business.
It's going to be a shopping mall.
Is this a good time
to discuss my proposal?
I don't deal with snakes.
Whatthe hell's going on here,
you failure?
The police took my pickups and a loaded
plane. They even raided my warehouse.
Do you know the loss I incurred?
R seems ihe money We been paying you
was of no use at all!
I will continue to disrupt this
rubbish of yours. Next stop: Immigration!
Am I clear?
You and your family will be relocated
to a refugee camp. - But I'm Kenyan.
Ibeflhis sneaky bastard Amos sent you!
ls Amos behind all this?
you want a name?
You have a balance
of 1.8 million to settle.
The tussle between you and Wadu
has gone overboard.
That's how we do business.
Do you remember sleeping in the streets?
The hunger.
Crazy hunger.
Now you have a potbelly.
I wonder
what these girls admire in your belly.
Sammy, you know what?
We need to get you a wife!
- No what?
I hear that thing can fall off,
if it's not used for a longtime.
Stop kidding.
- Look at this one.
Put that aside and come here.
She's beautiful,
has a lovely body
We should get you a wife like this one.
What do you think?
She doesn't measure up.
I love Esther. These other women
don't mean anything to me.
Then what do you want
with them?
Stop asking questions
and burn down Mzee's farm.
I have someone
on the lookout outside Amos's office.
This guy will check the timings.
When the time is right he'll alert me,
and we'll move very fast.
And then at Wadu's airport area
I have another contact.
He'll help you get in discretely.
MY Only worry is
that we won't have enough time.
We'll have plenty of time.
So everything's fine?
We're all set.
When we're done, we'll disappear.
Is it true that chewing veve
cures gonorrhea?
Today I must get some.
I'm going to be a millionaire.
Beautiful ladies.
You look good. Like chickens.
I'm Julius.
How are you, boys?
- Fine.
Let us pray. Thank you, God,
for the food you have provided
and thank you for our visitor.
We ask for your blessing.
Don't spill petrol on me.
Hurry up!
Around those trees.
I thought
you might need this before tomorrow.
Thank you.
Would you like to come in?
I should leave.
Eat well
so you can be as strong as a rhino.
See these muscles!
Morris, you still make me laugh.
Clint, welcome.
So enjoy your meal.
You're sitting here while your farm
is burning down. Your farm is on fire!
Oh, my God. God help us!
You shouldn't be here.
It was a mistake.
I want to see you again.
I'm someone's wife.
There's this place
called Maasai Village.
I'll be there at 5:30.
Excuse me, sir,
what would you like to eat?
I'm waiting for someone.
- Alright.
This pile of sand should be moved here.
Then use the barbed wire
to make a fence here.
Tell the masons
to finish this as soon as possible.
Find out who that white boy is.
Check out if he works for Wadu.
And find out if the farmers are
planning to go on TV.
The picture in your wallet,
is that your father?
- It's the last memory I have of him.
My mother gave it to me
before she died of cancer. - Sorry.
What happened to your father?
He was murdered.
Who murdered him?
I'm not sure I should tell you.
Why not?
If I tell you,
I might never see you again.
You're scaring me.
It's Amos.
Your husband Amos killed my father.
I shouldn't be here. I'm so stupid.
Listen, why should I lie to you?
- You're crazy!
That garage Sammy operates
is called Slim's and Slim was my dad.
The logo is still there.
- Let go.
Dad owned many pickups. Amos wanted to
partner up but my dad refused.
The next thing we know, he was dead.
- I don't want to hear any more.
Amos forced my mother
to sell everything to him cheaply.
Why would I lie to you?
I know
when you're hiding
something from me. Don't test me.
It's complicated.
What are you talking about?
Pass the rope.
Pass the rope!
We take time to vet our drivers.
This job requires speed.
Here, get to work.
Get in the car.
Hurry up and avoid all distractions.
You people, hurry up!
And hey, wear your seatbelt!
How are you, Sammy?
- Good, and you?
Is Kago well?
Not really.
I always forget to take it off.
I haven't been
to the garage for a while.
It's a tedious job.
I'm used to it.
By the way,
who is this Slim?
I saw his name on the wall. - Slim?
Slim owned the garage a while ago.
You should at least erase his name.
We'll paint the walls just for you.
Where is he?
He is dead.
What happened?
He died in a road accident.
Esther, leave us.
So these days you help people?
I didn't find the white boy.
I think he's left.
You're very lax these days!
I want you to look
for all the farmers who supported Mzee.
Tell them,
anyone caught talking about a union
will have their farm burned down, too.
Who loses out
when the farms burn down? Bloody fools!
Have you heard?
Amos plans to burn down the farms
of all who follow you.
I thought there'd be no more union talk
after your farm was burned down.
- There is no more talk.
Then why does Amos think
we're exposing him to TV stations?
Where is that coming from?
- We heard someone went to talk to him.
What TV stations?
We supported you,
yet you betrayed us!
You'll see the consequences.
My grandfather is innocent.
Amongst all of you
he has suffered the most.
These are all lies.
- Lies!
Okay, fine.
What will you do?
I don't know.
It's a difficult situation.
Where is your friend Clint?
Let's not talk about it.
- Let's go. Let's go!
There they are!
I'm going to chop
off every part of your body!
I didn't plant
that veve for you to steal!
I can't even sleep at night
because of you boys.
Please forgive me. - Do you think
I planted this veve for you bastards?
No, no. Please forgive me.
I'm sorry.
- I can't even sleep anymore!
I'm so sorry. I won't do it again.
- There he is
Do you know who his parents are?
- What?
Do you know whose son he is?
- This boy's a thief I
That's a lie.
- I'll pay.
You'll pay?
- Yes, I'll pay.
Give me 8,000 and stop breeding thieves.
I'll pay. What's the matter with you?
- Give me the money.
Hold on.
Is it okay now?
It's fine. Get him out of here.
Hey! If he wasn't your son,
I'd have chopped off his hands!
You hear me?
Let's go!
- What about the others? - Let them be.
I have sleepless nights because of you.
We're sorry!
- I'll chop off your hands.
I should have let you die.
Your mother
would've hated what's happening here.
I miss Mum.
I miss her too.
I want to go back to school.
That's good. Very good.
I'm glad you're here.
Will you kill Amos?
You shouldn't know more.
Do you remember
the old man from the meeting?
His farm was burned down.
You don't know
who Amos really is, do you?
We met at a school function.
He was giving out a donation.
A week later he came back,
telling me he had a dream.
That we'd get married and have children.
Nice pick-up line!
I didn't have any doubts
having meet him just once.
Time moves fast.
Why are you wearing those?
There are CCTV cameras all over Nairobi.
So you think
people won't recognize your ugly face?
Take them off!
Jully, I'm not going in without them.
They give me confidence.
Stop joking!
You're full of nonsense!
Hurry up!
Hurry up, man!
What is it?
- Hello.
I want to see the boss.
- ls there a problem? - No. Not at all.
Get down!
I'm going to take care
of some business, okay?
- He said, sing!
Sing, you idiot!
Give me that bag!
Sit down!
Close the bag.
Open the safe!
Hurry up!
Hurry up!
Who's their leader?
He's the driver
who delivered the veve this morning.
So you wanted
to fiddle around with my plane?
Why do you want
to sabotage our planes?
They said if I don't do this,
they will kill my wife and children.
Let me deal with him.
- Leave him alone.
HI get (hat bastard Amos.
Tell Amos I got his message.
You called me? What's the job?
I wantthe guy behind all this dead!
Make him suffer.
- Shut up, Amir!
I want this guy finished properly.
I want him dead.
What are you saying?
You're the cause of this problem.
Find this driver called Kenzo!
Are you leaving?
I can't stay here. My life's in danger.
Come with me.
Who is that?
Kenzo, I've been trying to reach you.
Don't make this hard. Let's go.
Hurry UP-
Has he said anything?
What is this, Kenzo?
Carry on.
Don't finish him yet.
Make him die slowly.
When your wife tells you something,
you must listen to her.
If you don't, you will not sleep.
Beside raising the buying price
of veve, we'll give loans to farmers
so they can expand
their business. These loans
will be interest-free.
Go tell all the young people
and the women
to come and register.
- Register
Let me conclude with this
It simply means:
if you're walking down the right road,
you're going to move forward.
Get his pickup ready.
Store the other
engines when they arrive.
- What is it?
Kago has been spotted
boarding a bus to Nairobi.
- He was seen boarding a bus to Nairobi.
When was that?
- This morning.
Eliminate Kenzo by tomorrow.
But don't spill any blood on my farm.
- Yes?
Are you hungry? I can prepare a meal.
Let's start over.
Tomorrow all our things
will be taken to Nairobi.
What about my job?
I want to be a governor, and
eventually president of this country.
When will you go and look for Kago?
I'm sure you know
what happens to children who go missing.
You'll lose your son, if you
don't start looking for him right now.
Hurry up and go!
Are you with Esther?
I'm going to Nairobi to look for Kago.
- What are you taking about?
I have to go to Nairobi.
Why have you stopped?
Where is Ben?
If I were you, I would run.
Where do we go?
far away from here.
Have you seen this boy?
This boy, have you seen him?
Wake up!
Kago, why are you doing this to me?
Let's go home.