Veyil (2022) Movie Script

Here you go.
How much did this cost you?
Almost 1.5 lakhs.
It's a jet!
Look, there's your guy!
Did you know he's a Minister now?
Does Shruti call?
Yeah, she had called
when I got on the bus yesterday.
Get off.
What the hell are you doing?
The bike is cool.
It's a good deal.
What's really cool is this!
Is it!
-Just call me if I fall asleep, okay?
Ah! I...
I had seen her.
Why didn't you tell me this before?
What's the point telling?
Then why the hell are you telling me now?
Don't be upset man!
She's fat now...
She had come with her husband.
-Okay, bye.
-Say hi to your Mom.
-Do you have an exam today?
Have you got an exam today?
What exam?
You seem quite preoccupied.
You have been ignoring me since I reached.
How long will he be here?
Two weeks.
Shall I come too?
If I had known that,
I wouldn't have taken leave and come.
It's alright.
Merin and I will go.
He's coming here, right?
Shut your trap and get out of my house!
I'm leaving!
I didn't come to stay here.
She's out to collect money!
This mother of yours who's ill, right?
It's only because of her
that I gave you money whenever you asked.
If I have given the money,
then I know how to get it back!
Yeah, right!
You're gonna get it!
I dare you to take it from me!
No wonder your husband dropped dead,
before he could see his second born.
What a nasty behaviour!
-She's come to collect her bloody money!
Won't let us live peacefully!
I won't be around to hear your sorrows
You won't be around
to tell your sorrows
Whatever happens within me
Let it die with me, I say
I'll grow my hair,
I'll grow my beard,
I'll grow it long
and I'll colour it green!
My word is the truth,
my gaze is truthful
My tongue is as good as gold!
And I am always 'good'!
I am a darling
who never makes anyone cry
If you think I lied,
call me out or cuss me out!
This is my life,
I will conquer it
Live my life in my own way
Nobody stop me!
Nobody provoke me!
Nobody talk to me!
Suddenly, the teacher came
into the classroom to take attendance,
and asked me, "Son, what is your name?".
And I said, not green, not blue,
not yellow, not black, not white!
It's got no colour, no caste,
no religion, no differences!
Not a man, not a woman,
not me, not you!
One caste, one religion,
one God, one world!
Everyone's gonna live,
live true, live the truth
Live on leaves if they have to!
If you can't live on leaves,
then it's better you die!
Die! Die! Die! Die!
I have ten friends,
out of whom four are girls
They are my friends
and I am their homeboy!
Oh, here comes the interval
Everyone's out
Out for a trip
Getting tripped out!
Well, that got over fast!
And this fella goes,
"Ma'am, we have four more minutes left"!
After the interval, everyone goes,
"There wasn't enough time,
we hardly had any time!"
Too little time for anything,
not enough time!
We hardly had any time,
too little time!
Life will pass you by...
Merin! Enough, man!
We'll be screwed if someone comes.
Get your life back on track
Accept what life offers you
Make the most of it or just quit!
Come and stand here.
How old are you?
Hey Siddharth!
I am talking to you!
Nineteen years!
If you had studied properly, you would be
doing your degree in some college now!
Your brother joined this school
two years after you, right?
Now, you are in your 12th grade together!
Even if he passes
and becomes an engineer or a doctor,
you will fail and remain here.
Everyone's waiting.
We can start the meeting once you come.
Tell them I'm coming.
The reason I'm not informing
your parents is because
I don't want to upset them.
If you ever bring beedi
or cigarette into the school premises,
I'll hand you lot over to the police!
Get out!
I will get on!
Get on a boat!
Jump on a sailboat!
Jump on and rise up high like the sun!
Rise up, rise up!
Fly up, fly up!
Fly and sing!
I will get on!
Get on a boat!
Jump on a sailboat!
Jump on and rise up high like the sun!
Are you not going today?
It's past eight o'clock.
Eight o'clock?!
Finish your food and go.
No, Mom.
I'm done.
I'll have it
when I come back in the evening.
Ugh! It's always
this crappy idli every morning!
Well, then,
shall I wake up early everyday,
knead dough and make
chapati especially for you?
If you want, eat it and get lost!
-I don't want.
-Fine, don't eat.
That's not yours,
take this one.
Here you go.
Now what!
What is this?
But you don't eat egg, right?
Did you ask me that, Mom?
Did you ask me if I want an egg today?
Fine! I'll do one thing.
Shall I ask you every morning,
will you have an egg today?
Will you have an egg today?!
His Highness just wanted an excuse
to not take his lunch today!
Hereafter, make your own food!
I won't be cooking for you from tomorrow!
What happened, Mom?
Stop gawking and go to class!
Where's Siddhu?
He's inside.
You want rice?
Go and get it fast!
I'm starving!
Why did you have to get it?
You left it at home.
So, Mom asked me to bring it.
Come fast!
I ate Merin's lunch!
First ball!
We have plenty of overs left,
just play single shots.
Run, man!
What are you staring at!
Play carefully!
Don't get out.
We only have
this little fellow left to play with.
Just need a few more runs.
Oh, no!
I just told you...
Ah, leave it!
Come on!
I told you no...
Why couldn't you be more careful?
-Something is wrong with the bat.
-Who's left now?
-Watch and play, okay?
Take the small bat.
Why are you taking the big one?
It's okay, I usually play with this one.
-As long as you play well.
-I'm gonna rock it!
Just take singles,
we have plenty of overs left.
To your left!
-Wide, wide!
Bowl slowly, man,
he's just a kid.
Why are you not answering your phone?
You are out in your Sunday best!
You can get a double!
What's up?
Where are you off to?
I told you, no?
It's her birthday today.
Ah, I forgot!
Where's your phone?
Where's your phone, man?
I left my phone at home for charging,
it had no battery.
Four runs!
Are you coming?
Yeah right!
As if I'm mad enough to stand guard
while the two of you are flirting!
Get lost, man!
Third ball, right?
Ah, okay.
Is Shruti coming?
So, what if she's coming?
Then, I'll also come.
No, don't come!
You hang around with these kids!
Tell me, is she coming?
Get lost!
Wait, man!
I'll just go home and be back.
You guys continue.
-Isn't it time for you to retire?
-Will she come?
I have a tournament today.
So, what should I do?
Come and throw the ball?
I need... about 200 Rupees.
I'll return it!
Will you give?
Go away!
I can't figure out how to pay
this month's chit fund instalment!
To hell with your tournament!
Do you have a tournament as well?
What's happening with your brother's job?
He's searching.
Come on, let's go.
-Hey Siddhu! Come here.
-What is it?
I have something to tell you.
I'm already late.
If I don't go now,
they won't let me play.
It's not the World Cup, right?
Come in for a minute.
Wait, I'll be back.
What's it?
-Get inside.
-Tell me, what is it?
Did you take money from this piggy bank?
What's wrong with you, Mom?
Let me go.
Listen, he has saved up
this money for something!
You'll be damned if you take this!
I haven't taken it.
Let me look.
What are you doing, Mom!
Stand still!
Leave me, Mom!
Fine, I took it!
He spends all his money
to take that dumb guy to the movies
and buy him ice creams, right?
It won't be the end of the world,
if I take just 200 Rupees from that!
I'll tell him.
-What happened?
Then, why did your Mom call you inside?
Nothing, man!
Tell me, man!
She told me not to spoil my life
hanging around with you!
What did I do now?
Don't stand there and gawk!
She might hurl some stone at you!
Quick, start the bike!
They haven't reached yet.
Oh, they haven't?
Let me try calling them.
They'll be here soon.
What's the special today?
Kandhari pita, kizhi porotta...
They'll come, man!
Who the hell is gonna come, huh?
Just wait, man!
What is he doing?
What are you looking at?
Go and find out, man!
Why has she switched off her phone?
Joker! All dressed up early
in the morning and out to fool people!
You stay here till they close up the shop!
I am off!
-Don't go, man!
-Leave me! Wasting my time!
Ah, here they come!
-How much?
-25 Rupees, dear.
-Sorry, I don't have change.
-That's alright.
Hey! I am so sorry!
We had to stop by a few shops.
You guys go in. We'll just go
to the washroom and be right back.
Watch where you're going!
Are you not leaving?
Not leaving?!
They're here, no.
Get out of here!
Come... let's wish her a Happy Birthday.
You are so dramatic!
Let's leave soon, okay?
We are already quite late.
Otherwise, I will never hear the end of it!
Where's your phone?
Why? I switched it off.
You called?
Of course, I did!
It had very little battery,
so I saved it to call you guys.
What if you weren't here when we came.
-We have been waiting for so long!
Order fast!
Listen, just order juice for us.
We have to leave soon,
we only have ten minutes.
Order whatever you want.
I'll pay.
I'll have this.
Which one?
Spanish delight?
I'll have Oreo.
Do you want that as well?
I've had it before.
Just order something,
let's have it and leave soon!
Where are you going?
Let go of me!
Bloody hell!
For bloody ten minutes...
Oh my God, people are watching!
Merin, tell him!
You made me wait three-four hours
for this ten minutes?
Tell me?
I had told you I'm not coming, right?
I was peacefully playing there, no?
Wasting my time early in the morning!
What are you glaring at?
What the hell was that?
Don't create a scene, okay?
Why are you...
Ignore it.
Let me go!
What am I supposed to do?
I said no! I'm leaving.
If you want, come with me.
Fine, let me just tell them.
Why are you behaving like kids?
I took all this effort to bring her here
and now you have ruined it!
Don't you dare come to me
asking about her again!
I am leaving.
Now what!
Happy Birthday!
What is this?
Oh, gift!
You came to get this, no?
Why are you getting so worked up?
Is he crazy?
Getting angry for no reason!
Call me when you reach, okay?
-Okay, I will.
-Buh bye.
Where are you running off to?
Wait for me!
How about I say sorry to her
at the bus stand tomorrow?
Maybe I'll study for a bit.
Do you want to take a dump?
I asked because of your antics.
Are you not going?
Go on!
We have tuition!
We'll leave by quarter to four.
Go, you idiot!
Tell him to go!
Just go from here!
Come, sit here.
Why didn't you reply
to the last message I sent yesterday?
When did you send?
At 9:59 p.m.
Your last seen was 10:00 p.m.
I didn't read this.
Then, who?
-Must have been Mom.
This is the photo I was telling you about.
-Check out the nose pin.
-It's nice.
Mom doesn't like it.
But I got it pierced anyway!
The nose pin?
Get out of the way, man!
What the hell?
What happened to him?
What the hell happened?
Where the hell are you going?
Listen, what's the problem?
He stomped off angrily.
What's the matter?
What happened?
Ask your friend,
he will tell you.
Are you coming?
Yes! I'm leaving.
Will call you.
What actually happened here, sister?
Why are you holding this?
Okay, bye.
Come on!
Hurry up!
Get in!
Move aside, kiddo!
Can I sit...
Hey you!
Bro, can you move over, please?
What happened?
Tell me, what's wrong?
Go and sit somewhere else!
Why are you getting angry at me?
What did you tell her
when you asked her to come?
That you wanted to say sorry.
And, what the hell did she tell me?
How will I know?!
You are the ones who talked!
What is it?
Can you explain?!
I overreacted that day.
Please let it go, okay?
I just lost it in that moment... that anger--
Now what?
Do you want to tell me that you like me?
Go ahead and say that as well.
This is what we usually
see in the movies, no?
First a fight, then a sorry
and then a proposal.
That was not my--
Don't make it worse.
Go on now.
Who does she think she is?
Deepika Kapoor?
Who is that?
Is that the issue here?
But I wanna know who that is!
Tell me.
That chick in Om Shanti Om.
You fool! That's Deepika Padukone,
not Deepika Kapoor!
Where are you going?
Wait up! WAIT!
This idiot!
Bro, I need to get off.
Quick, off you go!
-Piss off, man!
Are you not ashamed to behave like a kid?
Why are you beating me up
for 'Deepika Kapoor' yelling at you--
Hey you!
What's up with Shruti and you?
Which Shruti?
The one you were speaking to at the cafe.
-Who is she to you?
-It doesn't matter who she is to me.
Now, you don't try
to be 'someone' in her life, okay?
Hey listen, he has been
dating her for two years
So, you let it go.
Come on.
Are you mocking me?
What's your issue, little one?
Just that he should stop pursuing her.
-And, if I don't stop?
-I dare you to.
-What will you do?
-I dare you!
-I dare you to, man!
-What will you do?
Oi buddy!
Don't act too smart here!
I'll drag your face on this tarred road!
Get him outta here!
Move aside,
what's the problem here?
Go home!
Told you to get out of here, right!
Go home!
Who are these morons?
I have no idea!
You fall for some girl
and I am the one who gets beaten to shit!
Get lost!
Beaten to shit it seems...
Where's Mom?
You scared me!
Where's she?
Mom has gone to the ration shop.
Are you going to fish?
This is not for me.
I told you not to climb on top of it, no?
Are you hurt?
Come sit here.
Are you going
to the Youth Festival tomorrow?
Gone, eh?
Hold on.
Ah, okay.
Now sit.
-What is this?
Kadana Kali
Not 'kadhana' (misery) kali!KATHAKALI!
Look, the police are coming.
Police! Police!
Get that chair.
It feels tight here,
can you check?
-Is it okay?
I'll just be back,
he's waiting there.
Aha, look who's coming!
-How's it?
-What's with the costume?
I'm asking you seriously,
how do I look?
Looks super!
Did you see this?
Yeah, I am watching it.
And, how is it?
How can I comment
on something I'm clueless about?
-Anyway, I look good, right?
-You look superb!
When is your performance?
Is it the next one?
No, mine is the last one.
There are two more after this.
Hold my hand and see,
so cold because I'm nervous!
Oh God, this one's almost over!
I don't think I can perform today.
I am shivering!
Don't be tensed!
You'll win the first prize!
First?! I hope I can do
a decent performance at least!
-Pray for me, okay?
-Yes, I will.
I am very tensed.
Look, he's leaving!
Where are you going?
Why are you leaving?
You sit here!
-Where is Nimmy?
Why is she standing there?
She's next.
Tell her to come fast.
It's at 12:15, right?
We have time.
Come on!
Why were you standing there?
Is he there?
Yeah, he's taking a wee.
What did you say you were gonna do?
Just piss off, dude!
What, huh?
What are you gonna do?
Bloody dog!
What the hell are you gonna do?
I will sort you out, you fatso!
We are !
Let's finish him off today!
You are dead,
you scoundrel!
Should we make a run for it?
She never listens to me...
Stop, stop!
Where to?
To the toilet.
-Don't use this toilet now.
-Why is that?
Just go to the other one.
Why, what's happening in this toilet?
Don't concern yourself about it,
don't go here.
-Go to the other one!
-Why can't we use this one?
I said, don't go!
Just go to the other one, get going!
Okay, fine.
-Sir, we have something to tell you.
-What happened?
I think there's a fight
happening behind that toilet.
-Eh? Where?
-Over there!
Come on!
Did the kids screw up?
-Where is the bathroom, sir?
-Behind that new building.
Hey you!
Hey, you morons!
Stop it, you pigs!
The police are here!
Get up!
The police!
Grab your mundu and run!
Sir! Catch him!
Not me!
Hope they don't fall and break their heads!
Stupid brats!
Who are these kids, sir?
Ask him to come and eat!
The food will get cold.
Were you caught by the police today?
Who told you?
There were some kids
from our school at the festival.
How did you get out?
No no, I wasn't caught.
Just got kicked out from school.
Listen, does Mom know?
Mom knows?
Do you think you would have been spared,
if she knew?
Are you going to eat this?
I need to clear the table
and lie down for a bit!
-That's why!
-No, I already... ate.
Then, why couldn't you tell me that before?
Waste of my time!
I wake up at four o'clock in the morning!
Unlike you, who sleeps in
until the sun is over your ass!
-Tell me, man.
Will be here soon.
Don't die!
Why the hell does she want to see me now?
If it is just to irritate me,
I will bawl her out!
Can you shut up?
Ah, she's coming!
What's up?
Can we go somewhere else?
There's a Commerce special class today.
If anyone sees,
then it'll become a big scene.
Uff! Not that way!
Come this way.
Bro, one sharbat!
Well, it's nothing much.
That day at the cafe
and then at the youth festival,
I was just trying to annoy you.
You threw a lot of attitude
on Nimmy's birthday.
So, just to get back at you for that.
I thought so too.
Yeah, sure!
That's why you were so riled up.
What was the problem that day?
Wh... When?
On the day of the youth festival?
Ah... that was nothing.
Just... the kids...
Anyway, that imbecile deserved it.
That Prince, no?
Who is that?
The guy whom you
fought with at the festival.
He's such a pain!
He goes around telling everyone
that I'm his girlfriend.
Wretched fellow!
Do you want Sharbat?
Get lost!
Sharbat! Hmph!
Where is she running to?
Oh crap, did she turn into
Deepika Kapoor again?
Bro, I'll be right back, okay?
Shall I leave then?
Are you shy?
Hey, no!
But you are blushing.
Want gum?
Have you gone to Vilangan Hills?
Vilangan Hills?
Yeah, Vilangan Hills, have you?
No... what's there?
They have deep fried wheat bonda there!
Oh my, you are such a dud!
Hey, enough!
Come fast!
-You can continue tomorrow!
-What happened?
Mary Miss is coming.
Siddhu, bye. See you tomorrow.
He doesn't know a thing!
Poor thing!
He hasn't got a clue!
What's this, man!?
What's up?
Hey, what just happened?
Oops! Sorry, sorry!
Watch where you're going!
I am a branch beyond reach
And you, my beloved ant!
Crawl up to me
I am a diamond
Steal me
and run away!
I am an unstrung kite
You have to thread the string
Light a fire in my heart
What are you doing?
Come close to me,
within my hand's reach
Kill me with your eyes
Keep your phone away and study!
Gently whisper into my ears,
your heart's endless desires
Give me a smile!
Don't be shy!
Find me in yourself!
I am a branch beyond reach
And you, my beloved ant!
Crawl up to me
O Beloved ant
Kill me with your eyes
Whisper in my ears
Kill me with your eyes
Crawl up to me
Kill me with your eyes
What are you up to?
Come here!
Kill me with your eyes
Crawl up to me
Kill me with your eyes
Kill me with your eyes
What a brat!
-Appu, give me my phone!
-I won't!
-I won't give.
-I won't!
-I'm getting very angry, Appu!
Give it!
What's the ruckus here?
Haven't I told you not to disturb her
until her entrance exams are over?
But she wasn't studying,
she was staring at some guy's photo.
What's on your phone?
-There's nothing on it, Aunty.
-Let me see. Give it!
Why are you paying heed to this fellow?
You give me that phone!
Please leave.
I have to study.
Give it!
Let me see!
-What wrong with you, Aunty?
-Give it!
What's the problem here?
Look what's on this.
What is it?
What could possibly be on it?
Aunty is jobless!
Tell me the password.
-I don't know.
Did anyone ask you?
Why are you here?
-I had asked you to sit and study, no?
-I finished.
Appu! If you don't answer
the questions I ask,
I will beat the pulp out of you!
-Go and study!
-What's wrong with you, Mom?!
-Can you check?
My dear Aunty!
There's nothing on it!
If there's nothing, then why worry?
Sister, go to the kitchen,
the milk might boil over.
I'll take care of this.
I'll deal with you later, okay?
Who is this guy?
It's nothing, Aunty.
He's just a friend.
Don't try to fool me
like you fooled sister, okay?
I was once your age too.
You can stay here
as long as you don't cause trouble.
Otherwise, I'll call your mother
and send you off!
Or you can go stay with your dad.
I am taking your phone away
until your exams are over.
Please Aunty, please--
Sit and study girl!
Can I have this one, please?
Take that one.
Hey sister, here you go.
Time is still,
when you are not around
What do I say?
In these endless shores
You can't be found
Where do I go?
My eyes are open
But I can't find your shadow
Why? Why?
Why do I have this anger within me?
Bro, one popcorn.
This is too little,
it won't be enough.
Keep it back,
come let's go.
Yeah, tell me.
If I don't see you there today,
don't ever call me again!
Yeah, I'll come!
-Did you hear what I said?
-I said, I'll COME!
Hang up now!
So, what are you planning to do?
I am in my final year
at Namboodiris College.
At Namboodiris...
Not that, you idiot!
I'm asking you about the "compromise"
you brought us here for!
-Not the right place to discuss that.
-Go to hell, man!
-Please make him understand, no?
-Where's my ice cream?
Bro, please give him his ice cream.
You just bring him to the elephant ground.
I'll handle the rest.
No need, let's just settle it here!
Not so loudly, you !
Why are you swearing at me?
If you can't, tell me,
I'll find someone else.
Aha, when it's come to a compromise,
you don't need me?
Hold this.
Come on!
Gonna fix this today!
-Hey Siddhu!
-Just a minute.
-What's up?
-Came to check out the band.
Do you come to play?
I don't see you around anymore.
Here you go, son.
Watch your step.
Who is that?
He studies with me
at the entrance coaching.
Where is Siddhu?
He's somewhere there!
Bro, I have nothing to tell these guys!
Let's talk it out.
Bro, I have no interest
to discuss this topic!
Let him go,
if he is too scared!
Stop pestering him!
Let's compromise.
Of you?
That's why you are scurrying off
like a girl instead of talking it out.
Just shut up.
We came for a compromise.
-I saw that at the Youth Festival.
-What did you see? Huh?
I saw your bravado!
That's why you took a licking that day!
Is that your manliness?
Why don't you ask her about my manliness?
She knows it well!
Really well!
What the hell!
Are you okay?
Stop it, man!
Where's he?
Where did he go?
I'll be right back, okay?
Be right here.
Please keep an eye on him.
Get the hell off!
Leave me!
You better let go!
Move away or I'll break your neck.
Fine! Do whatever the hell you want!
Bloody nonsense!
Stop it, you guys!
Get outta here!
Let go!
Who the hell are you?
Get off!
What the hell are you doing?
Where were you at that time?
I was inside the temple.
Otherwise, you are always with him!
Oh, Mom, it wasn't us!
They started the issue!
Even if they started the issue...
Even if they started,
was there any need to break his head?
Sister, they are calling you inside.
-Where are you going?
So that they will see your face
and want to lock you up?
You wait here!
Hey, what happened?
My dear bro!
Attended a temple festival, that's all!
Great! Keep at it,
maybe that'll set you right.
-Who has gone for the intimation?
-Saji sir.
Call him and check.
Sir, they have cut their hair!
Tell them to come in.
Get in!
Hey, remove your cap.
Did the scissors break
before they finished cutting your hair?
If I ever see the two of you again
at the temple grounds,
this won't be the case then.
It doesn't seem that serious, sir.
Just two small stitches.
-Is it?
-It was an outpatient case.
The only reason I sat you down
and explained all this is because
they are fatherless
children who are still in school!
But, if I catch them again,
I won't let them off easily!
Do you hear me?
Make them sign
the petition disposal and let them go.
Okay, sir.
Come on!
Go on now!
-Okay, sir.
-Yeah, alright.
-What happened?
-I didn't have the paper during checking.
So, they seized my vehicle
and asked me to bring these papers.
Sometimes we get caught too.
Mom! It's not what you think!
Let me explain, Mom!
What happened?
Mom, it's not what you're thinking.
Please listen to me!
Oh man, look at you!
Sister, I need some print-outs.
-Do you have a pen drive?
-No, just off the internet.
Use the first cabin.
Where's Mom?
Oh, is it the movie?
Hey! Don't change, leave it on.
There's an awesome joke coming up.
-I want to watch the news.
You were watching it until now, no?
Then, why did you change it when I came?
Put it on!
Does everything have to happen your way?
What's happening my way?
What are you saying, man?
You can watch the news after this!
His bloody news!
Have you not had enough outside?
Now, you want to start it at home as well?
I paid off that guy's parents
with every penny
I had saved to paint the house!
Now, if you want to break
whatever is inside this house,
I will have to go for some other job!
Maybe that's what the two of you want!
What a torture!
Tell me what is it?
What's your problem?
When I open my eyes,
I see you in front of me
And when I close them,
I hear your voice
Seeking answers from you
I'm always behind you
When day breaks
And night falls
During my sojourn
And on my journeys
Like the waves of a river
You come back to me
A reflection on the waves
As I wait for you
You appear before me like a vision
How I long to say those words to you
With many colours and hues
I wish to be lost in your beauty
Do you know what time it is?
He has already gone to class!
Let the result come,
I'll see you then.
If you fail,
go for some wage labour!
Don't get too comfortable and mooch off me!
What's wrong with your phone?
It's at home.
She said she couldn't get through to you?
I'll call.
I went straight to your house first.
Caught anything?
I was just...
Put it on the other side,
might catch something.
There's nothing here.
After you told me to, I went
and saw him the day before yesterday.
Since you didn't call me after that,
I thought it's all okay now.
He deleted his Whatsapp yesterday.
For what?
At first, I thought he blocked me.
Then, I checked through another number
and that's when I realised,
he deleted it.
What's his problem?
He's mad!
What else could it be!
Hey! Five minutes,
I'm just leaving.
I made someone wait and then rushed here
because you needed me urgently.
We'll sort it out,
don't worry.
Okay, then.
Let it go.
We'll talk it out tomorrow.
Come on, let's go
I need to stop by the shop,
on our way.
Answer the phone, man!
Talk to her!
Where the hell are you going?
What are you doing, man?
Why are you poking your nose
into unnecessary things?
How is this unnecessary?
I am going to answer, okay!
Will come in the evening... at 4:30 p.m.
To the cafe, okay.
No, nothing.
What did she say?
Pick it up fast, man!
Look, Merin is here with two girls.
Last ball, okay?
Hey, catch!
Stop ogling at the girls
and go get the ball.
Is this your "cafe"?
Talk to me.
Why did you delete your Whatsapp?
No reason, just like that.
What do you mean by no reason?
Listen, let's not talk here,
it will cause issues.
You go.
I'll come to the cafe.
I won't go unless you tell me.
You said you will tell me
in the evening, right?
What's your problem?
Come on, tell me!
This won't work out.
Let's break up.
It was just a mere attraction
towards a pretty girl.
Or I think...
I just wanted a girlfriend.
There's nothing more than that.
You are a good girl.
A very good girl!
But I don't know...
I don't know how to love...
I am not able to...
I... not just to you...
I have not felt it towards anyone.
All this romancing,
waiting, chasing, calling...
I'm not cut out for it!
Look at me!
I don't know even know
how to explain all this to you!
This won't work out.
Let it go.
Hey Shruti!
Don't cry... don't cry!
What all are you saying?
Don't cry... I told you,
let's not talk about this here, right?
People are watching us...
Don't cry.
-What's wrong?
-No, nothing!
What happened?
What is the reason, tell me?
He is saying he doesn't want me...
Hey you!
What's happening, huh?
Nothing, bro.
Then, why is she crying?
What's it, dear?
-It's nothing, bro. We're friends.
-Tell me, what is it?
-It's nothing.
-Hey, leave it, let's go.
Stop crying!
People are going to make a fuss!
What the hell did you bring her here for?
Now get angry at me!
Can't you see people are watching!
Take her away!
Where will I take her?
No one needs to take us away,
we know how to go!
What's all this, man?
-What's happening?
-You go now, I'll tell you later.
Wait up!
So, why do you need to do this?
As if, she's gonna go
and tell Karthi 'I love you'?
It's not so that she falls
in love with him.
I have to feel something for her, no?
You won't understand, leave it!
What should I tell her now?
You don't tell her anything!
I have told her whatever needs to be told!
Just, please don't create
a scene like today!
That looks like her car.
He's coming here.
What happened at the playground today?
I can understand.
I have crossed your age too.
You let this one go.
We have enough problems as it is.
In between all this, I neither
have the time nor the interest,
to break up the love affairs
of the women in the family.
Do you get what I'm saying?
Look at my face and answer!
Okay then, bye.
Let's go.
Move aside.
Look there.
Give it to me.
Aunty, is Siddhu here?
Can you please call him?
Look over here!
You stop worrying.
Can you not understand what I'm saying?
Why are you still chasing me?
My dear Siddhu, she's not chasing you.
-She's going to the Gulf this evening.
We came to tell you that.
That incident at the playground, right?
It created a huge scene in her house!
Try to understand.
Is your brother happy now?
Is your brother HAPPY NOW?
What did Merin tell you?
Hey, listen to me.
I can explain, it's not what you think--
Siddhu, leave my hand.
Let go of my hand!
Let me just tell--
Siddhu! LET GO!
Siddhu, let go of my hand!
Come on, it's okay.
How did it go?
His old classmates have
somehow completed their studies,
gotten jobs and are now
taking care of their families!
Here, all this guy does
is eat, drink and sleep!
He has been of absolutely no help
to this family ever!
If he managed to complete his 12th grade,
he could have at least tried for a job!
Not even that!
Is he ever going to change?
Okay, I'll call you.
Will it happen?
-Got it!
Hey, I cleared the entrance!
Is your brother happy now?
Is your brother HAPPY NOW?
Siddhu, let go of my hand!
Yes, tell me.
Just do what I said.
Leave the rest of the timber there.
Hey, come here!
Yeah, I just got home.
Come and sit down!
Take a seat.
How's it going?
-Where's he?
-He's on the phone.
Ask him to come, Cleetus.
Inviting people over to waste their time!
Who is he talking to?
-He's calling you.
-Who was that?
-That was Chimban.
They're measuring
the logs at the mill today.
So, regarding that.
Will I end up having
to set all the timber on fire,
thanks to his expert supervision?
No, I have told him.
And what about this?
-You tell him.
-No, you tell.
Somebody just say it!
Jomy, you tell.
-He saw Peter yesterday.
-Okay, and?
So... they are asking for five.
He has some pending home loan.
Not mine.
Brother, I have absolutely
no benefit from this, okay?
Why is that?
You don't need money?
No, not that.
When I came to know of this,
I just got involved, that's all.
-Fine, go ahead.
Come back soon.
We'll have lunch.
Come on, Cleetus bro.
-It's ready, be seated.
-Yeah, okay.
-Where did you keep the medicine?
How come we are having a takeout today?
Is it your birthday, Mom?
What's this?
Give it to me, don't make it dirty.
Let me see.
What's that?
Mom, you bought a flat?
Give it back now.
Show me.
What's there to look?
You got the idea, right?
But where did you get the money from?
The money from the chit fund
that was in the bank, no?
Using that.
How are you planning to pay the rest?
How will you, Mom?
Why do we need a flat now?
Tell me, Mom?
I'm asking you, how will you pay the rest?
I'll just sell off this house and land.
If you sell this,
then how will you survive?
And what about your chickens?
I'll do whatever the hell I want.
After selling this, if I deposit
the rest of the money in the bank,
I can survive on that!
You don't think too much
about such big matters!
Instead, rewrite
and clear your failed subjects.
I hope you all know that, the party
had decided to leave the coalition.
In between all this,
who thought this guy would kick the bucket!
Anyway, it's just a matter of two years.
Since it is the ruling party,
it will be hard for someone to win.
For the time being, let him contest.
Since, he was actively involved
in that canal issue,
he's got a good image
in front of the public.
Not only that, if you decide
to stand for the election,
they will dig up that old chit fund's case.
In the end, I'll only have
to clean up the mess!
Why are you bringing all this up now,
Thomas brother?
Why, why not?
You and your brother started
a chit fund company with a bunch of guys.
Then, you swindled money from people
and had run-ins with law!
Everyone here knows that!
Why do you have to get
so offended when I say that?
If you don't want us to contest,
just say that.
Why are you dragging
irrelevant issues into this?
How can this be irrelevant, son?
We are not talking
about selling eggs, right!
It's about standing for elections!
My dear Thomas bro,
we are not stupid!
Brother could have
easily won father's seat, when he died.
Instead, you made Vincent sir contest,
who was so sick, he couldn't
even stand up during the last elections.
Now you bring it up--
Baby brother!
I am also
listening to it, right?
Then, why is it riling you up so much?
Just drop it!
He must have said it out of anger.
Calm down.
Bro, fill it up full tank.
Why did you have to take out
your anger towards them on me?
You go and tell Chimban
to get the car ready.
Give me one cigarette.
Get going.
Come on.
-Were you having lunch?
Come closer.
Why are you being so coy?
What happened after taking the money?
No, I couldn't meet him yet, sir.
Been busy, so haven't had the chance to go.
Who's busy? You?
No... not me, Peter.
I'll be meeting him today.
Been really busy since a week, that's why.
I have discussed everything,
we spoke in the morning,
Will definitely meet him today.
No sir, for real, I'm not lying!
Brother, no...
Peter has told me, sir.
The money is with me.
How much did we give him?
-You better return that money to him!
-Bring it to the office.
Start the car.
Our asses are on fire,
and you are lighting a beedi!
Ah, you said you'll take time?
Quick, go to the office!
What happened, sis?
You go, I'll tell you.
-Where to?
-To the office.
Which flat?
The details of the flat in Pallimukku.
In my opinion, this would be
a better property for you Ma'am.
It has more square feet--
Will I get my money back?
Ma'am, your money is not going anywhere.
That's guaranteed.
We don't scam!
Even if you request for this money now,
it will take approximately 6-12 months,
for the amount to be credited
back to your account.
That's why I'm telling you,
let's go and check out this property once.
Excuse me, sister.
Siddhu, don't create unnecessary problems!
What the hell are you going to do now?
-Listen to me!
-Let me go!
Don't go!
-Siddhu, please listen to me.
-Stand back!
Open the door!
If you go and create a scene there,
it will become a bigger mess!
Siddhu, stop there!
Brother, Oriental Builder's--
Second floor.
It has been out of order for two days, son.
Return the money, you scoundrels!
Cheating people off their money!
Call the police!
Somebody call the police!
Leave him, you dogs!
Back off, man!
What the hell are you doing?
Excuse me, sister!
What happened?
Someone's smashing the office to pieces!
Quick, go!
Come fast!
Oh my God!
What is going on!
What happened, sir?
Where did they go?
They just took their bike and left!
Who smashed our office, sir?
What the hell do you stand here for?
What a shame to mankind!
What on earth is this!
Hello, sir?
What did I do?
Good grief!
Is there some problem with your phone?
You even call me
to announce that you took a shit!
Don't call me for the serious stuff, okay!
Hello? Coming!
Stop bothering me!
What the hell did you think?
That, if you bust into their office,
you'll get your money back?
Who do you think you are?
Action hero Suresh Gopi?!
Look, here comes the response
to your heroic quest!
You stay here.
Let me check it out.
Hey you, where is Siddharthan's house?
-What's the problem, sir?
-Do I need to explain it to you?
-He was with him just now, sir
-Hey, come here!
Where's your friend?
Where is Siddharthan?
-What's the issue, sir?
-You won't tell unless you know the issue?
Hey, get over here!
Come on.
Why are you so hesitant?
Sir, it was not deliberate.
Don't resist!
Don't hit him, sir.
Come on, man!
-Get inside.
Move over!
-Sir, he did it unintentionally.
-Stay away!
What 'unintentionally'!
Go away!
Sir, please don't take him.
Back off, man!
Or I'll take you as well!
Sir, what are you doing!
Sir, it was a mistake, please sir.
Stop here.
Get out.
-I'll just get the money, okay.
-Okay, sir.
Alright then, I got some work at the mill.
Don't forget what I told you.
Tell your brother as well.
Who is this dude?
Step forward.
Sir, he's the guy who busted that office.
-Come here.
-Go on.
Come closer.
Have you lost your mind, son?
Sir, just a minute.
Anoop, take down his name and address.
-Sir, I was asked to show you this.
-Leave it there.
I have seen him somewhere.
Where's your house?
Near Edakkulam bridge.
-What's the incident?
This fellow here.
Ah, that is related to some
building scam by Paulachan's group.
You mean, Oriental Builders?
Yes, that's the one.
They are complete fraudsters!
We are suffering now
because of those !
Hmmm... this is something similar.
His mother booked one of their flats
and paid the advance.
When that ran into some trouble,
she asked them to return her money.
That's when they did something crafty.
When this fellow came to know,
he recklessly went
and caused a commotion there.
Now, they want to pull a fast one
and take their money!
By the way, how do you know him?
What do I need to do
to get him out of here?
That's alright.
You can take him.
It won't be a problem for you, right, sir?
I don't usually take up such dodgy cases!
It was only because they called me up.
Anoop, get him here!
-Go over there.
Is this over?
Go on, man!
Come here!
-There won't be any problem, right?
-What problem?
You take him.
He looks very sick.
Come here.
I'll call you.
Will call you back once it's done.
This is the cash payment receipt, right?
Then, what's the issue?
That's not the problem, brother.
It's not the flat that they
paid the advance for.
Instead, they are giving them some
shoddy flat in Pallimukku.
Didn't I tell you they are cunning.
Next, we will be mixed up
in some building scam case.
I was just saying.
You must have dragged him here,
to convince me about this, no?
Suddenly, he's oozing benevolence!
Call him in.
Where'd he go?
Can't find him.
Are you glued to that spot?
Get out and look for him!
Come on.
-Come fast.
How did it go?
Got it?
How do you know these people?
The ones who got you
out of the police station
and helped get the money back.
That's what you want to know?
You always try to find fault in everything!
You just can't be happy
that you got the money back?
You can't trust your own family!
No wonder everyone else is ripping you off!
I was afraid since it's you.
You never know, who is going
to barge in here because of this.
You deserve it, then!
I finally got some benefit
for bringing you into this world
and raising you.
Thank goodness!
Kannamma, Kannamma,
what's today's curry?
Crow meat and freshwater fish
When the red rice is cooked,
stir it with your hand, Kannamma
Cut 32 cudgels and threw them
at the mango tree in the front yard
Bend down and pick up the one that fell
into the cauldron, Kannamma
Built a fire and boiled the milk
in a colourful pot
A seasoned buttermilk
would be delicious, my dear!
The buttermilk will turn sour,
if you dip your hand in it
Why do you need leaves, my dear?
Why do you need thrones?
Why do you need bamboo sticks?
Why do you need strands?
Why are you chasing away
your betrothed?
Hey dear!
Thatch a roof with palm leaves
Build a nest, build your home
O pretty parrot, my gorgeous girl!
Don't let go of your man!
Kannamma, Kannamma,
what's today's curry?
Crow meat and freshwater fish
When the red rice is cooked,
stir it with your hand, Kannamma
Step out for a moment.
I'll call, just wait outside.
Why did you bring him inside my office?
He came to return the money.
It was because of that asshole,
I got embarrassed in front
of those people the other day!
Give me a cigarette.
Where the hell did you go
yesterday morning?
I'm asking you.
I went to Ernakulam.
For what joy?
Appu has been insisting
on a visit to Lulu Mall, for a while now.
-Huh? What?
-Lulu mall.
When will he come?
He said he's about to reach.
Call him.
Oh, he's here.
Come inside
Got it.
-Want one?
Come on.
Be careful.
Watch the stairs.
Is that him?
-Come, let's sit here.
-That's him, right?
Sit down.
This one?
Yeah, I think so.
Don't finish all the snacks, I won't
be buying again during the interval.
Brother, one tea.
What's there to eat?
Hey Peter, are you alone?
No, here with my family.
What a horrible rain!
Oh, seems like the full gang is here.
-Cleetus, you come with me.
Sir, just a second.
One question, please?
Step back.
-Sir, please.
He doesn't remember a thing, sir.
And no one there saw anything.
Also, as far as I have checked,
he usually doesn't get involved
in issues that put him in a tight spot.
Besides, there was only one person
who has had a falling out with him.
But I don't need to tell you
who that is, right?
No... I was just saying,
that's the word around town.
Cleetus, go get the car.
Sir, please?
What time will you be at the station?
-Hmmm... anything urgent?
I should be there around 2:30 p.m.,
once I'm done with all this hassle.
Sir, can I ask one question, please?
I'll call.
No matter what I say,
you won't be convinced.
Then, why should I engage
in a futile conversation.
Anyway, the police are enquiring.
Let them come to a conclusion.
And, then we'll speak.
-Please give way.
-Sir, please?
Just one more question.
Sir, in the current scenario,
will you be the candidate?
This is not the right time
to think about all that.
Let things become clear and then we'll see.
That was Mr. Baby Mathew
on visiting Mr. Peter,
at the hospital he has been admitted to.
The assault against Mr. Peter
takes place amidst the candidacy dispute
in the upcoming Irinjalakuda by-election,
following the demise of sitting MLA,
Mr. Vincent Pynadath.
Will they come now?
Yeah, I can hear you.
Wait here.
The complainant, Mr. Jins Varghese,
son of Mr. Varghese, Palliparambath House,
Pariyaram locality, Kottuvally Village,
Paravur Taluk, Ernakulam.
-Who is Jins?
-It's me, sir.
-And who's this?
-This is my uncle's son.
Why is your elder sister still unmarried?
She is a divorcee, sir.
Why, what happened?
That's because...
Her husband's family was not nice, sir.
They kept giving her these medications
saying she couldn't have children.
Eventually, she became too sick to walk.
Moreover, they used to
physically abuse her.
Do you have any photo
that he sent your sister?
-Yes, I do, sir.
-Just a minute.
Let me see.
Sir, I just reached.
I'm just leaving, sir.
Sir, look who it is.
There are two of them, sir.
Yeah... Yes, yes.
Sir, I'll call you right back.
Sir, I am well aware of who and what he is.
Not just that,
I also know how hard it is
to get away with a crime like this.
But what else could I do, sir?
For the past one and a half years,
that moron has been cheating my sister.
Her ex-husband...
that prick ruined her life!
She became normal only after three years.
Forget the money we spent on her treatment,
but what about the stress we endured!
Finally, when we somehow convinced her
and brought her back into life,
another moron comes along
with an extra-marital relationship!
My sister had told him all about her past.
Still, that jerk didn't care or understand!
But sir, I'm sure if you ask him now,
he'll admit that he understands very well.
Come on!
I'm smoking.
-What's your name?
Merin Jose.
-Do you stay close to their house?
-What do you do?
-Nothing much, the usual.
So, you don't work?
-I said no, right?
-Oh, okay.
-What happened here? Turn.
-It's nothing.
-How did this happen?
-Whose bike is this?
-What's this?
-Let me see.
Nothing much, I scratched my face
when a mosquito bit me.
What are you?
Hey, what's this?
Got into a spat
with the seniors in college,
and he got beaten up.
Let's go beat them up?
Hey! It was nothing.
We were just messing around.
Let's beat them up!
You keep your mouth shut
and give that to him.
Shall we leave then?
What is this?
That's your medicine.
-Are there no girls here?
-Yeah right, in a men's hostel!
What's this?
Kick it hard.
Go carefully.
Will we have to push the bike all the way?
Listen, don't tell Mom
about the ragging, okay?
-Shall we leave?
-Did you hear?
Take that green tablet,
if you have wheezing.
Yeah, I know.
-If you have any doubts, call Mom and ask.
-Okay, bye.
Who is that scumbag with him?
Hey Siddhu, did they reach?
Yeah, we're downstairs.
Will come now.
How's the crowd here?
To have beer in this rain?
Have you lost your mind?
If you are worried,
we can call our guys from the market.
So that I can clean up their mess too?
Get out.
What the hell were you doing inside?
Nothing, I was just taking my phone.
Come here,
let me see.
Let me see!
What's this?
I'll carve your head!
My pocketknife!
Come on, man!
No matter what,
I'm not leaving before I finish this.
Even if you offer
to pour beer over my head, I won't come.
You guys can go.
Give me a light!
Pass that lighter.
What were you saying?
You guys leave.
I can drive by myself.
If you drive in this condition,
you'll be caught by the police.
What police! Even if they do,
I know how to get out of it, okay?
Keep it in for a while before you blow.
What's it, bro?
He's trying to blow smoke rings.
He is talking to you.
Look here.
So perfect!
That's because I have a moustache.
Yeah, sure.
-There is another trick.
Blowing smoke through your eyes.
We have tried it once.
It's very simple.
Bro, pass me that chair?
Look carefully into my eyes.
-Dude, leave it.
-Wait, man!
Let him learn the trick.
Watch carefully.
-Stop this!
-Let me see, man!
Let him learn, man!
Watch closely, okay?
Why is he asking for trouble?
He's gonna get it.
Remember the last time?
Just shut up.
You schmuck!
That trick will burn your hand!
Didn't I tell you?
Someone's seriously showing something
and you are meddling in between?
No brother... his hand...
If you don't sit,
I will gouge your eyes out!
You won't leave until you
blow smoke through your eyes!
What's up?
Whom are you calling?
-Sorry, bro! Sorry!
-His bloody phone call!
Jomy bro.
-What are you doing here?
-I work here now.
-When did you quit your other job?
-Been one or two months.
-What's the scene here, bro?
-This is nothing, man.
Jomy bro, if there's any issue,
please take it outside.
Last week, there was another issue and
the police came and made a complete mess.
Hey, no!
This won't end up as a police case!
-These are our kids.
-I was just informing you.
If I ever hear that you raised your hand
on anyone in the name of ragging--
No... never.
I'll come to your hostel
and break your skull!
-Ye... Yes, brother.
-Did something happen to your phone?
Okay, brother.
-Please don't hit me.
-I was just taking some peanuts.
Please take.
Such wusses!
And they are out to rag others!
How much is it?
Give, I'll hold that.
Hey Siddhu!
Who's that?
What's he doing here?
I think that's his mother.
I'll just be back.
What are you doing here?
Mom is unwell,
so brought her to the doctor.
Nice sunglasses!
Let us know if you need anything.
No, she is okay now.
It was just a slight wheezing problem.
-Do you want money?
-No, it's okay, I have.
Tell us if you need anything, okay?
Yes, I will.
Not a problem.
No need, brother.
Okay then,
Mom is waiting.
We have to go to
a few other places as well.
-Jomy bro was trying to call you.
-Yeah, I spoke to him.
-Alright, bye.
Who are those guys?
The ones we just met at the hospital?
Who are they?
Why do you want to know that, Mom?
They're my friends.
Do you have anything to buy?
You must be wondering what to say next.
Yes, you have a problem with what I say!
You have kept a bike at home?
Does the owner not want it?
Oh, Mom, he is in the Gulf.
Let him be anywhere!
What if something happens to it
when you use it, who will fix it?
Whatever happens,
you don't need to fix it.
Yeah right,
I have seen you "fix" things.
Nevertheless, if I ever see
that bike in our house again,
I'll slash its tires!
Slashing and lashing,
that's what you know the best.
I have been asking for
a bike since forever!
Stop the bike.
Just shut up, Mom.
Siddhu, if you don't stop the bike,
I'll jump off it.
-What are you doing?
-Stop it, now!
-Go to hell!
-Where are you going, Mom!
-To Edakkulam.
He's not up yet?
Yeah, he's still asleep.
He has no other job, right?
Where are you off to, early in the morning?
Nowhere, I simply got out.
Your Mom had asked me
for some eggs to hatch.
If I wait until my work here is over,
then your mother will never
get any eggs to hatch.
You come in the evening,
I'll keep it ready.
Why aren't you ready yet?
I had called you a while ago.
Wait, I'm coming.
I'll just brush my teeth.
Come soon! It's fine.
You brush your teeth everyday, no?
-Do you have cigarettes?
-Will buy.
Be right back.
Where to?
We're going for a movie.
Get on the bike!
We've got something to do.
-Eh, what is it?
-Come, I'll tell you.
Stop the bike and come.
-I am not alone, he's with me.
-Let him be, you come with me.
Get on.
Let's go?
Where are you going?
What are we doing here?
This place...
-I said this place is ours.
-Whose? Yours?
Not mine!
Jomy bro's.
During his father's time,
this lady's mother was their maid.
At the time, they were given
this place as a shelter.
It has been about 10-15 years
since the old lady died,
but these people won't leave.
If we go inside,
she starts acting out.
So, what am I supposed to do for that?
You don't have to do anything,
just accompany me.
If I go alone...
...she'll flash me.
-She will lift her skirt up!
Hey lady!
Take all the time in the world,
I won't leave before I put an end to this.
Hey, let's leave.
Who the hell wants to throw us out of here?
Stop there, you rascal!
Crazy old lady!
If you dare step into this house again
to talk about eviction,
I will kill all of you!
And then go live in some jail!
The old hag is a lunatic!
-Hurry up! Hurry up!
-Give the key, you idiot!
What is it?
I'm not coming.
You call your new friends.
What is it, Mom?
-Where is he?
-He has been miffed since morning.
I'll go and see him.
Are you mad at me?
Come, let's go grab a beer.
I am not coming.
Come on, you idiot!
Come, please.
Mom, why can't you buy a good phone
and start using Whatsapp?
-Why not?
-Please let me watch this.
-You can use it, no?
You must use it.
Oh, no!
It's gone!
Your daily soap is over!
It is as if these people are waiting
for a raindrop, to cut the power!
Why did they cut the power?
-His Highness has arrived!
-That's him?
All drenched in the rain!
Does he want to catch a fever now?
Whose bike is this?
Oh, you're here.
When did you reach?
If you take this and go,
how will I do my work?
I'll give it back now.
Come asking for food, okay.
I'll show you then!
You scared me!
What's up?
Are you on vacation?
Listen! If he's done with it,
bring it back!
I've got work to do.
What's it?
How's the ragging going?
You know, right?
-You were there, right?
Did you send anyone to beat them up?
Who will I send?
Why are you interfering in these matters?
Who were those people with you?
What are you doing there?
Are you trying to be like Mom?
-Wait, you can go after you tell me.
-I said, move!
-You can go after you tell me!
You will not leave without telling me!
Get out of my way!
I'm already going crazy!
-What happened?
-Nothing, Mom!
-What is it?
-Hit your head?
I said, nothing!
No, nothing happened to him.
-It's nothing.
-Let me see.
Oh God!
Why did I bear a wretched son like you!
Now you start, Mom!
You shut up!
Let me see if you are okay.
It would have been better
if I was not born!
What did you just say?
If you don't want a mother like me,
Mom, just stop it!
You shut your mouth!
Get out of this house!
That's exactly what you want, right?
So that mother and son
can live happily, right?
Yes, that's exactly what I want.
Why did you give birth to me
if you didn't want me?
You could have killed me or thrown me away.
What are you doing?
Stop it, Mom.
You want to hit me?
That's all that is left now!
Hit your mother!
Get out of this house, you old hag!
Oh, no!
Get him off.
Move away!
Siddhu! Get this devil off me!
Come on, move.
Leave him!
Get off!
Don't hit the child, go away!
Why can't you move, huh?
Stop it!
Leave him, enough!
Don't go crazy.
He will die.
Come, let's leave.
Get out!
Get the hell out!
Oh, my son!
Why are you not saying anything, Mom?
Tell your mom there's 150 gm extra, okay.
What do you want now?
I am the one who decides
whether to buy the flat or not!
I don't need anyone's permission for that.
If someone tries to cheat me,
I can approach the police
or law enforcement for help!
And if it still doesn't work out,
I'll just consider that money gone!
It's not your hard-earned money, right?
Is it?!
He will picks up fights!
And then, find others to resolve it!
Did I ask him to do any of this?
Did I tell him?
Tell me!
Neither of you should compromise, okay?
Your son is exactly like you!
Then how will you get along!
-What's that?
What are you saying I did?
Yeah, tell me.
Listen, you need to go
to the railway station.
You've to pick up Priya sis.
Leave soon, okay?
The train is at 7.30.
-Where are you going?
-I've got some other work.
-I'll call you once I'm back.
I'll be back after sometime.
Hey, open this boot!
-It's unlocked, sister.
-Oh, it's you.
Where is Chimban?
Chimban has got some other work.
Why are you not going to your house?
-What's the problem?
-Tell me.
-It's nothing, sister.
Call Aunty and tell her we reached.
Shall we go?
Appu! If you run in the dark and fall,
I'll come there and kick you!
No, I'll be careful.
What's up with you?
Couldn't you recognise me?
Give me that bag.
Will you bring the rest?
Back then, you gave me up for your brother.
Now, for whom do you want
to give your life away?
Whose loss?
Yours and your family's.
I'll also be sad for a while.
Besides that, all those people who
are currently using you, will lose nothing!
I know that you don't care
about anyone else's feelings.
I didn't want to regret
not telling you this.
That's the only reason I told you.
You can do as you please.
In the darkest night
In the deepest waves of the ocean
Like a new dawn
You rise
In the old sky
A new star is born
For you are my heart
I hear a new song
Like a gentle hum
In this new light
The birds are in chorus
A sudden rouse
From a light breeze
The wandering mind comes alive
I am sorry for everything.
Please forgive me.
In the darkest night
In the deepest waves of the ocean
Like a new dawn
You rise
What happened, Mom?
I just came to check if you slept.
Hmmm... right.
Why are you looking through my books?
Am I not allowed to go through your books?
Stop damaging your ears with that thing!
And go to sleep!
What's it?
Why so much ego, Mom?
Stop beating around the bush
if you want to know about him.
Did I ask you something?
You don't need to ask, I can see it.
Not eating food,
not watching your daily soaps!
If any bike passes through the road,
you are running from here to there.
For what sake, Mom?
Who ran?
You are crazy.
Please don't eat my head now.
It's not that I don't understand
what you are saying.
I just don't know what to say to that.
Do you know?
It was the day after your father died,
that I got to know I was pregnant with him.
From the moment he was born,
he knew he could get whatever he wanted...
whether it was food or a small toy...
by demanding or crying for it.
Even though you are
one and half years older than him,
you didn't even know
how to cry out of hunger.
I wanted to live
a happy life with your father,
that's why I ran away with him.
But suddenly,
I was all alone.
While I was trying to raise the two of you
without anybody's support or help...
or when I had
to pay more attention to you...
I was forced
to overlook his wants and needs.
It wasn't intentional.
However, in my situation...
I could only do so much.
If I got 10 Rupees, instead of buying him
the chocolate he asked for...
I would try to buy your medicine.
I always thought
he would understand all that.
But I had no one to tell me,
that's not how it should be done.
I don't know
why I am telling you all this now.
Maybe, if I had paid
a little more attention to him...
or if I had tried to make him understand...
he wouldn't have ended up like this, right?
I just need to see him.
Go and call him for me!
I'll call you.
Yes, Siddhu.
I have just reached the office.
I'll meet him and call you.
You don't get upset.
I will call you back.
He's a reckless guy.
Has he been in there for long?
I'll tell you about it,
it's a funny incident.
Hey, find out where Chimban is.
It has been half an hour,
since I asked him for some drinks.
Bro, yesterday that lady...
One minute, I'll be right back.
Come here.
Haven't I told you, not to come to me
with such things, while I have guests?
Give me a cigarette.
What am I supposed to do
if that old hag went crazy
and jumped in front of
a train and killed herself?
But brother, the police have arrested
her sick son in connection to her death.
Siddhu is very tensed,
he called me several times.
Why don't you get
a cradle for him and rock him!
Go and rock him, man!
No brother, it was because of us, right?
Because of us?!
What do you mean because of us?!
Get a loudspeaker,
and go around announcing
to the whole world!
That the old hag died because of us!
Go on!
Come with me.
Hey, I just was discussing it.
Hey, Siddhu!
Hey, where are you going?
He has been calling me for a while now.
WHAT DID I just tell you now?
It is impossible to make you understand.
I tried thinking about
it in different ways!
I have absolutely no idea
what to do with you!
You can do one thing!
Look here,
do you know what it is?
Hanging around Lulu mall
or some cinema hall
with your wife and kids,
and your stupid friends!
That's it!
Here you go!
Sir, there was a differently abled boy
who was brought here, right?
-What's it?
-A sick boy.
The one whose mother fell
in front of the train and died?
-He left sometime back.
-Oh, he did?
Yes, a while back.
He's not here.
They are saying he left.
Apparently, she got hit by a train
while crossing the railway track.
That's when the police...
they found him crying and brought him here.
After a while, someone came forward
saying they know him, and they let him go.
Don't be upset!
Come... get down.
How much, bro?
Come, let's have tea.
Sit here.
Shall I get you a tea, Kuttan?
Just one cup?
I'll be back in a moment, okay?
Just a minute.
You sit here, I'll be back.
Was this your idea, you moron?
What was my idea?
Why can't you answer your phone?
This is not the first time,
Mom spoke like that, no?
You know how she is, right?
If you came here to discuss this,
then I'm going to leave.
Do you expect me to stay quiet
watching this nonsense?
Tell me.
Where are you off to?
You sit there and talk shit!
Get lost!
Where the hell are you going?
Don't go anywhere!
Stay here.
Stop it!
Don't you want to solve these problems?
Is this how you plan to
live the rest of your life?
I'm going, give me the key.
You are not going anywhere.
I'll keep the key, come sit with us.
Siddhu, it's not a great thing that you
run away from home
after every little squabble.
Any loser can do it!
Why are you laughing?
What the hell do you know, man?
Nobody in that house wants me,
that's why I come and sit here.
Do you understand?
Do you?
This didn't start just yesterday.
It was like this from the day I was born.
Is that why you brawl around
like a bull with these goons?
That's my helplessness...
Remember when Mom
went to buy a flat for her 'Doctor' son?
And do you remember how she was conned?
This is how I am paying back the people
who settled that issue, you !
And what did Mom do once
she got back that money?
Have you asked her?
You are never gonna understand!
-Give me my key, you dog!
-No, you wait.
I told you,
I won't give it.
I said give me the key!
You wait.
What the hell are you doing now?
If you guys can drink,
then I can too.
Leave it, man.
Let go!
What can I tell you?
Do you know?
Sometimes I think, that the money Mom
spent on my medicines and surgeries...
should have been used
for your needs instead.
At least...
Mom could have had a better life.
Perhaps, I would not have been alive now.
Or I wouldn't be able
to sit here like this.
But when I think as an older brother...
or when I talk to these guys,
I feel you would have had a good life.
That's how it should have been!
I shouldn't have been born!
Then Mom and you could
have had a decent life.
You wouldn't have ended up like this!
Mom wants to see you.
She asked me to bring you home.
That's why I came.
Not to pick on you...
and be the bigger person.
I know everything, Siddhu.
What can I do?
Wait, don't go.
Let me go.
Let go,
let me leave.
No, wait.
Let me go!
Don't cry!
Come with me.
I just say things out of anger.
Why are you crying for that?
You know how I am, right?
Please, don't cry.
I am done with all that nasty business!
I promise.
I promise, I won't get involved
in such dirty work!
I was planning to come back home anyway.
I... I'll...
I'll accept anything Mom says.
Look at me.
I'll clear my 12th grade exams.
From now on,
I won't be friends with such losers!
Hey Merin!
Get lost, man!
No more friendship with you!
Please don't cry.
-Move, man.
-Eh, where are you going?
-I was just kidding.
-Get lost, man!
I'm not Siddhu,
to run off after every small squabble!
It was my beer that got over
in your emotional reunion.
Now, don't overdo it!
Go home, both of you!
What a loser!
When did you start drinking beer?
I am having BEER for the first time today.
-And do you smoke?
-No, that I don't.
Mom's favourite son!
O my heart!
O my heart!
O my heart!
Gently blossom
O enchanting season!
Drift along, alone
O Sunshine!
Come this way
Come again,
O lost smile!
O my heart!
O my heart!
Gently blossom
O enchanting season!
Drift along, alone
When dark clouds of memories pour down
O pearly clouds
Won't you come again?
Blazing in the warmth of this pain
Won't you heal the wounds?
O divine time
We go as one
Like waves
Let's disappear
To the ocean of my dreams
Where the churning foam
engulfs the shore
O my heart!
Gently blossom
O enchanting season!
Drift along, alone
O Sunshine!
Come this way
Come again,
O lost smile!
Come back up!
-Where's the bike?
Where did the bike go?
He said he wanted to meet someone.
He took the bike and left.
Why did he take the bike?!
You are the one who taught him to ride, no?
Where did he go?
How do I know?
Do either of you tell me where you go?
He said the battery was over,
so he left it for charging.
He'll be back soon,
he went somewhere close by.
I'll be right back.
Where are you going now?
It's going to rain.
I'll be back soon.
Where are you heading to at this hour?
-Just got out for something.
-Why are you not picking up my calls?
-I was a little caught up.
-Caught up with what?
You disappeared with my shirt that day!
I'll return it tomorrow.
Why haven't you returned the bike?
I'll bring it back.
I don't use it, it's at home.
Come on then,
let's go and get it from your house.
I have an emergency,
I need to go.
Why so smug?
Nothing at all.
Why don't you want to talk?
Why can't you wait for two minutes?
Let it go,
I'll see you tomorrow.
I don't have any mood to see you tomorrow.
I want to see you right now!
What's this man?
Why are you sneering?
Why the hell are you sneering?
I'll cut you open, you pig!
Stop it, you !
Did I scare you?
Did you get scared?
I don't know what the hell
you came here for.
Whatever it is,
I don't have the time or the interest!
Back off.
See you tomorrow.
You can go after you watch
Chimban's performance tonight!
Hit him!
Throw a stone at that pig!
Catch him!
Who's with you?
What about food?
Should I check?
Okay, call me if you need anything.
-Did your sister sleep?
You go inside.
I'll call you.
-Hey, get up.
-That's okay.
-I'm not coming.
-Let him stay.
It was from the hospital.
He has got 10-13 stitches.
Inviting unwanted trouble!
Come in, be seated.
Did you send him?
I'll tell you what you're thinking.
Like we see in the movies,
you end up in some gangster group.
And once they are done with you,
they finish you off!
That's what you are thinking now, right?
I can't blame you, though.
That's your age!
Do you know my niece, Shruti?
You know!
Her parents took her away from here
because of some love affair.
Since, I don't have any children...
it was at my behest that,
they send her here to study.
But what happened in the end?
When a problem arose,
I had to bear the brunt.
I know that you are
the hero of that love story.
I had left it at that.
Besides, why should we wage a war
in these school children's love stories.
But, when you came to the office,
regarding that money issue,
I wanted to get back at you
for what you did.
Got it?
What I mean is,
if you screw around with
the women in a family,
you will be torn limb from limb.
Son, go and tell your Mom,
it's thundering and lightning.
Ask her to remove the television plug.
If you think about it...
you will find the answers to
all the questions you have for me.
Go home now.
It's going to rain.
Hey Siddhu!
Did anything happen to you?
I didn't know any of this.
After all...
I am the one who dragged
you into this mess.
And that's why you have my word.
You won't have any trouble from our side.
That's my promise.
You forget everything that happened.
Including what happened today.
-Do you want some more porridge, dear?
-No, it's enough.
Not able to hear anything
because of the rain.
What happened?
Where is he?
Smile Mom!