Via Margutta (1960) Movie Script

Yugoslavia salutes you!
- Marta!
How are you, when did you get here?
- This morning.
It was such a success!
Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade...
I sung so much I lost my voice!
I had no idea when...
Who is this fool?!
- Bill!
Where have you been?
- How are you?
It's been 2 months that I've been
thinking of you, dreaming of you!
You didn't cheat on me with
the communists, did you?
But darling, just look at them!
Bill Rogers!
- Pleased to meet you.
- "Love"?
It's the only word of Italian he knows.
You have to say "pleasure".
But I suppose pleasure and love
are the same thing after all.
Bill, take a look at these,
since you know more than me.
I had to walk all day to find them.
Not bad, eh?
- Nice!
Just think, he wears a size 48,
this big hunk!
Giorgio, look who it is!
- Marta! If you're not in this...
documentary on Via Margutta,
what kind of documentary is it?
You're a director now?
How would you like me to pose?
- I can't tell you that. - Pig!
Does it record sound, too?
- No, don't worry, you can sing.
Bill, I bought 6 bottles of Slivovitz.
If you leave your studio open,
tonight we can have a party!
- Are you coming, too?
Okay, see you tonight!
- Bye!
Where's Donata?
Hello, Mr. Contigliani!
- Welcome back, Marta.
You're a critic, what do you think?
Lina, do you know where Donata is?
I think she's in the dubbing room.
- Thanks.
- Bye.
Look at him!
Louder, quiet!
- Giovanni!
Is that okay?
Thank goodness.
Change the third, number 49.
- Number 49.
What do you want?
- I have to speak to Donata.
What is it?
Sorry, but I couldn't ask
you this morning...
I get it, you need the room.
- But this time it's serious!
I'm going to marry this one!
- Alright, but you could have said.
What shall I do now?
Anna, come here.
- What is it?
Can I sleep at yours tonight?
- Well, maybe.
If he's with his wife, I'll call you.
Excellent! So it's all sorted.
Anna, you're a real friend, thanks!
Donata, I'm sorry, you know how it is.
Come, darling, let's go.
Oh, I'll see you tonight at Bill's.
Pizza and Slivovitz!
Lucky her, always so happy.
Yeah, but she's got a screw loose.
To your places, ladies and
gentlemen. Let's go again.
You too, come on.
Want some?
- Hi.
Here, tomorrow morning I'll
come by for the big suitcase.
- Hi.
Is there anything left?
- There's some pizza.
Go on, don't be afraid.
Hi, Alfredo. Excuse us.
- Hi.
Sit down. Do you mind waiting
for a moment? I'll be right back.
Have you seen Giosu?
- He's through there, in the studio.
Where did you find her?
- She's a relative, leave her alone.
Giosu, it's 10 o'clock,
I've been waiting half an hour!
Are we swapping or not?
- Look at this, I told my mother...
that she's 2 months pregnant,
and she already sent a package.
Who's pregnant?
- My fiance.
You're engaged?
- I made her up!
Look, there's even a rattle.
I'm such a scumbag!
The money, where is it?
Where's the money, the money?
20,000 lire this time, too.
Well, it's better than nothing.
What are you doing here, you left the
paintings unattended in the street?
The boy's down there.
- Boy?! We should be there!
Exactly, you idiot!
It's your turn, go on!
Alright, I'm going.
Look, there's even a bagel.
May as well eat it.
My poor mother,
one of these days I'll kill her!
I'm such a scumbag, a scumbag!
Well done, Marta!
- Well done, well done!
And now, an old Croatian Christmas song.
It's heartbreaking!
Giorgio, what are you doing?
- You can sing it later, can't you?
Are you crazy?
Look at them!
Come on, Christic, we'll
show them how to dance!
What are you doing? - I have
cold hands, let me warm them up.
Cut it out!
Such proud eyes!
You should pose for me.
What are you saying?
- Come to my studio, come on.
Don't be afraid.
- I can't, not with all these people.
No, no, no!
No, I won't allow that!
Say you don't like it and can't
understand why I'm a sculptor!
I don't even know myself, okay?
But not that I'm a fool!
I don't need to impress idiots
to find success!
Calm down!
- I've always had success!
I've always had a load of money
and lots of other things!
Look, come and look!
Come with me!
Look! "Bill Rogers Ballet",
"Bill Rogers and company"!
Look here:
"Choreography by Bill Rogers"!
All choreography by Bill Rogers!
Look what the American newspapers
said about Bill Rogers!
3,000 dollars a week!
And according to you,
I'm reduced to poverty...
making fake sculptures?
Why, I should flatten you!
You, and all who think like you!
Let go of me!
Bill, stop!
Did you see Bill?
What happened?
- Nothing, we were just talking.
I've never seen him like this.
Giorgio, go and call him
before he does something stupid.
What can I tell him?
- Go on!
- He's ruined the party.
When he drinks, he loses it.
Oh, here he is.
- Bill!
Please excuse me, friends, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Riccardo, let's make up.
Well done, Bill!
- Excuse me, I'm ashamed.
I'm ashamed, I swear it!
What was I talking about?
What do I care about this stuff?
Come, friends! Dance, drink!
Music, dance, everyone!
Don't make me more ashamed
Davidism is derived from David.
Kleine, small David.
And big, gross Goliath.
Kleine wins, with small slingshot...
but big heart, and big will to rebel!
Guys, hold up the canvas!
The rebellion of an artist, here...
then heart, herz...
Then arm, then slingshot and colour!
And now kleine work with
palette knife, and it is gut!
Bitte, where is that painter?
- Who, Marco?
He's not here, he went to the cinema.
But he's old school.
Not old!
She came today and saw your Kamerade.
Yes, my Kamerade, but he's
nothing at all as a painter.
You call!
- My darling, what's your name?
You know, in the provinces...
- What's in a name?
- No, leave me alone.
Would you like a drink, Miss?
Get out of here, you!
Stefano, what are you doing?
Let go of me.
Come up here, let's talk a little.
Don't make me do gymnastics, I'm tired.
Besides, what do we have to talk about?
You had your hair lightened?
It was for a part in a film...
they dyed it a little.
Excuse me Stefano, would you
mind swapping for a moment?
I know it's not fair but I'll
give you her, and 100 lire.
Come on, let's go.
- Go on.
Come on.
- No, no. - Come on!
Won't I regret it later?
- Of course you'll regret it.
But what would life taste like
without a little regret?
Let's go.
Oh, I'm sorry!
- What are you doing here?
I'm doing my job, aren't I?
- At this hour?
It's all a mess.
Miss, I only have two hands
and ten studios to look after.
And you always have to be in mine
at the worst possible moment!
Thank goodness the lady isn't offended.
Oh God, she's offended!
Marco! Giosu says to come downstairs,
the Germans are here.
What Germans, what do you mean?
They want to buy your paintings.
- My paintings?
This isn't a joke?
- No, it's true!
Come on kid, let's go!
Time to sell some paintings!
Let's make some money!
Do you have a place to stay tonight?
Gio', stop it with that leg of yours.
- Want to come to mine?
Tonight I haven't been drinking.
- I have 2 bottles from the other night.
- Right.
What don't you have?
A rich father, a car...
the satisfaction of
pretending to be poor...
You have everything.
Stop it with that leg of yours!
- What's gotten into you?
I'm annoyed!
And I don't care who knows it!
I've seen you before, you know.
You look a lot like James Dean.
Has anyone ever told you that?
- No.
But you're glad to hear it.
- No.
"But I'll always have you in my dreams..."
- Donata!
"You course through my veins..."
- What are you doing?
"And I feel a blue shiver..."
- Come on, stop!
"Where you're going, I don't..."
Excuse me, Sir!
Do you have a light, please?
- With pleasure.
And your cigarette? - If you have
a lighter, you must have one, too.
Don't worry, I'll give her one.
- Sorry, who do you think you are?
I'm her father.
- Ah, please excuse me.
Say, will this last much longer?
It's not funny, you know.
- Who said it should be funny?
What do you want from me?
I've been coming and going for 2 years...
and then tonight he shows up!
I feel like walking, okay?
And singing, if I want to.
And to chat up whoever I want, okay?
Donata, I've never seen you like this.
You should get used to it,
there's not much time left.
I'm going home, Stefano.
I'm leaving, I'm out of here!
- Yes, me.
What am I doing in Via Margutta?
When I got here, it was like paradise.
"Be an actress, a model!"
"Come here, come there,
I'll photograph you!"
"I'll dress you, undress you..."
They're very good at that.
It's your own fault if you didn't
know how to defend yourself.
My fault? Me, who...
This is a big deal! And you're
telling me that? You, the first...
Do you know how many weeks
I lived off bread and aspirin...
while you and your friends
were talking about Picasso?
First you eat, then you defend yourself!
I apologise.
- Apologise, for what?
I'm going home and that's that.
Painting, abstracts, glory.
Oh, me!
I'd give the Sistine Chapel for
an electric stove, you know?
But the idea of growing old alone
bothers me, it scares me.
And anyway, it's my business.
I've decided and that's that!
And since I'm happy, I want to sing!
"Who you are, I don't know..."
I like it when you act crazy,
you remind me of Marta.
"I'll always have you in my dreams..."
- And I like seeing you like this.
Like the first time I
came to Via Margutta.
"You course through my veins..."
- You were hanging clothes outside...
and I stopped half-way up the stairs.
- "And I feel a blue shiver..."
You looked like one of those angels
on the ceiling of the San Giovanni.
Don't cry, Donata.
- Go away!
We've made many mistakes but
there's still time to work it out.
No, when someone loses sight of
things here in Rome, it's over.
At your age? I'm happy to wait
another 20 years...
to get what I want.
- Right, then we'll be 40...
and still here, doing what?
Doing what? Tell me!
- Tell her, go on!
Tell her, then perhaps we'll
hear the end of this whining!
Well, what's it to you?
- Let it go, Donata.
One can't even sit down and
read in peace around here!
Read what?!
Reading in the dark, he is!
- Donata, cut it out!
I know him, he just hates
hearing a woman's voice!
That's the truth!
- Are you finished?
You don't want me to kiss you anymore?
I wish there wasn't
so much time between each.
This way.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Excuse me!
- Come in, please!
Go here, please.
Sit down.
Of course we'll drink, we'll all drink!
Yes, drink, drink!
- Danke!
Danke again!
See? This is them.
30 years ago they were hot!
They were ballerinas?
- Of course, artists.
You were artists, too,
- "At the White Horse"!
"Sigismund the most elegant and jolly..."
I know that one, too!
You're very good!
You're very kind,
but I don't feel well this evening...
Sit down a minute, please!
Giosu, come!
- Yes!
Excuse me.
When I say go, you put on disc, okay?
Of course, little one!
- Greta!
You wait, we go get money!
Yes, hurry back!
- Cute!
They're crazy, these girls.
- Giosu, why don't we go?
Because they still haven't paid us!
- Then you don't understand a thing!
They don't care about our paintings.
- Why, because you think...
- That's impossible!
Of course not, what are you thinking?
Two women of quality
with two guys like us?
No, Marco, I trust them so I'm waiting.
Then we'll wait.
Did you see the ring she had on
her finger? It looked like a ball!
Her finger looked like a ball, too.
- What do I care about her finger?
Just think: a couple of two-bit
pre-show girls marry an old guy...
they bury him and thats that!
A big hotel and 30,000 lire a day.
Private apartment, fireplace.
Flowers, how I love the smell of money!
- As we'll ever be!
Turn on the disc!
- Let's turn it on.
What are these women up to?
Oh, my God!
Giosu, I feel sick.
Right now?
- It's not my fault.
Deep breaths, come on!
- No, worse!
I feel...
- You can't be sick while they're singing!
I'll be sick when I like!
- No, not here!
Oh God, she'll lose a leg like that!
Poor thing!
Where are you going?
Leave me alone!
- Marco!
Marco, you're leaving me here alone?
I'm sick, I'm going home.
And the money from the paintings?
- Collect it for me!
How can I? There's two of them!
- You'll manage!
At least send someone else!
- I'm sick, goodnight!
This damn guy...
Sick when it's convenient...
Now what am I supposed to do?
Look what an artist has to do
just to sell 2 paintings!
- Bitte!
- Hi.
Have you ever eaten this?
- Once or twice.
I don't like it, but Christic says
it's great for breakfast!
Crazy woman!
You sleep too much, my boy!
Wake up, there's...
Oh, God!
Oh, God! Oh, God!
Are you serious?
Help! They robbed me, help!
Oh God, they robbed me!
Marco! Marco!
Marco, oh God!
- What's going on?
Marta, what happened?
He left, and stole 70,000 lire...
and two new sweaters!
- What happened?
Marta, I always told you that
his face was no good.
But this obsession
you have for foreigners...
I like foreigners, so what?
Then be glad that you found one!
- Come on, Marta, don't cry.
What am I supposed to do, laugh?
It would be nice if I could
leave them for once!
But no, they always leave me!
I always told you: as soon as
you meet them, take their passport!
Yeah, yeah, I know!
But don't tell me anything else,
otherwise I'm leaving!
Do you have a cigarette?
- Yes, Marta.
I'm sorry, but if one can't
take advantage of friends...
to have a good cry in company...
- Of course, you're right.
If I was alone over there, I would
have thrown myself out the window!
I don't feel like it, I'm not hungry.
- Come on, let's go.
Don't be like that!
- Come on, Marta!
Hi, Stefano!
- Hi!
Hey, come and sit down over here!
- It's Giorgio!
Sit down, Marta.
- I'll be right there!
I'll have the soup.
- Me, too.
Cute, the little Butterfly.
See that, Gio'?
- Marta, have you been crying?
- Me? No!
- And Christic?
He's gone, thank God.
He got the point, finally.
I was tired of him. Ah, Emilio!
- Yes?
A plate of cannelloni.
- Right away. - Who gives a damn?
That's the spirit, Marta!
Bill, look at this!
He has 30 meals to pay for...
and he's still playing the fool.
- Capri! Giosu! - Giosu?
"Dear friends, I'm thinking
of you with endless pain...
Kisses from Capri. Enjoy your
misery. See you soon, Giosu".
Laugh it up, it's over 30,000 lire!
Don't worry, this time he'll pay.
It might be in marks, but he'll pay.
You're all the same!
What's this guy after?
- He's an admirer of yours.
He heard you sing 2 months ago,
and he still remembers you.
Thomas Ocampo.
Pleased to meet you.
A little dark, but he seems nice.
Go ahead.
Hello, Mr. Contigliani.
- Hello, Donata.
How's it going with the dubbing?
- Four screams in a week.
Still, it's better than nothing.
- And you?
What's an amateur painter to do?
- Very funny!
I said one thing two years ago,
and he still won't forgive me.
Ah, the laugh of Marta!
Always when she's eating.
Leave her alone, poor thing.
If you can't laugh, what's the use?
I envy her.
It's not good to be like us two,
unsettled, full of problems.
You, for example, always sitting there
all tense, your ambition gnawing away.
And you?
What's your problem?
Well, who doesn't have problems?
Listen, Miss, all it takes is a word.
I'll drop everything and come
to Tokyo with you.
Look, I won't even bother with dessert!
Bill, this girl doesn't
understand a thing!
"Well", eh?
I show her "well".
Bill, come with me.
- Where?
Giosu's method, come on!
- Ah, yes.
Where are you going?
- We'll be right back.
It's not about state of mind,
nor is it about pride.
When you're young you want to make it...
and without uselessly wasting time.
You need to be alone.
- That's not always the case.
And nothing justifies
the weight of solitude.
A few words exchanged among friends
is good for you...
a helping hand at the right moment.
- Yes?
Put it on my tab.
- Can I buy you a coffee?
No, thanks. Coming?
- No, I'll stay a while.
You should stay, too.
- No, I'm tired.
Excuse me, okay? Bye.
Don't take any notice of him,
he's like that with everyone.
It bothers him because he still
hasn't had the success he deserves.
But he respects you, you know?
He says you're better than other critics.
You're a good girl, Donata.
I can see that Stefano loves you.
Yes, Miss.
I'm the guy who was sitting next
to you, I have to talk to you!
Certain encounters are born inside us
the day we are born into the world.
- Certainly.
Why's she laughing, did you translate it?
- Of course, I translated it fine.
Now I have to talk to her...
Well, "goodbee".
- "Goodbye".
- Yes.
Yes? - Do you like pineapple?
- Very much!
Then come, I bought one this morning!
In my studio, even the summer
becomes spring, understand?
Bill, translate for me.
If she laughs again, I'll sock you!
Watch it!
- Alright.
- Hello, friends!
Right now? When did you get back?
The Davidian Giosu Corsetti is off!
He's found his sponsor.
Marco, if you hadn't left that night...
you'd have made your fortune,
I'm telling you.
So you've decided?
- Of course, they're 2 good girls...
friendly, one can get over
that first impression.
Now they're all tanned from the beach.
Put the suitcase in the car.
Anyway, I'm leaving.
Don't you see how suffocating
this place is?
It's a big world out there, and you'll
realise that once you leave Via Margutta.
You should have seen the terrace
of the hotel at Capri.
A nice breakfast and an
endless sea in front of us.
It's a big world out there, you know?
Where did you find this one?
And the paintings, how will you send them?
- What, the paintings?
No, I'll make new paintings,
new inspiration!
You've no idea the slingshots
they have in Germany.
Marco, this is 3 months for the studio...
the money owed to the trattoria,
the maid and the gas.
If I've given you too much,
have a drink on me. - Thanks.
The old shirts and ties I've
left behind, you can have.
They're mine!
- Exactly, keep them.
Why the long faces? I'll be back, I won't
leave you with your debts and brushes.
It breaks my heart to leave.
I'll go, otherwise I'll start crying.
Bye, Stefano, good luck!
- Bye!
Remember, money is your freedom.
Bye, Bill.
- Bye, good luck. - Thanks.
Bye, Marco. Bye, Gio'!
- Bye.
As soon as I get to Zurich,
I'll send you a postcard!
Farewell, Marta!
- Giosu, when did you get back?
Bye, Christic!
- This isn't Christic, it's Thomas!
Thomas Ocampo!
- Yeah, camp here and you'll never make it!
Where are you going?
- I'm leaving, going to Zurich!
How sad.
- Why?
He got what he wanted.
If only we were all as good as him.
- Don't talk nonsense!
In a month or two he'll be back here,
thrown out of the country.
He won't get anything that way.
Know what our only salvation is?
Work, just work!
Where's my Japanese girl?
Where's my Japanese girl?
- She's here with me, don't worry!
What do you mean, don't worry?
- She doesn't understand Italian...
so I'm translating for you.
- Bill, open up! Damn you!
You get up at 6 every morning,
take 2 trams to get to Via Margutta...
then spend all day slogging through
the studios of those freeloaders...
that only pay you when they feel like it.
- Are preaching to me now?
Of course! I could have found you
a job as a maid, if you wanted.
Who is this Marco?
Do me a favour!
If it's bothering you that much,
just leave and forget about it.
I'm in Via Margutta because he's there!
I can't sleep at night, thinking of him!
You're such a fool!
Do you have the cards?
- Of course I do.
Cut them with your left hand.
Here, look:
this is you, the Queen of Coins.
That's the woman who's coming tomorrow.
She's telling her husband that she's...
coming to Rome for the war memorials,
but she's coming to pose for a portrait.
What a whore!
- What else?
This is him, the Jack of Coins.
- What does it say? - Hold on...
Long-lasting love.
- Oh God, then what?
Then divorce...
- Good heavens!
Then what?
- Hold on.
There's also the Two of Swords.
- Well?
Well, if there's a problem,
they won't meet it.
Is there a problem?
- Who knows? Hold on.
What does it say?
- Just a moment, be patient...
Miss, I'm sorry but there's a problem.
Sorry? - Mr. Marco asks
if you might leave.
His fiance is up there.
I know, I feel ashamed too,
always having to play this part...
but when a man is obsessed with women,
he's really beyond saving.
Such a shame, a beautiful lady like
you coming all this way for nothing.
All the way from Foligno, too!
- I see, thank you.
Hi, Marisa!
- Morning!
- Morning, Marisa!
Miss Marta!
- I'm over here!
There's post for you.
- About time!
Who from? What does it say?
- "Fly Alitalia".
Thanks a lot!
Good morning! - Morning!
- Here's your milk and the "Time".
"Times", I already told you!
Put it over there.
Stay still!
Sir, here's your shirts.
- Thanks.
Stay still!
- Bill, I'm tired!
There's also a letter for Giosu,
who should I give it to? - Give it here.
It's from Giosu's father,
let's see what he says...
Good morning...
- You wretched girl!
My fiance, eh?
I should give you a slap!
Did you think I wouldn't call Foligno?
Answer me!
- I did it for your own good!
And I'll kill you for my own good!
Look, you're in love with me...
I know, I know! But I couldn't
care less about you, got it?
I care more about this piece of bread!
Now go! Here's your money, your things.
Now get out of here.
Otherwise I'll strangle you
and end up in jail.
And don't set foot here again,
or I swear I'll call the police!
You can't just kick me out!
- Why not?
Because I have the right to eight days!
- What eight days? Go on!
- Go on, I say! Get lost!
- Get out of here!
You'll regret this!
- Alright, I'll regret it. Go on!
You'll regret this!
- Get lost!
Marco, what are you doing tomorrow?
- Nothing, why?
Then keep yourself free.
Listen to this:
"Dear Giosu..." It's his father,
writing from the country. - Well?
"Sunday, your niece will
take her first Communion...
and there will be a nice lunch,
and a small party...
We would be happy if you
could come with your fiance."
That scoundrel! He made up
a fiance that doesn't exist!
That's what you do when
you get sick of a woman!
Well he shouldn't,
there's too many of us doing it
Go on.
"If you like, bring your friends along...
we are simple folk, but hospitable, etc."
But since Giosu isn't here...
- Who gives a damn about Giosu?
We'll tell them that he's away,
with his fiance.
They're hospitable, we're his friends,
tomorrow is Sunday...
So pretty!
The dress looks wonderful on her!
Come on, hurry up with it!
We'll go ahead to the church.
We're coming!
Grandma, hurry up, it's late!
- Here I am!
Here I am, let me see you.
Here's your book for the Communion.
- What a lovely present!
This must be Giosu!
If they ask what his fiance is like,
what shall I say? - Say she's blonde!
But Giosu isn't here!
Sorry, I was expecting my son.
We're friends of Giosu.
- Really?
But why didn't he come?
- When your letter arrived...
he had already left for Germany.
- For Germany?
Yes Ma'am, but don't be alarmed:
it's a work-related trip:
a very important art show.
- Work, I see...
Well, thank you for coming...
all this way just to tell me.
- Quick, hurry up!
But you're Donata!
Me? Yes, Ma'am.
- And you didn't say anything?
Let me hug you, my girl!
Let me see you!
You're even prettier than in the photo!
Three months, Giosu made me
wait before sending me her photo!
But, Ma'am...
- Thank you, thank you!
Now let's go to the church.
You can come, too.
It's down there on the main road.
Come, Donata.
Aunt Maria, Giosu's fiance is here!
Bill, cut it out!
What shall we do, then?
- We'll go to the church.
Us, too? - My dear, if we don't
go to the church, we don't eat.
And look at that table of food!
Let's go!
Come on, let's go!
Where did Stefano go?
- No idea.
Not a grain of sensibility,
he's always the same!
Kneel down like the others.
- I'm a Protestant.
I'm a Buddhist.
- At least lower your head!
Where are your shoes?
- Outside the temple.
Why, don't they do the same?
- No, here they'll steal them.
Make me into someone.
You can help me.
Help me make it, help me make it!
Eat up, darling, it'll do you good.
In your condition... eat up!
- Thank you, Ma'am.
You're still calling her Ma'am?
You should call her Mum!
Of course!
- But really, I...
Come on, Donata, it's not that difficult.
Let me show you how it's done!
Mum, please can I have some wine?
- Certainly!
We should treat our son's friends well!
Drink, Sir!
To Giosu's health!
He's so far away. - My dear lady,
the life of a painter is a sacrifice.
When a show comes up abroad,
you must grab it!
And he has two!
- He couldn't miss a day?
Not even a night!
Believe me, Reverend, if you
don't grab it, you don't eat!
If that's the case,
then it must be the Lord's Way.
American, now come and play with us.
You promised!
He promised!
- Alright, let's go.
Excuse me.
- Of course, Sir.
Grab the flask.
Good people, my son's friends.
Don't you ever wear a sweater?
- No, not even in winter.
Then listen, come with me so
I can paint your portrait.
What do you mean, all naked?
- No, of course not! In profile.
Giorgio, what is Marco doing?
Tell him to stop it!
He says he's seeing how the land lies.
Oh God, soon they'll all realise.
We asked for this farce, didn't we?
Let's enjoy it.
Here, you deserve it.
- Thanks Miss, you shouldn't have.
But you play so well! Do you know
anything a little more modern?
A little more, you know!
- Of course!
Have you seen my daughter? She was
sitting next to that painter. - No.
Will you hand me that bottle?
How did the Indians make the horses bolt?
Oh, they used to set fire to the
straw and throw it in the stall...
the smoke sends the horses crazy
and so they bolt.
We have horses.
- And straw, too.
Hey, little monsters,
these are Indian things!
Give me the flask!
American, what are you doing?
- Look how he drinks!
Good, isn't she?
It's too much, for a holy day like this.
Tell Marta to take it easy.
- Don't worry, I'll take care of it.
Marta, Stefano says to take it easy.
- What? Come here, dance!
That's enough!
- Sorry?
Goodbye, Giovanni.
- What, you're going?
Yes, excuse me.
- Don Pietro!
Have you seen Mariangela?
- No, I've not seen her.
Listen, if you have a boy,
you'll be the queen around here.
My girl!
Wait, I'm going to get you a present.
Help me, I can't go on with this lie.
She believes it!
- Tell her it was a joke. - What?
I gave in, because the idea
of being someone's fiance...
at least once...
- Look out, here she comes.
It's a nice party.
- Yes...
Donata, look, this is the
most beautiful thing...
I received on my wedding.
I always thought of giving
it to Giosu's wife.
And it will look good on you
because you're young and pretty.
What's the matter?
She doesn't have the courage to tell
you that she isn't Giosu's fiance.
It was all a joke.
- A joke, but why?
To spend a Sunday in the country.
Excuse us.
Oh, God!
- Come, Donata.
No, Stefano, take me away.
I don't want to see the others.
Come on, quicker!
Enough, stop!
What's going on, Dad?
Is something wrong?
Get out of here, you crooks!
I opened my house and my heart...
I treated you like my own children,
and all you do is take advantage...
The barn is on fire!
What's on fire?
Fire, fire!
The horses!
Stop them!
- Fire!
Mariangela, what were you doing?
Look where Mariangela is!
Come on!
This is like a scene from the
time of all the displaced people.
First Giosu leaves, now you and Donata.
But why, why do you feel the need?
- Because time passes, Marta.
And we continue to act like kids.
- Here you go.
We've been here for five years...
and not one of us has
become a real artist.
Look at Monachesi, Guttuso...
We're here, and they've no idea we exist.
They've never seen us.
It's not moving house that's
going to make you good, is it?
Perhaps, Marco, but I don't
want to be a failure.
Thanks for the compliment!
But good luck all the same.
- Thanks.
Bye Stefano, good luck.
- Goodbye.
Goodbye, traitor.
Give me a kiss.
- Bye.
You're leaving without saying goodbye?
- I'd have called you, Pippo, but...
I approve.
They were only distracting you,
it's not the right setting for you.
Where are you moving to?
Donata found two rooms in Monteverde.
Well, come and see me sometime.
Yes, I'll call you soon, okay?
- Bye.
Stefano is conceited,
that's his downfall.
No, it's not conceit,
it's a lack of talent.
And anyway, let's be honest,
he wasn't even fun to be around.
Marco, now you're being mean.
- Are you Marco Belli, the painter?
Who's asking?
- Come with us.
Come with you where?
- You can ask the Marshall.
The police?
This must be a mistake!
Come on, get in.
- Are you crazy?
Marta, Bill, help me!
Do something!
What's going on, Bill?
- I'll go and ask.
What do you mean, calm down!
This is embarrassing!
Calm down, Marco,
your friends won't abandon you.
Good idea, you can come too.
- What are you doing?
It's nothing to do with me,
you're making a mistake!
What have you done, idiot?
- Me? Nothing!
I don't even know this man!
I'm an American citizen!
Stop the car, listen!
Well, will you tell me what's going on?
Are we taking him to the Marshall?
- No, first to identification.
- Quiet!
Go on!
- But I...
- Bill!
- Marco, I've no idea.
Come on, in you go.
Is this him?
- Yes, Marco, my darling!
- Thank you, Miss.
Let's go and see the Marshall.
- What do you mean, Marshall?
Enough talking, move!
- Just a minute!
What will they do to him now'
- Nothing, they'll question him.
Yes, they'll question him.
And if they think that he did it,
they'll even throw him in jail.
And it'll suit him just fine!
- Oh, God!
Marisa, he's not even that handsome.
He seems like a blockhead. - No!
It would be better if you left...
that's enough of that talk.
Did you know, Sister, that this
poor thing could have died?
Yes, but she stopped at the third pill.
They often do, thank the Lord.
Enough! Now let's go, she needs her rest.
Bye, Marisa.
- Bye.
I'll come and see you.
All your stuff is in the suitcase...
there's your night gown...
Oh, hold on a minute!
Your face powder, even some sweets!
Let's go, let's go.
If he asks you to marry him,
let him sweat! - Enough!
Let him sweat!
- Enough!
I can't stand her, Marshall!
I didn't seduce her, what do I have
to do to make you understand?
Alright, no need to raise your voice!
Any news, Peppino?
There's a girl in 38
who tried to kill herself.
Is she dead? - No.
- Then it's not news.
In 38, you say?
- Yeah.
Please leave my name
out of this, Marshall.
You know how it is, in Via Margutta
they wouldn't leave me alone.
Alright, don't worry.
- Thank you.
Good day.
- Good day, Marshall.
Shall we go and see her?
- Are you crazy?
She wanted to kill herself?
Good, for me she's dead.
What did you do?
Tell me the truth,
you made me swear to a lie!
Cut it out, Bill!
- You ensnared her!
Cut it out!
- You forced her!
You seduced her!
Tell me the truth, confess!
I don't want to talk to anyone,
let alone a journalist, got it?
Yes, I get it.
Who is he?
This is going well!
Can I have a sweet?
- No.
I told you to leave, Mr. Journalist...
otherwise I'll call the Sister!
How mean you are, how mean!
What's this?
- Oh God, the painting! Give it here!
Hold on a moment.
You know, it looks like you.
- Well, that's because it is.
Who did it for you?
- No one.
What do you mean, no one?
You don't know who did it for you?
- No one.
Then you stole it.
- No, I never steal anything.
I did it myself!
- Ah, so you're a painter!
Yeah, why? I'm with all those painters,
so I learned to paint as well.
Give it here!
What's your name?
- Marisa Maccesi...
daughter of Domenico
and Giovanna Pascucci.
And you're a maid in Via Margutta.
- Of course.
For how long?
- 3 years.
3 years.
So, living with all those painters,
you learned how to paint yourself.
Yes. - Self-taught.
- No, it's a self-portrait.
You say "self-taught" when someone
learns something by themselves.
What are you writing?
I don't want to tell you anything!
Got it?
- Yeah, don't worry...
Do you know that there's a fortune
in that paintbrush of yours?
What do you think?
- Right.
It's like she throws the colours down
in anger, but they make images.
A painter who bites!
And the masses, tell me,
how do you see them?
Well, I...
I don't mind them.
So you paint on instinct?
- On instinct.
And you never had a painting
lesson before.
No, as soon as I got to Rome
I went straight into work as a maid.
And you painted while working?
- In my spare time.
Naturally! These days,
maids don't do a thing.
How's yours?
- Mine? All she does is sleep.
At least yours doesn't drink!
So Miss Maccesi, tell us,
how do you find your inspiration?
Well, in the evenings I go out...
I go for a long walk...
sit on a bench and wait, wait...
until my inspiration comes.
- Hi, Marco.
Alright, sign these in green,
it looks better. - Okay.
That's a nice suit. - It's not bad,
a little tight at the neck.
Here's the money for the landscape.
- Did you take your share?
- No. - Why not?
- I can't do it anymore, Marco.
Yesterday, a journalist
came to my house!
Soon enough they'll find out
and throw us in jail!
Not me. Who stole the painting?
- But you threw it away!
Who said they were a painter?
- I did it to protect your name.
Who sold the paintings
with their signature?
But I brought you the money!
- And I gave you 10%, we're even.
So you had another idea.
You made me do all this...
to shame the critics that never
say anything good about you.
"Let's sell 10 of the maid's
paintings", you said..
"and then I'll come out with it".
When will you come out with it, Marco?
I will, I will...
I'm choosing my moment, aren't I?
But I'm tired of talking to people.
I'm tired of studying, it hurts my head.
I feel like crying!
- But you're not a maid anymore...
save the money for yourself,
I work instead of you...
and you feel like crying?
- Yes.
This is a chance to make money!
Here, take this, and keep studying!
Don't make me regret helping you.
Who was Renoir?
- French painter from the 1800s.
And Modigliani?
- My master!
Good! Bye.
- Bye.
I've no idea about this stuff.
Excuse me, Pippo, do me a favour
and lend me 5,000 lire, will you?
- I need it for my girlfriend.
Oh God, it's my mother, quick!
One of these days I'll explain everything.
- Hi, Mum! Thanks.
Where are you going at this hour?
- I'll be right back, Mum!
What did he want from you?
- Nothing, Ma'am, just an address.
He helps deliver paintings for me
so I give him a bit of money.
I think that boy has been
bothering you for too long.
It's no bother, goodnight.
- Goodnight, Mr. Contigliani.
Do you have a light, please?
- How are you, Pippo?
Stefano! What are you doing here?
Nothing, I wanted to see Marco.
- At this hour?
Yeah, I knocked but no one answered.
Stefano, how long has it been...
Let me see you, Stefano.
I was waiting for your phone call.
You haven't shown your face in Via Margutta.
There are too many artists around here.
I'm nothing but an artisan...
not even an...
- An amateur, I know.
The same old irony.
And you, always out looking for a light?
What did you want from Marco?
Nothing, just some advice.
- Perhaps he's in the tavern.
Marta is singing tonight, poor thing.
She spent all her advance on a dress.
How are things going?
- Not bad, lots of work.
Are you selling?
- Yes, in Milan, Torino...
They like my paintings in the North.
Every painter has his area.
I'm happy for you.
- Thanks. - But I don't believe you.
I don't think people go looking...
for advice from a friend at this hour.
Really? - Stefano, if you
need help, anything at all...
some cash, just ask me.
- Okay.
Tell me, Pippo, you believe
that I'm an artist, right?
You respect me as a painter.
- Certainly.
Say it!
If you ask me like that,
it loses all its value.
I'm offering you my help,
my friendship...
these are the things that count.
- You're right, Pippo.
- You're leaving?
I'll take a look inside.
- Come and see me some time.
We'll see!
- And bring your paintings, if you want.
- Are you offended?
Heavens no, Pippo!
- Goodnight.
Look who it is! - Seen Marco?
- No, I've not seen him.
"Only the regret...
of your love for me...
In place of my heart...
I hold your memory."
Well done!
And now, ladies and gentlemen,
and the rest of you...
I shall sing for you a song...
written by the American
sculptor, Bill Rogers!
The name of the song is:
"Your Head in My Suitcase".
Marta, sing!
"Always, always more jealous...
always more curious, of my love for you...
Okay, perhaps I went too far...
because I killed you,
and you're here with me...
in the suitcase, all chopped up...
into different compartments, divided...
I cut you, cut you, cut you,
and sobbing I cut you...
I cut you, I cut you, I cut you,
until it hurts no more!
I feel my heart beating...
for this crazy love
that I don't want to cure...
Always, always more jealous...
always more eager,
that you're here with me..."
"...into different compartments, divided..."
I'm the manager, Sir.
- Somebody stole from my wife!
Where's he running to?
What do you want?
Let go of me!
What happened?
A thief!
- Are you hurt?
- Yes!
How did it go, did you see that client?
Yes, I saw him.
Did he give you the advance?
- Not yet!
What? You said he'd
give it to you tonight?
Well, he didn't give it to me.
Stefano, what's wrong?
- Nothing, Donata, I need to sleep.
Come over here.
- Why?
Come on, I've something to show you...
Go on!
Hold on!
- No, stop it!
Here we go...
Look! Stefano, I found work!
Yes, I really did!
A job at the Di Lello Trattoria.
Working as a maid!
- Working to earn the money we need.
Stefano, this poverty is over...
having to smoke a cigarette to
ignore your hunger, it's over!
I didn't look for it, they asked me.
I'm so lucky: I have a house...
Alright, it's horrible, but who
says we can't change it?
I have you, and now I even have a job.
Sit down, I'll open this bottle.
Like this, how the waiters do it.
French Champagne!
I might be a fool,
but I love the good stuff.
All or nothing, eh Stef...
Stefano! Stefano!
What's wrong?
I've never seen you like this, Stefano...
Go back to your house, Donata.
Go away!
Go away!
What do you mean, go away?
And leave you alone, like a dog?
No, I'm here and that's where I'll stay.
The model or the maid, what do I care?
I don't know anything and they pay me,
but for you it's different.
Your work is different, it takes time.
If you don't sell the paintings today,
you'll sell them tomorrow.
You think I'm an idiot,
that I don't know how good you are?
When you find your fortune,
I want to be at the front of the queue...
to enjoy my share,
more than just champagne!
You'll buy me a fur coat!
You'll buy me a 600, eh Stefano?
Sleepyheads, failures!
Your old friend Giosu is here!
Donata, Bill, Marco!
- Giosu, come up!
Hi, Giosu!
- Come on!
I'm coming!
Just a minute, okay?
You're hot?
Well, at least you'll mature.
Marta, Giosu is here!
- Giosu?
Where is he?
- He's coming up!
- Marco, how are you?
Giosu, hi!
- Are you still here?
You're not back with your parents?
- When I get old, maybe.
You never get old around here, be careful!
But you're all terrible,
you made a huge mess...
It was your fault,
you made up a fiance.
That's true, but it's all fine...
I bought 10 hectares of land
for my father.
Guys, I'm really rich,
so rich it makes me cry...
to think what I was before.
- What did you do, then?
Did you marry the Germans?
- One, the other is dead.
But she left everything to my wife.
- That, too?
And your wife?
- She's waiting in the car.
Call her, won't you?
- No, you're my friends!
At this time of day she'll
melt out there in the sun!
Exactly, that's my business.
How long are you in Rome for?
- A month or two, depends how I feel.
I missed the terraces, the trees...
Who's that?
- That's my boyfriend.
Thomas, say hello to my friend Giosu!
- Hello.
His skin is so much lighter!
No, this is a different one!
- What do you mean? Thomas...
Thomas, but a different one.
You know, that other Thomas was
too dark-skinned, it made me sad.
And what can I say, if they're
under 6 foot, I'm not happy.
I know what you mean, my darling!
Here, look at me!
Can I come in, then?
- Of course!
Marco, I'm drinking!
- Go ahead, drink!
A bar, television, fridge...
Marco, who did you marry?
- No one, I little success...
With the paintings?
- With the paintings, so what?
I sell them.
- Where, in Rome?
In Rome, but more in Milan.
They like them a lot in Milan.
Everything is selling in the north,
these days.
- Yes, please.
And Stefano?
- He left with Donata.
With Donata?
Don't tell me that they've
had success, too! - No.
Whisky, though! - And Bill?
- He's here.
Here's Bill!
- Bill, you old failure!
You old pimp!
But, you're a monster!
- And you disgust me!
Did you know that I was
thinking about you last night?
Coming into the city,
I drove past a theatre...
and I saw flyers for that
American Company.
What's it called?
- "The New World".
Right, wasn't that yours?
- It was.
Marco, may I?
- Drink, drink!
How did that make you feel?
- It didn't.
The theatre starts at 21:30,
I go to bed at 22:00.
It's not worth it for half an hour.
- You mean you've not been?
Why, are you crazy? Then I'm
taking all of you to the theatre!
Marta, shall we go?
- Yes! - No, Giosu.
I'd prefer not to.
- Why not, Bill?
Because it's water under the bridge,
it's not fun anymore.
Well done!
Well done!
Well done!
Who was that?
- Who?
She's very good.
See you at 6 tomorrow morning!
But we leave at 9!
- I said 6 on the dot!
The bill, Sir.
Well, for a spare self-portrait
it's probably too much.
We're done, sign it and take it home.
Careful going down those stairs.
I'm worried that Giorgio
might have saw you last time.
You know?
Thank goodness we've finished...
so you don't need to come back here.
Are you asleep?
Not bad!
Oh, God! Oh, God!
- No, Marco.
No, Marco.
Not like this...
No, no.
Come on, let's be quick.
No, the small white one here.
The black one there.
This way?
- Yes, the black one.
Alright, yes.
White one here.
- White one there.
All the white here.
Quick, Sir!
The small white one on top.
- This, too?
The other black one there.
- This one over there, too? - Yes.
Yes, okay.
Black here, white there...
Yes, well done!
This one, too?
- Yes, that one!
When will I get out of here, damn it?
There, is that okay?
- Yes.
Where shall I put these cases?
Excuse me!
It's incredible, a personal show
at the best gallery in Rome.
No, this is rock bottom.
If he has a personal show,
surely I should be in the Louvre!
That's enough of your sleeping!
Say something, will you?
What am I supposed to say?
Go to the Louvre!
When it rains, I sleep.
- That's it, sleep!
A nice impression we're making!
A nice impression!
Jealousy is a bitter pill, eh?
- What do you mean, jealousy?
It's the injustice that bothers me,
that's all.
You don't care about your statues?
Well, if they were good!
I'm happy for Donata,
she's been through so much, poor thing...
finally, things have gone right for her.
Yeah, I agree, so what?
We're happy for Stefano, too.
He's a friend.
But this is about work.
We've painted for years on that terrace,
shoulder to shoulder, in the sun.
He has faith, passion, everything
you can ask for, but no talent!
You know, these days there's no
relationship between success and talent.
Look at Marisa.
- What about Marisa?
She made a fuss with the suicide thing,
and now she's in fashion.
In a year, everyone will say
that the paintings are ugly...
and all will go back to the way it was.
- I don't see why.
Marco, wake up!
Marisa, the maid.
- Well?
She paints!
- I know.
Nothing but daubs!
- No!
What do you mean, no?
Stefano has no talent, and Marisa does?
- Perhaps.
Goodnight, Marco.
Marta, do me a favour and
answer the phone.
Alright, I'm going.
Listen, at least in Marisa's paintings
there's air, light, happiness...
Like the smell of love.
- Marco!
Giosu wants to know if you're
happy for Stefano and his show!
Very happy! - He says he thinks
that he ripped everyone off!
We think so, too!
Yes, you're right.
Excuse me.
Do you like it, yes?
- Yes.
Yes, yes...
Try again, please.
Yes, next door. Donata.
Yes, Donata.
I'll wait by the phone. Yes, thanks.
What time is it?
- 21:00.
We're invited to dinner and
she still isn't here!
Excuse me.
- We've sold another.
That's 12 in 2 days.
- Hello? Yes...
Ah, she went out?
Has she been gone long?
Thanks very much.
May I ask a question, Zocchi?
- When a painter has your fortune...
I couldn't deny him anything.
It's your fortune, too.
- Part of it.
Will you give me another 30,000 lire?
- For what? - To spend!
Is tomorrow morning okay?
- Fine.
The lady is outside in a taxi.
- I'll be right there.
Where's my raincoat?
Ah, there it is.
Do you like them?
- No.
Me neither, but what we
do if everyone loves them?
Good evening.
- Donata!
- We sold another 6 today!
We made it, we're a success!
Well, where are we going?
"Hamlet", Via della Croce.
- What is it?
I don't know why, but I'm afraid.
Marco, Giosu, the others...
It's been so long since I've seen them.
What shall I tell them?
- Tell them that I was jealous...
I wouldn't let you
go back to Via Margutta.
Come on, let's go.
- Stefano, remember that they're friends.
Don't boast about your success.
- The things you say!
Oh, here they are!
Hold it right there,
let me consign you to history!
Make it good, Giorgio!
Donata, how are you?
- Marta!
"It's you, my sweet love...
only you, my past and future...
my whole world starts with you...
ends with you...
No one, I swear, no one...
not even fate can keep us apart...
because your love will
light up my heart forever!"
Well done!
I must be crazy!
I can't go on, give me a drink!
Here, take my glass.
- And you? - I've already drank too much.
Stefano, I hate that you're so virtuous!
What can you do?
It's the secret of his success.
Are you making fun of me?
- No, he means it as a friend.
But in your case, it's true.
- Well said!
Come on Marta, let's have this toast.
- Oh, no!
The only think I can do with my
mouth is sing, and give kisses.
Giosu, you do it then!
No, I've drank too much.
Excuse me, darling.
I do it to forget!
Emilio, another bottle!
Marco, you do it.
- Alright, I'll give it a go.
Raise your glasses to the success
of our friend Stefano.
Good man!
- Well done!
Certainly, this isn't the moment
to discuss our respective merits.
We've done it so many times.
- Right.
Do you remember, on my terrace?
Until dawn.
Good times, eh?
- No, these times are better.
For you. Anyway, when someone
sells like he has...
it means he's a real painter!
- Not always!
What? What was that?
I'll explain!
Marisa, the maid...
That's enough about Marisa!
You're obsessed!
Let him finish the toast!
- Go on!
Anyway, I was saying...
I don't remember where I was.
- Marco, you were at the point...
where you shouldn't have
been talking about me...
but about a friend that's
always been by my side...
even at the worst of times,
a woman who's given me everything.
And not just to him!
What did you say?
Nothing, I meant in the past.
We're all friends here, aren't we?
You had better explain yourself.
- My foot, I will.
I'll say whatever I like!
Not about her.
Even about my grandma, if I feel like it!
Then go ahead.
There she is, your grandma!
You married her!
Cut it out, you!
Why? It made me laugh!
- But you don't!
You don't make anyone laugh anymore.
It's too sad to be 30 years old
and still playing the little girl.
I'm 24!
- Right, maybe in dog years!
I'm 24!
Bill, tell him, how old am I?
- 24.
For 6 years!
That's not true!
Do something, defend me!
Anyway, are we done?
We came here to celebrate and
it's like we're at the Colosseum.
Everyone's watching, it's embarrassing!
Stefano likes the truth,
it's all in how you handle it.
And you, can you handle it?
- Me? Just fine.
Oh, really?
- Stefano, Marco! That's enough!
Even if it's about Marisa?
- Yes.
Marisa, the maid? Finally!
Good, let's talk about Marisa.
Come on!
- Stefano!
If you say another word, I'm leaving.
No, let him talk!
We're among friends.
You were talking about Marisa?
- Yes, and her paintings.
Bill is the only one who
believes she's a painter.
Me? That's rich! I've always said
she does nothing but daubs!
Quiet, idiot!
Alright, I do her paintings...
but if they sell like yours,
then they must be worth something.
If you really believed that,
you'd sign them yourself.
Why don't you?
Because you're afraid of
the day the game is up?
The success and the cash, too.
That's the truth!
Yeah, you think you're artists...
but that's all you think about.
Cash, always cash!
I don't give a damn about cash!
- Listen to the fake poor guy!
We're all fake around here...
fake poor, fake wealthy,
fake artists...
Do you think that too, Pippo?
- Well, now and then.
About me, too?
About you?
No, not you.
- Finally!
You could have said that a year ago...
when I was circling your shop
hoping you'd throw me a bone!
Today, I couldn't care less!
- Don't be so stupid, Stefano!
Pippo always said to go and see him.
Yes, because he liked it!
- Stefano!
You shouldn't have said that.
Ignore him, Pippo,
he wasn't being serious.
You need to be someone,
or at least have a grain of talent...
to say such things, and you don't!
Are you upset that we didn't
do the show in your gallery?
Actually, I'm upset that you did.
Because see, Stefano,
I paid for your art show.
I bought your paintings, too.
Yes, me!
I wanted to help you in secret.
But something told me to keep these.
They're the receipts.
Because if my faults are as you say...
I must also have the ability
to not be such a fool!
That can't be true!
Say it's not true!
I'll kill you!
You coward!
- Stefano!
Stefano, calm down!
Calm down!
- Let go of me!
No, it's not a game.
Wait here.
Oh God, what happened?
Call an ambulance, quick!
Don't move him!
The telephone!
- Over there, what happened?
Some guy got hit by a car,
there's a lot of blood.
Hello? San Giacomo Hospital?
I need an ambulance.
If you don't mind,
I'd prefer to say goodbye here.
Marta can take me to the station.
Of course.
- Sure, I'll call a taxi.
Goodbye, Donata.
- Goodbye. - Taxi!
Bye, Bill.
- Bye, Donata.
- Goodbye, Marisa.
Don't cry, Donata.
Come on, Donata.
It's not the end, we're still young.
Poor thing! She always said she
would leave, and now she finally is.
But I bet she's back here with
you guys in a month.
What's wrong?
I was only kidding, wasn't I?
Well there, I said it.
Hey, who's coming with me?
- Thanks, we're going with Giorgio.
Bye. - Bye.
- See you.
Go with Giorgio, it's not like I'm
worried about being left alone!
Go ahead and take the high road.
What do I care?
Go ahead!
I've been round the world alone, I have.
I've never been stuck in
Via Margutta like you lot!
And I don't need your company...
because I have everything I need!
I have money, an American car...
and I have Greta, too!
Alright, I'm out of here.
What are you doing?
- Oh, sorry!
A little mud will do you good!
And now, music!
Marta, come here!
What is it?
- Listen here.
If you help me sell,
I'll give you 10%, okay?
No, I can't.
- Why not?
He'll get jealous!
- Who?
Marta, I forgot my colour film.
Do you love me?
- Of course, darling.
I must be crazy!
He was in my house all along!
Tall, blonde, lean like a German
and I was out looking abroad.
I'll never let you out of my sight!
- I hope not!
- Bye.
I know what you're like, you men!
You change your minds by the day.
- Hello, Marta. Hi!
Hi, Marisa.
- Hi.
Nice! How are sales going?
- Not bad, you know.
Marisa, when will you tell
them that the paintings are his?
When it suits us.
Alright, Marta?
But everyone knows by now!
- Exactly!
Why the need?
- It makes no difference to me.
And anyway, Marisa says she's
thinking of getting a car...
Yeah, I want a convertible.
- Good for you, Marisa! Bye.
Marco, I adore you!
- Bye. - Bye, Marco.
Bill, how's it going?
- Hi, Bill. - Hi.
Look at this!
What happened?
They were so big and now
they're so small, how come?
It takes less effort.
- You're amazing! Bye!
Come on, darling.
- Bye, Bill. - Bye.
Come on, darling!
I'm sorry!
Not bad!
- Come on, don't be a fool!
Excuse me, could I put my paintings here?
Go ahead, it's closed anyway.
- Thanks.
May I? Giulio Nardi.
- Bill Rogers.
There we go.
Thanks. You know, it's so difficult
for someone not from the area.
I'd almost lost hope.
I come from this real dump of
a village, you've no idea.
Where nobody talks about art,
nobody to understands you.
But now here I am, in Rome.
Yes, in Rome.
Via Margutta...
I guess you don't appreciate
these things anymore...
because you're used to them...
but for me, this is like...
I don't know, paradise!
Yes, paradise!