Vicious Affair (2023) Movie Script

[woman moans]
[indistinct chatter]
[woman grunts]
[suspenseful music]
[singer] Don't
[upbeat music]
[singer] Through the fire we can take the heat
Getting tired Never losing sleep
We've been through hell and back
Now run and trade it back For nothing
Please don't go
Don't go

-Oh, my God. Oh. -Ugh.
-That was amazing. -[Skyler laughs]
[Kenneth panting]
In a club bathroom?
It's like we're in college.
I love you.
[singer] ...and trade it back for nothing
Good morning, sleeping beauty.
I drank a little too much last night.
You drank a lot too much, Sky.
The good thing is you don't have to be at work
in the office at 7 o'clock in the morning like me.
That's what happens when you're the boss.
Hedge fund manager isn't the boss.
Because if I was the boss,
I can go in the office whenever I wanted
"if" I even wanted at all.
Well, manager. You are a leader.
And that's what counts more than being the boss.
Plus, you make the big bucks.
My Sky...
you always know how to make everything sound better.
-Okay. Enjoy your coffee. -Uh-hmm.
I got my own little Starbucks right at home.
That's right.
And as long as you got me,
you don't ever need nothing else.
Oh. Ugh.
That thing again?
It's nothing. I''s my side.
-It's been bothering me. -Babe.
Babe, we have to go to the doctor
to get this checked out.
No, thanks.
I don't like doctors.
I'm fine, okay?
I'm good.
I'll call you when I get to the office
and I will check on you
periodically throughout the day.
I'll call you on my lunch break too, okay?
-I love you. -[Skyler] Love you.
[Kenneth] Enjoy your coffee.
-Have a good day. -You too.
[suspenseful music]
Congratulations, Ms. Executive Agent.
So, how does it feel, girl?
Oh, you are moving up.
It feels so good, you know,
-to be recognized for something. -Yeah.
Especially in this male dominated game.
Yeah. It's true.
Well, you did sign
the number one NBA draft pick.
I mean, like how many women can say they did that?
I know one that can.
Oh, my God.
What is this?
[Kenneth] Congratulations on your promotion, baby.
You deserve it more than anyone.
PS, it's about time.
From hubby, I suppose?
[Skyler] Yeah.
Oh. He is full of surprises.
So last night,
-he takes me out dancing. -Right.
And he made no mention of my promotion.
I honestly thought he forgot.
Well, he definitely remembered.
Honestly, like, this office is next level.
-Like, I'm so proud of you. -Hmm.
Well, it's about to be yours when I move up to partner.
Oh, girl, that's definitely the plan.
Well, speaking of the number one NBA draft pick,
he's here to see you.
Give me five minutes.
I just wanna take this all in.
You got it, boss.
[dramatic music]
[Skyler] Nike came in at $50 million.
They were our highest offer.
Adidas and Under Armour came in a little under $15 million.
Now the new company, Sneaker House,
is willing to give you 20% stake
in the company in perpetuity.
That sounds good.
$50 million upfront sounds better.
I say we go with the money.
We don't know what will happen in the future
-with this new company. -That is one way to look at it,
and you are not wrong.
$50 million is a lot of money.
But that $50 million is also an advance.
So, you will be in debt
before you even start your NBA career.
You either bet on yourself with this new company
or you settle for a $50 million loan.
Your choice.
[suspenseful music]
We're gonna go with the Sneaker House deal.
I trust that my son won't regret it
and that he's in the right hands.
This deal is gonna change your life.
You good with this, son?
I trust you, mom.
And I trust Rogue and Skyler.
Great. So, we are gonna do what we need to do on our end,
draw up the paperwork.
-Congratulations. -Thank you.
Congratulations. Welcome.
Kim, will you get me Mr. Cunningham on the phone
'cause we gotta close this deal by Wednesday?
Got it. Anything else?
Um, let's do the Lounge tonight.
-Ladies' night. -Oh.
Don't forget to tell Camilla.
Will do.
Are you okay?
[sighs] Will you get me some ginger ale?
-My stomach is killing me. -Yeah. Got you.
[Skyler] Thank you.
[upbeat music]
-Sorry I'm late. -Uh-hmm.
I had some last minute work stuff.
-Uh-hmm. -Yeah.
Well, lucky for you it's Friday night.
As you can see, we're already two drinks in.
-Two. -I'mma let you have this one.
-You're right on time. -Aye. Okay.
Well, I need to catch up then.
-Yo, I'm so hungry. -Okay.
And you know your girl already ordered the appetizers.
You got the potstickers?
-You know I did. -[Skyler] Yes.
-Oh. -Oh.
-Okay. -Yes.
-Thank you. -Enjoy yourself, ladies.
-Thank you. -Have a good night.
-Thank you. -Thank you.
And I'll just take another round.
You got it. I'll be right back.
-Oh, she-- -I gotta catch up.
-Okay. -[Camilla] All right.
-To boss ladies. -To boss ladies.
[Camilla] Boss ladies.
[Camilla] Woo.
I taught you better than that.
-Come on, Kim. -[Camilla] Kim. Kim. Kim.
Kim. [laughs]
-There she goes. -Oh, that was warm.
That was for you for being late.
-Oh, my God, it's so cute. -[Camilla] Right.
You and Lance,
-you all still doing Tahiti? -Oh, girl.
You know that men can't do nothing but spoil me.
I'm just so blessed.
I am just like [indistinct]
[laughs] Yeah.
See, this is where I feel like I'm a third wheel,
like, I'm the only one that's still not married.
I mean, look at you all, like, two love sick puppies, right?
Don't do that, K.
I have somebody that's perfect for you.
Cam, no offense, but your taste is a little sketchy.
-Oh. -Sketchy.
Uh-uh. That is not true.
My Lance is everything.
He is loving. He is handsome.
-He is generous. -And yours.
But when it comes down to hookin' up your girl,
you're like...
maybe zero for ten.
-[Skyler laughs] -Dang.
You're gonna let her do me like that?
-Kim. -I gotta agree with Kim.
The last guy you hooked her up with had six kids...
-[Kim] Oh, my God. -...and three baby mamas.
You know what, he had a good job
and he was that fine.
-What? -He brought his three kids
on our first date.
-Like, come on. -Hey, he took three
out of the six on the first date?
Wait a minute. I'm sorry.
Maybe he was just trying to get some quality time.
-Yeah. -You know what,
-you're wrong for that. -You're wrong for that.
-That's wrong. -[laughs]
No. Listen. Okay.
On a serious note, honestly,
it's just gonna take some prayer and some patience.
And when the right man comes along, you will know it.
-[Skyler] There she goes. -I have patience
and I do be praying.
Like, what is the problem?
I actually got--I actually got mine's as doubles.
They saved-- they saved us right now.
-Okay. How about do both? -[indistinct]
-Yeah. -Kim, what is the prayer?
-Yeah. -Did you do...
-let's hear your prayer. -I did not.
-That's [indistinct] -She never gave it up.
-She didn't give [indistinct] -She did.
-To Mr. Right. -Yeah, to Mr. Right.
To Mr. Right, right now.
-Oh, my God. Is this a double? -See, that's your problem, Kim.
-This is a double. -Here we go.
-It's gotta be a double. -All right.
-And to us. And to us. -And to us.
Okay. Toast.
[singer] You should love me
You should love me
Love you
Wake up, sleepyhead.
-Come on. -Hmm.
-What time is it? -9:00.
Okay. Just give me like 30 more minutes or less.
Baby, you told me to wake you up at 9:00.
Come on. We got things to do.
-Let's get a jump on the day. -Okay. Fine. Listen.
As soon as you get me coffee, then I'll be up.
It's already done.
My baby's on top of it.
I would be on top of you if you'd wake up.
[Kenneth] WrestleMania.
-Get up. -Okay.
How about we just cancel the plans for the day
and we plan a bedroom day?
-I'm listening. -Uh-hmm,
and I'm smelling, hmm,
tasting and feeling
and I'm seeing you.
Hmm. [indistinct]
[Skyler laughs]
-Hmm. -So, have you thought about it
a little more yet?
-Thought about what? -Come on.
Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about.
Okay. Okay. Yes.
I've thought about us adopting.
But I don't know.
Okay. Maybe kids aren't in the cards for us right now.
But I'm happy with us,
regardless of us having kids in the future or not.
I love you.
It's us, ride or die.
Thank you.
I'm here for us.
I love you too.
[cell phone rings]
Uh-uh. Uh-uh. Uh-uh. Uh-uh.
-Uh-uh. Uh-uh. -[cell phone rings]
It's my time.
-Uh-uh. Uh-uh. Uh-uh. -Okay. Wait. Let me ignore.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
No, no, no, no.
It's my time, my time, my time.
[cell phone rings]
-Uh-uh. -Okay.
Oh, shoot.
It's Cam. She only calls twice if it's something important.
-Okay. -Girl, this better be good
because you were interrupting hubby and wifey time.
Are you serious?
Okay. Okay. Wait. Just stay there.
Stay there. Okay. I'm on my way.
I promise, I'm on my way. Hold on.
What is it now?
[Camilla] I can't believe he would do this.
I never would have ever thought Lance would have cheated on me.
What is it? Am I not good enough?
Don't do that.
You're good enough.
He's the one who's not good enough for you.
Then why did he sleep with someone else?
'Cause he's an idiot
and he just lost the best woman
he ever could've had.
I don't know what to do, Sky.
I took a leave from work.
I can't eat. I'm drinking again.
I just--I just wish this was a bad dream
that would be over already.
Come here.
[romantic music]
We've been married for eight years.
Whenever I get treatment like this,
there's always something that goes with it.
Honey, can't I just cook for my husband
without there being something?
No. You don't cook unless it is something.
It must be something big 'cause you have candles lit.
Okay. You're right.
-I gotta ask you something. -[Kenneth] Uh-hmm.
I'm listening.
It's Camilla.
Okay. What about her?
She's getting a divorce.
Lance cheated on her.
Mr. Perfect himself?
I don't believe it.
-With who? -With the boss.
His boss, Christine?
Okay. This is too much.
Like, she's not even a baddie.
And she's like 20 years older than him.
I'm surprised her stuff even still works.
Okay. I'm sorry.
Let me stop.
Oh, I feel so bad for her.
Her life is about to turn upside down.
Yes. It's very sad.
What's with the buttering me up?
I was thinking that maybe she could stay with us
for a little bit.
It's just a short amount of time,
but she's gotta get out of there.
Everything is in Lance's name
and he's not leaving.
Babe, I could barely deal with you.
This is a bad idea. Can't she get a hotel?
I mean, she can afford it, right?
Kenneth, be serious.
And I'm coming for you
about that I can barely deal with you line.
I think she needs to be around people
who really love her, you know?
Babe, please.
Honey, please?
Okay. Maybe she could stay in the guest house.
I mean, she's your best friend since college, right?
And you're not the type of person that's gonna say
no to a friend in need, so...
Oh, thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you so much for understanding.
Oh, my God. She's gonna be thrilled.
You are the perfect woman.
Only for the perfect man.
Now, serve me up some of that rump roast.
Which one?
Mmm. [makes purring sound]
Dessert before dinner sounds nice.
[Skyler] Uh-hmm.
[knocks on door]
Come in.
I know you like your coffee black with no sugar.
[Camilla] Lance liked his coffee black.
I just went along with it.
I was never a coffee person.
Our home is yours, Cam.
We're here to help.
Thanks, Ken.
I'll let you two talk.
[Camilla sighs]
How you holding up? How you feeling?
This is the worst thing that's ever happened to me in my life.
I just, like, feel numb.
I feel numb and I feel...
like I don't exist.
[sighs] I know.
I am so sorry, Cam.
Uh, I cannot even imagine.
You and Lance were together longer than Ken and I.
If Ken did this, I would be like...I couldn't.
Okay. Girl, no.
With your perfect man and your perfect life,
you will never have to worry about this.
He only has eyes for you.
Ken is a good guy, yeah, but he's not perfect, you know?
Everybody's got their differences.
[chuckles] Are you kidding me?
You guys are, like, the ideal couple,
so people could be envious, you know?
I always wished that Lance and I could be like you two.
But we just weren't.
No one is perfect.
I'm just saying,
some people would want your life.
And here I am,
intruding on your fairytale life with my problems.
Kenneth and I are your family.
We're gonna get through this together.
I promise you,
at some point, it'll be fine.
I know.
I know, I'm so sorry.
I'm just going through so many emotions.
Uh, just ignore me.
No. I know this is hard.
And you can stay here as long as you need to,
and you don't have to worry about anything, and no sorrys.
We got you.
I will take a glass of wine, if you have it?
Okay. Say less.
You know he's got that great collection,
so I'mma get us a nice bottle and--
Oh, Sky.
Are you okay?
-Yeah. -What is it?
It's this lower back pain and...
oh. Okay.
Oh. Um, Kenneth has a fundraiser tonight,
-and I... -Mm.
-...think it'll be fun... -Mm-mm. will be fun if you go with us.
No, no.
-Get your mind off this.'s okay.
No. You guys just go.
I'll just stay here and be bored.
[Skyler] Mm-mm.
Since when does Skyler Hastings take no for an answer?
[sighs] Here you go.
-[chuckles] -I got the perfect look for you.
-Yes! -[Camilla] Uh-uh.
-Oh, Sky. -I'mma get that wine.
-[Camilla chuckles] -I'mma have you looking fly.
-[Camilla] Stop. -Forget this.
-[Camilla groans] -I love you.
[Camilla] Love you.
Thank you.
-Always. -[Camilla sighs]
You are perfect.
-Tonight is gonna be fun. -Uh-hmm.
Now, are we sure that she should even come?
I mean, Lance is our main sponsor.
I thought you said he wasn't coming?
What if she shows?
Don't you think it's gonna be a little awkward?
I've already convinced her to go, Ken.
I don't know. Make up your mind.
Is he coming or not?
[clears throat]
How do I look?
You look amazing, Cam.
[Skyler] Woo!
Didn't I tell you that was the one?
-Girl you are killing that. -Girl.
Wait. What?
Who are you and what have you done with my best friend?
Aw, thank you.
-You do look beautiful, Cam. -Uh-hmm.
You really do. You look amazing.
Thank you both.
And thanks for inviting me, Sky.
I think I might need this.
Okay. Look at the time.
-Shall we? -Yeah. Let's go.
Yeah. Let's do it.
-Look at you. -I'm telling you.
[Camilla] Uh-uh. [chuckles]
-You look good, girl. -I mean...
-I'm like, "Hold on." -You got two ladies
-killing the game right now. -You see? Yin and yang.
Yin and yang. You see it?
-[laughter] -[Skyler] Yes, the yin and yang.
[mellow music]
[indistinct chatter]
[Kenneth] Oh, thank you.
Great job, Ken.
You've already raised 25 million.
I'm pretty confident we'll hit that 50M mark.
Maybe even more.
God willing.
Enjoy the rest of your night.
Thanks, Henry.
[Jerry] Ooh.
Man, this party is lit.
-Uh. -Uh.
Glad you can make it. I told you I'd get you a seat.
Hey, that's what best friends for.
Hey, I just heard, uh, you raised $25 million?
-That's-- -Uh-hmm.
-What? -Yeah.
-How much did you donate? -Fifty.
You donated $50,000?
[chuckles] You a comedian now?
Come on now. Fifty dollars.
Oh, but, uh, I'mma go over there.
We could get some drinks and we do whatever,
just not now, all right?
I'mma see you, man.
Yeah. Oh, hey. Yeah. See you soon.
Girl, slow down. We just got here.
You know how you get when you have too much alcohol.
Yeah, and you know I drink more
when my anxiety is high.
I know.
But you and liquor
don't really have the best relationship.
Yeah. You're right about that.
I notice you've been drinking a lot more lately.
It's just this thing with Lance.
But I'll slow down.
You know what?
Maybe I shouldn't have even came tonight.
No, no, no, no. I get it.
But especially in this environment,
maybe it's better you don't drink.
Yeah. You know what? You're right.
Thanks, Sky.
it really means a lot to me
that you're here for me right now.
Hmm. Always.
I got you.
And forever.
Ever, ever.
I am gonna finish this drink though.
I'm a little tipsy.
I appreciate your confidence in me, Henry.
-Hey. -Hi.
-Are you good? -Yes.
-You may had too much to drink. -[chuckling]
No. You know what?
I just really wanted to thank you and Sky
for letting me stay here
and allowing me to come out with you tonight.
It really helped.
Okay. All right. Yeah.
Like we said, we are here for you.
-Yes. -Okay.
Do you, uh, need me to get you a rideshare?
No. I'm fine.
I, uh...
I just need a restroom.
Oh, yeah.
It's right there on the right-hand side.
Just go on that hallway. It's on the right.
Uh-hmm. Okay. Great.
Thank you and, uh, I'll be right back, I promise.
Thanks again.
I'm just gonna have the rest of this.
-Uh-hmm. -Just...[chuckles]
[indistinct chatter]
[breathes deeply]
-[gasps] -Cam. Hey. How are you?
Lance, what in the hell are you doing here?
I was going to the restroom.
I missed my flight,
so I decided to come show my support for Kenneth.
What are you doing here?
Minding my business.
And great, you came, now you can leave.
You know, you are dead to me! You are dead to me, Lance!
I hope you understand that. You cheater!
You're disgusting, Lance!
You're disgusting and I hope you know that!
Please do not make a scene,
I'm really sorry about everything.
You got a lot of nerve.
Cam. Are you okay?
I just...I'm so sorry.
I didn't know he was gonna be here.
Sky, I just wanna disappear right now.
Oh, Cam.
Let's get out of here.
This event is boring anyway.
-Can we please? -Yeah.
-[groans] -Oh, my God. Sky, are you okay?
What is it? What is it?
Um, no, I don't know.
-I'm good. It's...I'm fine. -Okay.
Well, how about let's get some water...
oh, my God, Sky!
Kenneth! Kenneth, please!
[Dr. Reyes] Okay, Ms. Hastings. Your blood work came back.
Turns out you have kidney stones.
Now, normally, these are not too serious.
Just a small emergency surgery to remove the stones,
but I can assure you, she's gonna be okay.
Well, great. That's great news.
So she's gonna be okay?
Well, Mr. Hastings, these are very common.
She'll be fine. There's nothing to worry about.
Sometimes they pass through, but the size of this one,
we need to perform a surgery in order to remove them.
But I can guarantee you, she's gonna be okay.
So after surgery, can I leave the same day?
As a matter of fact, yes.
Most people leave the same day, unless there are complications.
But, you know, I assure you, there's nothing to worry about.
Thank you, Doctor.
So what happens next?
Next, I have to keep her here for a little while,
run a few tests, and she'll be able to go home,
but I'll let you know.
Drink a lot of water, Ms. Hastings.
What about coffee?
I have to have my coffee.
Sorry. No coffee.
All right. Thanks, Doc.
[Skyler] Thank you.
I'll, uh, get some pillows and some magazines.
I'm gonna be here for a while.
-[siren blares] -[dramatic music]
-[Kenneth] Home sweet home. -[Skyler] Yes.
[Kenneth] Let me get your car door.
[Skyler] Oh, okay.
-[breathes deeply] -Nice and easy.
[Skyler] Okay.
[breathes deeply] Thank you, baby.
Where's Cam?
-You good? -Yeah. Yeah.
-You got her? -Yes, yes, yes.
I got everything.
Okay. Be careful, Sky.
-You got it? -Yeah. Yeah. I'm okay.
Well, I know you're helping me,
but right now, I need to help you.
That's what best friends are for.
[Camilla] Okay. Careful.
[dramatic music]
[machine beeping]
[PA woman] Paging Dr. Stateman. Dr. Stateman, please?
[indistinct chatter]
How is she? Is she okay?
Yes. The surgery was successful.
But there was a small complication.
One of the stones were a little larger
than we originally thought.
What does that mean?
[Dr. Reyes] Uh, nothing to worry about.
We're just gonna keep her for a few days
as a safety precaution, then she'll be able to go home.
-Can I see her? -Sure.
I'll just wait right here.
[machine beeping]
Hey, babe.
Hey, baby.
They told you I gotta stay?
They just wanna make sure that you're okay.
[sighs] I feel fine.
I need to be going home right now.
I got so much important business to take care of.
[Kenneth] Uh-uh.
The doctor said it's gonna be at least a week, okay?
Listen to the doctor's orders.
Take things slow.
I know.
You know me. I just...
I hate not being able to do what I wanna do.
You'll be good as new in no time.
So where is Camilla gonna stay while you're in the hospital?
What do you mean?
I mean, is she gonna stay in a hotel?
I don't want her staying with me?
Why not, babe?
I already told her that she could stay with us.
I can't just uninvite her.
Babe, things were different when you said that, okay?
I'm sure she'll understand.
Kenneth, do not do this. Not right now.
That is my best friend
and she is in the middle of a divorce.
I can't just put her out.
I guess you're right.
Well, look, other than work, I will be here
as long as visiting hours will let me.
And she can do whatever she wants at the house.
I'm sure she has Instacart. [chuckles]
Don't worry. I'll take care of her, okay?
Thank you.
[gasps] Oh, God! Ken! [chuckles]
I'm so sorry. I didn't know anyone was home.
No, it's fine. I thought that I heard someone.
I...I'm sorry. I should have announced myself.
[Camilla] No. Don't be silly. It's your house.
I should have been in the guesthouse.
It's just I was thirsty
and so I thought I'd come inside and get some wine.
No. Uh, make yourself at home.
-I'll just be working. -[Camilla] Okay.
[phone beeps]
Skyler. Hi, babe.
Hope you're doing well.
I'm thinking about you.
Rest up and I'll see you soon, okay?
I love you.
Look, Ken, I'm so sorry.
I feel so bad for earlier.
I just...I really didn't think anyone was here.
It's all good.
I made a bite to eat. You hungry?
I'm a little hungry.
Look, I really don't want this to be weird, Ken.
We're practically family.
Yeah. That's true.
[singer] I won't be wishing on...
-Mmm. -Hmm.
-That hit the spot. -[chuckles] Right.
So Sky's home tomorrow.
-Are you excited? -Yeah.
I mean, it feels weird without her home.
Yeah. I know the feeling.
Lance and I used to do everything together,
so like a moment without him felt like eternity.
I'm really sorry, Cam.
I know how much you guys loved each other.
I don't know why Lance would do this.
Well, I loved him.
I am not sure how he felt about me
after he did what he did.
Hey, look, these things happen, okay?
People make mistakes.
It doesn't mean he didn't love you.
You know, I try to tell myself that
over and over again so I can sleep at night.
The thing is...
I could have just passed it off as a mistake,
if it was just one mistake.
But he asked for a divorce.
I mean, I feel like...
like am I that horrible of a person
that he would wanna leave me?
No. No. You're smart
and you're beautiful
and you're a great person.
And if Lance doesn't know that, he doesn't deserve you anyway.
That means a lot coming from you.
You're gonna get through this.
You think he's gonna end up staying with her?
I can only assume so.
That's the part I don't get.
I don't understand.
It's like after all the things
that we've been through together,
after all the ups and downs
that we made it through to get to the other side,
it's just like none of that meant anything.
Come here.
Come on.
You're gonna get through this.
And like Sky promised, we're here to help.
Thanks, Ken.
You're a good man.
Sky's lucky to have you.
Thanks for listening.
[breathes deeply]
[insects chirping]
What are you doing?
[tense music]
This can't be real.
What happened last night?
-We happened. -Don't.
Don't. No. No. Skyler would kill us both.
Isn't it a little too late to be thinking about Skyler,
don't you think?
I need you to leave right now.
Last night was a mistake.
I don't really know what happened.
I had too much to drink. I don't remember.
No. You wanna act
like you don't remember any of it.
So what are you saying?
You're saying that I wasn't good enough?
Well, I guess I'm just not good enough for anyone.
No, I didn't mean it like that.
Then stop acting innocent, Ken.
[phone rings]
Don't say anything.
-Hey, baby. -Hey, baby.
I'm just making sure that you're coming to get me.
I can't wait to see you. I'll be there soon, okay?
-I love you. -I love you too.
Like I said, this was a mistake.
I love Skyler. I never meant to hurt her.
But you did.
I'm telling Sky that don't have to stay here anymore.
And then I'll just tell her that you screwed her best friend
at her lowest point.
We were both just as wrong in this situation.
Hmm. Well, who do you think
she'll be more mad at, me or you?
Are you insane?
Actually, no.
I can't believe my best friend and I
are in the same predicament.
I want you to get out of my house
before I throw you out.
I'm hurt.
Couldn't you see that, Ken? I'm hurt,
because the man that I've loved hurt me.
Ken, but you saw me, you saw me last night
and you saw my pain and you wanted to help me, Ken.
It's okay, it's fine.
You did help me last night.
You did good.
And I thank you.
I thank you.
Oh, Ken.
I'm sorry.
But you're right,
it was a mistake.
Skyler can never know about this.
Why would I want her to know that I slept with her husband?
No, this...
this needs to be our little secret.
Yeah, this needs to be our little secret.
And you'll go to the hospital and you'll pick Skyler up
and you just continue with life as normal.
You don't need to be here when I get back.
-Ken, you don't mean that. -I want you out of my home!
[tense music]
Babe, I missed you so much.
I missed you too, babe.
-How's Cam? -She's, uh...
-actually, she's great. -Yeah?
She said she wanted to be alone,
so she's gonna get her own place to stay.
No. No, no, no.
Ken, I told you I don't want her to be alone.
Babe, she's fine. Okay?
When you get better,
we can go see her wherever she is.
[dramatic music]
Oh, my gosh, baby.
These are gorgeous.
"To my Sky, I missed you so much.
Welcome home, baby."
Thank you. They're my favorite.
You're the best man any woman could ever ask for.
You're the best woman ever.
-Cam. -[Camilla] Hey.
[Skyler] Ken said that you were staying at a hotel.
[Camilla] No, I hope you don't mind.
-I stayed to see you. -No, not at all.
Okay, good, because you're not staying at a hotel.
Okay. Well, I don't wanna overstay my welcome.
If you want me to stay, I'll stay, Sky,
but only if it's okay with Ken.
Sure. I mean, our house is yours,
as long as you need.
Thank you.
[Skyler] Thank you for my flowers.
[Kenneth] Uh-hmm.
[Camilla] Hmm, those are beautiful.
[Skyler] He's so sweet.
[Camilla] I know. You guys are cute. [chuckles]
-You hungry? You tired? -Yes.
Oh, my gosh. I'm so happy to see you.
And Turner was caught in the mailroom with Tracy.
Turner and Tracy?
But they be walking around here
acting like they hate each other.
Well, apparently, they don't.
-Oh, my gosh. -[laughs] Oh, my God.
I'm so happy that you're back.
Like, it's been so dead around here, like seriously.
Kim, you act like I've been gone for months.
It's been a week.
[Kim] Well, it feels like months.
Anyway, I don't wanna dig, but how's Cam?
She's good.
You know, she's better.
She's up. She's walking around.
It's, uh, it's been pretty cool
having her as company.
I mean, you were in the hospital
for a few days, so...
And what's that supposed to mean?
I mean, it couldn't be that cool if you were here.
Girl, shut up.
You're crazy.
Don't be putting wrong thoughts in my head.
She's my best friend for God's sake.
Come on.
Well, anyways,
you have a 12 o'clock lunch with the Lakers
and they wanna discuss the Jeffery deal terms.
-Okay. -And then, after that,
we're going to the lounge
and we're gonna have drinks at 7 o'clock,
so don't be late.
I won't.
Not 7:01, not 7:02,
-not 7:03. -Get out.
[Kim] Bye.
[singer] Shes a prison...
[Skyler] Hey, ladies.
Late as usual.
You said 7:00.
Right. 7:00, not 7:01.
7:02, 7:03,
it's 7:15, Kim.
Everybody knows you get a 15-minute grace period.
Okay. And on that note,
I knew to already get you something to drink.
Hey, listen, y'all know I got a date tonight,
so I can't stay long.
Oh, is it the Agent?
Listen to this, he has no kids,
never been married, and he loves sports.
And did I forget to mention, he's pockets is deep.
-Oof. -Eh, okay.
-Uh-hmm. -I see you, Kim. Okay.
On that note, we have to take a shot and, uh...
-Yes. Yes. -This is for Kim
finally going on a real date.
To Kim finally going on a real date.
Well-deserved, girl.
No extra kids.
-Stop babysitting. -All right.
Got to go.
[Skyler] Uh-hmm.
-Let me know when you get home. -Bye.
If you get home.
Um, Sky...
uh, I wanted to talk to you about something.
Yeah, girl, anything.
Well, um, I found someone.
What? Really? When?
Well, it's someone from my past,
but I think there's a future.
From your past?
Is it Kevin Daniels?
I always thought y'all had a little...a thing.
No, it's definitely not Kevin Daniels.
I actually don't really wanna say anything
till I know that it's serious, but...
I just wanted to let you know.
I think it could be something.
Well, whoever it is,
I'm really happy for you.
I guess I don't wanna say anything.
We won't jinx it.
[birds chirping]
[Skyler] I feel like you would definitely find
it super hilarious, you know?
-I missed out. -Did you get it? I--
-Good morning, babe. -I wanted to get it.
-Hey, Cam. -Hey.
Yes, yes.
-Tell the truth. -Oh, I got to find it, though.
-It looks different. -Uh-hmm.
-Hey, babe. -It looks different.
-Yeah, baby? Yeah. -Babe.
Uh, you didn't make the coffee this morning.
-Yeah. -It was your turn.
Cam got up early and she made the coffee,
and then just time got away from me.
-You want me to make you a pot? -No.
-[laughs] -Bye, babe.
You guys are such an amazing couple.
Aww, Ken is the best.
I just wanna give him the world.
So, it doesn't bother you that you can't give him kids?
No, I'm so sorry.
You know, I did not mean it like that.
I know.
It's just...yes,
every day.
Does it bother, Ken?
I know how much he wanted a son.
How do you know he wanted a son?
Oh, the other day, when you were in the hospital,
we were just talking about it.
It wasn't like a specific conversation.
He just mentioned how much he would have love
a little one running around.
There you are.
How are you...
What was that about?
You tell me.
I'm listening. I don't know what you're talking about.
You seem to be doing a lot of that.
What is this about?
You told Camilla you wanted a son?
Don't play dumb, Ken.
And what were you two talking about anyway?
Okay. You sound ridiculous, okay?
That's your best friend.
She's practically family.
You begged me for her to move in with us.
Now, you don't want me talking to her?
I don't want you talking to her
about things you don't even talk to me about.
You know that kids is a touchy subject for me.
You're right.
You're right.
I'm sorry. We were having a harmless conversation.
Okay? I'm sorry.
Sorry isn't good enough.
[Kenneth] We were talking and she asked me what I wanted.
I said that I always wanted a son.
Oh, God.
I didn't even know that was on...
conversation was on the menu for us.
Okay? I know how hard this is already on you.
Yeah. Do you?
You talk to me.
You talk to me about anything,
I will,
from now on.
Okay. I promise.
[dramatic music]
Say anything and I'll make a scene.
You wouldn't want her to come in on us, would you?
What would she think if she came out right now?
What would she say? What would she do?
We can't do this.
You mean to tell me you don't want me right now?
Please don't do this.
Make love to me, Ken.
If you don't,
I'll tell her everything.
And I bet my story will be a little better than yours.
[ominous music]
[Kenneth] Hi. I'm home early.
Cleaning here.
Found these in our laundry this morning.
-I hope those are clean. -Cut it out.
Does it look like I'm in the mood for jokes?
Honey, why are you holding a pair of underwear
in the kitchen?
Unless you plan on modeling those for me later.
I found them in our hamper.
[Kenneth] Okay. Isn't that where all the dirty clothes are?
Great observation, Kenneth.
They're not mine.
Okay. I'm sorry.
You found out.
[Skyler] Found out what?
I bought you a pair of lingerie I wanted you to model for me.
Must have tossed them in the hamper accidentally.
[scoffs] Seriously, Kenneth?
Just a second ago, you acted like
-you didn't even recognize them. -[Kenneth] Babe,
why am I gonna have some other girl's
dirty drawls in our home?
Come on, babe. You trippin'. Okay? I love you.
You never have to worry about anything like that with me.
-[phone chimes]
[sighs] What is it now?
They need me to prep this board meeting.
-Take care of business. -Okay.
You were cruisin'.
Red's not even my color.
It's for sluts.
I will take 'em back then.
[ominous music]
[sliding door thuds]
I see you came to your senses.
No, I came to tell you you have to leave.
What? What are you talking about? Where's Sky?
Sky's in the office at a boardroom meeting.
There's enough time for you to get all your things and get out.
I don't want you here when she gets back.
This stops here.
You betrayed your best friend and you put me
in the worst circumstance between me and my wife.
Why? Why are you doing this?
We had a deal, you coward.
Oh, yeah. A deal, we had one that you broke
-with those red panties. -[Camilla chuckles]
What are you doing, Cam?
Are you trying to purposely get us all caught?
She needs to know about us, Ken.
There is no us. What happened between me and you
is a mistake that'll never happen again.
Oh, really?
Was the shower a mistake, too?
It sure didn't feel like it.
Get the hell out of my eyes before I call the police.
Okay, Ken.
You win.
Have it your way.
Just give me a second to get my stuff.
And I'll tell Sky you had to leave.
If you say anything to her, I swear to God
I will bury you in a ditch you cannot get out of.
Are we clear?
[Skyler] She didn't say what the emergency was?
No. She said she had to roll
and that she'd be at the hotel if you needed her.
I hope she's okay.
Let me call her.
Hey. Hey, come on.
Let's stop worrying about Cam and recognize
that we finally have the house to ourselves.
And focus on your husband.
Okay, Mr. Hastings.
Mrs. Hastings.
Knock, knock.
-Top of the morning, my love. -Hmm.
[Kenneth] Careful, it's hot.
I thought it was my day.
It was, but, uh,
after you put it on me like you did last night,
I felt like I needed to say thank you.
I love you, Mr. Hastings.
And I love you, Mrs. Hastings.
Now, it's money-making Monday, so I gotta get to work.
Oh, Cam text me.
Uh, she's safe
and she's staying at Hotel Q downtown
and she wants me to come there.
She said it was urgent.
Oh, really?
Uh, did she say what it was?
Nope. Just that we're meeting at 6:00.
Well, I hope everything's okay.
I will call you when I get to work.
Okay. Yeah. Uh-hmm.
Have a good day.
I figured that little message to Sky
would get you here.
What can I get you?
What the hell is wrong with you, Cam?
I'm gonna make myself clear.
I am married to Sky.
Nothing's gonna change that.
I disagree.
Everything is about to change
once I confess to Sky what we did.
[Kenneth] You're not gonna say anything.
You already know what I'm gonna do to you.
It doesn't matter what you're gonna do to me,
because your whole life, as you know, it will be over.
Sky will leave you.
And you'll have nobody to come running back to but me.
I don't care what happens between me and Sky.
I will never run to you.
I'm not in love with you.
You're the biggest mistake I've ever made.
We are not a mistake, Kenneth.
Why can't you see that?
We always were supposed to be.
And now, we can finally see what it's like
a life between us.
You're sick.
And for the record, my life is exactly
where it needs to be.
I'm done.
Kenneth, please.
-Get out! -I'm sorry.
No! Get the hell out!
I hate you!
The feeling is mutual.
I'm calling Sky!
You're doing what?
-[door closes] -You call my wife's line,
it'll be the last phone call you ever make.
You cannot just screw me
and think it's gonna go like that!
That's what you don't understand!
You know what?
Do what you want, Cam.
I'm done.
You coward!
My best friend!
God, I...I hate you!
I hate her!
How could you do this, Ken?
Why? Why would you--
I don't even know what happened.
Okay? I was drunk.
That's your excuse?
But you were the one that invited her here.
I didn't even want her in this house.
Oh, my God! So, this is my fault now?
-It's mine? -No, it's not your fault.
I made a mistake and I'm sorry.
Are you serious?
Her panties were in our hamper, in my room, in our house.
I should have known. I should have--
I should have known.
What? What?
I came home, Camilla was acting weird.
I don't know. She came and she offered me,
like, food and wine.
We were drunk.
I fell asleep.
The next thing I know, she's in our bed in the morning.
I barely remember what happened.
You're a liar.
I'm not lying, babe.
Get out.
Sky, please--
-Get out! -Sky--
Get out! Now!
[door closes]
[upbeat music]
[Jerry] With Cam?
How dumb are you, bro?
And I get it, Cam's a baddie.
But that's your wife's best friend,
who's already been cheated on by her husband.
With that being said, I don't like Lance.
I don't think anybody likes Lance.
But what's wrong with you, man?
I was drunk, man.
I don't even remember.
The first time anyway.
Did she drug you?
Who forgets a nut?
Come on, man.
And what do you mean the first time?
There was a second time?
Dude, she forced me. Okay?
She, like, runs up on me in the shower.
She said, "I'm gonna scream for Sky if you don't do it."
I had no choice.
you know you wanted to hit that.
It's not even like that, J.
You in deep, man. I'm just trying to understand.
Out of all the women in the world, why Cam?
I don't know. It's like when she moved in,
she was like coming for me.
Like, I saw all the signs,
but maybe I wasn't strong enough.
Maybe deep down inside, I wanted to do it.
You know, it's like ever since I met her,
it's always been all these signs
that I've just been trying to ignore.
It's like I love my wife, man.
You know what I'm saying? Uh, she's my everything.
Your everything?
Apparently not, if you're stepping over her BFF.
-[laughs] -Come on. It's not funny, J.
Yeah, it's not funny. Right. My bad.
It's true, but it's not funny.
So, what you're saying, you and Cam
got some unfinished business?
No, dude.
I'm a man. I made a mistake.
It's like Sky won't even talk to me right now,
you know I'm saying? I'm just... she's not gonna hear anything
that I have to say right now.
So, what you gonna do?
'Cause you're not getting out of this one easy.
I'm gonna suffer here with you.
My home office is small,
but I'll give you the couch, man.
Anything for you, all right?
But you'll be fine, man.
We gotta make this quick because there's still a bunch of stuff
that we've got slated.
So, what is so important
that we have to have a meeting outside
instead of back in the office?
Well, don't be mad at me.
What are you talking about?
She's talking about me.
Well, I'm sorry.
I think you should at least hear him out.
I mean, he's your husband.
If you weren't my girl,
I would fire you right now.
I know.
But we both know that's not happenin'.
Sky, wait.
Just hear me out, okay?
There is nothing I wanna hear from you.
I'm sorry.
Please. Two minutes.
Two minutes.
Um, sit here. Please.
Sky, I never meant for this to happen.
I was drunk.
And Cam kept threatening to tell you
if I didn't go along with it. I was scared.
I was scared that I was gonna lose you.
In our house, Ken.
Why would you--why would you do this to me?
To us?
I don't know.
But I know that I love you.
And I will do any and everything in my power
to fix this between us.
No matter how long it takes.
How am I supposed to believe you?
Because I'm the one that's telling you.
Just like I'm the one that told you what happened.
I might've made the biggest mistake of my life,
but I was honest with you.
As hard as it was for me knowing that I could lose you.
[somber music]
I can forgive you...
because I love you.
But I cannot forget this.
And I cannot take you back.
God, you broke me.
I need time.
A lot of time.
Babe, babe.
[dramatic music]
[Kim] So, you took him back, but you have him on punishment?
[Skyler] Something like that.
Girl, you just need to forgive him.
Listen, he made a mistake.
Nobody's perfect, Sky.
We were.
We were our version of perfect.
I don't know if I can look at him
the same anymore.
And Cam, if I see her, it's about to be on and poppin'.
Oh, so, you a gangsta chick now?
I'm not saying I'm not.
I know that you're going through a lot right now
and you're free to stay here as long as you want.
But if you wanna get it poppin', I'll beat her ass.
Just let me know.
[Skyler] Thank you, Kim.
Hmm, it's okay.
Now that Cam is gone,
I'm just gonna go slide right into that bestie seat.
All right. Let me get a few things from the house
and I'll be back.
I'll be back in a few hours.
Okay. You need me to go with you?
No gangsta.
Look, I ain't got nothin' on me.
Uh-uh. See?
You're gonna get me in trouble and more police.
Oh. I got this.
I'll be back.
Don't let me drink all this wine by myself.
No. Save me my wine.
-I'll be back. -Okay.
[dramatic music]
[door handle rattling]
I'm in here, baby!
Oh, Sky.
You got a lot of nerve.
Ken and I weren't expecting you.
You need to leave my house now before I call the police!
Hmm. Don't be so harsh.
You're drunk.
Ken's finest.
Get out of my house before I kill you!
No, Sky.
Don't be so dramatic.
I'm sorry. [laughs]
I understand what it is like to be replaced.
It happened to me.
And that's what this is all about?
You wanted to be me so bad that you slept with my husband.
Oh, no, no, no.
See, I actually didn't plan it to be like this.
You were gone and Ken and I were just connected.
You know, he made me remember what it felt like
to be touched by a real man.
And I reminded him what it felt like
to be inside of a real woman.
One that works.
[glass breaking]
Baby! Babe, babe!
Oh, my God!
What happened? Is she dead?
Did you kill her?
She was in my house.
That was self-defense.
I should call the ambulance quick.
She could die if we don't get her help.
[panting] Fine.
Yeah. It's an emergency.
Uh, 5656 Jerico Drive.
[Kenneth] Yeah, come quick.
[ambulance sirens wailing]
[Officer Randle] So, Mrs. Hastings,
you said that she broke into your home?
I was at a friend's house and when I came back home,
she was there.
And she attacked me.
Do you know why she attacked you?
Because she's crazy, I don't know!
Could you please keep your voice down?
I'm just trying to write your report.
Now, you all said that she was staying
with you at one point, but then she left?
You mind telling me what happened?
That is none of your damn business.
She was there, and then she left,
that's all you need to know.
What does this have to do with anything?
Yeah, I'm not sure why I'm getting so much hostility, Mrs. Hastings.
Officer Randle, she was there
because her and her husband were having a divorce, okay?
While she was staying with us, some things happened,
family matters, so we made her leave.
But then, she came back and attacked you?
It's complicated, but the bottom line is
my wife went home, Camilla was there.
She broke into the house.
Well, there were no signs of forced entry, sir.
Maybe she used the key she had, I don't know.
Look, all we wanna know is what do we have to do
to get a restraining order against her.
Well, it looks like she needs a restraining order
against you two.
I'm just joking, all right?
Look. I'll file the report.
Someone will reach out to you about your next steps.
Thank you, officer.
-[beep] -No problem.
[nurse over PA] Dr. Bender to the next ward, please.
Dr. Bender.
[indistinct chatter]
Look, babe, I'm gonna make this better.
I promise, okay?
I'm staying at my house tonight.
You sure?
I want you there, too.
You're sleeping on the couch.
[indistinct chatter]
So, this means my husband and I will be protected?
This is a form of protection, yes.
This means that Ms. James is not allowed
within a hundred yards of you and your husband.
What about Kim? Is she protected, too?
Yeah, what about me? I don't need this crazy hoe
-coming after me. -[laughs]
Ms. Davis is added to the protection as well.
Ms. Davis, if you'll do me the honors of signing,
I will be on my way.
All right. You two have a lovely day.
And if you need me, just call, okay?
Hopefully not.
-Thank you. -No problem.
[Kim] Thank you.
Period! 'Cause that's how you do things.
'Cause now, if that hoe come around now,
she gonna have some real problems.
I just hope this is officially over.
Well, don't worry about it too much.
You and Ken are back together, things are going good.
I want you out my house.
Why? You're crappin' my action.
Well, your couch wasn't it either.
Get out.
-[laughs] -Get to work.
[insects chirping]
[suspenseful music]
Here you go, my queen.
Thank you.
[romantic music]
No, um, thank you...
for giving me a chance to make this right.
And I'm never gonna stop being sorry for what happened, Sky.
I don't wanna talk about it anymore.
That was our past.
If there is a future for us,
then let's focus on the future.
[romantic music]
If we can.
To new beginnings.
To new beginnings.
[romantic music]
Bon appetit.
Looks great.
[romantic music]
[insects chirping]
[suspenseful music]
"Black coffee just how you love it, Sky."
[suspenseful music]
All right. So, let's start from the top.
On the 911 call, you said that you woke up
with spilled coffee on the bed?
[Skyler] Uh-hmm. Yes. Uh-hmm.
Not much of a reason to call 911.
I called because I didn't have coffee
and my husband was gone.
And where were you, Mr. Hastings?
I was at work.
This woman was clearly in our house
after we got the restraining order.
So, how do you know for sure it was her?
[Skyler] Because there was coffee in the bed.
Camilla was once my best friend and she is the only one
who knows about Ken and I's coffee thing.
Coffee thing?
[Kenneth] Listen, this girl Camilla
is getting in and out of our home,
and she's playin' games with my wife.
We need to get her arrested.
Well, technically,
since you don't know for sure it's her,
then there's really nothing we can do about it.
Unless you have some sort of proof.
Unless you want me to handle this bitch,
you need to do something.
Is that a threat, Mrs. Hastings?
No, it's not a threat.
It's just what I'm gonna do if you don't find her.
It's really not in your best interest
to hand out threats in front of a detective.
My wife is very upset right now.
We're just trying to figure out what our options are
to get her to stop.
All right.
I'll follow up with her whereabouts,
see if I could track her within the house
within the last 24 hours.
I wanna change the locks, all of them.
Thank you.
So, what are we supposed to do in the meantime,
just wait around for this woman to harm one of us
while you investigate?
There's really nothing that we can do,
-unless she proposes a threat. -This is stupid.
I think we're done here.
You can let yourself out.
[pop music]
[singer] Oh
Baby, won't you come see about me?
And when you call me you and me
I can't wait
And when you're coming, my baby, I don't play
Baby, won't you come see about me?
Never see the brighter side
You're the sunlight on a rainy day
Pain, you make it go away
Give me euphoria, baby, baby
[singers] Give me euphoria
You give me euphoria
[singer] Euphoria, baby, baby
[singers] Give me euphoria
[singer] Oh, and when you call me you and me
I can't wait
And when you're coming, my baby...
[suspenseful music]
You really wanna catch another beat-down.
No, Skyler, please, okay?
I did not come here for that.
I came to apologize
to you for everything that I have done.
I know...I can't even imagine
how you must feel right now.
Yes, you can.
It happened to you, Cam!
Now, get off my property before I call the police.
Who? Officer Randle?
Oh. [laughs]
Okay. Well, I'll be sure to tell him hello tonight
while he's begging to blow my back out
to his favorite Tubi movie.
-Now! -Okay.
But just remember,
I tried to fix this.
[dramatic music]
[Skyler] She could've killed me
and there's nothing I could do.
We need to do something about her.
She was on our property, like, literally.
What is the point of having a restraining order
if she can just run up on me like that?
I know, baby. So, what do you wanna do?
I don't know. I want cameras in the house everywhere.
And she's screwing Officer Randle,
so we can't go there.
I can't kill her,
but I wanna--I wanna kill her,
I...and I can't.
-Baby, you're not a killer. -[Skyler] I know.
I'm just...I'm so angry.
-[bangs on door] -Camilla.
-[door opens] -Can I help you?
Where's Camilla?
I don't know Camilla. I just checked in.
[Camilla] Welcome home, baby.
[Kenneth] You need to stop this right now.
Stop what?
Going up to my family, playing games with my wife.
This is over, Cam. This ends now!
No, Kenneth.
You need to stop pretending like you don't want me.
You know I can give you a real family,
something Sky could never.
-A baby boy. -I don't want you!
I don't want a family with you.
I have a family already.
One that I will do anything to protect!
Is that a threat?
It's a promise.
This is your final warning.
Kenneth. Kenneth!
I swear to God, I'll kill you myself now.
-You ready? -Yup.
I think this was a good idea, babe.
That beach house, a few days, nobody will bother us.
It's perfect.
I love you.
Let's go.
You got the keys.
You deserved it, Lance.
You did this to me.
And now, you have to pay.
You and her.
I'm coming for you, Ken.
My Ken.
Don't worry...
I'll get rid of Skyler for us,
so we can be a family.
[upbeat music]
This is what we needed.
Exactly what we needed.
[indistinct music playing]
Did you let your office know where you were?
Just told them I'd be out for a few days.
And what about Kim?
I told her I'd be away,
and to call me if there was anything urgent.
Well, my work is mobile, so I'm good.
No, no, no. No work for the next few days.
You just focus on me and you
and this beautiful view.
That's all I need.
I missed you.
[suspenseful music]
[Kenneth sighs]
[singer] My love must be a kind of blind love
I can't see anyone but you
[singers] Sha bop sha bop
Sha bop sha bop
Sha bop sha bop
Sha bop sha bop
What are you doing here?
Maybe I should ask you the same question?
This is my house.
Not anymore, Sky.
What are you doing with that gun?
Oh, this old thing?
[gun clicks]
Just in case I might need to use it.
How did you find us?
Once upon a time, we used to be friends
and we shared each other's locations.
You probably should have stopped sharing locations with me
if you didn't want me to have it.
[singers] Sha bop sha bop
Sha bop sha bop
[Camilla] You had everything.
You had it all.
And I thought I did, too.
Until Lance ruined it. He ruined everything.
He ruined my life!
And because he ruined my life, I wanted to ruin yours, too.
Because you were always just so perfect.
Always so perfect and I hated you for it!
No one is perfect.
I'm not perfect.
Nothing is perfect, we were never perfect.
We just worked at it really hard
to try and make it good.
But apparently, he...
loved you, right?
Otherwise he never would've slept with you.
He was in love with the both of us.
You know what?
You're right. And maybe I shouldn't hate you.
Maybe I should hate him
and all men because they're all the same.
I mean, look at your perfect little Ken doll.
He couldn't keep his dick in his pants.
And maybe I should kill him
instead of you.
[singer] Stars out tonight?
[singers] Sha bop sha bop
[singer] I don't know if it's cloudy or bright
I only have eyes
For you
think about what you're doing.
I did, Sky.
And I just wanna be happy.
And I was really happy before Lance broke me.
And then, Ken, he...
once he made me feel alive again, I just...
I knew right then what I needed.
And it was Ken.
I'm sorry it had to be your husband.
But sometimes,
things just happen that we can't explain.
But think about it.
I can give him what he's always wanted.
A child.
Don't you wanna make him happy?
[singers] Sha bop sha bop
[singer] Maybe millions of people go by
[singer] For you
[singers] Sha bop sha bop
Sha bop sha bop.
[dramatic music]
Sky? Sky!
-Sky! -[screams]
Babe, babe, babe, it's me, it's me!
[somber music]
I'm so proud of y'all.
Okay. I'm gonna get something to drink.
You're gonna grow up very strong
just like your father, young man.
-[baby coos] -I love you.
And I love you with all my heart.