Victor Young Perez (2013) Movie Script

Pull tighter.
I got little hands.
Don't worry.
I'll win, I'm smarter.
Take a dive fast, Victor.
Gotta lose fast.
They want to show us
they're superior.
If you don't hit the mat fast,
you're dead.
And me, too.
The miracle is to live.
A minute, an hour.
Death is everywhere in this camp.
It's already inside us.
Get up, follow me!
Are you OK?
My legs.
They're heavy.
Ladies and gentlemen,
to my right,
the Jewish flyweight world champion,
still with a few kilos
and not long for this world.
To my left, Sergeant Kurtz,
a fine boxer
and worthy representative
of our pure race.
In this fight, the rules of the noble art
will be respected.
I'll make sure of that,
despite any crafty Jewish ruses.
touch gloves.
This should be amusing.
Aldo, we can't do it.
We gotta cancel.
Kid Perez hurt his hand
in the championship. He can't box.
- We're not cancelling.
- What?
Choose another guy.
- They're not boxers.
- You don't get it!
Look at them.
We'll get lynched otherwise.
Try his brother, I'm sure he's good.
- What about the little guy?
- Me?
I saw his punches. He can box!
Aldo, cut the crap.
He isn't ready.
He hasn't fought once!
Mokhtar's fought dozens of times!
He'll slaughter him!
Too bad for your gamblers.
Let's go.
Wait Mr. Barans.
Why not?
Benjamin, have you gone mad?
Victor wants to be a boxer.
Let him see what he's worth.
To see if he's got the punch.
Well said, Kid.
You know it, Mr. Pullicino.
Let him grab his chance.
You are always talking
about mektoub.
Maybe it's the kid's mektoub.
Who knows?
What do you say?
Mr. Bellires
is a big manager in Paris.
He is scouting for boxers.
Listen to me.
Mr. Bellires came to see me.
But destiny decided differently.
What's important is that a Perez
takes the trip. Don't you think?
See this match...
maybe it's a bit risky.
Only you can know.
I'm sure you can do it.
You decide.
But I warn you, if you don't,
I'll massacre you.
Go on, you're the best.
Kid, give me a name. Fast.
- Victor.
- Victor what?
Victor Young Perez.
We have a last minute change.
The new hope...
Pull tighter.
I've got little hands.
Don't worry.
Young Perez faces battling Mokhtar!
Show some respect for our flag.
You're French now? Not Maltese?
Not yet, but it won't be long.
I was looking for you everywhere.
You brought me
a helluva lot of luck today.
I'm the only one
who kept my bets on you.
Here, a present.
Thanks Mr. Bellires.
You're the best, kid.
Don't let anyone tell you different.
Not even me.
Go on, enjoy!
I won, Mom.
I know, my son.
Mamma always knows everything.
Promise me something.
Never let your face get hit.
I swear, Mom.
I love you so much.
Me too, my son.
Go back to sleep. I'm going out.
I love you.
Me too.
May God protect you.
What are we doing now?
A present for you, brother.
Trust me.
Take big Vera.
Come on Maxo,
like you know her, big talker.
Hey, kid... How are you?
Come here.
What you did the other day
was sheer beauty.
Not too orthodox,
but I like it.
You know,
I manage boxers in France.
I'd like to take you with me.
I'll pay for your trip,
You give me 20% of your earnings.
What do you say?
And Benjamin?
Benjamin, Benjamin...
He'll come too.
He'll be your coach,
and personal trainer.
He'll keep an eye on you
so you don't do anything stupid,
because in Paris, there's plenty
of opportunities for that,
for a rascal like you.
Listen, Victor...
You got dynamite in your fists,
and ballet in your legs.
And you got character.
Maybe a bit too much.
But in Paris,
you gotta be up to the task.
They may dress like princes,
but they're savages.
You got what it takes to be great.
Are you listening?
You haven't won yet.
You gotta do the work.
It starts now.
Yes Mr. Bellires.
Young man,
this is an elegant establishment.
Keep your head low,
serve the clients and remain cool.
Go on. It'll be OK, kid.
Finally... I was so thirsty.
Think I'm beautiful?
Yes... No.
I mean...
Don't worry.
I won't say anything.
- My name's Mireille.
- Victor.
Sorry, ma'am.
Excuse me.
Have a glass.
No, I can't.
Yes, you can. Go on.
Don't mind me.
- Are we ever gonna box?
- Cool it, you're not in Tunis.
Mr. Bellires
what did you think of Marcel last night?
- He boxed well.
- I'm still not convinced.
I need more time.
I'll see him box
in the next suburban match.
I'll tell you then.
What about my Tunisian...
have you tested him?
I was going to, Lon.
Then, do it.
So you're Young Perez?
Get up.
Are you a flyweight?
Come on up
and get a gander of Montmartre,
and show me your stuff.
And I won't tell you twice.
You've got a fight coming up.
Show me what you got.
That's some boxing Mr. Bellires.
No, Victor!
You'll kill him!
He's sick!
You're sick!
We've got principles here
in France!
Get out!
Come back when you've cooled it!
He started it.
You Ay-rabs are all the same.
Always complaining
and looking for excuses.
Forget it, Ben.
He's right. It's my fault.
And just so you know,
I'm not just an Ay-rab, I'm a Yid.
My place isn't here.
Get lost.
He starts last
and puts all his energy into it.
He's a tough little Arab.
He's Jewish.
Jewish, Arab same thing.
He's hard as nails.
And clever.
Hope so.
That makes the difference.
Rest a bit.
You got a match tomorrow.
- I'll stop when I'm dead.
- Tomorrow, you could be!
All the more reason!
At the Paris sports palace,
a festive ambiance reigned,
during the European championship.
For the European match,
Nicolas Le Belga, title holder...
faces his challenger, the young
Tunisian boxer Victor Young Perez.
All of Paris
rushed to see the event.
Young Perez won the European title
against Nicolas Le Belga.
A beautiful victory.
Nothing can stop the rise
of the young boxer.
The International Federation
refuses the title to Victor Young.
Perez isn't French, but Tunisian,
and Tunisia isn't part of Europe.
Even the newspaper says
I'm French.
Even the fascists.
Go figure!
For the European championship,
I'm not French anymore,
I'm African.
I beat the European champion,
and they don't give me the title!
Because I'm African!
If need be,
I could die fighting for France.
Stop torturing yourself
with all that.
It's been 2 weeks already.
French or African,
what the hell do you care?
They could call you Chinese,
and so what.
In 2 months, it's the championship.
The world championship.
And then, they can't refuse you.
Yeah, if I win.
If you win?
I can't believe
Bellires lent you his car.
See, nothing's impossible.
The proof.
The winner is Young Perez!
Hi there.
Did you do that favor I asked?
- Of course, Mr. Perez.
- Thanks.
This is it, Victor.
We've arrived.
Afraid of the beating I'll give you?
Let's see that.
I won't hurt you too bad.
Show me what you got.
Let's go.
Don't forget
I'm your little brother.
- Well?
- You're a tough one.
Know why you're here?
Because you haven't forgotten
where you're from.
Don't forget.
That's your chance.
He's gonna whoop him good.
Put down the gloves,
get him some water.
Great idea saddling us
with that Maltese guy.
He's my buddy.
Think I can win
by a knockout tonight?
Always in a hurry.
That legendary impatience.
Listen, kid.
- It's all a question of...
- Timing, I know!
What is it, kiddo?
Mr. Bellires
would you have thrown me out
if I'd screwed up?
The main thing
is to ask that question
before each fight,
and every moment in your life.
Life's about choices.
A man must constantly
make decisions in his life.
It's like breathing.
It's a reflex.
If you ever stop...
you're dead.
Come on, let's go.
This evening,
an exceptional match for you.
The American, Frankie Genaro,
world champion title holder.
His challenger:
the Tunisian,
but French at heart,
Young Perez.
You'll beat him.
It's a catastrophe.
He's totally limp.
He won't even finish
the first round.
Go on!
Get away, Victor!
Hit him!
Don't give in, Victor!
You'll win, little bro!
Dance, Victor!
Your last punch was good.
Keep it up.
Now I get it...
When he punches,
his shoulder thrusts forward.
I always said,
study your opponent.
Find his weak spot!
Be smarter than him!
He's smart, that's for sure.
That's the way.
Go for it, little bro!
Go, Victor!
Fly, Victor. Fly!
And the world champion is
Young Perez!
Ladies and gentlemen,
we are honored to have
in our cabaret tonight
the new idol
of the Parisian smart set,
the youngest world champion
in boxing history,
the Franco-Tunisian,
Victor Young Perez.
How is it to be the darling
of the Paris smart set?
Better than receiving
Genaro's punches!
Before we leave you
to your many male and female admirers,
I'd like to say, in the name
of French public and French sports,
thank you and well done
Victor Young.
Stand up straight.
They'll beg you to become French.
I want to dedicate my victory
to my friends
and my family back in Tunis.
It's a great day for French sport,
but also for Tunisian sport.
It's not if you lose,
that you're not French
or if you win that you are.
I've always wanted
to be the world champ in Paris,
and now I am.
My dream has come true
thanks to my friends here,
but also my friends back home.
I've worked hard to get here.
You can't imagine
how much I love you all.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Imagine what they're thinking of us
in Tunis now!
Mom would be proud of you.
Nice work, kiddo.
Thanks, Mr. Leon.
Losing's not the hardest thing.
It's knowing how to win.
You'll have to handle that now.
I met that boy.
He was a waiter in a hotel.
And now,
he's world champion.
Victor Perez? You know him?
He's the talk of the town.
Let me introduce you to Mr. Ivanov.
Stalin's the new Czar,
the Bolsheviks are killing each other
and Trotsky's in Mexico.
No kidding.
We're hitting a big depression.
Your friends, the Americans,
will have a lot of problems.
What do you think,
as you're from a colony?
A protectorate.
You know, Tunisia isn't a colony,
it's a protectorate.
I must speak to him.
He's charming
and I find him appealing.
What about me?
Are you joking?
If you were a producer,
but you're just a nice screenwriter.
That may be,
but we like you here.
You're young,
we'd really like to...
Let him alone, Franois.
Do business another day.
Good evening.
My name's Mireille.
Remember me?
I don't think so.
How silly of me.
Men usually use that sort of line.
I made a bet
with my friend over there.
I said you'd ask me to join you,
and then invite me to dance.
What are the stakes?
If I lose, I spend the evening
with those old guys,
so dull with their doom and gloom.
And if you win?
I'll spend it with you.
I can't do that to you.
Shall we dance to this one?
No. On that score,
I can't help you.
I'm not much of a dancer.
A boxing champ can dance!
I love this music!
- No.
- Yes.
- No, please.
- Come along!
You knock 'em out.
I'm throwing in the towel.
My feet.
Do something for my poor feet.
It's time I headed home.
Would you like an escort?
Don't be in a rush.
See you soon, Champ.
Is this really necessary?
Honey, if you want to go out with me,
you've got to look the part.
He's the finest tailor in Paris.
Trained in London's Savile Row.
Don't touch my balls
or I'll bust yours!
Forgive him, he's a boxer.
You're full of vim.
And you're running like a donkey.
You've a championship match
in 2 weeks.
Did you forget you're a boxer?
Dump that girl, Victor.
What are you talking about?
She doesn't belong with us.
You've lost direction.
You're squandering your money.
Find a Tunisian girl.
Marry her,
and it'll be like before.
Even if we lose.
She doesn't belong with us?
I can't believe it.
My own brother!
You're just like the others.
You're jealous!
Because she's my girlfriend,
it's my career.
I can't help it if...
I'm champion and you're not.
I'm not gonna dump her.
Because I love her.
I'm gonna win, wait and see.
I got the part.
Can you believe it?
My first big part in a film.
- Who's that guy?
- My agent.
I got the part, I said!
- Aren't you happy for me?
- Sure I am.
In a film by Melvale,
a big director.
- Can you imagine?
- Never heard of him.
What will I do with you?
You're not interested in anything.
Not true,
I'm interested in you.
And I have a surprise for you.
What a magnificent spot.
I love your accent, darling.
You can thank my mom.
That house is sublime.
Look, there are horses.
Easy boy. You're a handsome fella?
Don't be afraid.
He's Arab.
- How do you know?
- He's not very big.
His eyes are expressive.
He's very brave.
The shape of his neck,
his fiery temperament.
How do you know that?
My father taught me to ride,
and everything I know.
Did he teach you to box, too?
Sure he did.
I could even beat a world champion.
- I challenge you.
- You're on.
Follow me, my love.
See this, my darling?
It's all yours.
Enough for today.
That's good.
Go weigh in, Young.
4 kilos!
It can't be.
2 kilos there,
2 kilos there.
I can't believe it.
He's got to lose 4 kilos in days!
Stay away from food.
Stop eating.
Nothing goes in his mouth!
Is that clear?
Stop drinking.
It's not good to stop eating
before a fight.
For the in-depth article,
got a photo of your parents?
Let's see.
I can't print that.
- Why?
- They're Arabs!
I need something more decent!
Got anything...
Hello listeners.
We're live from Manchester
in a jam-packed stadium
for the world flyweight championship
between title holder, Young Perez
and his contender, Jackie Brown.
dodge his jabs and uppercuts.
If he can't touch you,
we've won.
Don't worry. I got a good feeling
about this fight.
That guy's an amateur.
Young Perez has got
the experience, speed, vitality.
He's not in top form,
but with his talent,
he's capable of winning
in 3 or 4 rounds.
The world championship has begun.
First round.
Perez starts strong.
With his footwork, speed, sharp eye,
he's got the match in hand.
And he keeps it up.
With his right jab,
he can do anything,
sometimes using his left.
How direct that jab. Terrific.
Young Perez gives
quite a demonstration.
The folks here are shocked.
Jackie Brown is seriously dominated.
But he can turn it around.
An English boxer
is a tough breed.
He's less brilliant, not as fast,
has less class than Perez,
but he's a British
and European champion
and can turn this around
for his fans.
At the outset,
Perez has the advantage,
still sure of himself.
Didn't I tell you, bro?
Easy as pie.
Second round.
Jackie Brown's hands are up.
He knows the world champ's faster,
and has been more skillful
from the start.
The rounds continue.
Now we're in the 6th.
Young Perez still has the advantage,
but he's less graceful,
less sure of himself,
and the Jackie Brown machine
is warming up,
slowly but surely and consistently.
Even if Brown's dominated,
he still believes in his chance.
A boxer of his stature
can draw upon unexpected resources,
like we're seeing now.
Don't panic!
Take it easy.
Keep turning. Dodge.
You're more experienced than him.
Stop messing around.
Such confidence.
This time he's up first.
He's fresher, a definite sign.
Like I said, he's got style, the punch,
but he's out of breath.
He should've finished him!
Go on, little brother.
Young Perez is less sure in the 13th,
expected to go 15.
Young can't move anymore.
His legs are giving out.
He's got courage, pride.
He's toughing it out, he has to.
Amazing Jackie Brown!
The audience is up!
It's terrible, a slaughter.
Benjamin, I can't fly anymore!
I know.
He can't take it anymore.
Without his legs,
he's not the same Young.
It's terrible, a slaughter.
Jackie Brown's has his prey.
Get away.
He won't let up, and it continues.
Get away!
Move it.
They've thrown in the towel.
It's over in the 13th round.
Jackie Brown can't believe it.
He's the new world champion.
Young Perez is beaten.
Victory for Brown
before the last limit.
Young Perez has just lost
here in Manchester,
the world flyweight title.
This is so exciting!
If they call you on stage,
don't smile too much.
When you're in the audience,
smile at everybody.
There'll be Renoir, Gabin,
maybe Tino Rossi.
You're more worried than I am.
Relax, I'll handle it.
A photo, Mr. Minister.
The reporters hate me.
With all your recent defeats,
they've been tough on you.
Jean, please.
It'll be OK.
This is a big night for me.
I want you to be here.
What's that necklace?
I asked you a question.
What's that necklace?
- Don't get worked up.
- You shut up!
Don't be childish.
It's a present from my mom.
I didn't know
she had that kind of money.
It's been in my family.
I can check.
Listen, we're not married.
This isn't Tunisia.
You have no rights over me.
If you want to behave like that,
go back home.
Then marry me.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the newcomer
Mireille Balin.
She's a phenomenon.
Four films in just over a year.
You're filming with Joannon, right?
That's right.
What's the title?
"When They Found Her, She Was Naked."
You're not afraid of anything.
No, I'm not afraid of anything.
Get up. We're late.
You're crazy. What time is it?
I've thought it over.
I'm going
to start training properly.
We'll get Bellires on board.
I'm not washed up yet.
What's all that?
- When are you leaving?
- This afternoon.
How long?
I dunno.
- When were you gonna tell me?
- I couldn't.
Stop, what are you doing?
Are you outta your mind?
How'll I manage without you?
Several years later...
You shouldn't drink.
You've a match.
Come on,
it's just a pick-me-up.
Think you're my father!
We're going to Berlin in an hour.
It was rough getting this contract.
You gotta pull yourself together.
Young Perez? The famous boxer.
An admirer.
That's rare these days.
My name's Sarah Goldstein.
Dr. Goldstein.
Sorry to bother you,
but I believe
you'll be fighting in Berlin.
What of it?
I got here from Berlin
a few months ago.
To get to the point,
for the last two days,
I've been unable to contact my brother.
He's a pharmacist.
What's that to us?
You know Hitler?
Not personally.
You find it amusing.
Don't you read the papers?
The man's a lunatic
persecuting Jews.
He invented laws to purify
the Aryan race,
he's been organizing
crimes against Jews!
Sorry, I must've got
the wrong person.
Forgive us, doctor.
It's hard believing
these things exist here.
What can I do for you?
My brother will attend your match.
He'll meet you
at the end for an autograph.
Give him this envelope discreetly.
It should enable him
and his family to get out.
Who says I won't keep the money?
I'm not a great boxing fan.
I don't know much.
But I've followed your fights,
Mr. Perez.
I know who you are.
Hurry up.
We've been waiting for you.
Here's your money
and your Ausweiss.
Straight after the fight tonight,
you'll return to Paris.
A taxi will be waiting.
Gentlemen, tonight's audience
is likely to be very worked up.
Don't respond to their provocations,
so things don't get out of control.
Good luck.
How do I tend to him?
I've got nothing here.
You have a bucket and sponge.
Fill it with water.
Don't pay attention to them.
We've got to go.
Goldstein isn't coming. It's over.
Maxo, go to the station.
I'll catch up.
I'm staying with you.
They've gone mad.
I swear, we'll catch
the first boat for home.
Benjamin will find us work
in Barans.
Europe wants to kill us, understand?
Maybe here, but not France.
Stop. It's the same.
We'll see.
You go first.
If I don't get to the station,
take the train for Paris.
Think I'm a dummy.
Think I don't know where you're going?
Swear you'll come right away.
I swear.
I swear.
You're still here?
I'm waiting
to sign autographs.
Think you're Schmeling?
Nobody here.
They all go. You go, too.
Come on.
Take me to this address.
No, I have to bring you
to the train station.
No, this address first,
then the station.
I can't take you here.
Go on, my friend.
What are you doing in a Jew house?
Are you a Yid, too?
He's an Arab boxer, he wanted pills.
Victor, don't be an idiot.
It's OK, Maurice.
Mireille's waiting for me inside.
We can't let you in. Stop.
Don't you like my clothes?
Don't be an idiot.
That's enough.
You've always used men
for your career,
but I didn't think
you'd stoop so low!
And I wanted to marry you.
Who's this Jew?
Victor Perez. 136 fights.
27 knockouts.
Take this Jew away!
The pig!
Let me go.
It's an honor
to have a professional boxer
in my camp.
An honor
and a privilege.
You know, I've followed your career,
your fights with Genaro,
You're not as good as Schmeling,
or Brekanstratte.
But for someone of your race,
it's commendable.
At the time,
I found it painful to think that a Jew
could become
a world-boxing champion.
You must have paid off
the referees or cheated.
That's more like your kind.
As was proven.
I've decided
to reveal your true face
to your people.
You will box
here in the camp,
opposite real Aryans.
And there's no chance to buy off
the referee,
since the referee
will be me.
In the meantime,
so as not to be too unfair,
I'll give you a job in the kitchen.
It's not as hard.
And you can train, too.
And you'll have two bowls
of soup a day
instead of one.
Every cloud has a silver lining.
As they say.
At ease.
Enjoy your meal.
That's enough.
Get back to work.
What's going on?
That man looked at me
like he knew me.
Stop that now!
What's going on?
He stole food from the kitchen.
You're the boxer, right?
No stealing, little boxer.
Get lost.
Hurry up, get lost!
Hurry up, get lost!
Gentle, my brother. You'll break me.
Sorry, sorry.
How did you get here?
I came looking for you.
I couldn't leave you alone.
Don't cry, my brother.
Don't cry, my brother.
Don't cry.
I'm here.
Your trainer?
I need him.
He'll be my sparring partner.
He can barely stand.
That way you can't complain
you were mistreated.
"I've got to help Victor..."
"with his training."
It's time.
I've got to help Victor
with his training.
What are you doing, Victor?
Take it easy.
You won't last like that.
I've no more strength in my arms.
They won. I'm already finished.
Everyone knows it.
It's just a show for them.
You don't have a chance.
Everyone knows it.
Giving up means death.
I don't know how, but I'll fight.
It's my mektoub.
I prefer finishing in a ring.
At least, death will have an adversary.
It's time. Gather the stuff.
We've got to go.
Don't forget the bread I swiped
from the kitchen.
What about Maxo?
I had no news after Berlin.
Lots of people died that night.
when you went back to Tunis?
That night,
I wanted to start training right,
and bring back Bellires.
I wasn't washed up yet,
just stupid.
I didn't manage to talk to you.
Victor, you were...
You're a king, a lion.
When you do something,
it's big right away.
I'm not like that.
All those years, I lived for you.
I was like your guardian,
but I wanted
to have a life of my own.
I wanted to open a store,
have a family.
Do simple things, day after day.
Paris wasn't for me.
I wanted to go home,
eat Mom's meatballs,
get sun burned.
That's what I wanted.
Did you think of your own career?
You kidding?
With my porcelain hands,
I could barely be a sparring partner.
My career...
My career was you, Victor.
I would've done anything
to get you to come with me.
I couldn't go home.
I was so in debt.
Remember when we were little.
I did so many stupid things
that Dad chained me to the bed.
I cried, screamed.
You always managed to unchain me.
Even if you got a hiding,
you helped me.
How could I live without you?
The price is too high here.
The price is too high here.
Don't fall. Stand straight.
Hold on, Joseph.
Hold on.
Say Kaddish for me.
You've got to hold on.
Don't leave me. Stay with me.
He's the boxer.
That one's dead.
The Frherlager wants to see you.
You're Perez's sparring partner,
Go join him
and help him get prepared.
It's time.
Hurry up!
Nice little rat.
Get up, follow me.
Are you OK?
It's my legs.
They're heavy.
Stay on the mat.
Stay on the mat.
He'll kill you.
You thought it'd be easy?
Think you can get rid
of the Yid so quick!
Get away.
It won't be long.
Stay down!
Head down.
Stay on the mat.
Stop this!
Good night, my darling.
Gotta give in, little bro.
You got nothing to prove.
No, I'll break his face first!
No, I'm not giving in!
I'm world champion!
Stay on the mat.
We gotta get the little girls.
We gotta get the little girls in Berlin.
You're not alone.
They're all with you.
I hear them.
Several months later, as the Red Army advances,
the camps are urgently evacuated to the west.
Death March
January 1945
I can't go on, Ben.
I never liked walking.
You know,
running in a ring, sure.
But not walking.
You'll tell them.
You'll tell them I fought.
There are woods over there.
I'll divert them.
You gotta run
and keep running.
I can't.
Yes, you can!
Who'll tell of my achievements
if we both die?
Who'll say the Kaddish for me?
I'm begging you.
I'm begging you, Kid.
You're the champion now.