Victoria Day (2009) Movie Script

Give it up!
Give it up!
[Crowd cheering]
Hey, Spektor,
can I ask you something?
Just out of curiosity, man
how open do I got to be
to get you to pass the puck?
'Cause, honestly, man
I don't think I've ever
been that fuckin' open
in my entire life.
You're such
a stupid prick, Chapman.
Chapman, go sit your ass down.
So why is it every time
I come in here
I get the feeling like you're
starting some fucking thing?
I don't know, Coach.
But I'm, like, hurt
you feel like that.
Ben, great game.
Fantastic game.
That second goal,
you were just like Gretzky.
You know, you kids keep it up,
you'll fly through
the first round.
Yeah, I hope so.
Don't you think so, Jordan?
Oh yeah, Dad.
Ben's a great
hockey player.
The rest of us, we
really do look up to him.
Hey, didn't you
have another stick?
Right, as always.
Okay, I'll catch up with
you guys in the car.
Let's go.
Pa, your massage
table's in here.
I did okay.
Two goals and an assist.
[Russian music on stereo]
I don't know. Twelve o'clock.
What do you mean by [Russian]?
Drugs, sex, hot dogs?
Oh, you're dead.
Open the door!
Singing to Dylan song on radio:
People carry roses
And make promises by the hours
My love she laughs like
the flowers
Valentines can't buy her
[Blues music over P.A.]
Fuck, I love this shit.
Hey man, what are the odds?
Yo, Alex. You know Ben, right?
Yeah, sure, man.
You're the dude on Jordan's team
that can actually fucking play.
Listen, man, we're kind of
in a situation here.
Over the difference
of, like, five bucks.
So, uh...
You want me to give you five
bucks so you can buy drugs?
Okay. First, man, I'm not asking
for a donation.
I'm just asking for a loan.
It's not like I'm not going
to pay you back.
And second, it's
not going towards drugs.
It's going towards good drugs.
What are you, my father?
Man, I told you
he wouldn't do it.
Just shut up, man.
Don't be such an asshole.
It's five bucks.
Go fuck yourself.
You're the man.
I'll pay you back at practice.
Dude, if I get black,
you can't get black.
What? You're going to be the
only guy in Toronto with black?
Come on. Just this once,
try to have a mind of your own.
Eat me! I want black,
I'm getting black.
I'm going to take this.
Oh come on, dude!
Not you, too.
You don't even like black.
I'm just looking.
I'm getting that one.
Thank you.
See, Noah, why can't you
be more like Ben?
'Cause I want to be
just like you.
Yo, man, can I put this
in your bag?
Hurry up!
Let's go, dickweed.
Bob Dylan singing over P.A.:
Don't need a shot of turpentine
Only bring me to my knees
Don't need a shot of codeine
To help me to repent
Good morning, Mrs.MacTeer.
Hurry up or she'll start
without you.
Ben, I think it's my turn.
I know it totally is.
But I was just hoping
you'd let me go
and then you can take it
the next two times.
I already cued up my tape.
You can take
the next three times.
Please. Please. Please.
It's just because of the
concert last night.
Are you even cued up?
You're the best.
It'll be just a second.
We have to get started.
Okay. Ready.
All right, you read
the yellow parts, okay?
All right.
Good morning.
This is NSFM for
Monday, May 20th.
Ben over P.A.:
The United Way congratulates all
the staff and students
of Newtonbrook Secondary
on our successful fashion show
The final tally is in
and this year's fashion show
contributed over $2,400 to
United Way.
Special thanks goes to
Myrna Sable
who put the show together
and made it the most successful
Newtonbrook fashion show ever.
Way to go, Myrna.
A reminder to all the members of
the Computer Gaming Club,
the Multicultural Club,
the Environmental Society
and the Volleyball Team.
You'll be meeting at your usual
times, in your usual places
after school today.
And this song is dedicated
to everybody who went
to the show last night
and everyone else
who wishes they did.
[Bob Dylan music over P.A.]
Didn't you play this
last time?
Yeah, yeah.
Probably the time
before, too.
You know he wrote
some other songs.
I could lend
you a tape.
That's all right.
I'm kind of into
this one right now.
Listen to it
at home.
I do.
Bob Dylan singing:
...and it is time
for me to slide
I live in another world
where life and death are
Where the earth is strung
with lovers' pearls
And all I see are dark eyes
Any time you're ready,
you can kick it back.
No big hurry.
I understand you're busy with
some important staring and all.
I wasn't staring
at anything, man.
Noah, was he staring?
Yeah, he was
Ben, I really hope you're not
stalking that girl.
I mean, she's only fifteen.
And she's also
Chapman's sister.
Ack! If you married her you'd
have Chapman as a relative.
You'd have kids that
look like Chapman.
All right.
Are you finished?
Noah, are you finished?
I'm never finished.
Oh! Check that out
for eye-foot coordination.
Yeah, you're
really gifted, Noah.
Dude, there's a field
party near Northview tonight.
I can't, man.
I got hockey practice.
Oh, come on, skip it.
Are you kidding?
We're in the playoffs.
Dude! I tit-fucked a girl
there two weeks ago.
I saw that girl.
Go to practice.
Did I say she was hot, Noah,
you fucking jerk-off artist?
I just presented the facts.
I mean, my dick, her tits...
sexual satisfaction.
So what do you say?
Hockey practice.
Hey, Cayla.
There's a field party tonight
near Northview.
Would you like to come?
Tons of people will be there.
You know, before exams.
Should be cool.
What time?
Come at nine.
You need a lift?
'Cause Ben's driving.
No, it's okay.
I like to ride my bike.
Did any of you guys see my
brother at the show last night?
I don't think so.
No. Why?
Just wondering.
So you still got
hockey practice?
Fuck you, Sammy.
Noah, what did he say?
"Fuck you" or "thank you"?
I can't be there before
10 o'clock, okay?
Naw, that's okay.
I'm in no hurry.
Come by my place first.
That way I can drink.
Pick it up!
Bring it in, boys! Let's go!
Anybody talk to Jordan?
No? He didn't call anyone, say
he was going to miss practice?
All right. We're going to break
into offence-defence.
We'll start three-on-twos.
Brad, you go up on
Ben's line, okay? Let's go.
[Indistinct shouting]
[Moody instrumental music]
[Hockey announcer on TV]
Pa, I can't.
I gotta go out.
I promised Noah.
[Hockey announcer on TV]
[Hockey announcer on TV]
Too bad I don't play
like that all the time.
Yeah. Noah needs help
with something.
There's no more
homework, mum.
Everybody's just
studying for exams now.
Yeah. He needs help.
[Hockey announcer on TV]
[Guitar-playing: "Wild Thing"]
Hey. You play something
by Hendrix?
Come on and...
Sock it to me one time!
[Pops tongue]
You move me...
Dude. Stop.
You're embarrassing yourself.
Wild Thing...
Seriously, why do
you play in public?
I am the Lizard King.
I can do anything.
Can you give me
a smoke, Lizard King?
Fuck you.
So have you guys
been here long?
Long enough.
Oh, this is my
friend, Melanie.
Melanie, that's
Ben and Noah.
[Bicycle bell]
If I don't stop him,
he's going to break that.
It's okay.
I'm sorry. He's an idiot.
Thank you.
It's all right.
The chain falls off
all the time.
[Moody instrumental music]
I should probably just
let you do it.
It's tricky the first
few times.
Could you lift up the back?
I hope you're not going
home 'cause of Sammy.
Sammy's funny.
I had to go anyway.
My dad's waiting for me.
He's home by himself.
He's worried 'cause Jordan never
came home from the concert.
Yeah. He wasn't at practice,
but I didn't know.
In January he was gone
for three days.
He went to a Grateful Dead show
in Syracuse.
And he came back.
Well, I'm sorry you
have to go home early.
Thanks for helping
with my bike.
I didn't really do
that much.
That's true.
[Indistinct chattering]
Where did everybody go?
They went into the bushes
to have a mnage trois.
They'll be back soon.
Do you want a beer?
Yeah, sure.
They're kind of warm.
That's okay.
So is she
your girlfriend?
The girl with
the bicycle.
She has nice hair.
Your friends said that
you're stalking her.
Yeah, only on Tuesdays
and Fridays.
But today's Monday.
Yeah, it's my day off.
That's why I came back.
Dude, we just made Sara smoke
the fattest joint.
What the fuck is this?
It's one of my dad's
Russian tapes.
Dude, put it on.
[Russian music]
[Music off]
Pick something else.
So what happened, man?
With Cayla.
I set you up perfectly.
I mean, you got to look like
the knight in shining armour
fixing her bike and shit.
Nothing happened.
No, we just talked.
You are so full of shit!
You touched her tits,
didn't you?
She has great tits.
You know who else has
great tits?
Sara's friend, Melanie.
Well, did you at least
touch hertits?
No. She wouldn't
let me.
She said it breaks
her concentration
when she's giving
a blow job.
Oh, you fucking asshole!
We were only gone
for, like, three minutes.
So, did you see that?
There was a sign
for fireworks.
It's just a sign, numbnuts.
So Cayla was saying
that Chapman never showed up
after the Dylan show last night.
Chapman never showed up
after the concert.
He never went home.
Yeah, he wasn't in school,
he didn't come to practice.
You're kidding.
He's dead.
He probably just
tripped out, man.
No, he's dead.
Sammy, why would you say
something like that?
I'm just being honest.
I mean, if I went to a show
and I didn't come home
I mean, I'd probably
be dead, right?
So why wouldn't he?
Because even compared to you
Chapman's too much of
an obnoxious prick.
I mean, nothing bad ever
happens to guys like that.
I saw him before
the show.
Gave him five bucks
to buy drugs.
You actually gave
that guy money?
No wonder you're upset.
I mean, if asshole disappears,
you're out five bucks.
Sammy, you're such
a fucking ass--
Stop there!
You selling fireworks this late?
Yeah sure. I usually
stay until twelve.
Hey, any of these good?
Yeah sure.
No, I mean, honestly.
Like, on average, how many of
these are going to be duds?
They're all good, man.
How much?
Those are two bucks each.
How much for the cherry bombs?
Twenty-five cents each
or five for a buck.
Sir, if we buy more
than 10 Roman candles
could we maybe work
something out?
No, look, unless you're
taking a hundred of them
they're two bucks each.
Sir, do you realize
that it's illegal
to sell fireworks out of
the back of your van?
No shit?
In exchange for
not reporting you
I propose you give us
a 50% discount.
Okay. I'm prepared to go
as low as 30, but that's it.
Hey, kid.
Why don't you go as low as
fuck yourself?
Twenty-five percent.
All right, look,
put them back!
All of you.
I don't need this shit.
Ten percent.
[Laughing and cheering]
So what did you
think of Melanie?
Oh, yeah, she's
very nice.
She wanted me to give
you her number.
Are you going
to call her?
Yeah, sure.
You should.
I said I would.
You should.
You should.
Sara, why do you keep repeating
that like a million times?
I'm not.
Just thrice.
Ben, Sara...
Principal Hastings asked
that you read this.
We've had to add something
at the last minute.
Sara, we gotta
go on now.
We'll just take turns.
Good morning.
This is NSFM for
Tuesday, May 21st.
All students should be aware
that this Friday is picture day.
Sara over P.A.:
Anyone who wishes to have their
picture taken for the yearbook
should remember to bring their
completed forms
and a cheque for $25
to the main gym on Friday.
Also, the photographer reminds
you that if you are a boy
and you're very hairy,
like Ben Spektor,
please remember to shave
the morning of picture day.
And a special announcement for
all Newtonbrook students.
Many of you are probably aware
that Jordan Chapman
one of our Grade 11 students
has gone missing since
Sunday night.
His family, along with the Metro
Police, have arranged
for a volunteer search party
tomorrow afternoon
at 1PM at Ontario Place.
Everyone who wants to volunteer
for the search party
should inform their homeroom
teacher by the end of today.
[Upbeat B-52s music over P.A.]
It was already cued up.
[Music over P.A. continues]
Are you doing this
all by yourself?
My dad and some of
his friends
are putting up signs
on Yonge Street.
Do you need some help?
It's okay.
You don't have to.
No, I want to.
I'm out of signs.
I have to go home and
get some more.
I could come with you,
if you'd like.
Do you want to double
on my bike?
Are you sure?
I'm kind of heavier
than I look.
You're not heavier
than Jordan.
You'll see. I can do it.
[Instrumental guitar music]
You haven't been here
for a long time, have you?
Probably not since
5th Grade.
I sort of remember
you coming over.
We mainly stayed
in the basement.
Your dad put a net down there.
My dad sleeps out here now.
He says he doesn't like to
pretend everything's normal
when everything isn't normal.
He wants to be close to
the door when Jordan gets home.
You should know,
no matter how Jordan acts
he really likes you.
He's just a little jealous.
I think we get along okay.
No, you don't.
You think he's an asshole.
Everybody thinks
he's an asshole.
But he's not like that
all the time.
I know.
What's that?
Oh, it's a biography on
Bob Dylan in Italian.
Do you speak Italian?
I really like Bob Dylan,
but I mean,
I've read everything
in English.
I wish I could have
been alive in the '60s.
Do you ever wish that?
All the time.
Wish I could have gone
to Woodstock.
Did you see the movie?
Yeah, I wish I would have
been in New York
when Dylan played
in Greenwich Village.
You wouldn't have gone
to Woodstock?
No. I'd do that too.
And I could live
in San Francisco or L.A.
Like Jim Morrison.
It would be so much
better than this.
Your book.
[Moody guitar music]
All right. I'll be ready.
Banana, please.
[Moody instrumental music]
Hi. Is Melanie there, please?
All right, boys, listen up.
Tomorrow, I expect you all
to show up for the search.
But tonight I expect to go out
there and kick some fucking ass!
Let's go!
[Moody instrumental music]
[Indistinct chatter]
You had Don Mills
last night?
Yeah. It didn't
go so well.
It's okay.
You'll get them.
Thanks for coming.
I mean, the whole
team had to come but...
I would have come
anyway, you know.
All right, everyone.
I'd like to thank you all
for finding the time
to assist us in this search.
You'll be travelling
in groups of roughly 10.
And there'll be an officer
assigned to each group.
In the event that you
discover anything
do not touch or move
what you find.
Immediately notify an officer.
Now photos will be passed around
so that we will all have an idea
as to what Jordan looked like
and what he was wearing
on the night in question.
We are looking for anything that
may have been on his person.
I'm sorry.
But I just wanted to say, before
we get started...
I wanted to say how much
this means to me and my family.
The fact that so many of you
have donated your time
to help us find my son.
Come on.
Sorry. I'm getting in the way.
Anyway, thanks again
everyone from Jordan's school
to his hockey team
to all of our friends
and everyone else
thank you from
the bottom of my heart.
Hey, Ben.
Did you catch Game Two
last night?
No, I missed it.
It was pretty good.
Gretzky lit it up.
The Oilers will take it
in five, you'll see.
You going to watch
the one tonight?
Do you think it's right
that we're playing
while all this
is going on?
What do you mean?
Maybe it's disrespectful?
We're in the playoffs.
Hey, do you know Ray Bourque
needs a new pair of gloves
after every period
'cause he sweats so much?
That's what the
announcer said.
Does that make him the
sweatiest guy in the NHL?
Yeah, probably.
Makes him the sweatiest guy
in the whole fucking world
a new pair of gloves
every period.
The search continues here
at Ontario Place
for Jordan Chapman,
missing since...
...searching all day today, no
sign of Jordan Chapman.
I'm with Noah Hartsman,
a friend of Jordan's.
Noah, some people say,
or there are rumours out there
that drugs may have
been involved
in Jordan's disappearance.
Do you think drugs
may be to blame?
Well, I think it's too easy
to just say that drugs are
to blame.
Teenagers today are exposed to
many negative influences.
The truth is, I think that
society's to blame.
He's a good talker.
TV from Ontario Place, the
search will continue...
TV Hockey
The following is a CBC Sports
Tonight is the climax to a
spectacular sports event
in Boston, Massachusetts
as the Edmonton Oilers
and The Boston Bruins
meet for Game Three of the
Stanley Cup Championship Series
live on Hockey Night in Canada.
Hey! You look like old
girlfriend I have in Russia.
Nice girl. Drive tractor.
Ben! Sammy's here.
Think Edmonton will win?
Of course, Edmonton
much better team.
Yuri, five bucks,
four-to-one odds.
If I win, I get twenty.
And if you win,
you get five.
Sammy, your parents
work hard for money.
Why you want to throw it away?
Keep your five dollars.
Maybe one day, you have
enough for haircut.
TV Hockey
[Indistinct commentary]
Today, no charge.
I can't. I gotta change soon.
What for? To watch Stanley Cup?
Who you need
to change for? Sammy?
No. I'm going out.
Ma, I study.
I've got the whole
long weekend to catch up.
I can't. I promised a girl.
I'll watch the next one.
Yuri, I'll watch
the game with you.
See? Maybe I trade
you for Sammy.
So what did you do? Get a date
with dead guy's sister?
So who?
What are you doing
going out with Melanie
when you're in love with
dead guy's sister?
Would you stop
saying that?
I think I fucked
things up with Cayla.
Since when did you even
have anything to fuck up?
I went over to her house
to help put up posters
we kissed and then
she sort of freaked out.
What do you mean
freaked out?
Oh, I get it.
So, to fix things
you're going to
go out with Melanie.
Noah rented Platoon.
We're going to watch it
in preparation.
I thought you were
going to come.
I remember it from last year
and the year before that.
I don't need preparation.
Charlie's in the perimeter!
Boocoo zips in the wire!
[Gunfire mouth sounds]
Didi mao, didi mao!
You gook motherfucker!
[Gunfire mouth sounds]
Get the fuck off!
Put my trophy back,
you asshole.
I thought I'd wait outside.
If you came in, my mum would
ask a million questions.
So is there any kind of
music you want to listen to?
I don't really care.
What kind of stuff
do you like?
The Eagles, James Taylor...
Madonna, Billy Joel, Steve
Miller, Cat Stevens...
Maybe we can just
listen to the radio.
[54-40's "Baby Ran" on radio]
Does that really hurt?
A little.
What happened?
I got slashed during hockey.
It's not that bad.
I have them all over.
There's one on my side
that's much worse.
Can I see? I love
bruises and scars.
It's from a nail
on the dock at my cottage.
When I was 10, I jumped too
close to the edge.
Twelve stitches.
Your turn.
I like your six-pack.
[Opening music]
I personally thought Dustin
Hoffman was much better
than Tom Cruise.
I mean, like if I had to
decide who I'd want to marry
like if there was a gun
to my head or something
I would definitely say
Dustin Hoffman.
Even though he's kind of old
and I couldn't really imagine
having sex with someone that old
I think I'd still say
Dustin Hoffman.
I just really liked him
as the Rain Man.
My mum's asleep if you
want to come in.
So do you want to listen
to music?
I don't know if
you'll like this.
I heard it on the radio.
I really liked it.
[T'Pau's "Heart and Soul"
on boombox]
Am I hurting you?
No, it's okay.
Well, if you want I can
take my bra off
and you can do it on my boobs.
Hold on. I have some
moisturizer in the bathroom.
[Music on boombox continues]
[Moody instrumental music]
Hey, I saw you were up.
Did I scare you?
I thought maybe
you were Jordan.
Has there been
any news?
Yesterday somebody called and
said they saw him in Buffalo.
Today somebody called
and said they saw him at
a bus station in Hamilton.
None of it true?
Gets my dad all excited
and then depressed.
And everyone gets
their hopes up.
Cayla, who is it?
Dad, it's okay.
What time is it?
It's late.
You should go lie down.
All I do is
lie down.
Ben, you should
see our house.
It's amazing the mess one
person can make lying around.
Cayla, where's
your manners?
Maybe Ben wants
some tea or a Coke.
It's all right.
No, it's not.
It's the least
we can do.
Besides the police,
who else visits us?
how's everything going?
Is school okay?
And the team doing
all right?
That's good.
It's good to hear.
You know they got me
a therapist.
Just for now
while we're waiting.
She says it's
very important
that I don't lose touch
with the outside world.
I stay interested
in other things.
I give my mind a break.
I mean, it's only
been four days.
It feels like a long time.
At the bank...
they don't even clear a
cheque for you in four days.
We once drove to
California, four days.
Across the entire
It's such a long trip,
only four days.
I remember that
it passed like that.
You understand?
Today's Wednesday.
It was only Sunday.
Not even Sunday --
Sunday night.
That's not even
a full day, right?
I wanted to tell you...
I wanted to tell
you before...
I saw Jordan before
the concert.
He wanted five dollars
and I gave it to him.
Five dollars?
What for?
To buy drugs.
I gave him a hundred dollars
for that concert...
$20 for the ticket,
money for hot dogs and Cokes,
money for a
T-shirt, he said.
A hundred dollars.
Where'd all the
money go?
I gave that kid
a hundred bucks
and he still had to
ask you for more.
For him, it's like
money grows on trees.
How much did
he take from you?
You said five
dollars, right?
It doesn't matter.
Don't think he isn't
good for it.
I taught him to always
pay his debts.
Take it.
I don't want the money.
Take it.
Take the money.
And get the fuck out
of my house.
[Moody instrumental music]
[Moody instrumental music]
Not now.
I can't do this now.
You're the one who wants
to stay up and talk.
You're right.
I'll stop playing hockey.
I don't think
we should be playing
when there's a kid missing.
I think it's wrong!
It's how I feel!
Idiot! That's how I feel!
[Moody instrumental music]
[Moody instrumental music]
All right.
How do you want
to do this?
Every man for himself.
Oh, yeah.
We did that last year.
It lacked organization.
That's right.
Fuck your
organization, Noah!
This is the
'Nam, man!
This is
the fucking jungle!
[Flare pops]
Didi mao!
Shit, you crazy fucker!
"Seven and Seven Is"]
Didi mao!
Didi mao, you motherfucker!
Uncle Sam's gonna fry
your V.C. ass!
Woo hoo-hoo!
Here it comes! Oh yeah!
[Music continues]
I've got one left.
How many do you have?
We need a re-supply.
Sammy, how many
do you have left?!
Don't worry about me,
you Commie bastard!
I've got enough to blow
your ass back to Hanoi!
How come he's got
so many?
He drove to a warehouse
in Mississauga yesterday.
Why didn't he ask us?
We were on the
search for Chapman.
How did he get to go?
Well, he signed up.
But it's not exactly like
they were taking attendance.
Fucking asshole!
He lied about going on
the search?
I'm going to fucking
kill you, Sammy!
What the hell's the matter
with you, man?
You're a self-centred asshole!
What, are you fucking
crazy, dude?
What the fuck, Ben?!
Shit! Shit! Shit!
Shit, dude.
Where does
it hurt?
Aw, fuck! My arm.
Which one?
The right.
Dude, I don't think
we're supposed to move him.
I think it's
bad, dude.
Fuck! Yuri's going
to kill me.
Call Medivac.
[Nervous laughter]
Medivac! Fuck.
What is on your face?
What were you boys doing?
Where is Ben?
Speak, idiots!
Open your mouth!
Where at?!
Jesus Christ, it's myarm.
Don't say to me Jesus!
[Moody instrumental music]
[Music continues]
[Indistinct shouting]
[Indistinct narration]
Nice, Mum.
Yeah, Ma. It's really nice.
No, I'm fine.
I don't really feel anything.
[Knock at door]
Who's the party for?
At the Dynasty Star?
Uh huh.
If you're going to wear
the red tie
you should put on
the blue suit.
No, the tie's fine.
It's a nice tie.
It's good. Just wear
the blue suit.
TV Hockey
...Edmonton a lead of 4-to-1.
Sunday in Game Three,
the stakes where high and
so were the sticks.
Bourque and Gretzky played
30 minutes of game...
TV Hockey
...versus its present MVP.
But now Boston's
Ray of Hope is waning
and 99's again a prime
candidate for more acclaim.
In these play-offs,
the pro and con seem destined
to be together...
[Phone rings]
Yes, Sammy, he's feeling better.
I will give him the phone, okay?
It's Sammy.
Got it.
Sammy on phone:
How you doing?
I'm all right.
Kind a handicapped but
I'm all right.
Sammy on phone:
Listen, dude.
Noah and I are going to go down
to Canada's Wonderland
to watch the fireworks, but
after that maybe we'll stop by?
You mean you're not going
to watch the game?
Sammy on phone:
No, actually, Noah bumped
into Sara and Melanie
and they sort of invited us.
They say hi.
Sammy on phone:
But maybe we'll stop by after?
Yeah, sure.
I'm not going anywhere.
Sammy on phone:
All right, bye.
You look good, Pa.
Just now.
Call from the restaurant and
I'll tell you the score.
Don Cherry on
...I'm saying right now
Gretzky will be carrying the Cup
around in Edmonton.
Ron Maclean on
Andy Moog played very well
in Game One at Edmonton...
TV Hockey
...He gets that chance tonight.
His chore is to try to stop
the Oilers
who are starting with Messier,
Anderson and Simpson...
Lowe and Muni, the defenseman
Bourque and Klusak
for The Bruins.
With Lindstrom, Crowder
and LeMay...
Muni taps the puck ahead
to centre.
Here's Anderson with the first
big chance in the game!
He scores!
Ten seconds into this
fourth game
Anderson breaks away!
And the first shot of
the hockey game is in the net!
Oilers lead it one to nothing.
[Indistinct commentary on TV]
TV Hockey
The first period this evening
Wayne will be
our studio guest...
...Gretzky, rebound, scores!
...if you've ever played hockey
in a sauna
but that's what these guys
are doing tonight.
And the fog is beginning to be a
bit of a problem.
TV Hockey it back to centre ice
to Sweeney.
More players in on the boards
right at the Oilers bench.
[Door bell]
TV Hockey
Feeds it in behind the net...
Is it okay if I come in?
Yeah, sure.
I'm just watching the game.
Where are your parents?
They went to a party.
Do you want anything?
TV Hockey
That fog is really thick down
there now
and it's very difficult to see
at ice level.
Well, it's a problem, of course,
for the goaltenders.
Especially the one at
the other end.
I know they like to follow the
puck wherever it is...
I think I like it
better this way.
TV Hockey
See what happens to
the Edmonton Oilers now.
And he's made the sign
for Edmonton to get
out this time.
Just to say, who sends them out.
And they go down to their end at
the far left and skate about.
And the Bruins up here
to the right...
Is it okay if I do this?
TV Hockey
A foggy night in Boston town.
Fourth game of the
Stanley Cup Final
and it's 3-2, the Bruins.
They're fighting back
and showing a lot of grit here
in this hockey game.
To get scored on so quickly
and then to have
a double penalty
and get scored on again.
If it wasn't the Boston Bruins
and the tradition that their B
on their sweater stands for
you'd kind of wonder if they'd
ever do it.
That's Roy's wife, Dale,
from Toronto.
Roy's horse wouldn't start.
He couldn't ride in
for the game.
All right.
Dale Rogers.
A lot of Canadians down to
Boston to catch this series.
Kasper loses it to Gretzky!
Shoved one in front of Messier,
did he hit it?
There's a shot!
What happened?
I don't know.
The power must
have gone out.
Does your arm hurt?
Do you want me to help you
take your shirt off?
TV Hockey -
...- 23 remaining in the period
and the lights failed us.
The lights in the Boston Garden,
if you just tuned in
have gone out, just in the ice
surface area alone...
Cayla, maybe we
shouldn't do this.
[Phone rings]
I should get that.
It's probably my father.
If I don't get it,
he'll be worried.
I'm fine, Pa.
It's 3-3.
But the power went out and they
stopped the game.
I don't know, but they lost the
lights, they can't play.
I think they're going to have
to suspend the game.
Yeah, I think you'll get
to watch it.
No. It's okay.
Yuri on phone
Okay. Bye.
TV Hockey
...about a year ago.
This tripped a switch shutting
down the main power.
As a result of that...
...But tonight's game had
to be called off.
At this point, as you know
...the game was at23 left in
the second period.
Our by-laws provide for a game
not being able to be completed.
So our by-laws take over
in this situation.
It's by-law 27.12 and providing
for this contingency,
it reads and I'll read it...
[Sobbing quietly]
TV Hockey
...What that mean is this.
Game four will be played in
Edmonton on May 26th.
Game five will be played here in
Boston if necessary...
[Bob Dylan's "Dark Eyes"]
A cock is crowing far away
And another soldier's
deep in prayer
Some mother's child
has gone astray
She can't find him anywhere
But I can hear another drum
Beating for the dead that rise
Whom nature's beast
fears as they come
And all I see are dark eyes