Victoria Gotti: My Father's Daughter (2019) Movie Script

Most people ask me
if the Gotti name
helped or hindered my career.
You be the judge.
We'll try and keep the
interviews as short as possible.
Ten radio, ten television.
Now that your father's in jail,
will you be taking over as
head of the mob?
Keep the questions
to the book, okay?
Yes, but how is your dad?
Rumour has it, he isn't well.
Mommy! Mommy!
Hi boys!
Daddy made us something!
Did he?
Lucky you.
You didn't stay long tonight.
The kids were bored,
so I took 'em home early.
Besides, you know how I feel
about you working.
Can't you just support me?
[phone rings]
[Operator] Collect call from
the correctional facility.
Do you accept?
[whispers] Dad.
Hey, kiddo. Sorry
to call you so late.
How are you?
[quietly] What is it?
I can tell something is wrong.
Just tell me.
Uh... The test results are back.
It's cancer.
Okay, well... we'll...we'll
fight it.
He's right here;
I love you too.
Okay, bye.
[phone rings]
They're here.
I was born with a congenital
heart defect.
According to the doctors,
I should have been dead
a year earlier.
That morning, I wished
I was.
I'm Victoria Gotti, and this is
the story of my father and me.
Push. Push. Give us
a big, hard push.
Call my husband!
I want my husband!
Come on now,
you can do this.
No, I can't!
You're gonna be fine.
Just look at the clock.
I won't look at a clock!
I want my husband!
[phone rings]
Yeah, hang on.
It's the hospital.
We gotta go, Ange.
This one's gonna be a boy.
Butch! We gotta go!
Wake up.
She's beautiful.
Where were you?
What happened to your face?
Don't worry about it.
We gotta go.
I've told this story
a million times.
About how my father stole me
from the hospital.
Since they didn't have money
to pay the bill.
It sets my father up
as a noble criminal.
A Robin Hood.
[weakly] I just
had a baby.
I often joke that stealing me
from the hospital was the most
lucrative heist of Dad's life,
but looking back on all of it,
all I can think of "kid,
you were royally screwed."
[loud buzzer]
Look at us.
We were so young then.
My sister Angel,
she's on the right.
That's me. John Junior
was five.
Now, remember.
Your father works here,
so you all need to be on
your best behaviour.
Daddy is helping build
this place.
But, we still gotta follow the
rules if we want to see him,
you got it?
Frankie, the youngest,
was at home.
[heavy creaking door opens]
Gotti family?
Let's go.
My little princess.
Hi, Dad.
Hi Dad.
Hi John.
[whispered] How are ya?
Victoria. Mom said
you love to read.
[whispers] You're my smart one.
Make sure she gets
a library card.
Dad, guess what?
I know how to play chess.
I hope we can play one day.
We will.
You don't look so good.
What's the matter with her?
She can hardly speak.
She's fine, just-
We're all just really tired.
Everything okay?
Come here.
There was nothing wrong
with me.
I was just painfully shy.
Plus, the stories my mother
told us about Dad's job
and him working so far away
from home just didn't add up.
They acted like I couldn't see
the armed guards,
and they wondered what
was wrong with me?
Dad, do you like my dress?
Your dress is beautiful.
Give me a kiss on the cheek.
All right.
Butch. What's going on?
You need some money?
I told you, we're all just
really tired.
We got a four-hour drive home,
and I still gotta go pick up
It's not gonna be forever.
Promise I'll make it up to ya.
Gotti family.
Time's up.
Go hug your father, kids.
Time to get to work.
Give me a hug.
Go, go.
Bye, Dad.
Bye. Bye. Bye.
[door slams heavily]
Mom was more than tired.
I know that now, as a mother
of three myself,
with so much more
than my mother had.
Before she got married,
she had a job.
But as an Italian mother, you
didn't work outside the home.
It wasn't done.
She missed my father.
We all did.
But she never complained.
...And sometimes, he
lets me ride in the car.
[excitedly] And he'll
turn on the siren.
Thank you, Vinnie.
And thank your uncle
for keeping us safe.
Have a seat.
Victoria Gotti, come on up,
read us your report.
I remembered having just come
back from visiting my dad.
Do I have to call
your mother again?
...and, I started to become
a very anxious child.
I was agitated, I could
not sleep a lot of nights.
My mother never knew
what was wrong with me.
But the anxiety was already
setting in,
and it was more to do
with my dad's life
and what I didn't
know about that.
[Softly] My hero is my father.
Louder, Victoria.
My hero is my father.
He works on big buildings.
He's a construction foreman,
and he wears a hard hat.
He's not a foreman!
He's a jailbird!
My mom said so.
Everyone knows.
That's enough!
Being made fun of in front of
my whole class was bad enough.
But hearing what I'd always
suspected about my father
left me distraught.
Why did they call Daddy
a jailbird?
I already told you, your father
works in construction
and that's all there
is to say about it.
So then why can't Daddy make it
to see me get my teacher's award
at the graduation?
It doesn't work like that.
Daddy said he might be
home then.
He said he "might be".
What do you want from me?
The teacher said
only two kids
in the whole district
get the award.
Daddy can't miss it.
[cash register dings]
What's all this?
Food stamps?
It's as good as money.
Just take it.
Can I get some help?
This lady don't got no money!
She's fine.
Ring it up.
[bell on door jingles]
[classroom bell rings]
You did good, Vic.
Come here.
My big winner!
The United Federation
of Teachers Award.
Can I borrow it?
All right, I'll give it to you
later. I gotta run.
No, Daddy, you just got here.
Listen to me.
You don't get many tears
in life.
Don't waste 'em all up here.
Now, listen. I gotta take
care of some business.
So, you tell your brothers
and your sister
I'll be home for dinner.
Where is he going?
To show off.
I didn't want to let him go,
I was hugging him so...
so tight, and he left.
And I was so upset.
He took the awards,
but he didn't take me.
And I was crying, and
my mother said to me:
"Your father is
going to show off.
"That's his way of showing
how proud he is of you."
-How's your ma!
-Yeah, she's good, she's good!
[car horn]
Look at this automobile!
Didn't I tell you I'd be home
by dinner?
Hey, Frankie, come say hello
to Daddy.
Hey kid!
[heavy thump]
[furious] Who's screaming!
Which one of you?
Frankie! Frankie, what happened?
Yeah, you. Come here.
Who the hell are you?
You hit my kid?
Yeah, what's it to you?
[heavy punches]
Cover your eyes.
Oh, my God!
Somebody do something!
Show some respect!
Girls, inside now.
I'll be back.
Upstairs, upstairs.
[car engine starts]
No, Daddy.
So, my father was home
for a while.
Correction; he was no longer
in jail.
But that didn't mean
he was actually home.
He had business to attend to.
With his other family.
My mother was hoping
that after he got out,
they'd be able to spend time
together as a couple.
My father was never home,
except to eat and sleep.
And after a while, it started
to take its toll on Mom.
Angel, throw the sausage
in the gravy.
Daddy! Is that the dress
for my dance?
Heh, didn't I tell you
I'd get it for you.
I love it, Daddy.
Dinner's not done?
Does it look done?
What's with the attitude?
I'm asking cause I gotta go.
Oh yeah, because
you've gotta eat and run.
Yeah, I know.
You think I don't want
to be home?
I'm out busting my ass
every night to provide for you.
Gee, thanks.
Do you think what I do
is a game?
You sit in that club playing
cards and drinking,
and going to bars, while I am
at home with four kids,
cooking and cleaning
every goddamn day.
I put my life on the line every
time I walk out that door.
I don't need this shit from you.
[furious] Then, leave.
After all the shit I put up
with from you, and for what?
I want you out.
You don't tell me
[yells] what to do!
[yells] I said get out!
Mommy, stop it!
You're probably wondering
how I felt about the violence.
In hindsight, it was horrible.
So, I did what I knew best.
Pushed the incident entirely
out of my mind.
After that night, my health
began to suffer.
Vicki what's the matter?
[pained] I don't know.
I can't breathe.
You don't feel warm.
There's something wrong
with my stomach.
It really hurts.
Okay, come on.
Mr. and Mrs. Gotti, I... I don't
think it's anything physical.
My... my guess is
it's anxiety.
Your guess?
She's a little girl, what's
she have to be worried about?
Children worry about all kinds
of things.
If I may, I can recommend
a psychiatrist.
You people are nuts.
My little girl's tougher
than you can ever imagine.
Come on, baby.
Pack our things, Butch.
What are you talking about?
I'm getting us out
of this shithole.
['70s rock]
For my siblings and me,
moving to Howard Beach was like moving to Beverly Hills.
Our modest four-bedroom home
seemed like a mansion.
It was clear that we had left
poverty behind.
[distant arguing]
How are the bills being paid?
You tell me.
How are the bills being paid?
It ain't by you.
I wish they'd just get
divorced already.
They're not getting a divorce.
If you say so.
They're fighting about
John JR again...
[heated arguing] How can you sa that to your husband?
How can you say
that to your husband?
Is Dad around?
What happened to you?
I was just messing with
some guys up the street.
Like there's not enough problems
around here?
Get over here!
I told you.
I'm not raising any punks.
Pack your bags, you're
going to military school!
[panicking] Dad, no, please,
I'm sorry.
You need self-discipline!
A nicer neighbourhood
didn't mean an easier life.
Hey. Girls.
Wake up.
Come on, we're gonna go
see your father.
Let's go! Let's go!
With my brother John Jr.
now away at military school,
and my father forced
to hide out yet again,
Mom was left cleaning up
the mess.
We're here.
Where are we?
I'm tired.
Yeah, well you wanna see
your father?
This is how it goes.
Come on.
Come on.
Get in.
How are you?
You guys are a sight
for sore eyes.
Anybody follow you?
No, no one followed us.
How long can we stay?
We're leaving first thing
in the morning.
We just got here.
Yeah, well, there's only
so much we can do.
Dad, we miss you.
You still like cherry cola?
Well, this hotel has the finest
cherry cola vending machine
in the entire state.
Let me give you some quarters-
And you guys go get me
some, okay?
Okay, thanks.
I'm gonna be home soon.
Sorry, I almost believed you
for a minute.
Do they have a pool?
Ah, that's a good question.
Why don't we go take a look?
Vic, you good?
Okay. Come on, go, go.
Dad, when can you come home?
Are you and mommy getting
a divorce?
That word's not even
in my vocabulary.
When I love, I
love for life.
Do you have to go away again?
You don't worry about that.
It won't be for long.
You're a strong girl.
You're gonna get through this.
Yes, Daddy.
Good. Proud of ya.
My father was a throwback,
He believed
in the family
that was his blood family.
Come on, let's make some dinner.
Sometimes I wondered
which would come first,
because that's... that's
the allegiance he had
to this organization
that he belonged to.
Let's go kids, we've got a long drive ahead of us.
Come on.
It's so early...
Here, Angel,
take that to the car.
I mean, I watched her.
I don't know how she did it
to this day.
You know, there were five of us and...
She always struggled, and
he would always tell her,
I always remember
him saying to her,
"one day I'm gonna give
you the world."
[whispered] I gotta go.
Get inside.
After a year of evading
the authorities,
my father was arrested
in a bar in Queens.
Ironically, he had come back
to defend a friend
who turned out
to be an informant.
I think he was tired of hiding, anyway.
All right, Vic. What do you
feel like for dinner?
Chicken Parmesan.
All right, I think we gotta stop
at the butcher
and get some chicken,
maybe some bread crumbs.
I think I got the sauce
at home too.
Take this and,
I'm gonna get you...
Hi, can I get a pack of
the, uh...
After the trial, and dad went
he officially "earned
his bones",
a term used when a man
becomes a wise guy.
Hey, uh, never you mind that.
Come on, let's go, we gotta
finish our shopping.
[whispers] Jesus.
To me, it was crushing, but
I could still hear his voice.
"You only get so many
tears in life,
"and don't waste them
all up."
[smooth jazz]
[smooth jazz]
Hey. Wait for dinner.
Dad went down
for manslaughter,
and when he came back,
it was a very different house..
His baby girls weren't
babies anymore.
Hey. Wait for dinner.
Psst Victoria. You ask.
Why me?
Just tell them we're going
out together.
No big deal.
They trust you.
Angel, please.
Everyone's already there.
We gotta get goin'.
They're not gonna care.
You're watching Frankie boy
tomorrow though.
Yeah, yeah.
We're so happy to have
you home, Daddy.
And I'm happy to be here
with you...
and this lasagna!
Daddy, Angel and I...
Hey, Frankie boy.
When's your football practice?
[uncomfortably] Oh, um, uh...
Frankie didn't make the tryouts.
What do you mean, he didn't
make the tryouts?
Coach said he was a little bit
too... scrawny.
Too scrawny. Who's his coach?
You know what, Frankie?
There's always next year.
Don't worry.
Just... don't press it, John?
I want to talk to the coach.
Once I get through to them,
there's gonna be a tryout.
Victoria and I were invited
to a party tonight.
What kind of party?
A birthday party. For a friend.
We... we don't have to go.
I mean, you just got home.
It's fine.
Victoria, you're babysitting
tonight. Remember?
Your father's taking me out
to celebrate.
How late will you be?
My curfew's 11.
We really don't have to go.
[smooth jazz]
Go have fun, Vic.
Be home by 10:00.
We'll go out later, Butch.
Yeah. I'm home,
I make the rules.
Ten o'clock, not a minute later.
Give me a kiss on the cheek.
Thanks, Daddy.
Thank you.
Can I?
Yeah, please. Go ahead.
Gotta eat before your party.
Hey, cut me one.
Cut me a piece.
What time is it?
Quarter to 11:00.
[John] Whatever happened to following the rules around here
[Ange] I hear ya.
First with Neil getting
passed over,
now Big Paul's the boss,
and you know he don't
give a shit about...
Quack, Quack, give it a rest,
that's not what
I'm talking about.
[furious] Victoria,
how could you?!
I have not had your father
home in two years,
and this is how you act?
What's wrong with you?
How many beers have you had?
Butch, what the hell happened
around here while I was gone?
Don't worry.
Did you know none of the boys
would talk to me tonight?
Boys, what boys?
Don't worry, I'm not going
to any more parties,
because what's the point?
Who is she talking about?
I'm talking about you.
Everyone, everywhere I go,
knows me because of you,
and they just avoid me
like I'm the plague.
You better hush your mouth.
[harshly] Boys will talk
to you...
When I say they can
talk to you.
This is making a scene.
I want you to get upstairs.
Go, now!
Get in the shower.
I can't believe you ruined
my night.
Being John Gotti's daughter
was a mixed bag,
and anger toward my father
started to fester.
And it only grew over
the next few years.
[Radio] This is 10:30 morning news, gangland tensions continue...
Now, don't get me wrong,
being John Gotti's daughter
had perks that most
people would relish.
Good morning.
I just wanted to be normal.
[revs engine, tires squeal]
Woah, woah, woah!
We go I we say we go.
I'm so sorry.
So, who do we have here?
Victoria Got...
Okay, Miss Gotti.
Whenever you're ready.
Uh, right at the stop sign.
It's not...
Look, you don't have to treat me
any differently because...
You're doing fine.
I want to pass or fail
on my own.
[tires squeal]
Do you want me to parallel park?
Do you want to parallel park?
[shortly] It's on the test!
It's up to you.
[bell ringing]
Of course everyone has
to parallel park.
That's why I failed.
You're so lucky.
Am I?
There's that car again.
That guy's not
from Howard Beach.
What do you think
he wants?
You're Victoria Gotti,
Yeah, who's asking?
My name's Carmine.
You want to slow down
so we can talk?
Do you live around here?
Just past the, uh, boulevard.
I seen you a few times.
I asked around about you,
"Vicki Body."
Do you know who my father is?
Sure, everyone knows.
So what?
Most guys don't want
to talk to me
after they find out
my last name.
Oh. Yeah, well, uh,
I ain't most guys.
Carmine didn't care
who my father was.
I was definitely impressed.
[traffic sounds]
So what did you think
of the movie?
What? I... I didn't like it.
You are a tough one.
Hey, as long as I'm taking out
Vicki Body.
All right.
Who else calls me that?
Guys talk.
Let's just say I know
a thing or two.
Oh yeah?
Tell me.
What does "made man"
Uh, it means your dad's
a big deal.
You know, like, um, like getting
into the inner circle.
How do you know all this stuff?
Everyone knows it.
You're not into it, right?
Don't worry.
I'm... doing some things
on my own.
[car door slams]
[whispers] Oh my god.
That's my dad.
It's okay.
I'm going to say this once,
and only once.
You stay away
from my daughter.
You don't call her.
You don't go by her school.
You see her walking down
one side of the street,
you go to the other side.
Vic, get in the car!
He said "what is it
with you?"
What is it about him?
And I remember looking at
my father dead on and saying,
"Dad, I don't know
why you're so...
"What is it about you that
you're so against him?
"He so reminds me of you."
And I thought that was
a compliment, well...
My father just blew up.
Are you kidding me?
I like him.
What's to like?
Uh, he wasn't afraid
to ask me out, for one thing.
Guy's not for you.
He's from the other side
of the tracks.
Why does where he's from
have anything to do with it?
He's a common street guy.
I want better for you.
He's ambitious and hardworking.
He does "insurance jobs" at
that auto parts yard he runs."
Oh yeah?
And what do people say
about what you do?
I can't believe I'm having
this discussion with you.
I don't need to explain
this to you.
I moved us here so you could
do better than some
street punk from Ozone Park.
Yeah, well, you can't
keep us apart.
Watch me!
The story about Carmine and...
Dad not...
not allowing me to go out
with him was,
Dad wanted so much
more for me,
and the next day he came in
and he said "get ready tonight,
be dressed, uh,
be ready at 8:00."
He thought, I'll beat
her at her own game.
Daddy, what is all this?
Where are we going?
It's a surprise.
I want to show you how
you deserve to be treated.
And, how to be around cultured
and worldly people.
[dance music]
I'm on the list.
Daddy, I can't go in there.
I'm not 18.
When you're with me, you're
whatever age I tell 'em you are.
[dance music]
[dance music]
[dance music]
Daddy, that's Andy Warhol.
You know what I like about
this place?
Respect begets respect.
Order what you want -
the sky's the limit.
[dance music]
Daddy, it's one 1:00.
It doesn't matter
what time it is.
It's important for you
to see what's out there.
Tell me, how do you see
your life?
I told you, I want to be
a writer.
Not what you wanna be,
WHO you wanna be.
Paint me a picture.
Well, after college,
I wanna get a good job-
Mmhm. Mmhm.
Get married
and have a family.
Ah, there's no rush for that.
I want you to see the world.
I want you to become cultured,
keep yourself open to all
of life's possibilities.
Daddy, really?
What is this all about?
To show you how a real man
should treat you.
Don't you ever forget that.
Promise me.
I promise.
Find a man that will give you
the best of the best,
hold open doors for you,
a gentleman,
a Harvard man.
Not Carmine.
You understand me?
I mean, I felt like it
was a fairy tale.
I was a princess.
And, it was such a softer side
of my father
that I had never really
witnessed before.
We had such a wonderful time.
I don't think I'll ever
forget that night.
But... there was
still that intrigue.
That... "whatever" that
pulled me to Carmine.
I see the snow flakes fall
Young children have
a ball
But I can't smile at all
You're not...
Bogie's outside.
And Bogie, as I called Carmine, wasn't going anywhere.
Here, borrow my coat.
Howdy, stranger.
You shouldn't be here.
What, you don't want me
to come around anymore?
If my dad comes home,
he'll kill you, then me.
I'm not afraid.
Oh, I don't know...
Come on. Stay.
I want you for Christmas
My tree just won't
burn bright
Open it.
Do you like it?
I love it.
Do you love me?
[short police siren]
Oh, shit, not now.
But we're just sitting here.
Just, be quiet, all right?
Let me do the talking.
Evening, officer.
What, uh, seems to be
the problem?
I'd like you both to step out
of the car.
We didn't do anything.
That's far enough.
Get your hands out of
your pockets.
Hey, what the hell is this?
This belong to you?
You got a permit to carry?
What do you think?
Turn around.
It's a misunderstanding.
I'll be okay.
Just go inside the house,
it'll be okay.
But I was hell-bent on showing
my dad I was mature enough
to make my own decisions.
We've gotta hurry.
Angel's covering
for me with mum.
You gotta let me explain
about the gun.
It's better to have it
and not need it.
But you don't need it,
No, of course not.
I was just being careful.
What? You don't trust me now?
I do.
You'd better.
Come here.
[car engine rattles]
Later that week, I got an
emergency call from Angel.
That Carmine had been beaten
and shot.
I should have broken up with him
when Dad told me to.
I was worried sick that I had
been responsible for it.
Go on, take a break.
Hey, Vic.
[whispers] Oh my god...
Who did this to you?
Must have been that joker
who was trying to muscle me
out of business.
I knew they'd come for me.
That's why I had the gun.
Oh, Bogie... Is there anything
I can do?
Tell me you love me.
I love you.
Don't leave me, Vic.
I'm not going anywhere.
I was so relieved Carmine's
injuries weren't caused
by my father as a sort of
warning to stay away from me.
But it was a reminder
of what could happen
if we kept defying him.
How'd it go?
Coach said I'm a natural.
Yeah. What did I tell you?
Daddy, can I talk to you? Alone?
Uh, I'm gonna go
get dinner started.
Dad, did you hear what happened
to Carmine?
Hear what about him?
He got beaten up.
Really bad.
What do you want, Vic?
You gonna ask me somethin',
ask me somethin'.
I just... want you to let me
be with him.
He really needs me.
He needs you?
Are you nuts?
He just got arrested the other
night for carrying a gun.
Vic. I hear everything.
Now he gets beat up by some guy
on the street.
No way.
I'm not going to lie to...
Where you going?
To my room!
Come back here.
[door slams]
So, Dad was home.
I was still seeing Carmine
in secret.
I was in college, when...
Oh wait, there's Frankie,
hang on.
Don't be late for dinner,
or Mom will kill ya.
I know.
I'll be there.
Don't go too far.
[phone rings]
...What kind of accident?
Who was that?
Frankie got hit by a car
in front of the Romano's.
Okay, stay here.
Mom, wait!
No, I'm going.
Where's Frankie?
No. I told him to get in
the car with Ange and I.
You can ask him.
Where's Frankie?
Where's Frankie?
Where's Frankie?
We lost him.
It's okay.
[hysterical sobbing]
[hysterical sobbing]
Doctors were too afraid
to tell my mother
that Frankie had died...
And Dad had to tell her.
He later revealed
it was the hardest thing
he'd ever had to do, ever.
To further complicate matters,
the man that...
ran over my brother was
our neighbour, John Favara.
[somber organ music]
Oh my god.
What's he doing here?
Dad's gonna be through the roof.
I'm terribly sorry
for your loss.
I can't imagine
what you're feeling.
I just... came to pay my
respects to you and your family.
I hope that's okay.
After Frankie Boy's death,
my mom tried to commit
suicide three times.
But we all had to find
a way to go on.
I was left to cook, keep house, and raise the kids.
You know, he was
just right there.
I feel like I could've...
I just could've...
You've gotta stop
blaming yourself.
I know.
I just can't believe he's gone.
He was a great kid.
You gotta be strong now,
for the rest of your family.
I wish I could see you.
You think I could come by
when I'm done work?
Are you kidding me?
Has everyone lost their minds?
The man who killed Frankie is
outside having a party.
Are you kidding me?
He didn't pack up and move?
[door slams]
Oh, I gotta call you back.
[rock music blares]
[glass shatters]
Hey, get away from my car!
Mom, stop!
Get this crazy woman
off my property.
You killed my son.
You park this car here
every day,
to remind me that he's gone.
Mom! Mom!
You crazy bitch.
Who's gonna pay for the damage
to my car?
You killed my brother
and all you care about
is your car?
I'm disappointed in you, Vic.
You shouldn't have
let that happen.
Me? What did I do?
She wasn't in her right mind.
The minute she walked
out that door.
You should've called me!
[choking up]
Yeah, I should have made Frankie
get in the car that day
with me and Ange.
[whispers] That wasn't
your fault.
It was an accident.
You gotta stay strong.
Is that what we're being
with John Favara?
What are you saying?
He killed Frankie Boy.
He should pay for that.
I said it was an accident.
We already gone through
one tragedy in our household.
We don't need to make
matters worse.
Come here.
With a heart so broken,
I wanted someone to blame.
It was at that moment that I
understood how one person
could actually want to hurt
another person.
It was... just something
that was incomprehensible,
I think, to my mother.
She'd walk around nights,
thinking that he was
still alive.
Frankie. Frankie...
Come here, we gotta go.
Come on!
Yeah, come on.
No, he's here.
Come on. Come on.
It's okay. Come on.
My mother didn't get better,
so my father took her to Florid to see her family
for a couple of weeks.
By the time Mom got back, peopl had started asking questions.
[doorbell rings]
May I speak to your mother?
I hate to bother you
at a time like this, Mrs. Gotti,
but um... your neighbour,
John Favara,
has gone missing.
Yeah? And?
Why don't I call my father,
and you can talk to him?
No need for that.
We have reports that Favara
was forced into a van
after work one day, and,
uh, never came home.
I don't know anything about it.
But that drunk killed my son.
And if something happened
to him,
I wouldn't be sorry.
Get the hell out of my house.
What happened to John Favara
is still a mystery,
but most people assume
he's dead.
Do I feel bad about it?
If I'm being honest, no.
After Frankie's death, my mother
was never the same.
Actually, nothing was.
We had stopped celebrating
Dad did his best to keep us
all afloat.
My sister Angel
was getting married, and...
Dad planned the wedding.
Happy Birthday,
dear Victoria.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday!
Make a wish.
Tell me.
What do you want
for your 18th birthday?
Come on. What do you wish for?
What I want,
you won't give me.
Carmine showed you respect.
He was really there for me
when I needed him.
You can ask me all you want, the
answer's still going to be no.
Nothing's going
to change my mind.
You keeping us apart isn't
making my feelings go away.
You being disappointed isn't
going to make mine go away,
[spoon clangs loudly]
You're on a whole different
You're just not even seeing
where I'm coming from.
Nothing gets through to you.
What are you talking about?
You're just in this bubble.
You think that-
What are you talking about?
You're Daddy's little girl
and everything's okay.
I'm tired of hiding!
I'm tired of it!
You understand that?
Can't even walk down
the street with you.
What else can we do?
Well, I'm going to go into
his club and talk to him,
man to man.
Are you crazy?
He'll kill you.
I don't care anymore,
I don't care!
My mom's... my mom's
gonna be worried about me.
It was so intense, Ma.
It's like he wasn't
even himself.
He's probably just nervous.
Yeah, well, I hope he isn't
that way with Dad.
Yeah, I mean, his moods just,
like, change with the weather.
Oh, it's been over an hour.
Don't worry.
He'll call.
[lounge music plays]
Ho ho.
Would you look at the balls
on this guy?
Boy, you must be a real glutton
for punishment, kid.
Go on in. He's waitin'
for ya.
[lounge music plays]
[phone rings]
[whispers] He said yes!
Ahhhh! Yes!
Later, I'd learned Dad had
changed his mind
because he thought we'd elope,
and he'd never see me again.
That was his worst fear.
I never said that to anyone,
not even Carmine.
I've gotta say, when you came
into the club,
I was pretty shocked.
We were like, "oh, the balls
on this kid."
Language, Quack, Quack.
What's a matter with you?
Hey, Ange, come help me.
Let me tell you, big Carmine.
I got rules.
She finishes college,
law school,
whatever she wants.
You treat her like a gentleman,
we have no problems.
Absolutely, John.
Then you got my blessing.
Let's drink.
Bon Appetito!
There we go.
Eat up, everyone.
Looks good.
Vic. What's wrong?
You don't look happy.
No. I am happy.
I just don't feel that well.
The doctors thought it was
female hysteria,
but the episodes and trips
to the emergency room
became more frequent.
Come on Victoria, you've been
in bed for like three days now.
Of course in the end,
it was more serious
than that.
You know what, this is crazy.
I'm gonna call the doctor.
Turquoise or fuchsia?
Turquoise or fuchsia?
Vicky, what do you think
for my bridesmaids' dresses?
Oh, Angel, not now.
[phone rings]
Shh. Now this is important.
[whispers] Turquoise.
Uh, yes it is.
[whispers] Or fuchsia.
Turquoise. Definitely,
You just want turquoise cause
you look terrible in fuchsia.
Yeah, and I'm the one
who has to wear it, right?
No, please.
Please. Please.
Okay. I understand.
Uh, thank you.
Bye, Doctor Stern.
What is it, mom?
Was that the doctor?
What did he say?
Uh, Victoria might need
a hysterectomy.
What? No.
What does that mean,
The doctor says that you have
severe dysplasia
and if we don't get you
that it can turn into cancer.
Well, can I still have kids?
You wanna have a family,
then you really can't wait.
What about college?
Law school?
I don't know, John.
These guys don't know
what they're talking about.
We'll get a better doctor.
A second opinion.
I'll fly in the best specialists
from all over the world
if I have to.
Whatever it costs,
whatever it takes.
We're gonna beat this.
You just...
gotta stay strong.
Family meant everything
to my father.
Everything else he could control
with money and power.
But those things might not be
able to help him now,
and that really scared him.
Hearing the doctor tell me that I might need a hysterectomy
by age 25,
I was suddenly in a rush
to start my family.
You look beautiful.
Thanks, Daddy.
Butch, come on,
we're leaving.
I'm coming.
You're making the biggest
mistake of your life.
Daddy, please.
I'm in love with Carmine.
You're losing your opportunity
to see the world.
That was your dream,
not mine.
I can undo this.
It's not too late to back out.
I can turn today into one big
happy Christmas party.
No one's gonna ask questions.
Say the word.
I love you, Daddy.
But I need to do this
for myself.
It's gonna be the wedding
of the century.
Charles and Diana
would be jealous.
Oh, yes,
baby, baby, baby,
baby, baby
I sing you love songs
I was blown away by
the number of guests.
I heard people were actually selling their plus one tickets.
But in reality, they weren't
there for me.
They were there for John Gotti.
I didn't think much
about it back then,
but I get it now.
On my honeymoon, I was understandably a little nervous
because I had never slept away
from my parents' house before.
Why don't you...
come over here?
Oh, Vicki Body.
What's wrong?
What? How much did you lose?
Not all of it.
No, of course not.
Okay... Thank god.
We still got all the envelopes
you kept.
I didn't keep any, I
gave them all to you.
Well then, I guess
all of it.
You lost 30 grand?
In one night?
Yeah, Victoria.
That's how much money
I had.
And that's how much
money I lost.
You're insane.
You're insane.
Did you ever think
for one minute,
I don't know, maybe,
maybe I should stop?
You know, I just
said I was sorry.
No, you didn't!
Well, I feel bad
about it, okay?!!
My father's gonna be
so furious.
What do I care?
Excuse me?
My parents just paid for
a wedding fit for a king,
and this is what I get?
You know what, my father
was right about you.
Get out... get out of my face.
Where am I gonna go?
I don't care,
back to your tables.
Just get out.
[loud smash]
Come here!
Remember, you're not
Daddy's little girl anymore!
You're my wife!
What I didn't know, was Carmine suffered from Manic Depression.
eing married to Carmine
wasn't going to be a walk
in the park.
But I was determined
to prove Daddy wrong.
I was a stubborn woman.
My father's daughter.
What happened?
He lost it.
Everything we brought.
Oh, Victoria.
Can I stay with you for a while?
Of course!
Look who's home.
Hey, Daddy.
Do you mind if I sleep
in my old bed
while we get our
new house ready?
You're always welcome here.
Thank you.
I'll take your bags...
Love having you home.
'Kay. Come on.
[whispers] I think I made
a big mistake.
Victoria. Every woman
in every marriage
in history has felt
that way.
[whispers] No, he went crazy.
I mean, we were fighting, but...
It was really scary.
Let's get you something to eat.
No, I just... I just... I just
really want to go to bed.
We can talk about it tomorrow.
I'm so tired.
What are you doing here?
I'm calling, I'm calling.
I... I just didn't know what
to do, so I came here.
What is this?
Listen, I want to talk to her.
She's not feeling good.
Tell her I'm sorry, huh?
You know, it's a big,
big misunderstanding,
you know, things haven't been right in my head, you know
Yeah, I know.
They're never right
in your head.
[heavy breathing]
[PA] Dr. Hunt to the nurse's
station, Dr. Giles Hunt...
[clears throat]
What is it?
Is she gonna be okay?
Well, it wasn't a panic attack.
What does she have?
She's pregnant.
You're gonna have a baby.
You're going to be... you're
going to be a wonderful mother.
Her tests also show a congenital
heart defect.
So... This will be considered
a high-risk pregnancy.
She will be monitored.
Okay, wow.
I'd like to see you
on a regular basis,
and you'll have to avoid stress.
Okay, thanks.
You'll be okay.
That night, I was honestly
going to tell my father
that he was right about Carmine
But the idea of divorce
went right out the window,
with the news of a baby
on the way.
Corallo and his mob boss,
Anthony Salerno,
a.k.a. "Fat Tony" Salerno,
have been brought up
on racketeering charges
based on evidence gathered
by FBI surveillance...
It never ends.
The FBI have been working
on this case for over
three years...
and according to one source...
Don't listen to that.
Don't worry, nothing's
gonna happen to your dad.
He's too well-liked.
How do you know?
I got ears. People talk.
As long as it's just talk.
I don't want our family to have
anything to do with that family.
Yeah, I know.
I'll be right back.
I... I think something's wrong
with the baby.
Honey, hang up, I'm calling 911
[heart monitor beeps]
Daddy, no.
I'm sorry, Victoria.
I know there's nothing worse.
Please, can't you do something?
I can't fix it, honey.
I can't fix it.
Now's the time to use up
all those tears.
You know, when you bury
a... a child,
a daughter, um...
It's so hard,
it's so hard.
You don't understand why...
you know,
you've grown this child, and
then you go home with no prize.
And everybody else in the room,
in the hallways,
you know, get this prize,
and you're just home,
you know, you're hugging a crib,
an empty crib,
and you're sleeping on a floor
and you don't know
what went wrong, cause it
happened so quickly, but...
you adjust to it.
You never forget it.
Every May I celebrate
her birthday,
and, you always think God
has this plan.
And, uh, then, my brother,
you know,
my brother's death, of course.
I was so young, I never
understood that.
And that stayed with me.
And everybody's always
under the guise that,
you know, time heals all wounds.
and when we got back,
I was pregnant again.
So, I decided to make
some changes.
Do you love it?
And, I became a blonde.
Carmine thinks it's too flashy.
Well, it's a pretty drastic
I love it.
You tell Carmine your
hair stays the way it is,
if you want it.
He got a problem with that,
come see me.
[phone rings]
[slams receiver]
What is it?
I just got some business
to take care of.
You hate it.
Hate's a strong word.
[TV] Breaking news out of
downtown Manhattan.
An alleged mafia hit
leaves two dead.
What is presently known...
No, no, no, no.
...Big Paul Castellano, boss of the Gambino crime family.
The name of the other victim
has not yet been revealed.
But insiders suspect
that it could be John Gotti,
one of the mob's
top underbosses.
Two members of the NYC
Where and why the
killings took place...
Where's Dad?
Where's Daddy?
The boys at the club
don't know anything.
I always knew this
would happen.
Let's all take it easy.
Victoria, you're supposed
to be on bed rest.
Sit down.
[breathes heavily]
[phone rings]
[John] Vic! What are you doing
answering the phone?
Tell your mother I'll be back
in a few hours.
Have someone drive you home
and get in bed
before something bad happens.
Dear heart
After Castellano's' death,
there was a changing
of the guard.
My father became the new boss o the bosses of all five families
The change was not
without bloodshed.
Bodies seemed to drop
around the Five Burroughs.
From that point on,
there wasn't a day that Dad
wasn't on the front page.
The Gotti name sold papers.
Andy Warhol painted Dad's image for the cover of Time magazine.
Dad became larger than life.
At times, it was unbearable.
But was it all bad?
Of course not.
For a stretch, life was good.
I'm so proud of you.
He's perfect.
I'm crazy about this kid.
Oh, my goodness.
I started my family as my fathe was made the boss
of his other family.
He was loved and respected,
and got the nickname
"The Dapper Don," because of ho stylishly he always dressed.
My princess.
Meet Carmine Junior.
Oh, come on. Give the baby
a kiss, John.
All right.
Carmine's business was booming.
He owned the largest steel
shredder in the country,
making millions.
We bought land and built our
dream house on Long Island.
Dad, meet John.
And despite the odds,
my family kept growing.
Look at this little guy.
He looks like a chipmunk.
[baby cries]
Oh... Come here.
Go ahead, go.
They keep asking me,
"are you the boss?"
"Are you the boss?"
You know what I tell 'em?
I'm the boss...
of my wife and kids!
[all laughing]
To the man of the hour.
Everything was going smoothly.
I had my family, I had my kids, and I had a job of my own.
My own column at a newspaper.
Dad beat two major
trials back-to-back.
That same newspaper
dubbed him "The Teflon Don,"
because the charges
didn't stick.
In time, Dad became
the people's king
who feared no one and nothing.
The legend grew and grew.
[baby crying]
He's a cutie.
What're you gonna name him?
I decided on Frankie.
Oh, Frankie...
Doesn't he look like a Frankie?
He's beautiful.
Momma's angel.
The boys are gonna flip.
They're gonna be so excited.
[reporter on TV in background]
You, my little angel, are named
after my brother.
He was a special kid.
Look at you, yeah.
...The FBI picked up
Gotti last night
and today, he will face charges of ordering a hit
on the man he allegedly replace mob boss, Paul Castellano.
Gary bigger reports.
John Gotti...
Shh, shh, shh.
But these things don't last.
How can they?
When your rivals want you dead,
the FBI wants you in jail,
the president of the United
States wants your head
on a silver platter.
I should have been able
to predict it.
[gavel strikes]
Earlier in his trial, my dad
had asked for my lasagna
to be delivered to him.
But he had a cardinal rule
that no women from his family
were to ever set foot
in a courtroom
during one of his trials.
I didn't care.
I had to be there
for the verdict.
Mob boss John Gotti is facing
life in prison after being
convicted of all 13 counts
against him.
The jury concluded that he was
responsible for murdering
five associates in the Gambino
crime family,
and was guilty of racketeering
[crowd chattering]
How do you feel
about the verdict?
Will he file an appeal?
Any comment at all?
My father's the last
of the Mohicans.
They don't make men
like him anymore.
He said "the warden wants me
to sign a paper
basically saying
"it's an admission that I was
"and am the boss of the entire
And I looked at him,
you were convicted of it,
and you have life,
and if it will remove you
from this horrific dungeon,
why not?
He said, "what part of this
don't you understand?"
He said "Vicki, it's because
I'm me."
"and he was banging his chest,
and he kept saying
"I'm me. I'm John Gotti.
"And I'll be John Gotti till
the day I die."
[clacking keyboard]
Dad being in prison
was heartbreaking.
But with him away,
Carmine working,
and the kids in school,
I turned my focus on
my own career.
It was far from easy,
and I worked my ass off.
But I wrote my first novel,
The Senator's Daughter.
[slow soul music]
Dinner's not done yet?
No, relax.
I have some fresh mortadella
if you want some.
No, I'm uh, not hungry.
What? What's wrong?
It's no big deal.
I, um, I got into a bit of a...
an altercation with a,
um, a business associate.
More of a competitor.
Are you telling me that you're
going to be arrested?
What do you think I'm sayin'?
My father's in prison, and what,
now you're in trouble?
Carmine, what are you
caught up in?
What have you done?
Nothin', it's not me, I swear.
I swear, I swear on my mother,
come here.
I swear. Huh?
It's not me.
[soul music plays]
You believe me, right?
Would I lie to you?
Yeah, okay, okay, then
we fight it, right?
Fight it with everything we got.
All right.
Have you seen this bullshit?
It's obviously all about Dad.
It's a setup.
Take it easy, Vic.
I will not "take it easy."
They're coming after us now.
They're saying Carmine's
mobbed up, it's libel.
I don't know how to tell you
this, Victoria, but...
Carmine's not who
you think he is.
What are you talking about?
Tell me.
The papers.
They're telling you the truth.
I didn't do what you did.
He promised me.
He swore to me.
Yeah, well then he lied to you.
For god sakes, Victoria,
open your eyes!
He is in the life.
[yelling] No! Don't you turn
your back on me!
[yelling] This is my house.
You don't turn your back
on me in my house!
I want you out of the house.
Victoria! You get back
here right now.
I can't believe I put up
with this for so long.
You're sick in the head.
I'm sick?
You need to go to a hospital.
A hospital?
I want you out. I need
a break from you.
[yells] A break?
We don't do breaks, Victoria.
Who did I marry, huh?
Who did I marry?
...Stop these changes
you're putting me through...
I can't take you anymore.
I swear!
Want me to rub your shoulders?
You know I won't let
you leave me.
[terrified] Of course not.
Of course not, Carmine,
I was just mad.
You were mad.
I'm never going to leave you.
[yells] You got it?
I know. I know.
Let me... Let me just get
my robe, and we can talk.
Please, please!
You can't do it in the house,
you can't do it in the house.
Carmine, please.
[breathes heavily]
It was a joke.
I was only kiddin'.
[prison buzzer]
You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
What do you mean, you're fine?
What... I can see in your face
that you're not.
Don't worry about me.
How are you?
I'm gonna see a doctor
next week.
How are my grandsons doing?
They're good, they're good.
Yeah, everything's fine.
You know. They're worried.
They're kids, what do they know?
More than you think.
You were right about Carmine.
That's something I hoped
I was wrong about.
I know.
Most people want all of the
credit and none of the blame.
You prefer none of the credit,
and all of the blame.
I don't blame you, but...
I know what I have to do.
[camera shutters snapping]
[crowd chattering]
We'll try and keep the
interviews as short as possible.
Ten radio, ten television.
Now that your father's in jail,
will you be taking over as head
of the mob?
Keep the questions
to the book, okay?
Yes, but how is your dad?
Rumour has it, he isn't well.
A lion is still a lion,
even in a cage.
[camera shutters snapping]
[phone rings]
[whispers] Boys.
What's going on?
I know...
I know, it's scary. Don't
worry, it's okay, it's okay.
[distant police yells]
I had been told to stay strong
my entire life,
but that day was too much
for me.
[alarm beeps]
Come on, boys.
It's time to get up, okay?
Let's go.
I didn't know where to begin.
I never imagined myself
raising three sons alone.
And in my spare time,
there was my career.
My book contracts,
my newspaper column.
I fought to stay strong.
When Dad told me he had
throat cancer,
he didn't want the rest
of the family to know.
He only told me in case it got
leaked to the papers.
How are you, Daddy?
I can think of a couple of
other places I'd rather be,
but I'm okay.
How are you feeling?
Are the doctors taking
care of you?
It's prison.
Listen, did I ever tell you
the story
about my brother
peeing on my father?
And they blamed me?
Yes, you've told me that story.
But I don't... I don't want you
to tell me stories.
I want to talk to you.
Isn't that what we're doing?
I read your book.
I liked it.
I'm sensing a but coming on.
You know, to be honest,
I... I predicted the ending.
You know, I could never get
anything past you.
You should be very proud.
I know I am.
Do me a favour.
Yeah, what is it?
When you write another book,
how about a love story?
I want to know that you're swept
up in love and romance,
not crime and murder.
Yeah. I'll keep that in mind.
I really miss you, Dad.
I always admired your strength
through all the hard times.
You know, strength comes
from within.
A lion is still a lion.
Even in a cage.
He said to me before
he passed away,
"one day you might write
about this.
"Just make me one promise.
"Don't ever make me
out to be an altar boy.
"Because I wasn't."
John Gotti, notorious head
of the Gambino family,
has died of throat and neck
cancer in a prison hospital
in Springfield, Missouri.
His casket, carried by
pallbearers, and attended
by family members
made its way through the street of New York in a procession,
the likes of which the city
has never seen.
Flowers filled the more than
dozen cars motorcade
which led 50 more cars past
friends and foes alike
in a last farewell
to the Dapper Don.
I still cry every night.
I don't know why, um...
And when your father's dying
and you can't...
you can't be there
and you can't touch him.
You're watching through glass,
it's very disturbing, so...
The one thing I miss
the most is, is his strength,
is his protective nature.
I... I miss that.
It's those times when
I feel overwhelmed,
and I would always go there.
And there's nobody else
to go to anymore.
When he went, that went.
[solemn operatic music]