Video City: Be Kind, Please Rewind (2023) Movie Script

Life is like a movie.
We all have our heroes in our own stories.
Some stories are dramatic.
Some are action-packed.
While the others
are full of laughter and comedy.
I think my story
probably has more adventure
with a mix of...
Something that will really
touch our hearts.
A story that's worth repeating
over and over again.
It's beautiful, isn't it?
It's a classic.
It's timeless.
When it's so good
and the scene really touches you.
Even if you've watched it several times,
you never get tired of it.
The one you keep going back to,
even if you repeat it a million times,
just so you could see
and be with her again.
We've been suffering for far too long.
But now,
along with the birth of a baby,
is the new beginning of our nation
and the future!
Our only hope.
The Chosen One!
we will have the chance
to meet Director Anita.
Ma'am, can we please turn off
the projector?
It's distracting me.
Thank you.
How does it feel
to have such a brilliant mom?
I'm sure it also inspired you
to make a great film like that.
Or do you feel pressured?
But that doesn't matter, Han.
You're already famous.
You did a great job acting as Baby Nio.
Besides your willy
looked so tiny and cute there.
Hey, Han.
Do you wanna be
an assistant director for my film?
And also, if you're interested
in having coffee or cake
or something with me?
I'll just wait for your reply.
Why did you ask him to be your AD?
He's terrible.
Plus, he doesn't have energy.
Hey, Han. You're home.
Do me a favor.
Can you check the TV? It's been acting up.
Thank you.
How are you doing?
Are you still busy with your thesis?
A little.
But nothing I can't handle.
How about you?
It was a full house
at your tribute screening today.
The audience had a blast.
Let's go to the toilet
before heading to bed.
Off we go.
Good night.
Push middle!
- Bro, that's what I've been doing!
- Where the hell are you?
Loser! What's taking you so long?
Don't be stupid!
- Where the hell are you?
- We're here. Where are you?
You're farming too long!
- Dumbass!
- Moron, the tower's down!
Bro, your aim's off! Massive fail!
- You're not here!
- We're here!
- You were playing Counter-Strike!
- Idiot!
"Be kind, please rewind"?
Video City?
Hey, you!
Sorry about that.
Hey, kid!
What is it?
- Where am I?
- Over there.
No, I mean...
What's the today's date?
I'm dead because of you!
Grampa, can I ask you a question?
- What's today's date?
- May 5.
What year?
May I borrow this?
"May 5, 1995"?
No, no, no.
No, no, no.
This is my house.
I'm just confused.
I'm not in 1995.
I'm not in 1995.
It's impossible.
I'm hallucinating.
Because... Because...
Because I'm stressed about my thesis.
I'm stressed. I'm just hallucinating.
It's impossible that this is happening.
Tell me about your thesis film.
Yes, sir...
It's about...
a firefighter
Siapa starts a revolution.
So it's about socialism.
For three generations.
Now it's a period film.
With the help of a fairy and her friends.
Oh, goodness, Han.
A thesis film is only a short film.
Are you sure you want to make
some sort of epic film...
just like your mother's works?
I'm not saying that you're not
the same caliber as Director Anita.
You're good!
You don't seem inspired at all.
Let's try this one.
You need to explore again.
Palabra de Honor, Baby Tsina,
Dugong Buhay.
You won't wake up huh?
Was the thing yesterday real?
Did I really time travel?
Why did I return to the past?
This guy doesn't make sense.
Why is no one making any sense?
Stop bothering it.
It doesn't like to be bothered.
It hasn't worked for a long time.
Only for you.
Don't force it.
It may not work again.
- But...
- Why is it like this? Why is it like that?
You should be asking why you?
Welcome to Video City. Be kind, please...
Hey, you!
Hey! Stop right there!
You were a jerk yesterday, sir!
I didn't mean to. I was just very...
I was really out of it.
You did it again today.
Oh, gosh! So awkward.
- Sorry, sorry.
- Sorry too.
I got this, sir.
- Help me remove these.
- What?
Let's remove these!
They keep getting knocked over.
Don't shout in my ear!
You're unbelievable!
Why whistle when there's no sound?
- What the fuck?
- Oh, my God!
- What do you mean "fuck"?
- I'm sorry.
You're rude!
You're not only a jerk, you're also rude.
I'm sorry. I don't mean it literally.
Not the disrespectful kind of "fuck."
It's more of an expression like...
Only in that context.
Are you sure?
Is that a new trend?
I better use it then.
Just like that?
You having fun?
Yes, I am.
These films are hard to find these days.
They are classics.
Rare find.
Wanna test them out?
You're not from here. Are you?
I don't see you that much.
Where are you from?
I'm from...
I'm from the future.
Kalentong. I'm from Kalentong.
I see. That's quite far from here.
It's quite a distance.
I came all the way from 2023.
If you're from Kalentong,
how do I get there?
Do you go by jeepney?
By time machine.
Through that rewind machine you have here.
It's a time machine.
Dude, you're funny.
What a weirdo.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Perfect timing.
- Looks like we have a new friend.
- Yes, we do.
What's your name again, sir?
Han. Call me Han.
Han. Hi, Han. I'm Ningning and he's Han.
- You know that?
- Of course.
- What grade did you learn it in school?
- I'll tell you later.
But I'm telling the truth.
I'm really from the future.
From year 2023.
It's okay. I believe you.
- Yeah.
- We believe you.
I'm also telling the truth
that I'm from Jupiter.
I'm not lying. I'm really from the future.
- He's getting angry.
- He is.
- Sorry.
- It's your fault.
- He's serious.
- Yeah.
I didn't know he was serious.
Are you for real? Promise?
It's the truth.
Fine. Prove it.
Why isn't it working?
Oh, no!
This is bad, Ning.
He promised to tell the truth
even if he dies.
It might just happen.
- I'm kidding!
- No.
I think I'm doing it wrong.
- I'll go forward, I'm from the future.
- I see.
- Sure.
- Okay.
- Let's give him a chance.
- Okay. Give it a try.
One more time.
Another one.
- Keep pressing.
- It's working.
- It's happening, Jepp!
- Holy...
Oh, my God!
- Wow.
- Incredible.
Are we in 2023 now?
Believe it or not, Choc Nut!
- Fuck! It's for real!
- Watch your words.
- Don't swear.
- He taught me that.
Don't teach her bad words.
Look at him.
Geez! So this is how people
from the future are.
They love watching movies for free.
What's up, Han?
Are you renting any movies?
Maybe tomorrow.
If that's the case,
we're closing up for today.
See you tomorrow?
I went there at exactly 10:00 a.m.
And then back to present at...
10:00 p.m.
Day two, it's...
11:00 a.m.
So maybe...
Mr. Pea?
Mr. Pea!
Those Japanese works that I've read...
Ningning, Jepp.
I have proof.
- Proof?
- It's also my payment for...
For... For...
Dude, to see is to believe, okay?
I'm not faking it.
I'm telling the truth.
I even brought a thousand bill.
It was a 2023 banknote.
- Ning!
- Come!
It's a big deal because
the one thousand bill has changed.
- Ning!
- It was a 2023 print!
Ningning, believe me.
I'm telling the truth.
Believe me.
- I really came from the future.
- Shut it!
I saw you last night.
You suddenly disappeared.
And today, I saw you appear again.
Do you believe me now?
Tell me if you believe me now.
Siapa's the most popular artist in 2023?
I think it's...
Sarah G.
What? Siapa's that?
President! Siapa's the president?
- It's BB...
- Hold it!
I don't wanna know.
I don't want to know anything.
But okay.
I believe you now.
Yes! Do you really believe me now?
Why are we whispering?
Aren't they allowed to know?
Ning. Siapa's he?
Siapa's this cute guy?
He's new here, Big Boss. He's Han.
You're already flirting with him.
You may continue flirting
during your break, okay?
So, on your first day here,
you arrived at 10:00 a.m.?
Until 10:00 p.m.
Then next is at 11:00.
To 10:00 p.m.
So you're losing an hour?
Yes, every day.
How many do you have left?
Shit, sorry. I'm not good at math.
Well, I actually did
the computation already.
Twelve days in total.
- So you only have nine days then?
- Yup.
And it keeps getting shorter each day.
What about your last day?
I'll only be here for an hour.
You ruined the song.
You slaughtered it.
Someone's crazy if they thought
that they could oppose me.
Such a classic.
It's immortal.
I agree.
It's timeless, isn't it?
You know how it's been like...
Like recorded for ages.
Forever imprinted.
The film is immortal.
For me,
I'd really like to go in that direction.
To be immortalized.
In a film.
I want to be an actress.
You know what?
Every night, I go into this stockroom.
All of these movies,
I watch them all.
I'm already calling it
the mini Ningning theater.
Big Boss is cool with it.
He already gave this stockroom to me.
I watch all of these films.
Every scene, all the acting.
I study them.
Whenever there's an audition,
whatever the role is,
I just apply for leave
and I go to the audition.
So the role of Dorina Pineda...
I'm the star named Ningning.
I'm the star named Ning-Ning!
Are you complaining?
- I'm not.
- I'm not good at singing.
But I'm good at acting.
The next song I'm going to sing
is the last song you'll ever hear from me.
I'll say it again.
I love you all.
I love every one of you.
How was it?
How was my acting? Was it good?
I see the potential.
It's fine.
It's fine because...
Because I've been through
a lot of rejections.
But it's okay.
I still keep trying.
Because I believe, mark my words,
one day, "isang araw,"
everyone will know my name.
Luningning Magtulis.
Ningning, can I suggest something?
Of course! What is it?
Have you ever thought of using...
a different name?
What for?
Is there something wrong with my name?
No. There's nothing wrong with it.
I just thought that
it might help on your road to fame,
if you use a catchier
or maybe a more actress-like screen name.
Instead of Luningning Magtulis,
maybe you can use...
Nia Magdalena.
It has the same vibe as Sharon Cuneta,
Dawn Zulueta,
and yours is Nia Magdalena.
Sounds great, right?
Nia Magdalena.
Dang! I love it!
I really like it.
- Now it's your turn.
- What? What about me?
What do you want?
What do you want to be in the future?
I mean, right now, in your present.
- But I'm just a student.
- A director?
- I'm a student...
- Director?
- No, I'm not.
- You're a director?
This is so embarrassing!
I've been acting here for a while now.
- And you're a director?
- I'm not a director yet.
Maybe someday I will be. Let's hope so.
- I wish...
- Hey!
Carve it on a stone.
One day,
Nia Magdalena.
One day,
you'll be Director Han.
Director Han!
Just remember.
I have a future.
You have a future.
We have a future.
Hi, idols!
How are you doing today?
Guess Siapa I met today.
He is a... director!
He's just starting out like me.
I wonder how he is.
Is he back home?
I wonder how she's doing.
Where could she be in the present?
He said that I have potential.
One day, Luningning Magtulis.
Oops! That's wrong.
One day,
Nia Magdalena.
Maybe she's married by now.
Hence, a different surname.
Oh, well.
What was that Ms. Lorna T?
Yeah, I think Han is single.
But there's nothing between us.
We're just friends.
J-E-P-P Tan.
What happened to you, dude? Poor you.
He looks weird.
That's not the case.
That's weird.
Jepp is like a Saudara to me.
Oh, Ningning.
I really wanted you to be my friend.
I wonder how you're doing.
Right, Han?
I wish.
Good thing Big Boss
allowed me to work here.
Thanks for putting in a good word for me.
No worries. I got your back.
Well done! You're not a bum anymore.
Very nice. I'm proud of you, bro.
- We're proud, right?
- We're so proud of you.
- Keep us proud.
- You gotta work hard.
Speaking of working hard, take this mop.
You may continue mopping the Siapale store.
- You're a probie.
- I'll do it.
You can do this. All right?
And you, sir, please keep it tidy.
We keep cleaning up your mess.
Jepp! Watch your back!
Behind you!
- Are you okay?
- Yes.
Look at this guy.
you're changing the future?
What if that was only a coincidence?
I saw Jepp online in 2023.
He has a really ugly scar.
I just wanted to help him.
You're changing the past,
present and future.
Haven't you seen Back to the Future?
That's trouble. I'm telling you.
You know,
you could ruin everything.
You could mess up.
But I can erase all the ugly things
that happened in the past too.
And make it right.
Make a better future.
So when it's right, it's better?
Fine. Let's fix it.
Hold it.
Fine. Suit yourself.
As for me, it's better if I don't know
what's in the future.
I want it to be
a surprise!
Good evening, Dad.
Just wanted to catch up with you.
How is Mom?
Do you think...
This is only hypothetical.
If we could turn back time,
could we save mom?
A time...
where she wouldn't be sick.
What do you mean?
Like time travel?
This is what happens
when you watch too many Marvel movies.
Even Dr. Strange
can't change what happened to us.
You'll notice...
that your mom looks very sad.
Even though she can't speak,
you'll see it in her eyes.
She really misses directing.
Your mom was full of life.
But the truth is,
I feel very sad
whenever I see her sad too.
But I can't do anything.
I'm sorry, son.
Can I be an actor now?
Cast me in your thesis film, okay?
A true masterpiece,
directed by Ms. Anita Laurel.
Your Fight is My Fight.
In a city full of crime and evil,
a man like no other.
Ang Laban Mo ay Laban Ko Rin.
Han, that was amazing!
What's the matter?
Why do you look like that?
Ningning, please keep this a secret.
My mom is the director of that movie.
Your mom is Director Anita Laurel?
Miss Anita Laurel is your mom?
I'm such a big fan!
I've watched all her films.
Her next project,
Ang Laban Mo ay Laban Ko Rin,
I'm looking forward to it!
I'm her child but...
I'm not as good as her.
That's fine.
It's okay.
You know,
my parents,
Neneng and Dominador Magtulis,
are sweet potato farmers of Masbate.
I'm their child too.
But sometimes, it doesn't seem that way.
It's like I just popped out of nowhere.
That's why I left the province.
Do you know how that feels?
Everyone thinks my dreams are...
pure delusions.
Too far from reality.
Stay tuned for the upcoming
press conference on May 10,
at the Dagitab Studios, QC.
Just a moment.
I forgot that Big Boss let me borrow this.
He said that...
this might help us with our practice.
He found out that you direct.
I thought maybe we could practice.
I'll act and you'll direct.
We'll both learn.
I hope we both improve too.
What do you say?
Come on, Director.
Director Han.
I believe that film
is a gift to the viewers.
When they watch it,
they feel that the movie
was made for them.
For Pedro.
For Nena.
For you!
The film Ang Labang Mo ay Laban Ko Rin
is my gift.
We worked hard to do this
for all Filipinos.
Time for questions.
what's your advice
or what do you do when
you're really tired?
When you're losing interest
or inspiration
to do,
to create
and to live?
What a beautiful question.
You know what,
we're only human.
It's normal for us to get tired.
But as for me,
I look back on the good memories.
The reason why I'm doing
what I want to do.
the passion flows through you again.
Just rewind.
Keep rewinding.
And then play.
It will amaze you.
life becomes beautiful and exciting again.
The story keeps getting better.
Good morning, Mom. Good morning, Dad.
Somebody woke up
on the right side of the bed.
I watched something on TV.
It says if you want
to get your life on track, just rewind,
then play it again.
Just rewind, then play it again.
All right, I have to go. Bye, Mom.
Dad, I'll head out now.
Love you! Bye!
- Love you too.
- Bye now.
Just rewind.
Then play it again.
What is it?
Oh, hi!
Kat, by the way,
I'll be your assistant director.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Sure. Send me a chat later, okay?
Yes. We're good, Director.
- Hi, sir.
- Hey.
How's your thesis? Can you do it?
I'll defend my thesis this semester.
I can do it. Promise.
- Sure.
- Thanks.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
I really appreciate it.
This is so important to me.
Because I feel this
is going to be my big break.
Okay, show me what you've got.
Can I act with the lines I know?
Sure. I'll record it?
- Yes.
- Let's start.
Just focus.
Two, one... Action!
Look at me.
Look me into my eyes.
Will you still love me
if this is all gone,
without all my jewelry,
the fancy clothes?
Tell me what you feel in your heart.
That's all I've got for now, Director.
I mean...
your performance is good.
But there's something
you have to remember, Ningning.
During an audition,
you need to stand out.
You've got to show that x-factor
so they'll notice you.
Just look at the famous actresses.
For example, Sharon Cuneta.
Sharon Cuneta has an undeniable charm.
The kind of charm
where you can't stop watching her.
With Maricel Soriano, it's her angst.
- Her strong personality.
- Yeah.
Which is also unique.
While Lorna Tolentino,
she may seem gentle at first,
butt her intensity is extraordinary.
So, Ningning, I think that's our mission,
to discover what makes you special
as Ningning.
I believe you can do it.
my thesis defense is coming up soon.
I'm getting really nervous.
What kind of thesis is it?
I just need to complete
the story of my short film.
But there are still missing pieces
so I'm hesitant to present it.
Go ahead. You can tell me.
Come on!
Okay. Here goes.
Once, there was a humble farmer,
Siapa was on the path to revolution.
But with the help of a magical fairy
and her friends,
in a span of three ruthless generations...
Is my idea too complicated?
I don't think I can pull this off.
If you think about it,
my mom shoots these epic stories
like it's a walk in the park.
Meanwhile, here I am,
struggling to finish the plot.
Don't be hard on yourself.
Don't ever say that.
Always remember
that you have your own voice.
You have your own message.
Okay, Director Han.
What message do you want
to convey through your film?
Actually, what I want is really simple.
I just want to connect with people.
Connecting with people, that's all I want.
Even if it's only one person.
As long as
I can give that person laughter
and inspiration through the film I made,
that alone is enough for me.
I'm already happy with that.
As simple as that.
Well, there you have it.
It just has to...
come from there.
it doesn't have to be an epic film.
As long as it's from the heart.
The simpler,
the better.
Director, do you want to...
fix the concept of your thesis?
Something that's close to your heart.
Something that's more you.
Sure. Okay.
The Good Farmer and The Beautiful Fairy...
The Good Farmer and The Beautiful Fairy.
They both love each other.
But they live in different worlds.
One day,
the fairy can no longer
step into the human world.
But before that happens,
they both...
Both of them...
plant a tree.
They plant a tree and the farmer promised
that he'll wait for the fairy.
After several years and decades pass,
the farmer is still there.
Beside the old tree.
Waiting for the fairy.
And on the old farmer's last day...
On the old farmer's last day...
The fairy comes back.
And nothing about the fairy has changed.
She's still beautiful.
She's still very beautiful.
And the fairy brings
her beloved farmer to her world.
That was incredible.
Ningning, that was so beautiful.
I absolutely loved it.
I'm not joking. It's beautiful.
I really love that.
You think so beautifully.
You're flattering me.
It's nothing special.
Seriously, Ningning.
Thank you.
Anything for you.
Good luck with your thesis.
Good luck with your audition.
Hurry. Sit down.
To our fellowmen...
It's starting.
It's starting.
Our future.
The Chosen One!
Your willy's so cute.
Geez, Dad.
Now it's no longer a willy.
As you know, it's all grown up.
What else isn't clear to you?
I'm the real wife.
You're just forcing yourself.
Because I'm fighting for something.
What are you fighting for?
I have legal rights.
But I'm the one Gabriel loves.
Gabriel, let's go.
This woman isn't worthy of my time.
We'll call you, dear. Okay? Next!
Thank you.
You're an angel. Will I reach you?
Even if I'm up there, I can come down.
So you can reach me.
I already love you.
You know what, Ningning...
I think romance suits you too.
Just like this movie?
Of course, I like romance too.
Makes you feel giddy.
It's just that...
I think I can't relate much to it.
I haven't had a boyfriend yet.
Do you wanna try it today?
Do you wanna practice a love story?
Yeah, sure.
All right. I'll get the camera.
I'll need a partner for that.
You should join.
It can't just be me.
It might look crazy acting by myself.
I need to have a partner.
- I don't know to act.
- Come on.
Carding, you said something before
that left a mark on my heart and mind.
You said that you love me. Is that true?
I'm leaving.
Carding! Is it true?
You're a liar if it isn't true. Liar!
I'm not a liar!
Even though I'm a criminal and a thief,
I'm a man of my word.
When said I love you, it was true.
It came from my heart.
But now, it's impossible. Do you know why?
Because you're rich and I'm poor.
You're an angel.
How will I even reach you?
Focus. We're practicing.
Sorry, sorry.
You're good.
Even if I'm up there, I can come down.
So you can reach me.
I love you too.
Even if you're a thief or a criminal.
Is that true?
No lies?
Do you think it will work?
What is it this time?
There's probably a way to be with...
With Ningning?
No, no.
What I meant is, maybe there's a way...
I can stay without any limits.
Or even like...
Like stay for a few days.
Or maybe it's possible...
I stay there or...
she will stay here.
It will only work when it wants to work.
It will only work for Siapaever it chooses.
It's a lot like love.
It will only work and you'll be together,
if fate allows it.
The question is,
will fate allow it?
You're here.
I was just checking if...
If it's working.
- Is it working?
- Yeah. Looks...
Looks all right to me.
Well, okay.
- Miss!
- Sir!
Do you need anything? Later.
Are there any new action movies here?
All done.
Ask her out, bro.
- What?
- Ask her out on a date.
I'm shy.
But you know what Jepp?
I only have a few days left here.
I wanna make the most
of the time I have left.
Sounds good.
I want to spend it with...
Are you waiting for Christmas?
Your paycheck!
Here is your first paycheck.
- Quite a squeeze!
- Here's yours.
- Your salary.
- Thanks.
Get a haircut. You look like a lesbian.
Ouch. I'm kind of offended.
I added a bonus.
Big Boss, you didn't have to. Thank you.
Go, ask her out.
You've got money. You need confidence.
Go for it.
Do you have...
Do you have any plans later?
- Why are you asking?
- No reason.
I was just thinking that...
I haven't explored this area much.
I have only five days left
here in the past.
Maybe you can show me around.
Like a date?
It's more like...
just hanging out.
Sure. I'm getting off work early today.
- Your treat.
- Sure.
- I'm okay with that.
- Okay.
See you.
One day...
What "one day"?
Han, don't you know this nursery rhyme?
What kind of childhood did you have?
It's famous!
One day, "isang araw"
I saw, "nakakita"
-One bird
- "Isang ibon"?
-I shoot
- "Binaril ko"
I pick
-"Pinulot ko"
-"Pinulot ko"
-I cook
-I cook
-"Kain niluto ko"
-"Kain niluto ko"
I eat
-"Kinain ko"
-"Kinain ko"
- Yes!
- Wait!
How do I slow it?
- Stop?
- I'll pull.
I might lose control!
Don't go too fast!
You're doing fine, Han.
It's beautiful.
Come with me!
Let's play!
Miss, we'll be playing.
I love it. Thank you!
You're amazing!
It's in!
- Yeah, it's in.
- He won!
There it is!
It's in!
We can do this.
Look at their faces. It's so funny.
You're a fraud!
I'm a fraud?
I love you, Saturday!
What's taking you so long? Come back!
I'm dying!
Hey! Don't be loud! People are watching!
Come back!
Take me with you!
We're here!
This is it!
Look at this side.
Why are you staring at me?
You used to be so serious and rude.
But now you smile more.
You are full of life.
Well, it's probably because
my present is okay now.
I don't know why but...
I feel inspired these days.
I'm excited about your future, Han.
You have a future too, Ningning.
I hope the two of us have a future too.
I was just saying that the view is nice.
You know,
whenever I feel nervous about my future,
or those times I feel sad,
if I get rejected from an audition,
or whenever I feel alone,
when things are impossible,
I come here.
Then everything becomes possible.
Whatever it is.
Even the film Maging Sino Ka Man?
Is it also possible...
for Robin and Sharon to end up together
though their worlds are different?
It's possible.
What if it's not just their worlds
that are different?
What if they are from different times?
Will Robin still have a chance
with Sharon,
even though Robin
is 25 years younger than Sharon?
So that means...
Sharon is 50 years old by that time.
I think that setup is hard.
But you said everything's possible.
Yes, it is.
Age doesn't matter, right?
It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor.
It's all about the connection.
And if Robin really likes Sharon,
and Sharon really likes Robin.
I think Robin...
has a crush on Sharon.
How about you?
Does Sharon have a crush on Robin too?
I don't know.
We're here, Han.
Thanks for taking me home.
So then...
I'll see you around?
Sweet dreams to you.
Sweet dreams to you too.
See you.
Ma'am, good day to you.
May I ask something?
You're selling mussels?
Is there a Ningning Magtulis here?
How many kilos of anchovies?
Her name's Ningning Magtulis.
She was a former tenant here in 1995.
The sardines are gone. They're all dead.
Excuse me!
Does Luningning Magtulis live here?
- In your house.
- Looking for a room?
No, I'm not.
One day.
"Isang araw."
- Nia Magdalena...
- Hey, Ningning!
You, silly girl!
When are you going to pay the rent?
You haven't paid for months!
Damn you!
- I'll pay at the end of the month.
- You better make sure of it!
You know nothing but act here
and audition there!
You keep going on about being an actress!
Siapa are you trying to fool?
You will never ever be famous!
Just hold on, Mom!
I'm here for you.
Are you ready, dear?
I'm here for you, Mom.
Until your last breath.
Ningning, I'll take care of that.
No, I got this.
Do you have any plans
to move to another place?
Do you think you'll stay long?
Knock it off, Han.
Where do you think you'll move to next?
I checked the future, you're not there...
Han, didn't I tell you that I don't want
to know anything about the future?
You promised. You even swore an oath.
I really don't want to know!
I'm scared. What's so hard to understand?
Let me finish my work!
Before the fairy left,
she and the farmer planted a tree.
This tree is the symbol of their love.
What do you think...
I can do to convince her to come with me?
I mean...
here in the present.
I still want to be with her.
The question is,
does she still want to be with you?
Big Boss, thanks for everything.
This will be just for one night.
I'll stay here tonight.
- You should have asked me for a loan.
- No, please don't.
You've done more than enough for me.
Besides, I really think this is a sign,
that city life isn't really meant for me.
Think carefully about it, okay, Ning?
Okay, I'll go ahead.
- Get some rest.
- Take care.
I'll go ahead too, Han.
- Bye, Ning.
- Bye.
You're going back to the province?
What about your dreams?
All your efforts,
your talent,
your acting?
Please don't give up, Ningning.
Please don't.
Han, I'm just fooling myself.
My life here in the city,
being an actress.
Even you.
Everything is impossible.
Nothing is impossible, Ningning.
Ningning, we can keep going.
We can still see each other in the future.
If you want...
If you want, I can just stay here.
I don't know how but...
But maybe if I break this machine,
I may not return.
- It's okay with me.
- That's not okay.
- It's really okay...
- That's not okay!
Don't waste your life for me.
You have a beautiful life in your world.
You have a family.
You have huge potential.
You have a great future.
Don't you understand
that you'll waste away with me?
In your world...
you're 25, but I am what?
Fifty years old?
Siapa would fall for an old woman
Siapa has achieved nothing,
Siapa has gone nowhere?
It's true, Ningning.
Because I don't care
if you're older or younger than me.
I don't care about that
because all I know is I like you.
That's what I know.
And I believe
that you have a future, Ningning.
I believe that.
And I really believe
that you have a future
because of your passion, Ningning.
Your passion is contagious.
Aren't you amazed
at what's happening to us here?
Out of all the people in the world,
why did this machine
choose me to time travel?
Why me?
And out of so many places in the world,
why this place?
Why you?
Why did I end up here? Why am I here?
Why did the past and present
collide for us, Ningning?
There's only one answer,
and I know your heart knows it too.
Enough, Han.
Ningning, wait.
Ningning, please.
Please, I'm begging you.
It's my second to the last night here.
I want to ask you out on a date.
That's all.
A real date.
Just the two of us.
What's up?
Do I have your approval?
Sir, it's not working.
What do I do?
It will only work when it wants to work.
It will only work for Siapaever it chooses.
It's just like love.
Love works only when fate allows it.
It's still not working. What now?
Can you please help me with it?
Maybe you need to attach something to it.
Maybe fix something.
Sir, it's still not working!
Sir, what should I do with this?
Just tell me what I have to do.
Sir, it's still not doing anything!
Dude, what should I do?
Hi, Jepp! This is Han from the future.
Can we meet at the old Video City place?
Sure, Han!
Look at me.
Don't be shy.
Look at me.
Will you still love me?
When this is gone.
When all of this is gone.
Now look at me.
Now that nothing's left.
Now tell me what you feel in your heart.
Do you love me?
The real me?
I know that I haven't achieved anything.
I have nothing to be proud of.
I often feel discouraged.
Sometimes I feel like I'm useless.
Her boobs are kind of small.
You know the Lucia character.
- She has to be a bombshell.
- What else?
She has to have that sex appeal
at first glance.
I see.
She looks too plain.
And look at her, she's too boring.
we'll call you.
Hi, Ningning.
I hope you're not angry with me.
There were some technical difficulties
earlier today.
The rewinder was acting up.
When it suddenly worked
it was almost 10:00 p.m.
I wasn't able to meet you.
But even if we never see each other again,
I hope you'll be able to watch this.
One day
"Isang araw"
I saw, "nakakita"
One star, "isang Ningning."
I was sad, I'm such a loser
You changed me, you gave me life
I like
"Gusto kita"
I love
One day
"Isang araw"
I know, "sigurado"
Your future will be amazing
It will be beautiful
And when you're down
Don't give up
Just rewind, rewind
Then press play, keep going
Your life, your story
One day
"Isang araw"
I wish
To see you
"Makita ka"
One more time
"Isang beses pa"
I'll wait
At the rooftop
Your favorite
My soulmate
Oh, my dear Ningning
- Jepp?
- As in J-E-P-P.
How are you?
I missed you, man!
So, you're really from the future?
Jepp, sorry but...
The reason I wanted to meet you is...
I wanted to know how Ningning is doing.
You don't know?
Know what?
Ningning is gone.
She died in 1995.
She was on her way to Masbate.
She was on the ferry.
It was raining hard.
The waves were so intense that night.
Sir, please!
Please help me!
Sir! Ningning will die!
Please help me out here! It's not working!
What should I do?
The ferry sank.
Ningning was one of the casualties.
Jepp, where is Ningning?
Where is she?
She already moved.
She just left.
She went to the pier.
Although their worlds are different,
they still love each other very much.
The old tree is witness
to the fulfillment of the fairy's promise.
She came back
to be with her beloved farmer.
It will only work when it wants to work.
It will only work for Siapaever it chooses.
Sir, you were a jerk yesterday!
Sorry, I didn't mean to.
I was just out of it yesterday.
And you did it again today.
Oh, gosh! So awkward!
- Hey!
- What the fuck?
Oh, my God!
What "fuck"?
Hey, you!
- Do you want to become immortal too?
- What?
You're trying to be like the old tree.
No, I'm just testing something.
Fate brought them together,
even though their worlds were different.
What do you call that?
Be kind.