Video Girl (2011) Movie Script

I love what I do.
Do this every day
if I could.
It is what it is.
I love the money.
The girls are hot.
I'm living a lifestyle.
This is what I do.
Some people work
9:00 to 5:00.
If that's what you
want to do, you can do that.
I prefer getting my hair
and makeup done,
and looking pretty
in front of a camera all day.
This is what I do
to make my money,
to pay for school.
I just want
money and success.
I have a daughter,
so I'm trying to
make a life for her.
You know, we're out here
just getting our money,
and being beautiful.
And a lot of people
have a certain perception
of video vixens, which is...
My name is
Lorie Walker
and I'm 23 years old.
What are three words,
you would use to
describe yourself?
Three words I'd use to
describe myself...
Afraid of what?
The future.
Isn't everyone?
- Lorie?
- Hmm?
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Are you sure?
You look like you
don't want to be here.
- I'm... I'm here.
- Good.
Okay, take these
books over there
and put 'em on
that shelf.
Okay, all right.
And, um...
all these, too.
Thank you.
All these, baby, please.
Thank you.
- And Lorie?
- Huh?
Mmm, yes.
Sweetie, that's crooked
right there, okay?
How is it crooked?
Excuse me, do y'all sell
You're such an idiot.
- What are you doing?
- I know.
What's up, Lo?
Hey, don't... hey, don't.
What are you
doing here?
I was in the area ballin' so I
decided to come check on you.
Oh, my gosh.
How's your day going?
- It's going.
- Going?
- Yeah.
- That's cool.
Wait, wait, wait,
come here.
You got a huge booger
hanging out of your nose.
I do?
- I'm just messing with you.
- Oh, my gosh.
Why are you
wreaking havoc?
Excuse me.
This is not a social hour.
You can see your little
boyfriend on your own time...
No, no, no,
we're just friends.
Whatever you are.
Okay, on that note,
I'm gonna take off.
But real quick, don't forget
about my graduation dinner.
- I'll be there, I'll be there.
- Okay.
- Lo, don't play me.
- I won't forget.
Don't forget, call me.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, too.
He's a cutie.
You know, all of that
is crooked.
You need to
start again, okay?
Okay, what...
# Yeah #
I just bought some
new ice on my wrist
# Yeah #
I just bought me
a brand-new fit
# Yeah #
I just buy some new shoes
on a whim
# Yeah #
I got money I can buy me
a okay
# That's what you do
when your money right #
# That's what you do when
your money right ##
Damn, what's up, shorty?
Can't hear?
Let a nigga get
a number or something.
Are you deaf?
Let a nigga get
your number, man.
Look like you need
a bone.
See what I mean?
See what's
in my mouth?
Fuck you, then.
You ain't all that anyway,
stupid bitch.
Oh, my God.
- Whose car is this?
- It's mine.
C.K. Just bought it for me.
leather seats, everything.
He did not hold back nothing.
And I know Nana
don't like him,
but you see
how he does by me,
you see he does good by me,
you know?
Tell Nana yet?
What's wrong?
Lorie, you can't stay
in this slump forever.
You've got to move on.
Stacy, I'm gonna
talk to you later.
All right.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Get out.
Come on, now,
before she come over here.
I don't have time for her.
Whose car is that?
I don't know, Nana,
you gotta ask her.
Your sister needs to
wake up and smell life.
Trap game right at
7:30 in the morning
Boo-boo work up
in the ward
Boo-boo work up in the ward
Trap-trap game right at
7:30 in the morning
Trap game right
at 7:30 in the morning
Boo-boo work up in the ward
Used to work up
in the ward
Used to work up in the ward
Used to work up
in the ward
Trap-trap game right
at 7:30 in the morning
Trap game right at 7:30
in the morning
Boo-boo work up in the ward
Used to work up
in the ward
Used to work up in the ward
Used to
work up in the ward
man: I ain't trying to
hear that shit, E.
No, all this with Melvin
taking way too long, dog,
way too long, for real.
All right.
All right, cool,
well, just tell him
I'll see him in the streets
then, nigga.
- Who is that?
- Punk-ass nigga.
- Yo, calm down.
- That was Melvin.
No, this nigga Melvin playing
with my money, man.
Okay, first of all,
calm down...
I don't know who he think
I am, man, I ain't no ho.
Just sit down, damn.
This is my city, man,
I don't know who these niggas
think they is, man.
Okay, so stop letting these
niggas get you fucked up.
Why are you over here
with an attitude...
Nigga playing with me
and my money.
So fuck these niggas.
When you see
'em on the streets,
you gonna take care of 'em...
that's what it is.
- Oh, I'm gonna see this nigga.
- I know you gonna see him.
But right now
you seeing me.
And you just bought me
a new Mercedes and I love it.
- Man, here we go.
- What?
I love it.
How was your day?
It was fine.
My day was stressful.
Two of my students
got into a big fight
and I had to file
a police report.
Have you made a decision?
I decided that I'm not
gonna go back next semester.
That wasn't...
exactly an option.
I know.
We decided school
was a priority,
regardless of
what happened.
# Silent screams #
# Shattered dreams
and teardrops #
# All there is
are memories #
# Dancing #
# Oh #
# What do I do now? #
# Oh #
# What about my dream? #
# Is there any
hope for me? #
# Who or what
can set me free? #
# Free ##
Lorie: God.
I had to
get out of there.
You see why
I dipped out.
Hi, C.K.
Okay, well,
I'm doing good, too.
He had a long day.
- Chloe, oh, my God!
- Hi!
How are you?
I was literally just thinking
about you the other day.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Wow, you look
exactly the same.
Thank you, so do you.
Are you still dancing?
No, I did some music videos
for a while,
but I'm acting now.
Well, what are you
doing back here?
My boyfriend's here
shooting a music video.
Baby, this is
my friend Lorie.
We went to high school
- How you doing, Lorie?
- Nice to meet you.
Oh, and this is Shark.
He's directing the video
I told you about.
How are you?
- Nice to meet you.
- Pleasure.
I got us shots!
I'm okay.
You don't drink?
- Are you sure?
- I'm sure.
You know what?
I think
I'm gonna have one.
- Yeah, you sure?
- Yeah.
To new beginnings.
You all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Where you going?
Yo, E!
- I'm gonna call you back.
- E!
Where Melvin at, nigga?
Where Melvin at, nigga?
I think I'm gonna
go back by my sister.
Okay, it's good to
see you again.
You too.
It was nice
meeting you guys.
- Say bye.
- Nice to meet you.
You tell your brother
I'm out here.
- So this is how it is?
- Oh, it's been like that.
Who are we looking at?
Stacy: I don't think I've seen
you have this much fun
in a long time.
That's because I haven't.
Hey, I didn't
know you were here.
- Hi, Chloe.
- How you doing?
Long time no see.
Yeah, you still
peeling out fast, girl?
Hey, what are you
doing tomorrow?
My gosh,
I don't even know.
You should come to
the video shoot.
Because Shark
thinks you're cute
- and asked me to invite you.
- No, no thanks.
Why not?
Because I...
Stace, this music video
director that I just met
wants me to come down to
a video shoot tomorrow.
Well, is he cute?
he's super-hot.
Okay, so where is he?
Right there.
Oh, my God.
- Yes, he is fine.
- What do you think?
You should come,
it's gonna be fun.
I... I don't
want to go.
- Shit, I do.
- She does.
I've never been to
a music video before.
We are definitely coming.
Okay, well, Stacy,
he didn't invite you.
He invited you,
so he invited me, okay.
Put your number in my phone,
I'll call you tomorrow and give
you all the information,
and then...
you guys decide.
- It's gonna be fun.
- We're probably not gonna come.
And we are definitely
gonna be there.
Okay, come.
- See you tomorrow.
- Stacy: We'll be there.
- You're the worst.
- We'll be there.
You're the worst.
Have some fun... dang.
Good morning.
Your dean called to
check on you.
Oh, that's nice of him.
He also wanted to know
if he can expect you
back in the fall.
He said he needed to know
ASAP before summer's over.
You already know
the answer to that, Nana.
- Stace, I feel crazy.
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I'm uncomfortable.
Can we just find Chloe
and the director guy first,
before you say you're
Oh, excuse me.
Ladies, you're late...
over there.
How you doing, baby?
You all right?
What's your name?
Oh, uh-uh, no.
Oh, hell no.
Excuse me!
- Excuse me!
- What happened?
What the hell?
Sorry, yeah, no.
We're not here to be
in the video,
we're actually here to
hang out with the director,
'cause he invited us, so we're
not in all that.
Oh, like every other girl,
honey, okay?
- Yeah, copy that.
- Excuse me?
Can you please tell
the director that Lorie Walker
is here to see him?
After you guys get dressed
we need all of our girls
set-ready in ten minutes.
I don't think you're
hearing me correctly.
I said, we're not
here to shake our asses.
We're here to see what
the director...
He invited us.
So first of all, if you can't
hear me correctly,
- I can help you out with that.
- Stace, Stace, Stace...
So if you got a problem,
yeah, you can keep it moving,
keep it moving.
No, this shit gets
on my nerve.
Every time somebody
get a little authority,
- I wanna feel my...
- Okay, okay, Stacy.
Stop looking over here, stupid.
But you're making a scene.
- I don't care, I don't care.
- Okay, let's just go.
No, I don't wanna go,
I'm just saying...
He's right there,
he's right there.
All I'm saying, can you
see my point of view?
- Who?
- Ladies.
- I'm glad you came.
- Me too.
This is Stacy.
Hi, thank you
for having us.
Of course, of course.
- Uh, Shark?
- Yeah, bud?
I got three redbones
ready to get
- butt-ass naked right now.
- Put 'em over there.
Put 'em in the pool.
Oh, how y'all doing?
- Good.
- Fine.
Put 'em in the pool.
Are you ready?
Ready for what?
To be on camera.
Oh, no.
I... I hadn't planned
on getting on camera.
Well, why not?
- Hmm?
- Go on.
Because, I mean, it's...
It's not really my thing
and I don't have any clothes
and it's just...
- You don't need any clothes.
- What?
No, no.
No, I didn't
mean it that way.
I mean, we have plenty of
clothes for all of our
featured models here, okay?
Okay, well,
I'm not a model, so...
Follow me to wardrobe.
- Come on.
- Stacy, what's going on?
Just wait 'til
you see your sister.
She looks incredible.
Okay, but do you
got her looking like
the rest of these girls,
No, no, no, no, no,
of course not.
So you trying to
get with my sister?
Still trying to
figure that one out.
Well, let me just
say something.
Thank you.
I'm her sister.
And I'm crazy.
Oh, my gosh!
Look at you, you look
so pretty, sister.
Oh, my gosh.
I love it.
- I feel so uncomfortable.
- You shouldn't.
Man: Shark, we're ready
for you on set.
All right, guys,
let's get to set.
Come on.
These heels are so high
I can barely walk.
What are you gonna do?
Who was that new bitch
walking with Shark?
Never seen her before.
She's probably
just fucking him
to get a part in
the video.
Like you did?
Lorie, these are my girls,
Jessica, Taye and Bubbles.
They're the girls
I'm moving to LA with.
- Hi.
- Lip gloss.
Oh, yeah, of course.
Nice to meet y'all.
So, you do videos, too?
Oh, well,
this is my first one.
So you trying to get
in the game?
Not exactly, I...
It's kind of just...
I don't know.
Like the experience.
Oh, yeah, she was invited
by the director.
And you just came along?
And you cannot ask me
a question.
All right, ciao.
Bye, girls.
They really
wanna get slapped.
I say I got a cutie
Yeah a big booty Judy
With a slim waist
and a mean attitude-y
I say I got a cutie
A big booty Judy
Sending me dirty texts
Talking about what
she wanna do to me
I say I got a cutie
Yeah a big booty Judy
Independent woman
super clean no foolin'
I say I got a cutie
Yeah a big booty Judy
She got a nigga fiendin'
for that good tutti frutti
Shark: Nice.
Love it, love it.
All right, cut.
I need you
right here by Max.
You good?
- Yeah.
- All right.
Just... just relax,
all right?
Camera's your friend.
Camera's gonna love you,
all right.
- Max, you're...
- Sorry.
What am I supposed to do?
Just look into the camera,
be pretty,
be you...
and be relaxed.
Where did you find her?
I just met her
last night.
You hit that?
No, I don't think
she's like that.
They're all
like that, all right.
She's like that,
she's like that.
And I know she like that.
- She's gorgeous.
- I love her.
Lookin' pretty
like a flower
Good nookie power
Beat for a hour
Go jump in
the shower
Ass gettin' fat
That ass in the back
I be like, ooh, you don't
do a nigga like that
I got a cutie
Yeah a big booty Judy
With a slim waist
and a mean attitude-y
And cut!
That's a wrap, guys.
- Great job.
- Good shit, Shark.
Yeah, my pleasure.
I'm gonna holler at you
by the trailer, all right.
- You killed it, Lorie.
- Thank you.
- You were great.
- Thank you.
You sure that this was
your first video?
Yeah, I've never done
anything like this before.
I don't know what
you're doing later,
but a few of us are going
out to dinner
and I'd love it
if you joined me.
Lorie, girl, did you know
you're getting paid for this?
- I'm getting paid for this?
- Yes.
Of course you are.
So, okay,
let me ask you this.
Is this video gonna be, like,
on BET and MTV and everything?
Of course it is.
I only direct
the best.
Girl, you about to
blow up.
So I was just asking Lorie
if the two of you
would like to
join me for dinner tonight.
I can't.
I have to go to work early
in the morning.
I won't have you
out too late.
She's going.
I can't go,
but she can go.
Stacy, you're my ride.
I'll get you
home nice and safe.
See, he'll get you home
nice and safe.
Not a problem.
- What's the deal?
- Can I...
I'm gonna borrow my sister
just for a second.
Stacy, what are you doing?
Would you stop being such a
tight ass and go with him?
I don't
know him like that.
Okay, well, when's the next
time a Hollywood director
is gonna ask your
stanky butt to go to dinner?
It's not like you
have to sleep with him.
I'm not gonna sleep with him.
Okay, so then loosen up.
- Fine, fine, fine.
- Fine, go.
Um, I have to
be home early.
Fine, we'll be out of here
in 20 minutes.
And just to let you know,
if anything happens
to my sister...
No, nothing is gonna happen
to your sister.
I promise you I will get
her home safe and sound.
Thank you.
You're going to dinner.
Order anything you want.
Everything just
looks so expensive.
Man: How can I help you?
We're gonna have a bottle
of Chteau Margaux.
So, Lorie, tell me
about yourself.
Well, what do you
want to know?
Actually, Lorie was, like,
the best ballet dancer.
I wouldn't say the best.
Do you still dance?
Why not?
Um, because I got
in a car accident
and shattered my knee.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Oh, don't be sorry,
it's okay.
You're different.
I'm different?
Don't worry about it,
it's a good thing.
You're hilarious.
Well... I'm a lot
of things.
Do you have a boyfriend?
I haven't had one of those
in a really long time.
And why is that?
Because I haven't
found anybody
worth the label, I guess.
So what about you?
What are you about, since you
get to ask me 20 questions?
I'm about
a lot of things.
Chloe: Not something
I wanna think about.
Lorie: Thank you.
Oh, my God.
- It was so good to see you.
- You too.
- We have to keep in touch.
- We do.
Stop, I'm trying to
tell her bye.
If you find yourself
in LA, hit me up, okay?
Baby, will you stop it?
enjoyed you tonight.
I had fun, too.
So you going back to
LA tomorrow?
Gotta get back.
Always working.
Well, it was nice to
meet you
and have a nice life.
Why you gotta
say it like that?
I don't know, I just...
I think I have an idea about
you Hollywood directors.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Different cities,
nice restaurants,
different girls.
The fast life.
The fast life, huh?
Sounds nice.
Good night, Lorie Walker.
Have a nice life.
Chloe: Bye!
I do it, I do it
I ball
I'm talking big shots
Letting the Patrn flow
it's on like Ziploc
Never had it bad like my shit
Presidential head
presidential wristwatch
Celebrate and then
I catch my birthday
Then we sip champagne
on the first day
Gotta represent...
man: Y'all be good,
y'all be good.
All right?
Jason, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
It's all good, Lo,
forget about it.
I totally forgot.
I honestly feel
really, really bad.
Yeah, you should.
Well, can I at least
explain, please?
Lorie: Gosh, it was crazy.
That's hilarious, wow.
- What's hilarious?
- You.
Man, you... I'm just trying to
picture you all
"hoochiefied" up
in a music video,
dancing in front of a rapper
with a little skirt on.
First of all, it was
very tastefully done.
All right, if you say so.
Second of all, I wouldn't
have even done it
if Stacy hadn't
encouraged me, so...
I mean, were you nervous,
- At first.
- A little bit?
But, y'know, it's kind of like
being on stage a little bit.
Don't tell me this gonna be
your new career now.
Uh, no.
All right.
- It was a one-time thing.
- Okay.
So forgive me?
I forgive you.
But... when I go
to the NBA,
I need you to be there
for me, Lo, seriously.
- All right?
- Okay.
- I'm gonna be there.
- Seriously.
- I'm serious.
- You promise?
All right,
don't let me down again.
- All right?
- I won't.
- Oh, shit, I gotta go.
- What?
- I'm gonna be late for work.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- All right.
- I'll see you later.
- Okay, bye, Lo.
I gotta make my way to the bar
and get me a drink
It's poppin' off
it's poppin' off
It's poppin' off
it's poppin' off
He poppin' off
she poppin' off
I'm poppin' off
we poppin' off
It's poppin' off
it's poppin' off
It's poppin' off
it's poppin' off
He poppin' off
she poppin' off
I'm poppin' off
we poppin' off
It's poppin' off...
This came for you
I... I...
I just made $800.
I just made $800.
That pussy looking right
Here in Sin City
That ass is
off the chain...
Lorie, this is not
a social hour.
Whoa, whoa wee
I say I got a cutie
Yeah a big booty Judy
Oh, shit, Lorie!
Lauren, come here,
Lorie's on TV!
...a big booty Judy
Sending me
dirty texts
Talking about what
she wanna do to me...
I say I got a cutie
Yeah a big booty Judy
That is my joint
right there, boy.
Man: Ooh, I love it, man.
Got that crazy...
Who is that?
Big P that I could
frame like a fighter
Stretch marks on that ass
looking like a tiger...
Ooh, ooh,
is that Lorie Walker?
Can I get your
autograph, girl?
You are so crazy.
I know,
but I'm so proud of you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Sister, guess what?
- What?
Shark invited me
to Los Angeles.
He wants me to be
in his next music video.
- Are you serious?
- Yes.
Oh, my God!
- Oh, my...
- I don't know.
Do you think
I should do it?
Hell yeah,
you should do it.
Girl, are you crazy?
Yeah, but what about...
I don't know what I'm gonna
do about my job.
Screw this job.
You just made $800 in
one day's worth of work.
Think about it.
Yeah, but what am
I gonna tell Nana?
- Lorie.
- What?
You can't let Nana
run your life forever.
You gotta stop being
so scary, man.
Stacy, I...
Okay, listen, just let me ask
you something.
One simple question.
Deep down inside...
do you wanna go?
- Yes.
- What?
Then get to packing!
You're going to
I'm going to California.
Excuse me?
I'm going to California.
For what?
To be in a music video.
Have you lost
your damn mind?
Ms. Lorie Walker?
Yeah, that's...
I'm... I'm Lorie Walker.
Welcome to Los Angeles.
Let me grab
those bags for you.
Thank you.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Lorie: Stace.
I feel like
I'm in a fairy tale.
Stacy: California's pretty,
Oh, my gosh,
it's so beautiful.
I cannot believe this.
Make sure you take a picture
of the Hollywood sign for me.
I know, I know.
You know I got you.
Oh, my God.
Shark: Welcome to La-La Land,
Happy you made it out
to be in my next video.
Tonight I'm gonna
take you out to dinner
and on the bed, I got you
a little something.
I hope you like it.
See you soon, Shark.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my gosh.
How's Mr. Shark?
He's a gentleman, he's...
He's taking me to
dinner tonight.
I wish I was
there right now.
Me too.
I miss you, sis.
I miss you, too.
And remember, if you need
anything, just call me.
I will.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Lorie: So...
you're from LA.
Shark: Born and raised.
Don't get me wrong,
I'm definitely grateful
for where I am.
Life's all about
your greater goal.
I don't know if I'll ever
be content, you know?
What are some
of your goals,
since school is not
an option?
This is gonna
sound horrible.
I didn't go to school
for an education.
I went to dance.
There's nothing
wrong with that
if dance is your passion.
It was.
Ballet was my everything.
Was my ticket.
You don't need
ballet for that.
Just be patient
with yourself.
You'll figure it out.
Well, thank you
for dinner.
I haven't had a dinner
like that before.
My pleasure, I was...
I was trying to
impress you.
This is gonna be
very interesting.
I haven't felt this way with
someone in a long time.
So you know
I got a car picking you up
at 6:00 a. m. In the
morning tomorrow.
Yep, I'll be waiting.
Good night,
Ms. Lorie Walker.
Shark: Yo, yo.
- What up, boss?
- Chillin', man, chillin', man.
Good to see you, thanks
for coming onboard, man.
No problem, man.
- For sure.
- You ready to make some magic?
Man, I'm ready to make some
magic, but check this out.
First, I gotta
see this lead girl, man.
I heard how bad she is, man,
for real, I gotta see her.
You'll see.
Hello, I'm Gomez,
I'll be doing your hair.
Hi, and I'm Jenna,
I'll be doing your makeup.
So I hear you're gonna be
playing our lead.
Have you always worn
your hair like this?
What would you think if I gave
you a little extra mane?
Extra mane?
Yeah, I'm gonna
give you a lace front.
Yep, that's what
I'm gonna do.
All the divas wear 'em.
Let me show you
our first set-up.
All right.
All right, the first set-up's
gonna be right here.
You're gonna be
sitting down on the bed,
you got your lovely lady
right next to you.
The only thing is,
you can see her
but she cannot see you
and you are fucking
pissed about it.
You just want to touch her
but you can't get to her.
All right, that's what's up,
I like that.
- You like that?
- I like that, yeah.
- All right, good.
- Cool.
Your hair grew.
You look amazing.
Bobby V, this is
our leading lady.
Ms. Lorie Walker.
How you doing?
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Wow... wow.
All right,
enough with the "wows. "
Listen, Lorie, you're gonna be
in the same spot
that we discussed
earlier, all right?
Hey, yo,
does she got a man?
Yeah, yeah,
she's got a man.
Don't worry about it.
Come on,
let's get to work.
Everybody, come on.
# Yeah #
And action!
# Do you wanna love me
do you wanna love me? #
# I done been around the world
and back again #
# And I'm #
# Looking for something a little
more than friends #
# Yeah #
# I been hurt once #
# I been hurt twice #
# Tossin' and turnin' in
the middle of the night #
# Don't matter
if it's wrong #
# Don't matter if it's right #
# I hope you
are the one #
# 'Cause I can't hurt
no more #
# She don't wanna love me #
# She don't
really love me #
# Tell me if I'm ever
gonna find my girl #
# Do you really love me #
# When you say
you love me #
# Wonder if
I'm ever gonna find my girl #
# My girl #
# My girl #
# My girl #
# My girl #
# Wonder if I'm ever
gonna find my girl #
# My girl, my girl
my girl... ##
You all right?
Yo, Shark,
what's up, man?
Man, yo, congratulations
on the Grammy, brother.
What's up, bro?
Thank you, sir,
thank you.
Yo, not to bring up
business or anything,
but who's directing
your next video?
Man, I don't even know.
Me and the label
ain't even decide yet.
Definitely gonna do
something different
this time around, though.
You know I'm all about
Keep you
in the mix, baby.
- Good to know.
- You know what it is.
Who's this pretty lady?
That's my secret.
Take care of this guy
right here, all right?
How many times you gonna ask
me about the damn hot sauce?
'Cause there's never
extra hot sauce...
It's always extra hot sauce,
you just always eat it all.
- Just get extra hot sauce.
- I'm getting extra hot sauce!
Ain't this a bitch...
Yo, Melvin!
Yeah, you can't hide
forever, nigga.
I'm not hiding from you, man.
You'll get your money
when I got it.
Hold on, man,
I need my paper, homeboy.
Yo, don't be talking to me
like that, partner.
Oh, you tough?
Bitch-ass nigga.
Get off of him!
Get off him!
- You want some of that?
- Get off him!
Get off him, no!
Somebody call 9-1-1!
Come on!
Wake up, baby,
No, man, no...
Good morning.
I was thinking.
This whole thing...
it's perfect.
Look, I know this is
gonna sound kinda crazy...
...but I really think
you should stay.
I'm serious.
I mean, what do you really
have to go back home to?
My life.
My job.
I thought you said
you wanted to start over.
I can't just
live here.
Where would I stay?
With me.
At least until you
get back on your feet.
My phone's ringing.
Be right back.
I'm sorry.
At least you know
she's going to heaven.
Here you go, darling.
Ms. Valerie, do you need
any help with anything?
Oh, no thank you,
Jason, I'm fine.
All right.
Excuse me, Ms. Valerie.
Someone's here
to see you.
How dare you show your
filthy self in my house?
Dang... stinkin'
piece of shit!
You murdered my baby!
You murdered my baby!
And your ass
is not in jail!
Ms. Valerie, Ms. Valerie,
it's okay, it's okay.
- How dare you, how dare you?
- Ms. Valerie, it's okay.
He ain't worth it,
he ain't worth it.
- He ain't worth it.
- How dare you?
Get out of my house!
He ain't worth it,
he ain't worth it.
- Get out of my house!
- He ain't worth it.
It's okay, it's okay.
He killed my Stacy!
He killed my Stacy!
It's okay, it's okay.
I kept telling
your damn sister
to leave that boy alone.
She just had to rebel against
anything I told her.
And she's turning out
to be just like her mother.
Now you running in that
same path.
You okay?
I heard you
from my room.
Oh, my gosh, Stacy.
I just had a dream
that you were killed.
Oh, my gosh, sister.
That was so scary.
Don't be scared.
I'm not.
Now that you're here.
Don't worry about me.
Trust me,
I'm gonna be all right.
But your life
is your life.
Yeah, you gotta
focus on you.
I know, I know, I know.
Come on now, you know
you got a lot of stuff
going for you right now.
I never thought I would
be here, you know, it's...
I know.
I know, but you gotta
make good decisions.
Yeah, yeah,
I know, I know.
I see you're
smoking now, huh?
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
You said you'd
never smoke.
Well... I've done
a lot of things
I said I wouldn't
do since I've been here.
I love you.
I love you, too.
And you know if you need
anything, I'm always here.
All right?
And Mom says hi.
- You know what I want?
- Yeah.
I wanna put you
in my next video.
- Yeah.
- Oh.
- Let's make it happen.
- Okay, thanks.
What's up,
this is Lorie Walker
and I'm the hottest,
highest-paid chick
in the game.
Yeah, so I was doing her
makeup, like, in person,
I mean, she looked
like shit.
- It's like potholes.
- Really?
I mean, huge, you know,
huge craters.
- Oh, my God.
- Like the moon.
Like, really.
How much longer, Gomez?
I need just
five more minutes.
We gotta be camera-ready
in ten minutes.
How you doing, baby?
- Lovely.
- Good, good.
Yeah, man.
All right, skaters,
I'm gonna give you all
a different action,
all right?
Go big or go home.
Look nigga I'm hot
And I ain't
take my medicine
Ain't gonna stop walkin' on
I'm higher than
I ever been
Every girl I'm dealing with
is asking for a wedding ring
Because I tell 'em
Never am I settlin'
Uh yeah I'm in this bitch
And I ain't going wrong
with the beat around
And I ain't no punk
Don't be surprised
when I beat you down
They say I'm arrogant
I say I am confident
Now who they got
a problem with?
Boy I don't need to trip
it's okay...
All right, let's get it,
Angie Martinez sitting
here with video "it" girl,
Lorie Walker in
the building.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I don't know why I feel
like you're everywhere,
I feel like I can't see
a video and you're not in it.
You know, I've been working
pretty consistently,
so I've, you know,
kind of had a...
I don't know, been
around in a way where people
are able to see me often.
Be careful when you say
"been around,"
because, you know,
there are some stereotypes.
You know,
everybody's different
and, y'know, there are people
who do what they do
and for me, personally,
I, y'know, I don't
do a lot of stuff
except for just come to
work and do my job, so...
So why do you do it?
# I'll settle down #
# Some other day #
# So long #
# I'll never be
coming home... ##
Shark: Good morning, baby.
Everything all right?
Thank you for
being a part of my life.
There's nobody I'd rather have
sitting in that seat than you.
# When the sun
is burned out #
# And there is no one
else around #
# And there's a hole #
# That only you
can fill #
# Like a trip
that won't end #
Oh, my Lord.
# This dark depressing
thought of another night ##
So how are you
and Shark doing?
Just fine.
Well, you've been out
here for, like, six months
and you haven't worked
with anybody but him.
Yeah, well, that's because
he doesn't want me
to work with
anybody else.
Because he owns you.
He doesn't own me,
He just... he just wants to make
sure I don't get caught up.
Look, you should be
out networking
and meeting
other directors.
Yeah, but why should
I meet people
if I'm working on
all of his gigs?
Because you can't put all of
your eggs in one basket.
What if he gets
tired of using you?
Maybe I don't know
what I'm talking about,
but it's your career.
You gotta be able to
take care of yourself.
Don't depend on a man.
I know.
Lorie: Y'know, I've done a lot
of different things, you know,
and a lot of
different videos,
but now it's like I'm looking
to take my career
to the next
level, you know?
Well, you have an agent?
Not yet, but...
Look, you're
a beautiful woman, all right...
Thank you.
- But you gotta get out of
these videos, you know?
- Start... start acting.
- Yeah, I want to.
I mean, that's kind of...
Look, I'm gonna
give you my card.
Give me a call, I can give you
all kinds of referrals.
Hey, what's up there,
birthday boy?
What's up?
What are you guys
talking about?
You know, just talking to
Lorie about getting an agent,
getting herself out there,
getting her some more work.
She doesn't need
any more work.
I keep her
busy enough.
Isn't that right, baby?
Hey, I really want to talk to
you about this film, okay?
One a picture
production company
might take on a script.
I think it
might be amazing.
Ooh, let me see.
- Wow, those jeans look hot.
- Yeah?
Yeah, they make
your butt look good.
Do you think
I should get a butt job?
No, you should not
do that fake shit.
It could be
a little bigger.
No, your butt is perfect.
Yeah, but it's natural
and boring.
No, it's not boring.
It's better
to be natural.
Lorie, we can't all have
perfect little bodies like you.
My body's not perfect.
It's that I'm working
what I have.
And what I have
is these jeans
that I'm going to wear outside
of the store.
And tonight, maybe.
And tonight, maybe.
- Yeah, they look good.
- Yeah.
I like your shoes, too.
Well, I need to get
shoes to go with it.
Excuse me, excuse me,
girls, girls, hi.
How you doing?
I don't mean to
bother you, I...
This is weird.
I was inside and I was just
looking at some
candles, whatever,
and I was with a friend,
and I just had to stop you,
I couldn't
take my eyes off you.
You're very... you're
very nice-looking.
- Thank you.
- I'm sorry.
I don't mean to
embarrass you.
But we have a bet.
I mean, you have to be an
actress, model,
singer, dancer?
- Maybe.
- Maybe?
She is.
- We both are, actually.
- Chloe.
That's no surprise.
Well, I'm a film producer,
and I'm sorry, I don't mean to
take your time,
but I'm doing a film
and I would be honored if you
would come and meet with us,
read for us.
If you're interested,
it's a fabulous new indie
we're working on.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Okay, yeah, yeah.
I'll definitely
give you a call.
- Would you? Good.
- I would.
- Lorie.
- Lorie.
- Lorie Walker.
- Lorie.
You can call me
too with...
She's got my card.
Okay, cool.
Where you going?
Um... out with the girls
for some drinks.
You know you gotta wake up
early in the morning
for your shoot.
I know, Shark.
I'm a big girl.
What's wrong with you?
Nothing's wrong with me.
I just want to go out with
the girls for some drinks.
Girls' night.
Who you going out with?
Chloe and some
of her friends.
Going out with
the groupies, huh?
We're just
going out to network.
Is that what
they call it?
Oh, my God, whatever.
Look, you know
as well as I know
that all Chloe wants to go out
for is to fuck a celebrity.
Okay, but I'm not
going for that reason.
Look, baby.
All I'm trying to do
is protect you, okay?
I appreciate that.
I would appreciate it more
if you would just
let me do these sometimes.
I just want to go out
and make my own connections.
You don't need to
make your own connections.
Okay, but I want my own
Don't you walk away from me
when I'm talking to you!
What are you doing?
I got they dome tapped
They what?
They dome tapped
I got they dome tapped
They what?
They dome tapped
I got they dome tapped
I got they dome tapped
I got they dome tapped
I got they dome tapped
I got they dome tapped
Hey, bitch.
Air kisses, air kisses.
Oh, my God,
this club is full of lames!
I can't even stand it.
Kill me now.
What are we
doing after?
Oh, I gotta go home.
I have my Golden shoot
in the morning.
I'm doing that video.
Shark's directing
that, right?
Well, B. Gunz is having an
so... what's up?
- Ooh.
- Uh...
I'm down.
- You wanna go?
- No.
- Come on.
- You're totally coming.
- I have to...
- Okay, you're coming.
And I'm gonna go
to the bathroom,
and I think you
guys should join me.
I think we should, too.
Grab your purse.
I don't have to
go to the bathroom.
Lorie, you don't have to do
it if you don't want to.
What does it feel like?
It's like
three cups of coffee.
It's like...
it's like
a lot of sugar, you know?
Just hyper.
Trust me,
if you don't like it,
it'll be gone in
20 minutes.
Close... close that nostril
and just sniff real hard.
Breathe in.
- Party girl.
- Nicely done.
Give me another one before
somebody comes in.
We're good.
- Here, enjoy.
- Oh, my God.
I can't believe
I'm doing this.
Ugh, ahh...
Oh, my gosh,
you guys, I needed this.
Oh, no problem.
All right.
I hope Max isn't there,
I hate that dude.
Let's not talk about
guys at all tonight.
Yeah, what's up with
you and Shark anyways?
That guy sucks.
- He does, he sucks.
- I've known him forever.
Did you guys used to
date or something?
Hell no.
I been in this industry
a really long time,
I've seen him
go through a lot of girls.
Thank you.
You know, he usually
picks the fragile ones,
you know, he'd build up their
confidence a little bit,
treat them like a queen,
and then he thinks he owns them.
Sound familiar?
Uh, see, I told you.
That's why you need to be
making your own connections.
- One more before we go?
- Let me get another one.
Enough with
the Shark garbage.
Let's go party.
- Check.
- Oh, my gosh.
- Let's.
- Check.
You have a little bit.
You have a little bit.
Okay, let me just stop
at the bar and get a drink
and then we're gonna go find
some more blow, all right?
- Yes.
- All right!
Excuse us.
We need some more drinks.
Champagne first.
Lorie: Oh, I wanted to try...
- I've been looking for you.
- Excuse me?
Remember me?
I met you
a while back with Shark.
Oh, yeah, I remember.
I reached out to Shark about
getting you in my video,
but he told me I couldn't use
you unless he was directing.
Oh, okay.
Okay, well, call me.
Hold on, hold on, baby.
Run that by me again.
So what you getting into
I'll be here.
- You'll be here?
- Yeah.
All right,
be good, all right?
Oh, my gosh.
I'm so fucking high.
Okay, look, I see
a really cute guy over there.
I know, I'm so...
Oh, my God,
I need a drink.
- My phone's ringing.
- Already?
You just gave
him your number.
Shit, Shark.
Thank you.
It's hitting your throat.
Thank you, guys.
- Hey, party girl.
- Hey.
You coming out
with us tonight?
I'm gonna text you.
Bye, Shark!
What time did you
get home last night?
About 2:00 in the morning.
Lorie: Are you serious?
Okay, that'll work,
that'll work.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Question, can you
guys meet my quote?
Yeah, that's perfect.
Oh, that's gonna
be fine.
Okay, sounds good.
I look forward.
Who was that?
Um, it was
Brainchild's people.
He wants me to be in
his next video.
You didn't ask for my
I didn't think
I needed your permission.
You work for me, don't you?
Yeah, but, babe,
it's nothing personal.
I just kinda, you know,
wanna branch off
and do my
own thing sometimes.
Lorie, I got you into this
business, didn't I?
And that's why you
should be happy for me.
Baby, just because I'm working
with other people
doesn't really mean like
that should change anything.
Well, it does.
All right, now...
now you're available,
okay, just like every
other little girl out there
trying to get a job.
That's you.
Okay, fine.
- I'm gonna get ready to go.
- Really?
Have fun.
Woman: Welcome to
the Aurora Borton Show.
In the house, we have
Video Vixen of the Year,
we have Ms. Lorie Walker.
- Welcome.
- Lorie: Thank you.
I've been trying to
get you for a long time.
You've been really, really
busy these days.
What you got going on?
Oh, my gosh, I have
a bunch of stuff going on.
I have another video
next week,
I've done actually
three covers this month
and I'm getting into
the acting world
a little bit, too,
so it's very exciting.
Any nude work coming up?
Uh, no.
- Not yet?
- No, just no.
Okay, all right.
You're looking
really beautiful.
To my male listeners
and my ladies,
she's looking hot.
Thank you.
So, with that being said,
are you dating anybody?
Um, I do have
a boyfriend, yes.
And is he this video director
we hear you've been spotted
around town with?
Um, my boyfriend
is my business, so...
You can keep it real.
I mean, come on,
that's what we do here.
I am keeping it real now.
All right, now, tell me
about this boyfriend,
this video director
that got you in the business.
I hear you're his main girl
and you really can't work for
anybody else, is that true?
I don't think I wanna
comment on that.
Well, why don't you
comment on what people
think about the term
"video ho,"
and when it's
thrown in your direction,
how do you feel
about that?
Actually, that term
hasn't been thrown at me,
but the term, I think,
is obviously derogatory
and disrespectful
and I think that
there are definitely girls
who do their thing...
I'm not one of them.
That's a great answer.
But at the end of the day,
you are sleeping with
your boyfriend
who is a video director.
So thank you very much,
Lorie Walker,
for doing our show.
We appreciate you,
so anytime you have time
to come back through,
we'd love to have you.
Thank you.
Lorie: Hello?
Where are you?
I just left
the photo shoot.
Where you going now?
I'm going to meet up with
Chloe to get our nails done.
You know she's got a horrible
reputation, right?
Yeah, but just because
she has a bad reputation
doesn't make her
a bad person.
Yeah, well,
people talk about it.
You don't want
people to start
talking about you,
now, do you?
Shark, I don't care.
Well, you ought to care!
Let's go,
am I good?
Now, has anybody
seen Lorie?
Jason: Hey, what's up, Lorie,
it's Jason.
Just letting you know I will be
in LA this weekend,
I got a tryout
for the Clippers.
So say a prayer for me.
But, no, it'll be real good
to hear from you.
Like I said,
I'll be in town all weekend.
I hope you're doing well,
I been seeing you
all over the TV and...
Hey, Lorie, it's Jason,
this is like my sixth time
calling you now.
Pick up, pick up, call me!
You forgetting about your
friends now?
What's going on?
I got some really good news,
I really need you to call me.
Lorie: Coming, Shark,
chill the fuck out.
Could you please take
your position?
Can you wait
a fucking minute?
I'm tired.
Man: What's wrong
with your girl, man?
Shark: Today.
- Please.
- I'm fucking going.
I'm coming.
Where am I
supposed to stand?
You know where to stand.
I know where to stand.
Can you show me,
I gotta hold your hand
for everything now?
- Right there.
- Fine.
Man: You gonna do this
or what?
Oh, my gosh.
I can't believe this,
this is so weird.
I mean, we're both
really living out our dreams.
No, we definitely blessed.
I checked on your grandmother
the other day.
Oh, yeah?
How's she doing?
She's holding up.
I think she's in denial
about your sister, but...
I don't know if I ever told
you this, but, like,
I consider your grandmother
to be like my grandmother,
you know?
And she's already
lost two of her girls,
like, I feel like I...
I talk to Stacy
all the time, so,
you know, I talk to her
in my dreams.
Lo... I'm gonna
ask you something
and I want you to be honest
with me, all right?
Are you happy?
For real.
Very happy.
Honestly, who would have
thought I'd be living,
you know,
my life this way?
It's just...
Well, I'm very happy for you
and you know
you got my support
in whatever you want
to do, okay?
And I'm very happy for you,
Mr. NBA man.
Not yet, but I'm supposed to
find out tomorrow.
Excuse me!
Hi, can I get a latte?
The service is
so fucking bad here.
I gotta go to
the bathroom.
Open the fucking door!
Now you can really branch out
and do your own thing.
You don't
need me anymore.
Have fun getting fucked in
Hollywood, baby girl.
- Fuck you!
- Huh.
- No, all right.
- What are you doing?
- Leave!
- No!
Get the fuck out of here!
I live here!
You know what,
don't forget this, okay?
Have fun.
Open the fucking door!
Fucking bastard!
You fucking bastard!
Hey, Mama.
What, what, what?
- Hey, girl, wake up.
- Hi.
Hi, I'm sorry.
Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm ready,
I'm ready, I'm just...
I'm such a...
I'm so tired.
You think you could get me
some coffee?
- Yeah, sure.
- Yeah.
Yo, hold on.
Cut, cut, cut.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm okay.
Are you okay?
Yo, she all right?
Dude, if she says she's okay,
she's okay.
I'm okay.
Man: Roll playback,
roll playback.
Let's go, people.
Cut, cut, cut,
cut, cut!
Let's take 30, take 30.
Stupid fucking asshole.
I think you should get your
stuff and leave.
This is not working.
Look at you.
You need to get
your shit together.
Fucking fine!
To get my shit together!
Lucky I ever did this
fucking video shoot.
Oh, he's so fucking lucky
I even did this shit.
You talk to Chloe yet?
I've been texting her
and calling her,
but she's not
hitting me back.
It's probably 'cause
she's busy.
That's what you think.
I've heard this before.
Sounds like somebody's
a little bit jealous
of your success.
- Chloe's not like that.
- Right.
So why you staying at
my house and not hers?
Ugh, my God!
My nose, goddamn!
Can I have
some more of this?
No, Lorie, chill.
Chill on that shit.
Oh, it's good.
No, we still gotta save
some for tonight.
That was my shit.
- Do this!
- We'll get some more later.
That's not the point,
And you didn't
put in on this, man,
and it goes all
up your nose.
You better chill.
But you love me.
That's what I'm about to
tell that nigga tonight.
Oh, shit!
Yo, girl,
come in here for a second!
- Shit!
- Shit!
Let's get her in the shower!
We gotta put you
in the shower, let's go.
- Pick her up!
- She's heavy, too.
Oh, my God.
Taye, pick her up!
Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God, Lorie, Lorie.
- Wake her up, wake her up!
Wake up, Lorie,
wake up, Lorie!
Oh, my God.
Stop, what are you doing?
Lorie, we're trying to
help you!
What are you doing?
What the fuck are you doing?
What the fuck are
you guys doing?
Yo, Lorie,
you passed out!
Get out, out!
Get out!
Get fucking out,
get out!
Get out,
get the fuck out!
Get the fuck out,
get out!
Let's go!
Get out of the bathroom!
Fucking bitches
fucking got me wet!
Dumb-ass bitches!
Fuck you did
to my hair!
Now my hair's
all messed up!
The fuck would you
do that for?!
Stupid bitches!
I don't need any of you
fucking bitches!
I don't...
What are you doing,
I'm doing
what I came to do.
I'm being a star.
Don't do this.
- Don't do this.
- Stop.
Stop talking,
don't say anything.
I'm happy.
Bro I been on some plain shit
Bro I been on some plain shit
Three foes look like three
hoes on the same shit
Took the golds out my grill
went and got some diamonds
Sure I'm blowing millions on
every bitch I'm in
Where you at now?
With my big fine bitch
At my condo we been
talking sippin' wine
She's been telling me
how she for me
You know how they be lying
I'm a royal thug
I do this shit here...
Fucking cut, fucking cut!
What the fuck is you doing
grabbing my ass like that?
Man, shut the fuck...
Man, get this bitch away
from here.
Man, get this ho
off the set, man.
Stupid rancid-ass,
dumb-ass bitch.
Fuck wrong with her?
- Get the fuck...
- Freak-ass bitch.
Fuck you!
Woman: I'm sorry, that's
never gonna happen with me.
Fuck that ho, man.
We can just do it
without her, I'm sorry.
Fuck it,
reshoot that bit.
Run it back.
Dumb bitch.
You gonna get
touched in my video.
You might get fucked.
Just gotta participate.
Just go along
with the shit.
I accept your apology.
Jermaine: Wanna tell me
your name, please?
My name is Lorie Walker
and I'm 23 years old.
What are three words you would
use to describe yourself?
Three words to
describe myself.
Afraid of what?
The future.
I mean, isn't everybody?
Can I see your
profiles, please?
And the other one.
You have
a beautiful body.
Thank you.
This role, Lorie,
requires a little nudity.
Are you okay with that?
You don't have to
answer that now,
don't worry about it,
we'll discuss it later.
But I do think you'd be
perfect for this part.
I'd love to have you.
Sounds great.
It's the good stuff.
- I splurged.
- Did you?
Well, I don't know what
it's called, but I splurged.
Thank you very much.
It's a new hit,
it's a hit.
It's gonna be huge.
- East Russia?
- Mm-hmm.
How are you?
Are you fucking serious?
I can't believe
this shit.
- Lorie...
- Don't fucking talk to me.
What just happened?
We used to be
really, really close.
Is that right?
So what,
are you a producer?
Yeah, yeah, I am.
I am.
What have you produced?
Well, I produce movies.
What are you doing here?
Oh, my God, you didn't tell me
you were still in town.
I mean, if you bothered to
answer my calls,
you would know
I made the team.
- Oh, my God, congratulations!
- Thank you, babe, thank you.
Oh, my God,
that's crazy.
That's what's up.
Give me a hug!
You made the team!
Good to see you.
She is a stunning woman.
I mean, but what
am I gonna say about it?
You mind if
I grab a drink?
Knock yourself out.
It was a pleasure
meeting you, Jermaine.
Yeah, likewise.
- Enjoy your movies.
- Thank you.
Lorie: Congratulations.
Where your friends at,
who you with?
I don't even know,
I think they're over there.
But look, it's good
to see you.
- Okay.
- Give me a kiss.
- Have fun.
- All right.
How's my girl?
- Great.
- Yeah.
Come on,
we'll go to my place.
- Where are we going?
- Afterparty.
- It's right up the street.
- Afterparty!
- Come on.
- Whoo!
Come on, girl!
...but they are
so fucking stupid.
Can I sit here?
Baby, you can sit
wherever you want.
And can I take
my shoes off?
Yes, do whatever
you want.
Oh, what happened to
your friends?
I thought we were
having an afterparty.
Oh, they may come later,
You should invite them,
because the more, the merrier.
- Really?
- Yes.
All right, I'll...
I'm sure they're
on their way.
I just wanna...
I wanna spread my wings.
You do, huh?
Yes, this town is
so fucking suffocating.
Me first.
Can I... I'm gonna go to
the bathroom, can I...
Oh, yeah, sure.
It's right...
Make a U-turn.
- I'll be right back.
- Two rights and another right.
That's for you.
Thank you.
God, I just wanna
be free, you know?
How free?
I don't know.
I can't really...
What are you doing?
I just wanna
see how you look.
The camera wants to
see how you look.
I'm the camera.
The camera.
No, I think that's hilarious,
but I just...
You know, I...
You know, I have
parameters of what I feel...
That actually hurts.
Stop, stop!
Stop it!
Hey, you dumb bitch,
come here!
Have you lost
your damn mind?
So where do you
go from here?
You'll figure it out.
Don't be half-stepping if
you want to be...
Then she gonna come and tell
me she need more money.
- You believe that shit?
- Man, that chick's crazy, man.
- You got to let her go, man.
- For real.
She ain't getting nothing out
of me, I can tell you that.
Dude, there's a woman
behind the dumpster.
Probably just
some crackhead.
- Tell her ass to move.
- Ma'am, ma'am?
Excuse me.
Excuse me, ma'am,
excuse me, ma'am?
Excuse me?
Yo, ma'am,
we got a job to do.
Could you please move?
Yo, man, yo.
This chick is crazy!
Call the police,
call the cops, man!
Yo, get 9-1-1.
Go inside and tell
Nana I said hi.
I don't want to
go in there, Stace.
For me?
Man: Sometimes,
we forget our purpose.
We live in a world that's
corrupt, it's chaotic,
and as individuals,
we can fall into darkness
if we focus on instant
The key to avoiding
that is self-discipline
and self-responsibility.
We focus on our health.
Not just our
physical health,
but our mental health and our
spiritual health,
and although we're
here to encourage each other
and we don't judge,
as part of your process,
you'll all need
to take responsibility
and ask yourself
that question.
Why am I here?
We have a speaker here
today, Mildred.
She's a sponsor
and a recovering addict.
I've asked her to
say a few words.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Thanks, Phil.
- You're welcome.
Hi, my name is Mildred
and I'm a recovering addict.
I've been clean for
ten years
and I'm here today to
tell you that you can do it
and you're in the right place
at the right time.
You've made a...
an important decision today.
You've acknowledged
the fact that
you can't
do it by yourself,
that you need a higher power
to depend on,
to... to get you through.
There was a void that you were
trying to fill with drugs,
going down
this dark path.
It's scary.
But you know what?
There were signs,
Angels would come and tell
you words of encouragement,
saying, you don't have to
do it this way.
You had dreams, you had
visions of encouragement
and all along,
God was bringing you
to this place,
to this particular
time in your life
where he's saying to you,
"You can do it. "
Is that Lorie Walker?!
Can I get your
autograph, girl?
You are so crazy.
I know,
but I'm so proud of you.
There she is.
Oh, my God!
What are you
doing here?
Oh, my gosh.
I got you something.
So what's next?
I don't know.
But... something good.
I want you to know...
...I love you, okay?
I really do.
And if you need anything,
I mean, anything,
I'm only
a phone call away.
You know that, right?
I love you, too.
My name is Lorie Walker
and I'm 24 years old.
Man: What are three words you
would use to describe you?
Look, let me
break it down for you.
You got your
and you got your
video hoes.
Your video hoes
and your professionals.
What's up, I'm Yasha,
22, video girl.
My craziest experience?
dating a director.
I would say that's my craziest
experience, yeah.
Hello, my name is
Jessica and I'm 21 years old.
I'm a video vixen/rap artist.
A lot of the girls in
the game are hustlers.
We grind, and this is
what I do.
Hi, guys,
my name is Christie James,
and, you know, basically this
whole video thing,
I love to do videos,
it's really fun,
but to be honest with you,
a lot of these girls are
underpaid and overworked.
Not me, because I'm smart
and I have
a head for business,
but a lot of times, it's like
the rates are crazy.
It's like $50 for
a 12-hour shoot.
Are you fucking kidding me?
Like, look at me, look at
what I'm about, hello.
I am aspiring
to be a veterinarian.
A lot of people assume that
video girls are hoes
and they're
just running around
to meet artists
and screw them,
whatever you want to call it,
but we actually have dreams.
We all, y'know,
aspire to do other things...
the good ones, that is.
What's up,
my name is Kandi.
I'm the new hot chick
right now.
I'm not
fucking no directors,
I'm not fucking
to get no part.
I'm not trying to be
like them.
I wanna act.
Like, I wanna
get my Halle Berry on.
I'll get naked or whatever,
but I really want to work,
that's what I wanna do.
I been doing this
for about four years now,
I'm established in the game
and I'm from
South Central Los Angeles
and I know all about hustlin',
so for me, Hollywood is
the same path about hustlin'.
Get to where you
gotta get to,
network with who
you gotta network with
and make it to the top.
You know what,
I'm sick and tired of
bitches hatin' on my shit.
This is my world,
this is how I live,
so stop hatin', bitches.
I mean, in this game,
these girls all come up
to the video shoots,
I mean, you know, just trying
to fuck their way in there,
you know,
to get with somebody,
but you don't got to fuck
your way in no video.
You ain't
gotta be like that.
You just come up here,
you be classy.
You be a lady.
You do your thing
the right way
and that's how
you could get somewhere.
I don't understand these
bitches right here.
Like, honestly.
A lot of these hoes,
they come into this industry,
they turn into, like,
Oh, my God.
Like moths to the flame,
they follow the light.
It's just, like,
they fall in love
with all these wannabe
and all these
so-called famous types,
meanwhile, all they end up
with is STDs
and broken hearts.
When's the last time
you were at the clinic?
But, you know, I mean,
it's more than just,
you know, looking good.
A lot of these girls
come in this business
and they think that,
oh, the camera's gonna fix all
their flaws, you know?
Oh, I don't gotta worry
about staying in the gym,
because there's retouching,
Bitch, who the fuck
do you think you are,
not respecting the craft,
The craft,
you gotta respect it,
and it will respect you.
# Girl, girl #
# Girl, girl #
# Girl, girl, girl... #
# You're my video girl #