Videotape (2017) Movie Script

(dramatic music)
[Drew] I just want to move this
for just a minute.
[Father] What are you getting?
I just want to move this
for just a minute.
Drew, see it's looking out there at you
when you're playing in your car.
But, it is?
Well go back out there and play
with your car so it can take your picture.
[Mom] Hi, Daddy.
[Dad] Say hi.
- Say hi.
- Hi.
[Dad] How are you?
How old are you?
Two. Got the mosquito, one
two three, got the mosquito.
[Dad] She's talking about
getting the mosquito, right?
Did you get the mosquito?
[Mom] Can you sing
the ABC song for Daddy?
[Mom] Why not?
[Dad] How about Twinkle Twinkle?
[Dad] What can you sing?
Can you sing Jingle Bells?
[Dad] Ah you can sing that too I know.
Do you want to sing ABCs?
[Dad] What have you got on your shirt?
[Dad] Oh yeah which ones?
W-X-Y and Z on my shirt.
[Dad] That's right, very good.
[Dad] Yeah it's the alphabet song.
I can see Mommy's car even more.
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
Yeah well bye.
[Father] Well.
I don't know about that, Daddy.
[Father] Don't know about what?
OK, I'll be back.
[Father] You will?
[Father] Where are you gonna go?
I'm going home.
[Father] OK.
[Mike] Kevin.
[Kevin] Mike.
How are you, good?
[Mike] I'm doing fine, dude.
How are you doing?
[Kevin] Doing fine.
Getting ready to have this kid so,
losing a lot of money really fast.
I guess I'm doing something right.
I wanted to find out if
you got my voicemail.
[Mike] Ah shit dude, I
haven't checked my voicemail.
[Kevin] Oh, well long story short
some cops out in Grayson county found
a dead girl in a warehouse last November.
Unfortunately, she was
pregnant when she died.
Boyfriend knocked her up.
Now from what I've been able to gather,
she committed suicide not too long
after her boyfriend left her.
[Mike] Oh that's shit.
Yeah, it's pretty fucked up.
[Mike] Yeah.
Now there's more, though.
This April, three more
bodies, same warehouse.
Yeah, and Mike this is
where it gets juicy.
I've been talking with
an eyewitness who claims
he has concrete, video evidence
of what happened to all four,
says they're all connected.
[Mike] No shit?
[Kevin] He went to college
with the kids who died.
[Mike] Wow.
[Kevin] Anyway I've only spoken to him
over the phone but, he's agreed
to give me a full interview.
And he's going to give me the videotape,
as long as I turn it
into the cops afterward.
So, you interested?
[Mike] Yeah, fuck yeah,
no count me in dude.
OK, great.
Well, I need you down
here as soon as possible.
I'd like to get this interview
before this guy changes his mind.
[Mike] OK, alright.
[Kevin] One more thing.
As long as you're rolling,
don't say anything
to me or anyone, just
be a fly on the wall.
Think you can do that?
[Mike] I think I can do that
dude, don't worry about it.
[Kevin] OK.
(plane engine roaring)
[Intercom] Attention
passengers from flight 2210,
your baggage claim has
been moved to carousel G.
[Intercom] Paging passenger John Starr.
OK so I've only spoken
to Daniel over the phone.
I have no idea what
this guy's really like,
what he's actually been through.
But hey, he's letting us in his apartment
with a couple of cameras so,
we're taking advantage of it.
I want to ask him about this girl,
Loren Hawthorne, who killed herself.
Her relationship with Drew Hayes.
Then I want to dive right in.
See what this guy knows about how
four college kids wound up dead
at a school in the middle of nowhere.
Hopefully we'll get a good
answer to one of those.
Maybe both, we'll see.
OK, so along with the videotape.
Daniel also sent this camera.
It's what he and Drew used so,
for the interview go ahead and use this,
and I'll take that from you.
(knocking on door)
- Hey.
- Hey.
Kevin, we spoke over the phone.
[Daniel] Yeah, man.
It's nice to see you in person.
[Daniel] Yeah, come on inside.
You want a beer or something?
Yeah sure, what have you got?
Just beers... beers... beers or beers.
[Kevin] Why not?
Thank you.
So tell me Daniel, how have you been?
Been holding up alright?
Yeah, best you can do.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Well like I talked to
you about on the phone,
what I saw in the article
and after talking to you
and hearing what you had to say,
I mean, you're story of what
happened it just fascinates me.
And I think it's something
that could really affect
the greater audience, the
great unwashed out there.
So what I'd just really
like to do is just...
Just talk to you about
everything that happened.
Anything that you want to say,
anything that you want
to get off your chest,
you want to tell people, you know
just... and just document that.
Is it alright if I plug some
of this stuff in around here?
OK, alright.
Do that. Do what you need to do.
[Kevin] So are you...
Are you paying the rent?
I sell... I sell things.
Sell things.
[Kevin] OK.
For rent shit, as far as money goes,
I'm assuming there's enough stuff
to keep me comfortable for a while.
[Kevin] What do you do for a hobby?
[Kevin] Have any interests?
[Daniel] Not... not too much anymore.
I do a lot of these things now.
[Kevin] Well I mean as
long as you're happy with it.
Yeah I mean, I get to sit around.
Got a light coming on here.
Watch your eyes, there we go.
OK. Alright. That's a
nice pipe you got there.
It's... it's uh, yeah. Yeah, it was all,
you know, it's Drew's.
It was all Drew's.
[Kevin] Well, I have to say
he seemed to have good taste.
Had the cool shit.
[Kevin] What made you decide
to agree to this interview?
Out of curiosity.
Haven't been in touch
with a lot of people lately.
We were good friends.
We went through a lot of shit.
Right right.
Went to school together, yeah.
Well, maybe we can become good friends
by the end of this whole thing.
[Kevin] We're starting
off in a good place.
[Daniel] Sure.
[Kevin] OK, we sound
good. I think we're...
I think we're ready to go, Daniel.
If it's alright, why don't you tell me
a little bit about Drew and Loren.
[Drew] Hi.
So we're doing an incredibly weird thing
that looks rather stalkerish.
Now I'm suddenly realizing just
how much taller I am than you.
Loren here and I are having a kid.
Which I can't... can't...
[Loren] You can't see it yet.
Can't see it yet but, yeah no it's,
it's gonna happen, and because I'm kind of
a shitty filmmaker, I decided I was going
to put together a little something,
'cause I figured this unit would
probably like it later on in
life, for laughing at it and...
This unit?
Yeah that unit... that
unit's not gonna care.
Yeah it will.
[Drew] Anyway, first question for you.
How do you think your
friends are gonna take this?
Probably at first
they'll think I'm joking.
They'll be like, yeah whatever bitch,
but then I'll be like no seriously,
and then they're gonna be like, fuck.
And I'll be like yeah, but
then they'll be excited.
[Drew] Well how do you feel about it?
I haven't thought too much about it yet.
But, at this point, I
mean I'm mostly scared.
Not 'cause of how my
friends will react mostly
just 'cause of I'm scared
to tell my parents.
[Drew] Yeah?
'Cause I mean my cousin, she got pregnant
right out of high school
and she has her kid,
and it's great now but
at the time everyone...
She sort of became the
black sheep of the family.
But it was really crazy, 'cause in the end
it ended up really pulling
our family together.
It gave us all something to bond over
that we didn't have
for a really long time.
And so hopefully that's
what our baby will do too.
I don't know maybe I
should hold this up more
so that I'm not like shooting up your nose.
Or maybe you should sit down.
There that's much better.
Alright so how are my
friends gonna take it?
[Loren] Yeah, how are
your friends gonna take it?
They're gonna be
fairly shocked.
Generally I'm the more stable one
out of most of the group of friends.
I mean, I can't think of
one of them that's had
a girlfriend for longer than a few months.
Considering that we've been
dating for a few years now, that...
[Loren] Maybe now they'll
start using rubbers.
Doubtful. Doubtful.
They'll be OK with it I mean,
I mean for the most part, I mean,
moreso than anything, Ty will understand.
He's a fairly responsible guy.
And Daniel, I mean you know
Daniel, he just kind of...
Family on the other hand they're,
they're gonna be a little more concerned
about it, considering that I have
a semester's worth of work left in school.
I'm just planning of graduating early,
just kinda getting that out of the way.
So I can start making some money.
[Loren] Yeah I mean, it's not like this
happened freshman year you know.
We're like, we're almost there.
It's close.
I guess. I guess.
I kinda had to make some changes
in my life fairly quickly.
Had to stop drinking,
had to stop smoking pot,
had to stop just being a college kid
before I was ready to.
But you know life's just
kinda like that, it throws
you a series of curve balls,
and so you just kinda have to go with it.
But I mean I could've
done worse for a mother.
[Loren] I mean it was sort of time to
be giving that stuff up anyways you know?
It was getting to be that time.
Yeah that's what everybody tells me.
Yeah I think we're done,
so turn off the camera.
[Daniel] He loved his people,
he liked his people.
Well that's good.
[Daniel] Yeah.
Can I smoke in here?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I do. Everybody does.
Drew, you know, was gonna...
He was gonna stick it out.
He was gonna stick it out and he was,
he was gonna be, you
know, the man about it.
But then, you know, one day he just came,
came to me and said you know
this really isn't something I can do.
I mean I went with him 'cause I mean
I was fucking tired of
that whole academic thing
for you know a while. I needed a break.
[Kevin] After you guys got
back here to this apartment,
and you left Loren, and then
you guys left the school.
What happened?
Eventually, we found
out thatLoren had died.
I mean Drew kinda went kinda crazy
'cause he never... he wasn't
talking to her at the time.
His mind was occupied with
different things mostly,
substances, so no he
wasn't... he wasn't thinking.
Nobody was thinking.
What do you think after that?
Once we'd calmed down a little bit
after everything happened
and we thought about it,
and Drew thought about it, and he just,
he decided that it was time to go back
and just kinda like look at stuff.
Make sense of... make sense of everything.
Try to figure out, you
know, what went wrong
you know, I mean they lost somebody too,
and so we all we figured we would go back.
Talk to those people. Talk to them.
[Drew] You fucking jerk-off.
[Daniel] Fuck you.
Fuck you man.
I don't fucking tape
you when you smoke pot.
[Daniel] I don't fucking care.
You don't fucking care? You don't?
I take it you also don't fucking care
that this fucking vodka
tastes like gasoline.
[Daniel] No.
[Daniel] No, I don't drink that shit.
[Drew] You don't?
[Daniel] No.
Why is it half gone?
Do you like this hat?
[Daniel] It's a good one.
[Drew] You sure you like this hat?
[Daniel] It's a good one!
[Drew] You sure?
[Daniel] It's a... it's an alright hat.
[Drew] You know where I...
You know where I...
You know where I... you know
where I got this hat, right?
[Daniel] I don't really care.
From your mom's asshole.
[Daniel] Fuck off.
That's where I got it.
[Daniel] You should eat.
- Eat?
- You should eat my ass.
Eat, eat?
[Daniel] With a spoon.
So what are we doing tomorrow?
[Daniel] Don't ask me those questions.
We're going to Sherman, you dummy.
We're going to Sherman.
Why are we going to Sherman, though?
[Daniel] Why the fuck not?
We can leave now.
I'll tell you why.
I'll tell you why we're going.
You wanna know why we're going?
[Daniel] You're gonna tell me why.
You wanna know why?
[Daniel] Alright.
You know why?
It's 'cause I'm fucking crazy.
Instead of, you know,
doing the right thing,
which I obviously did not do,
I left with your fucking ass.
You don't remember anything?
[Daniel] Certain things.
You remember my girlfriend dying?
[Daniel] Oh, well that one.
You remember that?
[Daniel] Yeah but why do
you want to talk about...
You remember she was...
[Daniel] Don't let
me talk about that one.
Shut the fuck up for a second!
You remember she was pregnant right?
[Daniel] Yeah there's that one.
Yeah so we're gonna go back
'cause we're fucking stupid,
and we're gonna see all of our friends,
and we're gonna fucking party it up.
We're gonna... we're gonna fucking
relive all the good times.
[Daniel] Relive the life, man.
We didn't say a whole lot
on the drive up there.
It was kind of a
introspective moment.
You know what I mean, you have to go...
You have to go through it all to get home,
and you have to go back
through it all to get back.
You know we'd done it before,
justremembering stuff.
[Kevin] Tell me where
exactly is Sherman?
It's about 45 minutes to an hour
north of Dallas, north of here.
So I mean you gotta go
through Richardson and Plano,
and then after Plano you've got McKinney.
And then after McKinney you've got about
20 miles of just fields,
fields and highway.
They have piles over here.
We've got bail bonds,
Spanky's Bail Bonds.
Schnitker's Auto Body Repair.
And Love Monuments so you can even get
your gravestones here.
You can die here if you want.
[Daniel] I could... I would love to die.
[Drew] Here?
I would love to die here.
Not much to say, it
was just a little town.
Downtown is pretty run
down, there's nothing there
but I mean I guess the college.
[Kevin] So Sherman's kind
of a college town then?
[Daniel] Oh no, no
it's not a college town
like you would call Austin
or Dallas or something.
It's a small school, there's
not a lot of kids there.
I mean you can't really...
I suppose it was a college town.
I don't know, you know it's the country.
[Kevin] You guys, you said you
hung out a lot at these
houses on Lee Street.
[Daniel] Yeah, yeah, Lee Street.
It was where Ty lived and so he was
the only guy at the time
that was living off campus.
So it was nice to go over there.
Drinking and camaraderie
and everybody was together.
You know I mean just... things
happened over there, you know?
You know, smoking happened there,
and the drinking happened there,
and things happened there.
But yeah it was a good place
to be, 'cause Ty lived there.
Ty was our good... Ty was a good
friend. He was a good guy.
[Drew] Ty!
You son of a bitch.
[Ty] What's up, man?
[Drew] What's up dude, how's it going?
It's going good man, it's been a while.
[Drew] I know man it's a long time.
What do you call this?
What's up guys?
[Drew] Dude man we thought
we'd surprise you man.
[Daniel] What are you doing out here?
[Drew] Yeah man, what the hell
are you doing out here?
Just chilling, playing
a little guitar, man.
[Drew] Oh yeah, how's
your Saturday been?
It's been good, man, I've
just been hanging out.
Catch up? Did you see Sam,
or he's in there taking a shit?
[Drew] Yeah actually he
is taking a shit right now.
Sam boy, how you doing, man?
[Daniel] Sam, what the fuck is up, man?
[Drew] You just taking a nap?
Yeah I've been napping all day.
[Ty] Nice to see you up.
Everybody's fucking napping.
[Drew] Dude, well listen I was
wondering, you got any bud?
[Daniel] Budsies!
The drawer, like, there's some
drawers underneath my desk.
Here, you take this.
- [Ty] Pot drawer.
- [Daniel] Pot drawer.
[Drew] Alright, yeah I'm
just shooting for shit.
[Ty] Right on, it's cool.
- [Drew] I figured why the hell not?
- [Ty] Whatever.
[Daniel] Snoop Dogg, where is it?
[Ty] It's under the desk right there.
[Drew] Under the desk, dude, in his room.
[Ty] Older... older but
dumber at the same time.
Dude what the fuck is a gun doing here?
[Drew] A gun? You've got a gun?
I'm 21.
Daniel's gonna play with it.
[Drew] Daniel, good God,
that is a beauty though.
[Ty] The weed's in there too.
[Daniel] I know, I see that.
[Drew] The weed is actually
what we're looking for, Daniel.
Sam, you know Ty had a gun?
Yeah, 45. It's a 45, right?
There are frightening
things in that drawer.
[Drew] Fuck, alright, well
hell let's load this shit up.
[Ty] Hey, Sam, will
you put this on my bed?
So man what have you been up to lately?
Man just, well I
quit... I quit pre-med so...
Oh no shit?
Yeah so that's kinda been...
You were pretty dead set on that man.
Been a big burden off
my shoulders for sure.
And just been kinda hanging out.
I don't know like, I
couldn't handle a stressful
load this semester anyway
with what had happened.
That's a lot better
than quitting school.
No, yeah, no that... yeah. (Laughs)
I didn't quit school.
[Drew] Yeah, that hasn't really been
working out so much for us.
I mean we've been... we've got...
It never does, man, it never does.
(voices inside the house)
[Drew] Shit dude, this bud made me
completely fucking stoned.
[Sam] Addiction.
[Drew] It goes back to Daniel.
[Sam] Actually, it's Dave Navarro.
Withers, dude man, we
haven't seen you in a while.
You look hungover as fuck.
Is that why you look so
unenthused to see us?
[Withers] No, I've
just been reading about
renewable sources of energy
and that makes me unenthused.
So I need to ask you something.
What's up, man?
So what has life been like?
What do you mean?
Since she's been gone.
Man, I don't know.
'Cause I mean we all used
to hang out all the time.
Dude I know, and it's the, like...
And then we left,
and then that happened.
Yeah the group's you know,
like we're all still friends.
But I mean, I don't know,
there's a little bit of a...
I think we're all kind of dealing with it
our own way right now.
I think everybody's just kinda
You know, I'm really able
to hang out with them two
right now and that's just
'cause we live together.
I mean I don't know.
[Drew] Well anyway, well I mean, look man
we're just here like, I don't
know I guess it's kinda like
a form of therapy for all of us.
The one thing that...
[Ty] I mean it's good to see y'all.
Like I mean, I hadn't seen y'all since...
Well you know, and I mean the last thing
we need to do right now
as a group is to like
separate even further
than we already were.
Do turtles cry?
That's all I wanna know.
I wanna know where the gold at.
That's I wanna know.
[Daniel] It was like a
celebratory thing, you know.
We just got... we came
back. Everybody was like,
Whoa they're coming back,
we should have fun times.
And you know we went to parties.
Drew's birthday was coming up and we went,
and we had a birthday thing for Drew.
Everybody was excited to
see us again, you know.
We pulled into town
and there were, I mean...
I don't know, I mean...
You know, we never skipped a beat.
[Sam] Dude, who wants
to help me with the beer?
[Drew] I'll carry one, Daniel's good.
Happy birthday Drew, happy birthday.
Dude I'm really glad you made it this far.
I didn't think you would but like,
you know we've been
through some shit together
and you know I'm just glad...
I'm glad it's your birthday.
I'm glad we're celebrating, man.
[Drew] You're gonna make me cry.
(sentimental music)
You won this time
And you won't win again
You won last time
And you know
It won't last
And a team of my good friends
[Drew] Ok I want you
to keep filming that.
And I want all three of
us to get right here.
Look at these fuckers... these fuckers...
I've had sex with both these guys.
Sam twisted my nipple.
Sam twisted my nipple and it hurt.
And Sam twisted Wes's nipple.
That is not true.
(all talking at once)
[Daniel] I have had sex with nobody.
[Drew] You've had sex with so many...
That is a goddamn lie.
Phipps fucks everyone.
[Daniel] I'm a virgin.
I'm a virgin.
[Wes] So is Britney Spears!
Born again for the third time!
[Daniel] Nobody's touched
me for the very first time.
I haven't been touched in that way.
[Wes] OK Jesus.
[Katie] Peace, motherfucker.
[Sam] Fuck peace, I like war.
[Daniel] Get loose, motherfucker.
[Wes] Hey cameraman.
[Drew] Oh fuck, I just got
hit, you fucker, you fucker.
[Wes] It's a strobe...
It's a strobe light.
It'a strobe light.
He lived in the
streets of New York City,
and he had no brain whatsoever.
No brain.
He would roam from soul...
[Wes] Rudy Giuliani's not that dumb.
He would roam... he would
roam from soul to soul,
eating their brains for his lack of brain.
He has no soul.
I have to fart, hold on.
This, you're looking at this
piece of illegal paraphernalia?
Actually this isn't illegal.
[Katie] Hey, let's be nice about my
piece of illegal paraphernalia.
[Daniel] (girly voice)
Hey look at that there.
(girly voice) Look at
that this is very cute.
[Katie] No look at the
flower, it's like a hippie pipe.
[Drew] Sarah, what
are you doing in here?
I just... I wanted to come
and see what was going on.
[Daniel] Hey, somebody light my shit.
Someone light his shit.
[Sarah] When did Beth take that?
[Daniel] White light.
[Drew] White light.
[Sam] Hey, that's my white light.
[Sarah] That's hot.
[Katie] Peace, motherfucker.
Cameraman just took
some white light hits.
[Sarah] What's he smoking?
[Wes] From time to...
[Sarah] How much do you smoke?
[Wes] From time to time, maybe.
[Sarah] Time to time.
[Daniel] That shit happens sometimes.
[Wes] Right now I'm fixing
this lamp 'cause someone broke it!
[Kevin] You showed me a
few pictures of a snowman.
I guess it was on campus somewhere?
Yeah it was a big snowman, I
mean it snowed, dude, in March.
I mean that afternoon we kinda
heard rumors of it gonna happen,
and nobody really thought
it was gonna happen.
'Cause you know it gets cloudy
and it always just rains.
You know like right in
the middle of dinner,
the sky opened up and snow everywhere.
I don't like the cold.
I don't like it being cold.
I hate it being cold but
it was something new.
I hadn't seen snow in a while.
So we were just being kids,
throwing snowballs, making snowmen.
You know we were in college,
it was the last time we got to be kids.
[Drew] Dude, I cannot
fucking believe that.
[Justin] Start packing the bottom.
Start packing the bottom.
[Ty] Y'all got it? Hold on, hold it.
You just hold it.
Just hold it, just hold it.
Austin, pack.
[Guy] Our crops are gonna be gone too.
[Drew] Hands slightly cold, Ty?
Dude, my poor balls man,
they're taking the punishment.
This looks like a dumbbell.
[Guy] Right there is fine,
we'll just go right here.
[Ty] I would just say
get rid of the whole...
[Guy] We get carried
away with our second ball.
(voices chattering)
[Justin] But we keep
adding on to the bottom one
so it's starting to look fatter.
[Daniel] That fucking took forever.
[Guy] Yeah we need to
definitely do better on this.
[Drew] Here take this, record shit.
[Sam] So before us...
[Drew] Hello.
[Sam] we have the mighty snowman.
Snowman of Texas.
[Justin] What's up, man?
[Drew] What's up, dude?
[Justin] How you doing?
[Drew] I'm doing alright.
Not too many Texans see it, at least.
Look at all this snow!
[Daniel] Poor boy, he just doesn't know
what to do with himself.
He's so flabbergasted.
[Sam] In Texas history at least.
[Guy] He's kinda leaning to the right.
(all talking at once)
[Guy] What's the good side, this one?
[Ty] What's the snowman's good side?
[Daniel] Yeah make sure...
make... hey wait.
Well make sure I get his good side.
Is this the sexiest side?
[Drew] Dude he's leaning, he's leaning.
[Justin] He's got a gangsta lean.
[Ty] I feel like we're
in a Sigur Ros music video.
[Justin] He's got... this
snowman is fucked up.
[Drew] He had a little one too many.
[Justin] Yeah dude,
he on that purple drank.
He got rainbow colors in his cup,
you know what I'm saying?
[Ty] If you want to take some pictures
you gotta stand on a chair.
[Drew] He's just snacking.
[Girl] It'll look good
on camera, though.
You'll be able to see all the stuff.
[Guy] Dude, go from the side angle.
[Drew] That was Ty. That was Ty!
[Justin] That is so bad.
[Guy] Alright we need to use another.
Where's the other coal?
[Girl] Here's a bottle cap.
[Justin] You can
start it from the front.
[Guy] Start it from the front.
[Girl] Yeah, pull it... yeah.
[Sam] It'll stick.
[Guy] There you go, that looks better.
[Justin] Yeah, that looks much better.
[Daniel] Sam you morose-
looking motherfucker.
I wasn't morose, I was fucking stoned.
Now you just take
and fix that right eye.
[Girl] Hey, who's going to
take a picture with my camera?
[Guy] Do we have another charcoal for...
[Justin] So I mean are
these all the bottle caps?
[Ty] It's like my birthday party.
[Sam] It's your birthday party.
[Daniel] It's your birthday
party, and we love you
very, very, very, very, very, very much.
Ty's gonna fall the fuck off of that,
and I'm gonna laugh my ass off, for sure.
[Sam] That'd be pretty fucking funny.
Did you like my dismount?
What are we doing?
What are we doing?
[Daniel] Dude, I dunno.
Alright. Hey, Daniel.
[Daniel] Yeah.
I... I miss you.
[Daniel] Oh.
Sam's parents have a
farm. We went down there,
which was pretty interesting I mean, like
We were still, we were still friends.
I mean, nobody was thinking
about what had happened,
and we were just getting over it.
Yeah, I mean we... yeah.
(contemplative music)
[Kevin] So it sounds like
things were settling in again?
Everybody was just getting back
to normal, back in a routine?
No no, it wasn't ever
routine after that.
(train whistle blowing)
You know I can't... I don't
wanna do this anymore.
I'm done for the day. Gonna take a shit.
[Kevin] Do you want me to...
Want me to come back tomorrow?
[Daniel] Yeah, yeah you
can do whatever you want.
[Kevin] Phipps story log, third of July.
It has been disquieting
to sit with Daniel.
The air feels thick, and he
keeps his expressions hidden.
He answers my questions
as though I weren't there.
I don't know what to make of him.
The footage of Drew and
Loren seems incongruent.
There are few frowns.
The two seem comfortable, committed.
It just doesn't point to
a chaotic relationship.
Still, I can observe some inner conflict,
something which would explain his actions.
It has led me to examine
myself a little further.
[Drew] The most disgusting
flavor of baby food.
[Loren] Yeah we're looking
for the most disgusting flavor.
Chicken noodle sounds pretty gross.
Imagine what color the poop's
gonna be if it eats this?
I would rather give my
baby my own vomit to eat.
[Loren] No you would not.
[Drew] I would, seriously, yeah I would.
[Loren] No you would not.
[Drew] And the trip looking
for baby stuff, of course,
cannot be complete without
looking at the enormous...
[Loren] Well these are like Pull-Ups.
[Drew] selection of diapers. God.
Here's ones for newborns.
[Drew] Now, it's true that...
[Loren] We'll have to
get a nice big box of them.
Which I'm not gonna attempt
to pick up right now.
[Drew] Probably a good call.
And then hopefully our kid won't need
the big kid underwears, hopefully they'll
be potty trained by the
time they're six, I'd hope.
[Drew] If not I'm throwing
them in the backyard.
Or else there's like
some emotional problems
which will definitely be our fault.
Oh, look how soft it looks.
Oh, and we get a one-year subscription
to Parents magazine, woo hoo.
[Drew] You need a magazine to figure out
if you're gonna be a good parent or not?
No I think it's just
like tips and stuff about
how not to like shoot
yourself in the head.
[Drew] I'm not entirely
sure I know how to do that.
Well it's just, you
know like, don't do it.
[Drew] Just don't pull the trigger.
Yeah, I want this one.
[Drew] Oh look, now that's cute.
What is that?
Oh, it's a hat, Why is it...
[Drew] That's a big baby's head.
Is this... are baby's heads
really shaped like this?
[Drew] I don't know.
I don't think I know any
babies with square heads.
[Drew] Mine might have been.
I don't know what's up with that.
Yeah, I'm totally getting this one.
OK, so I talked to
Daniel this afternoon.
He said that there is a parking garage
attached to his building, so find that,
should be able to avoid the crowd.
(ominous music)
(plane engines roaring)
Alright Daniel, we're recording now.
Yesterday we kinda left
it on a weird note.
You said there were a lot of good things
going on but things weren't perfect.
There was something wrong, you said.
Could you tell me a little
bit more about that?
Well man just,
the whole sweater started to unravel.
Just like... just things
just started to come apart.
Things just started to come apart, man.
How were they coming apart?
Oh you know I mean, we just, we went...
We went to... we went to some places.
We went to some places and Ty,
Ty just started to get you know,
antsy and weird and he was um,
you know he was getting pissed off
that we had this camera on all the time
and we were just filming shit.
Didn't know why that was
happening and, I don't know.
He just, he started getting angry.
He started getting angry.
I don't know.
Are y'all always filming everything?
I don't know, dude.
We don't have a lot of tape.
Not everything.
Remember? I mean, we're poor rock stars.
We can't afford a whole set of tapes.
[Daniel] We're not really rock stars.
Or else we could afford tapes.
It just... it just seems
like it's always on.
And the red light haunts me.
[Daniel] Well you know, it's fun.
[Drew] Well dude, I mean you know...
[Daniel] It's a fun thing.
Don't worry about it.
Like I mean, you don't
really care that much do you?
[Sam] Hey, do you guys
want to go to happy hour?
Oh yeah hell yeah, it's fucking Friday.
Yeah, is pledgeship over?
I think this is the last
week so pledgeship's over.
Well kick ass dude yeah,
well what time's it go down?
Probably 5, what time is it now?
Dude I don't know, like 4:30, 4:45 right?
Oh my bad, alright, well.
We're late to the party.
Coming, Daniel?
[Daniel] Yeah dude, for sure.
I don't know, what are
you going to do right now?
[Drew] Yeah, what
the fuck are you doing?
Are you going over there
right now, or what?
Yeah, I'll probably head over there.
[Drew] You don't have shit to do?
Yeah, you know, we've all got shit to do.
[Ty] On your way over there you should
call a carpenter and fix the door.
[Drew] Well that was... that
was kind of unwarranted.
Well I don't know man, maybe you should
clean the dishes once in a while.
That's why I haven't left yet.
Oh well there you go, see.
[Sam] You haven't left?
[Drew] There you go, see.
[Ty] For the party.
You have to clean the dishes first?
[Ty] Yeah.
[Drew] I'm jacking this beer.
Keep it real.
[Daniel] Alright man, see you later.
[Drew] See you later, bud.
[Drew] Damn dude that was...
[Daniel] That was a little harsh man.
Kind of a low blow don't you think?
Well, I mean, between
barnyard animal number one,
number two, number three,
yeah that happens.
Oh well thanks, appreciate it man.
You're welcome.
[Daniel] OK, dude.
[Drew] Is it on? It's on now?
[Daniel] Yeah.
[Drew] Alright, so
where are we at right now?
[Daniel] Where are we at?
I need a beer. There's a bush.
[Drew] There are no fucking cups.
We are at the Lambda Chi
house, at happy hour.
Friday afternoon, I guess I
should say Friday evening.
We haven't been to here yet 'cause
they've been rushing their pledges.
[Daniel] There's a lot
of happy folks for sure.
[Drew] What the fuck is that?
Is that Meredith over there?
Dude that, yeah, no dude, that totally is.
[Daniel] I don't know that girl.
[Drew] Yeah you do,
don't even lie to me.
[Daniel] I don't know
her but she's cute.
[Drew] Sam you know Meredith right?
[Daniel] She's cute at least.
[Sam] Where?
[Drew] She's over
there, dude, the fucking ginger.
[Ty] That's Meredith.
[Drew] Yeah dude, you know Meredith.
[Ty] What's she doing here?
[Drew] I have no fucking clue.
I am definitely going to talk to her.
[Daniel] I'm sure she
has the fire in her loins.
[Drew] You think?
For sure, they're red and pubescent.
It was one of those things like,
it burdened me all week
like I didn't do anything
because of it, but I
really didn't work on it.
[Daniel] Dude, where's Drew at?
Drew is canoodling
I believe, over there.
[Daniel] Canoodling what the fuck?
What's her deal, what her angle?
[Ty] I don't know,
she's kind of a bitch man.
[Daniel] She looks nice enough.
[Ty] Well, you know, I mean.
[Daniel] She's a red... she's
a red... she's got red hair.
[Ty] Yeah I mean I think, I could see,
I could see Drew munching the flame, man.
[Daniel] Yeah?
[Ty] Like I'm not sure but I
mean, dude she's a real bitch.
[Daniel] Do you think
he can pull it off?
Dude I don't know man,
you just need to fucking,
you need to, like, not
let him do that, dude.
You need to be, you know, you need to be,
you know, cock-blocking the positive end.
Like don't... see look at this.
That's no good, man. That is no good, dude.
I'm serious, man.
It's just not dude, I mean...
Be that as it... be what you think man.
[Daniel] Whatever, man.
[Ty] Dude, that has bad news
written all over it, dude.
[Daniel] Whatever man, he's
getting his D wet for sure.
What the fuck are you doing?
[Daniel] Whatever.
[Ty] Nothing.
It's all on Kyle's ass.
[Daniel] We were already on record,
we were still on... wait was I recording?
I have no idea.
[Ty] That's a nice corner.
[Daniel] It is a nice
corner, and look at that light.
[Ty] I bet it's bright.
[Daniel] Where the fuck is Drew?
[Ty] I don't know.
Did he run off with
that fucking gross-ass?
[Daniel] What?
Dude, you need to fucking
talk to him about that.
It's not there and I'm like,
Sam, where's my Gatorade?
And he's like, Oh I drank it.
[Daniel] Drew.
Anyways, I finally see him and Meredith
and they're walking off and I go.
And I go and I get after
them and I'm like, Hey!
Hey where are you guys...
Where are you guys going?
Drew's like, Hey, just
give me the camera.
They get in the car and they leave.
Got no camera so, and then
you know, things happen.
Actually I'm gonna take this though.
And I'll, yeah I'll... I'll be right back.
I'll be right back, yeah you...
[Meredith] Are we good?
[Drew] Alright, how drunk are you Daniel?
[Daniel] (screams)
[Drew] Alright, hey let's go.
[Meredith] OK.
[Drew] Alright so like, we're
gonna get into some trouble.
[Meredith] Wait, I need
to roll down the window.
So I'm drunk.
I'm in
I'm in fucking
Meredith's bathroom of all places.
She just told me something
before she passed out.
A little too much Xanax
for one day I think.
And she told me that Ty
beat the shit out of her and raped her.
I fucking believe it.
I fucking believe it.
I bet Ty did do it.
I bet Ty did it because
he's my friend, and he's a piece of shit.
And friends have a lot in
common with each other,
and I'm a piece of shit,
straight up, hands down.
I'm just a useless motherfucker.
I should've been the better man.
I should've been a grownup.
Should've taken care of
Loren, should've stayed here.
Instead I fucking left her.
I fucking left her, and she went crazy,
and she fucking killed
herself and my fucking child.
And fucking
fucked up the whole thing man.
I fucked up. There I said it, I fucked up.
I fucked up, I fucked up, I fucked up,
I fucked up, I fucked up, I fucked up.
I fucked up.
I should've been a lot more to that girl.
She was so fucking (Drew sobbing)
she didn't do anything wrong to me.
She didn't, you know, fucking cheat on me.
She didn't fucking yell at me.
She didn't do any of that shit.
She was everything to me,
and I fucking left her.
Because I was fucking scared?
Because I just you know, 'cause
I had to fucking, you know,
I had to be selfish.
I have to go after my own
dreams or some shit like that.
(Drew sobbing)
Fuck it, I didn't leave this.
I didn't leave this message.
I didn't fucking say anything, man.
Fuck this shit, what the hell am I doing?
So what are you thinking?
I don't know.
[Drew] You don't know.
I don't know, I'm just kind
of I'm, I'm happy I'm excited.
[Drew] About, well obviously about the,
the kid that's on the way.
The bun in the oven.
[Drew] The bun in the oven.
[Drew] Yeah.
I mean yeah, I mean of course
I'm nervous and everything.
But you know of course,
when I first found out
about this I was like well,
fuck our relationship's over.
This is gonna like fuck it up.
But, I guess the more and
more I've thought about it.
I think you're gonna be a
really... a really great father.
[Drew] Oh wow.
And I think... I think it'll
be good for our relationship.
I think this will...
Everything will work out.
So, how's it going?
Well, you know, just
kind of, kinda like you.
Just kind of thinking about a few things.
[Loren] Like?
you know to be perfectly
honest I can't even...
I can't even answer that question.
A lot of things have
changed so quickly that.
I'm having to kind of reassess everything.
I have to reassess where my life's going,
what we are and what we're going to be.
Last but not least, there's a
little me that's on the way
that I
I never even thought
about happening, you know?
And all my friends are
they're very reserved about the situation.
They... they think that I'm
kind of making a mistake.
You know as a kid growing up,
I just had these dreams
and these goals that,
you know, we all have growing up.
People want to be the next great astronaut
or architect or, in my case, a filmmaker.
And I'm realizing now that
that's probably not going to happen.
It's... it's a little disappointing.
And I'm trying to get over
it because I don't want
to inflict any kind of regret or
rage of any kind on this kid.
I'm confident though that things will
work out in one way or another.
They always find a way to do it.
[Loren] Well yeah jeez made me
feel bad there for a second.
Oh yeah?
I can tell in your voice.
[Loren] Well I mean you know.
No one wants to kills
someone else's dreams.
[Loren] All these
women that I've talked to
are like, you know, the woman
feels like she's a mother
the second she finds out she's pregnant.
But the guy doesn't feel like he's
a father until he sees his kid.
So, I understand your trepidation
and you might not be excited when I am.
Yeah but sooner or later
it'll catch up with me.
[Loren] Yeah.
So, and just like I said,
I just hope things work out.
[Loren] You think they will?
[Drew] Do I think they will?
They have to, I mean you know,
I wasn't raised to be a fuck up.
I mean my parents never...
Never accepted failure.
So and I... they always told me I had
to take responsibility for all my actions.
So I mean I have to.
[Daniel] Drew, he just kind of,
he lost it man, he just...
[Kevin] How so?
[Daniel] What do you mean?
[Kevin] Well I mean like, what happened?
What do you... what do you...
What do you mean, how so?
He lost it.
I mean what the fuck... what
the fuck would you do?
You've got, I mean, you've
got this girlfriend that dies.
And then, you know, there's a
baby in-fucking-side of her.
And it's dead. And then you fucking,
you come back and your friends
start to flip shit on you.
And you've got fucking, you've got like,
you've got you know booze,
and you've got weed.
And you've got you know, the blow.
And you've got all these things, man.
You've got all these things.
And they fucking... they
fucking blow up on you.
And then fucking Drew loses it.
Like what else... what else is...
That shouldn't be hard
to understand, dude.
[Drew] Who's that?
Oh, dude, it's Daniel.
What are you doing?
[Drew] Dude I just got back.
Meredith just dropped me off.
Yeah, dude.
That's cool.
[Drew] What the hell
happened to you last night?
I don't remember... I don't
remember a whole lot of things.
[Drew] You don't even remember what
happened after the Lambda Chi house?
[Daniel] No.
[Drew] Yeah.
[Daniel] Um, did you bang
that Meredith girl, Drew?
[Drew] Well,
[Daniel] Really?
[Drew] Yeah, I did.
[Daniel] Ha ha, that's
fucking funny dude.
Anyway, boy, dude, I don't know man.
Ty was pretty pissed off about
that shit though, you know?
[Daniel] Yeah, it was
kind of silly but I mean...
Well Ty's been kind of...
He's been kinda crazy lately.
[Daniel] Yeah I know, well...
I mean, what did he say?
[Daniel] Oh he was
just, you know man,
talking bullshit, talking
bullshit, you know.
Talking bullshit?
I mean like, did he say anything specific?
[Daniel] I don't know,
just that that girl
was bad news bears or something,
and she wasn't, you know,
you shouldn't hang out with
her, or something like that.
Something crazy.
Well, he's fucked dumber.
Dude, I've got to fucking take a shower.
[Daniel] Ha ha, that's what
happens when you bang sluts.
Thanks Daniel, I appreciate it man.
[Daniel] You get dirty.
You know at least I...
[Daniel] You get sweaty.
At least I remember
what I did last night.
[Daniel] You start to smell like vag.
[Drew] Yeah thanks, I appreciate it.
I'm glad that you're getting this on tape.
[Daniel] Oh yeah, shit dude.
[Ty] How are y'all?
- Oh, doing alright man.
- Oh, doing good.
[Drew] I just got back.
[Daniel] How was, how's
everything going man?
Roo camp, fucking great.
[Drew] Yeah weren't you
supposed to be there this morning?
Yeah, a little while ago, but...
That's alright, freshman aren't gonna...
Or prospective freshman aren't gonna
give too much of a shit you know.
[Ty] Well, you know what?
I'm just not interested anymore.
I don't give a fuck so,
it doesn't even matter.
[Drew] It doesn't even matter?
[Ty] Yeah.
- Hey, are you ok?
- What are y'all gonna do today?
Dude we were just kinda
planning on going to Roo camp.
Just kinda chilling out, I guess.
Don't eat any more of my food. Please.
[Daniel] You OK, man?
[Drew] Dude, what the fuck?
I mean just, you know y'all
are all kinds of fucking up.
- What do you mean?
- Fucking up?
[Drew] Like what do you mean?
I mean you're over here
fucking Meredith Goddamn Greer.
Dude what... why are you
giving me shit for that?
It's Meredith Greer.
Yeah I... so?
I mean so what?
I haven't fucked anyone
since Loren died, Ty.
Why the pissy attitude?
Alright man, alright man, nevermind.
You're off your fucking
nuts, just a little bit.
Dude shut the fuck up, man.
I'm serious dude.
You're fucking up and
you don't know it yet.
You are fucking up.
[Drew] How am I fucking up?
You're fucking up, trust me.
[Drew] Whatever, dude, whatever.
[Daniel] Whatever.
There's this thing that they do,
and they bring these
kids, these little kids.
They're not little kids,
they're seniors in high school,
and they're thinking about
maybe going to the school,
and they have this whole day
of events that is planned.
And they have a concert
and jumping castles
and cotton candy and fucking rainbows.
(ominous music)
And we come out of the
concert, (clears throat)
Drew and I, we got the camera going,
and one of our buddies,
Justin, he's there.
And we're coming... we're walking away
from where they had the concert at,
we hear some screaming down the way.
And we run over there 'cause there's...
They're in a fight, man, these
two people are in a fight,
and they're screaming at each other.
[Drew] What's going on?
(people yelling in distance)
[Sam] Who the fuck would I tell?
[Drew] Back up. Alright look,
what the fuck is going on?
- Fucking asshole.
- What are you guys doing?
[Sam] Fucking asshole
dude he's fucking...
What the fuck, we were in there
not fifteen minutes ago and
we find that y'all are out...
Listen Drew, just fucking
stay out of this, OK.
This is not your deal.
This is not your deal.
Oh it's not my deal, you're about...
No it's not your fucking deal.
[Drew] You're about to fucking...
[Sam] Yes, 'cause he's
a fucking prick dude.
That's what his deal is.
[Drew] Hey, back up, back up, hey! Hey!
[Justin] Fuck, dude.
[Drew] Alright, look. Look, look, look.
Let's just chill out
for a second, just chill...
I'm fucking chill.
Chill out. Look, what the fuck is this?
What the fuck is this about?
[Sam] Ask Ty.
Sam fucking knows what this is about.
He's fucking running his goddamn mouth!
To who, who the fuck did I tell?
Sam you know who you fucking told.
Told what?
What the fuck is it that
y'all are talking about?
[Sam] Yes, and what did I tell?
Drew, what the fuck
are you doing out here?
Go back in there and
fucking lick on redhead, go.
Oh great, so you're gonna bring that up
as I'm trying to break a
fight between two friends,
two people that fucking live together?
You're really gonna
pull that goddamn card?
Because this is none of your business.
It's none of my business?
No, it's not.
[Sam] You fucked her too, Ty.
Oh, well that...
What the fuck ever!
Isn't that just fucking great.
OK wait, hold on, hey.
You shut the fuck up.
OK, is this between me and you
or is this between me and him?
'Cause I'm not doing this
fucking triangle bullshit.
Last time I checked it
was between you and me.
Alright, look look look,
look, did you fuck her?
Be honest with me.
No, I didn't fuck her.
Alright well she's
saying something different.
[Sam] That's bullshit, dude.
Well, I don't give a
fuck what she's saying.
She's saying something different,
and he's saying something different.
[Ty] Hey well fucking you know,
he needs to shut the fuck up anyway,
and you're gonna listen
to a redhead fucking...
Did you fucking hit her?
No I didn't fucking hit her, Drew.
Did you rape her?
No I didn't fucking rape her, Drew.
That's a lie.
That's a fucking lie, dude.
I told you Sam.
- That's a fucking lie.
- I'm gonna deal with
you fucking later.
OK, well keep running
your goddamn trap,
see what happens to you.
Alright so... so what...
Alright so you've got
a skank inside telling me
that you fucking hit her,
beat the shit out of her. Raped her.
You've got a guy right here who's
telling me that this did fucking happen,
and then I've got you,
who's been acting erratic,
who's been acting fucking weird as shit
anyway for the last two goddamn weeks.
[Daniel] Ty, no Ty,
you've been a little crazy.
[Justin] Dude you have been crazy.
[Sam] Dude, no doubt.
Will y'all just shut
the fuck up and let me talk to him?
[Justin] What the fuck is going on?
OK, Mr. Chivalrous over here
was so nice to Loren, oh my God.
You were so nice to her weren't you?
I don't even want you to
bring that up right now.
What the fuck does that have
anything to do with anything?
Oh like I asked you
to bring up Meredith?
Yeah well fuck you, I hope
that hurts. I hope that hurts.
Why'd you bring that up?
[Ty] You brought up Meredith.
Did you fuck Loren, Ty?
What the fuck, are you gonna
keep attacking me over nothing?
Did you fuck my ex-girlfriend?
I'm not even gonna
fucking answer you on that.
That is bullshit.
Why won't you answer me, Ty?
Hey, hey, you know what?
[Sam] Because he did.
You and you get your
fucking shit out of my house.
You have thirty minutes.
Thirty minutes.
[Justin] Ty, you're
acting fucking crazy.
I don't give a fuck what y'all think.
[Drew] You're gonna kick us out?
Yeah fuck yeah, I'm
gonna kick all y'all out.
Oh yeah, that's fucking perfect.
I fucking confront you about something,
you kick everybody out,
and then you're gonna fucking walk away.
- You're gonna walk away.
- What the fuck?
[Daniel] Ty, where are you going?
[Drew] Like, you know what?
Hey, you don't fucking worry about it.
[Drew] How many times did
you fuck my girlfriend Ty?
How many times did you fucking hit her?
What, why the fuck did
she kill herself, Ty?
Are you gonna answer that?
'Cause you probably
have something.
You'll get my answer
- to do with it, asshole.
- Soon enough!
[Justin] Dude, you're fucking crazy.
[Drew] Fucking dipshit!
[Justin] Goddamn.
[Drew] Fuck!
[Sam] Fucking maniac.
He walks away and we just, you know,
what are we supposed to do then?
It's his house.
We should get out of the house.
OK, Daniel.
(Daniel snorting)
You guys fought outside and Ty
kicked you out of his house.
What'd you guys do?
Well so, time comes
we gotta get the hell
out of the house.
Drew was talking to Meredith on the phone.
[Kevin] What was being said,
what were they talking about?
[Daniel] Yeah I mean,
we were just trying to
find a place to crash for that evening.
Drew was on the phone with Meredith
and said you know, we're
gonna come over there,
we're gonna crash there for the night.
And we'll be there in a little while.
You know, if we're not there just call us.
Call us if we're not there
in like 30, maybe we would...
I don't know maybe we
were gonna get a bite
to eat or something, I don't know.
But after that he comes
up to me and he says,
Hey, you need to go
get and hide Ty's gun.
Which to me at the time, it
sounded a little ridiculous.
What the fuck's Ty gonna
do with a gun, with us?
I mean, he was just being...
I thought he was just being paranoid.
You know, I didn't know why he wanted me
to get a gun and hide
it but you know I can.
I go and I get the gun and I hide it.
Just, you know, chuck
it over the fence and...
[Kevin] Now when you hid Ty's gun,
were you aware he had a second one?
[Daniel] No.
[Kevin] So what did you
guys do after you hid the gun?
[Daniel] So, we're getting
all our shit together
and we're fucking walking out of the house
and getting ready to
leave and we're saying bye
to all these people that
we hadn't seen in forever.
We just got to see them again
and now we're leaving them again.
Sam's coming outside to say goodbye to us
and fucking we get outside...
we get outside
and there's Ty, he's standing there.
He's standing there and he's like,
I gotta show you guys something, you know,
right before you go, you know, I know,
just I gotta show you guys something.
So Drew and I, Drew and I
are like, OK, we'll go.
We'll go see this thing
with you... with you guys,
and you know 'cause Ty's our friend.
Why shouldn't we, when we're not
going to see him for a while?
And he takes us... he takes
us over to this warehouse.
[Kevin] Why'd he take
you to the warehouse?
I don't know. I have no idea.
[Kevin] So how was Drew
taking it this whole time?
Oh Drew you know, Drew's
just um, I could tell
he was kinda freaking
out but I mean you know,
we were both there
together, you know what,
what was supposed to happen, you know?
We were just... we were just
gonna go see something.
That's not... there's nothing
too terrifying about that.
[Drew] I'm really
sorry OK, like I mean...
[Ty] Man, don't fucking worry about it.
Hey, it's all gonna get
figured out here in a minute.
Like I got something I want to show y'all
that's gonna resolve everything, alright?
[Daniel] Well that's kinda cool, I guess.
[Drew] Well I mean, I mean...
[Ty] Just, it's...
[Drew] I'll trust you, I'll trust you.
[Ty] Just give me a moment,
that's all I'm asking.
You OK, Danny boy?
[Daniel] Yeah dude, I'm fine.
[Ty] Not too far from here.
[Daniel] Regular vision.
I have no idea where we're going.
Probably somewhere good.
Augh, Jesus.
[Kevin] So you guys
followed Ty to the warehouse.
[Kevin] What happened then?
So we get to the warehouse
right, and (clears throat)
we go... we're going down
the stairs and you know,
at this point we're just walking
and going like, What the
fuck are you taking us?
And he's just like, Shut up.
Just be quiet, just be quiet.
Sam's just telling us to be quiet.
So we get down there to the bottom
of this basement of this warehouse.
We're standing there and we're trying
to figure out what the fuck's going on.
Trying to figure out
what the fuck's going on.
So Ty starts to tell us all this shit.
[Drew] Ty, you want to tell us
why you're taking us down here?
[Ty] We're almost there now.
[Sam] Dude, shut the
fuck up, Drew, be quiet.
[Daniel] What is this place?
[Ty] Shut up, just
fucking get over here.
Alright, you ready to come clean?
You ready for me to come
clean, you ready for this?
Sure, dude.
That redheaded fucking whore
you've been fucking, Meredith?
Yeah, I fucked her, I beat her.
OK I mean that's, that's fine. I mean...
Well you know it's the truth, OK.
[Drew] OK.
[Ty] You know what else?
[Drew] What?
I did the same fucking
shit to your girlfriend.
I did the same shit to her.
And you know what?
Loren's a big fucking talker.
Talks a lot, big fucking gossip queen.
Yeah I, yeah OK, alright.
OK alright, so alright, so what are you,
what the fuck are you
trying to tell me, what?
I killed her.
You killed her, you
killed her, well that's
Hey you want... you know
what, you know what Drew?
What, what, what?
You took that other gun from my house?
[Drew] Yeah, what?
I got two.
[Drew] Whoa!
[Daniel] Whoa, whoa, whoa!
(all yelling at once)
[Ty] Why do I want to do this, Drew?
[Ty] This has been one
big goddamn problem for me.
- [Ty] Shut the fuck up! One. Two.
- [Drew] I'm your fucking friend!
(gun firing)
[Daniel] (screams)
God fucking damn it!
[Sam] Dude! He got away.
He fucking shot him.
He fucking shot him.
[Ty] Get the fuck back here!
Goddamn it!
- [Daniel] Goddamn it. Goddamn it!
- [Ty] Get the fuck back here, Daniel!
(Daniel running)
Oh god.
(Ty yelling in the distance)
(gun firing in the distance)
(train horn)
(distant gun firing)
(Ty and Sam yelling in the distance)
(train passing)
Fuck. He killed her,
he killed her, he killed her,
he killed her, he killed her,
he killed her.
(cell phone ringing)
Meredith, Meredith listen to me,
listen to me, listen to me now.
Fucking, this is Daniel,
fucking listen to me!
Fucking Ty killed Drew, Ty
fucking, he fucking killed Drew!
He fucking killed him!
Fucking, Loren didn't kill herself.
Loren just fucking... listen, stop. Stop.
Listen just call, just call the cops.
Just call the cops right now.
Just fucking, just call
the fucking cops, OK!
(Daniel sobbing)
I mean, what would you have
fucking done, you know?
I hear the gunshot, and
I'm not even, you know...
I just, I get the camera
and I'm... I run away.
And I don't even...
I don't even know, like,
what if Ty just... what if
Ty just shot the wall?
And I don't even know if Drew's dead.
Neither Ty nor Sam
ever caught up with you.
What happened to them after that?
What do you think happened to them?
What the fuck do you
think happened to them?
I don't fucking know.
I don't know.
[Kevin] So Sam was there
fighting with Ty after the concert.
Sam was there escorting you guys outside,
meeting Ty right there.
He followed you guys to the warehouse.
He was in there the whole time.
What was he doing?
Why was he with...
[Daniel] Sam was a fucking bitch, dude!
I don't, I don't know why he was there.
I mean, read the fucking paper!
Read the... read the...
Watch the goddamn news!
I mean
those'll tell you something.
What do I know?
So, Daniel.
Here you are.
Everything said and done.
What has transpired has transpired.
What's it like for you now?
Living here.
Drew's place, Drew's
stuff, and Drew's gone.
I live here.
I sell... I sell Drew's
things... I sell Drew's things
to live here.
I'm selling it off
piece by piece.
I don't... what's it like?
It's like... it's like nothing man.
It's like there is nothing.
But you know, like,
when we went back there,
you know, it wasn't,
I know now it wasn't... it
wasn't for me, it wasn't,
it wasn't for Loren.
It wasn't for everybody back there.
He just...
Once it was all over, you know,
I knew that he just wanted
to be back where he was,
the way it was before.
I've got one more for
question for you, Daniel.
No. No.
You know what?
you can just get the fuck out.
Just one more...
Get the fuck out.
Get the fuck out.
When can we...
Get the fuck out!
(fireworks exploding)
[Kevin] Phipps story,
log 25th of August, 2009.
I spoke with Officer Harrison
of the Denison Police Dept.
They received Daniel's videotape
and cleared it as evidence.
After an eight-month investigation,
the official report states that, quote,
Twenty-one-year-old Ty Gibson
murdered twenty-two-year-old.
Drew Hayes on twelfth of April, 2009,
with an unlicensed handgun.
Twenty-two-year-old Daniel Phipps
and twenty-one-year-old
Sam Maclin were
present as witnesses, end quote.
The videotape confirmed
Daniel's original testimony
that he fled the scene
after the first gunshot
and contacted Meredith Greer
before driving back to Dallas.
According to the report,
police found the bodies
of Ty and Sam in the warehouse
with signs of a physical struggle.
Both suffered a shot to the head,
and the police concluded that
after a violent argument,
Ty murdered Sam and took his own life.
With the evidence of Ty's
confession on videotape,
Loren Hawthorne was officially cleared
of a suicide charge and
her family notified.
If you were to look at
the report a week ago,
most of this was already
the unofficial story
from Daniel's testimony.
But he kept the videotape
hidden from the police
for three months after the incident.
Right up until my interview.
I haven't contacted him since.
Daniel was pretty
uncooperative with the police,
refusing any additional questioning.
I figure, if he knows anything else,
he's not telling anyone.
After a paycheck and a promising career,
I'm haunted by this story.
I made it.
They didn't.
That'll never make sense to me.
I asked Officer Harrison if this
sort of incident was common.
He said he didn't see
much in this area but
it's not a unique story.
While in hindsight they should
have, no one saw it coming.
(ominous music)
[Drew] That's fine with me.
[Father] Is that fine with you?
Yeah, I'm sure it's OK.
OK. Do you like
having your picture taken?
Yeah, that's fun.
[Father] It is fun?
[Drew] It is.
[Father] Is it as fun
as looking in a mirror?
[Drew] Yeah.
[Father] Is it more fun
than looking in a mirror?
[Drew] Yeah.
[Father] Really?
[Drew] Yeah. That touched my bo-bo.
[Father] That was your bo-bo?
(calm music)