Vidkill (2021) Movie Script

- Hey, Theo.
- Hello, hello.
Hey, babe. Let me carry that for you.
Are you gonna stay overnight
or two months?
Sorry. I put my laptop in the suitcase.
She's lying. You know these two bottles
won't be enough for tonight.
I bet she put few cans
inside her suitcase too.
I swear it's just my laptop.
You know I have deadlines
and I can quickly download
photos and videos into my laptop.
Yeah, yeah, whatever.
He'd understand, Stella.
And it's your bachelorette party anyway.
And Sheryl and I have arranged
everything that you asked.
Hey, watch it.
- I think you're gonna have a wild weekend.
- You too?
Shall we go now?
I don't want to be late to the villa.
- Right, I'm driving.
- Okay.
- Make it quick.
- All right.
- I'll keep in touch.
- Let's go!
Take care.
Theo, don't do that.
Take care, guys!
I'm so excited we can go together again
like we used to.
It's been too long.
I think it has been two years
since last time we took a trip together.
- When Kimmy launched her online game.
- I think so.
Of course! You two always had
a million excuses.
Sheryl just straight said she can't.
And you said you have work
or you're on a photo shoot.
But I remember someone said
that she almost couldn't come
to this one due to office party.
I asked the date to be moved,
so I can be with you.
- Yeah, whatever.
- I'm not lying.
I almost forgot.
We're on the way to the villa.
I think we'll be there in an hour
and a half.
The photo of the place looks promising.
I think it's perfect.
- Perfect for what?
- What else!
For the party!
- Did you get what I want?
- It's there.
- Love you, guys!
- Love you!
Do you want some? Open your mouth.
Are you hungry?
Open your mouth.
Hey, I'm driving.
I know you won't share it.
Let's make this a tradition.
Yeah, I think the next party
will be Kimmy's bachelorette party.
But I don't know about you, Sheryl.
Do you have any boyfriend?
- Let's plan for Kimmy's party first.
- I'm curious about your boyfriend.
- Let's plan for Kimmy's party first.
- Are you sure?
It's too far. I can't reach it.
How is it feel to drive a car?
Want get some massage?
Go massage me, please.
- How was your nap, Kimmy?
- I wasn't sleeping. I'm wide awake.
It's beautiful!
Look, isn't it beautiful?
Come in.
- Let's take a picture outside first.
- I forgot.
Come here, Kimmy!
We look great.
I go in first!
Do you have the key?
You didn't tell the caretaker
that we're gonna come?
I don't know.
He told me to wait on the porch.
What's this?
Read this.
"Welcome. We are so happy you're here."
May all who enter this villa
"leave without any disappointment."
That's a weird welcome note.
Wanna try if the key fit?
It's open.
- The owner is too trusting.
- Maybe it's how they operate.
Whatever. I'm just glad we can get inside.
Let's go.
I love it!
So comfy.
Do you know where the bedroom is?
We're here. Wish you were here.
Me too. The villa looks great.
Next time let's book it just for us.
Stella, let's go upstairs.
I want to check upstairs.
You're such a baby.
But I call dibs on the biggest room.
- That's not fair!
- I call it first!
- This is my room.
- Can we share the room?
Let Stella take this room. It's her party.
- Let's get our stuff from the car.
- Bye!
- Holy cow!
- Really?
You startled me!
Do you want me to announce my presence
all the way to here? You're weird.
Do you smell something funny?
No. It's all in your head.
And if you smell anything,
don't worry about it too much.
But aren't you bothered by the smell?
Why don't we check the source?
- Forget about it. Come on.
- My phone.
- What are you waiting for?
- But...
Let's go.
I'm so gonna win.
- Loser.
- It hurts!
You deserve it.
It's not everyday I can bully you.
- The loser shuffles.
- Let me help.
But after Stella get married
can we still do this again?
Of course. Why not?
But, frankly...
I was surprised
you're getting married with Theo.
- At this young age.
- Why do you feel that?
Because you've been fighting a lot
since last year.
You've been in
on-and-off relationship with him.
And I could see that it stressed you out.
I've never thought
I would marry him either.
But I didn't want to end
our relationship either.
You know.
But it's okay.
Because I'm gonna get what I want.
For Stella.
For us.
Let's go buy some snacks.
Why don't we all go out for dinner?
I thought we're gonna have a barbeque.
We already got the meat and the sausage.
We just need to buy some corns
and other stuff.
- I forgot.
- Let's go.
I think I'm gonna stay home
and get everything ready for the barbeque.
Okay. Let's go.
Where's the key?
I'll get it.
I'm gonna give you the spare key.
But don't forget to pull out the key
after you lock the door.
- Okay.
- Bye.
Don't miss us!
- Hello, babe.
- Hey, what's up?
I'm doing the presentation
for tomorrow's meeting.
I think you enjoy your party too much
that you forgot to call me earlier.
You know me well.
Where are Sheryl and Kimmy?
They're out to get some food.
- We're gonna have a barbecue dinner.
- I see.
Is it okay if we do video call?
It's eerily quiet in here.
I'm gonna move to my laptop,
so I can multitask with working.
Hey, you.
Are you still doing your presentation?
But it's weekend,
you're always working even on weekends.
I know. But you know my boss loves
to give me assignments
on such short notice
and needs the report urgent.
Can you do it here? Please come here.
I'm burried in work, I swear.
And I don't want to ruin
your time with your friends.
What's that sound?
Wind maybe?
Why don't you go check?
- But don't hang up. I still miss you.
- Okay.
Stella? Is that you?
Are you pranking me?
It's not funny, Stella.
Who the hell are you?
Come on, pick up, Stella.
Why don't they pick up the phone?
Shitty connection.
- Are you all right, Stella?
- Theo, you have to come and help me.
Someone's in the house.
I don't know what he wants,
but he doesn't look like a burglar.
- I'm so scared.
- Where are you?
I'm in Kimmy's room.
Okay, stay there. I'm gonna call for help.
He's trying to enter the room.
Stella, find anything
that you can use for self-defense.
There's nothing in here.
I need to hang up, I don't want him
to see the phone light.
Hi, we're just done buying some snacks.
Who is it? Is that Theo?
Are you lonely, Theo?
- Stella is in danger.
- What do you mean?
We were video calling,
and then I saw a man wearing mask
and holding a knife
and she's in great danger now.
I know you're just pranking us.
No, I'm not kidding!
Stop it, Theo, it's not funny.
I'm not kidding.
Are you sure you're not just mistaken her
with someone?
Do you think we need to call police?
No. I'm gonna call the police.
You should go back to the villa.
Maybe if he realized you were back,
he'd run away.
- Okay, let's go back to the villa.
- Sheryl.
Be careful.
Bogor Emergency 112, how may I help you?
I'm reporting a robbery
in my friend's villa.
- Who am I speaking with?
- I'm Theo.
I'm in Jakarta,
but my friend is staying in a villa.
I saw the perpetrator
while I was on video call with her.
I'm gonna ask an officer
to check up on your friend.
- Do you know the address?
- Hold on.
It's on Cisari Street,
on 10 kilometer marker.
But that's all I have.
Okay, I got the address.
Do you know who's the villa owner?
- The owner's name is Regina.
- All right, I'm sending an officer.
- Thank you for calling, good evening.
- Please tell the officer to hurry.
What are you doing
outside your hiding place?
- I'm trying to get out of the house.
- No, it's too dangerous.
No, sooner or later he'd get me anyway.
I can't just wait for that to happen.
And I heard door being opened downstairs.
Maybe he already left the house.
No, just stay in your hiding spot.
No, Theo. You have to stay on the phone
with me while I go downstairs.
Oh, my God, Theo.
I'm going down.
Please don't do it, Stella.
It's locked.
Where did you put the key?
It's gone. I put it here.
- Are you sure you put it on the piano?
- Yes.
Or maybe he took it.
Okay, calm down. Do you have spare key?
Yeah, but I gave it to Sheryl and Kimmy.
Or try to sneak out through the window.
The window.
There are windows,
but they're all just glass wall.
The ones that can be opened
are too small to fit my body.
Go back to your hiding spot.
I called Sheryl and Kimmy and told them
to go home immediately.
I already called the police too.
Are you sure?
I'm gonna connect my other phone
just in case.
What for? Are you crazy?
I'm still freaking out
because I don't know where he is.
No, don't do that.
Listen, I'm doing this,
so you can watch my back too.
And I need to do this, so I can give it
to the police as evidence.
- In case anything happened to me.
- Stella, please.
Watch my back, okay?
Okay, now go back to your hiding spot.
Where are you, Stella?
- Theo.
- Thank God you're okay.
Now go hide.
That man is still in the house.
Lock your room and wait there.
Don't go anywhere.
Okay. I promise I'll go hide after connect
my laptop to the video call.
Theo, I'm gonna lock myself in the room
until help comes.
- Help me watch the house.
- Okay.
- What happen?
- Let me go!
Are you all right? Stella?
- Hey, jerk, leave my girlfriend alone!
- Let me go! Help!
Sheryl, Kimmy?
Excuse me!
- Hello, I'm a police officer.
- Damn it!
Is anybody home?
Good evening. I'm a police officer.
We're on routine patrol
and we received an emergency call
about robbery from this house.
Are you sure everything's fine?
If you think you're in danger,
call us immediately.
Excuse me. Good night.
Don't leave, officer! He's the robber!
- What's that sound?
- Jerk!
Hello? I'm a police officer!
Darn it!
Excuse me!
Hands up! Freeze!
Darn it!
We're back to the villa.
I think the police is here too.
Have you heard anything from Stella?
- What's wrong?
- He killed the police.
How about Stella? Did she call you?
I was on the video call with her
and she just...
What happened to her?
You'd better go
to the nearest police station.
I think that person is crazy.
Report the murder and I'm on my way there.
But how about Stella?
We don't know if she's okay or not.
We can't just leave her alone
in this house.
Be quiet!
We've got to find her.
We've got to help her.
Do you have a death wish or something?
He killed two policemen,
what do you think he's gonna do to you?
But we can't leave her alone.
We have to help her. Stella!
Don't do anything stupid.
Did you hear that, Sheryl?
She's still alive.
Theo, please, we have to help Stella.
- No, you have to leave that place now.
- At least we try.
Maybe that person thinks
she's alone in that house.
We can sneak into the house.
What part you do not understand?
Don't be stubborn!
But with one condition.
If things started to look out of control,
you have to leave immediately.
I need to invite you in our video call
to monitor your movement.
Do you see two other screens?
She connected them
before the person found her.
That's so dangerous.
Now listen, the camera
facing the front door
is placed near the living room.
And the camera facing the hallway
is located on second floor.
You can watch those screens
to check the situation.
I'm gonna watch your back from here.
What's wrong with the connection?
Where do you think she is right now?
Kim, it's okay.
The cop was stabbed there.
Look away.
Are you okay, Kim?
Where did you last see that person?
He attacked Stella on the second floor
and stabbed the policeman
on the ground floor.
But then the connection got interrupted
and I lost track where that person went
and where is Stella right now.
Then she could be anywhere.
Let me check other rooms.
We have to move quickly
so we need to split.
Are you kidding me?
Don't you think it's safer
if we stick together?
The risk is too high.
If he attacked us, he'd get both of us.
She's right, Kim.
The longer you're in there,
the risk will become higher.
I just want you to be careful.
Keep watching your phone and the screens.
I'm gonna monitor from here, okay?
I'll go upstairs.
You keep searching down here. Okay?
Go check the nearest room.
Nobody's here.
Check the back room. Maybe she's in there.
Nobody's here.
- Check the closet.
- The closet?
The closet is big enough to fit a person.
Maybe she's inside the closet or...
Or she's...
I'm gonna check other room.
Kim, what happen?
Are you okay, Kim?
Open the plastic wrap.
What if that one is Stella?
We have to make sure whose body is that.
Whether you want it or not,
you have to make sure.
Do you want me to go there to help you?
- Wait.
- Oh, my God. Who is she?
I think she's the villa's owner.
I saw her picture on their website.
I can't do this anymore. I can't.
But we're almost done.
No, what Kim saw was terrible.
You were the one who told me
that we have to rescue Stella!
- And we haven't found her yet.
- But what if the killer find me?
There's still hope she's still alive.
Meet me upstairs.
We'll find her together.
No, Kimmy's right. Just leave the house.
I'm gonna keep monitoring the situation.
I can't, Sheryl. My legs won't move.
I want to check one more room.
Everything seems okay.
What do you find in that room?
Nobody's here.
- Maybe the person already left?
- It could be.
Are you okay, Kim?
Go upstairs with Sheryl.
You'll be safer together.
You have to move quickly. Come up here.
You have to move faster,
the laptop's battery is getting low.
Kim, run! Kim, run!
Sheryl, hide! Go, now!
Darn it!
Where is he now?
I don't know. I didn't see where he went.
Have you locked the door?
Find anything you can use
for self-defense.
There's nothing here.
Okay, calm down.
The killer can't come in there anyway.
Wait there.
- Help me!
- Stella?
I heard Stella.
Are you sure it's her?
Yes, I have to go help her.
Wait, what if it's just a trap?
Maybe the killer is using Stella
to lure you out.
What if he kills people just for fun?
What if he wouldn't stop
until you're dead?
I have to rescue Stella.
I couldn't save Kimmy.
But maybe I still have a chance
to save Stella.
But the upstairs camera is dead.
We don't know where the killer is
right now.
Please don't do it, Sheryl. Please.
Sheryl, listen to me. Please.
I can't afford to lose you, Sheryl.
Please don't do it, Sheryl!
Sheryl, if you hear anything strange,
get out of there quickly, please.
- Help me...
- Stella?
Sheryl? Stella!
Sheryl, wake up! Stella! Sheryl!
Darn you! Son of a bitch!
Don't do it. Please, don't kill her!
Darn you!
Darn you!
Darn you! Don't touch her!
Leave her alone, you son of a bitch!
I'll kill you, son of a bitch!
Sheryl, wake up, please. Wake up, Sheryl.
Sheryl, I'm gonna be there
in a minute. Okay?
Don't make a sound, don't move.
If he knows you're making a sound,
he'll kill you.
Just wait for me.
- You have to leave this place.
- I know, I know.
Get out of here, Theo. Get out of here!
Stop moving. What is wrong with you?
You have to get out of here
or he'll come for you.
Don't hurt him! You're killing him!
Please, don't do it.
Wait, wait.
Please, don't do it.
Wait, wait.
Hi, everybody.
I just want to thank everybody who sent me
your thoughts and prayers.
Sorry, I can't personally reply
to each of you.
But as you can see, I'm okay.
I'm not gonna lie.
I thought it was all just a dream.
But now the police is doing investigation
about this case.
They're using our recorded video call
that night.
I hope they catch the killer
who murdered my friends.
Please, don't do it.
Please, don't do it.
Don't kill him.
You don't have to do this.
No! Theo!
Please forgive me.
I'm so sorry, I know you're angry.
I want to end it, but I was so confused.
Please forgive me.
I'm sorry for everything I've done.
Please forgive me.
See? I told you.
I can't believe them.
How could they do it behind your back?
Call Theo.
I want to hear what his excuses are.
- Hello.
- Hey, babe. What's up?
Where are you? Are you in a meeting?
Yeah, I think I'm gonna be home very late.
I think we have to postpone our dinner.
Is that okay?
Hello, babe?
I see.
Well, what can I do?
I'm sorry for keeping it from you
all this time.
But now you know why
he changed his mood so often.
How could he do this to me?
But maybe he's not cheating on me.
We have to find more proof.
So, are you sure?
Where should I hide the camera?
Stella, are you sure about this?
I have no choice.
Yeah, but
if it's true
it would hurt you bad.
Done. Let's go before they come home.
So when are you gonna end
your engagement with Stella?
Please be patience.
I need a little bit more time.
I know, but when?
Her bachelorette party is coming.
I can't make a heart to heart conversation
with her.
But I promise.
I will marry you instead of her.
Are you...
I'm gonna be a father?
I love you.
But are you sure
you're okay with this relationship?
Stella and Kimmy and other girls
will hate you for this.
I don't care.
I chose you.
And now, it's all over.
Are you at home?
Kim, are you okay? How are you doing?
I just got discharged from the hospital.
I was bored to death there.
But the doctor said it's okay
for you to go home, right?
Thank God.
I don't know what I'd do
if you were also killed.
Me too.
I'm very grateful to be alive.
I can't believe I survived.
Because you're a good person.
And I think
Sheryl and Theo deserved it.
I know they went behind your back.
But did you have to kill them both?
What are you talking about?
Well, I'll be damned.
I underestimated you.
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
- Are you Auristella Myesha?
- Yes, that's me.
We're from the police,
and you are under arrest
for first-degree murder
of Sheryl Angelic Putri...
Let me go!
You are under arrest
for first-degree murder
of Sheryl Angelic Putri and Theo Tirta.
And for attempted murder of Kimmy Wahyuni.
Let me go!
Don't touch me!
You're no longer my best friend! Darn you!
How are you holding up, Stella?
Do you feel better now?
After taking new pills from you,
I feel much better.
Today let's talk about your anger.
Do you remember the first time
you felt angry
and wished to hurt Theo and Sheryl?
I know Theo told you to abort your baby.
Did you snap because of it?
As a woman
you would be angry
if you were being treated like that.
And on top of that,
he was cheating on you too.
With your own best friend.
Did it remind you of your parents?
Did you feel the same anger
and disappointment for Theo
as you felt for your father?
And for Sheryl
for being the other woman
who ruined your parents' marriage?
Everyone's a hypocrite.
The scum of the earth.
Pretending to be nice to you
and then stab you in the back.
Including you!