Vierte Macht, Die (The Fourth State) (2012) Movie Script

You forgot your bag.
So long.
- Good night!
- Good morning!
Thank you.
Oh, I beg you!
It wasn't longer than five minutes!
- Come on!
- I swear!
You're not allowed to park here.
Good morning.
Pyotr, one more glass!
I assumed they would react that way.
It's always the same.
They either don't answer the phone
or have someone say they're not in.
It's even part of his job.
I suggest you try
contacting the prosecutor directly.
I've tried that already.
The Ninistry of Justice as well.
Good morning.
How is your Russian getting on?
This is good!
Between the first and the second one
there's just a little break.
To our health!
Is this really your car?
I even paid for it myself.
Let's drink!
One sandwich.
- Step aside!
- He's the victim, not the criminal!
- Young lady, I've told you three times!
- I need my papers! Hey!
Who authorized you to do this?
- Scum!
- Do you work here?
- You have no right!
- You're obstructing the investigation.
Look, it's obvious!
There wasn't any copyright on these.
And now, we're not allowed to use them!
- I am not printing that!
- You're joking!
- Please, leave the premises.
- No way, you owe it to him.
- Leave!
- Haven't got the courage?
- Go!
- You know what? You're a coward!
Listen, I'm so...
What are you staring at?
Back to work!
There is no correct or wrong life.
Oh, shit! Come on!
We need a revolt! We need a revolt!
Nation and freedom! Nation and freedom!
Nation and freedom!
- What are you doing here?
- Got things to do in the city. Who's he?
Venal bastards!
Forward Russia!
Terrorists won't get through!
Hello, Katyusha!
Nation and freedom! Nation and freedom!
So long.
Take care of yourself!
This is Katya. I'm not in.
PIease Ieave a message.
Dear Paul, the philosophers only
interpreted the world.
The point, however, is to change it.
Find the truth in your family.
Find the truth in your family?
Let me take a photo of you two!
Cool, thank you.
Have you got a light?
He's awake.
Good Day, Mr. Jensen.
Thank you.
- Good evening.
- Come on, move it!
- Here's a new "passenger" for you.
- Undress.
Undress! Hurry!
Open your mouth. Open your mouth!
Everything's alright.
Hurry up!
- What a clown.
- A reporter.
Shut off the water!
Come on, you can't wash yourself all day!
This isn't a public bath.
That's my spot!
Go away, kid!
Go away, I said!
Come on, move it!
Move it, I said!
Keep moving!
What are you in here for?
- Here you are.
- Thanks.
Keep it down!
Yeah, give him some!
- Do him in!
- Go on, bust his face!
Kill the fucking bastard!
Go on, bust his face!
Finish him off!
Leave him alone!
I said that's enough!
Shamil, give him something to drink.
He says he's Norbert's son.
- Well, he looks like him.
- Yes, he does.
Step away from the door!
Everybody stay where you are!
Aslan Artynov.
Follow me.
Easy, easy, calm down.
What happened?
Someone is singing to Lukovic.
No, not the German.
I don't know who it is, but it's someone else.
Easy, easy... OK.
Oh, shit! Easy...
On your feet!
Wake up!
Wake up!
Look out, look out!
On your feet!
Out into the yard!
Hurry up! Move it!
- Come on!
- Fuck!
Aslan stays!
Into the yard, hurry!
I'll see my son soon.
Go! Can't you move any quicker?
Get up!
Well, old goat...
Has your songbird broken its neck?
Aslan... follow me.
Hey, brothers, come over here!
You're gonna pay for that!
You'll pay with your blood!
We're going to get you!
Your blood, Lukovic!
Murderer! Murderer!
He was my brother.
Die, bitch!
- Die, bitch!
- Leave him alone, asshole!
You bastard...
- Carry him away!
- Step back from the door, bitch!
Let's go!
Domodedovo Airport
Shall we take the short cut?
Turn left here.
Calm down, boy!
That scumbag!
Fucking arsehole!
To hell with him!
- Good evening!
- Good evening.
To St. Petersburg, please.
Good afternoon.
To Kiev, please.
500 rubles.
Here it is.
Young man, your ticket to Kiev!
God, what a day!
- Good morning, Sergey!
- Good morning, Alexej Mikhailovich!
- Good morning.
- Cold, isn't it?
Excuse me, how do I get to...
Take these!
Stop lying!
- Okay. So long!
- So long!
- Call me.
- You call me. - Definitely!
We have run out of patience.
Imagine, young man...
I discovered about 2 kg of explosives...
The FSB uncovered a Chechen terrorist...
Who's there?
Thank you, Sergey. To the airport!
In here, please.
Good morning, Nikolai Romanovich!
Good morning, Alexej Mikhailovich!
Very well.
- Sit down.
- Thank you.
40 thousand shares
have been transferred to your account.
They are doing very well today,
and, judging by the forecasts,
they'll soon be worth a lot of money.
Can I count on you?
Of course.
He's not going to cause any more trouble.
I hope not.
Thank you, Nikolai.
Don't thank me.
Thank the tolerance of this country.
Goodbye, Alexej Mikhailovich.
Dear passengers
this is the final call for Berlin.
Please go to gate A.
Good morning.
- Have a good flight.
- Thank you.
They killed Onegin!
Moscow Match!
Can I have a Moscow Match, please?
I'd like a copy of Moscow Match, too!
Hey, you.
No, thanks.
I'll be all right.