Vigilante (1982) Movie Script

I don't know about you guys, but me...
I've had it up to here.
There are some 40-odd homicides a day
on our streets.
There are over two million
illegal guns in this city.
Man, that's enough guns
to invade a whole damn country with.
They shoot a cop in our city
without even thinking twice about it.
Ah, come on.
I mean, you guys ride the subway.
How much more of this grief
we gonna stand for?
How many more locks we gotta put
on our goddamn doors?
Now, we ain't got the police,
the prosecutors,
the courts or the prisons.
I mean, it's over.
The books don't balance.
We are a statistic.
Now, I'm tellin' you,
when you can't go to the corner
and buy a pack of cigarettes after dark
because you know the punks and the scum
own the street when the sun goes down
and our own government
can't protect its own people,
then I say this, pal--
You got a moral obligation,
the right of self-preservation.
Now, you can run, you can hide,
or you can start to live
like human beings again.
This is our Waterloo, baby!
If you want your city back,
you gotta take it.
Dig it? Take it!
How we doin'?
[motor whirring]
-Make another sound, and I'll cut ya.
[woman screaming, whimpering]
[screaming] Help! Please! No! No!
Please! Stop it! No! [crying]
-Shh! Be quiet.
No! No!
No! Get off--
No! Help! Help! Stop! No!
Help! Stop!
Be quiet!
I won't forget your face. [sobbing]
[screaming] Stop it! Stop!
[TV: conversation, faint]
[footsteps running]
[police radio chatter]
How come we never get a case
on the ground floor? Hiya, pal.
Ken, what do you have
for your favorite detective?
Oh, miss, do you mind staying
a little longer?
-So far, nobody's heard anything.
-[both] Nobody's seen anything.
The usual. If you come up with anything,
I'll be working upstairs.
Alex, we're workin' on the roof.
[man] Let me explain somethin' to you.
They started trial proceedings
without me, right?
-They never notified me.
-They knew where I was, right?
They got no proof that they never
notified me of the papers.
So my lawyer's gonna throw
mistrial at 'em, right?
-The little guy with the cap?
-[woman] That's him.
I got this case beat, I'm tellin' ya.
The next time I go to trial, I'll be
old enough to collect Social Security.
You understand me? I'll be old enough
to collect Social Security.
And I got this thing beat, I'm tellin' ya.
-A shame, all this crime.
-Thank you, Mrs. Vogel.
-You ain't got no more stories, Rubin?
Come on, you guys.
What are you breaking my balls for?
-Hey, who are these three guys?
-What are you doing?
[Rubin grunts] Leave me alone!
-Leave me alone! I didn't-- [grunting]
-Come on!
Leave me alone!
[engine starts]
-[boy] There it is.
-[man] Yep, there it is.
Just keep watching. Here we go.
Okay, now-- Oh, no!
[boy laughing] They must be scared.
-Wow. That thing's going around.
[man] Pretty good. Nice and easy.
We're gonna bring it around.
-Pretty good.
-It's going out far.
[man] Now, watch how I control it.
Bring it down like that.
And bring it up like that.
-Coming again. Coming again.
Bring it around.
Not too close to the trees.
There we go.
Here we come in for a landing.
And it's down. Okay, go get it.
Okay, Daddy, I'll go get it.
I love my present, Daddy!
Ooh, I'm freezing!
Be real careful out there, Scott.
Oh, Eddie, it's just--
It's so important that we spend
more time together, all of us.
It's so important that we spend
more time together, all of us.
-[boy imitating engine]
-[Eddie] Listen.
Business is taking up
a lot of my time right now.
But I had a good idea the other day.
As soon we got
a little bit more dough coming in,
what we'll do is we'll pack up the van
and we'll take a little trip
to Florida maybe.
Good idea?
Oh, that'll be wonderful.
-Here you go, big man.
-I'm hungry, Daddy.
-Hi, baby.
-Are you cold?
-I'm freezing.
You guys ought to put in air conditioning.
-Hey, Eddie, how you doing?
-All right.
You're just in time for the football pool.
You want in?
-Who have I got?
-It's a blind pick.
-Only cost a buck.
-Blind pick, huh?
Here's my lunch money.
Who's gonna pay me off?
Don't worry about it. How about you,
Ramon? You wanna get in on it?
Hell, no, man.
Every time I bet with you, I lose.
-Where's the machine?
-Right there.
-Burke, you want in?
-Eddie. Como esta?
-Not bad. How you doin"?
-You look terrific, man.
-Younger as the years go by.
-Yeah, I'm losing my hair.
-Come on.
-This is the motor I pulled out.
And that's the motor I put in,
and it still don't work.
-Okay, let me at it.
-It's all yours.
[salsa music playing on car radio]
[salsa music continues playing]
Fill it fast, pendejo.
-How long do you think it's gonna be?
-Oh, about another 15 minutes.
Ten dollars.
-How much, man?
-What are you, deaf? Ten dollars.
-We ain't got it.
-You punks make me sick.
You look like some kind of animals.
We don't want you in this neighborhood.
Now, you get out of my station.
Get out of my--
-Stop him!
-Hey, lady.
-Get out of my station!
-What the hell are you doing?
-[Vickie] Hey, stop it!
[man screaming]
-Get off of me!
-You stop that!
Stop it! You leave Mr. Nutty alone!
Get out of--
-I'm gonna call the police on you.
-Call the police.
-Fuck you.
Yo! Rico!
[TV: news theme music playing]
[TV: announcer] This is Eyewitness News.
We now take you direct--
Hey, guys. I got a good story for you.
I just heard it this morning.
You guys wanna hear a story?
No stories today, Jake, huh?
Just a nice, cold beer.
-You bring me some cash today?
-Payday's tomorrow.
Put it on the tab.
The beer's warm. Pour it yourself, huh?
-You got coffee?
-You get that from Tracy.
Hey, look who's on the tube.
Listen, there are certain politicians
in this city
don't wanna see
a successful Italian businessman.
[ Own a leasing company. I rent equipment.
It's just racist propaganda.
Just because [ dress well and I live well,
does that mean that I'm involved
with sex or narcotics?
Looks like the feds caught up to Stokes.
As far as the indictment,
my lawyers are gonna handle it.
Dudes like Stokes don't get caught, man.
Everybody knows that with his connections,
the most he'll ever do is weekends
at the federal country club.
Come on out.
-[door closes]
-Come on.
Scott, I want you to go upstairs and
I want you to put yourself to bed, okay?
Scott, I want you to go upstairs and
I want you to put yourself to bed, okay?
I don't wanna put myself to bed.
Scott, just do it. Okay?
Please? [kisses]
Mommy will be right up.
Take your jacket.
[dial tone, beeping]
[line ringing]
-[woman] Berry Crafts, Incorporated.
-Eddie Marino, please.
-[tires screech]
-I'm sorry. He's not in right now, ma am.
-How long ago did he leave?
-Fifteen minutes ago.
Never mind. I'll call back.
[engine idling]
[country music playing on jukebox]
-Hey, Jake.
-Gibby, how are you?
-Okay. How are you?
-Good to see you.
-My lunch ready?
-Yeah. A couple of minutes. Relax a while.
-Okay. Thank you.
-[Burke] Overtime for me. I don't care.
I'll work till 8:00 tonight.
I'll see you guys in the morning.
-[man] You pick up the check.
-[Burke] Right, right.
Overtime bonus. I got it.
We got more coffee? Where's that girl?
The law is here.
Last night we found a kid on a lot
over on Jackson Avenue.
His friend said somebody
pulled him off the street.
Broke every bone in his body.
Then left him in the lot
like a sack of dirty laundry.
Now, I know we only got two cars out
on nights when we need ten.
But I'm in that seat
eight to ten hours a day,
in the heat, in the rain.
I don't wanna hear about
no goon squads or lynch mobs.
You guys start something like that,
and sometimes it don't quit on its own.
After work, stay home like other people.
Which people, Officer Gibbons?
The ones who are afraid to come
out of their houses after dark?
-[Jake] Enjoy it, Gibby.
-Thanks, Jake.
[Vickie] Is Eddie Marino back yet?
[woman] Uh, no, he isn't, maam.
Would you have him call his wife
as soon as he gets back?
-Thank you.
-[line ringing]
-[clears throat]
[man] Police operator 729.
Yes. This is Mrs. Marino
at 8772 122th Street.
I just had an incident with a man
at a gas station and he threatened me.
Now I've just seen him
in the front of my house.
Could you please send
a patrol car right away?
We can't do anything
about a verbal assault, ma'am.
But I am alone here with my baby.
Calm down, lady. Calm down. Relax.
We'll send over
the next available patrol car.
[line disconnects]
[dog barking]
[barking continues]
[barking continues]
This is gonna be easy.
Hey, you look too smart.
-The name's Rico.
Lady, you don't know who the fuck
you messin' with, man.
Are you crazy?
-You're crazy, lady.
-You got some nice family, lady.
You gonna come slap me in the face,
kick my people around?
-Yo, mami, where you hide your bread?
-I'm gonna teach you some fuckin' respect!
[men chattering]
-Yo, mami, where you hidin' your money?
-In the kitchen.
-The kitchen.
-[men continue chattering]
You leave him alone!
Leave him alone!
[Vickie screaming]
Let go! Let me go!
[Vickie continues screaming, faint]
Let go! Let me--
[whimpering] Mommy.
[Vickie] Let me go!
Please! No!
Somebody help me!
Help me! Somebody help!
Help me! Help me!
Help me! Someone!
My baby! [shrieks]
Burke, I gotta pick up a part
tomorrow morning.
I'll be out of your way by 10:00.
You'll get your machine back.
-Thanks for the tools.
Let me ask you a question.
That thing with the cop this afternoon,
what was that all about?
-You ever a victim, Eddie?
-How do you mean?
I used to be a cop.
That's all I ever wanted to be,
ever since I was a little kid, you know.
The day I got my shield,
I felt like I was John Wayne.
I was gonna fight crime.
I was gonna be a hero, you know.
My partner, he thought I was crazy.
He had a year and a half to go
till his pension,
and he wouldn't bust a shoplifter
because he felt it was a waste of time.
And he wouldn't bust a shoplifter
because he felt it was a waste of time.
He got his pension and I got laid off.
Look, I know where Gibbons the cop
was coming from.
But there are better ways
to handle these situations.
You part of this thing too?
God said he helps those
who help themselves.
That's all we're trying to do.
It's just about people
trying to help each other.
[siren blaring]
-[chattering, shouting]
-[man] Come on! Stand aside!
Let us through! Look out. Look out.
-Hey! You! Come back here!
-What happened?
-Mr. Marino.
Where's my wife?
What happened to my family?
Listen to me, Mr. Marino.
Don't torture yourself by being in here.
We know who's responsible for this.
If you wanna make this thing come out
even, go see this district attorney.
[woman] Good evening.
Astoria General Hospital.
I'm sorry, sir. We're not allowed
to put calls through...
Uh, Mr. Marino?
-I'm Dr. Fall on.
-How's my wife?
Well, she received severe lacerations
of her lower abdomen.
You want a swig?
Uh, several of her vital organs
were punctured.
Her neck and spinal cord
were badly damaged.
She's-- She's lucky to be alive.
I wanna see her.
Look, there's nothing you can do.
Why don't you go home for a while.
We're, uh--
We're taking really good care of her.
Uh, I didn't tell her about the boy.
I'll try to keep that from her
as long as I can.
[monitor buzzing]
Come on, Eddie. I'll give you a ride home.
No, thanks.
[clock chiming]
[woman] Mr. Marino,
District Attorney Fletcher
ls expecting you.
Her office is the first door on the right.
[Eddie] Thank you.
Come in.
-I'm Eddie Marino.
-Please be seated.
Thank you.
I'm Mary Fletcher, Mr. Marino.
I'm sorry about your loss.
Look, I've never been through
anything like this before,
so you'll just have to tell me what to do.
Well, the police have
a Frederico Melendez in custody.
He's the leader of the Headhunter gang.
A gas station owner has signed a statement
that he saw Melendez assault your wife.
I want you to sign that.
It's an assault complaint.
I'm gonna seek indictment
for murder and assault,
because we have a witness to the assault.
I could have gone after
the whole degenerate gang.
But have you ever seen a dozen
gang members sitting in a courtroom?
They scare the hell out of a jury.
Are you trying to tell me that this guy's
done something like this before?
[scoffs] Melendez has had 22 arrests.
Of the half a million felonies
in this city,
only 4,000 of the defendants have actually
been tried, convicted and sent to prison.
Eighty-five percent of all serious crime
gets disposed of
through misdemeanors dismissed
or not even prosecuted
because witnesses are afraid 10 testify.
A mugger is usually back out on the street
before the victim gets out of a hospital.
I want this guy to pay
for what he did to my family.
You sign that.
The city still catches your eye
from here, you know.
It's 'cause you can't see
all the trash from here.
You can't see the ten-year-old kids
pushing dope on the streets
or giving their asses away
in the parking lots.
When I was a kid,
I could sleep with the windows open.
I wonder what happened to that.
We let it get away from us, Eddie.
And now that we want it back,
we can't even pay for it.
This thing's turning my guts.
[sighs] Hey, man, come on, huh?
Let it out. Take care of this situation
by yourself. Make you feel better.
We got a system of laws. We got courts.
What the hell you talkin' about?
System, my ass.
What goddamn system?
Who they protecting,
the scum on the streets or us?
One day some juveniles
come to my old man's house.
They beat him till he couldn't hardly
take a walk or a piss by himself anymore.
You know where those punks are now?
Still on the street.
So I ask myself,
what happens if one day
some punks come to my house?
What's my life worth?
That's why I carry that, Eddie.
You figure that's the answer, huh?
That's my judge and my jury.
And what happens
if you do something to me I don't like?
Or I don't like the way
some guy's got his hair parted?
Pretty soon you got assholes
all over the street
looking to blow each other's brains out.
And if I do that,
what makes me different than the scum?
Hey, that's something you got
to figure out all by yourself, man.
Hey, that's something you got
to figure out all by yourself, man.
[helicopter whirring overhead]
[horn honks]
[horn honks]
[people chattering]
[door opens]
[woman] Yeah. What if somebody
needs me to testify?
-[man] Yo, Prago.
-How goes it, brother?
Yeah, but the bros say...
Hi, sugar.
Mr. Marino.
We're the first case on the calendar.
You're a little light, ain't ya, kid?
You'll get the rest when he get off.
Oh, yeah? Well, listen to me, pal.
You screw around with me,
and your ass will be with Legal Aid.
And that spic friend of yours
will be raw meat in jail.
[chuckling stops]
Now you can count? Bad man.
[briefcase lock clicking]
See you in court, homes.
[Fletcher] / hope you have
a strong constitution,
because you're gonna need it.
-Judge Sinclair.
[bailiff] All rise.
-The man is an irresponsible asshole.
-Remove your hats. Find seats, please.
Put away those newspapers.
There'll be no smoking in this courtroom.
Be seated.
The State of New York and Edward Marino
v. Frederico Melendez.
-Both sides ready?
-The People are ready, Your Honor.
Who's representing Melendez?
Anybody here for Melendez?
Excuse me, Your Honor.
Counsel is present for the defense.
[chattering, faint]
This is an assault charge
and a felony murder.
Yes, Your Honor.
-Are your papers in order?
-Yes, Your Honor.
-How does the defendant plead?
-Not guilty, Your Honor.
Your Honor, we have a signed affidavit
from an eyewitness to the felony
Your Honor, we have a signed affidavit
from an eyewitness to the felony
who is willing to testify at a trial.
Is this eyewitness present?
Mrs. Marino is presently incapacitated
at Queens General Hospital.
Excuse me, Your Honor. May the counsel
please approach the bench?
-Counsel may approach the bench.
-Thank you.
Your Honor, my client is willing
to plead guilty to the assault...
if the felony charge
against him is dropped.
Your Honor, we are talking about homicide.
The state wishes maximum penalty.
I expect the state to wish as much.
The state is willing to drop
the felony charge.
In lieu of the defendant's previous record
of no prior convictions...
He has had 22 arrests.
I've tried the defendant myself.
This is an arraignment, Counselor.
[Fletcher] This is a felony assault
request, Your Honor.
The state wishes to seek an indictment
on the defendant's 22 arrests,
not on his previous no convictions.
My client is willing to plead guilty.
A defendant's past history
has no bearing on present allegations.
Mary, why don't you relax?
This case doesn't have to come to trial.
He has a rap sheet a mile long.
The state and my client
demand the right to prosecute.
[gavel raps]
There will be no demanding
in my courtroom.
I would advise you
to take your snide behavior
and obvious frustrations elsewhere.
Now, does the state have a proposal?
-Fifteen years.
-Fift-- Are you kidding?
We're plea bargaining here.
Show a little compromise.
-I quite agree. Can you take five?
-No, Your Honor.
This would be
the defendant's first conviction.
Now, we propose
two years suspended sentence, if possible.
-No. No way.
-Two years it is.
-Wait a minute.
-Back to your seats, Counselors.
-This is crazy.
-Miss Fletcher, you're out of order.
Damn it!
[spectators murmuring]
It's in the bag.
The court will dispose of this case
in the following manner.
I'll accept a plea of guilty to assault
and drop the felony charge.
-Are you ready for sentencing?
-Yes, we are, Your Honor.
-The court sentences you to two years.
-It isn't enough.
-Sentence to be suspended.
-[spectators gasping, chattering]
-The defendant is remanded...
-He can't do that.
-Yes, he can.
-Thank you, Your Honor.
-Bailiff, next case.
-Wait a minute. Wait a minute!
-Order! Order!
-You're letting him get away with it!
- I said, order!
-You can't let him get away with that.
-You are in contempt!
-This guy killed my kid!
[gavel rapping]
-You're crazy!
-Did you hear me? I said, order!
-[spectators shouting]
-[Sinclair] Clear this whole room!
Restrain that man!
Get this whole court cleared out!
-Restrain that man! Get him out of here!
-[Eddie shouting]
Restrain him. You are in contempt!
Thirty days. Get him out of here.
[inmates shouting]
[guard] Here you go, sweetheart.
Right here.
[wolf whistle]
I'll make you feel at home, sweetheart.
[man 2] Oh, look!
Hold up here.
You wanna open 19, Joe?
Come on. Right over here.
Have a nice day.
You wanna close 19?
You think we got enough money?
-Got the money?
Tell your friends
I got some good shit later on.
[police radio chatter]
All right, fuck off.
-See you later.
-Why don't we split it up?
You're in my way, bro.
No shit.
Fucker! What's your problem, man?
-You all right?
-Yeah, man. I'm cool.
Here, like this. Come on, man.
-Fucking bitch. Go get him.
-You sure you're all right?
I'm all right.
[fence rattling]
What's your problem?
What the fuck is wrong with you?
You ain't shit.
What the fuck is wrong with you,
you big fuckin' dope? [spits]
You better go back to that guy
in the wheelchair.
You couldn't catch my sister,
you big fuckin' dummy.
-[blows landing]
Save some for me, Burke.
[inmates chattering]
[radio: man singing in Spanish]
-Hey, man.
-What do I need?
Take it or leave it.
See that? Right over there.
-What the fuck do you want?
Why don't you guys leave him alone?
What's the matter with you?
All we're trying to do
is make him feel at home.
Come on.
See you later, pal.
You know, if I were you, I'd watch myself.
I didn't ask you nothing.
You're pretty hostile to be a white ass.
I got a right to be anything I want.
Man, you're on the rock.
You ain't got no rights.
You're just another nigger.
And just one more word.
Take that pitiful look off your face...
or you won't make it through the day.
[inmates chattering, shouting]
I'm tired of watching you
dealing dope in our neighborhood.
Maybe the man can't do nothing
about it, but we sure as hell can.
-Who supplies you?
- I ain't telling you shit.
All right, you don't want to
talk to me, talk to them.
All right, you don't want to
talk to me, talk to them.
[screams, groaning]
All right, all right,
all right, all right.
Come on, cool it. Cool it.
All right, you ready to talk to me now?
-Go fuck yourself.
-Still want to play, huh?
All right, punk, play Superman.
No! No! No!
No! No!
Ohh! Ahh!
Talk, punk! Give me a name! A name!
-I want a name!
-It's Horace.
-Talk, punk!
-It's Horace! Horace the pimp!
He drives a silver Caddy.
He hangs out at the Plaza.
-You should have said all that at first.
[horn honks]
[vehicle passes by]
They's all window shopping tonight, baby.
They're all fags.
Tell that to Horace, gal.
We ain't made a dime tonight.
-Here's that good-for-nothing--
-You better get back over there.
[engine off]
How much money have you got?
I got it for you.
Don't get funky with me, bitch.
There ain't no action
out there tonight, Horace.
-It's spooky out there. Something's wrong.
- I don't give a shit. Bring me some money.
-It's spooky out there. Something's wrong.
- I don't give a shit. Bring me some money.
-But, Horace--
-Get out there and get me some money.
Now get the fuck out.
-And get me some goddamn money!
And take that shit.
Damn recession.
How the fuck do they expect a working man
to make a goddamn living?
[sobbing continues]
[engine starts]
[engine starts]
[tires squealing]
Damn it. Son of a bitch.
Gonna Kill this sucker. [muttering]
-[horn honking]
-Get me out of here! Get me out of here!
Have a party.
On your knees, sucker.
Did you hear what he said? Aah!
You bastard!
Hey, man, I'm bleeding.
What the hell's going on here, man?
What the fuck you do my car
like that for, man?
Who you dealing for, Horace?
What's wrong with you guys? Crazy?
I'm dealing for myself, man. Now fuck off.
Who put you up to this? Sly Jones?
You workin' for him?
Look, I got a roll, Jack.
It's all yours, man.
Who's your supplier? You ain't
smart enough to deal for yourself.
Your mama ain't smart
enough to deal by herself.
Punk, we'll break you into so many pieces,
they won't be able to put you
back together.
Now give us a name!
Man, I can't.
I can't do no shit like that, man.
Please, man. [groans]
Please, man. Don't make--
Don't make me do no shit like this, man.
-[train passing]
-You guys gonna get me killed, man.
Okay, man.
[panting] I'm dealing for my main man,
Mr. T.
[panting] I'm dealing for my main man,
Mr. T.
Mr. T? Who the hell is Mr. T?
Spell it out, punk!
Man, I can't--
Please don't make me do this, man.
You guys talking suicide, man.
Thomas Stokes, man.
-[punch lands]
Just because [ dress well and I live well,
does that mean that I'm involved
with sex or narcotics?
[Nick's voice]
Dudes like Stokes don't get caught, man.
He's just a spoke.
It's the wheel I want. Come on.
[engine starts]
[van departs]
Yeah, all right, fine. Good.
All right, let's go.
[gun cocks]
[Stokes] Hey, what is it? Hey.
What is it? Who are you?
What do you want?
Hey, whoa, brother. Whoa.
Whoa, brother. Is this what you want?
Here, take it.
What is it, man? Hey.
Don't you know who I am?
-[shell lands on ground]
I know who you are.
[body thuds]
[inmates chattering]
Eddie, don't come back here.
And whatever you have to do outside,
don't get caught,
because you don't want
your ass back in here.
[guard] Come on, Marino! Move it!
I want him.
[engine off]
[Rico] Rosie.
Hey, Rosie. Rosie!
What the hell is taking so long?
Coro, man.
I'm coming, papi.
And have I got a surprise for you.
[chuckles] Look what I have.
I have this...
and this.
Will you get over here? Come here.
Eddie, can you handle that?
-Get over here.
Okay, in a bit.
-Who's that?
-I don't know.
Negra, abre la Puerta.
-I don't know who it is.
-Who the fuck is that?
-I don't know.
Give you some "negra"
right in the lip, motherfucker.
I'm gonna light you up.
Hey, man! Hey, come on. Take it easy.
-Girl, girl. Come on.
-[speaking Spanish]
What are you guys, crazy?
What are you doing, man?
-Come on.
-[door closes]
Hey, come-- Hey.
Hey, man. Hey, what are you guys
doing, man? Take it--
Hey, what the hell is-- No, man. No.
-You killed my son.
-No! No!
Prago did it, man. It wasn't me.
You got the wrong guy, I swear.
Man, I didn't shoot your kid.
You got the wrong guy.
No, man, wait, wait. Mister, please.
Let's go.
-[camera shutter clicking]
-[man] Oh, brother, what a mess.
I want all these reports directly to me.
How do we release this?
Just exactly what I told you inside.
Another junkie hit.
You know it's not.
You want to give me a minute?
-I'll be standing by the door.
You trying to tell me how to do my job?
You know what happened in there.
-I damn well know what happened in there.
-So, what are we doing about it?
We're keeping it quiet.
Do you want to go to the newspapers? Fine.
Then they'll make heroes
out of these guys.
Then you can have one of these every week.
Is that what you want?
-Yes? Can I help you?
-I'd like a room pass to 67.
-[Eddie] That's, uh, Vickie Marino.
-I'm sorry.
-You'll have to speak to Dr. Fall on.
-Wait a minute.
This is my wife. And I was here before
and they wouldn't let me see her.
I-I'm not sure why, but they--
Doctor, what the hell's goin' on
around here? I want to see my wife.
I'm sorry, Mr. Marino,
but, uh, you can't see your wife.
Why not?
Because, uh, she doesn't want to see you.
[woman] Well, excuse me, young man.
[man] It's clearing up very well.
-We're waiting for the results of the--
-[bell dinging]
[woman on PA] Miss Yvonne Conaway.
-Miss Yvonne Conaway, extension--
-[bell dings]
-No. No.
-Don't touch me, please.
Don't say that, honey.
Look, it's gonna be all right.
-We can do something about it. Now--
-It's gonna be all right?
Look at me. Just look at me.
-Don't. Don't.
-Look at me.
See me. Look at me.
I know it was horrible, honey, but...
Nobody helped us. We were alone.
And you blame me?
Vickie, look, it-- Where are you going?
-I am not going back there. Never.
I don't feel anything...
for us...
Please, Vick.
[man] It was the husband.
I saw the entire bunch.
[Prago] Rico? Rico gone?
We can't let them walk over us.
Get the brothers together.
Ah, shit!
-[police radio chatter, faint]
[clanking continues]
[clanking continues]
[police radio chatter continues]
-How does it look?
-Nobody's around.
-Check the roofs?
-Yes, sir.
Let's check over there.
-Sure we're in the right place?
-What was the complaint?
[clanking continues]
It's pretty quiet.
Yeah. Bet it was some prank call.
-[tires screeching]
-Oh, shit!
[hinge creaks]
[clattering continues]
Hey, buddy.
How ya doing?
Wonder what happened to you.
How's it going?
Vickie's not coming back.
That's how it's going.
I see.
You blame yourself, huh?
Is that why you're running?
I'm getting out of here
as fast as I can. That's it.
Look at this.
Ten years of my fuckin' life.
What is it? Plastic shit.
There's gotta be someplace,
I don't know where, Nick, but someplace
where they can't come along and
kick your ass any time they feel like it.
-I don't know anymore.
-Yeah, man, I know how you feel.
No, you don't.
My neighbors, they all saw what happened.
They didn't do shit.
Forget it, Eddie. They're victims, man.
They gave up a long time ago.
Everybody's a victim. So what?
You're still walking around
in the dark, man.
You want to run?
Go ahead.
After you, then Burke,
Ramon, maybe me.
But I'll tell you this.
Sooner or later, man, we're gonna
run out of places to hide.
What do we do then, huh?
Climb on some high mountain
where it's nice and safe?
After they finish turning
this neighborhood into a cesspool,
what makes you think they're not
gonna look up
at that high mountain of ours
and want that too.
The word is out on the street, man.
The bottom is about to fall out.
They want us bad.
But they're coming after you first.
These are our homes.
We give them up, we got nothing.
Fight for it, Eddie. Fight for it!
Hey, man, what's wrong with you?
You crazy?
Stay out of the street!
[horn honks]
You got a problem, chump?
[door rattling]
[horns honking]
-Come on, man.
-[engine starts]
-[tires squeal]
-Oh, shit!
What the fuck are you doing?
You're fucking up my car.
-This your car, huh?
Give me the keys.
Give me the fuckin' keys, man!
What are you doing?
I'll move it. I'll move it!
[engine starts]
That guy just stole my fuckin' car!
He stole my car! What are you, a cop?
-He stole my car!
-[tires squealing]
All right. Come on, sucker.
You want to do it?
Whoo! Get him! Go!
-[man on radio] WBLS, New York.
-[R & B music playing]
-You wanna play? Let's go.
[tires squealing]
[tires squealing]
[horn honking]
[siren blaring]
[siren stops]
[horn honking]
[tires squealing]
-Go get 'em, baby! Go get 'em!
-[R & B music continues playing]
-Son of a bitch!
-[tires squealing]
Come on. Come on.
-Come on.
-I'll kill ya!
-You killed my son.
-Fuck him.
Go ahead, man. Go ahead.
This don't mean shit to me.
It does to me.
[body thuds]
[ship's horn blowing in distance]
[man] Good night, Your Honor.
[keys jingling]
[Sinclair's voice]
The court sentences you to two years.
[ engine starts ]
-Sentence to be suspended.