Vigilante Force (1976) Movie Script

- Howdy, Ben.
- Good morning.
Hi Daddy.
- You were asleep when I left this morning.
- I got your note.
- Did you shoot down all your clay pigeons?
- Targets, honey.
Oh, you men...
Was this one of Mommy's favorites?
I think so.
Come on, come on, movie it,
it's all over your head!
Come on, come on, that's it ladies.
Come on, come on, what's a little typhoid.
Come on.
Hey, chief, what happened?
Everybody flashing one?
Ben, the plumbing in this town
went straight downhill when we
- changed over flood houses.
- That's progress, Chief. Just progress.
And now with all these
new people moving in.
Well safe your Sears catalogue...
Come on, come on,
it's not over your head.
- Alright, I'm late.
- You're fired.
- Do you know why?
- Your rooster died.
I used that one too many
times already, Molly.
Traffic jam. Hell I got
caught in a traffic jam.
This kind of traffic in Elk Hills?
This is God's country.
If this is God's country,
usually there's a hideout.
Gino will be along soon to
walk you to school, hon.
I know.
What you got in there?
What the hell...
The market.
Hold it.
Freeze! Police! Freeze! Freeze.
The Federal always tell Empire Pacific.
You gonna open up the oil reserves.
We better hire the unemployed.
- What kind of people are they?
- Workers doing their job.
And it's the scum that followed them in.
Looking for that fast buck
that's causing your trouble.
Homer, I bought 12 cakes last Sunday.
And you realise Mayor Bradford,
that the deposits at my bank alone
have gone up a quarter of a
million since they've been here.
Ah, sheep to be sheared.
Ben, you moving any of them tractors?
Hey business isn't bothering me. What's
happened to our lives has got me worried.
Oh hell Ben, you know if the
defense department had open
their belts those years ago we
have all been rich by now.
That's right. We've earned it, Ben.
It's our turn now.
Thank God for the energy crisis.
Thank Allah.
- Chief, Ben...
- Ok, let's have it.
Well, we ain't been able to
walk down Front Street in months.
If I want to live with the
degenerates I'd move to L.A.
Ok Harry, we know you lost a couple
of rookie policemen defending this town.
I can't be everywhere at once.
Ben, I'm down to a four men force.
Then what are we supposed to do?
Just walk away and let whoever
wants to take this town?
Maybe we should augment our police force.
You know, I've had flyers stacked
up in every police department
in Southern Califonia for the past year.
Well, can we swear in our
own auxiliary police force?
You need tough trained men.
Good intentions don't make a cop.
- Your brother. Aaron.
- What, are you drunk Shakey?
Aaron was the biggest problem
I ever had in this town.
- Till now.
- Now look. He's a genuine war hero.
He must have picked up something
in 3 tours of duties of Vietnam.
- Hired guns on my force?
- Chief...
It ain't your force.
You the one looking for me?
- Ben, what the hell you doing here?
- Wanna talk. Got a minute?
You talk fast. I'm on duty.
Do you know what's been
going on in Elk Hills lately?
Same as always, I suppose.
Flat nothing.
Well, we got us a problem,
Big problem.
A couple of thousand oil workers
and their friends showed up
when they opened up
the Elk Hills oil reserves.
Indeed, they finally open that thing up
man? All them rednecks want to get rich?
Yeah, maybe.
- Trouble?
- Yeah.
All they can screw up our free land.
Aaron, they want you to
come back and help out.
Hey Arnold, this ain't the war. You're on
a coffee break, not an overnight pass.
- Be right there.
- Shake it!
Nobody's gonna steal the blimp plans.
Well, hurry it up, war hero.
You know, the last time I tried to go
back home they gave me a parade.
In one end of town and out the other.
Elk Hills has changed.
There's a lot of strangers.
Probably some money to be
made if you're interested.
Yeah, I am interested in making money.
God dammit, Arnold. I told you...
What are you do...
What do you think you're doing?
Hey, your job's on the line.
Hey, wait a minute.
Hey, you remember that place
we had a drink at Christmas?
Bamboo Hut.
See you there at 3.30.
Anybody been in here looking for me?
- Yeah, couple of angry husbands.
- Thank you.
- Sorry I'm late.
- Hey, grab yourself a stool.
This is my brother Ben.
This here is Brian Sheldon.
Brian did two tours in Vietnam.
He's been a cop four years on some force.
That is D.O. Viner,
Beverly Hills Police Department.
Another wealthy millionaire.
None of them widows.
Perry Beal, cadet at the LAPD.
Well, maybe until I see how much
money we gonna get, and how long.
Well it's 1250 per month,
a year's guarantee.
We'll give you living expenses
until you get settled.
- This is Dave.
- Hey, how's it going?
- Dave has done a little time in Cambodia.
- On our side?
- He don't know.
- Really?
Effective on this day, in this township,
for the power vested in me
as mayor of this city,
I hereby I administer to you men, the... to
serve as law enforcement in this district
and to perform those services
under the laws and rules
of this county and
to obey those regulations
to the best of my ability
as a peace officer
for the city of Elk
Hills, California.
I do.
Conratulations. Good luck.
Good luck Aaron. Good luck.
Another committee meeting.
You'll be issued guns, badges and uniforms.
I'd like to have you shave
that beard and get a haircut.
- We've been to blue camp Harry.
- Hey brother, good luck.
Something tells me we got
ourselves two police forces.
Oh, come on, Harry. Give him a break.
Things haven't really worked out for Aaron.
He needs his chance.
Help him out. Even though
we think he can do the job.
If it works out, Ben, I'm all for it.
If it doesn't, tell me. It ain't quite
so hard to talk to as it used to be.
50 years ago, when I was in my prime
you would had to bring a whole case
of that stuff if you're courting me.
I didn't bring it for you anyhow.
- You want a beer?
- No.
Sure is cold.
Stop that cheap physical
groping this instant.
Huh, shit.
What do you think I running here?
This is a respectable rooming house.
Hell Boots, they are still talking
about you down at the Black Rock.
This is a small town.
Don't show people your business. Inside.
That child has a class tomorrow.
What is that?
Oh, that's Boots. She does the
housework at the oddest hours.
I never would have turned
down Shakey all these years
if I had known it was
gonna end up like this.
And over here on the right
you'll notice the Black Rock Saloon.
One of Elk Hills more memorable monument.
Sure you want me to clean this up?
Sure beat the hell out
of the old Elk Hills.
This cowboy is looking for trouble.
I think he just found it.
Hey let me in here!
Let me in here!
Leave me alone.
Leave him in there.
Get off this street.
Jeez, watch out for that motor scooter.
Hey, come here buddy.
Hey pal one more huh?
I don't want anymore trouble.
Step on it.
Let's get the hell out of here.
What's a fight without
a little broken glass?
He started it. Kind of
punch his lights out!
I don't care who started it,
you're both under arrest.
- You ain't no cop.
- Oh, yes I am. Into the truck.
- What for? What's the charge?
- I don't know yet.
Murder, if he dies.
If he tries to run away,
you knock on that glass.
If he tries anything, shoot him.
If police have a drink don't chill the fun.
Oh, he can't take him anywhere.
Oops. I'll warn him.
Hey, enough.
That's what I'm here for.
You've done wonders with the place, Ben.
There is a 140 acres here.
Sharkey used to have 75
Arabians here at one time.
- Arabians?
- Horses.
Before he was killed in a war.
What war?
My war.
I love it.
You get the city to pay
the rent on this thing?
Yeah, they'll do it.
Where is Iris buried?
Buried in town.
I really liked her.
Sorry I missed the funeral.
Gonna take it?
It's home.
Hey, bro.
You take care of this.
Last time Butterfield stopped in
Elk Hills it had wooden wheels.
May get a come back.
- How's business?
- Great in the back.
- It's dead out here.
- Linda Ronstadt she ain't.
Hey, get back on the door.
I want to hear her sing.
If that happens while you're gone,
I'll call you. Now get on the door.
- What the hell key are you playing in?
- All the keys you were singing in.
I think you're getting it.
Give me a Rye and Ginger.
This guy's name is Pepper Cinnader.
He showed up about the same time
they opened the oil fields.
I reckon he's behind
most of the illegal goings on.
I hope he's in.
I'll take it from here.
Well I was going to introduce you to
the head waiter. Get you a good table.
If he stakes me in a
corner, I'll call you.
Take care, boy!
Action's in the background, cowboy.
Well I ain't looking for
any action, cowgirl.
I remember you. The ladies room
Texaco station, Tropicana, Texas, 1969.
I spent all of 69 in the orient.
You're a cop. I hate cops.
So do I.
It's a beginning.
You're crazy.
You got a great place here.
- What's this?
- Fun zone.
Have fun.
- I hope you're not in a hurry.
- I got all night.
Come on, let's bust this place.
Aaron is waiting.
Got to feed the chickens?
I'll be back.
I don't have to be at work until 8.
Little Dee, you are out of work.
Oh, good hit.
The cops?
The rival game.
I heard of paying out the local police.
This is the best.
You got time to get dressed, get
your ass back out here and leave town.
I suppose it's too late
to work something out?
Too late.
We're busy.
- Hurry out, let's go.
- Slow down. Ok, get your hands off.
Shame on you.
Alright, all of them flushed out.
- Get inside.
- What the hell are you doing?
You're on my team now.
- Now. What's next?
- In the back.
Ain't I lucky.
He ain't never was much of a hunter.
That old man Shakey never misses
the opening of the deer season.
Won't use nothing but
one of this muzzle loaders.
- Do they work?
- Yeah, accurate up to about 75 yards.
You got to be a hell of a hunter,
or you won't ever get a deer.
You and Aaron hunt a lot
when you were kids?
No, he did.
I never like killing.
I'd rather make something.
He's frightening to me.
- Did you ever fight him?
- No.
Yeah, I did once. Long time ago, for
a girl. We were about seventeen.
We were seventeen or eighteen.
- Who won?
- He did.
Ok, I see. She picked you?
Was it Iris?
We all ended up friends. I think she's
the only girl in Elk Hills he ever liked.
Maybe that's why he hates it around here.
He don't hate nothing.
Aaron just got to have a big fuss made over
him if he thinks people don't like him.
A hero.
Daddy, daddy, it's finished
just in time for the parade.
How do you like it?
- You'll steal the parade, darling.
- The Dodgers on.
- Want to watch?
- I hate baseball.
I hate baseball.
You hate parades too?
- When is it?
- 4th July.
Here we goes, purchase orders.
You wanna sign this.
Pleasure doing business with you.
Why are you doing
all this stuff, Chief Lee?
You never know when a revolution's
gonna happen. You got to be ready.
Gotta be.
Happy hunting.
We have firepower here to retake Saigon.
Freddie, what the hell's going on up there?
It's only Aaron, boys. Your new boss.
You are crazy.
I'm crazy? I ain't driving around
a live firing range in a Cadillac.
How are you doing?
How come you still
taking target practice?
You never miss.
I like staying on top, the feeling.
Hey, what is this?
What do you got going?
Liquor, whores, dope.
Little Dee, this here is Freddie Howe.
We gonna do some business.
- We met.
- We did?
- Vegas?
- Calgary Stampede, summer of '72.
I was in jail, summer of '72.
- She thinks she knows everyone.
- I do.
- Hey, you got a phone in this place?
- On the table.
- Wanna hear a song?
- No.
- He is going to run the casino?
- Yeah.
Ah, Bellew...
Listen, I want cages, tables and wheels.
Get them up here.
I want them set up for the weekend.
Hey, shut up, will you.
No, not you.
Hey get a hold of Puddles Renfrew.
No, the cops are strictly keystone.
Matter of fact, I am the cops.
No, it's fifty-fifty split with Aaron.
No, I brought my own muscle.
Loony, Lance and Wolf.
Thanks a lot.
I hate listenin to this
fagot music all afternoon.
Hey you, that's private property.
There must be a Buddy Holly
record here somewhere.
Hey, hey, that's my quarter, sweetheart.
Why don't you save your
money for music lessons.
Well, come on now, please stop the fight.
Come on fellas. Get it over with.
Sure glad to see you, Aaron.
Aaron, I want them all arrested.
Bad for business.
Things like you cowboys... Just at ease...
- Done about $1000 worth of damage.
- Sounds fair to me.
This bar is the jail for all of you
till you come up with that $ 1000.
This guy started it.
Mayor Bradford don't care which trash
started, he just wants the bar fixed.
$ 1,000.
Just to let you all know
that the bullshit's over.
Wanna play cowboys and
indians, do it out in the pasture.
Nobody is taking over this town.
Better count this, mayor.
Now Aaron, that's what
I call fast action.
Well, they don't come cheap.
It all adds up, right boys.
You know the word's out.
Aaron means business.
I got to hand it to him,
he's doing what he's supposed to do.
And no screwing around.
Are you cooking all
these eggs with a Zippo?
Anybody in a hurry,
is in the wrong dining.
Hi Ben, how you doing?
Well how do you like the
way Elk Hills is turning out?
- Creative police work, huh?
- You know, I think we're out of the woods.
- Shakey. Thanky.
- Thank you.
How was it?
Well, you haven't learned
how to burn the coffee yet.
Well, give me time.
I'm working on it.
- What will it be, Ben.
- I think I'll just stick with coffee.
One house speciality.
Well, I heard you ain't
ready to admit yet.
Sure, he's doing a good job.
But I still don't approve of his methods.
Oh, I think he's just
trying to let people know
that if they want to get to this
town, they got to go through him.
Sure Ben, sure. And I'm just a tired
old jello. See you. Thanks, Shakey.
Any time, Chief.
You got the feeling somethings burning?
Hell, it always smells
like that around here.
Oh, get out I hear.
Aaron, good morning.
You sure have made a
difference in this town.
You got my heartiest congratulations!
- This is business.
- Well, how can I help you?
I'd like a personal loan,
$10,000, short-term.
Well, fine.
- Alright, here we go. Excuse me.
- I got one of those.
Well, there is nothing
on here with your name.
Well, I figured that name
ought to be worth $10,000.
- Well, bank policy requires that we...
- Hey, bull squash, Homer.
What about all that difference
I made in this town?
I'm sorry, Mr. Arnold,
but that's impossible.
- What's impossible?
- We just don't keep that kind of money.
Whatever kind you all keep
will be just fine with me.
I beg your pardon?
Oh, that... well that's
the payroll for Elk Hills.
See we just have that here for transport
to the pay office out in the field.
So it's not impossible.
Perhaps if your brother would co-sign.
Come here, Homer.
Let me show you what
kind of town you living in.
- Crazy fool.
- Yeah it's crazy.
That fool could shut down AJ...
and can hit a...
Don't think of that as a loan application,
think of it as an insurance policy.
Are you threatening me?
Sign it!
After all it ain't your money, is it?
- Well, I'll have to know the terms.
- What?
- When will you pay it back?
- Oh, soon. How's that? Soon.
I'll give you the money.
I knew we could work something out.
You owe us a $100 per week.
That's right, otherwise somebody
might take a little gas here.
You know what I mean?
People can get poison from food.
If you can manage hold it under $10
a week, I might be interested, buddy boy.
Hit the road buster, we got a cop
here that dreams of guys like you.
You see the cops here can't do it all.
So we're helping them out.
I think you want us on your side.
Need I say any more?
I don't know why you telling me for,
Homer. Why don't you go tell Harry Lee?
No, no. I think that would
be a mistake at this time.
You did authorise Aaron's loan, didn't you?
Well, yes.
I don't know what else I can tell you.
Kick it over, Ben.
Anybody get their license?
I was born with the
deck cards in my hand.
That's very unusual.
- How you doing?
- Well, come on in.
I'm staying.
You won.
- You act like we never won before.
- Oh, I never have.
- Hi, I'm Peaches.
- Hey, watch it.
- Keep them going.
- When you want me to play?
Here, play what's in the jukebox.
If you have to sing along,
do it in the ladies.
- I think we better go. We've won enough.
- Is she your sister?
Just friend.
Hit me.
Hit me.
What's the matter? Are you crazy?
It's coming from the middle.
Pay him.
- Max. You're fired.
- Just only doing my job.
You interested in some better stakes?
- No, Paul, let's go.
- Hey, go ahead.
- Yeah, I'm interested.
- Follow me.
Peaches, come get his drinks and his chips.
- You're good at blackjack.
- Gotta warn you.
I'm on a lifetime winning streak.
It started when I was...
Get up.
Hey Aaron, how's it going?
We're on the same side.
Get him out of here.
- Aaron...
- Shut up.
- What are you doing?
- What are you doing? He was winning.
Listen killer, I got this place covered.
Every time you beat
up some guest he's
winning, that means he
ain't gonna come back.
Just let me go, Aaron, huh.
If there's another time that you feel
like you got to lay in on somebody,
let the police do the hitting.
We can get away with it.
Alright that was dumb.
But you hurt me, Aaron. You hurt me.
That was dumb.
How much money you make tonight?
$5000 in the first hour.
See what I mean you dummy?
You don't want to do that shit.
I'm not doing anything with an
M-66 anti-tank weapon. Why? hell. I didn't order nothing.
I never signed any special order.
Police purchase order? Wait a minute.
I don't seem to have that right now, Webbs.
Let me have it again, will you?
- Reuben, I ain't got all day.
- Hey, lighten up man. I had a bad night.
What hit you? A cement truck?
Just they opened up a speakeasy, I don't
know, Petrol Gulch. Gambling and all that.
Hell, I was winning.
They pulled some shit.
Next thing I know, they cha-chaed
on my head out an alley.
Who's they?
Hell, I don't know, but if
Aaron hadn't showed up, I...
- Aaron?
- Yeah, he stopped it.
Sally took me home.
Shoot, I'm sticking to "Let's Make a Deal".
He closed the place?
I don't know, but he
sure slapped them around.
- Aaron knew what was going on in there?
- Yeah, he had to.
- How fast was I going?
- At least under a hundred.
Shit Harry, could you lighten up a little.
It's six in the morning.
Can I speak to you a minute, Ben?
I know this is going to
sound a little off the
wall, Ben, but you
know my position here.
Have you got any idea why Aaron
would order up a whole lot of guns,
ammos, explosives and
bulletproof clothings?
- Well, he hadn't even fired a shot.
- I know.
But somebody ordered
a whole ordnance shipment.
Did you ask Aaron?
I thought maybe if you knew something it
would safe me running into with him again.
So you don't if it's him
for sure then, huh.
Damn it Harry. Would you stop
treating Aaron like a criminal.
If you suspect something, just ask him.
You know anything about
a gambling spot opening up?
Just talk. Some kind of private club.
I don't think Aaron has reported anything.
Good shot, Ben.
Two inches high on the
northeast quadrant.
I just came from the restaurant.
Somebody made a
casserole out of my kitchen.
Dumped a whole week supply
of groceries all over the floor.
Had to be that shakedown pimp. The guy
that was trying to sell me protection.
- What guy?
- The same one who gave me this.
Said if we didn't pay,
we'd be in more trouble.
I ain't paying.
I'll feed the place to the hogs first.
Talk to Aaron?
Tell him about this guys?
Aaron is not here to protect us, Ben. He is
here to protect his Honor's ass. Not mine.
- Now Shakey, you know that's not true.
- Sure as hell is.
Now wait a minute.
Aaron's here for all of us.
Then why don't he do something
about the shakedowns, man.
Maybe you knew something we don't.
Maybe you and Aaron...
Go on. Say it.
Everybody else is saying it.
- Maybe you are in on it.
- In on what?
Oh Ben, don't pay any attention to them.
You gonna talk to Aaron or
is it up to me too?
You talk to him, huh.
- What are you doing up here?
- Hiding out. What's happening?
You know old Shakey tells me some
guys been trying to sell him protection.
Shakey. Man, I talk good, man.
He wanted to open a hamburger joint.
I think Shakey just wanted
me to run all his competition off.
- What about Tom Cousy and the Maitlands?
- What about them?
Same thing happened.
Except they worked Tom over.
It's the first I heard of this.
Let me ask chief about it.
Better yet.
Just tell him to come and see me.
Paul tells me you saved his ass
last night at the Petroluem Gulch.
Somebody opened up the old road house?
I think your buddy got a little hostile.
- What about the roadhouse?
- What about it?
You gonna close it down?
As soon as I close one of
them down another pops up.
I was thinking if we held up on this one,
we might be able to bust a few behind it.
Hell, to tell you the truth, Aaron,
this is kind of an official visit anyhow.
How so?
Well, I'm helping out with
the 4th of July parade this year.
You're gonna be the
Man of the Year for Elk Hills.
We all thought maybe you might
like to be the Grand Marshall.
- Kid?
- This makes it official.
You are amazing.
You know that, don't you?
You still planning on
fixing this place up?
Pretty soon. Thanks
to Homer Arno.
You know, I still don't understand why
he was so upset about that loan.
I guess I was a little impatient.
You know how I can be.
Oh, don't I.
Little Dee, this is my brother Ben.
This is Little Dee.
- Hi.
- Haven't we met?
Wichita, Future Homemakers
of America convention, 1961.
You remembered.
Think about that
Grand Marshall offer, huh.
- Your brother is funnier than you are.
- Shut up.
I didn't think that was possible.
I'm getting complaints about you boys.
Well I thought he was in on it.
I lied. I said I wanted to
do this without screw-ups.
Keep it quiet.
Aaron, it's hard to do
without somebody bitching.
Well, lean harder.
If they're scared to death, they
ain't going to do nothing but pay us.
Boys, I've got some
real money here that said...
you don't know the difference
between... a rooster or a duck.
- Ladies?
- Why spoil a beautiful clay?
Anybody having that good a time is
gotta be breaking the law. Let's bust them.
You're all under arrest.
You'll ought to be ashamed of yourselves.
And on Sunday. I want all the money
you're holding in a pile. Right now.
You boys want to do a little
gambling, you want to get a bet down,
I think you know where you can be.
And you know where you can go.
What was that, friend?
Alright, who's next?
We're tired of you shoving us around.
Alright, killer. You and your
partner just pick up all this trash here
and give it to me.
Is that what you're here for?
You're right.
Automatic rifles?
The hell. Band uniforms.
We ain't getting
in the parade.
I mean we got the
band uniforms, right?
What do you say? I haven't
been in a parade since high school.
No wonder you're a cop, Harry.
You make a lousy crook.
I could see your flashlight
all the way up down highway.
You're under arrest.
No, I'm giving myself up.
The big time knows, huh.
There goes our 4th of July cover.
- We ain't blowing nothing.
- Everything's cool outside.
We got it covered in here.
What the hell you gonna do with
all that stuff? Hijack the oilfields?
Wrap some, a little easier to carry off.
I'm gonna give you a chance, old man.
I'm gonna let you go for your gun.
You go for it.
No, no, Aaron.
No, no.
Go on. Go for it!
No, I'm not going to.
I know he's your brother,
but he's not even playing cop anymore.
He walks into a place with
one thing in mind: Destroy!
It sounds like the war. You know,
when some guy goes crazy.
Start shooting at everything that
weren't wearing the American flag.
Are we gonna just sit back and watch?
Ben! Oh Ben.
- Hey Ben. You got a minute?
- No.
Half a minute.
By the way, Ben. Did you get Aaron
to commit to the Grand Marshall honour?
He said he'd think about it.
Maybe he got a better offer.
You know anything about what
happened at the oilfields on Sunday?
I haven't heard a thing. You know, I
usually have breakfast with the Chief.
But Harry didn't show up this morning.
Probably overslept. I'm on my
way over to his house right now.
Why Ben? What happened?
What happened? What's going on?
What's this all about?
- What the hell have you been doing?
- What's the matter, Ben?
What happened to that damn cockfight?
I closed down an
illegal gambling operation.
And you let that casino stay open?
I told you about that.
What is this crap?
What about killing Andre Majors and
taking all those people's money, huh?
Correction. Confiscated evidence.
Aaron, I have friends here
who are accusing me
of being part of whatever
the hell is going on.
That's some friends.
Now you listen to me. I
didn't volunteer for this.
And when you good people hired me
to come take care of the garbage,
nobody was there telling
me how to do the job.
Nobody wanted to know.
Now you don't like it?
You tell them, fine
civilians from me, brother,
that it's a little late to be
wanting to get involved.
I'm the one that brought you here, and
I'm the one that's going to run you out.
Could you give me a lift into town, Ben?
Where the hell are you going?
My sentence here is up.
Get your ass back into the house!
Get in the truck.
We gonna fight over another girl, Ben?
You know, it's always been me
against the rest of them.
Ever since I've been born. But I
thought that you were on my side.
I always was.
And you will be again.
- Happy .
- Whoa, whoa... easy, easy.
I was afraid he was gonna
kill me if I try to leave before.
He's crazy, you know?
The craziest crazy.
Where you wanna me to drop you?
Bus stop.
How did your wife die?
Aaron talks about her all the time.
She died when my daughter was born.
Aaron didn't have nothing to do with it.
He killed somebody yesterday.
I heard one of those
oil workers tried to hit him.
I meant at the ranch last night.
I think it was that cop. Lee?
They dumped him in the creek bed.
Why did he kill him?
To stay on top of the feeling.
I've never saw anyone like him before.
He's going to do something
terrible to all of you.
I'm sorry.
When is the next bus out of here?
Oh! No.
Ben, we're forming a search posse.
It seems Harry is still missing.
Harry... My God!
I want his killer.
- You know, some things you ought to know.
- Now don't tell me. Tell him.
Aaron, I'm appointing you interim
chief of police. I want Lee's killer.
Then we gonna start with you.
What does that mean?
Little Dee said she saw Lee
out at your place late last night.
That's right. He was a little concerned
about the way we busted up the picnic.
- So you had to kill him?
- I get it.
Did she tell you that before
or after I threw her ass out?
Now hold it, Ben.
Aaron gets the job done.
Like the job he's doing on us?
Come on, Bradford. Wake up!
Now, you forget this family squabbling.
I got a town to run. A town under attack.
Aaron, you're on your own.
I like this town.
Whoever did this we'll find out.
Hope I can count on you for your help.
He's got Bradford in his pocket.
Dear Lord...
we give thanks for...
Thanks for nothing. Amen.
And Boots, things
aren't all that bad.
If I think of anything
later, I'll call back.
What are you doing?
When your friend wakes up, tell
him he's off the untouchable list.
If my third ex was still here you'll be
shot in the with double hot buckshot.
Get only essentials. Come on.
They torched the store.
Went off like a firecracker.
Gotta move the tractors.
Should have hired some vigilante firemen.
We all know who is behind
these killings and extortions.
And it's time to do something about it.
I know Aaron, and if we don't face him
down now, there'll be no stopping him.
Aaron knows we'll be
marching that 4th fo July parade.
The plan is to leave early.
That's our cover.
He'll never expect us
if we hit him hard and fast.
If any of you think that
this kind of law and order
is the price we have
to pay for prosperity
and a decent life...
then stay in your houses...
And keep the hell out of my way.
Miss Christopher.
There he is.
Okay, stay right there.
What are you doing
hanging around the school?
I... brought my kid his lunch.
- Yeah. Who is your kid?
- All of them.
- What's these? Uppers downers?
- Jelly beans.
Yeah, right. Let go of me.
Let go!
Inside the car, lady.
Aaron, I didn't know
what else to do with her.
Get the hell out of here.
You are really sick.
I'm going to kill you.
I don't want to talk about it,
I don't want to hear about it.
I've seen and heard it all.
Ben. It can't be possible
what I've been hearing?
Probably not.
To even think of some sort of vigilante
action trumps the truth of conspiracy.
You've already got a
vigilante force in Elk Hills, mayor.
We'll find Linda's killer.
You can count on that Ben.
Uncle Aaron.
All of you go ahead and
try and get changed.
I heard you've been talking about me.
Why, Ben? I've done what
I was brought here for.
You screwed up, Aaron.
You always do.
You know why you ain't
been killed, don't you?
- Because we're brothers.
- And that's the only reason.
And I got to find a way to do what I'm
gonna do in Elk Hills without going to you.
I am Elk Hills, Aaron. And what you do here
depends on what people like me let you do.
You picked a shitty town to be yours.
And as for your people, they're so full of
shit and easy money, they need a squeeze.
And I'm going to be the squeezer.
Get off my property.
Stop playing the hero.
Shit, Ben, I was going to cut
you in when the time is right.
It's all over for you, Aaron. You've
always been pushing for the big showdown.
And now I'm gonna put an end to you.
When you do, who the hell you all gonna
have to blame when everything goes wrong?
I'll take the blame it.
Now get off my property.
Real sorry I didn't
make it to Linda's funeral.
It's getting to be a bad habit of mine.
Bye, Uncle Aaron.
Okay. Where do you want them?
Well if we put some people up high.
Say... here, and over here.
We got the whole valley covered.
Stick to the plan.
One person can get us all killed.
We're all in this together.
See you tomorrow.
Happy Independence Day.
Hello, folks. Howdy.
Happy Independence Day.
How you doing, folks?
Happy Independence Day.
- Paul, kill it. Kill it.
- Alright Ben.
Okay, let's go.
Come on guys.
Let's get it out.
We know the plans working. Jump
in the truck and let's get out of here.
- Everybody's back?
- Go! Go!
We can be at the payroll
office in 6 minutes.
Hey Aaron, where's my tuba?
We won't need it. With these uniforms
they'd think we're part of the parade.
Got this payroll and gone.
Shut up. Pay attention.
Brian, you look like a fool in that outfit.
After we get there, we got
20 minutes to blast the vault.
Get back here before the parade is over.
Parade's covered.
What in the hell is that?
The March brothers?
God dammit, it's Aaron.
Let's go.
Stop that damn music.
What do you want?
You got two minutes to throw
down your guns and badges.
- And if we don't?
- We're coming after you.
Ok, everybody get a weapon.
It won't last long.
They're circling around on us.
Alright, give 'em hell!
Get inside.
- Well, I'm ready to negotiate.
- Shut up!
- We enter the bridge.
- Okay.
Carry on Ghost town!
Come on, move. Let's move across.
Ghost town. Let's go.
Okay, okay, come on girls.
Looks like it's about time to go.
Where are we going?
Well, let's just say
the highway is calling us.
Give me a round.
- Aaron.
- Here buddy. Okay, move.
Give me that!
What's doing there!
Find a way out of here.
Now regroup. Head for the bridge.
That's just around the back.
Alright you know where you're next.
Go for those wires.
Split up!
That guy is crazy.
Hey don't shoot.
That tank will blow us all to hell.
You cover him from over there.
The whole field can go any time.
- You got to get off that tank.
- The hell you say.
I ain't lost the war yet.
What is feeding the fire?
Turn it down.