Vijay (1988) Movie Script

Your deeds
are your victory
Ever since the world was made
the Gita has been saying
Ever since the world was made
the Gita has been saying
Your deeds
are your victory
Victory! Victory! Your victory
Helping others is your virtue,
there's nothing bigger than that
Helping others is your virtue,
there's nothing bigger than that
Your deeds
are your victory
Victory! Victory! Your victory
Belief is your strength,
struggle is your devotion
Belief is your strength,
struggle is your devotion
Your deeds
are your victory
Ever since the world was made
the Gita has been saying
Ever since the world was made
the Gita has been saying
Your deeds
are your victory
Victory! Victory! Your victory
Your victory.
Victory and defeat.
Victory and rejection
are not in your hands.
Only hard work is in your hands.
The battlefield you are going to
is not outside, it is inside you.
At every step you will have to fight
for the truth, justice and your right.
Remember one thing
only your hard work is your victory.
Every student has
been given their degrees,
now only one award is left.
This award, is given to that student
whose had an outstanding
all-round performance.
His name is..
We have the right
to succeed in our family, son.
I am proud of you, go ahead.
Thank you, grandpa.
-Thank you, sir.
Thank you very much.
this is the result of your blessings.
No, son. This is
the result of your hard work.
Let's go, Mommy.
Let's go, driver.
Father. You said today
you won't work at the office.
-Silvia, take all these things.
-Please go soon.
I'll call you later.
Daddy, you promised
to take us to Goa today.
-But listen to me.
-Let's go.
-Hurry up.
-I need to finish a few things.
-Can I come inside, Badshah?
-Come, Gujral.
Yodhraj's doors are
always open for you.
Yodhraj's door is
open for me and it's
a big deal to keep my head held high.
We are always happy
to hear that Gujral
is the biggest broker in the market.
Don't forget,
it happened because of us.
You started working
with us in the beginning.
There is an old saying, Badshah.
When God is worshipped,
all Gods are worshipped.
-How can I ever forget that?
-Yes, you should not.
Also, your commission check is ready.
Please take it from the accountant.
You should've kept the commission.
Just give me a percentage of that money.
you want a share of the tiger's feast.
But Gujral,
a tiger doesn't share his kill.
You are above all, Badshah.
I am not asking for a share.
Whatever is left,
I will take a percentage of that.
No. Gujral.
I don't involve people from
outside the family, in my business.
-Not family!
-If there is anything else
or if you need my help
with something, do let me know.
Okay, Badshah, I will leave now.
Daddy, why did you refuse
Uncle Gujral for partnership?
Daughter, you cannot keep
your shoe on your head.
I don't understand the things you say.
Please hurry up,
or someone else will come.
Sir, did you call for me?
Yes, Mr. Ajit, I hope you are ready.
You are coming with us to Goa.
We will check the hotel property
on the way, as well.
-Okay, sir.
-Now, madam, I am at your service.
-Yes, Daddy.
Suman, come inside.
Meena darling, are my eyes deceiving me?
Is that Lala Yodhraj?
Yes, it is him.
It has been more than an year.
Had it been someone else,
they would have compromised the situation.
But this is Yodhraj,
he will never change with time.
-Hello, Mr. Lala.
-Hello, Mr. Mehra. How are you?
-First class.
-Hi, Raj.
Hi Bela, how are you?
Why are you sitting all by yourself?
-I didn't find a partner.
-You don't know how to find one.
You love yourself
more than anything else.
You are still so funny,
haven't changed, at all.
Even you haven't changed.
You're always aloof.
What else, Mehra?
How is business?
-First class.
Raj, have you spoken to Suman?
I have become what you could not.
Shashi, what I can
or cannot be you don't know.
Daddy, I know,
you can be a husband, a father,
but you cannot be what I am
because you do not have a sister.
I am an honored
maternal uncle, now.
She had a baby?
She had a baby
and I'm an honored maternal uncle.
-It's a boy.
-I am blessed with a nephew.
I am going to see my nephew.
Will you also come?
No, son, you go.
-Okay. Okay, Daddy.
Yes, Daddy.
Please give this as a gift to the baby,
from my side.
This is your personality.
You miss your daughter
and you also knew that
she was going to have a baby.
You even carry the gift with you,
but you have never compromised
with your daughter and her husband.
Now you won't even go
meet your grandson.
It's okay even if one person
from the family meets him.
Shashi has gone.
Oh, my cutie pie.
Look, I am your only uncle.
I have come with your aunt-to-be.
We have come to see your beautiful face.
My cute nephew.
Congratulations, sister,
your baby is adorable.
Thank you.
Why won't he be adorable?
-He is like his uncle.
-Hey, you!
Not his uncle,
like his father.
No, no chance.
He is neither like you nor like Shashi.
-Then who?
-He is like his grandfather.
Oh yes, Daddy the great, Yodhraj.
Shashi, how is Daddy?
Oh, I almost forgot.
Daddy has sent something for your son.
Look, what your grandfather has sent you.
So true of Lala Yodhraj.
Even when he showed his love,
it's through a gold coin.
-Ajit, please!
-Sorry, darling.
Yes, sister.
Does Daddy ever miss me?
Sister, can he ever forget you?
He stares at your picture for hours.
Brother-in-law, tell me
how is your love life?
It has reached a point of no return.
Think before moving forward.
Sister, what is there to think?
Every answer to Daddy's question is you.
If you can do it, so can I.
You cannot,
I will never approve of this wedding.
Daddy, I am talking about my marriage.
I have a right to that.
I have a lot of rights on you,
have you stopped considering that?
You are the son
of a well-established business man,
you cannot do things without thinking.
Daddy, this is not business.
These are matters
concerning the heart
and the heart only beats,
it doesn't think.
Hello, Kulkarni from Pune?
Yes, tell me?
Oh, that deal.
Alright, I will send Shashi
he will take a decision.
Yes, he will come.
Okay. Okay.
You know which deal I am talking about?
Daddy, I was talking about Rita.
Look son, you finish that deal today.
We will talk after that.
I need some time to think.
Daddy, we will
wait for your decision.
Please make sure
it is in my favor.
-What if he doesn't agree?
-Why wouldn't he agree?
He is my father, I know him.
Look, I will have to act smart.
Tomorrow I am going to Pune,
the work is a bit difficult.
A government official is involved.
I will offer him
good food and some scotch and
the deal will be finalized.
Daddy will be very happy and
after that everything will be done.
It's better if everything
gets done, as soon as possible.
Why? Do you have
another marriage proposal?
I'm pregnant.
Let me give you a kiss.
All set, Daddy.
I am going for my first business deal,
please bless me.
You are the son of a successful father.
Success is in your blood,
go without fear.
-I will try to return successful.
Son, success is everything
in this world.
The other person is selfish,
cunning and
always thinks of his own benefit.
Never forget this.
Shashi, I have a gift for you.
This is the pen which I used
to sign my first business deal.
I want you to sign your
first deal with this pen, too.
Okay. Bless me.
Let's move on ahead.
Daddy, your jacket is really nice.
It matches my pants.
You like it?
Daddy, when I wear this,
I will feel your presence.
I am always with you, son.
I'll leave now.
Take care of yourself.
You are not alone now.
Please come back soon.
I didn't want to say
anything in front of Shashi.
Now you tell me,
what answer are you expecting from me?
Think about your sons happiness.
What about your happiness?
I am happy if he is happy.
My son keeps you happy
and me unhappy.
That's not why I brought him up.
I am not at fault here.
I am not blaming you.
But I am a father.
For my kids and
for my family I have dreams.
I tried a lot, but I couldn't see
you being a part of those dreams.
It's possible that someone else
must have seen some dreams, too.
Those dreams will be broken.
I am carrying Shashi's child.
That is not a dream, but reality.
So, the situation has gotten that far.
I was wrong.
I am obliged to pay for Shashi's actions.
This is my check,
when I sign on it,
it will be worth a lot.
When it is left blank
you cannot even imagine its value.
I want you to leave the city
before Shashi returns.
Fill any amount you want in the check.
I will not leave without seeing Shashi.
In that case, I will have to
arrange for something else.
On the Chief Minister's assurance,
truck drivers have withdrawn
from the 21-day strike.
"This is Akashwani."
We've got information that
businessman's Yodhraj's private jet,
has met with an accident.
The pilot was his own son Shashi.
Inky pinky ponky,
eighty, ninety, one hundred
Your money is fake
Inky pinky ponky
eighty, ninety, one hundred
Your money is fake
Dog barks on the terrace
Bow wow!
Bow wow!
Dog barks on the terrace
so that thieves are
not able to come inside
Vicky is eating toffee and biscuit,
a monkey stares from far ahead
Dog barks on the terrace
so that the thieves don't come inside
Grandfather eats toffee and biscuit,
monkey stares from far ahead
When the dog pounces on the monkey,
the monkey runs away far
Inky pinky ponky,
eighty, ninety, one hundred
Your money is fake
Inky pinky ponky,
eighty, ninety, one hundred
Your money is fake
When Vicky is upset with
his mother, he creates a huge ruckus
Your moon uncle comes
to pacify you from the moon valley
Uncle? My uncle?
What did grandpa say to my uncle?
He tells your grandfather
that he is useless
Inky pinky ponky,
eighty, ninety, one hundred
Your money is fake
Inky pinky ponky,
eighty, ninety, one hundred
Your money is fake.
Friends, time was not our friend.
But life goes on.
I am stuck in a dilemma,
from where I need to start afresh.
Where I need to go, I know.
I hope all of you will support me.
All of my son Shashi's shares
have been transferred
to my daughter, Suman.
From now onwards,
our company's managing director,
will be Suman Bhardwaj.
Daddy, what have you done?
I did what I felt was right.
Ajit also needs to talk..
Ajit is not my problem.
After Shashi,
my only hope left is Vicky.
-But, Daddy.
now I am all alone.
If you want to leave me
at a time like this, then go.
Shashi has already left.
Suman! Suman!
Suman, shall I call you
Lala Yodhraj's daughter
or Mrs. Ajit Bhardwaj
or the managing director
of Yodhraj's enterprises?
What are you saying, Ajit?
Do you want me to be called
Mr. Suman from Ajit Bhardwaj?
So that people respect
you and disrespect me?
Was your love so shallow
that you sold me off
for such a small price?
From my wife,
you have become Yodhraj's daughter.
I was always Yodhraj's daughter.
First you were a wife
and then daughter.
Now, you are a daughter
and then a wife.
Before being your wife
I was a daughter,
sister and now
I am a mother, too.
Sometimes, relationships are
given importance out of love, Ajit.
Your tone has changed, Suman.
My younger brother died,
you are not bothered about that?
My father is left
all alone in his old age,
you are not bothered about that?
All the hard work will go to waste.
You are not bothered about that?
Being bothered doesn't mean
I will compromise my honor.
Whether you want to be
a managing director or my wife,
that will be decided
right here, right now.
I decided that the day
I held your hands.
You held my hands,
but never left your daddy's.
You lifted one foot from
your daddy's home,
but not the second.
Madam, a person traveling
in two boats will drown.
If you want to drown in an ocean
of money and power then, go ahead.
But I will not let my son drown.
I am taking him with me.
Don't you dare touch Vicky!
Nobody dares to yell in this house.
Nobody can stop me
from taking my son.
A mother has more of a right
to a child than the father.
Who will decide that? You?
This will be decided by the court.
The court has
heard both sides of the story.
Court orders are not based on feelings.
A mother can take care of a child
better than anyone else.
That is why, the court has
decided to give the child to the mother.
Please come, Mommy.
Vicky, my son, come.
Now, with your education and
ability you will
handle Yodhraj industries...
-Good morning, sir!
-Good morning, Mr. Dubey.
Mr. Dubey, what happened
to the plot near Victoria road?
We are working on that, sir.
But there is a problem with it.
Mr. Dubey, you get paid on the first of
every month from my company, right?
I have never said that this month due to
some problem, I will not be able to pay.
Always remember,
I want that plot
by any possible means.
This land will not be sold at any cost.
It only looks like a plot
but it means the world to me.
My family's dreams
are attached to this property.
I will fulfill those dreams,
that is the sole purpose of my life.
Never set foot on this land,
Hurry up!
Since the evening,
my palms were itching.
I couldn't understand why?
When I saw you, I understood.
You there, move!
My name is Mujaghar Singh.
A tiger doesn't leave the jungle
when the dogs bark.
Stealing is very bad, Mujaghar Singh.
Maybe no one told you this.
Anyway, I will have to tell you now.
Move from there!
This is our
security officer, Mujaghar Singh.
Why have you tied him up, son?
He stole from us, father.
Today I've caught him.
I see, he was stealing from us.
Meena, call the police.
Bandra police station?
Gujral sir, you called?
Inspector, this is our security officer.
He was stealing from our warehouse,
wearing the uniform we gave him.
Today, my son Arjun,
caught him red handed.
Now let the law handle him.
Why did you give him a job, sir?
He is a hooligan.
Remember one thing, brother.
There time limit
for every punishment.
You have stepped on a snake's tail.
One day, I will hurt you really badly.
Let's go, I will hurt you now.
Hi, Nisha.
Hey, Nisha.
You are upset with me.
You know since
how long I have been waiting?
I like it when someone waits for me.
You will know, when you will
have to wait for someone.
Alright, your gift
for today is due then.
Gift or bribe?
Vicky, why do you put
a price on everything?
Sweetheart, everything has a price.
Oh come on, Vicky,
not again.
Come on, sweetie.
Hey, sweets,
give me a smile.
Give me a smile.
Smile. Smile.
Come on, give me a smile.
That's it.
You are so salty.
Sometimes you call me
sweet and sometimes salty.
You look sweet and salty to taste.
Am I your girlfriend
or an ad for biscuits?
Have it once and you will
want to have it again and again.
Hey, Nisha.
Nisha. Nisha. Nisha.
Why is your heart beating so fast?
It's not beating,
it is saying something.
-What is it saying?
-Listen to what it is saying.
I couldn't understand.
You tell me.
You didn't understand?
It's saying, bloody fool.
I love you.
Where are you going?
What happened?
Why did the elevator stop?
Oh, you are a girl.
So what?
-I am a guy.
-So what do I do?
You want to do something?
What nonsense!
The elevator has stopped and its dark.
We will have to do something.
-Shut up.
-Why are you getting angry?
-It's a compulsion.
-Please keep quiet.
The elevator won't work if I stay quiet.
Yes, but we could suffocate and die.
It's better if we talk about good things.
I will introduce myself,
you tell me your name,
where do I live, where do you live,
when will we meet next?
Why? Why will we meet again?
Whenever a boy and a girl meet,
there has to be a second meeting.
I have no interest in meeting you again.
It's not good
to take decisions in a hurry.
Will you keep quiet?!
I'm suffocating!
Please make the elevator work.
How do I make it work?
I am also stuck with you.
Oh, you.
There is only one way
to get rid of the suffocation,
tell me a joke.
You are mad.
-Is this a place to tell jokes?
-I will tell you one.
I don't want to hear it.
We will have to do something
to pass the time.
What happened is,
there is a very big city
in the USA, Chicago.
I know, I am not an illiterate.
So you are listening?
The same thing happened there,
the elevator got stuck.
What is strange in that?
There was a girl and a boy
in the elevator, like you and me.
Then what happened?
-The elevator was stuck for a whole year.
It's not possible.
Anything is possible in the world.
I am afraid that
if this elevator stays stuck,
the same thing will happen here,
as happened there.
-The girl must have died.
After one year,
when they came out.
They were not two,
there were three of them.
You idiot!
Thank you for your company.
Sapna. Child, no greeting?
-Sorry uncle.
-Are you alright?
Yes, Yes.
Nisha is there, right?
-Nisha is waiting for you.
Parveen, please give me
a glass of water.
Oh, Sapna!
I would have died had I stayed
in that elevator any longer.
Sometime back when the power went off,
you were in the elevator?
Unfortunately, yes.
-There was a guy there, too.
How romantic!
A guy and a girl,
elevator was shut down.
How was it?
-Did anything happen?
-Your mind works only one way.
My love,
you look flushed, with scattered hair,
your lipstick is ruined,
your heart is beating so fast.
-Something has happened.
-Shut up.
You just need an excuse.
-Ma'am, please.
-Oh, thanks.
he was a scoundrel,
do you know what he said?
Now that we are stuck,
you want to do something?
-Did you do anything?
-Stop it!
The market is in turmoil,
what will we do now, Gujral sir?
If the market is in turmoil,
how do I fit in?
That is the problem,
the rates have increased.
The rates have increased
that doesn't mean our deal is off!
I have already given you an advance.
But how can I give you goods
at the same price. This is the problem.
Turmoil! Turmoil! What rubbish are
you talking, you greedy person?!
You are greedy!
Don't you have any manners?
Get out of here. Get out!
I will break your legs if you
step foot in this office again.
Father, what is the need for
you to deal with such people?
You have such a temper.
I will always be scared of you.
I am sorry, sir, he takes money from us,
doesn't give us goods and he abuses us.
That's wrong, absolutely wrong.
He is my son,
don't worry about him.
Here, son, salaries.
Check them.
-You asked for 200,000 rupees.
Here count them,
now the total is 2.5 million rupees.
-Count them first, brother.
-You must've counted them anyway.
Never trust anybody when
it comes to money.
Not even your own father.
Mr. Mehra, it is important to trust
someone or the other in business.
Only if your goods aren't at risk.
Son, take the money and get
it deposited in the bank.
Hi, John.
I will send you
the papers day after tomorrow.
Please tell Mr. Lala,
I wished him well.
Catch him!
Catch him!
Catch him.
He is also with him.
Take them.
Don't let anyone leave.
Catch him also.
Take all of them.
-You okay?
My name is Vikram.
You can call me Vicky.
You don't know me,
but I am an amazing person.
Till today I was only
impressed with myself.
But today for the first time
I am impressed with someone else.
That means you.
My name is Arjun.
I am equally with you
as you are with yourself.
You really are an amazing person.
If I have the support
of a person like you
then let alone these two or three people,
we will be enough for the whole city.
Is that true?
Then, I am always with you.
Let's shake hands.
Hi, Ravi. Enjoying yourself?
-Have a bite.
-I hope it's not hot.
It won't be good if it's cold.
Welcome, buddy!
Welcome. Glad you made it.
Awesome style, man.
-The party is in full swing.
-Everything for you. All in your honor.
This is my sister Meena.
-Oh, hello.
Hi, Meena.
Come on. Come on.
This is my girlfriend, Nisha.
This is my friend, Arjun.
Oh, some people are spoken
about even in their absence.
While some people are being spoken
about after they leave.
Have you come alone?
No girlfriend?
Nisha, the thing is that
girls are allergic to me.
What about guys?
There are plenty of girls here.
If you want I can do
some pimping for you.
Friendship and love should be
on your own. Am I right, Vicky?
-Well said.
-What can I get you to drink?
Don't be such a bore.
I am really thirsty.
I will go get cold drinks.
Hi, beautiful.
May I have a dance with you?
-No, thanks.
-Come on, be a sport.
-Don't try to get fresh with me.
-Did you just land from the sky? Come on!
-Shut up.
-Come on, pussy cat.
Didn't you hear what the girl said?
Who are you? Her bodyguard?
-Your father.
-Arjun! Suresh!
Arjun. Suresh.
-Take it easy, cool it.
-Jack ass.
You don't know each other.
This is Suresh Padampati.
This is her bother Arjun Gujral.
He has been very benevolent.
Your father has done us many favors.
Meena you go from here, please.
-I don't know you.
-You will.
It was very important to meet you.
Come on, Arjun don't spoil your mood.
Come on.
Why was he threatening me?
Who is he?
You know those Padampati Bankers.
The one who committed suicide.
He is his son.
He is extremely impolite.
-Leave it, man.
-Vicky, hi.
Hi, welcome!
Welcome! Welcome!
This is Arjun and this is Sapna.
-It's good.
-It's good?
She is a girl.
I am talking about the recurring dream
of a person.
-Excuse me.
Whenever a boy and a girl meet,
there has to be a second meeting.
I have no interest
in meeting you again.
So, by chance the elevator
was stuck for a year.
Nonsense. Can a elevator
stay stuck for a year?
Anything is possible and I am afraid
that if this elevator stays stuck then,
the same thing will happen here,
as it happened there.
The girl must have died.
Oh no, after one year
the elevator worked and
when they came outside they weren't two,
but there were three of them.
Sir, are you venting your
anger on the fishes?
Should I take it out on you, scumbag?
My head is ready, sir.
I want Gujral's head,
not yours.
That scoundrel deceived us
in the name of friendship.
It was because of his statement that...
my father committed suicide.
I met his son today.
I remembered the entire story.
I will avenge my father's death.
I will force him to commit suicide, too.
-Morning, darling.
-Hi, sweetie pie.
You didn't sleep without me?
-You woke up so early?
-It's me.
You were thinking it's the girl.
Oh, it's you.
What's the problem if I think
about girls, my love?
My love?
Who are you talking to?
Is there another girl there?
There is no girl here.
-What are you doing?
-I am doing yoga.
-Legs upward and head down.
-Legs upward and head down?
Legs upward and head down?
Have you lost your mind?
I am inside the whirlpool.
Oh, you are in the bath tub and
showering without me?
Vicky, are you alright?
I'm just being a bit romantic.
Vicky, idiot, who are you
getting romantic with?
Who is the girl there?
Who else can be here
apart from you, Nisha?
You're my only backup.
Vicky, what is going on with you?
What is the fuss about this girl?
Hold on, I will speak to you in a while.
Who are you asking to wait?
Nisha darling, there is some
network problem, I will call you later.
I will call you back.
-Say now.
-What do I say now?
I called you to thank you
for the party. It was amazing.
You called such beautiful people.
If you stay with me,
you will have fun.
Come to the point.
Who was she? Sapna.
Say whatever man,
she is very scintillating.
Your choice is really good.
I met her, but I didn't ask for her
telephone number or address?
How will I meet her, now?
I will arrange for a second meeting.
I will make your life.
What is the program for the weekend?
Let's do one thing. Let's go for
a picnic over the weekend.
Picnic, man, picnic.
Me and picnic.
But if you are insisting,
I cannot refuse.
For you, I am ready to give my life.
We'll take Nisha and also your
scintillating Sapna.
You bloody fool. Idiot. Donkey.
I am going to kill you.
-You stupid, idiot.
-What's your problem lady? What happened?
Tell me, where is that girl?
-Where is that girl?
-Which girl?
Walk on the clouds and come
Hide beneath the rain and come
Walk on the clouds and come
Hide beneath the rain and come
Come out from my breath
Come into my arms
Walk on the clouds and come
Hide beneath the rain and come
Come out from my breath
Come into my arms
Walk on the clouds and come
Hide beneath the rain and come...
The green weather is gently
swaying on the branches
It's like silver is raining
from the heavy clouds...
The green weather is gently
swaying on the branches
It's like silver is raining
from the heavy clouds
In these wet winds
from the eyes come
to my heart carefully
Walk on the clouds and come
Hide beneath the rain and come...
I am your land, you are my sky
You are my desire, I am your love...
When I stretch, there is a sound
Take this loneliness into your arms
I am your land, you are my sky
You are my desire, I am your love
Like these playful winds
come to my lips like a song
Walk on the clouds and come
Hide beneath the rain and come...
These droplets have fallen
on your mirror like an arm
These eyes shy away like the night...
These eyes shy away like the night
These droplets have fallen
on your mirror like arm
Like the shadow of my thick hair
come like a drug
Walk on the clouds and come
Hide beneath the rain and come
Come out from my breath
Come into my arms
Walk on the clouds and come
Hide beneath the rain and come
Walk on the clouds and come
Hide beneath the rain and come
Walk on the clouds and come
Hide beneath the rain and come.
Telephone call for Ms. Meena Gujral.
-How do you do, Ms. Gujral?
-Don't block my way.
Suresh Padampati
doesn't block anyone's way,
but makes his own.
Sweetheart, I know youth is blind,
but not so blind
that a well-built six feet tall guy
is invisible.
Let me go!
I really don't
like this impoliteness, at all.
This is not impoliteness sweetheart,
this is helplessness.
On one hand,
is the heat from the steam.
On the other is the heat of youth.
Thirdly, your body's heat.
I hope we don't burn standing here.
If you ever tease my sister again
I will kill you.
Son of a bitch.
You've started a dangerous game.
I will end it now.
These rascals are getting very excited.
They are in a very romantic mood.
They seem very happy.
They won't stay happy for long.
Billo, be careful while doing this.
Don't worry.
In tasks like these,
Billo is extra careful.
One minute. One minute.
You might not have to be bothered
about this at all.
It seems like he messed
with someone else as well.
First come, first serve.
Get me a large whiskey.
Forget whiskey, the boss has refused
to let you have even water.
-How much do I owe?
-Only 3,500 rupees.
Take this.
-Consider all of it paid.
-Okay, sir.
Now get two whiskeys, black label.
Get out.
-Who are you?
-Suresh Padampati.
-The reason behind this obligation?
-Arjun Gujral.
Our enemy.
You missed your target...
but my eyes didn't miss anything.
You will prove very helpful.
What is your name?
My name is Ujagar Singh.
From now on, I will be ready
to give you my life.
I will take your life if needed.
We are loyal to friends.
Till the time these glasses
are on the table and...
we are sitting here.
Keep the whiskey coming.
-Okay, sir.
When two friends shake hands,
the enemy's life span reduces.
Gorgeous, grandpa.
Whose office is this?
This company's new managing director.
New managing director? But mother is
the managing director of this company.
I was.
But not anymore.
Then who is it?
Yes, you are the managing director
of this company from now on.
Do you trust me, Grandpa?
My decisions are never wrong, Vicky.
Daddy has been waiting for this day.
Show us how capable you are.
Anyone with grandpa's blessings
will be successful.
I wanted to hear this from you.
Thank you.
We want to give you something,
ask for anything.
Really, Grandpa?
You will give me whatever I ask for?
Ask for the most expensive thing.
Grandpa, I want a private jet.
No, not a plane!
-No, Vicky.
No private plane.
-Suman, I hope you understand.
Not a plane. No.
Son, this is not fun.
A hotel design should be such
that whoever sees it gets amazed.
Father, tell me what is in your mind?
Son, that is the problem.
How do I tell?
I am not educated like you.
But, if I see what I want then,
I can immediately tell you.
-Father, I cannot go inside your head.
-That's true.
There is one guy.
But I don't know if he
will agree or not.
-If we give him money why won't he agree?
-He is very moody that is why.
If he agrees, he will do it for free,
but if he doesn't then
you cannot convince him.
Tell me his name.
Ajit Bhardwaj.
People say you are a genius.
People are correct.
I have some work with you.
Will you work for me?
What can you give me
besides money?
twenty five years ago,
I refused to take a lot of money.
More than you can imagine.
Money breaks relationships.
I hate money.
Money has been my enemy
for a long time.
Cheers is said to friends,
you drink alcohol with friends,
can I consider you my friend?
Come on, give him a drink.
I'll have one more.
On the rocks.
A friend's enemy is not a friend.
Whom do you consider
as your enemy?
The one who will hamper
our friendship in future.
Who can hamper
our friendship, Vicky?
The same person
who shouldn't come between us.
Who is that person?
Ajit Bhardwaj.
Some people hate my name.
They are big personalities in this city.
Think before making any decision.
Ajit sir, I am a very small man,
but I make my own decisions.
In that case,
let's shake hands.
It seems like you don't want
to keep our friendship going.
It was hard to find just one friend.
How can I leave him?
Then why do you do
all these things to get me upset?
I said some things
about Ajit Bhardwaj, right?
Why do you hate
Ajit Bhardwaj so much?
Forget him. I feel sorry for you.
You are my friend, I don't want
you to face any kind of loss.
You've handed over such
a big project to a man who is a drunk.
Whether he drinks or not,
that is a personal matter.
That is his problem.
He has many other personal problems.
Do you know anything about them?
What was his wife's fault?
That she loved him?
A father's daughter,
a brother's sister
and a child's mother,
but he left her alone.
What was his son's fault?
That he never got a father's love.
What was his father-in-law's fault?
After his own son died he thought
of him as his son.
He wanted to give him all his wealth.
But because of his arrogance and
ego, he threw it all away.
Today he blames everyone else.
He drowns himself
in alcohol, all day long.
How do you know all this?
That's because he is my father.
Here you go!
-I am sorry.
-Great, Arjun, can't you go in reverse?
-You bumped my car and you are laughing.
-My mind was somewhere else.
Don't drive when your mind is elsewhere.
Just look at this.
-I am sorry.
-Sorry won't fix my car.
I said sorry.
I am sorry.
Keep your eyes on the road
while driving from now on.
I am sorry, I lost my temper.
It was my fault, as well.
-I am sorry.
-It's okay.
It's okay, Vicky.
What does Arjun
think of himself nowadays?
He doesn't talk properly.
Why did you need
to say sorry to him?
No, Nisha,
it was my fault as well.
I was very upset.
I shouldn't have mixed
friendship and business.
It's not good to mix business
and friendship.
Vicky shouldn't have acted like that
over such a small thing.
Sometimes it happens, Sapna.
When a person is angry about something
it comes out differently.
I felt really bad, even if you didn't.
Then, tell me what do you like.
What I like?
Is there anything worth liking?
Don't ask me.
I like a lot of things.
-I am asking you.
-I will tell you later.
First you tell me.
If I tell you,
you will feel bad.
Tell me. We will see
what happens next.
I like loving you.
Then, who is stopping you?
You are so warm.
You are so soft.
You are very shameless.
Don't be shy.
Move. Please go.
I am feeling suffocated,
at least let me breathe.
I will not spare you today.
-I will kill you.
Arjun. Arjun.
Who was that?
Whenever a hero and a heroine
are together who comes in between?
Please take care of this.
You are right. He was a villain.
Oh my, how hurt is my hero?
I wish he would have
punched me some more.
I will make your life.
Who is stopping you?
Mr. Vohra,
shall we start the meeting?
Sir, please wait for some more time.
We are waiting for Gujral, sir.
I am sorry for arriving so late.
My name is Ajit Bhardwaj.
I represent Gujral Enterprises.
If I wanted to shake hands with you,
I would have done it 25 years ago.
Excuse me, gentlemen,
I will not be able to stay for long.
I apologize.
How dare Ajit stand in front of you?
Uncle they are plotting against you.
They hired Ajit to demean you.
Why are father and son
acting so smart?
For a small piece of land?
Uncle, there was a time when people
used to get scared of you.
Whenever you would
get into a business
your enemies would back off.
But today things are different.
People have started
going against you.
Uncle, when the tiger gets old
the vultures start coming closer to him.
You haven't heard this saying,
a tiger becomes a real tiger,
when he gets injured.
When you were nothing you would
roam around Yodhraj
and today when you have become
something you are showing off.
-Have you forgotten all the favors?
-He is not doing any favor.
In today's times,
if someone is not capable
he is kicked out immediately.
Father also has done
a lot for Mr. Yodhraj.
He has taken more than he gave.
He's giving even today.
He is willing to pay 100 times more
than you paid for that plot.
He is not doing us any favor.
That is the market rate.
If we sell off this land
we will get way more.
Son, Yodhraj has done a lot for me.
That is correct.
I will have to give him an answer.
This is the answer.
Sell off this property.
Selling it off is not as profitable,
as building a hotel.
This profit is not real.
You have five million rupees
in front of you, take it.
-Are you trying to lure us?
-Lure you?
Have you ever seen
five million rupees?
If you and your father start
counting in the morning,
you will not be done till the evening.
Now, we will show you.
How to count five million rupees
and in how much time?
You expect us to break?
A hotel is our dream.
We will never sell our dream.
Come, Mr. Gujral.
I was waiting for you.
King, may your status be high!
Why did you bother
to stand and greet me?
It's our duty to respect our guests.
Order me, King.
Business will go on, Mr. Gujral.
I want us to be cordial like
we have been since the old days.
I want the same thing, too.
But what to do?
Arjun is stubborn,
he wants to build a hotel.
Then why do you want
to break his heart?
You take a few steps,
I will take a few steps.
Vicky and Arjun have been
good friends for years.
It's difficult to promise
you the land, King.
Let's do this.
Your land and our money.
Let's build a hotel in partnership.
Hotel will be both yours and mine.
Whatever I have learnt is from you.
I will not be partners with
someone outside the family.
If this is your policy, too,
then fine.
You are bleeding, King!
Don't worry...
it will not go to waste.
Son, why didn't Uncle Mehra come?
Don't know.
I haven't seen him in a long time.
What is the matter?
-Mr. Gujral.
-Yes, that's me.
I am sorry, Mr. Gujral,
these are court orders.
You cannot build anything on this land.
-Who sent these orders?
-Mr. Yodhraj Bhalla.
Lala Yodhraj!
Let's go, son.
-What do you people want?
-You cannot give anything to anyone.
You have only learned to steal
from your family and friends.
I regret calling you King
and disrespecting the word.
Mind your tongue, Gujral.
We belong to that time when we would
respect things given to us.
I have seen you build everything,
Every time I was genuinely happy.
But you? You didn't let me do one thing
and sent me a court order.
You should complain to Mehra, Gujral.
Not to me.
Why are you venting
his anger on me?
-Should I not ask for my money?
-I never asked you for money.
-You took it from Mehra.
-Yes, I have.
-Did you write?
-Yes, I did.
Mehra needed money,
when he didn't get it from you,
he sold it off to me.
Now, I will take my money from you.
I am sorry,
but Mehra didn't need money.
You needed the land.
Mehra didn't sell it.
You bought it.
Take to me properly, boy.
Father, these are kings.
If they ask
for something and it's refused,
it is considered as an insult to them.
They asked us for land, but when we
didn't give it, they were insulted.
These people live in the sky,
if you don't dance on their fingers
then they will file a case against you,
sue you and send you to jail.
This is not a matter of land,
but of the heart.
We hired Ajit,
they got furious.
We didn't give them our property,
they got furious.
They want to buy us
and not our property, Father.
-God has given you everything, Vicky.
But he didn't give you sense.
You people have stooped so low.
You are no longer rich
since you had to pay off your debts.
Not market debt,
but the greed's debt.
Shut up.
Why? The truth hurt you so badly?
You got so hurt.
If you utter one more word,
I will break your face, Arjun.
Vicky you people are
so well established,
but you don't have a big heart.
Over such a petty issue,
you people created such a big fight.
If you feel this is war then,
war it is.
We don't step back from wars.
But it should be with a man.
-Arjun, you are reaching your limits.
-I know your status really well.
You are even ashamed
to acknowledge your father.
My eyes are your eyes
My eyes are your eyes
You can make them cry,
anytime you want
My heart is your property
My heart is your property
You can hide all your pains here
My eyes are your eyes
If you are quiet,
then all my happiness is gone
Why are you so lost?
If you are quiet then,
all my happiness is gone
Why are you so lost?
Please smile with my lips
My eyes are your eyes
So what if the path is dark
You have me with you, always
So what if the path is dark
You have me with you, always
I am a candle, please light me up
My eyes are your eyes.
-Are you sleeping?
-No, I am up.
-You are coming today, right?
-What time?
-At eleven.
Okay. Bye.
Everyone used to meet,
sit together,
eat and drink,
it was so much fun.
Vicky and Arjun
had a fight for no reason.
Arjun exaggerated it.
He shouldn't have insulted grandpa.
Don't defend your boyfriend.
Even Vicky was at fault.
If Arjun misbehaves with grandpa,
won't Vicky get angry?
Not like Vicky was a loyal friend.
The hotel land was being dedicated
when he sent a court order.
Should he have had sent
a financial instrument
and donated the land?
You should be ashamed of yourself.
Your father conspired with
Mr. Lala and sold the papers to him.
Don't you talk about my father.
Why not? He is the main reason
behind all this.
-Shut up!
-You shut up!
Sapna, if you say one more
word about my father,
-I will not see your face again.
-Who wants to look at your face?!
-Go to hell! I care a damn!
-You go to hell.
-Hello, Gujral, sir.
-Come, Khatri. What is the matter?
I am sorry, I have bad news.
What happened?
Lala Yodhraj's advocate
has sent this notice.
If his client's money is not
given back in three months
then he will get orders
for the auction of our property.
I knew one day
Lala Yodhraj would do all this.
Wasn't it enough that
you made the construction stop?
Now you have sent an auction notice.
If you don't give us
our money then what will we do?
It's not about the money,
you want to strip me
off my dignity, in the society.
One who doesn't pay his debts
is called naked in society.
You steal from us and
expect us to give you clothes?
That will never happen.
There is an old saying, Mr. Lala.
A cat turns into
a tiger when it's threatened.
Stay within your limits, Gujral.
If you are going to insult me
then there won't be
any respect left for you, as well.
Thousands of your
business deals are done through me.
How many bones are stuck
in the tower of your success,
how many people's
corpses are buried, I know!
I know how you built that hotel in Goa.
The old lady you bought
that land from died begging you.
How many fraud papers were passed,
which government
officials were involved and
who all you bribed?
I have a record of that, I know it all.
If my house is made of glass,
then so is yours.
If you throw stones,
the pieces will reach your house, too.
Shut up! Shut up!
Lala, I know your entire family.
Your father used
to be called as a corrupt collector.
He used to pick up
money stuck in muck with his teeth.
Not just your father.
I know about your
grandfather and great grandfather, too.
They were greedy and opportunists.
You think you've become so big
that everything is insignificant for you.
I am not as useless
as you think I am, Lala.
Son of a bitch,
I will kill you.
You have become so big.
Have you forgotten that
your father was a clerk in my office.
He used to beg me
to help you become something.
I made you a commission agent
from a clerk.
When you started your business,
I put my money in it.
When you started a family,
I gave you money.
I handled all your wedding expenses.
You have become so big,
eating my leftovers.
You want to take out my eyes?
You want to throw stones
at my house made of glass?
It requires a man made
of steel to mess with Lala Yodhraj.
You have abused me, insulted me.
I will destroy you so badly
that you will not even
have money for your coffin.
You are a dog,
a scoundrel and a disgrace.
You are treacherous and ungrateful.
Get out of here!
You haven't seen my anger.
I will show you who I really am.
I will show you who is
Lala Yodhraj. Gujral get out!
Arjun! Son, a war has begun.
Yodhraj has gone mad.
He is saying he will
deprive me of every penny.
If I beg, I will not get charity.
I will not get money for my coffin.
Nothing like this
is going to happen, father.
Success has made him so arrogant.
He thinks he is God.
He thinks the entire world
takes orders from him.
If I want I can destroy
him right now but no.
I belong to a noble family,
I can't do wrong to somebody.
But, Arjun, we will have to pay his debt,
right away.
Right away? How, father?
I mean right now.
Rani, sell off all
the jewelry except for Meena's.
Think of it as
if they were made for this day.
Son, you go to the factory
and start double shifts.
Sell off all the goods.
We will take loan from banks.
I will go to Hyderabad with you.
The grapes are ready to be sold.
I will sell them for whatever I can get.
I will throw
Yodhraj's money on his face.
Father, will all this be enough?
Son, we make our own destiny.
God always supports
those who have a clean heart.
Down with Gujral sir!
Down with Gujral!
Down with Gujral!
Down with Gujral!
Down with Gujral!
Here take your gift.
Now you are going the right way.
Keep working like this...
one day we both will take our revenge.
Who is there?
Can't you see I'm busy?
People must be coming here,
but she is not that kind of a girl.
-Who are you talking to?
-With the water and flowers.
-But what?
-They are talking about you.
About me? What?
Shall I tell?
What happened? Got scared?
-Why do you talk if you get so scared?
-Now tell me.
They are saying
people come here with girls,
but you have come with such
a beautiful girl. Carry on. Have fun.
You stupid, idiot. Bloody fool.
Thank you, I'll carry on
This is the story of love
in every life and every birth
This land, this sky
I will change the world,
on your command
This is the story of love
in every life and every birth...
New colors will be added to our dreams
The songs will be same,
but the lips will be different
New colors will be added to our dreams
The songs will be the same,
but the lips will be different
Till the time we live,
we live like this
Breaking all the boundaries
This is the story of love
in every life and every birth
This land and sky
I will change the world,
on your command
This is the story of love
in every life and every birth
This is the story of love
in every life and every birth.
I have faced
the biggest of storms in life.
But this time I feel weak.
Rani, I need your help.
My life is ready.
But I'm getting cold feet.
I wish you could
understand a woman's heart.
-You are a man.
-Is being a man a crime?
Now, you tell me
how do I tell Arjun?
What is it?
You were talking about me?
Why are you so quiet?
Are you worried, father?
Mother, you tell me.
Have I made a mistake?
I am your son.
I am your partner
in happiness or sadness.
Please give me all your pain.
This will be my life's biggest happiness.
Who is Rita?
Rita is your mother, son.
Rita used to work in my office.
When she got married and to whom,
I never found out.
One day, she told me
that she has a child.
She couldn't give the child
the father's name.
She told me that
she wanted me to adopt the child.
So, I made you a part of my soul.
After that no one knew
where she went.
After many years,
from Darjeeling's convent,
I got a telegram.
My son. Arjun.
Arjun. Arjun.
My son. Arjun.
God bless you, son.
God bless you, son.
May God bless her soul.
She was a good soul, my son.
My mother was only alive to see me.
That one moment
is enough for my whole life.
My son...
this belonged to your mother.
You take this as her blessing.
This means,
Lala Yodhraj is your grandfather.
I am sorry, son.
I was making people
of the same blood fight with each other.
I have decided that
I will fight this on my own.
Your fight is my fight, father.
I am your son.
No, son.
Family is family.
Don't make enemies
among your own family.
What kind of fight?
What kind of relationships
are those that make a man weak.
Whoever you consider your own,
is family, father.
My mother named
me Arjun for this day, I think.
That when I step into the battlefield
then I shouldn't forget
who is family and who is not.
Only remember what is the truth,
justice and my right.
This is Arjun's religion.
Now this is my duty.
Don't you know how to drive?
Sir, there is a man standing
in the middle of the road.
What is it?
Have you gone mad?
Yes, I have gone mad.
Driver, drive the car.
You called for me, Uncle.
Gujral has started using
cheap techniques.
He has let his dog after me.
I think he is not able to digest it.
Give me orders.
What do you want me to do?
I want to make Gujral so helpless
that everything in his house
is auctioned.
Friends, after this, the auction
will begin for the household things.
This dining table is for 50,000 rupees.
Name your price!
-Eight thousand.
-Ten thousand.
-Twelve thousand.
-Sixteen thousand.
Sixteen thousand rupees, one!
Sixteen thousand rupees, two!
Sixteen thousand rupees, three!
Now, this sofa set.
This precious sofa set.
Name your price!
-Six thousand.
-Seven thousand.
-Fourteen thousand.
-Eighteen thousand.
Eighteen thousand rupees, one!
Eighteen thousand rupees, two!
Eighteen thousand rupees, three!
Everything has been auctioned.
but the debt amount is still
not covered.
Now, we will auction Mr. Gujral.
No. I will not let this happen.
What happened to you?
Who is auctioning what?
-What happened, mother?
-Your father had a nightmare.
He's very lost, nowadays.
God knows what has
happened to him.
I know what has happened to him.
You are worried about the debt right?
Humans were against us,
now it seems like
God is against us, too.
If the good days didn't last,
bad days won't last either.
I know, son.
I have faced times like these,
many times.
I never got scared.
Then what happened today?
In those days, I was young.
I could fight.
Today, I am young,
I can fight.
You were alone then,
today we are both together.
We both can face
the biggest of problems, father.
Till the time I am alive,
nothing will happen to you.
You will live a thousand years, son.
You are my right hand.
I will not be afraid of anything, now.
Is everything all right, Doctor?
What happened to him?
Mr. Lala's health is deteriorating again.
Blood pressure has increased.
It seems like he is
worried about something.
He will need to rest for a few days.
I'll leave and come
tomorrow for a check-up.
Thank you, Doctor.
Come. Vicky, son. Come.
What is it, Grandpa?
What are you feeling?
I felt strangely suffocated
that is why I called the doctor.
I've been noticing that
you're quite tense, grandpa.
What's bothering you?
Nothing of importance, son.
Even if it's not important,
there is something.
Please tell me.
Who will you share it with,
if not me?
You are right, son.
If I don't share it with you
then who else can I share with?
Son, this...
Gujral's son's impoliteness
is bothering me a lot.
My health doesn't allow
me to tolerate all this.
Don't worry,
everything will be fine.
I have come here
to tell you my story today.
A story that has
nothing to do with you.
But listen to it anyway.
I was very small.
So small that I don't even remember.
My father had left me and gone.
-He never tried to tell me the reason and
I didn't bother to ask.
You know why?
That's because my responsibility
was taken by my grandpa
on his old, but strong shoulders.
He never let me feel
any pain or remorse.
Whatever I am today,
it's because of him.
If anyone tries to hurt him,
I will kill that person,
I came here just to say that.
I also want to tell you something.
The man who did all this for you,
the reason you are here
to threaten me.
He is your own grandpa,
your own blood.
But the man who did all this for me,
he is not related to me.
Nor am I related to him.
If something happens to him then,
I will not let you live.
I will kill you.
Then, on that note
let's shake hands for the last time.
I will not ask you
where you are going.
The madness in your head
and the revenge in your eyes
is very clear that you are
going to kill Lala Yodhraj.
The result?
The result is exactly
what Yodhraj wants.
You get a lifetime in prison
and Gujral's family will be ruined.
Take this fire out of your heart
and burn their house with it.
For that you don't need a heart,
you need brains.
Mr. Lala, this is Arjun.
I have good news for you.
Your old friend Gujral
has committed suicide.
But this is your last good news.
After today,
you will only get bad news.
I will be the one conveying it.
I swear on this fire, father.
Your hotel's dream,
will be fulfilled for sure.
The way you always walked
with your head held high,
that head will never bow down.
I will pay every penny
of your debt.
Belief is your strength,
struggle is your devotion
Belief is your strength,
struggle is your devotion
Your deeds
are your victory
Ever since the world was made,
the Gita has been saying
Ever since the world was made,
the Gita has been saying
Your deeds
are your victory,
are your victory
Victory, victory,
your victory
It's your victory.
Grandpa, from tomorrow
I will have this posted
on every wall of this city.
I assure you, we will win.
This is the first installment
of your loan.
In this world,
a son has avenged his father's death.
But till now no son would have
given the price for his father's blood.
-But I am giving it.
-What are you talking about?
I am not talking rubbish,
I am telling you the truth.
You put so much pressure
on my father over a petty loan
that he committed suicide.
He didn't commit suicide.
He was murdered and you are his murderer.
Shut up! Do you know
who you are talking to?
Ill shut your mouth forever,
if you say one more word.
What else do you people even know?
Remember one thing,
I will suffocate you so much
that you won't be able to breathe.
Get out of here.
Get out of here!
Absolutely sure.
What is this, grandpa?
-Yes, sir.
-Who's put up these posters?
-Don't know, sir.
-You don't know?
Are you working with your eyes shut?
Take them down.
Okay, sir.
Is my name written on them?
Why are you yelling?
People will get suspicious.
Let's go.
-Have you put up the posters?
-What happened?
-They were really angry.
They will be really angry when...
I build my hotel.
Magic can be a novel method
of occupational therapy.
-By extending its..
-Good morning.
Morning, morning.
-Come, sit. Will you have breakfast?
-No, I already had breakfast.
Come on, have something.
Have a papaya, it's delicious. Ram.
-Why you are here so early?
-I have come to meet my uncle.
Really and I was
getting happy for no reason.
-Is there anything important?
-Uncle, I am going to organize a show.
I want you to be the chief guest.
Me? You should have
chosen a film star for that.
You're no less than a film star.
You are going
to take part in the elections,
the more exposure the better.
Yes, that is true.
When is the show?
Next Sunday, please.
Was it your show
or a commercial for murder?
You called me to see this?
Is this the exposure and the show
you came to invite us for?
I swear, Vicky,
I really don't know who did this.
Who was that girl?
Who was that bitch, ask her!
I tried looking for her everywhere.
She disappeared.
I don't know anything.
Shit. I know who did this.
I know who was behind this.
I swear, by God. Damn it!
I will not let him live.
You will not do anything.
Don't forget, Vicky,
that we also live in glass houses.
We are in the news,
our every move is monitored.
That's why whatever
we do now will go against us.
No, Grandpa.
You will not do anything, Vicky.
You have my oath, please.
-Is the fashion show work, done?
Now, Yodhraj is participating
in the elections.
Let's go.
I'll tell you what to do.
Today, politics has become a business.
The sacrifices by
our ancestors are only stories.
Their pictures,
a means of decorating shops.
Asking for votes and making
promises in an environment like this,
only seems to be a joke and a story.
Even then, I will try.
Hello. I will still try.
Who is the killer of Gujral?
Who is the killer of Gujral?
Who is the killer of Gujral?
Who is the killer of Gujral?
What is it?
-Where is Arjun?
-He is not here.
You tell that bastard
if I see him, I'll kill him.
Tell him.
Who is the killer of Gujral?
Who is the killer of Gujral?
Who is the killer of Gujral?
Who is the killer of Gujral?
Shut up, you bastard!
What happened, Daddy?
What happened? You're okay?
Nothing. Everything is fine.
You go to sleep.
I am fine.
Hi Mr. Sharma,
where are you speaking from?
Ward number nine.
What is the position there?
17,000 votes!
Grandpa, we are winning
by 17,000 votes.
What did you say?
In this ward,
our position is very strong.
Hello, Brother Kishore,
listen to me.
Count again.
You never know.
Currently, we are winning.
Ward number 20's
counting has started.
But till now nobody
has reported anything.
Grandpa, we are winning
from all sides.
If nothing goes wrong then,
we will win.
We are behind.
How is this possible?
Mr. Lala, this is Arjun.
Didn't I tell you that one day,
you will only hear bad news?
You have lost the elections.
So badly, that your election money
has been confiscated.
Wait for the second bad news.
You will get it soon.
Hello, an important update
on the elections.
The counting has been done
in the southern region of all the wards.
Based on those votes,
the results have been declared.
The result is as follows.
Mr. Yodhraj Bhalla
has lost to his competitor,
Mr. R.R. Rochikar
by 57,703 votes.
He lost!
The thieves are astounding
The thieves are astounding
The days are bad,
it's difficult to escape from them
The days are bad,
it's difficult to escape from them
Keep your money safe,
they are astounding
Keep your money safe,
they are astounding
Where will you go with that waist?
Where will you go with that waist?
You are 16 or 17,
you're like a bee in an ocean
You are 16 or 17,
you're like a bee in an ocean
The days are bad,
it's difficult to escape from them
The days are bad,
it's difficult to escape from them
Keep your money safe,
they are astounding
Keep your money safe,
they are astounding
The thieves are astounding
The lamps will burn in the sun
if you walk around this way
The lamps will burn in the sun
if you walk around this way
The headman will rub his hands
everyday under the tree
The headman will rub his hands
everyday under the tree
The days are bad,
it's difficult to escape from them
The days are bad,
it's difficult to escape from them
Keep your money safe,
they are astounding
Keep your money safe,
they are astounding
The thieves are astounding
The thieves are astounding
Hey, the thieves are astounding!
Let's go!
Don't leave them!
Let's go!
Beat these bastards!
Beat everyone!
Don't leave anyone!
Hit them. They've come to
steal our daily meal.
Wear bangles!
You think you are so smart.
You can't do even this much, idiots!
Come with me.
I'll avenge grandpa's loss.
Get the car.
Hit him.
Didn't I tell you, Arjun?
I love my grandpa.
I also told you,
you will meet me again.
Let's go from here!
Ajay, you?
-Is everything okay?
-No, it's not.
Arjun was beaten up very badly,
I am calling from National hospital.
-Is Vicky home?
What has Vicky to do with any of this?
If he had nothing to do with this,
why would I wake you up
in the middle of the night?
Vicky is not home.
Arjun, the inspector is here
to take your statement.
Inspector, please.
-Are you all right?
So, how did all this happen?
Who were those people
and why did they attack you?
-I don't know all that.
-Don't be silly, Arjun!
This is not the time
to protect anyone.
Tell the truth.
Who were those people
who wanted to kill you?
I couldn't recognize anyone,
it was very dark.
It wasn't dark there,
it's dark here.
You have lost your mind.
I know the people
who have forced you to stay quiet.
-This is not good, Arjun.
-Take it easy, Mr. Bhardwaj.
So, Arjun Gujral,
do you remember the car number?
I am sorry, I couldn't see anything.
It's all right, there is a lot of time.
You might remember something.
Okay, Mr. Bhardwaj.
I'll leave now.
This is not good, Arjun.
I called the police and you
told them that you didn't see anybody.
You didn't see those people
who wanted to murder you!
You know very well who they were,
but you want to protect
them only because he is my son and
I am ashamed to call him my son.
Today everything
would have finished.
But Ajit came at the right time.
He is the problem behind all this.
I don't know what to do.
Why have you come to me
over such a petty issue?
You can take some decisions
on your own.
Suman, 25 years ago, I swore that
I will not step foot in this house.
Today, I am breaking
my oath because of Vicky.
I never wanted that Vicky should
become like Yodhraj, but he has.
Even he walks around with
the law in his pocket.
Just like Yodhraj,
he thinks life is a game of chess
and people are like pawns.
Remember one thing, Suman.
In this game
of bloodshed the one who loses, loses.
-But the one who wins also loses.
-Stop this lecture!
-Nobody needs it here.
-The lecture is needed!
It's my responsibility to protect you
from being destroyed because you
you are my son and I am your father.
Listen to one thing
very carefully, Mr. Ajit Bhardwaj.
Neither am I your son
nor you are my father.
You should've slapped him
a long time ago.
You took really long.
This situation would never
have happened.
Today Arjun is in the hospital.
You never know Vicky
could be there tomorrow.
Remember one thing,
regardless of how Vicky is,
he is my son. He is a symbol of our love.
If something happens to him,
I will never forgive you.
I will never forgive you.
Vicky, you scumbag!
Son of a bitch!
Vicky! Vicky.
A snake's child is a snake.
Your picture is imprinted in my head.
Now you wait and watch.
What has happened to you?
Have you gone mad?
What if something happens to you?
I don't know, mother.
That scoundrel Suresh shot at him.
I think he got hurt, too.
I lost my mind and then,
I don't know why I pounced on him.
I don't know.
How did this happen and why?
That too, for that man.
Son, when your family is attacked
then you are bound to get furious.
Had I known that my bruises
will bring you back then...
I would have hurt myself,
a long time ago.
So from these pictures,
you made up for the absence of your son.
These are not just pictures,
this is my life.
The way you needed a son
the same way didn't your son need you?
All this is not love,
but selfishness.
Not selfishness, but self respect.
Your ego is bigger than
your son's happiness?
Some people live off wealth.
Some live off fame
and some live off love.
But I had nothing
except my self-respect.
Didn't you look on the other side
of your ego?
There was another
world outside the walls of your ego.
Your only son was there,
who needed your support.
How is he growing up,
didn't you ever want to find out?
He needed something else
apart from clothes and food.
That was his father's love.
There was another wall
in front of your father's love,
maybe you never saw it.
That is the wall of hatred.
Lala Yodhraj's hatred.
Was that wall stronger than our love?
Don't you think that
I fought against that wall.
That wall never broke,
instead it left me broken from inside.
So, was your responsibility over?
You lost, I was deprived
of my father's love.
My identity,
my personality was left incomplete.
Who will make up for this loss?
Time. Vicky,
time heals all wounds.
Whatever happened, good or bad.
Leave it to time.
What nonsense are you spewing?!
Yodhraj Enterprise's accounts
do not have the money
to pay its employees?
Have you lost your mind?
Do you know what you are saying?
Sir, the cashier just got back
from the bank, empty handed.
The 900,000-rupee check
for salaries also didn't clear.
Who are these people?
These people supply goods to our factory.
Even their checks have bounced.
No, never.
Sir, the bank has refused
to open our line of credit.
The checks of the government contract
deposit money have also been declined.
The bank didn't cash the 600,000-rupee
check for the land leaves.
What? What is happening?
Mr. Dubey, call the bank immediately.
Hello, Mr. Shetty.
This is Yodhraj speaking.
How are all our checks
getting declined?
How much cash
do we have in the account?
Just a minute, sir.
Yes, it's 1,200 rupees.
It's impossible.
Just two days back, we had
more than 5,600,000 in the account.
You are right, sir.
The check for 5,600,000
was cashed just yesterday.
That's wrong!
I never signed any check.
This is forgery.
I will get you all imprisoned.
You check again,
if that signature is mine.
We've been cheated.
Mr. Dubey, you somehow
arrange for the staff's salary.
-But, sir.
-No buts.
Sell off a factory
or mortgage a hotel.
But the payments have
to be made by evening.
Okay, sir.
Sir, it's your signature on the check.
What? I am coming there right, now.
The check is from an old check book,
but the signature is yours
and the date is yesterday.
Old check book?
This is my check, when I sign on it,
it will be worth a lot.
When it is left blank,
you cannot even imagine its value.
I am sorry, Mr. Shetty.
This signature is mine.
This check was issued by me.
After 25 years, you finally
cashed the check.
5,600,000 is nothing.
The whole world's wealth cannot make up
for your humiliation, mother.
I just want to see them suffer.
Give me your blessings, mother.
I want to pay all your debts.
-This is Arjun speaking, Mr. Yodhraj.
Today the market
is on fire because of your news.
I heard you do not even
have enough money to pay your staff.
-Don't get angry, Mr. Lala.
Only money matters
can give you the biggest shock.
You consider life
and death a very petty matter.
But I do not like to kill my enemy,
-I enjoy keeping them alive.
-Shut up.
Tell me how much money you need.
Shall I send?
-Two or three or five million?
-Just shut up.
Alcohol is not the solution
to your problems.
I also made the
same mistake 25 years ago.
People would've known you
by the name,
Vikram Bhardwaj and not Vicky.
But who will give me my identity?
Only you.
Only you, my son.
I am responsible for your condition.
I got carried away by emotions.
Everyone gets carried away
by emotions, Suman.
You got carried away by a man
who thinks people are pawns
and nothing else.
You, me, Rita, Shashi, Vicky,
were all pawns for him.
My brother's death clouded my mind.
When I saw my father alone
and unassisted,
the daughter inside me, awoke.
I couldn't be a good wife and mother.
But, Vicky.
You have to be a good son.
Who should I ask
for those days and nights of my life
that I spent being someone's support.
A man rises from his own ashes.
Vicky, there's a battle
in everyone's lives.
But it's every mother's wish
that her son turns out to be like Arjun.
Vicky, why are you sitting in the dark?
I've been living in this darkness
for the last 25 years, Grandpa.
I held your finger
and you began to walk.
Still today,
I am doing the same.
I don't have any complaints from you.
This darkness was the destination
to my blind love.
It seems like you've had
quite a lot to drink.
Yeah, man.
I've had quite a lot.
So much that I am not afraid
to say the truth,
hear the truth and know the truth.
The truth is that you've lied.
Me? I support you.
I am just another soldier,
like Dronacharya, in your troop...
whose fight is meaningless.
Either I will
keep fighting or I'll lose.
The truth always wins, Grandpa.
Enough now, Vicky.
Stop drinking.
If I stop drinking,
I will be sober, Grandpa.
Then the lies will seem
to be the truth, like always.
I am your shadow.
Your love is my love.
Your hatred is my hatred.
I have lost myself.
I have lost my identity.
I even lost my father.
Just because of your selfishness
you kept me blind
and deprived me of my father's love.
Till today, only one person
used to live in your body and mine,
Lala Yodhraj Bhalla.
But now Lala Yodhraj Bhalla
will have to leave this house.
This house is mine.
I want to come to this house.
I have come to this house!
After today, I am my father,
Ajit Bhardwaj's son,
Vikram Bhardwaj.
Vikram Bhardwaj.
I am all alone, Shashi.
You left and...
never came back even in my dreams.
Suman has also left.
Today, even he left who
I considered as my entire future.
Yes, son.
Vicky also left.
I am hurt and tired.
-Mr. Lala, this is Arjun speaking.
I just got the news
that your daughter and grandson Vicky...
both have left you.
I thought, why not speak
to you and pacify you.
The house must be feeling
like a cemetery now that you're alone.
Wait for one more bad
piece of news, Mr. Lala.
I will come to tell you, personally.
-Suresh here.
I told you that...
a tiger becomes a real tiger
once it's injured.
Today, Arjun has injured me.
I can
only be at peace when he dies.
I am ready to give anything for that.
You do not have to pay anything, Uncle.
Your work will be done.
Arjun's hotel is opening today.
I will give you
the good news today. Bye.
I was coming to meet you, Arjun.
I wanted to say
that we couldn't stay friends for long.
But if we don't stay as enemies...
it would be great.
What do you say?
You have taken a weight
off my chest.
Shashi, my son.
Am I dreaming?
Yes, it was a dream that got disturbed.
-You have destroyed so many dreams.
How dare you come here?
What have you come here for?
You still can't think beyond
giving and taking, Mr. Yodhraj.
Today, I have come to give something.
I have come to give you
a woman's belonging.
-Which woman?
-The same woman whom you tried to bribe.
Whose love you never considered.
The value was not more
than a blank check.
You learned how to sign checks
by keeping millions of rupees
in your account.
But you never learnt
to appreciate anyone.
Do you remember this coat?
Or maybe this pen?
You will remember something
by this copy of the blank check.
-Blank check? Which blank check?
-The same blank check
which lay under a woman's pillow
for 25 years.
When it reached your bank account
your world came crashing down.
How did you get all these things?
Who are you?
This is what I have come to ask you!
Who am I?
I don't know all this,
but please give this coat and pen back.
My son's memories are attached to this.
No, not like this.
There will be a trade.
Here is your check
which I took out from your account.
In return you will
give me back my father and mother.
But I don't know who your parents are.
You know.
You know everything.
You gave this pen and coat to my father,
Shashi Raj Bhalla.
You gave this check
to my mother, Rita.
I am your grandson, Mr. Yodhraj.
You are Shashi's son?
My son Shashi?
The same blood runs
in your body as ours, son.
Arjun, I am Shashi's father.
You are my grandson.
-My future, my son.
-Stay away.
Stay away from me.
We're only related by pain
and sadness.
We're not related by love.
I refuse to call you my grandfather,
you are nobody to me.
A man's defeat
doesn't hurt him as much...
as his enemy's victory.
It's the opening of my hotel.
Here is an invitation card.
Please do come.
I will be very pleased
to see you in pain.
It is time to honor your promise.
Don't worry.
I have arranged everything.
What is the plan?
Do you see these bombs?
They are all connected to this blue wire.
If one goes off then all will go off.
Is there any chance of a mistake?
Only in one situation.
If someone cuts this yellow wire or
it gets disconnected then,
none of the bombs will blow off.
What if someone cuts the wire?
-Then I will kill that person.
What time should I set on them?
The opening of the hotel
will start at 12 am.
If that time is lucky for him
then, it will be luckier for us.
If the hotel opening
and closing happens at one time
then, nothing like it.
That's what will happen, Suresh.
Don't worry.
Billo, all set?
Show me an example.
Your deeds
are your victory
are your victory
Your deeds
are your victory
are your victory
Time will always test you
This is the norm of the world
Time will always test you
This is the norm of the world
Your deeds
are your victory
are your victory
Every journey is blind
Every breath is strange
In search of himself
every man is lost
Every journey is blind
Every breath is strange
In search of himself
every man is lost
Everything is a lie
Our relationships
This is how life toys with us
Your deeds
are your victory
are your victory
Time will always test you
this is the norm of the world
Your deeds
are your victory
are your victory
The land is made of stones
The sky is far away
Even then, this life
is to be lived by everybody
This land is made of stones
The sky is far away
Even then, this life
is to be lived by everyone
What is written in your destiny
who can read beforehand?
Who knows what is in your destiny
Your deeds
are your victory
are your victory
Time will always test you
this is the norm of the world
Time will always test you
this is the norm of the world...
Vicky. Vicky.
-Someone has put a bomb in the hotel.
There's a bomb in the hotel!
Everybody out, now!
Go down! Hurry up!
Come on! Move! Move! Move!
-Grandpa. Grandpa.
-What is happening here?
Grandpa, someone has planted
a bomb in the hotel.
That's not possible, Vicky.
This cannot be happening.
-Where is Arjun?
-You please leave.
-I am not going anywhere.
It took me 25 years
to get to this point.
-What are you saying?
-I want to be a part of Arjun's happiness.
I cannot leave here.
He is my blood.
He is Shashi's son.
He is your first cousin, Vicky.
-Vicky, nobody is there.
-Arjun. Son.
I know now that you are my cousin.
Come and hug me, my cousin.
You all please leave from here.
Don't put your lives in danger.
You also come with us, son.
I will give you
a thousand hotels like these.
I cannot go anywhere from here.
I need to pay my mother's debt.
Fulfill Gujral's dream.
I have to pay my debts.
It's my time.
Now, my life and death
is with this hotel.
If this is what it is then,
you are not alone.
We all are here for you.
But where are those criminals?
It doesn't matter even
if they find out.
They are surrounded by death.
It's only 11:30,
at 12 sharp,
this place will all turn into ashes.
Let's go. We will enjoy the view
of their destruction from Juhu Beach.
The bomb will go off
in only a few minutes.
Stop these scumbags!
-Tell me where the bomb is.
-I will not tell you.
Tell me!
Tell me where the bombs are!
Tell me where the bombs are!
You won't tell?
Tell me where the bombs are!
Where is the bomb?
That day your son saved you.
Who will save you today?
Where have you come from?!
Leave me.
Tell me, you scoundrel.
Where is the bomb? Tell me!
Help! Help!
Leave me.
Stop it. Help!
Tell me!
Move back.
Are you okay, Grandfather?
Don't worry about me.
Go find the bomb. Go!
-Tell me.
-I won't tell.
Where is the bomb?
Push this scumbag down.
Throw him!
Move! Move! Move!
Old fellow. Why are you
saving him old man?
You catch him.
Tell me where the bomb is!
Tell me!
Boiler. In the boiler room.
Tell me.
Tell me where the bomb is.
Tell me!
Tell me or I will kill you!
Vicky, wait!
The bomb can go off anytime!
Don't touch it!
This hotel is made from my blood,
not money.
Tell me the truth!
-Which color wire should I cut?
-Suresh, don't tell him!
We will kill these bastards
and get killed!
Tell me!
Tell me!
Tell me or I will kill you!
One who is about to die doesn't lie.
Cut the blue wire.
The bomb will not explode.
No Arjun, what if Suresh is lying?
Wait! Cut the yellow wire.
You know, I learned today...
that a man is known
for his deeds and not his blood.
You two, please forgive me.
Forgive me.
Hey, scoundrel.
-Forgive me, grandpa.
-Vicky, I am proud of you, my son.
Sister-in-law, please
forget whatever has happened.
Young man, all the best.
Your deeds
are your victory
Ever since the world was made,
the Gita has been saying
Ever since the world was made,
the Gita has been saying
Your deeds
are your victory
Victory, victory, your victory
Your victory.