Vijay Superum Pournamiyum (2019) Movie Script

Oh Lord Krishna!
I just hope the mother and daughter
come out of this safe & healthy.
I'd be relieved if this damn
Pooradam (star sign) gets over
and Uthradam (star sign) starts.
It will be Uthradam. No
doubt about it. Confirmed!
It will be a boy, right?
'Pregnant with the mischievous Krishna,
the cloud-coloured one, in her womb'
Didn't I tell you as soon as
she became pregnant, Venugopalan?
It's definitely a
boy. No doubt about it.
Venugopalan Menon?
Here he comes!
It's a girl!
Sister, did you check properly?
To check so much, it's not
the result of the SSLC exams!
It's a human child,
right? Here you go!
That isn't how it's supposed to be!
'Blossomed with the
beauty of three colours,
Pournami (full moon) of the auspicious
month of Chingam, goes the saying.
So... Hereafter, let
her be known as Pournami.
Pournami born with
star sign of Pooradam!
What's the relation
between Pooradam & Pournami?
No relation!
Isn't this how certain
relations happen?
Just hold her, please.
Pooradam means blessing, right?
Oh Lord Krishna!
Lord Guruvayurappa!
'Years back, on an
ordinary Monday...
completely opposite to
predictions and a long wait,
a girl child was born to
Venugopalan and Radhamani.
'But, in another hospital
in the same city...'
(singing the Yesudas
classic Jab Deep Jale Aana)
30 marks out of 50
is not enough, Vijay.
It shows your low confidence level!
Come here!
Vijay, you have
great self-confidence!
You just need to dig
deep and get it out!
Or else, you won't be able
to study in a good college.
You won't be able to roam
around with good girlfriends!
Who is your superhero?
That... is Superman!
Vijay, you're even more
super than Superman!
You have much more potential
than Saddam Hussein, right?
So you should look into the
mirror every morning and say...
'Yes! I can!'
I can do it!
Nothing is impossible for me.
Vila)', you're super.
Vijay is super!
Vijay super! Vijay super!
What is it?
Well, Vijay super...
Vijay is super!
That's the name of
Chandrettans vehicle.
It's my scooter.
It's slightly old.
Vijay super-
- Vijay super-
According to the
doctor's instruction,
the hero of our story was trying really
hard to increase his self-confidence.
Vijay, you're super, Vijay!
You are an opportunity.
You can do everything
under the sky!
Your potential is unlimited,
and you're super, Vijay.
Why did you stop?
Say the rest too..
You are excellent,
You are excellent, you are
amazing, and you're fabulous, Vijay!
Very good!
That's enough for today, son.
You can continue when
you're back from school.
Rest in the evening...
Smart boy! Vij'3V---
'Years passed'
"At a school in the city,
Pournami who's called Pinky at home'
'Our heroine'
she asked really tough questions,
and shocked even the Maths teacher'
If you subtract 1 from
9, you will get 10.
Can anyone say how that's possible?
Okay! We've failed.
You say it, Pinky!
Watc h !
How much is this?
- Nine.
How much is it now?
- Yes! That's it!
We are sure! Pinky will
reach great heights!
She shocks us by asking
different questions daily!
That's her current hobby.
Does she shock you at home as well?
At times...
Maths teacher says that if
the logarithm wasn't invented,
Pinky would have invented it.
Physics teacher says that
if gravity wasn't discovered,
Pinky would have discovered it.
'If Columbus hadn't discovered
America, Pinky would have discovered it'
'Her class teacher even
bragged on that level!'
'It was regular in that school
as well, to invite parents over
and tell them that their
children are superhuman,
and accept donations from them.
Please accept this...
So, after a few years...
Look, sir. The engine portion
is in proper condition! - Good.
It hasn't had any accidents
or scratches, right?
What are you saying, sir?
lam the high priest of
Valanjambalam temple. I won't lie.
Just that I do this
broker's job in the morning.
The car is in proper condition!
It hasn't had any hits or scratches
ever since it was bought. - Is it?
No! No! There has been!
- There he goes!
It's a car that runs on the road, right?
It has had its share of hits and scratches.
The car is not bad.
Any other major complaint?
No! Nothing!
Nothing at all!
- There is.
Once when we took out
the car during the rain,
the engine turned off suddenly.
I tried my best to
get it started again!
But when a mechanic from a workshop
came and gave just a small touch,
it started immediately!
- Great!
That hasn't happened after that.
This car won't get the
price you asked for.
Along with that, if you say
that the engine also got stuck...
if I do a business by saying lies,
I won't be able to sleep. That's why.
You needn't lie. We will
think about it & let you know.
Okay? Isn't that fine?
- Come, bro.
We'll see you soon, Satheeshan.
Sir, | ...
Why did you have to tell them
that the engine gave you trouble?
If you had reduced just 10,000
this deal would have happened.
Just to waste my time!
As if he's the Lord of truth!
It's a car that used to run
without any problems, right?
You needn't tell them
all the truths, right?
You lost everything you
had by doing favours, right?
To do a business by lying,
is equal to breaking into their house
and stealing, Chetta (elder brother).
And, it wasn't because of my
incompetence that I'm in so much debt.
Did you forget what
happened in my life?
Did they leave?
They went their own
way. Give it to me.
I added sugar.
- I don't want it.
Your best friend cheated you and
took away all your financial savings!
To be in a debt of 80 lakhs...
is that a silly matter?
You do one thing.
Don't think about sentiments.
Sell this ancestral house of ours.
I don't have a problem.
And don't make moneylenders
keep coming to our house.
As long as I'm alive, I won't
let anyone sell this house.
Hey! Didn't you say that Madhavis
PF got passed & you got some money?
Give him some cash from it.
Don't sell this car
for the time being.
Even though it's old, let
it be here at this courtyard.
Look at me.
I'll tell you one thing.
Vijays marriage. That
should be done immediately.
If an efficient girl
comes into his life,
all his laziness would be gone.
The problems here would be solved,
only if a girl with education, lineage
and good dowry comes to this house.
To take dowry?
What are you saying, Etta?
- Don't argue.
I'm saying this after
giving it a lot of thought.
Think practically.
ls it intelligent to sell
the house and settle the debt,
or to get your son
married by taking dowry.
I'll send you the money
for the time being.
Don't utter the word
'business' in this house again!
Just because you finished MBA, it's
not like you can't do other jobs!
Pournamis ideas!
Pournami will be a great person!
Pournami is something special!
Saying all that, so many
evil eyes were cast on you.
Otherwise, how can both businesses
you started flop so badly?
It means that this
is not meant for you!
And finally I started a firecracker
company. And it didn't burst!
So at least that's there.
Sell that & pay me back!
It was the crackers
that didn't burst!
When the crackers didn't burst,
that company also flopped.
My dad always says this about me...
That my name would come
on the Guinness book.
It's true.
Dad's not saying anything because
he doesn't want you to feel sad.
And not because he's not concerned!
You are our only child!
Matching the horoscopes properly,
only boys with lineage and education and
brought here for the match-making ceremony.
Until one is fixed,
proposals would keep coming.
Son, why are you driving so slow?
The car won't scream if
you drive a little faster.
Etta, we're already
30 minutes early.
Why should he drive fast?
Go slowly.
If I have to go somewhere,
I need to reach there early.
Or else, I have some
kind of suffocation.
This is not like going
to any random place, Etta.
We're going for the
match-making ceremony, right?
That's what I said...
Before they get ready
there, if we reach there,
we can understand things
and surroundings much better.
That's true.
- That's all.
You're going for a match-making, like
you go for your real estate sales, Etta.
I didn't say anything! Son,
you drive however you want to!
Well, what happened
to these guys today?
Why are you silent?
Nothing, uncle.
We were thinking about his future.
You're big shot music directors,
right? Do you have any work?
We don't have time for
anything apart from work, uncle.
We're going for a good deed,
right? What about a song now?
That would be great.
Keep quiet, mom.
He will say all
that. You guys sing!
Oops! I have throat pain.
As if you'd sing if
your throat was okay!
Same excuse whenever
you're asked to sing!
We're going for an auspicious
function, right? Sing!
Oh! You've agreed!
- No! I was checking the pitch!
'Why this hide and seek?'
'My dear, I an": as
transparent as glass'
'Why this hide and seek?'
What happened, son?
Try starting once more.
Let me check, dad.
- What happened, dude?
What did I do?
The battery must be faulty.
And your song's too.
What happened?
- Get out and check.
The car didn't have
any problems, right?
Open the bonnet & check. That's
what everyone does, right?
When Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa
Swami was ailing and couldn't move,
God came in his dream and told him,
'As long as this world exists, you will
live on through people who love you'
Come here. We're
going to get ready.
You should watch these kids.
Grandma, a family is coming to
see her today, for an alliance.
You go there.
Can't you dress up a little better?
What for?
I'll be back after my punishment!
Come here once you're done.
- Okay!
My dear Ganeshan,
don't change your word.
4 PM?
Okay. Come then.
Sudhas children are here.
If it gets closed, it
will be a lot of trouble.
So 4 o'clock! Okay?
Menon, aren't you ready yet?
They are coming to see you, not me!
Can you take the
milk off the stove?
We'll be right there.
- Okay.
I'll get ready
quickly. You get going.
- Hello.
The match-making ceremony... Here?
- Yes.
lam the girl.
This is the guy.
Our car broke down
on the way.. So...
To freshen up.. Washroom?
- You go. I'll come with them.
You carry on.
This room?
- No!
Mom is changing there.
Let's go upstairs.
- Sorry.
That's the washroom.
- Thank you.
Hey! Both of you are sitting here?
Haven't we told you not
to get into this room?
Go! Both of you get going!
I won't talk to you, Pinky. Just
when I was about to win the game..
I won't talk to you! Monkey! Pinky!
- Excuse me, towel?
Chinnu! Didn't I tell
you not to close the door?
I forgot!
What have you done, dear? Haven't
we told you not to close this door?
Ganeshan just told me that he
would repair it in the evening!
What can I do, dad? She closed it!
Hey! It's not a field!
It's a first rate ground.
Please stop it! You've been going
on about fields and grounds for long!
Okay! I'll call you back.
Isn't your make up done?
- Done. Coming!
This house isn't half
as big as we heard.
We didn't come to measure the size of
the house. We came to see the girl, right?
There's parking only for one car.
Where is Vijay?
- He just went in.
To wash his hands.
You are?
No need of any doubts.
We came to see the girl.
Chechi, they are here.
Please come.
- Come on.
Hi aunty.
- Namaste aunty.
- The power is gone!
ls it your birthday today?
No, it was last week. Why?
Well, it should have
been today. Come.
Venu Etta, they have reached.
I'm coming.
They have reached, dear.
Why have these
losers come so early?
Culture less fellows.
Scoundrels! Idiots!
Don't they have any...
Coming in early?
He is in here.
The guy who came to see me.
- The groom?
Yes. The groom.
H ow?
I just came in to use
the washroom, uncle.
Sorry... I was talking
about Ganeshan...
That's okay. Understood.
Who else is inside, dear?
- Nehakutty is here, dad.
The door got locked.
The door got locked.
It had been faulty.
Don't try to open
it. It won't open.
Hold this.
Hello! Hello!
It won't open!
Didn't I say that it's faulty?
He has called the guy.
Didn't dad mention a Ganeshan?
It will be all right.
Vijay Super and Pournami
It must be hotter upstairs.
That must be the girl's dad.
- For sure.
Please sit.
Well, the car had some
trouble on the way, right?
Who told you?
Well, the boy had said...
I had selected an auspicious
time checking the Rahukalam.
But you started a little early?
Did he say that too?
- No.
I strongly believe in time and omens.
- ls that so?
Was it difficult to find the house?
We went in rounds for a bit.
A confusion between Dr.
Rajendran & Ravindran street.
That's all right.
There's a small problem.
What happened?
Well... Surya...
went to the washroom
upstairs to freshen up.
Surya? Who is that?
Son.. Your son!
My son's name is Vijay.
Not Surya.
- on! Vijay.
You were saying that
there's some problem.
Well, the lock of the
room upstairs got jammed...
Vijay went to the washroom there.
So is he stuck inside?
Well, the carpenter
will come right now.
Who is with him?
- My daughter is with him. Pinky.
The girl we were about to see?
Oh God!
It's okay.
There's a ritual in which the girl
and boy talk to each other, right?
Just consider that
it got over first.
But please call that carpenter
and ask him to come fast.
I'll call him.
You don't be tensed.
Do you know how to break locks?
Oh no! I don't know
anything about locks, uncle.
You guys are good for nothing!
We are music directors, uncle.
Call him on his phone.
Call fast.
his phone is with me.
He gave it to me when
we were in the car.
What is this, dear?
Haven't we told you to
be careful with this door?
What can I do if
she closes it, mom?
ls she calling me? Yes, aunty!
Don't get scared.
- Scared?
- Stop it, Chechi.
Neha, don't play the video game!
I will play the game!
Mom, I also want to go inside.
- Shut up!
After causing all this trouble!
Pinky, we'll do what's
necessary to open the door.
Until then, talk to each other.
Know the likes and dislikes!
Dear, shall we go downstairs?
Okay, let's go. Come.
Shall I pick this?
- Who is it?
It's Gopiettan. Gopi Sunder.
Some musical doubts.
- Yeah right.
I'm also coming.
- Hello.
Can you hear me, sir?
Sir, we are in a meeting!
- The power is back!
I have seen you somewhere.
I have also seen you
somewhere, but...
No idea!
This room is full of
AR Rahman & KS Chitra.
Are you a big fan?
Die-hard fan!
I've been wanting to click a picture with
both of them, but it hasn't happened yet.
That's a very easy desire!
Don't mock me!
Hey! I wasn't mocking you!
Please take it.
Sudha, where's the tissue paper?
- It's over there.
I understood that she's a grandmother.
She's old, right?
Whose grandmother?
- Pinky's grandmother.
On the day of her 80th
birthday celebrations,
she ate an amazing feast,
suddenly she fell unconscious
and that was it!
Awesome! Super!
- Well...
All relatives could be present, right?
He was saying that it's a great tragedy.
Poor grandmother.
- Have an Unniyappam!
And shut up!
- Dude, I meant...
- Hey Ganeshan!
Just a minute.
It's Ganeshan.
The carpenter.
Ask him to come fast.
My dear Ganeshan, the boy who came
to see her is locked in that room!
Not 4 o'clock!
- Who is Ganeshan?
Reach here immediately.
- He called the carpenter to break the lock
You guys can't do it, right?
- Don't forget to take the drill.
- Eat!
- Okay.
- Eat what you have in hand first.
Didn't you take anything?
We'll take it.
Did he say where he has reached?
He'll be here now.
He is on the way.
Have it.
- Okay.
Don't worry.
Dad must be finding
ways to open the door.
It's all right.
I'm not in any hurry.
ls this your first time?
When I was studying in fourth grade,
I got beaten up by uncle with a
cane, for doing some mischief.
In that anger, I got into my room,
and closed it hard like this.
The lock got jammed.
Then people from the surroundings came,
broke the roofing tiles, got inside...
It was quite dramatic!
Not that.
- Then?
ls this your first
match making ceremony?
This is my first time ever.
This is usual for me though.
Oh no!
Pinky, take it.
What is it?
Please take it.
Hi Vijay-
- Pinky!
Didn't you see that?
- Yes.
G01: it!
- Got it!
Serve it, okay?
- Yes.
Don't give too much
ketchup to Neha.
I will eat all the ketchup!
I'm going downstairs, okay!
Going on!
What else?
What else?
Just like that...
Doing good.
All good there, right?
Except for the door problem,
it's all good.
Does any other door here
have such a problem?
Not all doors have such a problem.
That's fortunate!
Have some samosa.
- No.
- Actually...
Tell me.
- No. You tell me.
No, it's okay.
You tell me.
Can you...
Can you stand up, please?
How many ever times!
We're not at all a good match.
ls that so?
What's the problem?
Can't you see?
ls there such a big problem?
- Yes.
You turn this side.
Dear, how do we look?
Not a good match, uncle!
Even if we make a good match,
now I'm not ready for a marriage.
My parents don't
seem to understand.
This match-making drama has
been going on for a while.
I request everyone who come here
to say that they didn't like me.
Even you should say that.
Did you notice serial bulbs
and stars on the way here?
- At the balcony?
- Serial bulbs?
Yes. Illumination lights.
Usually dad gives that also as an
identification for people who come here.
Didn't he tell you?
I didn't pay attention.
Dad is adamant that he'd remove
it only after my wedding.
Like in the movie Maheshinte
Prathikaram (Maheshs Revenge).
I got relieved only now.
To be frank, I became
ready for this ceremony
only because of the
pressure from my family.
I'm not prepared for a marriage yet.
And yeah, in my house, you won't find
these serial bulbs and such melodrama.
What's your future plan?
Actually, my best friends...
those two girls in that photo,
are in Australia.
I also want to go there.
I've wasted quite a lot of dad's money
by doing businesses I wasn't good at.
There's no point staying here,
if I have to repay that.
Or else, I should do a business again.
I actually have confidence.
But the Australian Visa
has already arrived.
Since I'm the only daughter,
they're not letting me go.
An emotional...
I'm really sorry for
the inconvenience.
You don't have to say sorry.
It was wonderful meeting you.
Wish you all the best.
shall this uncle leave?
I need to celebrate this
with a couple of beers.
It's my first match-making ceremony!
This door!
I forgot about that.
This is a massive stuck up situation!
Well, didn't you say that
you aren't in any hurry?
I didn't think I would
get stuck like this.
And my phone is with those guys.
What is this?
- Not to get bored.
ls it your dad's wedding album?
Where do you work?
I don't work anywhere.
I mean, I used to.
But right now...
I have an engineering
degree which I got
by clearing all the supply's
with lots of difficulty.
My family tried to inject and
make a broiler engineer.
But it didn't work out.
Are your parents really strict?
No! They are very naive.
No parents would be so supportive.
It's actually very funny!
Tell me then.
That would take a lot of time.
It's a really long story.
We have at least one hour's time.
And we don't have anything
else to talk about.
And it's not a small thing to get
someone to listen to you these days.
So don't waste time.
Tell me.
Say it, uncle.
Come on!
On the morning of an exam day,
I was making chits to copy in my room.
Didn't he wake up yet?
He went to bed late.
Doesn't he have an exam today?
- Yes. It's at 2 PM.
He has prepared very well.
It's 9 o'clock.
Hey! You don't be
tensed unnecessarily.
- Yes.
Bring dad's bag.
- Yes.
- Open the door.
- Were you studying?
A little.
It's done.
Didn't you drink tea?
I hadn't finished studying, dad.
That's why...
What's the exam today?
Machine design.
- Machine design! Did you study?
What is this?
Are you sure that you'd
pass if you copy?
I mall Pass.
- on!
Then you needn't fail because of that.
Tell me whatever your doubts are.
I'll write it for you.
Your hands must be sore
after writing so much.
Tell me.
I'll write it for you.
I'm not mocking you!
You wrote a lot, right?
Now you tell me. I'll write.
Read everything you have
doubts on and tell me. Here!
this subject is quite
difficult for me.
Should you copy?
If you fail, go ahead
and fail, man!
Have I ever scolded you?
Do you know why I said that
I'll write it for you?
Whenever you feel like copying again,
you should remember what I said now.
Even if we build a
huge stage with lies,
it won't have the eligibility
to host even an ant.
By making mistakes, your life itself
would turn into a huge mistake.
You are my son!
Write whatever you know!
You will pass today!
So sweet!
You're so lucky to get such parents.
Thank you.
Actually, me too.
But they would bring me under their
control, with emotional dialogues.
It's true.
- Wait! Wait!
Did you clear that exam?
So dad's blessing was
quite something, huh?
Did you buy these samosas?
No. Aunt Sudha made them.
It has a slightly sweet taste.
Try it.
It is sweet indeed!
The reason behind you staying here,
avoiding all the proposals
coming your way,
saying that you want
to go to Australia,
is also something sweet.
That of a major affair?
One doesn't have to be extra
intelligent to understand this.
Just common sense.
All those who came and left from here
like me, would have understood that too.
Leave that.
What did you study?
- MBA.
I always wished to do business and
become a successful entrepreneur.
But everything flopped.
Dad was expecting a boy child 101%,
when I was born, like a
lightning that struck him.
Dad was a close friend
to director Padmarajan.
He has worked as an executive producer
for some of his movies as well.
All are epic movies!
Long back, an astrologer had predicted,
'Stop this right away, or
you'll lose your shelter too!'
But dad never made any losses.
I was the one who did it.
What were we beginning to say?
Actually, we hadn't
begun to say anything.
Was it while studying for MBA?
That sweetness?
N01: MBA.
While doing IELTS.
'Drenched in that incessant rain,
we n1et for the first time on that day'
'With endless words,
our silences united'
'Within the mist that disappears
slowly into the cool breeze'
'Within the mist that disappears
slowly into the cool breeze'
'We are flowers that blossom'
'The days don't end,
the fresh rains don't stop'
'We unite, while both
the wings are unaware'
'Many colours drift apart,
and new colours bloom'
'There's a tune that's born
on its own in the heart'
'I kept looking at you, adoring you
just like the very first time I saw you'
'We never realized the rainbows
disappearing and the nights passing'
'Standing by your side, often'
'Seeing each other,
without exchanging words'
'Standing by your side, often'
'Seeing each other,
without exchanging words'
'Did they leave on a chariot?'
'Did they leave without
saying anything?'
'The days don't end,
the fresh rains don't stop'
'We unite, while both
the wings are unaware'
'Many colours drift apart,
and new colours bloom'
'There's a tune that's born
on its own in the heart'
It's my place, okay?
Hey! Savio bro!
Sir, just a sec!
Hey man! What's up?
Long time, huh?
This is Pinky, my girlfriend.
- Girlfriend?
So she's girlfriend number?
I think...
It's 12th!
Aren't you happy?
- Hey bro! I have a presentation.
I'll catch you later.
You guys enjoy, okay?
Wait! Wait!
Which Savio?
Yes. From Roger's cafe.
Were you a regular customer there?
That was my first time.
From then on, I became
a regular buff.
But his attitude!
He is one of the very
best chefs in Kochi.
He can throw some attitude.
Do you know him personally?
Between Savio, me and
that restaurant...
there's a strong
relationship of 3 months.
Actually, he's my mentor.
Who? Him?
How come?
Hey Savio!
Long time, no see!
Laurel & Hardy are together, huh?
- Not just us.
Meet Mr. Chaplin!
- Hello!
Like I said that day.. for a few days..
until he learns everything.
Just let him be with you.
After studying engineering, why
are you doing this, Vijay?
ls this necessary?
Actually, this is
Passion, right?
We usually appoint only those
who have done hotel management.
But I made them a promise.
With the heat in the kitchen,
and all the shouting from the customers,
you, who studied engineering,
would run away from here.
That I'm sure.
No. Never.
Let's see.
That's nice.
Your first preparation is ready to serve!
Give him a big round of applause!
Imagine the sight of the entire
audience standing up and applauding,
after a concert by Beethoven.
A chef also goes through the
same magical experience.
There's that feeling we get
when we see someone relishing
the food we prepared, right?
That's it.
Look! Your first preparation.
Didn't I tell you?
That I've seen you somewhere.
Hey! Don't tell me, it was me?
Was it?
Shouldn't you click a photo and frame
it like this, at that instant?
So actually, what's your next plan?
Within one year...
on one of the beach roads...
I want to start a small restaurant.
Food quality should be our USP.
In the present situation,
would your dad agree?
I must make him agree!
How come you're early today?
- Yes.
Shall we go to the
Ganapathi temple then?
I was going to say that
to you myself, dad.
Did you hear that, mom?
I did.
This devotion is not something that should
come once in a while like the rains.
Understood? - Even though it's a little
late, I understood that, grandma!
Hereafter, I will be a regular devotee!
Did you tell him about that?
- No.
- Then you must have said it, mom.
No! I haven't said anything.
What is it, dad?
Bring that cover, dear.
You tell me. What's the reason
for this sudden devotion?
A job that I should be
paying 2 or 3 lakhs for,
the biggest chef here promised to
place me into it for free!
To become a chef?
- Yes.
That means, a cook?
ls that why I sent you
for engineering? - Dad!
It's my dream to
become a big chef
and start a beach restaurant
beside some beach here.
Your dream! I'll knock your head off!
You and your damn dream!
lam all helpless here.
Business is meant for people with
intelligence. Bring it here.
You should join on Monday morning.
You needn't be in the hot sun or the rains.
Just sit in an AC office & attend calls!
- Our...
Manassery Raghus friend, right?
It's a call centre that he runs.
If we get 30,000 per month,
that would be a great relief.
Should I work at a call centre
after studying engineering?
After studying engineering, you want to
wash others plates & serve them curries?
Look who's boasting
about engineering!
Then say the spelling of
Thermodynamics correctly!
He wants to be a chef, it seems!
He wants to open a tea shop!
All parents behave the same way.
Emotional blackmailing.
When I couldn't tolerate the
emotional blackmailing anymore,
I had to go and join that call centre.
I found a girlfriend there.
She was my only relief.
A typical temple-dweller
type of a girl.
Typical temple-dweller type of girl.
It's like the title of
an Arundhati Roy book.
So you got a girlfriend.
And then?
Tell your mom I said Hi.
Tell her who said Hi?
- Oh! Great!
You should take rest
for 3 days properly.
So you forgot
whatever I told you?
The main plan is to visit
temples with mom and aunt.
So, no rest.
Call me, okay!
Except the temple, I'll pick up
the phone everywhere else I am.
Will you call me?
- Of course!
Then tell me my number.
It's the number I call
regularly, right?
So if you lose your phone somehow,
you won't call me?
Can't you remember at least the phone
numbers of people close to you, Vijay?
Leave it.
Once more.
9207066221 .
Shall I go?
Hey Reshu!
One minute.
Didn't you say that you'll
be getting your salary late?
Here. Keep this.
- No need, Vijay.
You go and have fun
with your mom and aunt!
Give them a surprise!
So, to remember me for three days,
keep this.
Until you come back, to remember you,
I will wear this on my neck like this,
and keep it close to my heart.
SO 92070?
9207066221 .
Shall I go?
- Love you.
9207066221 .
What type of call centre was it?
To book hotels to stay
in India or abroad.
You'll get them at best rates there.
Such a...
Sir, I don't have any cash with me.
That's why I'm asking for advance salary.
Go and work sincerely.
There's an inspection.
They will be here now.
Please don't compel me to
do anything bad, okay?
This is the girl from the
next building, right?
ls your wedding over?
It's my head-ache!
That day, I got a nice phone call.
That turned everything
upside down for me.
Hello, Namaste.
Hello. My name is Jerry.
Thank you for saying your name.
Welcome to Holidays For You.
How can I help you?
I need a room for a quiet stay
at Thekkady or Munnar.
It's okay even if it's
a little expensive.
Find out..
- Definitely, sir.
Are you travelling with your family?
Errr... Yes. I'm travelling with family.
Okay. I'll forward the details of
3 resorts to your number, sir.
Please tell me your phone number.
Sorry, I can't reveal my number.
I'll give you my wife's number.
92070. . .
66221 .
It's correct.
It's correct. Very correct.
How did you understand that?
The number is correct.
- Isn't that Reshmas number?
How do you know Reshma?
Who is Reshma to you?
Who are you to ask me that?
Tell me how you know Reshma!
Tell me! You know who I am?
- Who is Reshma to you?
I needn't tell you whether she's my
wife or girlfriend, bloody idiot!
ls she standing next to you now?
- If she is?
If so, give the phone to her.
Give the phone to her.
I want to talk to her.
Give it to her, I say.
Give the phone to Reshma!
Hello Vijay!
- You liar!
You guys relax.
I'll manage it.
Everyone told me that no girl should
be trusted and I didn't listen.
'It's like that if you
touch the thorn of love'
'Lost my job,
lost my time'
'Slowly you will be
stranded on the streets, bro'
'She is gone,
that's awesome'
'The romance has become a mess, bro'
Now you understood
where you've seen me?
Actually, it was Naresh who
showed this video to me.
We actually started talking about a big
plan, by talking about this video.
This is called being struck by
lightning and then bitten by a snake.
Within a day, he lost his
job and his girlfriend.
We can realize what's happening
in outer space sitting here.
But we can't understand what's
happening in the mind of people we love,
even if we sit right next to them.
Stop your philosophy.
For God's sake, can you tell me
that business plan of yours?
Are you mad?
One more restaurant in this town?
I thought you were going to say
some new, innovative idea.
Hey Pinky!
The first quality a partner needs
is to listen to the whole thing,
and then giving an opinion.
Tell me.
Tell me your idea.
Have you heard about food trucks?
Like the Khaana-gaadis
in Delhi & Mumbai?
Restaurant on wheels!
- Exactly!
But ours won't be just
a street food set up.
We will provide the same food
quality as a four star hotel.
We'll set it at a place
which is not so busy.
Working time,
say from... 7 PM to 12 AM.
People should gradually know
about this and come to us.
See. This is just an outline.
- Okay.
We shouldn't just
serve the food somehow.
It's look and feel is important.
AR Rahmans songs...
Or any melodious song...
We would play them in low volume.
Those who want to sing,
can sing too.
Those who bring violins and guitars,
can play that too.
We'll get great support from the media.
Youngsters and riders
would also support us.
And the most important thing is...
This concept would bring
a good name to us.
Among the common people.
- Hi.
Pooja was waiting here?
She reached quite some time back.
Hey bro!
Hi guys! Are you ready?
- Yup.
Two minutes!
- Okay!
What is this, dear?
It's just a few hours ride
from here to Bangalore.
I'll come back after 2 weeks,
on your birthday.
Let's have lunch together, okay?
- Okay.
I need to tell daddy about our
business and get money from him.
Most important thing...
A next step in our relationship...
I mean...
Just an okay from my family's side.
For a namesake.
- What is this?
For your parents.
Hey Naresh!
Let's move on!
- Okay.
Let's go.
To meet again and again, it's good to
be separated once in a while like this.
Shall I leave?
See you!
She has come with a new
idea to waste money!
Food business!
As if she has a lot of
knowledge about food!
I'm asking only for 10 Lakhs from the
money kept aside for my wedding.
If you keep wagging your
tongue again, I'll slap you.
10 Lakhs?
ls it a small amount?
Are you sure that it
would be successful?
Are you 100% sure?
I haven't asked this the
last 2 times, but...
Dad, trust me.
This time I'll make it happen.
It's fine, right?
Would I sell it to you if
it wasn't fine, Venu Sir?
Shall we sign the sale letter then?
- Let's sit upstairs, sir.
I'll sign it and come.
Get in.
I haven't been able to
reach you for 3-4 days.
You're really busy, huh?
No problem.
I can understand.
And yeah...
I'm sitting on a hot seat now.
- Hot seat?
Yeah. I thought I'll say
that to my partner.
There's a surprise.
- Keep quiet.
What all are you saying?
I didn't get you.
- Why do you sound upset?
Anything at home?
- No.
Hey Naresh! Don't be
tensed about anything.
Just be with me, confidently.
What did Pooja say in between?
Some surprise?
She was just reminding
about the birthday...
There are just 5 more days.
Lunch with me.
You had promised.
What happened?
I'm telling you! If it's about
the business, don't be worried.
It will work out, 100%.
- Okay?
Isn't it double okay?
What's there not to work out?
Actually, your business
is plan is really unique.
I used to think earlier...
The most expensive
seats on flights...
why they are not called engineer's
class or doctor's class,
and they are called
business class instead.
Only you businessmen have money!
Hey! Come on!
Have you ever tried
to do any business?
Not any business as such.
But I had worked out an
awesome plan to make money!
The day I met that
bloody idiot once again.
Look! It's him.
That scoundrel Cleetus.
The one who put up
my video on YouTube!
That bloody rascal.
I don't want your job.
We are all fools, wasting time here.
Don't hit me.
Please don't humiliate me
in front of that foreigner.
What happened?
Not happened. - What?
- He mistook" I mean..
He changed the person!
You sit in the chair.
- Okay.
Don't humiliate me.
What I did to you was
sheer treachery!
Vijay, don't leave him without hitting him.
Or else, we'll hit him.
Are you sure?
- Any doubt?
If so, do you have any trouble
in taking me away & hitting me?
You're such a parasite!
Am I not?
I was just a peon at that call centre.
I just put up his video on YouTube,
just for fun.
After a month, I got a mail.
There's a cheque of 10,000 Rupees.
Come & collect it.
Cheque? - Yes.
- What for?
The video became viral, right?
That's when I knew that, for every
single view, like and share,
YouTube has a strange habit of
paying money to the uploader.
By going there to
collect cheques,
I got introduced
to this foreigner.
She gave me a job in YouTube.
Hence I became YouTube Cleetus.
This is my life story.
If we spare you without hitting you,
what will you give us?
Here we go!
This is my contact.
Just WhatsApp your location...
I'll reach there with
the compensation.
What else will we get?
To make money through
social media...
there are thousands and
thousands of ways!
I'll teach you all that.
H ow?
'Wear Kitex Lungis and come'
You guys are good!
What is this, man?
Trust me.
25,000 Rupees.
The compensation I told you about.
Viral videos are my daily bread now.
I just make prank videos, and use my
influence at YouTube to make it a hit,
and then make money from them!
If we can make money out of it,
teach it to us as well, Cleetus.
Dude, prank videos are like...
making fools out of people...
It's a shady job!
But if we do it with the co-operation
of people, it's not like that.
Watc h !
80 Lakh views?
Dude, let's do this.
What if this Cleetus is God's own Cleetus?
He might be.
Even though we
can make money..
Nothing more.
We're doing this prank video, right?
Yes. For sure!
- That's it.
Then we will start from a
bus stop auspiciously!
So all of you understood
everything, right?
Just for five minutes,
all of you should act for us.
He is quite smart.
All of you can reach to
the extent of hitting me,
but for God's sake,
no one should hit me.
What if we hit you?
If you hit, the programme
will be successful.
But don't hit him.
The camera is over there.
Saw that?
- They are our friends.
Until I say, no one should
look into the camera.
Finish this off before
the bus comes, okay?
- Which channel is this for?
It's an international channel.
Then start!
- Okay then.
You don't need this.
Don't take it off. People
will watch this, right?
Don't be like Neymar.
Act naturally.
So, all the best!
Burn and die!
I'll rock.
- All the best.
Son, is this original petrol?
Who will burn petrol like this?
Well, from the colour...
It's just water.
Smell it.
- It's water.
What happened? - Have arranged
everything. We just have to shoot it now.
That will be awesome.
Don't forget that this is acting.
Since I'm going to be very natural.
Beautiful frame.
- Dude, two ladies are coming.
This will be great. Shoot fast.
- Let's try to work this out with them.
Two people..
Okay, right?
Two ladies are coming.
All of you should co-operate, okay!
All the best.
- Just hug me from here.
You should say don't light it, okay?
Leave me!
O blind world!
Who is that?
I don't want to live here.
He is rocking.
Listen to us.
Harthals that come up daily!
The rising fuel prices!
Notes in green & yellow colours!
I don't want to live here.
Such lame dialogues.
I'd have done better.
Chet-ta, anyone?
Chechi, please light it.
No one will burn me?
Or else, I'll make those ladies burn me.
Chechis, please burn me.
I don't want to live in this world.
Chechi, how to go to Thoppumpady?
- Dude, two guys with helmets.
Look there.
These 2 are not in the script.
- How many kilometres from here?
Dude, let's go!
Come on, fast.
Oh no! My chain!
Catch them!
- Stop there!
My chain of 4.5 sovereigns!
Catch them!
- The chain!
Hey! Don't worry, Chechi.
Your chain hasn't gone anywhere.
This is a TV programme.
Look at the camera!
My neck is hurting like anything.
I think there's a cut.
Your damn TV programme!
'Everything has gone for a toss'
Give me my chain!
Call the chain snatcher.
Sir, to call the chain snatcher..
Royally messed up!
'All the tricks were wasted'
'Dreams have been
stranded on the streets'
- You too, Cleetus!
Give her the money.
Try to do some decent job, man!
Fooling people?
Then shall we?
- Okay.
Such a disgrace.
Vijay, wait.
I'm not telling this to
Chandran for the time being.
If you're doing this to
repay the debt at home,
you shouldn't be fooling
people for that.
You should listen to us elders.
We will find a girl
from a rich household.
If you try to object...
Life is not your fun and games!
Remember that.
So it's for dowry...
It's not because I'm interested.
But our situation is such...
Hey! Even if I do get married one day,
I won't pay a single Rupee as dowry.
Then why has your dad offered
75 Lakhs or 1 Crore?
My dad?
1 Crore?
- Yes.
Dream on!
The next round is here.
- Yes.
Take this.
- Okay.
Hey Vijay!
Hi aunty.
- Not aunty. Chechi.
You're still there, right?
- Pinky, Ganeshan will come now.
Who is this Ganeshan?
The carpenter.
Shouldn't we get the door open?
That reminds me...
We didn't finish that story...
The one who said he'll
come on your birthday...
What happened to your business?
To give a surprise to Naresh that day,
I took my parents also along.
When we came here, this
place was quite crowded.
But now, we are the only ones here.
It's already 4 o'clock now.
If he's not coming, can't he...
call and say that?
It's still switched off.
Do you still think that
he's gonna keep his word?
Do you...
Do you want us to wait
till the evening?
Tell me.
We can!
We'll do what you say for today!
After that, you should
do what we say!
What kind of a sadist is he?
Today is your birthday.
Has he taken any money from you,
in the name of business?
He's online now.
The number you're trying
to reach is switched off.
We can tell anyone to learn
by suffering on their own.
But we can't say that
to our own daughter.
Think from our point of view,
just for a second.
Be a little more softer, Venuetta...
She has become like this,
because of your pampering.
You won such a big lottery!
Imagine if you had married him...
Did you notice something?
Even after we shared so many things,
there's nothing common between us.
I think...
Sorry.. Surya... No, Vijay...
You got scared, right?
Sorry, dear.
No, uncle.
We should be saying sorry.
No. We made a blunder.
Yeah. The door shutting like
that was a big blunder.
It's not about the door.
We've come to the wrong house.
We had to go to a
different house.
I realized the blunder, when
I got a call from there.
In the tension of this door getting jammed,
we forgot to clear that between ourselves.
Let's leave then.
Sorry, my mistake.
- Bye, dear.
Okay then.
I forgot to ask that.
I think this is the place.
This is the place.
- Yes.
Didn't you see those serial lights?
Yes. That's it.
Nice, right?
Mom, isn't this okay?
Surya, didn't you
tuck in your shirt?
Didn't you see me when I left home?
Tuck it in at least when
you're going to see a bride!
I'm telling you.
Tuck it in!
Don't waste time arguing.
You do it.
She's obsessive.
- Hey!
Keeps repeating the same thing!
This is really a torture.
Tuck it in.
Make it fast.
Dad, just a minute.
- We're already late.
Why are you irritating me?
You are?
We've come to see the bride...
Referred by Raghu of SBT?
- Yes.
The same.
You became quite late, right?
It took some time to
cross the stadium.
There's a match today, right?
- Yes.
Who are we playing against?
- Oh God!
- Against America?
- Isn't that so?
Sri Lanka.
- Yes. Sri Lanka.
Yeah. Sorry.
Please come.
- Okay.
Can't you behave properly
at least when we come out?
Please come.
When you were late, I realized
you must be stuck in some block.
I don't have the habit
of following up.
Then he said we should try calling you.
That's why I called.
That was good.
- Please come.
Hey! What are you thinking about?
Sudha, ask them to bring tea.
Chechi, bring it.
- Coming.
So Vijay...
You're done with engineering.
And you said that
you're not working now.
So, tell me Vijay.
What's your goal?
What's your aim?
To start something of my own...
- Business?
Good! Good!
If you have the caliber, starting
something on your own is a very good idea.
Oh sorry! I forgot to introduce.
This is my cousin and his wife.
- We are basically from Adoor.
What about your wife?
We are separated.
I don't like hiding anything.
I've been frank about everything.
Have it.
If they have to ask or talk anything,
let them have some privacy.
Oh no! ls that necessary?
ls that necessary?
That's the most important thing.
Go and get to know each other.
Go, Sonam.
Go, dude.
Don't enter the room.
Go to the balcony and talk.
Yes! Yes!
What's the confusion?
Go ahead!
Your fly is undone.
What is it?
- No! There is something.
Nothing, right?
- Then why did you say sorry?
What is this, Surya?
ls this how I have raised you?
When you say sorry to elders,
shouldn't you touch their feet?
What for?
Go! Touch uncle's feet.
Mom, please.
What's the need for all that?
- Yes.
We have raised him in a
very traditional way.
He said sorry because
he did something wrong.
Don't waste time.
Go ahead, son.
Touch uncle's feet.
What's happening?
Why should he touch my feet now?
Even though we didn't see it,
I understood that he did something wrong.
Go, son.
Touch uncle's feet.
Did you forget what I taught you?
- Sorry.
Tell him!
Hey! Your mother is mad.
Do it fast.
Go ahead, son.
This is totally unnecessary.
- Then what!
Sorry uncle.
Oh my dear Lord!
It's all right.
It's all right.
I can manage.
All is well.
What are you thinking?
To smoke a cigarette...
To smoke a cigarette...
When I'm tensed..
- Okay. One second.
That's okay.
- No, no! That's fine.
I believe in astrology.
I think it's a science.
That's why I asked for the horoscope
and photo initially itself.
It's an 8 on 10 match.
It's really good.
It's not the financial background...
Progressive attitude,
And a boy who has great lineage.
That's what we were looking for.
If so, he's a good option, uncle.
We're not saying this
because he's our friend.
Our parents ask us to
learn from him always.
Oh, is it?
- Yeah. - No!
Don't take that seriously.
They are saying that because
they are his friends.
He has no quality that can
be called extraordinary.
Just an average...
I like your frankness.
- Thank you.
My daughter is a little weak in studies.
She hasn't completed
her post graduation.
But she's continuing her
studies privately now.
It will be over in four months.
We can think
about the marriage, after that...
Well.. But if they like each other.
Uncle is awesome huh?
Daddy doesn't smoke.
One more thing.
I'm being very frank.
You didn't ask.
That's your decency.
Everything that's mine,
belongs to my daughter.
By everything I mean, everything!
We had never thought about it.
What's there in all that?
We just need your daughter alone.
By the way...
this property where this house is
standing, how many cents would it be?
Around 50 cents.
What's there in all that, right?
They are back.
- Phew.
Yes! Come, come!
Sit down.
What can you know about each
other in 5 minutes, right?
It's just the time to
smoke a cigarette, right?
I'll tell you a plan.
Let Vijay and Sonam go
for a lunch together.
It can be after 3-4 days.
Then they would be able to talk much more
in detail, and get to know each other.
What do you say?
That's a good thing.
Then, shall we wind up for today?
Okay! So be it.
Let's leave then.
Okay. Nice meeting.
- Same here.
See you again soon.
See you, young man!
- Sure.
So, what do you do?
Actually we are music directors from
India, Kochi, Palluruthy, Veli..
So do you do ad film jingles?
Of course! Popy umbrellas, Johns umbrellas,
Scooby Day, Nirapara, Dhathri, etc, etc...
Oh! That's nice.
Just a minute.
What is this?
This is a product
marketed by my company... get rid of ringworm
infections on the foot.
Can you make a tune for this?
Why not!
Of course! Simple.
- Shylac. Nice name.
Well, aren't you coming?
We're just making the time
little more productive.
Yes, 3 dozen.
Send it today itself.
Do you have the address of those
who came with the wrong address?
Satheesh, one minute. Those
who came with the wrong address?
Do you have their address?
They came to the wrong address, right?
Then how can I have theirs?
Do you have it or not?
- ls it urgent? I'll search for it.
Would be great if I get it.
- What's the matter?
That's there!
- Hey!
Can't you go in an auto?
Why should you go out in the hot sun?
Hey! Helmet.
Those who ride two wheelers
should wear helmets compulsorily.
Very funny!
'Oh my Yesudas'
Yeah! Correct.
'Apply Shylac to get rid
of ringworm infections'
'Apply Shylac to get rid
of ringworm infections'
'To get rid of the infection completely,
Shylac is on my leg'
'Shylac is on my leg,
Shylac is always with me'
'Oh dear Stephen Devassy'
We don't need this.
Isn't this Mowglys song?
Get lost!
This is my original track.
Mr. Vijay, aren't you hearing all this?
It's a tune he's making for
your future father in law.
Didn't he find any other
product to market?
Medicine to get rid of infection?
- No. Ringworm infection.
It needs to be cured, right?
you sit here and make music.
I'll go and make some gruel.
Vijay, what are you thinking about?
It's been a long time.
Dude... She...
Dude, it became all right when I
changed the tempo. 4 by 4. - Get lost!
Just a minute.
Yes, dad.
Oh! Family drama.
- Son...
I'll go right away.
Okay dad.
Long time, sir.
Isn't uncle here?
- Yes. Go!
- Oh! You?
Dad said he tried to reach you a lot on
the phone. He couldn't get you. - So?
I didn't pick up
because I was busy!
I'll call back when I please.
That's the routine, right?
You owe quite a lot of
money to dad, right?
Dad keeps calling to say that he needs to
do a lot of things after getting that.
So you've come to teach me justice?
ls there any proof
that I owe him money?
Uncle, I haven't come for an argument.
After dad's accident,
the situation at home is quite terrible.
You know without me saying, right?
80 Lakhs is worth more
than Crores to us.
After losing money because
of his foolishness,
where can I pay up from?
We did business together
for 5-6 years. That's all.
That's why I am talking
so decently now.
Tell your dad that I said so.
If you want, get
some 5000 or 10,000.
But don't make it a habit.
Don't you know that
he's a monster, sir?
He wakes up in the morning
thinking about whom to cheat next.
I had asked my dad this morning,
if he had your address.
I think I have a plan.
Didn't you ask that day whether we
had any common factors between us?
There is.
What both of us need, is cash.
My food truck business that
was stopped temporarily?
Shall we get it started again?
If Vijay looks after the food section,
we can roll up this business.
What do you think?
That won't be right.
That alliance is almost okay.
Where we went from there...
With them.
Did you like each other?
It's almost okay for the families.
But they are not the ones
who have to live together.
That girl's father also
has some big business.
Even after knowing our
current financial status,
they are ready to proceed.
So to support your family, a marriage
eyeing at the money in the girl's family.
Very sad.
You would have understood that things
are not that smooth at my house,
from what you heard
today, right?
I'm meeting them again tomorrow.
For lunch.
You have a great talent.
Can't you use that
to make money?
Instead, it's quite cheap to
get married taking dowry.
Some people...
Some people work to make a living.
Some people think
work is their life.
There are some others.
People who don't do any work.
People for whom,
nothing works out.
I belong to that category.
Nothing is okay around me.
This is my number.
If you have a change of heart about
the food truck, let me know.
Hey! It's because you don't feel okay
inside, that nothing feels okay around you.
Hey Vijay!
You? You work here now?
- Yeah.
That's nice.
- Are you alone?
No. A small meeting.
- ls it?
Okay. Carry on.
- I'll be here.
Has it been long since you came?
Around 10 minutes?
Shall I use the washroom and come?
- Dude!
I am sorry.
Can't you be a little more careful?
lm sorry, Vila)!-
One minute.
How do you know my name?
I know it.
What the hell!
Download these references.
By then, I'll reach there.
This is not drying.
Sir.. Uncle, you were also here?
There was a distributors'
meeting upstairs.
That's why I fixed this here.
Why? Did you think that
she would come alone?
No.. I mean...
No. Anyway, I could
meet you also, right?
I think Sonam in
some kind of tension.
She has been on the phone
ever since I came.
She has several friends.
So she is always engaged in
WhatsApp, lnstagram, Facebook...
All of them are in their
extremes for her.
Who is 100% perfect, Vljay?
Yes, sir.
Very true.
So I am a little conscious about
fixing a partner for her.
My wish is to have a son in law who
will join my business and support me.
She had received so many proposals.
From families established in business.
But, I don't want it that way.
I think you got me.
If I say it in a typical
Malayalis language,
Consider that I'm scared...
...whether they would completely
loot whatever I've made so far.
So tell me.
How can you support
me in my business?
what previous experience do
you have in business, Vijay?
Sir, business...
My friend and I are doing
a business together.
Food truck.
Restaurant on wheels,
with good food & good music?
What is the USP?
Dine with music.
So, good food.
Good music.
Good idea.
What do you say?
Please don't involve
me in this, dad.
So what's the turnover
like every month?
Not the profit..
- Turnover, sir...
We are just...
We are just going to
start the business.
It hasn't started yet?
- No, sir.
We're like, just about to start.
Everything is getting ready.
Let it start.
I'll watch the growth.
And let's plan the
wedding accordingly.
- Yeah.
Shall we eat now?
I'm really starving.
You want to start with the soup?
He can't be blamed.
Any dad would wish that the
guy who's marrying his daughter,
should be smart enough.
During the Mahabharata war,
seeing his own uncle Bheeshma
on the opposite side,
when Arjun was feeling helpless,
what did Krishna tell him then?
You can't be confused in war.
If you have decided to shoot an arrow,
you have to shoot it that very second.
What does that mean?
It's not to chop off
your own uncle's head.
If you take a decision,
you should not delay its
execution even by a second.
Hey! You go and meet
that Pournami anyway.
And tell her that you
agree to do business with her.
No, Bhaiyya. The salary you're
asking for, is too much.
No, Madam. We've quoted
a really low amount.
Please do something
from your side.
Please madam.
I'll tell you in two days.
Okay Madam.
You've brought great luck.
I just appointed a chef.
- Yes.
Then why did you ask me
to come when I called?
Just like that.
Nothing is okay for you...
You're not interested in
anything around you...
And didn't you say that you're going to
run your father in law's business, right?
And what happened now?
I called you here to ask that.
You invited me
here to insult me?
What you need the most to
do business, is patience.
Do you know that?
I'll take care of the marketing
to take the business forward.
The maintenance of the food truck,
cooking related stuff,
can you do all that?
If so,
we should start the work
tomorrow morning at sharp 9 AM.
Call those music directors as well.
You don't have any other
friends to help you, right?
'Isn't Pournami superb, dude?'
'Isn't she beautiful, dude?'
'When she freaks out, isn't she happy?'
'Isn't she okay to let you join her?'
- Okay!
'She's a slice of heaven that fell down like
good times, opening the window of dreams'
'Sitting next to you, she studied your
horoscope and tested your worth in Gold'
Why are you late?
- We became slightly late.
Won't you go before 9 PM to stand
in the queue at the liquor store?
Won't you go before the movie
starts, when you go for a movie?
Then what's the problem when
you come for work alone?
That's correct.
- We were late to wake up.
Be on time.
Work is worship.
She didn't say that.
'Work is worship'.
- 'Isn't Pournami superb, dude?'
'Isn't she beautiful, dude?'
'When she freaks out, isn't she happy?'
'Isn't she okay to let you join her?'
'She's a slice of heaven that fell down like
good times, opening the window of dreams'
'Sitting next to you, she studied your
horoscope and tested your worth in Gold'
Hey! I had an interview in a radio channel today.
- And?
I might get it mostly.
- My God! Congrats!
You should have the heart to do any job.
- I have that.
You should read at least the
newspaper daily. - I will.
Do you read the
newspaper and all?
Who is the President of India?
Mahatma Gandhi.
That's the Father of the Nation.
Have you heard of Ramnath Kovind?
Read! Read!
'So many desires are
coming here, flying'
'They are celebrating
with song and dance'
'The feathers of dreams
are dancing in abandon'
'They are flying high,
in the midst of these celebrations'
'Some things are working out'
'All the curses are going away'
'Leaning on the doorstep'
'The spring season is singing'
'She came like a breeze,
stroked you and sharpened you'
'She did all the tinkering and
polishing work, and made you superb'
Hey! Move!
- Move and watch this.
I had already given it
to a catering company.
But she was adamant that we
should give the first job,
when her best friend is
starting a business.
That's why...
Actually, we didn't
have catering plans.
Yes. So along with the first business,
we've given you a new plan as well.
So that's all. I trust you.
Impress everyone with delicious food.
Sure, uncle. We will.
- Okay.
Uncle, please drop me to the library.
- Why not?
- Uncle, this is Vijay. Pinky's partner.
This is my uncle.
- Hi gentleman! See you tomorrow.
To mo rrow?
- Okay?
See you tomorrow!
To mo rrow?
Who's that gentleman?
We got our first order even
before our official launch.
It's a catering job.
Consider it a trial.
Let it be an experience.
Catering is not part
of our plan, right?
Who knows what's
going to succeed?
It came to us, right?
He's a big event manager.
But the food should reach
there at 11 AM tomorrow.
But if it's tomorrow,
what about the menu?
There's no menu.
There's a main catering
company for that.
We've got the order
only for the starters.
So don't take a risk.
Just order it from some good
hotel and take it there.
I will be there.
Don't forget to fill diesel in the van.
Everything should be perfect.
Still.. Why should we order from a hotel?
I can cook it!
Just starters, right?
- Vijay!
There's not even 24 hours
left for the event.
Why do we need
unnecessary tension?
Let's study how to serve it
elegantly first. - Okay.
Stand up.
Stand up!
Seventy Five Thousand.
Will there be a margin?
Around 20,000?
Let's start with starters!
That's a good one.
So let me go and start the planning.
See you!
This is the first ball of the innings.
On the crease, is India's very own,
Hit it, dude!
Out! Out!
I'm not out!
It was a trial ball.
It was a trial ball. Leave me.
If it was a trial ball, why did
you hit it with so much force?
That's because I didn't touch the ball.
If I had, it would have gone there.
Have you seen Dhoni
playing trial balls?
Or Kohli?
We don't play around daily
like Dhoni and Kohli.
We are music directors.
We make music!
Go and bowl!
- Idiot!
Th row!
- Th row!
Let all three stumps fly!
- Throw the ball.
Here you go!
First ball again.
Th row fast.
The first advance.
- Good.
I need a help.
No helping.
Let me play.
So you're not having the beers I bought?
Get lost, Vijay!
Oh! It's all about temptation!
Bloody fool!
Can you believe this?
Can you believe this?
- You will come back here, right?
Give our ball and go!
Come fast.
- What happened?
Come fast.
Chechi is not listening to me.
Chechi, what are you doing?
Shut up and go!
Mom will wake up.
Chechi, this is not right.
I can pay the EMI for
two months with this.
Chechi, she's an old woman.
Yes. That's it.
Why does an old woman need gold?
I'm in dire need of money.
Chechi, please.
Don't take it.
You don't interfere
in the things here.
- Leave me.
Why does a person on deathbed,
need chains and bangles?
After everyone becomes happy
after having the food,
all of them would come
and appreciate Pinky.
Then they will say...
Pinky, the starters were so amazing.
So extraordinary!
Then you will say...
Shall I tell you a truth?
I didn't order this from anywhere.
I cooked it myself taking
a lot of effort, right?
Then she would say...
Oh my God, Vijay! You are so sweet, and
so beautiful, and an amazing chef!
- Correct.
Until I make this whole
thing and pack it,
don't tell me that you want to sleep.
Come on! Take this.
No! - Have it.
- I don't want it.
Drink it. - No, dude. - Have a little.
Only then you'll get a kick to make all this.
Shall I tell you a truth then?
I've stopped boozing
for the time being.
- What is this?
Dude, until things
get settled at home,
if I don't become serious,
I might end up in a lot of trouble.
This is her.
It's Pinky.
Give it.
Yes, Pinky.
I've sent the location map
for tomorrow on WhatsApp.
I got it.
I know that place.
Which hotel have you
given the order to?
Hotel Casilo.
Oops! Isn't that quite expensive?
That's okay.
I can manage.
Then it's okay.
See you tomorrow then.
Go to sleep fast.
And yeah...
pray before leaving in the morning.
It's our first venture.
All right!
Okay. Bye.
Good night.
- Good night.
(chanting prayers to Lord Vishnu/Krishna)
Oh Lord Krishna!
Yes, Pinky. - I've been trying
for quite some time now.
It kept saying not reachable.
Not reachable?
- Yes.
You could have called
me when you woke up.
Since I was busy with
getting everything ready,
It's okay. Everything is ready, right?
Where have you reached?
I have just left.
No. I am leaving.
Didn't you leave yet?
There's one more hour, right?
I'll reach soon.
Look, there will be a lot of traffic.
If you don't start now, we might not
able to take it there at the right time.
Don't be tensed!
As soon as I leave from here,
I'll reach there.
We're serving starters.
We can't be late even by five minutes.
No! No! We won't be late.
I know.
Dude, get up.
Help me out, man!
Dude, there are only 2O boxes.
Help me with them.
Hi Pinky. Good morning.
- Hello. Good morning.
Everything is ready, right?
- All set.
Once the baptism starts inside,
then it would take only 15 minutes.
We should serve starters
at sharp 11 AM.
Uncle, trust me.
Everything will be perfect.
And Pinky,
if you do this event well,
I'll be giving 4-5 more events to you.
Thank you so much.
- Hari, just one second.
Be here.
- Okay.
Oh God!
Hey, Pinky! Where?
Have the starters reached?
It's very close by.
Don't worry.
- Okay.
- Vijay!
Don't make me tensed like this.
Where have you reached?
How much time will you take exactly?
Pinky, I'll reach there in 15 minutes.
Oh my God!
Which route have you taken?
Pinky, I...
lam driving.
There's a lot of traffic.
I'll call you back.
Vijay, why are you always late?
Okay! Okay!
I'll see you there.
Chet-ta, please hold him.
There's a vehicle.
Come on!
Just a minute.
Chet-ta, the child...
Please move.
Open the door.
Please move.
Sir, a car hit him and
went without stopping.
Let's take him to the hospital quickly.
He's not talking.
Please, make it fast.
Go! Go!
What the hell are you doing, man?
- They got stuck in the block.
ls this how you do a programme?
Everything will be
here in 5 minutes.
Why are you so irresponsible?
ls there any hospital nearby?
Just 2 kilometres from here.
It's close by.
It's been a while since you've
been saying that he'll reach now,
5 minutes, he is right here and all that!
You're going to repeat that again, right?
No, no! This area.
Very close. Just 5 minutes.
I deserve this.
I deserve it!
I'll never trust you, Pinky.
Chet-ta, please drive fast.
Chet-ta, I needn't get down, right?
- You should.
We don't have any cash.
Take him fast.
- Where is the casualty?
- Hey! You spoilt everything!
Hello Madam!
- Huh?
Madam, I got this
mobile from the floor.
It's a hospital.
- Where is Vijay?
When you took that boy inside,
this phone fell down.
Someone wants to speak to you.
- Move the vehicle.
If you don't reach here within
a minute, we'll lose this event.
Pinky, listen to me.
You don't have to
say anything more.
Can't you hear that car honking?
- Just listen to me.
Why are you always late like this?
- Excuse me.
You needn't stay here anymore.
You may leave.
I heard quite a mouthful from them.
Uncle, I beg of you.
I don't want to put you in a problem.
Aren't you ashamed?
I thought you had some integrity.
Don't stay here anymore.
Didn't I tell you?
I'll manage.
Now, this is my ego.
You can go.
I won't give business to
anyone I know hereafter.
Hey Pinky!
I'm sorry.
I'll get everything
ready in 5 minutes.
Start the vehicle.
Wait! Wait!
Can you come and start the vehicle?
- Let's leave from here.
Start the vehicle.
So shouldn't we take these out?
- No. - Why?
I'll set everything
up in 5 minutes.
Please. Start the vehicle.
- Please!
- Why are you irritating me?
After spoiling everything...
If the one who's hearing makes
up her mind that it's a lie,
one can't convince even
if it's a big truth.
The mistake is mine!
The mistake is indeed yours.
No one is saying otherwise.
You didn't fill diesel, right?
So you decided to spoil everything.
Even after failing in 2 businesses,
I ventured into a 3rd one,
to answer the questions
of many people.
To show them that life is not about
hiding in fear, when faced with failure.
What's the point
sitting in that now?
Even if you keep shouting
'Vijay Super' at the top of your voice,
you won't be super.
To become super,
you need a big D within you.
Pinky, I got stuck on the way here.
Should I not stop after seeing an
accident? You should have left early.
What would have gone wrong if you
had started half an hour early?
Now you would say that the hotel was
late in giving the starters, right?
Where's the bill?
Where's the bill from the hotel
where you bought this?
If we return the stuff in the vehicle,
I can at least get 25% of the cash back.
With that, I can settle
uncle's account today itself.
Give me the bill.
Where is the bill?
These are not from a hotel.
I made all this last night,
without sleeping.
Have you given any
value to what I said?
It's not that, Pinky...
If there's any money left, fill
diesel and bring the vehicle there.
That's the last job for you.
'Going away like a day'
'Disappearing like a night'
Pinky, I'll book a cab.
Hey! Give me the phone.
- Venu Etta..
Look who's here.
Hey Govindan!
How come you're here
all of a sudden?
It was her cousin's daughter's
engagement at Thripunithura yesterday.
We came for that.
Please sit.
I forgot your name..
- This is Vishal.
He is working in in an
lndo-American company in Delhi.
And now he has got a very good job offer
from a similar company in Australia.
Both of us are determined that we
should find a nice girl for him,
and get them married,
before sending him away.
Well, where's the daughter
of this house? Pournami?
She is upstairs.
I'll call her now.
Pinky, dear...
Who is it?
It's daddy.
Hello dear.
Where are you?
I had sent you a message, right?
I came to the parlour with Shreya.
Okay, okay.
Come fast.
I don't feel too well.
- What happened?
Come soon. - Just half an hour.
I'll be right there.
- You're leaving now?
Yes. Daddy is not feeling well.
I'll text you?
Bye .
Hey! Did you think
I won't know anything? - Please!
Don't create a scene here.
Who are you trying to fool?
- Consider it a blunder.
Blunder? ls this a blunder?
- Listen to me.
We'll convince her.
Okay then.
- Bye Radha.
We'll come again next week.
- Okay.
My grandmother.
- Menon.
Please sit.
Ever since his grandfather died,
I don't usually go to any
houses or functions.
But when I saw him being
all sad and gloomy,
I felt that,
I should come along
with him and see her.
Give it to her.
I've filled up the diesel tank.
Here's the money.
If I send him alone,
he'll just give that money and key,
and leave without saying anything.
And he doesn't have the smartness
to win an argument with anyone.
I understood that it was a match-making
party who just left from here.
He told me...
that she's not at all interested
in getting married now.
As far as I've heard,
she has quite a lot of dreams.
At least sensible people like you
should be able to understand that,
she would tell you when
it's time to get married.
It's not in getting them married
like finishing off a duty,
but in understanding what's
in their mind very well,
and giving their hand to someone,
that you should see greatness.
there's this ritual called divorce that
happens soon after marriage, right?
That will not happen at all.
And one thing to you, dear...
He also did what anyone with a
little compassion would do.
If you startjudging each other,
you would lose this affection
between yourselves.
It's like that.
Shall we leave?
- Yes.
I'll get you tea.
There's still time for all that.
You will always
be blessed, dear.
Bye then.
- Bye.
'The dark blue clouds
are ready to shower'
'To swing on the branches
of the flowering tree'
'To know without words'
So today we learned how to
make chicken drumstick.
'Wobbling on the edge
of little red seeds'
'A breeze is caressing
my heart today'
'It turned into a flower'
Didn't you fill petrol in this?
I did, for 50 Rupees.
Who is it?
It's from home.
Enough, dear.
Now you also take a seat & eat.
Did you like it, mom?
It's amazing, dear.
very tasty.
What's that continental smell?
What timing, aunty!
Did you smell the food from afar?
Where are you even coming from?
Easy, grandma!
Why didn't you pick up my call?
I was coming here.
She made it herself and brought it.
It's really tasty. You sit there.
I don't want it.
Sit there, I say.
Sit and eat.
Uncle, you didn't say anything.
Here, mom.
- Dear...
it's been really long since
I had such tasty food.
Did you make this by seeing
it in some cookery show?
It's from a cookery show"
I made it looking at a chef's video
which has only 1500 views on YouTube.
Failed chef, right?
- Failed for the time being.
But in a few months, things would
change drastically.
The business that Vijay
and I are doing together,
I am thinking about restarting
it soon, on a good date.
We need your blessings, uncle.
You will always have my blessings.
But that alone is not enough.
The excitement, dedication and
determination that you're showing now,
should always be there.
G01: it?
Eat, all of you.
If you pay money, you can get other
chefs from Bombay or Bengal.
They are better to fire and
call back at your convenience.
Leave me alone.
Food truck is our baby.
I cannot leave it just like that.
And you are my last ray of hope.
It's my mistake.
I am sorry.
'What's so special today,
that this silence has faded away?'
'What's so special today,
that this cloud is raining incessantly?'
'At the shore of this night,
where we become one'
'Golden stars are arriving, to stay'
'Someone is singing a beautiful song...
The sky is resting on my chest'
'Whose heart is the full moon
searching for, hiding from everyone?'
'What's so special today,
that this silence has faded away?'
'What's so special today,
that this cloud is raining incessantly?'
'The sun rays are departing'
(Song from 'Niranf - 1999)
'The blue sky has become lonely'
'Someone sang in pain,
searching for some intense love'
'Oh my love, oh my love'
(Song from 'Duet' - 1994)
'What are you going to do to me?'
'Despite knowing that I an": an artist'
'Why do you ask for my eyes?'
'O bird with a feather on the forehead,
and golden wings'
'Why don't you sing?'
'Who is it, spreading light, at the
shore of pain, when the flames go out?'
'Who is it, as an inseparable companion,
during the rains and the cold breeze?'
'Let's search for the
bygone melodies, together'
'Let's make a thousand poems to sing'
'The illusion of silence
has disappeared somewhere'
'Someone is singing a beautiful song...
The sky is resting on my chest'
'Whose heart is the full moon
searching for, hiding from everyone?'
'Someone is singing a beautiful song...
The sky is resting on my chest'
'Whose heart is the full moon
searching for, hiding from everyone?'
Hey! Vijay! Vijay!
Look! Look at this!
Chitra Chechi (singer) has messaged us.
- Who?
Manu, look around! An E Class.
- Whose is it?
Whose car is it?
- Who knows?
All of you are here, huh?
Your business is rocking, right?
Am I right?
That's your name, right?
I saw you both on the news.
Very happy.
- Thank you.
I didn't know that I would
see you today, dear.
Everyone is here now, right?
All of them know that I
am a very frank person.
Still, let me ask since I saw you...
No formalities, sir.
Please ask.
Can you give us your share?
Business is an addiction for me.
However much your investment was,
I'll pay you thrice that amount.
Vijay is my future son in law.
If I don't invest in his business,
then who will?
What say?
I haven't thought about it, sir.
Think about it and tell me.
I don't have the habit
of hiding anything.
That's why I asked.
Next Sunday.
It's the pre-engagement party,
between my daughter and him.
It's not such a huge party.
Maximum 10-15 people.
That's all.
You should definitely come, dear.
No excuses.
Pre-engagement party?
I wasn't told about this!
I came here to tell you about that.
And to give this cheque.
Here. Keep this.
What is this for?
I know that you have a lot
of needs now, Chandran.
The value of cash increases, when it
comes of help during emergencies!
Come, Chandran.
Show me around this place.
I'm leaving then.
Sit, dear...
It's not that. I need to go
to a couple of other places.
Hey! Pinky!
Just because he said something...
It's okay.
Pinky, I didn't know...
What is it?
I'm sorry.
Anything else?
From my family's side,
I had a lot of pressure.
I couldn't say no to a proposal
dad had given his word for.
That didn't happen. - Oh!
Then you remembered me suddenly?
It's not that.
I thought about calling
you several times.
But I didn't have the
courage for that.
I saw the news of your
business on Facebook.
Then I wanted to
come and meet you.
I just felt like
appreciating you in person.
Then leave.
Don't get late. - Pinky...
You're lucky that we're
in front of my house.
Or else, I would have slapped
you hard on your face!
You know for what?
The courage you
showed while proposing?
For not showing that
while breaking up!
Why are you looking so gloomy?
Eat this.
I'll eat it.
Dad's friend and family came
that day to see you, right?
As far as we enquired,
that boy is good.
Good character.
And he's in Australia.
That's a major attraction.
To them...
What should we tell them, dear?
Your choice.
I said no to them.
Don't stare! I'm serious.
You should be living your life.
If you had liked that proposal, you would
have told that to us that day itself.
When daughters grow up,
parent's hearts will be on fire.
As they are of marriage-able age,
it would just flare up!
It's not out of the anxiety
whether she would get a boy
with a good character,
job and lineage.
When we think that the child we brought up
like this, has to be sent to another house,
When we realize that she's not going
to be ours alone hereafter...
You just need a ticket alone,
to go to Australia, right?
Your intuitions won't go wrong.
Mom won't force you for
anything hereafter, dear.
Your decisions...
will be the decisions of all
three of us from now on.
I'm joining the radio channel
officially on Sunday.
Evening show live.
I need a treat for that!
This treat is for that.
Order anything you want.
On Sunday, both of you
should be on my show.
On radio?
Why are you talking as if you're
hearing this for the first time?
Didn't I tell you earlier itself?
I called you both here
to discuss about that.
The name of the show
is 'True Stories'.
Pooh, no way!
No way!
- Just 10 minutes.
You need not come
to the studio even.
You just have to
talk over the phone.
It's his engagement
on Sunday, right?
That too, in the evening.
I know..
But Vijay...
ls there any way?
I had already told them.
Hey! You don't have to say please.
If Pinky is okay,
I am also okay.
Now you don't say no.
I'll go order something special.
Pinky, we didn't open the
food truck even yesterday.
The regular customers would be...
Your father in law has quoted
a price for my share, right?
Are you serious?
Wasn't he serious?
If so? - I'll sell it.
No regrets? - Why?
It's just a food truck, right?
Uncle had called me yesterday.
Asking whether I got
any reply from you.
But I didn't call you because...
Why didn't you call me?
His plan is to buy other bigger
vehicles and re brand the whole thing.
So what about this food truck?
He might sell it.
Or else...
He might make it an ambulance.
Or else, he might get it crushed!
- Get it crushed?
It's just a food truck, right?
Naresh had come.
So you have to say a
lot of things to me.
Do you say everything to me?
Had you told me about
your engagement?
Pinky, it's just a
pre-engagement party.
I didn't know about that.
I also heard about it for the
first time, when you heard it.
And why should I hide from you?
He came and said sorry to me.
Isn't he ashamed?
He is better than you anyway.
At least he is showing
his emotions outside.
Don't compare me with him.
- I don't feel any difference.
Even after saying
something from my heart,
why is it so difficult
for you to believe it?
My intention is not an argument.
I just wanted to meet you once,
and say a bye cleanly.
We met each other drinking a coffee,
and now let's go our separate ways,
the same way.
I just have one thing to tell you.
Don't become your
father in law's puppet.
Find your own space.
'Going away like a day'
'Disappearing like a night'
Where is Pinky?
She left.
'The words which never sprouted,
are departing'
'Staying away'
'Coming closer'
'All that has become a story'
'We n1et each other,
just to drift apart from each other'
'As a memory of a shadow'
'There are a thousand stories
left in the heart, to tell you'
Come inside.
Please sit.
Hello Vljay!
Why are you standing here,
all gloomy?
Hey! I was just..
- You are the hero of the day!
Were you thinking that you lost the
business for the day? - No, uncle.
Say yes. I'll be happy to hear that.
Have a drink.
- Vijay!
Vijay, it's time for
that radio interview...
I have a radio interview, uncle.
ls there any room with privacy upstairs?
- Oh yeah. Chandran told me.
Go right upstairs.
First door on the left.
There's no one there.
Go ahead.
Okay. Best of luck.
- Shall I go?
Escaped! Or else, he'll keep bragging.
- Hello!
You guys!
Do you do only music,
or anything else?
No. We do write a bit.
We're writing a novel.
Novel? Oh my God!
- Yeah.
What's the name of the novel?
A terrorist inside a jetty!
Excuse me. What?
A terrorist inside a jetty!
Actually, it's the story of a boat
jetty being attacked by a terrorist.
It's a terrorist attack.
What's the status of my music?
We're making it. We'll give it.
Make it!
We will make it.
Okay sir. - Cheers!
Novel, it seems!
Sit here, Hariettan.
Didn't you recognize Hariettan?
- He's a family friend of ours.
He's a major businessman.
He owns four elephants!
Haven't you heard of
Aana (Elephant) Hari?
No. I've heard of Haryana!
Aren't you ready yet?
Everyone is asking for her.
She's getting her make-up done,
getting ready, will be ready now...
There's a limit in
managing saying all that.
It's okay.
You go downstairs.
- Okay.
I'll take care of it.
You can't be upset
like this anymore.
Come on!
You're the centre of attraction!
Daddy, I told you so many times.
If I'm going to have
a married life,
it will be with someone I love!
Don't make me raise my voice.
Come on! Get ready!
Where is she? Didn't see her yet.
- She is getting ready.
Let's sit downstairs.
- Come. Let's sit downstairs.
When he came to see me,
and when I met him at the restaurant,
I told you many times,
don't put this poor guy in trouble!
I played along for all this only because
of your threat that you'll commit suicide.
Now I must move practically.
Salman loves me.
That's enough for me.
I very well know that this
pre-engagement drama is to influence me.
Yeah right! As if we're
living in America!
And so many buffoons to come
running as soon as they are invited.
- Daddy, my matter.. - Enough!
Vijay is an amazing guy.
He is going to be a very
successful businessman.
You can do business
with him then, Daddy!
Why should you compromise
my life for that?
Dear... ls your father inside?
Oh! Chandran?
What was that noise I heard?
What noise?
We didn't hear anything.
ls there any problem?
Any other issue or grievance?
That happiness that's usually
there on your face is missing.
That's why I asked.
See Chandran, you should
be having a drink.
My only confusion is that why
you haven't taken it yet.
You said that frankly, right?
Of course.
Hello Pooja?
- Hello?
Hi. You're ready, right?
- Yes, I'm ready.
- I know you're busy.
I'll finish it off
quickly in ten minutes.
No. That's okay.
Just a minute.
I'm adding her also on
the conference call.
I don't want to insult you, Dad.
I'll come downstairs.
Just to save your face.
But, from tomorrow...
don't force me for this alliance.
Just 10 minutes and we'll finish
everything quickly, okay?
Hey! Hey!
Don't overdo it.
Take your own time.
- Okay. I'm going to switch over.
Namaste. You're listening
to 'True Stories'.
And this is RJ Pooh.
In today's 'True Stories', two people are
here to share their true stories with us.
Vijay Super and Pournami.
The amusement when your hear these
names, is there in their lives as well.
They met through a
match-making ceremony,
then went their own ways,
then they met again,
and today, they are the entrepreneurs
of the restaurant on wheels,
'Good food, Good music', known
to all the foodies in Kochi.
First you tell me, Vijay...
Your made Pinky, whom you went to see
for an alliance at a wrong address,
your business partner.
And you're going to make another
girl your life partner now.
Did you find that girl
on your own or...
I mean... Was it love?
Or did your parents find her for you?
Hello? I'm asking you, Vijay.
Tell me.
Hello Pooja...
Yes, tell me.
If Vijay has to do something,
he needs to ask so many people.
He's the type who is very scared
to take a decision on his own.
How did you make a person with so much
fear, your business partner, Pinky?
What do you feel, Vijay?
Hello Vijay?
- I can hear you.
- Don't just hear me. Open up!
This is 'True Stories'.
You can say anything that's true.
What Pinky said is correct.
Pinky is not afraid of anything.
Pinky is not scared about how
to impress her parents...
Pinky is not scared whether someone
would hurt her emotions...
If she is asked to dress up
for a match-making ceremony,
she's not at all
scared of that too.
But I am really the
opposite of that.
| ...
I can't take up any
kind of tension!
When I went to meet her that day...
the first thing Pinky
told me was that,
we're not at all a good match.
When that door got locked there,
and I sat there and talked to
Pinky for a long time, I realized...
that people like me, who had no vision
or ambition in life, are just big zeroes!
Despite chanting that
'Vijay is super' like a prayer always,
I'm someone who could
never be super.
lam doing a business today...
Pooja is taking an interview of mine,
sitting at a radio station.
The reason for all that...
I'm sure about one thing.
If Pinky goes back,
within very few days,
I'll become that old Vijay.
What's that confusion within you?
Okay. One second.
Someone here is not saying anything.
Pinky, are you there?
- Yeah, Pooja. Tell me.
Okay, Pinky.
Tell me.
To someone who's come to
see you for an alliance,
the first thing you say is 'We're
not a good match', or what?
I always follow my heart.
It's true that I said so.
But when he left that room that day,
it wasn't like that in my mind.
Certain things would be new
information for you, Vijay.
Anyway, let's listen to
a superhit melody now.
After that, Pinky's
Australian travel dreams...
Vijays engagement news...
Then you would both go
your own separate ways.
Both of you have
exactly one minute.
You can say anything that's special.
Anyone can start.
Come on!
Hello? We don't have time.
Give it to me.
Hello? Hello? - Dad...
Why aren't you saying anything?
Hello. - Hello?
I am Chandramohan.
Vijays father.
Can I talk for a minute?
Of course, Uncle. Tell me.
I want to talk to Pinky.
Are you listening, dear?
Uncle. - Dear...
You are a very bold girl.
You have efficiency and smartness.
Vijay is not like that.
Considering that,
like you told him...
you both are not at
all a good match.
have you noticed one thing, dear?
When we look from outside,
those who don't seem
to be good matches,
have achieved the
most success in life.
Marriage life is like people who don't
know to make coffee, trying to make it.
Sometimes the bitterness
might become too much.
Sometimes, it might
become too less too.
But one day...
one day, the measure
will be just perfect.
Once you understand
that perfect measure,
it will be very easy to live.
It was two people who conquered
Mount Everest for the first time.
But, until they died...
they never revealed one truth.
Who was the first one who set foot
on Everest, among the two of them.
That's what partnership
should be all about.
I barged in, grabbed the phone
from him, and said so much to you...
because of my selfishness.
If you leave one fine day,
leaving everything to him,
when I heard him say that he would
become the old Vijay again...
I felt a heart-burn within me.
That's why...
| ...
I am giving the phone to Vijay.
Thank you, Uncle.
For blessing the first episode of
'True Stories' with such good words.
Like someone had written somewhere,
'Stars are always in the sky'
'But we don't see them in the morning'
The debts we have to repay...
We can repay them,
even by selling our house.
House is a place where we should
be living happily with our family.
Or else, it's just a building.
Don't do anything,
by sacrificing your happiness.
when a flood happened,
even though everyone struggled a lot,
didn't we overcome all that?
It's even more difficult,
to take certain crucial decisions
at certain crucial moments in life.
Think about it, son.
It's not late at all.
When uncle came to the
programme unexpectedly,
said a lot of meaningful things,
and handed over the phone,
it feels like you have left something to
say, at the brim of whatever you said.
I think it's like this.
Too late is far better than never.
Am I right?
What do you say, Pinky and Vijay?
Come on, speak up! This is 'True Stories'.
Come on!
Come on! You have to speak up.
Say it!
Come on, say it!
Okay then.
'As the ray of sunlight disappears'
'As the cool breeze covers you'
'As the ray of sunlight disappears'
'As the cool breeze covers you'
'As you go alone, on the
path where darkness falls'
'To cure the pain of
this throbbing night'
'Shining far away,
there's a star that you embraced'
'On the lap of the heart,
filled with tender leaves'
'Sleep, my little one'
'I shall caress your eyes with dreams'
'Sleep, my dear'
'On the lap of the heart,
filled with tender leaves'
'Sleep, my little one'
'I shall caress your eyes with dreams'
'Sleep, my dear'
'Sleep, my dear'
Pass it, dude.
- Dude, come on!
Don't play alone.
Dude, over here.
Don't hit it to the water.
Look at this!
Try this, man!
Pass it!
- Hey! Catch it.
Pass it, dude.
I heard everything.
Don't hit it outside.
I didn't think that We
would meet so soon.
I am Naresh.
- on!
She wouldn't have told
you about me, right?
Oh! No!
- When you get time, just ask her.
Pinky, I got married.
The girl...
is not as hep as you are.
She's quite traditional.
A sharp contrast to you.
But I am really happy.
She is better for me.
Come out.
I'll introduce you to someone.
9207066221 .
You should call me, okay?
If I get time, I'll call you back.
Why are you laughing?
Peace, bro!
Didn't I tell you?
God is there, dude.
Even though she's traditional, she's
okay, dude. Why are you laughing?