Vika! (2023) Movie Script

- DJ Vika!
- DJ Vika!
I'd love to have a grandma like you.
So cool!
You are a hell of a woman!
Take a picture of us, okay?
Awesome! We respect you so much!
Can I have a picture?
My grandchildren. I'll adopt you all.
Vika! Vika! Vika!
Scold someone! That's it!
And now shoot!
Cool! Awesome!
You're a space girl.
- Well!
- Now things are going to happen.
I told myself I wouldn't be
that old person,
who just sits around
like a plant in the window.
I'll just show that it's possible
to live in a different way.
Wonderful! Wow, what a firecracker!
Do you work standing up?
I play all night, until 4 or 5 am.
I started DJ-ing when I retired.
I'm a special education teacher.
I worked for 30 years in a
juvenile prison, behind bars!
When I was hired, they said:
"A young lady? In here?
In a shithole like this? Go to TV, miss."
I said, "No, I want to be here.
Will you take me?"
He gave me two weeks to prove myself.
And I stayed.
Later, I became the manager,
then director of the facility.
And then I retired.
You want to turn an 80-year-old granny
into a model, my dear?
My husband will be
turning in his grave.
This is great.
- That could...
- It's great.
Toilet granny!
Welcome to my cave.
This is the first time I've seen
such a professional studio.
This is a synthesizer...
- For special effects?
- For...
Is it? For special effects?
Not only, you can also play on it.
Oh, very avant-garde!
And release.
At the start of the beat, release it.
Basic dance scratch. And here.
Good. That's good.
Vika and Warsaw.
The Vistula...
Vistula, Vika, Warsaw.
And smile.
- You have grandchildren, don't you?
- I do, my dear.
My grandson is your age.
- Does he come to your parties?
- That's why I say you're my grandson.
Do you ever see them at parties?
They don't have time, you know.
They're a completely different species.
I think my granddaughter
is even a little ashamed.
Ashamed of me.
We're not that close,
it's hard for me to say.
But I don't want to buy relationships.
I leave it all to nature.
You can't force it.
- Ho, ho, ho!
- Hi, hello.
- What a lovely scent.
- Me?
My borrowed husband.
Drowning in aftershave.
Hi, Vika. Where were you?
I was ringing the bell.
I was just deaf.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I would like to welcome Mrs. Szmyt,
known also as DJ Vika in the,
let's say, world of entertainment.
She is considered to be
the oldest DJ in Poland.
Sometimes, I used to wonder
if it's possible
to do anything at all at this age.
We are closer to the end
than the beginning.
That's why I don't think about it,
because when I look at my date of birth,
I wonder how long I can keep going.
The other day,
I couldn't get out of the bathtub.
So I rolled over onto my belly,
pulled myself up with my elbows
and somehow got out.
After all, was I supposed
to call my neighbour
to come and get me out of the bath?
I had to learn to do it all myself.
Because there's no one else around.
I don't tell anyone about my suffering,
I don't think one should.
It's better to sell
yourself as being healthy, right?
That you can cope with it all,
and having a quiet cry at home
won't hurt either.
- I hate looking at old people!
- You can hate that all you want,
you just look into a mirror
and there you are.
I show old age by being old myself.
I have the courage to show myself.
- To live in public, but I try...
- You don't have to show it.
No, we need to show it.
You can't run away from old age, madam.
We're the ones who can show it
in a beautiful way.
We're not getting any younger, my dears.
Just older.
Without a mirror, you can't see it.
But my dear, we look in the mirror every
day and we just have to love ourselves
the way we are,
as we will have a healthier life then.
And you are a beautiful woman, truly.
- I'd rather play for the gays.
- For sure. Come on, your turn.
I prefer to look at the young,
because when I look at them,
I think I still have plenty of time.
And when I look at old people,
I'm like, "Damn, how much
of this life do I have left?"
If you look at them,
you don't know if you'll manage
to do all the things you still want to.
I can't find the right spot, damn it.
It's not that easy, girl.
- Look what's going on!
- We'll be late. Damn it.
We'll manage somehow.
What if they throw tomatoes at us?
I can deal with tomatoes, I hope
they won't throw fucking stones at us.
Listen to this...
We'll start with this one.
It'll get everyone dancing.
- Get them on the dance floor.
- Okay.
Please come up to the dance floor.
Gentlemen, invite the ladies.
Those who dance never grow old.
Come on up, everyone.
Cool. Smile.
- Great, have a look.
- Now my turn.
Done? And one more.
Look, "Paradise". Cafe and dancing.
- I wonder if they hold dances.
- Why don't we go?
But I don't know if they have
dance evenings in resorts like this.
- When I was in Szczawno...
- I thought it was a funeral home, this...
Vika, your associations amaze me.
Oh, it's simply a natural medicine spa.
When I'm around people,
I look at the different
relationships in families.
Some children
take their mothers on vacation.
And when I ask what it was like,
they say, "The kids invited me
to lunch today." And things like that.
As for my grandchildren,
I don't blame them...
No, absolutely not.
But I don't get calls every month.
More like once every six months or so.
- That's not often. Once every six months?
- Yes, it's not every week, not at all.
I didn't have the possibility
to devote time to my grandchildren.
Because of my work or trips abroad
when they were growing up.
I never had a life where
I could take care of my grandchildren.
There's no explanation for
her lack of interest
or the fact that she
never calls or visits you.
There are no excuses.
Well, that's why I don't get involved.
Besides, I've been thinking,
about old age,
no matter how close the relationship is,
old age is always a problem.
An old person is a kind of problem,
a burden for young people.
A bit of a headache.
A burden.
You have reached the voicemail,
leave your message at the tone.
Bye-bye, my love.
Bye, I'm going.
What a person needs most in life
is most certainly tenderness.
But a tenderness...
A kind of tenderness,
that you can no longer...
That you can no longer have.
You just can't.
If your partner's gone, it's a tough time.
And then I remember I'm old...
which I forget...
when I'm DJ-ing.
- Will you use this to cover yourself?
- I will a little, yes.
I just remembered a joke.
A drunk boy goes to bed with a girl.
He wakes up the next morning
and looks at her,
but she's so old, wrinkled, ugly.
He asks, "How old are you?"
"How old do I look?"
And he says,
"People don't live that long."
That's why I don't have affairs.
But is it a good thing?
Time will tell.
If you're fit, then okay,
but after that...
What I'm most afraid, though...
is an illness that will make me
dependent on someone.
It can't go up yet
as it's still warming up.
A balloon requires patience.
Not the way they're doing it.
Because this one is already broken.
- It won't fly...
- It won't.
It just won't.
Wooh, go on. That's it, fly!
Bravo, bravo!
It's flying!
See? It's up!
look here.
Look at how beautiful it is, see.
That's what I wanted to capture,
along with you.
Put your coat on.
Baby, put your coat on, please.
But I'm hot, sweetie.
- Please put it on.
- Stop it, I'm boiling.
You'll get a cold.
So she gets a cold, so what?
And if she gets the shits, so what?
For God's sake!
I don't get you.
Are you fucked up, Krzysztof?
I see what's going on with her.
And what is that?
You're not here
for pleasure or a vacation.
- You're here to work.
- And what am I doing? Relaxing?
You're not, I just don't like
your mood. I can't stand it.
I'm here, hooking it all up.
What else do you want?
- Just be normal.
- I am normal.
You're grumpy and passive aggressive.
It's irritating.
Vika, I'm normal, stop it.
- Don't make a scene.
- I've had enough.
You're being aggressive,
uptight and fucked up all around!
You need to be calm and focused here,
think about what you're playing and all.
You didn't even bother to ask
what we're playing.
It's just "honey bunny, fucking dummy!"
Wait, wait, wait.
Play by yourself, for fuck's sake.
It's too much for me.
It pisses me off, pardon my French.
- But one thing I can tell
you for sure. - Yes?
It's my last trip with her.
Fucking hell. Holy shit.
Happy birthday, Mom.
Long may you have such strength.
Just remember too
that you can't do it all.
It just seems that way.
So relax, always find
some time to rest.
I don't have time to rest.
We may not have the very close contact
that some other families do,
where family members are nearly
addicted to one another.
But I'm fine with what we have.
I am.
And that's it, that's enough for me.
I have my own life.
I am so busy and pre-occupied,
that I simply don't have time
to come to your homes unannounced.
Sometimes I'm sad,
but then I look at others
who are worse off,
and that feeling goes away, no problem.
That's why it is what it is.
- Happy birthday! - Are you
guys all right in the head?
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
- Well, I never!
- Vika, my dearest!
I'll kill you all for this.
Bravo, beautiful!
Well, I never!
My little star...
The most beautiful 18-year-old!
- Here you go.
- It's from us.
How much are the little ones?
These are 60 each.
- Beautiful.
- Very pretty, yes.
- Expecting a lot of gifts?
- Excuse me?
- Expecting lots of gifts?
- Just two tins of cat food.
Oh boy!
Oh my goodness, wait a minute.
What kind of tree
has needles like this?
Damn it.
I'm not going to lose my life
over this crap, damn it!
I won't have a Christmas tree.
Right, I just need to...
Oh, hello!
I knew it was you, I knew it!
- How was your trip?
- Ah, you know.
I knew it was you.
I wondered if I'd recognise you.
Damn, I'm not dressed up for a party.
But I remembered
that you looked very nice.
I did remember that.
I left in 1946.
I remembered the Gate of Dawn
as being much bigger.
- But it's quite modest.
- That's true.
And how do you find Vilnius nowadays?
A little sad. Maybe it's the weather.
After all, it was wartime back then.
Many people were moving around,
with all their belongings.
It was a very different atmosphere.
Look, there are no people here.
Maybe everyone's getting ready
for the party?
Cleaning their shoes.
Hey, Vilnius! Give us a warm welcome!
Welcome the queen of the dance floor.
DJ Vika!
DJ Vika is from Vilnius.
It's her hometown.
So give a big round of applause
to the queen!
The one and only!
I love you! I love you!
We love you! We love you!
- Thank you, sweetheart.
- It was great.
It was so smooth.
- Really cool. - It's great
playing with you, you know?
Oh, thank you!
Do you have a coat?
Yes, always.
I used to reach up here.
Standing on tiptoes
to see the doll below.
I lived behind a closet.
I lived there for quite a long time.
I left only in the evenings.
In Vilnus I lived
in four places, I think.
All these memories are just fragments,
it was all very sad.
Very sad fragments. All of them.
All of them. Like sitting in the closet,
in the basement and all that.
If anyone knocked on the door,
we wouldn't open it at all.
So you know, it wasn't easy.
I don't have memories that...
that are happy memories, not at all.
My family died in the war.
I have no brothers, sisters,
aunts, cousins.
I always longed to have them,
but I didn't.
Maybe that's why
my relationships don't work,
why my very close contacts fail,
because I never had a family.
Ladies and gentlemen,
in connection with the outbreak
of the coronavirus pandemic
please stay at home
for your own safety.
We urge you to stay at home.
Be responsible for each other,
not just today and tomorrow,
but throughout the epidemic.
The health and lives
of our loved ones depends on it.
Covid-19 is a real and global threat.
Today, we have decided
to cancel all mass events.
I didn't know I had so many. Dear God!
OLD AGE IS JUST MY COAIt's not all that simple.
Aren't I getting up nicely?
Oh, fuck... Holy shit. Ouch!
Things aren't like we think.
Oh fuck!
Hi Mom.
Are you back from Zielona Gra?
I'm back, but I don't want
to talk on the phone.
I don't want to...
- You don't feel like it?
- But we're back.
I don't feel like it.
Ah, okay.
- Bye then.
- See you later. Bye.
There's nothing left
Nothing to run for
There's nothing left
Nothing to desire
There's nothing left
Nothing, nothing
That gives you something to live for
Nest stop: Central Station.
New times, new me.
You're so lovely, my dear!
Thank you! Straight from your garden?
- From the one downstairs.
- Thank you, my dear. Come on in.
Hi, sweetheart. Hi.
- This is your tea, here you go.
- Great.
Let it brew for a moment.
I've got apple pie,
and another cake too.
Are we on the air now?
Hello, hi!
It's Marcin and Vika here.
I think we are ready. Is it fine?
- The...
- It is all set. You wanna join?
Well, I'll be damned.
- The cat switched off the broadcast.
- He's not that easy to live with.
Thank you Saudi Arabia, Emirates!
Thanks for being with us and dancing!
Hope you enjoyed it.
Damn it, how do you put this shit on.
Hang on.
Wait, did I put it on right or wrong?
I think it's wrong. Shit, it's wrong.
Wait a minute. Damn this thing.
Here's this damn thing,
where's this fucking thing?
No fucking way, bloody hell.
How do you put this shit on?
Holy shit.
Shit, I forgot the code.
I have to...
Damn it.
Dear Jesus...
I really have to...
- I can do it for you.
- Oh, my dear, I forgot the code.
- Like this?
- Hang on, don't get it tangled.
Come on, move it.
- This needs to go higher.
Does it hurt? - It hurts like hell.
Damn it, I put it in the wrong hole.
Does it hurt that much?
A bit more, a bit more. That's it.
Is it okay now?
If it were just millimetres
to the side...
it would mean hospital and surgery.
- Weeks in hospital. At my age...
- Don't even say that.
You were really lucky.
- That you know... - I'd never
leave the hospital at this age.
Maybe in a coffin.
I've had some thoughts recently,
let me tell you.
About stepping back from public life.
I'm just trying not to cross a line.
That of my physical,
intellectual and psychological limits.
These are important things,
connected with one's psyche.
Will I still be able to retain
some logical thinking?
I wouldn't want to become
a laughing stock,
or appear to be forcing things.
Someone might think,
"Oh, despite everything,
she can't leave, she can't let go."
There are always
certain boundaries in life,
certain limits to our abilities.
- This is great, Mom.
- Lovely!
Got it.
You know
I just don't like to impose myself.
I just don't like being somewhere,
where I am not wanted.
And I always assume someone
doesn't want me there.
And that makes me
feel like an intruder.
That's why I always step back.
I miss those warm relationships,
that warmth and closeness.
Who do you want to get it from?
Who can give you that, Mom?
- Your disco friends? Are you joking?
- No, I mean...
Who can give it to you if not your
closest family, me and Marek?
People need close relationships, Mom.
But you should always remember
about it, not just from time to time.
You've never invited me
for your name day or birthday.
Mom, I don't invite anyone.
What can I tell you?
I haven't celebrated
my name day in 20 years.
- Well, exactly.
- Besides, do we need a birthday
to visit each other?
For you to come and see us?
You haven't visited us for 20 years.
Don't be surprised I don't take
a lot of interest in you.
I show as much interest as you did.
I'm not surprised at all.
I wasn't interested in sports.
And I'm not interested in your music.
Not at all.
And that's fine. No hard feelings.
You lived right next to the stadium.
Two stops away.
You could've come to a match,
see your son represent Poland.
You have visited Marek
maybe once in 20 years.
You travelled across the whole country
with a suitcase weighing 30 kilos,
full of records,
on the overnight train.
And you could go to gigs.
But see your son? No, too far away.
We are sensitive too.
Do you think it's just you?
I just assumed I should be independent
for as long as I can.
Not to be a burden for anyone
for as long as possible.
That's what fucked-up people think.
Fucked-up like me.
Old people also want
to look pretty, damn it!
I'll be even more colourful!
It was good when
I was younger, but now...
The older I get,
the more I resemble a parrot.
- This parade is actually your idea?
- Yes, it is.
I thought that old age seemed
to bring nothing but problems.
That old age is dull,
a stage in life when you don't develop,
but just sit on a bench.
Just playing with rosary beads
and dreaming of heaven.
Well, people can think
that if they want.
But I want heaven on Earth.
Dear all, we have shown our age!
We've shown there is no way
our lives end upon retirement!
I declare the parade open,
let's seize the future!