Viking (2016) Movie Script

"History - It is a sympton, of which we are sick"
- Mao Tse-tung
Year 977 - Pagan Russia.
The Rorik family rules Scandinavian lands
and commercial route of the Varegues to the Greeks,
A Viking territory along the north
to the Roman Empire to the south.
After the death of Grand Prince Sviatoslav I,
His three sons divided their possessions.
In Kiev, the eldest son Yaropolk.
The second son Oleg in Drevlians territory,
and the youngest, Vladimir, in Novgorod.
Oleg envy Prince Yaropolk
and negotiates alliance,
with an old enemy of Rorik's,
- Prince Rogvolod of Polotsk.
When I close my eyes, I see the forest in winter.
The cold, white snow speaks about death.
What happened here, profoundly changed our lives.
- Over there.
- Did you hear that?
- All my life I served the Rorik house.
- Why did I choose your son Oleg?
Because he was crazy just like his father.
Although not so smart.
In the forest we were not the only ones.
- After them!
C'mon, C'mon...
There were also others.
- Here! Come on...
- At where?
- Where's the ax?
- Drop it.
- We are your brother's people!
- This is our hunt and our prey.
Which brother?
I have two.
The youngest? Vladimir?
We are in Kiev.
Enough, enough!
- He serves Yaropolk.
- We can share.
- We're not greedy.
- Share?
- Share...
Yaropolk has the best soldiers.
The largest castle.
And this is still little.
- What are you waiting for?
It's Yaropolk.
Talk to your brother.
- We will pay for the dead.
- And because it happened.
- You killed my soldier.
- How do I handle this?
- I have a wedding present.
- For her daughter.
- Your men wanted to catch him.
I also came for a wedding present.
For you.
Bring it to me.
I did not invite you!
- We're going to Polotsk.
- The bride is waiting for us.
It's easier to talk outside the wall.
We have to kill them. - All.
Let's go!
There are still people on the slopes.
Let's go. Faster!
Out of the way!
Close the gate.
The offspring requires revenge for
the bloodshed.
Yaropolk decided to sacrifice me.
Right here, in the house of your enemy,
Prince Rogvolod.
So that everyone knew that Yaropolk
is not to blame for Oleg's death.
But his brother's blood was upon him.
Yaropolk! Answer me.
Why the hell did he run in front of me?
Did I pushed him?
- Gives!
- Your men were chasing us!
- You served my father.
- He is dead.
And you live.
You served my brother. In here.
And you live.
- Maybe I live.
- Because you do not serve me.
This is the case.
You lost your brother when
I was defending you.
If you are against the law, he says,
We'll leave you at the gate.
Is this your last word?
Come on.
Get off me!
- Are you ready?
- Wait... wait.
Hold my hair.
Not to get dirty while displaying
in the eyes of the god of thy father.
Hand on it!
I buried the god of war!
You will have to say this to him.
You can not change the law. For!
That's right!
Twice, in accordance with the law.
He has that right.
Stop! We have to keep him back.
Come back!?
Let it go!
You are right.
It was not necessary to allow to leave.
Remember Yaropolk!
You're guilty of Oleg's death!
Do you love the law?
By law you will have revenge!
Vladimir is still alive!
You see...
Ali Polotsk.
The applicant negotiates
on the other side.
First I fought for the prince of Novgorod,
and then by the Vikings to the north.
Now we're here.
- Yaropolk is not my enemy.
- Neither friend.
You wanted to fight for the two brothers.
- You helped me, too.
- This is not a war!
- This time it is.
- Is that why you came?
- Father! - Who's the suitor?
I! Vladimir!
Speak freely.
Prince of the Rorik's House.
Vladimir? I've heard.
It's true that you ran away in fear
of your brother's soldiers?
To the north, is not it?
I was with the Vikings.
And why did you come here then?
- You will not find your brother here.
- I came for you.
It's my pleasure to meet you.
I want to unite our homes.
Take this, local custom.
Will I be happy there?
Will I go with you to war?
We'll both be happier.
- Unless you are afraid.
- Come and bring your subjects.
So? Do you accept?
It seems that she does not like chickens.
- You came for the soldiers.
- I want you, not soldiers.
Father, is not for me but for you.
Wait. - Let's talk.
- Wait.
- The interview is over.
None of this will happen.
- You do not know me well.
- I know all about you!
- Smhaljie!
- You know what?
- I said,
- Listen!
- Speaks!
- Oh really?
What do you know?
You are the son of a slave.
If I marry you,
I'll clean the boots of the slave's son.
- Smhaljie!
- He's not a Prince?
- It's a prince!
Your brother, maybe I'll take it.
He's a prince. But you, you're nobody.
Calm down.
- I love my mom!
- Play it.
His first battle.
To his brothers he was not a prince,
but the son of a slave.
By law he had the right to make
war with the older brother,
Grand Prince Yaropolk,
to become equal to him.
More smoke!
Vladimir wanted alliance with
the Prince of Pololsk,
and now we fight against it.
Why not take revenge against an
offense of that coward,
or slave.
- Let's prepare a berserk attack.
- I'm going with the Vikings.
Let's attack the old gate.
Look at me.
Fill it like a monster with a holy
wrath and animal power.
Kill them all!
You came without warning.
Give him the rage!
You can, become one of us.
Go! She changed her mind and wants
to take off his boots.
- Get up!
- Leave her!
They killed them.
- Are you going to hide here?
- What did you do?
Let me go!
- We are a family.
- Lie! Lie down!
- Leave her.
- What?
- Come with me.
- She wants revenge. Where are we going?
- Honestly.
- Should we go to war.
There will be no war.
We will go peacefully.
Go away from here.
- What you mean?
- We will be rational.
Yaropolk must pay for Oleg's death.
A refund,
For me and my people.
- Yaropolk killed Oleg.
- Have you forgotten?
People do not change.
Let's go to Kiev.
You come with me.
You're my wife.
I'm going to love it.
I will approach the sorcerer.
I am the prince's brother.
- I'm looking for Yaropolk.
- I want to talk to him.
Let's go.
Where is everyone?
So silent.
The people fled.
Come take a look.
Your father's ax.
The city was abandoned.
Do you want to know why,
people do not change?
Because they do not want to.
Yaropolk was about a day trip from Kiev.
He had recruited a large army for us
to defeat with a single blow.
Vladimir sent a messengers
and proposed a meeting.
Jaropek sent a word that, bastard
has no right to judge him.
Kiev became a trap for us.
But fate smiled at us.
Is this a toy?
- Where did you get it?
- I found here.
In the mud.
Their ship is faster than mine!
Good sword!
We saw Yaropolk's army.
We thought it was him.
But it was a woman!
Who is she?
- I am your brother's wife.
- My brother.
- What are you doing here?
Does your husband send you?
Yaropolk sent me home.
To Korsun during the war.
Bishop Anastasius gives me safe passage.
- To Korsun? (Byzantine City)
- Yaropolk heard about Polotzk.
Why did my brother send you?
With me.
They are Glina rowers.
Want the men to soak in the water.
He was your brother's soldier.
Look at me.
Come on, talk.
How is it?
Let's go.
Show me the hand.
Sit down.
You will not find treasures here.
Yaropolk took it all.
For what?
Recruit soldiers.
Why should I spare your life?
I have information about Yaropolk.
What do you know? - I'm listening.
You have Irina.
She is pregnant.
Yaropolk Camp Outpost
I said, Stop!
- Enough! - That was enough. Enough!
Where's my wife?
Is she alive?
She's alive and well.
How much do you want for it?
Nothing. - They wait for you.
- They do not want gold.
- Impossible.
- Do not go unprotected
Must lead the army.
Only then can negotiate.
Where did you get that?
Vladimir sent it to you.
Show the army and bring it out of the wall.
By Irina.
Why not you, give the name of my son?
Do not be angry!
He returned!
Where is my wife?
Come on, bring who those you're looking for.
You okay?
Where is my brother?
Waiting for you.
- Be careful.
- Are you going without me?
They dug the whole yard.
Lost something?
He's already found it.
You come with me.
Where did you find it?
Where it belongs.
- I thought Oleg had stolen.
- He stole.
Granny buried him in the courtyard.
When digging in my back yard,
I found it.
What will we do now?
We'll talk.
What? What?
Where are you doing?
The Grand Prince Yaropolk sat at table
with his father. Rejoice!
Go away!
Let him go.
Let it go!
Let it go!
Go away and tell the others.
The war is over.
Where's Vladimir?
Vladimir is the Grand Prince.
He is a nobody!
Son of a slave!
People like him do not deserve to live!
Come on!
Promise me you'll protect Irina!
Throughout your life.
Hold on,
They went to Kiev.
Vladimir promised to forgive everyone.
- Many of them. - Not all are traitors.
- And we will... against all?
- They are right. - Many of them.
And them...
Are they traitors?
- I swear with blood.
- Revenge against Vladimir.
I'll die for the previous life. Only the
the bastard's blood will make me turn back.
Have mercy, sir.
Vladimir stopped the war and people
accepted the death of Yaropolk.
But Vladimir was adopted and remained
like a bastard... a foreigner.
To maintain its position,
you would have to be more than his brother.
He became greater than his father.
At night, the city waited for the dead prince,
to take revenge.
- Who was the dead man's revenge?
Put your hands down!
Did you try to revive him?
- He died.
- Do not lie!
Have you prayed for him?
I prayed for... about getting up.
You do not know, about the dead?
Are you going to get up again?
Resurrected? Right?
That's not him.
You should not be afraid.
I'll raise your son as mine.
Trust me.
I will be as strong as his father.
The gods did not protect Yaropolk,
then Vladimir brought them down from the mountain.
He has brought the god of thy father out of the land,
whose children were abandoned to gain their strength.
And all would know that was a great
prince, like thy father.
The god of thy father Sviatoslav,
liked human blood.
Then he was buried, when thy father died.
I live.
He is hungry and asks for food.
Silence, it can still rise.
I give my brother to my father's god.
He asks for fresh blood.
A living body.
Offer a worthy one, for the god
of your father?
Bring your sacrifice!
Stay with me.
Come on.
My father's God is God of wealth and glory!
Protect us all!
Please join me!
If we kill enough,
Irina climbs to the throne.
And we will rule together.
And we have the Pechenegues.
- Oh, Pechenegues.
- I didn't think they would come.
A patrol. - They saw the smoke.
We need your commander.
Yaropolk is dead. - We have their treasures.
You can be rich.
But in return, help me to kill a Russian prince.
- Do you remember the fort in the rotten valley?
- I remember.
Please wait there.
Pechenegues! Pechenegues!
What are you waiting for?
Quick! Quick!
Follow me!
- No! - Do not do that!
Keeps your hands!
Do you think Kiev will have another prince?
- What?
- If you want, I'll give it to you!
- I can give it to you!
- Too mature in the sun!
Come back! Come back!
All back!
- Help me please! - Take your hands off!
Get out of here.
Give me Irina.
- It's good.
- Give to me and I'm leaving now!
It will save the city.
- You do not believe me.
- Believe me for this dead Yaropolk.
I have his treasures.
I pay and they leave immediately.
- All.
No one else dies!
Give me Irina.
I spared your life.
What did you do to him?
If you change your mind, you know
where to find me.
The new prince won the battle.
Let me go, please. - Let me go.
You hear that?
- Save yourself and the city, please.
Let her go.
Gives us hope.
I can protect her. Trust me.
Why are you here?
Enemies out there!
The enemy can be anyone who
does not keep his word.
We do not fight for free,
So I advise you to hurry for paying us.
It is not enough!
How do we decide?
I thought,
That you were warriors
You are traders!
You owe us more!
Give the Berserk!
For your gold we will give you a soldier,
But it's the best!
The Pechenegues were preparing for the invasion,
Variako occupied the entire length of
the field nearby Kiev.
Then Vladimir decided to put all the
soldiers at the gate.
I wanted to attract the cavalry down the fort.
- Wheels on the wall.
Everyone knew they would not leave,
then they went willingly.
- On my signal, go to the wall immediately!
- Roger that!
The captain was Fedor,
former commander of Yaropolk.
Although confessing a strange faith
for all of us, but He was a great warrior.
Oh God, save me and protect me.
Give this to Ivan, my son.
- Good luck. - Everything is in the hands
of my heavenly father.
Are you the son of the Christian god?
God's servant. Nothing else.
Let him help you.
Faster! Quick!
Come on!
Come on, faster!
Come on!
All ahead!
All together!
At the same pace!
Wall! Until the signal.
Now! Open!
Sign! Sign!
Keep moving! - Wheels!
- It's over there! - Raise the wheel!
Berserker, for fortification.
For fortification, defend the gate!
- Fire! - Be careful not to set fire
to the wall!
In a dream I saw my mother.
This means that, we will win today.
Give it to me.
Burn it! Continue to launch!
Water to wall! Fast!
Water to wall! Fast!
- Lord have mercy.
- God of my father helped us.
God of my father helped us!
Thank him for being alive!
The pechenegues did not leave!
Troops to stay with me in the wall.
Well, touch him on the shoulder.
You know how to make fire?
- Of course. - Can you help me?
- My father said to wait at home.
- Do you know what to do to the gods to send rain?
You can save us.
I see my father!
I see my father!
I see my mother!
I see my mother!
- I see my Lord! - I see my Lord!
They sit in a beautiful garden with
flowering trees.
They sit in a beautiful garden with
flowering trees.
They Waiting for me!
They Waiting for me!
They Waiting for me!
Father. All of them was saved.
Let's go home!
- They said I would save everyone.
- They are save. Now You're going home!
And then?
The chosen boy. He will save us.
Where is your man? Vladimir!
Come here!
Do not touch him!
They celebrated. You hear?
Why are not you with them?
Do not worry.
They believe that my father's strength returned.
They want to kill him!
Bet your knife?
If he survives, I'll give you the knife.
Who do you serve?
They are not gods! Tomorrow they will rot!
Cut the pillars!
Cut the pillars!
The prince!
Over there!
Have mercy, sir.
- Father? - What?
We are going to die?
Do not.
I told you, death does not exist.
(Praying orthodox prayer)
(Praying orthodox prayer)
It's all because of you!
(Praying orthodox prayer)
(Praying orthodox prayer)
Come to me, my dear.
- Have mercy, O God! - Have mercy, O God!
If we do not offer to God a precious sacrifice,
how will he know that we love him?
The offering was made. God will save us.
He warned.
You are a foreigner. Like a Viking.
You have a misfortune.
I'll introduce you to him.
- You hear.
You will meet him
There is no death.
But then.
Do not let them see you like this.
Let me go, please
Sub-Rip by aLDEN
- The god father accepted the two sacrifices.
- The city was saved from the pechenegues.
But everyone knew that the place
would not remain safe.
Then Vladimir dared to grab fate by the throat.
He decided to meet with Variako.
When it starts to rain again,
Remember me.
What is it?
Greek name.
Not yours.
How does Anna understand?
In Greek letters.
You see: A. N. N. A.
What does it mean?
A... Anna.
It's the grace of Godl
They gave me to the monastery.
What do you mean, grace?
- It is the love of a woman,
- It's the love of God.
Grace is a gift of love.
a God's gift.
God's gift? Which god?
God is only one.
And he loves you.
It can save you.
Remember him.
Keep me as a reminder.
Can go.
Do not let them escape!
Do not just stand there!
Let's jump.
Where is it?
Are you afraid?
Come on!
Come on! Where are they going?
We do not fight against the Romans.
What? Where are you going? You promised.
- Where is the Rogneda? - In the temple.
- You thought of something right?
- They are Roman ambassadors, listen.
The pechenegues left.
The Romans are much stronger.
Accepts what they offer,
but do not believe them.
You will always be a stranger to them.
I agree with the Roman peace and the
Pechenegians will not return.
Agreed. - They hired their father.
When will you listen? Listens.
It is in your hands,
Kill the pechenegues.
We can not be afraid.
- Do not fear the attack of the pechenegues.
- The night goes on and the day comes.
We need the strength of the Romans.
These boxes with gold, and the leopard are
a gift from the emperor for the prince.
Emperor Basil Porphyrogen With the Grandchildren:
Constantine VII and the co-regent,
Anna Porfirognito. - Your sister.
God's grace.
God's grace.
The emperor offers to help you in
the glory and war, with his soldiers,
If you conquered Korsun for him.
The city of Korsun is under judgment,
rebels and against the empire.
Rewarding the help of the Emperor,
it would be great.
The emperor wants to know the prince,
What is your answer?
I will help you, but not for gold.
What does the prince have in mind?
What do you want?
The grace of God.
- He want the grace of God? - Anna.
It is impossible.
Forget about it.
The prince can not have Anna
Porphyrogenitus hands.
She refused even the German Emperor.
The prince can ask anything to the Emperor,
except for Anna. - Say what you want.
I want her. - As a wife!
You kept your word.
Roman gold strengthens the fighting spirit.
Let's go to the wall.
- Are you going with the others?
- Where?
To the temple.
We ask the gods protection against the Pechenegs.
Ask for protection.
I already have all my sacrifices.
Get dressed.
I will not give up my own life.
You know very well that I will continue to the end.
You will have a son.
Are you trying to kill us?
Return to Polotsk.
What more gift do you need?
From which god?
Throughout the night the noise echoed
from the camp of pechengues.
Someone screamed terribly outside the walls.
Everyone was preparing for the worst.
Yes, the Romans agreed to Vladimir,
to give the Emperor's sister, Anna.
They knew that the city of stone would not
be easily reconquered.
And going to Korsun would be crazy.
But this morning, it didn't matter.
Everyone only thought about death,
lying in the mist.
So, dude? - Where are the pechenegues?
They said that the Romans are now
Vladimir's allies.
- Pechenegues do not fight with Romans.
- They have a son, the captain's hostage,
to honor the agreement honestly.
Does Irina live?
Variako led Korsun.
- Prepare the men.
- Send messengers to all cities.
We need the grace of God!
How we can continue to live?
Let's go to Korsun!
Attention! Attention! Make a way!
Watch out!
Be careful when doing the negotiation!
I am Vladimir.
I'm a friend of the Emperor!
I swear by my father's memory.
I'm not leaving until I enter the city.
I want to know who among you.
Who is going to open the gate?
It will be you, or you.
Maybe it's you.
I swear by the memory of my ancestors.
I'm not going to kill you.
No one will touch them!
Save yourself and the city.
Save yourself and the city.
Save yourself and the city.
Act together a letter with the bracelet,
You will know that, who you are.
What is it?
What is happening?
Wait, do you believe in him?
She told me everything.
On the water that flows down the mountain
to supply the city.
Tell me, for he knows you, or just you?
- I'm checking this out.
- Where is he?
Exploring the mountain.
So she drew up a plan? And sent?
Come with me.
It's the same thing.
What? Why?
Irina, why?
He's a bastard, a slave!
Why did you tell him about it?
Vladimr will not spare her.
He will find the source of the water and
cut the supply of the city!
You brought them all!
You brought all of them.
Betrayed huh!
- Father! - Please!
Accept my confession.
I have sinned.
He helped us.
And I sent an arrow, not for the good of the city,
but for the sake of it.
Look at me!
As soon as the assassin enters the city,
and you're sure to get it.
I swear to find a way to kill the baby!
Run away from the city, disappear!
- Swear to me!
- Because I'm going to kill the baby!
I stabbed him straight to the heart.
Are these two trees? - Yes.
- Where's the tube?
- The city is on that side.
Everyone knew that the city would
resist the siege.
The soldiers did not return home before the end.
Vladimir ordered to pull the boat
up to the mountain.
Those who tried to escape the steppe would
be captured by the Pechenegs.
They covered their backs.
The water pipe was their only chance.
Vladimir! - The Prince!
I'm the first Viking. I came to help you.
Where are the others?
Others? Sleeping.
Tired of drinking beer.
Have you ever been to a Roman city?
There are cities where the water
goes even further than here.
Have you heard about this?
And you?
Whenever I encounter, is digging a grave.
But not for me.
I will bury its bones.
You see this?
That is for you.
- The pechenegians did to slaughter you.
- They're going to stick it in your ass,
Like a ram.
The woman spoke to you, and you believed it?
So... What do you realy expect huh?
Shields and spears! Quickly!
Let's go!
Your luck has returned.
- Throw the boat. - Let's go.
Hey, you bastard!
Where are you going in such a hurry?
- Message to the Romans.
- The one at the stake fucked his own people.
Remove the brackets!
To the boat, fast!
Come on!
Push! Push!
Where are the ships?
This is the time that i was talking about.
- Quick!
- In here!
Vikings, always appear at the right time!
Come on!
That's enough, brother!
Go home.
And where is my home now?
Look old!
- As a slave is born,
- As a slave also dies.
So, you were pointing?
If you say, you die easier.
Without torture.
Ask Anastasia, the place.
- He knows the location. - I'll ask.
Bastard, I thought Irina gave you the truth.
He didn't say anything.
She just gave it to me. Then betrayed him.
Where is she?
She swore to God that you will not
see him again.
Where is she?
And his wife, Where?
Did you drown or drived away?
Did you come here for a new bitch?
Your brother, Yaropolk, like you.
And You killed him.
Not them. You!
Who will take revenge?
You're only one left. They're all dead.
Now you can chase yourself.
Take revenge on yourself.
I see my master... I see you.
Prince! - I found the water supply!
Come on!
- I do not see anything.
- I did not kill my brother,
He was murdered.
- I do not see anything!
- I did not kill my brother!
I'm not even going to kill him.
Where is Anastasia?
Weapons can not come in here.
Where is Irina?
He escaped.
Two days ago. But where, I do not know.
I do not lie.
What you want?
You are the Emperor's friend.
You got your sister Anna.
Yes, they have.
Here, a dip in the water?
On here.
But first, You have to talk.
Through me.
Tell me all about all bad
that you remember.
Those are the rules.
If you don't want it now,
you can come later.
When you're ready.
Better now than later.
What can I say?
Whatever you want.
As a child, I stole my brother's boat.
What happened then?
So I killed him.
Just as in a game?
Really killed him?
That is all?
Do not.
I raped my wife.
Right in front of the eyes of his mother.
and your father.
Then I killed my wife's mother
and his father.
With your own hands?
I killed a lot of people.
My best soldier.
And your son.
It's your fault?
Who would it be?
Who would it be?
Wait. Wait.
You have to...
Come on.
Purify yourself.
This is for you.
Early in his life.
Here, when you stole the toy from your brother.
Here, you killed your brother.
Here, You killed your wife's father.
Then the mother of his wife.
Then the soldier perished.
Also the son.
And now you.
Learn, God loves you.
And he can purify you with his fire.
Now you can drink.
Can I?
Just stinks a little.
Emperor, right?
Say, You're going with him to the temple?
Let's go together.
Everyone will be there.
- Where? - To the temple.
- We're going to say,
" We want our prince to accepted the new faith."
What? What would I do without you?
How can you do it without me?
Where do I go without You?
I mean, honestly, do not go,
let me get closer.
Who will not let you to get close?
The emperor. You can only talk to him.
But apparently he is very intelligent.
You do not recover as fast.
See, you despise the attack.
He can capture you.
So, you need to attack and hit.
Do not worry.
I'm going to tie the lasso on me.
It comes with her, she smiles at me.
I say, "I love you, I love your sister."
"I love your God." and the principal,
I strike with precision.
That's all. Nothing more than this.
You got it? So avenge his father.
- No. - No what?
I will not kill anymore.
You're still your father's son.
Death does not exist.
You rise from the dead.
You believe that?
Well, I gotta see.
What do you want to see?
I'll kill you and then you get
up from the dead.
Come to me and says there is no death.
So I think, I'll believe.
That he rose from the dead.
- Let's go! - Get to work.
- There is no death! - There is no death!
I believed in you! And you betrayed me!
You are a slave!
You will die as a slave and a traitor!
You betrayed me!
Death exists and you know it well!
You're right!
You have to die like a warrior!
I don't.
I will not retaliate.
- Forget it, believe me.
- Who do you want to fool?
People don't change.
Come on.
Let's go with that!
You need to see it to believe it.
See what?
I'm ready. Let's go.
Get your sword!
You have to die like a warrior!
Not as a slave!
I am a servant of God, nothing else.
The sound of the sea tells me about
eternity, but when I close my eyes,
I see a forest in winter, covered
with cold, white snow.
I'm talking about death.
Why not kill him?
He was part of my present life.
The second life, there will be no more.
Follow me!
Follow me!
Say your names!