Viking Legacy (2016) Movie Script

You can learn a lot
from the foxglove.
Quite often in nature,
the more beautiful specimens
are also the deadliest.
- So you think I'm beautiful.
I've taught you a lot more
than I would like to, Orlaith.
Some of it is not considered
suitable for a woman,
so when we travel,
I'd like for you to...
To act more ladylike?
I don't know many men
who'd be comfortable with it.
I do not know any men
besides monks.
Well, yeah. All in good time.
- Well, what does that mean?
Looks like
we better be getting back.
Something's wrong.
We need to be
getting back quickly.
It's the Norsemen.
I have to get in there.
- Why?
- My work!
Why would they want your work?
You must go. If they find you...
If they find me, what?
You remember Cadoc?
You remember where he lives?
Head north, ok?
He'll explain everything.
But that's days away. You're
not making any sense, Finian.
How am I going to get there?
You must travel quickly.
Don't talk to anyone.
Don't stop for anything, ok?
I'm sorry, Orlaith.
I wish we had more time,
I really do.
Take care, Orlaith.
Now, go.
What are you doing?
These men are dangerous.
Go back!
Quickly, give me a hand.
What's this?
- It'll explain everything.
- What do you mean everything?
Look, not everything, but...
It's your destiny, Orlaith.
A legacy left to you.
Your father, your mother,
the markings on your back.
It's too late.
You have to leave now.
- Take care, my child.
- Why aren't you coming?
If they get any sense of you,
or where you came from,
all of this will be for nothing.
I don't understand, Finian!
Go find Cadoc.
Remember everything you've been
taught. Stay true to yourself.
You know of the kingdom scrolls?
Where is the girl?
She is of no concern to you.
So where are they?
She's just a local girl
of no importance.
Do not think
I am an ignorant man.
I've looked into the eyes of
dying men with nothing to lose.
Who is the girl?
You won't find her.
You'll find nothing,
but loneliness and darkness.
You're nothing but animals,
and you'll all be slain
like animals.
Let's go.
What do we have here?
Angels don't usually fly
this low.
A Norseman
attacked the monastery.
I need help.
Please help me.
Aw, you don't need
to worry, little one.
We've slain all the Norsemen.
You needn't be afraid anymore.
You don't understand.
They'll be here soon.
Why don't you come with us?
We'll introduce you to our king.
He'll be very interested.
Come on! Don't you want
a bit of fun?
- We'll be gentle.
You go on. I'll catch up.
I am Orlaith.
You saved my life.
We need to leave.
What happened?
200 enemies.
You should have let me
lead these men.
Build a pyre.
- We send them to Valhalla.
- Yes, Alfarr.
We don't have time!
You help, or you join them.
Find Sven.
Now we are even.
Did you find Sven?
- No sign. He might be hostage.
- What about the girl?
She cannot be more
than half a day ahead.
- We will find her.
- We'll continue.
My king!
Frithjof! Get back!
You are awake?
Good work.
What is that?
I should know your name.
So, you are Norseman?
I must return to my men.
But they're all dead.
That is why I must return.
To send them to Valhalla.
You mean like heaven?
- Heaven?
- Afterlife?
There were a lot of men there.
- Can you do that on your own?
- Shh!
I was just asking.
I'm not...
someone's coming.
Is that the girl?
What girl?
Do you know him?
- What do you want with her?
- Get out of my way, Sven.
Stay away from me!
Are you sure
you want to do this, Sven?
You don't look too good, Sven.
I do not need my health
to beat you.
It should have been me
with those men on the beach.
I would have seen them coming.
You are blind, Frithjof.
Father has always favored you.
Why do you think he left me
on the beach with those men?
He doesn't trust me.
He doesn't trust me to fight
with him and he's right.
Hmm. That is because
you give up too easily, Sven.
It is why I will always win!
Get up.
Don't try that one.
Hey... hey!
No. No!
No, wake up! Come on!
You killed him.
He's my brother.
- We need to leave.
- No, I need to stay with him.
Someone is coming.
It's my father.
Why did you send the horse away?
But we could be miles away.
They wouldn't catch up
for weeks!
Even across oceans
they will not stop.
They won't stop
until we are dead.
So what do we do now?
What does your book say?
How do you know about my book?
My teacher gave it to me.
He said
it would explain everything.
And where is he now?
Your men killed him.
This is not right.
What use is this?
Finian told me
to meet a man called Cadoc
in a village north from here.
Then that is where we go.
Wait! Don't you want to know
how far that is?
It doesn't matter.
We cannot rest.
My father is hunting us now.
This way.
Wait here.
I didn't know you could fight.
Only if I have to.
We should rest.
What is the plan?
We leave at dawn.
Are you sure
this girl has the scroll?
I do not know.
But it's the closest
we've come so far.
We will find it, Thvari,
and we will rule again.
We have lost many men, Alfarr.
Soon there may be
no one left to rule.
We have come too far
to turn back now, Thvari.
What if I return
without the scroll?
What would that make me?
I am nothing without the scroll.
The scroll is a symbol of power.
I must find it to restore
prosperity to my kingdom.
someone must pay
for the death of Frithjof.
That is no way for a man to die.
Where have you been?
That is a matter of privacy.
And my name is Orlaith.
We go now, or-laith.
Why did you come here?
- What were you looking for?
- Not me.
Whispers and ghosts.
What does that mean?
Some spiritual writing.
It's very powerful.
All I have is this book.
It's useless on its own.
I'm not used to silence.
Finian says I could talk
the hind legs off a mule.
Don't ever touch my sword!
How dare you?
What's so special about that
sword that I can't touch it?
It's my father's sword.
He fought with it
in many battles.
It's seen much blood.
The gods are proud
of our weapons, and so are we.
My brother earned this
saving our village.
Saving it from what?
A beast.
A beast with teeth
as long as your arms.
And eyes as red as fire.
I was away on a voyage.
Only Frithjof saw the beast.
How far behind are they?
Not far enough.
Can you talk with them?
Explain about your brother?
I cannot go back.
I was to stay on the shore, and
wait for my father to return.
But I looked around.
I was the one
who found the enemy soldiers.
I'm the reason why men are dead.
It's my fault
that Frithjof is dead.
How could I look at my father?
Besides, he's not a man
to reason with.
We could fight them.
One kill,
and you think you're a warrior?
These men
have destroyed countries.
There are songs sung about these
men to warn off evil spirits.
If you live a hundred years,
you will not see as many men
as they have killed.
So what can we do?
I don't know.
Just keep going.
- Are you alright?
I've lost a great army.
I failed in my quest.
One son is dead...
and now I must hunt the other.
What happened, Thvari?
I thought I was a good man.
Seldom are there single waves.
You are a great man, Alfarr.
Trials are always set
for great men.
They head north. We are gaining.
We hasten.
Let me deal with this.
Excuse me.
I don't want no trouble.
We don't mean for any.
We're just weary travelers.
My king,
they head east along river.
If we cross,
we can cut them off.
You fool, Sven.
Tell me, young lady,
why is the Norseman with you?
It's a long story.
- Has he hurt you?
- No, not all.
On the contrary.
He saved my life.
You're very lucky.
Very few escape
their bloody clutches.
I know.
He seems different.
Not so different.
I am Orlaith.
That is Sven.
You like him?
I am becoming more fond of him.
Well, just be careful.
Eggs and stones.
You know, they may
look the same, but, well...
Just be careful.
I know this village.
This is where Cadoc lives!
We should look for him.
Something is not right.
We must be very careful here.
- Thank you for your kindness.
- I'll pray for you.
I've caught a rat!
You can stop running,
little girl. You are surrounded.
- Sven!
- Give me the scroll.
I don't have your scroll!
Ah, I know that you are the key
to finding it.
Where is the scroll?
I don't know what you're after,
let alone where it is!
I had this same talk
with your friend
before I cut his head off!
Where is the scroll?!
Sven was right.
There is no reasoning with you.
It's time to talk
to your father.
Let go of me!
You have made friends
with my enemy.
You will be treated
like my enemy.
I am not your enemy.
You keep company
with Christians,
you kill my men,
you run
when you should stand and fight!
You seem like my enemy to me!
This is your brother's sword.
You did kill your own brother.
How are more deaths
do there have to be?
- Only one.
- -This what you want?
Well, you're a fool,
because it's worthless!
Get her!
He was an animal!
He was my father's pet. He will
not be happy we killed him.
We've got to go.
Sven! I will find you!
I swear by the last breath
of Odin, I will find you!
Where are you heading now?
I don't know.
Just keep heading north,
away from them.
Well, I have a ways to go,
so I can take you
as far as I can.
Thank you, Henry.
How did you know we would come?
Where's your faith?
I have no faith.
In people, in gods.
I believe in nothing anymore.
Well, it looks like there's
someone who has faith in you.
I'm afraid we have to part ways.
You head north along that road,
and here's something
to keep you going.
You didn't have to do that.
You've been so kind to us.
I don't know how to thank you.
Thank you, Henry.
- Ok, you take care.
- Goodbye.
Thank you, old man.
You will be repaid someday.
Go on.
What does it say?
Its pages mean nothing.
It offers no power!
It talks of a time long ago,
of a kingdom with an heir
who will unite nations.
She knows something.
We must find that girl.
I will not hesitate.
Both my sons are dead.
Giant's mountain
is mentioned in this book.
Remember my father would tell us
stories of giant's mountain?
Of course.
The savages would use it
to ward off attackers.
It's further north.
We go.
Are you sick?
I'll live.
We will rest soon.
Hmm... what's all this?
I'm looking after you.
Come, eat.
What's this?
My parents gave it to me.
Finian says
it's a symbol of my legacy.
Do you have any?
Lots of scars, though.
- You have a fever.
We need to cool you down.
Your fever has broken.
- You leave her.
- Impressive.
I meant the axe.
Get dressed
if you're coming with us.
Come with you?
We don't even know you.
I'm sister Kale. We've been
waiting for you, child.
You're so beautiful. Your father
would have been so proud of you.
Come. Gather your things.
We must make leave.
We're doing very well
on our own.
And we're very thankful
for your help,
but I will take things
from here.
I think we should go with her.
I do not like her.
Come. I mean you no harm.
I'm a friend.
Friends do not hide
in the shadows.
I had to be sure
that you were the one.
What one?
The markings on your back.
How did you find us?
Cadoc was able
to get message to us
that you were still alive,
and on your journey.
Yeah, I was supposed
to meet Cadoc.
He was butchered.
We lost track of you,
so each night I scoured
these lands searching for you.
I don't understand.
A long time ago,
a prophecy was made,
speaking of a Princess
who would bring about change,
and unite the kingdoms.
Your path has been set.
Where does it lead?
All in good time.
I know.
When I was younger,
Christians invaded our village.
They took our scrolls,
and they killed my people!
You make it sound
like a pillaging.
It was a necessary evil
for the greater good.
The scrolls,
along with six other texts,
were retrieved and placed
in my father's possession.
Typical Christian.
You think you have the power
to rule the world!
You think you can take
what you want.
You think we all should
bow down to you!
Actually, the texts
aren't meant for us.
Orlaith, it was your bloodline
that was chosen to one day unite
all countries under one king.
- But I cannot be king.
- No, but you can be queen.
And more importantly,
mother to the king.
So, who is supposed
to be the father?
That's been taken care of, too.
All in good time.
Necessary evil?
These are dangerous times, and
we're to protect the kingdom.
How well can you use it?
Well enough.
We should rest. We have another
day of traveling tomorrow.
Sister Kale...
What is the marking for?
Ink lives longer
than memories, my child.
You were very young
when that was burned to you.
Oh, you cried so much.
You must have hated us
at the time.
I don't remember.
That's what I mean.
Burning the ink into your skin
is the only way
we could tell who you are.
I don't understand
why Finian didn't tell me.
He was protecting you,
and most likely teaching you
humility and strength.
Very important qualities.
Finian played a far greater part
than he would have liked.
But it will not be in vain.
Sister Kale... you made it back.
Sir Callaway,
you look very comfortable.
Yes, it's, um, fit for a king,
you might say.
Cyneric is inside.
And you must be the Princess.
Oh, I was not informed
of your beauty.
What a great honor... this is.
- This must be your... guard?
- This is Sven.
Shall we step
inside? We have much to discuss.
Could you stay out here?
Allow me to introduce Cyneric,
son of Redda,
heir to the one true throne.
Finally, you two meet.
It is a momentous occasion.
We've waited so long
for this day.
I will ensure
you have everything you need.
Thank you, sister Kale.
Sir Callaway
has everything covered.
- You must be...
- Orlaith.
A name as beautiful
as its owner.
Can someone tell me
what is going on?
You have not been told?
You see,
Cyneric is your betrothed.
You are to be the new rulers.
You are to unite all kingdoms
under one king.
You can't just stroll
into my life
and throw me into a marriage!
Where is my say in all of this?
This is what your parents
would have wanted.
But my parents aren't here.
Where were you ten years ago?
I can see
you need some time to think.
Let us give you some peace.
Please, excuse us. Cyneric...
I cannot tell you what to do.
But trust me when I say
that this is what your parents
would have wanted.
I know things have changed,
but it...
I saw them leave.
Take some time
to think things over.
Would you accompany me
please, Sven?
You know
you cannot stay with her.
And why is that?
You are Norse. She is Christian.
You're from different worlds.
You are to unite the countries.
That is what you said.
Under the right king, yes.
Ah... you think I will take
the throne for myself.
I think you could
stand in her way, yes.
What are you
going to do about it?
I will give you the opportunity
to walk away now.
I would never.
What about your father?
I will take care of my father.
He has no interest
in uniting countries.
Does Orlaith have
to be involved in your feud?
He doesn't just come for me,
he comes for the scrolls.
If I fail,
he will come for you, too.
We will be stronger together.
Look, you stand in the way
of Orlaith's future.
Her destiny.
She was chosen, just like
Cyneric, for her bloodlines.
A man does not become who he is
because of his name.
It must be proven
through what he does in life.
I'm not saying
that you are not a good man.
But you are no king.
Don't worry.
Sister Kale will convince her.
We're so close
to getting the texts.
You don't think
they suspected anything, do you?
Why would they?
They don't know who Cyneric is.
They've never met him before.
As long as you don't mess up.
I'm sorry, master.
Stop calling me that!
You're royalty now, remember?
I've been waiting so long
for this moment.
What moment?
For... this unity, of course.
Were you looking for us?
No, I was just talking to Sven.
He was in front of me.
He must've walked back to camp.
Then we should probably
do the same.
We should not trust that animal
alone with the Princess.
I've gone with this
for long enough.
Where's Sven? We're not staying.
It looks as if your guard
has left you.
Sven? Sven!
He's no doubt left you, my lady.
No doubt raping and pillaging
as we speak.
I'm here.
Well, as long as we're all
here, shall we go back inside?
I heard them in the forest.
They're not
who they say they are.
They want the scrolls, too.
We cannot trust them.
We could go now.
Sister Kale could be in danger.
I can't, Sven.
Then we fight.
I have a better idea.
Nice of you to join us, Orlaith.
Please, have a seat.
So, sister,
how far is it to travel now?
Not far.
And the ceremony?
Please, sir Callaway.
Patience is a virtue.
Forgive me, sister Kale. My
curiosity gets the better of me.
By the time
we reach Saint Augustine's,
father Edwin will have prepared
the text that will allow them
to be joined in marriage
before the eyes of god.
He will wish
to proceed without delay.
What are those maps for
over there?
Yes, well, we needed
to find you.
What is this?
Are you trying to poison me?
Orlaith, what are you doing?
This is his doing!
I think you should leave.
Orlaith, what's gotten into you?
These men are not
who they say they are.
I do not hope this is not a sign
of things to come.
I should think a little
more respect is in order!
If he is the true heir,
then you will have a symbol
as I do, correct?
Of course.
You do... have the markings,
don't you?
Of course he does, but it would
be inappropriate for him
to disrobe in front of women.
I should think
given the circumstances,
it would be highly appropriate.
He does not have
to prove himself to you.
He is the heir to the throne!
Sven was right!
Tell us who you really are!
You meddling bitch! I'm
surprised you don't remember me.
Big brave hero returns.
You leave her.
Drop your weapon.
Good boy.
Now, how do I find the texts?
Is that what you're after?
I know
all about your little plan.
I've searched
for those texts for years,
and I've killed so many
to find them.
Those scrolls
belong to the rightful heir!
The rightful heir?
Do you think the world
will just bow down to you,
simply because you have
their holy texts?
No, you need
a strong fearless leader.
Someone who know
how to use those texts.
And you are fearless?
I have had
just about enough of you.
We'll see how fearless you are
with a sword through your sk...
Stay back!
I'll do it! Stay back!
Stay back.
No, no. No more, please!
Have mercy on me, please!
Have mercy.
Shall we leave?
Why have we stopped here?
These mountains are in the book.
They are coming.
From where?
I do not know.
We wait.
I'm sorry I doubted you, Sven.
You're a good man.
What happens now?
We'll meet with father,
and see what he says.
There's a council awaiting
the new king and queen.
This is going to be
an interesting one to explain.
I told you!
We will follow them.
Looks like they have company.
The scrolls must be close.
Perhaps the gods
smile on us after all!
Who is it?
It is I, father.
We've returned!
Father, this is Orlaith.
She is the daughter of Fedelmid.
Ah, it is an honor.
You must be Cyneric.
Sir Callaway
has told me all about you.
My name is Sven.
The man you speak of is dead.
Is that so?
Then we have much to discuss.
I'm sorry to hear
about Finian, my dear.
But let's not dwell.
We have cause for celebration.
- No, thank you.
- -Nonsense! Here.
Yeah, see? Good mead.
My own recipe.
So, what about
this prince Cyneric?
We may have
a complication there.
Well, what about
this strong looking fellow here?
That's the complication.
Are you of noble descent,
my boy?
Father is king.
He left our lands to find the
scroll that was taken from us.
He won't leave without it.
But he's Norse, father.
Is that so?
Well, then,
we do have a problem.
So this is my destiny?
It doesn't seem so wonderful.
We could leave now, Sven.
You don't have
to go along with this.
It's not that.
You could have left me.
You could have not trusted me.
You stayed with me.
I want to stay with you.
What are you saying?
What is the difference...
Between my gods and yours?
What help have they been?
You can't give up
on your beliefs.
It's who you are.
I've never known who I am,
until now.
You've proven yourself enough.
What you believe in
shouldn't matter.
Your path is laid out for you.
I do not know mine,
except to be with you.
I will forsake anything
for that.
Do you renounce all faiths,
except the one true faith?
Arise today
with a mighty strength,
the invocation of the Trinity,
through a confession
of the oneness
of the creator of creations.
This was mine,
and I'd like you to wear it.
All that fighting for this?
Every warrior needs a sword.
It looks good on you.
She is right. It does suit you.
- Sven!
- It's my father.
You are dressed like a dog!
You turned your back
on your people, on your family!
All I ever wanted
was a good name,
and you've tried to end that.
Now I'm going to end you
like the dog you are!
What do you want
from me, father?
I wanted a good son.
I wanted my name remembered.
I want Frithjof back!
Frithjof didn't see what I see.
You put everyone
in front of your sons.
Now you'll know
what it feels like.
Frithjof would never have done
what you've done!
A new world is coming.
I've picked my side.
So be it.
You are beaten.
Don't die, Sven!
You can't leave me!
I will wait for you.
No, don't go!
What if I go to the wrong place?
I will find you.
We have to be strong now.
Are you ready
to face the council?
I've done everything
you have asked of me.
I've followed my destiny...
and it has brought me
nothing but pain.
I am ready to meet with them.
But I'm following my own path
from now on.