Vikings: Blood Lust (2022) Movie Script

(dramatic music)
(sings in foreign language)
(birds chirping)
(dramatic music)
(sings in foreign language)
(dramatic music)
(swords clanging)
(dramatic music)
(swords clanging)
(sings in foreign language)
(dramatic music)
(sings in foreign language)
(dramatic music)
(men shouting)
(swords clanging)
(dramatic music)
(swords clanging)
(dramatic music)
(swords clanging)
(dramatic music)
(men shouting)
(swords clanging)
(dramatic music)
(men shouting)
(dramatic music)
(men shouting)
(swords clanging)
(dramatic music)
You've got the face of a
man who wishes for death.
I just want peace.
You know too well, a life of
peace can be so very boring.
You live for battle.
There's a raging demon
inside you, I've seen it.
That was a long time ago.
But, at the same time, there's
also a coward inside you.
I've seen that as well.
Are you in pain?
Only from the sound
of your bloody voice.
End this,
I do not fear death.
Not your own.
But when a man has a family,
he's never truly free.
This is between you and I.
Imagine, you and your boy
lying bound, bleeding, watching,
while I have my fun
with your dear wife?
You dare threaten them.
A bit of spirit from
noble, diplomatic Ander.
You come to me,
looking for a truce.
Compromise does not exist here.
I believe there is good
in everything, even you.
So, kind of how there's evil,
even in holy-than-thou Ander.
That's for the gods to decide.
There is no evil,
no good, only nature,
the animal spirits and
the animals, like us.
Must you bloody talk so much?
that's what I'm looking for.
Please, Amleth, we
could still have peace.
I don't want
your bloody peace.
(both moaning)
(dramatic music)
(both moaning)
(dramatic music)
Agree to the games, Ander,
and we can just leave this
blood lust for the circle.
It's simple.
The games, Ander.
There's nothing sporting
about your games, Amleth.
Last warning,
I don't want to use this.
No, you want a better
tomorrow, don't you?
A better today.
(dramatic music)
If you want your peace,
then let the games commence.
There'll be no one
left to enjoy the peace.
Last chance,
let my family be.
No, this is your last chance.
Use that on me now
or I'll take it off you
and gut you with it.
And then, who to violate first,
your pretty daughter
or your pretty son?
I warned you.
Do what you feel you must.
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
(sings in foreign language)
(dramatic music)
(sings in foreign language)
(birds chirping)
(both moaning)
Come Bodil, it's
already battle.
(both moaning)
Are you sure this one
squirted from Father's loins?
Something you never
told us, Mother?
Your brother's right.
How would you expect
to win a real battle?
Is this how my youngest dies?
Is it?
(both moaning)
(Finnr moaning)
Improvisation, wonderful.
(Estrid laughing)
(birds chirping)
We are both our
father's sons, Finnr.
If that's so, why do I
thrash you around so easily?
Didn't I just win?
[Finnr] No.
Silence, both of you.
(dramatic music)
Are our competitors
preparing for the games?
I can't wait to
meet Ander's family.
I have grave news, My Lady.
What news?
(dramatic music)
(birds chirping)
Where's my husband?
There was a.
Forgive me.
Why aren't I hearing
this through Amleth's lips?
That's not possible.
(dramatic music)
Get to the point.
(dramatic music)
And once more,
where is my husband?
(dramatic music)
Are you not worried, Uncle?
I worry for the bloody idiot
that pushes your father too far.
About as clever as sticking
your head under a horse's tail.
Is that you complimenting him?
Father refused to
tell me of the games
these Berserkers participate in.
You flatter them, calling
them Berserkers, Gro.
Perhaps once they were, but now,
these people are something else.
This Amleth creature, he
wants to force this family
into his games, including
your mother and sister.
And what do the games involve?
Human cock fighting.
And, I don't mean humans
fighting with their cocks.
That is why Father
was so very.
he was so very.
Have you ever seen
the games in action?
Your father and
I and this savage,
our troops fought together,
side-by-side, during the wars.
And then why
does he hate us so?
It's your father he hates,
us by extension, we're a bonus.
[Gro] But why?
That's a question
for your father.
But Uncle, there must be.
Enough, boy.
Or I'll hit you with this,
right into the trees.
Point taken.
Or rather, blunt edge taken.
That thing is a beauty.
How dare you.
Gudrind is a she, not a thing.
A she?
Finely crafted objects
like this have a soul.
I didn't choose her, she
found me during the war.
Are they all female?
How does your object
feel within your hand?
Then it's female.
Her name will be Assy.
Because she feels like
a goddess in my hands.
You want me to leave
you alone with her?
Ah, as always, you
are disgusting, Uncle.
That's me.
If we believe that a
gentle soul resides
within these weapons, then
we don't use them lightly.
Not for vengeance,
certainly not for sport.
We use them for defense.
(twigs breaking)
Speaking of which.
Show yourself.
We mean you no harm,
unless you mean us harm,
in which case, piss off.
(birds chirping)
Went well, did it?
(birds chirping)
(Estrid screaming)
[Bodil] Mother.
(Estrid crying)
He was not meant to
die by a soft-hand.
All he wanted was his games.
Ander is a fierce warrior.
And father died a
worthy death in battle.
- It was the death he.
- No.
Your father's watching now,
through the eyes of
the wolves, the bears,
the birds from above.
He expects his games.
Get Finnr, he's the
man of the clan now.
Aye, Mother.
(dramatic music)
(Estrid crying)
Talked with Amleth.
Seems he's not
one for reasoning.
What a total shock.
Spare your sarcasm, Brother.
I can't, it's a part of me.
The games, Father.
If Amleth is dead, then surely
it is no longer a problem.
What did you tell him?
Oh, thank Oden, your back.
He's injured and all you
can think is to give him wine?
Seemed most urgent.
you were gone so
long, I was worried.
(Ander groaning)
You all right, Father?
Oh, you should
see the other guy.
What happened?
We need to leave.
You killed him, didn't you?
So much for your
life of peace.
I had to.
Or, I can't even say out loud
what he would've
done to you all.
I don't understand.
Father, who is this
man that you speak of?
He was a man I knew in the wars,
an animal worshiper,
now leader of a tribe.
A cult, really.
Who want nothing more
than blood by the gallon.
(birds chirping)
I thought I heard the last
of him but I was wrong.
Now, he found me.
He found us.
But, now he's dead.
And those swines no
longer have a leader.
Cut off the snake's
head, another grows back.
You cut off his head?
Shut up, Gunnar.
Amleth had sons,
two by blood, many
more by blood oath.
I was naive this morning.
Now I know this
feud will never end.
What are you saying, Father?
We need to travel West.
- No.
- Brother.
We cannot let these animals
drive us from our home.
To hell with them.
Let's fight back.
That would be a sheep
eating from a fox's hand.
Yeah, he means dangerous.
But Father, with you and
Uncle, surely we can take them.
And besides, loveless
souls like that,
perhaps they won't
even come for us.
There's at least
a dozen of them.
We can't risk it.
And I can't live knowing
you're all in danger.
(birds chirping)
Father's right.
We can't just wait here hoping
nothing will ever happen,
being forever on edge.
I've never met these
heathens and I never wish to.
A woman should
never have to fight.
We should always
be prepared to.
We were married here, our
children were born here.
Do you want them to die here?
And the gods speak of
people who are immortal.
And what if we're those people?
I'm sure the gods
would also call
anyone waiting around to
find out, a bloody fool.
(birds chirping)
They could be
here at any moment.
We need to leave.
We can't.
Oh, silly brother.
I can't.
Freda's body may rest here,
but her soul, she goes
wherever you travel.
we must prepare to leave.
(gentle music)
(fire crackling)
A great man has fallen.
No, has been taken.
(gentle music)
His only crime, the
pursuit of good sport.
It was my father's only dream.
(gentle music)
(fire crackling)
For the great bearer to
call down a rain of blood
from the wounds gouged
by the Joseph families,
in the great savage war.
(fire crackling)
(gentle music)
A blood storm,
paling anything
that false god Thor
could only hope to conjure.
In remembrance of my father,
I call this storm to fall
on the pious hypocrite,
the coward, known as Ander.
(fire crackling)
(gentle music)
Your father was a god.
A wolf in man's form.
(gentle music)
(fire crackling)
Bring the storm.
Yes, thank you my sons.
(gentle music)
May the heathen Ander
be soaked in the blood
of his own family.
And with that,
the gift of
immortality for us all.
To the fallen, placed
forever by my father's side.
(dramatic music)
(fire crackling)
I look to you as if
you were Amleth himself.
(dramatic music)
(fire crackling)
When he found the bastard,
the liar Ander,
this year's games
was an opportunity
for the great beast god to
see their creation in action,
to see what we are
truly capable of.
(dramatic music)
Anything less than the
bastard Ander, will deny us.
There is nothing
short of blasphemous.
We shall avenge him.
And have much fun
in the process.
(dramatic music)
(fire crackling)
(gentle music)
I know you can hear me.
I must protect them.
I've never let your side,
even in your death.
But they've kept me together,
even when I was determined
to destroy myself.
Remember that?
What I was like after
you were, taken.
(gentle music)
They're my family, your family.
I don't ask for
your forgiveness,
because I know you'd just say
that there's nothing to forgive.
Besides, this isn't you.
(gentle music)
You're here.
(gentle music)
Unless you're here
to cook supper,
I suggest you piss off on the
whore that carried you here.
Hello, friend.
Consider me a final
friendly warning.
Get Ander, get the family,
and leave with me now.
It'll be fun.
I don't like fun.
It's boring.
Trot on.
Know then, there
are others coming
who will not be so polite.
My leader asked me to tell
you to keep this civilized,
if possible.
From the looks of you,
I know who your leader is.
And the word is, he's as
dead as a hog on a spit.
Amleth lives through
his son, Finnr the Brave.
Oh, Finnr the
baby's all grown up.
He's a man now.
More than you'll be,
once I squash your
tiny pecker into jelly.
And he wants your family.
Leave now or I'll smash
your tiny bastard brains in.
(dramatic music)
(both moaning)
(dramatic music)
(both moaning)
(swords clanging)
(dramatic music)
(both moaning)
(dramatic music)
(both moaning)
(dramatic music)
I'll beat you in
the game, so we could.
Just means you'll suffer longer.
Suffer this, shit stain.
(Gunnar screaming)
(dramatic music)
We need to go, now.
(birds chirping)
(gentle music)
(birds chirping)
(gentle music)
You have the will
and the strength
of the great bear
on your side, Finnr.
I should be out there,
on the hunt with our sons.
No need.
Soon your enemies will
be dragged before you.
The animal spirits will it.
(gentle music)
I just wish I knew what
was going on out there.
A messenger will come.
Yeah, but not
fast enough, Mother.
I want to know now and I
want to know everything.
I just.
Sh, sh, sh, sh, sh.
(gentle music)
We will bathe in
blood, together,
once the games are over.
(gentle upbeat music)
(birds chirping)
(gentle upbeat music)
Let's get some water.
You know that one
was not a happy cherub.
Anyone who'd think that these
animals have love for Amleth.
Well, they are people too.
Not in my book.
Have you forgotten all the
horrors we saw men do in war,
what we did?
We're not at war.
But they are.
These barbarians are closer
to their natural human state
than we care to admit.
Don't even think that, Ander.
Well, the gods did make
us all, better or worse.
Oh really?
Well then I guess even
the gods get blind drunk
and screw things up.
I thought Amleth could
be swayed, reasoned with.
But look at what my
mistake has cost us.
As soon as I got word of him,
I should have just
marched us outta there.
No one accused you of having
the wisdom of Mamir, Brother.
Shut up, Gunnar.
You still think we're
impervious to death?
We head West and then what?
A life by the
coast, even by sea.
We have gold.
Our options are endless.
Perhaps, find a supple
maiden for this one.
I'm still married,
Brother, still married.
Your son is a cheeky bugger,
but he does give me hope.
(dramatic music)
(birds chirping)
(dramatic music)
What's this, a family party?
Gro, go with them.
(dramatic music)
I don't think we're invited.
I don't care.
(dramatic music)
We can take them.
We can take them.
You have to keep them safe, boy.
There's greatness in your
blood, you little shit.
(dramatic music)
Go, quickly.
(dramatic music)
I was hoping to never
have to do this again.
Likewise, little brother.
Cut us down and we'll
come back as wolves
and eat your bones.
You know what?
I'd really like to
see you do that.
(fighter yelling)
(dramatic music)
(swords clanging)
(dramatic music)
(all moaning)
(dramatic music)
(swords clanging)
(dramatic music)
(all shouting)
(dramatic music)
It's bad luck to
die by a river, Ander.
Come and join the games
and die with dignity.
(Ander shouting)
(dramatic music)
(Ander shouting)
(dramatic music)
(Ander shouting)
That one's dead.
(birds chirping)
[Gro] Hurry.
But Father and Uncle.
Oh, you see a doting
father and uncle,
but those men were
warriors, the very best,
and that does not change.
You'll pity for the
wretches that attacked us.
And they will join us soon.
(dramatic music)
Look, over here.
Quick, hide.
- Oh.
- Wait for them.
I must go back for the others.
You're just like your father.
Did you not hear what I
just said to your sis.
(dramatic music)
Where is my daughter?
Where is my daughter?
(both moaning)
(swords clanging)
(dramatic music)
(both moaning)
(swords clanging)
(dramatic music)
[Gro] Go.
(both moaning)
(dramatic music)
I'll catch you next time, boy.
And there will be a next time.
I am no boy.
Where is she?
Where is my sister?
Come back.
(birds chirping)
Pull yourself together.
We will find her,
but we must get the others.
I promise you, we will
have those savages gutted
and begging Oden
for forgiveness.
Let me say a prayer.
(gentle music)
(birds chirping)
Oh mighty, oh
father, mighty Oden,
keep my daughter safe.
Keep my daughter safe, lord,
until we meet again here.
Hear Oden.
Hilda, oh my Hilda.
(gentle music)
Please, mighty oh
father, protect my baby.
(gentle music)
(dramatic music)
Hey boys, wait there,
I'm coming for you.
(dramatic music)
I wished this morning
that I'd have the chance
to kill two soft-hands at once.
It seems my dreams
have been answered.
I'll enjoy draping your
skins over my shoulders.
Have you any idea who we are,
you stinking glove
of cock cheese?
Shut up and fight.
Oh, yes, of course.
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
(fighter laughing)
[Ander] Come on.
Come on.
That's it.
(dramatic music)
(both moaning)
(dramatic music)
(fighter laughing)
(dramatic music)
Big, but no brains.
Where will we be in
generations to come?
In 20 generations?
Descendants of brutal heathens
obsessed with cult followings,
by the looks of it.
We need to catch
up with the others.
These Berserkers must
know we're traveling West.
I really wish everyone would
stop calling 'em Berserkers.
We fought with Berserkers,
they're good men,
other than the parts
where they went berserk.
How did they
know where we were?
Maybe they have
something we don't.
Enough rest, lazy brother.
We need to catch
up with the others.
(dramatic music)
Where's Hilda?
(dramatic music)
Where's Hilda?
(dramatic music)
(birds chirping)
(dramatic music)
You are the daughter
of the wicked man
who killed my husband.
Father is no wicked man.
He is gentle.
Gentle enough to
behead by one true love?
Miss. I am deeply
sorry for your loss,
but I assure you that
anything my father did,
he only did to
protect his family.
What about my family?
Do you call those barbarians
that dragged me
here, your family?
They're only human until they
meet their gods, of course.
I'm very fortunate to
have bared two sons,
no daughter, thank the wolf.
You're a pathetic
excuse for a warrior.
I am no warrior.
I don't wanna play your games.
I just wanna be
an ordinary girl.
Hence why I'm lucky
to have no daughter.
Please, I don't wanna fight.
You have no choice, darling.
Besides, it's only recent
that women were
allowed in the games,
I believe you
should be thankful.
I believe in the
unity of human.
Like I said, we won't
be humans forever.
We are the animals
that stalk the Earth,
the howling in the night.
You are no animals.
Perhaps one day the world
will be more enlightened.
How can you do this?
You feel pain, you bleed.
You've had two children
and you survived.
Life is a gift
given by the gods.
Not by your gods.
We have suffered many
winters and summers,
finding our place in this world
through the primal
wisdom of the great bear.
- I don't understand.
- I don't expect you to.
(birds chirping)
I was younger than you
when the Vikings stormed
into my land, my village,
taking anything they
wanted, like me.
Burning everything they
didn't, like my brothers.
I can't even remember
their names anymore.
The only one who
showed me any kindness
was the man your father
would call a Berserker.
The dirty warriors
for the dirty jobs,
the insane, the remorseless.
He found me with three
supposedly noble vikings
taking turns on me.
And he ripped them apart,
and he took me away, fed
me, clothed me, let me heal.
He didn't even try to touch me
until I made it clear
that I wanted it.
His name was Amleth.
(birds chirping)
One man's villain is
another one's hero.
Why did your husband
hate my father?
You asked me
about giving birth.
When Finnr came out of
me, I was 13-years-old.
I was lying, bleeding,
torn open on the
floor of a dark cave.
Three things kept me alive,
Amleth, by my side,
holding my hand,
love, for my baby and
the animal spirits world
and hate, for you,
naive, fairytale-loving,
soft-handed heathens.
The same when Bodil
ripped his way out.
Amleth returned from war,
simply to hold my hand.
And where is he now?
(gentle music)
Which way did they take her?
They went North, I think.
You think?
There were men
trying to lop my head
off at the time, Uncle.
Sorry, boy, you did good.
We just need to be sure.
North, the death field.
I must save her.
Let me go with you, Father.
Two reasons.
First, one man alone,
I can go in, sneak in,
as quiet as an ant's farm.
Second, your mother
and I need you here.
Keep traveling West,
towards the coast.
I will catch up
you and with Hilda.
you and Hilda.
You and Hilda.
We will conquer this.
Any last jokes before
I leave, Brother?
Hardly the right
time or place is it?
God, you're so
inappropriate, Brother.
Very embarrassing.
(dramatic music)
(sings in foreign language)
(dramatic music)
(sings in foreign language)
(dramatic music)
I need to piss.
He's good with a sword.
You should have seen him.
I didn't know whether to be
proud or scared for his soul.
Have you been teaching him?
Ander told me not to,
no matter how he begged.
Then it's in his blood.
And he has taught himself.
Where'd he get
that sword then?
He's of age, he bought
it with his own coin.
Has he?
Felt the rage?
Not that I have seen,
but I know that it is
inside, Gro, within him.
I can hear you
talking about me.
Yeah, talking about
you, not to you.
March on, one, two,
three, one, two, three.
Freda always had the power
to keep my rage in check.
She was like a tonic.
How do you keep it in
check now that she's gone?
Well why do you think
I always stayed near her?
Thanks to you and Ander,
I know she's always with me now.
(gentle music)
Hence, calm as a summer wind.
Even in the heat of battle,
I always can hear
her voice of reason.
She does go on though.
Yack, yack, yack, yack, yack.
Same as ever.
What is it?
I sense danger.
What, are you
clairvoyant now, boy?
I doubt he has such a power.
Worshiping false
gods, as you all do.
Oh, it's all right,
it's just a few animals.
Have you met Gudrind?
Some of your pals have,
but they're a bit
dead to tell the tale.
Animals, aren't we all?
Like the man call
Ander, for example.
He's one but the great beasts.
You too, his brother.
I forget your name.
Don't worry.
I'll soon hammer it
into your memory.
A witty one too.
Remember boys, I
want them alive.
That's funny.
I was just thinking
the opposite about you.
(dramatic music)
Just a warmup for
the games to come.
(dramatic music)
(all shouting)
Get him.
(dramatic music)
You too afraid to fight
me by yourself Finnr?
(dramatic music)
He's mine.
(dramatic music)
(fighters shouting)
(dramatic music)
(all moaning)
(dramatic music)
(all moaning)
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
(both shouting)
(dramatic music)
(all moaning)
(dramatic music)
Let us go.
(dramatic music)
Do you have any idea how
silly a request that is?
(dramatic music)
I mean, I literally
came all this way
just to come and take you.
Why would I let you go?
How pathetic.
I've seen birds make
much of an effort
just to continue forth.
I won't let you hurt them.
And how would you stop me?
Imagine what Freda will
say if she saw you now.
How dare he say her name, you.
Ah, Gunnar, that's the one.
That's the name.
You have no use in my games.
I just wish you the best.
A place in the afterlife
and hopefully the
forgiveness of the true gods.
A blissful, eternal existence
next to your beloved Freda.
Had to say name again, huh?
(Gunnar shouting)
Your main use now is to
set an example for these two,
to show them what happens
when someone disobey
my father's wishes.
No, please, please, no.
Please, please, no, no, please.
It's all right,
it's all right.
It's gonna be all right.
Gro, make sure you lynch these
fools for your uncle, huh.
(dramatic music)
You hear me, you little shit.
[Gunnar] You piece of shit.
No, please.
(dramatic music)
(Olga screaming)
(dramatic music)
(both screaming)
(dramatic music)
Now, simple question, even
an old lady can understand.
Where is my star competitor?
I'll never tell you.
Where is Ander?
(dramatic music)
The man who killed my father.
I bet you thought I'd be
easy compared to my brother.
That's what everyone thinks.
I've never even thought
anything about you.
I don't even know
your name, boy.
Bodil, the last
name you'll ever hear.
Lucky me.
I thought your brother was
the one with the stupid tongue.
My brother's not here.
(dramatic music)
(birds chirping)
(dramatic music)
My son.
Tell me this is a nightmare.
It would be a gift from
the Old Father if it was.
This is for my fault.
It's all my fault.
No, not my angel,
this is far from your fault.
No, it is, it is.
No, it is them and them alone.
No, them and I.
I don't understand, Father,
what exactly did you do
to make this your fault?
Amleth and I.
Oh yes, Uncle, he'll
save us, silly Uncle.
Where's my brother, Hilda?
Gro, where is my brother?
Finnr got him.
Sorry Father, we did
everything we could.
I know you did.
I know you did.
(birds chirping)
Boy, you, I have a question.
Ander this isn't
going to help.
What do you want?
I told you I have a question.
Go on.
When you're all done sucking
off each other's cheesy cocks
and moving on to the torment
of innocent women and children,
do you ever stop and wipe
the jizz from your face
and think, "Am I the bad guy?
"Am I really more
worthless than pig shit
"on the bottom of my boot?"
Do you ever wonder what
your whore mother must think
if she could see you.
I ought to bleed you out
with your precious family.
No, no, leave us
be, leave us me.
Everyone, calm down.
I'm finished making my point.
How about it?
You versus me.
Take these chains off,
let's see what happens.
I've been bleeding for hours.
I'm getting old.
How about it?
No, Father.
It would be the most
honorable thing you have done
since you let your father
sodomize you for half price.
Leave those fools.
Permission to disempower
his man before the games.
What do you think my brother
would say if I let you do that?
Now go.
Aye, Sir.
So how are we all feeling?
I'll offer you a deal.
Let my family go and you can
do whatever you want with me.
And I'll do something for you.
And what's that?
I'll kill you quick.
(Bodil laughing)
You are amusing.
No pain, I promise you.
That is tempting but
Finnr would not approve.
How does it feel
to be second fill
to a little temper tantrum?
You're what, three
years younger?
And he gets the
keys to the kingdom.
Surely you have some
say in this madness.
I will not let you
get inside my head.
I love my brother
and I love this, what
you call, madness.
If you're sure.
Have you ever seen a monkey?
I have not.
Amazing creatures.
Like little tiny furry people.
Me and my brother saw them
during the wars in the far East.
You make a gesture
and they copy you.
What is your point?
My point is you
copy your brother,
you're the monkey.
Shut up.
Stand up and be a man.
Take me.
Let them go.
(dramatic music)
I'm taking part in the games.
Mother, you are a woman.
I am.
So that's why two shitting,
screaming balls of joy
fell out of my body
all those years ago.
You know what I mean.
Father's changed the rule
to see more variety of
gritting down for our cause,
not for his own woman
to get vanquished.
And how is that fair to me?
It isn't.
For you must be paid.
Doesn't our faith
encourage bloodshed
from all who follow it?
I'm not saying you're
not capable, Mother.
I'm just saying it's
not worth the risk.
What risk?
Against some dainty
soft-hand whore?
I fight.
(gentle music)
Mother will
compete in the games.
She deserve to feed her thirst.
This is very last minute.
No, it was always
going to happen.
It's just now I'm telling you.
I respectfully disagree.
You what?
I am my father's son
and I will have my say.
This clan would fall
apart without you.
It will be without
me one day anyway.
It's an unacceptable risk.
What, just because I'm
a few some years younger
means I don't get my say?
Oh sweet Bodil, of
course you get a say
and I've heard you.
And your concern
means a great deal.
But it's two votes against one.
Ander's whore, the
mother, she's mine.
(dramatic music)
Never question me and
never question Mother again.
Do you understand?
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
Father, when these
morons bound me,
I managed to tense my wrists.
It gave me a little
bit of slack.
And now I think I'm
just about free.
Now your sister.
South of here is
a harbor with boats.
They took our coin.
I'll think of something.
(dramatic music)
We sail, destination anywhere.
The guard's coming.
Go, go, go, go.
You too, go.
Take her and then go.
There's no time.
(dramatic music)
On the way, there's an inn
with a green thatch roof, go.
Go, go.
(dramatic music)
(both gasping)
Quick, hide.
No, no, no, no, no.
Just there, trust me.
Trust in your brother.
(dramatic music)
I can smell their fear.
So you think you're
the wolf, Venres?
I'm telling you I
can smell their fear.
Then you're a fool.
They went that way.
I'm telling you,
the girls over here.
I can smell her.
I can hear you, boy.
I am no boy.
I think last time proved that.
You want a rematch.
I wouldn't expect a savage
like you to fight fair.
I don't need this to beat you.
(dramatic music)
(both moaning)
(dramatic music)
(both moaning)
(dramatic music)
(both moaning)
(dramatic music)
(both moaning)
Oh no, I've gotta
leave you alive, boy.
Lucky you.
(dramatic music)
(Hilda screaming)
Shh, hush girly.
Remember me?
You have plenty of
time to scream later.
We missed you, you know.
(dramatic music)
There you go, boy.
Mommy and daddy have missed you.
He's a good scrapper.
Thorvald was lucky.
Ah, Mother, I wasn't expecting
to see you again so soon.
Your sister?
I dunno.
She kept going.
I think she's fine.
Oh, pray to the Old Father.
Pray to Estrid, she
wants a word with you.
(dramatic music)
(fire crackling)
(dramatic music)
(fire crackling)
(dramatic music)
You're like my
husband in some ways,
a powerful animal.
I'm nothing like him.
You don't have his honor.
You act all high and mighty
but we know different, don't we?
(fire crackling)
I did nothing to you.
That's right.
You did nothing.
(fire crackling)
I'm sorry.
For what?
I'm sorry I didn't stop him.
(fire crackling)
Vikings will be
Vikings, right?
Does your wife know
why Amleth hated Ander,
the coward, so very much?
I'm surprised you told her
anything about the wars.
When Olga found us,
she had a right to know.
The Viking way,
rape and pillage.
I didn't.
You didn't stop
them, Amleth did.
You took my village,
burned it to the ground.
Amleth played his part.
But he would never hurt me.
You stood there
watching, doing nothing.
I wasn't this man then,
I was barely even more
than a child myself.
You were holding your
god's given rage inside
while three of your comrades
violated this little
girl over and over.
There was nothing I could do.
Coward liar.
Do you imagine your little
girl in my position?
(fire crackling)
Every time I remember it,
if I had touched 'em
it would've been treason.
I had a bride in waiting,
we were going to have a family.
I had a family.
(fire crackling)
You could do nothing,
but Amleth did.
My love, my hero, my beautiful
dirty teenage Berserker,
cut them down as you
watched, frozen in fear.
I remember his eyes
cutting through me
like burning arrows.
(fire crackling)
I remember my hand on my hip.
And I wondered if I even had
the right to defend myself.
But he made no move to you.
The Berserker just stared
as he carried you away.
(fire crackling)
And I reported him for
insubordination and desertion.
No matter.
He was done with your
petty wars anyway,
ready for his own wars.
And soon I had a new family.
And the promise that one
day, when the time was right,
my love would destroy you
and everything you loved.
I beg you Estrid.
(fire crackling)
Now that promise
comes to pass, finally.
Soon the animal spirits will
reward us beyond measure.
(fire crackling)
Now my son will have
a word with you.
In a strange way, I thank
you for his existence.
(fire crackling)
He knows?
Of course.
Unlike you, I don't keep
secrets from my children.
(dramatic music)
(fire crackling)
(dramatic music)
The man who took my father
and ignored the
lamentation of my mother.
If it's guilt you
want me to feel,
I've already felt
a life's worth.
Oh poor you.
I tried so hard to make amends
with all horrors of
the past, of war.
I tried to tell your father
this but he wouldn't listen.
But you can.
You'd have me deny
my father's wishes,
his own noble religion?
Any nobility
your religion had,
Amleth and his followers
perverted it into a blood cult.
Pig shit, after pig shit.
It's sad because we both know
that in another life
you'd be one of us.
Maybe you are right.
Maybe I am like your father.
But in reverse.
What do you mean?
I tried to become
a better man.
But as he willingly
became worse,
any goodness left in him, he
squeezed 'til it was dead.
My father was a pioneer.
He soared with the birds even
before his spirit joined them,
before you took him.
I feel your pain, Finnr.
But can't you see all this
just causes more and more pain.
I merely follow
the god's will.
Amleth's will.
Same thing.
The sacrifices you and
your kin will provide.
Why my god's will.
Ah, your gods are a myth.
Perhaps my gods
are also a myth.
Old one idol enough for far.
Maybe all there is, is us,
humans, people.
Oh my,
you'll even stoop to
your own idea of heresy.
I feel great joy seeing
you watching your children
bleed and beg.
There he is,
just the taste, but there he is.
You know why my father
really hated you?
The rage.
He saw it in you
on the battlefield.
Like a true Berserker.
It's not that you
didn't save my mother,
it's that you could have,
if you only embraced the rage.
But you deny it, and that's
what makes your coward.
(dramatic music)
Perhaps you'll do
well to think on this,
as you prepare for battle.
I'll see you on the battlefield.
(dramatic music)
(both moaning)
(dramatic music)
(both moaning)
(dramatic music)
(both moaning)
(dramatic music)
Remaining brothers, leaders,
this is not the
turnout Amleth wanted,
but his spirit flies over us
watching, enjoying this day.
These prisoners try to run
and our brothers will shoot
them down in the woods,
with the arrows.
(dramatic music)
(birds chirping)
(dramatic music)
Did they do anything to you?
What are we going to do?
We fight.
(dramatic music)
We fight and we win.
(dramatic music)
Here we are, Olga.
I look forward to
tearing you apart.
Shut up bitch and
get ready to die.
We shall see.
(upbeat music)
(all cheering)
(upbeat music)
(all cheering)
(upbeat music)
(both moaning)
(swords clanging)
(upbeat music)
(all cheering)
(upbeat music)
(all cheering)
(birds chirping)
(dramatic music)
Shh, show some spine
in front of your people.
Mother, wait.
(gentle music)
This is the games.
This is what our parents want.
You understand?
(gentle music)
Thank you.
(gentle music)
(birds chirping)
(gentle music)
They're together now, forever.
(dramatic music)
Isn't this where you beg
for mercy like your father?
"I don't want to
die, I want peace."
No, I was hoping to
finish off your brother.
But I guess I will have to deal
with the runt of the
litter instead, huh?
(dramatic music)
(all cheering)
(dramatic music)
(all cheering)
(swords clanging)
(dramatic music)
(both moaning)
(dramatic music)
(swords clanging)
(both moaning)
Go on.
Do it.
You want me to
send you to Valhalla?
You want to run with
the wolves, Bodil?
(dramatic music)
- Send him to the gods.
- Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Do it.
(dramatic music)
I am too old for fairytales.
(Bodil shouting)
- Go.
- Come on.
Get him.
Take him down.
Choke him, choke him.
Go boy, go on get him.
(dramatic music)
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Finish it.
(all cheering)
(dramatic music)
Finish him, do it.
Finish it.
- Do it.
- Finish it.
- Do it.
- Finish him.
(dramatic music)
Finish him yourself.
(birds chirping)
I can't feel anything.
(dramatic music)
I'm proud of you.
(dramatic music)
Hey boy.
Even your father, even Estrid,
thinks your pathetic for this.
Even they wouldn't
consider this sport.
There are no way classes
in the games, Ander.
This is an equal
opportunity blood sport.
How is this equal?
(dramatic music)
You believe they're
watching you, don't you?
You believe, don't you?
Come on.
You versus me.
Now that would be a fair fight.
No, please Father.
No, no, no, no.
Come on.
Are you a bear or
are you chicken shit?
What do you say Finnr?
Father, no, no, no, no, no.
I've done done many things
in my life that are very wrong.
But this,
this is not one of them.
And I will tell you all
about them real soon.
Please Father.
(gentle music)
Do you trust your father?
(gentle music)
Then give me that sword
and go sit by your mother.
(gentle music)
(birds chirping)
(gentle music)
I will see you in a minute.
(birds chirping)
Come on.
(both shouting)
(swords clanging)
(all cheering)
[Hilda] Father.
Father, get up.
(all cheering)
(both moaning)
(all cheering)
(swords clanging)
(all cheering)
Get up.
Who's your king?
(all cheering)
(dramatic music)
Ready to die, Ander?
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
(both shouting)
(swords clanging)
(dramatic music)
(both moaning)
(dramatic music)
(swords clanging)
(dramatic music)
(swords clanging)
(dramatic music)
(both moaning)
(dramatic music)
(both moaning)
(dramatic music)
Father was right as ever.
Send me to him.
(gentle music)
Send me to him or you
will never stop running.
(gentle music)
Do you hear me?
Do you?
For Gunnar.
(gentle music)
(birds chirping)
(gentle music)
(birds chirping)
(gentle upbeat music)
(birds chirping)
(gentle music)
(birds chirping)
(gentle upbeat music)
(sings in foreign language)
(gentle upbeat music)
(sings in foreign language)
(gentle upbeat music)