Vikram (2022) Movie Script

"The eagle is comin'
You better start runnin"
"His blood is rushin'
Stunnin' and gunnin"
"Eagle is comin'
You better start runnin"
I'm in blind spot #6
'Okay, sir
Near Thiruvallur
'Container is here'
'I am dumping the stuff'
'Sir, this is an old armory'
'I checked the weapons and ammunitions'
'Not in working condition'
'Everything is scrap'
'But there is power source'
'Sir, this is...not cocaine'
'Some other substance'
'Yeah, I've taken a sample'
'But something huge, sir'
'I found a tracker inside
after I opened the container'
'I have deactivated it, sir'
No one knows this spot
other than you and me
Officers are calling me continuously
I'll keep you posted
'Vijay Sethupathi'
'Fahadh Faasil'
'Cameo Appearance
'Kamal Haasan'
"Not enough, heart wants more
Babes and booze galore"
"Rock and roll, encore"
"Beat the drums extempore"
Beat it, man
Hey! I'm telling you
'Andavar', make a killing!
Steppin' up!
"With my feet tapping this beat
Mamma's boy, you are dead meat"
"Stop fibbing, you dimwit"
Son of a gun!
"He is the perennial liar John"
"This is Prem, the con man"
"Unbeatable thief is he
Meet 'Blade Pakkiri' buddy"
"That is 'drunk as a skunk' Somu
This is the glutton 'toddy' Seenu"
"Drawing a line of white powder slick
this team snorts just for the kick"
"Don't tinker to cover up your sins, man"
"By trusting a scarlet woman"
"Don't get conned in any way
Don't get lost or go astray"
"Lick a pickle with pleasure
Get sloshed with an appetizer"
"Even if you booze daily
don't you starve your family"
Dai! Dumping the show on me?
Move your butt!
Wow! S.Janaki's voice, man
"Not enough, call the meds!
Road and speed at loggerheads"
"Climb the tree
Elevated and free"
"Up the banyan tree"
Look...our hero has come
"This matchstick to cotton fluffy
flared flames of desire in a jiffy"
[song from 'Asuran' 1995]
[mobile ringing]
- Sir?
- 'Vishwa'
- Yes, sir
- 'What is Karnan's status?'
'Sir, for the last 10 minutes'
'In front of an abandoned building
Karnan's car has been parked, sir'
- 'What about our team?'
- 2 teams here, sir
One group in the opposite building
The others are in the basement, sir
'Okay, be alert'
'I want the kidnappers alive'
- 'Don't lose the tail'
- Sure, sir
That car is moving
Hey...quick, follow me
'Sir, they are taking Karnan up'
Send me the coordinates
I'll keep you posted, sir
'Team A, Karnan is being taken up
Follow them immediately'
Sir, they are in the 7th floor
- Sir, what should I do now?
- Wait
Stay back
Good evening, gentlemen
This is not murder
With this
We declare war
against your system
'Are you confused about
our present location, Mr Karnan?'
'I don't have time to
narrate a flashback'
Sir, they are threatening him with a knife
- 'What do we do now, sir?'
- Wait...wait...wait
'Don't take this personally'
[groaning in pain]
'Sir, Karnan has been stabbed on his chest'
Take charge
Nothing to worry, 'acha'
Temperature is normal
Guys, it's a grenade for your life
'This is not murder'
'With this'
'We declare war
against your system'
'Please don't take this personal-'
Next one
'With this'
'We declare war
against your system'
First clip
'This is not murder'
'With this'
'We declare war
against the system'
'So 2 consecutive murders
90 days after the first murder'
'7 days in between'
'Going by this pattern, there may be
another murder within the next 7 days'
'But I think this will go on'
'Clippings of these 3 murders'
Direct, right?
Have been sent to
the department directly
Any demands?
Truce talks?
So far, nothing
2 Govt officials in the list
of casualties, that's all
'Sir, with all due respect'
Not sharing this video
online with media and public
Any specific reasons?
If all the high ranked officials
in our department
...are being killed by
some random serial killer
Public will lose faith in us
There will be chaos
Before the next life is lost
we should nab that gang
'They are a group of 5'
We found all their voices
are digital tweaked in a software
'No fingerprints
No hair follicles'
'No sweat drops'
Zero leads
Now we need your help, Amar
What about the 2 containers
that went missing from the harbor?
First let us focus on nabbing them
We are working on it, Amar
Sir, you know our work pattern
Let me repeat it
From now on
I want access to the inventories
of all the files in your department
As far as this case goes
Profile of the victims
and family details
In toto
Then, guns, ammos, explosives if needed
Shouldn't ask me
to account all this
'And most importantly'
Rules and regulations
don't apply to us
If you follow them
Will be broken
Go ahead
Jose sir, who is this Amar?
Why have you assigned him
to nab the serial killer?
Isn't there anyone else
in our department?
- Check if his vehicle has left
- Okay, sir
Yes, sir
They have left, sir
It's clear, sir
Sir, you brought him in
for this mission
Why will he eavesdrop?
He will fix a bug
He will suspect everyone
'Have you heard of Black Squad?'
Operation Unknown?
'He heads the team'
'In our system
his name is Amar'
'But his real name'
'Only he knows!'
'They don't possess any Govt ID card'
'No ID proof
No bank account'
'They are just nobody'
'Trained to be reckless'
'They act like a spy
or under cover agent'
To tell you in simple terms
Govt's sleeper cell
'They have an agency'
'That agency sends them
cases and operations'
'Whichever city they operate in
they merge with the residents of that area'
'Exit easily whenever
their mission is accomplished'
'First and foremost rule is
not to reveal any details of their mission'
'Not talk about the agency'
'So friends, family, girlfriends'
'No chance even in a million!'
Okay, our wedding is 7 days from now
We settle down in this city, right?
No last minute change of mind?
I haven't shopped
for a single sari yet
I have a lot of work, baby
- You take care
- Dai!!
Wherever you called me, be it Chattisgarh,
Kadapa, I followed you willingly
You know how thrilled I was
when for the first time you said Chennai?
'But even here, you aren't coming out
anywhere with me, baby'
'Not even meeting my friends casually'
What is this secret work of yours?
I hope you aren't a terrorist?
Do you know why I agreed
to get married to you?
Till date
You have never asked me anything
about where or what I work as
From the orphanage till now
You trust me implicitly
Let that faith continue
Just because we get married
if you plague me with questions
I'll feel you are losing
your trust in me
I won't ask you again
Beyond this decision
if I ever ask you
That's the last day
I will be in your life
Don't you dare laugh at me
In all the States of India
He can be the topmost bigwig
If he needs to be
killed unaccounted
This is the team for you
Nagaraj sir
Like the old proverb, only a snake
knows the track left by its kin
Likewise, only a masked man can reveal
the face of another masked mystery man
Amar is the right person for that
'These are the weapons given to us
by Case Of Custody, sir'
This is Arun, techie
We have handpicked him
Sir, victim # 01
'Inspector of police
'Assistant Narcotic Commissioner'
Victim #2, Karnan, age 60
Prabanjan is Karnan's son
- But adopted son
- No!
Adopted father
It was the son
who adopted the father
'Stephen Raj'
They are within the department
Follow their case history
But this victim
Not connected at all
with the department
'Why should the mask man
kill this commoner?'
I have checked his account completely
Contrary to what you're saying
he didn't make any such cash transaction
I am not so moneyed
to give cash casually, madam
After lending it, neither did
Karnan sir ask me
I wasn't in town for a few weeks
I come back to hear this news
Anyways thanks a lot for returning
a loan even after his demise
Thank you
I don't know
what exactly happened
If you don't mind
can you tell me what happened?
That too, at this age
You tell me
If a man at his age
living in your house had died
What would be the cause of death?
Heart attack?
Brain stroke?
Or suffering from an ailment
and bedridden for many weeks?
Am I right?
Will anyone die
in a grenade explosion?
If in his 60s, he was killed so ruthlessly
What depths of cruelty
he must have sunk to?
Who do you think is the murderer?
I don't know
Prabanjan brought this man home
one day claiming he was his father
'I believed it too'
'But after 'he' died
he isn't the man I call 'appa' for sure'
What happened?
'After Prabanjan died'
'Not one night has he come home
without being sloshed'
'Even though he knew about
my son's heart condition'
'...that man is not
bothered about anything'
The very thought of that man
makes me boil with rage
'But I was told'
- You call him 'dad'
- True that
I was calling him 'appa'
Appa became uncle
Uncle became 'mama'
in a generic way
'Mama' is now 'that man'
But I am not responsible
for my changed mind-set
When did he-
The baby has a heart problem
'Rare epilepsy disorder'
'He can't tolerate
too loud a sound'
[mobile ringing]
Sorry, I'm getting many calls
from the Embassy, I got to go
- 1 minute
- No, sorry
Akka, I'll wait out
Bring the boy and come
'Okay, dear'
Actually Prabanjan is
a 'medal of honor' candidate, sir
His death isn't an accident
There are many rumors
floating around
Stephen was imprisoned
due to countless allegations
The entire department knows
which case made him count bars
'It was only 3 days
since he was released from jail'
I went to visit my mother
Before I could get back
Wretched fellows!
They killed him
His behavior after his son's death
wasn't right at all
Places he visited, people he befriended
All bad, that's why I resigned
What was his daily routine?
Shall I tell you something
I haven't even told the police?
He smokes a lot of weed
We'll go to the golf club
every morning'
'He will play for half an hour'
Then he will sit under a tree
and fiddle with his laptop
He will bum 2 cigarettes from me
He will unroll it,
add 'something' and smoke
Then I will drop him in the gym
Even if his routine slightly varies
He'll never miss going to
the golf club, 7 to 8 a.m daily
Does he smoke?
That's all you get
for your damn face, go
- No, sir, that-
- Spoke for so long and you ask me again?
His report said he was a teetotaller
That means?
He doesn't smoke or drink
Then take that as gospel
Why come and ask me?
What are you doing?
Tell me, man
Tell me, what happened! neck, sir
You're hurting me
Whatever I said is the truth
If you like I'll take you
'This is actually
erythroxylum novogranatense'
'It's not exactly cocaine'
It turns into cocaine
only when processed
Supposing we have 5 grams
We can get 5 kg of cocaine from this
But depends on its quality
'You're right, sir'
The 2 containers missing
from the harbor
And the murder by the masked man
were on the same day
The raw cocaine substance
you got from Karnan's house
And Stephen Raj
have an unusual connect
The case that sent him to jail
Cocaine bust in Trichy
3 and 1/2 months ago
The same substance
we got hold of
Erythroxylum extract
And guess the suppliers?
Adaikalam and gang
Sir, 'Adaikalam and gang'
in Trichy is just a small dot
The biggest network in that supply chain
is operating in Chennai, sir
'Lungi gang'
'With the harbors in the coastal areas
under their control'
'A huge network involved
in cocaine trading'
What, I say?
Taking a dig at me, huh?
You think a group-threat
will make me pee in my pants?
Goddamn incapable of
finding the missing stash
'If such a gang is
controlling the entire city'
'There must be a head'
Yes, his name is Sandhanam
Between the masked man
And those 2 containers
He is the main key
So our first move
Decode Sandhanam
Forever under Saturn's malefic effect!, sir
'They are his lackeys, chief'
Peddlers in Sandhanam's link
'Don't...don't, sir
Don't hurt me, sir
'I believe he comes here to work out'
Do you know what his profession was?
Did you see him before he died?
Whatever you say
will be useful for my article
That's why
Work out?
My dear boy
I know Karnan for 40 years
I don't know where
and what he works as
He will come and go of his own accord
Suddenly be missing for 6 months
All these years
he had no bad habits
Only after his son passed away
he has become-
Listen, my boy
This gym is like a temple to me
This is my seat
My room
Only he is allowed inside
He will sit here
and happily get sloshed
'I have never questioned him'
Drink here?
Right here
'There...all over the place'
"I'm drinkin up"
"I'm so wasted"
"I've had 3 shots of JD"
O' God, bless us
with clarity of thought
"Some Jgermeister in my belly
and I'm about to win"
Praise be to Lord Shiva
"I'm freakin' drunk"
'I am totally against alcohol, bro'
6 pack when I was young-
Forget all that
Drink by all means
But why disturb others?
What is your age?
'An eve teasing incident
happened here the other day'
How dare you drink in the gym!
He is the one!
[loud belch]
'Not knowing who he his
gym members called the cops'
'It blew out of proportion'
It's okay if he stopped
with drinking nonstop
Yes, his son died
Drink pegs of whiskey
Guzzle bottles of brandy
But womanizing?
Don't you have a grandson?
Prostitute, huh?
Yes, I say
He'll be there all the time
Only because I questioned him
we almost came to blows
Our ties snapped totally
He stopped talking to me
But I didn't think he would die
Even his body wasn't found
I was told just one leg of his was found
Sir, do you have
the brothel house address?
Sir, only for interrogation
Even I interrogated, my boy!
'The child has some problem
in his heart it seems'
If he hears too loud a noise
he can even die it seems
So from the day
this child was born
There is pin drop silence
in this house
- Sir, is my 'dosa' crisp?
- Super
- Shall I make 1 more?
- No, thank you
This lady bad mouths him
Has she ever put the baby
to bed even one night?
'Not even once'
The child will sleep
only on that man's chest
True, sir, he drinks all the time
So what?
'What do you want him to do?
His son was beaten to death'
'He was helpless
That's why he drinks'
When his son died, this whole city
was boiling in rage and turmoil
But he didn't show
even an iota of anger
Do you know why, sir?
His grandson means the world to him
[baby wailing]
"In grief trembles my shattered soul"
"To hold you in my arms; I lose control"
"Now a broken warrior I weep
Needles in my heart pierced deep"
"My world froze to a standstill for me"
"The minute hand refuses to do its duty"
"Do I rest your head, my baby
on my chest to sing a lullaby?"
"Or light my loved one's pyre
to bid him farewell forever?"
"A lion in the arena as champion
in anguish now standing all alone"
"Though broken and grief-stricken
I live for you, my only kith & kin"
"Do not cry, my dear son
My life is with you, little one"
"I wilt and wane to protect you
like eye lid to eyes, true blue"
"In grief trembles my shattered soul
to hold you in my arms; I lose control"
"A brave warrior now battered
teary-eyed I breakdown shattered"
'Sir, as far as I'm concerned
he is a good man at heart'
He may visit a prostitute
or entertain a mistress
I don't know about all that
He is a good man
By the way, what did
you say you work as?
I own a computer company
- How much should I inject?
- 3 ml
- Hah?
- 3 ml
'Sir...why did you bring me here?'
'Let me go, sir'
'Sir...sir, what are you doing?'
Tell me now
'All the heav...heavy loads'
In a container
In a ship
Deals clinched on board a ship
'Only the smaller dealings'
'In a goods train'
'Transferred to a tanker'
'That's how I got to
know Sandhanam's men'
'Some item of theirs'
It is missing and
they are searching now
I think it is some huge container, sir
That container
'As soon as it was missing
everyone behaved like lunatics'
Sir, he works as the writer
in E3 police station
Vanakkam, sir
This is the only CCTV footage
of Sandhanam seen in public
Sir, this is a regular raid
We got information the 'Lungi gang'
had come with their haul on that day
The others in the department
were on their rounds
Only the Police constable
went to the spot
Sir, can you send me a back-up jeep?
I am all alone here
You are such a pain, I swear
Talk to the inspector, wait
- Okay, sir
- Sir
Why are you dragging me
into your problem?
Let me go
Look ahead and drive properly!
Sub Inspector told you, right?
Why are you hassling us?
Not troubling you, sir
When we nabbed him
he had a lot of stash on him
That's why I closed down his clinic
'He looks a bit weird, sir'
His whole body is tattooed, sir
- What do you mean?
- 'Yes, sir'
And even claims to be a doctor!
'Okay, where are you now?'
I am near Aavin booth
on Thirumangalam route
Got handcuffs on you?
- Yes, sir
- 'Handcuff him'
- 'I will send reinforcement'
- Okay...okay, sir
'Show me your wrist'
Showing off your power?
Son of a gun! I will
beat you to a pulp in the station
'Give me your damn wrist!'
'Show me your hand'
"Where is the love?"
"Help me my friend"
"You know the reason for this agony"
"Where is the love?"
"Help me my friend"
"You know the reason for this agony"
"Tell the whole world"
"Tell the whole world"
"Take it down"
"Take it down"
"System Failure"
"Take it down"
"Take it down"
"Tell the whole world"
"Whole world...whole world"
Yes, sir
You can't see Sandhanam
anywhere outside
So I went in disguise to his place
I've come from Pest Control
My boys are already
working inside, bro
Come on
'Don't pull, it hurts, akka'
- Do you spray in every corner?
- Yes, bro
Only then you won't have
any problem for 2 years
Sandhanam is one of 24 siblings
He is right in the middle
The rest are from maternal and
paternal side, a big group of cousins
'Your gold tooth is seen, sir'
'Enough of admiring yourself
in the mirror, come'
'Sister, move a bit inside'
'Bro, quiet please
Look in front'
'Sir, you won't believe me'
'He has 3 wives'
What is your problem, dear?
How many times I've told you
only I'll sit to your right?
You always have her to your right
First ask her to sit here
Only I should sit there
Which side is my heart?
"What's cookin', man?"
He's a bit of a psycho, sir
He is on drugs according to his mood swings
"What's cookin', man?"
Don't keep lamenting
All the guns have a license
I'll send you one, hang up now
'They had an armory of licensed guns'
'As far as I know, more than
50 double barrel guns'
'And they say he is Sandhanam's uncle'
'He is the one who educated Sandhanam'
Other than Sandhanam no one else
is educated in the siblings group of 24
Even if it is 1 decimal higher
the customer is dead
Customer satisfaction is most important
The earlier batch we mixed
Is it the same or different?
It's a neuro toxin
Repeat what I just said
You won't believe me
This society thinks he is a doctor
I have this terrible pain in the area
between my stomach and chest
If you step out and turn right
At the end of the road is
Dr Dharmalingam
Then what about you, doctor?
I didn't attend college
when this topic was taught!
You are suffering from jaundice
You shouldn't touch alcohol hereafter
I'll give up drinking
from tomorrow, doctor
- Then today?
- I'll enjoy just 180 ml
Better you drink 375 ml tonight
Sleep peacefully and
you will rest in peace!
Thank you, doctor
He isn't a doctor, sir
Just cover up, that's all
His clinic is just a set-up, sir
But he's up to something else inside
And correct, sir
After the containers went missing
the killings sky rocketed
'One who kills blatantly without fear
has no necessity to wear a mask, sir'
Why are you glaring at me?
We are doing our best
and searching everywhere
'When the tracker is turned on
we can trace the container'
'If you interrogate me like this?'
Hey! Hold him
- Stop it, anna
- Take it from me
Listen to me
Control yourself
Anna, are you mad or what?
Hitting a police officer?
Don't you have enough trouble
on your hands?
Go and tell all this
to 'Godfather' Rolex!
He is threatening to burn our house down
After establishing myself, why do I
have to listen to all this crap?
Why are you bribing these bloody dogs?
He should be petrified of me
He should pee in his pants
looking at me
C 17
- H 21
- 'It is paining, uncle'
- 'Don't press, uncle'
- NO 4
'I became a familiar figure
in his house'
'I almost earned his trust'
'But just missed'
'Before entering his house
I had taken a scanner with me, sir'
'If my assumption is right'
'His house must cover
an area of 10,500 sq ft'
'Good chance of same area
as basement also'
'And they don't seem to
be super intelligent, sir'
'If we plan well and execute
we can easily enter their lab'
- There's a water tank
- 'I know the route too'
Fill it up with chemicals
and send it here
'I will handle the rest'
'I am telling you it hasn't come
and you're repeating the same crap'
You'll get a call at 5'o clock
from Sudan, don't forget, dear
Bro, I have packed 650 kg so far
'Balance will be
ready by evening'
'Trichy Bust that day
in their container was 900 kg'
'If in case the same Erythroxylum
had been loaded in the missing containers'
'And if he finds it first
he will run his own Govt'
I'm not exaggerating, sir
Truth be told, he's the drug lord
of this city, Pablo Escobar
Basement + house, altogether
30 to 35 kg
Will do, right?
Sir, you mean 35 kg
Cement bags?
'And she is 25'
'Very acrobatic'
Actually what kind of girl
do you have in mind?
- Do you know him?
- Oh! I know him very well
Frequent client
His favorite choice of girl
whenever he comes here
I want that girl
Sit down
You have only 2 hours
Shall we begin?
- Okay...okay, no problem
- Wait...wait...wait
- 1 minute
- Re-lax, okay
'No, it's alright'
- Do you know him?
- Oh God! I know him very well
'Regular customer'
'Thanks to him, I bought a car!'
He died it seems
Poor thing!
1 minute
- Tell me
- Will you pick me up now or not?
Our wedding is only at 7:30 p.m, right?
'You go, I'll be there on the dot'
Hey! Don't be funny
We hardly have 4 hours
I'll be there before 2 hours, happy?
'Leave now'
- See you
- Fine, whatever!
Getting married at 7:30 p.m
and you are here at 3:30 p.m!
- You're too much!
- Tell me about him
You want exactly
what I did for him
'Or shall we try something different?'
Whatever you do for-
No, I want the same
- Give
- What?
You go first or shall I?
Okay, I'll start
[moans loudly]
- Okay!
- This is our game
I'll keep moaning like this
He will climb out of the window!
He will return 1 hour later
Remove my handcuff and walk away
- This window?
- Yes, this window
[mobile ringing]
- Hello?
- 'Chief'
'Swaminathan we interrogated
committed suicide'
The evidence we nabbed
from the harbor and interrogated
'They took me to a room
and injected me, sir'
'After that I don't know what happened
and how I even landed here, sir'
'Sir...ask him to stop'
Shut up!
Go back...GO!
If he took you into custody
and interrogated you
He will know for sure
what I'm up to
But even you don't know
what you blabbered
Neither do I
There's still something he wants from you
That's why he has spared you
What shall I do?
'Sir, please listen'
This isn't an agreement
both parties sign on a document
So we can file a case
if any trouble crops up
This is based on total trust
'You have a reason for your action
And you have me to listen to your woes'
There is someone above me
I can't make any excuses and escape
Your family consists of 4
My family adds up to 67!
He will burn us all in one go
'Don't...don't do-'
Oh gawd!
Don't block the entrance
Go outside, clear the place
Go...out, clear out
Madam, should I tell you?
Can't you hear me?
All of you, clear out
I think they know
we are interrogating suspects
Sir, you said you had a meeting
at 7:30 p.m, it's already 10!
Did you miss anything?
My wedding!
Shamelessly I don't want to apologize
I shouldn't do this
But...if I-
If I tell you about my work
I think you will understand me
I am-
'Didn't I tell you that day?'
The day I ask you about your work
I'll be out of your life
'I don't want to know'
Today is our wedding day
This day is as important to you
as it is to me, I know
'If you have done something
despite our special day'
I believe it is top priority for you
The paying guests here assume
you are a figment of my imagination
I thought I'll break that myth!
'But it turned out a damp squib!'
They may lock the gate
I have to rush
'Eat your dinner and sleep'
Let go
Hey! Feeling bad?
- Don't cry, madcap
- Listen
Listen, without any of your friends present
Without any of the usual
wedding arrangements
If we get married
Just the two of us
- Won't it be legal?
- I said we can fix another date
Answer my question will hold good
Come, let's get married
- Now?
- Yes
Do you know the time now?
You mean it?
Dai! Even if it's a funeral
at least a handful will attend
This is a lifetime bond
Not even a single well-wisher?
Close your eyes
Close your eyes
My wife
Super, dude
Friends and partners
Oh! Hello
Er...who is that?
I sell bread omelet
in this same mall
Your order, sir
'You might as well click
that man's photo in your mobile'
'Keep looking at him'
What kind of work are you-
You can work wherever, whatever
But please come and sit here
How can one man be alcoholic
Good Samaritan
'How can 1 man
have so many faces?'
'That too as if I have met him
and befriended him'
You won't understand all this
You sleep, baby
'Like how you are familiar
with that man's face'
'May be he knows very well too'
'When I die a man will come'
Like in these old crime novels
Leaving clues behind types
'Technical glitch in that area'
This is called 'blind spot hub'
So whatever whoever does in that area
We cannot track or trace
'Can't be detected
on radar either'
- Thank you
- Pleasure's mine
Hey! You want to know
what 'he' did physically to me?
And he did this
'This is a video recorder'
'It's a RF transmitter bug'
'A rare model'
Definitely not from India
Probably from Israel
Either from RAW agency
'Joining the dots with all this'
Before Karnan died
He may have been
linked to a big drug mafia
That may be the reason
he would have been murdered
Or on the other hand
the dead man isn't even Karnan
What if it is someone I think?
He is on a mission
Chief, 2 people who used this room
frequently after it was bugged
PWD officer Veerapandian
And contractor Rudra Prathap
And both of them went into hiding
after Stephen Raj's death
And all of a sudden
They were to meet Sandhanam's gang
and the city distribution gang
But Rudra Prathap isn't meeting them
because of his daughter's wedding tomorrow
So only Veerapandian
is attending the meeting
Tilak is now on his tail
This is the 7th day
And he could be the next
Let's give it a try, boys
Yes, sir
- 'When will he reach the spot?'
- 5 minutes
'I am following him'
- 'Should I go in?'
- Wait till I tell you
Sandhanam won't come
nor any of the bloody bigwigs
I have to clinch the deal
with lackeys like you, eh?
Okay, I'll tell you
Let me see
if you can understand
This is the nearest starting point of
the sewage channel from Chennai harbor
This is the blue print of
Chennai suburb's sewage channel
Do you know what a blueprint is?
It has 7 spots
'Only one spot has the substance'
Only Rudra Prathap and I
know these 7 locations
It took us so long
to unearth this information
Here, transfer the amount to
my account as discussed
Then I will hand over
this file fully to you
'Bro, Veerapandian sir is being a pai-
Hi sweety pie
Now Mr Veerapandian will face
an honorable death here!
If all of you maintain silence
only he will die
I am the only hero in this scene
No one needs to
show off being a hero
There are 12 bullets in this rifle
I have 60 bullets in hand
I can finish off all of you
So all of you sit tight
with everything zipped
'If you sit, it will automatically close!'
Sit down
[Telugu & Hindi]
Sit down!
'Please, sir
Please, sir'
'Please, sir
Please, sir'
Go but no more casualties
Please, sir
Please, sir
'Hey! Come here'
Hey! Stop
'Sir, let me go
Why are you nabbing me?'
'I came to deliver water can, sir'
'Sir, let me go'
Go back and sit
'Special Task Force Officer'
Many busts and rewards to his credit
'Drugs worth 900 kg seized'
'Officer behind the biggest bust in Trichy'
Close to
A tonne?!
To add to your grief
According to recent news
Your wife and child were murdered
Shall we inform Jose sir
Rudra Prathap is the next target?
'I was thinking'
Sitting on this side
in an interrogation room
I have a different
point of view now
- Comfortable?
- It's okay
Not bad
- Can I have one?
- Oh! Yes
Repeating my question
Be precise in your answer
Sir, am I a common thief?
Why have you tied me up?
From the morning
I've told you I'm hungry
Get me something to eat
Only then I'll see these photos
You get food only after
you point out the man
- Don't leave me like this, sir
- 'Did he identify?'
- Claims he doesn't know
- Untie me, sir
If you are the head of your gang
Instead of the remaining 4 ending up
as headless corpses, you can call them
'You can call them'
Because...instead of dying in
the middle of the road like a street dog
Within 4 walls, in a slightly decent way
Let's discuss our plan of action
in the police department
A decent death within 4 walls!
You know the biggest drug bust
you mentioned just now
Do you know the proper reward
I got for all that trouble I went through?
'Within 4 walls'
'I was tied, helpless'
And in front of my eyes
They killed my wife and child
For 2 days
My child
Lay dead staring at my face
No one came to my aid
Watching flies swarming
over their lifeless bodies
I sat there helpless for 2 days
unable to even cremate them!
I had no fear of death
No idea what it is even
But they have thrust the fear
to even breathe now!
So if you kill all rank officers
hiding behind that mask
Do you call that quits?
What if other cops who lose
their loved ones act just like you?
What happens to this city?
Or will it bring back to life
your wife and child?
My wife and child can't come back
'But the family of at least some
honest cop will escape this injustice'
Should innocent children
who don't know about drugs
...die due to the dirt in our system?
We are cleaning it
And we will clean it
Until it's clean
This is the same
in many countries
Under different names
Anti-national organizations flourish
Yov! What is the difference
between terrorists and you?
One man's revolution
Is another man's terrorism
My foot!
When you said 'foot'
you triggered a painful memory
You read about my family dying
as a mere article in the newspaper?
Just like that
But you'll feel it
only if you are in my shoes
The cry of anguish
You will hear the wail of death
Your thighs will tremble
Your feet will stumble
without listening to your mind
Look at my foot
'The soles of your feet
will sweat like this'
'I am not an emotional prick like you'
I don't store my emotions here
My emotions are archived here
I'll be here tomorrow morning
You will confess then
Once upon a time there lived a king
He was told he would die in 7 days
They took him faraway to a safe place
crossing 7 mountains and 7 seas
'He wanted to relish a grand feast'
'He was served a fine spread
on a banana leaf'
When finally mutton curry was served
A bone from that mutton got stuck
in his throat and he died it seems
Inform Information Security
Increase protection for Rudra Prathap
And they don't follow any pattern
to kill their targets
Sir, Veerapandian met you
before he died
Gave you all the details, blueprint
and whereabouts of the consignment
'What should you have done
as a Govt officer?'
'Handed it over to the Govt
But you didn't do that'
Even now if you are ready to do so
Either legally or illegally
Jose sir is willing to protect you
with Z category security
'It is your call now'
- For how long, sir?
- We can't give an exact date
Shut up, sir!
You need the stuff, so you will
promise me heaven and earth
My life is precious to me
As soon as I got this threat-call
to kill me, I can't even breathe, sir
I'm scared I'll die
of a heart attack!
'Yes, sir, only I know
where the substance is'
'Veerapandi sent them
to me before he died'
PDF, audio file
I deleted them all
Check if you don't believe me
As long as I am alive
hide-out of the substance is known
If I die, you have to
bid goodbye to everything
Sir, the entire police force
will be at your disposal
- Nothing untoward will happen
- I don't trust you, sir
Sandhanam will watch my back
Kindly leave
Thank you, sir
Sir, we have seen 1 criminal
famous in each season
One day everyone has to
surrender to our Govt and law
I accept I'm a criminal, sir
Why haven't you put me
behind bars, sir?
'If your palms have to be greased
I should have a free hand!'
The seized consignments are mine
Do you know its net worth?
If I get my stash in my hands, I don't
have to be under the mercy of your Govt
I can form my own Govt
Jose sir is calling me
What do I tell him?
It's a warm Saturday evening
Ask him to get sozzled and chill out
Our discussion is over
He will be under
my protection hereafter
Your relatives must have arrived
Receive them with
a smiling face, come along
Any hint words?
'He didn't accept
police protection, chief'
'Sandhanam is the one protecting him'
'They are attending
his daughter's wedding now'
'But Rudra Prathap isn't meeting them
because of his daughter's wedding tomorrow'
'So only Veerapandian
is attending the meeting'
'He wanted to relish a grand feast'
Hey! Listen, wait...wait!
Have you shifted
all the evidence?
Everything is here, chief
Check if a signal is being
transmitted in that bug
'But we have disabled it'
1 minute
Chief, signal is being transmitted
- Break it
- But this is only a video bug
- Cam has been disconnected
- Break that damn thing
- Chief?
- 'It isn't a video bug'
What if it's an audio bug and
he's eavesdropping on us?
That's why he knows
all our moves
- Yes, chief
Tell me when you'll get back home
2 hours, see you then
Whatever happens
don't open the door
If you are not back in 2 hours
I'll open that door
No, sir, no use talking to him
What shall we do?
What do you mean?
Nothing can be done
Just gape and gawk!
Listen to me
All our boys, stay right there
I need to know what's happening
Good evening, sir
Takes 4 hours to make the 'biriyani'
Can we slaughter the goats, sir?
- Do it, go
- Okay, sir
Mutton 'biriyani' treat
We will cook it for you
to enjoy a tasty feast
Eat to your stomach's content!
Come one and all
Welcomes you
- Hi
- How are you?
'We start our feast exotic
with the auspicious turmeric'
What is the matter, pa?
I'm fine, don't worry
Hi uncle
'Good to see you'
Load it
I'm coming, I'm at the back of the stage
A bike is parked here
'I think it's a get-away bike'
'Coming right away'
'Add onions sliced fine
to coconut oil unrefined'
'Bay leaf and spices freshly made
Add tender thigh meat marinated'
'Chief, he was hovering around
Rudra Prathap suspiciously'
On enquiry we found he is
neither a relative nor Sandhanam's gang
He has parked his bike
behind the stage
- Tell me, da
- The bride is my ex-girlfriend, sir
I came to blackmail her
and stop the wedding
'I don't know anything else, sir'
'Let me go, sir'
Dating for 4 years, sir
Make him sit here
- Come inside
- Get in
'They have brought in new boys'
- 'Inform our bro'
- Is it so? 1 minute
Bro, we have new 'additions'
They are interrogating one fellow
- Got our hardware handy?
- Yes, hidden in our vehicle
Hide our weapons in
all the handy spots in the hall
What happened?
Bro, what are you doing?
"Yo soy Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria"
"Yo soy Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria"
"Un dia, yo voy a ser Presidente de la
Republica de Colombia"
"Plata O Pomo"
"Plata O Pomo"
"Plata O Pomo"
"Yo soy Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria"
"Plata O Pomo"
"Plata O Pomo"
"Plata O Pomo"
"Plata O Pomo"
Actually this dessert
is very tasty, try it
Chief, Sandhanam is going somewhere
Look straight ahead of you
- Is this whiskey?
- Yes, sir, thank you
Invited by the groom?
Bride's guest
'Sir, is anyone there?'
'Sir, my wrists are sore
Please untie me'
'Sir, I have to deliver
so many water cans'
'My boss will give me a shelling
Please untie me, sir'
Let me go
'Release me, sir'
The man you're looking for
isn't in these photos
Trust me, sir
'Who are you, sister?'
Aren't you making Maggi noodles?
I'm starving, akka
Flash mob is a complete surprise for me
What a wonderful wedding feast
of mutton 'biriyani' as a tasty treat
And to sit and relish it, bite by bite
amongst friends and relatives
My taste buds are in a state of bliss!
What more can I say?
What is that commotion?
'Mike testing
1-2-3, 3-2-1'
'Ladies & gentlemen'
'I am the hero of this scene'
All I need is one man
in this gathering
'If he comes along willingly
this wedding can continue smoothly'
'Uncles and aunties can
continue their dance happily'
I don't wish to turn this wedding
into a funeral gathering
If only that man
comes with me willingly
I'll take him along
without making a ruckus
Rudra Prathap
Ah! Sandhanam
YouTube grandpa has cooked
his signature special 'mutton biriyani'
I had my fill happily
You follow suit
'This goat is mine to slaughter'
'Way...give way'
'Move aside'
Hey! Bike key
Move aside
Sampath anna
He'll reach the main road
through the casuarina grove
'Nab him there'
I want only Rudra Prathap alive
Accused is escaping on a black 2-wheeler
through the casuarina grove in Nemilicherry
- 'All patrol vehicles on alert'
- Get in, quick!
Hey! He's the one...go
Speed up
Accused is crossing
Kovalam check-post, over
Chief, should we take any action?
Don't blow your cover
Just watch whatever happens
Okay, chief
I'm not a thief, akka
I deliver water cans
Thanks to my blessed fate
I fell into their hands
Theater set up, eh?
Looks good
This man is here and they are bullying me
to pick from that lousy pile of photos
Have you seen this man?
Yes, I saw him last night, akka
- 'Amar, where are you?'
- I've told you so often
Don't hound me
if I don't pick your call
- I don't care how impor-
- 'Don't yell!
'The chap you declared as deceased
is alive, this boy has seen him'
'That's why I kept calling you'
Accused has cut through MM track
Sir, we've blocked
the bike you asked us to
'But a gang has followed them, sir'
That gang will handle the man
with the handcuff around his neck
'Bring the man with
the black mask to me'
'I want him alive'
Don't use your weapons
Okay, sir
"Where is the love?"
"Help me my friend"
"You know the reason for this agony"
"Where is the love?"
"Help me my friend"
"You know the reason for this agony"
"Tell the whole world"
"Tell the whole world"
"Take it down"
"Take it down"
"Take it down"
"Take it down"
Boys, help me
"Tell the whole world"
"Take it down"
"Take it down"
"Take it down"
Hey! If you are truly bold and brave
Take off that mask
and show your face
JUST TRY IYou can deceive this world
under the name of Karnan
I've heard countless stories
about the ghost in my squad
But the man I admired
had guts and grit
Aren't you hiding
behind a mask?
I'll unmask you
And expose you
With your real face
Only 1 day
Let me see if you can
survive just one day
Look over there
"THE hero is back to weave his magic
8 directions will naturally panic"
"He is the perfect mix of Lord Rama
and demon king of Lanka, Ravana"
Shall we begin?
Once upon a time there lived a ghost
He's not a myth anymore
'I found a tracker inside
after I opened the container'
'I have deactivated it'
'No one knows this spot
other than you and me'
Keep this under-wraps
till I update you
'Sir, I checked the sample'
'It's not cocaine
I'll confirm as soon as I get it'
And if something happens to me
in the place I am in now
I've fixed an audio bug here
'Everything will be recorded'
Sir...sir, if anything
untoward happens to me
Please inform my father
'Hey! Be positive'
I have another emergency on hand
I'll call you later, okay?
Napolean, I'm coming there
Hang up now
Dilli, speed up
- Yes, sir
- Vishwa
- Isn't the mask man's team in cell 8?
- Yes, sir
I'll send our boys inside
Discharge the cops on duty now
- Tell me
- 'Sandhanam, what happened to the stash?'
Whatever I have
I'm organizing everything
'I am not asking about
what is in your custody'
'What happened to
the missing substance?'
I will arrange it
within the next few days
'You are shifting the entire stash
in your possession tonight'
'And find the missing stash within 2 days'
'Otherwise you'll get
the next call from Rolex'
'Don't you have a large family?
Shouldn't they be safe?'
No, I'll update you
The 2nd man who died isn't Karnan
Look at this photo
Agency created to unethically uproot
various anti-social elements within India
Black squad
I am their present batch
This team
Pilot batch
'Pilot Black Squad'
This is the Karnan
you claimed was dead
He is Agent Vikram
'In the 1980s'
'Under the direct governance
of the Prime Minister'
'A stealth team was formed'
'Initially it was called
Prince Guardian'
'And later, the name was
changed to Black Squad'
'There were 11 members in
the pilot batch of Black Squad'
'Their head commander
was Agent Vikram'
'More than 100 operations have been
accomplished by this ruthless team'
'Their operation in 1991 backfired'
'Agency disowned them'
'Branded the entire team as terrorists'
'Took action against them
by wiping them out totally'
'Not just 11 of them'
'Killed their family, friends
all their near & dear ones, most brutally'
'But there isn't a single trace
of evidence regarding this'
'Till date'
'4 bodies alone are missing
in this team of 11'
'That includes Vikram as well'
And their death
Still remains a mystery
'So if we compare'
'The one who unmasked in front of me'
The man presumed dead
in our old records
It's your man
Then are the reports given by his witness
and family members all fake?
If my assumption is right
all this is Vikram's plan
'The face he showed
the others is different'
'His real face is something else'
'He made everyone believe
he was a drug addict and alcoholic'
'Having found out his son was killed
for that missing container'
'In order to nab the real killers'
'He worked from that blind spot'
'Working in the shadow
like a ghost'
'From the conversations between
Veerapandian and Rudra Prathap'
'He found out'
'All of them are working hand in glove
for Sandhanam's containers'
'He needed the entire history of Sandhanam
and gang from Nungambakkam police station'
- All okay?
- All okay, sir
- 'Sudhakar's right shoulder is dislocated'
- Thank you, boys
'And finally he found a match'
- Why is it so crowded there?
- Don't know
'Cocaine supplied by Sandhanam'
'And the missing containers
with cocaine is one and the same'
'Like the masked man
who killed Prabanjan'
'He utilized his own team'
'And made everyone
believe he was killed'
'He started wearing the same mask'
'All those who died so far are
responsible for Vikram's son's death'
'Anyone else connected to that murder'
'If they are linked'
'The killings will continue'
Is this man opposing the Govt
for a son he adopted?
What if he was his biological son?
Other than the name 'Vikram'
we got nothing on him in our records
His work, his murders, his salary
The weapons he used
His achievements, et al
Having lived under different names
and disguises all these years
He is silent all along now
under the name of Karnan
He hid from the Govt
the fact he has a son
He wanted his son safe and alive
Hence his apprehension
Now someone has killed his son
Very sad! They don't know Vikram's might
Then isn't Prabanjan's son
his biological grandson?
May be, sir
Alright, forget...forget that
'Are there only 4 members
in his team or more?'
Perhaps one more, sir
'It could be his own grandson'
'More than the fury of
his son being killed'
'He may be alive to protect
his grandson with a frenzy'
'He was the most wild
and expandable one'
'Referred to as ghost'
So, Amar, you don't know
where he is now?
You asked me to trace the killer
He's your man
My mission is accomplished
It isn't right to leave
this job half done, right?
Sir, when I took charge
of this mission
I thought it was a problem between
the police department and serial killers
But now
This is war between an ex militant
and his son's murderers
I can't get involved in this, sir
Hey! Answer and then walk out
Check what happened over there
Move aside
You didn't help to nab him
You and he are hand in glove
That's why you allowed him to escape
I can say this and
turn the case against you
I know who killed Prabanjan
Your eyes gave you away
If you can, try to save yourself
You are asking me to
be scared of a dead man
Fine, if what you're saying is true
This time, Karnan has to die
once and for all
You are talking about Karnan
But I'm referring to Vikram!
None of you can kill him
Guess why?
He is already a ghost!
Pick up...pick up
What happened?
Have our men come inside?
- Sir?
Guns have been submitted, sir
But evidence has been trashed, sir
So what?
Besides all this, Gelatin and
30 kg of RDX missing, sir
Recently played
Shouldn't we signal your boys?
I'll do the honors
"This matchstick to cotton fluffy
flared flames of desire in a jiffy"
[song from 'Asuran' (1995)]
"Don't twirl your moustache fancy"
Don't wickedly glance at me"
"This rose...rosy red lass lovely
fell into your web unknowingly"
"This rose...rosy red lass lovely
fell into your web mistakenly"
"This matchstick to cotton fluffy
flared flames of desire in a jiffy"
"Meet my family to fix our wedding date"
"Come, dancing to me, your soul mate"
'Sandhanam, where are you?'
I am in my lab
You listen to me now
loud and clear
I've mentioned this earlier to you
'We have brought in Amar and his team
to catch the serial killers'
'That bloody scumbag is
nailing me into my coffin now'
He has found out everything about us
and is planning to expose us totally
He is your headache
I'm answerable only to Rolex
Don't we all have
to be alive to face Rolex?
'30 kg of RDX is missing
from our inventory!'
He wouldn't have left quietly
after knowing A to Z about our lab
'First find a way to come out alive'
My entire family is here
Children too
Without moving anything
or touching anything
'Find a way to bring
everyone out safe and sound'
'Interesting debate today, okay?'
'Do I hear a 'pccht!'
in disbelief from you?'
'Today I have brought
an important question for you'
'If you have to live
in a forest just for a day'
'That too as a beast'
'Which animal would you like to live as?'
'I know you're thinking 'we were happy
listening to songs, why tortur-'
'Call this number
Which animal-'
Stop what you are doing
First we have to get out of here
[radio show]
'Next is Sivaji sir's famous-'
'Don't touch anything
Brainless or what?'
'Next song is 'Kalviya Selvama'
from 'Saraswathi Sabadham'
All of you, follow me
"Knowledge, wealth or bravery?"
"Mother, father or your favorite deity?"
"Knowledge, wealth or bravery?"
What happened, dear?
"Mother, father or your favorite deity?"
"Can one blossom without another?"
Hey! Just shut up
"How can one be superior
or set apart as inferior?"
"Can one thrive without another?"
"How can one be superior
or set apart as inferior?"
"Knowledge, wealth or bravery?"
'Boys, consider this your training session'
Not enough!
"Once upon a time"
"There lived a ghost"
"He was known to be a killer"
"And feared the most"
"Once upon a time"
"There lived a ghost"
"He was known to be a killer"
"And feared the most"
Tickets from the agency
No one knows
who is going to which city
Thanks, chief
"Do you want the rapport of all three
to support you in a life of felicity?"
"Knowledge, wealth or bravery?"
Listen, all of you
Keep calm...don't panic
Don't touch anything
Leave...leave everything
All of you follow me
- What happened?
- Where are the children?
Hold the children's hands
Don't touch anything
Hold their hands
and come with me
Bring all the children
- Is everyone here?
- What is happening?
- I'm asking you what happened?
- They've planted a bomb
Rush outside as fast as you can
Do not touch anything
Make sure you don't touch anything
Take care
Go...hurry up
Is anyone left behind?
Can you hear me?
Ramesh, Dhana, Gopal, Ilango
- No one here, right?
- Come out
- Come out if you're inside
- Rush out right now
They have planted a bomb in our house
- All of you come out
- You come out with me
Chapter closed!
'Sir...sir, what happened?'
Bejoy is in there, right?
He won't come out this way
Sir, earlier, this was
one of the exit points
Don't know what's on top
- May be
- Ssssh!
You are James Bond, I accept
Lower your gun
- Thank you, chief
- See you
Chief, I have a doubt
I don't know where
you have fixed the detonator
But in case it doesn't detonate
Are all of you here?
Count the heads
Where is Ilango?
- I sent him upstairs
- Where is Ilango?, I saw him inside
Wait, don't simply guess
Don't panic, dear
' him
Wait, dear'
Try his him
Call him, da
'Ilango, where are-'
Bro, our load will reach
by this evening, no problem
- 'Where are you?'
- I am in the loo
'Stay right there'
- What happened?
- Nothing...don't worry, dear
Sit there
I'll come and fetch you
Okay, anna
I'll wait for you
I'll be right here
Don't touch...don't touch anything
Okay, I won't
I won't touch
Not even letting me crap in peace!
It will explode
Do you remember the officer's name?
'He mentioned his father
just before he died'
Hey! Stop it
'Prabanjan, do you understand
the gravity of this situation?'
You should've told us about
the container when we asked you
Your fault you didn't tell
'You can't be killed that easily
If I do, then what?
I know the repercussions
But...this pressure
It's a bigger pain
'If you want, I'll arrange
another medal of honor'
I'll frame and give it to you
at the right time
All a matter of dealings
I want to kill you now
for your arrogance
'I don't have time for such games'
What you have seized
isn't 2 tonnes of cocaine
2 tonnes of raw substance
Raw substance means, by using it
you can make 2000 tonnes of cocaine!
'Do you know its value?'
'2000 billion, that is 2 trillion!'
'So imagine the number of men
after it and the kind of power play'
'I am sure you are aware' dear boy
'Even if you blurt out the truth
I'll ensure you are well protected'
You know the man coming over now?
Do you know how ruthless he is?
Do you know who my father is?
Who is his father?
I don't know
Sandhanam, listen to me
I'll handle him
Did he say anything?
He hasn't said anything
but he will...I will make him talk
- I'll talk to him
- Be patient
- Sandhanam, please
- I just spoke to Stephen Raj
'He doesn't have a father'
'He's an orphan'
5 years ago, in an orphanage
he adopted a 50 year old as his father!
His name is Karnan
'That man doesn't have a profile
the way he seems to brag'
Sandhanam, don't be hasty
We'll be buying trouble
I'll try and talk to him
Let me talk to him
Don't you know who your father is?
Or doesn't your mother know?
If I call your father
will he tell me?
'If you confess your crimes'
'Perhaps then I'll tell you'
So you won't tell me
where my substance is
Even if your father asks me
I won't blurt it out
Nothing can be done
He is gone, chapter closed
Did you come here to do this?
Don't I know to do this?
If the department gets to know
they will snoop right here
Are you some top dog?
Why do you have
a goddamn share in this?
To fiddle around?
You handle this
This is your problem
I want my stuff
I want it, dammit!
I care two hoots
if Rolex kills me
He'll bury my entire family alive!
This is not murder
With this
We declare war against this system
Send this video to the department
We can divert the case
to some terrorist group
When you send the video
Scratch the footage and
mix the audio video, then send
'I have been following his father
from the day Prabanjan died'
In front of my team
they slit his chest ruthlessly
I was the one who analyzed
his post-mortem report and signed it
[Malayalam] He conned us
It isn't too late even now
When we get the stuff in our hands
We can retrieve what we lost
No don't have to fear any scumbag!
But for that to happen
We need time, just tonight
If one has nothing to lose
He is very dangerous
But now
For him?
He has everything
His grandson
He lived all along in hiding
only to protect his grandson
He is high voltage for you
'All you have to do is touch him'
Within just half an hour
Our haul will be in our custody
Sandhanam, 1 minute
The man who destroyed
your meth lab
His wife
Come down
Vehicle # 2741
Don't halt anywhere
Come directly
Okay, done...done
I'm leaving now
Baby, tell whoever asks over there
we are going to Kerala
Are we going to Kerala?
Just repeat what I told you now
'Come fast
'According to the information
Prabanjan gave me'
'The entire substance
is stashed in the basement here'
Who is turning on the tracker?
That is with sir-
'Don't you know who your father is?'
'Or doesn't your mother know?'
'If I call your father
will he tell me?'
'If you confess your crimes'
'Perhaps then I'll tell you'
Yes, sir
- 'Sir?
- Hmm'
'Sir, are you alright?'
Sir, by now they must be
knowing our plan
As soon as possible
Our best bet is to
kill Sandhanam
Why should we change our plan?
Sandhanam was the one
who killed your son, sir
He is the first accused
You have to take revenge
Aah! So you think this is
a revenge story for my son's death?
Who is that Sandhanam, sir?
He's just a tool, sir
Whoever has power in his hands
on date is a Sandhanam!
If I had wanted to kill him
I would have, sooner than you think, sir
My son has given his life
For what?
For a drug free society
Don't we need to
respect his sacrifice, sir?
Do you know the drug's effect?
Yesterday's betel leaves and tobacco
You think this is its modern version
If this continues, we will
go back to the monkey stage, sir
It took us 80 million years
To evolve from monkeys
into human beings
What does a monkey know?
They can't recognize their sister,
their mother or their own daughter
Nor any sibling
Are we like that?
Hey! Whom have you lost?
Friend, sir
They killed my sister, sir
They killed your wife and son
So you could take revenge
and live happily after that
Why did you come to me?
Because of the ideology
Whomever we killed
is not a murder, sir
It's a statement
We cleaned the crap out of our society
A masked face is necessary nowadays
to carry out a good deed, sir!
I'm an agent
I can't divulge
what I have done, sir
I'm sworn to secrecy
And known by my failures
I have my success track record
I can't announce it to the outside world
I won't tell either
I'm an honest militant
I'm living underground for 30 years
for a crime I never committed, sir
For what joy?
For my son's sake
They killed him too
Sir, I didn't mean that
My grandson is alive
Tomorrow when he is an adult
he should know our legacy without fail
He should know our share
He should live in a drug-free society
For him to do so
Sandhanam has to be killed
How do we kill him?
How should his empire be destroyed?
It should be National news, sir
Only then tomorrow
'The thug who is even considering starting
a drug business should tremble in fear'
You know, man
One man's terrorism is
another man's revolution
Yesterday's freedom fighter's secret song
is our national anthem today
Tomorrow we will be sung
for what we did
I am the rebel here
What kind of radical rebel?
One who rebels against drugs radically
'Rebel' is not a cuss word
It's a virtue!
Sorry, boys
I'm lecturing
Because you-
Implied it is a revenge story
We are warriors of tomorrow
Grow up, guys
Sir, I didn't mean it that way
Prabanjan called me
before he died
He wanted you to know
what happened to him-
I remember
I haven't forgotten
Sir, don't get me wrong
Sir, did he at least
know your true identity?
'Did he think till the very end
you were the father he adopted?!'
You should be the one
to name the baby
Ask someone els-
You can do the honors
Come, my friend
Come along...come
I think I'm talking
to the right person
'You got the right #'
You are calling for?
All I did was the work
I was assigned to, sir
Unknowingly I exposed your grandson
'Just wanted to alert you
to be on guard'
Huh...alert me?
You'll come within the Govt radar
the moment you decide to help me
So you have to be on guard, okay?
- Sure
- 'Hello?'
- 'Wait'
- Sir
Have we met before?
'Why should you help me?
I don't get it'
Nothing of that sort, sir
Big fan of your work
Roger that!
Hey! Madcap
How many times to tell you?
Have you left, baby?
'Baby, where...are you working?'
'Where are you working, baby?'
Where are you, baby?
'Where are you working, baby?'
'Your baby is asking, no?'
'Tell her, man'
'Akka, who is it?'
Akka, can't you hear me?
Go upstairs and be with the baby
Who is that?
Call this number for me
- What is this #?
- Call this #
- Your father-in-law will come
- My-
Just listen to me
- Why should I call him?
- Please understand
Call this number, quick
Can't you just listen to me?
Why should I call for someone's crime?
- Call
- I won't call that man
- I'll call the police
- Don't...please don't
Please understand
This is for your own good
Don't call the police
- 'Speak'
- Sir
Agent Tina here
Command in charge
'I think they've come
for the feast!'
'Too many of them, don't know
how long I can manage on my own'
Come at once
No change in our plan
Do the needful
In case I don't come out
- What?
- The code is red
- Come, just come
- Where-
What is this hide-out?
Get inside
'Why should I go in?'
- My son is upstairs
- I'll take care of him, he'll be fine
But we don't have a Plan B, sir?
Plan B?
Is to make plan A work
Sir, what if Sandhanam gets
the stash before we get to it?
Do you know the word
brave souls utter at times like this?
We'll see!
Open the door, akka
Open, akka
[loud wail of anguish]
'The cry of anguish'
'You will hear the wail of death'
'Your thighs will tremble'
'Your feet will stumble
without listening to your mind'
'The soles of your feet
will sweat like this'
Hey! The baby is here
All of you, come here
If this 'panic room' should be opened
Valliyammal's eye is the key
She isn't alive now
So in your best interest
you are safer inside for the time being
My boys will come and escort you
'As per your plan, you can go
to the airport with your son'
The way I let my son die
I won't let your son die
1 minute...1 minute
Who are all of you?
'What is happening here?'
Are you a 'hero'?
Or a villain?
When your son grows up
he will clarify your doubt!
- Sir
- Look at that corner
Yes, sir
'Sandhanam, I'm dying of fright'
I hope the men you've sent here
to protect me are strong?
If you call me once more
I'll kill you before anyone else does
Hang up now
Back-breaking work today!
Sir, your dinner
Hot rice and dhal ready
I don't want any food, damn you!
- Go out and check what's happening
- Ok, anna
"In a war zone with zest
On the leader's chest"
"The hunt begins with fervor
to appease a single man's hunger"
"A pack of wolves menacing
wait en route bracing"
"In the dense forest profuse
a gory blood bath ensues"
"Even 100 troops could not defeat
this 1 man army's brave feat"
"Many a foe who came to overthrow
remain a mere shadow beaten hollow"
"A lion in the arena as champion"
"Will never fear anyone"
"A lion in the arena as champion
will never fear anyone"
"Never will his valor
diminish or die ever"
"Valiant warrior"
"A lion in the arena as champion"
"Will never fear anyone"
"Gallant protector"
"Brave defender"
"Master of many a game"
"Bravery is his middle name"
'Reverse...go back'
'There he is, go...go'
"A lion in the arena as champion"
Not a whisper from you
My dear boy
I saved you risking my life
for the past 2 months
Now that you've grown big
are you breaking my back now?
Follow...follow him
Do you know whose blood this is?
Amar, this is Sandhanam's handiwork
I have no connection with this
I'll prove it to you if you want
She had no clue I had
an under cover life like this
We started our life together just now
She would have died
wondering why she was killed
Tell me
How did she harm you?
Listen to-
Hey! Look at me
Look into my eyes
My dear boy...Uppili
Switch on the tracker
- Where are you?
- 'We've reached this spot'
He has gone in with his grandchild
'Come as soon as you can'
'I will manage till then'
Come along
The tracker that was turned off
3 months ago is turned on now
Signal shows the location of our haul, bro
'Both places are one and the same'
We aren't following him
He is leading us there
Hey! Give us the child
I am in here now
Where are the weapons?
'Kick the drum to your right'
'You'll see Arnold'
Give us the child
- Wait, child
- Finish him off
Hey! Come on
Hey! Why is Webley not working?
'He is Chuck Norris'
'Has his good days and bad days'
Why fear when I am here!
- Uppili?
- What, buddy?
What is this?
Your bottle of black tea!
My item, uh?
This gun's life is over
Lawrence is fixing
another one for you, go in
All done
M2 Browning
War machine
We've used it
'Not been serviced
So it's like this'
'Automation doesn't work
but single shot is doable'
I've lived my role for 5 years
Got stuck like second skin
Bloody die, man
- Not even one person is alive?
- No, anna
Where is he now?
Over there, bro
'But don't know which container'
Bejoy, where are you?
Sir, we are on our way
It shows 10 minutes from here
His mother is at the airport
Take him safely-
- Hey!
- 'Bro?'
- Go to the basement
- Okay, bro
Hey! Hold it
My child
- Sir?
- How much longer?
'Sir, 6 to 8 minutes from here'
Hold it
- Can't feel his pulse, da
- Sssshhhhh!
My dear boy
It isn't new for you to die
and get a second chance
Not for me either
The next 10 minutes really crucial
Don't give up
I won't either
We are immortals, right?
Have you forgotten that?
Listen, my boy
They killed your dad
They killed my son too
'You and I are left behind'
Shall we unite as a team, hmmm?
'Atta boy!'
'That's it'
He needs CPR immediately
Take him to the gate
Only after I tell you
'Bejoy will come, okay?'
'Follow my commands'
How much longer?
Maximum 3 minutes, sir
Lawrence, get down and walk
'Double barrel'
Takes time to load
Walk faster
Bejoy, distance
300 meters more
We are almost there, sir
Hold on for 10 seconds
They are almost there
Hey! Thiru
Don't touch anything
- What happened?
- No pulse
'No time to waste'
- 'CPR'
- Yes, sir
Okay, sir
Hey boys, cover him
No pulse, Bejoy
Come on
It's an order
"Once upon a time"
"There lived a ghost"
"He was known to be a killer"
"And feared the most"
- 'Bro, basement has been opened'
'But can't find the haul
Hurry up, anna'
Hey! Whatever happens
I want the child
I want the child alive
"The eagle is comin'
You better start runnin"
They have planted bombs all over
"Stunnin' and gunnin"
"Eagle is comin'
You better start runnin"
"His blood is rushin'
Stunnin and gunnin"
"The eagle is comin'
You better start runnin"
"His blood is rushin'
Stunnin and gunnin"
"Eagle is comin'
You better start runnin"
"His blood is rushin'
Stunnin and gunnin"
"Once upon a time"
"There lived a ghost"
"He was known to be a killer"
"And feared the most"
Amar, go to the hospital
13 km from here
Quick, take the child
Here, this is for you to
communicate with sir
We are off the radar area
This won't work here
So I have to go there
Go...go, quick
- Hurry up
Once upon a time
Ask what happened?
When I was in a war zone
My bone was crushed
A rod was inserted
You can't chop my leg
'Amar, check if the child
is breathing at least slightly'
- No, doctor
- 'Okay, now listen'
'Follow exactly as I say, Amar'
'Place both your fingers'
'In the center of his chest
between the boy's nipples'
'Periodically apply pressure'
'For 30 counts'
- Yes, doctor
- 'Are you ready?'
'Didn't he tell you
to your face that day?'
'Even if your father comes
he can't find out'
Come on
'Blow hard'
'Breathe into his lungs'
- 'What happened?'
- Negative, doctor
'Repeat the same cycle, dear
You can do it'
Bro, the substance is up there, go
'Don't give up
Apply pressure'
Please don't die on me, man
'Amar, continue...continue'
'Repeat the cycle, Amar
Don't lose hope'
'Do it it again'
'Push once more'
What happened? he ok-
'Look at that!
You've given birth, Amar'
Bejoy, we are within the range
What do we do?
My boy
Bride's guest!
I didn't kill your son
I killed the cop
who touched my stash
If there is a forest
Lion, tiger, leopard
will go out to hunt their prey
'The deer will run for its life'
'But if the sun sets by then'
The animal which will survive
to watch a new dawn
Only nature decides
That day my son
Should have survived
Just like that deer
'Same holds good for you today'
Do you know why?
To watch a new dawn, in this jungle
When, where and by whom is decided
Not by nature
It's ME
Listen to this
before you die
Name of the brave soul who died
His biological father's name
No confusion in that whatsoever
You can die now
'I know'
I know only too well
You have to live
Because our grandson is
waiting for you outside
He has only you
If you want to die
be here with me
If you want to live
take me out with you
'I need my stash
I need to go outside'
My dear fellow
Till you walk out with your haul, you think
the police will be twiddling their thumbs?
If I know my stuff is safe
that's enough
Rest the force above will take care
Call your men in here
We can call it quits with this
I am the force above you now
Only if I tell the code
they will spring into action
I'll manage the code, hoard and all
You tell me the number
- Code red
- Huh?
Code Red
'Code red'
Code red, roger that, sir
But can you reconfirm?
Hey! Eff you
Code red, man
Bejoy, no
It's a freakin' order
"I have tasted victory in all ways"
"Destroyed my foes without a trace"
"My brave actions in our life's game
will win glory, name and fame"
Code red means kill me, huh?
See you in hell
I'm right here
'There are many loopholes
in this syndicate'
'The reason we lost a huge consignment
in Chennai is because of Amar'
Military background
He is missing now
'No idea about his next move'
Reason for the drug bust in Trichy
is not military or police
'A prisoner who came out in parole'
'His name is'
'His name is Dilli'
'I heard he's somewhere
in Uttar Pradesh'
[Hindi] What, man?
Where has that man gone?
Hey little girl
The drill is stuck
- Call your father
- My appa?
'Hey! Come here'
The drill is stuck there
What are you doing here?
Drill isn't working over there
What are you looking at?
'Even if a child forgets his or her mother'
'Even if the mother forgets her child'
'Even if the soul forgets the body'
[hymn from 'Kaithi']
'Vikram is the reason
our stuff was missing from our side'
He has faked his death many times
'He has shown to have
sprung back into life often too'
'Now they say his chapter is closed'
But I don't believe it
If he is alive, he must be
with his grandson
'His grandson is somewhere in USA it seems'
Rolex, it is difficult to hunt
high and low and bring him here
'First let us start distribution'
'No one has any stuff
and we are all struggl-'
What did you call me now?
- Rolex
- Uh?
Call me 'sir'
Yes, sir?
Okay, sir
Yes, sir
The jungle has to be lush and green
when the lion goes out to hunt
When it is hungry
The forest should starve too
27 years
It took me 27 years
to create this space
Father and grandfather
No one gave it to me on a platter
There's a f rule in this jungle
No one can prevent
whoever is hungry
I'll start again, from scratch!
Tomorrow is Day # 01
But before that
there's a bounty
Whoever brings his head to me
He gets a settlement
to last a lifetime!
"The hero is back to weave his magic
8 directions will naturally panic"
"He is the perfect mix of Lord Rama
and demon king of Lanka, Ravana"
"Falls like a thunderbolt with velocity
Rises like a mountain ever so lofty"
"He is a hero unparalleled
He is a war-hero unrivalled"
"Despite attacks from many a sword
he has never fallen; hero of the world"
"Despite the world's opposition
he didn't pipe down into submission"
"He is a real rare breed
He is Universal Hero indeed!"
"Even tho' the Lord of Death tried
he took Yama for a royal ride"
Shall we begin?