Vikram Vedha (2017) Movie Script

The cries of Death
touch the skies
Nefarious forces lead to
inconvincible sufferings
King Vikramadhityan
was tormented
There emerged a
strange sorcerer
The reason for all
this is a vile Demon
To vanquish the Demon
is the only way forward
Shall I tell a story?
Hey Kattai, this is the spot...right?
Don't blush...confirmed or what?
Sir, I promise...they are inside
you know how dangerous it is to
follow these people?
I have taken a risk for your sake...
now take care of me sir
Lay low for a couple of days
Sure. Thanks sir
Mind you! If they aren't inside, then...
They are there go
Sir, don't know how many
of them are inside...
go for it, we can definitely
capture them sir!
We entering alone may be inadequate sir...
only if the guys from forces come...
Is it enough for just the bullets to
march by... don't they need 'the gun'?
Arrive late and on top of that...
who is this over
enthusiastic specimen? Name?
Mr.Antsy pants? He's the
newbie; just joined us...
Haha... (laughs)
Yes sir.
My name is Santhanam sir
Santhanam sir, are you married?
No sir
Any girlfriend of sorts...
No sir
No? Prabakar, our man
here has no girlfriend!
Why don't you lend him one of your many?
That wouldn't work sir
Why so?
Because they are way too old for him!
Look at you bragging about it!
Santhanam Sir, have you at least made out
with somebody... like not even first base?
God forbid... no way sir
Not even that?
Then shut your trap and go to the back
Yes sir
Now, what did I say?
Shut up and go to...
Then go!
Velraj Sir, already here?
Yes sir
What's going on?
All inside sir
Is that so?
Guess, they are pretty smashed sir
That's convenient
Ansari, tuck your stomach in...
How will you chase with this big tummy?
Trim it down...
Shall we?
Boys, all ready?
Hey dumb ass newbie, who recommended
you for the job?
Have the local cops been informed?
Yesterday informed, sir
Let's see
Velraj, this way right?
Yes sir
Boys, make sure not to get punctured
Knock 'em out...Knock 'em dead!
Who is it?
You would have died!
Sir, I will surrender sir
You could have dropped your gun
and surrendered there only nah?
After making me chase you...
what the hell surrender?
I was too tense to think of that sir...
don't shoot me sir!
Now, where is Vedha?
Really don't know sir
Where the hell is Vedha?
Sir, I promise...I don't know sir
Sir, sir...I'm a family man sir.
Please don't shoot me sir!
Sir, I will give you anything sir...
Give me anything?
Like what?
Sir, money? How much ever you ask for...
Haha (smiles)... who cares?
Ok, now tell me a joke
Joke, huh?
Sir, what will happen if
you mute an ant?
Haha (nervous laugh)... Don't know sir?
If you mute an ant it will
become 'mutant' sir..
Is this a 'joke'?
It's pathetic
Tell me another joke
Sir, once upon a time...
Simon, why were your hands shivering?
Nothing...what happened over there?
Put a 'bindhi' to their foreheads...
will die like 'married woman'
Mr.Santhanam, don't stamp
in the evidence
Hey, the guy I shot
last was Muni, right?
Yes sir. He's the top
shooter in Vedha's gang
He's got 5murders and 8
assaults to his name
He's very adept with the gun
Like how he was today?
(all laugh)
The other one is 'Fat Babu'?
Sir, he's been in Vedha's gang
for only the past 6mts
He's got two attempt murders and a
couple of extortion cases on him
Who is this?
Not like he's some gold
fallen in the gutter!
Look at him... just another accused!
Sir, he's got no weapons on him sir!
No weapons? Check thoroughly
Yes sir
Shit! If the ADGP comes to
know, he will dig deep!
Hey, didn't we seize some weapons from
the Pulianthope encounter?
Where are they?
In the jeep, sir
Go, get it ok sir
Boys, come here
Move the body a bit...
Lets see
Position it, favoring the door
Move it...Yes sir
Hey give me bullets
If you hand it this way, only your
fingerprints will stick you will go behind bars
Prabakar, take two bullets
Last time...who took a bullet?
Sir, it was me
Oh, it was you
Then, shall we pierce Prabakar's
lovely fat thigh, this time?
The local flesh trade
thrives on Prabakar...
It will be a pity, if the bullet hits
a few inches higher?
Shut up dude!
Sir, my arm?
Ok, on my arm. Now come here, come
Hey, go and hold his arm...
Hello Mr.Lover, hold it tight man!
Prabakar ready?
Yes sir
On 3 ok?
Ok sir...
(Both scream)
Hey, why the hell are you screaming...
when I'm the one who's getting shot?
Let go of my hand!
(all laugh)
Is he a leftie or a right hander?
Don't know sir
Not sure sir...
Don't know?
Which hand sports a watch?
Right... no, on his left hand sir
That means?
He's a right hander sir
Ok boys, listen carefully
We entered that way, searching for
the goons
This guy fired at us first
Simon ducked...
bullet hit the wall behind
Next bullet hit Prabakar's arm
We returned fire
The goons tried to fire and escape
We chased them and in the encounter
Fat Babu died
Muni ran; I followed
He tried shooting at me
As self defense, I killed him
Clear? Any doubts?
No sir
Ok. Now, take Prabakar to the clinic
Sure sir
Santhanam, its your turn next
(All laugh)
Infact, it will be a bit tough this time
First hearing was in September 2011
Sir, that's the reason for the caveat
huh...his name is Balaraman sir
Is that your new boy friend?
Sir, even the other day his wife
and daughter came to our office
Near Valasarawakkam sir
No sir.
Its pretty safe only
As if cops are a big deal sir...
Go to bath
Priya... How long babe?
Ours only sir...
Yes sir. I already made
the call this noon
I asked them to be
at court by 8am itself
Yes, I have it sir
Sure sir! Shall I take a photo
and whats app it to you?
Haha (cheeky)
Are you checking me out?
Hmm. Do you have eyes
behind your head as well?
This is exactly why I hate cops!
I hate lawyers too
Look over there. It's been 3months
since we came to Chennai
You still haven't unpacked your stuff!
Hey, wait...
'First meet'
"Yaanji, Yaanji... why do you
keep recurring in my heart? Why?"
She's a lawyer?
Then, this won't work...
I too hate 'cops'!
"I try to slide and sway;
But you just capture me with a glance!"
Whiskey large with ice
"You grow in my dreams..."
Whiskey large with ice
"like a moon, when close my eyelids"
"I bend over like a question mark
when I reminisce about you! Why do I?"
"From the depth of my
soul, you're my life!
You're the only one
that matters to me!"
"Oh... you are just an
extension of who I am..."
"Like how I'm just an
extension of who you are!"
"From the depth of my
soul, you're my life!
You're the only one
that matters to me!"
" are just an
extension of who I am..."
"Like how I'm just an
extension of who you are!"
'First fight'
"Yaanji, Yaaannnn..."
You do 'everything' and then gift me?!
I feel used
"My life was like a
regular calendar; just
sailing smoothly without
any significance..."
"You entered like a violent
storm; making every
day and moment significant!
that's magical!"
"You're doing something;
makes me feel like you"
"are the endless boundary
of my life and joy!"
'First Night'
"you attract me like a
magnet and tie down my
fury with your gentle
love; that's magical!"
"How do you do that with your divine
form of femininity?!"
"I have 1000s of wishes;
to walk by your side and"
"fulfill them till the
eternity of life, itself!"
"You and me complete each other!"
Shall we hit the bed?
Rather hit the sack?
"That's what my heart
echoes in my ears!"
"From the depth of my
soul, you're my life!
You're the only one
that matters to me!"
"Oh... you are just an
extension of who I am"
"Like how I'm just an
extension of who you are!"
"From the depth of my
soul, you're my life!
You're the only one
that matters to me!"
"Oh... you are just an extension of who
I am Like how I'm just an extension..."
Alex, breathe
This is usual
He will be okay
Sir, You're kidding!
No way...
Sir, a kid who studies well will do so
in any school
1.5 lakhs fee? What on earth are they
going to teach at that school?
Who cares about academics?
All the big wigs kids go to that school!
Know something? Even our ADGP's daughter
is my son's classmate!
The way you speak...looks
like you will get
your son to fall in
love with the girl...
And ultimately become
one with ADGP's family
That's exactly my plan sir...
Oh my god!
Sir, now a days, school kids are up to
all sorts of stuff!
But, look at this one...
So, you haven't done anything yet?
Not really
Sir, but you're there, right?
Take him to the lodges a bunch of times
Then, you will see him become a man!
What say? Wanna join me?
Sir, no...
He? He will chicken out at the slightest
If only he meets Vedha face to face...
he will shit his pants in fear!
Hey, have you seen Vedha
No sir...haven't seen him
Heard of him?
Come here
5yrs back...At Vyasarapadi
bangle market...
There was this deadly Don named Sekar;
always shrouded by his men...
Vedha managed to kill him!
Know how?
Jumped straight from the 1st floor with
his sickle Chopped the guys head in half!
Sir, I have a doubt
Atleast, if head is chopped sideways,
one can stitch...
What do you do when its
split in the center?
Don't ask. It was a pain at the
postmortem...But, we somehow managed!
Head center...
Hey, follow me
Atleast do something useful in the morning.
Circle out Fat Babu's and Muni's name
Sir, so if you kill in an encounter...
you circle out their names?
Now, just do what I say
What? 2lakhs lost?
You bet on Unicorn, right?
Hey, just sit down...
Pandian, isn't it a bit much to decorate
and perform puja for seized vehicles?
Sir, it's my new bike...
just paid for it!
Hey, did you sell off
some ancestral property?
149cc, liquid cooled engine dude!
Don't know those specifics sir
My wife wanted to make sure that she
matches my height if she sits pillion...
this bike seemed the right fit!
Stupid, don't deserve this...
Sir, Good morning
Morning, morning
Now, why the hell is he in uniform?
Sir, seems Santhanam doesn't like our unit
He wants a transfer to some other unit
Hmm...thought as much!
Hey, come here fella...
Sir, tell me sir
Why have one, when you can't 'do'?
Sir, invitation...
What? Already on your second marriage?
Sir, my sister's marriage is fixed
Not bad; you finally managed to fix it!
Congratulations! What's the groom up to?
Sir, he's an engineer sir
Oh really?
Why so much pride in that?
Just kidding...I'll be there
Mr.Head Constable, where's SP sir?
He's outside sir
Hey, you go wipe the shelves
Sir Vikram, my man...
Your reports and forensics match to a tee
Good work
Thank you sir
Where's Simon? Sir, he's taken
his son Alex to the hospital
Nothing serious; routine check up only
Something's come up sir?
Not really. There's a
rumor that Vedha visited
MKB Nagar to check on
Muni's bereaved family
How's it possible sir? When our boys are
keeping a close watch...
Don't know; could be just a rumor
Should check with Simon...
Sir, let me go and check it out
Sir, at the very mention of
Vedha's name, people turn mum!
Sir, I inquired about the
families of the deceased
Fat Babu has nobody; Muni has a son
His name is 15 and age is Dilip;
Sorry, his name is Dilip, aged 15
- Where's he now?
- Over there, sir
It's the cops guys.
Run, run!
You're the one who killed my dad, right?
So, you have come to apologize?
No. Muni deserves to die
That true too; he's an
a-hole of the first order
He used to get drunk
everyday and hit me
You think you're the only one
with such problems?
Everybody gets whacked by
somebody or the other!
Even somebody like you?
Belt! Even if I make a tiny
mistake, my dad will skin me alive!
Dad was a cop, you know...
Learnt only one thing from him
What's right and what's wrong...
Nothing in-between...
But, there absolutely nothing
to learn from my dad!
Hey, hey! Drop the bottle, drop it! Sir!
Now, you drop it!
You don't need to do this
If I got the man who
killed my dad alone...
And still didn't do anything to him,
you know what my people will call me?
Hey, let go off me!
How is that Pulianthope
Jeeva's son Sathish?
He's a bit troubled...
But don't worry
He will turn around soon
Take care.
Let's go
Sir, why was I wrong
in pulling out my gun?
No sir. He was in full force to stab you
He's just a child...
wouldn't have stabbed me
You should judge if one is a criminal or an
innocent, just by looking into one's eyes
Wait a minute
Hey Simon, what's up?
Commissionaire's office only nah?
Tell them I'll come
Tell them I'm on the way...
I will...relax
Now, look at this bugger
His eyes look like he's a sure fraud
He will come and say
there's no chain sprocket!
Everything is available sir...but for the
chain sprocket!
The bike is '78 model sir
Best option is to change
the unit with housing!
It will just cost you 2 grand
Should we just shoot him down right here?
Sir, sir, please sir
Even the engine sounds bad sir...
duppu, duppu!
I want that duppu duppu sound only... now,
go find me that sprocket!
Ok sir
You don't understand a word I said, right?
No sir
I sleep peacefully after every encounter
You know why?
No sir
Because I know for a fact that
I have never killed an innocent
You will learn as time goes by
Do you even look like cops?!
Look at you guys with beards and stuff?
Sir, we should just shut down their unit!
Sir, please...not that you don't know
This unit was started to control the
atrocities done by Vedha's gang
Just, give it a thought
How many murders in this gang war?
How many people has Vedha
killed in public view?!
That doesn't mean you can go killing
whoever you spot!
What do you want me to do sir?
If we file a warrant and arrest him, we won't
be able to implicate him on a single case!
The only option is to shoot him down
if we spot him
So, you'll just shoot at sight?
Human rights violation!
Will the cops answer?
Police brutality! The 'encounter operation'
headed by Inspector Simon...
So what?
So what???
There's something called as
police procedure, protocol...
Are you even aware of such thing?
Well aware sir. But, if
we were to look at that,
there will be 3 dead cops
instead of gangsters
Does that work for you?
The way you guys behave, there's hardly any
difference between you and them
Hey, hey, Vikram!
Sir, it was I who planned this operation
It's my name in the press, right? If
there's a problem, take action on me!
Hey, there isn't enough
water in your drink
Ice, ice...
Oh, just ice?
Simon! huh, he's just
here when we need him
Sir, just look at him sir...
He will take the fall for me, he says...
How many cubes?
Two cubes
Simon, it was I who lost it
Then let him take action on me...
What can that bugger do...
What can he do?
That 'sir' do?
Hey, come with me
Now what?
Just go
This side, coconuts
That side, bananas
And father that side,
I have bought 2acres
Potato farming...
Other than being a cop,
what else do you know? huh?
Sir, gimme a break. I
have lost all my high!
Then, just cock up and do your job!
As you say landlord!
Good night!
Good night...
Simon goodnight
Goodnight sir
Good times dude! Simon, we will
never get back those days, right?
How I wish it were like old times...
unnecessarily embroiled in this heinous job!
Hey, what's wrong now?
Don't know Vicky.
Sometimes I just wish, I
could abandon all this
and go some place new!
What's your problem?
How many souls?
So many sins...
Listen, I will tell you something...
100% guarantee
You are going to heaven...and me too!
We are the good guys bro!
No sins for rowdy's encounter
The sins of the father visit the son...
Worst logic!
How would you know? You sleep
tight after a day's work...
You know how long its been since
me and Anitha slept that way?
And that too, when he gets an attack...
you wouldn't understand bro
It's all because of you... and your
sentimental stuff
Drinking on the rocks... my head is
splitting! You are to be solely blamed
Just got some news from Intelligence
Vedha, who's been in hiding
has finally emerged
Heard he's lurking
somewhere in MKB Nagar
We should grab him before he gets alert!
We've got intel that Vedha is hiding
out in this part of Vyasarapadi
We are going to place our
riot control team in
these 3 junctions under
Velraj, Giri and Santhanam
You have to make sure the public
doesn't enter beyond this point
These three exit points will be monitored
by Ansari, Prabakar and Pandian
You guys have to make sure the
local cops don't cross this point
Otherwise our Operation
will be compromised
Only me and Simon will enter the
building Any questions gentleman?
Vedha has a lot of
clout in that area
There's will be a lot of tension during
the Operation... even leading to riots!
Be alert! all clear?
Yes Sir
This is only Vedha!
You have chased and
chopped down a man named
Sekar at the Bangle market
in full public view!
What's your enmity with him?
Tell me! Everything is
there on the records!
Will you answer if I pull
your teeth, one at a time?
Open your mouth! I've been yelling
my guts out and you just keep mum?
You think we will be
scared of you, just because
you have committed a
couple of murders?
Who do you think you are?
We cops look like jokers to you?
You don't like people who
speak aloud; I know that
Listen to me. I'm not like the other cops
Just tell me the truth; I'll
arrange anything for you
Don't you understand? It's not good for
you if you just keep mum like this
Loosing money is no big deal; but,
loosing the prime of your life? Not worth it
If you don't open your
mouth and answer, I will
say you tried to escape
and just shoot you down
You think you are some bigwig?
You just whimsically come and surrender...
and then be silent?
You think this is your
mother in law's place?
Do we look like jokers to you?
What's he talking about shooting him down?
It's already a recorded conversation
What else can we do? There's no way
he's gonna confess anything!
This is why we asked for
an encounter order...
Ok. Now that he has surrendered, what are
you going to say and produce him in court?
There's already a lot of pressure!
Just make him confess somehow!
Strictly no violence!
This man is saying no to violence...
while this one sits
like a silent, sly fox!
You dumb ass!
One thing is for sure...
He's an evil genius!
Genius, my ass...don't give
unwarranted credit to these criminals
Survival instinct! He's surrendered, fearing
we will shoot him down if we spot him outside
The question is not why he surrendered...
Real question is why he came out of hiding!
What's his job outside?
Can I tell you a story sir?
The silence is too deafening, huh?
You look really smart when you smile sir
But you will look very pathetic if
you smile without your front teeth!
Don't laugh. Camera is switched off...
I'll smash you!
Just my arm will swell up a bit...
nothing much!
Sir, will you treat your guest this way?
Vedha no violence sir!
Why did you surrender?
Just wanted to tell you a story sir
My own story sir!
Your kind of guys just
have one story, right?
I was down and a mongrel on
the mean streets
Did this and that...and grew to
be a big man
It's that story, right?
Wow! How did you do it sir? Did you watch
my whole life unfurl in my own eyes?
Can I tell you something about yourself?
If I give you 10crores today in exchange
for you quitting your profession...
you will refuse the offer and walk out
Only to go home and plot a way to grab the
money from me! That's you!
The same 10crores, if I give you in exchange
for letting me go...Will you let me go sir?
You will just send me away and plot
to encounter me! That's you, right?
Hah, good one!
However you see it, we are
both one and the same!
How will having just a tail make a cat and
mouse the same?
Sir, the cat has value only till there's
rat problem in the house!
But this mouse surrendered
fearing the cat, right?
But, will any mouse
voluntarily walk into a trap?
That's right. We're not talking about some
simple mouse here...
It's actually a bandicoot
who has murdered 16!
You are not such a simple
cat yourself sir...
A cop cat who has encountered 15!
Sir, that last encounter...
you killed the guys?
OK sir. You are in the lead
Killed 18; Killed 16...Convinced?
Criminal! Police...
I'm on the right side of
line; you on the other
OK sir, I accept.
I'm the bad guy; you're the good one
But to project yourself as a good man,
you do need a bad man like me!
Now listen to the bad
man's story; it will be
interesting, enthralling
with twists and turns! Listen!
'Gangsta! Gangsta!
13yrs back...'
Hello Sir, how are you?
Nothing sir.
Just a small matter
My vehicle is unable to
cross Ennore checkpost
Yes sir. There's a problem with the SI
If only you could do something...
Yes sir. There's some
stuff in the vehicle...
If you can help...
Not possible? OK sir, ok. I'll take care
Dilli, the bigwigs have refused
Dilli, this is your responsibility, right?
I gave you this job only for
your bro Sangu's name!
I need my goods here!
Am I responsible? Am I?
You doormat!
Cheta, will you just break the
phone if there's a problem?
How many phones will you break?
Shall I get the goods out?
Who is this guy?
What do you want?
Just get lost
Go away man...leave!
Vedha...Dilli has so much clout,
yet couldn't pull it off!
Here, our man wants to
go to get the goods out!
According to them, we're just donkeys to
carry load...that's our only fate!
You just keep blaming everything on fate
like an old maiden...
Life won't call and
hand you opportunities!
If you need something, it's
only a crime not to try for it!
Which checkpost dude?
Hey Dilli, move away man
What the hell are you guys doing?
Just shut up!
Are you aware of who you are dealing with?
Don't you dare touch me...
this is not for good!
Vedha, you will get wasted!
If Cheta comes to know, he will slit
your wife and children's throats!
When I get a wife and child, I will let Cheta
know. He can come and slit their throats
Listen to me...Stop it!
Are you alright?
Why did you hit me now? Police man
should feel sympathy for you, right?
Come to the station tomorrow and
collect the accident report
Narrow miss. You could have lost your life!
Thank you sir
There's stuff in the car. The cops
are going to check! We're done for!
What's your big plan?
Don't stop...Go
Hey, hold all four down!
Some accident vehicle!
Just let go...
Even after so many years
in business,
I still can't judge if a man is
capable of doing a task!
I underestimated you...
What's your name son?
It's Vedha Cheta
It's our first time, so
you take it as my gift!
Anything to be done in
Chennai, I will be your man
Gaja, see if it fits you
Gimme, give...
Vellai, I have bought something
that will suit your complexion
Dude, what did you get me?
Half Boil, of course.
There are couple of watches and chappals.
Divide it amongst yourself
Nothing for you?
Special for me
Look at him...
looks smashing!
Wow! You've bought coolers for 1500 bucks?
What's up?
I'll show you
Vedha, the way you're checking out...
seems like you are upto something Big?
That's what you thought?
You know what was going on in my head?
If there's anybody around, if the spot
is good...If I should pee at the spot?
That's all you were thinking? For real?
Yeah, just that
What I'm thinking, the guy sitting
opposite shouldn't know!
That's the effect of these glasses!
My darling!
Some new guy comes along and
you give it all to him?
You do whatever you feel like...
Go on, go!
Sangu bro, I won't be this calm always...
How dare that Vedha
steals my business?
He's just a thorn that sprouted
after last night's rain!
I'll just chop him down one of these days!
He's got Cheta on his side. What
will you achieve going against him?
Keep a low profile for sometime
It's simple; just keep
playing the way you do...
But keep your eyes and ears sharp!
If you smell a cop, you report to me or
Brother Sangu
How will you sense
if cops are approaching?
Sound of their jeeps
Yeah, jeep sound...
They will be in boots...
yeah, big boots
Will hold batons...what else?
Khaki uniforms
Right they will be in uniform
They won't be in uniforms all the time...
How will you find out if
they come in color dress?
They will sport crew cuts
Crew cuts in their head
Yes. They will have short crew cuts
With curved mustaches
Clean shaven to a tee
Understood kids?
What's your name boy?
What will you say if you get caught with
stuff in your hand?
What are you doing here?
Ravi bro called me
Even if he called, what happened
to your common sense?
Come. Lets go. Chandra, you too
Hey, wait up!
Why are you dragging them away?
He's my kid brother you
He's your brother? Then
he's at the right place?
Only if starts from this age, will he be
able to uphold your reputation?
One slap; your ears won't stop vibrating
Don't talk too much. I didn't call him.
He walked in voluntarily
He was the one who brought
this girl as well Ask him
You'll recruit anybody? Then why not me?
What's the salary?
Huh? You want a share as well?
Don't disturb my work spot. If there's
a problem, ask Brother Sangu!
He was the one who suggested
kids as they will be active.
Why are you creating a big scene?
You were the one who told there will be no
problem if the cops catch kids, right?
Hey cat face, you talk too much. I will...
I will, what?
Hey, clash at your level dude!
What if she hits you?
If you work for Cheta, think
you're the big guy in the area?
I'm the one after Cheta; always!
I'll burn your whole block!
Oh my god! I'm petrified!
I'm scared shitless. See you, alright?
Hey cat face, I'll mark your
face one day...get lost
If I spot you with Ravi another time...
Don't cry. I'm telling you not to cry
Here, take it
I insist. Take it
Now, shoot me
Common, go for it
Won't you save me?
Come here...
Just a day
I'll be back from Pondicherry tomorrow
Stay at Chandra's.
I've informed her granny
Just to school and back, understand?
Pulli sir?
When you're on the streets, does anybody
address you as Vedha's brother? No
Do they address you as Vignesh?
What do they call you?
Why do they call you that?
Since I scored a centum in math
That means, Pulli is your identity, right?
So, what should you do?
Study well
- Study really well
- Yeah
Like the bubble gun your
brother bought you? Yes
Do you like your brother?
A little bit
Will you give me a kiss? Yes
Then give me one now
Pulli, are you ready?
Take care
Hey Chandra, you're elder than him, right?
Then, take good care of your friend
Hey, police...
Catch, catch!
If you get caught by the cops,
what will you say?
That we just found
the stuff on the streets!
Shouldn't blabber anything else, ok?
Catch, catch... Run!
Run, along!
Sangu bro, just one pack got left out
Ravi, don't get caught with the stuff!
Just gives this at Tower block;
I'll pay you each 50 bucks
Just one bag... No way. Vedha bro
told me to keep away from you
No big deal. Just one bag. I'll give you a
100 each, please...
100 bucks?
Chandra don't. Let's go
Run, run. Run along
Vedha bro will be furious with you
Nobody appreciates a reformed man?
Come. Do your checking
Check him
Yes madam
Didn't I tell you I was clean?
But, you never believe me
Madam, there's stuff in
this little girl's bag
I don't know anything about that.
Catch the one who has the stuff!
Who gave it to you?
Nobody. It was just lying on the streets
Speak the truth.
Why are you hitting her madam?
It was Ravi who gave it
to us and asked us to run.
We don't even know
what the bag contains
Scumbag! Arrest him
Cops went ballistic on me...
I'm badly bruised
Lost 50k worth stuff! Also, we have
to stay out of business for a while!
Have to just wait it out.
What's the boy's name?
It's Pulli
If the other kids learn
from his deeds, it's over!
We can be in business only till
the kids are terrified of us!
Did you just let the boy go scot-free?
He's Vedha's brother
So what? What will he do?
Put a mark on the boy!
Hey, what's going on? Why are you dragging
him away? Let go. Please... let go
Let go of me, please!
Please don't, please...Let go, please
Please don't, don't! stop!
My palm hurts, really hurts brother
Pulli will be alright, no?
Brother, don't leave me and go...
I'll be back soon dear
Don't leave me alone
Pulli, listen to me...
Don't go.
It's ok. Ok. Rest dear
Take care him
Vedha, let me come along!
You tell me sir...
Who should Vedha punish?
Ravi, the one who pierced Pulli's hand or
Sangu, the one who asked Ravi to do it?
Nice. You'll hit a vehicle, smuggle using
the tow truck...instantly, become a don!
What were the cops doing till then?
Plucking their pubic hair?
Vikram sir, the question is not
about Vedha. It's a moral question!
Morals?! Have a doubt. When you guys do your
stuff, do you know you're in the wrong?
Or do you just do it to show
off some sort of 'heroism'?
You guys become heroes the day
you 1st wear your uniform...
But for guys like me, we have to
do something to become a hero!
Let go of that sir
In a story, if the choice is between the good
guy and the bad guy, then its easy to choose
But, in this story, both the guys are bad!
Now, who will you punish?
Why the stinginess? Punish both
You can't just do away with both. Even if its
crime, there's a moral aspect to punishment
The one who did or
the one who instigated it?
If you punish Ravi, Sangu will abscond
If you punish Sangu, Ravi will abscond
Ravi or Sangu?
The doer or the instigator,
who would you punish, sir?
Sangu proposed; Ravi executed
So, Ravi is just the weapon; useless
Though Sangu is a powerful man, I
would have gone after him only!
Whatever you did, did you do it for your
brother or just to gain clout in the area?
What's up?
They have come...
Is he your case?
Mr.Vedha is a client of our firm's.
And he's my Senior Lawyer
Anticipatory bail
Why did you even surrender?
Just to go on bail immediately?
Bail papers are in order sir?
You scoundrel...
Sir, talk to my lawyer sir
What does sir have to say Vedha?
Ravi, me and sir are pals now
See you later sir
What game are you playing?
That's for you to find.
Isn't that your job?
Ravi, let's go
How am I supposed to know that
you're involved in this case?
Now that you know, think...
Priya, Vedha is using you to get to me
Don't look at everything from
just your point of view
Mr.Vedha is an important client
of our firm...
In the 3mts since we moved to
Chennai, for me to get a job...
and get to work in such a big case as a
junior is a huge deal!
Tell me something... It was Vedha
who surrendered himself, right?
Huh...behaving as though you hunted
him down and caught him alive!
Stop it
Hey silly? Won't you be careful?
It's ok. Nothing big
Anyways, I will encounter Vedha
over the next couple of weeks.
Then, we'll see who you represent
First, find his whereabouts...
then you do the encounter
Priya, just think about it
Priya, living under the same roof and working
on the case...our personal life will be hell
Even if there's a phone call, we need to
run in different directions to speak...
And as husband and wife
working on the same case,
neither your court or my
Department will accept it
Common please...rescue
yourself from the case
Why don't you step out of the case?
If your job is important to you, then
so is mine to me!
He's a criminal with 16
murder cases on him...
He's the reason for our
lives being on the edge!
You think it's an achievement
to represent him?
You lawyers have no sense
of justice and morality?
Oh, so what's just?
From a legal standpoint, what
you're doing is unjust as well!
Why did you get me to marry a lawyer?
Can't stop an argument
Am a bit busy...Can I call you later?
Sorry. Anything important?
Where are you headed?
To the cable factory. Got info that someone
called Chandra has some lead on a drug deal
Shall I come?
No. I'll take care
Okay...Be careful
Please don't let go...Please, please!
What happened?
The guy who died in the last encounter is
Vedha's brother Pulli!
This number is currently switched off
The number you're dialing is not reachable...
Got info that someone
called Chandra has some lead on a drug deal
Hey Chandra, you're elder to him
So take care of him, will you?
The encounter headed by Inspector Simon...
It was I who planned this Operation
The one who executed or
the one who proposed?
Sir, it was Vedha's brother Pulli
who died in the encounter!
Vedha has come out to seek revenge!
He's targeted Simon;
Simon's life is in danger!
Move away!
Don't let the Press in...
Control the public
Yes sir
Where's vikram?
Inside sir
Ask for the Forensics team
Have done that sir
This is not your fault
Officers on duty, that too the remarkable
ones have died in the past too...
There's nothing you or me could
have done to prevent this
Sir, the Commissionaire and
the ADGP have arrived.
They are asking for you sir
Tell them I'll come
Has the family been informed?
Sir, I'll do it
Veda attended a wedding
at Vellore that day
Are you supporting the
man who killed Simon?
If Anita comes to know...How can you
be so sure that Vedha killed him?
Vedha was not in town that night...
I don't care...I don't understand
Enough! This is why spouses shouldn't
be working on the same case!
Ms. Priya, you may leave.
We will meet in court
Vikram, it's no use if you continue
to bark like this in anger!
Agreed. Vedha might have a motive
It could very well be a revenge killing
for his brother's death in the encounter!
But the photos shown by
your wife Priya does
prove that he was not at
that spot at the time
Sir, but just look at the autopsy reports
The reports say the same thing
The fatal bullets from Simon's body came
from the gun that girl Chandra carried!
Sir, whatever you may say...the
reason behind Simon's death is Vedha!
Vikram, you don't just come to conclusions!
The CBCID is handling the case right?
Then, they will take care!
If we interfere in Simons case..
..ADGP has ordered that
hell suspend our unit
How can we wait till
CBCID closes the case?
We have to wait it seems
No other way out
Do they think we are limp dicks?
Come what may...We'll handle it
Can't just let go of Simon's death!
Vedha, that rascal Vedha!
Let's get him!
But, who know where
Vedha is cocooned?
His lawyer will know!
Priya, the cops are gunning to file a
new case on Vedha and arrest him
You file for another
anticipatory bail...need
to prepare documents and
get Vedha's signature
So, make a call to him and...
Vedha's very intelligent. He's aware that his
phone will be tapped and will not use it
Ok Priya, then how
do we get his signature?
I will get his signature sir
Ok then, good.
Hey, don't tail too close
It's your wife we're following sir;
might get iffy
Would we even hesitate if it
was some lawyer? Right sir
Hey, it's working...trace the
number from which this SMS was sent
Koot road is coming up.
Ask the bikes to take a lead
Hey, stop the vehicle a little ahead
Ask Ansari and Prabakar alone
to follow her in the bike
Madam is just returning home.
Sir, madam is heading home
Sir, the number is switched off; but
the last known location is this road
Wait a minute! At the speed breaker,
a green Qualis stopped, didn't it?
Yes sir. Document transfer must
have happened there
That green Qualis must be around
this area only. Trace the vehicle
Common, lets go! Let's go!
The vehicle has stopped at an eatery.
It's moving then, follow the vehicle
Don't loose him. Follow. Fast
Come on. Make a u-turn
Go, go, go go!
Sir, it's Mullai Nagar Housing board
Spotted him sir. He's even carrying
the file madam gave. Ok sir
Sir, this area for sure. But, don't
know which flat or even block
Vedha has many informers
in this area sir
Sir, but if we knock and check on
every flat, we can find him for sure
Shut up
- Who are they?
- Look like cops
Correct. Start from A block and
search every house! Yes sir
Vedha brother, the cops have crept in.
They are sniffing around nooks and corners
Hey...what happened?
Cops are enquiring
Please go from here
Age is catching up!
Hey, move out...give way
Hey, where are you going?
Who are all there at home?
No one sir
Who lives in that house?
Inspector is on his way
Whom do you want?
Whom do you want?
Why are you entering our house?
What are you up to? huh?
This is what I call a cop!
Vikram sir, I under estimated you
Heard your friend Simon died?
I feel sorry
Sir, sir...wait sir
Sir, when you're emotional, you can't see nor
hear sir! Sir, listen to me sir...listen
Sir, just cool
Sir, stop it sir
Why the hell did you kill Simon?
Sir, sir, wait...
Why did you have to kill him?
Get off me sir
Sir, sir, my brother also died...
you killed him!
What did you say?
Pulli was a criminal; but Simon, a cop.
Are both the same, huh??
But the emotion is the same...right sir?
If you bleed, it's blood; If we bleed,
is it tomato ketchup?
Hey, get up now!
Can I tell you another story sir?
No sir. Haven't fixed the spot yet
I'll finish the job
and call you in half an hour
You should have killed him on the spot
I should have; but, public
had gathered by then
So, I couldn't. But there's no tension sir.
I'm cool. Will finish the job and call you
Sir, pass me a drag
It seems, you'll die soon if you smoke.
Here, take a puff
How does it matter when you die?
Isn't it cool when you know your
death is in your own hands?
Not everybody is that lucky my Prince
Some guys try to escape when
they are being dragged out...
They will just end up
with a bullet to their
head dead in barren lands
for vultures to pick!
I really pity them sir...
Your dad was a cop too, sir?
He died on duty sir?
Was it a heart attack sir? Sir, under your
control sir. It's nothing; nothing sir
He got stabbed and killed by a criminal
like you when he was on his trail
That's the reason you're trigger
happy around criminals, sir?
Sir, your dad's bike is
an old '78 model Bullet
You're looking for a chain sprocket for
it now? Will you be able to find it sir?
Are you watching me?
Is that the reason for you to
appoint my wife as your lawyer?
I just gave her employment sir...
I do know that you're
deeply sentimental inside
else, would you try to fix an old bike
and ride? That's sentiment, right?
Nothing of that sort. Bike has been idle
for long just thought I'll fix it and use
Heard you're educating Muni's son.
What sentiment is that sir?
Crap sentiment! Don't want the death of a
criminal to lead to the birth of another
That's it. Simple logic!
So, a cop's son is a cop;
a criminal's son, a criminal?
That's your logic? It's pathetic
Was Gandhi's dad Gandhi?
Or the guy who shot
him, Godse... was his son Godse too?
No, right?
OK, your time's over. Kneel down
Sir, sir, let me tell you a story before
my death; consider it my last wish;
it's a sentimental story... please sir.
Let me tell a story sir...
'Gangsta and his moll
2yrs ago'
Go man
You, son of a bitch
Hey, hey...who the hell are you guys?
Enough. Come on now...
I'll also come
Who asked you to come here?
It didn't hurt so bad,
even when I got hit
Why did you shout at me
for coming there?
Why do you want to get
into all this mess?
You're scared that something
would happen to me.
Its that concern, right?
Imagine, how I'll feel?
Why are you so into that toxic trade?
You never listen to me...
Pulli sir, you might be a king in
math; but I'm the King in my trade!
Everybody has an interest. And you should
work only in your area of interest
I came into this trade
'because I like it; but
now, the trade likes me even more.
What do you do?
The guys who depend on me
laugh at my lamest jokes right?
In life, that's
what's called as pizzazz!
Hey Chandra, stupid!
That's what happens when you
go full speed! slow down
What's your problem now?
Just put the medicine
Those days, we used to struggle to eat
roadside biriyani even once a week, right?
Now, if we want to we can
have biriyani thrice
a day at an air conditioned
restaurant, right?
So what?
If not, we'll still
be just sniffing biriyani...
If earning money is your problem, there
are a lot of ways to do it brother...
You gave me 5 lakhs to splurge, right?
I invested some in finance
and rest in shares...
In 3mts, 1lakh profit; converted
black to white as well!
Here, apply it in the night.
You'll get alright
Brother, brother... listen to me
Wait dear, wait...wait
Hey, it's nothing. I'm ok. Let go
Take care brother
I'm pretty strong; let go
Yes, now what? Tell me
Till date, have I ever
gone against your word?
Not like asking you to quit cold turkey
Over a period of time, you
can do some respectable
business, right? You bring
in your boys as well...
They will laugh at your
lame jokes then too!
Ok dear.
You take a share or 50%
or even the full money
I make and invest it in
business, share market, etc
But, just let me go!
What should I say?
No mention
No mention. You've become the big man, huh?
Aiy, hi...
Just because you're the boss, I
can't laugh at your lame jokes
It's okay
I'll only laugh when its really funny
Not required; get lost!
Look, what I've accomplished? My bro has
promised to slowly quit his profession
Yeah, yeah...I've seen it all in
these sugary, sentimental movies...
Why are you pulling up a long face?
As if you're the only one with a brother?
Going on and on about your bro.
Go to his place;
he'll feed you and you
can sleep next to him...
Like a lame baby!
Stop it woman!
I've been with you since childhood; but
I don't look important to you, right?
Just because I'm all the time thinking
about you, you take me for granted!
I know what you're thinking.
Why should you marry?
someone a couple of years
elder to you, right?
You're a full grown man; but still hang
on to your bro's cord...Dumb ass idiot!
Don't you want a status, a job, make
money... Nothing? Stupid moron!
Today is my birthday...
do you at least remember?
What are you doing? I'm screaming
there, while you're stripping here?
Hey, what? You stopped yelling?
However enraged one is, she can never
scream at a naked man! Do you know that?
You dumb ass, you are my life!
It gets interesting after this.
a guy stood behind me
carrying a machete!
Didn't see. Just miss. Would have died
right there OMG? Then what happened?
Then what? He just grabbed,
locked and flung him
The bugger fell straight on his nose!
Who did?
Our boy Pulli man!
You mean our Pulli?
Yup! you should have seen his pizzazz!
He was this little boy,
running around with his
school bag; now, he's
flogging these goons!
Don't mention it to him. He's still a kid
Definitely not; won't tell him!
All that's good. But,
why are these quotation
gang guys from Kerala
constantly buggering us?
No honor among thieves anymore?
Will one thief steal from another?
What thieves? We're the cool gangsta's
in town! Wow, gangstas huh?
Look at him
Hey, come here
Who's a gangsta? Who's a thief?
Thieves go some place,
take some money without
the owner's consent and
share amongst themselves
While gangsta's go as a group, take
the money and split it amongst...
However you see it, it's all the huh?
Move on!
Vedha, if they were locals,
it will take just 10 minutes
Just grab our knives
and stab them straight
This is some quotation gang from Kerala.
We don't know their hideouts!
It's like a pain in the arse. Can't
see it, but constantly pokes you
If there's a problem, don't
just look at the problem.
Look at the reason behind the problem
Who's tipping them about our movements?
Look for the rat!
Hello Cheta!
Vedha, my dear lion cub!
Cheta, this month's collection
Accounts for...
Stop. Don't I know your
accounts are clean?
What's bothering you, sir?
Vedha just sit down
We're all in the same business... should
we be friends? Quit fighting and be nice!
Only then, will we all thrive, Understood?
Let go of this paper tiger... Waiter?
You've not had mutton chops here, right?
It's the best mutton chops in town
You wouldn't have tasted
this in your lifetime.
Waiter, get Cheta 2 parottas
and mutton chops. Go
Tell me Cheta
Vedha, I heard you're converting
black to white? How is that?
Wow! That's why you are the Don of Dons
I'm not doing it. It's my brother Pulli.
He's the one who's smart and educated!
We can triple our profits, that too legally
Like business men?
Pay taxes to the government?
Of course
But we're only used to collecting taxes!
Grab everything you want
Come on waiter. Lay it down.
Enjoy the food
No Cheta, not like that. There are
some rules to eating a parotta!
First, take a piece of the meat; keep
it in the parotta; now dip it thrice...
Put it in your mouth; close your
eyes; now tell me how it tastes!
Fantastic, superb (in Malayalam)!
Fantastic, superb (in Malayalam)!
Vedha, I'll invest 50lakhs. Dilli, you in?
All con men. shouldn't trust them
What the hell do you mean?
Vedha! Dilli shut up
Hey, give Vedha 50lakhs
Vedha, let's do it; I trust you
Ok Cheta, you eat. I'll be back
Hello. There's 50 lakhs cash in this bag
Ok? Ok
Hey, just remove your glasses
There's money in it. Keep it safe
Why? We can't pull off cool gangsta vibes?
No, you can't. Now go; keep smiling
while you go, be careful, alright?
What Cheta? You've finished
off the whole thing?
I've arranged for a party.
How will you drink now?
One can lie down and pull up the sheets or
pull up the sheets and then lie down!
Wow! Hop on Cheta
"By the beds of Bay of Bengal
In a locality called Vannarapettai"
"By the 7G road signal
In our MKB Nagar..."
"Where over a 1000 families reside..."
"In this fortress resides
their guardian angel..."
"Vedha, who is a 'Lion' at heart!"
"All our area highlights should
be featured in this song."
"Who can do it? 1000bucks bet?"
"Gimme the 1000 bucks;
now listen to the song!"
"As you down large after large,
a stallion starts jumping inside you!"
"Our glory, greatness and grandeur
will galore in the stories we say"
"In our narrow streets and corners, we form
associations and protest for our rights..."
"Wherever we're from, we proudly
say we belong to this great city!"
"If you show us love, we're
your friends forever"
"taking care of you like
the apple of our eye"
"But, your arms and legs will fly far
if you try and pick a fight with us!"
"It's not a rat hole; it's a lion's den
It's a miracle; come see for yourself!"
"If it comes to conflict,
there's no question of"
"politics; it will all just
burst out into flames!"
"There's no room for enmity what so ever!
Tata, tata!"
"As you down large after large, a
stallion starts jumping inside you!"
"Our glory, greatness and grandeur
will galore in the stories we say"
Gaja, go easy on the drinks
Vellai, try not to puke man!
Hey, who is the supplier here?
Take care of Cheta
"There's no poster for any
heroes in our minds!"
"But, if you make a movie based on us,
it will go on to win the Oscars!"
"We will hold on to our nick names,
like its our ancestral property!"
"Hey, Half Boil!"
"If you lie and betray us,"
"we will slit your
throats for sure (in Malayalam)"
"We live in unity among different
generations with no hang ups or hiccups"
"We form deep bonds in a
moment; so deep that,"
"we will sacrifice our
lives if the need arises"
"There's no room for enmity what so ever!
Tata, tata, tata, tata!"
"As you down large after large,
a stallion starts jumping inside you!"
"There's no end to our glory, greatness and
grandeur...Absolutely, no end!"
Pulli, take a puff
What the hell is this?
Is it giving you a buzz?
It will look like a normal cigarette;
but fully stuffed with ganja!
You'll suspect only if you smell it
Now a days, who has the patience to buy
paper, roll a joint and stick it together?
Even one is ordering food
over the internet! So,
I'm developing the
business with our times!
Hey dumb ass, how dare you
offer it to him? Gimme
Pulli, look out for him
He's the big businessman in town!
Even bigger than Ambani! What say?
With Sangu's death, its raining
dollars on you! What raining dollars?
The one who was peddling dungs in C block
corner is the top drug lord in town today!
What top? 20% of what I make goes to you
Actually, I wanted to talk to you Vedha.
20% is a bit too much
Ravi, can I ask you a question?
Yeah, tell me
There's a snake coiled around
Lord Shiva's neck, right?
Is the snake there for
Lord Shiva's safety or
is the snake perched there
for its own safety?
Just nod one way or the other
Don't know
Shiva lets go of the snake.
Will he be affected? No
The snake leaves Shiva's neck.
What happens to it? What happens?
It will get trampled by some passerby
on the road and meet its end!
You, snake... Me, Shivan;
For the snake's safety,
it has to pay taxes to Lord Shiva!
Sethu bro, where have you kept the money?
In a real safe place; Chandra's house!
Why did you leave it at her place?
She will loose it with me!
I'll go pacify her first
Why is he petrified of his wife even
before they are married?
Granny, munching on some tobacco?
Chandra, Chandra dear...
Open the door darling
Brother, Chandra is...
They have abducted Chandra and
taken the money
Must be that Kerala Quotation gang
Why would they? Why her?
Who is tipping the gang?
Hey, let go off me!
Take your hands away from me! I will...
If you have a problem with
me, deal with me! Vedha!
Cheta, this is too much!
He's acting this way because you
have given him too much space!
He will take all the money; when it goes
missing, he will dare to hold my collar?
I had nothing to do with the money Cheta!
Cheta, Cheta stop...
Vedha, just stop it. Dilli says he had
nothing to do with it; I believe Dilli
Vedha, I gave you the money. You have
to return it! It's your responsibility
Money has to come back to me!
Vedha, Dilli will look after
Operations until my money comes back
It's bad scene Vedha at the harbor.
Nobody wants to touch our goods!
We're loosing grip at the market Vedha
Amongst all this chaos, have you
completely forgotten my Chandra?
Tell me brother
Money and Chandra are missing...
You think she's still alive?
Stop bro! Just look for her...
It's going to be ok...ok
"You don't go, leaving me alone..."
"My dear...letting my heart
thump in loneliness..."
Chandra! Chandra, where are you?
Chandra, say something Chandra...
Pulli, I'm really sorry dear
"First time I saw, I was enamored...
changed me somehow from who I am"
"More than just you,"
"I wanted many things in
this materialistic world..."
"First time I saw, I was enamored...
changed me somehow from who I am"
"More than just you,"
"I wanted many things in
this materialistic world..."
"Till the eternity of time, are you gonna
just keep me waiting..."
"You give me some love and disappear
like a mirage..."
Since, you've always been with me since
childhood, you didn't seem like a big deal
Only after I walked away with
the money, did I realize...
Without you, nothing else matters!
I just want to be with you Pulli.
You're the only one that matters...
Pulli, say something, please!
Master plan huh? Steal as a family
when Cheta refused to believe, you
come and catch my collar?
Hey Dilli, the money has come back right?
Vedha, look at me...
After so many years in business
what will people say if just let go of a
bitch who stole from me?
Don't we have a moral
code for our trade?
Slit her throat and kill her...
Now, what should Vedha do?
If you go with Cheta,
professional ethics,
Chandra will die; Pulli
will be ruined, a zombie
If you go with brother, sentiments...
then, mentor Cheta will
become the arch enemy!
Work or sentiment?
Let me tell you in the language you
understand. This tree is the line...
The one on that side of the line is the
good one; on this side is the bad man
Last story, both of them were bad.
In this story,
both are justified in their stance...
Whose side should I lean? Cheta or Pulli?
Work or sentiment? You tell me sir!
Cheta is a big man; very powerful
But, Pulli is not like that
Going against Cheta is
going against the world!
But for Pulli, you and
Chandra are his world!
If it were me, I would stand by Pulli.
After all, Pulli is innocent!
You're right;
Pulli is an innocent!
I did what you said;
I went with sentiment...
I sent Pulli and Chandra to another city
The price I paid for it...
I jumped into the battle field...
Full gang war!
If you want to find out why Simon died,
first find out why Pulli died!
Don't conclude before you search...
Search and then conclude!
Only by looking into a
man's eyes, you should
judge if the man is a
criminal or an innocent
Even after an encounter, I can go home and
sleep peacefully... You know why?
I know for a fact that I've never
killed an innocent!
Vikram, you're alright nah?
You're bleeding
Don't touch me
Priya, at that moment, I felt I was
right in following you to track Vedha
What's right Vikram?
Using your own wife to get your job done?
Sit down
You're hurt. When I see
it, my heart flutters
But the thought of what
you did, infuriates me!
Look Priya...
Don't you say a word
If it hurts too much, tell me
We will go to the hospital
I told you I don't know... but you
keep repeating the question, huh?
We will see to it later. Bye
Vedha! You know where all
I was searching for you?
The cops have put a
shooting order on you
It's no problem.
I have a place near Meenjur.
You go there.
Stay put till problem subsides...
Cops have locked my money. Got any?
Give me 10mins.
I'll ask the boys to get more
Not necessary.
Just give me the car keys
You heard me
ok, ok... here
Wait Vedha. I know you for long
You're not the types who
will get caught by the cops
That Vikram is also not an easy guy.
Please be careful in dealing with him
I told you then only; don't make
that cop's wife your lawyer
Now see, what trouble she
has gotten you into?
It's only because of her that you...
If you need a job done,
you should ignore who,
what and where the person comes from...
Just concentrate on our job getting done
It's not like that Vedha...
Will you shut your trap?
What are you going to do now Vedha?
Don't just wander in the open...
Vedha, listen to me!
Sorry madam. I hit
your sorry
Just cut the bullshit...
Come to the point
You're justified.
I hit your husband in
his moment of weakness
and you're angry with me for that?
You're wondering why I'm riding on
Vikram sir's shoulder?
I can only ask questions to the
man who can find the answers!
Vedha, don't go about in circles again
First listen to me and
then you can get angry
In everybody's eyes,
I'm a criminal, rowdy,
don I can do whatever I want...
that's Vedha!
That's all true. But none of this taint
fell on my brother. Pulli is a lovely boy
He's my child
Suddenly, they tell me he was
killed in an encounter!
I don't know why they killed him or how...
Pulli is not his name...
In my area, in the circumstances,
He studied, got centum in
math and earned the title...
They killed him
You're probably wondering why
I pulled you into this game
For the questions I raised,
Vikram sir would have started
to explore answers by now...
He will definitely get
stuck at some point...
I need you to help me at that juncture...
I sent Pulli and Chandra out of town
Vedha sent Pulli and Chandra
to a different city
Why should they come
down here and die?
If we need to solve Simon's case, we
need to figure out why Pulli died
We went hunting for Muni.
Pulli got caught in the midst.
It was mere coincidence
I'm sorry sir. In my experience,
nothing is merely coincidental.
There's always a reason to something!
Vedha is a killer. You listen to him and...
Go find a way to capture him
Just a minute sir
Look at this
I don't understand sir
Recently wounded and healed scars...
Somebody had tortured Chandra
Still don't understand sir...
Why would they torture Chandra?
Get me Pulli's phone records
Yes sir
Look sir. Pulli has just arrived at
the city a day before his encounter
They have tortured and bullied
Chandra to get Pulli come here...
This is definitely not a coincidence sir
Somebody is using us to play a game
What's your point?
They knew that Pulli was in the
warehouse and gave us the information
Who was that informant who
gave us the tip that day?
Simon's informant...Kattai!
It's pretty dangerous to
follow these guys sir
Where can we find Kattai now?
Take a right and the next left;
we will be at Kattai's place
Sir, looks like today is the 16th day
ceremony for Muni and Gundu Babu
These guys are like
scavenging vultures;
Rounding up the area,
realizing Vedha is weak!
Something's terribly wrong!
What's Cheta doing here?
Hurry up!
What happened sir?
Somebody has just killed Kattai!
The murderer couldn't have crossed
the area... Come on, search! search!
Sir, who are we looking for?
No idea!
Prabakar, somebody is thinking
two steps ahead of us.
We shouldn't let him escape!
Sir, we'll catch him...
we will find who it is for sure!
Man, I trusted you to do the job...
Sir, you keep asking us
to find the killer...
but who is the killer?
Won't I tell you if I know?
Just do what I say
Son of a bitch!
Son of a bitch!
Some Kerala Quotation gang; don't
have a clue on their hideout!
Watch where you go
You do the same, you moron
Who are you? Whose man are you?
Who sent you? Tell me, tell!
Sir, I was tense; just shot him. But he
would have definitely stabbed you sir...
Sir, it was you who told me judge a person
with a look. I did that and shot him sir
Well done. He would have killed
me if you didn't shoot him
Your 1st wicket right?
No warrant. Ask the boys to complete other
formalities and clear the body
Yes, sir
So, you've decided not to talk
to or hold eye contact, huh?
Before giving a judgment, at least hear my
side of the argument?
What argument are you
going to make Vikram?
Ignoring the fact that I'm your wife...
See, that's the problem
If I had followed another
lawyer and arrested a criminal,
would you be this upset?
But, what you did...
Think without getting emotional, be fair
Priya, shall we strike a deal?
Anything concerning our profession,
we will keep it outside the doorway...
Inside the house, we're
just husband and wife, ok?
Does that mean you will follow me again?
Just try going into the bedroom and see!
Can't sleep?
What happened?
Is it work related?
Seriously? Isn't this a bit silly?
The deal was to keep
work out of the doorstep, right.
Priya, I'll be straight
I need to tell Vedha something
Is this why you made up with me
in such urgency?
No, not at all
I have no clue where Vedha is...Sorry
Priya it's really important
But I told you that I don't...
Vikram sir will be stuck at a point.
At that moment, I need your help
Now I understand...I'm like a courier
pigeon between the two of you!
How did you find Vedha last time?
By following me, right?
Don't bring that up again...
It's not that.
When you're are stuck in a problem,
Vedha asked me to tell
you just two words...
Mutton chops!
I don't know what that means...
What will you eat sir?
2 parotta with mutton chops
And I need to talk to Vedha
Here sir
There are some rules to eat
parotta! First take a piece of meat;
stuff it in the parotta;
3 dips in the gravy;
now stuff it in your mouth
Sir, its Vedha...
Hello Vikram sir? Welcome sir. How
is the mutton chops? super, huh?
Sir, I have a gift for you.
It's at Jaff's store in Pudupet;
Sentimental gift. Don't miss it like usual
I too have gift for you!
You don't know who tipped on
you to the Kerala gang, right?
You want to know who gave info about
your bro to our department, right?
It will look like regular
cigarette; but it's fully stuffed!
Mr. Ravi!
"Life is a race"
"rambling and roaming
ruptured and fractured"
"And you end up in the same
spot you started from"
"In the end, we will just be
buried or burnt!"
"There's no proof of anybody going to
heaven or hell!"
"Just live as the moment exists..."
"If the moment is favorable,
thrive on it!"
"There's nothing good or bad here.
Just life. Let go!"
"The Coward and the brave are one."
"Brave cowards do exist!"
"The righteous and the
vicious are the same."
"Just the same!"
"To uphold righteousness,
vicious things have been done!"
"Don't believe in anybody..."
"Anybody here and now!"
"If you believe,
then don't doubt!"
"Until the end of time"
"Don't go to war..."
"Come may whatever, fight till end"
Yeah Vikram?
SP sir, it was Ravi who killed Simon!
Ravi played us to destroy Vedha!
Now, they are both at the
cable factory...
Vikram, listen to me. Simon
already died there...
Don't enter alone trusting Vedha.
You wait...
I'll immediately assemble
our team and come there
You come sir.
But, I will finish them both
before you arrive
Sir! Come in, come in...
Vikram Sir, I have a doubt
Have they built these
factories to function...
or for the purpose of
people like us to fight?
Thanks; For the chain gear sprocket
No mention
So, you have come with a plan, huh?
Only after hearing Ravi's story,
I realise how comicall all this is.
Sir, listen to this story.
You'll understand
All you criminals are just
the same, right?
Will act like friends and
back stab when needed?
Why did you kill Simon? Tell me...
Why the hell did you kill Simon?
Don't laugh; don't you dare.
The only reason I've
left you alive is to
find out why Simon died!
Vikram sir, a guy in my area lost something
here; but searched for it there!
When asked why search for
it there instead of here
he told it's bright and
easy there than here!
Your logic is like that sir!
If you continue speaking
in circles, I will shoot
you straight in the temple!
Speak straight!
Shoot sir...shoot me! Shoot!
Sir, you know very well that there's not
just a single dimension to my stories!
This story is also about us!
Not just that, by now you
are used to listening to
my story and I'm used to
telling you; so, listen!
'Gangsta - Police
3 months back...'
Here, keep it 2000 bundle? It
will be hard to get change. 500s?
You brat, keep it
My domestic goddess! Are you still
eating with your left hand?
So what?
What happened?
Our boys are fighting with
all sincerity.
But Cheta is a big man! He has
Dilli's support as well...
If we send 10 guys, they are sending a 100!
Our shirts are stained and stink of blood!
Then why don't you quit all that and
settle down here?
Hmm. Get married and settle. Your wife
will whip you down and silence you!
I'm not averse to the idea... but, I've
aged without the scent of a woman!
Hanging out with men all day, sometimes I
feel like I'm stuck in a gents toilet!
I too have a love story.
Want to listen?
Don't believe me? You haven't
seen me romance, huh?
It's pretty heavy. Pulli, don't
panic; guns are common here
Why all this brother? Didn't I tell
you already? Blood stained shirts...
Only if you slay people in close
quarters will shirts stain...
With guns,
I can shoot from afar!
How's my idea?
Keep half a dozen ready. I'll pick it up
Don't place it near your temple
Bro, I'm sorry bro
What are you sorry for?
It's because of me that you
have to fight this gang war?
If an egg breaks,
don't crib that its broken
Use the broken egg to
make an omelet and eat!
Don't you agree Chandra? Only the hen
that laid the egg feels the pain!
How long can one be working under a
man like Cheta? Am I right Chandra?
Pulli, there will be problems in life.
Only when the problem gets bigger,
can you reach next level!
Who is our man Vedha?
Who's he?
Now, don't pull a long face.
Shall I leave?
I didn't know at the moment that this will
be the last time I'll see them alive!
Take care
There's a new twist to the intense gang war
going on in North Chennai:
Gun culture is in!
Nobody knows when and
where one will attack!
But Vedha, if you just
walk down the streets,
the rats run into their holes
and bury themselves!
Even if kids fuss to eat,
moms threaten that they
will call the boogeyman
Vedha and make them eat!
You've become 'the made man' in our area!
I'm really proud of you
Ravi, there's nobody better
than you to lick ass!
You call me an ass licker?
Let go Ravi. Ignore him
Where's my drink?
You've become old and fat!
Better hit the gym!
Half Boil, one drink please...
Also Ravi, the rules have changed
What rules?
You take care of business as usual...
But, the share is not 80-20.
It's 50-50, ok?
To hell with 50-50?
Why don't you take it all?
I'll take a bowl and beg in the streets
Sure. That's left to you
You were a dock worker; a dog!
It's my fault that I let you talk
to me like an equal!
Hey, hey stop it man
Sit Ravi
How dare he Vedha?
Sit down Ravi, relax. I'll take care
What? Don't you know what
to talk to who?
Who do you think he is? He was
peddling dope in the slums
He has worked hard and become
a great business man
Yeah Vedha, tell him
Who are you? You were just a
pack mule and dare to fight him?
Sir, but you pay the 50% share
as he says... Pay up bum!
- Vedha
- What?
Ravi, are you still employing kids?
Ravi, don't you dare...
I told you I don't!
Hey, fix me a drink, please...
Fix me one too
Fix me a drink, please...
Look at him, pretending to be angry
I'll give you extra. But, Vedha and
his gang, all of them should die!
Money is not the problem;
Guns are the issue!
Vedha's boys are invincible with guns!
Our boys are unable to touch them.
Whatever said and done,
Vedha is a powerful guy!
What powerful? What do you know?
There was a Don named Sangu in my area.
I was his next in line!
Vedha stepped in and spoilt it.
How dare he order me?
How does it matter if I employ kids?
Vedha has to die!
All of them have to die! That's it!
The gang war in North Chennai is
affecting the public very badly
In order to control this, a special
task force has been appointed!
Heard the news bro? We're in the limelight!
They have appointed
'Special cops' to catch us!
We're in the 'big league' dude!
We're the Kings of our area!
Hey, who is it?
The cops!
Hey, no... don't... no!
Half Boil, what's happening?
Why are they only targeting our boys?
Vellai is too young to die!
That's why I'm telling you Vedha.
Let's go into hiding till all
this nonsense settles down
Hey, are you senile?
If Vedha goes underground,
what happens to his reputation?
Couple of his boys die and Vedha went
into hiding like a coward?
Who will be scared then?
You get back at them Vedha!
He doesn't get you...
Hey chameleon, those stupid cops shot our
golden boys instead of scum like you...
Peahen, they should kill you next!
You're a drug mule!
And you... think you're a collector?
Just get lost
Cops are on trail... Its nothing new for
cops to do encounters on guys like us!
It doesn't look like a
police man's job to me
Then, who?
Somebody is behind all this
if only I find out...
Find out and do what?
How much longer, Vedha?
Men in flesh and blood have died.
As if we're bigger...
Hey, what are you saying?
Pulli was right. Pack up your bags and
move to Bombay!
Half Boil, are you trying to pack
me off alone? Drive, just drive
Where will I go bro? You go first;
I'll follow you like a lamb
You just dear
symbol of sacrifice!
Dude, you go; I'll follow, I'll be ok;
don't worry, just go! Jump...
There's no way I'm leaving you alone...
aiyyy... Half Boil!
He's sharp; He'll be back!
I always thought the glory was in winning
That day I realised it was all meaningless
Where's Vedha sir?
You told me he'll be in this car?
He was in this car only; the son of Satan!
Escaped somehow!
Take it sir
The amount we agreed
for him 25 lakhs
Guys got guns from Bombay
and created a scene?
I got the real gun power...
'the cops' to finish
you guys! Catch that, catch!
Sir, finished the whole gang sir...only
Vedha is remaining. I'll find him somehow
I'll give you information sir.
The way you shoot, his whole
body should be punctured!
I'll double the payment
Vikram sir, aren't you the
one who's always clear?
This is black and that's white;
He's good and he's bad!
One's police and the other criminal, etc...
Where do you stand? This
side of the line or that?
Or has the line totally disappeared
and we're stranded in a circle?
Now, tell me Vikram sir!
So, Simon got bribe from
Ravi and went about killing?
You'll keep telling stories...
And I should readily believe them? Am I a
dumb ass to believe everything you say?
Vikram Sir, you're like a horse with
blinders! Will you see only what you know?
Won't learn anything new?
Heard Simon's son is
really ill and it will cost a lot to treat?
Is an Inspector's salary
sufficient for that?
No. Simon would have come to me
if he had some troubles...
How can he? Your honesty is scary!
Vikram sir, you're like a gun
Whoever presses the trigger, you'll shoot!
That's why I'm not angry with you
Yes Vedha. I'm just a gun.
But, you know why your
brother Pulli died?
Only then will you emerge
from your hideout...
I may have shot him;
But the reason he died is 'you'!
Vedha, you're not the reason...
From a tender age, one
will yearn for something;
work hard towards it...
even fully deserve it!
Just when you're about to get it...
a mongrel from nowhere, not only
snatches it away from you...
But, if you're forced to work under that much will it sting?!
That's when why I plotted to kill you all!
My plan fell apart!
Now what? Just that I'll die first!
No, no! No, no, no!!
Why did you do that?
Now, how will I know why Simon died?!
But, it was not Ravi who killed Simon!
Then who killed Simon? Who?
That's immaterial to me
It's for you to figure out
Vedha told you another story and escaped?
Do you believe in all that he says?
Just don't understand one thing.
If Ravi didn't kill
Simon, then who did?
Clearly, Simon came here to kill Chandra
But in the shoot out, Chandra
ended up killing Simon
Sir, are we looking at
this from the wrong angle?
But the forensics has it clear that...
Sir, lets forget about forensics;
lets think about the people?
Simon felt guilty...
He believed that his sins
were affecting his son
Sins of the father will visit the son
That's why he couldn't
shoot Pulli, an innocent!
Simon didn't come here investigate
or kill Chandra
Simon had come here to save Chandra!
The Kerala Quotation gang had
somehow managed to nab Chandra!
At this spot, Chandra was tied and tortured
Don't shout
Hearing this noise, the
goons have fired from there
Go! Run!
There's no way Chandra would have known
that Simon came here to save her...
She might have killed him in fear
or as revenge for Pulli's death.
It's all clear in the
forensics report;
The bullet that killed Simon
came from Chandra's gun!
Vikram sir, you're like a horse with
blinders! Will you just see what you know?
Heard Simon's son is really ill and
it will cost a lot to treat?
Is an Inspector's salary
sufficient for that?
Giri, you had a grand wedding for your
sister at AGM Marriage hall, right?
Pandian, you bought your new
bike with a single payment?
Ansari, your kids in convent...
the fees must be exorbitant!
Prabakar, daily at the lodge?
All high class hookers, huh?
Constable sir, 2 lakhs bet on a
horse at Guindy race course?
So much disposable cash?
Sir, you were right sir.
What do I know other
than being 'a cop'?
I'm like a horse with blinkers!
I just saw what I wanted to believe!
How many times have I placed a
gun in the hands of a corpse?
You've done the same thing...
But sir, the devil is in the details!
While planting the gun in Chandra's
hand, you did it on the wrong hand!
Are you still eating with your left?
You placed the gun in her
left instead of right!
What do you want me to do?
None of the goons we killed were innocent.
We were just doing our duty!
We just took some money to do it...So?
What's the big deal?
Look at my leg; I lost it on duty, right?
What did this department give me?
Why? What did you and your
dad get after being so honest?
An old bullet and a modest police quarters
Simple plan.
What's that girl's name?
If we torture her, Pulli
will come looking for her...
If we kill Pulli, we thought Vedha will
emerge out of his hideout!
If we kill him, we would have got
50 lakhs from Ravi!
This Simon, he
unnecessarily develops a...
...conscience and decides
to become the good guy!
What if he had confessed to all our plans,
we would all be
prosecuted and locked up!
We couldn't think of a way out
We killed Simon!
Every time I kill a criminal, I believed
that I was doing the right thing!
But, all this while, you were
just getting paid to do it?
Then, what's the difference between
what we do and they do?
Who's good and who's bad?
Police...Criminal? What difference?
Tell me!
You have destroyed everything!
Move back, move...back
Drop your weapons! Put down your guns!
Kick your guns away
Santhanam, cover me!
Yes sir...
Santhanam, what are you doing? Don't...
You'll get into trouble!
Hey, listen to me... Don't!
Thanks Vedha
You just say thank
you for saving your life?
Come on man! Run, run, run for your life!
They are firing away like its a toy gun?
You get up, get up!
No way sir
It's an order. Get up!
Everybody split! Split!
Just stay behind me...
Vikram sir, are they angry with you or me?
Then you go fight!
Hey, don't shoot to kill!
Vikram sir, am I holding the gun stylishly?
I will...
Hey, cover!
What cover, plastic cover?
Sir, step out of your cover
For me? Oh God!
You would have died...
What sir, bathroom huh?
Sir, he's shooting at me sir!
He's exhausted his bullets; come now
You're under arrest under section 420
Shall I shoot him sir?
Let's shoot him sir
Before becoming half a cop, you're
a full criminal
I am innocent
Couldn't kill the guys
you hangout with, huh?
Thought if I should punish
the executor or the instigator...
They can still be reformed!
Bye, bye
What sir? You killed the SP?
Serious case, huh?
Will your wife argue for this case too?
I'm not sure if she will take up my case
Shall I put in a word of
recommendation to her?
Didn't I tell you? You
have a charming smile!
Love marriage, huh?
I too have a
love story...Shall I tell you?
No way...No more of your stories!
Enough with your stories!
Your loss if you don't want to hear;
It's a nice story
Vikram sir, look at these guys...
neither truthful to the people around
or the job they do...
forever running behind
money and wealth?
Don't they know that its all just
body and ash at the end?
Dead like roaches?
What have we achieved?
Absolutely nothing!
Life is one hell of a comedy, right sir?
What sir? Police, huh?
Vedha sir, now what should Vikram do?
Should I let you go?
For saving my life and
fighting by my side...
Or should I shoot you?
Because you're a murderer with 16 kills
What's the ethical thing to do
Vedha sir?
"Life is a race"
"rambling and roaming
ruptured and fractured"
"And you end up in the same
spot you started from"
"In the end, we will just be
buried or burnt!"
"There's no proof of anybody going to
heaven or hell!"
"Just live as the moment exists..."
"If the moment is favorable,
thrive on it!"
"There's nothing good or bad here.
Just life. Let go!"
"The Coward and the brave are one."
"Brave cowards do exist!"
"The righteous and the
vicious are the same."
"Just the same!"
"To uphold righteousness,
vicious things have been done!"
"Don't believe in anybody..."
"Anybody here and now!"
"If you believe,
then don't doubt!"
"Until the end of time"
"Don't go to war..."
"Come may whatever, fight till end"