Vikruthi (2019) Movie Script

Yeah, have reached Ernakulam
No, I am inthe bus
Will call you once I reach there,
Okay, cut it
Hello, this Lourde Hospital..
How do we go to Lourde Hospital?
(Sign language)
Sorry bro
(Just a minute)
Get down at Kacheripadi Bus Stop and...
Thank you bro
Thank you bro
(Which place are you from?)
I am from Kasaragod
"Amongst the dew drops on the twigs"
"When the glittering red
sun swings through"
"With a hue of caressing fragrance.."
"Telling a story of the blossoming buds"
"And staring into the skies"
- Hi.. Good Morning
"While on the eyes the
feather of dreams brushes"
"0 dawn, come with fresh news"
"Humming a song on the lips"
"The lull in the touch
of sun rays taken deep in..."
"In the tender petals
adorning with all the love"
"The lull in the touch
of sun rays taken deep in"
"In the tender petals
adorning with all the love"
"The waves that cover the feelings"
"Pushed aside with lovely fingers..."
"Blooms the beautiful lotus"
"0 dawn, come with fresh news"
"Humming a song on the lips"
"In the darkness of the
night wading through thoughts"
"Residing amongst the leaves
of trees in the woven nests"
"In the darkness of the
night wading through thoughts"
"Residing amongst the leaves
of trees in the woven nests"
"Crooning between themselves"
"Is the oneness ofthe koels"
"Brought by the singing breeze"
"0 dawn, come with fresh news"
"Humming a song on the lips"
"Amongst the dew drops on the twigs"
"When the glittering red
sun swings through"
"With a hue of caressing fragrance.."
"Telling a story of the blossoming buds"
"And staring into the skies"
"While on the eyes the
feather of dreams brushes"
"0 dawn, come with fresh news"
"Humming a song on the lips"
Pass Pass
Block Buddy..Block
Come on move fonNard.....
Pass the Ball..
Pass the Ball..
Hey move..
Move away, you wretch
No foul..Fou |
How are the hell are you playing?
Get lost..
You did foul..
Move away..
Move..Move all of you
Move away
Sir, Roshan fouled
This may not be enough,
couple of more rounds of practice is needed
Just that, aren't they competing
for the first time..a kind of Preparation
It is the under 17 - South Zone Selection
Can see that fear on everyone's faces
(Don't worry they will surely win)
That aggressiveness of his...
is definitely good
but does lose control once in a while
Advise him when you go home
...When you go home, okay
(Will do)
(Sign language)
(When would you be leaving?)
The coming 15th, to Bangalore
You go
(Sign language)
(Child singing)
I don't want
Didn'tl say I don't want
- Take
- No
You move... 60.. Go...
I will drink this only
if you give me that
- (Did you bathe?)
- No
(Then why touch it?)
I will eat and then bathe
First take bath..Go
Don't finish it, okay
Oops, it's the rear camera
Here is it
Why aren't you guys smiling?
Shouldn't you be happy
for having returned home!
Come on smile,
got to post it in the group
Got to inform everyone about my arrival
Make them envious too
See you after a month, okay
Would your marriage take place in a month?
This time my marriage got to take place
I will have my marriage done this time
Will let you know about my marriage
That is my buggage
0h Sorry
Okay see you then
Hey Sameer..
Dude! How are you?
What news, buddy?
Shall tell you all later
Here parking fee runs on the meter
Is it?
Fantastic set up! Lots of changes
There is a good development
It's completely Solar powered airport, dude
- Really?
-Yeah, dude
Do you have any bitterness towards me?
What bitterness?
Then why didn't you "Like" my photograph?
When did these "like" start!
But didn't our "likes"
start in our childhood, dude
Yeah true, but still do "Like", okay
Just a touch is enough, dude
Marvellous Goggles!
Is it?
- Doesn't it look good?
- Of course
Don't you remember
howthese places looked earlier!
Yeah, it's totally changed now
A park has come up now
-Is it?
Lot of people come to the park
inthe morning forwalking and running
Hey Sameer, the moment you landed,
you started off?
Fantastic look! Superb
- Is that lliyas?
- Convey my regards to him
Aren't you envious of
seeing me return home?
You watch,
I shall arrange for all the fish, mutton,
and beef curries and post in the group
He must be lonely there?
- Isn't he coming home for holidays?
- No
Seeing this bridge,
what memories come to your mind?
True, how many times have
we been here for angling!
Have they grown up so much?
- Stop the Car
- Stop I say
There is a need, You stop
You take that suitcase out.
What is it, dude?
What are you up to?
This is my house
Where did everyone go?
Justa minute..
Lets scare her
Be silent..
Mom, may I have a black tea?
Oh my Goodness! My son Sameer
Oh my son!
You didn't inform us about your coming
Have you gone thin?
lam happy to see you, son
Where is dad?
He was around
Oh bro! What is this Surprise!
You said you were coming only next month
In that case,
let me go and return next month
Oh no, brother
What is special?
What do you wish to have, Son?
I will make whateveryou like
Lord, the one
who cures everyone in this world
May your powers be blessed on this kid
and may she be cured
Oh Lord the Compassionate one
May the strength of your love
Provide a healthy life to this little kid
What a pity!
Will she have this sprayed
on the entire Panchayath
Look, someone has come..
there is a bike,
Oh Father!
Hope you are fine
There she is again?
Oh Lord the powerful and omnipresent
(prayer continues)
Should it be opened!
Dude.. open
(In the background prayer continues)
It is the Cardinal
Com e, let's move
Cold Soda is best with this
I will come in the evening,
don't finish it off alone
(gesturing in frustration)
No, | ..
Oh was that you
I thought it was the sexton,
you scared me
What's this dad?
Isn't it time to stop?
This is regular business!
Last round it is
As if! Let mom not hearthat
(Sign language)
What are you saying, brother?
Why are you late today,
is what he is asking
Isn't it Election time,
Been busy running around
covering programmes
lam damn tired
I will move then, bye
Dude.. It is real stuff
Really good for a great sleep
How about one more peg?
No, I don't want
There your son is come..
Just a minute, I will be back now
Oh Rent amount!
Good night
He has left!
Can have four more rounds peacefully
Did you watch Messi's goal? Excellent
Come in
No, I am going
Had given my boot to him,
I came to collect that
- Like to have tea?
- No thanks
It's getting late
- Here
- Okay dude
What is tomorrow's programme?
Are you coming forthe match?
What about you?
I will be there
See you then..
(Got fever...)
Where is your shoe?
Why didn't you tell me?
Doesn't matter, Dad, I will manage
Saajitha Dear...
Get that fish curry too
Shall I serve some chicken, son?
One piece
Mom, feed your son instead
of your son-in-law
What kind of talk is this!
My dear Sameer, had you informed your
coming, I would've cooked more dishes
Mom, there are already enough dishes
Are these not sufficient?
How many days are you here?
Eh.. howmuch ever days he stays,
we will not send you until we marry you off
In that case how about registering
in the matrimonial tomorrow itself
Is that needed? No need
Why? Is there any one in your mind?
You eat this fish
Mom is asking is there anyone in your mind
No..there is no one in my mind
Hmm..You are all the time in Facebook,
definitely there is someone
Isn't it?
Come on, all of you
Are you going to marry him
off tonight itself?
Let him eat peacefully
You eat
Why are you uncomfortable
about his getting married?
What discomfort?
Definitely his marriage
will take place this time
If you don't redeem my
ornaments you pledged
I won't step out into the
marriage venue, I warn you
Have you seen standard people?
They wearjust one chain,
one bangle and a pair of earrings
Getting decked with too much
of jewellery is local
Ain't | your wife
Awife of a second hand bike dealer..
ls local..
Stop new excuses, and redeem
my ornaments at the earliest
Did you get that?
Will not work!
- Can't you stay here, Pathu?
- Hmm.
Let her stay here then
She won't stay alone,
then you will have the trouble
of bringing her home at night
She will simply keep crying
Hubby, give me the keys
Put battery into it
Sameer, come here
Bye aunty
Okay dear
Have you decided to get married?
Listen Sameeryou can buy a shirt and
give it off to someone if doesn't fit you
But Marriage is different
Even if it doesn't fit,
you will need to carry it with you
The present peace of mind also
would be lost. Hope you get me
For us, it's the Shirt and forthem,
it's Churidhar
And ifthe Churidhar doesn't fit them,
they still stitch it up and put it on
Doesn't matter, While buying a shirt,
take the one that fits perfectly
Then there won't be any problem
This Shirt looks fabulous!
Shall we leave
Good Selection! Did you buy for him?
Yeah I gifted for his birthday
Good one!
Correct Fit
-I will move then
- Okay
- Bye mom
- Bye
Come Mom
Sameer, you too were like Pathu then..
The proud gait with which you would walk out
you were going to stay in great-Uncle's house
Then at night, you would start
crying to see your mom
And somehow reach back home
As a kid you wouldn't sleep
without seeing me
But now you don't have anything
like Mom needs to be seen, isn't it?
- I will do that..
- Let me..
Need not.. your hands will get dirty
Never mind
Oh Almighty..
Mom, at my work place
even ifthe Alarm keeps ringing
l neverwake up
lthink that you will
wake me up with a black tea
You are always with me, mom
Good proposals are coming for Suhra
But she wishes to study
Let her study, isn't she young?
Let her study how much ever she wants,
I will take care of her
This costs 130 Rs
If you are looking for the hybrid
Mango plant, it's on that corner
What are you looking for, Sir?
- Do you need any saplings?
What Saplings do you need?
Hmm..Yeah this will do
Which one do you prefer? Big or small?
- This one
- This one?
What happened?
Did you see her?
Only I saw, she didn't see me
Is this a scene in some movie!
It is the nth time!
No dude, wheneverl see her,
my hands and legs starttrembling
What's this?
Others shouldn't mistake us, isn't it?
Sol boughtthis
Couldn't you have bought some seed?
Was it necessary to buy this tree?
Come on sit
What kind of a man are you!
Good that you bought a guava sapling
When you go and see herthe next time
You can take guavas off
this for her children
Fantastic ones, that too!
What dude! I'm finding it
difficult to let her know
What the hell!
If you desire to marry her,
then talk to her dad
Her dad?
What nonsense are you talking?
Don't you rememberwhat happened last time?
We saw his dad thrashing
two fellows who were after her
Do you want us also to
be thrashed that way?
You are not going to profess love
You are asking his
daughter's hand for marriage
Won't that lead to trouble?
You just keep quiet,
I will go and talk to him
Just come along with me
Hope you don't mess it up
Nothing, You just come
This is his shop
This one?
Get down
Is this needed?
Can't we tell her directly?
Do you wish to marry her?
Then go
l have slight fear
Hell with your fear
Like the fear before the exams, that kind
It will go off when the results come out
You also come
ls Hassan ikka here?
- He is upstairs
- Upstairs..
- Can you please call him?
- Hassan lkka
That is the one..
- Greetings
- Greetings
What is the matter?
Do you recognize him?
Looks familiar but! don't recognize him
Our Mammooka's son, Sameer
Aren't you in Gulf?
Yes, I am in the Gulf, | visit here often
Nowl have come home on holidays
Well, what brings you here then?
Hey attend to work
How much does iron cost nouf?
How much does iron cost nouf?
Have you brought iron from Gulf?
No... | got to speak something, is it?
Hey, make it fast
Never attend to work
He has something to tell you
What is it?
Speak, dude
-l have a desire
Not okay
What the hell..Hey, hit hard
What the hell! You said you will speak
I love Zeenath since 5 years
Say again
Are you trying to cheat
dignified girls in guise of love?
No bro...
As he's not able to profess to her,
we approached you
Zeenath is unaware of his love
I don't go behind girls
What the hell are you doing?
Split that up
Run towards left...left
Have they gone?
Assume that student got Nipah infection
after eating guava bitten by bat
2005 Model?
Then must be V
It will cost around 4 to 4.25 lacs
You take a look, I will call you back
When did you reach?
Little while ago
Come here
Who are we?
Ask him, Mom
What am | to ask?
Didn't he himself go and ask?
I will be back now
Hey..You sit down there
Sit down I say
Havel seen her?
Yeah Mom, you have seen her
She is here only
Come, I will showyou
Get up and come
How come I didn't see then?
Hold this, dear
Where is it?
Here she is!
She studied along with me in School
The one on other side ofthe man
in blue shirt, is Zeenath
Oh I see
Was it to see her you were hanging around?
You thief!
Went alone seeking her hand!
Shameless fellow!
Look he is giggling!
What is to be done with this sapling?
Got to plant it or
Tell us and go
Look at his walk!
Hassan had come home
If his daughter is interested,
then he has no other view
And moreoverwe have no issues
Since you met herdad,
meet up with hertoo
Today's children... nothing can be certain
Requires real hardwork,
to make this the way it is
Definitely! Our back will break
Brother, tomato plants
do not seem to be manured
Would you check that out?
Tomatoes, right?
-You met dad yesterday, didn't you?
I think your dad got scared
True it was dad who got scared!
Yeah, I too got little scared
Why did you talk to
my dad instead talking to me?
I did come to tell you earlier,
but you were in 10th grade
So I thought of telling
you after returning from Gulf
Moreover my hands and legs were trembling,
When I was informing
And knowing this,
what could be your reaction,
when my parents wanted me to find out,
So to know your response also,
like what it would be earlier
And how would it be now
To inform at home.. an answer..
I am not getting any clue
Oh my god! My lady's finger
What is this?
-Won't it do if! buy this?
How much does this cost?
"Wheneverl see you"
"le heart throbs"
"le lips tremble always"
"To talk to you"
"But when! come near"
"The frightened words"
"Run away to hide"
"l sprouted roots
on the path you walk"
"I didn't give you a letter"
"Because I didn't want
to burn both houses"
"I burned myself"
"Whenl became almost mad"
"You made me a Sultan
by giving the sherbet of consent"
"Wheneverl see you"
"le heart throbs"
"le lips tremble always"
"To talk to you"
"I will smear you with Arabian scent
which! kept safe"
"We will go to the "Kaanjiramattam"
festival holding hands"
"l have seen a lot of dreams"
"When the day waits for me,
| feel that"
"The time which moves like a snail"
"Will increase its speed a little"
"Girl, to join you"
"Wheneverl see you"
"le heart throbs"
"le lips tremble always"
"To talk to you"
"But when! come near"
"The frightened words"
"Run away to hide"
"Come with me"
"Run away to hide"
Select one more also
Here is some cash
As the marriage is nearing,
redeem her ornaments
Otherwise she will get worried
Sameer... It is enough to have
supported sister and her husband
You are going to become a family man
You will have more expenses
You keep this, I will redeem her ornaments
This is the best, shall I fix this?
Sir, Eldo
Eldo is overthere
Your neighbor had just called
Your child is ill and taken to hospital
- (Daug hter?)
- Yes, daughter
Nothing to worry
You got to reach quickly
Over there
When she was taken to the clinic nearby
Doctor advised to urgently
consult the Pediatrician here
A small infection.
Pneumonia is what is being told
It is Tressa's dad
Asks whether he could see the child?
No, Not now
You can see the child later
Haven't you been allowing it
to be carried for sometime?
There is too much infection in the chest
That is why I moved her to ICU
Let her continue there for two days,
then I will tell you
(I will stay here)
(No, son will be back home)
Do I need to stay here?
(No, I will stay here)
Com e, let's move
We shall move, then
(Child..l will call you)
(Is it not connecting?)
Yeah, its connecting
How is she, dad?
How is she?
(You saw her?)
(Yes, she was sleeping)
Dad, do I need to come over there?
Do I need to come?
(No need..When is the match)
Match? That's on Friday
(Oh Friday, You needn't
come and the shoes?)
Oh shoes!
Not an issue
I will manage from my friend
(No, I will buy...)
Oh you will buy
Is it?
Okay, Good night
Get these medicines from outside
(Daug hter)
They demand 25 but! adjusted for 20
It's not our fault
Didn't you run the bike over a disabled?
- Do you have license?
- No
Didn't you notice his tooth falling off?
Don't you knowthe consequences
if it becomes a case?
What are you doing here?
(Child is sick)
Daug hter?
How is she noVif?
An accident case
The troubles of being the
Association President
They gave this
Go and give this to Sashi
- Will this be enough?
- Enough?
It was a denture that fell out
Denture! Then, this too is pretty high
Shall we take little medicine?
Open your mouth
(Sign language)
(When is she allowed to go home?)
Asking about the discharge?
Doctor will let you know
(What is this? What dress is this!
Your eyes are also..)
I will reach now, I am in Metro
Will reach now
Just reached?
No, little while ago
- Got bored?
-Yes, a little
There a fly!
-What do you like to drink?
- Pardon..
Excuse me..Hello brother.
Can you please come?
Please, Sir
What do you like to drink?
Anything is okay
- Shall I order a coffee?
- Cappuccino?
Two Cappuccinos
Anything to bite, Sir?
To bite?
- Nothing..
- Nothing!
Even I do not want anything
Hello brother...
- Can you top it with a love shape?
- Okay
-And also an arrow
My dear bro!
Making a love shape itself is difficult
A big size Love, okay
That will be done
Do you like Poison?
- Poison?!
-What is that?
-I love it.
Sorry, it's a perfume
Have a look
Wheneverl come home,
I bring gifts foryou
But never been able to give them to you
Everything is at home
Anyway, you will be coming home
after marriage
Shall give you then
Spray and see
What happened?
Not good?
No, it's not that
What happened?
At the table behind us..
a boy is seated
Don't turn and look..Don't
He is been stalking me for some days
a nuisance, that's all
Don't look.. Don't..
Did you notice.. just a show off..
Not an issue, We can tell him.
Won't that do!
No..don't.. Need not.. No
Not an issue at all
Please be seated
I got something to say
- How do you knoVif?
-I am Shiyas
-You rememberyour classmate Fathima
Fathima is my sister
Oh, are you Fathima's brother?
Where is she?
Yeah, Now she got settled in Oman
She has three children
Her elder daughter is going to 8th grade
- 8th grade?
Your wife and children?
Are they here in hometown?
In fact I came to talk to you about that
Please don't feel offended
She is my fiache,
our marriage is already fixed
So please don't cause for any disturbance
Don't be upset..
Didn't say this to hurt you
Since we are getting married
Aren't you my long old classmate's brother?
Please do move away
Doesn't matter, brother.
As it concerns you..
Moreover you are much older
and if it doesn't happen now then..
But my case is different, I am young
And handsome, it will happen
I didn't say to this make you cry..
As we are getting married,
I advised you
Doesn't matter
Okay, I will make a move, brother
Thank you
- Here, Please take
-I don't want
Doesn't matter, You guys have
What about the payment?
Do pay it, not an issue
Hello bro
In case ifthere is any change in this,
Or if she says later that
she doesn't like you,
Please let me know
As my love is true, I say this
Oh God!
What's this?
He gave a treat
when he knew we are to marry
He won't come anymore
Not follow you further
Said it
When things are said straight,
never is there an issue
Is it?
Where did he go?
Hey Eldo
He was around
Hey Eldo!
What a sleep is this!
Hey You!
Eldo! Wake up
Come on, Wake up
There was a call from hospital
Saying you kid is been discharged
Try to reach quickly
Aren't you coming?
I will come later
Okay go carefully
Here he is! The other case
Are you from this locality?
- Do you hail from this place?
I came to knowfrom my friends
Take a look..
The man is sloshed out...
What a comedy!
What is wrong with him?
What is it, dude?
He is crossing limits! Look
Hey no..
Are you using my Dad to troll?
Hey no.
Hey You, I will smash your face,
You swine
Hey, what are you guys up to?
How dare you!
Hey stay apart
Hey.. separate them
You! Is it your mates on
whom to vent your anger!
Sir, Ask him..
He is the one who picked on me
He ridiculed my dad
Have a look at this, Sir
Everybody has got this
Hope you get me, sir
I didn't create this
Stop screaming
Have a look, Sir
It's already viral, Sir
What the hell is this?
Why are you picking on him?
It is your dad that you should
be asking about it
Share it in all groups
Let him show his frustration on his dad!
Can't all of you go home!
Enough of watching
What lack of awareness have you shown!
While travelling in the train
shouldn't you have been little careful?
Quite shameful, Eldo..
Mom, keep quiet
(That's why I dozed off
in the train unknowingly)
(Do you believe that | drink?)
If one looks at the way you are lying
Would anyone believe that you were sober?
(l swearon my child, I didn't drink)
Your son has come
Get in.
Lets move! Come
What are you standing to watch?
Can't you go home
Why do! need boots?
Where do | play?
I am thrown out from the team
(For what?)
You are the cause
(The message that went
viral me lying drunk)
(I swear I was not drunk)
(Even my son believed it)
(What will i do?)
(People will say lot ofthings)
(Butl am clear)
(Don't feel hurt)
(It's okay)
Eldo, what stupid thing have you done?
Moreover you are working
in a reputed school
(I swear I was not drunk)
What is the point of telling all this noVif?
People are laughing
It's a shame to this school
Manager has been calling me
Please stay away until
some decision is taken
( do | make ends meet..)
I can't give any assurance about yourjob
Particularly in such a case
You can go
Hello, hmm...Okay.
"When a heart is burning here"
"The wind is smiling"
"Joining that wind, enjoying that blaze,"
"When folk songs celebrate Pooram festival"
"to see burning hearts"
"Do you have eyes to see,"
"O heartless people"
"Amongst those hunters,
to fight straight on"
"Do you have the swords of words,"
"And the courage too?"
What do I say about your case?
How can association request them
to take you back in yourjob?
Everyone has got evidence
(l was not drunk)
May be
On what grounds can association involve?
Isn't it a Private school,
Keeping mum is sensible
Or else including the Association
all will stink
You go, I got some work to do, Get going
"In the heart beat ofthe innocent"
"The fire is used to fuel"
"ln theirtear drops filled with salt"
"Adding the taste by the drinkers"
"The curses heaped on by fate"
"On the life created through talks"
"When taken on for debates right and left"
"to see burning hearts"
"Do you have eyes to see"
"O heartless people"
Hello, groom...What is news?
Going good, where are you?
lam in Bur Dubai
The thing you posted in the group
is a big hit
What a post!
Who is that?
I know nothing about him, he was around
No point of talking about us Malayalees
l forwarded to everyone
Let everyone understand
the nature of Malayalees
Well, when are you...
I think call got cut. Out of range
"The one-eyed camera only needs people"
"To suck their blood"
"Those who set themselves to fall
in their trap"
"Become just scarecrows"
"When the hot news served cool,"
"And then you put him in a sack
and leavethem on the wayside,"
"to see burning hearts"
"Do you have eyes to see,"
"O heartless people"
"Amongst those hunters,
to fight straight on"
"Do you have the swords of words,"
"And the courage too?"
"When a heart is burning here,"
"The wind is smiling"
"Joining that wind, enjoying that blaze,"
"When folks songs celebrate
Pooram festival"
"to see burning hearts"
"Do you have eyes to see,"
"O heartless people"
"Amongst those hunters,
to fight straight on"
"Do you have the swords of words,"
"And the courage too?"
Yes..Can you hear now
Yes..Can you hear now
No. I had reported ityesterday
Ya.. I do not know about the footage
He didn't tell me anything
Child is sleeping...
Go and put the child sleep
He is yet to come
Get up..Get up
Did you call Dad?
lt's switched off
Have you spoken to your Dad?
Bad times can hit anyone
Those are the times, the family
needs to stand together
How much your dad must be pained!
Why are you late?
Your wife is really scared
I am taking leave
Dad... | am sorry
In that anger! did it unknowingly
Has the child slept?
She has slept
Come, let's go and sleep
(Me sleeping for once, damaged everything)
l was told that he would check
and talk about the rest
I will call you back, okay
My job is also gone
Oh, thank you
This is on our behalf
Shall we take a photo?
-Agroup photo..
- Sure...Of course
A | | .. come..
Hello, where are you?
Hello dude! A small problem
- The photo you took the other day
I will send you the link
- Check that out
- Let me check
All of you... don't forget the marriage date
No, we won't forget
Not only for the marriage,
please do come the previous day also
The previous day..
Shall we move?
Won't it be enough if you attend
the Parents meeting, dear?
Walk in
I will call you back, dear
He is the man..
This is that autorickshaw driver
Sir, he drives really carelessly
Moreover the vehicle
takes children to school
Look at this...
Neither has he a uniform
What is your name?
- Baiju!
What is your problem noVif?
But then the complaint is that
you over speed with the children
l have no time for anything, that's why
Is that the reason for not wearing uniform?
ljust have one,
and it is put in forwash
I think of buying another one
But by dusk, money takes different routes
Expenses.. Sir..
Oh, so that is the problem
So the expenses in the evening
is your problem
Here take this 500 bucks
Go and get a full set uniform
Oh no, Sir, I will manage
No, you take this and buy one
No Sir
Just take it as a loan
Return it when you can afford
In that case shall I move?
Hey Baiju
You didn't tell me
when you would return it
As soon as he got it, he left
lsn't he in a hurry, man
I will return it after two days,
is that enough?
Hey, I am not in that much need
Return leisurely
Won't you have one rupee coin?
- One Rupee
Daily bring it here and give
In this Sir's hands
Satheesh, one rupee daily from him
for 500 days
500 days?
Come here
Don't fail!
So then leave..
Isn't he in a hurry?
You get inside
What is the matter?
Please be seated
I had seen this
in the newspaper
That drinking case in the Metro!
In the present scenario,
everyone is aware of being caught
ifthey do such mischief
Yet see his audacity
You don't drink, don't you?
No, is it?
Okay, we shall look into this
You must catch him
Who is this?
- (My son)
- Oh Son!
Don't worry, I will look into this,
Go peacefully
Good, I like it
You have been playing games
since a long time
How is this? Do you like it?
Isn't that orange better?
No, this suits herwell
Even otherwise he won't like all this
Butl liked that orange,
Isn't that a good colour?
Didn'tyou like? I liked it
You mischief!
Calling me You! Call me Sister
Come on!
Sameer, you better leave, we'll select
Otherwise we won't be able
to buy what she likes
Dear, take him somewhere
Com e, let's have tea
Being women, they will not be done
till the shop closes!
Dear, you stay here
Give me the mobile
What's there to watch?
Won't he have a desire?
That's all after marriage, okay
Only that much
We just saw the experience
of a differently abled person named Eldo
Who has been a victim
of the attack on Social Media
Remember such a thing is done
to an speech challenged man!
Without any mercy this brutal attack
was let loose on social media
So do you intend to deal with this legally?
Whoever it be,
if one amongst us is victimised,
We will definitely bring him beforethe law
Hello bro, my fare
-What's it?
- Come here
What's it?
Don't you have sense, Sameer?
How can you post a stranger's photo?
Couldn't you have a thought and acted?
What to do? I made a mistake
What mistake! You create trouble and come
Your Goddam this way Selfie..
that way Selfie
You playing with your mobile
Had me guess that
you will be up to some mischief
Seeing the way he was lying,
just for a comedy, | ..
Clicked his photograph
But I really, I swear,
didn't knowthat he couldn't speak
What? He can't speak?
You will be cursed, my friend!
Isn't it my marriage
I am totally tensed
What will I do if police catches me
You don't get tensed
It's not only you who forwarded this
Others must have also fonNarded it
In that case they got to arrest everyone
and putthem injail?
Then Jail will be ovenNhelmed
But wasn't it I
who clicked that photograph first
No..Don't worry, we will enquire
Attend the call
It's from her
Hello dear
Where are you?
lam little busy, I will call you back
Do call me back
Dear, accept..
Isn't that this?
Not this, dear,
I had sent it on whatsapp
It was a photograph where the
leg is visible
Isn't this the photograph
where the leg is visible?
Where is it?
Where is the leg in this?
Wasn't it in the photo
sent in the Whatsapp?
Did you sent to me?
Look, this is different one
There brother is back
Come here
Total confusion about purchase of the cot
Which one did you like amongst this?
l and Sura selected the
cot in this photograph
But he has bought a different one
He is not accepting
This is good!
Oh! Now he turns the tables!
This is our gift
If you get excitement in
we can make this into a family cot
I think he doesn't like it
No, nothing of that kind..
He must be feeling shy
As if.. shy...
Look at the way he left... he didn't like it
You feel so,
I don't think he will have any problem
Sura, go and sleep, It's getting too late
Go and sleep, Pathu must have slept
You stay here,
I will go and enquire
Excuse me Sir
One minute
The time ain't right!
Ah! How did he cometo knoVif?
Come.. Sit
Please tell, what is the case about?
- Not a case...
| just came to clear a doubt
What doubt?
Do you take up cases
relating to mobile phones?
Yes of course! That is the trend now
Troubling women by giving missed calls
Exploitation through phone
Me too
I take up any dirty case
and free them with real ease
Are you the accused?
- Oh no..
- Even if it's you, not an issue
Please tell
Clicking someone's photograph.
posting in whatsapp and facebook
And mildly slandering him,
would that become a case?
Whether it be mildly or seriously,
According lT ACT 66 A
Leave that, lPC Section 499/500
Defamation.. that is damaging reputation
Then there are sections in
Kerala Police Act too
Minimum 2 years of imprisonment
and 2 lacs rupees fine
In case the Plaintiff's lawyer
were to be an intelligent one,
Then the demanded compensation will
need to be paid too
Said in short,
Aselfie is sufficient to destroy
the peaceful existence of a family
Hasn't the case been filed?
Get the FIR details
Which Station?
No Station, Sir
| just came to clear my doubt
Now may I ask you a doubt?
Do you hold on to any cash
as you are clearing your doubts?
What did he say?
No issues?
It is not coming
Dude Police
Did they go?
Listen, if you showthis fear of police
they will catch for no reason
and flog you nicely
Got it?
What did that advocate say?
Dude! Matter is simple
Haven't you deleted it?
Then what is the issue!
No problem
Yeah there is no problem
(Birthday song)
All of you look here
I will get the sweet porridge..
Dad.. here is the cake..
Just a small piece for me
Give him...
What is it?
My friend, Ananthu, got selection
in South zone
Doesn't matter, try next time
(What is he telling?)
His friend got selection in South zone
He could be upset may be...
The efforts he put through
those guys need not know!
What happened to the case?
Leave it
If such people are allowed to go free
they will sit on the
heads of innocent people
"When the thought of
Pathu's marriage came up"
"Amodern kind of a fiach is what
she had in mind"
"Even if not moneyed or studied
still a modern kind should he be"
"Even if not moneyed or studied
still a modern kind should he be"
"That is what was sought from the Almighty
and the years went by"
"That is what was sought from the Almighty
and the years went by"
"ln Chakumma's farm,
Kochunni's elder son is Mamooty"
-When did you arrive?
- | just arrived
You didn't inform
Can't I come without informing
Mehendi Ceremony
Got to put here..
Nice ceremony
-Won't you be here then?
I will go only aftertalking to you
Okay carry on
Is everything okay?
Or is there any problem?
Everything is okay
Here is a Seat
Ghee rice and Beef!
Hello, Serve for him
Yeah coming
Serve quickly
Hey llyias! When did you arrive?
But he didn't tell me
I thought of giving you a surprise
- Come with me
- Let him eat
Understanding the seriousness of the issue,
I couldn't sit there
That is why I came rushing
You know onething
lam the admin ofthe group
and he was the one who took the photograph
Oh you were the Admin! Fantastic!
Nothing to worry
What nonsense are you talking?
If people at home come to know,
it will be big trouble
l knowthe seriousness of the issue,
| deliberately avoided telling him
Did you see Binish?
There they are!
- Wanted to know what can be done
- So..
The other day we went to meet a lawyer
Seeing his tension,
I made him seat in the car and
I went alone to meet the advocate
Do you know what the lawyer said?
Minimum 2 years of Imprisonment,
two lacs rupees fine for sure
Oh my God!
Hey Sameer!
When did he come here?
Hey dude!
Sameer, get up
You get the vehicle
Don't scream and gather crowd
Hey Sameer!
Hey bring the vehicle
B.P is quite high
- Do you have head ache?
Do one thing
Let him get admitted here today
And leave tomorrow after all the
check ups are done
Oh no, Doctor, tomorrow is his marriage
Not for nothing the B P rose
Now don't get tensed because
the B.P is high
It will get okay
l have prescribed an injection
There will be a little sedation
Will be fine once he waken up
after a sleep
Nothing to worry, okay
Will he wake up before the wedding time?
Injection is better
If it is the other one, you will doze off
The tablet
Brother Nasser is calling
Has he come to knoVif?
Where are you?
We are in the Beauty parlour
Why didn't you tell me?
If you had told, I too would have joined
Sajitha too had wished to go
The idea came up all of a sudden..
So couldn't inform
Okay, come quickly,
all are enquiring for him
He is doing facial
-I too had wanted to do
- NoVif?
I will tell you,
okay I will call you later
No pain, is it?
Are you okay?
Dude! I am thinking of
cancelling this marriage
What stupidity are you talking?
If you cancel the marriage
on your wedding day
What will happen to that girl's future?
Don't you know Hassan lkka?
He's an iron cutter!
No dude, even if police catches me
after marriage,
Wouldn't that be a problem too?
Stay calm, We are there by you
Don't speak..
One fortaking photographs
and other one for sharing to all
You know! didn't sleep for last two days
I have lost 4 kgs
Please don't have foolish thoughts
and mess up tomorrow's marriage
Please advise him
Whom to say..
Everything is okay
I am in a big tension
Okay then take rest here
I am stepping out to take some rest
When you are relieved of tension,
let me know
You stay calm,
We are there, don't worry
Yes Eldo
Is everything clear?
Please don't take it to heart
In that situation,
I happened to react that way
Isn't it time? Get back to your duty
"When a heart is burning here"
"The wind is smiling"
"Joining that wind, enjoying that blaze"
"When folks songs celebrate Pooram
festival, to see the burning hearts"
"Do you have eyes to see,
0 heartless people"
"Amongst those hunters,
to fight straight on"
"Do you have the swords of words"
"And the courage too?"
Ask all ofthem to board the bus
Where is Dad?
We'll come by Car
Don't you have the vehicle?
It's already time, get in quickly
If the traffic block starts,
it will be difficult
You sit on the front
llyas come with me
Vehicle is at the back
Get on to the tempo traveler
Okay please move,
"The one-eyed camera only needs people"
"To suck their blood"
"Those who set themselves to
fall in theirtrap"
"Become just scarecrows"
"When the hot news served cool"
"And then you put him in a sack
and leave them on the wayside"
"to see burning hearts"
"Do you have eyes to see"
"O heartless people"
"Amongst those hunters,
to fight straight on"
"Do you have the swords of words"
"And the courage too?"
"When a heart is burning here"
"The wind is smiling"
"Joining that wind, enjoying that blaze"
"When folk songs too celebrate
Pooram festival"
"to see burning hearts"
"Do you have eyes to see"
"O heartless people"
"Amongst those hunters,
to fight straight on"
"Do you have the swords of words"
"And the courage too?"
Okay we will wait out
Okay we will wait out
Keep the phone
- Wasn't that your phone?
Why did you give it?
He is totally devastated!
You know my condition?
Ifl lose my job,
then my entire life is hell
This is not the matter dude
As it is now a police case
Is it from any Police station?
Dude, its me,
Oh groom!
You still not removed your tuck ins
When are you planning to leave?
This evening
This evening?
I got to go,
I taken two days leave foryour marriage
OthenNise I will lose my job
I am in a big tension
Shall we apologize to him?
Just stay calm, Sameer
You go and take rest
We shall discuss that later
- Go
- No, I am not able to
What aren't you able to?
In case if he files case against me,
and I am caught
Won't my entire family suffer?
You shut up..Nothing will happen
We will manage
You go and romance with your girl, go
Or shall I tell the truth to her?
O Sameer! Don't make me mad
Look at yourface in tension
Theirfamily members and well wishers
will observe
Hey look
Hello dad I am moving,
I will leave by this evening flight
Okay dude, I am moving
Take the Car
Keep smiling man
lwill move
I will call you okay
Dude, get in..
Don't you know my cousin Shabhana
Watch how she's gorging on the feast!
The plate has stuff for 20 people
Her sister sent me this
How does she finish this all alone?
It will go viral ifl post it in the group
Is that needed?
Why needlessly?
Spoken words and forwarded posts
can never be taken back!
Why needlessly without their knowledge!
Is it? Okay..
Need n't sent, isn't it?
Shall delete, isn't it?
Let's sleep
You step in..
- Greetings
- Please come
You are not new here
You are here for a long time
Oh, is this what you referred to
- Make tea
- That is ready
Ma.. Milk
Have dear
My Son..
-You go to room, dear
-Yes Mom
- Take her bags to her room
- Okay
Here hold this
How is the room? You liked it?
- Dude, that Eldo
-I know where he is now
He works in a School in Kaloor
If you could come, we could apologise
and settle this matter quickly
Okay, I will come immediately
Okay come soon
Yeah, I will come right away
So you were In Qatar?
Where is the groom going?
Hey Sameer!
Where is he going?
Who knows?
Band ready
By the left quick march
Eldo, have a look
Eldo Welfare Fund
Even bank details are also given
-You know anything about this?
- No
Better be careful
Forward it to me, please
Okay, I will send
Class is over, hope he will come now
Here he comes
Get going
Would it turn into a scene?
What scene? Tell the matter to him
It can be resolved with a sorry
- Go..Go
-You also come along
What are you talking?
Go from behind
And say that quick..
Forthe conference,
not only people, We also require funds
othenNise things won't proceed
(Hello, one minute)
Accounts need to be settled
What is this?
For the case filed, don't we need money?
This is for that sake
(For my case, I will take care)
(I will put my money)
(Did I ask you to raise funds?)
(If you repeat this,
I will complain to police)
No, okay, okay,
Drop it
I accept
- This way
I will move to the front
- What's happening?
- Don't go..
Turn... Move quickly
Stop there...
Crowd is gathering
Come on sit, don't go
-You will get into trouble
- Shouldn't we check
Come on sit
Come fast...
Get a vehicle
We will check at their home..
Hold him
Take care of the vehicle
Dear what happened?
Are you not well?
- Nothing
- Do you have temperature?
You sleep
You sleep
-Give it to me, mom, I will do
- No, dear
It's okay, mom, You go and sit there
Please don't feel offended if
I ask you something
What's it, dear?
Is anything wrong with my husband?
As she is a decent girl,
she asked me openly
Suppose she had informed herfamily,
just think what would have happened
Marriage has just got over
Newly wed couples, isn't it?
Little tension will be there
What tension does your son has when
the girl does not have?
Did you have any tension
when you married me?
No, isn't it?
Go and ask him, dear
How can I discuss this looking at his face?
You go and ask
Then do one thing
Don't look at his face
Men can't share all theirtensions openly
You women don't sit
around and create stories
Oh, so nowthe blame is on women!
Where are you going?
Won't give a peace of mind!
Like dad, like son
- Shall I serve this, dear?
- Hmm
- Dear, get me tea
- Okay
Do you have any problem
that can't be discussed with us?
No dad
In case if you have, do talk openly,
it is yourdad asking
No dad, won't I tell you
ifthere is anything ofthat kind?
No issues, I will make move,
I am little busy
Where is he going?
He said he is going to hospital
That's quite good
Whoeverthey may be,
whatthey did is dirty
Stay here fortwo more days
and then leave
Only then will the case get stronger
Don't keep turning and looking.
Who are they? Since a long time..
They are of a team, be patient
Will this person's relatives chase us away?
No chance, does he look like he has any
Son, put that thing for him
This one
Hasn't he been asking for a long time?
- OthenNise the bed will start stinking
- Is it?
Hey Sameer
You keep
I came for your need, didn't I?
Dude, just check
Yet not over?
Still not over?
Lets go and get food
Let's move out quickly
How do you feel noVif?
It was sheer fortune to have got his life
Would you be able to identify
the person who rode the bike?
It was night hours,
so couldn't recognize
Did not recognize!
Seems she has got only him
He still fears
Someone is after him
This must have been done by him for sure
Stay calm, We shall
investigate and find out
Get a detailed report written
Hello, just minute
Who could it be you said?
The one who took the photograph
He must be the one
How are you so sure?
Fearing that he will get caught
And to resolve the case,
he would've attempted this
Else who is benefitted by this?
- So you are enquiring the things
What is your name?
I am the District President of
Kaithangu (Support) Association
Let me also investigate
who all are benefitted by this case
Sir, just a minute
Would it land into trouble?
Do you still wish to see him?
He is posing like everything
is gone out of hands!
Won't he smile?
Has anything to be given for him to smile?
Dear, why are you standing
like this in all the shots?
Can't you smile a bit?
Standing the same way in all photographs!
Ah this looks fabulous!
How does this look, dear?
This is also nice
How is it?
Dear, say some thing
Zeenath, I got something to tell you
What's it, dear?
This looks good
I received a call from Company
To report immediately
I agreed
If you go now, when will you return then?
Won't it take a year?
Speak, dear
You know how many days have it
been after marriage!
Have you spoken anything happily with me?
You go somewhere in the mornings
and return home at evenings
Isn't that what you doing to me?
Didn't you say that you were after me
for a long time for professing your love?
Now what is this you are doing to me!
Shall I ask you something?
Is anything wrong with me?
After marriage, did you feel that I am
not the girl matching your expectations?
What is this, Zeenath?
It's nothing like that
Then what is the problem, dear
Don't cry, Zeenath
In case ifthere is anything,
won't I tell you?
You don't cry
There are problems
I will tell you
Stop crying
I have something to say,
you stop crying
"Blooming and withering"
"Do the petals and days"
"Parting and vanishing"
"Do the farewell moments"
"Sky high is the sound of separation"
"Will turn joyful"
"And are defeated by newness
and dawn on newly sprout wings"
"To fly, to bloom"
"The paths given birth by fate"
"Will become clear like em bers"
"And search for a new shore"
"In the futility ofthe
painful dreams be filled"
"Instead with play and happiness"
"Sweet moonlight will flow"
"Shall have life bud"
"Flowers blooming"
"In the blue skies is"
"Full of fireflies"
"A world without sorrow"
"Shall be born"
Zoom Camera 2
Yeah this frame
Is this one?
Next to blue shirt
-Any trip?-
"Do the petals and days.."
No, We are going to nextjunction
Can you drop me at thatjunction?
"Do the farewell moments"
"Sky high is the sound of separation"
"Will turn joyful"
"And are defeated by newness
and dawn on newly sprout wings"
"To fly, to bloom"
What is this mom?
It's around 12 '0 clock
aren't you sleeping?
Let this also be there
Anyway you will be returning
only after a long time
How serious be the matter be, leaving
immediately after marriage, isn't right?
Leave us, what would her
family members think?
When you return after your busy work,
only God knows
whether I and dad will be alive or not
What is this, mom?
Leave us, but leaving that poor girl
immediately after marriage is not appropriate
Anyways now spend the
remaining time with her
Enough, mom, try to go and sleep
Yes, I shall
Isn't Sameer at home?
- He has left
-Where did he go?
He is gone back to work... to the Gulf
When did he leave?
- Left just a while back
- Oh okay
Well, Son who are you?
I am one of Sameer's friend
- Okay
- Okay
Okay, Son..
Mom.. Won't he be returning soon?
Don't worry
Sameer, give me your passport
You can leave soon
What's your name?
Talk loudly
What is yourfull name?
Where are you going to now?
Were you on leave?
How many days was your leave?
One month
Then why are you leaving this early?
Give me your phone
Unlock it
Do you know the man seated over there?
Have you seen him anywhere?
No..No, Sir
Get them in
Sir, he is a very decent fellow
No Whatsapp orfacebook in his mobile
Very smart!
Decent man!
What's it, son?
What is it, sir?
Do you know her?
My mom, Sir
I have to arrest your mom in a case, Sameer
That speech challenged person's photo
was taken and victimized on social media
That is the case
SIM is in your mom's name
Yourmom will go inside
It was me who did it
Not my mom
Hey, We know you did that
But didn't your poor mom got trapped!
Sorry Sir, I didn't do it
with any such intention
Didn't expect things would
take go this way either
I apologize
Brother, I apologize
Can the law apologize like you say?
Apart from that, you attempted
to kill by running the vehicle over him.
Oh Son!
Isn't that correct?
You thought no one could find out?
No, I went to seek his apology
No Sir, he won't do such a thing
You are mistaken
- Kadeeja Beevi, right?
He posted the photo from the number
in your name
Not just that, the day he met
with an accident
That you followed him for
which we have all the proofs
Swear on the Almighty, Swear on mom,
I went to express my apologies
ls attempting to kill someone
You calling as apology?
Please don't take him.
He will never harm anyone knowingly
It's just been 5 days after his marriage
Tell all that in court
Please arrest me if you want
Look at the girl..
they've just begun their lives
What's the point of regretting noVif?
Do you know because of him
what all that man had to endure!
Son! If my son has caused any harm to you,
this Mom shall apologize
Please tell Sirto leave him
Only if you say, he will leave him
(Sir, no need of anything)
(I and my family have
suffered a lot forthis)
(I don't want to make them to suffer..
Innocent mom)
(Don't arrest him)
(Please tell him)
Sir, he says he has no complaint.
He has forgiven
That is not possible!
Based on your complaint,
I arrested the culprit
And nowyou ask to forgive
Tell that in the court
One minute..
(Read this to him)
Law can't forgive
But we human beings can forgive
I have no complaint
(Please no need of all this sir..P | ease)
Thank you
(Don't worry.. It's okay)
What is your next programme?
Shouldn't we look forthe next flight?
- No, I am not going
No, let me stay here forfew days
Nowl am relieved..
Let me stay with my wife and mom
Mom, you heard what he said
Such moments....
Pics are to be taken!
Come on smile!
These frames cannot be got in your selfie
Look straight
Come on smile
Please send to me
This one?
- Oh my dude!
- Take the car
Get in
Dad, give that phone
Give me
Come, let's all take a photo
Have a look
Mom, have a look
- Isn't that nice?
- Yes