Vile (2011) Movie Script

Is science without humanity "
Mahatma Gandhi
-I flinched.
Honey, you're pregnant.
It's not cancer.
'I get.
I know.
I think I need
another day.
Ask Tony.
Very well. Thank you.
-You have to.
Yes, I know.
-Hey, mister.
What are you doing up?
-Take a walk in the woods.
'Sounds sexy and fun.
-Was galloping?
Yes, no pants.
It was just what I was dreaming
'Probably I'm psychic.
-It's so strange.
It is not a coincidence.
Even I have pants under this
-You know
Well, how about this?
-Are you ready?
- If
Rather be locked in a room
full of snakes
or spiders?
U ants
-What kind snakes?
-Mmm could not kill
What kind of spiders?
Big and ugly
There could be a bear?
because it seems that are going for a bear
snakes and large spiders
-Choose one.
-No ... Snakes
Now one for you
Rather be locked
in a room that is ...
frozen or hot?
I mean really hot
As burning
-I get something in the room?
-No, you get nothing!
No blankets?
You can have a blanket
in the hot room
I have an interesting.
Answer the question!
"I have an interesting".
-Umm ... the hot
'Now, I'm all ears
-Oh, yeah?
I want to hear your riddle
You're so distracted now.
'You're distracting
My God, a dolphin looks sweet.
I love this dolphin.
You have to see what
-To come?
-Oh yeah.
I'm going to tattoo the whole body,
-It will be very sexy.
- What you gonna do?
A tent Coi.
-Fish, waves and dolphins?
-You will be the aquarium O. Tayler.
'Very well, you see if you supported?
-I will be there.
-Think it worthwhile?
'I'm very happy.
Grizly'm a bear!
Well, move aside, no one wants
be close to a white boy
-Officially've ruined the moment
-Every day.
-We gotta go.
It's not my fault.
Work is work.
Seriously, if we now
we will not return.
- What are you doing there?
I was trying to scare them.
Let's stay another day,
but ...
-I sinto excluded.
-Is he left me.
We have to leave at 5am.
-Well, we will not go with laps
-We gotta go. Really.
- What are you doing?
-Is that Tony is going to freak.
Is morphine, not crack.
Well, it's almost crack.
If, you know how he is.
Mr. Clean
-He put him in the foot
-Really? All right.
It is the hardest thing
you've done?
Shut up.
-They were fighting?
- What?
'It was a guy thing.
-These girls ...
-The famous waffles?
'Maybe next time.
$ 20 charge.
-The bathroom?
Excuse me.
My car ran out of fuel
and is 1 km from here
- You think you can take me?
He finished his fuel?
Yeah not a good night for
a walk, right?
Think you can give me
a ride?
-Yes, of course. No problem.
'All right. Thanks
-Just give me a minute.
'All right.
-Thank you.
Thank you.
Everything went well?
No more toilet paper
so I had to use my hands.
-Just a minute, okay?
-Yeah sure, no problem.
What? I told him we'd give him a ride
It ran out of fuel
We were rushing to get home
and delay us now okay?
No, it goes in the same
direction we
Do not you think you should ask before
to offer as a taxi
an unknown stalker?
She is as much a single rush.
-Unknown Stalker
You're probably right.
The new style is stalking
lead young people on the roadside
to 1 am.
Not funny.
How about if you had been a
I was hitchhiking?
I'm just saying ... to pick up a woman
in a service station ...
-Hi, I'm Diana.
'I'm Nick.
-Thank you both.
No problem.
We will give you a ride
Thank you.
I love that song ...
-Your perfume smells ... smells good.
-Thank you.
I designed it myself.
It's what I do.
Did not you say that your car was here?
Yes, it is.
It's right there.
Wait a minute, I'll bring
some samples for you guys
'No need.
-I insist.
She is so ..
I know, I'm sorry.
But that club.
Holy shit!
Damn it!
and we tied
That means nothing.
I say we do.
I do not even know
if the video is real.
I do not think we can 100%
with only 4 of them.
Maybe not with what we have.
This is not right,
and you know it.
Guys are starting to wake up
We have to take uma decision.
I'll take for us
Jesus Christ!
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Stop!. Stop!. Stop!
Get your hands off me.
Get away from me!
Okay, okay.
-What's going on?
I do not know.
We were trapped
here too.
You do not know?
You do not know?
Why the fuck broke the nail
my girlfriend?
-The Video!
-The video is shit!
What video?
You have to see for yourself
Come upstairs.
Hello Welcome
my house
I apologize for the
uncomfortable circumstances
that brought them here
But I can assure
that by working together,
May leave all
very little time
As everyone has noticed,
I installed a piece of jewelry
at the head of each of you.
This device serves
to do one thing only:
Which consists in obtaining
particularly certain chemicals
their brains
occur naturally.
the chemist who need
They are produced only when
The brain tells the body
that is in danger.
Pain is the only
Out of this house.
This will not be easy for either
of you
But by working together,
I have confidence that find
the way through this process
as safely and efficiently as
22 hours will be awarded
to fulfill its task.
The clock starts
the countdown
As soon as they start.
Good Luck.
There's your explanation.
What the hell ...
I'm Nick,
she is Tayler,
-Tony ...
Sam, Greg, Julian and Tara.
We're all friends.
We can find a way
leaving this shit house?
Already checked. It's all locked up.
There is no escape.
Maybe we forzarr something
or knock down this door.
force? force?
the kitchen counter?
That is, are steel plates.
You can not force.
There must be a way.
None except the video
The video is fake, right?
It's just a fucking sick joke.
It's true.
How do you know?
The chemicals in the
I was talking about are:
Dopamine, serotonin
and adrenaline.
They do drugs
with these things.
The video is very real.
She's not lying.
The drug is made to experience
in people.
How are we going to do?
Do what?
Torturing? Among us?
We will not.
There must be another way
leaving this house.
You know, people
brought us.
obviously has the power
to stay here.
They came and captured
and had no possibility
to resist or fight.
Well, look ...
How long have we been here?
Who knows? Maybe have been
several days.
Do you realize
what have you done?
Now we are here
and damn you started the countdown.
We have not discussed
something like this before.
Sorry, I was a
both concerned about
-Surviving, to schedule ...
-Damn it!
Well, the clock has started and
Talk will not stop him.
I can not do this.
You want to take the risk
to find out what happens when
the clock reaches zero?
We are nine, right?
I'm thinking
that if we separated,
not so bad
I do not separate myself sucks
With none of you.
There must be another way.
I'm telling you, man,
You are locked.
What we been?
Wait, you two know each other?
-Calm down, Julian ...
-You did this
'You're gonna get us killed.
Do not say anything stupid
This is just a house!
Let me out!
! Motherfuckers!
Want pain?
I'll give you pain ...
But you will not get
nothing of me.
I we do
a vote, right?
Who thinks to do
what the girl said the tv?
so we can
out of here ...
Raise your hand.
Well, let's do it then.
Fuck it.
-I would not do that, man.
-Fuck you.
I will not spend more
a single second in this house.
You need to be
tough guy ...
My God!
Only needs to be
a very tough guy.
He's dead.
There is only one option.
You guys should not
be men?
Having a little more
You want to engage
women in this?
I want to live to see
my son again.
And if I have to torture
each of the women here ...
We are all in this together.
So no trash feminism
Damn feminism?
Son of a bitch!
Who do you think you are?
-Hey, stop!
-Waste of feminism?
Stop, stop, okay?
Can we at least agree
not going to discuss
stop the clock?
He's running.
We're wasting time.
Okay, but I say
He might be the first.
Very well.
I think I'll do the honors.
This is not working.
Says who?
We did this for an hour.
We have to think of something else.
Is taking too long
and energy intensive.
He's right ...
I do not know much
the subject, but ...
I'm pretty sure the brain
produces these chemicals
of which she was talking ...
All you need is ...
Is it?
Just ...
have sex ...
Ah ... please ...
Now is not the time
to think about that little boy.
Just saying ...
Well, do not do
Fucking disgusting piece of shit.
I'd rather be tortured.
Well, then ...
What do we do?
Guys ...
I think Greg had the idea
correct after all.
Listen, pal ...
We will stop at 14%
Is it okay?
Hurry up with that.
Should I hit him with my shoe
or something?
I think we will have
to be a little rough.
I remember you.
- How much are we?
Almost there, friend,
Hold. Almost there.
Wait. He knows something
not telling us.
What I was saying
Julian, Greg?
About being a tough guy?
Do you know who is doing this?
Tell us what you know!
I do not know ...
I know nothing.
Son of a bitch!
No! No! What the fuck?
What the fuck?
Are we going to leave?
No, no, no.
This is not over yet.
No time to waste, remember?
Tell us what you know!
What is your problem?
Is my problem?
He knows ...
We voted, remember?
And it was you who changed
extreme methods.
I changed ...?
Are you crazy?
You broke her leg
Even if we allow the psychopath
leave the house, how will he escape?
How the hell are we going to get out of here?
What the hell was I supposed to do?
You said, from torturing the guy,
so torture the guy, damn!
He knows something and is not telling us!
And remember what you said Julian?
Look, we have to be
smart with this.
None of us want
go through this. You okay?
Well, be careful.
When is your turn?
This is not over.
Who's next?
I found this.
Well, that's not such a good idea
this is done in each
at once.
What do you suggest?
Make like half and half.
All we can
end like Greg.
Half or all together,
nobody will cut
nothing of my body.
My fingers
stay with me.
Thank you very much.
Nick is right.
We'll have to get
Greg from here.
We can not afford any more
serious leg injuries.
In my opinion, I think that we should not
do anything at all.
If we refuse
into her game,
at least achieve
these bastards
Maybe it's a hoax.
And if she's right?
And if we do nothing?
We let the clock run.
We may be enough
strong to fight
against whoever
we are doing this.
We will not.
We're all here.
We grabbed
in an open,
We're supposed to fill
one of these little bottles,
Why the
right not full?
These things are sending
or received a signal.
Whoever we
put here
we can kill with only
pressing a button.
And never disclose their
identity to us.
We must act intelligently,
we have to think how to overcome this,
we can all leave
of here alive.
I agree.
Yes, you're right.
I guess I also agree.
So now we have to
Carefully torture us?
So expect this
not a hoax?
And then we leave
Yes, exactly
Is it okay for you pineapple?
Do not talk that way,
I will not support a
fuck you.
Stop, right?
Do not do this
in a silly fight.
Talk is not going to take
We have important decisions
to make.
For example, how do we decide
who's next?
We have to move forward with the plan.
The clock is ticking.
Talk to us we will
help anything.
We will overcome.
With what?
Come with me.
Come with me.
I'll go first.
All right.
Damn it, come on.
Let's do this
shit here.
Oh, shit.
Are you going to undress?
It's my favorite shirt.
What the hell is all this?
Not everyone was
a good childhood.
Is this going to work at least?
Can you at least feel something?
A girls like scars
- What?
Promise me you will not get
with my genitals.
Okay, Sure.
Nothing genitals.
I think I speak for us all
when I say that I wish
if they did the same.
Yeah, I'm with him.
I do not want anyone
touch my face.
Are you kidding?
Now is not the time
of being vain, guys.
Do not think I protect my
ball is in vain.
Sure, if you want to touch
your face, we'll think of something.
Seriously, what's your problem?
You are my problem.
Very well.
Are you ready?
Sorry, mate.
Are we?
-1.5% To finish, okay?
-Use the pliers.
- What?
Use the pliers.
Are you ready?
Come on, man.
Here we go.
Are you ready?
Wait, do not need this.
Let's do it.
All right, buddy.
Very well.
All right.
Damn, that is.
-We get
That's it.
You did.
Good job, buddy.
Be careful with that
I have you.
Sorry, mate.
Jesus Christ.
We did it.
Are you okay?
Stupid question.
You ...
You were very good.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I do not know.
Taking over
Help us out of this.
At least someone here
common sense.
would have ended
if not for you.
Probably ...
Do you think
out of here?
Not all
Not all
you're right
What will you do if
you get out?
Continue to work
So much you like your job?
No, not really
And what are you gonna do?
Whatever it is,
Tayler will be there.
Can you do me
a favor, man?
I feel I am
losing a lot of blood here.
Could you bring me some gauze
the other room?
It's your turn.
I'll go look for them, man.
Do not worry.
Do you think they'll let me
do here?
Yeah, right.
Why not?
He will be fine.
We are now tying
so ...
Not so.
I know Nick will be strong.
I'm so scared.
So do I.
One must concentrate.
Focus on this end.
The pain will pass, you know?
That is ...
That's what Sam said
That's what Sam said?
This is wonderful.
I'm just trying to help,
I had not
easy for me.
It's just that I have other things
in my mind now.
I'm pregnant for a month.
Are you serious?
I was going to tell
this weekend.
Does he not know?
Just ...
Just tell
when we're done.
Do you know?
We will find a way,
I promise.
What are you doing?
Is that Tony is going to freak.
Is morphine, not crack.
If, you know how he is.
Mr. Clean
Where is Tayler?
I do not want to start without her.
Vou go for it
No time
for this.
I want to wait for my girlfriend.
You have to trust me.
I love you.
Greg is awake.
He can lift?
'Not by chance
We will have to make a stretcher
or something to remove it.
Maybe not.
What do you mean? How do we get out of here
with him? is a big guy.
All I'm saying is that you
are right.
If we get out of here,
We will need
all the strength we have.
That is why
decided to divide.
-Half and half
What I'm saying is, we all
to make our first part.
Sam is not
so badly injured as Greg.
Sam did not have a fucking screwdriver
tucked into knee, right?
What you're saying is:
make our halves,
leave it there
and do the rest of Greg?
Lower your voice,
He might hear you.
He will die. If we leave,
will die.
What else can we do?
-Go ahead with the plan.
-I agree with her.
- What? No! No!
No, dear ...
I do not want to be like him.
I can not do this anymore.
I can not do.
He was going to do with us
Did you forget that he was
he who tied us all?
We agree.
You two?
What about you?
Fucking awesome.
You know what?
Do what you want.
I'll take
my portmanteau
because they do not want
in my consciousness.
-Honey, please do not.
Do not touch me.
They are cowards.
And because they are cowards,
deserve to be here.
The clock is ticking,
let's end this.
So ...
We will continue
with the original plan.
Tear one more.
Today is wrong to be strong.
No, please, stop.
Push the damn hole!
No, please, stop.
Please stop.
What happened?
Why not raised the
percentage as the others?
That will happen
with all of us?
- Should we make it harder?
We need to calm down
Maybe it has to do with
chemical balance of each.
All right.
You will not leave here
You can do it
You must be strong ...
No! Get away from me!
I do not want to do this.
Let's get it.
No, no.
Come on, we have
time for this.
Shut up, you fucking bitch.
Just go.
I do not want to do this.
We're all in this together,
Remember? We are a team.
She's right, Lisa.
Do not make us pull
the door, okay?
We will end soon.
I do not want to do this.
Damn it!
No, no!
I do not want to go.
No, I do.
I do not want.
No! No! No!
Let me!
Grab his legs.
Grab his legs.
Please do not.
I do not want to do this.
do not make me do this.
Do not want to do this.
I'm sorry.
I wanted to help.
I'm sorry.
I heard what
said about Greg.
About quitting.
I will not
Do not let anyone
touch it again
You do not understand.
Understand that?
What a man
suffer and die to save himself?
Not only did I save myself Nick
Go look the monkey
to see which level you are.
Perhaps almost finished.
I thought the pills
might be helpful.
Well, I took
I'm pregnant, Nick.
She did.
So now that you are pregnant.
you out?
I beg you.
Pleading not work.
I had to.
So everybody
has to.
No, she did not
I will.
I will take his place.
The clock is ticking,
Still missing you 6%
There is a good reason for
Tayler is'm not occurred?
The pills were in my stocking
and I forgot.
Just trying to help,
I'm sorry, I swear.
Pills do?
What pills?
I forgot. The suit
and forgot I had them.
Did you pills
all this time?
The want
I did my part.
Give them to me!
No, no, no, no.
Do not.
He did his part.
He owes us nothing.
Hey, Nick, take the pills.
-Sam, rectrocede.
-We voted.
-Step back, dammit.
Well, whatever.
We will not
to touch
They voted for that?
What are you talking about?
Come on, man.
They wanted to leave
Use all your pain
and then leave you here.
Take them,
is the only way.
You, good boy,
That was not your decision.
You can not
simply decide
We have to get back to work.
The clock is ticking.
What will we do with Tayler?
I will.
Come on man,
know you can not.
Since these all fucking
and you still have the other half.
No, no, I can bear.
No. Tony and I'll help
to share part of it.
No matter what you do,
let's get on with it.
Very well.
We all at one time.
We will not stop until I make
to 60%.
We can do this.
Thanks for doing this.
I love you, Tay.
We will overcome.
Are you ready?
I can not!
I can not!
Come on, one more time.
No! No!
Hello, sleepyhead.
Look who's
We started
to miss.
one second
What percent
we achieved?
You'll be happy to know that the last
coup has given us 48%
So we go over 6%
to 54%.
Let's wrap this up
Let's go beyond 6%
this time
No, all voted,
agreed 6% ...
We did another vote.
you were out
Then, we vote for you.
You've been very generous offer
the way you did.
Fuck you!
Damn you all to hell!
Do not worry.
We will not do anything
that we've done.
We voted, pig!
Not just me.
Do not ...
He knows something.
Why do not you tell us?
Why do not you tell us?
It's a drug dealer!
It's a drug dealer.
He sells this shit! It's him!
Is it, why not
hear me?
No need to do that.
Let's do it ourselves.
Try to relax.
My God!
My God, Kai!
My God!
My God!
Open your eyes.
- Son of a bitch!
-Tony, no! We need it!
Thank you.
She is mine.
Does anyone have
a problem with that?
It was an accident!
It was an accident!
I would never have done that!
-I never did it on purpose.
-Keep the head.
Well ..
I do not think we can
get any more of it.
- Really?.
We have no more time-
We have to do something fast.
We will follow the plan.
'I'll go first.
-No, Lisa is right.
We do not have enough time
to do it this way.
- What else can we do?
-We will do as a group.
Three simultaneously.
Everyone helps.
There is only 16%. It's more of
2% for each and go.
I do not think Greg
can help.
Those pills
have greatly affected.
five of us then.
No matter, but
we must do it at once.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
When I was a kid,
I broke my collarbone.
Nothing hurts so much.
Can you use your arms?
Okay, so ...
Who will do the honors?
I will.
Are you ready?
Does it matter?
This is gonna hurt.
I think so.
All right.
Very well.
Very well.
Do it in me.
Please, I can do it!
Please not her.
My turn.
It's what she would have wanted.
I knew I could do it.
They are on the verge of
regain their freedom.
In the room, the door
front, find a retractor.
Pull the same and the machine
remove the devices.
- Fuck you!
Let's get out of here!
And everyone will leave
here as promised.
Thank you again,
for your cooperation.
And I wish all
a long and happy life.
Right. Release me!
Very well.
Then we have
to be fast, right?
I'll be there
and help them to go, right?
Right. Care.
Well, watch out.
Do not smile yet.
I'm not done with you.
You should not let
this place.
You're next,
Bring the
Kai body?
Come on, honey.
Let's move on.
Are you ready, Sam?
You can send it.
I have it.
Damn it! Nick! Nick!
See, I help
Greg pass.
- Are you sure? Going to be okay?
'I'll be right behind you.
I love you.
-You too.
Wait, take this.
not know about the other side.
It was him! It was him!
It's him.
It's him.
I know.
You have to stop.
-Stop it
-Back for you.
'You could help too.
'I'm trying
My leg is ...
'Wait here.
What are you doing?
Give me a minute.
All we need
is to loosen the tension.
Would you take
or you leave here?
Never mind.
They found me
whatever happens.
Who will you find?
I did not think rumors
were true.
I thought they were just stories
they had.
Do you really know who did
this with us?
She said ...
She said that 10 000
by pills, but ...
Any dealer
pay 12 mil.
People will pay any price,
no matter where you come.
You're part of this?
Were you one of them?
I only sell
I did not know.
I did not think rumors
were true.
Who would think that people
I do this to other people
just to get money?
I know.
I know I do not deserve it,
but, please, take me out.
You deserve it.
Hello Welcome
my house
No! No! No!
No way!
No way!
But I can assure
if they work together,
out of here
Damn it!
What are you doing, Nick?
You should go back
with your friends.
How could you do that?
No lights good friend
Let me tell you something.
If you leave now
I let you get back to
Tay ..
You dare not speak its name.
Want to see what you are doing
at this time?
Please let her go.
I can not.
You do not understand, do you?
Congratulations. Sabia
you could do it.
You are one step away from
regain their freedom.
My offer still stands.
Go and say goodbye to her.
Very well.
Do what you want
Everyone can leave
here as promised.
Thanks again
for your cooperation.
I wish you a long
and happy life.
I know, man.
is difficult.
It's hard.
You are about to die
You could be saying goodbye
your girlfriend
but you're here with me
Incidentally, probably
this takes about 10 minutes
to kill,
so ...
Okay, I know ...
I said it a hundred times,
she should use a chemical
with faster reaction, but ...
These guys are
some sick bastards
You know that you
are my fifth group?
I did not think that would
until now.
Further considering the
feelings each other.
Except for Tara, man.
What girl does not?
When your girlfriend
she was pregnant ...
Seriously, I had to leave ...
I almost had to stop.
mate ...
I do not even know why I
takes the trouble to look.
asked to waffles.
Maybe not. Maybe I want
try something new ..
Yes, but you do not want.
What is the dish of the day?
Very well. Well,
fried eggs with toast ...
No, no eggs.
-Baguette with cheese?
-No ...
I learned they are pretty good.
Just good enough?
Well, we're famous
for our waffles ..
Then ask that.
Completed the other?
That must have hurt.
It could have been worse.
I do not like needles.
But they are beautiful.
He is in love
of dolphins, right?
If ...
Sure ...
Be right back.
-There you go.
Thank you so much.
Wait a second, I'll look
some samples for his wife.
You do not know women too
married right?
Have a good night.
Wait a second!
Damn it!
Damn it!
Redneck Damn!
What a waste.
I love this song.