Villain (2017) Movie Script

But doctor, you?
You should have told us earlier that yourwife is the legal heir of this building.
Since you guys arealready close,
things will be easier.
Well, you'll leave only aftereverything is over, right?
If all goes well,
we can close the deal by thetime we count to three.
Right, doctor?
Of course!
It is said that you shouldn'tdelay a sale once it's fixed.
You've reached an agreementwith your relatives, right?
And once the sale is over,
if there's a case or any other trouble,it would be uncomfortable for us.
Not just for us.
For you, as well.
Sir, you'll be able to settle therest of the heirs, right?
Hey! What is this?What are you doing?
Are you playing tricksafter inviting us here?
You don't know who I am!
You should understand something.
I don't have anything to dowith what you showed right now.
That's all done by them!
Just them!
Sir, please.Don't hurt us.
Bygones are bygones.
I'm ready to pay a compensation.
I'm ready to do whatevertheir family needs.
Sir, please!
You can be seated atthat table, Ma'am.
Madam, order?
Water, please.
Okay, ma'am.
Excuse me.
Are you in some sort of trouble?
I can help you.
You can't help us.
That means you are in trouble.
I'm Harshitha Chopra.
I'm a police officer.
I can help you.
No!Please don't call the police.
Had I known that you'rea police officer,
I wouldn't have talked to you.
No!No one can help us!
Tea! Tea!
Sir, do you want tea?- Yeah.
Sir, this?
Sir, that varicose vein hasstarted troubling me again.
Oh God! Send me wherever,but don't shift me to traffic!
Can you do something, sir?
Just keep praying!
Good morning sir.
How come you're here?
Did he take charge again?- There goes my newspaper.
Let me get another one.
Otherwise I can't usethe toilet properly.
This is why it is saidthat news is bad!
Mathew sir will come.
You start eating.
Come, Mathew.
Good morning, Mathew sir.- Sit down.
Good morning.
While you were getting late,
I thought you lost youron-dot punctuality.
It's okay. Late by ten minutes.Not a big deal.
Breakfast for you, sir?- No. It's okay.
Have it, Mathew.
No, sir.
So you're joining todayafter a leave of 7 months.
And you're getting relievedtoday evening itself.
No change in your decision?
today is your lastday in service.
Don't be upset whenI tell this to you.
This is a kind of escapism.
Escapism?- Yes.
From where?
Where to?
Everyone knows whathappened in your life.
And more than anyone else,I know how it affected you.
But this voluntary retirement,
is not a solution, Mathew.
When you're idle with nothing to do,
unwanted thoughts will creepinto your mind.
They're not unwantedthoughts, sir.
That's all I have left now.
I live in the past.
And that's exactly why I ampsychologically unfit for policing.
I'm not forcing you.
So tomorrow morning,you're going on a journey.
You didn't tell me where.
It's a mission, sir.
I have to fulfilNeelima's desire.
She has requested only onething to me, in her life.
Anyway, I'm not posting anyoneas your replacement now.
Let the Commissioner handleCity Task Force as well.
A replacement for you?
That's not so easy, man!
But the show must go on, sir.
I have a fear whether theshow would be interrupted.
You know about certain healthissues of mine, right?
This constant fatigue,
and the weight-loss.
Doctors have donedetailed tests.
Some samples were sent toTata Institute in Bombay.
And,the results are expected today.
Leave it.
Are you going toget shaved today?
No, man!
You have a philosopher's look now.
And it suits you.
Carry on.
If there's one person to whomI want to say, 'You'll be missed',
it is to you, sir.
You stood by mewhenever I needed you.
Let me salute youfor one last time.
I hate hearing theword 'last' now.
You carry on.
We will meet again!Soon!
It's my intuition.
See you, Mathew.
Hey Anil,- Sir.
I need a couple of cardboard boxes.- Okay, sir.
To pack my books andpersonal files.
Sir, today itself?
You know it, right?Then why are you asking again?
Sir, may I?
Sreeni, come!
What's happening?
So have you decided, sir?
No re-thinking?
I had met the DG.
I have told himwhatever I had to say.
That means you're not interestedto talk to me about this?
Don't get offended, man!
You know right?
I can't take this anymore.
You won't understand it, sir.
I have been salutingfor the past 25 years.
Superiors,the losers who rule the country.
There's this sensation that comes fromwithin, when I salute someone worthy of it.
Out of sheer respect.
When you leave...
That's what I'm gonna miss!
Sreeni, I know you feel bad.- Sir.
City Task Force is a division thatI created through my lone effort.
Even when I was on leavefor the past 7 months.
I know that you handled thatdivision as an extra burden,
without handing it over toanyone else, just for me.
And on the same day thatI'm joining back on duty,
when I say that I'm leaving,through voluntary retirement,
you'd feel let down.
Leave it, sir.
If I was the one who experiencedwhat you went through,
I would have gone mad already!
Are you sure?
That I'm not mad?
You're in some kind of trouble.
Is there anything bothering you?
Didn't you see thenews in the morning?
No. Why?
3 murders have happened, sir.
And all three are bigwigs.
One is an old colleague of ours,
Retired AssistantCommissioner Vinod Abraham.
You will get a true sense onlyif you see the scene of crime.
No signs of violence,or struggle.
With black masks on their face,
the three bodies have beenplaced equidistantly.
It's really weird, sir.
even if it is one, or three,it is weird.
Who killed whom?For what? When?
All these questionsare irrelevant.
There is nothing moreunnatural in this world than,
a person taking thelife of another person.
"All the perfumes of Arabia willnot sweeten this little hand."
It was said by Lady MacBethafter she committed the murder.
I love my Shakespeare!
Let's go then!
Until 5 PM today, I'm headingthe Task Force officially.
So I should come and seethe scene of crime.
You came here to takeme there, right?
The last crime-scene that I'mgoing to see in my career.
Now you may brief meon the specifics.
As I told you,
3 people have been murdered.
Tharakan's multi-speciality medicalcentre owner, Dr. Dhanesh Tharakan.
Then, State DrugController Mohan Nair..
and our ex-assistant commissioner VinodAbraham, who retired the month before last.
As you may know,this Vinod Abraham was quite a fraud.
Even while he was in service, he had strongconnections with the real estate Mafia.
After retiring, he turnedfull time into real estate.
And the strangestthing is that,
the building wherethe crime happened,
was locked since many years becauseof a feud between the heirs.
A cleaning agency appointedby the family trust,
opens the place everyFriday and cleans it.
They saw the corpses when they cameand opened the building today.
Sir.- Sir, please.
I'll speak to you later.
Please. Move.
Sir, please.- Move, please.
I forgot to ask you whenI saw you in the morning.
How is your varicose vein?
It's terrible, sir.I'm on Ayurveda medication.
Try to reduce this as well.
I heard that you shiftedme to traffic, sir?
I can't keep standingfor too long.
Please help me, sir.
They start demandingeven if we ask them how they're doing.
Have you ever thought what's missingin our entire policing system?
Sir.- What's happening?
Forensic departmenthas started work.
Since the area is huge,it would take some time.
There are absolutely nosigns of a break-in?
No, sir.
Those cleaning agency guys?Don't leave them.
They have all the keys.
They would be thesource for duplication.
Sir, I've sent themto the station.
And the relatives of the deceased..- Ask them to wait there.
Sir!- Sir, this is Harshitha Chopra.
She is in our Task Force now.
She was the ASP inIrinjalakkuda earlier.
Our inference is that the mode ofkilling was by administering poison.
There are needle marks on theright hands of all three of them.
Anything to say?
I don't knowif what I'm going to say is relevant.
Last night, I had astrange experience.
That restaurant is just1 kilometre away from here.
So, that incidentand these killings,
some link between them.
Just my hunch!
Some random girl cameto the coffee shop
after fighting with herhusband or boyfriend.
When you asked her,
she didn't want the police to interfereand make it an issue and left quickly.
How is that relatedto this murder case?
I'm sorry, sir.
It's my mistake.
What is this, man?
She's a migrant labourer, right?That's why!
Sreeni, I'm leaving.
I came and saw everything,as you wished.
Now everything is in your hands.
I'm going on a journeytomorrow morning. Okay?
Good luck!
Sir, one minute.
You joined day before, right?- Yes sir.
I had called you.But your mobile was switched off.
I called on your land line.No one answered.
the DG interfered and cancelled mysuspension because you told him.
And the Commissioner told me that I wasappointed back in Task Force itself,
because you asked them to.
I don't know how to thank..
Your daughter Sainaba?
She got admissionfor medicine, sir.
I had to pay a hugesum as donation.
I ran from pillar to post, sir.
But it was a greatdesire of hers, sir.
Sir, can a person changeso much in 7 months?
Why do you need 7 months?
A person can lose the grip overhis life in just 7 minutes!
Are you a cop?
Yes, my dear!
Get up!
Come on, get up!
Found nothing, sir.- Come!
Hey! Leave everyone onlyafter checking thoroughly. - Okay sir.
Yeah, I will...
Yes?- Police!
Sir, I'm MadhusudhanReddy from Hyderabad.
What brings you here?
I came for my friend'sdaughter's marriage.
Some young friendshave invited me.
Party, music..I love music, sir.
But no drugs, sir.
I swear, sir.
Believe me, sir.- Okay.
I'll take a picture.
Sure, sir.
Thank you.
Felix D Vincent.
The drug baron based in Goa.
The most trusted allyof Russian Mafia there.
Look, Mr. Mathew.
This is a deal!
You have never seen me!
Just close your eyes.
You can take those 2 bagsthat are lying there.
And the rest,
would reach you at aplace of your choice.
Let me go.
Or your life will change.
Everything will change.
Don't make that mistake, sir.
Come on, Felix.
I expected that your threatwould have some class!
But you have disappointed me.
Iqbal,- Sir!
Take it.
And round up this place with him.
What if you get a bonus?
Without answering my questions,
how long can you resist, Felix?
This place is a black site that notmany outside would know about.
You have nevercome here earlier.
How would you go back from here?
Your threat has class!
If you stay away for some time,
I will question him, sir.
It won't be so classy.
It would be slightlylocal instead.
What say?
The movement ofsubstances to Kerala.
Your dealer network here.
Raw material sourcing,
I need all the information.
Without giving that to me,you won't leave from here.
I am not at all in a hurry.
I kind of like this place.
This mobile has been switched offsince last night.
She must be furious thatI was away for too long.
You carry on, sir.
You're leaving to Delhitomorrow, right?
She would have madeshopping plans.
That's what she is here for.
How can I leave to Delhiwith this Felix in our custody?
You'll be back day after, right?
I'll take care of him for 2 days.
Also, it's good thatyou stay away now.
No third degree stuff, Iqbal.
You also saw DG's circular, right?
Asking the policenot to hit someone,
is like asking a monkeynot to climb a tree!
Our very definitionis hitting people, sir!
What is this, man?
What about yourdaughter Sainaba?
Sir, I don't think I can get heradmission in the college she prefers.
You are lucky in that case.
3rd rank in the AIIMS entrance exam,is not a small feat!
Convey my congratulationsto your daughter.
Hey Malu.
Sorry, dear. I was stuck with work.
Shall we go?Where's mom?
Mom is selecting clothesfor me at the shop.
She told me not to trouble you.
But I'm leaving, right?
I don't know when I can goshopping with you again.
Sorry, dear. I've toldyou earlier, right?
Dad's work is like this.
Do you know which professionI hate the most in this world?
Because it involves violence.
What I'm saying is that..
The job of the policeis law enforcement.
So it might need some forceand violence at times.
The profession I choseis the best, dad.
To be a doctor,is to heal everyone.
To heal the whole world.
The school that mom isstarting for street children?
I want a small hospitalright next to that.
With you and your mom's plans,I think I'll go bankrupt soon.
Life is entertaining onlywhen such things happen, dad.
Live adventurously!
Sorry! Sorry!
Malu, see whether youlike what I've selected.
It's your mom's selection, right?
It will be superb anyway!
I'll go check.- Go on.
I know whatever you're goingto say next, by heart!
How many times haveI heard these explanations!
I saw on TV.
Daredevil combing,
Substance hunting?
I wanted to spend time with her takingleave for 3-4 days before she leaves.
Didn't happen.
That's okay.
She's much more understandingthan we think.
what you did yesterdayis a great deed.
Do you know how many of my students'mothers come to me crying,
about their children's drug abuse?
Did you hear what her desire is?
She wants a small hospital next tothe school we're planning to start,
and provide treatment there,absolutely free.
She is an idealist like you.
Like you too!
Tell me the truth.
You're really sad that she'sgoing to Delhi to study, right?
It's a greatopportunity for her.
But still, dear,
you are going to missher like anything!
Aren't you sad thatshe's going away?
Yes, I am!
But I'm a little stronger.
This is just like an ice candy!
It's going to be justthe two of us then.
Like old times.
Let us rediscover ourselves.
Sreeni?- Sir.
Why are you here soearly in the morning?
Sir, before you leave,the DG wants to meet you urgently.
He told me not to send anyone elseand I myself should take you to him.
Shall we go, sir?
I will come in my car.You get your car too.
I'll also come with you, sir.
All those who were murderedwere important people.
And one of them wasone amongst us.
You haven't been able to give evena primary inference to me so far.
It's not a crime in which we canget to a conclusion quickly, sir.
I was in front of the CM for half an hour,with my head hanging in shame.
For a neat dressing down.
What do you feel?
Any take on this?
I don't feel anything, sir.
Mathew, I need your help.
No one can re-construct acrime as intuitively as you.
This is your kind of game, Mathew.
I'm not game, sir.
Not just that,
I'm no longer part of the force.
what I need now is aguidance from you.
It's not a problem thatyou're not in service now.
The entire team.
The entire infrastructure,is at your disposal.
can't you postpone yourjourney a little?
Sorry sir.
Sir, please.
Please, Sreeni.
Sir...- Leave it.
Sreeni, one second.- Sir.
You wait here.
Mathew, one minute.
I want to sharesomething to you.
What I feared has happened.
The test results came.
It's positive.
The malignancy isin the bone marrow.
The ideal solution for this is supposedto be a bone marrow transplant.
there's no guaranteefor anything, man.
From the next stage onwards,the pain would be excruciating.
And in between all this,when this case also came up,
I am feeling really low.
That's why I asked you to come.
I won't share any ofthis with anyone else.
You are the only one,
who's so close to my heart.
Don't cancel your journey.
Sreeni.- Sir!
You go ahead with the investigation.- Sir!
I'm also coming for thereview meeting today evening.
We'll do our best, sir.
Good.- Sir.
Then I'll call you by..- Sreeni!
That officer.. What's her name?Harshitha?
She told you about an incident, right?A girl in a Burkha at a restaurant?
That's pointless, sir.
There's a point, Sreeni.- Sir.
Ask Harshitha and Iqbal,
to come to that restaurant.
I will be there.- So..
you have postponed your journey?
You can cancel the review meeting.
I will come and meet youin the evening, sir.
Thank you, Mathew.
Thank you very much.
He is on, sir.
Sreeni.- Sir?
Every crime is simple.
A murderer will try toexecute a simple logic
in the most simple andeffective manner.
The obscurity and complications areall images that he creates for us.
Don't lose your focus.
How long has it been since youjoined the service, Harshitha?
10 and a half months, sir.
How did you connect the incident thathappened here and those murders?
Honestly,I don't know, sir.
But I felt so.
A gut feeling.
Shall I say,
why you linked thesetwo incidents?
When you offered to help her,
how did that girl reply?
You can't help us.
She didn't say 'me'.
She said 'us'.
Yes, sir.
A slip of tongue that she made.
You felt that as an indication,
that she is not alone andsomeone else is along with her.
You left that feeling there.
Later when you saw 3 corpseslying at an equal distance,
the girl who used the plural 'us',
you posted her tothat scene of crime.
That's what happened.- Sir.
As soon as she opened thedoor and came inside,
she looked outside throughthat glass partition.
As if someone was following her.
Right, sir.
Have you looked outsidethrough that glass?
No, sir.
Then go and look.
Don't you want to see things fromanother person's perspective?
That's what an efficientcop should do.
Just go and see.- Sir.
Sir, it's not transparent.
You said that she looked out through theglass standing there, for around a minute.
If you can't see what'soutside looking through that,
what was she doing?
Sir, that glass has a reflection,
of this table.
She was observing the personwho was sitting at that table.
So that's what it is.
Her fear and nervousness were all,
a drama to grab the attention ofthe person who was at that table.
She expected that the personsitting there would get up,
go to her and askwhat's happening.
So let's find out who wasat that table on that day.
Iqbal,let's get the CCTV footage.
Sir, in this CCTV footage..
Yes. It's me.
For a long time now,
I come here around 8.30 PM,
have dinner,
and I leave by 9.30 PM.
That girl did such an act here,after identifying this habit of mine.
No!No one can help us!
She expected thatI would respond to it.
But that never happened.
But why, sir?
I don't know.
Harshitha, what can youremember about her?
How did she talk?
She's educated, sir.
She had a very urbanizeddiction, sir.
And sir, it's strange!
She smokes.
I think so, sir.
What about her hands?
Can you remember?
She had long, beautiful fingers.
Violet nail-polish and,
'Ohm' tattooed on her hand.
Whatever that happened here on thatday, I saw it all very casually.
I wasn't bothered.
But I had noticedthat girl's footwear.
That's a habit of mine.
I have a theory that you can see aperson's character and sensibility
through his or her footwear.
She was wearing boots.
Cigarette smell,
Violet nail-polish,
'Ohm' tattoo,
With the image of a Burkha-clad girl,
who is running away in fear,escaping from someone,
who can be in danger any moment,
it doesn't match.
No doubt about it, sir.
She means trouble.
We have to trace her.
We should move to themurdered people next, Iqbal.
Why those three together?
Tharakan's Medi City Chairman andManaging Director, Dr. Tharakan.
State Drug Controller, Mohan Nair.
Retired DYSP Vinod Abraham.
What's the connectionbetween these three people?
Sir, I think you remember.
10 months back.
To be precise, onOctober 23rd, 2016.
A huge issue happened atTharakan's Medi City.
Because they used an unlicensedimported drug for dengue fever,
8 children aged between9 and 16, died.
It was a sensationalnews back then.
The government asked the drugcontroller for a report.
Through a contrived report from the drugcontroller, Dr. Tharakan got away.
There's an unholy connection betweenTharakan and drug controller Mohan Nair.
They have invested togetherin properties, sir.
Especially after October 2016.
Even if we think that Tharakanand Mohan being murdered,
is connected to theunlicensed drug usage case,
the third person who was killed, Vinod,
has no connection tothat case whatsoever.
He is an odd man out.
There's something wrongwith this grouping.
Sir, in Tharakan's and Mohan'sreal estate businesses,
this Vinod Sir was themiddle-man for most of them.
Vinod sir used to do illegalland dealings through these guys.
'Joint' Kannappi and 'Pipe' Kunjumon.
That's true.
It's only 46 in the document.
But along with that, another 8.5,Unaccounted.
That will also come along with it.
Single price.9 C.
In that, 5 as cash.
Leave that.
I know you have muchmore than that.
And if you want to bring it ascash from Karnataka, let me know.
We have our boys there.
Ramesh sir, it's me Kunjumon.
Yes. 'Pipe' Kunjumon.
We can do Kochi-Karnatakaat 0.5%.
Best competitive rateof the latest market.
If it's 5 C...
How much is 0.5%?
Give it here!
Ramesh sir, I'll callyou in the evening.
When someone is fixing a deal,don't interfere in that.
I've been trying to get rid ofthat place for the past 8 months!
And when I'm trying to convince that idiotRamesh somehow, you and your..
Hey! Money launderingis my department.
I will decide thecommission for that.
I won't ask you touse your brains.
You can't use whatyou don't have!
But you mouth!Please keep it shut.
The guy whom we're goingto meet is dangerous.
Very dangerous!- What danger?
He is under suspension.Follow me.
What is it?
When I said I want to meet you guys, you'vekept me waiting here for half an hour!
No, sir.
We got a 'quotation' on the way.That's why.
Do you want any munchies, sir?
Why did you want to meet us?
Nothing, Kannappi.
I didn't see you both forVinod Sir's funeral.
Well, you both were hisconstant side-kicks, right?
We were out of town, sir.We were in Coimbatore.
All are saying that real estatebusiness is very dull.
But when I see the kind of moneyVinod Sir made in such a short time,
what's the game behind this?
Are you planning tobarge into the gap?
Since Vinod Sir was gone all of a sudden,there's a space now.
You can easily fill that, sir.
Vinod Sir wasn't like you, sir.
That's the advantageof corruption.
You will have greatconnections everywhere,
and a lot of value too.
Well, will your suspensionbe over anytime soon?
Sir,a policeman who's suspended,
and a superstar who's outdated,
are the same!
how's that closed bungalow, Vinod Sir andthe other guys connected to each other?
The heirs were in a feud, right?
Did Vinod Sir arrange acompromise with each one of them?
So this is why youwanted to meet us for?
Are you interested inthat property, sir?
Kind of.
It's difficult, sir.
We tried a lot.
Not just that,
the heirs of that buildingare all over the world.
And they hate each other.
Vinod Sir had sketched thatproperty for quite some time.
When he realized it's notgonna happen, he left it.
how did they get insidethat locked building?
No idea, sir. We are also thinkingthe same for the past 2 days.
Not just entering the place,but lying dead over there means?
You don't need thatproperty, sir.
There are many otherstunning properties.
If you are with us,we will have a blast.
Start living at least now, sir.
That's exactly my plan.
And yeah, do you deal dope now?
It's highly risky, sir.
Ever since Rishiraj SinghSir came, it's not moving.
And if some rare items arrive,we'll join hands.
Mushrooms, fish, chemicalor something like that.
You have good connections with theexcise dept. and anti-narcotics, right?
If so, I can be active again.
You don't have to be active.
I joined back onduty two days back.
If I catch you doinganything notorious,
that will be your end, you rogue!
Come here.
What did you say?
A suspended policeman andan outdated superstar are the same?
What a slap!
Get lost!
Which superstar'sfan is this guy?
Yes. That's it.
The building is opened andcleaned every Friday, right?
Yes sir.
So Thursday night was selectedfor these killings deliberately.
When the building is opened onFriday, the bodies should be found.
Without any damages,without any decay.
But why, sir?
The outside world should know the identityof those killed, as soon as possible.
The murderer is trying to send acrossa precise message to the society,
through these murders.
Some message which we haveoverlooked and are yet to find,
is present at thatscene of crime, Iqbal.
I'm sure.
3 people who are physically strong,
agreeing for a poisonous injection withoutany kind of retaliation.
Is that not odd?
What if theycouldn't do it, sir?
Because, they would'vebeen at gun-point.
If so, the murderer isnot just one person.
There should be at least 2 of them.
One was holding a gun,
while the other was holding a syringe.
Sir, exactly two weeksbefore the incident,
this is an Ahmedabad number.
There was a call fromthis number to Vinod sir.
It lasted 7 minutes, 38 seconds.
Vinod sir's very nextcall was to Dr. Tharakan.
And Tharakan's very nextcall was to Mohan Nair.
And then Dr. Tharakancalls Vinod sir.
Vinod Sir calls backto the UP number.
A group of calls which includedonly the people who were murdered.
And this repeated again, on theprevious day of the incident.
So let's build a narrative from this.
2 weeks back, from Ahmedabad,
Vinod receives a call.
Introducing themselves as one of the ownersof the building that was stuck in a feud.
Imagine that they told Vinod that there'sa possibility to sell the building.
Yeah Vinod!
That property wetalked about that day?
We tried for it earlier and didn't happen.You know right?
I'm leaving now.Wait for 5 minutes.
So he and his wife wouldreach here on the 24th.
Yeah, tell me.- I've reached.
When they reached the building,
using a duplicate keyto open the main door,
they would have beenwaiting inside,
the assassins!
This is a wild guess.
What could possiblyhave happened.
What if the people who were waiting inthe building were a man and a woman?
If they introduced themselvesas husband and wife,
that sale would seem more authentic.
So was the lady we saw at the restaurant,one among the killers, sir?
I won't be surprised.
You needn't have takenthe trouble to drop me.
Come on, sir.
Don't say that.
Junk food and fat tax.
So you dine out regularly?
I hardly cook.
I heard many things from many people,
about your voluntary retirement.
I think that we shouldalways keep working.
Since it's policing,
a self-expression is possible.
Your anger, frustration,
etc, etc.
Do you mean the people of thistown should suffer all that?
You are in the pain of abroken relationship, right?
Are you done with it?
How do you know that?
Who told you about that?
What you just saidabout self-expression,
your whole attitude,
and those three markson your right hand,
it is so evident!
I was a fool.
He was not worth it.
I don't know if I should be sayingthis to someone like you, sir.
What's wrong in talking?Go ahead.
Love is nothing but betrayal.
Either the man willbetray the woman,
or the woman willbetray the man.
If not both, then both of themwould betray love, together.
Are you all right, sir?
Give up that property, sir.
Hey Iqbal.
Yes, madam.
Mathew sir...
He's a strange man.
Very, very brilliant, but..
Little.. you know.. kind of..
Do you think he's alittle crazy, ma'am?
Not like that.
Considering what he wentthrough for the past 7 months,
he's able to interact at leastlike this, right?
His daughter and wife..
Tragedy, right?- Yes, madam.
Sir's daughter got admissionat AIIMS for MBBS.
It was while sir and his wifewere going to the airport
to take their daughter to Delhi,
Tell me, Sreeni.- Where are you, sir?
We are on our way.
Sir, that Felix has escaped.
What?- Sir..
What are you saying?
Yes sir.
I'm coming.- Sir.
Sridhar, stop thecar at that corner.
What happened?
Dear, dad has to..
You're not coming?
I am coming. I'll take the next flight.Promise.
Don't give her a false promise.
If you're not able to come, don't come.That's all.
I am helpless.
You go ahead.
Don't be tensed about us.
You can come tomorrow, dayafter or whenever possible.
Until you come, I will stay there.
Don't be upset with dad.
What is this, dad?Take it easy.
You can come later.
Sure?- Yes.
Okay. Bye.
Bye.- Bye dad.
Didn't you tie your hair properly?
It's okay.
My daughter..- Mathew!
You needn't see her now, Mathew.
Mathew, please.
Where's our daughter?
Relax. Nothing happened to her.
I have some very bad news.
Mrs. Neelima Mathew is in coma.
What I'm going to say next,
is very important.
Sit down.
Neelima's is a peculiar case.
At times,
a precise time-framecannot be predicted,
Neelima will comeback to her senses.
For a few seconds.
Maximum one or two minutes.
Ascending ReticularActivating System.
It's a mechanism thatmakes the brain functional.
Severely erratic,
for the shortest time-period,
it becomes active andthat's the reason for this.
When she comes back toher senses like that,
she would suffer from the most intolerablepain that a person can experience.
That's why we have shifted herto a room at Trauma Care Centre,
with all facilities.
Mr. Mathew can be with her.Always.
he should be preparedto face anything.
Will she survive long?
He knows!
Mr. Mathew,
Chief Doctor wants to meet you.
For a second opinion,
we had sent Neelima'scase files to Denmark.
You know that.
Even they aren't sayinganything further, Mathew.
DGP had told me..
that you and Neelima,
don't have any relatives.
In this condition,
to stay with Neelima all the time,
it will severelyaffect you mentally.
Why don't you just meetDr. Vishweshwar?
Our psychiatrist,for a counselling.
In your present condition,it'll be very helpful, Mathew.
Don't you doctors always talk about a..
A miracle!
Something like that?
Can I expect it?
I don't feel like givingyou a false hope, sir.
I am really sorry.
Nothing will happen to you.
I talked to the doctor.
You're fine.
You are okay.
Our daughter..
Where's our daughter?Malu!!
For 6 months,
he stayed with Madamin the same room.
And finally when Madam died,
I had gone to see him.
He had changed a lot.
Like he was totally abnormal.
And he extended his leavefor one more month.
He applied for voluntary retirement.
He was a wonderful husband.
Wonderful father.
And Iqbal,- Madam.
was Felix's escape from custody,
the reason for your suspension?
Yes madam.
I was in charge then.
But how did he manage to escape?
that's still a mystery.
A power failure happenedat our shelter.
The inverter back up didn't work.
The generator was faulty andtook 20 minutes to start.
By the time the guard wentwith an emergency lamp,
he had already escaped, madam.
How did the powerfailure happen?
Why didn't the backup system work?
Don't you have ananswer for that yet?
No clue, madam.
Superiors just need scape-goats.
They closed that issue bysuspending me and three others.
And now my suspension was revokedbecause Mathew Sir talked to DG.
Sir. Sir.
Okay sir.
No. We are here, sir.
It's Mathew sir.
He wants to meet us urgently.
When is he coming?
Within 10 minutes, ma'am.
Iqbal,- Sir.
The kids who died because of theunlicensed drug at Tharakan's Medi City.
Their photographs?
Put them on the screen.- Okay sir.
Print these photographs.
Then come with me.
Ever since I leftfrom here that day,
something that I saw over here,
was haunting me.
I could connect whatit was, only today.
Among the photographs hung here,this one alone, had a brand new frame.
It looks recent and modern.
this is a clear message for us, right sir?
A message that clarifies why Dr. Tharakanand Mohan Nair were murdered.
As we suspected earlier,
the person behind thedeath of these children,
and the person who covered it up.
A capital punishment thatthe law didn't give them,
was executed over here.
Sir, then..
Mr. Vinod?
He doesn't have any connection tothese children's deaths, right?
That's the questionmark in front of us.
But one thing.
These killings are not personal.
It's all about
justice,and justice denied.
And for the very same reason,more murders will happen soon.
Meet Mr. Kumar.
He is a big shot builder.
Hello.- Hello.
Kumar has also beenasking me for some time,
that we'll go somewhereand have a blast.
When you recommended this place,
I brought Kumar also with me.
Hope you don't mind.
Usually I don't agree forpartnerships with unknown people.
But this is okay.
I have a surprise for you all.
You're quite something!
Too many surprises, huh?
What is it?
Who are you?
Shreya, this..
Seeing is believing!
What the f...
Shreya, listen.Please.
Who is this girl?
I don't have anythingto do with this!
Are you kidding me?
Not at all!
Strip off!
Both of you wooed me andbrought me here, right?
it's show time!
Both of you,
don't hurt me, sir.I am innocent.
Sir, please.
Sir.. sir.. please, sir.
I am innocent, sir.Please.
Sir..- Sir, please.
This farmhouse belongsto Sravan Kulaveedan.
You know right?
He's from a big business family.
He was quite a promiscuous guy.
When he has secret meetings here,
he sends the servantsaway from here.
By yesterday evening,
he came here withhis friend Sinoj,
sent away all the servantsand waited for someone.
Both the killings havethe same pattern.
But the mode of killings,
are different in both incidents.
The punishment that popular imaginationwishes for those who commit sexual crimes.
Do they have any such background?
You don't know, madam.
It's an infamous casethat was widely discussed.
Karukutty rape case.
A 14 year old girlwas brutally raped.
2 people were accusedin that case.
Sravan and Sinoj, who have been murdered now.
But due to the lack of properevidence, both of them got away.
ACP Vinod was the one whoinvestigated that case.
The way in which he handled that case,
was a big controversy back then.
The girl's parents hadrevealed to the media that,
the victim had mentionedtheir names to him once.
Say it, dear.
I'll say.
You both, please step out.
Doctor, you too.Step out.
Tell me.
They complained to the Chief Ministerthat Vinod didn't record that statement.
That case is still under theconsideration of the High Court.
I'll take care of that.
Okay sir.
So, is that the pattern, sir?
The odd man out from the first seriesis pointing towards the second series.
Sir, in that case,
the odd one out here,Kumar Valiyaveedan,
is pointing to the next crime.
What is this Kumar's background?
Madam, he's the biggest realestate player in Kerala.
Haven't you heard of landbank, land Mafia, etc?
The embodiment of that.
One of the most poisonous beingson this earth - Puffer Fish.
To be precise, even morepoisonous than a viper.
They have a kind of chemical compoundcalled tetrodotoxin within them.
It's a kind of neuro-toxinthat can affect the nerves.
In a mild dosage,it's a very powerful narcotic.
But if the dosage is high,
it's a lethal poison.
In our case,it is this Puffer Fish's serum,
that has been injected to allthose who were murdered.
This serum is a veryexpensive dope too.
Provided it is in a very,very mild potency.
We need to meet 2 people immediately.
Thank you, Ma'am.
Come, dude!
Oh God! Here too?
Hey! Stop!
Hey! Stop!
Hey! Stop!
Not there.Come here.
Leave me, sir.
Come.- What did I do, sir?
Why me?
Walk. I'll tell you all that.Walk, I say!
This is not a police operation.
I just wanted to talkto you guys personally.
That's why I thoughtI'll meet you here.
this sir chased usall around town.
And as soon as he caught us,he punched me in my gut.
And just threw me into the Jeep.
We are also humans.
Not police..I mean..
We are not objects.
Same here, sir.
This sir doesn't knowmuch about human rights.
That's why!
Is this your human rights?
Sir, all these were foundfrom their pockets.
We are not active in thefield like earlier, sir.
We need to knowsomething from you.
Once you say that, you can leave.
There won't be any action taken forthese materials found from you now.
That's the deal.
Do you agree?
What do you want to know, sir?
Play it.
It's highly risky, sir.
Ever since Rishiraj Singh sircame, it's not moving much.
And if some rare itemsarrive, we join hands.
Mushrooms, fish, chemicals,or something like that.
The dope that's extracted from thefish that you've mentioned in this.
The serum that's injected.
What's the source for it?
Who is its dealer?
it's a very rare item.
An item meant only forsuper special customers.
It's dangerous, sir.
If it's not made inthe correct measure,
the user would die!
It's not our product anyway.
Is this why you beat us up?
All that is wasted now.
Good shot, sir.
Now talk!
Over there!- Sir.
We have dealt thisstuff only twice.
As I said, it's a rare item.
It comes from Mandapamarea in Tamil Nadu.
First time it was boughtby a Captain of a ship.
He was a..
Russian!- Yes. Russian.
We took it to theport and gave him.
Second time, we didn'tknow who the person was.
We were asked to get the stuff and dropit at the waste bin near Jawahar Nagar.
And we dropped it there.
By your nature, you wouldn'tleave it that, right?
Didn't you hide in this area andcheck who took it from there?
Yes I did.
Didn't you see whowas inside that car?
No sir.
I saw only the hands.
But it was a woman.
Did you see the fingers?
Try to remember!
Didn't those nails have aviolet nail-polish on them?
Did you note the number of that car?- No sir.
I had noted it back then.
But later I forgot it.
I swear.
The guy who gave you this job,
hasn't he made you deliverthis stuff earlier?
Who gave you this job?
This guy, right?
The accident that happened toMathew Sir's family, right?
I was going through its records.
The driver of the truck thatrammed into their vehicle,
also died on the spot, right?- Yes, ma'am.
I checked his post-mortem report.
A very strong impactbehind his head.
That's what the report claimsto be the cause of death.
If so, what is the cause of impact?
Forensic Chief GeethaMadam said that,
it's a possible injuryfrom a heavy metal object.
He must have banged hishead somewhere there.
And the driver shattered thefront glass and fell outside,
from the impact ofthe collision.
After the accident,
around almost 40 minutes,
sir's wife and daughterwere lying on that road.
If they want to punish all thosewho have escaped from the law,
how many peopleshould they kill?
From such a huge probability,
Dr. Tharakan, Vinod, Mohanan,
and the three peoplewho were murdered now.
What's the logic behind that selection?
It has a logic, sir.
There's a simple common factor.
The setting of the crimes that werethe reason for these 2 killings,
is Tharakan's Medi City.
I need an access to the totaldatabase of this hospital.
When I say database, it doesnot include financial details.
Okay sir.
Okay. Thank you.
Dr. Shakthivel Palanisamy.
Shakthivel is a Tamilianborn and brought up in Kerala.
His father Palanisamywas the security guard
of the morgue at AlappuzhaMedical College.
Shaktivel's name was present in therank-list of the medical entrance exam.
he was avoided from theallotment list of the college.
Instead, that seat was offered tosomeone close to the management.
You don't understand?
Sir, please.- Don't do that, dad.
Even after several requests,
when he realized thathe won't get justice,
Shaktivel's fatherPalanisamy decided to do that.
With all the students ofthat college as witnesses.
Shaktivel, who witnessed his father'sdeath right in front of him,
lost his mental balance.
And as you know, Kerala faced a very gravestudents' agitation following that.
By the end of the agitation,
the Government had to intervene.
Shaktivel was given admissionin the same college.
He was a completeloner in college.
All his pent up angerand frustration,
can be seen in the features he wrotefor some little magazines back then.
Shakti was reallyan eccentric, sir.
We would never knowwhen he would explode!
I think Shakti was the one whointroduced shoe-throwing as a protest,
for the first time in India.
It was when the education minister ofthat term came to visit our college.
He was remandedfor that offence.
But the case didn'treach anywhere.
Dr. ShaktivelPalaniswamy is our man!
In this investigation, usualmethods are irrelevant, sir.
Because the murdersthat have happened here,
are utterly unconventional.
4 culprits who escaped from 2 cases,
and 2 people those who helped them,are the ones who have been murdered.
How did Vinod become avictim in the first crime?
We had a confusionregarding that.
We found an answer towhy he was murdered,
through the second incidentthat happened later.
The 2 people who got killed here,are the accused in a rape case,
who got acquittedwith Vinod's help.
Even here, there is an odd man out.
Kumar Valiyaveedan.
His murder indicates,
a crime that is yet to happen.
I checked his Facebookposts and blogs.
A superhuman who can stopcorruption and justice denials.
A lone crusader.
There's such a conceptin his writing.
So you think,
in the hospital wherehe used to work,
two incidents that he witnessed,
two instances wherejustice was denied.
That's what triggeredhim for these murders.
But unlike what you said now, Dr.Shaktivel is not someone,
who committed murdershastily upon a provocation.
A build-up of several years.
I mean, he had a detailedpsychological preparation.
Without his knowledge,along with his senses,
there was a violent nature growingwithin him subconsciously.
Yes. As you have rightly pointed out.
In a conspiracy that happenedat his working place,
a heinous crimethat was silenced.
8 children who lost their lives as a resultof the bargaining among the medical mafia.
The collective tearsof their parents,
and helpless protests.
These incidents mighthave brought out,
the dormant but dangerousother self of Shaktivel.
That's what I guess.
There are absolutely noleads to trace him, sir.
He changes the SIM cards thathe uses one after the other.
No surveillance camerahas captured his face.
Sir, right now,all we have is a speculation!
So the girl who was with him?
I'm coming to that.- Sir.
She is Shreya Venkiteshfrom Bangalore.
Father is a Kannadiga,
Mother is a Malayali.
She was one year junior to him.
Even though Shaktivel tried hard todistance himself, she drew closer to him.
A strange bonding that happensbetween two lonely people.
Their friends whoknow both of them,
told me that there was a peculiarneurotic intensity between them.
Someone who mercilessly punishes culpritswho escape through the loopholes of law.
A maniac!
One-man alternate judiciary.
It's a very dangerousstate of mind.
Who's going to be the next target, sir?
No! No!
More than such speculations,it's important now
to capture Dr. Shaktiveland his girlfriend.
A man-hunt that wouldcover this entire state.
Let me contact the zonal ADGP's.
Allow me to leave now, sir.
This man-hunt should be performed by
the State Police machinery.
I don't have any role in that.
Are you sure?
Yes sir.
I am very sure.
I must complete thisoperation at any cost!
I'm running out of time.
One minute, sir.
I have to talk toyou before you go.
The accident thathappened to your family.
It was not an accident.It was a planned thing.
Got to show you something.
So you think,
the driver who got down fromthe lorry after the collision,
was struck on his head andkilled by someone.
After that, with the same object,
the lorry's glasses were broken.
Didn't I tell you earlier?
You have that policeinstinct in you.
Since there is alack of experience,
you take some time to connectrealities and form a picture.
That's all.
On the last day I spent in service,
I had gone to the police vehicleyard early in the morning.
I saw that lorry.
Whatever you told me now,are facts that I already know, Harshitha.
How can you let go like this?
We have to catch theone who did this.
I'm avoiding certain things,
I know,
that it's not so easy.
I don't get you, sir.
Someone who ruined your life...
How can you spare him?
A pretty doll lost isa pretty doll lost.
Nothing can bring it back.
But sir..- No, Harshitha!
I am on a border-line now.
Have you heard about being inbetween suicide and murder?
Don't push me!
Don't push me.
'Have something important. Check your mail.Shreya'
Shreya here.
First, I want totell you something.
The IP address of themail I sent you,
don't waste your timetrying to trace it.
It's a proxy one.
Before you leave,
listen to this.
That car accident whichruined your life,
was planned and executed by,
Felix D Vincent.
he will be at Ernakulam wharf.
I'm sending you his location.
An opportunity tosettle scores with him.
You can use it if you want to.
A criminal like him,
should definitely be punished.
Our desire,
is that you should be theone serving justice.
there is nothing sweeterthan vengeance.
Sir, this is a trap.You should be careful.
Sir, I'm telling you.Let's take this chance.
Whatever happens,it will be a break-through, sir.
Sir, even if we are going,
we have to informthe total force,
as a full-fledged operation..
However much we try to stay away,certain things come after us.
Only three of usknow about this now.
No one else should know this.
I needn't tell you aboutFelix's network, right?
Iqbal?- Yes sir.
It will be just the two of us.
You are out of this.
But sir..
Oh my God!
Mathew! Mathew!
You are impossible!
I thought I put anend to your story!
But, look at you!
You are here!
Why have you come now?
For revenge, right?
But you're no longer a cop!
You idiot!
I'm still a cop!
seeing you, my heart is flooded.
You know with what?
You know nothing, Mr. Mathew!
Shut up, you rogue!
Why Iqbal?
Why should I shut up?
to finish you and your family,
I was the one who plannedand created that accident!
I planned everythingsitting in your custody,
right before escapingearly in the morning,
there must have beenan inside help, sir.
Isn't that true?
Yes sir.
I was the one who helped him.
You know right?
My daughter's greatest desire,
was to get admissionfor medicine.
I never took a single rupeeas bribe in my life...
So how will I pay sucha huge donation, sir?
When I thoughtabout my daughter,
I forgot about my ideals.
And I shook hands with him,
for his offer.
But when I let him escape,I swear I didn't know,
that he would finish your family.
Believe me, sir.
Leave him to me, sir.
He needn't live anymore.I'll take full responsibility!
This is what he wants.
Dr. Shaktivel.
I have to kill him withmy own hands over here.
He threw this guyin front of us,
to execute hisstance through me!
I don't have a problem withDr. Shaktivel winning.
But it should not happen whilemy beliefs are defeated.
Sreeni, got to tellyou something.
Iqbal.- Sir.
Surrender to the police.
You made the right decision now.
But how can you, sir?
If it was me, I wouldhave killed them.
I would have killed them both!
Revenge is a disease, Sreeni.
A disease that eats upthe ailing from within.
My journey that waspostponed, begins here.
I know the depth of the relationbetween you and your wife.
So I feel..
really, really sorry.
Neelima's condition,is much worse now.
There are infections inall the vital organs.
When she comes to her senses,
the pain will be much more excruciatingthan what she's going through now,
I shouldn't be saying this.
Still, I'm telling you, Mathew.
Let's pray to God.
Not to prolong hersuffering any further.
I salute you!
You found such a place allalone, got it registered,
and you've brought me here to show it.
You are an efficient lady.
Did you realize that only now?
All my savings are over.
Hereafter, it's a joint effort.
We can sell my familyproperty, dear.
Don't worry!
Tell me the truth.
Are you unhappy aboutwhat I'm doing here?
All we have is Malu, right?
Once her career is set, whydo we need money and assets?
After my mother died,
when I was all alonein a rented house,
clueless about where to go,
there was a deep fear thatcropped up in my mind.
A cold shiver thatran down my spine!
Even now,
after a nap,
I can feel that cold shiverduring certain nights.
Later, it was through the good heartsof so many people that I survived.
Why do you have to repeatthis again and again?
Even if I keep repeating it,none of this will leave my system.
If my life has tohave some meaning,
this school should be completed.
When I told them about aschool for street-children,
my colleagues told me thatI've gone crazy with idealism.
This is not idealism for me.
This place is myself.
My breath..
My life..
Even if I die,
my soul would always be here.
It's a visual that I saw on Tharakan'sMedi City car park's CCTV footage.
DG's private car,
was there on July 12th.
Khalid Mustafa.
He was a social activist,who got a stay from the court,
against Kumar Valiyaveedan'smega mall project.
On July 12th,
along with Kumar,
the DG had also reached his room.
I'm the State Police Chief here.
That means,
Did you recognize me now?
I came here,
to meet you in person andtell you something, Khalid.
This Kumar is very dear to me.
That case you filed against ashopping mall that he's building?
You should cancel it.
The alliance between DG and Kumar,
was a strange revelation for me.
I can't do that, sir.
You can't say no.
You should do it.
After 2 days,
Kumar will bring some papers.
Sign on all of them!
This treatment is toextend your life, right?
What if it ends all of a sudden?
Shall we go, Kumar?
The fact that DG andKumar threatened him,
Khalid would have told it toDr. Shaktivel who was very close to him.
They threatened me.
If something happens to me,you should realize,
behind that,it will be them!
That Kumar and DGP.
Nothing like that will happen.
2 days after Khalidwas discharged,
what Shaktivel saw,
was his lifeless body.
A fatal accident.
DG's life is in danger.
He is going to bethe next target.
When did it happen?
Who are you?
They will negotiateonly with you, sir.
You should go alone.
I don't understand what fixation thisDr. Shaktivel has on you, sir.
There's a reason for everything, Sreeni.
Nothing happens without a reason.
Sir, don't be upsetwhen I ask this to you.
All the incidents that provokedDr. Shaktivel to do all this,
happened at Tharakan's Medi City.
And it was the same hospital where yourwife was admitted for around 6 months.
Around the same period.
And you were there.
Sir, do you have any connection with theseincidents, that I don't know of?
Nothing is white,Nothing is black.
Everything is grey.
Hello sir.I'm Shreya.
For your meeting with Dr. Shaktivel,
there's a pre-condition.
You need to get sedated.
You'll be sleeping for one hour.
Only if you agree,
let's move ahead.
Otherwise, I'll go back.
You can forget the DGP.
I'm coming.
Let's go.
You will be in atrance for some time.
Hello sir.
So we meet again.
The last time I saw you,
was on the day your wife died.
I was working in thesame department.
I had joined the same medicalteam which was treating her,
just a week before that.
With the available information,
in creating a clearpicture of any criminal,
you were the best!
When you uncoveredmy identity so soon,
I was not surprised.
In fact,
you finding me,
was my need!
I have done my home work.
Not just about me.
About all the victims you murdered,
you had done properhome-work, Doctor.
None of the peopleI killed are victims!
They are all hunters!
Those who were affected bythem, are the true victims.
So what about you, Doctor?
Are you a victim,
or a hunter?
I am both!
All of us are both.
At the same time, a victim,and a hunter.
I want to see the DG once.
Don't worry.
He is safe.
But not for long.
You were the most upright policeoffice in the entire system.
Till you quit.
In a sense,
you symbolized the law!
So, with you as a witness,
the State Police Chief,
will be punished by me.
For the heinous crimethat he has committed.
What are you looking at?
This is nothing butalternate justice.
Sir, the only thing that controlsa person in this world is fear.
The fear that lies within each of us.
the belief in God,is fear in a different sense.
If you commit a crime,you should be afraid!
They will be afraid!
Because hereafter,
fear has a new name,
Dr. Shaktivel Palanisamy.
Sacrificing everything else in life.
With a belief that whatevermay happen, it doesn't matter,
she, who was partof all your crimes.
Is it love that shehas towards you?
Or fear?
There's no emotionstronger than fear.
Right, doctor?
Don't you dare get personalwith me, Mr. Mathew!
I dare to get personalwith you, Doctor.
Because everything aboutyou, is personal.
Everything is personal.
We keep hearing, right?
That the respectedcourt sentenced.
The Government decided, etc.
But actually,
it's not the system whichsentences and decides,
it's done by individuals, right?
If it's the court, one,two or three judges.
If it's the government, thechief minister and others.
If it's religion, the priests.
Their decisions becomethe final words,
and becomes the law!
That's why, I am doingwhatever that I feel is right.
It is from these wordsyou said right now,
that the most hated dictatorsin this world were born.
And, do I need to tell you whathappened to them finally?
Come on, sir.
What we need rightnow, is a dictator!
Our country needs one.
Someone like me.
There's nothing more foolish in this worldthan the hero-worship towards dictators.
And he thinks,
he is the law!
And I am very sorry to say that,
he is a maniac.
I'm a maniac?
I'm a maniac?
Shreya, did you hear what he said?
He says I'm a maniac!
Those who escaped the law usingtheir wealth and influence.
You who set forth to punish them.
Why did you kill three policemenwho were standing guard to the DG?
Oh! That?
I couldn't stop that.
Petty sacrifices for a noble cause.
So what about their familieswhich were orphaned?
Don't they deserve justice?
Yours is a selectivejustice, Doctor.
Even this girl wouldbe the same for you.
Another petty sacrifice.
Mr. Mathew,don't cross your limits.
Don't play your mind games with me.
Life is a dark comedy, Doctor.
You got to live it.
You know that I know it.
Yes, Doctor. I know that you know it.
I was also waiting for thisday when I would meet you.
Let us pray to God,
not to prolong hersuffering any further.
I can't.
I can't tolerate the pain.
Shall I save you?
I have never loved anyone,
as much as I loved you!
My desire,shouldn't remain unfulfilled.
Promise me!
That you'll be here.
Let us pray to God,
not to prolong hersuffering any further.
I realized what decision you would havemade there, only after your wife died.
Thinking about it, what you didis also an alternate justice.
You're like me.
That's why I destroyedall the evidence.
Mercy killing.
Mercy killing.
The law still saysthat it's wrong.
Still you did it.
I also did thesame thing, right?
To the wretched criminalswho escaped from law.
The capital punishment that they deserved.
I gave it to them.
In fact,
just like you,I have also broken the law.
Now tell me,
who is the villain among us?
Or me?
You are wrong, Doctor.
We are never alike!
Without sensing anything,
Without even a minute movement.
My Neelima was justa body lying there.
A small gap in which shewould regain memory.
You also know the kind of painshe experienced then, right?
Even while going through that pain,
she kept asking me,
about our daughter.
She knew that she would neverbe able to see her again.
Still, she kept asking.
When I asked her,
'Shall I save you?'
she smiled, lookinginto my eyes.
Those eyes closing.
Her heartbeat ceasing,
I stood there watching that.
That's when I realized,
that the last definition of love,
is death.
I killed her out of love.
You kill people out of hate.
We are far apart, Doctor.
Cut the crap, Mr. Mathew Manjooran!
What I brought you here for,it will happen!
Now go sit.
Shreya, watch him.
My daughter,
hated this profession of mine.
Her greatest desire wasto become a doctor.
She wanted to heal,
Heal the whole world.
Please go back to your life.
You still have alife left to live.
It's never too late.
This man whose job is to protect thelife and wealth of a common man.
He didn't do it.
A great man who was 78 years old,
Khalid Mustafa.
He killed him!
No, Mathew!No!
There's a mystery behind his death.
But there's no one to file a case.
At least you should believe me.
When I realized that I was goingto face a huge financial loss,
it's true that I went to thehospital and threatened Khalid.
But, I don't have anythingto do with his death.
That accident was real.
I'm saying the truth.
Believe me, Mathew.
But I don't believe you.
Don't make me mad, Mister.- Doctor, please.
I said, don't make me mad.
He is innocent.
Please listen.
You think,
you won?
You too?
Now I'm going to kill you both!
Shoot me.
Shoot me, I say!
But tomorrow, this world would saythat whatever I did was right!
You guardian of law!
Pull the trigger!
What a man you are, sir?
Even now,
you are damn lawful!
You could have killed me!
There is nothing moreunnatural in this world,
than a person takinganother person's life, Shaktivel.
Didn't you ask me?
Who is the villain among us?
There is a villain,
in every hero.
And there is a hero,
in every villain.
You are a gifted doctor.
You have a sense of justicewhich many others lack.
If you regain thebalance of your mind,
you can do wonders.
I'm sorry, Mathew.
Sorry for my mistakes.
To Neelima's dream how much distanceand how many days?
'There is a hero,in every villain.'
'There is a villain,in every hero.'
'There is nothing moreunnatural in this world than,
a person taking thelife of another person.'
'All the perfumes of Arabia willnot sweeten this little hand.'