Villain (2020) Movie Script

Fucking, come on...
Shut up, fuck.
Oi, come here!
Come back here,
you little weasel!
Fucking toerag, come here!
Why the fuck you sniveling?
Take your clothes off.
- What?
- You heard him!
Get your fucking clothes off.
- Why?
- Just fucking do it!
I'm doing it!
Come on, stop sniveling
and be a man.
Come on, hurry up,
get on your fucking knees.
Look, look, Roy,
he's fucking pissed himself!
The dirty little cunt!
Get on your fucking knees!
Fuckin' hell, Roy.
Please don't do this to me, Roy.
Please don't do this to me!
Please, Roy. I'm sorry, Roy.
Please don't do this to me.
Come on, Roy, just do him.
Just fuckin' do him.
- Please, God, no.
- God?
You say hello to him from
me when you see him, yeah?
I'll tell you what...
Let's leave it to God.
No, Roy, don't! Please, wait!
Oh, you lucky bastard!
Fuckin' hell!
Three weeks.
And then we want
our money in full.
After that there's
no more fucking chances,
no more excuses.
You understand?
- I understand.
- Good.
you take this,
as a little reminder about...
go on take it...
of how close you came.
Next time, you get one in your nut.
All right?
Good boy.
You lucky twat!
Don't forget
to write to me, mate.
See ya later Billy boy.
See ya later, brother.
Danny, I need one minute.
Tommy, come here.
I do not wanna hear about you being
back here, do you understand me?
Yeah, of course.
- Eddie Franks, yeah?
- Yeah, the one and only.
Check that please.
Thanks for everything, Ed.
I really appreciate it.
You take care of yourself, boy.
You could have charged that.
All right, sign here.
This gives me so much
pleasure, I cannot tell you.
Eddie Franks, you're free to go.
Thank you very much!
See you later.
Don't worry,
we'll keep your bed
nice and warm for you, eh?
No mate, there's
only one geezer here
doing a life sentence,
and that ain't me.
Oh, and by the way,
don't be late for
work tomorrow, yeah?
Listen, I'm winding you up.
Look after that family, Danny.
Here he is.
- What took you so long?
- There he is!
Been out here waiting ten years!
Welcome home, bruv.
- So good to see ya.
- Yeah, likewise, likewise.
You done a bit of weight?
You put it on, didn't ya?
You cheeky fucker!
What happened to your face?
Oh, nothing.
I had a run-in
with some pisshead
in the pub the other night.
He come off worse, believe me!
So, here she is. The old girl!
Well, she's hanging
in there, Sean, eh?
Sure is.
I've hardly touched
it to be honest.
Too scared in case
I took a knock.
Not worth the ag? Is it?
You know that.
Here we are, do the honors.
Actually, do you
mind if I don't?
Come on then, lively, jump in,
before they change their mind
and throw you back inside!
Where do you wanna
go first then?
I need a drink,
do you know what I mean?
Rik, this is Eddie.
Ed, this is Rikki.
Hello babe, nice to meet ya.
Yeah, same.
- What, is that it?
- What?
You're not even gonna get up
and say hello properly?
Babe, I just said hello.
You're fucking rude, you are.
And what do you want me to do?
- Sean, just leave it, mate.
- Look at the state of this place.
- You could have at least
tidied up a little bit. - What?
Most of it's your fucking mess.
I'm not your skivvy.
At least let some light in,
for fuck's sake.
She sleeps all day
and stays up all night.
It's like living
with a fucking vampire.
- Now fuck off, yeah?
- It's disgusting.
Just make sure
you're on time later.
Come on, I'll show you the room.
It's not much, I know.
But it'll do until
we get the pub flat sorted.
I've hung some of
your gear up in the wardrobe,
and the rest of
it's in those bags.
I got you a few other
little bits and pieces as well.
Hope you like 'em.
Put away your shit quickly
and we'll slip, eh?
It's really good
to have you here, bruv.
I mean it.
Oi, please don't embarrass me
in front of my brother,
- I'm begging ya.
- What are you on about?
Just make an effort.
It's all I ask.
- Okay.
- Thank you!
Oi, just give me a bump.
- I ain't got nothing.
- Don't lie. Come on, just give me one.
- I ain't got nothing!
- Oh, come on. Please, babe!
Just a little one, all right?
Don't take the piss,
that's all I've got.
Hurry up!
Gimme a little, will ya?
Getting it everywhere,
what are you doing?
- Shut up.
- Fuck's sake!
Do it off me then.
Fuckin' matter with you?
I'm gonna see ya later,
all right? Am I all right?
You look hot.
Don't fuckin' start with that.
See ya later.
Fuckin' eat something.
She's all right once
you get to know her.
I mean, I didn't even bloody like
her at first when I first met her.
She puts on this,
like, hard front.
But once you get past that...
You sure this is
the right address?
Yeah, 100 percent.
Why? What do you wanna do?
I dunno, let's just go.
Thank God for that.
Come on.
You all right, Jim?
Got a nice color there, mate.
- Jeany, baby!
- Oh!
How are ya? You all right?
All the better for
seeing you, love! Oh!
You look fantastic.
Well, funny enough, I was thinking
exactly the same thing about you.
'Cause I'm standing in there,
looking at you
in this lovely light,
and you ain't changed one bit
since the last time I seen you.
You have to love him,
your brother.
Always was a brilliant liar!
Oh! It's nice to have you
back, Ed. I mean it.
- Welcome home, boy.
- Thanks, Jean.
Oh, Dave,
hang on a minute, love.
- All right, love, IPA?
- Yeah, thanks.
I thought you said
you decorated the place?
I did, about four years ago.
Even gave Jean a lick o' paint.
Fuckin' state of it,
though, Sean.
I done me best.
It's been a struggle,
especially the last couple of years.
We're lucky to still
be up and running.
So how's the flat looking?
After the boiler
flooded, the damp set in,
and everything just
started rotting.
Then the electrics went,
and that was it.
Just one thing
after the other, Ed.
I just ain't had the dough.
Well, I'm here now, aren't I?
Anyway, look,
don't worry for now.
You're home!
We should be celebrating,
shouldn't we? Come on.
Yeah, listen, I need
a little quick piss first.
Please tell me that
toilet still works?
- Yeah, 'course. - Large G
and T, plenty of ice and lemon.
- I'll catch you up.
- Gotcha.
Where'd you get books from?
The geezer comes round.
He's got a little mini library.
- Wow!
- Went right through 'em.
- Free?
- Yeah, ain't gotta pay him.
Who you gonna pay?
Come on, Rik, hurry up!
Oi, oi! No touching!
- What do you think you're doing?
- What?
- You fucking know.
- What?
Come on, Rik, you fucking know.
Oh, don't start all
that paranoid shit again.
Paranoid, I'm not
fucking paranoid, am I?
You was rubbing
up and down on his cock.
- I just watched you with me own eyes!
- It's part of the fucking show!
It's not part of the show, is it?
You're supposed to dance,
not reef up
the fucking customers!
You know the score, Sean.
If you're not happy, fuck off!
- Hello, Fred!
- All right, lad.
You all right, mate?
What can I get ya?
Get us a bottle of champagne
and two glasses, will ya?
We're celebrating.
Marky boy got a "not guilty"
yesterday, didn't you, son?
- 'Course I fucking did.
- Did ya?
Congratulations, mate.
Good to have ya back, lad.
Don't know what I would've
done without ya, mate.
You're my right hand man, lad.
See the face on them
in that court?
Hey, told you I was
gonna fuckin' bust out.
The fuck's this shit, lad?
It's 87.50 but call it 85,
go on. All right?
Put it on the tab, you dickhead.
Yeah, of course.
Hey, I'll fucking show
this little twat.
Come on you...
Who's the Scouse geezer?
Oh, that's, um,
that's Freddie Bagshott.
He's one of our regulars.
He works with Roy
and Jonny Garrett.
Jean! Jean, come on, the music.
All right.
Here, got you a little present.
You're gonna like this one.
No, Jean.
Listen, what I'm trying to say to you is,
- it says here there was ten
kegs delivered, paid for. - Yeah.
But there's a bill here saying: "This
is very serious, do not ignore."
- Jean! Jean!
- "Six months late." Was it paid for?
No. Yeah, I'm coming, all right.
- I'm going to the toilet.
- No.
Hey Mickey, how are ya, love?
You all right?
Standing there like a space man!
In the bag, eating all that
every five seconds.
I mean, fuckin' hell,
you're like a hoover, you cunt.
Fuckin' hell, Ed!
- What's wrong? - So that's where
all our money's been goin', is it?
- Up your fucking nose?
- What are you talking about? No.
- You do know we're 15 grand in debt?
- Yeah, and I told you
we was in trouble, didn't I? I've
been trying to keep us fucking afloat.
That's absolute bollocks,
I'm not having that, Sean.
The reason we've got no money
and we're in fucking trouble,
is because you ain't been paying
the fucking bills, that's why.
- No. - How much that geezer
out there owe on his tab?
- What geezer? - The fucking
Freddie geezer you keep creaming up?
I told ya, he works
for Roy and Jonny!
And I don't give a fuck.
How much does he owe?
- How much?
- About 800.
Ed, Ed, no!
Don't, mate. He's heavy.
Get your hand off me, Sean.
You were like, "Mate, it's you!"
Excuse me, fellas.
We've not met, I'm Eddie.
I'm Sean's brother.
I'm actually the owner
of this place.
My lovely brother Sean's been looking
after it for me while I've been away.
And, look, I hate saying this
but he's just informed me
that you owe a substantial
amount on your bar bill,
is that correct?
Oh, do we now?
Why, is that a problem?
Well, Sean being Sean, he should never
have let you run up a bill that big.
So from now on, and in the future,
there's gonna be no more credit in here.
Is that okay?
Okay, no problem.
Thing is, the money
that you do owe,
from the bill
that's outstanding,
has got to be paid tonight.
Do what?
Look, come over
to the bar with me,
we'll settle it up,
and you two can have a...
Well, carry on
with a lovely evening.
I'll tell you what,
I might come over
when I'm finished.
See how I feel, eh?
Please, look, I need you
to come over there now, please.
Or what?
So why don't you
fucking do one over there
with your little
rat brother, eh?
Before you get hurt.
And I'll come over
after if I feel like it.
Get us another couple of brandies
as well while you're at it.
Yeah, put them on the tab.
Go on, cunt, what
you waiting for?
It's that cheeky bastard.
Who does he think he is?
What's the matter, cunt?
Did I stutter before?
There's gonna be a comeback
after this, you know that, don't you?
Look, I'm sorry, mate.
I'm sorry.
I really am. I just...
Do you know who
you just fucked with, you cunt?
I just went and lost it.
But don't you understand, Ed?
They work with Roy and Jonny.
Look, I know you've done
your best while I was away.
And it couldn't have been
easy being on your own.
Look at me.
We are gonna turn
that place around.
Do you hear me?
Wait, wait. Slow down.
Fucking shit!
I love you, bruv.
I'm proud of ya.
I think we've done well.
Turn the music up.
Why's the music so low?
We're trying to have a party.
What's going on? Ed!
Turn that fucking music up, Ed!
Turn the music up!
Turn the music up, son!
- So what do ya think of the new place?
- Yeah, it's nice.
Right, let me treat ya.
This is on the house!
From me to you.
Can you do me another
one of those things?
Yeah, same as before, yeah?
Yeah, 100 percent. I told you, Saturday.
Yeah, definitely.
- You all right?
- Who was that?
Who? Jason?
Oh, oh, that's just some kid I bought
a laptop off a couple of weeks ago.
Just had to give him
the last of his readies.
- Honestly!
- I didn't say anything.
No, I know. You don't have to.
I know you.
Anyway, I better
get back to work, eh?
It's heaving in there, innit?
Hello, Chloe.
I'm home now.
For good.
I just wanted to come and see
you and talk to you, that's all.
I'm not about,
leave a message.
Sean, you call me back as soon
as you get this message.
Eddie boy!
We heard you was home.
- Long time.
- Roy, Jon.
Oh, I hope you don't mind.
The door was open.
No, that's fine, mate.
I like what you've done
with the place, mate.
Very modern looking, very hip.
Bet this cost a bob
or two, didn't it?
No, not really,
me and Sean done most of it.
- You fucking...
- Hold on a minute!
Just slow down
and let me explain.
Hear me out, please.
Look, Jon, Roy, have a drink with
me, please. Come, what do you want?
No, don't worry about a drink, Ed.
It's all right. Just sit down, yeah?
Look, I got a beautiful
bottle of brandy behind here.
Just get over here and sit
down, you slippery little cunt!
- Where is he?
- Who?
You fucking know who!
Your scumbag snake of a brother.
- Now where the fuck is he? - Sean? He had
nothing to do with this, I promise you.
Oh, don't give it all that, Ed.
He's got everything to do with it.
Honestly, Roy, he had nothing
to do with it, it was all me.
I bashed the pair of 'em myself.
I dunno what you've heard,
but Sean didn't even want me
to pull 'em.
The fuck are you talking about?
Bashed who?
Well, Freddie Bagshott
and the other geezer.
Look, Roy, I know
he's a friend of yours,
but I'm telling you now,
he was rude and he was disrespectful.
But it got out of hand
in the heat of the moment,
you know what it's like.
He pulled a blade on me and I...
- I just lost it.
- Freddie Bagshott?
Fuck him,
he probably deserved it.
No, no, that's not
why we're here.
We're here about
the other thing.
What other thing?
He don't know.
He ain't fucking told him.
- Told me what?
- Ed...
Your brother's in
a serious bit of trouble, mate.
- Why, what's he done? - He's fucked
us over, that's what he's fucking done!
You'll have to ask him that.
But the big question is,
no one's exactly
sure what happened.
But there are rumors,
and they ain't good.
Yeah, and what are these rumors?
Well, that he's a fucking
grass, among other things.
My Sean, he'd never, ever
in a million years...
It's not just that.
Let's just say
he's upset some people.
He took something from 'em that was
theirs, and he ain't give it back.
And, well, they ain't
gonna wait much longer.
How much?
A lot.
And all this doin'
the pub up, splashin' out,
don't look good.
In fact, it's adding
insult to injury,
and these people,
they can't let that happen.
Doesn't matter who it is.
Whether they say
they was involved or not.
Everyone around him's going.
Fucking everyone.
You understand that?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, so...
you gotta have a word
with him Ed, lively.
'Cause this can't be allowed to go
on, it's gotta stop.
And these people ain't
stupid, you know that.
- Don't ya?
- Yeah.
Well, I look forward
to hearing from you.
Sean! Sean!
- What's wrong?
- Come here!
- What the fuckin' hell have you
been up to? - Why, what have I done?
What have you done? I've just had a
fucking visit from Roy and Jonny Garrett.
Why didn't you tell me?
I was gonna.
I was just waiting
for the right time.
- I didn't want to get you
involved in it. - Involved?
They want to iron me out, Sean.
Look, come on,
I'm just gonna pop out, babe,
for a minute, all right?
Come on.
I used to see Roy at the pub.
He said if I ever needed
anything he could hook me up.
And what are we
talking about, Charlie?
'Cause I found someone
who wanted a bit.
I saw an opportunity
to make a few quid.
So we started doing bits
and pieces together
and it was easy money.
I would just pick the work up,
sit on it for a couple of days,
and then hand it over.
It was a doddle,
money for nothing.
The next time we went
it was a big 'un.
The biggest one yet.
- So I plotted the gear up.
- And where'd you put it?
In the garage
under Mum and Dad's.
Same place I always did.
Next day, I come to pick it up,
and it's fucking gone.
Someone done me.
They must have tailed me.
Who else knew where it was?
No one. Not a soul.
Mate, you're out your
fucking nut most of the time,
you fucking can't remember.
- You must have told someone.
- I didn't!
And the only reason
I'm doing so much gear is
- 'cause of the stress of all this shit.
- Please.
Honestly! I was doin'
all right before that.
This whole situation's completely
fucking slaughtered me.
I'm looking over my shoulder
in constant fear.
Any minute I'm gonna get one
in the back of the head.
How about the other geezer
you was working with?
The bloke you was giving
the fucking gear to?
Just some kid.
What, the kid
from the other night?
Jason? Well, how'd you know
it weren't him who had it?
- Nah, it weren't him.
- Sean, you don't know that.
I do. I know who took the gear.
Well, fucking tell me.
I don't care who it is.
We'll go to work,
and we'll get it back.
Think about it.
Well, it's obvious, innit?
Think about it.
It's the same fucking ones
who gave it to me.
They set me up, Ed!
I'm not the first one
they done it to, am I?
I mean that's their game, innit?
Two days later, they come round to
me, saying they heard I got spun,
and they wanted to know what I told
the police. Well, that's bollocks!
No one even knew I had the
fucking gear apart from them.
- I hadn't told a soul.
- How about Rikki?
On Mummy's grave.
On Mummy's grave.
So how much do you owe 'em?
I took two key off 'em.
You're not answering
my question, Sean, are ya?
How much do you
owe 'em, readies?
Eighty grand.
Sorry, Ed.
How ya doin'?
I'm looking for Solly.
- Who?
- Solly, the owner.
I've never heard of him.
My boss might know him.
- There's someone here to see you!
- Oh, okay!
He'll just be a second.
Hello! Can I help?
this used to be a mate of mine's shop,
fella called Solly Beckman.
Is he still about?
Ah, no, no, sorry.
Hell, we bought the shop off
him about four years ago now.
Moved abroad apparently.
- So what can I do for you? - I wanted
to know how much you'd give me for this?
- For that.
- Yeah, yeah, sure I'll take a look.
It's a windup.
Needs a service,
bit of a polish.
It's a bit dry inside,
hasn't been oiled in a while.
It ain't been on my wrist
for about ten years.
Ah, okay. Uh...
The best I could do is
probably three and a half,
and that's being generous.
Three and a half?
I gave eight grand for that.
Yeah, they just don't hold
their value anymore, sir.
Everyone's got one now.
- The exclusivity's gone.
- Yeah, yeah, I know, I know.
I was looking for more
around the seven mark.
There's no way you'll
get seven for this.
Tell you what,
best I can do is four.
And I probably won't make
anything on top of that.
Forty-two hundred, and that's only
'cause you're a friend of Solly's.
Go on then.
But it's gotta be cash, all right?
Yeah, yeah, cash done. Great.
I'll just go and sort
the paperwork out.
That's aging nicely.
Trainee horologist, see?
- It's a nice watch.
- Yeah, it was a nice watch.
- Hey!
- Well, there he is!
- Hello son, how are ya?
- I'm good!
- Ah!
- Come in!
That was lovely.
Lovely dinner, that.
You're welcome.
It wasn't lovely.
It was fucking unbelievable!
Sorry! I shouldn't swear. I'm so sorry.
- Ah, he's all right. He's heard
it all before. - I won't do it again.
You ain't got a clue what I've been
hearing for the last ten years.
All right, okay, fair enough!
- Thank you very much.
- Oh, you're very welcome.
You're welcome, mate.
Do you remember that flat you used to
live in? That little pokey one bedroom...
Whoa, whoa, slow down
about pokey flats!
- You telling me you've never lived in
a pokey flat? - Of course I have, mate!
Do you remember that geezer
that lived underneath?
What was his name,
that nutty skinhead fella?
Ah! You're going
back to Eastern Road.
Yeah! Yeah, big fella.
- Hated everyone.
- Yeah, he was.
- Yeah, I remember that. - This isn't
gonna be a good story, is it?
No it ain't, no. No, no, no, no.
What was his name?
Yeah, what was his name?
- J... Jack?
- No, no, no, no.
- Big Joe.
- Big Joe!
- Of course it was!
- Big Joe, yeah.
- Big Joe!
- Do you remember, I said to ya...
I was going out,
I was going to the gym.
I see this geezer,
as I'm going out, pull up.
Big lump, covered in tattoos,
swastika, T-shirt,
proper, proper, fuckin'
white supremacist lunatic,
- wasn't he?
- Out of order. He was out of order.
- Of course, you had that lovely
girlfriend, didn't ya? - Dominique!
- Dominique!
- Oh, I fell in love with her.
- Soon as I laid eyes on her.
- Aw...
- Look at his face.
- I know! It's taken him back.
- But you met her. She was a lovely girl.
- She was! No, she was lovely.
Gentle, soft, gentle.
But he's in there,
with his lovely girlfriend, in his flat.
- All of a sudden, the
windows go through. - No...
'Cause Big Joe's
smashed all his windows.
I just lost it. I wanted to
fucking kill him. But she was like,
"No, no, no, no,
please, please, don't!"
Anyway I got a little baseball bat
over on the side of the armchair.
- Baseball bat!
- Oh, you! You keep out of it.
It's bedtime, are you going to go
and say good night to everyone?
- Yeah, night-night.
- Come here, say good night.
- Good night.
- Good night, fella.
- Don't forget me, your old
uncle who's been away! - Good night.
Now remember something,
you sleep tight...
and don't let the bed bugs bite!
He's a good kid.
Look, all I'm saying is,
between the two of us,
since we was kids growing up,
you've done fucking well.
- Yeah, I've not done bad.
- Yeah. You went that way, I went that way.
- But look what you've got.
- We're doing all right.
- You should be proud, mate.
- I am.
This gaff, fuckin' unreal.
- Pulled up, I couldn't believe it.
- It's nice.
I mean, I'm in that pub,
I've got a fucking... I'm in one room.
It's like, it's no
different to the nick.
You'll be all right, Ed.
So, come on then.
What you got?
- You got anything?
- Like what?
Don't give me that,
you've got something.
I know it, I can tell.
Look whatever it is,
I'm involved.
I am bored, mate.
Mike, listen to me,
those days are fucking gone.
- Mate.
- They're gone!
Listen, it's doing
my head in, man.
This place is driving me crazy.
- Anything.
- Mike...
- A blag or something.
- Mike, listen to me.
Me and you are like a couple of old
dinosaurs. We don't exist, it's gone.
The reason I'm here...
The reason I'm here is because I
need to lend some money off you.
Okay. How much?
I need you to
lend me 20 large.
You know me.
I got readies coming to me.
As soon as it comes into my hands,
- it goes into your hands.
- Ed, it's fine, mate.
It's fine, you're all right.
It's the least I can do, eh?
- You're sure?
- Yeah, it's fine, mate.
What can I say?
It's good to see you, mate.
It's good to see you.
it's been a long, long, long, long time.
Have some more of that.
Are you stalking me
or something?
What is wrong with you?
Please, just give me
a chance to get to know ya?
- I just want to get to know you
and Francis. - Don't say his name!
Don't say his name like
you fucking know him.
What are you talking about?
You're my family.
Family? You're not family!
Eddie, family are there for each
other, they support each other.
You've never been there for anyone, Eddie.
No one but yourself.
And you won't give me one little
opportunity to make up for lost time?
- No! Fuck off, Eddie!
- Why?
I don't want you in my life!
You're not my dad, you're just some
bloke, so go away and leave me alone.
- The fuck is goin' on here?
- It's all right, it's all right.
- Just calm down, calm down.
- What are you waiting for? Go on.
Do you wanna go
any slower, bruv?
Did you hear what she said?
- I'm sorry, mate.
- Are you sorry?
Go the fuck on, bruv!
Drive your fucking car.
- Move the fuck on!
- The whole fucking neighborhood...
- Who the fuck was that?
- I don't know, just some idiot.
Get the fuck upstairs, bruv.
You all right, fellas?
- Just wanna say thanks for seeing me.
- No problem.
- Look, Roy, I wanted to just let you...
- Shh.
What are you doin'?
- He's all right.
- All right? Of course, I'm all right.
What you got me down as,
some sort of grass?
- Bottle it.
- Just sit the fuck down, will ya?
Dunno, can't be
too sure, can ya?
Might run in the family.
Please, leave off, mate.
Where's Sean?
Sean ain't here.
Well, we can see that, you cunt.
Why not?
Because I'm here on his behalf.
Well, he's a grown man.
He should be able to
face his own problems
without his big brother
wiping his arse for him.
He's a fucking spineless, gutless,
little cunt, your brother.
A fucking waste of human life.
Where's our money?
There's 25 grand there.
That's all we've got at the moment.
But I'm telling you now,
once the bar is up
and running properly,
I'll be able to give
you a little bit more.
In a month or so,
I'll drop off another envelope.
But for the time being,
that's all we've got,
and it's gonna have to do.
Now let me get this straight.
You bowl up here, bold as brass,
your scumbag brother
nowhere to be seen,
with a poxy 25 bags,
and fucking tell us that's
how things are gonna run?
Who the fuck do
you think you are,
some kind of heavy fucking
villain or something?
Look, Roy...
Now you fucking look.
I said I wanted our money,
in full. And I meant it.
I'm doing everything I can.
Now gimme a fucking break here.
You both know me, I'm a man of my word.
I wouldn't even dream
- of trying to fleece you.
- I don't give a fuck who you are.
Or how many times
you've been nicked,
or birded, you thick cunt.
We want our money.
And I can't give
you what I ain't got.
Please, mate, stop.
Get your fucking hands off me.
All right, Jon.
That's enough.
That's enough!
Now, listen to me very carefully
'cause I'm not gonna
say this again.
I'm gonna take your 25 grand
and call it interest.
And I want another
100 in a week.
Either that, or we take the pub.
One or the other.
If not...
you and your rat-weasel brother
are going
into the ground together.
Do you hear me?
On my children's eyesight.
A week.
Now get up.
And wrap that around
your fuckin' arm.
You're bleedin'
fuckin' everywhere.
What the fuck's happened?
Ed? Ed, you all right,
mate? Where you going?
I've gotta get outta here, Sean.
I'm gonna go to the flat.
- What? Now, this time of night?
- I can't think straight here.
I'm sorry, bruv, but it's her.
She won't keep her fucking mouth shut!
- Fuck off!
- Fucking horrible bitch!
Come on, let me...
- Why didn't you tell me about
Chloe's boyfriend, Jason? - Eh?
"Eh, eh?" Why didn't you tell me about
Chloe's boyfriend, Jason, your new best pal?
Slip your mind?
What else have you been
fucking lying to me about?
Nothing, Ed, I swear!
Someone introduced us one night
'cause we're practically family,
and we ended up doin' a bit
of work together, that's it!
Look, we was just
keeping it low-key.
Chloe didn't know
nothin' about it either,
so I thought it was best
just to say nothin'.
I didn't want
to stir up any shit.
I promise!
Look what they've fuckin'
done to me, Sean.
Look what they've done
to me because of you.
- I'm sorry.
- Sorry is no fucking good, mate.
Don't you understand?
We're fucked. They want the pub.
Everything me and you have fucking
worked for, all the graft we've put in,
it's all fucking out
the window, gone.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't fucking say sorry to me again!
- I'm s...
- Say fucking sorry! Go on, say it!
I fucking dare you!
See what happens.
- Say it!
- Stop!
Now you need to leave me
alone for a bit.
'Cause I can't have you
wrapped around me at the moment.
- You've caused all that.
- No, I don't think so.
- Yeah, I think so.
- Well, I don't.
What the fuck have you done?
What is he on about?
- Who the hell wants the pub?
- Nothing, it's got nothing to do with you.
Nothing to do...
I think it does, I fucking work there.
Listen, just stay out of it, all right?
Go and sniff a bit more gear,
- you fucking skinny junkie cunt!
- Why didn't you tell me...
Fuck yourself.
I tell you what, you're lucky
I'm such a fucking gentleman!
You're not right
in the head, are you?
Or was I not
clear enough before?
I don't need your charity.
Please leave me alone!
All right, all right,
all right.
- What happened to your lip?
- It's got nothing to do with you.
Who done it?
Leave me alone.
Fucking hell...
Oh, no, it's a bad one.
It's gone through the baby grow.
Look at me.
I've gotta say,
he does look like ya.
Everyone says that.
I think he looks more like Mum.
Can you pass me the baby wipes?
All right, come on then.
Oh, you've done
a real stinker, haven't you?
Who's done a big poo poo?
Who's done a big poo poo? Yes.
Hold this.
You know that's what got me
through my sentence.
This photograph.
It's the only one
of us all together.
I know!
I never even knew
that photo existed.
What? What?
I know, I know.
And that's why
I wanted you to have it.
Because it means
the world to me.
Why are you giving it
to me then?
If it means the world to you,
you ain't dying?
No, of course I'm not dying.
It's just...
I just thought it would be nice, you know, as a
peace offering along with the money and that.
- I told you, I don't want your money.
- I know, I know you don't.
You've gotta
understand something.
I loved your mum.
And believe it or not,
she was the love of my life.
- It's just the pair of us...
- Don't give me that.
Don't give me that crap,
Eddie, all right?
I ain't stupid.
You forget I'm not
a little girl anymore.
I know everything.
I know everything, all right?
You've never given
a shit about anyone
but yourself
and you know it.
You know it was your fault?
Right? It was your fault
Mum got cancer and died.
No, no, I'm not having that.
You can't put that on me.
- It's the truth. It's the truth!
- I'm sorry, I'm not having that!
She was never the same
after you left.
Sorry, after you abandoned us.
For what?
For what, something
half your age?
It's disgusting.
Out of interest, yeah,
how long did
your little girlfriend
come and visit you for?
After you went in.
Six months? A year?
Two-minute wonder.
Yeah, nice new baby.
Come here.
So tell me,
what happened to your lip?
I don't want to talk about it.
- Was it Jason?
- None of your business.
All right, look,
answer me this then honestly.
- Has he ever done that before?
- Stop!
Stop, all right!
I don't need your help,
Eddie, you're not my dad.
You're not my dad!
I can look after myself.
And he's not gonna do it anymore 'cause
I'm getting out of this shithole.
Aren't we, bubba?
Aren't we, bubba?
Chloe look, I know I've made mistakes.
I know I have.
And I know that
I can never, ever, ever,
- make up for lost time.
- My baby...
But I'm telling you now
there's not a day that's passed
where I haven't
thought about you.
Every single day since
the day that you was born.
Can I hold him? Please?
Okay. Okay, baby. Okay.
- You've got to support his head.
- I know, I know.
I've got you, I've got you,
I've got you...
Aw, don't cry for Granddad.
Don't cry for Granddad.
Yes, it is. Yes.
He's gorgeous, isn't he?
You see that lady
in the picture?
That is your nanny.
She would have loved
to have met you, Francis.
I can't believe it,
he's actually gripping it.
You know what
that means, don't you?
That means, that that
little picture's yours.
And that is a present,
from your granddad... to you.
Showering me with cold water,
she went out to get
me some Oreos.
Man, we was just laying there
in our naturals...
Bruv, what the fuck
is this guy's problem? What?
My problem?
Get up and hit me.
Come on, get up and hit me.
- Get up!
- I'm sorry! I can't!
Now, remember,
you fucking hit her again
and I'll kill you where
you stand. Do you understand?
- Do you understand me?
- Yes, yes, please don't...
What's the matter with you?
Do you want some as well?
Nothing to do with me,
nothing to do with me, bruv.
Then fuck off!
- Cuz, cuz, you all right?
- Fuck off, bruv!
Excuse me, young man, I'm looking
for the white plastic painter suits.
Um, downstairs to your right.
Thanks a lot.
Go get that for me, Annie, would ya?
- What, you're right there?
- Oh, come on, princess.
Just do your old dad
a favor, yeah?
For fuck's sake.
Here, look, chuck your plate.
That's better, that's it.
Oh, Roy, not at the table.
I can't help it, love.
I'm sorry, it's important.
Eight o'clock.
Yeah, I'll be there.
Roy and Jonny
are gonna be here any minute.
- What for?
- Why not have a wild guess, Sean?
They either want the money
or the pub, don't they?
- You're gonna give them the pub.
- Well, have you got their money?
- 'Course not. - Well, then we've
got no choice then, have we?
- Look, Ed, I never meant...
- Whoa!
Don't even go there, Sean.
No, stop. Stop, Sean.
Because I don't believe
a fucking word that comes
out of your mouth anymore.
In fact...
In fact, after tonight,
I think it's best
if we don't see
each other for a while.
And do me a favor, yeah?
When they get here,
you let me do all the talking, right?
You don't open your mouth.
You keep it fucking shut, I mean it.
Not one single fucking word,
do you understand?
Come in, chaps.
Fuck me, Jon, look who it is.
The man himself,
he's finally decided
- to make an appearance.
- Can I get yous a drink?
Not for me, no.
Jon, for you?
No, we're fine, thanks.
Let's just get down to it, shall we?
So go on then.
We're intrigued.
Well, obviously you
know we ain't got the readies.
Otherwise, we would've paid ya.
So we've decided
to give you the pub.
There's the keys,
the license, and the deeds.
But there's one thing
I need to know.
I mean, once this is all done,
me and my brother need to be able
to move around freely as before.
I'm just asking for
no more ag between us.
Yeah, hundred percent.
And personally, I was upset about
what happened the last time we met.
Got out of hand.
Yeah, literally.
Sorry, yeah, no pun intended.
But look, seriously,
it's put to bed now
and no hard feelings
and all that stuff.
And I apologize
about what happened,
you didn't deserve that.
It was half a liberty.
Yeah, it should've been him.
You had a right touch your brother
was here to save you, Sean.
You got off lightly.
But you know that, don't you?
You jammy little cunt.
But if it turns
out you are a grasser,
you know the consequences,
don't you?
If he was a grass,
I would've done him myself.
Come on, Roy, you know he ain't a grass.
Let's stop playing games, eh?
- Sorry? - Well, we all know
what you've done to him, don't we?
What you talkin' about?
Don't give me
all that old bollocks.
You really think
we're that stupid?
It's the oldest one in the book.
Really? What's that then?
Put a bug in the gear,
clamp it back, put the heavy on.
It's the old bully boy turnout.
Do what?
Look, Roy, you got
what you wanted.
Now please do me a favor,
do not insult my intelligence.
I've been at it
since I was a little boy,
I've pulled every stroke
there is to pull.
So I am far too shrewd
to let a couple of thick bully
boys like you two have me over.
'Cause let's have it
straight, shall we?
That's exactly what
you are, ain't ya?
A couple of bully boys.
I mean, you ain't real men.
All you've ever done
is suck and feed
off of proper money-getters.
People are only nice to you
because they're scared of ya.
And when you two walk
into a room,
people can't wait
for you to leave.
You know why?
I'll tell you why.
Because you're hated.
You're fucking hated
by everyone.
Cheeky fuckin' cunt!
Who the fuck are you?
Fuck me!
Cut you up!
I'll cut you up!
Shit, they're fucking dead.
Fuck me, they're dead!
What are we gonna do?
Ed, what are we gonna do?
Go to the back room,
get a tool bag
and bring it to the toilet.
The tool bag, to the toilet.
This can't be happening.
Sean, I need you to come here
and open one of
those bags for me.
Are you gonna help me or what?
You need to grab that hacksaw,
and you need to start on his legs.
It's getting stuck.
You done well.
Stop thinking about it,
'cause it had to be done.
Now let's go home.
You all right?
What's wrong, babe?
Sean, Sean, babe, tell me what...
Sean, talk to me,
it's okay.
You all right?
- Room clear!
- Clear!
Cheers, mate, you got
a pen I could lend?
It's an emergency.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
- It's me.
- Oh shit, bruv, thank God.
Where are ya?
Don't worry, I'm safe.
I've had the old bill
'round here.
What'd you tell them, Sean?
So why are they
looking for me?
Didn't say.
So where are ya,
I'll come meet you, eh?
What for?
It ain't safe
talking down the phone.
Got to sort this out,
haven't we?
Sort out what?
You know, about last night.
I'm still here.
You of all people, Seany.
We have got nothing
to sort out.
You have a nice life, bruv.
He's gone.
What just happened?
- What did you say to him?
- Nothing, you heard me.
No, I did hear you,
but you said something.
- No I didn't...
- Yeah, you gave him the heads up.
I didn't give him
the fucking heads up.
You heard me!
That wasn't our agreement.
If I find out you
marked his card,
that's it, Sean.
Play that back,
I want to hear it again.
He's a grass, Mike.
Can't believe it,
they were right all along.
My own brother's
a fucking wrong 'un.
So sorry to hear that, mate.
I should've known, you can't
trust a fucking junkie.
Can't trust a sniffhead.
You know what it's like when
drugs are involved, people change.
Is there anything
I need to know?
You're sweet, don't worry,
the only thing he knows is I picked up
a white van from you and that's
it, I swear to ya.
It's all right, it's a hard one
to prove that. It'll be all right.
- Got you burger and chips, is that good?
- Yeah, lovely.
Just spoke to Jimmy.
He can get you out
tomorrow night.
- He ain't gonna do it for nothing.
- How much?
Five, six grand at least.
Five, six, grand.
I can give you
a bit towards it.
No, no, Mike, you've done
enough as it is already.
It's not just about me anymore.
There's a little job
that I've left behind.
You'd love it, it's a doddle.
To be honest with you,
I was gonna do it on my own.
But it's all prepped
and it's ready to go.
Sweet, I'm in.
What is it?
Right, in and out.
- Who's the boy?
- I dunno.
It's a lot of bodies, Ed.
I'll come in there with ya.
No, no, no,
just stick with the plan.
Right, one of you
put the kettle on.
Tom, I thought you said
you hoovered this floor?
- I did! - Oh yeah, what did
you do it with, a brush?
Anyone goes near the fucking
alarm and they're dead.
- You, take that fucking bag
and fill it up now. - Okay.
- Move, move!
- Okay, okay, yeah.
You stay back, turn away.
Turn away!
Yeah, I'm filling it, I'm filling it.
Yeah, I'm doing it.
That'll do.
Now I'm warning ya,
anyone follows me out,
they're fucking dead.
Tommy, what are you doing?
- You shot me in my leg!
- I told you to stay back!
Laura, call the
police, don't just stand there.
Just call the police!
It's okay, it's okay...
Sorry mate,
I had to keep moving.
Okay, so what time
we got to be there?
Yeah, that shouldn't
be a problem.
He's here with me now.
Well, let me go,
and I'll have a word with him.
All right. Bye, mate.
What'd he say?
We gotta get you to Folkestone.
The boat leaves at 2:00.
He ain't gonna wait for ya,
we have to leave now.
I need to make one stop first.
It's too hot, mate!
We can't keep buzzing
around the manor like this!
- It's untidy!
- I know.
- We're asking for it!
- Yeah, I know.
But there's something
I need to do.
I need to make one stop first.
And that's it, I promise ya.
Please, Mike.
I'll be
as quick as I can.
I'll wait around the corner.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
You all right?
What's happened?
Are you in trouble?
- With the police?
- Yeah.
God, I'm so stupid.
I should have known.
I should have known
you'd never change.
Chloe, I swear to you.
I had no choice,
it had to be done.
What had to be done?
You're going to find out
sooner or later.
So you've brought
trouble to my life?
You are a walking disaster,
Everything you touch
turns to shit.
Don't you think I know that?
Do you actually think
that I don't know that?
But I've tried, Chloe.
I've tried,
but life won't let me.
So what now?
I've gotta go.
- All right, well, off you go then!
- I just wanted to say...
What are you waiting for?
Off you go.
I just wanted to say
goodbye, that's all.
I just wanted to
tell you face to face
that I love ya,
more than anything.
And that I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- Bullshit.
I wanted to give you this.
What the fuck is that?
- It's a gift.
- I don't want it.
- Please take it. Please take it.
- I don't want it.
I don't want your charity.
I don't want it.
Take it, sell it,
do what you want with it.
Use the money to get
out of that flat.
Try and rent somewhere
nicer for you and Francis.
Take it.
Can I hold him for a second?
I need to hold him
for a second.
Just for one second.
You gotta support his...
Your granddad loves you,
you know that?
Your granddad will
always love you.
And we are gonna meet again.
I swear.
I'm gonna keep in contact
with you, I promise.
I won't hold my breath, Eddie.
I love you, Chloe.
Of course you do.
Fucking hell,
about time.
I'm sorry, mate.
Go, go, go!
- Mary, what's happening?
- I think there's been a shooting down there.
Can you watch Francis?