Villains (2019) Movie Script

-Do you mind if
I'm the pigeon again?
-What? Yeah, sure.
-You okay?
-Yeah, yeah.
A little nervous, but, yeah.
-Hey, hey. Th-that's okay.
Just remember Florida, alright?
Think about Florida.
-Just go there in your head.
-You got the sun in your face.
-That salty ocean smell.
-Mm-hmm. Okay.
This is the last one, right?
-Last one, I promise.
-I love you.
-I love you, too.
-Alright! Let's go!
-Everybody, get the fuck down!
-Holy shit!
-What? You didn't hear her?
Get on the fucking ground!
What, you wanna fucking
die today, old man?!
Holy shit.
-What the fuck? What happened?
-I -- He just fell over!
Keep an eye on him.
-Yeah, yeah.
But is -- is he okay?
-We're moving on, babe.
We're just moving on, okay?
-What the fuck?
-What? What is it?
-I don't know. It won't open!
-Is it one with the key thing?
-No, it's
a fucking digital screen.
Bullshit thing.
-Okay, let me look.
Don't fucking move!
Uh...what about that button?
-I already tried that.
It just goes to the next screen.
Don't you fucking look at us!
Maybe we have to buy something.
-That's it. Alright.
Yeah, yeah. That's it!
Um, grab that, uh, Choconutter.
Grab that Choconutter.
-King-sized Choconutter!
-Yes! Whoo! You did it!
-Easy money!
-Come on! Let's go!
Oh! Okay.
-You didn't see shit!
-Oh, my God!
-That was fuckingincredible!
-Youwere fucking incredible!
The way you just, like,
ripped that thing of chips down.
-Yeah. Yeah.
-It was so bad-ass. It was --
-Yeah, it was!
I didn't even, like, know!
I was just, like, in the zone,
doing my fucking thing!
-You weredoing
your fucking thing!
-Give me this.
-I remember everything.
It was like -- it was like it
went into slow motion,
and I was like, "Give me
the fucking money, you bitch."
And he didn't,
but I took the money anyway.
Wow! Next stop, Florida!
-This is our new fucking life!
This is it! Right now!
Oh, my God!
-Mmm! Mmm!
-Baby, baby, baby, baby.
-Oh, my God, baby.
Can we please pull over?
Can we please?
-We -- we can't pull over.
What are you talking about?
We just robbed a gas station!
We gotta get further away!
We gotta keep going!
We gotta --
we gotta keep going, okay?
-Yeah, yeah, honey.
-Oh, okay.
Yeah, yeah, that works.
Oh whoa. Whoa.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, fuck, baby. Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,
fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
-Why did we stop?
-We ran out of fucking gas.
Wait, wait, wait. We just, um,
we just robbed a...
-I know! I know, I know,
I know, I know, I know!
-Well, it's okay.
Calm down. Alright?
All we have to do is
we're gonna --
you know, we'll get
out of the car,
and we'll walk for a little bit,
and then -- then we'll find
another car.
-Find another car?
Just -- just sitting on the road
with the keys in the ignition?
We haven't passed a house
in miles, Jules.
-Well, I don't know!
Do you have a better plan?!
Stop. Please.
Come back here.
-I...I-I knew,I fucking knew
there was something
I-I should have...
-Hey, stop.
Okay? Shh.
I need you to
come down here with me.
-No, baby, we can't.
We got to keep --
-We need to calm down
so we can think.
Get down here with me. Okay?
You know what you need?
You need a car wash.
-No, listen. We can't.
-Yes, we can. Come on.
Yep. Mm-hmm.
-I love you.
-I know.
Hey. Look!
-Holy shit! Oh, my God.
Your eyes -- you're like a hawk!
A hawk woman!
-Fuck, it's perfect.
-What if they come home?
-Uh, then they come home.
I don't know. Let's do this.
It's locked.
Uh, front door, front door.
-Front door. Front...
-Wanna use this?
-Jules, please.
We're not barbarians.
J-Jules, please stop doing that
thing with your tongue stud.
You're going to ruin
your enamel.
I fucking got it!
-Yes, baby! Mwah! Mwah!
You did it.
-Okay. Okay.
The fuck?
-It's --
it's fucking dead bolted.
Who the fuck dead bolts
their door?
This is a great neighborhood.
Fine. Fine.
Just give me the fucking thing.
-You did it.
-I guess.
Alright, you check over there.
-The fruit's fake.
I'm gonna check the upstairs.
Keys, keys, keys, keys, keys.
Where the fuck are they?
-How can you not have
a spare set of keys
in your fucking house?
What if there was an emergency?
-What? I'm hungry.
-Alright. Let's think.
We -- we need a plan B.
-Yeah. Absolutely.
-I think we need a boost.
You know, like a creative boost.
Let's get serious about this.
Gas! We'll siphon the gas! Yeah.
-Oh, yeah!
Yeah, that's great, baby!
-Yeah, we just need a --
a trash barrel or, like,
a gas can to put the gas in,
and then we'll walk it back
to the car, and --
and -- and boom,
we'll be on our way.
-Oh, my God, yes. And we don't
even need that much!
We just need enough to get
to the next gas station!
Oh, my fucking God, baby.
You're so fucking smart.
-No, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, baby.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
-What, you don't want it?
-You know I fucking want it.
I want to fuck all over this
fucking place, but we can't.
We need to get back to the car
before it gets towed
or something.
-Okay, right. Right.
I'm sorry, baby.
-Hey, hey. Don't you ever
apologize for that shit.
That's love.
Hose. We need a hose.
Did you check in here?
-Oh, I'm not going down there.
-Jules, there's --
there's nothing to be scared of.
-Well, then why don't you
just go?
-Because this is...
Uh, because I'm...
I'm not gonna leave you all by
yourself up here in this...
scary upstairs.
Could be a lot of mold
down here.
Be careful.
Alright, let's split up.
Celebrate good times
-Find anything, babe?
-Found a cigar.
-Jesus, Jules.
Would you stay off the toys?
You check those boxes?
-Yeah, it's all junk.
Come on, baby.
There's nothing down here.
-Aah! Oh, my...
-What the fuck?!
What the fuck?
-Oh, my God.
-What...what the fuck?
-Oh, my God.
Are you okay?
Who did this to you?
It's okay. It's okay.
We're not gonna hurt you.
You're safe.
-Come on.
We should get out of here.
-What? Are you kidding?
We have to help her.
Uh...d-do you live here?
Is this your house?
-Jules, I'm not messing
around here, okay?
This -- it's --
it's ultra-fucked,
but it's not our problem.
We gotta go.
What if the people who did
this -- what if they come home?
-Then they come home.
I do not give a fuck!
I'm not leaving this little girl
chained down here.
-Okay. Okay.
You're right. You're right.
Let's -- let's do it.
Let's -- let's save her.
Let's -- let's save her.
Nothing wrong with good karma.
-We're gonna get you
out of here, okay?
We're gonna take you
somewhere safe.
Uh...uh...yeah, you just --
you stay put.
Can you pick the lock?
-That thing? No.
Thatis industrial strength.
No way.
Think, think,
think, think, think, think,
think, think, think, think,
think, think, think, think.
It might take a second,
but we can probably saw through
that skinny part up there.
We don't need to get
all of it off her.
We just need to get her
separated from that pole thing.
You know?
-That's my boy.
-Butter knives.
Just fucking butter knives.
What, do these people
not eat steak?
-Whoa! Uh-oh.
-Oh, alright, alright, alright.
Easy now.
We don't want any trouble.
Take whatever it is you want.
We got money and jewelry
and whatever it is
you're looking for.
You take it, and you be
on your way, please.
-We don't want your money.
-What is it
that you want?
You can have the knife,
if you're keen on it.
-Is this your house?
-Yes, it is.
-And, uh,
your permanent residence.
It's -- it's not
a rental situation?
-No, it is not.
-Then we wanna know why the fuck
you have a little girl
chained in your basement.
That's what we want to know.
Come on, babe. Tell 'em.
-Yeah, yeah.
What the -- what the fuck?
-Oh, Lord, Lord.
I thought you were here
to rob us.
Oh, that's just our Sweetiepie.
She's been misbehaving,
acting out at school.
That's just our way of, uh,
disciplining her.
-But that's not -- that's not
how you discipline a child.
We are gonna take her
somewhere safe.
-And we're taking your car, too,
so you can just give us
the keys,
so we can do that also.
-You can't come into our home
unannounced and just...
run amuck.
-What, do you have a little cage
for that one, too?
-Excuse me.
I'll have you know...
-Alright, alright.
Over here, over here, over here.
we're all a little wound up.
This is a...
complicated situation.
But can't we just talk about it
like adults?
I'm sure we can come to
some kind of compromise.
You like Scotch?
-I love your hair.
People wish and hope and pray
for hair like that.
You should be very thankful.
-You sure I can't
get you anything?
-I'm fine.
-Suit yourself.
Alright, then.
As I was saying...
This is a hell of a predicament
we find ourselves in.
I'm sure if you hear me out,
I think we can figure out --
-We're taking her with us.
-Now, sweetheart, you really
shouldn't interrupt peop--
-Oh, go fuck yourself!
-Hey, baby, baby, baby.
Let's just --
No, what the hell
are we even doing?
Let's just take her and go.
-You can. You absolutely can.
You're the ones with the gun.
You're making all the rules.
All I'm asking for is a chance
to state my case.
If when I'm done, you still
feel the same way,
then you go doing
whatever it is you want to do.
Can you at least give me that?
-Go -- go for it.
-Thank you. Thank you.
I used to be a salesman.
Pretty good one, at that.
You know what made me
a good salesman?
My two eyes. I could see things
that others missed.
I could read people.
Right when they opened the door,
I take everything in.
What kind of clothes
were they wearing?
How did they decorate
their foyer?
Was there a leash
hanging by the door?
Before they took in the air
to say hello,
I knew exactly
how I was going to sell 'em.
Now I've been looking
at the two of you,
and I'd like to take a stab
at selling you.
First off, I'm going to go out
on a limb and venture a guess
that the two of you
aren't working
for Child Protective Services.
In fact, I'm gonna go
so far as to say
that neither one of you is
gainfully employed.
And judging
by the broke-down car
I saw down on Route 301
and the sorry state
of my front door,
I'd say both of you
are on the lam.
Now that we understand
one another,
let's discuss our situation.
Here you two are,
looking for a way
to get the hell out of here.
And here I am, hoping you don't
kidnap my daughter.
...about that car
you mentioned.
Suppose -- just suppose --
you two stole it from us.
We might, for one reason
or another,
not report that incident
for some time.
On the other hand,
should you choose
to take my daughter with you,
we'd be forced
to call the police
in a much more timely manner.
Don't sit here and tell me
you don't wish you never went
down those stairs.
How nice it would have been
to find the keys
sitting by the front door
and have been on your way.
Am I right?
That's the chance
I'm giving you right now.
That's what I'm trying
to sell you.
How'd I do?
Well, I just realized.
no one knows anybody's names.
I'm Mickey, and this beautiful
thing right here is Jules.
-You're right.
I'm so sorry I didn't
mention that earlier.
I'm George, and this little
belle of the ball here
is my wife Gloria.
-Okay. Alright.
George and Gloria.
Good to meet you, guys.
And, um -- and thank you.
That whole thing was amazing.
I mean, I -- I feel like
if I practice real hard
I might be able to read people
just like that one day.
Don't you think?
Fuck it. I'm gonna try
right now. Is that cool?
Alright, alright, alright.
Um, start with the clothes,
Just like you said.
Your clothes look fucking great.
They look neat.
There's not a spot on them.
They -- they look expensive.
And -- and this is
a pretty house.
It's a nice house.
I think it's fair to say that
you guys have, uh, some money.
Yet with all that money,
what the fuck is that?
I know it's a TV, but it's --
it's old as fuck.
It's a little bit sad.
I don't think you guys watch
a lot of TV,
which I find
a little bit weird.
Certainly not unheard of,
But you know what I think
the most telling thing
about you is?
It's -- it's the little girl you
got chained up in the basement.
Now let me sell yousomething,
We're gonna go down there,
and we're gonna unlock
that little girl.
And she's gonna come with us,
and you are not gonna say shit.
You know why you're not
going to say shit?
Because you're a psychopath
with a little girl
locked up in his basement.
And there's no way you'd
involve the cops
without them somehow finding out
that you're a psychopath
with a little girl
locked up in his basement.
Now go get the fucking keys,
-Sweetiepie, I'm sorry
Daddy has to do this.
I'll always love you.
Come on. Come on.
-Hey, it's okay.
Alright? You're free.
Come with us.
-Chains are off, dude. Let's get
the fuck out of here! Come on!
Listen to me.
You don't want to be down here,
This place fucking sucks.
Come with us.
We'll -- we'll -- we'll have
a great time together.
I promise.
We'll -- we'll find you a new,
nice family.
Yeah, maybe some new toys.
Some new -- new clothes.
Maybe a burger or something.
Huh? You like burgers?
Have you even had a burger?
They're amazing.
-I think it's meant to be,
I mean, what are the odds?
It's fated.
-Honey, I'm not even sure you...
it can happen.
-I feel it, George.
I know that I still can.
-Alright. Alright.
If it's gonna put a smile
on your face,
I suppose it's worth a shot.
-Oh, George.
You have no idea
how happy you've made me.
-Hey. Hey! Hey, I can hear you
back there!
Where is she?!
-Good mornin', sleepy head!
I thought you'd never wake up.
-Where the fuck is Jules?
Your belle is safe and sound.
But if you ever want
to see her again,
you're going to have
to be a good boy.
-All you have to do is relax.
I'm gonna take you to
a special place,
a place for just the two of us.
You're a lucky boy,
you know that?
George said
we should put you down.
I said, "No, absolutely not."
-Look, lady, I don't know what
the fuck you're talking about,
but if you don't let us
out of here,
I swear to God, I'm gonna f--
-Why did you do that?
We were trying to save you,
goddamn it!
Why didn't you let us help you?!
Fucking answer me!
- Each day I see you...
He doesn't know it
He makes me cry
'Cause I want to love him
- Just like the big girls do
Ooh, ooh
- I want to tell you
I love you, too
- And when he's lonely,
I'll be near
'Cause I want to love him
Just like the big girls do
-You know...
you're really not supposed
to see Mommy like this.
But sometimes,
Mommy can't help it.
- I only hope
-You don't think I'm pretty?
-What? N-no, no, no, no.
I -- I don't...
-After everything
I've done for you?
-No, listen, listen.
-I made the whole room
nice for you.
I did my dance for you!
-Listen to me, that -- that --
that's now what I --
-You're a bad boy!
-What the --
-I could take everything
from you
But I only wish to give.
-To give you the greatest
of pleasures,
to make something beautiful
But if you don't want that,
-What...Well -- well, what?
Well, what?!
-You really like that horse,
don't you?
I used to have a toy like that
when I was little.
Maybe 10.
How old are you?
Yeah, something like 10.
Me and my little sister Winny...
Oh, we'd fight over
the thing, like, so much.
I don't even know why. It was
just a stupid plastic horse.
No offense.
This one Saturday morning...
me and Winny,
we were in our rooms playing, always,
we started fighting over
the thing.
I tried to grab it from here,
but one of the little
pink legs broke off.
She got somad.
She was crying and crying,
and I told her I'd...
you know,
I'd get Mom and Dad to fix it.
And so, I...
I ran to their bedroom
and opened the door,
and they weren't there,
so I, um...
I went to the living room,
and they weren't there either.
I just, uh...
I couldn't find them.
I guess they left that morning.
So I just figured that they went
to the grocery store
or the doctor's office or...
I don't know.
Whatever grown-ups do.
We just did our normal thing.
I poured us some cereal
and sat on the ground
and watched cartoons all day.
Must have gone on for, like,
a week.
But then we ran out of cereal.
-Obviously nothing like
I was wearing last night,
but... mm,
that was the fashion back.
-Well, I think
you look great in it.
-You do? Really?
-Yeah. Oh, yeah.
And I don't think a lot
of people can pull that off.
-Careful, Mickey.
You're gonna make me blush.
And there's me with Ethan.
What was I thinking
with that hair?
-Ethan? That your son?
-What's he up to these days?
-He's asleep in his crib.
Oh, my! Look at this.
-Wow. You guys look so...
-Oh, we were.
This was back when
we were still courtin'.
George had
an electric light in him
I just...
could not keep away from.
He would hold me,
and we would just...
He whispered to me. He'd say,
"The two of us are all
that's real in the whole world.
Everything else is just
cardboard cut-outs
and playthings."
-That's awesome.
That's so awesome.
-Mm. One night, he showed up
outside my window,
looked me right in the eyes,
and said,
"We could run away together.
Yeah, this whole world could be
ours," but only if I wanted it.
So I said "yes,"
and our adventure began.
In fact, that picture there,
that's the last time
we were in Daddy's house.
We were off to write
our own story in the stars,
to have a family of our own.
But that was a long time ago,
and our dreams
of having children...
Well, they never came true.
But there's still time.
-Wait, wait, wait. Gloria?
-Can -- can we talk?
What is it that's on your mind?
-Me? Wh...
-The way you danced yesterday.
Your body,
the smell of your hair.
I-I can't get it out of my head.
I feel like something inside me
kind of woke up.
-Well, you didn't seem
so excited about it then.
-I know. And I'm sorry.
It happens to me sometimes.
I get too wound up
when I'm turned on.
I was nervous.
But I'm telling you,
it's different now.
I-I just feel like...
like we're supposedto
do this together.
-Well, Mickey, I want to. I do.
I just...
-I know I was a bad boy,
but I promise you,
I'll be a good boy if you just
give me one more chance...
Oh, my.
Oh, my.
You area good boy.
I need to --
I need to touch you.
-Please, Mommy.
Let me touch you.
-Oh! Mmm.
Oh! Oh, good.
-You sick fuck!
-Aah! Fucking Christ!
-Hold it right there.
Where the hell do you think
you're going? Get back up here.
Don't even think about it.
I'm a crack shot, son.
I missed you on purpose.
-O-okay. Okay. Alright.
I'm coming up. I'm coming up.
Can't you just please let us go?
-Look what you did.
Who raised you, boy?
Making a woman cry like that.
Son, I'd blow your brains out
if I thought you had any.
-He hit my head!
Georgie, where you are?
-Well, one thing's for sure.
You're a bit too spry
for my liking.
No! No!
-What -- what the fuck?!
-Quit whining, ya sally.
-You fucking --
-Clean yourself up.
-You fuck! You fuck!
-Come on.
-Aah! Baby!
-Oh! Mickey!
-Now, now...
-Oh, my God.
-Don't make me put
another bullet in ya.
-Oh, my God!
What did you do with him?
-What, are you blind?
I shot him.
-You're fucking crazy.
-Oh, come on now.
He deserved it, and you know it.
You keep your yapping up,
you might just get the same.
We clear?
You keep an eye on 'em,
-Oh, baby.
Oh, I thought I lost you.
Are you okay?
-Yeah. No.
It fucking hurts.
He fucking shot me.
These people are fucking crazy.
They're so fucking crazy.
You have no idea.
We need to get the fuck
out of here.
We need to get
the fuck out of here.
-Can you pick the cuffs?
-With what?
-I don't know. Ohh!
-Oh. Well, I'm glad you're here.
I didn't get the chance
to say fuck you!
-Hey, leave her alone.
-She didn't know
what she was doing.
-How the hell do you know?
She talked?
-No, but I know. I just do.
-I've told you a hundred times,
the business model --
it's flawless, okay?
The -- the cost of goods
are zero.
Every day, we wake up,
we roll out of bed,
and we just hit the shore,
scoop up a day's worth
of merchandise,
and then we sell them, you know?
I'm talking nice, shiny shells,
some different colors,
maybe some skipping rocks.
It's -- it's pure profit, Jules.
-Oh, I get that, baby. I do.
I'm just saying, what happens
when we get too big?
And then we have to hire
and then it's not going
to be pure profit anymore
because we're going to be
paying the new shell finder.
Could bleed us dry.
-But what if we give
the shell finder, like,
a chunk of the company?
You know, a small chunk?
Like equity, right?
Every big business starts
with equity.
-What are we gonna call it?
-That's a very good --
that's a very good question.
So maybe we should -- No.
I-I-I -- You know,
I think that's you.
You know, you're --
you're more creative.
I'm more of the numbers guy.
-Jules, for the love of God,
I keep telling you,
you're gonna damage your enamel.
Holy fuck! Of course!
Your tongue ring, the stud.
-What about it?
-I-I can pick cuffs with it.
-Baby, it's in my tongue.
-I know -- I know it's
in your tongue.
If -- But if we can get it
out of your tongue,
I can use it
to get us out of here.
-How are we going to get it out?
-I don't know.
What if you, uh --
what if you do that thing
that I hate you -- you --
when you put outside your teeth,
and then --
and then you pull really hard.
Maybe it will just pop out.
-Pop out?
-You think it's just
gonna pop out?
It's a piercing,
and it's in there pretty good.
-I know it's a piercing.
I know it's in there.
But could you at least try?
Babe, for me?
Fine. I'll try.
-Okay. Great.
You can do this, baby.
I know you can do this.
-Get it. Get the stud.
-Get it out of there.
-No. No!
-No, we can't do --
-No, baby.
-No, you can do it.
-My tongue is not strong enough.
-What are you talking about?
Your tongue is really strong.
It's a great, strong tongue.
-Baby. Baby, I'm telling you
it's impossible.
-Okay. Okay.
Um, what if you, uh, uh,
what if you turn toward me?
Kind of swivel.
Kind of face me, you know?
-I'm tryin'.
-Yeah, just like that.
Now stick out your tongue.
Stick out your tongue.
Now kind -- kind of just clamp
down on it and -- and remove it.
-No. That's gonna fucking kill!
-I know it's gonna hurt.
I-I wish I had that piercing
in my tongue, but I don't.
You have it. This is
the situation that we're in.
-You owe me.
-Oh, God, yes.
I owe you. I owe you.
-Come on. Come on.
Stick it out.
Stick out your tongue.
two, three.
-Who's hungry?
Mmm! Who is hungry?
Alright, open wide.
-Come on.
-Open the hangar door.
-Alright. How about you?
Come on.
Open up.
Give you some -- some broccoli.
Open up. Come on.
Suit yourself.
You're gonna want to eat
at some point,
and I don't have
a particular preference
whether you eat Gloria's cooking
or each other's fingers.
-Holy shit!
-Are you okay, babe?
-That was so close.
-Yeah, yeah.
I just swallowed a lot of blood,
and it tasted like metal.
-It's okay. Don't worry.
I got it from here.
Fucking fuck!
-I just -- I just can't --
I-I can't get at 'em, you know?
-Don't tell me
we just ripped
a hole in my tongue
for no reason.
-No, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no way.
No, no. Here. Let me --
let me try to get at yours.
-Perfect. Perf-- perfect.
Perfect. Stay there. Stay there.
I-I got it. I'm in, I'm in.
Okay. Alright.
Alright, you motherfucker.
Come on, you little piece
of shit,
fucking dick bag,
little piece of fuckin' shit.
I fucking got it!
-I love you so much.
-O-okay. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Alright, alright.
No time to waste.
-Okay. Right, right, right.
-Get mine. Get mine.
-Um...Alright, what do I do?
-You just, uh -- you just gotta
stick 'em in there,
and then you -- then you kind of
move around for --
for, like, a catch point.
Relax and feel it.
Yeah. Yeah.
-I feel something.
-Yeah, that's right.
Feel it. Just feel it. Come on.
-Hmm. It, broke.
-Oh, you gotta be
fucking kidding me.
Wh-- wh-- where'd it break?
Where'd it break?
-It -- it -- it probably
broke inside,
and now it's just kind of
in here.
Oh, baby.
I'm so sorry.
I fucked it all up.
-No, no, no, no, no.
-I fucked it all up, baby.
-No, but -- No, no, it's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
Hey, hey, hey.
Come here, come here, come here.
Come here.
Listen to me. Listen to me.
-Baby, I'm so sorry.
-No, no.
It's okay. It's okay.
No, you did your best.
Look, my leg -- it's fucked.
I can hardly walk anyway.
It doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter.
You got this, okay?
You got this.
-I -- I don't know what to...
I don't know what to do, though.
What do I...
-I think we, uh...
-What is it?
Holy shit.
A laundry chute.
-Holy shit!
Can you get up there?
-I'm gonna have to.
-I love you.
-I know.
I said no good can come of this,
and I was right, George.
You know, of course,
she's already got parents.
-I'll take care of it.
I'll make it right.
Come here, though. Come here.
-Did she get out?!
You're so angry.
It's just because
you're shooting blanks?
-Hmm, hmm.
I'm gonna rip
your fucking heart out.
I understand you not wanting
to tell me where she is.
I suppose if I were
in your position
I'd do the same,
but God almighty,
I'm gonna watch you die.
I'm gonna hurt you, son.
-She's gone, man.
Alright? Just give it up.
-Sweetiepie, what shall
we do with him?
What's that?
Alright, if you say so.
-Sweetheart, are you up there?
I just want to talk to you.
Ah, Ethan, honey.
Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
-You think I'm full of hot air,
don't you?
I like that.
I like the tough ones.
There ain't a sweeter sound
in the world
than a man trying not to scream,
huffing and puffing and...
breathing through their nose.
But they always break,
don't they, Sweetiepie?
That's right.
You're too young to remember.
You're gonna remember this one.
-Alright, she isn't going
to the cops!
-What? What'd you say?
-Not yet, anyway.
-What the hell
are you talking about?
-I told her to wait. Mm-hmm.
Yep. We got
a little meet-up spot.
Now if I don't show up there
in an hour or so,
then, yeah, cops galore.
You're fucked, buddy.
But if I do show up,
we just continue on our way,
like none of this ever happened.
Man to man here?
I don't want the cops involved
any more than you do, okay?
-What about my Sweetiepie?
-What? Who?
I don't give a fuck about her!
She's the whole reason
I'm down here.
Oh, no, no.
Don't give me that look.
You bit me.
You're on your own, kid.
She's all yours, man.
-Mommy's just looking
for her friend.
Do you know where she is?
What's that?
Honey, come on down here.
I want you to say bye to
our little friend.
-So soon?
Oh, oh, alright.
-Any last words
for this son of a bitch?
-Oh, my dear boy,
I do wish you'd
handled things differently.
...beautiful together.
-I'll see you in Hell.
Stop, don't kill him.
-Put. Him. Down!
-I will smash it!
Whoo-wee, that was close.
-Unhand my baby.
-Let him go now.
-Alright, Missy.
Calm down.
No one's gonna get hurt.
Let's all just have a nice --
Get your ass down here!
You're okay.
-Get your butt down here
or I'll blow his brains out!
Okay, I'm coming.
-My precious baby.
You just stay awake.
You're okay.
You're gonna be fine.
You're gonna be fine!
-Look what you gone and did.
What on earth have I done
to deserve you two?
-Cooking's a Zen art for Gloria.
Calms her nerves.
I've found in my years with her,
there's a formula to it.
The more upset she is,
the bigger the dish
it takes to pull her out.
A while back,
I spilled some coffee
on her brand-new bedspread,
and she baked up a Bundt cake
the size of a truck tire.
Needless to say, you two
just summoned up a banquet.
Rolls are terrific, honey.
They really are.
Why what?
-The little girl.
Why do you keep her down there?
-Alright, look,
it's not what you think.
You see, my Gloria --
she always wanted a child.
Unfortunately, the good Lord
didn't have that
in his plans for us,
so I took matters
into my own hands.
-And you kidnapped her?
-As you get older, things get...
We all do what we have to do,
however we know how.
And I just wanted
to make my wife happy.
And she was, for a bit.
And then, after a while,
all that girl did
was remind her
of what she couldn't have.
So she asked me
to make her go away.
I just couldn't bring myself
to do that.
That basement --
that's our compromise.
Her being down there --
that ain't me being mean.
That's me being merciful.
You ain't seen mean.
-Dinner is served.
-Perfect timing.
-Shepherd's pie.
-It's Gloria's specialty.
Oh, you two are in for a treat.
Bless us, O Lord,
and these thy gifts
which we are about to receive
from thy bounty.
Through Christ our Lord, amen.
-So you guys are gonna kill us,
or, uh, what's the deal?
-George, you haven't told them?
-I wanted to make them
squirm a bit.
-Tell -- tell us what?
-We're not gonna kill ya.
-I said,
"We're not gonna kill ya."
What, are you deaf?
Despite your piss-poor behavior,
we've decided
the logistics of it
just don't make no sense for us.
See, sooner or later, someone's
gonna come looking for you two.
Now I can hide a body like
the Easter Bunny hides an egg,
but the two of you
have been sweating, spitting,
and pissing all over this place.
-Sorry, dear.
Anyhoo, I'm bound
to miss a spot.
I figure we have a better chance
of just hitting the road.
We'll give it 48 hours,
tip off the police,
they'll come by
and scoop you up.
I reckon you'll do some time
for whatever the hell
you two did, but at least
you'll still be drawing breath.
So congratulations.
You two just won
the damn lottery.
Take your time eating.
You've got another couple days
in them chairs, anyway.
-Hey, we got
some appetites after all.
-Mmm, that's really good.
What's gonna happen to her?
-The open road's no place
for a little girl.
They'll put her someplace nice,
I figure.
You know these, uh, orphanages?
They're like five-star
resorts, I hear.
-Does that upset you?
-Well, I guess anything's better
than down there.
-You've got a good heart, Jules.
Is your full name Julia?
My mother's name was Julia.
She had a good heart, too.
You remind me of her.
-She died when I was very young.
Wasn't much they could do
about it back then.
It was a...
slow, grueling process,
but I was with her
every step of the way.
The day before she died,
she told me to go to the closet.
She said she had a surprise
waiting for me.
It was a package,
tied up with a string
and a little card
that said "Gloria."
Part of me didn't want to open
the present
because I knew it would be
the last my mother ever gave me,
but she insisted, so...
I wiped away my tears,
tore open the paper,
and there it was.
A doll.
She said it was a magic doll,
that no matter how sad
I became --
and over the next few years,
I became very sad --
that no matter how sad I became,
I'd always have him with me.
My Ethan.
And she was right.
He was magic.
And you took him from me.
What -- what is this?
-This is a drug overdose,
Yeah, I know, I know,
I fibbed about letting you live,
but, see, you have a veritable
pharmacy in that bag of yours,
and you two just munched down
enough pills
to put a bull to bed.
Now once you're out, we'll shoot
you full of the hard stuff,
make sure the job's done,
and boom.
Problem solved.
A couple of junkies
broke into the house,
went on a bender,
and died a not-so-tragic death.
-Fuck you.
It's not perfect, I know...
but nobody
looks too much into it
when characters such as
yourselves are the dead parties,
am I right?
Am I right, am I right,
or am I right?
-God almighty, you two
must have been born yesterday
to thank we'd actually
hand you over to the police.
What, so you can sing
like canaries?
No, no, no, no, no, no.
I'm afraid nobody's
gonna come save you.
Howdy, Officer.
How may I help you?
-Hey there. Sorry to bother you
around dinner time.
Smells good in there.
I'm looking forward
to getting back to it.
-Right, right. I won't take up
too much of your time.
A couple days ago,
there was a robbery
down at the Stop N' Gas.
-Well, that's a real shame.
But may I ask why you're here?
There was an abandoned car
found down on 301
about half a mile from here.
-You don't say?
Well, that is troubling.
-Matches the description
of the perp's vehicle.
Have you happened to see
anything out of the ordinary?
Any suspicious characters?
Anything like that?
-No, sir.
I have not.
But I'll keep a lookout.
-Alright, then.
You have a good evening.
Enjoy that dinner.
-I surely will, and, uh,
happy hunting.
-You good?
-Yeah, I'm fine.
It's just the -- the door --
it's a bit tricky to close,
and I've been meaning to
fix it for months.
-What exactly happened there?
-Oh, you know.
It's, uh -- my wife and I
were moving furniture out.
Must have caught the doorjamb.
-Sir, you mind if I come inside
and take a look around?
-Oh, I appreciate the offer,
but, uh, I assure you,
we're quite safe inside.
-I'm sure that's the case,
but might as well give you
the full treatment.
Put those tax dollars to work.
-You know what?
Where are my manners?
Come on in.
I'll introduce you to my wife.
Gloria, we have a guest.
-In the dining room.
Why, who's this?
-Officer Wells, ma'am.
Sorry to bother.
We're just checking the houses
in the neighborhood.
We've got a couple of criminals
on the run.
-Oh, my.
Honey, m-- maybe we should stay
in a hotel for the night?
-I'm sure that won't
be necessary.
In all likelihood,
you're safe and sound.
We just want to leave
no stone unturned.
It's a lot of food
for just you two.
-Oh. Oh, well.
You know what they say --
-We had a few things
that were going bad,
so we thought,
"Oh, what the heck?
Let's have a feast."
-Fair enough.
May I?
-By all means.
-What's in here?
-Behind this locked door.
-Oh, that's just the basement.
-Anything I should know
about down here?
-Just an old boiler
and some boxes.
-I'm just going to take
a quick look.
-Yeah, go for Wells.
-Yeah, Johnson's got
two suspects
that fit the description
pulled over on Willow Drive.
Head over
and back him up.
-Copy that.
Looks like I got to run.
-Best of luck to you.
-Totally understood.
-We hope you find those brutes,
wherever they are.
Come on.
Come on.
Here, come on.
-Over there.
No, baby, no.
That's not how you do it.
-If you two notice anything
out of the ordinary,
anything at all,
don't hesitate to call.
-Of course.
-You have a good evening,
-Come on, baby.
You need a boost, okay?
Come on, baby.
You can do this.
Come on. You need a boost, baby.
Come on.
-No! No!
Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh!
-Shh, shh. Okay.
I have a plan.
-That was a close one.
Did you give it to 'em?
-Heavens no.
I barely got back in time.
left them right here.
They were out...cold.
You should have stayed
and kept watch.
Come on.
We got to go out and find them.
Come on!
-It's a mile and a half
to the property line,
and then -- then the highway.
At a snail's pace,
it's at least 15 minutes.
Come on! Come on!
-Holy shit.
-I can't believe that worked.
Okay, let's get
the fuck out of me.
-Uh, the bag, the bag, the bag.
You get the keys.
You got the keys.
-Okay. Okay.
-Where are you?
-You low-lying junkie cowards.
No one messes with me.
How could you let them
get away?!
-That's enough!
-Uh, make it quick.
Come on.
Come. Come.
-What are you --
what are you doing?
Are you mad about
what I said before?
Th-- th-- that was --
I was lying.
That was a tactic, okay?
I winked.
I winked.
Don't you even know
what a wink means?
It means it's pretend.
-How dare you yell
at me like that?
-Come on now, Gloria.
I don't mean to --
You need to be good to me,
You need to cherish me
like you promised.
You never yelled at me
like that.
-I don't know what you said,
baby, but I think
you need to apologize.
-I winked.
-Fine. Fine!
Okay. I'm sorry about
what I said before,
e-- even though I did wink.
Of course I care about you.
You're coming with us, okay?
That's why we're here.
-Gloria, I am eternally sorry.
-There's nothing else in this
whole world like what we've got.
It's all cardboard,
and you know that.
-You mean that?
You really mean that?
-I swear to Jesus Christ,
God, the devil,
the angels in heaven and hell.
-Yes! Come on!
-Come on.
-You tell me
what you want to do.
I want to forget about them,
about all this.
I want to leave it all behind
and start a brand-new life.
Who says we can't do it again?
The two of us, together,
doing whatever we want
in this foolish world.
-Just the two of us.
If that's what you want,
that's what you're going to get.
-Come on.
Alright, come on.
Where's the, uh --
where's the thing?
Where's the garage thing?
It's alright.
-And I'll fetch us some clothing
while you're down there!
-Honey, have you seen my keys?
-Just take mine.
They're in the dish.
I'm so sorry,
but Daddy's got to go away.
I know, I know.
It's just the way it's got to...
-Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
Gah, here it is.
Come on, come on,
come on, come on.
Come on!
Come on, come on, come on.
I believe you have something
that belongs to me.
-Come on out,
and get ready
for a whooping.
-I fucking love you, Jules.
-Mickey, don't.
-Step out of my fucking car!
-You're the best thing
that ever happened to me.
Now duck.
-Oh, shit.
-No, Mickey.
No, Mickey.
No, please.
Hey, hey.
-You can't leave.
-Baby --
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay, baby.
-No. No.
-You're gonna be okay.
-Everything's gonna be okay.
-No. No.
Baby, no.
I love you so much.
I'm gonna miss you so much.
-You thought you could kill me?
I'm never gonna die.
I'm the last thing
you're ever gonna see.
Time to go bye-bye.
-Where'd you get that gun?
Come on.
Give it to Daddy.
What did these people say
about me?
They trick you into believing
I'm a bad man?
I'm not a bad man.
I'm a good man.
You come to me.
Come to Daddy.
You know what'd make me
feel good?
What makes you feel good?
Ice cream.
Mint choc--
-I want to go with you.
We're gonna be okay.
I'm gonna be right back.
I love you.
-Let's go, George.
Are you okay?
Time for us to go.
The open road is ahead, George.
Oh, I suppose we can wait here
just a moment longer.
Oh, George.
Oh, sweetheart.
-Let's go.
-What an adventure
we'll have, George.
I just can't wait.
-Where are you girls headed?
-Get in.
- My brother,
dreaming of a new land
Where the rivers wind
through the villages
And the people
breathe so easily
All the region trees
go the same way
Don't have to go,
I know you know you know
But if you got to go,
Safe travels
My brother
wander in the tall grass
It's okay to run,
we expect you back
Know how to climb a tree
I assume you do
I admit it
Man, I'm not as sharp as you
Oh, but I know
It's still a war down there
And if ya got to go
Safe travels
Oh, oh, safe travels
Oh, oh,
safe travels
- I love you,
I hate you
I'm on the fence
It all depends
Whether I'm up, I'm down
I'm on the mend,
transcending all reality
I like you,
despise you, admire you
What are we gonna do
When everything
all falls through?
I must confess
I've made a mess
Of what should be
a small success
But I digress, at least
I've tried my very best,
I guess
This, that, the other,
why even bother?
It won't be with me
on my deathbed
But I'll still be
in your head
Put me on a pedestal
and I'll only disappoint you
Tell me I'm exceptional
I promise to exploit you
Give me all your money
And I'll make some origami,
I think you're a joke
But I don't find you
very funny
I want to wash out my head
with turpentine, cyanide
I dislike
this internal diatribe
When I try to catch your eye
I hate seeing you
crying in the kitchen
I don't know
why it affects me like this
When you're not even mine
to consider
Erroneous, harmonious,
I'm hardly sanctimonious
Dirty clothes, I suppose
we all outgrow ourselves
I'm a fake, I'm a phoney,
I'm awake, I'm alone
I'm homely, I'm a Scorpio
Put me on a pedestal
and I'll only disappoint you
Tell me I'm exceptional
I promise to exploit you
Give me all your money, and
I'll make some origami, honey
I think you're a joke
But I don't find you
very funny
Put me on a pedestal
and I'll only disappoint you
Tell me I'm exceptional
I promise to exploit you
Give me all your money
And I'll make some origami,
I think you're a joke
But I don't find you
very funny