Vimanam (2018) Movie Script

Give it to me!
You! Venkidi!
I got the red one!
Come here, Venkidi!
Venkidi, Venkidi! He is calling you!
I said he is calling you.
Turn around!
Your Uncle is calling you!
You dumbo!
Why did you do that?
Anandan is making trouble
for no reason
Poor Venkidi!
You! Where are you running off to?
Look at him run!
Hey! Venkidi!
Where were you all this while?
You set off in the morning
Can't stay home for a minute,
can you?
Where are you rushing off to?
Out in the sun all day!
It was Man's greatest desire... fly like the birds
To conquer the skies
it was with balloons that he first made
the wish come true
Oh no!
But to fly without being at the mercy
of the wind... fly as he wished...balloons were not
Many types of planes were invented
They failed... and failed again
Finally, in 1903...
...the Wright brothers in America...
...built the first model of the planes we
see today
And Man started to fly!
Huh? What is it, boy?
I would like... get on a plane
And where do you want to go?
There is one thing we can do...want to get
on my cycle?
What do you say?
Hop on!
Hold on tight!
I am!
See how happy the birds are
They know their wings...
...can take them wherever wish to go
That is why they are happy
Can I get a pair of wings too?
So that I can fly like them?
Sure! The wings you need to get you
where you want to go...
...will sprout on your shoulders without your
even knowing it
You should wish for it
And your wish should be honest
So many singers in Indira Teacher's
class today!
Have space for one more?
If we don't, we will make some, just
for Jani!
Step right in!
You can sit here
Do you like to learn music?
Yes, I do
Then let's start
Isn't he interested in all this?
Him? He is preoccuppied all day...
...with his construction work
I am going to build a plane
That sounds good! Will you allow me on
your plane?
I asked...will you let me on?
Yes, I will
Look here, Uncle!
This is how my plane will be
Can you hear me now?
You can?
I can hear
The Princess shed tears on the
...and the tears flowed like a river...
When she raised her head
and looked at the sky...
...through the moonlight, she saw a
flying carpet
She hadn't seen such a pretty carpet
anywhere in the palace
And he was on the flying carpet,
smiling down at her
He had everything she had ever
wished for
And what were they?
For the princess to trim her nails...
...he had the edges of stars...
...the murmer of the breeze...
...a piece of a cottony cloud...
...and the baby rabbit from the moon!
Now go to sleep, my child
What was the issue today?
Fought with someone?
They called me a dumbo again
I won't go back to school
It's ok! We will tell the teacher
tomorrow, ok?
No! I don't want to study anymore
And I don't want to go to school
Bring it here! Uncle will cut it for you
Alright. Don't open your eyes, ok?
See this plane, Janaki?
Did you make this, Venkidi?
Me and Uncle
Can it fly?
It can run on the floor
This is for you, Janaki
I brought it for you
Dr. Abhishek Mishra
Medicine. Surgery
Prof. J Venketeshwaran
Science and Engineering
Kumari Niveditha Raghuram
This year's Padma awards...
...have been presented at a ceremony
in the Rashtrapathi Bhavan
This year's recepient of the Padma Bhushan,
Malayali scientist...
...Prof J Venketeshwaran...
...received his award from the President
The design for the planes he built for
the Indian Air Force...
...made him eligible for the award
it was as Junior Scientist that he started...
...working for the DRDO in 1998.
J Venketeshwaran is presently Chairman
of the DRDO
His designs powered Prithvi, Agni and
other major weapons...
...that have strengthened Indian defences
The nation had earlier honoured
J Venketeshwaran...
...with a Padma Shri
Sir, this is from Army Headquarters
The Chief of Army Staff has a
message for you
Please wait on the line
Greetings, Sir! How are you?
I am doing great, Sharmaji!
And you?
I am good Sir. Couldn't meet you
I congratulate you on your Padma
award win
The Forces and the nation are
proud of you
Jai Hind, Sir
Jai Hind and thank you!
We will meet soon
You take care
Can't they just send a note of
congratulations in the post?
One could at least have some music
while driving
It's all a matter of protocol
No one really wants to do it
lam thinking of taking a break
for a bit
Where to?
Planning to go to your hometown?
Not there
I know...that you won't go there
Somewhere else
Anyway...catch you later
Wherever you are going,
at least let me know
At least keep the phone on
I will call if there is anything
to be done - Sure, sir!
Prof. Venketeshwaran? Yes
My name is Gauri. I
called to congratulate you
Ok. I am busy right now, Gauri...
...can you...? Sir,
I am Janaki's daughter
I am not sure if you remember
Your old friend...Janaki
I am her daughter
I have a request for you
That's why I called
I am calling from your home town
My mother...she is unwell
She is terminally ill
Maybe it's her last wish.
She would like to see you
Hello, Sir...Hello?
Elias...! Where are you?
Took off so soon?
You were not in range
when I called before
I am on the way to my hometown
What made you change your mind?
Nothing in particular
I just felt like it
And where have you reached?
I took a flight out in the morning
And now I am on a train
I must be halfway now
Call me once you get there...
if you need anything at all...ok?
I'll call you
It's an aeroplane...look!
So how does this plane fly?
Not the sound
How does an aeroplane
actually take off?
Hmmm...don't know
...your palm is like
the wing of an aircraft
Trust the wind
It will show you how to fly
Come to me, oh Krishna
Take away my sorrows, Oh Kanha
What else could
always be on my mind...
...than your hallowed name?
May you always be so pleased... to ensure we don't go hungry
May there always shine within me...
...the graciousness of your gaze
Usurper of the hearts of Gopikas...
Herder of cows, Oh jewel-hued one!
Usurper of the hearts of Gopikas...
Herder of cows, Oh jewel-hued one!
The charm of that beautiful face... what lies in my heart
The charm of that beautiful face... what lies in my heart
Oh Kanha...
Oh Kanha...
Oh Kanha...
By the time we reach, school will
be out and the kids will be gone
You didn't tell me
where to go, Pappa
I thought it was at St Joseph's
Don't get me started now!
We had a session there
recently. You were there too
You must have been tinkering
with something at the workshop
Uncle entrusted an urgent
work to me when he went to town
Could I just drop it and leave?
No no. Dont stop now. Just go fast
Don't be upset, Pappa
I will cut through the beach
and we will get there right away
Sir, Venkidi has already
completed the assignment
Let me take a look
I have been looking for him
But he would not come
within my line of vision
If I go to Murugan's looking for him, he
will disappear under one of the vehicles
Why won't you look straight?
I'll take the exam
next year, Sir Hmm
He was my student during
my time at Mandapam
So what if he is hard of hearing?
He was always top of his class
But if anyone teased him about
his hearing, he would just drop out
He dropped out once in the 6th
grade and then in the 8th and 10th
With great difficulty I put
him in a pre-degree class
He went for a year and
then dropped out of that too
And this is what
he does these days!
But doesn't he listen to you?
Or do you just intend to
let him tag along with you?
He told me also that he
would take the exam next year
Ultimately it's
one's own decision...
...what to study and when and how
Hmm... no wonder he
doesn't get any better
If this is what he is being told!
It's ok to work. But why can't
you do it after your studies?
You're not an ignorant
person... are you?
You still have time
That's why I am saying this
Go on! Go on!
Give it full throttle!
Oh no! What's this?
Now the fan will rotate
And then Pappa will gesture
for him to come forward
Come on! Come on! It
just might go forward
Or it might not. If we could know
for sure, we could get back to work
If we leave, who is going to
push it back? Let's wait for a bit
They have been at this for so long
But they never seem to
tire of it Thais true!
It was rotating
well at the workshop
What's happened now?
By the way, what's
going on over there?
They are taking class photos.
I left after helping them set up
You there! Why have
you drawn a moustache?
Huh? He does this all the time!
Wipe it off! Hey!
Nobody move! Or smile!
Ready! Ready!
Everyone look here...look this!
Steady like a stick
Here we go...ready...
This is that fool Venkidi...have
you never seen his madness before?
If you want to go, go ahead but
you can't come back for the photo
Yes! Only those who really
want to, need to stay
Look! There! It is moving
Smoke! Do you think
it is going to explode?
This looks like
trouble No! It's over
There they go again! Can't they understand?
Hey you! And you! Stop there!
Come on! Come on!
Stay there...stay over there
Move! Hey you! Quiet!
Look here! You
can't do this anymore
The kids are distracted
by all this noise
I never want to see this thing
on this ground again...alright?
Who do you think you are?
Brothers-in-law of the Wright Brothers?
He and his plane indeed! Quiet!
Come on! Walk! Let's
get that picture clicked
Scientist indeed!
The bike needs engine repairs,
Father... it has a shake, Father...
...the gear is faulty, Father...
such terrible complaints!
When you said give it to me and I will
make it fly, this is what you meant?
I knew it right then...
...that you wouldn't come cooing
to the Church quarters for no reason
So he did tell you he
was going to make it fly
And when he realised it couldn't,
he fitted it back in your bike
You could just let
it go. Right, chief?
Stop it, will you? What? Let it go?
I missed a house
blessing because of this!
I come here thinking the bike is in
perfect condition and what do I see?
He has carted the engine
off to fly his plane!
And here is the
...a squirrel that
lost its diaphragm
Diaphragm? What do
you mean, Father?
Not really a
you want me to make it clearer?
Praise be to the Lord, Father!
I was about to swear and you
come by Praising the Lord!
May He always be exalted!
Don't laugh! You've
taken it too far!
I am going to sit here till
you have completed the work
Oh no! That won't do, Father
Why not?
I've been sent to fetch Venkidi
It's a week since he was supposed
to come over and check our car
My father is waiting for him
Come right now, ok?
I am off But how can that be?
He is not going anywhere
till he finishes this repair
Or I am going to break his bones
Let him go, Father. The
lawyer had come over yesterday
I will take care of
your bike...will that do?
Uncle or nephew...l just
want to get my bike today
That's it! You go on
'Talk him out of this
aeroplane craze...
...and get him to continue his studies,'
his mother begged of me yesterday
That is why I was harsh
on him. Was it too much?
You give him money
whenever he asks for it...
...and abuse him at all other times
Don't think I don't understand
your good cop-bad cop game
He will turn out fine...just fine
Venkidi, stop! Stop!
Is the Davani new? Yes
You look beautiful! I am
beautiful even otherwise
It's not because of the Davani
Don't get soot on me
Look at you! Couldn't you
at least change your shirt?
Tomorrow is your birthday. See
me when I come to give your gift
To repair your father's
car, this will do
And what is the gift?
You'll see!
I'll bring it over tonight
No! I don't want
your night time gift
I will not step out
Whatever you say, I
will come over tonight
And I will give you the gift
No you won't!
Sister? Yes!
The milk is on the porch
I'll tie the cows outside to graze
Peeli! Make sure you tie them where
they don't eat up the banana trees
Ok I will be checking
I also check when
I tie them up Sure!
Just that the ropes
got loose yesterday
Of course I know
how careful you are!
Walk on
Just walk, will you!
So you got hold of him, Janaki!
Yes! And dragged him
straight over here
We barely get to see
you these days, Venkidi
You only turn up if we
send someone to fetch you?
There's too much work!
I don't get any time
And where is Indira? It's a
long time since I saw her too
I had told her to call Janaki
for classes during the holidays
At least that way she will
sit still for some time
She has lots of pupils during the
holidays. She has classes from morning
I will tell her Hmm
During holidays, kids
should be allowed to play
And you come up with music classes!
You needn't go anywhere, child!
Mother spoils her!
They have been waiting for
you for a long time. Go on!
There you are!
Were you expecting me to
push this all the way to you?
Here, take the key! And make it fast
- I need to go to Court
My dear friend! Can't you get
someone who actually knows the job?
Couldn't find anyone else?
Does this guy know anything?
What do you mean?
Since he stopped his studies,
he is the main worker there
His Uncle has turned
into his assistant
But he is moody...sometimes he
will just drop everything and leave
And then you won't even
find him at the workshop
True! He is good at his job
He grew up in that workshop. Why
are you being nasty about him?
Maybe he is good at his
job... maybe he is smart too
But there is a reason for that
He was born to inter-faith parents
It's the vigour of the mixed race
Nothing else
When James died, you were
after his mother for a long time
You took so much abuse from her!
But you still can't
let it go, can you?
If it hadn't been for this dumb
boy, she would've been my wife now
It's her loss!
Sure! If that's how
you want to put it!
How else should I put it?
Why don't you come with me?
I will send a signed
document with you
You can handle the rest
of the transaction Ok, ok
And me? You go the studio
What was the problem?
There was some grime
at the platinum point
And I have cleaned the plug
The key is in the car
Ok I will settle with Murugan
Jump! I will catch you
No...No touching me!
God! If someone sees...!
Who is going to see at
this time of the night?
Step on the cycle and get down
My hands got scratched
Where is my gift? Did you trick
me into coming out for nothing?
Your gift... in another place Hmm!
Let's go together and
get it...come. Get on!
Really? I won't come!
lam going back in
Venkidi! Let me go
Why are you blindfolding me?
It's dark. There is nothing to see
Just because there is nothing
to see, why cover my eyes?
I am getting scared, ok?
Why? I am here with you
Get down Where have you brought me?
Where is this? I am
going to take this off
No no...not yet!
I will take it off for you
Stay here, ok?
As we rise high in the sky...
As we rise high in the sky...
Down below a flutter
of wings in the heart
As we rise high in the sky...
As we rise high in the sky...
Down below a flutter
of wings in the heart
In the aquamarine charm of the sky
With a person bathed
in magical colours
As I fly high UP
The sky is made of music
In a sky drenched in
the gold of the moon
With a person whose
smile is like jasmine buds
As I fly high UP
The sky is made of music
Someone has painted
the entire sky... the colours of
first love all over
Let us fly, fly together
Let us fly, fly together
In the aquamarine charm of the sky
With a person bathed
in magical colours
As I fly high UP
The sky is made of music
Perk up your ears
for a sweet melody... offering of my heart
Written, up in the clouds... a poem, a song of the rain
And I flow today as
an unknown river...
I melt like unknown snow
It is love that melts.
...that lends us wings... rise high up together
And by your side, tender in love...
...I stand
As I fly high up...
As I fly high up...
In the aquamarine
charm of the sky...
With a person bathed
in magical colours
As I fly high up...
The sky is made of music
In a sky drenched in
the gold of the moon
With a person whose
smile is like jasmine buds
As I fly high up...
The sky is made of music
Someone has painted
the entire sky... the colours of
first love, all over
Let us fly, fly together
Let us fly, fly together
Let us fly, fly together
How's it going?
Oh! You have mastered it!
Now take the next thread (talking
on Ham Radio in the background)
Link it to this one...
(Talking in German)
(Talking in German)
We designed it exactly as he said
And we drew it as he
said. What's he saying now?
He got the designs we sent
But a motor bike
engine can't handle it
It will take at least 600 cc.
Where do we go for that?
What if we try to
draw it differently?
In our own way?
I somehow feel this is not enough
And then we get an engine
from a motor car or jeep
And we cut it and make the
number of cylinders half
That might work Hmm
Brown mentioned
that on Ham just now
Many are doing that in Germany
They cut a Volkswagen
engine in half...
...and call it a half Volkswagen
Half Volkswagen!
We need to get one of those
From where? Where would we get one?
You were the one who said...
...dreams would come
alive if they were true
As far as I am concerned...
...there is no bigger truth
(Janaki hums)
Hey! Stop it!
Sister! I need two seat covers...
...with pictures of birds all over
Oh! I will have it ready
when your plane is ready
How is the flying getting along?
It won't be long
now Alright, alright
Half Volkswagen
That means half of
a Volkswagen engine
Brown had mentioned this before
We need only half...but
where would we get one?
Aren't there old abandoned
cars in the workshop?
Couldn't you repair one of those?
Aren't engines the
same for all cars?
True. They are all pretty similar
But there is a correlation between
the engine weight and its power
That will be different for each Oh!
That is why we specifically
need a Volkswagen engine
It's not that we need exactly that
A similar build will do
Something in 1100 cc.
With 4 cylinders and dry sump
And a minimum 30 hp
It will be more work of course
There is one such in our town
Hmm? But we won't be able to get it
What? My father's car?
It's engine matches with
all the things I just said
Hmm But there's no
point talking about it
Why not?
You can come over at night,
grab the engine and run!
Who would know?
It's easy to say
But we also need to think
about the pros and cons
I wasn't joking. If that's the
only way out, you need to take it
It's not like
stealing from the poor
If we get caught, we'll end up in
jail...and that will end our flying
You just need to not get caught
I will help you
And that car? it
isn't my father's money
Uncle Sekharan sent
the money from Singapore
I don't like that car being there
Did the car do
something to you? Hmm
Uncle Shekharan won't
do something for nothing
I am supposed to get
married to Anandan
That car is the first
step to sealing that deal
Let it not run on
the ground anymore
Let's make it fly!
When you make the sign of the
cross, you don't feel guilty
The Lord in His
Mercy will forgive us
That's for sure
Giving up on your craze to fly?
That is not a craze that will
disappear overnight, Mother
He spent so long
putting this together
And see how he is
burning it all up!
I am building a new plane...
...and there is no
space here for two
You came in through the
Eastern side, didn't you?
No one saw you, right?
No. Where is the key to the gate?
Pappa is in the car shed
I was supposed to
lock the gate at night
But I didn't lock it. I
just placed the lock on it
You needn't have come up
No...go now...
What if someone wakes up?
Hey! Come!'s in nuetral gear
Give it to me
Don't pull too hard. If it
snaps, there will be a sound
To think no one heard anything!
They must be real professionals!
We have raised alerts
at the check posts
They couldn't have
taken it out of the state
There are some
outsiders at the Port
It must be in their custody True!
First you find the car
I will see to it that he never
sees the outside world again
Of course! You know I will!
I will have the car here
at your door step. Watch!
They are here!
We waited two hours thinking you
would pick us up at the airport
That is when Sugunan came
and told us what happened
Then we took a taxi home
It's my sister and
brother-in-law Hello!
We were leaving for the
airport when... Hello child!
...we saw the car was missing
Are you well, Mother? I am!
I have got some
special things for you
I couldn't believe it, my dear Geetha!
To think a car was stolen from here!
Everyone knows everyone here!
I was so shocked!
Of late our town is...
Whoever it is, the Inspector
will have him in two days
And then he will have to spit
out even his mother's milk
Such an eventful journey we had!
Come here, my child! Talk to me
You come on in. Let the men
deal with the car and stuff
What do you mean?
My son is not a man?
Of course he is! But he
can't deal with all this
He is a huge coward Come!
I didn't for a minute think
we could make it this year
To be honest, I was
planning to stay there...
...even took up
some additional work
But he insisted
Or we wouldn't have come
From meeting the travel
agent to booking tickets...
...he did it all
I said it may affect my
promotion if we leave now
But who is to listen?
He was always like that
Loves coming home!
But for you, wherever you are
is home, isn't it, Brother?
It's been three years
since you last came home
At least he cares!
He may live there, but his
thoughts are always here
Isn't it so, Son? And
that is as it should be!
Let his thoughts
remain with him for now
He can express them
after his studies
But let's not delay it too much.
We can do it the next time you come
Sure! Yes, yes
She has completed her pre-degree
now. Next is her medical degree
She can do that in Singapore
And we can have the
wedding in between
Yes, we can do that. His
studies also need to be completed
What happened?
What is it, son? Fish bone!
What is it, son?
Fish bone! Fish bone!
You do like this!
How is it? It's nothing!
Just swallow some rice
You should've been
careful! It's not gone
I would have removed the
bones for you It's pricking!
I can't swallow
Get him a banana
No! Don't pat on his
head! Don't do that!
Son! Do this!
How's it? How's it now? No
Give him a piece
Don't chew it. Swallow!
The bone will be gone
Should we go the hospital, son?
How are you now,
son? How do you feel?
There! It's gone!
That's all there is to it
Did everyone...get worried?
No, no! I didn't! Of course
I did! A bone is all it takes!
Anyhow, it's gone
now. Eat! Eat, son!
Shall we move this to the door?
There will be people at the jetty
That's better
The Port staff will be
boarding on this trip
But how could they
suspect anything?
We have cut it in half and
removed the serial number
And because we have buffed
the case, it looks brand new
We will say we got it from
an acquaintance of yours...
...if anyone asks
Say nothing to anyone
No one will think we are using
a car engine to fly a plane
The tide is rising now
In a day's time it
will go out to deep sea
That car will never see land again
Oh no!
Got startled, Janaki?
Of course I did!
In any case you should have
called before entering my room
Do I need permission
to enter your room?
Is that how you see me?
Whatever! The iron box would
have fallen to the ground
And my hand is burnt!
Here! Let me look
No! Don!
I got this specially for you
I was thinking of both of us
listening to this song together...
...when that fish bone got
stuck in my throat yesterday
Thinking of us listening together?
And now the bone is gone?
Ask me about it! Finally...
"somehow, it went away
You know what? I
don't think it is gone
That was a very peculiar bone!
It will remain right there!
Even if you think it is gone
Pull the string!
Only then will it fly!
Go on! Yes, go on!
Oh God!
What are you doing in the middle of
the road with your eyes in the sky?
Oh! I was...
And what is that on
your head? Sunglasses!
Where'd you get those?
They look stylish!
It is Anandan's. He
has brought a kite too
There! Hold it! It's coming down!
Look, look! Hold it!
It's not like the kites
here! It's coming down!
Here, let me hold it! Give!
It will fall! It's coming down!
There! Didn't I tell
you? Now get it down
It's done now
There! It's fallen
Didn't I tell you?
Lucky it didn't get stuck on a tree
Nice, isn't it?
It's Singapore-made
Wherever it's made, it
needs the wind to fly True
Hello! It's you! Been a while!
Here! No
I got the kite for Janaki
But when I called her to fly it...
...she said she
would watch from home
When I thought of the joy of
smoking out here in the wind...
...I set out on my own
And then these guys were with me
She must have been watching, right?
Of course! And it rose
real high before it fell
As high as two rolls of thread
You are still at the workshop?
Even if you don't smoke, I
suppose you drink. Am I right?
Come over in the evening
I have some good stuff...scotch!
I am a complete teetotaller
No drinking, no smoking
You fly your kite
I have to get to work
He speaks English?
Him? That is all he does!
Read. Build planes.
And then break them up
Building planes? Yes!
Is he mad? It's a kind of madness
A higher degree of madness
Come! Let's get this to fly
The wind is good Ok. Come
Let me do it this time
We will go down over there
Yes, it's nice and
windy there. That's good
I feel like going on a long drive
How about we take off to
Velankanni? Want to come?
I can't, Father. Got some work
That's all you ever do! Work,
work and more work! All the time!
This time it will work
We are trying another engine
Roger told me. That
you went to Mangalore...
...and got an old engine
I have a friend in Calcutta
A priest. He is also
interested in aviation
He has flown an ultra-light
and even has a license
I got a letter from him
recently after a long time
In my reply I mentioned you
In ten days of his
getting that letter...
...I got this parcel from Calcutta
This is what was in it
Here. Keep this
So much? What for?
There's no charge for fixing
the bike. I only need these books
This is not for that!
Just take it
I want to fly in your plane
Treat this as an advance
Just think of it as something your
father James would have given you
Madhava! You have
the soap? Of course!
You won't take a dip without
soap? Why didn't you bring one?
Have you been reading
here all morning?
Or you just got here?
What does it matter? I
can't sit here anymore
I am leaving
Why? Won't you join in?
Let those who haven't
seen the sea, enjoy it
Hey! I've been hearing
stories about you
That you are building
a plane and what not!
If I had known, I would
have got one from there
We get them in toy shops there
Just wind them up and they fly
This is not a toy
What else is it then?
You mean one in
which people can fly?
2 seater, 65 kmph stall speed
10,000 feet cruise altitude
Can you get one? In
a Singapore toy shop?
If one is flying... should be on one of those
Like this!
So many years! it was on my first trip
from Singapore that we had this inauguration
Did my hand prove lucky?
ls business going well?
Of course! That has
been my good fortune!
Next time I come...
...we should develop this more
Here! We should hold
another inauguration
What do you think? Of course! I
was going to suggest it myself!
(background) Singapore is Heaven!
You should give me
one of these bottles!
Wouldn't you have one at home?
Let me see! It has to be
when Father is not around
If one is drinking, this
is what one should drink
Who is in this picture? This one?
Don't remember? That's you!
And on the other side is Janaki
My boss took it on the day
of the studio inauguration
I got all that. I
meant who is this... the center? That's him
- Venkidi
Those days, Boss
was after his mother
To be her second husband
This photo was taken to please her
After a lot of abuse
from her, he gave up
Let me get another drink
Good work!
You know what? If you tear
something apart, the mark will remain
Then however much you
try, it won't fit together
Just try. It Will fit
What? M-PET?
What's that?
Short for Magic Carpet.
That is M-PE When the plane is ready,
we need to give it a name
This is the name!
Then let's call it M-PET Pushpaka
It will sound more stylish
I had thought of that
But let's not have that
Why not?
What's wrong with that name?
Janaki is Seetha
And how did Seetha
first get on the Pushpak?
When Ravana abducted her
So, we won't have that name
Janaki is not supposed
to board the Pushpak
So who is Ravana in this story?
Is it Anandan?
Who knows who will
come in disguise?
That's how the stories go
You know what?
This is how this story goes!
In this story, the
plane is meant for Janaki
And only for Janaki
You shouldn't be supporting
the kids in whatever they say
Instead of showing them the right
way, you dance to their tunes!
I came here in the night just so
I could give you a piece of my mind
I have seen many kinds of madness
But this is the first of its kind!
When James died and I came
home with my two kids...
...I saw mocking faces all around
With great effort I stood firm...
...and brought up the kids
But now...the mocking is on
account of his eccentricities
Right from childhood, who put
the idea of planes in his head?
His own Uncle! Don't glare at me!
And that girl Janaki
is with him all the time
Whenever I see her, I tell her it
is time to stop the childish games
They will build the plane
and fly together in it...
...for everyone to see,
is what Janaki Chechi says
That's all that's lacking now!
Fly together, indeed!
Her father will not
leave them alive!
Ignorant children
build up fantasies
Where is all this
leading, I wonder!
We can't correct them with words
He is just like his father James
You know that!
He has taken his own decisions
And he will carry them out
And in this case...
...I am with him
In what case?
Any case!
You, my friend, who fixes lightning
wings to the dreams of clouds
Bring us that feather of
desire rising in the sky
You, my friend, who gives
rippling waves to the blue sea
Bring us a wick that
can reach up to the Sun
To rock in the cradle
of a wind that uproots
Be the wind that
rushes past the stars
To be a swan that swims
across the infinite sky
A song as we row with the stars
Shouldn't we board
it? Yes we should
And take wing? And
leave trails of dust?
I am in! Yes, you are in!
Lightning is flashing!
Your eyes are fluttering!
A hero of ancient Greece
Once flew on wings of wax
Faced smoke and fire
in the burning Sun
Did you see it? Did you?
Whether stone or wood...
...they soar with
the wings of the heart
Whether fire or water...
...they take to the
skies as spark or steam
The moments when my mind
takes wing like a butterfly
And finally this
happens, like a dream
A little bird, to frolic
in the morning hues... decking herself up, slowly
Everyone has flown
through the ages...
...on the wings of their dreams
We have heard the tales...
...of mighty wings
cut off, shattered
You, my friend who fixes lightning
wings to the dreams of clouds
Bring us that feather of
desire rising in the sky
You, my friend who gives
rippling waves to the blue sea
Bring us a wick that
reaches up to the Sun
Shouldn't we board
it? Yes we should!
And take wing? And
leave trails of dust?
I am in! Yes you are!
Lightning is flashing!
Your eyes are fluttering!
This is no illusion or magic...
...they are the beats
of heavy hearts...
each woven to the other!
Come along! Come along with us!
Come on! Push! Push! Slowly!
Come on, push! Push! Hold!
Push from behind! ok!
God! Let it fly this time!
God! Lord!
Can you move, Sister?
This one will fly!
For sure! Sure!
It Will fly!
Yes it will!
Let it fly, God! Please let it fly!
Such a breeze! What a breeze!
Feel that breeze!
The wind is all to the rear
Oh God!
Hold on well! Janaki, come on!
Shall I remove it? Yes! Push! Push!
Come on! Push harder! Go!
Go! Yes, yes!
Go on! Go forward! Peeli!
Move away! You might fly away!
Everyone move! Yes!
Stop running! It's so fast!
Move, Father! Go!
Don't fall! It's gaining speed
Now move away. Move!
Look, look!
Move from in front of me!
Come here!
Oh no! It's heading down!
There! It's starting to
fly! But where is it going?
Brother! Venkidi!
Venkidi! Jump! Look, hole!
Venkidi! Oh no!
Venkidi! Brother!
We need to get off. Come Ok
Prof. Veneteshwaran?
Yes I am R K Menon
I work for KSEB
I saw the award
function on TV yesterday.
Congrats! Thank you!
There were some controversies
when the award was declared
Someone like you having
terrorist connections?
I was really startled!
Airport attack!
Police station attack!
That you joined the DRDO
concealing your police cases
I guess the press just makes
these things up...right?
It stings! Don't complain!
You brought it upon yourself
Are they with the others
from the road accident?
This is different, Doctor
This was no road accident, was a plane crash
Haven't you read in the newspapers
about planes crashing, Doctor?
That is what this is! Look at them!
Skin grazed off their
bottoms... teeth loosened...
Plane crash?
I heard they were trying to fly
something like a plane that they made
Wow! Really? It's
the first time...
...I am treating
plane crash victims!
So tell me
- who was the pilot?
No, it's alright! You may lie down
You will be here for a few days.
I will ask for details later
We are just glad it
stopped at this, Sir
At least this put an end to it...
...their crazy dream to fly!
Ends it? Says who?
They were saying they should not
repeat the same errors next time
I heard them advise their
nephew just this morning
I need to send the kids to school
I will send someone
with the medicines
Come away with me, Sister
Let them continue
with their discussions
Alright. Let's go
Next time, build a
rocket as well, ok?
Mother, please get
that seasoned curry too
Where is Janaki? Has she eaten?
Once the holidays begin,
she has no such concerns
She left in the
morning on her cycle
Didn't you ask her
where she was going?
Where would she go?
She'll be somewhere nearby
Don't make me slap you!
She'll be somewhere nearby?
Is she a child to
be roaming around?
Mothers should be more vigilant!
Or else people will talk!
What are you raging on about?
She will be right back
And what are you saying
people talk about?
That she is always roaming
around with that boy
Childhood friendships
should have a limit
She has known Venkidi since she
started taking lessons at lndira's
When I saw all your
drama I was worried
This is what the fuss was about?
Wait! What?
That friendship needs to end now
I said no and it means no. Got it?
Have your food, Govindan!
And stop harassing her!
Couldn't he just stick to dusting
off the vehicles in the workshop?
Look at him now! Can't
even move his neck
Since he fell on his head,
they say he broke his neck
(muffled) Don't spread made-up
stories. There is nothing wrong with him
Either take that out of
your mouth or eat it up...
...and then talk!
You don't know him at all!
This is not his first fall
This time was worse
than usual. True.
But let him get out of hospital...
...the next day he will start
again, I am sure. That's true!
Sure he will!
Alright. Get down
Ok. See you later
I guess the decorations will be ready in time
for the club's anniversary next year...right?
We thought you would
finish it, Master
Alright, alright You're all talk!
Peeli...where is she going?
To the hospital. To see Venkidi
She said he will be out today
Kid, if you just sit there saying
his plane is not going to fly... day it's going to fly
and she is going to fly with him
That's for sure! Don't
say we didn't warn you
Will this be enough? There
are two more bundles over there
Don't take the cycle!
I have milk to deliver!
Are you trying to do antics in the
middle of the road? Move! I need to go
There is no need to rush. He won't
be out of hospital for a long time
And even if he does...he won't
even be able to walk properly
Go and soothe his wounds! You think
Uncle doesn't know what you are up to?
Move out of my way.
I said I want to go
Move! Let me go! Hold on. Just
let me tell you one more thing
Your desire to fly? That
will come true real soon
Don't believe me?
Not on his rickety plane.
On Singapore Airlines
The papers are ready. You will
continue your studies there
So all that is decided?
How come I didn't know?
It's not my decision
It's your father's. They
will tell you soon enough
I don't think the
engine is badly damaged
But the frame must
be all broken...right?
On my way I stopped there to look
The wind has rolled
it down even further
The wings are badly torn
It shouldn't be left there!
We somehow need to get it home
Mother said she would burn it down
with kerosene if you bring it home
I am not surprised she said that
She has warned me too that I had
better make you put an end to it
And it's not just your
Mother. Your Aunt too!
We made a mistake somewhere. If
we don't get that plane to fly...
...we will lose face
before the townsfolk
No one should see it
on the ground anymore
They should only see it fly
lam pushing! It's just not moving!
The wheels are jammed.
This is all it can move
Janaki, hand him the cycle
Why, Father? It's sold
Just give it to him
You sold my cycle?
You are too old to be
roaming around on a cycle
If you haven't realised
that, this is how you will
Hand it over! Listen
to your father, child
We don't need this cycle
anymore. Give it to him
But why are you selling
my cycle? You can take it
Step aside
I don't want you to step out of this house
again. This is the end of your wandering...
...and your studies too
If you have any ideas in your head, you
will forget them when you leave these shores
Understood? Enough
of scolding her now
She gave it, didn't she?
Forget it
Your father wants
what is good for you
Should you be upset over that?
That's what I was saying too! Here
- I got one
Don't be obstinate, child.
You are not alone there
You will be with
your Uncle and Aunt
Jaya has been so excited since she
heard you are going to be with them
And Anandan is going to be
there too. What more do you need?
But I want to study here
I said before I don't
want to go to Singapore
That's not for you to
decide. Just get ready to go
There will be no more
discussions on this
Stop the fuss now
People long to see the place
It's your good fortune that
you are getting to study there
I don't want that fortune. And
I don't want to see anything
Once you get there, you
will change your mind
You will wonder why... wasted so much time
over your lousy friendships here
I said I don't want to come there precisely
because I don't need lousy friendships
Everyone stop tormenting her
Come, child. Let's go inside
Where are you off to
with all this? I heard...
...that you have dragged all that crap
from the hilltop to that old man's house
Are you going to sit
there and work now?
Cat got your tongue?
I thought this time
you were going to stop
Such a curse! That you are
starting this madness again
You should have some
sense of priority
So you dreamed of something once...
...but you should also
know when to let it go
You shouldn't keep
wasting your life on that
This is sheer madness!
If it was a dream I saw in my
sleep, I would have let it go...
...but this is a dream
that won't let me sleep
If I don't fly again...
...all the people
around us will say...
...that Venkidi is mad
I have to fly and show them
(A play performed on stage)
Hey! Hello
Feeling lonely since
they are on stage?
If I had known it would be so
bad, I would have stayed home!
And here I am, battling mosquitos!
We can fix all that How?
With mosquito
repellant? I have my ways
Let's go upstairs. To my studio
You can see clearly from there
Come! Come on! Ok
In all honesty, aren't
I a well-behaved person?
What do I lack? But...
...has no respect for me
It's not that she doesn't
She is being instigated to disrespect you.
- Instigated? By whom?
Who else? The aspiring
flier. It's him
I don't think she will leave
him behind and come to Singapore
No! That wouldn't matter
She is hesitant to
leave her parents
But if they take a decision and
tell her to go, why wouldn't she?
(humming an old song)
Beautiful dream...
...the golden wings you give me...
(continuing to hum)
Was it to rewind to
that beautiful dream...
...that you wanted
to go home earlier?
Heard? He is out of hospital
and back to his old tricks
If this goes on, he will
one day fly off with her
And you will be left gaping
(humming another old
song) All I have... an empty sky above me...
...and a desert below...
He...may build it
But I will burn it down
before he can fly. Just watch!
That's fooolishness!
Let him fly
Let him have his wish
But he should fly only once
Got that?
I am with you, kid
This is the propeller
It's made of wood.
It's when this turns...
...that the plane moves forward
It's the shape of the wings
and the power of the wind...
...that makes it fly
So why doesn't it fly? Since
it has its wings and propellor?
It is not enough that it has everything.
It should all come together for it to fly
May it fly! May it soar!
Brown was on the line.
I told him everything
And explained the diagram
too. So what did he say?
The joints must be shaken
We will need to
re-install everything
The old cloth and cable should do
When we look sideways, and
see the runway at 45 degrees...
...the flap should be inclined
to 10 degrees. That is flying
Brown says that must
be where we went wrong
But he didn't say to change
anything in the structure?
Wing position? Tail? Anything? No!
All of that is perfect.
I specifically asked
Hello! Please come here
What is it?
Does the engine need repair?
It's been a while now.
Isn't it ready yet?
I will let you know when it is
Did you push your cycle all
this way just to ask me that?
I came with something more serious
I was just being polite
What is the serious
thing you want to say?
Janaki Chechi sent this for you
They have locked her up
at home. Sold her cycle too
Why here?
Why did you ask me to
come here? That's unusual
Father says nothing
can be as usual anymore
He sold my cycle too. I heard
How did you manage to get here now?
There was no one at home
Father went with them
to book the tickets
And Mother went to the
hospital with my Aunt
I slipped out. I don't know
what will happen when I get back
Oh! So it is true
that you are leaving
They are booking tickets. Let them!
They can't drag me there, can they?
But it scares me to see
the mood my father is in
That's why I asked you to come
What should I do now? You tell me!
Whenever you feel it is time...
...come away with just
the clothes on your back
My mother will welcome
you with open arms
We have talked about all this.
Why are you in doubt now?
It's easy to say. You know
what my father is like
You really think he will let us live
life on our terms before his eyes?
Let's go away somewhere, Venkidi
Where none of them can reach us
How can we live in such fear?
The wind has to blow
from the opposite...
...only then will the plane
leave the ground and fly
Both are the same
Our dreams...
...and our plane
Let everyone oppose us
We will fly over them all
Won't we? Yes!
Don't you want to fly with me?
Come on, move! Mother, this
boy won't let me stick my bindi!
Stop it both of you! You
will be late again today!
Go to your father. Ask
him to do it for you
I don't need help. I
will do it on my own
That's better, my child! Your
mother is in a foul mood this morning
You can't predict
what she will say next!
My saying things is the
problem? Just go to work now
Been to the temple? Yes
And where is he? Left for work?
You should know where he is
He didn't even come home yesterday
Such a role model for caring
for your mother and sister!
Don't be mad at him, Sister
He is busy with something.
He will be home tonight
It's not as if he is busy
with a job or something!
Are you calling his craziness work?
That's right, Sister! When they got
out of hospital I had told him... stop him from all this
And now...all the tools from the
workshop are over at the old man's place
Now all their activities
are based there
I thought they had learnt their
lesson. But apparently not.
The work is complete now. I saw it when
I went to give Janaki Chechi's letter
Letter? What letter?
Love letter, I guess.
I did not open it
Go on, now! No more of
your big people's talk!
And we know who
encourages all this!
You come on in, Sister
I need to get to the workshop
Go on, go on! You are the
one who made him like this!
You had to push this
crap here! Idiot!
Can't you see either, dumbo?
If I hadn't braked in time
you would have been flattened!
When an expensive car comes along, you
should move junk like this out of the way...
...instead of trying
to compete head-on
If my car had been even
scratched by your rusty pile...!
It's a brand new car.
My Uncle bought it. For me.
In my name. You know what
that means, don't you?
Don't let me see you after her with
tales of your silly plane anymore
Hear me?
No. I think you need
to tighten it some more
Just check the sides too. I think
it needs some tightening there too
This time let's not have onlookers
Let people see after we have flown
That's better. Let no one see
We should get it to the top
of the hill before it's light
Just you, me and Uncle.
That is enough
What about Janaki?
Shouldn't she be there too?
She should.
But I don't know how
things are at her place
What are you laughing
about? Nothing
I was just thinking about...
...the 7 year old who told me
'I want to build a plane, Pappa'
And why were you laughing?
I wasn't thinking about that
Then? I was thinking, two of your
teeth got loosened the last time...
...if they fall off tomorrow,
what will your face look like?
Were you sleepy? No
I was just staring
out into the night
I am coming from Pappa's house
The work's all done but...
...everything needs to be
checked again before flying
That's why I came so late will fly here tomorrow?
I will be waiting
You won't come?
I came to call fly with me
No. I think my mother found
out that I was out that day
For two days, it was a nightmare
Now there is always someone at home
How would I come tomorrow?
It's ok. I will come
flying to see you
And where is the Singapore
company? Is he here?
Where else?
Anyway they have realised
they can't take me willingly
But somethings afoot
I heard they have
shopped for clothes for me
I'd met Anandan And?
He was blabbering
on about something
I wasn't listening. He is poison!
You need to be careful!
...when is the auspicious
moment tomorrow?
This time we don't
want anyone to watch
Early in the morning...
...we will push the plane uphill
When the sun is up, we will fly
Then get going now.
You have to up early
And come flying. I will be waiting
What is it, child?
Papa...l think there's someone...
...walking outside. I've
been hearing it for a while
That must be him
- Venkidi
He musn't be getting sleepy with
the excitement of flying tomorrow
If it's him, wouldn't he call
us, seeing the lights are on?
No...there's no one here
Must've been just a feeling
Who's there?
Must be a dog or something.
You come back in, Papa
Head wind is to the East
Should we go opposite, Uncle?
It will turn now. Take it forward
Let's not have a pooh
or anything this time
We did all that last time Yes
First let's get it
off the ground. Pappa?
Let's get on Ok
When he goes full throttle,
remove the stoppers under the wheel
Do everything
exactly like last time
Gesture when it's time
to remove the stopper
What? I said to gesture
when you're ready
Need a little push?
Go straight ahead! Yes!
Noufal! Look there! When
did they drag this up?
How come they didn't call us?
It's up! Venkidi's plane is
flying! Look, it's heading this way!
What's that sound?
Didn't you say you did something
last night? And now look!
Oh no!
Come on! Look! Sister!
It's flying! See?
Upon the clouds, to resounding
thunder, He shall appear...
...and all shall
leave their homes... gather together to see Him
Teacher! Look at Venkidi!
Move closer to the shore
Now try to land it...
doesn't matter where
Not in the water!
Hey! Come on! Come on!
Come on out!
You flew! And we all saw it!
Everyone saw! Wow!
Move away, boy! Stop pushing! Move!
Sister, will we get to fly too?
You know how high it flies?
We flew, Mother!
Our plane flew! My son...
...I saw. We all did
I wasn't wrong about you
I...made the plane, Sir!
A plane that can fly! That's it!
I will not let you off anymore
I heard there was an accident when
you landed. Hope everything is fine
it was no accident.
It was intentional
Who would do that?
OK, Ok Will this do?
Tuck your tummy in
Smile! Smile!
A little to the left...
Sugunetta... (Brother Sugunan)
Kid! No!
Don't be so agitated.
We will find a way
She is floating ever
since she saw him fly
We will fix him, I promise
Are we ready to begin?
I am suffocating!
You've moved from position!
Make your smile more enigmatic
What? Do whatever you like
Alright, smile...don't move...
Stand still. Kid! Didn't I
tell you I would be right there?
Oh God!
Where is the other one? You think you
can just flex your muscles at anyone?
I won't spare either one of you!
Venkidi! No physical stuff! No!
You, you! My studio is not
the place for hooliganism
Listen! If you hurt me,
I can be nasty!
You are already nasty!
You don't have to specify
And you have nasty creatures
to hang out with, too
Was it you, or he who dropped
this at my house last night?
When you were on your bastardly mission,
you didn't realise you dropped this
You dog!
You thought I would die
out there, didn't you? least once...
...she and I will fly together.
Only then will I die
Wait, wait! I am
back from flying...
...don't you want to see if
I got all that you wanted?
For the princess to trim her
nails, the edge of a star...
...a piece of a cottony cloud...
...the murmer of the wind!
Wasn't there one
more? I missed that!
The baby rabbit on the moon!
Forgot, didn't you?
That I forgot!
We flew! We flew!
Our plane flew!
Right, Venkidi?
And now? Shouldn't we fly together?
Isn't that why I went
to all this trouble?
We should
We have to fly together
But how can you come? If
your father comes to know...
The tickets are ready for next week
No one is listening to me
lfl leave, I doubt
I can ever come back
What does your mother say?
She also says I have to go
I begged...l starved...
There's only one way out
Tomorrow...l will somehow slip out
We should fly together
For as long as we
want...and then...
...let us crashland somewhere...
...and die...together... least once...
...we should fly together
And then...
...let it be as it may
There was nothing
there to get tangled in
Do you think the tide
dragged something in?
Move it around and pull
Still stuck? I don't know what
it is. But it is stuck hard
lfl pull harder, it will
break I will go down and check
It's a car! Stuck down there
Pull harder!
Move people aside! Move away
This is that very car!
It is bruised
It must hurt real bad!
Imagine that!
When you wear these
shades, no one will know
That's true! But... say that Venkidi hit
you for no reason at all...'s difficult to believe
And didn't you say
anything at home?
If he says anything at home,
Janaki will come to know
And that looks bad for you, right?
I know you are all on his side!
I will get him someday. Watch!
My big brother is in the papers! And
his plane too! Give it here! Let me look!
There! On the second page
There is a picture and everything!
Where, where? Read it aloud!
Venketeshwaran, who has only
school-level education...
...struggled for a long
time to shape this...
...small plane that falls
into the ultra-light category
He modelled the engine...
...on the internationally
famous half-Volkswagen model... power the propellor
The car engine used in his
plane was sourced locally
Including the propellor
that was crafted in wood...
...the mechanical
parts and body parts...
...and most of the items
used in the construction...
...was personally
manufactured by him
Volkswagen engine indeed! Give
me that! What's the matter?
Uncle and nephew steal a car
and then pose for the papers?
Give me my paper!
Your big brother will be in
the papers tomorrow as well
The Police will make sure
of that. Let this be with me
Who is that, Mother? Oh no!
You...! You...!
Move! Oh no! They
are hurting him...
Where did you steal
this from? Speak!
Speak up!
Don't beat him up, Sir, please!
He thought know one would know
I will make you speak! Move here!
My son won't steal! Please don't
beat him up! He won't steal?
So where did he get a motor
engine to play with his little fan?
Come on over here!
Get into the jeep!
Get him into the jeep!
And we somehow need to drag
this thing to the Station too!
It is evidence
This is no petty case, Father
It is car theft!
And he has confessed to it
He says he did this alone.
But I know, this was
not a single man's job
Tonight, I will make
him spill out the rest
Please do not hurt him
He is no thief or murderer
He made an error this one time
Stealing is wrong, we agree
But he did not sell it or anything
The plane he made with saw it too
What plane, Teacher?
If you steal, you're a thief.
That's the law as I know it
You're going by the rules? Then how
come you beat him black and blue?
How dare you! We
are not here to argue
Father, I...
This is about a young man's future
This needs to end here. What can we do
for that? That's what we need to know Yes
This young man is also affecting
the future of certain young women
You know that. If this involved
anyone else, I could have helped
But this is not like that.
Lawyer Govindan is very determined
Sir... we will repair
the car as good as new
And pay compensation too
But I am not the one who can decide
You go and meet the lawyer
If he agrees, I'll
take care of the rest
Or else get bail from
the Court in two days time
Now you can leave.
That's all I have to say
Alright then, Sir
Can I meet him for a minute?
I need to tell him something
- Ok. Make it fast
Janaki leaves tomorrow
I heard she agreed to go
I want to see her
If I tell her to, she will stay
You heard what he said
You can only get bail
from the Court in two days
The lawyer wants to make sure
you stay inside for two days
That's enough of secrets.
Come away!
Losing a car is
nothing to him. Nothing.
He will buy 9 more if he wants to!
Tomorrow, if he sets his mind to it.
The issue is not about the car
He needs to be locked up!
At least for 5 or 6 years
The lawyer has ensured
that will happen
Car theft... the murder
attempt on me and Anandan
And besides that, any case that
remains unsolved in this region...
...will all be on him from now on!
He and his bloody plane!
And you come on behalf of a thief?
Would any dignified
person set out for this?
We agree with the facts
We will repair your car.
And he will apologise
Don't use this as an
excuse for personal vendetta
Be large hearted enough for that
You want me to be
large hearted? And him?
He will take the hand of my
daughter who is engaged to another...
...and I should meekly watch?
I don't want to abuse
people in my own home.
So I will refrain
from responding to you
I won't say it was unintentional
It was fully intended
He would have done anything... get it to fly
This was the only way before him
At least it was a good
way to get him behind bars
He will be of no
nuisance to anyone anymore
Balaji here has
made arrangements...
...for him to continue
his studies in Delhi
Just don't put
unrelated cases on him
Let him go and we will
take care of the rest
You don't have to take
care of anything. I will!
This is the decision for this case
He will be behind bars
and she will go to study... Singapore
And she will marry Anandan
His plane will rust
in the Police Station
And every time I pass that way...
...I will spit on it!
So I suppose this
gathering is dismissed?
I don't know about you guys
but we have other work to do
Janaki! Open the door!
I said open the door!
I was the one who told
him to take the damned car
I opened the gate for him
And got the key from
the cupboard for him
If this was theft,
I was part of it too
Let the Police arrest me too.
I will tell everyone
everything, including the Police
My Venkidi is not a thief
It was me. I forced him to do it
You will not say anything to anyone
And if you do, no one
will take it seriously
So...just listen to
your father, my child
Your ticket is ready for tomorrow
And your bags are also packed
Sekharan, Rema and Anandan should not get
the feeling that you are being forced to go
They are your family now
Despite knowing all of this,
they love you just like before
That's no small thing
It won't happen as
long as I am alive
I have to be alive
for them to love me!
When the Priest and the
Teacher came to speak for him... must have
heard what they said
I won't stand against any of it
In two days, I will ask
the Police to let him go
Only if you do as you are told...
...without a word to anyone...
...without trying any more tricks
They should feel...
...that you are going willingly
If not...
...he won't see the
light of day again
ls the sky going farther?
Is the darkness
enveloping everything?
Like a dark rain cloud...
...are my hopes dissolving?
What falls and disappears...
...are my lonely, silent desires
And like a poor nightingale...
...they sigh in the night
To rise again
To sing and soar free
Who would lend them wings?
To rise again...
To sing and soar free
Who would lend them wings?
Is the sky going farther?
Is the darkness
enveloping everything?
Like a dark rain cloud...
Are my hopes dissolving?
Close, so close to me...
The feeling is just an illusion
Far, so far from me
ls the world of the skies
Like a sharpened arrow...
desires fly far
And they fall...
Like a battered insect in the rain
Sir? Hmm?
It's rice and curry...can
we give it to him?
Do you need to go in?
I can take it to him
We would like to meet him too
The Inspector is not
here so I guess it's ok
Go on Ok. Come
Look...your lunch
lam not hungry
You've had nothing since yesterday
Come and take this
Come on!
Heard from Janaki?
Where is she now?
Her flight is at 3
I saw the car leave for the airport
They must have reached there
Even if one of us goes
to try and talk to her... won't work
There is only half an hour left
She would have boarded
her flight by then
Aren't you ready to leave yet?
Sir, he needs to relieve himself
He was shy to ask
How can he eat?
Soman! Open the door for him
Don't touch him! Move away!
Push it to the road!
I said, move! Move!
Leave! Go fast! Move!
Push it to the road! Push!
Move away!
Get him!
I will take care of them! You push!
You go now! Go on!
Don't touch him! I'll kill you!
Come on!
Leave, quickly! Go!
Venkidi, fly! I will
take care of these guys!
Get down, child
Where's the passport?
Thank you, Sir Thank you.
Dad, I will be in the lounge
Fire Station Tower,
unknown glider, private...
...trying to make an
approach into the airport.
Proceed immediately
and take position
Oh no! Venkidi!
My girl! Venkidi!
Child! No! Let me go!
Leave me! I need to go! No!
Venkidi! Let me go!
No! No, my girl!
Venkidi! Come away! Come on!
Let me just see him, please No!
Let go!
Come away, child! Venkidi!
Let me see him, please!
There's a leak here...that's
why there is so much smoke
Let's close the leak, ok? Ok
Watch! ok
When you hold it, don't touch here
Without opening it, the
flame should be lit underneath
it will work, for sure.
Let me tighten it a bit more
Uncle Murugan!
Venkidi! Son!
Jayan! See who is here!
You didn't even call!
You should have seen
the fuss here yesterday
Everyone together
in front of the
Everyone asked if you would come
I didn't say anything. But
this one was talking to everyone
I wanted to quietly come and go
Anyway let's not stay here.
Let's go home
Jayan! Close up and come home
We'll be there
We'll go home...
...but before that...
...there's someone we need to see
Mable has been living
here for a long time now
She teaches the kids in the
orphanage stitching and embroidery
She used to, before know that
When Roger died... became difficult
for her to go up and down
Besides she was alone at home too
She moved in here with the kids
I didn't know that
So the postal address
must have changed too
It's a small town
Everyone knows everyone
The money order you send her...
...she spends on the children here
You have a guest, Teacher
Venkidi, isn't it?
No! It is Padmabhushan
Prof. Venketeshwaran now!
It is Pappa's death
anniversary, isn't it? Yes
It is today
It was when Papa was in
hospital in the town...
...that you came last?
That was when I saw you last
It's been 22 years, right? Yes
He came then. And the same
year again when his mother died
And then only now
I've been busy
There was no time
No... you just gave it all up
And Janaki was just as obstinate!
She didn't even come
when her parents died
But I think she is here now
Did you know?
Yes. I did
She is unwell, isn't she?
That's what I heard
Aren't you going to see her?
I might...
...just leave. I may not see her
You come over to the Church.
I have a class now
There are kids from outside
I'll be here for two days
I'll come by again. - Ok
Were you going to bed?
Your mother was always
worried about you
How you would turn out...what
your future would be like
She didn't live long
enough to see all this
With the police case relating
to the airport incident...
...and Govindan's influence... one thought you
would ever be free again
When the cases were all settled...
...and Balaji took you to Delhi...
...and put you in college...
...that was when
Sister was relieved
Then all she wanted was that...
...your attention
be not diverted... anything here
That is why she kept
these hidden from you
I knew about it too
But I couldn't tell you either
When Sister died and the
house was demolished...
...I kept this safe
If you don't know about
this at least now... will be a grave injustice
Not to my sister
...but to Janaki
Those are all letters Janaki
wrote you from Singapore
To, my Venkidi
I was crying so hard I fainted... I boarded the flight
I don't even remember
landing or reaching here
They have enrolled me in college
I was crying as we went
We are so far apart...
...could I ever reach you if
I started running from here?
It is exam time in college
I am studying with a vengeance
If I get a job after my studies...
...I can get you here
Why...why won't you
even send me a reply?
Was it so easy for you
to forget me, Venkidi?
Even though I don't get
any reply from you... you realise how many
letters I have written to you?
I am getting married
tomorrow, Venkidi
My father and mother
got here yesterday
There's nothing I can do now...
You remember how I told you Janaki
is not supposed to board the Pushpak?
That is my fate
My marriage has ended...
...but I am not sad
In the days to come...
...I have my lovely
daughter to keep me company everything to me now
I don't know why I
keep writing to you
...I like to believe you
are reading all of them
Most of my old beliefs...
...were wrong, is
what age has taught me
We had so many dreams...
...struggled so much!
Our plane...
...our skies!
I can't do this anymore, Venkidi!
Venkidi... are you listening?
Have you forgotten me?
What is it, Mother?
Mother? - Yes?
- There's a girl here
Is this Mr. Murugan's house?
Yes. I'll call him Ok
What's it, Daughter?
Someone's here to see you
Who is this, Daughter?
I am from around here
I wanted to know if Prof.
Venketeshwaran is here
Is he here? - Yes, he is
Who are you, child?
I am Janaki's daughter, Gauri
Mother sent me
Oh! Don't just stand there!
Come on in!
Venkidi is inside. I'll call him
It's alright. I'll go in
But Grandpa, Uncle was
getting ready to go somewhere
He didn't say anything when I asked
Go straight in
May I come in, Sir?
Gauri... Janaki's daughter
I'd spoken to you on the phone
Mother would like to see you
She can't walk
She is outside... in the car
I'll come
Don't step out
...can I drive?
Lovely place! Let
me take a look around
I thought... had forgotten me
That's why...l...
But I was sure... couldn't forget me
But my routes were all closed
They were made to close
The letters you wrote...
...I saw them only yesterday
If at least one had
made it to my hands...
Who hid them?
Who needed to do that?
It wasn't any one person
It was Fate
The same Fate...
...that arranged for
us to meet here today
Where is she? Gauri?
The same old M-PET that was
rusting away in the Church yard
It is air-worthy now
But it took two days and two nights
The boys haven't slept!
Let me help you, Mother
M-PET... Magic Carpet...
Can Janaki board this, Venkidi?
Won't you?
Shouldn't we fly?
Say nothing. Let's fly