Vincent will Meer (2010) Movie Script

Pussy! Fuck! Pussy!
(Sacred Song)
Throughout these bottles!
- Where is it? San Vicente?
She wanted
that you still bring it even then.
Has not dared to ask.
Please can I have?
When did she say that?
Then she laughs.
When was that?
Oh, before you were born.
Pull you back on here? With her?
- We sell the house.
Why is the packed?
Why is packed, Vincent?
- I would have taken to. The sea.
You of all, yes?
- Yes. I do. You were not there.
You sea! You go yet
not even to the baker!
You and your mother!
Have been paying attention to them.
Have you kept drinking at hand!
- Are you disappointed
because Mom is drinking?
- Without you they would not have been drunk!
I go into a home!
You'll see, I like you.
They get up there again.
If many in your age by the people.
- Such as I think thou
It was not easy, as a place
to get. Relationships are everything!
That you will also learn.
I do not mean it that way. Fuck!
Tourette. Cunt.
There was ever one there. Has
the arm in so 'nen belt stuck.
Sometime's were then two.
Looked like shit very nice.
Theater and table tennis.
This loan can be books.
But they are all shit.
Football, morning exercise, gymnastics,
Smoking grass ... How will you!
Kitchen, dining room. That's it. Any questions?
Um ... Thanks for the lead.
War 'ne penalty. She says
behavioral measure.
Were you to my characters?
- No.
Shoes off!
You prefer your off your shoes!
Do not touch!
What are you doing in there?
Hello! You!
Do you hear me?
Let's just be my towels!
If you like shit, I flip out!
(He imitates farts.)
No! No!
DOCTOR! Dr. Rose!
(Vincent groans)
Masturbate about you?
So, that need to be coordinated.
Can you again make your music?
(Classical music by Bach)
I'm not interested in men,
If Dr. Rose said something.
Has not.
Have you eaten yet?
Then you can go.
One can see you from the clinic from.
- Hm
Would you ever? Helps.
Thank you.
- Thank you for before eating.
Ha! Huh! Fuck you!
Ugh! Have to kiss!
What is that for n 'bum?
- Film, dude. Foto's not bring!
Their little pissing. Yourselves from the field!
- Bum! What are you're one for?
Take the fucking thing out! Do it out!
- Get it yet! Come on!
Vincent, lass!
- Asshole! Get it yet!
Come on! Come, come!
(The boys scream unintelligible.)
Run! Run!
- Give me the fucking phone!
Are you crazy?
(Unintelligible screaming)
Shit, you're bleeding, yes. Asshole!
- My father shows up, you asshole!
What goes through your head?
They are children. Children, Marie!
They know the problems with the neighbors!
- Sorry.
That is his right to privacy!
- You I do not ask!
I'll tell dirtrotzdem.
- Why no one suggests it bloody!
He has been dropped. Were you there?
Nothing happened.
So we will not make, Marie.
Vincent, leave us alone. I must
talk to Marie about her blood.
(Dr. Rose) Sit back down!
- Never! You do not dare!
This is not a game, Marie!
I have a car.
We can go anywhere.
Yes or no? Where are you going?
The sea. To Italy.
- Driving du
- I do not drive so much.
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Are you crazy? What are you doing?
Give me back my stream;
otherwise I show up! - What?
My CD! I've seen
as you have it plugged in!
I'll give you back tomorrow.
- No!
Give it to him, crying, usually only around!
That's Dr. Roses car!
Lhrwollt steal it.
No. Borrow.
- Oh borrow?
Yes, we should get what for Rose.
Tell him.
She has lent us. Exactly.
Then you have determined not mind
if I now ask.
And now?
- We take him with us.
- Come!
(Alexander) I "Freeze said.
Stop! What now?
- What am I doing here?
You want to get out. Please!
- At home!
The home is not home!
- Not here. That's not nice!
No, this is not ...
- Ah!
Stop it. Leave him now, he is afraid.
Come on, let's go, right?
No motorways!
There are cameras everywhere.
Since only highways are located.
- You must be over the burner!
The rear seat holds up!
To Austria over the mountains goes.
What you actually want in Italy?
- Take a holiday.
Wirwollen make even real holidays.
- Yeah, right! Who's believes will be saved.
Yes you have to not do it! Fucking.
In the back are crumbs.
I want to drive yourself! - Fuck you.
I also have a driving license.
And I drive better than you
Ok. The next time you then thou
So, let's get started now?
Who brakes?
Now is holding over time.
Robert? Robert!
- Do it away.
From mobile phones! This is never what it otherwise.
- Yes, Galler.
What? Doktorwer?
- Dr. Rose.
Oh yes. Now? Yes ...
Vincent has his own cell phone?
- Not that I know of. Ask him.
Can not. I must assume
that have stolen my car.
Yes, yes, yes!
- Mr. Galler?
Oh, shit!
Nice to clean.
You beat 'n Pop, Alex.
And the gasoline from the Saab, please.
The 2nd
Can not.
- Can not be. Can you ... Pussy!
Fucking. My card does not work.
You have to pay.
I have nothing.
And he?
- No idea.
Alex? Do you have money?
- Huh?
Whether you have money.
- Money?
And what do we do now?
- Warning! Go away!
Alex? Rising times in the car.
- Will ihrfahren without paying?
Come on!
- Get in.. Join now!
Do not touch!
- Good! Then you just stay here.
Do you have the key? Where is it?
- Here! I must go now!
Fingerweg! It's my turn.
- Let him go! Damn.
(Marie) man!
Is denied.
- The guy is!
Driving going on!
- What goes in the program?
Hands off!
- Driving now!
Are you dopey?
- You have to get used to such a car.
Hey! Come back!
I can drive very well.
- Hold on! I'll thump you in!
I drive into the ditch! - Alex!
Not! Your zone is on the crumbs!
Pussy! You've got almost knocked over!
- Cunt?
That was his Tourette's, you idiot!
- No, I'm so mean!
Mr. Galler?
Have you called the police?
- No.
They neglect the duty of supervision.
- Vincent is 27!
He can go as erwill.
- He has a disability.
Oh, and so you push him away?
- I see differently, yes?
The other two are also ...
- Disabled?
Well, whatever.
- Forced neurotic and Anorektikerin.
Far he will not come.
I would like to see his room.
Why he has to stop?
- I have his account blocked.
I financed the untouched!
- Vincent's in shock!
His only reference person is dead!
- The'm fine.
You're not!
- At least it was not criminal.
Ask yourself again why he does it!
- How come indicate your car keys?
Yes. No. Why?
(Turns on speaker)
If you run today?
- No. Why?
There was a gas station robbery.
These are my patients. Is better
I'm with you. I still get my bag.
How much money do we have?
11 .
Marie could eat them for a year.
- Shut up, Alex.
Want to ensure nothing?
- No thanks, I'm not hungry.
Want to 'n salad, perhaps?
- No, thanks.
Look, here is' ne cucumber.
- Let me, you're not my doctor!
That is not serious! - What?
Clear the contact on!
Wipe your finger. With you
you never know where to land your hands.
For Rumschreien you go out please!
What exactly is in your box?
My mother.
Oh, shit.
I mean, I thought something like that,
but I thought it was your dog or something.
I'm sorry ... Are you listening?
Take wirweiter.
I do this I control this alone.
- The main thing, go slower.
I know how to talk to such people.
- I admire Their proximity to people.
And? Have you achieved something?
Should we all fly in the air?
- I see.
Darfich now talk to him?
- Oh, please. Go on!
I need the number
the marketing department of Petrol AG.
Nice you have it here.
Do you have coffee?
Today you can get anywhere good espresso.
10 years ago? Service desert!
I do not know where are the.
I take the display back.
Even if I could. Now get me
on the nerves. 1.20 euros!
The rest is for you. Buy for yourself
a little humor.
- There is nothing. They screwed's.
The ad was withdrawn.
They have their tenants well in hand.
Can I throw you out at the station?
I'm late to an important appointment.
I thought we were looking lhren son!
I need to find my patients!
- Monika? It's me.
I'm done.
Navi says I'm against 17 clock in. ..
If you throw out me here
I show at Vincent for auto theft.
Their relationship will not help!
I go to every fucking tabloid,
It attracts the right through the mud!
I bring Marie back safe!
Where can it be?
At least the guys have to eat.
Where do they get what? Here in the area?
- They can be anywhere!
No, they can not. It's raining.
Since that is the highest level.
Goes even slower.
It's over.
- No longer raining.
Where's Marie?
- Pee, I suppose.
I've had enough. Wirfahren back!
- You must be here somewhere!
10 minutes. Please!
It has a half hour ago
stopped raining. Waste of time!
Fucking crap!
I quit 3 years ago. From a
Day to the next. Cold turkey.
5 in absence.
Mr. Gall.
Mr. Gall! You are here.
Not be rushed. We have to consider ...
- Vincent!
Or so!
You can forget it.
- Who is it?
My father.
- What?
Where's Marie?
- No idea. Marie!
They get you something to hear!
- I warn you!
I do it my way!
And on Their! Yes?
Mr. Galler, I forbid you ...
You ruin everything!
Mr. Gall! Hey!
Stop! Hey!
Get in! Get in!
Get out. Come on, already!
Where are your things?
So! Come on!
- Do not touch.
Have they probably not all.
Tank attack. Crazy good!
Do you think you can make me feel broken,
I've built myself? You zero!
Not yours. Not you! Or do you think
I to leave? Get in!
But you can rely on.
- Are you ok? Have you had enough to drink?
You can do it is not easy.
- Here.
- What?
Do you want to leave us here?
- But since you have a car.
- My bag!
Please. Their bag!
- Sorry.
- Alex, come on!
Hold on! I love you yet!
- Do not touch! Pisshnde!
I do not Pisshnde.
Great car!
Clean and beautiful.
Man, your father like that.
- You can have him.
We will go to hell.
- Yes!
And I do not give a damn.
What's up?
Each lhrer rates is a therapeutic reason!
- Take care of lhren stuff!
I do! Marie is at risk.
And I have tomorrow service.
I also know something better!
- This is a good luck charm!
You have stolen the keys!
- Projection behavior.
Typical politician. Are always to blame others!
- I'll see you again.
Ah, 2nd Phase. Insult.
Now you help me look, will you?
Shit! My phone.
- So what?
My phone is in the car. In my car!
Man, this is a disaster.
Since all my numbers in it!
San Vincente there's 6 times in Spain,
9 times in Italy. What should I enter?
In Italy, the sea!
- What? I can not "sea" here.
In Liguria are 2, 5 in Tuscany
Ah! Since that vibrates!
- On my butt! Take it away!
What is it?
For you.
- Nee.
They do not speak Erwill. What?
What did he say?
Nothing. Thank you.
What were you doing in his place?
- What's that for a question?
Her father tells you you're a zero.
What do you do?
This can not be compared.
I am not a zero. - No.
Father always respected me.
- And if he had not done it?
If I had it proved the opposite.
Erwill to Italy!
The idiot!
- Mr. Galler, please! Who is that?
His mother.
Where is the ignition for you?
- On the center console.
Since two wires must be somewhere.
I Just plug it short.
Well, then let's begin.
And the steering wheel lock?
No problem, Mrs. Doctor!
- No! This can be done without violence!
I will hang in the car!
He has ripped me right!
You get to the actually
come when the tics? - Yes.
And how does it feel?
It rises so high in you.
As if you have to sneeze.
And you can suppress?
- Can you deliberately do not sneeze?
I discuss not do it now!
I've just said!
- What?
This is what happens if I do not drive!
This is Germany! Here 's the sea?
No navigation functions without destination!
Since you have to think straight!
Linear thinking?
- Chips need clear information!
So, I'll buy now 'a card!
- I'm going!
Good! You ride. Please!
It makes me mad!
For 3.80 get no road map.
(Marie) Then we steal them.
(Alex) I'll do that!
(Marie) You?
Yes, me!
Good evening.
Disposable gloves are where?
Do you sometimes loose.
Make me loose.
I have n clown in the head, I constantly
craps between the synapses!
The forces me to do always,
I just did not need you!
Me to loosen up pretty much
the last thing I can do. Fuck you.
Why do not you eat?
- What?
When my brain is broken, but you
must not eat just nurwas.
This is not so simple.
Because I want to eat maybe nothing!
Understand that you do not have.
- Hey!
Make the engine!
Quick! Quick! Driving going on!
How did 's that?
- Yes, come on! Driving! Driving! Shit!
(Classical music by Bach)
(Classical music by Bach)
Might I suggest, perhaps,
that we stop at the next board?
Yes. I ask.
Ah! I can not sleep.
In the car, you have all slept well.
Their party in the beautiful
Defensive hold. Rhetorically very clever!
You know
where the frog has the curls!
Uh, this girl ...
- Marie?
Yes. Does the way?
Who eats little.
- Very little.
Is that all?
If you will. 30% die.
- Aha.
Marie also has a heart defect
by years of malnutrition.
And ...
Their treatment will help?
Sometimes yes, sometimes no.
Do you have children?
Yes, I understand. If you put in it is not.
Some starve themselves to death
and the other ... Oh well.
One can not choose. Sorry.
- No.
I go to bed.
If I said something about you ...
- No. I'm just tired.
This just looks ugly,
when people eat.
This is really disgusting and repulsive,
when things in the stew.
It is much more crazy to eat anything.
This sounds totally sick of,
but is really so.
You have to keep it there.
- The toilet situation is excellent.
Well, it superfr up, Alex!
- Yes, I wanted to tell you only.
Say, are you stoned about?
- With Kiffen you numb the pain.
What pain?
- The self-generated hatred, says Rose.
She had even 'ne eating disorder and I know
I know it. That is why she hates me.
Can you dance?
That's a waltz.
- So what?
"Well," is no.
You can do it so show me.
Then kiss me right!
Hey, you can watch TV!
Do you promise mirwas?
- Hm?
Do you eat something today? Just a little?
Can we go there?
Yes. Sure.
Be careful.
- Do not think she can love you.
They can not.
- Thank you for the compliment.
- With you one can not simply talk.
Do you think the peak is far?
- No idea.
Let's go high!
- Maybe this is crap.
This is amazing.
- Lhr are loud.
He has Tourette's. And now he wants
also go to the mountain. - Yes!
I will contact you again.
The clinic turns on the police if we
Marie have not been found one.
You have a guilty conscience.
So, if you ask me.
I have been threatened Marie,
to let them force feed. Stationary.
Gastric tube, tying, etc.
She probably ran away so.
Would you please keep to the speed limit.
- We are in Italy.
You just have to hang on the Italians,
then anything can happen.
Marie! Come!
I'm coming!
I think I can see the sea!
Oh, wow.
(Alex) It's never the sea!
- Does not matter.
Yes. Right.
(Police siren)
You want to give him money?
- Something. For women. We are in Italy.
The car is stolen.
- No, this is a misunderstanding.
This is my car. My car.
- Lhr car.
Their license, please.
I'm not there.
Is in the hospital. Clinic!
She is a doctor.
- Dottoressa?
- Yes.
Please drive to the parking lot up front.
- Uh ... You can not.
Can not.
- Yes.
Go! Avanti!
(Engine starts)
Oh, oh.
You just lost your mother.
Thank you.
What do we do when we sea products?
- Did I have not thought about it.
I drive on.
- How to continue?
To the south. I've never been to Africa.
I also do not Na.
So, I aufjeden case money.
I want to say it again.
What, you have money?
My child pension.
17 437 !
- Nonsense.
Are you stupid? You have all the time
this money here?
I'm here obviously the only one
can ever be proactive!
Yes, how did you all
Company presented? Without money.
Ha! Fuck!
- Yes! Thank you!
I have the right to call my lawyer!
Do not touch me now!
You can not carry me all the time.
- Why not?
Hey! Look at me!
- Leave me alone!
- Alex ran away with the car.
It's your turn.
- Moni, it's me.
Has worked with a debit card?
- The release is complicated.
What was with the group meeting?
- Why sharing is complicated?
The need to buy another guarantor.
Is it worth the effort?
He gets' ne new card.
- This is my son!
Do you have one for me?
Because someone takes us.
Shut up! Fuck you! Bah!
What stares because you like her ...
- Come on!
Wait a minute. Do you hear that?
The music?
- Bach!
I have not "Come in!" said.
Are you crazy? We have looked for you everywhere.
- I did not ask for it.
Darfich? Oderwas?
- No!
Leave for us there! What are wirfr up?
- Nothing! No one is not for no one!
I have the car keys. Shall we go?
- Go, you chicken fucked up!
Oh, it's because of her!
- Do you think it is in the process
because it takes you so great?
The only wants to starve to death!
And because she's not alone ...
- Are you stupid?
... You need 's idiots like you!
- Shut up! Of interest to nobody!
You little fuckers. You are 'n jerk!
I want to go! Let us please?
Are you coming? Please!
No? Ok.
Why do you say that?
- Because you kapierst's not.
You think well, you make a great thing
for your mother.
Here you running just like before Papi!
- Fuck you!
Fuck yourself, you fucking Past!
Fuck! Asshole!
Is that all you can?
And by the way your mother!
Which has its final journey
determined also presented different
as in so 'Ner shitty candy box!
Vincent! Vince!
Listen! Dear I am the way I
as like you
Because, you's do not really exist.
That's your blood.
I'll get something, right?
Why not simply their skin?
Their have but now the car.
Alex, we are not
come for the car.
We are here because of you.
I was the first
in my circle of friends with a child.
Vincent could play football ...
Like a little devil.
The one could take anywhere.
A super boy.
When Vincent began to then,
to be conspicuous?
This was so in the 2nd, 3rd Class.
The teacher said he was extremely ...
yes ... rebellious.
The will has yet fallen.
- Yes. Of course.
We thought the'll get over it.
- But it got worse.
How is your wife handle it?
You will laugh, I felt
she was relieved.
When he flew out of the football club,
she was really happy.
Then she has eingeigelt with him.
What your wife is actually dead,
may I ask?
Vincent has not told you that?
So far we have not yet.
Liver cirrhosis.
She had water in the lungs.
Oh! This is not a pretty death.
- Yes. It is suffocated.
Were you there?
When I arrived,
She was dead two days
Vincent was sitting next to her
and held her hand.
After two days?
- Yes.
Has anyone called,
has not eaten.
Just sat there and held her hand.
We had to loosen as a couple.
Oh, God.
A destra, he said.
- Oh.
What do we do now?
Hotel or ... or pass through?
Yes ...
What do you think?
Drive through.
Yes, maybe better.
Why better?
We are faster below!
But I drive.
Nothing. In the hotel nothing.
Any news?
- Not for you.
It is way behind.
That was here?
I did it.
I should know.
When was that?
- Nice photo. She looks happy.
Yes. That she was.
And you can still see something.
So? What?
How happy the photographer was.
It was our honeymoon.
The hotel was called "San Vicente".
Was perhaps not a good idea
his son to call for a hotel.
Good thing you were not at the Holiday Inn.
So, according to Navi the sea behind.
Well, go!
Well, go!
Marie! Hey!
Is that now more and more like that?
Because if ...
When I ...
I do not know if I can do it all.
You've made it this far.
You're doing already.
I'm sorry.
Where's good for you?
I've got it all wrong.
I am a therapist catastrophic.
I hope they come through.
You know the background is not so,
But such things should not happen.
- Darfich say anything?
I think ...
I think you do it very well.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
I'm going to smoke one.
You ...
Can you loosen me?
You were already dead, you know?
Why, you have brought back.
Please. Only ...
Just my hand. It hurts so much.
Alex is right, right? You would not,
that they get back up.
Nurwir both.
Without Alex.
To the south, more and more.
Marie, I ...
Nope. I can not save you.
I'm going.
Find me. Ok?
Vincent. No! Vincent, please!
Wait. You do love me!
Take that away, please. Please! Take that away.
Get me out of here. Vincent!
Please! Take that away!
Where's good for you?
- Me? Excellent.
I was never better.
Hold on.
What do you want?
I come to.
If you give it to me?
I know where she wants out.
Thank you.
Thank you for this suit! Vincent!
- What?
When we visit them?
Do not know.
Let's go. Among people.