Violent Blue (2011) Movie Script

What seems to be the problem?
My ex, will be released
I see
5 years have passed
The divorce was never final
and I feel strange
So allow yourself to show
your feelings
Katarina, you're a beautiful woman
Why keep in those
horrible emotions?
Then theres my brother
He's so distant
The closer I try to get to him,
the more he wants to be away
He doesn't give me a chance
You know what I mean doctor?
maybe we could go out
together later on tonight
if you don't have
anything better to do
How is dad?
He still calls?
Well. Does he?
How have you been?
My interview is this morning
Everything is well
The mask please
Its more than we agreed on.
Now give me the mask.
So if I put in a musical note, this device
will try to suggest the next note?
a little big but it can help
me with the Molcik piece
You can keep it
No. How could i repay it?
Keep it
I'm worried about you and
hope you find a steady job
Maybe at my school
It's an honest job
I have an honest job
Thank you little brother
I don't want you to
come here anymore
I hate music
We can listen to it
digitally at home
I'll take out the
parts you don't like
But please don't send any of your strange guys ok?
I'm done working with you.
I want to find an honest job
Don't ruin her like
you did the rest
I know you're worried
about your return
Shouldn't I be?
Don't worry
Don't worry?
He won't come back,
he's healthy now
Hanna is improving fast
I think she would be a great
help on my Molcik project
I've never seen a 13 year old learn
Mozart, even surpassing Mozart
Miss M, surely you aren't comparing
my daughter to Mozart?
She has a lot of talent but she needs
to be trained and looked after
Hanna just finished her mid-term
I choose the music
of the planets
based on the works of Pythagoras.
He discovered those musical tones,
math and astronomy went together
How well did you know
the girl downstairs?
She was a sexy girl?
Nice body? Hangin
around here?
Yes, and what a waste
that she died so young
Everybody would want to fuck
and now she'll be
making necro-porn
There's no offer registered for you.
Why did you lie to me?
I never lied to you
You're the dog
- Go to your room girl
- Go to hell asshole
So then why?
Most people can control their obsession,
but not with him. I'm worried
Has he contacted us?
Well thats divorce. It's never
good when children are involved
No kids are involved
But you want some, right?
I like them,
I work with them
and that's it
You didn't answer my question
I haven't thought of it.
I love my job, I love music
So you want you own kids
That's not the topic
You don't find it unusual?
Not at all
Katarina, this is your final treatment
It seems strange not to
be seated in the office
This is a very special treatment
What are you doing?
I'm trying to fix this old phonogram
leave it alone you idiot
get out, get out
Follow my movements with precision
Put your left foot down
Step up with the right
and turn around
Katarina M. , at this moment
you have been suspended
Your school needs passionate
teachers like me
To teach the children no
matter who they are
We can't let our culture
go down the drain
She knows nothing of children
I hope she gets infected with STDs
You ruined it, you suck
too many nasty dicks
But I'm Slovakian just like you
You aren't a Slovak, go eat
your romanian garbage
You've dishonored our kids here
Now suck my balls
All the musical notes should
have a place in the numbers.
Almost done
I'll be with you
drink, drink
Katarina, don't give up
don't let the concert win
I've trained you
You can win
I'm in your mind.
Dig deep and remember
Be strong
I'm sorry
I'm so sorry
B and C.
Try B and then D.
A and G.
C and B.
A sharp and B minor
Katarina, follow me
Katarina, go to the fire
Don't forget the teachings
Remember the notes and
unblock the code
It's inside you
This sequence of notes
can't be correct
Do you have the
mini-Lecter device?
I gave it to Hanna.
Do you still have it?
Move the sharp chords in the
2nd movement. A C D B CE
That's it
Move the sharp notes now
And this?
Katarina, you're close,
don't ruin it
I'm your damn father
and mother all in one
Unblock the code and be free
I'm the life that enters your mouth,
so you can breathe and live
I'm the life that enters your mouth,
so you can breathe and live
My sperm is sprayed in
your general direction
The liberation is here
DR. SOBESLAV, psiquiatra.