Violent Streets (1974) Movie Script

The story and characters shown
in this motion picture are fictional
and don't portray any actual events.
Toei Company, LTD
Idea: GOSHA Hideo
Screenplay: KAKEFUDA Masahiro
Camera: YAMAZAWA Yoshikazu
Sound: HIROGAMI Masuhiro
Light: UMEGAYA Shigeru
Art Direction:
NAKAMURA Shuichiro
Editing: SODA Tomio
Music: SATO Masaru
With the participation
of the "El Flamenco" ensemble
ANDO Noboru
AKAZA Miyoko - Madame Joy
MUROTA Hideo - TANAKA Hiroshi
YASUOKA Rikiya - MATSUI Yasuko
HIRAIZUMI Tamotsu - SATO Kyoichi
YANA Nobuo
TANBA Tetsuro
Directed by: GOSHA Hideo
I bet they're associated
with the Togiku Group.
You spilled it on purpose!
Fuckin' bitch!
Stay out of it!
Stop it, sir!
Shut the fuck up!
Good evening.
It entirely is the fault of my employee.
I apologize.
You're the manager?
How are you going to pay
for my ruined European jacket?
I'll compensate your loss.
You name the price.
Follow me.
How about this?
And now?
Thank you. Come again.
Hey, see them out.
Hello everybody.
Hit me with some good stuff.
How're you?
Where's Minami?
Where's Minami?
- She just went out.
- What?
Wait a sec.
What's going on?
We're ready.
- Haven't you seen Minami?
- No.
Your position's the same?
I've already answered you.
I understand you.
We gave you this bar as a retirement
gift from the Togiku family,
but now we want it back.
You'll get a nice stack of bills for it.
It's not a matter of money.
The "Madrid" is very important
for you and your men.
If you know that, why don't you give up?
I've told you that, over and over,
that is our management call.
The Western Japan Alliance of Kansai
is attempting to steal...
our Ginza territory.
And you don't want a misfit
who left the family...
sitting in the middle of Ginza.
Is that the story?
Well, that's not what I mean.
your boss, Gohara,
is doing all he can to get rid of me.
What're you talking about?
He sends bums here to make trouble.
That's not us.
It's some kind of mistake.
The Togiku family is no longer a group
of yakuza like when you were in.
It's a legitimate company named
Togiku Corporations Ltd.
There's no need for us to
resort to such petty means.
We can find ways to kick you
out legally if we want.
Don't be upset and understand.
I'm not going to move no matter
how much money you give me.
Tell it to Gohara.
we'll talk about it later.
Why did you do that for?
Wait 'til the bar closes
if you want to drink.
Are you gonna give me a lecture?
Don't make me laugh!
You have no right to do that.
I'm still considered only an employee here.
Why are you looking like that?
Her again?
You still can't forget her?
And, still...
while you were jailed,
she married Gohara.
And me,
I'm just...
...the kind of lover you need.
You can't forget that slut?
Pauvre type!
Star Production tried getting Minami?
They gave her a 5 million down payment.
- Why hide that from me?
- I'm sorry.
You, Minami's mother,
did you really think we'd let her go?
She wasn't happy with her pay.
She thought herself underpaid,
seeing her success.
Do you have any idea how much
we invested just to get her started?
Just a few years of work won't pay us back.
Get Star Production on the phone.
Officially Minami's fallen ill.
Don't let the media know the truth.
The TV station won't say anything.
I gave them the order.
Here you go, boss.
Star Production?
Give my message to the president.
We'll return his 5 million,
and we'll keep Minami.
I'm Yazaki of the Togiku Group.
How many show have you got taped in advance?
Two, I think.
Two... That leaves us
with two weeks to solve this.
They tried to get her?
Isn't Star Production affiliated
with the Western Japan Alliance?
That's right. Kansai is
probably pulling the strings.
It means we're the target.
That's just how they'd operate.
Boss, we must take them on.
They knew we're afraid they'd attack.
We won't react at heir provocation.
Times have changed.
Ours is a honorable company.
Don't forget that.
OK. Put him through.
Are you in charge of production?
Yeah. Who are you?
I know it very well.
One of those having Minami.
Are you from the Western Japan Alliance?
Well, I'll leave it up to your imagination.
What d'you want?
I want you to buy the golden egg from me.
Put Minami on.
We'll have her sing one of hits.
It's me,
Minami, are you alright?
Do you know who I am?
Help me! Help me!
What d'you say?
Her next song'll be "Angel in Fear".
Could be a hit.
What d'you want?
Get 100 million yen ready.
- 100 millions?
- Small change,
when compared to what she earns from you.
I'll call you back to set the rendez-vous.
Neat. They think it's the
Western Japan Alliance did it.
- Who is it?
- It's me, Mochizuki.
- Good work.
- The war is on, boss.
A war between Kansai and
Kanto is about to begin.
We did it.
I hope the Togiku family
will take up the arms.
That's sure!
And that's what Kansai's waiting for.
Once Kanto opens fire they'll
be rushing in like the tide.
It's gonna be fun.
First, let's get the money.
Follow through with the dealing
tomorrow exactly as we planned.
I'm sorry.
I promise myself to stop drinking
time and time again.
But I can't.
I'm going home.
How's Haruo doing these days?
My only sibling wouldn't even come near me.
He became a yakuza, wanting to be like you.
He's turned into a thug too.
Eat this.
Don't be afraid.
When your company brings us
the money as promised,
we'll set you free.
Time for your show.
I'll put it on.
Don't be afraid.
I love this man
I've invited him tonight
I love this man
He'll come meet me in my room
From my window the pale moon I can see
It makes fun of me
Hurry up!
Hurry up!
Come bare feet,
And let no one see you,
If anyone says something,
Don't mind it
What happiness!
Love kisses
Such happiness
On a cloud I float
A wooden doll catches my eye
The clock rings
Can't hear it...
Can't be true!
She's dead, moron!
Boss! I...
What should we do?
Don't fret.
We can't pull back now!
We must get the money no matter what!
Don't try to trick us.
Have a walkie talkie and a telescope ready.
Turn it on 1.39 kHz.
Then, go to Kanto building that's
under construction at Harumi Peer...
...and walk up to the 12th floor.
There'll be a lot of us.
Don't forget we're watching your
every move from all directions.
One stupid move and we wack her.
If you want Minami back alive...'ll give us the money,
then wait a while.
You must follow all our instructions.
Afterwards, you an do whatever you want.
From there you can see Minami, as agreed.
Look straight ahead,
The 17th floor of Grand Miyagi Hotel,
the third window from the right.
You see her, don't you?
A freight lift will be coming
down in about 10 seconds.
Put the money on it.
We'll leave Minami right here.
Take good care of her.
Grand Hotel Miyagi, 17th floor,
3rd window from the right.
Looks like there's a lot of them.
Don't endanger her.
Wait until they get their money.
These are their instructions.
Now! Go!
We know it's you who kidnapped Minami.
Are you accusing the
Alliance of kidnapping her?
Have you got any evidence?
Enough! Close down
and go back to Osaka.
Put a finger on me,
and you'll pay it very dearly.
Shut up!
Storming in there,
you threw down the drain 10 years
of efforts made to become honorable.
Tomorrow's papers will write
about how our company... run by yakuza.
Yazaki, by attacking them,
you did exactly what they wanted us to do.
I can't stand being humiliated.
They want war.
That's obvious.
They took 100 million from us,
and killed our star singer,
and we aren't supposed to react?
You get mad, you storm them,
and what do you get?
A war's a mighty expensive thing.
Then, the Togiku Group is a
defanged, domesticated dog.
I can't pretend to be an obedient company
employee forever and do nothing.
Cut your big airs and throw Egawa out.
Calm down, Yazaki.
Our guys will get the kidnappers.
Then we'll have evidence against the West,
and the war will start.
It's been a while since you
saw Boss last, hasn't it?
Yeah, it's been a year or so.
Now, that he works at a health center,
he doesn't go out much at night.
Hatanaka opened a hostess bar,
Tanaka runs a mahjong joint...
We've all changed tracks.
The only good thing about it... is that you don't have
to see any dirty rats.
Togiku is on the alert.
Because of the kidnapping?
I hear Yazaki raided the
office of Star Production.
If Kansai decides to retaliate,
things will be less boring around here.
The Western Japan Alliance of Kansai...
...has gained control
over most of Japan...
...and is waiting for the opportunity
to expand its territory in Tokyo.
War will surely break out.
But, the Togiku Group family no longer
has the power to stop them.
Boss, please let's revive the Egawa Family!
Don't be ridiculous.
I'm too old to fight.
But Boss, we can't stand it any more!
Mochizuki told me...
...that damn Gohara was
trying to kick you out of this bar.
"When Egawa feels trapped,
he shows his teeth."
"We'll only have to let the police
do its job."
That's what I heard he said.
The Togiku family has given you
this bar as a token of gratitude
for your loyal services.
During the war with the
Chuo Group 8 years ago...
We took initiative and suffered
casualties more than...
...any other family under Togiku.
Yet once we got out of jail...
...they told us the time has changed,
yakuza's not the way to go...
...and that we had
to start from scratch.
You weren't feeling comfortable anymore,
you were feeling useless,
so you decided to leave them.
This bar is nothing,
compared to what our family did for them.
The bastards...
They play the honorable employees,
in a nine storey building,
but they owe at least six
of them to the Egawa family.
all of your old followers feel the same way.
If you call them back...
And then?
What'll we do?
We'll take revenge.
They got rid of us after using us.
They pretend they've become honest,
but we, we'll fight the West.
Even if we lose,
we'll be able to cut a deal
and keep this borough.
Forget it.
We'd be needing weapons
to restart the family.
Take this out of your heads.
We've all got honest jobs.
That's more difficult than drawing a knife.
It's no problem finding the dough.
Don't worry about me.
I'll never abandon this bar.
you're at home in here.
Take good care of him.
Did the West pull that?
We've got no evidence,
but we're almost sure.
We're looking into it.
Our family is recruiting,
to be able to confront the West Alliance.
They want you.
If you say yes,
they'll surely let you keep the "Madrid".
They pushed me out,
and now they want me to fight on their side?
There should be no violence.
Gohara pretends he's gone straight,
doesn't he?
If wants to fight the West,
he's free to do it.
as long Gohara runs this family,
I won't come back.
Why does a man like you go on serving him?
Maybe because I'm as...
...stubborn as you are.
And I have no choice.
It's too late to change tracks.
You think you can rise in the ranks?
A hot headed like you risks being
thrown out, doesn't he?
There're some advantages
in belonging to a family.
I don't intend to leave them.
You are Fujita-san, aren't you?
Good evening.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Good job.
Now, Togiku...
...has no more evidence
against the Western Alliance.
You've iced the four guys I'd been using.
- What are you gonna do?
- We're gonna make a move into Ginza,
as long as they react the way we figured.
Let me pay you back
with some inside information.
Haruo, a small local punk,
Mochizuki and Hama,
who used to be with Egawa...
Make them talk,
and you'll get your 100 millions back.
What'd you say about splitting it with me?
Togiku's about to figure it
out too, so we'd better hurry.
Agreed. And what's more,
I have to kill to stay calm.
You're the one who killed Minami!
No, I didn't do anything!
Asshole! You tried groping her,
and you killed her.
I don't know what you're talking about!
We heard you were bragging about
some big job you were about to do.
I don't know what you're talking about!
You don't know what I'm talking about?
Don't fuck with us!
It's Haruo's handwriting.
I woke up this morning
to find this under my door.
What's happening?
He only shows up once
in a while, so I don't know.
He did mention some big job
he was about to do.
A big job?
They surely want to kill him.
I know he's a punk,
but he's my only brother.
Please, save him!
It's been a long time.
I know why you're here.
I'm surprised you took the trouble
to come out just to save a punk.
I don't know what he's done,
but I'll take responsibility.
Please let me take Haruo back.
I don't know what
your relationship is to him,
but we're no longer yakuza.
We don't act the way we used to...
When we don't like something,
we ask the police to step in.
"Legally", you're saying?
a top corporation...
"Doesn't dirty its hands."
Have I got it right?
That's right.
That's why we pay a large amount
of taxes to the government.
And we, we don't stay... a place that isn't ours.
If you're talking about "Madrid",
you gave it to me... compensation for the
disbandment of my family.
D'you remember, Moroki?
The ownership title is in our safe.
According to the law,
Togiku Corporations Ltd owns the bar.
The boss doesn't dare to ask you to go.
He feels its his duty to this for you.
"His duty"?
You don't give a damn...
...about all those youngsters
still in jail...
...for having worked with you.
You ignore them.
I don't have anything else to say to you.
I'll let you take care of your friend.
You haven't changed.
The deceased had...
...a watch,
a lighter,
and 350 yen in cash.
- The deceased?
Why do you call him like that?
My brother...
My brother's name is Haruo Yoshii.
He has a name... A name!
He was a punk,
but that's no reason to despise him!
Why did you die?
Why did you die like this?
Confess! Where's the dough?
Where did you hide it?
You did it on Egawa's orders, didn't you?
He's nothing to do with this!
Believe me. It's the truth!
You're pulling our leg.
Haruo confessed everything...
...before dying.
Is that you that killed her?
What the fuck d'you care?
Tell us where the money is.
Where did you hide it?
It's you that killed Haruo...
Step aside!
George, step aside!
George, step aside!
Step aside!
what's happening?
Why have Mochizuku and Haruo been killed?
Who did it?
I can tell you who did it.
It was you...
You kidnapped her.
All we wanted...
...was to take revenge on Togiku.
...100 millions mean nothing...
...compared to the blood spilled
by the Egawa family...
...for the prestige of Togiku.
Give you this bar was mean.
Who else was mixed in it?
Some punks from the West
that Haruo brought in.
They've also been killed.
We wanted our family to come alive again.
They've died for this.
The money's hidden under the dog's kennel.
please revive the family with the money,
and make Gohara pay.
That's the only thing Mochizuki
and Haruo looked forward to.
Why did you kill the woman
who was your hostage?
Why did you kill her?
Who did it?
It was...
I did it.
I killed her.
That's why, after giving you the money,
I was going to kill myself.
I'll do it for you.
We don't need you anymore.
We know where the money is.
Who the hell are you?
Regard us... hired by Gohara.
And now you die.
I had never noticed...
the sadness in the castanets sound.
I brought you some money.
Are you leaving me?
You'll be safe with this.
I don't want it!
Where'll Haruo's grave be?
At the Azabu Gekko temple.
His ashed will be laid there on the 10th.
With all my love
I sing
With all my love
I sing
Like red flames
Flowers blossom...
Boss, Egawa closed his bar.
He's going to make a move.
We must set his account straight.
What's with this bill?
It's way too high.
Look at it. Hey!
Guys from the West.
They dare cause a scandal
in the middle of Ginza!
Let it go.
Asshole! Am I supposed to pay this?
Call the manager!
Hey, quit it already!
You, who do you think you are?
You're from what family?
You're causing trouble
to innocent bystanders.
- Jerk!
- Get lost!
- What do you want?
- Leave me alone!
Go on with the music!
Come on!
Call for back up.
- Boss...
- Do what I say.
Boss, I got something.
The top Tachibana,
Hanabusa, Maruo and Motojima brass
are meeting in Osaka.
we won't be able to resist.
We must avoid the conflict spreads.
We have to work a deal out.
We'll sign a peace treaty.
Let's give them the "Madrid".
It's a hot spot.
I'm against it, boss.
Giving away a spot in central
Ginza is giving up our power,
no matter how you slice it.
Watch what you say.
No way!
I'm not afraid of dying.
Giving in without a fight only brings
the Togiku Group's reputation down.
It's easy to play soldier boy,
but you'd better find the money,
and kill Egawa first.
Who is it?
Hey, is Tatsu home?
Who are you?
Egawa. I'm here to see Tatsu.
Is he in?
It's alright.
He did me a favor 8 years ago.
I don't know anyone named Tatsu.
It's okay. He's cool with me.
Wanna try this?
It's noisy enough.
They won't hear a little pop.
The cops are breathing
down my neck these days.
Prices have gone up.
Just name it.
Listen, I want one more,
a powerful rifle.
Can do.
I'll have it ready in a day or so.
Maybe I shouldn't ask,
but has it got anything to do
with 100 millions?
- 2-6, even!
- She's cheating!
Calm down.
I, Ogin, have crimson
blood running in my veins.
I don't cheat at cards.
I call it "odd" or "even"...
You're the best!
it's a pleasure seeing this show.
With my kind of job,
I'm always where noise is.
It feels like losing it.
I need to get out and
have fun once in a while,
or else I go nuts.
Tell me,
what kind of war is it?
I won't be in your way,
will you let me watch?
Sorry, but it's a private matter.
Don't say that.
I'm itching for some action.
We're old friends.
I beg you, please.
It's no, even for you.
In that case,
I can't take your order either.
How will it be?
Thanks, Egawa.
The bill.
Deposit it in that account.
Thanks for coming.
Egawa has killed Futahashi.
On the Togiku parking lot.
It means he's coming.
Come, it's the moment to leave.
I'll get down here. Stop.
Have fun. Bye!
I'm Gohara, from Togiku.
You are Shimamura, from the West Alliance?
Yes, it's me.
What's the matter?
Don't ask any questions.
Give me two days.
I'm gonna set this straight.
It doesn't matter when the war starts.
I'll wait.
Two days don't matter.
I remember...
...the small studio we had,
behind Tsukiji,
when we were living together.
It's all big buildings now.
Nothing's like it used to be anymore.
...don't even ask me anything.
I couldn't wait for you to get out of jail.
I married Gohara. I...
Stop it.
It's useless talking about it.
You're right.
It's only whimpering.
I'll get some sake.
Save yourself, my love!
Well? It's you?
I was looking for you.
I didn't imagine you were
working so close to the "Madrid".
I don't know where he is.
I understand you're protecting Egawa.
But your brother... Haruo,
that's how he was called, wasn't he?
In a way, it's Egawa who killed him.
Your brother was involved... Minami's kidnapping.
He obeyed Egawa.
You're lying!
You're lying!
Did you know Gohara's wife got killed?
Her name was Yuko, wasn't it?
I read about it in the newspapers.
What're you driving at?
Togiku's men...
...attacked Egawa
when he was with her.
You've remembered it was today?
Here's Haruo's grave.
Tomorrow, I quit drinking.
I mean it.
It's the last time.
Give me more.
You know,
I've decided to get married.
With someone I meant to for some time.
Don't you have anything to say to me?
Be happy.
I am happy.
He's not a yakuza, like Haruo and you.
He's an employee.
It's his only quality.
But it's enough for me.
I don't deserve even this much.
Listen, would you like to make a present?
Why not...
Then make love to me.
Come on...
Make love to me.
If you quit drinking,
you'll be a fine woman.
My love...
Come on, kill me!
You, trash... Die...
Come, everybody!
You did a good job.
I've been told Egawa's dead.
We'll make peace with the West.
Our boss is assured.
Thank you for your help.
Take this money and have fun.
Thank you, sir.
you're gonna pay.
You've let everyone go.
I've fired all the men related
to the old Togiku family.
You never got your hands dirty.
With you the boss now, the road is clear.
You've given central Tokyo to me.
I've, at last, conquered all of Japan.
Shimamura, our family
will soon run the Japanese economy.
I'll need your support.
We'll get rich together.
As a matter of fact,
you still haven't found Egawa?
Yazaki's looking for him.
You can't go on using this man.
I let the worms fight among themselves.
The fight's not over.
I have a bullet left.
Egawa, wanna make a bet?
If you win, you get the gun.
Guess where the grains are.
Which hand?