Violentia (2018) Movie Script

- Marie!
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
It actually starts
to grow on you.
Trust me.
I would do anything to
erase the memory of that day.
Now, some of us are able
to suppress harsh memories,
but memories are only
part of the truth.
They're not the whole truth.
Let me ask you a question.
What was the last
great meal you had?
Where did you have it?
Who did you have it with?
Well, depending on how
long ago you had this meal,
you may not remember
all the details.
But do you remember
the meal you had the next day
or the day after that?
Vaguely, perhaps, or not at all.
The last time I stood
in front of this committee,
I told you we were very
close to creating a nanobot
that would enhance
the capabilities
of the brain's
recall procedures.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I give you the advanced
memory enhancement nanobot.
Designed to apply itself
to the cells of the hippocampus,
it acts like a light switch,
turning on and off memories
as needed
by regulating a gene
known as TAT-1.
Now, by programming sensory
detail into the nanobots,
we can trace, pinpoint,
and actually recreate
specific memories
based on data provided.
The possibilities of my
technology are endless.
Alzheimer's, amnesia, PTSD.
Any brain-related issue
with memory.
Turning the right memories on...
and the wrong ones off.
Ladies and gentlemen...
this technology
absolutely works,
but it is impossible for me
to demonstrate it...
using mice.
I need a single human subject.
Thank you.
Thank you for your
entertaining presentation,
Dr. Anderson.
This panel was set up
by the government
to evaluate projects relevant
to current circumstances.
And although your project
is quite remarkable,
we have more critical issues
that plague our streets.
We shall convey our decision
to your research facility.
Thank you for your time.
Dr. Anderson?
Dr. Anderson?
That would be me.
Hi, I'm Dr. Rachel Porter.
Mansingh Research Center.
Very impressive
what you said inside.
I thought so.
I'm not sure the panel
felt the same way.
Well, we at the
research center
are very interested in
what you have to offer.
Really, and what's that?
Your nanobots.
We believe that working together
would be mutually beneficial.
You think that?
Right now we're in the process
of a human trial phase
of a government-sanctioned
which, it's not exactly
what you had in mind,
but you'd be able
to see your boys in action.
What do you think?
You need an answer right now?
The sooner the better.
Be a great opportunity
for you to take your experiment
to the next level, Dr. Anderson.
MAN: We're in a society now
where we expect mass shootings.
And it's possible,
now more than ever,
for an individual to commit.
We're beyond the stage
where we can simply say,
"No, you shouldn't do that."
And I'm aware
that you've been working
with a number of research labs.
Have they been able to achieve
the results that you want?
We're getting closer.
Conventional ethical boundaries
are slowing the work.
In what way?
Well, there are restrictions...
Hey, are you sure
you wanna go back there?
...and they've been
there for a long time.
But if you remove them,
won't you be stepping
on free will?
MAN: But free will doesn't mean
you have the right
to run rampant on an unchecked
impulse and kill people.
We're trying to create a
society where can guarantee
that people
will behave responsibly.
And they can exercise
their own free will
without stepping
on someone else's.
What do you think?
80 percent human?
90 percent human?
Dr. Anderson, Walter Mansingh.
Nice to meet you.
So glad you could join us.
I see you two have met.
If you'd excuse us, Walter,
I need to brief Dr. Anderson.
Rachel, 95 percent human.
We think.
Enjoy your tour.
Who is this man?
This is Simon Frost.
Convicted criminal
on charges of assault, rape,
and we suspect much worse,
although thanks
to your research,
we'll no longer have to imagine.
Oh, I'm not sure.
Oh, we're following
all the appropriate channels.
He's been put in our care
for a very unique human trial,
which, if successful, will
lead to his eventual release.
If successful,
will actually change the world.
When a person commits
an act that falls
beyond the bounds
of established social morals,
parts of the brain
become hyperactive.
Conversely, parts of the brain
that control
impulsive actions
become more dormant.
Over time,
these behaviors become habits.
Habits become addictions.
All in pursuit of recreating
that first experience.
Pushing the boundaries of risk
on a consistent basis.
Drugs and alcohol, these
problems are, for the most part,
manageable, but violence,
consistent abnormal behavior
of such nature
is usually the result
of years of conditioning.
And all this, I suppose,
is the proposed method
of breaking said condition.
Exactly, but first
we need to establish
a pattern in Simon's behavior.
I assume that's
where I come in.
Excuse me.
I'm wondering, where are
the rest of your people?
A project of this
nature requires
a certain degree of secrecy.
Walter Mansingh cleared
this particular building for us.
And who's filling
Walter Mansingh's pockets?
And that concludes our tour.
Thank you for coming,
Dr. Anderson.
- Pleasure.
- Hope to see you again.
I'm sure you can
find your way out.
When did she get that tall?
I'm so close, Marie.
I get one subject and this
whole thing is gonna fly.
And we are gonna have
all the time in the world.
We'll see.
Just say the word
and I walk away from it all.
And do what?
I don't know, something.
Anything that doesn't
require me to apply
my awesome,
awesome brain power.
I really can't see you
doing anything too laborious.
Oh, listen, sister.
These hands only
appear to be soft.
They are capable of some
really light manual labor.
Well, in any case,
I can't let you quit now.
You're too close.
And I am looking forward
to reaping the benefits
of my investment.
So that's all I am to you now,
an investment.
I'm fine with that.
Super-hot, aging,
Jet Li investment.
Do you need help setting up?
Did you get what I asked for?
Yes, of course.
- From his cell phone.
- What's it for?
Sensory detail.
On this instance, it's an image,
but it could be a
sound or a smell.
It's what cues memory recall.
So, what I'm doing now
is giving the information
to the nanobots so they'll
know exactly the memory
that you're trying to pinpoint.
- done.
- Already?
Well, that's the easy part.
Portable FMRI.
Atomic magnetometry.
Ah, very good.
Okay, I could use that hand now.
Right here, please.
Here you go.
Is this safe?
Let's find out, shall we?
We should probably
be seated for this.
It's gonna take a few minutes
for the nanobots
to reach the hippocampus.
That way they can formulate
the memory for Simon.
Please remember
this is a prototype.
Results may vary.
Are we in his memory?
No, not exactly.
More like a shared
His memories are
re-encoded and transmitted
into new memories for us,
which our brain interprets
in the third person.
Think of it like
watching a movie clip.
It's the only way our brains
can rationally make sense
of something that wasn't
ours to begin with.
We need strawberries.
Do you wanna play a
game of darts, babe?
You have a games room in here?
This is my games room, babe.
Darts, my favorite.
Now, what you're experiencing
is voluntary muscle paralysis
due to blocked
impulse transmission.
Dizzy, unable to move.
Head still fully processing
everything we're doing.
Best part is that you
can still feel pain.
Your research
up until this point...
what your nanobots
are capable of, it's astounding.
You're right.
This isn't what I had in mind.
His... his crimes are real.
This is happening.
Dr. Anderson, this is the world
that we live in.
We have to do something
to fix it.
Let me show you something.
This is my labor of love.
A modified enzyme
that gels with enzymes
sending messages to the brain.
When it detects hyperactivity
in the wrong parts of the brain,
it fires symptoms of a common,
yet painful, human ailment.
This one I prepared for Simon,
for example,
triggers migraines.
So when the wood
in his pants grows,
he's subjected
to severe headaches.
That's one way to put it.
Over time, his brain will learn
that what once was
pleasurable is now painful.
So, if we can test this
in Simon's recreated memory
you'll know if your treatment
is the real deal.
Why should I help someone
who wasn't human to begin with?
I think you've misunderstood
our intentions, Dr. Anderson.
It's not just him we're helping.
It's the countless victims
of future violence.
Think about it.
If this works, funding,
human subjects, you name it.
Come on, let me show you.
She's wearing a sweater.
I knew our memories
were subject to change
every time we recall them,
but seeing it happen
is frightening.
Yeah, makes you question
your belief in them, doesn't it?
We need strawberries.
Do you wanna play a
game of darts, babe?
You have a games
room in here, too?
The moment of truth.
What's going on?
What's going on?
Oh, my God, are you...
Babe, what's going on?
Senator Edward Frost,
may I please present
Dr. Adam Anderson.
So pleased to meet you.
- Hi.
- I've heard lots about you.
And I'm told that we were
correct in assuming
you are the missing piece
to our puzzle.
Yes, well, I'd say there's
still a few pieces missing yet.
I think what Dr. Anderson means
is that...
Walter. Walter, please.
Let's let the doctors tell us.
There's been
tremendous progress.
Thanks to Dr. Anderson,
we now have the first
clear indication
that my serum does indeed
prevent violent action.
Do we have evidence
that can be demonstrated?
With Dr. Anderson's
technology, yes.
Hold on, now.
This isn't conclusive.
And let's just be clear.
We're talking about releasing
a convicted criminal, right?
Eventually, yes.
Which makes us that much more
responsible for our actions.
I mean, Simon is still
technically a violent case.
Yes, but...
Right. Well, you can trim a
hedge to keep it neat and tidy,
but eventually it will
grow out of shape again.
Its roots are very
deep underground.
Fortunately, hedges
can be retrimmed,
but money, unfortunately,
does not grow on trees.
Wouldn't you say that
the potential benefits
far outweigh the negatives?
This could essentially prove
to be the end of violence
as we know it.
Okay, maybe.
But long term effect,
These are highly unpredictable.
We only have a piece
of the solution here.
We need...
We need to dig deeper
into Simon's past.
How long is that gonna take?
Weeks, months?
The world needs a solution now.
And you need a public
to work with.
Simon Frost.
Senator Edward Frost.
I had no idea our benefactor
had such close ties
to our subject.
Well, I've heard enough.
I'm not interested.
Thank you.
- Brittany!
- Huh? What?
I may be taking a little break
for a while, so...
Won't your
microscope get jealous?
Yeah, probably.
But I'm gonna be taking a break,
you know?
Hey, hey, your lunch!
Oh, here, Dad.
Love you.
From the beach.
Where we created a new world.
It has been six months since
the shooting
at South Central High,
the last mass shootout
since the ban
on assault-grade
weapons was imposed.
Many say that it was
the final incident
that triggered
the government to take action.
It has also sparked outrage...
It was the last
thing she gave me.
Maybe if I had stayed,
I could've...
Even if you had stayed,
there's no way
of predicting events like this.
Adam, this violence,
this disease...
Simon, he's landed
us in some trouble.
We need you.
I came across this.
It's been six months,
but some of the parents
still meet at this church.
No parent should
have to go through
what you're going through, Adam.
If you decide
you shouldn't come back...
I'll understand.
WOMAN ON RADIO: ...protesting
police violence in cities
across the country following
the shooting of two black men...
We cannot begin to comprehend
the events of that fateful day.
We can only take comfort
in the knowledge that...
it is the ones
that the Lord loves the most...
that he calls home the soonest.
It has been six months.
Those little kids have left
a large gap in our society.
Unfortunately, nothing
is being done to fill that gap.
The government continues
to come up
with superficial solutions
that hardly scratch the surface
of this epidemic
called violence.
They take care
of their children and family
while ours
are out on the street.
Now, we need to come together
as a community.
He shouldn't be here.
If we don't do this,
it's going to just
be out of control.
So, I'm begging you...
- for our little kids...
- Who is that?
That's Peter Wyatt.
...and for our families...
MAN: The father of the monster
that killed our children.
WOMAN: Because if you don't,
I'm gonna do it by myself.
But I know you will
because we love each other.
Because we lived
through this together.
And we can do this.
We are strong enough to do this.
Oh, my God!
Thank you, thank you, thank
you, thank you, thank you.
Uh, hello everyone
out there in T.V. land.
Say hi, honey.
Excuse me.
I was wondering
if someone might be able
to help me find something.
What is it that you need?
Well, you see, I'm
having these headaches
and I was hoping
you could help me with it.
- What kind of headaches?
- These headaches are...
In fact, they're
sometimes severe.
Um, well, do you have any
existing medical conditions?
Listen, I just need
something to numb it,
take me to the morning
so I can see a doctor.
Maybe this can help us both.
I'm sorry, sir,
but we don't do
that kind of business here.
If you would like to cooperate
with me properly....
Calm down, princess.
I was just trying to help.
I appreciate
your concern, sir,
but I'm not gonna do something
illegal just to get it.
We can make this real easy
or we can make this real hard.
Suit yourself.
Please, just let me go.
We can make this real easy
or real hard.
And believe me,
hard gives me a real boner.
Come on, now.
That's funny.
Wrong audience.
Why is it always hard?
No! No! No!
Here, you left
it in my office.
You were right.
We conditioned his brain
to manage his pain.
I'm sure "I told you so" isn't
exactly constructive, is it?
How did he escape?
We reduced his drug dosage.
We thought the migraines
would sustain him.
Right. There was something else.
He knew I was watching him.
It's nothing complicated.
I think it's just
the subconscious
picking up an intrusion.
I hope so.
Anyway, clearly my drug's
not the solution,
just an effective patch,
restricting the impulse
of violence
which is inherent in all of us.
Right, which brings
up the question,
at what point does a rational
human being cross a boundary?
You're assuming
all people are rational.
What my father did to my mother,
you can't call that rational.
What amazed me
was my mother's tolerance.
She took it all
so he'd keep away from me.
She said the war
made him like that,
which resulted in
interpersonal violence.
Finally, there
are people like us.
Afraid of the anger brewing
inside, so we blame ourselves.
The danger there
is self-inflicted.
Right, so we...
divert our attention
to something like this.
There's a prevalence
of disassociation
with violent individuals.
These symptoms are not
simply born, but bred.
And where do the
symptoms start?
Usually the result
of a psychological trauma,
or perceived injustice.
I mean, action needs reason.
Most cases share that
in common ground.
Inciting incidents
give people permission
to act the way they do.
I believe so.
Where are you going?
I have some things
to take care of.
But we can continue this later.
incident that triggered
the government to take action.
But it also sparked outrage
and protests this morning.
after a sniper targeted...
You're listening
to BTNE News Live.
This is Sandra.
Just coming across the wire...
...police officers
from an elevated position.
More than six children
were shot fatally.
Senator Frost, the head of
the Violence Watch Committee...
The sniper shot
10 officers fatally.
It has been six months
since the shooting
at South Central High,
the last mass shootout
after a sniper targeted
police officers
from an elevated position.
The sniper shot...
ADAM: Uh, hello everyone
out there in T.V. land.
Today is our weird daughter's
tenth birthday,
and being the super-annoying
parents that we are,
we got her the cheesiest
number 10 we could find.
- Say hi, honey.
- Hi, honey.
So, we got her exactly what
she wants for her birthday,
but we're gonna kind
of ease her into the surprise.
- No.
- Yeah. No, we are.
I'm the man, I've spoken.
If you can get your butt
up the stairs.
Hey, watch it.
- Higher.
- Okay, that's a good butt.
You've been working out.
Okay, here we go.
Okay, she's sleeping.
One, two, three.
Happy Birthday!
- ADAM: Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo.
- What time is it?
It's birthday time.
- ADAM: It is birthday time.
- Get up, sleepyhead.
Thank you, guys, but can you
take out some of the candles?
Blow on it, just blow on it.
Oh, very, very nice work.
- Very nice work.
- Nice work.
ADAM: Oh, dear.
What's this thing here?
- Tickets.
- What is it?
Tickets to the Mouse
House, hon.
I outgrew that
like five years ago.
I thought you loved it,
with the bouncy castle,
and they got that rope swing.
The Horror Show?
You guys bought me tickets
to The Horror Show?
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Thank you, thank you, thank
you, thank you, thank you.
Uh, hello everyone
out there in T.V. land.
Today is our weird daughter's
tenth birthday,
and being the super-annoying
parents that we are,
we got her the cheesiest
number 10 we could find.
Say hi, honey.
Giving new purpose with the
placement of planted triggers.
Protestors continue their claim
that the new law is an
infringement of their rights
and a violation of the...
Please just leave us alone!
But I just wanna talk.
I just... I wanna talk.
Why are you here?
Did you run out
of stones to throw
or did you just want
to get right to the source?
Her name was Brittany.
What no one
seems to understand
is that we lost our son, too,
that day.
Top of his class.
Always well-behaved.
Maybe too much so.
Do you have any idea
what those kids did...?
And yet we're the monsters.
I'm sorry, Peter.
You're very brave.
I should've listened to him.
I should've tried
to understand him.
But instead,
I took him on hunting trips
to get him to...
man up.
I bought him the gun.
It wasn't the
bullying, Rachel.
He was bullied.
Who was?
Jack, the school shooter.
He was bullied...
but that wasn't his trigger.
His dad bought him a gun
to toughen him up.
That was the sanction he needed.
Look, we need to get
to Simon's trigger memory.
But how?
I don't know yet.
I'm working on it.
Hi. Can we meet?
Okay, see you soon.
I was just giving him an update.
And of course you would
be the one to update him.
So, did you?
Update him?
I told him everything
was under control
and that it was moving
forward as we planned.
Is he?
Is he under control?
Do you doubt me, Walter?
Rachel, I'm very concerned.
You're my friend
and I trust you.
But you need to remember
that I am running a business
and you can never forget
who you actually work for.
You always come to me...
You should talk to your wife.
Really? And why is that?
I'm no expert, but I believe
it has something to do
with your insistence
on working late hours,
ignoring all familial
Ah, familial. That's new.
Uh, okay, guilty as charged.
any suggestions
on how I can fix the situation?
Just talk to her.
Well, thanks for your help.
Hi, Adam.
Sorry to bother you, but I
really have a lead on something.
It's really late.
Can we talk inside?
So, this is where
the magic happens.
Um, sorry about the mess.
No, no, it's fine.
My place is just as bad,
minus the cake crumbs.
Yeah, it reminds
me of Brittany.
Oh, I miss this.
Good old-fashioned
research and development
before I got sucked into the
whole save the world campaign.
Yep, science
is a beautiful thing.
It's just questions and answers.
No uncomfortable silences
you don't understand.
Are you sure you're still
talking about science?
I don't know, are we?
This whole project...
What are we essentially
doing here, Rachel?
We are stripping away
the ability to make choices.
My father had freedom of choice.
And Simon.
Do you think he deserves it?
Freedom of choice isn't
something to be stumbled upon.
It is something to be deserved.
You know, you better be careful.
You're starting
to sound like him.
Edward was good to me
when I did what I did.
He gave me a fresh
start when I needed one.
So, what were you working on?
Trying to find a way
to program the nanobots
into forming a chain
of interlocking events.
Turns out they can
already do that.
You see these green
wavelengths here?
Well, they're
associated brain cells
carrying the same
sort of memories.
We need to show them
the light, if you will.
I think I understand.
You need to give
them a common theme
to follow back into the past.
That is exactly why I'm here.
- Really?
- I know.
Um, close your eyes.
Trust me.
Now, I'm gonna say a word
and you say the first
word that comes to mind.
Just close your eyes, okay?
We'll start with work.
Don't think too hard about it.
Just the first thing
that comes to mind.
The future.
The future.
And if what you said
is true and the brain
stores memories
in categories of feelings,
if we give those feelings
to the nanobots to follow.
It'll show them
how to take it back...
- To the trigger memory.
- Trigger memories, of course.
That's genius.
If we hit him with the
end of his violent episodes,
that's the feeling
he's trying to recreate.
That would bring us right back
to the first time.
Where are we going?
Your place.
- You mean the lab.
- Of course.
Look, I know it's late,
but I think we've...
Are you sure you wanna go now?
We could always take
this up tomorrow.
Let's go now.
Wipe that smirk off your face.
Once again,
you've jeopardized everything.
Yeah, it's me.
Yes, again.
I know.
You're sure no one saw you?
Your mother...
as low as they come.
She's gone for good now.
Don't ever believe women.
Their hearts are evil.
Like a slow poison,
they get in your veins
and then they ruin you.
Mark my words.
His mother's disappearance
wasn't reason enough.
It was Edward.
Edward's the trigger.
We can't assume
that Senator Frost
is the sole cause
of all of his actions.
Rachel, he knew
what he was up to.
You saw. He kept Simon safe.
This whole experiment's
been a coverup.
We need to tell Walter.
That would jeopardize
the entire project.
How can we expect
a rational scientific outcome
if this whole thing's
been manipulated from the start?
Adam, please.
- Walter.
- Ah.
Dr. Anderson,
I'm so glad you could join us.
I was just briefing the senator
on your remarkable progress.
So, Doctors...
your deadline has come and gone.
What's the good news?
We need more time.
I think what Rachel
is intending to say
is that they have acquired
some excellent data
and that now it is simply a
matter of having it reconfirmed.
It's all good! Let's drink.
Some more time.
So, that looking through
past memories for answers
was a complete waste of my time.
I'm sure you'd
like to think so.
we'll have to agree to disagree,
have you ever looked above
or beyond your
little universe, hmm?
The world is falling apart.
Violence has gotten
into every crevice of society
and we need to control it.
I know what you know,
and I'm gonna make sure
everyone else knows, too.
I'd like to have a word
with Adam.
So, what is it?
The trigger memory.
How do you know about
the trigger memory?
How do I know?
It's irrelevant.
Your wife, his mother.
What you said.
I loved my wife...
very much.
Much like you loved yours.
I still do and I always will.
So who's gonna
listen to you then?
The media, the authorities.
Ah, right.
The mad scientist with the
magical memory technology, hmm?
It's your word against mine.
Let me tell you something.
I used to be a detective
a long time ago.
Of course, you know that.
I worked the streets.
I was very happy.
Do you love your work?
Me, too.
But my wife, she was
obsessed with ambition.
Not hers, mine.
She was always telling me,
"You're better than that job."
And what I called stable,
she called stagnant.
Now, I...
I loved my wife.
I really loved her.
But it...
wasn't enough
to make her feel special.
So anyway, one day I came home
and she was nagging at me
to meet the mayor.
She was sitting
on some committee with him.
And I thought, okay, why not?
What have I got to lose?
Maybe it's time for a change.
So the next morning
I got into my finest suit,
didn't say a word to Susan,
and I headed down
to the mayor's office.
So I'm at the mayor's office
and he's not available.
So I figure I'll wait, you know,
catch him between appointments.
I'm there for
about an hour or so.
I'm thinking I should leave.
And then I think about how
proud it would make my wife.
And then...
there she is.
Smiling, hair tousled.
His hand on her waist.
I couldn't tell you who was more
dumbstruck to see the other one.
But I took advantage
of our situation.
And that's where I learned
how power really works.
And now here you are.
And now here I am.
And my wife...
she's gone.
I am always,
always moving forward.
I try and stay
ahead of the pack.
The past is the past.
Can't hurt me.
If you dwell on it,
you'll become stagnant.
Five days, Dr. Anderson.
I suggest you start
moving forward, too.
You've gotta keep going.
You know I can't.
Jesus, this thing was hopeless
from the beginning.
I don't know
why I was wasting my time.
You weren't wasting your time.
You were actually trying
to help the cause.
The cause?
The cause to what?
To stop violence
when you've got people
like Frost Sr.
running the system?
Sometimes I feel like,
in some twisted way,
they wanna keep
the violence alive.
That way they can invent and
implement cures just like ours.
They can just...
they can just...
You're probably right.
- He covered for me once, too...
- Stop blaming yourself.
You were trying
to protect your mother.
Rachel, don't you see
how you're being manipulated?
It was an accident
and he's making you feel guilt.
You're not like them.
Only he could fear the weight
of an accusation.
Thank you.
You should...
you should go home.
You'll find everything
you need there.
I know what you did!
Yeah, I fucking did it.
What the fuck
you looking at, huh?
MAN: What the fuck
you looking at, huh?
Uh, hello everyone
out there in T.V. land.
Today is our weird
daughter's tenth birthday.
And being her annoying parents,
we got her the cheesiest
number 10 we could find.
- Say hello, honey.
- Hello, honey.
Nice. Um...
So, we've gotten her what
she wanted for her birthday,
but we're going to ease her
into the surprise.
- Get that.
- [LAUGHS] Higher.
Get your butt up there.
Quiet, she's sleeping.
Here we go.
One, two, three.
Happy birthday!
What time is it?
Time to get up, honey bunny.
She's gone, Marie.
I can't go on
like this anymore.
Every day, I'm trying
to run away from this...
pain and I can't do it.
Really? I thought you loved it,
with the bouncy castle...
I feel like I'm chasing...
The Horror Show? You guys bought
me tickets to The Horror Show?
ADAM: I don't even know
what I'm chasing anymore.
Can't we start again?
I've got so much love with you.
Oh, my God!
You were right.
She's really happy.
I want to be happy like her.
Show me how, Adam.
Show me how to forget the past
and just be happy...
like her.
Oh, my God!
Thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you.
Uh, hello everyone
out there in T.V. land.
Today is our weird
daughter's tenth birthday.
And being the annoying
parents we are,
we got her the cheesiest
number 10 we could find.
Say hi, honey.
So, we got her exactly...
RACHEL: You've reached
the confidential voicemail
of Dr. Rachel Porter.
I'm not available right now,
but please leave me a message
and I'll get back to you
as soon as possible.
Rachel, it's me.
I have it, the answer.
Memories are nothing
but experiences.
If we are the sum
of all of our experiences...
then all we need to do
is to change our experience.
Forget the past.
Look, when we first
tested your serum,
what we overlooked
was that we'd successfully
recreated a false memory.
We can cheat the brain
into retrieving this
misinformation to re-encode.
We need to help Simon
see his trigger memory
in a different light.
Rearrange his memory
so he can repurpose his life.
Give him something,
or someone else, to be angry at.
You listen to me, boy.
Don't ever believe a woman.
Once again,
you've jeopardized everything.
Their hearts are evil.
They're like a slow poison.
They get into your veins
and they ruin you.
You listen to me, boy.
Don't ever believe women.
Their hearts are evil, evil.
Like a slow poison.
Gets into your veins
and then ruins you.
Adam, what have you done?
I'll show you.
Have I made myself clear?
How could you do that?
Rachel, don't you see?
This was meant to be.
We think we can control
violence. We can't control it.
It's an addiction
that can only be redirected.
Oh, God, Adam.
Even if I agreed with you,
you had no right to do that.
What, that?
He had it coming.
Adam, do you see nothing
wrong with completely
fabricating a memory
without his permission?
You just changed the course
of his life.
Wait a second.
That's coming from you?
What does that mean?
All of you.
Walter, you, the senator.
Isn't your plan
to have that concoction injected
into every single human
being on this planet?
Who gave you permission?
- Oh, my God.
- Get in here!
Get some help!
Come on, help, help!
Get him down!
You killed her.
You killed her!
- Just stay down!
- Get down!
Please, you need to leave.
I can't see you get hurt.
- Hold him down.
- Stop.
Rachel, I'm not afraid of him.
It's not him I'm afraid of.
I will handle it.
Let me do it, Walter.
Thank you.
I loved my wife.
I would never hurt her.
She left me.
And you, you were supposed
to keep control of this madman.
You're the one
who needs to be controlled.
Oh, is that so?
You know what?
You are gonna pay
dearly for this.
You're gonna pay dearly!
Adam, breathe.
Jesus Christ.
That's pathetic.
You really think
you have asthma.
Edward, don't.
You've already had
your confirmation.
Enough is enough.
You assured me
that this would work.
It isn't real.
This is my labor of love.
It fires symptoms of a common,
yet painful human ailment.
What are you talking about?
What isn't?
All of you.
We can recreate
specific memories
based on data provided.
Who do you think you are?
You know who I am.
Yes, I do.
You are your own failed,
twisted experiment.
You are living among the dead.
Edward, think of Simon.
- We can still save him.
- No, no. I wanna hear this.
What are you talking about?
Yes, you do wanna hear this.
Who do you think
killed your daughter?
He killed her.
Rachel, what...?
Why don't you show him
his own handiwork?
RACHEL: After you walked away
the first time,
- Simon escaped.
He tracked you down
and followed you to your house.
- MARIE: No!
- Marie!
RACHEL: Eventually,
he found strong medications,
and combined with
a strong urge,
he actually began
to feed off the pain.
Whew. Whew!
Oh. Whew.
Are you surprised?
It actually begins
to grow on you.
Trust me.
Now then, your house,
my rules.
He killed her, Adam.
He killed her.
Let me help you with the pain.
You'll have to live with pain.
Just like me.
There were three stages after we
suppressed the original memory.
where we created
a whole new world.
Replaced the memories
of that night
with Jack's school shooting.
giving you new purpose with the
placement of planted triggers.
You wanted me to meet Peter.
And Marie.
She was an emotional guide
to keep me on track.
She's gone, Marie.
She's free now.
No matter how hard I try...
I can't make the
pain go away anymore.
You were right.
You were right.
You were right.
Look at her.
She is so happy.
Show me how, Adam.
Can you show me how?
Can you show me
how to forget everything
and be happy like her?
I can try.
Oh, my God!
RACHEL: Just the very idea
that you could regain
what you once had with her
would keep you motivated
until you found the cure.
Of course, Marie would
eventually fade out of your life
in a far gentler fashion
than how you really lost her.
You'd be able to finally let go
and move on with your life.
ADAM: And instead,
I feel this all over again.
You wanted this, Adam.
You said that finding a way
to stop it all
was the only way
you could keep your sanity.
The senator pulled all strings
to get a new subject.
Everyone thought Jack
had been killed by the police.
And he would've died, but
the senator got to him first.
You'd already found
the treatment, Adam.
But how could we possibly know
that it really worked?
We need the confirmation.
Without it, the
treatment isn't complete.
Besides, who better to test it
than me?
What if it doesn't work?
And what about our
liability issues? We haven't...
It works.
That's my son in there.
And it was my family.
Are you sure the plan is good?
It's good.
RACHEL: It was my job
to keep you on track,
so that you could find it
all over again
and we could have confirmation.
When you were working on Jack...
you and I...
we grew close.
God, I'm so sorry.
Where are you going?
Adam, we can fix this.
I am gonna fix this.
What are you doing?
Don't do this.
You're gonna ruin everything
- that we've worked for.
It's been that way for too long.
He shouldn't be here.
Move, move!
- Now!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What's wrong? Adam!
- Do something!
- Adam, stop!
- Do something!
- Adam! Adam!
Adam, stop this!
Thank you. Thank you.
All of us make mistakes.
I have made mine.
All of us make sacrifices.
I have made mine, too.
But they are all
part of the journey.
And such is the journey of this
country's war against violence.
Every day, year after year,
all we hear about
is the increase in violence.
It has affected our nation,
our cities, our communities,
but most of all, our families.
When does it stop?
I'm here to say
today is the day.
Today is the day
we turn things around.
Today is the day we announce
that we have finally
found the answer.
Are you sure this
is what you want?
He's suffered enough.
EDWARD: Achievement for those
who find it hard
to break the habit of violence,
and a vaccine
to prevent any future crimes.
I solemnly vow
with every cell in my body
that I will do everything I can
to bring this vaccine
to the public
as soon as possible.
Today is the day we say,
Ladies and gentlemen,
we will find peace.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.