Vir Altyd (2016) Movie Script

Wow, I love this, it's so cool.
And these are the things we saw
in the Cape.
This is not what we discussed,
I asked for a dark protea and
a light protea on each table,
not two light ones.
(House alarm)
Could you quickly taste?
It's the dessert snacks.
No, no, no!
We took in that dress with two
centimetres yesterday.
We've been working on this
for a long time, Nina.
It's just for one more night, okay?
You're right.
Oh sorry, that's my phone. Hold this.
Wow, this is yummy!
Ronel, good afternoon?
My goodness...
I'm on my way.
(Alarm sounds)
Go, go, go, go, go...
We have him! We have him!
Damn it, I'm telling you
it's my mom's house!
Yeah, yeah.
You can explain that in court.
Goodness, that's my child!
What are you doing?
Free him, you can't do that
to the poor child. Free him!
Help the man up. Free him!
Who's in control here?
Very sorry, Auntie. Sorry man.
Righto! Call it in, men. Call it in!
Hello, Mom.
Why didn't you let me know?
I would have prepared your room for you.
I wanted to surprise you.
I've just stored this here
for the time being...
the bakery has started taking over.
I'll tell you what, let me take this box
in the meantime...
I will, it's not necessary.
Well, I have to go and bake.
I'm so happy you're home.
Bake... I have to bake now!
It's such a pity...
We're going to miss our story times.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Sometimes in life,
we have to make sacrifices.
And your own fairy tale is coming
true, my love.
Come, we have a big day
we need to focus on.
You're right, Mom. Being Mrs Retief
is going to take up all my time.
When's the last time
you spoke to Nina?
Years ago... Why?
(Knock on the door)
Please put the koeksisters
in the fridge.
Oh, morning, Willem.
Hello, Ronel.
- Please come in.
- Thank you.
Your pastries always smell so lovely.
Thank you.
Sorry, Hugo, I'm sure
you remember Minister Willem.
Yes, of course. Minister.
Welcome back, young man.
Your mom never stops
talking about you.
I've seen each and every publication
that has your photographs in it.
I thought I'd come and work
on the cage...
What's wrong with the cage?
No, nothing. I just thought...
I've wanted to use that space for
quite some time.
You're probably here for the wedding?
No... Who's getting married?
The Lombaard girl.
The entire upper town
has been invited.
And... and... the guy?
Retief. Anton's son.
Well... I don't want to keep you any
longer, you have a lot to catch up on.
I... I really assumed you knew.
No, I'm happy for her.
This is what she's always wanted.
I'm going to have a quick shower
and then I'll come and help you.
I'm coming, Mom.
Oh, here you go.
I'm late for the function and there are
more baked goods than I thought.
And don't argue, come with me.
It's not a good idea, Mom.
It was years ago, Hugo.
Everyone will be happy to see you again.
Now please help your mother.
And all along it was actually
Auntie Ronel's son!
That's impossible, Gert.
Man, I swear. Check here,
I took a photo.
Look at this...
My goodness.
Speak of the devil, here he is.
Paarl's old troublemaker is back...
Stand a bit closer, please.
If you could please give me
the opportunity to say something.
As a father... you're always worried
about the man
your daughter will
bring home one day.
They say... a daughter wants a man
just like her father.
For many years,
I thought that wasn't true...
And then Retief showed up.
Thank goodness!
Yes, my wife sometimes tried harder
than my daughter.
My princess... you couldn't have
made a better choice.
A man with a plan.
Retief... Welcome to the family.
To Nina.
And Retief.
Nina and Retief.
Lank Sal hul lewe, lank Sal hul lewe!
Let's... let's save that for the wedding.
Thank you for this opportunity,
Uncle Johan.
Nina... you and Retief inspire me
to keep on believing that
my prince is still out there.
Yes, maybe I'll still have to kiss
a few frogs...
but when I look at the two of you,
I know that it's all worth it.
And then I'd like to tell all the single
girls that our big day will come.
We're going to find our prince and we
won't grow old alone!
Hashtag love!
Hear, hear!
I never used to believe in signs,
but that evening at our friend
Danie's wedding...
I caught the flowers...
and Retief the garter.
Then I started believing.
Excuse me...
And when is it your turn, Hugo?
How do you know me?
I'm the man without the plan.
Hugo probably isn't in one place
long enough to take a girl
on a second date.
But I hear you're a real jet-setter,
apparently your photos have been
published in every magazine.
Aren't you scared that you'll
grow old alone?
I'm just saying...
Sorry, Ronel. I wasn't referring to you.
You'd better take good care
of my daughter.
Johannesburg is a dangerous place.
Luckily you have friends
in high places...
If you'll excuse me...
Yes... excuse me too.
Wedding fever suits you.
Don't tell anyone.
I'm an emotional eater and...
it's stressful to organize
the perfect day.
It's our secret.
So Johannesburg?
Yes... Retief is starting his own firm.
That's it. We're finished.
Thank you so much for the lovely day.
Thank you for everything.
See you at the car.
Sleep tight.
(Church bells)
Together we're going to
experience all the beauty,
sadness and excitement of life.
Together we're going to experience
all the beauty,
sadness and excitement of life.
That's it. Okay, and breathe.
And out.
And in.
Okay, here's your flowers. And out.
Okay, I have my flowers.
We have the veil...
Oh, Nina! Cue cards!
My princess...
You look beautiful.
Thank you, Dad.
Ready to go?
Remember, left foot first.
Will everyone stand, please?
- Wing it, buddy!
- I've got this...
(Wedding march plays)
As a sign of their love,
which will burn forever,
this loving couple would like to start
a new tradition...
by lighting a candle together.
A candle?
Yes, be quiet.
Thank you.
It's not working.
- Wait... Give it to me.
- Okay.
I think there might be
a bit of a breeze.
No, wait. Give it to me.
Do you have a lighter?
- Thank you.
- Not yet, not yet...
That's it.
The ring symbolizes the endless
union of his life with yours.
The wedding couple decided to
write their own wedding vows
and promise them to each other.
Retief, the night you asked me
to marry you,
I knew my biggest dream
had come true.
I promise, for the rest of
our lives together,
to build you up, support you,
and love you.
And to share with you...
all the beauty, and the sadness and...
to face all the challenges of life...
as life partners...
and one day too as parents.
I can't wait to be your wife.
Thank you.
Nina, with this ring...
With... this ring, I promise...
to forever...
I will... always...
I will...
Nina, I don't think...
I don't think we...
I'm sorry...
Hey! Retief!
What are you doing?
Why are you busy packing up?
No one said...
Michelle! Why are you busy...
This is my perfect day.
I organized a wedding and I
am going to have a wedding.
Take these plates!
Nina, you're making a fool of yourself!
Let's take you home, please.
I'm not going anywhere
until you've found him.
Aunt, Uncle, perhaps you should go
and help with the search.
I'll keep an eye on her and then
I'll bring her home later.
Gert? Yes, we're leaving now.
I think I should stay.
Oh, Nina. Put those things down!
Whatever's open, please bring it.
If he could only hear my voice...
I'm sure there's a very good
reason for...
Where's the music?
Nina. Forget about the music, please.
The background music we organized!
Everything has to be perfect
I asked for atmosphere!
Nina! Stop!
It's okay, it's okay.
I'm never going to know
what it feels like to have a big day.
Thank you.
Play it. Louder.
Introduce us...
Ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome...
With enthusiasm!
Ladies and gentlemen!
Please welcome Mr...
Sorry... Mrs Retief!
I'd like to end with a toast to...
Yes, cheers, yes.
and fairy tales with unhappy endings.
Hear, hear!
It's our honeymoon.
I think we should go.
Seriously... I think...
We buy you a ticket and we go.
That's a crap idea.
It's a brilliant idea!
Ladies and Gentlemen,
welcome to Mauritius,
the island of love.
Cabin crew prepare for landing.
Typical! We're on holiday
for seven days
and you pack as if we're
never going home again.
You're grumbling again, Ben.
You said you'd try.
Please can you put us on that list?
I need to be on the next flight back.
Yes, you can reach us at the hotel.
You were right, this was a bad idea.
You mean a crap idea.
Welcome to Sun Resorts,
Long Beach Hotel.
My name is Sylvan.
Mr and Mrs Botha!
Thank you.
Hey! Don't you even...
Welcome to our island of love.
May the flame of passion between you
burn even more brightly.
Mr and Mrs van Zyl...
May you experience the fantastic love
in this season of your life,
once again, like you did
in the beginning.
Ah, the newly-weds.
Mr and Mrs Retief. May the youthful
flower of your love and passion
bloom in our beautiful island of love.
Post-wedding blues.
Yes, thank you.
More coconuts... More coconuts...
Thank you.
What are you doing?
Tradition, my darling.
Your husband should carry
his bride over the threshold.
Damn, and they say wedding cake
doesn't make you fat...
Nothing screams treat me gently
like rose petals and towel ducks.
Your friend Michelle is quite a wild...
Hi, Mom.
In Mauritius.
Yes, she is.
It was on the spur of the moment.
We're on a waiting list
for the next flight back.
Please let Uncle Johan know
we're safe.
I will.
Love you too, Mom. Bye.
I wish I'd brought you earlier.
We're here. That's all that matters.
This is what a starter should look like!
Aren't you going to dish up?
Go away...
I'm not going to allow my wife
to spend our honeymoon in mourning.
Come. Meet me outside in ten minutes.
(Car hooter)
Sylvan's connection.
Come, move it.
There's a sale on coconut bikinis.
- Be careful with my dress.
- Okay, okay, okay...
Wait let me take it...
I'm going to turn around...
and let's see if I...
Be careful that it doesn't tear.
It won't tear.
Did you just tear my dress?
It's just a dress.
Just a dress!
Just a dress!
It's a Vesselina Pentcheva dress!
It's real ivory silk with handmade,
embroidered French lace for my...
just a dress?
This is a lifetime of
cutting out pictures.
It's imported French champagne in
rose gold glasses with sugared rims.
It's violinists who had to be booked
six months ahead of time.
And it's two proteas, one dark
and one light, for each table.
For my just a dress!
And my just a wedding!
It's 120 guests who witnessed
how the man you wanted to spend
the rest of your life with embarrassed
you and left you alone at the altar.
I'm sorry, Nina.
It's not as if he's the first man
to run away.
That's unfair.
Yes, Hugo. It's very unfair.
He's going to regret it every day.
We should have retired here.
Last one in the water
is a rotten pumpkin!
Betsie, your hip!
Isn't that so sweet?
Second marriage.
Perhaps even their third.
Are you in?
To the honeymooners!
There we go!
How did you meet?
It was the summer of 1966.
And all the girls on the beach
couldn't take their eyes off the
handsome lifeguard.
I was just lucky enough to get
a cramp in the sea.
And I assume you were the lifeguard?
It was the mouth to mouth
that convinced her.
I couldn't wait to marry Paul.
And in the winter of 67,
we were married in court.
So you never had a wedding?
In those years there wasn't money
for a honeymoon or big weddings.
My hand is a bit sweaty, Marietjie.
In Maurice we believe it's unhealthy
to sit for too long.
I wish...
Ben didn't even dance on our
wedding day.
He has two left feet.
Well, in that case,
Monsieur Botha, may I?
Okay. Thank you.
"Mtre la faya" means let's party!
Ben? Do you mind?
Thank you.
And a bit over here.
And a bit lower.
I've rubbed there already.
And the two of you?
What's your story?
How did you know she was the one?
Well, it was probably on our first
wedding day that I knew for sure, yes.
After that first kiss,
in front of the altar.
First kiss?
Yes, Nina, our... first kiss.
The I do's were over and done with
and the world around us was getting quiet.
I could hear Nina's heartbeat,
and felt mine.
We started moving closer to each other...
And then... I felt her lips on mine.
That's when I knew.
The moment was perfect until
Minister Buksie decided
that he wanted to be part of
the kiss and joined in.
We were ten years old and
Buksie was Hugo's dog
and also the minister, of course.
Hugo, you're welcome to give Ben
a few tips.
Let me give you a tip. Enjoy this
honeymoon phase while it lasts.
Before you know it, Dr Lubbe will be in
the bedroom and he'll challenge you...
- Ben.
- What?
He's our marriage counsellor.
He gave us a challenge
for each day on the island.
That's exciting.
What kind of challenge?
Today's challenge is
to touch each other.
Ouch, Ben! You know that
my shoulders are burnt.
What was yesterday's challenge?
Oh... To give a gift.
Yes! Yes, and... my lovely wife
Marietjie gave me a brand-new golf glove.
That makes me think.
Seeing that I've organized for
Marietjie to go on a spa day tomorrow,
why don't you ladies join her while
I try out my new toy?
That sounds lovely.
What do you ladies think?
There we go!
This view looks like one of
the photos you sent your mom.
Have you ever wondered
how different life would have been
if you'd stayed?
Every day.
It seems my parents aren't
the only two people
who rub each other up the wrong way.
Sometimes those two people can
literally not be in the same room
for five minutes.
Do you think that's what happens to it all?
I don't know.
Then you have Uncle Paul and Aunt Betsie
who could convince one differently.
Says mister I don't go
on second dates.
It's the wrong glove, man!
How can we learn to speak each other's
love language if Ben just never listens?
It feels that the older we get,
the more quiet he's becoming.
No, man. That guy has to have
his head examined.
Now he wants Marietjie and me to learn
how to speak each other's love language.
Marietjie already talks too much.
The last thing we need is for her
to learn to speak another language.
Bend your knees a bit...
Yes, then you'll hit the ball like I do.
Oh... next time.
At least you don't shout at each other.
I think I should recommend Dr Lubbe
to my parents.
Well, a word to the wise is enough.
Eight letters.
Words have never really been
my strong point.
But hey, I'll give it a go.
Next time.
What is the answer?
How do you get it right?
Believe me, life has also dealt us
many cruel blows.
Any advice?
Keep your head down. The answer is
right here, in front of you.
Thank you.
Ladies, thank you for a wonderful morning,
but you'll have to excuse me.
I want to go and make myself pretty
for my and Monsieur Botha's
afternoon of quality time.
Day three's challenge.
Enjoy it.
Yes, cheers.
Just what the doctor ordered.
Damn it! Dr Lubbe.
Okay. Thank you. Goodbye.
So, have you published a book yet?
That dream never came true.
Well, I remember
a certain little girl who vowed,
with Minister Buksie as witness, that every
child would get their own fairy tale.
Unfortunately, my story doesn't have
a happy ending.
Perhaps it's not about the ending.
I can't believe I allowed everything
to run away with me like that.
I gave up my shop for him.
I know what you need.
The best way to get over someone
is in the arms of someone else.
Miami Vice, 2 o'clock.
I want a man on a white horse,
not one with white shoes.
I'll get us a drink.
- Howzit?
- Hey.
Nice shoes.
One Italian Stallion.
Italian Stallion?
What kind of drink is that?
No, no. One... Italian... Stallion.
Is everything okay?
Why did you just disappear, Hugo?
We were supposed to
disappear together.
It wasn't what you're thinking.
Then what was it?
I was afraid that I would hurt you again.
What do you think it did to me when,
after years, I realised that
you weren't coming back?
Why would you?
Why did you?
I lost my job.
I'm sorry.
Don't be. I'm not.
The last few years I've traveled the world,
seen the most beautiful places...
on my own.
I always thought I was okay with that.
And then I came home.
I didn't know you were
getting married.
And now we're here... I...
I don't know what it means.
They let me know that there's
space on tomorrow's flight.
Okay, so I know there's
a flight today, but...
I've never done underwater walking.
Sounds like a good idea.
I'm impressed with your
music video moves.
Thank you. A certain someone's
wedding dance inspired me.
That's unnecessary...
Help me!
Help me!
Are you okay?
We have to get her out of the sun.
She just collapsed.
Betsie? Are you okay?
I'll get them to phone a doctor.
Hi Madame, are you okay? Just relax.
Call me if you need anything.
Thank you so much.
- Don't worry, everything's fine.
- Thank you.
The doctor says she's stable
and needs to rest.
It's her second battle with cancer.
I'm so sorry.
Let us know if there's anything
we can do to help.
Thank you.
I would never have guessed.
She's the one who's always smiling.
It really makes one think.
Are you ready?
I cried my eyes out about a life
that hasn't even started.
But how do you say goodbye
after a lifetime together?
- Ben.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Do you love me?
- Mmm-hmm.
Today's challenge is words.
To say the words I love you.
My angel...
The day I married you
I told you I loved you.
If anything changes...
I'll let you know.
Our marriage is disintegrating.
And my husband thinks it's one big joke.
I thought when the boys left home,
things would change,
but... it's as if you don't notice me.
Well, welcome to Ben's world.
Because you see, for the past 18 years
while the boys were still at home,
you didn't notice me.
Well, at least I'm trying now.
Oh, please...
You spend more time reading that book
than being with me,
here on the island.
Have you, just for once,
taken the time to see
what this book is actually about?
No, because you're obviously
not prepared to do your part.
I can't do this on my own anymore, Ben.
We both deserve happiness.
Even if it is in someone else's arms.
And now?
The honeymoon is over.
I'm taking you home.
We've been waiting a lifetime
for this week, Paul.
If we leave now,
this thing will beat me.
You're busy fighting on your own.
It's a decision...
to look to the future now.
And I need you to focus on that
as well, Paulie.
The final chapter.
How am I supposed to live
without you, Betsie?
How do I save you again?
I... I don't want to grow old
without you.
You're already old, Paul.
We are deeply disappointed in you Nina!
Phone me when you get this message.
You're up early.
I'm planning a wedding.
Wow... I like you,
but that's a bit quick.
It's for Uncle Paul and Aunt Betsie.
They never had a wedding and
I thought it might be special
to arrange something for them
here on the beach.
Do you think it's a good idea?
Of course.
Every woman wants a big day,
even if it's fifty years later.
No, Nina, I'm talking about you.
Just keep it small.
Love is a Challenge.
Spontaneity in the Relationship:
an Unexpected Act of Love.
And now?
Who would've thought
that we'd become the proverbial
grandfather and grandmother
sitting on the porch?
Oh, no, Paul. Shame on you.
- Sorry...
- Ben...
Sorry for interrupting you.
No problem.
Can you... Can you maybe help me?
Of course.
I don't want to see my wife
in the arms of another man.
Oh, Ben... Ben... Ben...
Marietjie... She needs to feel safe
in your arms, Ben.
Oh, but she does. She does.
When I hold her, I hold her tight, man.
Yes, but Marietjie needs passion, Ben.
You need to show her through
the rhythm of your body,
that it is only her that you desire.
You need to show her that she is
the flavour of your existence...
I like that...
The centre of your world, Ben.
I like that, I like that.
You need to take the lead
in your marriage, Ben.
- The lead!
- Take the lead!
Take the lead!
Right now?
Right now.
No! Ben!
No, no, no!
I see I have a lot of
work to do here.
But don't worry, I'll teach you. Come.
So what now?
Now we walk.
- Excuse me?
- Yes...
What is this?
Oh, it's the celebration of light
and love. Come, join us! Come!
Boathouse. 8pm.
- Madame Marietjie?
- Yes?
Just in time.
Have you maybe seen Ben?
Unfortunately not.
Come, the show is about to start,
you don't want to miss this. Come.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Tonight we have something spectacular...
Our group, Canasuc,
with traditional Mauritian Sega!
Marietjie Botha...
When I dream...
I dream about you.
I want to learn how to speak
every language of your heart.
And I know, I know I don't say it
enough, but... mo kontan twa.
That's Creole for I... love you.
I love you, Ben.
Let's dance.
Hi, Cat.
Sounds like a good offer.
When would they need me by?
I'll have to get back to you.
That sounds like good news.
They want me back...
Good morning.
Hello. And now?
Are you ready for your big day?
We have a surprise for you,
but for now...
you men will have to
excuse us ladies.
- Coffee?
- Thank you.
Do you have a formal shirt?
Betsie will know.
After fifty years, I've learn't that
men are also allowed to cry.
Where do I begin to thank you
for years of friendship and love?
All our memories,
the hurt or the beauty,
wouldn't have meant anything
without you.
It's so precious for me to renew my
promise to you, here on the beach...
But I would get married
in court again any day,
as long as it's to you, Paul van Zyl.
Thank you to you
and everyone else
who've arranged this
special occasion for us.
Am I allowed to kiss my groom now?
There you go!
I'm so sorry.
What are you doing here?
We've come to fetch you.
And you, you scoundrel!
Dad! Dad, it was my decision
to come!
Hugo was there for me,
while this coward left your daughter
in front of the altar and
went to drink specials.
Well, just hear him out now.
I realise that I've made
the biggest mistake of my life.
Forgive me.
Why, Retief?
Because you embarrassed me?
Or because you couldn't look me in the
eye and promise me the rest of your life?
This was my speech...
I just got cold feet.
- Save your breath.
- We were meant for each other.
All the signs... all our plans.
You have every right to be angry,
I was a coward.
You haven't taken the ring off yet.
That has to mean something.
I'm sorry.
Oh... Or have you moved on
in less than a week?
Okay, you've embarrassed
yourself and Nina enough.
This isn't the time or place, Retief.
Talking about a coward.
What kind of a coward are you?
Going on honeymoon with a woman
whose heart has been broken?
And then you probably
took advantage...
You broke her heart!
Nina, you deserve better than this.
And you think that's you?
With your history it sounds as if I
should protect Nina from you instead.
Or what?
Princess... Come home.
Whatever happened this week...
If you're able to forgive me,
I'll forgive you.
Get up!
Nina, wait!
Nina, wait!
Please, Hugo!
I don't expect anything from you!
This week...
You and me...
I know...
It meant nothing.
You're leaving again anyway.
That's the problem...
It did.
It always has, Nina!
What do you want, Hugo?
I've never been good for you.
You're absolutely right.
I warned you to stay away from her.
We told him to stay away.
Your mother and I decided that
we weren't going to watch
how this worthless troublemaker
could have ended your life.
He isn't good for you,
and he has never been.
Listen to your father, Nina.
Come on. Let's go home.
You had no right!
Sylvan, thank you so much.
Thank you, you were terrific.
Ah, Marietjie...
Thank you.
- Sylvia.
- Ben.
Come here!
Thanks, my man.
Miss Nina.
He took the last flight out last night.
Thank you for everything, Sylvan.
I love you?
They are adding a few notes
to the brainstorm
so I'll send those through
as soon as I get them.
And I emailed you your ticket
this morning. Did you receive it?
Yes, thanks.
You won't regret this, Hugo.
You were made for this.
You'll keep me posted as to
how it's going?
Of course.
Looking forward to
hearing all about it.
- Chat soon.
- Cheers.
Promise me that you'll be
completely honest.
What do you think?
A naughty nibble?
I've just come to finish that cage.
Yes, I thought I could help you.
That would be great.
Thank you.
See you outside.
Oh, sorry.
Come sit down.
So, what are your plans now?
You know me, Mom.
I'm the man without the plan.
Take good care of my mom.
You must come and visit.
That would be lovely.
I love you very much, my child.
And I love you, Mom.
Retief's here to see you, Nina.
Are you sure he's here for me?
Sit, everyone.
This looks delicious. Thank you.
It's only a pleasure.
Ching, ching, everyone.
Retief, would you ever
get married in court?
Why would I want to do that?
Nina, I'd like to give you
everything your heart desires.
That won't be good enough for you.
You only deserve the best.
And where will we take the photos?
For the first ten years of my life,
I was completely convinced
that the prince and princess
slept in two separate rooms.
Nina, if only you'd give me a chance.
Retief really sounds sorry
about everything, Nina.
All I'm saying is that a man like Retief
doesn't show up in a woman's life often.
If you're that crazy about him, Mom,
why don't you marry him?
Well, if I were your age, I would have!
Damn it, Christelle.
Must you always have the last word?
Do you know what, Johan? I wish
I could get a word in for a change.
Without needing your permission.
Stop your moaning!
Why do you think I sometimes
don't want to come home at night?
And why do you think I sometimes
wish you didn't come home?
You don't have to listen to this...
Well, I can organize that very easily,
just say when...
Stop it!
Please just stop.
For 28 years, I've been listening
to you insult each other...
break each other down.
You hardly look at each other.
You never hold hands.
Don't you realise what you're
doing to each other?
You're everything I never want to be
in a relationship.
Don't you realise?
I chose to leave with Hugo.
Trust me...
I wanted to disappear that night.
From this, from everything. From you.
Rather dead in his arms...
than alive in someone's arms
who couldn't even decide
if he wanted to spend
the rest of his life with me.
You'll never understand
what Hugo and I felt for each other.
(Knock on window)
What are you doing here?
I was wondering how
it would feel to stay.
I was wondering how it would feel
if we could actually manage
to disappear together this time.
You were right, Nina.
About what?
I was scared...
Scared that I'd never be
good enough for you.
I was scared that if I stayed...
I would have just hurt you again.
But what scared me the most...
Was that I would never get the chance
to take you on a second date.
And Hugo and Nina traveled
across the world
and realised that their adventure
had just begun.
Because it's not about
the happy ending...
it's the adventure on the way there
that matters.