Virata Parvam (2022) Movie Script

Oh, God!
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
-Oh, God!
What's going on? What's wrong?
We are right in the middle of a cross fire
between the police and the Naxals!
-Dear God!
-Come on, drive!
We need to take her to the hospital!
What do we do?
Anna, please don't worry! You'll be fine!
Brother, open your eyes!
Please hang in there, my dear.
Brother, wake up!
Sister, please don't go out there!
It's dangerous!
-Leave me!
-Sister, please don't go there!
Listen to me! Please!
Oh, God! Please don't hurt us!
Oh, God!
Don't be scared. I'm a doctor.
Just make some space for me.
Don't worry. Nothing will happen to her.
Trust me, it will be fine.
Push a little harder!
You can do it.
Come on, push a little harder!
My child
I will forever be indebted to you
for saving my wife and child.
Dear, would you please do us
the honor of naming our baby?
Here you go.
Red Salute!
A war claims many lives.
But one war granted me my life.
My name is Vedhika, and this is my story.
Come on, everyone! Get to work!
Why is everyone faffing around?
The boss will be here any minute now.
Get to work!
Put that doll aside and study!
What is the matter with you?
I asked you to put that doll away
and study!
Do you plan to quit studies
and make a living herding sheep?
Now, go study!
I asked her to study
and she's distracted by the doll!
Oh my God, my child!
Madasami! Ezhmazhai!
My child has fallen into the well!
Somebody, please save my child!
Oh my God! My child!
-Oh, God! My child!
-Her child fell in there!
Dear God!
-My child! Vedhika!
-Please save her!
My child fell into the drink!
Oh, God! My child!
-My girl!
-Hold her.
-What happened to you, my girl?
-My child!
-Oh, God!
-Oh, God
-Dear God! My girl!
-My child!
-Open your eyes, dear!
-My child!
-My child
-Open your eyes, dear!
-My child! Oh, God!
-I won't let anything happen to you.
-My girl
-What happened to you?!
-Wake up, dear!
-My child!
My child!
-Why won't she open her eyes?
-Wake up, my dear!
-Please open your eyes, my girl
-She has swallowed too much water.
-What happened to my baby girl?!
-Wake up, dear!
Look, dear. Here's your doll.
My mother's discipline made me stubborn.
And my father's poetry
taught me life lessons.
Let your wishes turn into your wings
And then, you can soar high in the sky
Let your wishes turn into your wings
And then, you can soar high in the sky
If your determination becomes your breath
You can swim against the tide
If your determination becomes your breath
You can swim against the tide
A wish made from the bottom of your heart
Will always make way for its fulfillment
Let your wishes turn into your wings
And then, you can soar high in the sky
Let me tell you about the two
most important days in a person's life.
One is the day you are born,
and the other is the day
you find out why you were born.
Last night, my brother gave me
a book to read that contained poetry.
I tried reading it, but I didn't
understand a word.
Really? I don't believe it!
You, of all the people,
want to read poetry!
Honestly, what we are taught in class
is easier to understand!
Why? Wasn't it in Malayalam?
It was in Malayalam.
Then why was it difficult to understand?
It's easy for you to understand
because your father always read poetry
to you when you were little.
Anyway, tell us what happened.
Well, all the words in that book
were sort of amusing.
I have never read such extensive words.
And when I tried to read it,
my father walked in and lost his cool
upon learning that I was reading it.
Apparently, our neighbor's son joined
the Naxals after reading books like these.
And that was it!
He threw away the book immediately,
caught hold of my brother
and thrashed him.
When my mother tried to intervene,
he beat her as well.
Poor thing! She was crying and
went to sleep on an empty stomach.
Oh, my!
That one book caused all the trouble?!
Vedhika, what are you thinking about?
I am wondering
what could be there in that book.
God knows! But it stirred up
a storm at home last evening.
-Come on, let's go.
Just come along!
I need to read the book now.
-Brother, get up!
-What happened?
"When will the suppression
of the weak end?
When will the walls of discrimination
be decimated?
The zamindars earned wealth by
exploiting those who worked in the fields.
When will this pillaging end?
When will the atrocities come to an end?
To shackle the feet of women
is outright inhuman.
Don't be a lamb in the herd
for the entirety of your life.
When you will you
join the unending battle?
Who is insignificant,
and who is important?
Who deserves to be the king?
When will the rule of communism
be established on this land?"
Don't you know that "Aranya"
is none other than Ravi Anna?
It's the pen name of Ravi Anna.
Really? I didn't know that.
Well, I wouldn't lie to you.
No way. I know you wouldn't lie to me.
Reading his poetry made me
enter a different world altogether.
That's exactly how I felt.
That's why I gave her the book to read.
That is how powerful
Ravi Anna's writing is!
I lost my mind
when I read it for the first time.
His books are so beautifully written.
I wonder what he looks like!
I'll give you the books,
but please be very careful.
If the police finds out,
there will be a problem.
We will be done for!
He's right. Please don't tell anyone.
I promise I won't tell anyone.
I will read them at night
when everyone is asleep.
Alright, I'll send them to you
in the evening.
"It will never change!
The wretched conditions will never change!
Our fight is to confront the attack
of this infuriated enemy.
Keep going! March on, folks!
Let each stride resonate like a thunder
and highlight the strength of your heart.
Keep going! March on!
Remember all those who've been martyred.
Let's reclaim and return the lands
stolen from the people, to the people!
Keep going! March on!
Like a lock on the landlord's door,
like a dog before his fortress!
How long? How much longer?
When do our lives change?
Fight to protect the honor of women.
Fight to uphold the self-esteem
of the people.
Battle for a morsel of food
to appease their hunger.
The struggle of farmers!
How long? How much longer?
Shall we bring in a new world that erases
the difference among castes and religions?
To usher in the dawn in the whole
universe, shall we sacrifice our lives?
Keep going! March on!
Keep going! March on!
Can't you see the distressed moon?
Can't you hear the spark of the agony?
Look at the overflowing blood
of the martyrs
which inspire revolutionary songs.
Let the red jasmine glow across the sky.
The clouds of spring
became the roar of the jungle.
Behold the red flag!
Sing the invincible anthem!
There you see the red light!
He is the proud son of revolution.
He is the proud son of revolution.
He is the proud son of revolution."
I have become your fan.
But I don't know how to make sense
of what I am feeling for you.
All I ever do is think about you.
I just want to meet you as soon as I can.
-Yes, dear?
-Uncle and Aunty are coming over.
-Where's Mom?
-I think she's in the kitchen.
This is unbelievable!
I have been calling you for three years,
but you never visited me!
But, well, at least you're here
for the Bonalu festival!
Oh, quit nagging!
What is the matter with you?
We're here to take her as our
daughter-in-law and strengthen our bond.
-If you people really loved us--
-Mom, would you please drop it?
Why can't you just be happy
that they are here now?
Why do you seem ticked?
You should go
and help your cousin freshen up.
Look at those pimples!
Have you been picking at your skin?
-There's nothing like that.
Don't roam around with your friends
in the sun. It'll ruin your skin.
Take this face cream.
Don't go overboard with it,
or people will make fun of you.
Are you focusing on your studies?
Yes, I am.
You should study well.
Once you finish your studies
and get a degree,
I will ensure that you land a job
at the government office.
And you can live your life comfortably.
Goddess, I want to meet the man
who wrote this poetry.
If you help me find him,
I vow to make a special offering to You.
Please answer my prayer.
Watch out. Step back.
Hey, you! Move aside, you lowborn!
Do I have to tell you separately?
Get lost!
So, you villagers think that you can
loot the harvest of the landlords
and celebrate your festival?
Who among you took part
in the event at Kottappuram?
Tell me!
We don't know anything, sir.
You should ask them.
-Don't speak out of turn!
-Please keep quiet.
Let me just--
Sir, please don't create a scene
amidst the celebration.
We can settle this tomorrow.
-Here, you can take this goat.
What did you say? How dare you bribe me!
Sir, what is this atrocity?
The people from our village
aren't involved in this.
You blindly accuse us of feeding
and sheltering the Naxals.
Are you in the right to always show up
and cause a ruckus?
How dare you say that to me!
Please forgive him, sir.
All of you, listen to me carefully!
If we find out that any one of you
is helping or sheltering the Naxals,
you will all be locked up
under the TADA act.
And I will not hesitate to orchestrate
an encounter and kill you all!
Vedhika, the cops are beating up your dad!
Just because they're cops,
they think they can beat us up!
-Dad! What happened?
-What happened?
Those cops beat him up.
Get up.
-No, dear!
You son of a bitch!
Oh, God! They're coming back here.
-What did you say?
-My child.
What did you call me?
-What did you call me?!
-You're a real son of a bitch!
Just because you have power doesn't mean
you can use it in any way you please!
-Mom, please keep quiet!
You don't know anything about me.
Just because you are a cop,
you think you can get away with anything?
Do you think that bashing up
the innocent is your birthright?
What did you just say?!
You're unbelievably audacious!
I won't spare you!
Hold her!
I'll trash you!
-Sir, please let it go! I'm begging you.
Get out of my way!
Don't you dare come near me!
Ravi Sakhavu's troop is here!
Every time you question their atrocities,
they will threaten you with the TADA act.
They use encounter killing
to do away with innocent people
We must put an end to their atrocities!
and work towards attaining
equality and dignity!
Excuse me.
My name is Vedhika.
Can you please sign this book for me?
Spread across miles
Flowers have bloomed
At the tip of a branch
You are like the song
My heart wants to sing
My mind awoke
The minute I laid eyes on you
The one who filled my dreams
If he appears before my eyes
I will sway with happiness
My mind awoke
The minute I laid eyes on you
The one who filled my dreams
If he appears before my eyes
I will sway with happiness
I will adorn myself for the man I love
And apply vermilion on my forehead
I can barely contain my happiness
I want to dance to love songs
I want to adorn myself with flowers
I wish to see him I wish to hear his voice
I wish to devote my life to him
My mind awoke
The minute I laid eyes on you
The one who filled my dreams
If he appears before my eyes
I will sway with happiness
Falling in love with you makes me
feel like a butterfly drenched in red.
I will consider myself fortunate
if I have to give my life for you.
I never knew that love
could be this powerful.
The power of love cuts
across heaven and earth,
and even surpasses the Gods.
And the love that Meerabai had
for Krishna stands testimony to this.
Meerabai realized that time will keep
passing, and days will turn into nights.
She knew that her love
is beyond space and time.
So, Meerabai decided to leave home
in search of the object
of her love and devotion.
As long as the earth goes around the sun,
and the moon and stars
dot the night skies,
Meerabai's love will stand
testimony to the power of love.
-Yes, my dear?
Wasn't it wrong for Meerabai to leave
her home and her parents for Krishna?
What's wrong with that, my child?
She didn't leave home
to do anything wrong.
She took that decision out of love.
Is there anything greater
than love in this world?
True love is as close as
we can get to the divine.
So, let's cut to the chase.
They have been meaning
to talk to you about dowry.
Although we're closely related,
it's of utmost importance
that we have a discussion.
Brother, you know that
Vedhika is our only daughter.
We own this house, the land
around it and a farmland.
And all of that is hers.
For now, I'm willing
to pay you 1,50,000 rupees.
Rest assured, nothing will be
lacking in the wedding.
Don't worry about money or anything else.
Take my word for it.
Priest, please decide
an auspicious date for the wedding.
The calendar suggests
that the 15th, which falls on a Friday,
would be the perfect day.
It'd be an auspicious day for the wedding.
You could just drop by on your way home.
I've informed them.
-Make sure you go.
-Is it good?
It's great!
How can this girl be so disrespectful?
Not even concerned about her in-laws!
Dear, open the door!
Why is the door locked?
What are you doing in there?
Dear, they're about to leave.
They're waiting to say goodbye to you.
Open the door, my girl.
We're about to leave.
She was up studying all night
for her exams.
-She must have fallen asleep.
-That's okay. Let her sleep.
We'll be coming back next Friday
for the ceremony. We'll see her then.
-I wanted to see her once before leaving.
-That's okay.
We'll be back soon.
We'll see her then. Let's go.
-Looks like it's going to rain. Let's go.
-Fine, let's go.
Come on, let's leave
before it starts pouring!
Come on
-We'll see you soon.
-It's going to rain. See you, Uncle.
-Drive safe.
-We'll see you soon.
What's this? The second they left,
you emerged from your room.
What were you doing until now?
What happened, my child?
How can you behave like this?
It's good that they're our relatives.
What were you doing in there?
What's wrong, my child? Tell me.
I don't want this wedding.
You don't want this wedding?!
Yes, I don't want to get married.
You don't want to get married
or do you not like him?
I don't want to marry him.
This wedding has been on the
cards since you both were kids.
How can you say this now?
If not now,
when do you want me to say it?
After the wedding?
How dare you talk like that
to your elders!
Calm down.
Did I say something wrong?
I'm just being honest.
Why did it take you so long
to tell us this?
-Relax. Listen to me--
-What were you doing all this while?!
Oh, just leave me alone!
-What is this insolence?!
-Hey, stop it! What are you doing?
Oh, God! Get up.
I can't believe how much you have changed!
-I will not let you have your own way!
-Just kill me then!
-Sujatha, calm down. I said, stop it!
-Here you go. Just kill me!
Calm down, you two!
What is the matter with you?
What are you doing?
How can I call off the wedding
after giving them my word?
-We shouldn't have let her study!
-Please keep quiet!
If we call off the wedding now,
we will become a laughingstock!
Who's going to answer all the questions?
Your father or your grandfather?
No one needs to!
I will go tell them myself!
-My dear!
-What are you doing?!
Hey, stop right there!
Brother! Brother!
-What's wrong, dear?
What happened? Why did you follow me?
I don't want to get married.
I am in love with another man.
I followed the car to tell you this.
Hey, listen up!
Please wait! Hey!
Dear, wait! I want to talk to you.
what did you just say?
Our wedding was fixed
when we were just kids.
I'm really very fond of you.
I mean it.
I like you a lot.
But I could die for the man
I am in love with.
Who is he?
Aranya alias Ravi Anna,
the Naxal commander.
It's him.
Ravi Anna?
-Are you serious?
Are you really in love with Ravi Anna?
Couldn't you find anyone else?!
Oh! You want to tell the world
that your husband is a Naxalite?
Tell me what exactly the reason is!
Not all things in life have a reason
but only consequences.
It's not your fault.
Your father is to be blamed.
He spoilt you with books and poetry
ever since you were little.
If you think Ravi Anna will reciprocate
your love, it's all in your mind.
Listen to me,
let's get married and have kids.
Let's live comfortably and happily.
I'll treat you like a queen.
Irrespective of whether
he loves me or not
I will continue to love him.
Please forgive me.
-Kavita, wake up!
-What happened, Dad?
-Why won't you let me sleep--
-Raman's daughter Vedhika is missing.
You should go and check.
-Uncle, Vedhika is missing?
-Yes, dear.
We haven't seen her
since the wee hours of the morning.
Let me go and check with
our friends. You carry on.
-Go on. I'll look for her too.
-Alright. Go on.
Grandma, have you seen Vedhika?
She didn't come here.
Where could she have gone?
Dad, please forgive me.
I realized the reason for my birth
when I saw Aranya.
Just like Buddha left his home
to find the purpose of his life
I am also leaving my home for Aranya.
"I can't live without him.
That's why I've made this decision.
Please don't look for me.
I will come back someday.
Mom will not understand any of this.
You will have to explain it to her.
I have taken 2000 rupees from the trunk.
Please don't forget
to water the jasmine plant."
How much will it cost to go to MG Road?
Three rupees. Come sit, my child.
Keep the change.
-Brother, where is Virasam office?
-Virasam office.
-Virasam office?
There is a group protesting
at the police station. You can ask there.
Brother, where can I find
the Virasam office?
That man leading the protest
there is Vidhyadhara.
He runs Virasam out of his home.
Go, meet him.
We won't budge Until
Shakunthala teacher is released
-Long live the fight for human rights!
-Long live the fight for human rights!
-I will fight for my rights!
-I will fight for my rights!
-Long live the fight for human rights!
-Long live the fight for human rights!
-Long live the fight for human rights!
-Long live the fight for human rights!
When did the police arrest you?
-Well, I--
what do you want to say about your arrest?
Like goons on the streets,
the police forced me into the van
and detained me.
The state continues to use
the "missing" strategy to intimidate,
threaten, and even murder
those fighting for human rights.
Raghunath, Jeevandas, Benjamin,
Suryadeva Varaprasad
where did they all go "missing"?
I am sure if all of you had not
protested against my arrest,
I would have joined the list too.
But none of the activists are going
to fall for these tactics.
Our fight for human rights will continue.
Thank you. Goodbye.
-Long live the fight for human rights!
-Long live Miss Shakunthala!
Long live Miss Shakunthala!
-Sir! Sir, one question.
Sir, why have you arrested
Miss Shakunthala?
And why are you suppressing
the civil rights movement in the state?
The police also care about human rights
as much as the activists.
We are here to ensure that there is law
and order, not to falsely accuse anyone.
Miss Shakunthala was brought in
only for an interrogation.
And now that it's done,
we have released her. That's all.
I don't understand why there was a need
for such a big protest for this!
I don't understand all this nonsense.
No more questions.
Who led this protest?
Virasam secretary, Vidhyadhara.
-Keep close tabs on him.
-Yes, sir.
-Okay, sir.
Who are you looking for?
Vidhyadhara sir
Yes, he's in there. Go on.
Greetings, sir.
Who are you?
I'm Vedhika from Ghanpur.
Ghanpur? Zaffergadh Mandal, right?
No, sir. Mulugu Mandal.
Oh, okay. I see.
-Please sit, dear.
-No, thank you, sir.
I just want Ravi Anna's address.
I came here because
I thought you would know it.
Ravi Anna? Okay, but please sit down.
Which Ravi Anna are you talking about?
The dalam's commander Ravi Anna, sir.
he's the one who wrote this book
by the name of Aranya.
Could you please give me his address, sir?
Why is she asking us?
You're asking his address as if it's
some random address to a bus stop.
Sir, please don't get me wrong.
I just want to know where I can find him.
Even if you give me a vague idea
about his location, that'd be enough.
How would I know that, my dear?
Who else would know if not you, sir?
Dear, tell us the truth.
Did someone send you here?
Please don't get the wrong idea, sir.
I am not here with any malicious intent.
I saw the address on this book
and thought you'd help me find him.
You should have mentioned this earlier.
Yes, dear.
What's your name?
Vedhika, sir.
Vedhika, do you need any help
with resolving conflicts in the village?
Then? Is your family forcing you
to marry someone you don't like?
Tell me what the problem is.
We will solve it for you.
I am in love with Ravi Anna, sir.
It's true, sir.
I love him with all my heart.
Dear, the situation
is very tense right now.
If the police finds out that you
are searching for Ravi Anna,
they will lock you up in jail.
You should really drop the idea,
and get over it.
You can sleep here tonight,
and go back home in the morning.
I will not be able to live
if I don't see him, sir.
Have you lost your mind?!
Bear one thing mind.
There is no such thing as true love.
All that exists is self-love.
To be honest, love is just a lie.
So, please forget him
and concentrate on your life and family.
Hey, wait!
-Yes, Mom?
That girl is writing something
on the wall!
Ask your father to check!
Anyone who doesn't understand
what love is, is as good as dead.
Where did she go?
Mr. Vidhyadhara, I consider you
to be as good as dead.
Please forgive me.
Stop the car.
Come on, get in the car!
-Where are you taking me?
-Get in!
-Why are you doing this to me?!
Where is Ravi Shankar's house?
Which Ravi Shankar?
-I mean, Sakhavu Ravi.
-Oh! Sakhavu Ravi?
Srini, come here!
Yes, brother?
Take this girl along and show her
where Sakhavu Ravi's house is.
He is my son.
But he left home.
He left everything to join the cause.
It's been many years since he left.
He is my only son. We had him after
trying to have a child for ten years.
Ever since he left home,
I have been dreaming about him.
Every day, I sit and hope for his return.
I can survive on
half a cup of rice per day.
But every day, I cook one cup of rice
hoping that he would come back
and I can feed him again.
My eyes yearn to see him every day
but to no avail.
Mother, please don't cry.
We can do one thing.
Let's write everything you want
to tell your son in a letter.
I will make sure he reads it.
I will bring your son
back to you, I promise.
A mother's heart
Awaits the arrival of her son
When will he arrive
And hold his mother in a warm embrace?
A mother's heart
Your son is very good at poetry, right?
Did he ever write anything about you?
He writes about the problems
in the village.
Why would he write about me, my child?
He definitely will. Just wait.
You are the biggest blessing of my life
Your life is intertwined with mine
I'll take your leave now.
Take care, my child.
But you didn't answer my question yet.
You came here, cleaned my house.
You helped me out, made me smile.
But you didn't tell me who you are.
Who are you?
I am your daughter-in-law
But your son doesn't know it yet.
The tender age of youth desires love
Let's set off on this journey of love
She craves to unite
With her beloved sweetheart
But her hopes fall flat
As she continues to wait
-Ravi Anna's dalam?
No. I don't know.
She has been walking the distance
Without knowing the destination
She wants her beloved
To put her mind at ease
And walk beside her
Brother! I need contact of the dalam.
-Which dalam?
-Ravi Anna's dalam.
There is a small issue in my village.
Ravi Anna's dalam is in Bhupalpally.
They've not been around in a while.
-Hail Radical Union!
-Hail Radical Union!
She wants her beloved
To put her mind at ease
Stop the bus! Stop!
You have five minutes.
Everyone get down from the bus.
They kill innocent people
in police encounters.
We're protesting their illicit acts
by burning down the bus.
Can I get Ravi Anna's contact?
Get away from me, you sleazebag!
We know for a fact that
Ravi Anna's dalam is hiding here.
Do not help them. Take this as a warning.
If you help them,
you will be severely punished.
He is hiding among us.
But he's not fit to live among us.
He is nothing but a traitor!
she was my only daughter.
I'm a cobbler by profession. I sent her
to college with whatever little I made.
She dreamed of securing a government job
and comfortably taking care of the family.
That rascal, Ramana, deceived her
in the name of love and slept with her.
When she asked him about marriage
he strangled her with a rope,
and then hung her in college
to make it seem like a suicide.
I was denied justice wherever I went.
But if you help me out,
I will certainly get justice.
They're threatening to kill me
if I don't take back the case
that I've filed against them.
They are offering me money
and calling me for a settlement.
I don't want money.
I want justice.
I don't want to compromise.
Uncle, you stay strong.
Tell them Kalyani's father
is ready for a settlement.
Ask them to come to the same college.
Okay, Anna.
Don't worry. I'll handle it.
Who is it? Why are you getting drenched?
I'm fine.
-Just come inside.
-No, I'm fine.
I'll open the door.
I have eaten enough, sister.
No, dear. Eat some more.
You must be hungry.
Why are you still up?
You can't sleep?
What are you stitching?
Well the dalam has a meeting tomorrow.
I'm stitching flags for the dalam.
Will you help me with one thing, sister?
What is it? Tell me.
My father and a man named Narendra Verma
are fighting over a piece
of land in our village.
I am unable to find any help or justice.
I need Ravi Anna's contact, sister.
Contact of Ravi Anna's dalam?
These landlords will
only listen to Ravi Anna.
I don't have any leads,
but I'll see what I can do.
I could ask the person who comes
to collect the flags tomorrow.
-Have you stitched all of them?
-Yes. Here you go.
Listen, brother
-this girl, who is staying with us
is facing a problem in her village.
She is asking for the contact
of Ravi Anna's dalam.
-Would you help her?
What are you saying?
We don't even know who she really is.
How can you reveal
Ravi Anna's whereabouts to her?
-It's great
that you gave her shelter
and food when she was in need.
You did the right thing.
But giving her Anna's contact
is rather dangerous, sister.
Well, I asked because
she's facing some trouble.
She seems distressed.
Anyway, Ravi Anna is coming to
Bhupalpally Degree College tomorrow.
Can I at least tell her
she could meet him there?
Sister, don't you understand
what I am trying to say?
We will be in serious trouble
if something untoward happens.
Try to understand--
It feels like my search has finally ended.
I'm going to see him really soon.
I can barely hold back my excitement
when I think about it.
Who is that girl? Call her.
Hey, you! Call that girl
who is sitting next to you!
-Child, they are calling you.
-Yes, you.
Come here, sir is calling you.
Hey, get your bag as well!
-What's your name?
What are you doing here?
I'm waiting for my friend, sir.
-I am a student, sir.
-Which college?
It's right around the corner.
Government Degree College.
What is in your bag?
-Nothing, sir.
-Open it.
-It's just a gift for my friend.
-Okay, show it to me.
Look at this unique doll.
Look, this Krishna doll has a mustache.
What kind of doll is this?
This is a Nagercoil doll, sir.
It is very famous in this region.
Oh, I see.
-What do you think?
-It is excellent, sir.
It's very nice, indeed.
Here. You can go.
Let's go.
-Hey, you! Stop!
Child, wait!
The CI seems to be really
impressed by your doll.
Here, take 100 rupees,
and give me the doll.
No, sir. I can't.
Okay, take 200 rupees then.
I won't give it no matter how much
money you offer. Please let me be.
This is a gift for my friend, sir.
My child, listen to me.
The CI is not the nicest person.
If you don't give up the doll
He might even kill you!
Why will he kill me?! What did I do?
How can he kill someone just like that?
The bullets of a corrupt officer
don't need a reason to be fired.
You are like my daughter.
Listen to me and let go of the doll.
Hey, give it to me.
Don't you understand? Give me the doll!
Come on!
Give it to me.
-Jacob! Hold her.
Hold her hands up.
You thought you could outsmart me?
What else is in your bag?
Take her bag!
-Who are you?
-Sir, I'm just a student.
Show me your college.
How did you get these books?
It's because I like the poetry, sir.
Get in the jeep!
I'm going to find out who you are!
Get in!
-Close the door.
-Okay, sir.
-Brother, stop.
-What's wrong?
Oh, God!
Please don't hit me!
How dare you, scoundrel!
How could you kill that innocent girl?!
Please spare me!
-I'm in pain! Spare me
-You don't deserve to live!
Oh, God!
Please don't beat me up.
I'm begging you.
I will never do anything wrong.
Give it to me in writing.
I will do as you say, Anna.
"From here on, in this region
From here on, in this region,
if anyone dares cheat a woman
if anyone dares cheat a woman,
they'll face the same
consequences as me."
Anna, please! I'm begging you!
-Please don't hurt me.
-Just sit down!
Sit down and write!
-"If anyone cheats a woman
-If anyone cheats a woman
they will face the same
consequences as me."
the same consequences as me.
"This is a warning issued by Sakhavu Ravi
This is a warning issued by Sakhavu Ravi
and his dalam."
Now, sign it.
How could you murder
an innocent girl? Tell me!
-Jacob, you stay right here.
-Okay, sir.
Is there any Final Year BSc student
called Vedhika in this college?
Her father's name is Ramankutty.
The college is shut today, sir.
There are some students
in the canteen. They might know.
Ramayya, fall back!
Come on, move!
Come on, fire!
Get away from here, child.
Hurry up! Take your bag and leave!
Go, go, go!
There's a first-aid kit
in the jeep. Get it.
Come on, drive!
My life is nothing but my love for him
I am the journey He is the destination
My love for him is what keeps me alive
My love for him is what keeps me alive
My love for him is what keeps me alive
No one knew that we were
going to the college today.
Someone from our end must
have leaked the information.
There are many coverts in our party.
It's becoming hard to trust anyone.
That's why we need to be extremely careful
when it comes to recruiting people.
Let me ask you something.
Tell me the truth.
How many of the recruits are
really here for the greater good?
And how many of them have joined
the cause for their own selfish needs
and to wage personal battles?
You are right, teacher.
I have sent your article
on this issue to the state committee.
They are discussing this.
The sooner the better.
The rain is tapering.
We should get going, teacher.
-We should leave.
Let's go.
Stay right here,
I will go and check who it is.
Who is it?
My name is Vedhika.
I came from afar to meet you, teacher!
Do you realize it's late in the night?
The bus broke down midway,
and there were no auto-rickshaws nearby.
I had to walk all the way and
it took me all this time to get here.
I'm telling you the truth.
Please don't get me wrong.
Come in.
My aunt has a daughter named Archana.
She's a good girl.
She fell in love with a Naxalite.
They decided to get married to each other.
But he left and hasn't come back yet.
He hasn't even sent her a letter.
She has been so scared with all the news
about encounters targeting Naxals.
She is paralyzed by fear and is bedridden.
I came here hoping you'd be able
to help me find him or find out about him.
We're all extremely worried about Archana,
and we want her to get better.
Would you please ask him
to at least write to her, teacher?
I came here hoping you could help me.
There is a room upstairs.
Go and change first.
-I will be right with you.
-Okay, teacher.
What did you say was the name
of the Naxalite that Archana loved?
Ravi Anna alias Ravi Shankar.
The one who writes poems
by the name of Aranya.
Why did she fall in love with him?
Does she like Naxalism?
No, teacher.
Then, why did she fall in love with him?
Should there really be
a reason to love someone?
Just like hunger, thirst,
sadness and tears
love is also a very natural process.
You are that Archana, right?
Tell me.
It's you, right?
I didn't think about anyone,
not even my mother or father.
My heart wanted to be with him,
so I just followed my heart.
Their life is uncertain. You never know
when and where they will be found dead.
Your path will be
riddled with many sacrifices
if you fall in love with a Naxalite.
Do you know that?
I know, teacher.
Well, you don't. You are naive
to think that you know it.
Look, Vikram
I was also a member of
Radical Student Union when I was young.
That's just the innocence of that age.
I guarantee your safety.
Just tell me where Ravi Anna's dalam is.
They don't stay at one place, sir.
They are constantly on the move.
You were the one who took
Kalyani's father to Ravi Anna, right?
You helped Ravi kill Ramana.
I know everything.
So now, tell me the truth.
I don't know, sir.
Where is Ravi Anna's dalam?
I really don't know, sir.
Untie him.
Get up.
Now, run.
And don't look back. Run!
No, sir, I won't.
You can kill me right here.
-I won't run.
All this bravado comes
from Ravi Anna, right?
Sir please don't.
Dress him as a Naxal.
Sir, I'm begging you. Spare my life.
Sir, please. Don't kill me.
Tell me where Ravi Anna's troop is,
and I will spare your life.
They are headed toward
the old bungalow in Mahadevapur, sir.
There seems to be some meeting there.
Please let me go, sir. Don't kill me.
-Okay, I'll take care of it. Don't worry.
-Thank you.
-We're grateful to you.
What are you expecting out of all of this?
Tell me what you want.
Please don't misunderstand my love.
What I feel for him can't be explained.
I am not expecting him
to start a family with me.
I just need to be with him
for the rest of my life.
And that's it. Nothing more.
-Wait here, sister. I'll call them.
-Here's a small gift for you.
-Please sit.
Please don't mind the crack on it.
Miss Shakunthala told me about you.
I'm impressed with your perseverance.
People like you can do anything
they set their minds to.
Women are being denied education,
respect, or freedom right now.
They are distressed.
And you should work towards changing that.
Use your love, knowledge and perseverance
for women and people in need.
Don't waste it on me.
You look like a well-read
and intelligent man,
but you don't seem
to understand a woman's heart!
I come to you flying as free as a bird,
and you want to clip my wings?
Look into my eyes. They've turned
as red as your flag while crying for you.
Don't you see honesty in these eyes?
Don't you see love in these eyes?
What's the point of this love? Answer me!
Love is just a tool used by humans
to betray each other.
Love is just a disease in my opinion.
It's a chronic disease
and you're suffering from it!
Love is a disease?!
Then, what about Meerabai
who loved Krishna?
Not only Meerabai but also
Siddheshwari who loved Shiva,
Amma Mahadevi, Kavitri Malavika,
all these people have a disease.
Then, what about Karl Marx
who loved Jenny?
Mao who loved Jiang,
Lenin who loved Krupskaya?
Did they all have this disease?
I might not be in your poetry
and writings,
but my love is definitely going
to be a part of your life.
My diary is completely about you.
You won't reject me if you read it.
It'll help you understand me better.
I met your mother as well.
She's given me a letter to give to you.
Just stay right here,
I will go and get it for you.
Please stay right here.
Brother, please take me to the teacher's
house. We'll come back in ten minutes.
Hide! The police are here!
-Someone must have informed them.
-Really, Anna?
What do we do now?
I'll take care of it.
You need to leave immediately.
Brother, I want to help you.
Please tell me how I can help.
You're a girl! What can you do?
I'm scared!
-You'll get killed! Come on--
-I really don't care!
I'll do anything to save him.
Tell me what I can do, please.
Okay! You stay right here. Don't move.
I'll be back in five minutes.
-Start digging quickly!
Come on, hurry up!
You have five minutes to surrender.
Don't even think about escaping.
You are completely surrounded.
Surrendering is the only option you have.
-Tell her how to use this bomb.
Hurry up. Don't waste time!
I think the full force is yet to come.
-That's why they're giving us time.
We need to be quick
to evade the threat and escape.
-Bharathi Akka, check the basement.
-Raghu Anna, check the terrace. Hurry.
Sister, this is IED.
It contains ammonium nitrate.
Make sure you are
a couple of feet away when you use it.
This is a plus, and this is a minus.
Connect them to the battery.
-Be careful. Go on, quick!
-Come on, hurry.
Go on, Anna.
Tear gas! Cover the back side immediately!
Follow him. Go!
You too!
Commandos! Aim!
What should we do now?
Tear gas party, advance!
Come on, hurry!
Hey, comrades! Follow me!
Hey, come on! Follow me!
Come on.
Quick! Hurry up!
We have to get out of here
before they attack!
Commandos! Come fast!
Come on!
Get down!
Faster! Move!
Move! Move!
Sister, go!
Move! Keep going!
Come on!
Please go!
All the paths have closed
All the paths have disappeared
The darkness frightens me
Oh, beloved!
Oh, beloved!
I cannot think straight
Darkness surrounds me
I have fallen into the impassable abyss
I have fallen into the impassable abyss
Whenever your call is not heard
My foot will not fall
If you leave me alone
What am I going to do?
Where do you live?
What is your father's name?
Didn't you hear that?
Answer him!
Where is Ravi's troop?
Where are they going?
Are you carrying food for them
or some information?
Tell me!
If you don't answer my questions
I will be left with no choice
but to kill you in an encounter!
Tell me!
Sir, she is not co-operating at all.
Take a break for some time.
And start the interrogation
again at night.
If she doesn't open her mouth
even then, just kill her.
Okay, sir.
-Is this egg curry?
-God knows what it is!
I immediately do away
with those who don't fess up.
Be glad that I'm letting you have a meal!
Careful. Easy.
-Be careful.
-Come on.
Let's eat.
Hey, come on.
Sir is coming.
If you don't start talking now,
your death will make headlines tomorrow.
Just start talking!
What the hell
Come on! Fast!
Come on.
Come on.
The atmosphere outside is not at all good.
Why did you take this risk, Ravi?
I would have managed to bail her out.
They'd have killed her
in an encounter by then.
Did you get any information about Ramayya?
They have taken him to the control room.
I will take care of his bail.
Send her home after counseling her.
I'll get going.
What's wrong with me?
Why am I chasing after him
while leaving everyone else behind?
I was also like you.
I come from a small village
in the Shri Krishna district.
I left home in the middle
of the night and came here.
He was a married man
and had two kids.
But still, I couldn't stop myself
from coming here for him.
Love has a great power to move us.
We cannot control it.
We were together despite many struggles
that came our way
but the police killed him in an encounter.
Now, I live to keep him alive
in the books I write.
This is my way of conveying
his ideologies to the world.
Every word that I write
is dedicated to both of us.
We were together
because our goal was the same.
But your paths are different, Vedhika.
That's the reason you both
can't travel together in life.
So, think about all of this
and make your decision wisely.
What's happening, Prathap?
The CM is demanding my resignation.
Should I resign and sit at home?
Is there a reason for holding
Samayya in the police control room
while the girl was kept
in the town police station?
Sir, we suspected the girl to be
a Naxal sympathizer, and not a Naxalite.
Hence, she was kept in
the town police station.
What were our policemen doing?
Were we sleeping
until they planted a bomb?
Prathap we have such a big
force and sophisticated weapons,
then why are we still in defense?
Sir, what Ravi is doing is not
a typical war. It is a guerrilla war.
Every tree and stone in
the forest work as his cover.
More than anything,
he has the support of the people.
Why don't we have the people's support?
We are also working from them!
Yes, sir. We are also
working for the same people.
But we are working to earn a living,
whereas Naxals are ready to die for them.
What is the solution, Prathap?
Sir, have you read the Mahabharata?
There is one chapter in
it called "Virata Parvam."
When Pandavas lost against
Kauravas in the game of Pachisi,
Pandavas had to go into exile.
They hid in the Kingdom of Virata
and waited for the right moment
to attack the Kauravas.
The Naxals are doing the same thing, sir.
And now, we must also do the same thing.
Well, what do you want to do?
We have to send one of our men
into Ravi Anna's dalam, sir.
Or we must lure someone
from their dalam to join us.
And that one person can do
what the entire force couldn't do.
What I am suggesting
is a covert operation.
Okay, so
identify such a person immediately
Sir, if we can find this girl
then it means
that we have found a way
to begin Virata Parvam.
Vedhika, what is your decision?
After listening to your story,
my love towards Ravi Anna
has become stronger, teacher.
I understood that revolution
is just as strong as love.
And I have decided
to be a part of his revolution.
Please make me also a part of this party,
And I will go to the forests.
It is not that easy to just
get recruited into the party.
There is a process to it,
and many hardships too.
Listen to me and forget all of this.
How can you tell me to leave it behind?
You are still in love the revolution
even after your lover's death.
Then how do you expect me
to leave when the person I love
is still a part of the revolution?
I am ready to face anything, teacher.
How do I tell you? There is a system
for the recruitment in the party.
They won't take you in that easily.
And also the situation
is not so good, Vedhika.
No problem, teacher.
I have decided to go.
Lal Salam!
Did you recognize me, sister?
I have just been released on bail today.
I couldn't help but hear
what you just said. I am impressed.
You saved us, I can see how brave you are.
People like you must join the cause.
I will give you the contact
information of the troop.
You can leave tomorrow. Is that okay?
I will also come see you
after my court hearing
and from today you name
is not just Vedhika.
You are now "Comrade Vedhika".
Lal Salam!
Lal Salam!
No, sir. I haven't seen her.
Check if there's a letter for me!
Sure! Let me open up the box.
Check carefully.
-Excuse me, sir.
Have you seen this girl anywhere?
This girl? I know her very well.
Her father's name is Raman.
He is a folk singer from Mulugu Mandal.
-I worked in that village--
-Come along.
-Come, get in the car.
-What is it?
-What happened, sir?
-We'll tell you.
-No, sir! Please don't!
-Sir, please don't beat me!
-Sir, please!
-Please don't it me!
-Oh, God! Sir!
-Oh, God!
-Sir, don't hit me!
I beg you, sir! Please don't hit him!
-Hey, stop it. Stop it.
Sir is calling you.
Why you are just blabbering
the same thing again and again
that you don't know anything?
Do we look like children to you?
We are police.
If your daughter isn't
linked to the Naxals,
why would they come
and rescue her from the police station?
What's the need for them to do so?
What is your name?
Ramesh, tell me something.
What have these Naxals done for you?
Have they done anything
for our people or the country?
They have killed so many innocent.
They only know violence and nothing else.
Tell me. Are they of any help?
Tell me, Ramesh.
Tell me if they've helped you in any way.
-Yes, sir.
-Tell me, what is the use?
Just keep quiet, please.
Raman, please let him speak.
Wait, Uncle. I'm talking to him.
They have helped us, sir.
When girls were molested in our villages,
which party came to help or see us, sir?
Did the police come to help?
Our comrades came to our rescue, sir.
They gave voice to the voiceless.
They made sure that even people
like me were treated with respect.
-Shut up, you fool!
-What are you doing?
-Are you out of your mind?!
-Let me talk to him, Uncle!
-Bloody idiot!
What do you think you're doing?!
Sir, please forgive him.
He seems to be out of his senses.
Sit down.
He didn't say anything wrong.
Whatever he said is correct.
Who are the cadres
in the dalams presently?
It's our people.
These are the ones.
The people who die
are also from this category.
And who are the leaders?
The upper-caste people.
Nothing happens to them.
They will be fine,
and they aren't the ones getting killed.
I am giving you two days.
Post that, I have to do my duty
and put everything else aside.
Go, get your daughter.
You can leave.
Thank you.
Teacher has given this for you.
"Welcome every experience in life
like a guest at your door.
Every experience in life matters."
Wait here. Our men will be here.
Okay, Anna.
-How far is it?
-We're almost there.
I don't deserve a father like you.
I had promised you that I'd study well.
Now, it feels like a lie.
I promised that I would succeed in life,
but I have let you down.
I disgraced our family.
Any father would dream of providing
his daughter with a good education.
He would want to marry his
daughter to a good person.
I didn't even give you that opportunity.
You deserved better.
Are you here to take me back, Dad?
That's not what I'm here for, my child.
I am here just to see you.
That's it.
You just said
that you were unable to give me what
a father would expect from a daughter.
But all those expectations are irrelevant.
Do you want to know what
I really feel about you?
I am moved by stories.
No one understands what I feel except me.
I can't live without singing folklore.
And you can't live without love.
If you have a strong desire
this world will question it
and even mock it.
They will call you crazy.
When I said I would dedicate my life
to folklore, they mocked me.
Now, you are saying that you want
to dedicate your life to your love.
They will call you crazy.
People will always mock things
that they don't understand.
But never think that I can't
understand your feelings.
Now when I see you
I have this urge to shout and tell
the world that you are my daughter!
Not only in this lifetime,
but I want you to be my daughter
in all of my lifetimes.
Uncle, let's go.
I'll take your leave, dear.
-Yes, dear?
it's been so long
since I've heard you sing.
Would you please sing for me?
I don't know if I will ever hear it again.
Who supplied food to birds in the forest?
Who fed the animals?
Who provided meals to wild beasts?
Who watered the trees?
Who helped the fetus
Grow in the womb?
Who served
Fresh milk to snakes?
Who provided
Nectar to bees?
Oh, creator of the Universe!
Punisher of evil forces!
The one who alleviates agony
A new world awaits you
A new world awaits you
It's where you will meet your love
Your dreams will be fulfilled
You will overcome obstacles
Farewell, my child!
Farewell, my child!
Farewell, my child!
I am Vedhika.
Tell me the code.
"Socrates drank poison,
Karl Marx was exiled from the country,
and Buddha left for the forest
leaving his family and kingdom."
We got information
that Ramayya recruited you.
But our leader Ravi Anna
rejected your recruitment.
Take this, have some food,
rest here for a while, and leave.
What are you sending me away?
I came here to join the party
and work with you.
I am not going to leave,
I am staying right here.
I won't leave.
Swarna Akka, you can leave.
I will talk to her and send her away.
Come on.
Are you mad?
Do you have any idea about the revolution?
We don't have any hope for life.
All we have are a few moments between
our breaths, which are dedicated to war.
Several hundred have
been martyred in this war.
I can still hear the screams
of the comrades
who were martyred in the last encounter.
Do you have any idea how
haunting those screams are?
I know!
Yes. I do!
It sounds just like your mother's cry who
has been waiting for you for seven years.
Destiny made me meet your mother just
the same way it made me meet you.
This letter in my hand is more powerful
than the weapon in yours.
I don't know if your weapon
can change society
but this one will definitely
bring a change in you.
Because this is your mother's letter.
These letters won't change my mind!
My party matters to me
more than any relationship.
-Now, go!
-No, I won't!
If I go now, you won't be able to find me
even if you search for 1000 years.
You are like a stubborn child's heart
Good spirit that you can persevere
Even after witnessing his adversity
Your feet still follow his path
Farewell, my child! Go into the forest
You remind me of our comrade Aruna.
She used to work with us.
Police captured her a year ago.
She was gang-raped
and her body was mutilated.
Someday, we all might
face the same situation.
Are you ready to face all
that for this revolution?
I am ready to face anything.
I don't care for my life.
Ravi Anna! What is this?
This is not how we recruit people.
This goes against our party rules.
No matter how much we know the person,
we take them after they
have worked for us for years.
I don't understand
why Ramayya sent her here!
Anyway, you are the leader.
Anyways you are the leader
and you are the deputy commander.
We have no option
but to follow your orders.
It is not right for you to walk away
like that when Sakhavu Ravi is talking.
What he did is also not right.
Let me clarify that Ravi Anna also
rejected her recruitment at first,
but I was the one who persuaded him.
Because the police have already
registered her as a sympathizer.
If she leaves now,
she will definitely be in danger.
If they kill her,
who will compensate for her life?
Will you?
Will I?
She volunteered to work for the party.
Moreover, she is a woman.
And you know Ravi Anna.
He can even turn a mud ball into a bomb.
You wait and watch. Vedhika will
become stronger than both of us.
Someone is humming a lullaby in my ears
And filling my heart with rhythm
My dream has come true
I'm enjoying every bit of it
Now that her love story has begun
Her heart sings love songs
She sees herself in your eyes
Now that I've found you
My life has turned beautiful
Someone is humming a lullaby in my ears
And filling my heart with rhythm
Someone is humming a lullaby in my ears
And filling my heart with rhythm
So far
No revolution bigger than love has arisen
Wouldn't the truth
Be understood if compared?
On the path of life so desired
Even if I am blamed
Our destinies are now intertwined
The forest danced having possessed you
Distress disappeared
Having realized the dream
My heart gladdened to have been blessed
With your companionship
I feel a sense of relief
To have you by my side
Someone is humming a lullaby in my ears
And filling my heart with rhythm
My dream has come true
I'm enjoying every bit of it
So, you gave ten lakh rupees to Chettiar
without the party's knowledge.
How many times
have you betrayed your party?
Sir, I am bound to principles.
I am not that kind of a person.
Lingamurthy, come here.
Greetings, sir.
How much money has he given you?
Around ten lakh rupees, sir.
What did you do with all that money?
I loaned the money to farmers on interest.
His sister comes and collects
the interest regularly sir.
-Okay, you can leave.
-Okay, sir.
Our department needs service
of these kind of criminals.
If you do as I say, your life will be set.
Join Ravi's gang,
kill everyone and surrender
with all the arms.
And I give you my word
that I'll make you rich.
4 KM
Bharathi Akka!
You should set off with Ramesh.
Ramayya will be there for an appointment.
Don't spend more than 20 minutes there.
We got information that the police
is also here. Be careful.
-Red Salute!
-Red Salute!
-Swarna Akka and Vedhika.
Change into civilian clothes now.
Our singer, Mallana, has become bedridden
because of police torture.
As soon as you enter the village,
you will be able to locate his house.
Give this money to him,
and meet us in the morning.
We'll be waiting outside for you.
Come on in. Quick.
Look at his state.
Look at how the policemen tortured him
at the station for a week!
They have filed 12 cases against him.
They brutally strangled him to ensure
that he doesn't recite
revolutionary poetry again.
He has completely lost his voice now.
The doctor also said that
one of his kidneys is damaged.
The party is always there for people
like Mallana who work for society.
Ravi Sakhavu has sent this money
for the medical expenses.
Make sure to meet Dr. Rajaram
for medical assistance.
Akka, hurry up. Let's leave.
I'll take your leave.
Red Salute!
I have cooked food for the troop.
Please wait. I'll pack it for you.
I thought I wouldn't be on night duty.
I haven't gone home in three days.
-We have no choice.
-We can't evade it.
-The word "duty" scares me.
-What can we do?
We really have no choice.
Who are they?
Hey, stop!
Where are you coming from?
Where are you headed at this hour?
Sir, we are laborers working
with the cranes nearby.
There was a power outage
throughout the day.
So, we have to work through the night.
Other workers are right there.
We're going to give them food, sir.
Check what's in there.
-Put the baskets down.
-Let me check.
It's just food, sir.
Show me that basket.
It's okay. Let them go.
-You can go.
-Go on.
Sir, didn't they say
they work with cranes?
I haven't seen any cranes nearby.
How do we not know?
-Hey, stop!
Is there some work going on
with cranes nearby?
No, sir. Not that I know of.
Alright. You can go.
-Stop right there!
-You heard him!
-I said, stop!
Come with us.
Show us where you're working.
-Show us the place.
we're telling you the truth.
We don't know anything else.
You don't know anything, and yet
you're carrying food for the Naxals?
-Sir, we don't know anything.
-Quit playing innocent!
-Tell me the truth now!
Boys, follow me.
-Please don't hurt us!
-Answer me!
-Please don't hit us!
-Tell us!
-Answer me!
-Don't hit us, sir!
-Don't hit us, please!
-Sir, please.
-Don't hit us.
-We'll not spare you.
-Oh, God!
-Tell me the truth!
-Sir, that's a grenade!
Come on.
Come on! Quick!
Move, move, move!
Anna, he's a policeman. Look!
Kill him!
Just do away with him!
Kill him! Don't spare his life!
Kill him!
Raghu Anna, don't shoot him.
The sound will alert the police.
Take him aside.
Anna, please don't kill him.
Let him go.
Anna, please!
Anna, let him go. This is not right.
This is not right?!
Was it right when they molested, raped,
and mutilated our lady comrades?
If we behaved exactly like them, then what
is the difference between us and them?
Is bloodshed the only solution?
Tell me where there is no bloodshed!
Human life begins with bloodshed!
A mother goes through
so much pain while giving birth.
A new system emerges the same way!
Now don't intervene.
Just stay out of this.
But he is not our enemy to kill him!
He is just another human being.
Isn't it our party rule not
to kill an unarmed enemy?
-Tell me!
Are you teaching us our rules?!
I've been here way before you came along,
and you're teaching me about the party?!
Don't patronize me!
Or else, I'll show you
what I'm capable of!
-Raghu Anna, calm down.
-Anna, let it be.
Why are you behaving
like a police officer?
Do you think we are big enough
to go against Mao's principles?
Let him go.
Sorry, comrades.
Vedhika is right.
Give me the first aid kit.
-Basavanna, this deserves appreciation.
-That's true.
Such humanistic acts are going to add
more credibility towards our party.
This is very important for people
to understand that there's a difference
between Naxals and the police.
You are right.
Let's congratulate Ravi Anna's troop
from our state committee's side.
They are the stars in the sky
Who are these children?
They are the buds in the jungle
Who are these children?
They are the stars in the sky
Sister, you made
a very emphatic argument yesterday.
See how her face is glowing, Akka!
You should treat us tonight.
Anna, don't say that. Here, have some tea.
Here you go.
He's right. What you did yesterday
is completely worthy of appreciation.
Oh, come on now! Stop it.
-Have some tea.
-I mean it.
A comrade like you
is very crucial for the party.
-Who recommended her?
-The great comrade Ramayya.
Here you go.
No, thanks.
Anna, are you still angry with me?
Anna, take it. How can you refuse
when she's offering you tea?
What Bharathi Akka said earlier is right.
You showed what the true intention
of revolution is
by saving the policeman yesterday.
If you hadn't stopped us, even
I would've been responsible for his death.
Because of these fake encounters
and covert operations,
all of us are suffering from paranoia.
We are in a moral dilemma of sorts,
and we're losing sense
of what is right and what is wrong.
But I'm proud of you.
My dear son, this is your mother.
I hope you're doing well.
What can I say about the condition I'm in?
I never thought you would abandon
your family and join the revolution.
The police wreaked havoc after you left.
They destroyed our house.
Without taking into consideration
that I'm a woman,
they troubled and tortured me.
They called me names and kept
asking me where I've been hiding you.
They took away young boys
from the village and shot them dead.
They turned the entire village
into a graveyard, son.
There is no happiness in the village.
The people here are living on the edge,
and in constant fear.
I want to see you at least one last time.
You said your son would never
write any poem about you, right?
Well, he did.
Ask him.
Read it to her. It will make her happy.
"Mother, the revolution thanks you
for giving me life.
At the time of sowing seeds in the fields
On a garland of flowers
amidst the melodies of birds
The revolution thanks you
for giving me life.
You taught me to give life
to fallen flowers and birds.
You have given me life lessons.
Mother, the revolution thanks you
for giving me life."
Hello, sir. We are here. Over.
He'll definitely be around.
It's because we got
the information from an insider.
Okay, sir. Over.
Keep searching. We are on the way.
"You ventured me
to defy the deathly gallows.
You made me strong by teaching me
to swim against the tide.
The milk you fed me
with your wounded body didn't go in vain.
It is feeding the starving misfortune.
Before death approaches me
my desire is to see you once more
beyond all these shackles.
Mother, the revolution thanks you
for giving me life.
The revolution thanks you
for giving me life."
Okay, sir. Over.
Hey! Stop!
Before I die
I want to see the happiness on your face.
You won't find peace
amidst all the guns, son.
You will find peace in a girl's love.
Listen to your mother.
you should marry this girl.
You will find peace.
The police are here! You need to leave!
Come on, run!
Come on!
This way!
I dream about you I revere you
My heart beats for you now
My mind awoke
The minute I laid eyes on you
The one who filled my dreams
If he appears before my eyes
I will sway with happiness
I will sway with happiness
Tell me the truth.
You don't love me?
Not at all?
Just say yes or no.
And I will never ask you again.
Let's go!
Sorry, sir.
-Yes, what happened?
-We missed him.
He managed to escape.
Oh, shit!
The party and the movement
is completely corrupt.
They are joining the cause
just to make money.
Innocent people are dying,
and public property is being damaged.
They tried to kill me
when I questioned them.
Left with no choice, I killed the others
and surrendered with the weapons.
There are many others like me
in the party.
Even the people I recruited.
All our struggles are the same.
We want to destroy this party
that is using
our principles
to cover for their mistakes.
Jai Hind!
The party lost ten comrades
because of your negligence.
How will you face your enemies
when you didn't even know that the person
right beside you was betraying you?
Ramayya was the most senior person
in the party. How could we doubt him?
Well, you should.
You have to doubt your own shadow!
A leader's first quality
is suspicion and caution.
You shouldn't trust anyone blindly,
even if it's your family or friends.
Don't trust anybody!
We've constituted a committee
that will review this situation
and also identify the coverts
in the party and warn the dalam.
Even if you have the slightest of doubts,
you need to take serious action
and nor look the other way.
New recruits are joining
the dalam tomorrow.
Receive them at Pandavula.
-Lal Salam!
-Lal Salam!
-Lal Salam!
-Lal Salam!
-Hey, you're here too!
-Lal Salam!
-How have you been?
-I've been good.
-Lal Salam!
-Lal Salam!
-Lal Salam!
-Lal Salam!
-Akka. Lal Salam!
-Lal Salam!
Lal Salam!
-Did you recognize me?
-Yes, Anna. I remember you.
-We met at Mr. Vidhyadhara's house.
-Lal Salam!
-Lal Salam!
Get off!
Sir, I'm begging you.
I can't do it.
If you want your father to return home,
just do as I say.
-Red Salute!
-Red Salute!
The committee has sent him.
-Red Salute!
-Red Salute!
Brother, they asked me
to give this letter to you.
Come on.
Greetings to Comrade Ravi Anna.
Our committee has found that
there are coverts in your troop.
Identify who they are and punish them.
The punishment you mete out should
shivers down the spines of the enemies.
Nobody should even think
of betraying you ever again.
Let's meet on the banks of river Manjeera
tomorrow at 4:30 p.m.
Lal Salam!
Who could be the covert in our dalam?
I'm sure it's Vedhika!
Yes! I think she is the covert.
We can't regard her as a covert
without any evidence.
Do you really want evidence?!
The way she entered
the party itself is suspicious!
And that traitor Ramayya is the one
who recommended her!
And he even told the press
that the people he appointed
are still in the dalam.
What more evidence do you want?
Raghu, you are taking this
issue very personally.
Oh, really? I'm taking it personally?!
You are a successful leader, aren't you?
You have recruited so many people
into this party, right?
Can you tell me how you plan
to review this situation?
Anna, why are you saying such things?
The party had even given you
the chance to lead, right?
You have been in this position
before me, right?
What did you do as a leader?
You burnt down a wedding jeep
assuming it was a police jeep!
Ten innocent people, including children,
died in that incident!
In Warangal,
you killed a great leader under
the suspicion that he was an informer!
That is why the party demoted you!
That was unintentional!
Do you think I had any personal agenda?
Don't you and the party
know what transpired?
It was an accident.
Foreseeing the accidents
is what makes a good leader.
Then why couldn't you foresee
Ramayya's accident?
What happened to your leadership quality?
-That was not-- That was not an accident!
-This is betrayal!
He turned out a traitor.
Okay. That was not an accident,
but betrayal.
Tell me, what is happening now?
As the commander, what are you even doing?
You don't believe me, but that covert!
How are you so sure she is a covert?
I'm a hundred percent sure she's a covert!
Now I understand
you just want her dead.
I don't want her dead.
I just want the coverts dead!
I don't have emotions for lovers
and mothers here, like you do.
I only have one emotion
and that is revolution!
Revolution is more important
to me than people!
You have failed to understand my point
of view despite being the commander!
I'm starting to doubt you as well.
What is he even saying?
Don't we know about Vedhika?
I think Raghu Anna is right.
Let me tell you something.
What was really the intention behind
Vedhika saving that police officer
and taking you to meet your mother?
It was a part of the covert operation.
We have started facing problems
right from the time she joined us.
We have been constantly
landing in trouble.
That's not it, Akka. She took him
to meet his mother without our knowledge.
I'm sure she knew
about the ambush that night!
He must have definitely told her.
Because he knew that his operation
would fail if you were here.
And that's not it.
She roamed across many villages for
three months just for our troop's contact.
She even met many of our comrades.
You can ask them if you want.
You can inquire about it yourself.
Once you talk to her, you will
understand what we are saying.
I was there at Vidhyadara's
house that day.
Vedhika came there and asked us
for your address. When we asked why,
she said she's in love with you.
We reasoned with her and sent her away.
And the very next minute, the cops
arrived and took away Vidhyadhara.
I saw her when I was
burning a bus in Patrapalli.
She was there on the bus.
She said she wanted your dalam's contact.
I was suspicious of her.
I asked her why,
but she didn't have an answer.
We had to immediately run because we
got a signal that the police were coming.
She said she has some land issues.
She sought my help to meet you.
She came to know from us that
the dalam was going to that college.
The next day, while I was on my way to
Bhupalpally, I saw her in a police jeep.
She must have been the reason
why the police came there.
I am also beginning
to get suspicious of her.
Did you hear that, Anna?
Her motive is to target our troop.
Miss Shakunthala didn't accept her either
when she wanted to join our fleet.
She begged Vedhika not to get in.
But she didn't listen to her.
She was instead brought in
by that traitor Ramayya.
Who told you to love Ravi Anna?
Why are you asking me such things
out of the blue?
Who told you to love Ravi Anna?
How can anyone tell us
to fall in love with someone?
Then why did you fall in love with him?
Did he come in your dreams
and ask you to do so? Tell me!
Well, who told you to join the cause?
Did Marx appear in your dreams
or was it Mao?
How many other converts
did Ramayya appoint in our dalam?
Who is behind this operation?
Is it SP Surya Prathap?
Is it ACP Ajay?
Is it DGP Joseph?
Tell me!
Who are all these people?
I don't even know who they are.
There seems to be some misunderstanding.
Save your drama for some other day.
Ten comrades died because of you.
Do you know how much
of a loss it is to the party?
What is the deal between
Ramayya and police?
What is your deal with the police?
Why did you become a covert?
I really don't know anything.
No matter what you do,
you can't hide anything from me.
Just tell me, what did they lure you with?
-Money? Job?
-Oh, God
I really don't know what you
are talking about. I swear, Akka.
I fell in love with Ravi.
And with immense respect
towards revolution,
I came here so that I could be with him.
You can
have a look at my diary, Akka.
I have written everything in it.
Every thought, every emotion.
Radhika Akka, please give
my diary to Bharathi Akka.
If you read it,
you will understand everything.
There is no diary in here.
That's because no such diary exists!
I'm sure you remember
even in Mahadevpur,
you said the same thing and left,
and then returned with police.
What are you saying, Akka?
I was the one who saved you
from the police that day.
That is how smart you coverts are!
That was a part of your operation.
To make us believe you!
If that is not true
tell me, how did you manage
to cross the police and come to us?
With police firing on one side
and we on the other side,
how did you manage to come
there without any injury?
How did you manage all of that?
Because you are a police informer,
and they were the ones who sent you there!
Otherwise, how could you be brave and do
something that even we couldn't have done?
Tell me!
I understand now
you will not believe me
no matter what I say to you.
Because doubt has shrouded your reason!
So, have we been carrying guns
with us all this while just for this?
To persecute innocent people?
I thought of you as my sister,
even as my mother.
How can you doubt me, Akka?!
There is no doubt.
She is indeed the covert.
But she isn't accepting it.
And she won't.
She is a sly woman.
She is talking in a manipulative way.
She also has a way with words.
She won't budge.
We have no choice.
All these people are doubting me.
Our Bharathi Akka and our
Raghu Anna are doubting me.
It's okay.
-There's some misunderstanding.
-Drink some water first.
You know about me, right?
Please tell them.
They will listen to you.
The other day,
you asked me if I loved you.
You wanted my answer, right?
Let me tell you now.
Yes, I love you!
I came to your rescue because I was
scared that the police would hurt you!
I met my mother after seven years
just because you told me to!
I did all of this because I loved you.
But what did you do in return?
You betrayed me!
Bharathi Akka!
Bharathi Akka!
There has been a mistake!
Greetings to all the comrades.
Ramayya's allegations are false.
There are no coverts in our party.
This is a part of the police's plan.
I told you the other day
love is just a tool used by humans
to betray each other.
And you proved it right!
I loved an enemy who came to destroy
my revolution, which is like my mother!
My life is over.
The one who has the right over my life
is the one who decided to take my life.
The first-ever kiss he planted on me
was just when my life
began to leave my body.
This is the only regret I have.
I can feel my last breath
floating into the thin air.
I wish I could get my life back.
It would be nice to live again.
I wish I could come back to life,
but I don't have the strength.
This is my fate.
But I will come back
To take birth in the same village
to the same parents.
To play with my Krishna doll once again.
To experience the exuberance
in Aranya's poems.
To learn from Miss Shakunthala.
To walk the same path in the same forest
with Bharathi Akka and Raghu Anna.
To love Ravi once again.
I will certainly come back.
Fate brought us here
It has all ended in tears
All our hopes
Have been turned to dust
Oh, moonlight!
Oh, moonlight!
Whose curse has made you squirm like this?
Oh, moonlight!
Whose curse has made you squirm like this?
Whose curse has made you squirm like this?
Why did this happen?
Why did this happen?
In February 1992
a woman was killed in a covert assault
conducted by the Naxals.
Her death disturbed me
and made me contemplate.
That tragic event is the inspiration
for this film, Virata Parvam.
In memory of the woman
for whom the whole state wept.
This film is dedicated to her.