Virgin Forest (2022) Movie Script

According to a study published in 2015,
15 billion trees are being cut each year.
This means that since
the beginning of human civilization,
only 46 percent of
the trees remain worldwide.
In the past five decades,
weve seen and felt
the effects of deforestation
in different parts of the Philippines.
Putting us in the list of countries
with serious forest
degradation in Southeast Asia.
Hon, look at that.
- I have a deadline with my Lumad story.
- Its just interesting. Im sorry.
Roger, keep your eye on that one.
Do your job right.
Are our people in the woods doing okay?
Is Minda treating our workers right?
Theyre doing fine, Mayor.
Hon, Im in the mayors office right now.
Im sorry hon,
but did you see my article on the headline?
Ive read it, see?
Its impressive.
Im so proud of you, congratulations.
Thank you.
How are the kids?
Come here!
Hi Daddy!
Well, Ill be going to the forest.
Theres no signal there,
I wont be able to call you.
Daddy, youll show me the flower?
Of course, Ill take pictures
of the biggest flower in the world.
Once Im done
The moment I get a signal,
I promise Ill send you pictures.
Okay? I love you.
- Alright, then.
- Bye, please take care.
- Bye, hon!
- Goodbye.
Alright, Ill call you when this is over.
Mr. Francis, the mayor
can talk to you now.
Thank you.
- Francis Imperial.
- Sir!
Very nice to meet you, sir.
Same here.
Ive seen your work,
youre a great photojournalist.
We have a project,
and Im commissioning you
so you can promote our province.
- Sure!
- You want to see what its about?
Im excited about it.
This is the Rafflesia.
You know, this is one of a kind.
And its the biggest flower in the world.
Ive also done research
on it before I came here.
Good, good!
So lets push through with the project.
By the way, this is Roger.
Hell accompany you when
you go to the mountains.
Believe me, he knows
every path and trail there.
Heres some money for your needs.
Our budget, Mayor.
Thank you.
- Thank you, Mayor.
- Thank you, too.
- Well go ahead.
- Alright.
- Are you ready?
- Let's go.
- Do your best, okay?
- Of course. Thank you, Mayor.
Can we go to my house first,
I just need to drop off something?
No problem. Lets go!
Thank you.
How do you know Mayor?
Well, the Mayors office
called my publishing company.
I flew here immediately.
You have giant trees here.
You really protect your forests?
Yes, no ones allowed
to cut trees here.
Ill be quick, boss.
Wheres Mom?
Youre angry, I think.
- Yes, I have a reason to be angry.
- Your sons here.
Dad, Mom.
Your fathers wound is not healing.
Dad, it looks drier now.
- Hey!
- Look how cranky he is!
Youre so heavy handed.
No, because you're in pain.
Calm down, Mom.
You keep arguing with Dad.
Your mom is such a nag.
- Thank you, grandson.
- Have you eaten?
This is for you.
For expenses.
Manage it well.
Dont spend it all at once.
You take care of everything.
Ill just go somewhere.
Does your son even have
something to eat in the house?
- Dad, mom.
- Where are you off to now?
Ill go on a trip,
but Ill be back soon.
Wait, Roger!
It's good that you're here.
- How are you?
- Not so good.
Take this.
- Here's your money.
- Thank you so much Roger.
Look how happy she is
because she has money again.
You take care of my grandkids.
Yes, aunt.
Dont worry about them.
- Thank you.
- Return as soon as you can.
Yes, Mom.
Hey! Roger!
Where is my daughter?
- This guys crazy!
- What did you do with my daughter?
- You son of a bitch!
- I dont know what youre talking about.
- What happened?
- My son is innocent.
- Thats not my problem!
- You know what happened to her!
I dont know what
youre talking about!
Bastard! Where's my daughter?
Francis, I will show you
what theyre doing to me.
Enough of that!
- Youll be punished one day!
- This isnt your turf!
Thats you and your wifes problem,
dont drag me into it!
Where did you take her?
I know nothing about that!
- I think hes gone bonkers!
- Fuck you!
You try to blame me
for your daughters actions.
You fuck, you took her!
What was that about?
Thats nothing, dont worry about it.
He's crazy.
I dont even know
what hes accusing me of.
The people there, theyre all your family?
Yes. The people living in
that compound are all my relatives.
Youre the eldest?
I have three siblings.
Are they still in school?
Our parents can't afford
to send us to school.
I have to find ways for
my family to get by every day.
My family rely on me
to put food on the table.
May I ask how long have
you been doing this job?
- My work?
- Yes.
Ive been doing this my whole life.
It used to be a hobby.
But I started to get paid
for what I do.
I met my wife through this job.
Do you have kids, boss?
I have two. Both girls.
Francis, help us.
Save us.
Help us, Francis.
Francis, save us.
Save us.
Im sorry, boss.
Well have to park here because
the truck cant go further in the woods.
Well get off here?
Lets go.
The women in my dream,
messed with my mind.
What women?
Dont tell me you
have another girl?
Lets go.
Just follow me.
The view is nice there.
Im sure you'd like to take pictures.
Roger wait,
Ill just take photos.
Are you getting tired?
You silly thing, I know you miss me!
- Gina.
- What?
- Hey, come here!
- I dont like you!
- Come!
- No!
- Come here!
- Help!
- Well just play a game!
- Let go of me!
Be quiet!
- Let go of me!
- Stop shouting!
- No!
- It'll be quick.
- We will just play!
- Please, no!
- Help!
- Gina!
- Help me!
- Fuck you, come back here!
- Come here, you bitch!
- Help me!
Gina, we will just play here.
Come here, you bitch!
Roger, what's that?
Maybe just some hunter. Let's move.
- Roger, please help me!
- Go away, you crazy bitch!
You stink, bitch!
What the fucks that about?
Hey, Roger.
See what you did to your girl?
Shes wandering everywhere.
She's not my girl.
You don't know what you're saying.
Lets go, boss.
Roger, what was that?
That girl, she just went batshit crazy.
That guy, hes a hunter.
That girl is always wandering
here in the forest.
- That guy shouldn't even be hunting here.
- I see.
Whatever happens, you wont leave me?
I wont abandon you.
You promise to look
after me even at work?
Besides you'll like working there.
Well cook Pinakbet.
I washed them already.
Okay, just put it over there.
Make sure you do your job well, okay?
- Don't let me down.
- Of course, just visit me often.
Of course, I'll visit you.
- Madam Minda!
- Hey, Roger.
- That looks delicious.
- We are cooking Pinakbet.
This is Gina. The one
Ive been telling you about.
- How old are you, dear?
- Seventeen, maam, turning eighteen soon.
Youre still young,
and youre pretty.
Come, Roger.
Thank you.
Gina, I must go now.
- Madam Minda, please take care of her.
- Alright.
Work hard.
Roger, don't leave me,
Ill come with you.
Don't be stupid.
Youre here already.
Attend to your job.
Go on, Roger.
You can leave now.
Itll be dark soon.
Take care, okay?
- Be safe.
- Goodbye.
Do you know how to cook?
- Yes.
- Thats Pinakbet, okay?
Just cut the string beans.
After that, chop this one.
Put it here, when youre done.
Put it here.
Whatever happens, you wont abandon me?
I promise, I will never leave you.
Just take a bath, youll be fine.
I was like you once.
Lets stop here for a while.
Im also tired walking.
Maybe we can rest here tonight.
- Here?
- Yes.
Here are your clothes, leave now!
Youre useless!
You stink so bad!
Take a bath! You stink!
How will men want you?
Go away now!
Go! Take all your stuff!
You're disgusting!
Take a bath!
- Youre useless!
- I have nowhere to go.
Let go of me!
I'm going to kill you!
You traitor, you abandoned me!
You turned your back on me!
Fuck you, why won't you
wont leave us alone?
- Roger, don't!
- Fuck you!
- Idiot!
- Asshole!
- I'll kill you!
- I will stab you!
- You wont you leave us alone? Go away!
- I hope you die!
- I hope you die!
- Sorry about that.
Shes raving mad.
Lucky you stopped her.
Fuck it, man,
whats really happening here?
Dont mind it, boss,
shes just insane.
- What?
- Shes crazy.
Fuck that.
Lets rest now.
Im really sorry.
Thank you.
You stopped her just in time.
- Are you sure she's not coming back?
- I'm okay here, don't worry about me.
- You can sleep here.
- Im alright, go ahead.
Sleep here.
Thank you.
Are you sure?
Francis, save us.
Francis, help us.
Save us.
Help us.
Francis, please save us.
Francis, please help us.
Was this here last night?
I dont know, boss.
This wasnt here last night.
We had a bonfire there, right?
Any idea where we are?
- I think this place is enchanted.
- Oh, fuck it.
- I dont know.
- Whats happening here?
- Are you getting us lost on purpose?
- No.
We both slept in the tent.
I know nothing about this.
What do we do now?
Lets leave,
we are being toyed with.
Oh fuck.
Hes the guy yesterday?
Maybe a hunters stray bullet got him.
Lets go,
lets just keep going.
Just like that?
Are we still far?
Lets just go home!
You want turn back when
we've already come this far.
Come on, lets keep going!
Hurry up!
Look at that.
- This is awesome.
- Great, isnt it?
- I think Ive seen this place before.
- Where?
I thought you havent been here before.
- You want to go for a swim?
- Sure.
Its beautiful!
Its deep here.
Is it still far?
How many hours until we get there?
We should be close to it by now.
If we hadn't taken our time,
we would have been there already.
Are you sure you know the way?
Yes, I know the way.
Don't worry.
Why are there cows here?
Where did they come from?
Those are just wild cows.
Sometimes theyll just appear before you.
What's that sound?
- What?
- Don't you hear it?
Don't mind them.
Let's just go.
- Ill just take photos of it.
- What?
Come on.
I thought your forest was protected,
why are there loggers here?
They're not illegal,
they are just trimming the branches.
Lets go.
- I'm still taking pictures.
- It's getting late.
Who are you?
Go away!
- Come on.
- Hey!
- What are you doing?
- Hes with me!
Why did you bring
someone here with a camera?
Hes taking pictures.
- Let's go.
- Ill delete it.
- Want me to blow your brains out?
- Ill delete it now.
Lets go.
Well get off track.
Its just Roger.
Roger, do you really know
where we are going?
Whats the matter?
If you dont know, just tell me.
Lets not waste time
because I'm getting delayed here.
Weve been here two days,
and you told me
there are no loggers
and suddenly one points a gun at me!
Why are there loggers?
Youre obviously messing
with me now, Roger.
I almost got shot
and you expect me to be okay?
- I know that guy, he won't shoot.
- We've been walking all day.
What now!
Tell it to me straight!
Fuck it!
What the hell, Angelas missing.
You saw nothing?
You like morenas? You like mestizas?
What do you like?
Damn it, Roger.
Weve been walking for hours.
Were getting near.
I think we took the wrong trail earlier.
Looks like were lost.
I think weve gone off-track.
Are you serious?
Lets just keep walking, follow me.
Fuck, Roger.
Can you still go on?
- Well get there. Don't worry.
- Were going in circles, fuck it.
We're almost there. Stop nagging.
Hows it going, Madam?
John, I need your help.
- Youre stressed again.
- Angela disappeared, find her.
- Thats alright, she got nowhere to go.
- Help me find her.
- She cant go far.
- But you better find her now.
- Hurry up, lets find Angela.
- She must be nearby.
You'll be punished for this.
Youll answer to me
if shes not found!
Fuck that bitch.
- Hurry up.
- Damn it.
Dont worry about it.
Its nearly evening.
She got nowhere to go.
- Help me, Roger!
- You dumbass.
- Have pity on me!
- Does Madam Minda know youre here?
- You promised us a decent job.
- I didn't.
Roger, whats happening?
- Its nothing, really
- Sir, help us!
- Whats happening?
- My sister.
- My sister is still there. Please help me.
- Where?
- Dont interfere with this.
- Roger, whats happening now?
- This is my problem.
- Fuck!
Do you want to die?
What if we both get in trouble?
You bitch!
Why are you running away?
- Stay out of this!
- Roger, hey!
- What's happening?
- This is none of your business!
- Were supposed to find the flower, right?
- Go there by yourself!
Hurry up, move!
You fool.
Hurry, stand up!
Ill split your head.
Roger! Wait for me!
Youre tough, arent you?
Why are you trying to escape?
Are you planning something?
Dont worry, Minda, she will turn up.
Shes a pain in the ass!
Hurry up!
Madam Minda.
You fucking bitch!
Good thing Roger found you!
They looked for you everywhere!
Lucky youve been found!
You gave me a big headache!
Told you shell be back, right?
Wait. And whos this guy?
Thats Francis.
I told him not to follow me.
He works for the mayor.
He's supposed to take photos
of a flower. A flower, right?
- Yes.
- Says hes a photographer.
What flower? A photographer?
Ive seen him before.
Youre the one who took
pictures of us earlier.
But I deleted it.
Right, Roger?
- Youre making me furious. Go inside!
- Have pity, please!
- Please no!
- Go inside! Stay there!
You can't be here.
How am I supposed to go back?
I dont know, that's not my problem.
I told you to go back.
Go on find the flowers on your own!
What are we going to do with him?
Lets just lock him up with Angela.
- Do it!
- Roger!
- Thats not my problem anymore.
- Talk to the mayor first!
Your friend, Roger.
Come here!
Hes calling you.
Call the mayor, please.
Stay there.
What is it?
Make sure you guard these two.
Keep your eyes on them.
They musnt escape.
Call your friend.
Raven. Lets guard these two.
What do we do?
I have a bad feeling about this.
You know we'll be in trouble
when the Mayor finds out.
This man knows nothing now,
but what if he finds out?
- Its his fault.
- Roger!
Get rid of him tomorrow.
Ill take care of it.
Ill go now.
Roger. Do something about it.
I know when my instincts
are telling me something.
- Why is he here?
- I didn't invite him here.
You should have stopped him.
Hes persistent.
He said the mayor
commissioned him for a job.
Okay, Oscar.
You got a bottle of beer.
Youll pay one hundred.
Son of a bitch,
you keep hitting it and yet
We can pay half for now, Minda.
Alright, how much is this half
youre ready to pay?
Youre the one who the most...
Three hundred fifty, half.
Thats equivalent to how many hits?
Here, give this to my mother
when you go home.
- How much is this? Five thousand?
- Yes, don't spend it.
Okay, Ill take care of it.
I was just commissioned
to take pictures.
What the hell happened?
What are you doing here?
Roger brought me
and my sister to this place.
Sis, Im nervous.
What are you worried about?
Dont worry, I wont abandon you, alright?
Besides, Ill be with you.
My grandma trusted him
so I believed him.
Its all about clearcutting.
We have to do any more selective cutting.
What are you doing?
Make sure everything is on track.
- I don't want to get delayed.
- Cheers, man. You got this, right?
Make sure all our deliveries are on time.
Hey, Ill call you back, Rogers here.
- Hey Roger.
- The new girls, theyre here.
Good morning!
This is Angela and Karla.
- Hello!
- This is Boss John.
- How are you two doing?
- Were okay.
Sir, if I may ask,
is this the area
were supposed to clean?
Youll clean all of it.
Wait here, Ill just get something inside.
Theyre all nice, dont you worry.
These are the friends of my boss,
theyll be here with you.
See that? Youll clean that part.
You here, okay?
Work hard, dont embarrass me
for bringing you here, okay?
Yes, boss?
Theyre okay.
Thanks, boss.
You take care of them.
Roger said they were kind,
I didnt know
theyd abuse us here.
Its fine, shes enjoying it.
Don't feel bad about this.
Please help us.
I'm begging you.
My sister needs help.
When will you set me free?
When will you let me go?
You dont like it here?
Dont be like your sister.
She ran away, but got caught.
Let me see.
She needs me.
I should be with her.
I dont know what to do.
How can I help you?
Sis, Im nervous.
I wont leave you, alright?
Besides, Ill be there with you.
Careful, they might hear us.
Lets go get my sister.
Thats the path to your sister!
Run, quick!
Karla, Im thirsty.
- Karlas missing.
- What?
- What did you say?
- Karlas missing.
What happened Karla?
Greg. Karlas gone.
How could she leave
when her sisters here?
Her sisters here
No, shes gone too!
Roger! Come here!
Roger! Hurry!
What is it?
Find the sisters,
or well be in deep shit!
Fuck it, hurry up!
They cant have gone far!
Roger, look for them.
They can't go that far.
Fuck them!
When I find them Im gonna kill them!
Where did they go...
This way, boss!
Shes there?
Run faster!
Theyre there!
Lets go there, quick!
Run this way!
There they are.
Theyre right there!
Karla! Angela!
This way!
This way!
- Karla!
- Go, run!
Run as fast as you can.
Keep running!
Let's go.
- Its okay.
- No.
Im so afraid of snakes, man.
- Steady, man.
- Stop, dont move!
Im gonna shoot it.
I can do this.
- Greg, dont.
- Just trust me. I got this.
Stop, Ill shoot it!
Karla! Wake up!
Wake up!
Wake up!
Karla! Dont leave me!
I dont want to!
Sir, what can you say about
the dead women found in the forest?
Maam, do you know who they are?
What can you say about it?
The dead bodies, is that confirmed?
Maam! Sir!
Let's go.
Just a bit sir,
what can you say about it?
- Boss hes here, you can talk to him now.
- Alright.
Tina. Tell them Ill talk
to them later, okay?
Yes, sir.
Maam, can we move
to the session hall first?
Mayor will talk to us there.
Mayor will talk to you now.
Welcome back.
Were you able to take
photos of the flowers?
Yes, mayor.
And other things too.
Just do what I asked you to do.
Or else there will be consequences.
Grandma, why?
What do you mean?
Why did you do that to us?
What do you want to do now?
What will our future be?
If you werent such an idiot,
your sister would still be alive.
Whats so bad about that place?
You had food there,
we have food here.
You want something more.
What am I going to do?!
Did you even bother
to consider our feelings?
Do you know what happened to us there?
And now she's gone!
We have no food?
I could always plant vegetables.
I can also work in Manila.
Why did you do this?
Your sister died
because of your stupidity!
You would also become a whore in Manila.
How are you feeling?
Its the wound.
It will be amputated.
- Grandma, have you seen my bolo?
- No.
Where is it?
Be strong.
Mom, just have this washed.
Son, your father has a very high fever.
- Lets take him to the hospital, Mom.
- Where will we get the money?
Where will we get the money?
Mom, Ill find a way.
Well take Dad to a hospital.
- When?
- Just wait, Mom.
- Where are you going?
- Im just looking for my bolo.
Wait, Mom.
Roger, my son!
Who the fuck are you?
Please help us!
Francis, we must let
the world know about this.
Im afraid.
What about our children?
Francis, dont be afraid.
Our company's legal team will protect us.
Theres a safehouse
we can go to anytime.
We can move there temporarily.
We must make this public.
Look at those!
Dont be afraid. Im here.
Your familys here for you.
I have always believed in you.
I believe that youre the same Francis,
the same brave man that I know.
We can get through this.
The joint forces of the DILG
and the local police
arrested Mayor Peter Balano
of Dolores, Bukidnon
and his accomplices.
He is facing multiple charges
thru the office of the Ombudsman
in accordance with Republic Act 3701
or Anti-Illegal Logging Act,
RA 9208 or Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act,
RA 3019 or Anti-Graft
and Corrupt Practices Act.