Virginia's Run (2002) Movie Script

(whinnying )
( straining )
Come on.
You OK, girl?
I had this feeling you were
up to something tonight.
Whoa, girl... whoa.
Whoa... all right.
It's all right.
Calm down. It's OK.
I'm just going to take
a look, all right?
Just... OK. Easy. Whoa.
All right.
I'm going to go for it, all right?
OK... all right, come on.
Come on.
( straining )
I'm just, I'm just helping.
No, come on.
Oh... girl, he's OK.
No. Come on, boy.
Come on... come on.
Twister, he's beautiful.
You got to see him.
( thunder booming )
Easy. All right.
Easy, boy. Easy.
I'll be right back.
You got yourself
a beautiful boy.
( whinnying )
Well, I'll be.
That's the quickest
I've ever seen a foal up.
I think you got
yourself a runner.
Stay here, Caroline.
Dad, where's Virginia?
Hey, boy, hey.
Virginia, what...
Twister just gave birth.
I can see that.
well, she...
( sobbing )
Look, Dad, I'm sorry.
Virginia, the next time that
you have one of your premonitions,
or feelings or whatever,
and it involves you running out
into a thunderstorm
at 4:00 in the morning,
you are going to be camping
out in your room for a month.
(horn beeping )
Oh... hell.
- 'Morning, Ford, Virginia.
- Blake.
Lit up pretty here last night.
Yeah, it was, uh...
it was a rumble, all right.
Sorry about the mare.
She was getting on in years.
Hard to believe
she waited so long
to give me a foal.
Appreciate you two
taking charge...
32 hands on the payroll, all
with their heads up their butts.
Pardon the French, Virginia.
- You're pardoned.
- There you go.
What's this, Blake?
It's for a newborn's
immune system.
Yeah, I know what colostrum is.
It's for the foal.
It thinks Virginia's his mama.
- I just don't want...
- Blake,
we must get moving. The race
starts in less than an hour.
I have to register the
contestants, brief the vets,
review the ground rules...
Don't get your undies
in a bundle.
No race in this county
is gonna start without me.
All right.
Well, gotta go.
Virginia, think you can come up
with a name for that foal?
Why don't you two join us
in town for the finish...
we're gonna have
one big celebration.
Cross your fingers for Darrow.
Cross your fingers
and hope he gets lost.
What? Darrow's a jerk...
everyone knows it,
except Caroline.
And where do you think
you're going?
To feed the foal.
Who else is going to do it?
One of Blake's hands.
Impossible... they all have
their heads up their butts.
I don't want you
to go near that horse.
It's a foal, dad.
Foal, horse... whatever.
Whoa there, fella.
Easy, boy.
'Morning, Lee.
'Morning, Virginia.
Come here, boy.
Got a mind of its own.
Yeah? Hmm... yeah.
Oh, it's ok.
Nah, too wimpy.
Dancer, Prancer...
Nah, already taken.
Sleepy, Grouchy, Dopey...
( whinnying )
Just brainstormin'.
That's it, Stormy.
You like that, don't you?
Thought so.
You got a way
with horses, Virginia.
( rumbling )
Easy... I got him, Virginia.
Get away! Get away!
Get off the trail.
Get away.
That's Darrow.
He has a personality disorder.
Keep your arms in!
You ride like a chicken!
Whoa, boy.
Need a vet, now!
Get a bag.
Check the horse.
But I'm here as
as grand Marshall.
How do you think you got
that job, Huntington,
- county elections?
- Right.
You worked him too hard.
You're not at the halfway mark yet.
I know the game plan, Dad.
Then follow it...
wait till the final stretch,
then you run this nag into the
ground if you must, understood?
Oh, jeez... yeah.
Come on... yah!
Hurry up!
- what the hell are you doing?
- The requisite
physical overview.
I'm checking for lameness,
mucous membranes, back withers,
attitude, muscle and anal tone,
according to the checklist.
Just take his pulse
and get him on the road.
Anal tone.
Come on, boy, come on.
Come on.
Heeyahh! Heeyahh!
Come on.
Come on. Come on.
Come on, go.
Yeah! That's my boy!
My dad might be watching.
So what?
I'm already an hour late.
I'm sorry.
What are you looking at?
- Not much.
You're putting me to sleep.
Oh, yeah?
Maybe this will wake you up.
Looks kind of small.
We got a bigger one for our
sow Susie at the state fair.
Saddle her up.
We'll gave a go at it.
Oh, wait.
Didn't you guys eat her?
I could whip your butt.
Just let me know
when your daddy
lets you back on a horsey...
I'll be waiting.
Happy trails.
I'll let you borrow
my pig trophy,
If it'll make you feel
any better, Darrow.
Virginia, you have a gift.
It's from mom's recipe box.
Oh, no thanks.
- No thanks?
- I don't feel like it right now.
But you always liked
lemon-meringue pie.
I'm kind of full.
She just wants to keep
her girlish figure for Darrow.
Uh, yeah, well, uh...
Speaking of Darrow,
in my opinion,
he drives a little too fast.
And you can tell him that,
if he doesn't slow down,
you won't be going anywhere
with him, OK?
And while we're on the subject,
isn't that skirt
a little bit too short?
Ha, what, for lobster town?
- What about your jeans?
- Jeans?
You used to criticize me
for wearing them too much.
The ones with holes
in the butt.
That's it.
I'm finished.
( stammering )
What did I say now?
So, how are the lobsters
running, dad?
Lobsters don't run...
They crawl.
Well, do you need
any help on the boat?
OK, what is it?
Out with it.
I want to start riding again.
Would you like some
Ice cream with your pie?
Answer's still no.
May I please be excused?
Ay- ay- ay...
Give me patience.
Sometimes I can't help myself.
Things just pop out.
You're the bratty little sister.
That's your role
in the family unit.
I think you have a nice figure.
I hope I look like you one day.
That'll come sooner
than you think.
Don't push it.
Why do you like Darrow?
He's such a jerk.
If he's such a jerk,
then why hasn't he told dad
about you feeding the foal.
Well, he wouldn't do that...
would he?
Why do you even want to ride
after what happened to Mom?
I am glad Dad sold Twister to Blake.
I hate that horse.
It wasn't Twister's fault.
Mom told us that
at the hospital.
I know that now.
I knew that then.
( sobbing )
I just couldn't understand it.
I still don't understand it.
( whistling )
(whinnying )
Hey, boy.
Here you go.
Want to go for a ride tonight?
Come on, boy.
(Virginia ):
"Twister came through again. "
"Best heart and lungs"
"on any horse
you could ever find. "
"Our third Memorial Day
victory in a row. "
"Blake offered
to buy her again. "
"Ford told him he'd have to
start looking for another wife. "
"A wise man. "
"I'm thinking we should
have another baby. "
"Haven't decided
whether I should"
"let Ford in on
the scheme yet. "
"Our surprise package
arrived last night"
"at 2:42 a. m.,"
"four days apart from Caroline. "
"They told me the second one
is always easier... they lied. "
"14 hours in labour and she came
out kicking and screaming. "
"I think she's going to be
a force of nature. "
Easy... get hold of him, boys.
Easy, fella, easy.
Keep control of him. Jeez!
We got him for you. Get on.
Take him.
Come on, let's see
what you got. Come on.
Let's go. Ha!
Go easy, Darrow, go easy.
Hey, come on. Let's go.
Tighter, let's go.
Go easy.
Just work him slower, Darrow.
Yeah! Come on.
Come on.
Hey. Whoa!
Stormy, stop!
Whoa, boy!
Son of a...
- Come here, boy.
- You all right?
- Easy, boy.
- Get off me.
Should have that horse shot.
This is a western bit.
Does he look like
a barrel horse to you?
You might as well
have used barbed wire.
You're right... he doesn't
look like a barrel horse.
He looks like a dead horse.
It's all right.
No one's going to hurt you.
Ah, the, uh, the bottle-nosed
deer fly. They're the worst.
Excuse me?
A wide splatter pattern,
and, uh, very sticky.
Ooh, you got a purple-winged,
uh, kumquat there.
Actually, I've got
something that, uh...
for that. Hold on.
By-winged froghopper.
You can always borrow this
if you want. I mean...
- Just in case you ever...
- No, thanks. It's all right.
- ... run into a yellow-nosed...
- Needle pointer.
So, where are you headed?
Here... I'm training
For Blake Raines... first week.
Oh, he'll keep you busy.
That's what I like.
Jessie Eastwood.
Ford Lofton. Nice to meet you.
And you.
Well, I suppose we'll be
bumping into each other again.
Yeah, it's, uh,
it's a pretty small town.
Everybody, uh, kind of
knows everybody else.
See you.
Take care.
Stormy update.
Oh, don't worry.
I didn't shoot him.
Where is he?
Sold him.
Some sucker upstate. Just
thought you might want to know.
( bell ringing )
Have a nice day.
(whinnying )
Ahh... damn it!
Your mom was really good
at this Easter-egg making.
Dad, a tiny hole
is a lot better.
And you have to be patient.
That your outfit?
Oh, no, Dad,
I just came downstairs
to help you with eggs.
Then I'm going
back up to change.
( giggling )
What's wrong with
your sister, bythe way?
Ah, Darrow's dad sold Stormy.
Who's Stormy?
Twister's colt...
come on, she's been acting
like it was hers ever since
she delivered him.
What do you mean,
she's been acting
like it's hers
since she delivered him?
- Well, um, ha... it's...
- Well, then, what?
Well, it's actually
kind of funny...
I got to go.
Bye, Daddy.
Hey, Mr. Lofton.
Splendid day to be
painting your eggs, huh?
( knocking )
I heard about the horse.
He was my horse.
No, Virginia,
he was Blake's horse.
He would have died
if I hadn't been there.
Well, you don't know that.
They never should've sold him.
He should've stayed here...
with me.
Mom never would've
let this happen.
I told you to stay away
from the horse.
You don't think I did that
to punish you, do you?
I don't know and I don't care!
I miss her so much.
So do I.
We all do.
But she's not coming back,
But we can keep her here...
in our hearts.
That way she'll never be gone.
Don't you feel her
in your heart?
Hello... hello?
Oh, hi. I'm Ford Lofton.
Remember we met the other day?
The entomologist.
I was hoping, uh, hoping
you'd have a few moments.
Sure. What's on your mind?
Well, I was, uh,
I was wondering
if maybe you needed some
extra help around the stables
over the next couple of months.
Setting up fences, looking
after tack, that sort of thing.
I figured you for the type
who already had a job.
It's not for me.
It's for my daughter,
actually... Virginia.
Does she ride?
No, but she knows her way
around horses pretty well.
Well, I could probably use
the help, but it's not really
my call... you'll have
to speak to Mr. Raines.
Oh, I've already spoken to him,
but he said
that it was up to you.
She's a great kid,
she really is.
She practically
runs the household.
See, she lost her mom
about three years ago,
so she's the one who's had
to take up most of the slack.
I'm sorry.
Thanks... it's, uh,
it's something
you learn to deal with.
Send her over.
Great. I'll have her
here this afternoon.
I appreciate this. Thank you.
She'll be so excited.
Let me down!
Let me down right now!
I will not raise a daughter who
doesn't talk, who doesn't smile
and who feels sorry
for herself 24 hours a day.
It's my life. I can do
whatever I want with it!
Who's she, Dad?
Her name is Jessie Eastwood.
She's very nice.
I'm sure she's delightful.
OK, out you go.
She's expecting you.
What? Is it going to be
the fireman's carry again?
Her hip is a little short.
She's not getting
under her back end.
You'll have to teach
her to overstride.
- Are you Virginia Lofton?
- Yeah.
Your dad didn't tell me
you're a know-it-all.
Just trying to point out
a few particulars
so that the horse moves better.
You know how to saddle one up?
Do I look like
I was born yesterday?
I'll tell you that
in about 30 minutes.
Take Princess in the barn.
Grab a couple of helmets.
Good horse.
She has a soft mouth.
I think we've already met.
- When?
- A couple of nights ago.
You and your horse nearly
landed on top of my car.
My dad sold Twister to
Mr. Raines after Mom's accident.
I guess he just didn't want
her around to remind him.
He told me he never wanted
to see me on a horse again.
It's been almost three years.
So, you ride at night?
Stormy was my horse. Even
though he didn't belong to me,
I know that's how he felt, too.
So, what do we do now?
What you do is clean
out the stables. Come on.
Hey, Dad.
Hello, Virginia.
PB-and-J and a beer?
You're missing out on some
of the major food groups
there, Dad.
So, um, how does
toasted burrito sound?
I think we got all the fixings.
Mmm... yep. Here we are.
So, how did work go today?
Great. Miss Eastwood's
real nice.
You know,
you were right about her.
What did you do?
Stuff around the barn, stable.
Cleaned up, oiled some tack.
That's it?
That's about it.
You didn't, by any chance,
happen to do any riding,
did you?
I saw you, Virginia.
I ride because I love it...
and it reminds me of Mom.
What's wrong with that?
Look, I know
she's not coming back!
I know that!
I'm not the cook in the family.
No, no, no. This is, uh,
this is fine.
Got it.
# Oh, the future lies in the cradle
# The future lies in the cradle
# The future lies in the cradle
# And the past lies in the ground
# Oh the future lies in the cradle
# The future lies in the cradle
# The future lies in the cradle
# And the past lies in the ground
# We all leave a footprint
# Here upon the earth
I wonder
# Will I leave
# A footprint
# Will I make a ripple
# On the deep blue sea
# On the blue sea
would there be a ripple
Sorry being down some farmer's
driveway in the back seat
of your car doesn't thrill me.
You know what?
Just drop it, OK?
- Ooh.
- Darrow, what are you doing?
Let me out of the car.
Use the door if you want.
Ha, poor little Darrow
didn't get any tonight,
is that the problem?
Tonight? What the hell is
so different about tonight?
Darrow, take off your glasses!
Hey, what are you doing?
Stop it.
- Get off me.
- You're not able to see the road!
Darrow, let me out of the car.
Darrow, turn the lights on!
Stop it!
Changed your mind, huh?
Get off me!
- Ahh!
- Oh God!
( screaming )
Ford, I'm sorry.
Imagine that stupid farmer
driving in the middle of
the night on that bridge
without his lights.
Can you imagine that?
Oh, my God.
Mr. Lofton, Mr. Lofton.
What? Is she... is she OK?
She took a pretty good poke in
the nose but it's a clean break.
It should heal without
any disfigurement.
I've got her on Demerol.
Want to keep her overnight.
You sure that's it?
She's going to be fine,
Mr. Lofton.
She's in a light sleep.
Oh, Caroline.
- Ooh!
- Ow.
Ooh, I'm so sorry.
- That bad, huh?
- Oh no, no, you look fine.
Um, do you remember
when Paul Cramer
got hit in the nose
with a baseball?
- Yeah.
- He looked awful... at first.
He still looks terrible.
Um, has Darrow called yet?
Uh, I'm not sure,
I... I don't think so.
Oh, OK.
Hi. Have you got a minute?
Well, you've got three options:
You could, number three,
ask me to leave:, number two,
we could talk on the porch;
or you can invite me in.
Wow. Well, I'd never
have thought of that.
There's a technique
to everything.
How's Caroline?
She's good.
Darrow's a bit of a handful.
More of a shovelful, I'd say.
Where's Virginia?
Oh, they're up there together.
I'm gonna keep my distance.
They're getting along.
She's a good kid, you know.
You should let her ride, Ford.
That's between me and her.
It's also between her and her
life, and her and her spirit.
That's what she's got
leftover to wrestle with
once you've made your decision.
You know, I'd quite understand
if you wanted to exercise
option number three
and ask me to leave.
I won't be offended.
You know, I lost
my dad when I was nine.
I was raised by my mother
and three sisters,
and I've spent
almost my entire life
surrounded by headstrong women.
An opinion or two
doesn't bother me.
Do you have any sugar?
So, uh, thanks for
helping me with the, uh...
I enjoyed it. I like Easter.
That's not exactly
what I meant.
I know.
( whistling )
What are you looking at?
Oh, uh, nothing.
Oh, she speaks.
By the way, I've got to go to
Watertown today on business.
So, uh, I'll be away
for the night.
For the night?
But I'll be back tomorrow.
But we're celebrating
our birthdays tomorrow.
Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah.
I realize that.
But I'll be back in the morning.
You got my cell-phone number
just in case
there's any problems. OK?
Hey, girls, show some fortitude.
You've been left
on your own before.
I'm sure you can handle it.
See you in the morning.
It's been so long
since you played.
Yeah, I guess it, um,
I guess it reminds me of Mom.
Why don't we open
our presents to one another?
Without Daddy?
He went on a stupid
business trip, didn't he?
Where is it?
Yeah? Oh. Found it.
You first.
Oh, Virginia,
it's, um...
it's beautiful.
What do you think?
It matches your eyes.
I mean, well... not right now.
But, well...
Oh, jeez.
I love it.
- OK, open mine.
- OK.
Oh, Caroline.
It's just like Mom's.
I know.
I have a confession.
I've read Mom's diary.
I know. So have I.
You have?
It's under your mattress.
Turn to March 5th, 1991.
"I took Caroline to
the stables today, again,"
"and tried to get her on Misty. "
"She bawled her eyes out. She
wanted no part of that horse. "
"I was disappointed at first,
but it made me"
"take a hard look at myself"
"and admit that I was doing it
more for me than for her. "
"I wanted another rider
in the family so much,"
"but I wasn't thinking
about her needs. "
"Even though they seem
sort of undeveloped,"
"kids have their own
outlook on life. "
"You can interfere
with them up to a point,"
"then you have to back off. "
"I really don't care now"
if Caroline
ever gets on a horse or not. "
"She's going to find out
what interests her"
"and she's going to
become her own person. "
"She and Virginia have brought
so much joy into my life, "
"so much more
than I ever thought"
"a God-given gift possible. "
"And I have to
pinch myself each day"
"just to make sure it's real. "
You memorized it.
I was so afraid that
it would get lost someday.
( engine rumbling )
Hey, boy, how you doing?
Just one minute.
I'll be right back.
Thank you, thank you.
Oh, thank you!
Happy birthday.
Quit bawling.
Take him out for a spin.
Nothing. Nothing.
( whistling )
( chuckling )
It's fine.
It's so beautiful.
I know. I can't believe
Dad got me a pearl.
I can't believe he
bought me Stormy!
You guys look... you look great.
- So do you.
- Oh, well, thank you.
But the tie has to go.
- Why? What's wrong with it?
- Everything.
Hmm, let's see here.
You're ready.
Go on.
Are you sure
this is a good idea?
Look, I've taken you to Blake
and Lydia's Easter- bonnet party
since before you could crawl.
Have you seen my car keys?
We can't avoid them forever.
Besides, it's been a while
since I've taken my girls
to a dance.
Have you seen my...
( humming )
Give them to me!
( laughing )
Ford! Girls!
I'm so glad you came.
Hello, Lydia.
It'd be a shame
not to have you here.
I love your bonnets.
Thank you.
Ford, save a dance for me?
Oh, look, there's Jessie.
She's with Mr. Crane. Ughhh!
Well, let's go say hello.
No, she's, uh, she's dancing.
So what?
I don't know what to say...
Come on! Come on, Dad.
Show a little fortitude.
Come on!
- I, I... this is...
- Come on, come on.
You know what?
OK, stay right here.
Excuse me. Cutting in.
Good afternoon, Mr. Crane.
- Miss Lofton.
- Yes.
- Oop!
- Oh!
So, did she like her present?
Well, it got her attention,
that's for sure.
So, would you like to dance?
I think that was the plan.
( slow music playing )
# Where are you tonight
# I wonder
# And where will you be
# Tonight when I cry
# Will sleep to you come easy
# Though I alone
# Can slumber
# Will you welcome me
# In the morning
# At another one's side
# How easy for you
# The years
# Have slipped under
# And left me a shadow
# The sun can't dispel
# I have built for you a tower...
Cutting in.
# Of love and adoration...
I, uh...
Didn't know
you would make it today.
I wouldn't have missed it.
You look great.
How do you feel?
( gasping )
Feeling much better. Thanks.
'Morning, Dad.
Hi, Virginia.
You have a good ride
in the rain?
You know, he's so strong.
Strong enough for an
endurance race, would you think?
Excuse me?
Oh, it's just that
there's an endurance race
Memorial weekend... I thought...
Thought you might like
to enter, that's all.
But of course, if you, uh,
if you don't want to...
No, no, no! I mean, yes,
I mean no!
Yes, I want to ride,
I want to ride!
- Are you sure?
- Yes, I want to ride.
Thank you, thank you.
- Watch the branch, Virginia.
- Oh!
( Virginia ):
I rode with Dad
for the first time in so long.
He borrowed Charlie
from Mr. Tucker.
Stormy's pulse hit 129,
but came right back down
after five minutes.
He's going to be ready.
Personally, yours truly
feels like one big knot.
Dad got me on what
he calls boot-camp schedule.
Three more weeks
until the race.
It's weird seeing
Dad and Jessie together.
I have a premonition about it,
but I think it's a good one.
You pick a 10-mile stretch
in the race,
then you make your move.
The idea is to burn out
the pack around you,
so that you put enough distance
between you and them
so they can't catch up with you.
Dust them off. Got it?
Got it.
Come on.
Virginia, go!
Look at you, Ms. Hunter Jumper.
Easy, boy.
Oh, don't worry, Wendy,
he doesn't bite.
His name's Stormy.
He's not afraid
of your stupid horse.
Oh, no? You sure about that?
( laughing )
What are you dweebs
laughing at?
Let's see what else he can do.
How about a race
down to the tracks?
( train whistle blowing )
Ooh, 1:00 train.
Makes things interesting.
Some other day, Darrow.
What's wrong? You need
permission from your mommy?
Oh, sorry, I mean daddy.
Yaaa! Yaaa! Come on. Let's go.
( train whistle blowing )
Go for it, Stormy.
( brakes screeching )
Come on.
( train whistle blowing )
( horse neighing )
( Virginia ):
It rained really hard last night,
but it's supposed to
clear up forthe race,
which is tomorrow.
Stormy's ready.
I think I am, too.
And somehow, I just know
that Mom will be watching.
He couldn't have
gotten out, Dad.
Even if I left
the door wide open,
he would've stayed
until I got him!
He can't have got far.
He's around here somewhere.
He was stolen, and you know it.
The tire tracks. You know it.
Who would steal a horse
in a storm?
He may be a spoiled brat,
but stealing horses
is way out of his league.
I whipped his butt in a race.
He's afraid of me and Stormy.
He doesn't want to lose.
You have no business racing,
especially that idiot.
Look, I'm sorry.
I... I shouldn't have, I mean...
I shouldn't have.
( arguing )
...get the hell off my property.
Can you pass me the, uh, meat?
Dad, wait up.
Hey, where you going?
I'm going to get,
get the word out,
keep looking,
talk to the sheriff.
Great. Then you can
drop me off in town.
Caroline, I think you should
stay with your sister.
Dad, I've got
a hair appointment,
And I can't cancel it.
A hair appointment?
Yeah. She'll be fine.
She's tougher than you think.
Come on, let's go.
Hair appointment.
Thanks a lot.
Bye, Dad.
Attention, please, attention.
All contestants are requested
to report to the registrations
table and then proceed
to the scale, where they will be
weighed in with their tack.
Hi, Joel.
( telephone ringing )
Ah, Virginia,
I know where Stormy is.
Darrow and his two dweebs
did steal him.
Well, how do you know?
I told dweeb number one, Joel,
that I've always
had a massive crush on him.
( Virginia ): Uh-huh.
He's so pathetic.
He spilled everything.
Oh, my God, the race!
It starts at noon.
That's 45 minutes.
Where's Dad?
He dropped me off and split.
I think he's still looking.
Oh, jeez, where...
where is Stormy?
Don't do anything stupid.
- I won't.
( Caroline ): - Promise me?
The shack at Lampert Creek.
In your dreams.
( laughing )
( engine reving )
I'm sorry. Oh...
Come on. Please.
( groaning )
No, whoa, whoa, whoa...
Oh, OK, OK... ahhh!
Clear. Mount up.
'Morning, Blake.
'Morning, Colonel.
Whoa, whoa!
Contestant number 17,
Darrow Raines.
168 pounds.
Mount up.
Oh, whoa, whoa!
Oh, oh, oh, stop. OK.
Excuse me, may I have
your attention, please?
Attention, please.
The course is marked with
the customary white flags
indicating turn-offs and paths.
There will be two vet checks,
where your horse's pulse
will be taken,
and overall fitness to continue
will be assessed.
As you can see, the route
will take you out of town
and continue to the barrens,
where vet check one will be.
After leaving the first
vet check, you will be
looping around the countryside,
doubling back over the barrens
and the route to the finish.
You may consult your maps
if you are unclear
at any time.
And I should like to point out
that this year we have
A magnificent new trophy,
Generously donated
by Blake Raines.
Thank you. Thank you.
I was looking all over for you.
Listen, I hate to say this,
but I think the horse
has been stolen.
Darrow stole it.
His friend confessed.
I called Virginia, looked for
you and called Virginia back.
Slow down. Did Virginia
say where she was going?
No, I just told her
not to do anything stupid.
( siren wailing )
Oh, no.
Clear the road, please.
Everyone stand back.
Clear the road, please.
Caroline told me, and then
I drove the spare truck.
You what?
You said it was for emergencies...
- OK, spare me the gory details.
- 'Morning, Ford.
Saw her out of town,
occupying a lane.
Thanks, Sam.
No problem.
Kind of like to see
Raines's kid
get his butt kicked.
I'm tired of him and his old man
thinking they run the county.
We got another one.
let's get the show on the road.
Right. They weren't briefed,
and I do not have their names
on the morning sign-up sheet.
What are you talking about?
They're already registered.
They're just a few minutes late,
that's all.
Sorry, I can't permit it.
- Let her ride!
- Yeah, let her ride, Quinn.
Let Virginia ride.
( all ): Let Virginia ride!
Let Virginia ride!
Let Virginia ride!
Let Virginia ride...
Riders on your marks.
Come on, Misty, come on.
Go get 'em, Melissa.
( all ):
Let Virginia run!
Let Virginia run!
Let Virginia run!
Let Virginia ride!
Let Virginia ride!
Let Virginia ride!
Let Virginia ride!
Let Virginia ride!
Let Virginia ride!
Let Virginia ride!
Let Virginia ride!
Let Virginia ride...
This is bordering on civil
disobedience, officer.
And it's your duty to stop it.
Seems to me there's an easy way
to do that... forthwith.
Let Virginia ride forthwith.
( all ): Let Virginia ride!
Let Virginia ride!
Oh, all right,
put her on the scales.
( cheering )
Good luck, Virginia.
Thanks, Melissa.
Whoa, whoa, Misty.
Slow down, girl.
- Move it, get out of the way.
- Hey, knock it off!
Let's go. Let's go.
Come on, boy, come on.
Yah... yah!
- Watch it.
- Hey, hey, hey!
I had no choice, Blake.
There was no recourse.
It was a mob run amok.
Crane, you're a coward.
Ah, what the hell.
She's so far behind, anyway.
You know the routine.
Let's go to work.
- Whoa, whoa.
- Whoa, Son. Good job.
Come on, Crane.
Let's go. Move it.
- Check her here. Here you go.
- Thanks.
- Come on, come on.
- Check it, check it, come on.
Yes, yes.
- Come on.
- You have plenty of horse left.
Ride him into the ground
if necessary.
132... rather fast.
He'll need at least 10 minutes.
- Five minutes!
- Five minutes.
Perfect. Right.
Come on, Darrow.
Go get 'em.
OK, got him.
Come on.
Who's in front?
Costello and Raines.
- Gary.
- Hey, Ford.
- Dad...
- What's he got?
94. He'll need
around eight minutes.
Eight minutes! Dad...
Virginia, calm down,
you've got plenty of time,
plenty of time. Relax.
Yah! Yah!
Ahh... oof!
Come on, Misty.
Come on, girl.
- She's in the race.
- How far back?
Close enough. I should've kept
that damn horse.
I don't lose races, Son.
Huntington! Get over here!
You're pushing him
pretty hard, Darrow.
I'll take care of this horse,
Miss Eastwood.
- I got it. No problem.
It's not necessary.
I can handle it.
I'm quite familiar
with this horse.
135. He'll need
about 12 minutes.
12 minutes?
What the hell
are you talking about?
He's overheated.
His pulse is racing.
12 minutes rest,
and we'll check it again.
Oh, my God, you idiot.
Excuse me?
Damn it!
Uh, Jessie.
I apologize for my... my boy.
Uh, he's a real hothead.
Probably spoil him too much.
But, you know,
12 minutes seems a lot.
The horse needs it, Mr. Raines.
Miss Eastwood, have you been
happy working at the ranch?
- Yes.
- Good.
'Cause I've been happy with you.
When I see someone
doing a good job,
I make it a point
to reward her.
So, what exactly
are you saying, Mr. Raines?
I think you should
recheck the horse.
No. The specs are correct.
And you could let go
of my arm now.
Come on, boy, come on.
Let's go. Come on.
Get out of the way!
Hey! What the...
Let's go. Come on.
Come on!
Stupid horse, let's go.
Yah! Yah!
Good boy.
Come on, let's go. Come on.
Come on, boy.
Hey! Hey!
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Come on, boy.
Come on, boy.
All right...
Come on, boy.
You got two minutes.
Suck it up.
Whoa, boy. Whoa, boy.
Whoa... whoa.
Good boy.
All right, come on, boy.
We can do this.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Come on.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Easy, boy, easy.
Whoa, whoa.
What is it, Storm?
Come on.
( whinnying )
Damn it!
Come on, come on.
Go easy, that's it.
Come on, yah! Yah!
Let's go.
Come on, Storm.
Yah... yah!
Here they come!
It's Virginia and Darrow!
Here they come!
It's Virginia
and the spoiled brat!
All right!
Come on, Virginia!
( cheering )
Come on, Darrow!
Move, so I can see!
Come on, you can do it.
Come on.
Yah! Let's go.
Let's go, Darrow.
Come on, Son!
Come on, boy!
Yah! Let's go.
Let's go. Come on.
Bring it home, Storm,
bring it home.
Good boy.
- Are you ok?
- Yeah.
- Did you fall?
- I had a little help...
Stupid horse!
But I'm fine.
- You did so good.
- Thanks.
Right on, Virginia!
May I have your
attention, please?
Your attention.
Entry number 36,
Miss Virginia Lofton,
has been disqualified.
( booing )
Settle down.
Hear him out.
We've just learned
of a course violation
which has, ahem,
has been, uh,
verified by a secondary source.
Verified by who?
His old man?
And, and after
a judicial review,
the official winner is...
is Darrow Raines.
That's my boy.
( booing )
Ha, ha...
Come here, Son.
Ha, ha, hey!
We did it, buddy.
Check his pocket.
- OK.
- Way to go, buddy.
That trophy will look great on
the mantle. Run up and get it.
Ooh... Whoa-ho!
Everyone, I want
to thank my family,
friends... and,
to all the racers,
you rode a real clean race.
Thank you.
Mr. Marshal,
would removing a flag
from the course
qualify as a violation?
( crowd ): Ohh...
I repeat that, uh, uh,
that after a, uh, after
a thorough examination
of the, uh... ahem...
of, of the facts...
Put me down!
( giggling )
( both ): One... two... three!
Go get it. It's yours.
You deserve it. Go.
Here you go.
Speech, speech, speech...
Well, you know,
I'd like to thank my sister
for finding Stormy, of course.
Ahh! Ha, ha, ha...
This is good.
I made the pie.
He doesn't make pie, he buys it.
I've been thinking...
I've been thinking.
Come on, spit it out.
I'm thinking we'll paint
the front of the house.
Yeah, right, like we paint
the house and you watch.
Oh, that's you...
You never do anything
when you want.
We do what we always do.
We all do it together, and...
Oh, ho...
You are so, totally, grounded.
( laughing )
( Virginia ): It was the
happiest I've seen Dad
in such along time.
He said Jessie would spend
the night in my room,
because Blake fired her, kicked
her out of the guesthouse.
She didn't seem very upset.
Caroline is out
of her Darrow phase,
and her nose looks
almost perfect again.
( Jessie ): If you're painting
the house, paint the barn.
May I please be excused?
(Virginia ): I think Mom
would be smiling and laughing
right now, too.
I got through the race
because of her and Stormy,
and wanted to find a really
good way to thank them.
I'm going to give
Stormy a week off,
which I think
he'll really like.
But I didn't know what
I could do for my mom.
After a while, though,
I sort of figured something out.
I realized that I can't
do anything for her
like I can do for Stormy.
I can never bring her back...
But I can always keep her
in my heart, like my dad said.
And, that way,
she'll never be far away.
She'll know when I goof up.
And she'll know when
I do something good.
And that's OK.
I did it, I did it, I did it...