Vision Quest (1985) Movie Script

My name's Louden, Louden Swain.
Last week, I turned 18.
I wasn't ready for it.
I haven't done anything yet.
So I made this deal with myself.
This is the year I make my mark.
All right, fellas.
It should be clear to all of us
that we've got the makings
of a championship
squad this year.
Yes, sir! Yes, sir!
As most of you know,
once a week,
we have wrestle-offs
for varsity position.
For you new fellows
who just joined us,
it's the fairest
thing in the world.
Any man who can beat the
number-one man at his weight class
gets to wrestle varsity
at that position.
Anyone who wants to challenge
the number-one man
in his weight class,
raise your hand.
Louden, you're already
number one at 190.
I know. I want to
wrestle off for 178.
What's this shit, man?
You dropped to 178?
Stay in your own division.
I ain't giving up my spot.
How did you drop the weight?
Just working out.
Ok. Billy, I want you
to run the skills drill for me.
Louden, I want a word with you.
Ok, guys. Go and
get your headgear
and get paired up, ok?
What's going on?
I want to drop a weight.
Why make life
difficult on yourself?
I'm going to drop
two weights, coach.
I'm serious.
I want to wrestle 168.
Look, it was easy
to drop 12 pounds.
You only had to wring the
water out of your system.
I'm going to wrestle
Shute this year, coach.
Shute? Nobody wants
to wrestle Shute.
Louden, you're out of your mind.
To tell you the truth,
I kind of worry about that.
I'm going to let you wrestle
off against Kuch at 178,
but if he kicks your butt,
I want you to put those
pounds right back on.
All right.
Number-one man,
cross leg single.
All right, on the whistle.
First round.
Come on, Kuch!
Come on, Kuch!
Drive him over!
Arch your shoulder!
another night in any town
you can hear the thunder
of their cry
ahead of their time
they wonder why
the shadows
of a golden age
a generation
waits for dawn
the brave carry on
the bold and the strong
only the young can say
They're free to fly away '
sharing the same desire
burnin' like wildfire
they're seein'
through the promises
and all the lies
they dare to tell
is it heaven or hell
they know very well
only the young can tell...
Elmo, it smells great in here.
I can't believe
they actually pay me
to work here.
Neither can I, kid.
What have we got here?
Two lemon pies and a coffee.
I guess I can handle that.
Did you make your big
announcement yet?
I told the coach
I was down to 178.
He pulled me aside.
I told him the whole story.
Did he shit?
Yeah, slightly.
Slightly? You're too much.
Hey, Elmo, you think I'm crazy?
I pretty much have the feeling
that's going to be
the consensus on this.
I don't know.
Is this Shute character
the terror they say he is?
Yeah, he's pretty bad.
Well, in that case,
this might be a move a
reasonable man would avoid.
You could end up
getting crippled.
You think so, huh?
Room service.
Come on in. It's open.
Just put it down.
I'll sign that now.
What is that stuff?
Tai Chi chi... national form
of exercise in China.
I'm going to put your
tip on this, ok?
Can you get a workout that way?
800 million Chinese
can't be wrong.
It's mainly a matter of getting
the mind into the muscles.
I use it when I'm on the road.
It helps me sleep like a baby.
I'm on a 600-calorie-a-day diet,
working out like a madman.
I'm so wired when I hit the
rack, I can't sleep at all.
I lie there for about six hours
thinking about my life and stuff
before I finally drop off.
My name is Kevin.
Louden. Louden Swain.
Let me show you
how it's done, Louden.
It'll help you sleep.
All right.
Stand there. Face this way.
Just sort of catch me
out of the corner of your eyes.
Ok, now breathe in.
Raise the arms.
Keep the movements slow, fluid.
Breathe out.
Shift your weight to the left.
Step onto the right.
Stack your hands over the knee.
Step back to the left.
Move your arms.
Step back to the left.
Stack your arms the other way.
Step out.
I think I got it now.
I'll try it on my own
when I get a chance.
Do you want to come up later?
No. I don't think so.
I got to get home.
I'm in training.
Training, huh? What sport?
I sell sporting goods
for a living.
As a matter of fact,
I carry wrestling shoes.
Just leave the tray by the
door when you're finished.
Hey, Kuch.
You kicked the holy-living
shit out of me today.
I guess I was just
really up for it.
Besides, you weren't
at your best.
Only had the worst off-day
of my whole life.
Like I said.
Shit. I couldn't beat
you on my best day.
You work there, in that hotel?
Yeah, I deliver room service.
Yeah? You get
any pussy that way?
Not yet.
A guy tonight tried to
grab my wad, though.
Kind of actually grabbed it,
if you want to know the truth.
What did you do?
Took off. I was
a little freaked.
Nobody ever tried that before.
Kuch, forget about today.
You'll be wrestling first
in the 178$ before long.
Oh, yeah?
Cut me a clue, man.
How do I do that?
I ain't going to be in
that division too long.
No shit?
This is like a gift.
Hey, Kuch never
forgets a gift, man.
Yo, Louden!
Hey, man, where are
you going to be?
I'm dropping down to 168.
I'm going to take on Shute.
Shute's a monster, man.
A genuine teratoid.
Get real.
His father has to
use a live wire
to keep him from
fucking the fireplace.
Yeah, I know about all that.
I'm going to lose the weight
and get down
on the mat with him.
Like, why?
It's now or never.
I'd keep this thing
a big secret.
This isn't the kind of thing
you want everybody
to know about.
I wouldn't want Shute to know.
I told the coach, a guy I
work with, and now you.
It's an honor, man.
Your secret will die with me.
You do what you wanna do '
hey, how's it going?
I'll leave it
all up to you...
Catch you after school, brother.
Hey, where's my change, man?
That was Sammy Hagar,
I'll fall in love again.
Ratman rouse here
spinning the gold
for your lunchtime pleasure.
Talk about magic moments.
Will Louden Swain need
one, two, or a big bunch?
Our man at 190
says he's dropping to 168...
Are you ready for this...
To wrestle the Shute.
Good luck, Swain.
Now here's hot blooded.
Well, I'm hot-blooded...
You're a real asshole,
you know that?
Kick his ass!
Sure, Otto.
What good will it do the team?
I don't know.
Maybe no good at all.
If the coach wouldn't
fire my ass,
I'd take you apart myself
and save Shute the satisfaction.
You piss me off.
Well, it isn't intentional.
You know what I have in mind
honey, you ought to know
Now you move so fine...
Only unbelievable, Louden.
I'm going to do an editorial
for the school paper...
"when determination becomes lnsanity."
You're a celebrity.
I just hope you
live to enjoy it.
I loved your article on
interossei and lumbricales...
"those unsung muscles
of a good grip."
I don't know if anyone gives a fuck,
but the writing was great.
When's your next one?
I haven't decided on a subject yet.
Maybe the sternocleidomastoid.
The what?
Oh, yeah!
Hey, why not? Go for it!
Hey, Mr. Tanneran.
Hey, Louden.
You ought to try jumping rope.
It's great for the
cardiovascular system.
I'm hearing strange things about you.
It's getting blown
out of proportion.
Come on, man. I'll guard you.
I'm an animal on defense.
All right.
Are you ready, animal? Yaah!
You take one.
Ever hear of Tai Chi?
What's that, a Chinese thing?
Can 800 million people be wrong?
I got to go to wrestling practice.
Otherwise, I'd show you
how to play the game.
Hey, Louden.
Maybe you're overextending
yourself on this Shute challenge.
You have a tendency to do that.
Sometimes, you got to. Remember?
This is one of them times.
Today's the day, Otto.
Keep your hands in front.
Don't straighten your arms.
You got it!
You got it! You got it!
You're dogging it!
You're dogging it, lard ass!
Come on! Come on!
Come on, you wimp!
Come on, you pussy!
Come on, you pussy!
Come on! You're losing it!
You wimp!
All right, fellows,
let's circle up here.
All right.
Columbia high graduated two seniors
from last year's squad.
So we can bet that they're
going to be agile...
Hey, man, what's happening?
Agile, mobile, and hostile this season.
That was a great idea
about keeping everything secret.
I'm sorry.
It was too good
to keep to myself.
I had a talk last night with
the everywhere spirit.
Looks like you talked
with everybody.
With who?
The everywhere spirit.
Now, fellas, if a Columbia wrestler
gets you at a disadvantage
and breaks you down flat,
he'll put this move on you.
This is a trademark
over there at Columbia.
Right, Kuch?
Can we see that again, coach?
We all remember how
we counter this, right?
Yeah. Yeah.
All right. Let's pair off
and practice countering this move.
Now, the bottom man is active.
Head back. There you go.
There you go. That's it.
You knew I was half Indian, huh?
Yeah. I figured it was
something like that.
I figured you'd need big medicine
to go after Shute.
So last night, I smoked the pipe,
and I had a session with
the everywhere spirit.
That's when
it was revealed to me
what you're really doing.
What am I really doing?
You're on a vision quest, man.
You're trying to find
your place in the circle.
I just want to
wrestle Shute, ok?
Ok, ok.
What's happening?
He broke my tooth!
You sold me a lemon, asshole.
Hey, look at this.
You got what you deserved.
Let's get back to work now.
What happened?
Ask your old man.
I don't mind a man making money.
I don't want him stealing it.
Get a good eyeful?
You all right?
Yeah. Take her
down to Ferguson's
and buy her a hamburger.
I'll be along in a minute.
What about my car?
I'll take care of it.
Look, folks,
the show's over, ok?
Some people just see
you coming, I guess.
They take one look
at you and say,
"oh, boy. Fresh meat."
Who the hell are you?
Louden. Louden Swain.
My father, he was the
one with the punch.
You're not from
around here, are you?
What, are you kidding me?
Trenton, New Jersey.
Why do you look so funny?
I'm wearing a rubber suit.
I'm a wrestler. I'm
trying to lose weight.
Ok. I got it.
Onions on that?
Yeah. Lots of them.
Anything for you, Louden?
Just ice water, Elsie.
Just ice water.
What are you doing
here from New Jersey?
Going to California.
San Francisco.
I got sick of hitching,
so I put all my money
into the car.
Who's in San Francisco?
Me... When I get there.
You got a job there?
You don't have to
know everything.
Who the hell are you?
I told you. Louden Swain.
See, I'm just naturally curious.
I'm going to be a
doctor in outer space.
Good. You won't have to
know a thing about me.
I'll be stuck on earth.
I'm 18, by the way...
Draft age, as of three days ago.
I was wondering
how old you were.
I've been 21 since I was 14.
Hey, Larry.
Hi, Elsie, bill.
That's the first time
I've hit a man in anger
since I was louden's age.
Sorry. I didn't catch your name.
It's Carla.
So, what did they say?
Like, Mr. edwards, especially.
I've looked for jobs before.
Oh, great. You've been fired.
Shit. I'm sorry.
I didn't want you to lose a job.
Me, neither.
Where are you
going to get another job?
They should've fired that
other guy passing off junk.
Will I get my money back?
Hell, no. They don't
operate that way.
That lemon and 20
bucks was all I had.
Pop, can I talk to you a minute?
Sure. Oh, you mean private?
Excuse us.
Elsie, I'll have two eggs,
toast, and black coffee.
You got it, Larry.
Beating up on guys
makes you hungry.
I'll get another
job. Don't worry.
It's not that. It's her.
She doesn't have
any transportation
or anyplace to stay.
Maybe we could ask her
to stay with us
till you fix the car
or whatever.
This girl's been arcund
the block a few times.
We don't know a thing about her.
She's from New Jersey.
She's on her way to California.
Just so you realize
she's her own person,
not some puppy we found.
It's just helping someone
who's had bad luck.
That's all I'm saying.
Carla, have you got
a place to stay?
I was planning on leaving
this dump in my own car.
If you want to,
you can stay with us.
Come and go as you please.
You'd do that?
Where we come from,
people believe in
helping each other.
Don't worry. I can
take care of myself.
You've got a place
if you want it.
What about your wife?
What's she going to say?
She doesn't live
with us anymore.
Not much into decor, are you?
I spend most of the
time in the basement.
I'll make some room
for you in here.
Is this a problem for anybody?
Is this a problem for anybody?
I won those last year.
I was a natural,
first year and all.
I got to the state
which everybody said
was pretty amazing
for a first-year wrestler.
The thing is my balance.
It's more important
than strength or speed.
You've got to feel where
the other guy's going.
Then you use his
strength against him,
if you've got perfect balance,
which I do.
I've got kinesthetic awareness.
I always know where my body is
in relation to...
She fell asleep.
Let's turn out the light
and let her sleep.
Well, 11:00, kid.
Another day down the
tubes and gone forever.
I'm thinking of becoming
an exobiolqgist.
I thought you wanted
to become a doctor.
That's the beauty
of it. I can be...
You know, like a
doctqr in outer space...
If I get a wrestling scholarship
and if there's enough
mqney for the rest.
Jesus, it could
give you a headache.
Well... There's
always tomorrow, kid.
That's my motto in life.
Hey, louden!
Kuch, what are you doing here?
I'm going to pace you, remember?
Help you train for the monster.
Jeez, I forgot. I'm sorry.
What? How could you forget
something like that?
How can you think
about anything else?
Give me a ride home
on your bike.
I'm in a hurry.
Riding a bike
don't burn off weight.
That ain't the way
to beat Shute.
Just for tonight, all right?
We'll make it up tomorrow.
Ok, but you run the risk
of pissing off the spirits, man,
which is not the thing to do.
Nice shoes, man.
See you tomorrow in school.
I could go for a beer.
Oh, my father doesn't let me.
Cup of coffee, then.
All right. A cup of coffee.
We got someone staying
with us, by the way.
I've been asking about Shute.
That son of a bitch
is definitely tougher
than he was last year.
Where'd you hear that?
When he pins a guy now,
his coach has to keep him
from biting
the guy's throat off.
That's what I hear.
How about instant coffee?
Yeah, man. Make it strong.
Oh, hi.
Where's pop?
He's asleep.
I thought maybe
you were sleeping
'cause you were sleeping
when I went to work.
Yeah. I was beat.
Mind if I take one?
No. Oh, um, Carla...
This here's Kuch.
Kuch is like my white name.
My Indian name is swift elk.
I'm half Indian
on my mother's side.
No shit.
Good night, guys.
Good night.
You meatman.
Now I know how you're
losing that weight.
Uh, we're going to
make some coffee
if you'd like to have some.
No, thanks. It'll keep me up.
Can I have a spoon?
Good night.
Who is that girl?
N lunatic fringe
n' I know
you're out there... un'?
Good morning.
You got any garlic salt?
Yeah. Somewhere in there.
You like it like this?
Yeah, I love it like this.
You want to know why I'm
going to San Francisco?
I'm going to be an artist.
Isn't that hilarious?
What kind of artist?
A good one.
You know, canvas and paint.
That kind of artist.
I guess San francisccts
the place to do it.
You're absolutely right.
Think of me as a person
who wants to be artist.
I'm not one yet,
but I'm going to be.
I'm glad you told me about this.
Good morning. How did you sleep?
Really good. Sit down.
Breakfast is almost ready.
None for me, thanks.
You don't have to wait on us.
That's all right.
We don't expect it.
We're used to
doing for ourselves.
I just want to contribute.
Do you mind?
Of course not.
Knock yourself out.
Sit down.
I better be getting
off to school.
Get something
in your stomach first.
It's cold out.
It's just that I don't eat much.
Sit down.
So... What ever happened
to the lady of the house?
You mean louden's mother?
She left not long after
they foreclosed on the farm.
It wasn't what they'd
call a real good year.
Another man was involved.
Vvhy do you always
got to talk about it?
Are you proud of it, or what?
I'm not ashamed of it.
It just happened.
How's it feel, breaking
up with your hand
after all these years?
Live-in gash, right
under your own roof.
God damn Kuch.
Hey, Otto, it's true!
Old louden's giving
her the big one!
How? I'm not
lending him my cock.
Lend me your nose.
I'll blow up Montana.
I'll give you something to blow.
First you got to
find it, airhead.
Get down!
Come on, asshole!
You're all talk!
Come on, asshole!
Save it for the opponents!
He is the opponent!
I said save it!
You boys got too much energy.
I want to see you both
before practice.
Now go on, get to homeroom.
All right, let's break it up.
I think this is
a big mistake, man.
Why give yourself nightmares?
I already have nightmares.
It could be worse.
Hey, Shute!
Careful, louden.
Shut e'.!
Do I know you?
Louden Swain, Thompson high.
Think you'll make the weight?
I don't know.
I hope so.
I hope so, too.
Here, eat this, kid.
You're looking too peaked.
What's in it?
Wheat germ mostly,
with a little bit
of lean ground meat.
I don't want you dropping
dead on my kitchen floor.
I kind of miss old Kevin
since he checked out.
He was really weird, man.
He was weird?
Look at how you're
eating that hamburger.
Pick it up and
eat it like a man.
I can't. I'm in love.
With Kevin? Maybe
he'll come back
and take you away from all this.
I'm in love with Carla.
Listen to it... Carla.
I wanted to ask her
to come down to the
Columbia high match,
watch me kick the shit
out of that guy at 178.
I couldn't find the courage.
I don't have the will
to eat, you know?
What the fuck is this?
You mean you don't recognize it?
Wait a minute. This is cooze.
Yeah. I'm thinking
very seriously
of becoming a gynecologist.
A cooze doctor in outer space?
You're crazy.
I want to look inside women,
find the power that
they have over me.
All I used to think about
was wrestling Shute.
Now all I think about ls...
Carla's cooze.
Well, yeah.
Hello, Carla.
I just was getting a shirt.
Great sounds.
You being sarcastic?
No, no. I like
all kinds of music...
Like, in the background
when I'm thinking
or in a mood or something.
It's Vivaldi.
Yeah, Vivaldi.
He's great.
They give me a discount
where I work.
Oh, yeah. How's
that thing going?
All right.
It's only temporary
till I get going again.
It's a job.
I love the room this way.
You don't mind?
No. This is how
a room ought to look...
So you can tell something
about the person
who sleeps there.
Can I see what you're drawing?
Hey, that's me!
That's really fantastic!
Not just 'cause it's me.
It could be anybody, but...
You're an artist already, Carla.
I'm impressed to hell.
You look very nice.
You got a date?
No. The coach from
Washington state
is here in town.
He's going to meet
us at our school.
You know how to work
one of these things?
I'll give it a shot.
I can't get over that drawing.
Is he going to
offer you a scholarship?
The coach.
No. He just wants to meet us.
Have a good time, ok?
I'll see you.
Thanks for showing
me the drawing.
I'm a gambler
n' I'm even speaking to you
n' like I'm a gambler
n' yeah, I know
all the reasons, see n'
'cause I'm a gambler
I only play the game away
n you can't stop me now n
n' 'cause I n'
n' I will make it it anyway n'
you can still be mine n'
n' I'll be taking
my chances on you n'
n' on you, on you
n' on you
n' on you, on you
n' on you
n' on you, on you
n' on you
n' on you, on you
n' that's right, baby,
I'm a gambler n'
a gambler, a gambler n
I'm a gambler int
hey, louden.
Hey, Mr. tanneran.
Why am I surprised
to see you here?
I don't know.
I was here all last summer.
Shot up to 200 pounds
pigging out on ribs and beer.
Mind if I watch you eat?
I vaguely remember it.
Tell you what. Help yourself.
No, I couldn't.
Come on. One rib won't kill you.
No, but it's a good start.
You want to dance?
Carla. How did you
find this place?
Hell, how could you miss it?
Carla, this is Mr. tanneran,
my English teacher.
How are you doing?
Gene, please.
Mr. tanneran, Carla.
How do you do?
I do fine.
How about that dance?
Yeah, sure.
It was nice meeting you.
Same here.
you're so close
but still a world away n'
what I'm dyin' to say n'
is that I'm crazy for you n'
n' touch me once
n' and you'll know it's true
I never wanted
anyone like this ii
n' it's all brand-new n'
n' the feelin' in my kiss n'
I'm crazy for you... n'
not a half-bad dancer.
Thanks. I'm self-taught.
You here alone?
No. I came with them.
Who are the cowboys?
Just a couple of guys we met.
They look like
a couple of geeks.
Really? The one
with the mustache
was top rider at
calgary last year.
Still looks like a geek.
How did it go with the coach?
All right.
Listen, you want a ride home?
No. I'm going to stick
around a while.
This isn't the kind
of place for an artist.
Well, maybe tonight
I'm just a chick.
Thanks for the dance.
soon we two are
standing still in time n'
if you read my mind
you see I'm crazy for you
n' touch me once
n' and you'll know it's true
I never wanted
anyone like this... in?
Come on, Carla.
One more for the road.
You guys are crazy.
Thanks for the ride. Good night.
Your attention, please.
At 168 pounds,
from the sherman highlanders,
Matt maclean.
Good luck to you.
From the hoover panthers,
with eight straight
pins this year,
our defending state champion
at 168 pounds,
Brian Shute.
Shut e'. Shute! Shut e'.
Shut e'.!
Let's go, Brian.
Good luck, son.
Notes on
the Shuteimaclean match.
The 168-pound winner,
Brian Shute!
lunatic fringe
I know that you
are out there
n' you're into my head... tin'
"ah, as the heart grows older,
"It will come to such
sights colder by-and-by,
"though spare a sigh,
"though worlds of
wanwood leafmeal lie.
"And yet, you will weep
and know why.
"Now no matter, child, the name:
"Sorrow Springs are the same.
"Nor mouth had, no,
nor mind expressed,
"what heart heard of,
ghost guessed.
"It is the blight
man was born for.
It is Margaret you mourn for."
Well, what do you think?
Does anybody understand
a word of it?
This poem mean
anything to you at all?
Yeah, kind of.
I figure the girl
in the poem's about my age.
She's feeling sad
about the leaves
falling from the trees,
and the poet tells her
what she's really sad about
is that she's beginning to
realize she'll die someday, too.
The thing is,
she's already dying.
Is that a good thing to realize,
or would we be better off
not thinking about it?
I don't know.
Nobody likes to think about it.
I don't like to think about it.
But if you don't,
you might go through life
thinking you've got
plenty of time.
You put off the really
important stuff until later,
and before you know it,
there's no more time left,
and you've blown it.
That's not bad, louden.
Not bad at all.
Oh, by the way,
papers, everybody.
I want to see them tomorrow.
Hey, Swain.
Ok, I'll give it
to you straight.
I think I love you.
Oh, Jesus.
Drink this.
I think you're dehydrated.
Naw, I'm the victim
of a screwed-up
nitrogen balance.
Plus I think I've
contracted priapism.
It might be pathological.
Priapism? What's priapism?
The disease
of constant erection.
I read about it in
my rare diseases book.
Believe me, it's not funny.
The girl of my dreams
lives under my own roof.
I see her every day,
but she thinks I'm a kid,
immature, a dumb jock...
All of which is
more or less true.
I'm dying, Mr. tanneran,
like that girl in the poem,
only quicker and with a hard-on.
Mr. tanneran, she's wonderful.
She's got all the best
things I like in girls
and all the best things
I like in guys.
Number-one man, arm on elbows.
Fireman. Ready?
That's the way to finish it.
May I help you, young lady?
Vvhoo! Vvhoo! Vvhoo! Vvhoo!
Louden, is that her?
Why are you wasting your time
with a faggot like louden?
Hey, come out here in the hall.
This place is the pits.
The smell in there
isn't even human.
You ok?
Yeah. Why?
I heard you fainted.
Oh. I had kind of a temporary
nitrogen imbalance,
kind of a sodium
depletion syndrome,
maybe some general
maybe one or two other things.
Will you live, or what?
I'm just trying
to cut weight, you know,
trying to get down to 168.
I don't get it.
Why do you want to get smaller
and wrestle a small guy?
Vvhy not get bigger and
wrestle a big guy?
Big guys aren't better.
168 happens to be the toughest
division in the state,
maybe in the whole
god damn world.
I don't want to see
you starve yourself.
You're kind of like
a stepbrother.
What do you mean, stepbrother?
What would you call it?
Well, I don't know if I'd
call it a stepbrother.
I don't know how a
stepbrother supposed to feel.
Take care of yourself, ok?
Louden, I want to
see you in my office.
All right.
I do take care of myself.
I'll see you later... At home.
No good.
You're at 6% body fat.
Fellas told me you took a
nose dive in the hallway.
I feel fine, coach. Honest.
It was nothing.
Now, I remember the first
time you walked in here
and asked me to let you wrestle.
You still had hay in your hair.
What a surprise
you turned out to be,
darn near going the
distance your first year.
Well, this is your year.
You can be a state
champion this year,
but not at 168.
It's not in the cards.
I don't care about
a state championship.
I just want to wrestle Shute.
Fuck Shute!
Pardon my language.
Three years, undefeated.
Nobody's even come close.
I saw him take
maclean for a fall
without even working up a sweat.
I didn't want to bring this up,
but if you're looking for
a wrestling scholarship,
this isn't the way to do it.
I'm kind of committed to this.
Well, it's not your decision.
It's mine, and the answer is no.
That's right.
I won't watch you ruin yourself
and bring down this team
for some silly dream of glory.
Now go back to practice.
Make plans to wrestle
at your weight
or not at all.
Hey, dude, we're
sweating ass in here.
Where you been?
If you're on some ego trip,
that's your problem.
You're not a team player.
I got a bulletin for you, Otto...
Wrestling is not a team sport.
Vvhen you're fighting
someone faster than you,
there's not much a
team can do for you.
Come on, louden, you're
never going to make it.
Even Otto can't do that.
Oh, I could do it.
people talkin' n'
n' the way that
you've been livin' n'
n' ah, we always
wish for money
ij' we always wish for fame n'
come on, louden!
Go for it, babe!
some things ain't
ever gonna change n'
go for it!
it doesn't matter
who you are
n' it's all the same
what's in your heart
will never change n'
I can't do that.
it doesn't matter
who you are
n' it's all the same
m same n'
what's in your heart
will stay the same
n' it doesn't matter
who you are
all right, louden, you win.
I never had a wrestler
starve on me.
Don't be the first.
Way to go, louden.
do you remember
n' when you got
your lucky break n'
n' you're lookin' back now n'
and it seems
like a mistake
n' ah, we always
wish for money
ij' we always wish for fame n'
we think
we have the answers... n'
Carla, are you home?
some things
ain't ever gonna change n'
n' it doesn't matter
who you are
n' it's all the same
m same n'
what's in your heart
will never change n'
n' it's only change ijt
I love you, Carla!
Aren't you going to
be late for school, son?
I'm working on my article.
What part of the body?
That's kind of a female
thing, isn't it?
Yeah, but it's homologous
with the male penis.
Are you sure
that's a proper subject
for a school paper?
Pop, this is the 20th century.
I'm speechless.
You've broken
new ground here, louden.
This is professional stuff.
We are going to drag
this dinky school paper
right into the 20th century.
Where do you get your ideas?
I've been thinking a lot
about that stuff lately.
Oh! We're going to
make history here!
What a blast to
the first amendment.
First, they shut down the press
and imprison the intellectuals.
I loved your piece
on the clitoris.
I showed it to my mother!
Hey, elmo.
What do you know
about the clitoris?
Well, I don't know what
it looks like exactly,
but I kind of know
where it's at... Sort of.
It's an incredible piece
of equipment, considering.
You think if I
called up Shute...
he'd come down to the hotel
and wrestle me in one
of the banquet rooms?
I don't know if I can
hack it much longer.
You could just forget it.
You don't have to wrestle him.
It ain't written anywhere.
It's my iron. I'm low on iron.
Has this ever happened before?
No, never.
Do me a favor.
Walk home tonight
like a normal person.
I need this now, man.
First, I faint. Now I
can't hold my blood.
You going to tell coach?
No. If you tell him,
I swear I'll kill you.
I wouldn't tell him.
You think I'd tell him
something like that?
I don't tell him nothing.
I don't say nothing
to no one, man.
Hey, man!
tryin' hard
to control my heart n'
I walk over
to where you are n'
she's fucking you over,
and with a teacher.
eye to eye,
we need no words at all n'
I see you
through the smoky air
can't you feel
the weight of my stare n'
hey, louden, how you doing?
we're so close
n' but still a world away
what I'm dyin' to say n'
is that I'm crazy for you n'
n' touch me once
and you know it's true
I never wanted
anyone like this ii
n' it's all brand-new n'
n' the feelin' in my kiss n'
I'm crazy for you
crazy for you j'j'j'
(Aren't you ever going
to talk to) Me again?
What do you care
whether I do or not?
Vvait a minute. I think I
missed something somewhere.
I heard you fainted in school.
I was worried about you.
We had a nice conversation,
and you act like
I'm an intrusion.
You heard I fainted?
Tanneran told you.
He told you everything I said.
We talked about you.
He says you're very sensitive.
I don't see that in you.
Unless you want to see more
than you bargained for,
you better beat it.
I've seen naked men before.
Yeah, I bet you have.
Would you stop
playing this number?
Just because I'm staying here...
You want me to go?
Do what you want!
What do you want from me?
You're fucking tanneran!
Why don't you fuck me?
Aah! Son of a bitch!
Don't you ever try that again!
I choose who
I'm going to be with
and what I'm going to do.
I'll never be with
any foulmouthed kid jock
who thinks a stiff cock
is the height of romance.
Part of being a man, asshole,
is knowing what a woman wants
and respecting that.
Part of being a kid
is you could say
something really stupid
and still not get your faced
ripped off for saying it.
How's your nose?
It's all right.
I'm just low on iron.
Yeah, you ought to
eat more spinach.
I'm sorry, ok?
You're a shitty-ass baby!
Whatever you say, dad.
You think that you're hot shit!
You think that you
can wrestle, don't you?
But you can't wrestle!
Whatever you say, dad.
You can't do anything
because you're a bum.
Whatever you say, dad.
You ain't got the balls
to fight an old man?
You ain't got the balls
to fight an old man?
You're just like
your god damn mother!
You god damn punk!
My old lady's already
in a place fur drunks.
They either dry her
out, or she dies.
My, uh, my ma,
she ran off with
a guy who sells glassware...
Bowls, pitchers,
candleholders and shit.
Terrific, huh?
I figure all this is
just the first period.
Pretty soon we'll be
in control of our lives.
What lives, man?
This is my last
wrestling season.
I'll be in the fucking Navy
this time next year.
Come on, Kuch, man.
You're going to be
the first Indian president.
Sure, except for one thing...
Lain't no fucking Indian.
It's just shit I made up.
A lot of people
ain't Indians, Kuch.
Come on, man. Stop crying.
I'm lousy with people who cry.
Who's crying?
Fuck you if you
think I'm crying!
Come on, you guys! You're late!
You think the
everywhere spirit cares
if you're an Indian?
He talks to who he wants to.
you're a dancer
n' but you're dancin' on air
n' just a matter of time
to the fall n'
oh, gotta hold on n'
reach for the stars n'
and you will fly... tin'
Kuch, I wish I didn't
see it, but I did.
It's no biggie, man.
Once... Carla caught me
with my nose in her panties.
She woke up, huh?
They weren't on her
at the time, shitface.
If you get on the mat
with the monster at 168,
we'll call it even.
It's no problem, man.
It's, like, in the stars.
Last year's district champions.
Would you please welcome
the Columbia bulldogs?
And from the city of spokane,
placed third in last year's
state championships,
the Thompson
high school warriors.
No prisoners!
No prisoners!
2, take-down, green.
2, take-down, green.
Green. Near fall, green.
And green.
Near fall, green.
Come on, schmoozler!
Foley wins by a pin.
Now wrestling
for Columbia high school
at 178 pounds,
Louis Smith.
For visiting
Thompson high school
at 178 pounds,
Louden Swain.
Shake hands, gentlemen.
Nice hair, man.
Real cute, Swain.
This isn't a street fight.
This is a wrestling match.
No more unnecessary roughness.
Drive him down!
2, take-down. 2, red.
2 points for a take-down
for Louden Swain.
1 point, escape,
for Louis Smith.
Out. 2, take-down, red.
2 points for a take-down
for Louden Swain.
Louden! Louden!
Go, hey, go!
Caution, green. False start.
Take your positions.
Caution on Louis Smith
for false start.
Hold it, hold it.
My time. My time!
Ok, let's take a look.
A medical time-out called
for Louden Swain.
Got punched?
No. He didn't even hit me.
You don't want to sit this out?
No way. I'm killing him.
He's all right.
Get him, louden!
1, green! 1, green!
All right!
2, take-down, red. 2.
2 points, take-down, Swain.
Hold it! Hold it, hold it!
Hold it right here. Coach!
You'll have to give this one up.
What? I'm way ahead of him!
It's over!
Get off! It's over!
Medical default by Louden Swain
gives Louis Smith the win.
You didn't win nothing!
Come on! Right now, assholes!
I'll wrestle you right now!
Good match, Dewey.
You got a problem, man.
I got a lot of
problems. So what?
You can't hold your mud.
You're a bleeder,
and I like to see blood.
Yeah? How about your own?
60 seconds on the mat,
you're dog meat.
Forget the mat. I'm ready.
You'll never be ready for me.
I'm ready for you now.
What's holding you back?
Come on, you guys. Knock it off.
I'm going to let you
sweat it, wimp.
Who the hell is that?
He's trying to psych me out.
Yeah, I see what you mean.
I didn't expect to see you here.
Well, your dad
finally fixed up my car.
I'll give you a lift home,
unless you'd rather go
on the bus.
I think you've got
this Shute guy worried.
Why else would he be here?
He's the one who's
sweating it out.
Aren't you starving?
Yeah, but I'm used to it by now.
First time I've ever went
to a wrestling match.
It wasn't what I expected.
I guess I expected
some macho violence trip,
but it was all right, you know?
Guess I just didn't understand.
Do you have to go?
You can be an artist anyplace,
even here.
I don't like to think
about you being someplace else.
Your dad says you're going to
get a wrestling scholarship.
He says you've got
a good future.
That's the first time you
ever called me louden.
I want you to know something.
I don't care if you're
making it with tanneran.
It's none of my business.
Tanneran's a great guy,
to tell the truth.
He could've played
pro basketball.
If I was a girl,
I'd probably be making it
for a guy like tanneran.
I'm crazy about the guy myself,
in a normal sort of way.
You nearly finished?
Yeah. Why?
Don't dog it, man.
Shute does 200 of these things
with his old man on his back.
Ever see Shute's old man?
How are you feeling?
I feel fine.
It'll happen. It's
bigger than both of us.
Some detergent.
Paying attention?
Oh, god.
Put your head back.
I think it's stopped now.
I've turned into a real bleeder.
You've just been
training too hard.
Look at your clothes.
They're hanging off you.
I want you to take
this weekend off.
Go visit your grandpa.
I've been worried
about him anyway.
I'd love to see him,
but I can't
start sloughing off now.
The match is Tuesday,
and I still got
2 1/2 pounds to go.
Where's grandpa?
He's got a little
place in the woods.
He hasn't been feeling well.
I'd go myself, but I've
got a job interview.
I'll go with you.
I get a kick out of old people.
Well... I could work out
a little up there,
and then there's always Monday.
This is my...
Traveling music tape.
I listen to it
and pretend I'm rolling
through a strange town
on some terrific
rendezvous with destiny.
You want some tea?
You come prepared.
I'm just waiting for the day
some millionaire
will get a flat.
I'll change his tire
and pour him tea.
He'll pay my way
through college.
He'll hit you on the head,
and you'll wake up
with an asshole the size
of the Lincoln tunnel.
What a realist.
I'm depressed.
well, she got up
every mornin'
and she waited in the cold
n' got on the stinkin'
yellow school bus
and did what she was told n'
and she stared
out the window n'
all the way
down to high school
n' she went to home economics
just like all
the other girls n'
n' studied chicken a la king n'
and peanut butter swirls
but she knew in her heart n'
n' had to be something better
somewhere n'
well, the boys
in the school
they was just
a bunch of fools n'
and they acted like
a bunch of dad-gum fools
but she went out
with this guy
'cause you know a girl
has got to do somethin'
showed her
pictures of his car...
do you ever stop working out?
You know, there's a nice thing
about working out all the time.
You have a lot of
nocturnal emissions.
You mean like wet dreams?
It's a great way to wake up.
I always have this one dream,
and there's this girl...
What girl?
I don't know.
Just some girl.
This your idea of turning me on?
No, of course not.
Is it turning you on?
Maybe not.
Want to know what turns me on?
If you don't mind.
Really big hands,
the kind that
when they hold you,
you really feel held,
like nothing
can sneak up on you.
There's a gas station up ahead.
Right there?
You still cold?
It's beautiful here.
Yeah, it is.
Carla, if I tell you
something about myself,
will you promise not to laugh?
It might help explain
something about myself.
Then again, it might not.
I'm still a virgin.
I could've done it when
I was in eighth grade.
Five of us were in
this guy's basement,
taking turns on his sister,
who was crazy about
the idea, by the way.
Her name was Mary Ann.
I don't know, I...
I couldn't do it.
I felt sorry for her.
I was also scared to death,
if you got to know the truth.
I don't know why it's
so embarrassing for me.
Is it so terrible
for a guy my age
to still be a virgin?
Does it make him
a queer or what?
Of course it doesn't
make you a queer.
It doesn't make you anything
except what you are already,
which isn't half bad,
if you want my opinion.
Thank you.
I appreciate that.
Did you know that
sexual intercourse
burns up 200 calories
a shot, by the way?
That's one way to look at it.
I want to tell you something
even if it is none
of your damn business.
I never fucked tanneran.
We just like
each other's company.
I make him laugh.
He makes me think.
We're like friends...
Kind to each other.
Nothing. I just find
it hard to believe.
Yeah, well, that's
what makes you a kid,
not that you've never been laid.
Getting laid counts for nothing.
Sure, if you're a girl.
If you're a boy,
it counts for just
about everything.
Good night, louden.
Good night, Carla.
There's my grandpa.
They give me these things
at the vets'.
Spoils of trench warfare.
They don't seem to
slow you down much.
Oh, hell, no.
I can hunt, fish, hike
in the god damn mountains,
I just take these along.
Might even feel like
doing some wrestling.
Find yourself some Indian
woman to wrestle with.
Alls you do is beat me up.
This is my year to be a hero.
Pop wants you to live
with us in spokane.
Tell your dad
thanks for the offer.
I told him you wouldn't.
City's all right
if you need what it's got there.
I got everything
I need right he...
Got my guns, my fishing poles,
these medihalers to suck on.
Grandpa, I'm glad I
get your blood in me.
Don't let it go to your head.
Your grandpa's a great old guy.
Bet he was a real animal
when he was younger.
Pop always says
I take after him.
I'm going to miss him.
I'm going to miss everything.
I already do.
You have a lifetime left.
Why waste it missing
what's already gone?
Does seem morbid, doesn't it?
I can't help it, though.
Somebody ought to put me away.
Just think of all the wonderful
world you haven't seen yet.
How can I think about
it if I haven't seen it?
What about wrestling,
college, and stuff?
What about vision quests...
And all the girls
you'll make love with?
Name one.
what I'm dyin' to say I
is that I'm crazy for you
touch me once
and you'll know it's true
I never wanted anyone
like this
it's all brand-new
the feelin' in my kiss
I'm crazy for you
it really does make you
hungry, doesn't it?
Ok, you can have
one more bite, all right?
Ah! Hey! You're in
training, remember?
I can't remember why
I started all that.
Think. Maybe it'll
all come back to you.
I must've been crazy,
temporarily insane or something.
Louden, you can't
give up because of this.
You'll never forgive yourself...
Or me.
I was all right, wasn't I?
I mean... I was ok.
if you read my mind
you'll see
I'm crazy for you
touch me once
and you'll know it's true
I never wanted
anyone like this ii
it's all brand-new
the feelin' in my kiss
you'll feel it in my kiss ii
because I'm crazy for you
touch me once
and you'll know it's true
I never wanted
anyone like this ii
it's all brand-new
the feelin' in my kiss
I'm crazy for you
crazy for you
crazy for you
crazy for you j'j'j'
Vvould you just
promise me something?
Anything. You know that.
Make the weight.
Get on the mat
with this Shute guy.
See it through the way
you always planned to.
Is that all you want from me?
Ok, for tomorrow,
read Emerson's essays
on self-reliance
and the over-soul.
I want to know
how these ideas apply
to modern-day spokane
and the people who
spend their days here.
Thank you.
Mr. tanneran.
Hey, louden.
Thank you.
For what?
For being a terrific teacher.
Hey, what can I say?
And not sticking it to Carla
like I thought you were.
See, I just want everybody
to know how I feel,
in case tomorrow night
I end up getting mangled and
paralyzed from my eyeballs down.
You know something, louden?
For the first time,
I'm starting to worry
about that other guy.
Ok, fellas let's circle it up.
Beat shut e'.!
no more words
tellin' me you love me
while you're looking away
no more words
no more words and no more
promises of love
n o in?
Kuch, where's louden?
I don't know, coach.
He'll be here.
Yeah, who is it?
Hey, elmo, it's louden.
Hey, come in, kid.
I'm getting dressed.
I was at the hotel.
They told me you
took the night off.
I thought you were
sick or something.
Of course I took
the night off, dummy.
Isn't this the night
you wrestle Shute?
You took the night off for that?
Yeah. Shaved, got a
haircut and everything.
You never took a night off
to see me wrestle before.
They'll dock you for that.
Hey, kid, money
ain't everything.
It's not that big a deal.
It's six lousy
minutes on the mat.
You ever hear of pele?
Yeah. He's a soccer player.
A very famous soccer player.
I was in the room here one day,
watching the Mexican
channel on TV.
I don't know nothing about pele.
I'm watching what he does
with a ball and his feet.
Next thing I know,
he jumps up in the air
and flips into a somersault
and kicks the ball in
upside-down and backwards.
The god damn goalie
never knew what hit him.
Pele gets excited,
and he rips off his Jersey
and starts running
around the stadium,
waving it around over his head.
Everybody's screaming
in Spanish.
I'm here sitting
alone in my room...
And I start crying.
Yeah, that's right.
I start crying...
Because another human being,
a species which
I happen to belong to,
can kick a ball...
And lift himself...
And the rest of us
sad-ass human beings
up to a better place,
if only for a minute.
Let me tell you, kid.
It was pretty god damn glorious.
It ain't the six minutes.
It's what happens
in that six minutes.
Anyway, that's why
I'm getting dressed up
and giving up a night's pay
for this function.
Hoover 101 -pounder?
Ray ave ry.
Step on the scale, please.
Step off.
100 3/4.
Thompson 101-pounder.
Connor Flynn.
Step on the scale, please.
Hey, Kuch, think
he's going to show?
He'll show.
Hoover 108-pounder.
Actual weight, 215 pounds.
Step off, please.
Coach, we can't wnt any
longer for your 168-pounder.
This is a tough one.
Just five more minutes, ref.
Just five more minutes.
Come on, ref.
You'll be getting
a forfeit at 168.
Brian Shute.
Step on to accept your forfeit.
What's the hurry, Shute?
You afraid he might show?
The man's all mouth.
168 pounds even.
Step off, please.
Cheap win, Shute.
Cheap win!
If he had any guts,
he'd be here.
If you had any...
Hey, now, look!
Hold it!
Hey, he's here!
All right, Swain!
This is him, ref.
This is our 168... Louden Swain.
Get him on there.
Thompson 168-pounder,
step on, please.
You're over, son.
I'll dcuble-check the scale.
Think light.
168 even.
Whoo! Yeah!
All right, you made it.
You made it.
You did it!
Yeah, yeah, look out!
Listen up a second, fellas.
This is one special night.
You know it, and I know it.
Now let's go out there and make
sure hoover high knows it.
All right? Let's go.
Nothing's ever going
to be the same again.
You're out there now.
I'm aware, Kuch.
We got to go
for all the answers.
Vision quest, man.
I don't even know the questions.
You don't have to.
You here alone?
Good. I was afraid
I'd see 20 bare-ass boys.
Did you make the weight?
You just took off.
You didn't even say goodbye.
If I hadn't,
you wouldn't even be here.
You were ready to forget it.
What should I say, thank you?
I don't want you
to say anything.
I just think people should
do what they set out to do.
Do you?
Louden, I didn't
mean to hurt you.
I never wanted to do that.
I just didn't know
how to say goodbye.
So goodbye.
I'd do it all again.
So would I.
Hey, louden.
Kick his ass.
lunatic fringe
I know you're out there
you're in hiding I
and you hold your meeting
I can hear you coming
n you know what you're after
we'll ride
to the distant end
ride to the distant end
won't let you
kill the laughter
whoa, no
oh, oh
lunatic fringe
in the twilight's
last gleaming
but this is open season
n but you won't get too far
'cause you gotta
face someone
you're all in confusion tin'
wrestling at 168 for
Thompson high, Louden Swain!
Ok! Come on!
And for hoover high,
returning state champion,
also of the 168-pound
weight class,
with nine straight pins,
Brian Shute!
Shute! Shute! Shute! Shute!
Shute! Shute! Shute! Shute!
Good match, fellas.
Good match. Shake hands.
Timers ready!
Go, louden!
Out of bounds. No take-down.
Come on, louden!
Come on, come on!
Take your positions.
Get set.
Let's wrestle.
2, take-down, green!
2 points for Brian Shute.
1 point, escape, red!
Louden Swain, 1 point
for escape.
2, take-down, green!
2 points for Brian Shute.
Ok, that's time.
Score after the first round,
Brian Shute, 4, Louden Swain, 1.
Get set!
Let's wrestle.
1, escape, red!
1 point, escape,
for Louden Swain.
2, take-down!
2 points for
Louden Swain, take-down.
Green, reversal, green!
For Brian Shute, 2 points.
Get out! Get out!
2, red!
2 points for Louden Swain.
Hey, get down in front!
You ready, green? Facing me.
Ok, stay with it now!
Red, escape, 1!
Hey! Hey!
Are you ok, son?
1 point, red.
Illegal slam, green.
An illegal slam by Brian Shute
gives Louden Swain 1 point.
The score at the end
of the second period
is tied at 7 apiece.
Red, your choice.
Red elects top.
Come on, louden!
1, escape!
Brian Shute getting
1 point on an escape.
Drive through now! Come on!
2, red, take-down!
2 point take-down for Louden Swain.
2, green!
A reversal, 2 points for Brian Shute.
3-point near fall, green!
3-point near fall for Brian Shute.
Let me take a look at you.
Coach, we got a bloody nose here.
Come here.
You're doing fantastic.
You're beating Shute.
I'm shitting in my pants.
You're killing him.
Shut up, Kuch.
Have you done everything
you came to do?
Not yet.
Then do it.
You've got 27 seconds.
You're down 4 points.
Forget your nose.
Go and stick him.
Get out there and do it!
Louden Swain at disadvantage,
and with 27 seconds remaining,
the score Brian Shute, 13,
Louden Swain, 9.
Let's go! Let's go!
Fire up now!
Come on, louden.
And the winner bya pin,
for Thompson high wolves,
Louden Swain!
Beautiful! Beautiful!
another night in any town
you could hear
the thunder of their cry
ahead of their time
they wonder why...
I think a lot about
those six minutes with Shute
and the time I spent
with Carla that season.
Kuch had it right.
It was a vision quest.
We're born to live
and then to die.
We got to do it alone,
each in his own way.
That's why we ought to
love those people
who deserve it
like there's no tomorrow,
because when you get
right down to it,
there isn't.
only the young can say
they're free to fly away
sharing the same desire
burnin' like wildfire
I'll see you
through the promises
and all the lies
you're yet to tell
is it heaven or hell?
they know very well
only the young can say
they're free to fly away
sharing the same desire
burnin' like wildfire
only the young can say
they're free to fly away
sharing the same desire
burnin' like wildfire
only the young can say
only the young can say