Visions (2023) Movie Script

[heavy breathing]
Ladies and gentlemen, in a few moments,
you will be provided with a light meal and drinks.
Ladies and gentlemen, in a few moments,
a snack and a drink will be provided.
All is well ?
I burned another 800 kilograms and lost 4 minutes.
Do you want to wait a little bit?
It's not OK. Go and rest.
So I listen to you.
I just passed 59 West.
We didn't have the level of flight we wanted.
How much are we stuck at?
320 instead of 340.
No route change?
No, just the level. What are we doing ?
If we stay at 320 the entire crossing, how far will we get?
That gives 7 tons 4 on arrival. We still consume
1 ton 100 more than 340.
What is the European RRP?
On this flight,
is 7 tons 5.
It's too fair.
We were already called last month for excessive consumption.
We need to get to level 340.
Gander, European 65 years old,
we have a request.
European Airlines 65, Gander, let it go.
European 65 requires level 340 to pass.
Impossible due to traffic
at level 340 in front of you.
Can we hope for level 340 if we slow down?
We have Mach .85.
GOOD. Wait.
European 65, Gander,
climb and maintain level 340.
Maintain Mach .82 maximum,
turn right 20 degrees.
We climb to level 340,
we reduce speed
at Mach .82,
and we turn 20 degrees to the right. THANKS.
I'm here !
[Guillaume] Did it go well?
Mmh. That's great.
Thank you doctor.
And how are you?
Mmh, I'm very happy to be on the ground for a bit.
I really need to get back on track.
- You are so fresh. - You're the one with the hot hands.
Speaking of which, I was thinking if you had ten minutes,
we could try to have children.
I am so angry.
Two weeks have passed.
Tomorrow night, I promise.
It's too late, it's already 10 pm.
I am sorry.
And then I'm the control freak. how much time do we have
Ten minutes.
Ten minutes?
Shower included.
GOOD. Come on.
Let's go.
Left Engine Severe Failure Procedure: Left Stop AT ARM Confirm?
Confirm, off. Left thrust lever at idle, confirm? I confirm, inactive.
Left fuel stop, confirm? Confirm, off.
Pull left fire switch, confirm? Confirm, shoot.
What is the crosswind landing limitation on a wet runway?
A: 30 knots,
B: 25 knots,
C: 40 knots.
C: 40 knots.
What is the primary source of energy
for the electric flight control system, Fly-By-Wire?
A: Main AC buses,
B: Permanent magnet generators,
C: Main battery.
B. Permanent magnet generators.
Well done.
thank you
Are you in a hurry? Shall we have a coffee?
We talk to each other in real life.
I'm late.
Your number?
Attention, departure to Turin,
flight AF1502, boarding hall B, door 10.
Please go to Hall B, Door 10,
immediate boarding, Mr. Sammy.
Hi Estelle.
V one, rotate.
Positive climb?
How are you ?
I will open for you.
Mother of dragons.
- Some wine? Thank you.
Will you exhibit at the Gardini Foundation?
Yes. I am very happy.
- Photos, right? - A series of portraits, yes.
I photograph people at the moment of orgasm.
Yes. To me, that's when we're truly authentic.
The body is only following an emotional reflex.
And how are you doing?
It often starts with a glass of wine.
And... do you go to people's houses?
At home or elsewhere.
And they accept?
It's a matter of trust.
They give me the most intimate thing they have,
so it's up to them to decide everything.
Except when I take the picture.
Do men like women?
Both are interesting.
Good you ?
And you ?
At the time,
I heard about the beautiful story, of course.
The beautiful story?
The bright girl
who lives a complicated love story
a complicated girl...
who left overnight.
And meeting a good man, not complicated,
a handsome medical student
who listens to her, understands her, takes care of her
and puts her back on track with her ambition.
They lived happily and had beautiful children.
I'm very happy for you, Estelle.
You really deserve everything you get.
So what?
Aren't you disappointed?
No way.
She is very pretty.
And the photos?
Does it excite you?
- Not you ?
Is that her?
She thanks us for lunch.
Cargo front light.
Mayday Vienna,
European 262... we have smoke on board.
Request for radar directions to Munich Airport.
European 262, turn right direction 300
and drop down to flight level 150.
To the right of column 300,
we are lowering the level of flight 150, European 262.
Cargo fire checklist. Cargo fire arm switch.
- Confirmed? Confirmed.
Would you like a drink?
A glass of water please.
what is this house
- Who does it belong to, you mean? - Yes.
To Johana Van Damaker, a Dutch gallery friend.
It has houses everywhere.
I dreamed that I came here.
I mean?
Well, it wasn't, but
At the same time yes. Well, I don't know anymore.
You scare me.
I'm sorry.
No, actually, not really.
It's weird, though.
What is strange is that we are here.
It's super weird, really.
Why have you come?
I was curious.
What do you want to know ?
I'm curious too.
What the ?
Like you, I imagine.
Find out if you forgot me.
if you still like me
You know it very well.
You know that since I saw you again.
The day you pretended not to see me?
I didn't forget anything at all.
I don't know how people do it.
Forget ?
Most put everything in the souvenir drawers.
And it locks.
You just don't like keys.
Apparently, neither do you.
I have to go.
We remember.
Ah, here you are. I didn't hear you come in.
How are you ?
Did you take advantage of this?
Why are you in the dark?
Was there a problem?
Well, no.
The interval was endless.
And you ?
Have a good day?
I had the scalpel in my hand,
I tell him: "Don't sleep!" He takes a syringe, some benzo,
and sends him a new dose...
Hear me out ?
What do you have there?
You're beautiful.
It's a small wound.
But we are mostly within tolerances.
Sure? - Yes, yes, sure. No problem.
When is your exhibition planned? You did not tell me.
Do not know yet.
I am being offered something interesting in London.
But they want exclusivity on a lot of photos.
Won't you do the Gardini Foundation?
I do not know.
The people at the Gardini Foundation are nice.
Maybe I can convince them to shorten the dates a little.
[Estelle] Mmh.
They don't really have a choice, do they?
If I don't leave London behind.
How are you ?
Yes I'm good.
You like ?
Are you happy too?
How are you.
Have you ever cheated on him?
- Not. - Never?
[laughs] I'm very flattered.
Sometimes I tell myself that...
that maybe I like the story I'm telling myself more.
That I love him because I decided to love him.
You are both beautiful.
I understand you want to believe.
And laugh ugly.
But is it good?
We always decide what we want to experience. Huh?
Not with you.
I don't decide anything with you.
[intriguing music]
Do you remember ?
[music continues]
- Is he your husband? - You're not that far.
hello dear
[laughs] No.
You do not bother me.
You never bother me.
What time is it where you are?
I thought you were still in Tokyo.
can i meet you in london
but I'm very happy here.
[Ana laughs]
[heavy breathing]
If it's too complicated, I can go through your assistant.
It's magical here.
Everything is so much more...
[Ana laughs]
[inaudible words from Ana]
[pressing music]
[beep] [Guillaume] I'm here. See you soon my dear.
[robotic voice] Today at 4:18 p.m.
[beep] [Guillaume] I'm with the gynecologist. We are waiting for you.
Okay, I'll see you soon.
[robotic voice] Received at 4:40 p.m. [beep]
[Guillaume] Where the hell are you? I have to go back to work. call me
[robotic voice] End of new messages.
- I am sorry. - [Guillaume] Where have you been?
- The home. - I called the landline.
I slept for two hours.
I called on the way. We will have another meeting soon.
And I have a prescription for analysis.
- Is that really what you want? - What the ?
Do you have a child with you?
You can tell me everything.
[intriguing music]
Do you need insurance right now?
[nurse] Doctor?
No one will love you like me.
[she kisses him]
Come on, go to work. See you tonight.
[music continues]
[pilot] So in Lajes, we have ILS 33
who is hs
And it remains a VOR with a minimum ceiling of 580 feet
and 1 kilo 9 dreams.
In our time slot we have a wind of 320 for 22 knots
[words are drowned out by music]
[music intensifies]
[she knocks]
I don't want to see us anymore, Ana.
- Wow. - Listen, I wish you all the best,
but I can't stand it anymore.
All this mess in my head, I...
Few are capable of truly loving.
- You have to accept... - Stop.
- That any time... - Stop.
I love Guillaume.
And I want a child from him.
[intriguing music]
If you want, I'll call him.
- Who is ? - Johanna Van Damaker.
The one I spoke to last time.
- I tell him it's over. - I do not care. That's not the topic.
I wanted to make you jealous too.
"And I" ?
Do you think it's easy to imagine yourself in his arms?
What is the story between you and her?
We saw each other from time to time.
But it's over, I tell you.
- Shall I call him? - Yes, and then?
- Will it be up to me to call Guillaume? - Not. You and I are not equal.
- Here, you are the boss. - Oh, stop!
You are a woman's dream, Estelle.
[she sighs]
A goddess.
And I...
And I, a mere mortal at your mercy.
How are you ?
Not much, no.
I can't seem to take it anymore.
And I want it to stop.
I'm going to leave the house and we won't see each other again.
Because I love someone else.
John, calm down. John!
[heavy breathing]
[music continues]
Come on, come on.
[heavy breathing]
I did what you wanted.
Now it's your turn.
[she sighs]
[heavy breathing]
It's just you and me here.
No one else exists.
[music continues]
[Estelle moans in pleasure]
[she sighs]
[intriguing music]
[we start a motorcycle]
[intriguing music]
[Guillaume] Are you okay?
How are you.
A good day ?
Did you go for a walk?
Yes, I needed it.
There was no one near the lake. It was magical.
Yes, I imagine.
[intriguing music]
Is the face okay?
Yes, come on, you still have room.
You have 5-6 meters there.
Estelle, is that okay with you?
You can leave. Your boat is not in danger.
[Marco] Two seconds.
[Guillaume] Don't you trust me?
[Marco] When I was 4 years old, you told me Santa Claus
it didn't exist, dammit!
I love you too.
[she shouts]
Aren't you coming to swim?
And and.
[Marco] Wow!
How are you ?
How are you.
Who was ?
- Who was on the phone? - It was the job.
A captain fell ill.
They wanted me to replace a Paris-Shanghai tomorrow.
I refused.
You did well.
You must be with us more.
Do you want me to apologize to your brother?
- [small laugh] - Look.
No more phone calls.
It's over.
[intriguing music]
[heavy breathing]
[music continues]
[heavy breathing]
How are you ?
honey are you ok
[heavy breathing]
Look at me.
You're bleeding.
You have!
You bit yourself.
What was this nightmare?
[scary music]
How are you ?
[music continues]
This is Ana Dale. Leave me a message.
[tension music]
[inaudible words in the distance]
[music continues]
- [melancholic music] - [ringtone]
This is Ana Dale. Leave me a message.
I'm Ana Dale...
- [sigh] - [vibrate]
[music continues]
[she sighs]
[intriguing music]
[voix robotique] What is the minimum visibility required
to perform a visual approach?
A: 800 meters,
B: 600 meters,
C: 500 meters.
[Estelle] A : 800 meters.
[robotic voice] Right.
What is the minimum RFFS level required
for an airport once in flight?
A: 4,
B : 5,
C: 6.
B: 5.
[robotic voice] Error.
[heavy music]
A: 4.
[robotic voice] Right.
In a METAR, the wind direction is given relative to north...
A: geographically,
B: magnetic,
C: Grid.
B: magnetic.
[robotic voice] Error.
C: Grid.
[robotic voice] Error. Error.
- Error. They... - [closes computer]
- [muffled voice] - [Guillaume] Darling?
honey can you hear me
I have to go, I'm late.
[heavy breathing]
What time is it ?
10:30 in the morning.
[heavy breathing]
Did you come home late?
Verse. 4 h.
Damn it.
- How are you ? - [groans]
My head hurts.
What did you do last night?
I swam a little.
- I could not sleep. - Did you take anything?
Did you get one or two?
One. Only one.
Are you sure ?
So why ?
I've never seen you sleep so much.
[intriguing music]
What are you thinking about?
I must be tired.
I go.
Call if you need anything.
[music continues]
[heart beats]
[robotic voice] New message today at 3:17 am. [beep]
[squeaks and shocks]
[roar of an engine]
This is Ana Dale. Leave me a message.
[intriguing music]
[heavy breathing]
[music continues]
[she knocks]
[she tries to open]
This is Ana Dale. Leave me a message.
Ana, it's me.
What happens ? Where are you ?
call me back please
[she sighs]
- [glass breaks] - [groans]
- [intriguing music] - [heavy breathing]
[groans in pain]
[heavy breathing]
[music continues]
[man] Yes, hello?
- Yes. Hello sir. - Good morning.
- Sorry to bother you. - Hmm.
So, I know you will soon be exhibiting Ana Dale's photographs.
I'm a friend, but I haven't heard from her.
I'm sorry, is this a joke?
Not. When was the last time you talked to him?
The date is in the complaint I filed against her.
The complaint? I mean?
I didn't want his photos. He didn't want to hear anything.
He arrived in an inappropriate outfit.
I could not receive it.
He got angry and broke my car window.
Someone crazy. A totally crazy person.
- [intriguing music] - [English lyrics]
[music continues]
[heart beats]
[music continues]
[she sighs]
We passed Goose Bay.
It is 19:15.
And I consumed 45 tons 4.
We burned a ton more than we expected.
It is not normal.
[copilot] Yes, it's normal. We are at level 340
instead of the 360 that were planned.
You wanted to change levels because of turbulence.
I decided that at the briefing.
Yes of course.
[she throws up]
How are you ?
[she sighs]
[intriguing music]
[heavy breathing]
[music continues]
The genius Johana Van Damaker opens a gallery in Tokyo
next week. I look forward to seeing you there!
Opening reception on 19 July 2022 at 18:00.
[Guillaume breathes heavily]
[she sighs]
The flight to Tokyo has been confirmed
[music continues]
What are you doing ?
I'm going to run.
But it's 3 a.m.
I know, but I'm going in circles.
But go back to bed.
I'll be back soon.
[intriguing music]
[heavy breathing]
[Inaudible comments in English]
Stop it. Left, pull the switch.
[woman] Do you still fly triple sevens?
[Estelle] Yes.
Long distance captain for 2 years right?
- [woman] Do you sleep well on a layover? - [beep]
- Are you recovering well? - Yes. I love this lifestyle.
And for now, my body too.
[heavy breathing]
[music continues]
[female] Important events in your personal life?
- Not. - [woman] Nothing at all
does it bother you or stress you out?
Not. All is well. I am very happy.
[heavy breathing]
- So. You're safe for a year. - THANK YOU.
[groans with effort]
[groans with effort]
[heavy breathing]
[intriguing music]
[breaking glass]
[heavy breathing]
[heavy music]
[squeals and crashes into the distance]
[squeaks and shocks]
[squeaks and shocks]
[roar of an engine]
[intriguing music]
[Guillaume] Honey, are you okay?
What happens ?
[music continues]
It's Ana's bracelet.
I found him on the beach near his house.
It's been ten days since he disappeared.
It disappeared?
Have you seen her before?
[heavy breathing]
I ask you a question. Have you seen her before?
How long has this been going on?
It is not normal for it to disappear.
Something happened to him.
- You have to believe me. - Right here right now?
Yes, it's like in my dream.
What a dream ?
She was attacked in this house,
with the same broken glass on the floor.
- What do you want to say ? - Something happened to him.
[he sighs]
- Do you think Ana has disappeared? - Yes !
Because he left and doesn't answer you anymore?
What are you waiting for?
She came into your life 20 years ago and left.
Is different.
- Because you had a bad dream? - And this ?
You found this near her house, so what?
Ana left like this,
because it is his way of loving, if it is love.
She's a great girl and you can read the future, right?
- I really had this dream. - That's not the point.
We would rather make up stories than admit we were wrong
For the second time,
20 years apart.
I need to know...
You like him ?
[heavy breathing]
I do not know anymore.
[he sighs]
when is your next flight
You're out of power, you can't fly.
You must cancel.
Hold on.
To take everything.
[kisses her] Good night.
[intriguing music]
[rumble of thunder]
[heavy breathing]
[man] European Airlines 82, did you get it?
Repeat for European 82.
European airlines 82.
Contact Tokyo Tower at 118.1.
[muffled thunder]
[muffled voice] Did he say "118.1"?
[Estelle] Tokyo Tower, European 82.
[female] European Airlines 82. Winds 360 degrees, 10 knots.
Runway 34 right, landing cleared.
Landing runway received, cleared 34 right...
European 82.
[rumble of thunder]
[heavy music]
[Guillaume] Darling, what happened to you? call me back...
The company told me you were landing in two hours.
As soon as you arrive, call me. You enter as a passenger.
You are not fit to fly.
[she sighs]
[music continues]
[rings and vibrates]
Sorry for my last messages. I was super worried.
Here, listen, something crazy is happening.
The lab tried to contact you. You are pregnant.
I am so happy. call me back I love you.
[heavy breathing]
[intriguing music]
[heart beats]
[commotion in the street]
[heartbeat continues]
[shrill noises]
[heavy breathing]
[commotion in the street]
[intriguing music]
[explosions and barking]
[music continues]
[inaudible words]
[in English] Hello. Do you like our new gallery?
Do you like the exhibition?
[in French] I wanted to know if Ana Dale is coming tonight?
Excuse me?
My name is Estelle Vasseur.
Ana was the one who told me about you.
I can't reach her anymore.
Good evening, Estelle Vasseur.
I'm sorry, Ana never told me about you.
Is he coming tonight, yes or no?
She does what she wants when she wants.
Even that defines her.
i saw you together
on the beach,
in your house.
I don't want to make a scene.
I just want to be quiet.
[in Japanese] It's okay, I'm fine... Thanks.
quiet? But quiet about what?
When was the last time you talked to him?
- A week, 10 days. - 10 days ?
But what day?
Was it before or after the 10th?
- Don't you want to check? - Not.
Did you talk that day?
I have people to see. I have to leave you.
Help me please.
For what ? Do you think I want to keep it to myself?
But Ana, she is free, like me.
[in English] We're just lovers.
Please, not with me.
I was in the room when Ana broke up on the phone.
Ah, did Ana break up with me on the phone?
Well, that's it Ana, that's it.
And what exactly was she saying?
I imagine he was saying horrible things?
listen i feel sorry for you
but for me, Ana, it's just a great move.
I know the artists too well to like them.
Their selfishness makes them dangerous when they lack talent.
can you call him
- I'm not going to call him. - Please.
- Come back. - Call her!
Let me go, or I'll take you out.
[Johanna] God...
- [homme] Are you okay? - [Johanna] Yes.
[intriguing music]
[heavy breathing]
[music continues]
[electro music]
[woman protests in Japanese]
[music continues]
[Estelle] Ana!
[heavy music]
[heavy breathing]
[music continues]
[she knocks]
[heavy breathing]
[music continues]
[robotic voice] Traffic! Traffic!
Damn it, another plane is coming our way.
[robotic voice] Traffic!
- Do you have the orders? - [heavy breathing]
[robotic voice] Traffic! Traffic!
[man] European Airlines 363.
Turn right 30 due to traffic.
[robotic voice] Get off!
Get off!
[music continues]
[copilot] We need to disconnect the AP and descend.
The plane is opposite.
[robotic voice] Get off now!
- Get down! - What are you doing ?
Get off!
Get off now! Get off! Get off now!
[heavy breathing]
Get off! Get off now!
An investigation has been opened to determine your liability
in the serious incident that occurred during your flight EA363.
Before providing technical feedback,
we need to know if you were able.
This is why you will have a targeted blood test.
Pending the conclusions of the investigation,
I will notify you of your dismissal from now on.
Thank you.
Here, press.
- Did you take anything? - Not.
GOOD. Then you have nothing to worry about.
[Guillaume sighs] Darling,
I just got the lawyer.
He's a great guy.
I can't take your license like that.
[heavy breathing]
Don't worry, I'll take care of everything.
Where did he get away with that?
All three.
[she sighs]
[woman] And then Estelle, what will she drink?
[a man speaks]
- [Guillaume] It won't take long. - Yes.
[unclear conversation]
Hello ?
[woman] Estelle? I'm sorry, I'm calling you a little late.
Look, I wanted to warn you... I shouldn't tell you.
They will call you. A problem with your analytics.
What happens ?
I found a high level of benzo in your blood.
What the ?
Benzodiazepines. It is not normal.
Have you had a procedure recently? I don't see anything in your file.
No major surgery in the last few weeks?
I tell you no. For what ?
It is a strong anesthetic.
[intriguing music]
Hello ?
Estelle, are you there?
What are the effects?
Benzo? Depends.
Drowsiness, confusional syndrome, hallucinations...
Can it affect memory?
In large doses.
But there must be an explanation.
Can you come back to the lab tomorrow morning?
Hello ?
Estelle, hello?
Hello ?
[music continues]
[she shouts]
[Guillaume] Estelle!
- [fireworks] - [heavy breathing]
[Guillaume] Estelle!
[muffled music]
[heavy breathing]
[music continues]
[Estelle] Ma'am.
The child ?
I'm sorry, ma'am.
how are you feeling this morning
The nurses told me you slept well.
Come on, it's time.
If I hurt you, tell me, okay?
[heavy breathing]
Avoid touching your eye.
The scar can become infected.
I'll be back to see you later.
[scary music]
[intriguing music]
[heavy breathing]
[music continues]
[Ana] Stay with me for a few days.
It's impossible, you know that.
[Ana] That's the beauty.
Crashing everyone?
The artists, the customers?
You don't plant them.
[in Spanish] You do what you have to do.
You have the same ego as your artists, my dear. They will understand you.
- Not bad. - [she laughs]
[in Spanish] But I'm the boss,
you know this too...
Several days.
- Impossible. - You can.
[Ana] You are right.
[Johana] [in Spanish] You know how to talk to me.
[music continues]
[Johana] Tell me what I want to hear.
[Ana] It's just you and me here.
No one else exists.
[heavy breathing]
[music continues]
[intriguing music]
[music continues]
[heavy breathing]
[Ana] Do you like it?
I'm glad to see you.
Do not worry.
Impossible to recognize you.
You look so happy.
[she laughs]
[she laughs]
They are just photos.
[heavy music]
[in Spanish] It's nothing...
[she laughs]
Come on...
[she laughs]
[Estelle shouts]
[breaking glass]
[heavy breathing]
[music continues]
it is...
It is...
[music continues]
Delete all videos
Can you go this way please?
[heavy breathing]
Are you sure ?
Closer to the edge.
[heavy breathing]
[dramatic music]
[she sighs]
[music continues]
[intriguing music]
[ebb tide]