Visithiran (2022) Movie Script

Left! Right! Left! Right!
Left! Right! Left! Right!
Squad halt!
Right turn!
Greetings, sir.
Can you stop this cacophany?
Sir, what's the medal for?
Excuse me...
Keep your eyes on the road!
Well, I'm just asking
it out of curiosity.
I see you have won an award.
I didn't win this award.
It's for my friend.
So he didn't turn up?
Where is he, sir?
"I introduced you as the mother..."
"To my child, Oh Mother Mary."
"Oh Mother, at you holy shrine..."
"He is the prime suspect
in the fake currency scam."
"Last night in Valparai, an old couple
who lived by themselves..."
"Were brutally murdered."
"This incident has left the people
living in that neighbourhood in shock."
"Investigation is on full swing as the
police is on the hunt for the murderer."
Saw the news?
Old couple murdered?
Yes. Come to the spot at once.
Okay, sir.
Please make it quick.
I'll be there.
Sir, can we begin the inquest?
Wait, I'll let you know.
Why is he delaying the inquest?
Is expecting someone?
I rushed here so early,
without even taking a dump!
Who else? He's waiting for Mayan.
Don't you know?
He retired from the service.
He worked as a constable and later
took a voluntary retirement.
Sir is waiting for him.
Make way. Move!
You heard me! Move! Make way!
Greetings, sir. Officer
is waiting for you.
- Where is he?
- Over there.
Make it fast.
I'm already being bombarded with calls.
Okay, sir.
What are you doing here, sir?
Just stopped by to have some tea.
Any luck, sir?
Just this bulb.
There's a fingerprint on it.
It must be from that holder.
Can I get a ladder?
Sure, sir.
Sir, the culprit was
definitely here to steal.
Doesn't look like he was
a stranger to them.
The culprit was someone
close to this couple.
I say this because he didn't break in.
just because the culprit
didn't break in...
how can we conclude that he
wasn't a stranger to the couple?
They could have answered the door
when the culprit knocked on it.
In that case...
they would have been lying dead
right at the door step.
The culprit...
spent time with them...
had coffee and snacks before committing
the crime. It's quite evident.
What's your point?
You get started with the inquest...
and do the needful for autopsy.
- Arrange for an ambulance.
- Yes, sir.
Any relatives of the deceased couple?
Their daughters...
and their husbands.
Who saw the corpses, first?
It was my son, sir.
He saw it when he came here to deliver
milk, as usual in the morning.
We are distant relatives to them.
- You proceed.
- Okay, sir.
Tell me, sir.
What was the approximate
time when you saw it?
Around early morning 5 - 5:30, sir.
It was me, who informed the
police and their relatives.
Last night between 8 to 10 'O clock...
did you hear any noise here?
I was out, at the movies.
Only my mother was at home.
Did you hear any noise?
I didn't hear anything, sir.
I was watching a TV serial.
Where are you from?
I'm from Coimbatore, sir.
I'm from Chennai, sir.
What do you do there?
Business, sir.
What business?
Where were you last night?
I was in a party at a friend's house.
And you?
Sir, it was only last week
we returned from Malaysia.
Yesterday we were in Madurai.
We reached Chennai today.
So hope you won't be going back.
No, sir.
Give me a paper and a pen.
Here you go, sir.
- Come here, dear.
- Sir...
Write down all their names, addresses,
phone numbers and details in this.
Okay, sir.
Uncle, your initial is R, right?
Tell me your phone number now.
Oh my God!
How can one be so merciless?
Control yourself.
got some booze?
No, sir.
Give me money and I shall arrange it.
Really? Then what's this?
Take it out. Let's have a drink.
Sir, we'll need glasses.
Here are the details, sir.
Dear, get us two glasses.
My house is nearby. I'll get it, sir.
- No, we'll come with you.
- Okay, sir.
Yes, sir?
Check the tower locations of
all the phone numbers in this.
Okay, sir.
Come. Let's go, sir.
You leave. I'll come later.
Is their elder son-in-law's
finance business doing well?
There's something fishy
in the way he looks.
I don't know much about him, sir.
But there was some property
issue a while ago.
The old couple told them that
they can have it once they are no more.
That's pretty much I know, sir.
Sir, please come in.
No, dear. Your house looks
so holy, like a temple.
- You just get me those glasses.
- Okay, sir.
take it out.
Sir, this is a cheap liquor.
How are you even
drinking this crap?
What to do?
Everyone drinks it
knowing that it's poison.
We don't get quality booze here.
Hence, the cheap one rules.
please don't mind. Can you buy
us Cola, from any shop nearby?
Sure, sir.
I always drink neat, sir.
Good for you!
- Where is Mayan?
- Sir!
He's boozing with the mortuary guy.
Where is your partner, sir?
Forget him.
Come with me.
Do you drink?
No, sir. I don't.
Sir, he is the culprit.
Sir, no! It's not me!
Sir, I'm innocent!
Please, I'm innocent.
The fingerprints found on
the bulb you removed...
and your fingerprints
on the glasses...
are a perfect match!
The machete which you used...
No matter how much you clean
with any amount of acid...
forensic guys will still find out.
The piece of paper in which
you wrapped the machete...
Isn't it from here?
Are you convinced now?
Sir! Sir!
See you, sir.
Well, how did you find out
that he was the culprit?
He didn't break the bulb he removed.
He just left it there.
I understood from that the
murderer is not a professional.
Similarly, if one must have climbed up
the sunshade...
then I guessed that he must
definitely be a youngster.
He went from there to the terrace.
He had tried to break open the
terrace door using the machete.
An expert would have only tried
to work around the edges.
There is no indication of him to have
tried breaking in through front door.
The couple must have opened
the door and let him in.
In which case, he must be
someone close to them.
We had enough evidence that shows
that he spent time with them.
Then the burnt coffee
utensil in the kitchen.
When the old lady stepped into
the kitchen to make coffee...
he lynched the old man.
When the lady heard the noise and
came out, he lynched her too.
Looking at the crime scene...
I was very sure that it was
a youngster who did it.
While inquiring their relatives...
He was standing with his hands
folded, trying to be modest...
and so I confirmed it.
According to his body language...
if someone is standing with hands
folded and acting humble...
then he is trying
to hide something.
Apart from that...
there was something fishy in
the way he looked and behaved.
He said that last night he was
at the movies but his mobile...
was tracked to be around this
location at night 9 'O clock.
The Cyber cell has confirmed it.
Okay, sir. See you.
- Okay.
- Mano!
- Sir, please! No!
- Listen to me! Move!
- Sir, he wouldn't have done it!
- Move!
Sir, please listen to me.
Sir, my son is innocent.
Oh my God! Sir, please! No!
Sudeep, looks like there's some issue
with Diana's laptop.
Can you check that?
Don't worry. I'll look into it.
- It's in her room, right?
- Yes, go and check it.
There is some booze still left.
If we finish this then
we can call it a day.
Fix the drink and we'll
finish it, buddy.
- Subbiah, get the glasses.
- I'm on it.
Why is Sudeep sticking around you
ever since he joined the service?
He is my daughter's college senior.
A skillful and smart Engineer.
He is wasting his time unnecessarily
in the Cyber cell.
The battery must be replaced.
Otherwise it looks good.
5000 rupees battery expense?
Got the money or
shall I pay you now?
I'll replace it and then collect it.
Okay, I'll leave now, sir.
Sudeep, drive carefully.
Give me a missed call
once you reach home.
Well, as usual...
the SP snatched away the credit
of all the hard work he did.
This is not new for him.
While in service, he used
to crack all the cases...
and the news will sing praises
of someone else.
Well, he too doesn't mind it.
Crazy fellow!
Aren't you done with
cracking muder mysteries?
I am drinking round the clock.
At least my life will have some meaning
if I keep doing such activities.
Isn't it a sin to forget the
profession that fed me.
Which profession? Drinking?
Fine, hang up.
Shall we leave?
Only if we leave now, I can wake
up on time for my business.
What's the hurry?
Aren't you Palani, who was
convicted in bike theft case?
What are you doing here?
Buddy, I only called him. You may leave.
Since when did you start this?
Isn't booze enough? Now Pot too?
This is not Pot...
but a rocket that
launches me into the past.
The mighty Bahubali that gives
me energy to enter my house.
Stop it with your Pot philosophies!
Guys, let's leave.
He calls Pot the mighty Bahubali! Duh!
Come back tomorrow like
a boomerang, you booze!
your husband, Mr. Mayan...
has again come home drunk, today.
How dare you address my husband by name?
You arrogant little girl.
Isn't that his name? I'll
address him with his name only.
Yeah right! Your dad deserves
it for pampering you too much.
He left in the morning.
He just reached home after roaming
around and getting drunk.
Dad, how many times have I warned you?
Knock the door before entering.
I'm not a kid anymore, dad.
What's up, dear? What are you writing?
A love letter?
Is this how one writes a love letter?
Without any secrecy?
Who's stopping you, dear? Go ahead.
Well, mom didn't leave
you without a reason.
Did I upset you, dad? I was kidding.
Mom, my 'cop' daddy is
again upset with me.
Open the door...
Why are you here at this hour?
What happened to your phone? What's
the use in you carrying a mobile?
- Where's my phone?
- Maya...
Stella met with an accident.
Looks like her condition is critical.
She's admitted at BMN hospital.
Now, change your clothes and
let's start immediately.
No need.
Come on...
Peter tried reaching you.
Since he couldn't reach
you, he called me.
Sir, you're not allowed to wait here.
Please be seated over there.
- Way to the ICU?
- This way.
Surgery is done and
she has been moved to the ICU.
Can we see her?
I doubt if they would allow.
- Who is Stella's husband?
- There. That's him.
- What happened?
- The doctor wants you inside.
Everything's fine...
Everything's fine, dear.
"Oh my dear, you are a blessing
bestowed upon me."
"I promise, I'll love you to the core
and take care of you forever."
"My love, you and our new born..."
"Have brought happiness
that I can't explain."
So, it's a girl? Wonderful!
"Have brighten up my life."
"I am lost in a sea of happiness."
"I can feel the sunshine and rain
engulf my world at the same time."
"My love, you and our new born..."
"Have brought happiness
that I can't explain."
"My dear sun, you and your sunshine..."
"Have brighten up my life."
"You are the happiness
that the moonlight brings."
"You are the magic that the music sings."
"You are a treasure
that the God gifted me."
"You gifted me a child, you too
are a God; Which I can now see."
"Like a river of happiness
spreading inside me..."
"Your love fills me."
"My love, you and our new born..."
"Have brought happiness
that I can't explain."
"My dear sun, you and your sunshine..."
"Have brighten up my life."
"I could just listen
to you the whole day."
"I could just admire
your beauty forever."
"That smile of yours gives me the
best feeling I've ever felt."
"My world begins and ends with you."
"Oh my dear, you are a blessing
bestowed upon me."
"I promise, I'll love you to the core
and take care of you forever."
"My love, you and our new born..."
"Have brought happiness
that I can't explain."
"My dear sun, you and your sunshine..."
"Have brighten up my life."
How did the accident happen?
As usual she left for
her prayer session.
Some jeep ran over her and
left without even stopping.
A car passing by...
saw her lying hurt in the road.
- They admitted her here.
- Excuse me, who is Stella's husband?
Let's leave.
Don't hesitate to call us
if you need anything.
See you.
Continue the same medication,
then we'll take a call.
Okay, doctor.
Doctor, I am Stella's husband.
There is an emergency for Stella.
We will take a call only
after your consent.
You and Stella were so happy together.
Then why did you guys split up?
So far, none of us ever
brought this topic up.
That's because it's personal
between you and your wife.
He'd have told us if he wanted to.
"Here is a beauty sparkling
like the nature."
"And here are her friends
dancing around like the stars."
"When I see you, happiness fills me up."
"My eyes have never
seen anyone like you."
"I can see a magic in your eyes"
"I am awestruck by it as I fall in love"
"I can feel my heart sing a song,
when you lay your hands on me."
"My heart can even understand
your unspoken words"
"I can feel that I am lost in your love."
"My love for you is making me go crazy."
"Like a welcome rain..."
"Your love makes my world blossom"
"I can see a magic in your eyes."
"I can feel my heart sing a song,
when you lay your hands on me."
"My heart can even understand
your unspoken words."
"No distance is far away if
I walk holding your hands."
"No amount of love is enough
until we are in love."
"The sun shines in my world
only when you are around."
"And when you aren't around, my
world is filled up with darkness."
"The paintings we draw on water
may vanish."
"But the paintings we draw
with great love will not."
"The words I speak
will make your life meaningful."
"The curtain between us
will raise as we get closer."
"I can see a magic in your eyes"
"I am awestruck by it as I fall in love"
"I can feel my heart sing a song,
when you lay your hands on me."
"My heart can even understand
your unspoken words."
So you never saw her after that?
By the time I returned
from my police training...
her parents married her off.
Two years later, I married Stella.
15 years ago...
near Aaliyar...
we went to a house for an inquest.
Do you remember?
Greetings, sir. I was
the one who called you.
- Anybody else lives here?
- No, only the couple.
- Do they have kids?
- No, sir.
That lady's husband is
a big time drunkard.
Though the lady has a
rich family background.
Poor girl. She married
him and lost everything.
They moved here and rented this house.
The door seems to be left unlocked.
And we'll need two, three
of you as witness.
Okay, sir.
Murugesa, arrange few our
men to be eye witnesses.
Go and buy gloves, air freshener
and Sambrani (AIR SANITIZER).
Okay, sir.
this way.
Open the windows.
Click photos in every possible angle.
measure from here.
Okay, sir. Give me the measuring tape.
Come this side.
61 cm.
- Maya...
- Yes, sir?
- Cut open the dress.
- Okay, sir.
Been four days since I drank.
Give me the blade.
Excuse me, who are those people
in that photo?
That's her and her husband.
That's their marriage photo.
What happened?
Shall I serve dinner?
Shall I serve dinner?
I am not hungry.
Then shall I clear
the dining table?
Every time Stella came near me...
it reminded me of
my Meenakshi's rotten corpse.
I couldn't open up the truth to Stella.
I was a dead man lost
in Meenakshi's memories.
The buzzing inside my ear...
of those moths and insects;
I couldn't get rid of it.
I started drinking again.
Poor Stella...
she didn't know the truth.
Back then, I didn't have the
guts to tell her the truth.
I was afraid that Stella would
leave me if she knew the truth.
I didn't have any hope that
I'd be back to normal.
At last...
my fears came true.
We need to talk.
I cannot be patient anymore.
If you're having any cheap affair...
then just say it!
I shall leave without
creating a scene.
Do you even remember when we
last had a proper conversation?
I cannot take this anymore.
Let's split up.
I want my child.
Two years later...
Stella got married to Peter.
I and Diana...
had been to their wedding.
Sometimes, when I go out of station...
I leave Diana at Stella's house.
Bye, dad.
It's only during those times...
I get to see Stella rarely.
Bye, dad!
Few days later...
I told Stella, everything
about Meenakshi.
I guess she must have told Peter.
Probably that is why...
Peter doesn't mind me talking to Stella.
It's Peter.
There's no point keeping
Stella in ventilator.
That's what the doctors are saying.
"Are you wiling to donated her organs?"
They asked me that.
I alone cannot decide that. Right?
Patient Diana's parents?
The doctor is calling you.
Today is the 40th day since Diana
has been in ventilator support.
The impact on her brain
due to the accident...
doesn't seem to cure even after surgery.
Not just that, the infection spread
doesn't seem to stop.
On top of all these...
her body doesn't seem to respond
to any of the medications.
Actually, I am very sorry to say this.
It's been quite a while
since she is brain dead.
I know it's a rude question
to ask at this hour.
But if you give permission, Diana will
continue to live through organ donation.
Do what you feel is right.
At least let that blessings...
be bestowed upon our daughter.
"As the life sings the
final lullaby to you..."
"I saw you go to sleep."
"Even as the lullaby stops..."
"I notice that you aren't
opening your eyes anymore."
"I feel like I'm struck by the lightning
and yet I'm unable to shed tears."
"Sorrows keep following in my life
and I'm crying a sea inside me."
"Is this fate or is life betraying me?
I have no answer."
"You are leaving me,
taking away a part of me."
"Oh dear, even for the
smallest of loss..."
"You'd cry a river"
"I am completely lost now..."
"Yet you lie there like a statue,
without waking up to revive me."
"As the life sings the
final lullaby to you..."
"I saw you go to sleep."
"Even as the lullaby stops..."
"I notice that you aren't
opening your eyes anymore."
Dear children of the Lord...
we meet here today in sadness.
Even though Stella in no more with us...
but all the good deeds she
did when she was alive...
will take her to heaven
and she'll be blessed.
Thank you, Lord for that.
In the name of father, son
and the holy spirit...
Does anyone want to bid her good bye
for the last time?
Anyone else left?
Father, there is one more person.
"So far, I tried my
best not to shed tears."
"But within a matter of seconds,
I am broken and burnt into ashes"
"I was soaring high to
the tune of the life."
"But I fell with a thud
when the tuned stopped."
"A life of roses
is now burnt to ashes."
"And my life is now empty forever"
"I feel like I'm struck by the lightning
and yet I'm unable to shed tears."
"Sorrows keep following in my life
and I'm crying a sea inside me."
"Is this fate or is life betraying me?
I have no answer."
"You are leaving me,
taking away a part of me."
"Oh dear, even for the
smallest of loss..."
"You'd cry a river"
"I am completely lost now..."
"Yet you lie there like a statue,
without waking up to revive me."
"As the life sings the
final lullaby to you..."
"I saw you go to sleep."
"Even as the lullaby stops..."
"I notice that you aren't
opening your eyes anymore."
Stella met with accident
somewhere around here.
Hello. Hold on, give me minute.
Tell me, Shekar.
Which case file?
Nehama... Oh yeah! I forgot.
Long time since it was filed.
Give me some name.
Number? The FIR number?
I'm nearby. So, wait.
I'll come to the station.
shall we take a detour
to the police station?
What's the matter?
Looks like an old rape case is
going for court trial again.
The records are not proper and so
the judge gave them an earful.
- Let's help them retrieve it.
- Okay, fine.
Yes, Mr. Responsible officer!
Are you single handedly
upholding law and order?
- Where is Shekar?
- He's inside, sir.
Stella's scooter, right?
Who is handling Stella's case file?
Rajendran. We know him.
Like you said, a jeep ran over her.
The impact caused the scooter to
skid and ram into the rock nearby.
Did you find the jeep?
We didn't get it's registration number.
We are inquiring.
Where did she get hurt?
Well, her left elbow was hurt.
Another wound on the forehead.
But the cause of death...
was due to a blow on
the back of the head.
I need a photo copy of this.
Send me all the pictures related
to this accident on Whatsapp.
I'll do it right away.
LOCATION: On south of Malaiyur
in Chinnamallar village.
A waste land that belongs
to the government.
Valley on the east side.
Hills on the west side.
60 meters north from a tea stall.
From the PWD board on the north...
to 50 meters down south...
and seven meters away from the
milestone on the east...
in the road that runs north and south...
the accident took place
exactly on the west side.
Greetings, sir.
Muneswaran, right?
The eye witness?
Yes, sir.
Once the jeep ran over her...
can you describe how she
was lying on the spot?
The head was pointing this
way and the legs that way.
Like this. She was lying face upwards.
Any problem, sir?
Go and make tea for all of us.
Okay, sir.
What happened to Stella...
was not an accident.
It was a murder!
You! Who the hell are you?
I said, stop!
I have never seen that vehicle before.
I noted down it's registration number.
Did the people in that car
look familiar to you?
No, sir.
I've been living here for
the past 30 years...
I know everyone here, very well.
How many of them were in the jeep?
Two people.
After running over, did both of
them turn around and look back?
The driver didn't look back...
but the guy sitting beside him did.
So the people who came in that car...
did they call anyone from the spot?
They didn't call anyone while helping.
But as soon as they
got inside the car...
that lady called up someone.
What was the time, approximately?
I heard the second service
bell ring at the same time.
Around 8:30, sir.
Give me that notebook.
Buddy, here...
call up Sudeep and get the RC documents
and address of that car.
I'm sure it'll be fake.
- Hello, sir.
- Sudeep...
- I'll give you a car's number...
- Tell me, sir.
I need it's RC document
and other details.
Please be online, sir.
Tell me the number, sir.
TN 41...
One second, sir.
Sir, it's not a car...
but a truck.
Registered at Pollachi.
I'll Whatsapp you the details?
Please do.
Maya, you were right.
This number doesn't belong
to a car but a truck.
Sudeep, be on the line.
I need to do a mobile dumping.
Also, when you come...
bring that portrait sketch artist,
Arivuzhagan long with you.
Stella's accident...
was planned and executed to perfection.
Their intention is not to murder...
but there is a specific
reason behind their doing.
What makes you say so?
If murdering her was their plan...
they could have run her
over with a bigger vehicle.
They could have run her over
and pushed her off this hill.
If it was planned, they could have
done it in an isolated place.
Why do it a spot with
an eye witness?
That's how smart they are!
Having an eye witness
ensures their safety.
If there are no witnesses at all,
then the police will probe into it.
So, if there is at least
an eye witness...
they will register a case
and mark it as an accident.
And if they don't find
the original car...
they will register the case on some
other useless car and a fake driver...
Guess why?
So that the victim's party
can claim the insurance.
I didn't get that.
Once the accident happened...
Stella fell down on her
left forearm first.
That's when her left hand was fractured.
That is the only major injury
she had due to the accident.
Then, the wound from
falling on this rock..
Was the one on her forehead.
That's only a minor injury.
It was after that she fell other side.
But according to the autopsy...
the back of her head received
a blow from a stone...
or some sharp object.
And that was mentioned as
the cause of her death.
Do you see any such stone
or sharp object around?
Fine, consider there was some
kind of such object around...
then after fracturing a hand
and getting hurt on her forehead...
do you think she'd have got a
major blow on back of her head?
That injury on the back of
her head didn't happen here.
It happened later.
The jeep driver who ran over Stella...
didn't turn around and look,
according to that tea shop guy.
If it was an unexpected accident,
he'd have turned around and looked back.
Then why did the guy beside
the driver look back?
It was to confirm if Stella did
fall off, as per their plan.
The car that came later, was
definitely there to take Stella.
There is definitely some link between
the people in that car and this crime.
The couple in the car were well
dressed in brand new silk clothes.
That's what the tea shop guy said.
In that case...
Stella was bleeding...
yet they didn't mind their
dress getting stained. Why?
If they are indeed so good hearted...
they could have left their names
and address in the hospital.
At least...
they could have waited until
Stella's relatives arrived.
Sudeep confirmed that the car's
registration number is fake.
We must visit Peter's house.
Please come in.
Did you notice any change in
Stella's behaviour, recently?
Like, did she look scared or worried?
Nothing of that sort.
She was depressed due to Diana's death.
Did she go to church everyday?
If she didn't have any important work...
she'd visit the church everyday morning.
I need to check Stella's
room and her cell phone.
Was she ill?
She was once admitted in the
hospital due to high blood pressure.
These pills are from then.
Regarding Stella's death...
Is there any issue with it?
Where are we headed next?
Those who received Stella's organs...
We must collect their details
from corresponding hospitals.
We'll do that tomorrow evening.
What are you doing?
Mobile dumping.
What's that?
On the day of accident...
the lady, who is said to have helped
Mayan sir's wife, made a call from here.
This technique is to trace her number.
Hello, sir...
It's me, Sudeep here.
Yes, sir. I'm performing mobile dumping.
Yes, sir. I've got two
to three sim cards.
Okay, please attend when I call.
I'll do it right away.
Thank you, sir.
How will this help us trace
their number, Sudeep?
Now I made a call from BSNL sim card.
Using this, the tower through which
the call was made will be narrowed down.
Now, if our men go to BSNL's office...
All details of calls made on the day of
the accident, 10-03-20208:30 onwards...
can be collected.
Same process for other networks too.
But you will get too many numbers.
This isn't a town and the
population is very less.
Also, the people in the car
are from out station.
There will be only few
calls made from here.
I see.
Hello, sir.
It's done, sir.
Do you have any idea which car was that?
It was a...
an old, black coloured car.
Has an extended trunk.
Do you remember it's logo or emblem?
it was in English, sir.
Check if it was any of these.
This one?
This one?
Sir! This is the one.
Sir, it was a Toyota car.
Show him all the car
models in Toyota, Sudeep.
- Did it look like this?
- No, sir.
- How about this?
- No, sir.
It was an old model, sir.
How about this one?
Sir! Sir!
Exactly this one but it
was black in color.
Sir, Toyota Etios.
Sir, I've completed the sketch.
Please have a look.
Is that him?
Yes, he almost kinda looks like this.
Hello. Hello, sir?
- Where are you, Palani?
- At home, sir.
We gotta track down an old car.
Toyota Etios. Black color.
Has a fake registration number.
Inquire in all the scrap shops that take
cars and also in mechanic shops.
Start at once.
Okay, sir. I'm on it.
What happened to that rape case?
It's a very old case.
I forgot everything. Somehow I managed.
Any update?
We didn't find anything with
respect to Stella's death.
Her organs were donated to four people.
Three out of them come
from poor families.
The fourth person is a
retired bus driver.
Nothing like you doubted.
None of them have any
political connections either.
here's the contact number of the couple
in the car and the numbers they called.
The point to be noted here is that...
every call they made were
to people in other states.
Any details of the calls
made from that number?
Only these two have been
communicating using that sim card.
Otherwise the phone is
always switched off.
So, they have made regular calls, right?
That lady had received a call a
day before the accident.
A three minutes call.
On the day of the accident, she called
a number and spoke for 30 seconds.
Their call patterns are quite the same.
Same phone but the sim
cards keep changing.
They don't use the same sim card twice.
Here are the details of their calls
and sim card from the previous year.
- Why are you here at his hour?
- Hope everything is fine.
Everything's fine.
Just felt like coming here.
I just noticed this two days ago.
The inspector who handled
Stella's case, had called me up.
They couldn't track the
vehicle that ran her over.
Inspector asked me if we can claim
insurance with a fake vehicle number.
I didn't know what to reply.
Give me a cigarette.
A cigarette.
So this is a tea shop?
- Would you like a tea?
- No, thanks.
Do you know Vijayan's house?
- Who? That rogue?
- Yes.
He had a major kidney
surgery last month.
I was also talking about him.
How is he doing now?
Well sir, he doesn't step
out of his house much.
Last week also some people, who had a
spat with him, came and thrashed him.
Where does he live?
You see that children playing over
there. The one near that place.
Mind you!
If anyone tries to attack me...
then I swear you won't
go out alive from here.
Don't near me. I'll chop you!
It's my daughter's kidney that
was transplanted to you.
When anyone turns up here...
I get scared, sir.
Who paid for your surgery?
My well wishers pooled in
money and paid for it.
Come, let's leave.
It's been two to three years since
her children visited them.
Everyone's settled in abroad.
Even when she had the surgery,
only I was there to accompany.
Okay, I shall take leave.
Okay, sir.
Anybody named Renuka here?
She is my daughter, sir.
And you are?
My daughter's heart was
transplanted to your daughter.
Sorry, I didn't know that, sir.
It's okay.
Where is your daughter?
She works here.
Well, we had a small work here.
So I thought of paying a
visit to your daughter.
Please come.
- Where is she?
- There. That's her.
How's your health, dear?
What do I tell you, sir?
I borrowed money from everywhere
and got her surgery done.
Our salaries are not even enough
to cover her medicine expenses.
We work in cotton mill and because
of that she has breathing troubles.
- Here, please have it.
- It's okay. No, thanks.
- It's okay. Take it.
- Take it.
I have nobody to call mine.
Please call me if you need help.
I know a cardiologist.
Please take your daughter to him.
Don't worry about expenses.
I'll talk to the doctor.
Here's my contact number.
See you, dear.
Where is Subbiah?
Looks like he's ill.
He has gone to the hospital.
"Bomb scare at the BMN hospital
in Valparai, Coimbatore."
"The police rushed there..."
"And rescued the patients and
people in that hospital."
Look, that's our Sudeep.
He took Diana's laptop to repair.
I wonder what's the status?
Hello, sir.
What's the status
on Diana's laptop?
Sir, I've repaired it.
I'll bring it today evening.
Call before you start.
What's up, Peter? What brings you here?
There was some money left
in Stella's account.
I came here to withdraw that.
Oh, I see.
The manger asked me to come
here for signing few documents.
Hence, I came here.
Coming Sunday marks the 40th day since
Stella left us. I've arranged a prayer.
It'd be nice if you all can make it.
Time flies!
Please don't mistake that I didn't
come to your home and invite you.
Dear Lord, your child Stella...
must have attained peace
and have your blessings.
Thank you for that, Lord.
All the joy and happiness
that she didn't find here...
May she find it by your side.
We all pray to you for that.
I have arranged coffee for everyone.
Please announce it.
Dear children of the Lord,
coffee has been arranged.
Please have it before you leave.
who was on the call?
A call from Dindugal.
The girl whom we met, Renuka.
She passed away.
Oh my God!
How about we go there?
I don't have the courage to see her.
See you.
Maya, please eat and go.
It's okay.
I have an important work.
They all will be here.
Have something.
Trust me. I really have
an important work, Peter.
See you.
Please come.
Why is the door locked?
Is he still lying drunk?
He must have stepped out.
Where'd he go without our knowledge?
Look his scooter is here.
Come, lets check.
What happened?
- What happened?
- Lift him!
Look what he has done!
- You go and start the car.
- Maya!
Run! Quick!
He's just unconscious. Lift him.
- Where?
- This way, father.
How can you do such a
foolish thing, Maya?
Aren't you a police officer?
Haven't you witnessed
enough to face all this?
Even after so much experience...
What did the doctor say?
He has lost a little too much blood.
They said he's out of danger now.
Do you only booze together?
Where were you all when
he did this foolishness?
Thanks to God for saving him.
"Oh Lord, please be my saviour."
"You are my creator, who
can help me mend myself."
"You are the pure spirit
that can put an end to sins."
"You are the soul who can bless
everyone with happiness."
"All the sacrifices you
made for this world..."
"Is something that every
living being knows."
"From the tiniest species
to the largest one..."
"Everyone will bow down to you forever."
"You are the lord and
so are you the lamb."
"You are the energy that
gives us the strength."
"You have taught us all that life
is all about spreading love."
"We walk forward with the
hope you shall save us."
"You are secret saviour
like a guardian angel."
"You are always around us,
you will even sacrifice yourself for us."
"When we are by your side,
no sins can near us."
"You are our biggest support.
You motivate us."
"This world is alive
because of your love."
"Anyone who are unable to
bear their burdens..."
"Are relieved from their
burdens when they pray to you."
"Oh Lord, please be my saviour."
"You are my creator, who
can help me mend myself."
"You are the pure spirit
that can put an end to sins."
"You are the soul who can bless
everyone with happiness."
"You are the energy that
gives us the strength."
"You have taught us all that life
is all about spreading love."
"We walk forward with the
hope you shall save us."
"You are secret saviour
like a guardian angel."
"You are the epitome of sympathy
and so I bow down to you, oh Lord."
"All our prayers to
you never go unheard."
"As you spread blessings all over..."
"You bring light in to everyone's life."
"You took all the pains
for the sake of us."
"All our illness will vanish
away when we call out your name."
"Oh Lord, please be my saviour."
"You are my creator, who
can help me mend myself."
"You are the pure spirit
that can put an end to sins."
"You are the soul who can bless
everyone with happiness."
Tell me, Sudeep.
That lady's cell has been
activated with a new sim card.
She has also made a call.
Once again if the phone
is switched on...
note down it's location.
If anything is suspicious,
call me at once.
Sure, sir.
Sir, there he is.
You go and ask him.
Okay, sir.
- Welcome, Palani.
- Greetings.
What spare parts are
you looking for?
First, let him check out the car.
Then I'll tell you.
Then you take him and show it.
Palani, get me that bag.
Sir, what is this?
Ever heard of Penicillin?
No, sir.
A solution that is used
to trace blood stains.
Do you see this blue color?
That's blood.
Stella was taken in this car.
Hope this is not a stolen car.
I don't want problems after
buying the spare parts.
Nothing to worry, sir.
Here's the car RC documents and
certificate allowing us to scrap it.
We don't take stolen cars here.
Have a look.
So, did the owner come
and drop off the car?
I don't know if it was the owner.
But no one came along
with that person.
The person who came here, left only
after the car was scrapped down.
Was he the guy?
He looked very similar.
Any issue, sir?
- Greetings, sir.
- Greetings.
We heard that you have a car for sale.
Your car perfectly fits the bill for our
shoot. We are here to check it out.
I sold it long back.
- Is it?
- Yes.
Do you have the contact of
the person who bought it?
No. Why are you asking that?
You sold the car after putting up
an ad in the news papers, right?
Do you remember the date?
December... January...
Ah! Yes, on the last Saturday
of February.
Did anyone else call you
after coming across the ad?
It's a waste of time
to look for that car.
The person who purchased the
car, came back few days later...
and told me "the car
had some major issues".
"The mechanic said
nothing can be done."
So, to cancel the RC document
and to put the car for scrap...
He got me an application,
got my signature and left.
By now the car would've
been scrapped for parts.
Okay, sir. See you.
Come on, Palani.
Hundreds of them will turn up
only after the car is sold!
- Palani, start the bike.
- Okay, sir.
Hello, sir.
The last Saturday
this February...
An ad "Black Toyota Etios for sale"
along with a contact number...
was placed in Thanthi newspaper.
Trace all the land line
calls made to that number.
Okay, sir.
That list will have the contact number
of the culprit we are looking for.
Okay, sir.
I need the details of the regular calls
made to that number.
Sure, sir. I'll send it right away.
Those who ran over Stella...
are going to commit one more accident.
How do you say that?
After the accident took place...
Sudeep collected the call details of the
lady who admitted Stella in hospital.
That lady's mobile has
a unique IMEI number...
and that mobile has many
sim cards changed in it.
Based on Sudeep's input on the day
tower location of that mobile...
Every time she activates
a new sim card...
an accident takes place
within 48 hours.
within 48 hours...
someone is going to meet with an
accident, just like Stella did.
We must somehow nab them before that.
Tracing that car isn't a big deal.
I did that too.
No use.
During all the accidents they caused,
to take the victim to hospital...
they use a new used car.
After the incident...
they get an NOC from the car
owner and sell it for scraps.
For the accident that is
going to happen now...
they will again use such a car.
They called the owner of the car, in
which Stella was taken, from a paper ad.
Sudeep already found out those details.
They live in an apartment.
NAME: DABC Gokulam.
That is the sole loophole we have got.
I've sent Palani to that apartment
with the face sketch Arivu painted.
Looks like the apartment security
guard is Palani's friend.
Then let's inform SP and arrest them.
The case won't be strong, buddy.
Even if we do it...
we don't have a solid evidence
to prove they did it.
Yes, Palani?
Sir, let me go inside and check.
Sir, it's indeed him.
The party has bought an used
Ambassador car couple of days ago.
Black color.
You all wait here.
Don't move.
Call me once they leave.
- Palani, when did you arrive?
- Just now.
What about the camera I asked for?
I have brought it, sir.
Tomorrow morning sharp at
9, take this parcel...
and hand it over to advocate
Srinidhi madam, in person.
I have written down her
number on the top.
Hand this over to SP sir.
Do not forget it at any cost.
Okay, sir.
Hope there won't be any issue.
What if they find out that
we are following them?
No, issues. Keep this.
Just for safety purposes.
What happened?
Well, no one seems to come
out of this apartment.
Are you coming here?
I'll visit the temple and come.
You'll visit the temple and come?
The car is leaving!
Quick, let's follow it.
"The person your calling
couldn't attend..."
Yes Srinidhi?
I am for the petitioner, my Lord.
Truth that will send shock
waves among the people...
has been brought to light...
by a police man, who took
voluntary retirement.
When he investigated his wife's
death, on a personal interest...
he collected evidences about
shocking truths.
I present to you those evidences.
My wife, Stella's death...
is not an accident but murder. It didn't
take much time for me to find out.
I doubted Stella might have had
some personal problems or threats.
That's why I met Peter
and inquired about it.
Stella's death and the treatment
she got in the hospital...
I wanted to find out
if both had any link.
But I didn't find anything.
My wife and my daughter...
both of them died of brain
death in the same hospital.
Hence, I also investigated my
daughter's death to get a clarity.
That's when I understood the
scam run by that hospital.
It was said that my daughter's heart was
transplanted to a girl named Renuka.
She was found to be very weak,
without proper medication...
and was toiling hard at work place.
Hence, I took her to my
friend who is a cardiologist.
- Sister, get these medicines.
- Okay, doctor.
Please wait outside. I'll
get the medicines and come.
Okay, sir.
Come, dear.
Your doubt is correct, Maya.
The condition before the surgery...
is the exact condition
of her heart even now.
Something is there.
Something is wrong.
Not just that, I am surprised that
how did this girl survive so long.
In order to prevent any sort of crime in
organ donation...
the Tamil Nadu government
brought in the TRANSTAN scheme.
But it's the seniority
rule in that scheme...
is the root cause of many crimes.
For example...
If a person with major head injury
is admitted in the hospital...
The hospital staffs...
run all the test on that person to
ensure organs are fit to be donated.
After that...
they cross check in the TRANSTAN list
to see organs compatibility.
If it matches and the patient with the
organ request in other hospitals...
then they ensure the person
brought in with head injury...
succumbs to brain death.
They do it either through
medication or treatment.
It could be done by any means.
And why do they do that?
If the person with a
major head injury..
Is admitted and treated in
the hospital for a month...
then all the make at the maximum
is a mere 10 lakhs.
once the patient is brain dead...
then the business they do with
rich and reputed hospitals here...
can fetch them up to
1.5 crores, my Lord!
1.5 crores!
His daughter died because
of delayed treatment.
An accident, which was a well
executed master plan...
which resulted in his
wife's brain death.
Mayan investigated both cases and the
evidences that he provided us...
are cold-blooded truths about
an organized crime syndicate!
As per the original list...
my daughter's heart must have been
transplanted to Renuka in Dindugal.
But that didn't happen.
Yet that girl underwent a surgery.
So, I wanted to find out what
happened to my daughter's organs.
All details of the hospital on the
so-called date of the surgery...
Like the admission list, the medical
prescription and case details...
I needed all of them.
All those details...
will be definitely stored digitally
as the hospital is a reputed one.
I needed Sudeep's help to retrieve that.
Look, that's our Sudeep.
One day...
a hoax call was made to that hospital
saying there was bomb threat.
In the name of investigating that...
Sudeep cleverly hack the hospital
server and copied all details.
As per your request here's the
the hospital admissions list...
patients' case sheet and
detail medical prescription...
pharmacy billing and all the surgeries
that took place on each date.
I have copied everything into this.
There is a special network amongst
these multi-specialty hospital.
I just hacked it.
You can access any information through
that network, on a daily basis.
The day my daughter died...
that is, on the exact day, Renuka
from Ummapatti...
was claimed to have
undergone heart surgery.
Another girl named Julia from abroad
underwent the exact same surgery.
I found this out from
the hospital records.
Also, when I checked Julia's
medical prescription sheet...
I found out that medicines given to her
were for organ transplantation surgery.
But it was only 15 days after
my daughter, Diana's death...
the girl from abroad, Julia was
admitted in this hospital.
According to TRANSTAN list, Renuka's
name was on the top of the list.
According to hospital records, Diana
was brain dead on the same day.
Everything is inter linked, my Lord.
I had an instinct to check
that hospital network.
When I checked it, I was taken aback!
When an accident case is taken in,
the patient's blood group is tested...
and segregated.
It is then cross checked with the blood
group of the people in TRANSTAN list.
Hence, such an organized crime is being
carried out in the medical field...
which I could clearly see.
In particular, I saw that a
patient with AB -ve group...
needed a heart transplant.
I noted down all the
details of that patient.
Because my blood group too is AB -ve.
In order to upload my details
into this hospital's network...
I staged a drama in front of my friends.
And I got admitted in the same hospital.
As I expected, my details were
uploaded in that hospital's network...
and it matched with that patient.
Once my heart is confirmed to be
compatible to that patient...
then I was sure that I would
be their next target.
And so...
I paved the way for them
to stalk and attack me.
That's when the patient, who had
the same blood group as mine...
showed up on the top
of the TRANSTAN list.
I saw in the hospital network that the
patient was immediately admitted.
Hello, sir...
that lady's cell phone has got
activated with a new sim card.
She even made a call.
I didn't want any obstacles
to ruin my efforts.
I decided to to bring them to justice
with clear proofs and evidences.
For that they must be pushed to
recreate the exact same crime...
and I prepared myself for it.
I wanted myself to be their sole target.
Hence, I diverted my friends away.
I am an ordinary police man who
took voluntary retirement.
I cannot single handedly stand and
fight against the medical mafia.
I know it very well.
I will meet with an
accident today morning.
If I die in the course...
then my organs will be donated.
Then in the name of transplanting it to
the person in top of TRANSTAN list...
it will be taken to some
hospital in the city.
It will be transplanted to someone else.
24 hours after the surgery...
this must be investigated
and the criminals behind it...
must be produced before law and
order with clean scientific proofs.
Also, in order to prevent the criminals
from escaping by any means...
I'm handing over the most important
evidence to the court...
and that is my corpse.
Mayan is a martyr.
Each and every details that Mayan
investigated and produced...
are pure truths!
When someone here has a kidney
or heart transplanted...
How do we find it's authenticity?
We must blindly believe what the
doctors in the hospital tell us.
We don't have any other option.
The records claim that Mayan's
heart is transplanted to a patient.
In reality, that patient never got it.
Instead it was transplanted to a
patient from abroad and...
it has been proved after the medical
experts conducted their tests.
The police has registered a case...
and have started the investigation.
Yet such crimes continue to
take place in our nation.
Respected judges...
this case and similar cases...
must be moved to and investigated
by the CBI department.
I sincerely place this
request in front of you.
The court is adjourned.
A crime that heavily
affects the society...
has been brought to court's attention...
by a police man Mayan, who
sacrificed his life for it.
The court appreciates and salutes him.
All the brain dead cases that
happened so far in Tamil Nadu...
is ordered by the court to be moved
and investigated by the CBI.
As per Mayan's request...
Along with medical expert team, who
are working on these brain dead cases...
the court orders police and forensic
surgeons to be part of the panel.
Along with that...
Organ transplant surgeries
must be recorded...
and a mandatory law
must be passed on it.
When patient with transplanted
organ passes away..
A DNA test during that patient's
autopsy must be made mandatory.
A copy of that report must be submitted
at the Sub-division magistrate court.
The court advises the government to
pass all the above mentioned as laws.