Visiting Hours (1982) Movie Script

Janet Macklyn was discovered with
contusions, a mild concussion,
a ruptured eardrum.
Wouldn't you say that these were
indications that she was a
battered wife?
- Or someone made to look that way.
- By whom?
In other words, she
shot her husband and
then threw herself down
the stairs to make
it look like self defense.
You're a very gifted
lawyer, Mr. Holstrom.
Thank you.
Only a very gifted lawyer
could convince
a jury that Janet Macklyn,
provocation, assaulted and severely
crippled her husband for life.
Ms. Ballin, try to imagine
yourself in court.
With the complete text,
not that abridged
press version you keep
referring to.
I have read the complete text.
And isn't it a hard fact
that Janet Macklyn's husband
could have attacked her first?
Her counsel pleaded self
defense and lost the case.
Her counsel was a 26-year-old public
defender fresh out of law school.
He passed the bar.
Last year, this was his
second case, but when...
What the hell's she doing?
Nailing his ass.
- Cue one minute.
- Cue one.
May I warn you that you are just
on this side of being libelous?
- Jesus Christ.
- Wouldn't you say that it would be
more ethical to move the
trial to a different town?
On camera two.
In certain cases a change
of venue might be in...
Would you be prepared to discuss the
case next week with her new lawyer?
I didn't know she had one.
Yes, as of 3:15 this
afternoon, William
Craff Davies has accepted this case.
A fund has been started for
her defense, to which, uh,
I, for one, would be the
first to contribute.
Are you nuts? Huh?
- Listen, I feel good about what I did.
- You put that bastard on trial.
He should be on trial.
Your job is not to take sides.
What is my job?
All that I did... All that I
did was to give somebody
an even break.
- You're wrong, you know?
- I am right.
Listen, I need fuel if I'm gonna
fight Lexington. Come on.
You're gonna make
him pay for it, huh?
- I've got to call Francine.
- Mhm.
You're really dumb.
I hate grandstanding.
- It ain't professional.
- Shh.
Francine! You got back okay.
Oh, good. Listen, the living
room's getting a little gamy.
There's liquor on the carp...
I'm not asking you to scrub
the carpet, just clear out
some glasses, okay?
She thinks she's a house guest.
Look, I'm not gonna
be home for dinner.
I will. Bye.
- Why don't you fire her?
- I'm getting close.
I can't put that on... On the air.
Now, wait a minute...
I'm so angry. Don't get close.
You admit you're wrong and you still
can't see my side? Oh, come on.
Let's talk about it over dinner.
- Or let me take you home.
- I'm not going home; I want to walk.
Oh, wait a minute.
Alright, walk.
I give up.
I give up.
I want you to clean up this mess
before you leave tonight!
What are you doing here, hm?
Get back to your own bed.
That's it. That's it.
Help me!
Please, somebody!
Please! Help me!
- Here!
- What was that?
- Nothing.
- Here!
She's probably drunk.
Help! Please!
Help me!
Missed it by a few centimeters.
Tore up the muscle
pretty badly, though.
What about the other X-rays?
Got a nasty open fracture
of the humerus.
We may have to go in there.
It really messed her up.
Could she stand an operation?
Not yet.
Colt! I'm glad you're back! Guess
what's on? "Murder on the Limited."
I just play a small
part. It's one of the
first films I ever did with monogram.
I looked for my letter
in the Times this
morning but of course
they didn't print it.
Well, I know how you're always writing
letters to people, and
you're right, you know.
Nobody listens!
I got a form letter from my
Congressman one time...
So shy.
We're living in an alienated
society where
people have forgotten
how to touch.
They've forgotten how to be intimate
with one another. At the Institute, we
teach an important form
of the expression.
Repressed hostility is
often expressed in
covert prejudice or overt violence.
Or both?
You're at County General Hospital.
You feel well enough to talk?
The police are here.
I'll make sure they keep it brief.
How bad is it?
You're fine.
The doctor will explain.
You've got a lot of friends, or else
you know a lot of florists.
I know.
- Give me a sec.
- Sure.
My face... Do you have a mirror?
Do you have a mirror?
My face isn't, uh...
- Perfect.
- You look fine.
No, I don't.
But why should I?
Send in the clowns.
- Gentlemen.
- Thank you.
Just five minutes.
Ms. Ballin?
This won't take long.
I can tell you right now
I don't remember much.
I've just started a new
rating system.
You know that young resident?
The one I went out with. Dr. Harvey.
- He gets a two.
- That's a new low.
- He cries in bed.
- It's better than laughing.
- Another one in 907 ready.
- On our way.
- Come on.
- Come on.
He actually cries in bed.
Don't ask me why.
We turned down the lights, and
we started to make love,
he starts weeping. It's crazy.
- He's an obstetrician.
- Well, hang onto him.
I think you're gonna need him.
Don't let that book get in
the wrong hands, eh?
Bring you flowers?
Under the circumstances...
I don't look too bad.
Take the good one.
You know what I'm thinking?
What? If we didn't fight, this
never would have happened.
Did you see what he did to Francine?
I know, I know.
Bastard. The bastard.
Why didn't he just take what he
wanted and leave, why did he...
He's just a crazy.
What's that?
Some intensive care equipment.
For me?
For you or anyone who needs it.
Deborah Ballin? Uh... Ninth floor.
You can take them right up, and could
you take this up with you, please?
Telephone call
for Dr. Michael.
Say, are you an orderly?
Could somebody take
me to the lounge?
- Here he is.
- Mr. Delaney, for god's sake.
Come on.
Yeah, sure.
So you've been working
here how long now?
No, I'm gonna be late.
Well, I wanted to keep an
eye on Deborah Ballin.
She's suffered an awful lot after
what that bastard did to her.
I don't know.
God knows, but
whoever did ought to be caged
and fed raw meat. Anyway,
I've appointed myself sort
of an official watchdog.
Keep the visitors away,
screen the press...
About, like, the Janet Macklyn
thing, stuff like that.
Yeah, well I'll be home after the
second shift. It won't be too late.
Okay. Say goodnight to the kids.
If you want fancy restaurants,
don't go with interns.
Oh, it's Mrs. Corrigan.
I don't want fancy, but a coffee shop
for god's sake, I could have died.
I'm wearing a cocktail dress and
he takes me to a coffee shop.
- Then why'd you rate him a six?
- Dinner was a one.
- But he was a five.
- Oh, Connie.
What's that?
- Oh, I think Marcus.
- Not again.
Look, you must be exhausted.
I'll take the long walk.
Thank you, this
double shift is gonna kill me.
That's not a picture, it's an X-ray.
Okay, that'll have to do.
- Goodnight, Mrs. Marcus.
- Uh-huh.
I had a nightmare.
Well, that's not surprising
after what happened to you.
I'm sorry we had to move you,
there was an emergency.
Is your room okay?
Oh, it's quiet.
Please! Help!
Who would have killed
that poor old woman?
Well, let's hope you can
identify him, eh?
Maybe it really was
the delivery man.
It all happened so fast.
Uh, look. I'll, uh, send someone
with you, okay? Just...
- No, uh, that won't be necessary.
- No, I think it's better.
I'll be alright. Thank you.
Go back to sleep, sweetheart.
You okay?
Frankly, I'm a mess.
Would you mind babysitting
for me tomorrow, too?
Hi, Colt.
Would you like to do
something someday?
Like go to a movie, maybe,
or something?
Yeah. Sure.
How am I...
How am I going to get home now?
- You'll think of something.
- What...
You're gonna pay for this.
What I love about that joke so
much is the way you tell it.
Christ, you really blast
them all, don'tcha?
Blacks, Jews, Mexicans...
You want the whole goddamn
world to yourself?
Yeah, I'd like that.
No noise.
I like noise.
Hey, just a minute.
- Take them off.
- Yeah, sure.
What's in here, anyway?
You scared the shit out of me.
Take them off, will ya?
Come here.
I... I can't breath, please.
Please, let go!
Oh, no... You want T.V., hm?
How about noise, you want noise?
You got noise.
Anything else?
How about this?
You want this?
You want it?
Do you think the robbery
and assault on you is
in any way related to
one of your editorials,
or is it only coincidental?
Well, when people are angry,
they send me letters.
They get their feelings out
on paper, not on me.
I mean, if everybody
acted on their threats,
there'd be a murderer on every block.
- How do you handle hate mail?
- I don't read it.
In answer to your question, we
don't think there's any connection.
With your boss' cooperation,
we've just screened
tonight's editorial on the
Janet Macklyn case.
Are you going to make it
to the second interview?
If they have to wheel
me in, I will make it.
Has your stand on nonviolence been
altered as a result of your attack?
I don't think that when I...
I don't think that when
I said that I was thinking
about one person's
violence against another
person, I think I was thinking
in, you know, world terms.
It sounds as though your hard
line on violence has softened.
Ms. Ballin's position remains
the same. Self-defense
is our only protection
against violence,
but self-defense doesn't mean
one is pro-violence.
Do you feel that the courts are
the only self defense we have?
No, but self-defense doesn't
mean bearing arms.
Do you have a gun
in your house?
Since the courts are
shackled with...
Mummy's gone. Do
you understand?
Protection agencies have started
springing up as every city...
Don't know where she is today.
I brought your father his tea.
- Where did you get this?
- I found it in a closet.
I put it out, it seemed to please him.
Leave us.
We're gonna have to wrap
this up. One last question.
Don't put your hand
up, you're not gonna
get a drink with your
hand up like that,
now hold still, here comes a drink
for you, Colt. Now, wait a minute.
Another drink, another drink.
That for me?
Hey. I'm the one
having surgery.
I thought you
were off today.
I am, I'm... just filling
in for a couple of hours.
- Have fun.
- Thanks.
- Taking the kids out?
- Yes.
Out to my ex-husband's.
He has them through Labor Day.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- You look fine this morning.
- Oh, it's so good to get out.
I want to take these to the
lady who's in my old room.
- Why don't you let me do that for you?
- No, no, no, no, I want to visit.
- Hello!
- Hello.
Is this the right room?
I'm Vincent Bradshaw.
My friends call me Vinny.
Hiya, Vinny.
I read about what happened
to you. Damned shame.
I bet you're looking
for a story in there.
- 931.
- Why?
Well, I hear they found
that old lady. Murdered.
Mr. Bradshaw, what are you
doing out of your room?
- You promised.
- Just stretching my legs.
Say, I hear we're going under
the knife at the same time.
We'll pull together. I'm in
the room next to yours.
Why didn't you tell me
about that woman?
- What woman?
- "What woman?"
Oh, boy. They really
have gotten to you.
Oh. What's this?
- What is this?
- Please, Ms. Ballin.
Look, I have told you
I am checking out
of here. Have I made myself clear?
- What's going on?
- We have a little problem.
Why didn't you tell me
about that woman?
Why didn't you tell me
about that woman?
That woman in my old
room. He killed her.
He thought it was me.
I know it. Listen. Listen. That
was not a robbery in my house.
It is me he's after. I know it.
Why didn't you tell me?
I thought I could trust you.
Deborah, you can trust
me, but there are rules.
I have to follow them
and you're my patient.
He thought it was me!
It is me he is after.
We don't know that.
All we know is that she was very
wealthy. She has a lot of relatives.
What are you talking about?
Deborah, if you want to do your show
on the 25th, you have to have surgery.
No! God damn it,
damn it, damn it.
It's only Demerol, it'll relax you.
Please trust me.
- Damn.
- You'll be fine.
Damn halls.
He's here, I know it.
I'll be gone for a few hours.
But I'll be back to
check on you later.
Don't leave me.
He's here, I know it.
What are you
doing here?
You're not on surgical
staff. Get out of here.
No... No, no, no,
no, no. No...
Denise, would you mind staying
for a few more days to help
me out before your vacation?
Sure, if we don't have
to go home first.
Oh. Devious.
- Now where's Bridget?
- She's probably hiding again.
She's faking.
I'll go find her.
No, that's all right.
I'll find her.
She isn't really sick.
Cool it, buster.
Come on, honey.
Don't be a bad girl today.
You don't have to do this.
I don't feel good.
Come here.
You win. You can
stay with Denise.
I'm gonna go to the clinic for a
couple of hours, but I'll be back.
- How come she gets to stay?
- 'Cause she has a temperature.
- My stomach hurts.
- Right.
Come on. Get in the car.
Watch your fingers.
Deborah Ballin, a staunch defender
of Janet Macklyn, is also a professed
advocate of nonviolence.
Ms. Ballin has
recently been brutally
attacked herself.
And this reporter wonders
if instead of defending
Macklyn on a platform
of civil liberties,
Ms. Ballin will now defend her violent
act as a reasonable form
of self defense.
Will she join the thousands
of American
women who feel that
it is time to learn...
I'm warning you!
They didn't hear a thing I said.
You said...
You thought you heard him in the
surgery room. Here you are,
looking very much
the worse for wear.
I know, but...
What about that woman who was in
my room, what about that nurse?
What about...
She was probably knocked
off by some relative.
Don't say that. Jesus.
Honey, look. They got a great
security system here.
Everybody's screened who comes in.
They got cops all over the place.
There's a guard outside the door.
I know. I know.
The reaction to the
show was terrific.
There'll be editorials.
There's gonna be publicity.
The public is backing
you, it's fantastic.
Concentrate on that.
- How much more damage is there?
- A lot. I'm sore all over.
- How'd it happen?
- I walked into a door.
And you don't want to give his name?
Lisa. This isn't your first
time to the free clinic?
No. I haven't seen you
here before though.
I come in one day a week.
Oh. See how the other
half live, huh?
My dear, there is no other half.
I don't see anything here I
don't see at the hospital.
Where do you work?
County General.
That understanding look
isn't going to be
followed by some advice,
by any chance?
I didn't listen. Why should you?
Oh, really rough, was it? Wore your
corsage on the wrong side to the prom?
I missed my prom.
I was pregnant and working
nights with my husband.
Know why he chewed me up so
bad? 'Cause he couldn't make it.
Well, you're lucky.
You walked in this time.
Well, he won't get away with it.
Deborah Ballin? If anybody can
get her off the hook, she can.
I think the Macklyn
girl got railroaded.
If Ballin can get her off,
more power to her.
So you think Janet Macklyn
was assaulted first?
My first husband beat
the hell out of me.
It took a whole year for
my jaw to heal properly.
Would you have shot
him if you had a gun?
You gotta protect yourself.
- Have you ever been married?
- Yes, but not for very long.
It was like three years in a war zone.
Do you think men
are afraid of you?
Oh, god, I hope not.
I mean, because of your
stand on women's rights, and...
Well, it's not just women's rights.
It's people. It's their rights.
That's all there is, is people.
Can't get too emotional
over a car wreck,
it's the people inside that matter.
I admire the hell out of you.
I'm always prepared for a battle,
I'm never prepared for a compliment.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
Look. Could you take
Mr. Bradshaw to room 916?
Well, do it. Now.
She's a real bitch, eh?
Too much loose living.
I really think it was
worth it, though.
Hey, you must be new here.
916's down on the other end.
That's Jill O'Regan's room.
It's a good pal of mine, you
know? Bleeding ulcers...
Is that real gold?
Smart investment.
Got 20% of my worth in
gold. Just, you know,
as a hedge against a
calamity or something.
It's this one over here.
Come on in. Join the party.
What is it?
I don't hear anything.
He's here.
There you go, all over ya.
I'm warning you!
I want to go home.
You've developed a mild
infection. That's why.
- Put that thing in you.
- I am not hearing things, god damn it!
I want to go to the window,
I need some air.
You're gonna catch pneumonia.
Don't say anything, please.
I'm right where he wants me.
I'm not gonna let anything
happen to you.
Do you understand?
It's just a matter of time.
Who? Who is that?
- Get security!
- Okay.
Deborah, come on down.
Come on. It's Sheila.
Hold me. Hold me.
Breathe. Breathe.
Don't. Please. Don't cry.
Pull yourself together.
It's gonna be all right.
You okay?
He'll go right through this
hospital till he gets me.
Wait a minute.
For god's sake.
Do you know how many people
are dead because of me?
Not because of you! It's him!
Don't do that to yourself.
There's not a place he could escape
from. It's been sealed off.
Sealed? The place isn't
sealed. He's in, he's out.
- Hey, what are you looking at?
- Can you get that IV?
Will you come here? Come here.
Come here. Will you sit down?
- Why is he after me?
- Because you're a strong woman.
You're independent.
Capable of making decisions, decisions
that sway public opinion.
You make a lot of people
angry, Deborah.
What'd I say?
What did I say? What did I do?
The Janet Macklyn thing,
that big push. He doesn't
want you to make that
second interview.
Why doesn't he go after her?
Because you're telling
America she's right
and you're telling his
sick mind he's wrong.
You're the focus, not her.
You've triggered a psychopath.
I want to go home now.
You can't.
I'm going to stay with
you all night.
And in the morning, I'll
quietly get you out.
I'm not budging.
- You just got your third page.
- I know, but I...
Someone downstairs is
pretty anxious to see you.
Alright. Uh, Donna. Rush these
into Deborah Ballin's room.
You may serve my
breakfast right here.
- Hi.
- Hi.
What are you doing here?
I had to see you. I remember
you said you worked here.
- Hey, you.
- It's alright.
Okay, then.
- Have a seat.
- I think you should see these.
Where did you get these?
Colt, the asshole who
messed me up.
I said he'd pay for what
he did. Well, me and
a couple of friends
decorated his apartment.
Those were on the
wall inside his closet.
Some other ones, too.
- Do you know where he lives?
- Yeah.
Come on.
Wait a minute, I brought the pictures.
- I mean, that's it.
- Look, lady, you're lucky to be alive.
He's killed someone.
- Sheila, telephone for you.
- Take a message.
Maybe you should take it.
It sounds strange.
Who is this?
Who is this?!
What is it?
Take these photos to
Deborah Ballin's room.
It's 903, and give them
to Gary Baylor and
the police officers with him.
Tell them I had to rush home.
Where do you think you're going?
Uh, Deborah Ballin's room, 903.
- Are you registered?
- No.
Sir? Listen, I just got a
telephone and I think
it may be the man that you're
looking for, can you please...
- Officer! This lady needs help.
- Yeah, what is it?
I just got a phone call, and I think
it's the man that you're looking for...
Hey, hey, hey. Hold on. Slowly.
He has my daughter! Can you please
just come with me? I need someone to...
- I'm on duty, I can't.
- Can't you call someone or do...
Lady, if you'll just explain
to me what's going on...
Oh, forget it!
I'm sorry, those are my orders.
I can't let you in there.
Hey, you!
Come with me.
It's about fucking well time.
Take her to 903.
Oh, Mr. Pine, give me a break.
Look, just hang on here for a sec.
I'll just get this patient settled.
Denise. No questions.
Go wake up Bridget. Wait upstairs
until I call you. Keep quiet.
Mr. Baylor? It's Sheila.
Would you put Ms. Ballin on?
Mommy! Mommy?
How's she doing?
The blade cracked her rib.
It probably saved her life.
Okay. Down.
One, two, three.
The girl that was killed
two weeks ago.
He's got a whole assortment in there.
Jesus Christ. What the hell is this?
Look at that.
He's created a death mask.
Just rest now. If you need
anything press this button.
You love to talk, talk, talk.
Well, you're going to listen.
You're gonna listen to me.
You wanted me to make it?
You never listen. You're talking all
the time. You're gonna listen to me.
Feel me? Feel this? Huh?
Oh. No, you don't.
What is all this?
Where is he?
Oh, hasn't he been
put through enough?
- Where's your warrant?
- Where is he?
- We'll take care of this.
- He hurt himself.
We had to call an ambulance.
Yeah. They took him to
County General Hospital.
Come on! Let's go, let's go!
We've got fractured ribs.
I need a chest X-ray, now.
It's locked up tighter than
the Vatican down there.
Not even any cops.
Well get Grayson to open it.
She needs X-rays.
Okay, let's go.
Technician's having coffee.
Get him, fast.
I saw them sealing off
the second floor.
They must be working
their way down.
Hey. What are you doing here?
Get help. Call a security guard. Go.