Viswasam (2019) Movie Script

This fair should be held in a wonderful way
This carnival
should be wonderful
- Hey, Merit - Reduce your
volume we are all standing here
Hey Policeman send him in!
Whats this?
This morning there was a small hindrance
Brought it along to floss my teeth
Go brother! Drop these and go
Look at this
Ahead of me all our kith and kin are here
Are you fine?
Fall back!
You reached on time?
Shut up and sit
My dear well wisher
Look at this Rosamani Uncle! You have
come before. Wont you invite me too!
This is mine, make sure no one touches it
We are starting work for the Temple fair
Suddenly, you dont
want it to happen
You are insisting it to happen
You both arrive at a decision
To arrive at a decision or to devastate
something. This is no threat business
We are willing to give it in writing
that there will be no bloodshed
for them from our side
Calm down
Then what collector lord!
Is he some saint where
we inscribe his words?
They will say that the
scorpion stung the coconut
groove and the wolf
bantered the pal grooves
If you grant permission listening
to them
Here in our lake just like a blend of
vermilion you will see a bed of blood
None will know if its the
scarified goats blood
Or the human blood of
those whose tongue wags
Thats all I can say
I think Thookudurai is here
None of our men seated should get up
None should lower their attire in respect
None should get down
Will this fair be conducted?
It will happen in a pompous way
Just as the wish of the
Almighty everyone will be fine
We are delighted
MR Thookudurain
In the neighboring villages hes a bigwig
I told you all not to get up when he comes
You too are standing
Not just that, you even
adjusted your attire
Dont pinpoint Keep quite
Respect, Fear and honor cannot be bought
It will come naturally
Once its there you cant control or stop it
What's your say Thookudurai?
Collector Sir, you are a respected man
You know everything
But one thing
This Fair, unlike other places
Does not happen every year
It happens once in 10 years
Leaving behind the motherland, the
family and scattered all over
Suppering all the people
for the land and people
This is the day our wait
long to come back to
The earnestness of those who have left
and the anticipation of those waiting
Is what makes the
samplings flourish
Dont say no
All those struggling to make ends meet
Its the day they wait for their
daughters to come with their
children. They wait for their
sons to bring new clothes
Its a day that marks a new chapter for them
Those who are separated by caste
Come together as a crowd
to prostrate to their God
Why! Even those who dont believe in God
Come running this day to meet their people
Take a good decision
Let this Fair be conducted
Its not a game
What a serious matter this is..
They will call it the temple rituals
If that leads to chaos So many
lives will be lost in that
Want water?
- No
- Then the fair?
- Want it, say so
Tell it!
We want the fair to happen
Go start the preparations for the fair
Santhapandi and group
Thookudurai and group
(Calling out various members)
They have included a name
that should not be included!
Dont give it to him
He can never hear anything
Look at this
The invite is heavy I will hold it
- Move your finger uncle - If I move my finger
you will remove the hand of the printer
Move your finger
We will call back all the invitations
and erase it will permanent ink
They have put her name
Let it be there for namesake
Come as husband and wife and do the rituals
Listen Grandma
You are a senior member
who should guide everyone
Can you cry on an auspicious day
At a time when you should be
happy why are you mourning
Ask her why?
Are you happy my dear?
Have you ever seen me without a smile?
Theres always a smile,
but is there happiness?
I am old enough to know the difference
between a smile and happiness
Brother! All of them are happy and
rejoicing with their families
You are standing alone
Even if the entire village
is standing under the shade
of the Banayan tree, it
is standing under the sun
You want everyone to be happy
For your welfare can we go
and call your wife once
When you are in grief how
can we celebrate here?
We dont want this fair
Lets go and bring her back
Please go
10 years back, you both hoisted
the pole here for the fair
That sight is still fresh for me
My heart yearns
to see that again
Please agree
For the sake of the girl,
why dont you compromise
History never shows that a man who
compromises with wife being defeated
I dont know if I will be
alive for the next fair
I want to see you both being
happy before I depart
Please agree my dear
Please bring her back
Why are you standing alone?
I am enjoying the rain
Theres a storm within and
you claim to enjoy the rain
I am fine
Are you telling me about yourself?
How were you 10
to 12 years back?
Thookudurai means unstoppable
Thookuduari means a riot
Thookuduari means a rage
Thookudurai means a fearless tornado
Wear your Dhoti! wear your Dhoti!
Wear it for the entire dynasty
Wear your Dhoti! wear your Dhoti!
Wear it for the entire dynasty
Unstoppable Thookudurai
Hes a man of riot
Hes a man of sheer class
Hes flawless with his generosity
We will race for the fight and food
We will only fear our dear lord
We will spring for our soil
Even our affection is harsh
If he fights its a fireworks
Its all fireworks everywhere
Wear your Dhoti! wear your Dhoti!
Wear it for the entire dynasty
Wear your Dhoti! wear your Dhoti!
Wear it for the entire dynasty
Wear your Dhoti! wear your Dhoti!
Wear it for the entire dynasty
Wear your Dhoti! wear your Dhoti!
Wear it for the entire dynasty
Unstoppable Thookudurai
Hes a man of riot
Hes a man of sheer class
Hes flawless with his generosity
In front of others, We never bend
down, We are never from that group
You spring into prosperity
We never try to hide and leap
We walk fearless with our sword
and say theres no enmity
We will never wait to have a fall
Never hide your pride
Never have have a cloak
Show them whats fear!
Wear your Dhoti! wear your Dhoti!
Wear it for the entire dynasty
Wear your Dhoti! wear your Dhoti!
Wear it for the entire dynasty
Unstoppable Thookudurai
Hes a man of riot
Hes a man of sheer class
Hes flawless with his generosity
We will race for the fight and food
We will only fear our dear lord
We will spring for our soil
Even our affection is harsh
If he comes its a lightening
If he fights its a fireworks
Wear your Dhoti! wear your Dhoti!
Wear it for the entire dynasty
Wear your Dhoti! wear your Dhoti!
Wear it for the entire dynasty
Wear your Dhoti! wear your Dhoti!
Wear it for the entire dynasty
Wear your Dhoti! wear your Dhoti!
Wear it for the entire dynasty
DR Niranjana, though you are born and
brought up in Mumbai, you have chosen our
village to run your medical camp Our
hearty congratulations to you for that
For the successful completion
of your medical camp
As a bigwig I will always
be of support to you
Hey male doctor!
Come this side
From the time you got
in youre talking to me
I dont know whom to choose from these 3
Before the camp is over
one should be pregnant
Did you hear what I
spoke within my heart?
- Did you understand?
- No
Then theres no issue!
Doctor I have sought help
for you from one person
You can have your camp at his place
You can stay at his place
Because he wont listen to what I say. But
the entire village will listen to him
We both are so close!
Hes coming right in front of us
Look at him hes so calm
and coming all alone
Stop the van
We will finish the work on the way
Why are they all running?
I guessed it
What's wrong?
Why are you hitting these kids?
Why are you hitting them?
Arent they going for tuition?
Will you brew illicit liquor?
It hurts?
Hes crying and you are
asking him if it hurts?
What did you guys do?
- Will you brew illicit liquor?
Will you brew illicit liquor?
He does not like illicit liquor?
Just shut your crooked mouth and sit
Who said?
I really like liquor
Whenever I come drunk
My grandma would say-
my dear! Dont sleep on an
empty stomach after drinking
Eat something and sleep
was what she used to say!
In the year 1998 on March 12th
around 8 in the night
My grandma looked at me and said
How did she say!
My dear Thookudurai for how long
are you going to drink like this
She told me not to drink hereafter
That day I decided
Hereafter I should not drink
From morning to evening you are
hitting them Your hands will hurt
Your hands will hurt
The liquor that I dont drink
None should drink or brew it
in the neighboring 12 village
was the rule that I put out
You are disobeying the rules laid
Get lost
Let him in!
I am the grandson of Nallamuthu
I am coming to triumph
Have something to eat and play
Hold his legs
Go throw him away!
Here we've lifted him
- About what?
Its about you
Tell it PC!
Theres a case lodged
against you at the station
Really! Case?
(Chaos shouting)
Who is that person who doesnt fear
death that gave a case against me?
First sit then we will have tea
First sit, then we will talk
who gave a case against him?
I gave the complaint
So what?
A lady?
We are doctors
We have come from Mumbai
We are going to conduct a
medical camp in your place
Come her for treatment?
He had hit 4 people in front of us
He has broken our vehicle
Arrest him immediately
Is there a witness?
Witness, right?
I have it filmed
In 30 years how many fights
we would have got into?
To track that it will take us 3 years
So many of them have told that
I hit with style
- Till now
- Till now?
Your smile is beautiful
I have never seen the way I fought
But today The way I hit the hips
The way I smashed the jaws
The way I broke the teeth
All this was captured well
By this girl
Movie over!
- Movie is over calm down!
Give it in our local channel
Caption it as Trashing Knight Thookudurai
It will set the cash registers ringing
Let someone live because of us!
- Dont get into politics - No no
I have happy with my petty shop
Inspector whats this? They are enjoying
the evidence and you are keeping quite
They are in group discussion
it will be a good decision
Tomorrow morning there a
knockout on the Northern region
By mid day its a clash
in the central region
Evening its a riot on the eastern region
There are many thugs to be thrashed
But we dont have a person
to capture all this
So we have decided to
hire you for that work
- 3 meals a day - RS 3500 ways - A
shed to stay - A fan to keep you cool
This is just the beginning Based on your
skills he will increase your salary
Say yes or YES!
Inspector Whats this atrocity?
No its not a city
Its a small village Kodivelarpatti
Irrespective of all the threats You came
forward to give a complaint against me
A girl should be brave like this
Tell her that I like her in English!
I like you
Tell her with respect
Its the same YOU in English
Its such a disrespectful language
Good that I didnt learn it
I came behind bars not fearing the case
Its for the fearless act of yours
Doctor, you are top tucker
What a quote!
Avudaiappan is here, I wouldn't
have come if I knew this
(Shouting to clear the place)
Whose fathers place is this
that you have put a tent on!
Who are you? Why are you
fighting unnecessarily
Where am I?
1 minute of his anger
Made me unconscious for 5 hours
Whats the noise there?
Clear it!
We have Government permission
- Do you have my permission?
You better pay me RS 5
lakhs, Else in none of
the neighboring villages
can you do anything
This police, commissioner, Tasildar
none will come to your rescue
This leader will come
You coming to stop something good in this
and once I tell you under
whose leadership it happens
Doctors, dont worry
Now I am going to utter a name, Hes going
to be shocked, Youre all going to laugh
Do you know under whose leadership
this camp is being conducted?
Whats this the reaction are reversed!
You statue come here
The Thookudurai you mentioned - I mentioned
- Madam has put him in jail
Put him in jail
The first task that he does after he comes
out from jail, Will be to crucify me
I give you one hour to give me 5 lakhs
Else will remove all the camps from here
Can we give that 5 lakhs?
We have sought proper permissions
We dont need to pay anyone
We will go to some other place
The medical camp will happen here
We don't have to fear
Then whats the way out
- Theres just one way
The man you put behind bars, bring him out
on bail Just ask a small sorry to him
Then seek help from him
He will definitely do it
Then why will this pest come around
Then this guy is bad and
Thookudurai is good?
Thookudurai is also bad
But this guy is rotten bad guy
Thookudurai is a righteous bad guy
Mam lets get him out on bail
- Joker!
Yeah maam
Why are you dropping the joker!
For almost 2 days I am winning
I suspect that you guys are cheating
Then what! With others
to win we need to cheat
With you, to loose
we need to cheat
If we win you, you will trash us like this
Yes! I will trash right!
Whatever be the reason
dont look into his eyes
No eye contact
What if we contact
Then I will need to contact
all your relatives
Whats this! The police station
looks like a marriage hall
Oh my! Thookudurai why are you counting
the bars You dont even know maths!
Dont hit me
Wait! Wait!
Why I was unconscious all this happened
When I regained consciousness
I erupted like a volcano
I dragged the doctors here
That lady doctor will fall at
your feet and withdraw the case
You will need to do another small favor
You withdrawing the case is not
for Thookudurai. Its for us
Its not like he was arrested Its like he
arrested the station and kept it in this place
Sign it!
She came forward to sign
The case is withdrawn
Next she will fall at
your feet and seek pardon
Compulsory crying
In that tears you will jump and play
Where are you going?
Where are you going? You said you
will plead and now you are passing by
If you dont seek pardon, they
will beat the pulp out of me
If we dont understand
someone its not a mistake
But if we misunderstand
thats a big mistake
I have withdrawn the case
I cant plead and seek help from him
You can't?
Can you sum up this incident
in one word in English?
Its like that
You dont have 5 lakhs
Break everything
What are you doing?
You are here?
I was asking if you are here only!
I was searching elsewhere
Durai is here, come
Whats this! Creating some confusion?
Nothing for the last couple of days was
unwell Cough cold, so came to see the doctor
All 45 dont cough together
It wont be believable
I believe you All the damaged
things should be put in the vehicle
Dont worry, you can stay at my place
You can run your camp in my rice
mill I will supply the patients
The camp will be fantastic
I offer help without a thought
You are thinking to seek help
Hey kids
These are our village kids
They want to be doctors
Till the end of the camp keep them
with you. They will learn something
Don't think! A help for a help,
NO strain the relationship
Will you accept us?
The beauty who drags the paddy
Drags your heart with it
The beauty who drags the paddy
Drags your heart with it
Theres no one around
You come her in all shyness my dear
You come her in all shyness my dear
My dark lovely
The one who filled my hands with bangles
The bloom has set in
But your charm wont work here my dear
But your charm wont work here my dear
In the coveted farm
In the motor room
In the coveted farm
In the motor room
I will come like a tide
You come to ride the ship my dear
It was bleeding
and I rushed him here
Priya bring that injection
- Injection!
Nothing, Dont panic,
it will be a pinprick
Hes afraid of injections
First you give me one
Looking at it his fear will vanish
No need doctor
It will hurt doctor
You dont fear the sickle but
you fear this tiny injection
It will for the brave
When attacked by the sickle it will
only trigger strength not fear
I dont know that he was going to hit
But I know that you are going to inject
I am using your name to
scare the entire village
If they know that you fear
an injection how will it be?
What should I do?
You sing aloud. In that gap will
ask her to give the injection
- Sing please
(Trying to sing)
Whats this I am feeling drowsy?
I gave a sedative to ease you off the pain
Sedative? Wont you tell us
I am getting high
Its 6 years since you had liquor
That doctor girl has given you sedatives
Dont know whats going to happen
Whatever happens, dont leave my hand
I wont leave your hand
Hey! Hold me tight
Uncle make sure I dont cross my limit
Thookudurai, Dont look at the place
that I am suturing, it will disturb you
Look at me
Look at my eyes
I think he will have a flow!
- A secret
Doctors eyes
Its not eyes. Its looks as cool as the
beautiful pulp that cut from the palm fruit
He caught me by the chain
- Where are you going?
- No where
A secret to you
- me too?
Doctors nose, Its not a nose its
the sweetshop special cashew cake
Doctors face!
Its not a face
Its like the milk delicacy of our grandma
It all doctor is a
Coat wearing wheat halwa
Stitching is over, take him carefully
Thank goodness I had so
many thoughts in my heart
Somehow I managed
to curb my thoughts and have control
Full control
All that you should not
say, you scream it aloud
and now the whispers
- Darling, I was silent
- A massive silence
I am not in sync with the situation
Its getting late lets leave
Doctor is coming and you want to leave
Doctor will come Lets leave
Doctor is a guest to our house
We will eat with her
You have decided
Doctor, Greetings Can we eat?
What injection did you give yesterday?
I slept like a child
I felt like someone touched my stitches
My brother loves the cashew
cake from special sweetshop
I know
- How do you know?
I heard about it
This milk delicacy is a special dish here
You should never have it just like that
You should scoop it
with the sugar syrup
Lets leave
We should teach her to eat
He loves this milk delicacy
I know that as well
How do you know this?
Heard about it
Even the doctor who came in yesterday
knows everything that I like
You dont know anything Uncle - Only
yesterday I knew that you like Doctor
When you were given the
injections, your thoughts
were boundless You blabbered
everything unfiltered
I told you to watch me
from crossing my limits
I held your hands, feet and
could not hold your mouth
Theres so much work and you
are sitting here and eating
My love!
You know what I have got for you?
- Thookudurai really likes Wheat Halwa
Can I go?
He cant stay hungry for long
Just eat a mouthful please
Just one!
Whats this? Looks like the load is higher
Just 50 bags extra
No one can find out
To stay honest is not for others.
Its for us
Will make an effort
- Effort is life
Dont simply stare
Yesterday I was high and told the
truth that you are beautiful
If you continue to stare
will lie that you are ugly
No, I didn't look
She was looking at
you and we saw that
As a child among children I also saw that
Innocent kids
Kids and the almighty are the same
Will children lie
No I didnt see
Child whats you name?
- Meiazahagai
Will she lie?
- No
Come will buy you all a chocolate
- I need one too
Thinning of you for slips seconds
Churns a storm in my heart
It creates a swirl As
you speak with your eyes
My head spins thinking of you, I leaves
a chill in me, As I think of you
I was about to peck you thinking
you were my guava fruit
I shun the sweet mango wanting
to dunk in your sweetness
Thinking you were the pot of water
I wanted to quench my thirst
Thinking you were the value
pole I choose to throw you away
Thinking you were the banyan
tree I came as the small deity
I stood with wounds the wind
Thinking you wear the grinding stone,
I came as a piece of the coconut
Thinking you were the mortar
stone, I can as the batter
Thinking you are the cash register
I came to fill it with coins
Knowing that you are gold mine
I stood in disbelief
Waiting for the wedding bells my dear Come
with the sacred thread and take me my dear
About 4 mosquitoes have
gone into your mouth
Get 50 people ready at 5.30
Why are you strangling me
Thookudurai, did you stare at me?
Uncle, we all saw you were looking at her.
Get us 5 Rupees chocolate
Are you all kids or imps!
They are lying Doctor
You are lying
Tell Doctor that I did
not see in English
That wont be necessary
- She believed
Our deity who protects all the people here
Forgive our sins and protect us
Pray well, all that you
wish for will come true
Bless us in abundance and
make this place fertile
Yearly once we give offerings
and pray to our God
So many of you are here
All are our relatives
All these are not just
relatives they are our blood
How can so many of blood relatives be there
How can you ask like that?
For all of them he had shed
his blood when in distress
and how can they not be his relatives
Take the blessings
Go and wear
Saree and come
Hold it!
Whats it for beautiful in English?
For Splendid
- Many beautiful
May beauty
You look beautiful
Lets go out
- It's a food stall
- Yeah
I think its going to rain
inside the house. Lets go out
I have seen you be angry and happy.
Never have seen you be confused. Relax.
Doctor looks so beautiful
How about me?
No one called you two go see
You said no one called
There are two types of people
One group listens to the brain and work
The other listens to the heart and work
When I was in third grade they knocked
my head and told me that I have no brain
So I always follow my heart and work
For the first time I want
to tell you something
My brain is waking up and interrupting
Then I thought,
what will happen
That's why I wanted to tell it
What are you going to say?
In a sari
Look fabulous
combined with all this you
are extremely beautiful
Name beauty
Watch your steps
You both were looking at each other
We saw that
Will you buy us 5 Rupees chocolate
Will buy 10 rupees chocolate
Play it loud
You were born and raised in Mumbai
I was born here in Theni
There is no destiny for us to meet
But we somehow met
If we will meet again I dont
think there is a chance
So long live, happy life
When its your marriage send us an invite
We will all come
Also when its his marriage we
will send you an invitation
You all should come
Get going
Why are they not moving the train
Only If I go can we depart - Who is he?
- Hes the engine driver
Give way, We have our kith and kin.
Make sure you dont drive on bumps
Stop on the way at a hotel place to eat
Should you drive so fast inside the house
Who is this
who has parked the vehicle
across the house?
Its Doctors vehicle
Doctor! Dust
They have some with gifts and flowers.
What could it be
We told them to tell us when her
marriage is fixed Its probably that
Doctor when did you come?
Hes MR Thookudurai
My father wanted to talk to you
My daughter wishes to marry you
Doctor is getting married
Look her, Its raining.
Its very auspicious
We all will be there before two days
We will stay in front and
conduct the marriage
From the time we print the
invites till the time we
serve dinner We will be on
our toes and do everything
What Uncle!
If the grooms side they
come with any complaints
He will be dead
When asked give an answer
You are staring like an owl
Her father said something in English
Ask him to repeat it
Sir, you said something in English
Can you say it again
My daughter wants to get married to you
Doctor, marry, its doctors marriage
Its doctors marriage
Ask him who is the groom
Who is the groom?
- You
All our ancestors, our deities You
have shown a good path for him
If my daughter takes a
decision she wont change it
We will talk alone
- Sure
If you go to rear in the rain then
The life would be barren
How will I suit you?
You are here and I am here
Not just a ladder even an
airplane cannot bride the gap
You are educated
Studying few books is not difficult
You need to understand the people and
the soil That way you are also educated
He is educated
I'm gone
You are a doctor
You own a rice mill
- Uncle
- You go ahead
You are beautiful
You are also beautiful
Who is more beautiful than my
grandson in the neighboring towns
Doctor, something has gone wrong for you
You know all the medicines
Have two yellow pills and two white pills
Sleep well And leave tomorrow morning
- Thats me
I have traveled to all the places
I have seen all the wealth
I thought I have everything
But after I stayed with you all
After seeing your relatives
I realized how much I have lost
In my life everything has a system
Theres a calculation for everything
I thought winning will bring
happiness and I will win
I thought studying will bring
happiness and I studied
I am running in search of something
that will give me happiness
Here when I saw,
happiness is filled within
you and your village
I want to grab it with both my hands
When you came to our place
There was anger in you
I am a person with anger so were you
We united because of anger
Now you are subdued
How will that match?
For all girls anger is a shield
They are angry so that someone
does not go near them
I was also like that
But as I interacted with you and
your people There was no fear in me
So I didnt need the shield of anger
When I am with you I am happy
and protected
I feel safe
Have you decided?
I have decided. If you dont like me.
You can say that you dislike me
Dislike? His heart is racing
He heard it
You dont like me?
I cant lie coherently
Then tell the truth
Share it among yourself!
All these snacks are for you
What will have to eat please?
Many you hold 80% of our company share
If you part with 40% we can scale higher
They say with heights you will be alone
But according to me I am at
heights only because I am alone
It would take time
Sir it will take very long time
Even if its evening its fine
Should I come tomorrow?
- Sir, Madam is not in town
Endless sky I am your cloud
Endless sky I am your cloud
In front of me, In front
of my eyes, I need you
In this soil, I need
to be in front of you
The love that cannot be expressed. The
care that finds no limits to express
The joy that cannot be
counted, Is there within you
You are my wife
I am your equal half
You are my wife
I am your equal half
Endless sky
I am your cloud
This is not working
Its totally not working
Niranjana, When I am angry
at work Dont walk in between
My heart ponders and I become mushy
When I give you my hand,
its like hugging you tight
But you are always surrounded by 10 people
Thats why I have an idea
Whenever I feel like hugging you
Then I will give you a hand
When I give you my hand,
its like hugging you tight
You feel like that now?
Educated girl!
Doing all crazy stuff
gets me tipsy
Dad, at Stanford University my
Doctorate thesis has been validated
They have invited me to come there
for a residency program for 6 months
Very glad
A delightful news
- Happy news!
You come in person will tell you
Will come now
Nirnajana Whats the happy news?
What happened?
My sweetheart, In your nectar
like an ant drenched in sweetness
I am drenched,
I dont want to move away
I forgot all that I was from
my birth from the time
I am with you. Theres nothing other
than your face that I can see
No one has lived this glorious life
Thinking of it
Fills my heart with rain showers
The scent of the infant is sufficient
To bring the clouds to our heads
If I part from you once
My life is no longer with me
You are my wife
I am your equal half
Endless sky I am your cloud
In front of me, In front
of my eyes, I need you
In this soil, I need
to be in front of you
The love that cannot be expressed. The
care that finds no limits to express
The joy that cannot be counted.
Is there within you
You are my wife
I am your equal half
You are my wife
I am your equal half
- Take care of her carefully
- Dont worry
I will take care of her
You will take care of carefully right?
I told you I will take care
Say bye to you mother
Have a safe trip
Baby you should not cry
Grandpa is here with you
Its Niranjana
In about half and hour
I will reach our place
You will come to the station
to pick me up isnt it?
We are coming to the railway station
Who is the one that's blocking the path?
All of you come
Round him up
Dont spare him
Slash him to pieces
Have you come here to make an incident?
The child is here, will
send her with my uncle
Lets stay as long as you
want and sort this out
Whats this? Youre talking
Usually by this time you are in action!
So the situation is
not in favor for you
Will be get a golden opportunity
My hands!
Give her to me!
Just slash him!
Is this how you come to the station?
On the way
- Is she drenched?
I was constantly thinking about her
Why is her neck not steady?
- Shes asleep
Nothing to worry, shes sleeping
Whats this blood stain?
What happened to you?
- Nothing
No! Shes bleeding near the neck
What happened to her?
During the fight did the
sickle hurt the child?
See whats happening?
Need to take her to the hospital
Niranjana, under this situation
you cant handle the treatment
My Lord!
What actually happened was..
Because of you, my child is hurt
Shes battling for her life
Thats what actually happened
What else should happen?
What should happen?
My child
Its all because of you
As a mother, I understand your pain
Just as you suffer in pain, As a
father I also go through the same pain
You should not suffer in pain
You should suffer in guilt
I told you not to take the child
for these fights and quarrels
No Niranjana, it was not
during any mediation
It was totally unexpected
You have 300 relatives,
they have thousands of problems
You will go and fight for them
You anticipate death anytime
and you are used to it
I am trembling in shock
It will never happen again
Trust me
If I trust you again and
something happens to me
I know that its my destiny that I lost
my life for the reason I loved you
Shes an infant
Should she die without knowing
the reason for her death
You knew who I was and choose to marry me
I didnt hide anything
I didnt deceive you
You didnt deceive
I was deceived
As a girl I thought you
were suitable for me
As I became a mother I realize
that you are not suitable for me
You are not suitable
When I used to look at you
before I felt secured
Now I feel scared
Your hand is stained with
the blood of my child
I can never forgive you
If something happens to my child
- Its our child
The child is fine now
Theres a small stitch
near the cervical area
Its my final decision
I am leaving with my child to Mumbai
If you try to enter our lives again
My child will have a father
but will not have a mother
Why have you brought us here?
Those standing in a line Look at
the girl standing in 5th position
Not just fifth position,
shes your replica
She looks like your mother, my sister
- Is it so?
- You have not seen your mother
See her properly
Swetha, I have a meeting in office. Lets
finish it in an hour and leave together
No please let me go home
Its really boring in office
Cant you wait for an hour?
- No I cant, let me go please
Enough Swetha, constantly arguing
Mam, the meeting is ready
Ma, I am leaving
Quick! Quick!
Stop the car!
Tell me Swetha
Mom I am scared
Someone is chasing me
Swetha, what happened?
I know who they are
You are trying to show your true colour?
You are trying to take my child
away from me with your people
You will never trust me till the end
I am in the railway station to leave
I know you are chasing my kid
now at Dharavi junction road
Dharavi junction, me?
If you try to touch the child
What happened?
Amma, the driver has
abandoned the car and left
I am on my way there
They wont do anything to you
Knives! My God
They are not the people I thought
Run Swetha
Madam the vehicle is blocked
Nothing will happen
He will take care
Look at this! Who are you?
What you say is right?
Had I known who it was, you
would have been dead by now
Who will fight with a corpse?
You are so courageous?
Before you touch a girl
if you check if she has a
father, brother or other
But if she has a father a mother
If they have fought and separated
If the father is wilting in pain
that hes unable to raise her
If you try to touch such a child
If the father hits to show his love
Even if the GOD descends down
he cannot stop him
Let's meet!
Name is Thookudurai
From Then district
The place is Koduvilarpatti
Wifes name is Niranjana
Daughters name is Swetha
Come one on one
We've started the investigation!
Will contact you in 48 hours
once I get details on the attack
- Please maam
- I am extremely sorry
She has a life threat,
it's not safe for her here
I'm sending her abroad
In 10 days we have Junior
National Athletic meet
Participating in it is her ambition
She has been training day and night
for the past two and half years
More than her ambition,
I value her safety
You can leave coach!
- Sorry maam
Swetha likes Sprinting a lot
We know how much dejection when
we don't get what we desired
Swetha, just didn't desire
to participate in this
she has worked hard!
I'll be with her and take
care for these 10 days?
Are you planning to use this
situation to your advantage?
Promise, not!
I won't tell her that I am
her dad at any situation
Not as a dad!
As a bodyguard!
As a worker
I will be her safety
If Durai is by her, no
one can get close to her
You too know that!
Say yes!
How much should I pay you?
I am ok with anything you give
Maam, Swetha is calling you
Thank you doctor!
- Are you feeling better baby?
- Yes ma
I'll start the practice tomorrow!
Who attacked me?
It must be my business enemies!
The Police will take care of it
You don't worry
Where is the one that saved me?
- Are you fine?
- I am!
Thanks a lot, uncle!
You aren't hurt, isn't it?
You are fine, right?
I am fine
Do something for him
- Ok
- Thanks a lot uncle
Who can get close to my girl?
10 days I am going
to be by my girl
10 years where were you hiding this smile.
We were waiting to see this
Shall we rock this!
Brothers, come!
Lets Dance to our ecstasy
Just like the pack of cards
Let's hold these zone for ourselves
Rock it! Rock it!
Just rock it!
Rock it! Rock it!
Just rock it!
My army comes marching,
The Arabian see is for us to rule
Answers will overflow
With the tides of happiness
The world will shiver
On the arrival of this Maduraian
My thoughts are becoming
reality one after another
The clouds above keep
showering me with love
You are born a fetus!
We are righteous to death
Just few days in between
Your style must make them run
Your looks must give them shivers
Only then are you my gang
My conscience is my responsibility!
Nothing else will work with me
The world will shiver
On the arrival of this Maduraian
Brothers come lets dance to ecstasy
Just like the pack of cards
Hold these zone to ourselves
The bold army of believers
To rule over the Arabian sea
Answers will overflow
With the tides of happiness
The world will shiver
On the arrival of this Maduraian
Play it, with ease
Who is there to question you!
- Thanks a lot
- You are so generous even here
Enter with your right leg
You left this family and Niranjana Madam
in my responsibility and left us in peace
Till the last drop of blood in me
Kesavan, wont let any trouble
close to Madam and this family
- Hello!
- Sir, did you call me?
- Hello
- Who is that?
Is this the new group?
You all are broad
We would need an auto to look around you'll
I don't like it
What's your name?
Thooku durai!
You make it sound like you are James Bond
He our village's James Bond
Durai is deleted, Only Thooku is ok!
- How Thooku?
- We will lift you!
- How old are you?
- Just 47
- Won't you dye your hair?
- We only smash people!
- He won't
Madam, must have told everything
about me, any doubts in that?
Who are you?
I am Kesavan, Manager
I am the full control
of this Bungalow
We have rules for this house
If you want to tell something to madam,
tell it to me and then I will inform her
If madam wants to tell something, she will
inform me and I will let you know about it
Until you follow this,
you will be served food
Note down my phone number
That is Kesavan
If you get a call from me,
pick it at the earliest
- In the first ring?
- Even before that!
We take it at the earliest
Durai, come inside!
Madam, first inform the manager
He will inform us, then we will come in
- You are wantedly doing it?
- Yes
- Yes madam, they are coming
Go in
Can you identify those
who attacked the kid?
No, Kesavan sir
Now what?
Shall I tell directly or through you?
You are getting me in trouble, isn't it?
If he decides to give,
he will give generously
- Ask if you need more?
- Why ride over me!
Our suspect details madam!
I know nothing Leave me!
I know nothing
Rajeshwar is a family man, he
wouldn't have done such a thing
Yes, it can't be him
Madam says so, but how him?
The second suspect, your companies
Ex-employee Ramesh Mishra
- Ramesh Mehra
- Yeah, Mehra
- How do you know?
- He said so
I know nothing, leave me!
Please leave me!
Your Ex-husband, Swetha's dad
We suspect him too
I too have that doubt
If someone abandoned our Madam, there
can not be a more evil person than him
Call back home
If you hand him over to me, will grind
him and eat him up as my breakfast
Attend the phone, manager
In the middle of a meeting
(Continuous Swearing)
- The one who swears at the family
- Sekar? - Yes him!
He would swear loads!
Everyone is looking at their work
WHo did this work?
There is chance for it to be him
Thank you, Inspector
- Welcome
- Kesavan
- Madam
For their stay?
You insulted me hiring them without my
consultation, yet I am doing my work
In the old car shed we had
old dal sacked up there
We can clear that and
load this group in there
Thooku, why look there
Back means this side
Will you let us to stay here?
You can't stay there
Manager Kesavan stays there
Madam, won't hand the key easily
Give them the keys
I felt like you told me
to hand them the keys
They said that!
Give the keys to them
Then me?
It's okay, let him stay with us
It's me who has to be okay with you all
And not you!
You are not giving me my space
You understand yet you tell you don't?
Did you hire him?
Durai, take her to practice
- Shall we?
- Sure Durai uncle
Thanks to the lord!
Thanks to the lord!
It has happened as I wished
Has he become an ISRO scientist
He is just the driver
- Driver?
WE have appointed him.What?
- Why are you shocked?
What I meant to say..
Kesavan, you bring that in
In ten days, we have our final meet
You have a good speed
- keep it up
- Sure
Thanks Uncle
Give that to me
- See you tomorrow sir
- Bye
I saw you run
You run like a
rabbit, how is that?
The reason for that is My dad
- Why?
- When I started coaching
Chief coach said that emotion
is important in sports
The best emotion is Anger
Think of the one you hate
most to be the floor
Stamp them and run
It will push you forward
I hate my father the most
My parents separated
What did I do wrong?
My father could come to see me!
You don't know Uncle
For Parent's day and sports
day only mom would come
When my friends or
teacher ask about my dad
It would leave me tearful
My deary eyes! My deary eyes!
Come lean over me
Soothe this wounded heart
with your blossoming hands
I stay waiting, for ages
to carry away my worries
I stand watching, for my lighting to
strike through these thunderous skies
My tears drizzle through these clouds
My tears add up to sugar lumps
My deary eyes! My deary eyes!
Come lean over me
Soothe this wounded heart
with your blossoming hands
You are in trouble now
Manager sir, can you do one favor?
What favor?
- We played in the rain
Can you ask madam to forgive us?
I will do!
Where did this respect
go all these days?
Forgive me sir!
Not caring about getting
wet, I got hold of them
Did you play around?
Be brave!
I am there
You are lying, isn't it!
Madam, ask them both at once
Did you both play in the rain?
- No
- Yes
Answer me correctly
- Answer me!
- Yes - No
Move away!
Dry yourself!
Dry yourself!
Hold this
Why does this towel have strings
An inner skirt will have a string
They are sneezing
Go that way!
Pillow! What's this yellow!
Turmeric milk for Durai so
he doesn't catch a cold!
Strength for the child,
so Badam milk for her
I got wet too, what milk for me?
Die today, milk tomorrow
Take it!
Badam milk, Turmeric milk
Do you too want maam?
Take her inside
Durai uncle gives a
different emotion within me
I've never had such a feeling before
- it feels new
- Thank the lord
- Filomina
- I prayed to the lord
Mr. Durai
You said you won't make the
situation favorable for you
I thought 10 minutes to hire you!
It will only take seconds to fire you
Thooku Durai
Niranjana, said it out of ignorance
Don't keep it at heart
She talked after 10 years to me
And you ask me to forget it
The wife scolding and the
husband listening to it
It's the law of the world
That is not important for me
Someone is trying to kill my daughter
Who is he?
Where is he?
His name is ThookuDurai, from a small
village in south of Tamil Nadu
He owns a rice mill
Just another villager
Won't you all take a leave,
swearing all 24 hours
If you want to waste time, post a meme on
Social media and make yourselves happy
Do you thinks us to be cowards to
hide ourselves in social media?
We would face it over the call
One question, why scold me
"Swimming pool"
Damm swimming pool
Run away you!
Thanks to this new Sim
How would call me now?
This must be the verification call
(Swearing continuously)
How did you find this number even
before I get the verification call?
Continue your swearing!
I too repeat the same
I won't listen
From where did you
learn to argue
I know from who!
Shall I tell it?
- Filomina!
- I'll go inside
- Do anything!
- I will
- Can you move 2 feet
- Want to fall at my feet for forgiveness?
You are hiding my brothers view
Move to your right!
At least, to the left
Can you hide behind that pillar?
- What happened now?
- How will I explain it to you?
You both, close your ears
Like a villager eying a sweet shop
Candy shop, right?
That was just an example
You hired someone new, isn't it?
He is....
How will I?
He is eying you!
Is this the reaction?
Look at him now, he would
look to the sides then
Cut the charm and show some anger, or
he would take it to be an acceptance
You are the first hubby to eye his own wife
Just a force.
Did you eye at madam?
If it's yes, we should say so
That's why he said so
You look beautiful.
Happy birthday
Not knowing how to wish her for the
birthday, you were helplessly seeing her
I took that in a wrong way
Leave it, uncle!
Does the driver know about mom's birthday?
Driver Uncle, it's mom's birthday.
Come wish her
Sharp girl!
When I feel like hugging you!
I would shake hands with you
When I shake hands, it's
me giving you a hug
Happy birthday Niranjana
Excellent timing Swetha! This is
your best record. What did you try?
I didn't try anything new
- Durai uncle!
- Yes!
You encouragement is great
You must do so in the finals too
We do ten time of this then
Everyone is waiting, I informed you
about the birthday party, dint I?
I told you
You don't need to go there
She is my best friend, please understand
They are all waiting for me, that's why
Mom, please understand
- I want you to be home at 7
- Mom, just a day
What happened?
The birthday party is
happening in a theme park
Mom, tells me not to go
We had a fight all night
I asked but she isn't allowing
Shall I take you?
She would be furious
if she learns about it
I'll take care
What's the emergency?
I'll explain
5-6 of them have come to kill my daughter
Let's leave from here then
Knowing, I bought her here
What would we do if the
tiger enters the village?
We tie a goat at the end of the village
We won't know where the tiger is..
The goat too won't know
We will wait for it to come for the goat
The moment the tiger gets close to the goat
We will hunt down the tiger
That's what is gonna happen now
Why risk our child's life
No other way to know who the tiger is.
Durai Uncle, It's about to be 8PM,
Mom will scold, what to do?
What shall we?
Last time we answered differently, this
time let's give same answers and escape
Manager sir!
Why call me in an husky voice?
Just like the last time, can you help?
Shall I join my legs and fold my hands?
My name is knobhead, not Kesavan
It's Kesavan
Are you asking the questions, or shall I?
What got you late?
The Tyre got punctured
He must have leaked the question paper
When did the Tyre get punctured?
- At 7 Pm
- At 7 Pm
Can't you inform us about it?
- Correct!
- We did call Manager sir!
But the phone was switched off
- Kesavan!
- Madam?
Why is your phone switched off?
- For some personal reasons
- Switch it on
- Please no!
- Switch it on!
(Continuous swearing)
They called you outside, not inside
What does LK Balu mean?
Then why do use that word?
Which Tyre got punctured?
Look straight and answer
- The front
- The back
What's this!
From the back it's the front
From the front it's the back
From the side, it's the side one
Opening the trunk you find the stepney
However you see, it's Tyre all over
If an illiterate like me can understand,
an educated like you doesn't understand?
The gown girl is our team!
You've been training for 2 years to run
and don't you know what to do now?
- What should I?
- Run inside
Sharp dad!
- Swetha?
- One sec mom
If anything like this
happens, call me directly
Filomina, give my phone number to him
Your phone, car, Aadhar, and even the
lucky number. I'll give it all to him
- Filomina!
- Lets go give dinner to Swetha!
Go! Go!
He is called D'souza
I know nothing more
- Where is D'souza?
- He is in that ring
Who asked to kill Swetha?
Fight me!
You know Thai boxing?
What is he telling?
It's punches of his native, it seems
Punch and then talk
Show it to him
The crab catch
It is crab catch
Swirl him like that
This is the twister
This is the iguana lock
- What's it in English?
You can't move, you can only talk
I'll tell!
I'll tell!
- Good morning!
- How did you come inside? Who are you?
Don't shout! My uncle is still asleep
I've been waiting for an hour so
not to disturb a sleeping person
And you shout as soon as you get up
Who ordered to kill the child?
I don't know anything
He is still sleepy, so he remembers nothing
If he bathes, he will talk then
One pot of water and one flower blossomed
I don't know!
Two pots of water and two flowers blossomed
I don't know
Three pots of water and
three flowers blossomed
- I'll talk!
- That's good my boy!
Fire alarm!
We have to evacuate immediately
This isn't our route!
Who are you?
Stop it!
Welcome sir!
Sit under the fan!
I'll be there
Suleman! order two teas
- Special Tea!
- Sit down!
Sir, I wanted to see you
You are a big shot it seems, and I need to
get an appointment six month before that
I would have to meet 3 other
managers in 3 months time
It isn't possible they said
Then I got a thought
It's hard for a small guy like
me to see a big shot like you
But it's easy for you to meet me
That why this arrangements
How is it?
Double Parrot matches!
Still have few sticks in them
Your Swetha's father, isn't it?
What did you say?
You are Swetha's father, isn't it?
Once more?
You are Swetha's father?
I feels so joyous to hear this!
I am Swetha's father!
You told it fine!
Suleman, cancel sir's tea
Ragi malt
- Do you know me?
- I've got loads of time, go on
CEO of Aditya exports and imports
I own a chain of 2000
restaurants in 27 countries
7 engineering and 2 medical colleges
Former president of the
Sports Authority of India
Honorary member of CCI
Know who you are clashing with
Do you know who I am?
You said something for 10 minutes
Someone knows nothing about all of that
I don't clash looking at someones class!
I'll make you understand
With the money I own,
not just this Tea shop
I can buy out this area
If I stamp you
You won't take another breath then!
Awesome dude!
What's with money!
There is not a rich who hasn't cried
Or a poor who hasn't had his laugh in life
Keep rocking!
Truly, for thinking to kill my daughter
I should be raged, truly
But I like you!
Do you know why?
I was eagerly waiting
to see my girl once
Your villainous!
Taking care of her is my work now!
How to tell, I forgive and
thank him in English?
Thanks a lot from bottom of the heart
Is it hard?
It's long
- I'll shorten it!
Heart, Thanks
Hearty thanks!
Let's leave
Think again and forget my daughter
Don't let my calmness
let you think otherwise
I slash you!
Then you will not be
identifiable to you mom
And your wife
Take him carefully!
Man of the year, Mr. Gautham Veer
The top for the decade
Skyline constructions. No.1 position
Our skyline project has dropped 47 points
This is the first time in 10 years
We are no more in the first position
Aravindh Roy, new builders are getting
projects with political influence
Even if it's 100
percentage, just buy them
We would face a huge loss
Loss, Gain, profit is just my status
No.1 position is my identity
I won't lose it at any cause
How many work in this project?
- 5000 employees
- Fire them all
I should keep winning
Only winners should be by my side
I have no sentiments for my success
I won the district meet 100 mts
I'm selected for the State tournament
Who is my thunder?
- Me!
- Who is my rock star?
- Me!
- Like father!
- Like daughter
Me, winner
You, winner
My rock star!
Our Neha, can't beat her 13.9 seconds mark
If this continues, she won't get
herself selected for the nationals
I can't bear this silence between us
Please talk to me
That is me
No.1 student in Cambridge university
Gold medalist in Athletics
Now, I'm the No.1 businessman in the city
This is the position you should be at
Winning is in my blood
If you lose, you are no more my daughter
My affection for you
will vanish if you lose
Dad, I won't lose!
I won't lose!
How we win isn't important
We should win
To win is life
To lose is death
Now tell me, who is my thunder?
- Who is my rock star?
- Me!
- To win is
- life
- To lose is
- death
Come on, one more time
District selection is about to
start, all the best contestants
Swetha, double up
Come on, double up!
Neha, Double up
Well done, all the best
Excuse me, Neha
I got selected
That's my girl, You
made me very happy
Congrats Neha
- What's this?
- It's nothing
Tell the truth, its a
banned drug, right?
It's nothing
I doubt you
I'll complaint about this, the
test results will tell the truth
I have to win this competition
My coach suggested this
I didn't have an option
I warn you Swetha, If you
tell anyone about this
Neha, it's my ambition
too to win in Athletics
If you won it legally, I am OK with it
But if you cheat, I can't accept it
I have to complain, I'm sorry
I should win
If you lose, you are no more my daughter
To win is life
To lose is...
Dad, sorry
- What happened?
- I lost
Where are you now?
- Neha, what happened?
- Sorry dad
She got caught in a tree
branch, so she was saved
Her nervous system is affected
Can't be sure if her limbs would work again
She is in a critical condition
She is not just my heir
She is my future dream
That girl shouldn't be alive
Before it starts, her life has ended
The girl who is the reason
Should not be alive
Didn't you inform
Niranjana about this?
She shouldn't know
Niranjana, will send her abroad
Then her dream of winning
the race will vanish
First time she has asked me for something
That she should participate
in this competition
That I must encourage her
I will make it happen even
if I have to risk my life
- Yes, Kadhar
- Durai
Sit down
I thought about it
Do one thing, like your daughter, make
my daughter walk smile and call me Dad
I'll forgive you
Why did you come panicking?
That I would hurt Kadhar?
Or his family?
Do you think I am a villain?
My target is your daughter who
destroyed my daughters life
I'm the hero of my story
That's right
You are the hero of your story
But in my story I am the villain
My wife avoids me
My daughter hates me
Even though I am
true, I am alone
I am the villain in my story
In 48 hours the final race will happen
I kill her within that
Save her if you can
If not, It's not just me
that killed your daughter
You too for not saving her
I forgave you just so your innocent
daughter doesn't lose her father
You don't listen
We look for a good time only to give birth
Not to hack someone
Bro, phone
Niranjana and Swetha had a fight
Swetha left in anger
- Where did she go?
- Niranjana has gone in search
Don't know where she went
What? Swetha is
cycling in MG road?
Thooku durai, your daughter
is cycling at MG road
How many of you are there?
We are seven of us!
You have moved, should I come near?
You can slash me!
My men will fight you
It'll be late
Suleiman, open the shutter
Sir has to leave
Durai Uncle
Durai Uncle
Where is that girl?
The door is locked
The door is locked, Break it
She is inside
She is here!
Break the door, Don't leave her!
She is inside, break the fan
She is hiding inside, don't leave her!
How did you come so far?
- Cycle
- Cycle?
Don't look this way!
What's the time?
- 10'o clock
What time is the practice?
At 7
We shall go early?
Who are you?
How many competition have you won so far?
Around 20?
- 62
- Wow!
What's the flavor of the ice cream
we ate that day in the rain?
- Belgium chocolate
- Belgium chocolate
- Are you scared?
- Hmm
Your mom must be more
terrified than you are
Let me tell you one thing
Never fight with your mom
Never has one who fights their
mom, ever succeed in life
Sorry mom
What's this new habit?
I've done everything
by following you
I've never seen you asking sorry
I said that I get a feeling
when I see that uncle
I know what it is
When I am with you, I feel love
When I am with
him, I feel secure
I am waving with the tides
You are the boat that keeps me afloat
Falling into the quicksand, I stayed to
be buried Your jewel of love saved me
This heart is the pendulum
between the Earth and the skies
The look of the eye and the slip of
the hold Keeps raising the fear in me
I see a peacock! I become
the rain for it to dance
This happiness is enough, For
me to die at this moment
My deary eyes! My deary eyes!
Come lean on me!
Soothe this wounded heart
with your blossoming hands
When you fall asleep, I
want to kiss your forehead
I stay by you and
guard your sleep
When the world is asleep!
I want our silence to talk
Neurological functions
haven't recovered completely
Will definitely take time
It might take, one,
two or three months
Sir, today is the last day for finals
It's today evening, pray that
everything should go well
- You are so happy!
- They are our relatives
- So long?
- I have many relatives
I have no relative, other than my mom
Do one thing, take all my
relative, they are jobless
I'll call them, call them
by the relationship,
All our medical reports are clear maam
- Let's go
- Swetha
- What are you doing?
- Talking to my relatives
Durai, come here!
Nothing happened to Swetha?
There is a minor concussion in the
head, leading to repeated seizures
There is nothing alarming but
might take some time to heal
The situation is not suitable,
he is not there to protect us
I've decided to send her to America
But this will make all his
efforts go down the drain
I've decided
I don't know if you can hear me
I will never forget these
10 days I've been with you
As mom said, I'll go to the USA
My heart aches that I am not participating
But the pain is more
Looking at the pain you take for me
Sorry Durai Uncle
I don't need the competition
Stay in the car
Tickets, passports are all in this cover
- Did you double check?
- It's all in?
- Yes it is
Web Check-in, done?
What happened?
We will reach the stadium in 10 minutes
- If mom knows,
- I'll tell her
Uncle, A desire
What is it?
Your girl is just like you
Shall we go?
- Yes
I'll stand at your eye
sight and encourage you
Where is my daughter?
Where is my daughter?
Go to the stadium
Niranjana, take Swetha to the stadium
Your one word kept me grounded for 10 years
Now I have one thing to say
Take her to the stadium
Who is he?
Tell it!
He is dying for us, who is he?
How is he related?
Tell it!
He is your dad
You will win
We at Mumbai, at the
Athletics championships 2019
The one you hate most
The one I hate most
On your marks
Think them to be the floor
Stamp them to run
It's a fantastic victory
Once more!
Once more!
My lord
That's children
What we show them
That is their life
Your child didn't attempt
suicide because of her loss
Out of fear when you hear
about it was her concern
She must have taken this decision
Those below 18 years
If a child commits suicide
It's no suicide
It's a murder
I am not educated as you are
But I know one thing well
We bring our children to this world
Not from us
Not for us
Our passion, our dreams, our loss
Should never be a burden for them
Let them grow
As children
The winner is Swetha Thooku Durai