Viva Maria! (1965) Movie Script

She was only a little girl
When her Irish father
Gave her dynamite
To blow up the British
It's Christmas all over London
The little girl didn't tremble
Her father's hiding in the dark
Criminal or lover of justice
What a dreadful life
What a destiny for a child
She should have never left Dublin
Will the fierce rock of Gibraltar
Undergo the same fate?
What does she have in her mouth?
Isn't it a cord of dynamite?
The Irish girl has grown up
She has become pretty
But why this slaughter?
The madness of Anglophobia
They reached America
to escape their oppressors
Against the British Empire
They carry on their fight
But fanatics will never
have the last word
No, fanatics will never
have the last word
Open fire.
Hello, old boy.
Did you see that young boy on the way?
Not a sight, not a sight.
Keep your eyes skinned,
he may turn up anywhere.
Watch out, he might be coming on the train.
James! James!
James, don't leave me. Listen to me, James.
If you leave me, I'II... Don't go.
I love you, I love you.
I love you. Don't leave me.
Don't leave me. James!
My world is finished.
Go. You're much too young
for this sort of thing.
- But, Mother...
- Be quiet. Do as you're told.
You shouldn't shut yourself up
in there all alone.
Why don't you share my caravan?
You're very kind, Rodolfo...
but I've got to face this by myself.
All right, fellows, let's get on with it.
I told you to stay away from that window.
- Was she your sister?
- No.
She was my partner.
Are you French?
I'm Irish.
I was born in Dublin.
In the central prison.
I had to obey and I did.
Blew it all up:
The bridge, the soldiers...
and my father.
They always wind up like that.
- I'm afraid it runs in the family.
- Runs in the family?
You see this?
My people have been fighting
the English for a very long time.
My great-grandfather died at Waterloo.
But he was on the French side.
His three sons were shot for treason
by the English...
in front of the cathedral at Cork.
My mother was French.
She died two years after I was born,
in Glasgow...
in the year they sank the Livingstone
with my Uncle Mike.
If they'd waited 10 minutes,
they could've got the Prince of Wales, too.
The Prince of Wales.
His beard smelled of eau de cologne.
- He is a friend of yours?
- No.
In Paris, he once came backstage, walked
right up to me and he gave me a kiss.
I was already a star and only 15.
That's when I tried drama.
I did all the classics:
Romeo and Juliet, Othello, East Lynnet.
Now I just sing.
Nothing's like music hall.
It's the greatest training you can get.
- Is acting an interesting life?
- Of course, it's the best.
If you like to travel.
Music hall is beautiful.
You don't happen to dance?
Did you ever try to sing?
Of course, in the choir.
One day, I tried to use powder.
Papa grabbed the puff and slapped me
on both cheeks.
No more powder.
We use lots of makeup.
Kills stage fright.
If you paint it on thick enough,
you don't feel scared.
- Scared of what?
- All those people out there.
The men who stare.
Well, I'm not afraid of men. You'll see.
Do you know any?
I guess not.
How frightful not to be able...
to get a decent cup of tea in this country.
My dear Johnson, if the water isn't good,
what can you expect of the tea?
Lace it with a bit of brandy.
That'll cheer it up.
- Passport, please.
- Yes.
We're looking for a terrorist.
A young chap.
Haven't seen anybody, have you?
Good gracious, no, not a soul.
Don't wake her up.
What's happening?
Relax. We've left the British Empire behind.
- Who is that girl?
- Who is that Englishman?
Rodolfo, come here
and meet my new partner.
Oh, that's right.
I don't even know your name.
- Marie Fitzgerald O'Malley.
- Marie?
I'm not Mary. Marie.
Mary and Mary.
That's splendid.
You could try a little harder.
Help me!
My God, they are so vulgar.
What's the house like tonight?
Oh, as usual.
They're not too bad. Could be worse.
Go on, once more:
And being drunk on too much champagne
Discovering this gallant heaven
- Two minutes, girls.
- Already?
- Darn!
- What is it?
I can't remember how it begins.
We sang of the sweetness of the tropics.
We sang of Venice and its gondolas.
We sang of the British grass.
But there is nothing like Paris.
We sang of the sweetness of the tropics
We sang of Venice and its gondolas
We sang of the British grass
But there's nothing like Paris
- You all right?
- Guess so.
It's such a stupid song.
Pretty white stockings and black garters
Pretty coquettes with high boots
Sweet darlings in frilly lace
This is Paris
This is Paris
- I have a problem.
- Shut up and sing.
We sang of Geneva and its mountains
We sang of Verona and its lovers
We sang of the guitars of Spain
But Paris will always win
Fleeting glimpses of women
Suzon, Fanchon, Lisette, or Nini
Elegant ladies or housemaids
- What'll I do now?
- Well, do the same thing.
In every corner of our old Paris
From the Eiffel Tower to the Opera
From the Moulin Rouge
to Boulogne and Notre Dame
There's always a heart beating
Laundress or granny
Bejeweled ladies
Seamstress and heiress, too
This is Paris
This is Paris
If you come from Norway or China
From the Transvaal or Montenegro
Whether you come from Egypt or Argentina
You'll feel at home on the Trocadero
Like being drunk on too much champagne
Discovering this gallant heaven
In love there is always a winner
Because Paris will always be Paris
Because Paris will always be Paris
This will revolutionize show business.
If Papa could see me now.
Go get some clothes on,
I'll take you to the ball.
I don't know how to dance, I'm sorry.
I'd like a drink.
So that's liquor?
I like it.
You little scamp.
But, Mother, I'm 17 and a half.
Drunk at your age.
You've plenty of time for that later.
What is Rodolfo doing?
He's inventing the perfect weapon,
a gun with a crooking barrel...
so he can shoot around corners.
It's an obsession.
What a pity.
He's kind of nice for an Englishman.
Werther, it's our waltz.
Ja, our waltz.
What did he say?
He spoke to me of love.
I might've known.
I'm not sure what love is.
But I'm dying to be educated.
Love is marvelous.
Look at Madame Diogne.
Werther, I feel like I'm floating on air.
Pleasant dreams.
Aren't you girls going to bed?
Listen, one month ago in Porto Visto...
Janine, poor Janine...
showed me a man standing on a balcony...
who was devouring my every move.
He was Spanish, but he acted French.
At my curtain call,
he tore the flower from his lapel...
threw it at my feet, then left without a word.
You'll never believe it...
but this went on after every performance
for one whole week.
- Was he handsome?
- In a way.
He was more distinguished.
All man.
Hard to resist.
So the last night, I picked up his flower
and threw it back to him.
He understood.
He took me to supper. He was very correct
and gallant in all things...
a little awkward.
Go on.
We had to leave
by the next morning at dawn.
When I left, he was still asleep.
- I didn't even wake him.
- Why didn't you stay with him?
I hardly knew him. Are you mad?
That's how it is. That's show business.
Here today, gone tomorrow.
Still, if I ever do meet the man of my life...
I'm sure I'll know him at first sight.
What do you take me for?
Marie isn't back yet.
Mary? No.
Come on, come on.
Good morning.
I'm bushed.
You were right.
Love is too marvelous for words.
You left my life for no reason
You left my sight for no reason
In the fountain
In the fountain where the peacock slept
In the fountain where the peacock slept
You can chose between
two legs or two eyes
One must always have two
to seek a fortune
But blonde or brunette
In Paris they are better
One equals two
And two makes only one
Ah! Women
Parisian women
I multiply one
I multiply two
It's unfortunate
that they are such a problem
Ten times or a hundred times
It's too dangerous
God have mercy
Get rid of them both
Ah! Women
Parisian women
Holding a grudge
won't make you happy
Say goodbye
Because two is one too much
There's only one head left
Ah, no, there are two
Every one
will find his one
Lost a glove
A run in my stocking
My petticoats are in rags
Make no mistake, this stripping onstage...
doesn't help this wardrobe.
It's incredible.
The fashions have changed again in Paris.
- You don't care, do you?
- Not a whit.
I suppose you're right at that.
You are quite happy as you are?
Quite happy. You're not?
Me, happy? I don't know.
Do you understand? I'm bored.
You can't call these rubes a real public.
Country bumpkins.
What's the matter?
You're getting homesick?
Dirty blackguards.
The brutes.
Good shot, indeed!
Forgive me, please. I had to do something.
Ladies, what an unexpected pleasure.
And what unexpected marksmanship.
Welcome, Seor Flors.
Do we know each other?
My name is Flors.
I spoke to you one night.
When? Where?
Doesn't matter. It meant nothing to you.
All around me, I could see only misery...
injustice, and brutality.
And so I left my village.
I rode though the countryside.
I spoke to the villagers, and they listened.
Some of them joined me.
We had but a few weapons among us.
Most of them were captured or killed.
For two months,
I have been running from Rodriguez.
With a price on my head,
I know what to expect.
But what's it all for?
The revolution.
Well, what are you going to do with us?
Seor Rodriguez will decide.
Tomorrow, he will let you know.
Sleep, now. The sandman has passed.
You still smoking?
You're wasting your time with 12-caliber.
The casing's too short.
Try upping it to 30.
You'll increase your range.
They took both girls away.
What for?
With a man like Rodriguez,
we must expect anything.
Oh, it's the new Vickers.
Not quite, Mademoiselle.
It's the Skyton-Babbit, 1907.
The latest model.
I see that you are interested in guns.
Enough to be able to shoot my men.
Do you know who you are dealing with?
I have electricity. Padre.
I am the only one
within a radius of 50 miles.
I'm not a brute.
I am very modern.
I love art...
especially the School of Paris.
My little Parisians.
Now I'll teach you a little game.
That music...
The Lady in White.
What does it mean?
That means they are going to die...
but before they die...
Grant them eternal rest, O Lord...
and may everlasting light shine upon them.
Come here.
Come here.
Ah, you have certainly
messed that up, my son.
Look out!
I'm going to die. Take me back to my village.
What are we going to do
when we do get to the other side?
We told you already.
We are going to take Flors home.
For the moment, we've two objectives:
To give Rodriguez and his men the slip...
and to keep ourselves fed.
Shit! Notre Dame!
- You'll be home in a few hours.
- Maria...
No, don't speak.
- Maria, I am dying.
- Don't say that, please.
No, listen to me, Maria.
Continue with my cause when I'm dead.
- Swear to me you'll go on fighting.
- Fighting, me?
- Flors, how could I?
- Go on, swear.
I swear.
I swear it.
There it is.
Hurry. Quick.
The doctor is not home.
- They have all gone.
- That is strange.
The village is completely deserted.
He's getting worse. What can we do?
Ave Maria
Long live the rosary
Long live Saint Dominic
That he founded
Ave Maria
Well, there are your villagers.
He has a family here. He will speak to them.
What are you doing here, Domingo?
Did you come to see your wife?
Your mother?
Your children?
Or did you forget that you left them here...
left them alone...
to follow your hero Flors...
like a dog, loyal and stupid.
Get out!
Get out and do not come back.
All of you.
There is no place for you here.
All of you followed Flors...
down the path of crime and revolution.
Now go back to him...
wherever he is hiding...
and tell him never to return again.
Flors was alive.
I loved him.
Flors is dead.
I mourn him.
I am not here to revenge one man...
but to bring a nation justice.
What is she up to?
It's her big scene.
Flors is dead.
His last noble thoughts were for you.
These will I now undertake...
to faithfully transmit.
Yet what do I see?
A flock of lowly sheep...
who cringe and dare not raise their heads.
Oh, judgment...
thou art fled to brutish beasts.
Alas, have all men then lost their reason?
Shakespeare, Julius Caesar.
Act 3, Scene 2.
Are you not exploited, degraded, whipped?
Yet you say thank you...
and you bow to your oppressors.
and freedom will answer you.
Stand up and let the mountains ring
with your anger.
Always hate, hate and more hate.
You speak like Flors, you will end like him.
Is there any man here so base
that he is willingly a slave?
Let that man now speak...
for him I have offended.
I'm waiting for an answer.
She was very good.
Quite a show.
Everybody thought you were sublime.
Madame Diogne was about to cry.
All I felt for you was shame.
I've done as Flors requested.
Don't you dare speak of Flors.
So what do you expect to do?
I have sworn to carry on the revolution.
The revolution?
You're a fool.
And how? With who?
With them.
But stop and think.
You are only courting trouble.
I've already given my word.
Well, don't count on me.
Give me your lighter.
She doesn't have a chance.
Climb up there and cover me.
All right.
Don't move! Stay where you are.
Shoot anything that moves.
You others keep cover. I'll take care of this.
Thank you, Marie.
The pleasure was all mine.
Well, it looks to me
as if we've got ourselves into a revolution.
What did you say? It's a revolution?
It is now.
Take me to the Father Superior.
The Father Superior.
- Domine benedictu.
- Padre!
- What happened, my son?
- Maria.
No. Maria and Maria. Two.
- The revolution.
- Two?
The revolution?
Led by two women?
To arms, citizens, form your battalions.
March! March!
Before an impure blood floods our fields.
This is our infirmary.
We have no intention
of attacking the United States.
On the contrary, we respect your country...
liberal and modern.
However, your government has to realize...
that here we are still in the Middle Ages.
Are you aware
that the whole nation of San Miguel...
- still belongs to 14 families?
- Then you are against private property?
Private property is highway robbery.
We won't give up our fight
until the dictator is eliminated.
Our army.
Sit over there, please.
The viaduct at Barharen. Interesting.
And then what?
I also blew up the prison in Palmares...
the bridge at Los Andos...
the cathedral in Chicacao...
the mines at Totonicapan.
Our objective is now the capital.
They have blown up my statue.
Send out our special armored train.
You mean the train of death?
You're a fool.
All is not lost. Our fight has just begun.
Now they're performing miracles.
Padre, what'll I do now?
This affair no longer concerns you.
Leave it to me.
It's a message from Pablo.
He will meet us up north, with 600 guns.
And if all goes well...
tomorrow, at the break of dawn,
all of us will attack San Miguel.
- Can I help you, Padre?
- You may conduct me to Maria and Maria.
We're alone, as you requested.
- What do you want?
- We know who you are.
- You hold the power to...
- I'm the servant of the Lord.
But you...
you profaned our sacred rites.
Shrines are raised in your honor
by the peasants.
Are not the two of you
worshiped like saints?
- They want revolution.
- No.
They want chaos...
and violence...
and scandal.
Show your hand. What do you want?
My task is difficult.
Who knows? God may be on your side.
- Do you doubt it?
- No man is ever sure.
He sometimes appears to us...
just when we least expect.
We'll bring down San Miguel tomorrow,
whatever the cost.
Is that so?
Help us to see the light,
oh, Lord, lest we err.
Padre, what exactly are you getting at?
Reach for heaven, my daughters.
We must warn Pablo.
We do not wish to do you harm.
If you'll just sign the paper
in which you recognize your errors...
we shall put it on the walls
of the churches...
and order shall be restored.
- But then you must leave the country.
- No! No! No!
Pablo, they have been taken prisoner.
We must attack.
Come, come! Hurry, my children.
Hurry, quickly.
Oh, I am sorry.
Nobody has used any
of this equipment in ages.
Go shoot those two women at once.
No. I protest.
They're the property of the church.
Now we'll see if it works.
Take cover, men!
Are you afraid?
A little, yes.
Are you dead?
No, you?
I'll kill you myself.
So sorry, girls.
We were almost too late.
We've done it.
Flors is avenged. Satisfied now?
I just feel tired.
I'm happy.
So happy.
Ah, women.
On the other side of the ocean
The two young women meet
In the jungle of the tropics
Together they share
thousands of adventures
Strange and very dangerous
Over there, over there
The first one was dark
And her name was Maria
And the second one was blonde
and her name was also