Vixen: The Movie (2017) Movie Script

- Let's go.
- Go where?
- Your bail's been posted.
- By who?
One jacket, leather.
One knapsack, left strap torn.
Twenty-six dollars in ones and fives.
One sketchbook, fashion designs.
Not bad.
- You looked through my sketchbook?
- I get bored.
One technical pen and one necklace.
- That's pretty. Where'd you get it?
- Family heirloom.
Give you 20 bucks for it.
It's the wife's birthday.
I forgot to get her something.
Tell you what, 50 bucks.
Hey, sweetie.
You posted my bail.
Not the father-daughter
reunion I dreamt of but...
Good thing for both of us
you're not my father then.
I told you, no matter how many
fosters you throw in front of it,
I'm always going to be your pop.
Gotta say though, it hurt a little
you being back in Motor City
and not looking me up.
Sorry, was busy getting thrown in jail.
Want a bite to eat?
So, what brings you back to Detroit?
- Job interview.
- Fashion design?
The guy was a jerk.
He said my work "lacks identity."
Which kind of makes sense,
since I am kind of lacking
in identity myself.
So, you stabbed him
in the hand with a pencil.
No, I stabbed him in the hand with a pen.
And that was only after he suggested
I could have a job, if I gave him one.
Patty would be proud of you for that.
She always secretly liked that
you stood up for yourself.
Doesn't feel the same without
her chewing me out right now.
She always gets so pissed off.
I wish she was here right now.
Me, too.
You find whatever it is
you were looking for outside of Michigan?
- You can say it. My parents.
- So, you find them?
- No, I found nothing.
- I
Give us the necklace, bitch.
Here, here, $58 inside. It's yours.
- Just...
- I'm not gonna say it again,
give me that necklace or you're gonna
get a bullet through your eye.
- Mari.
- Mari?
You okay?
- You sure you want coffee?
- Coffee's good.
Thanks, Chuck.
I'm beat.
If you want to stay and I hope you will,
your room's how you left it.
The girls at school...
They said my mommy was a junkie.
That that's why she gave me up.
What's a junkie?
It doesn't matter, because it's not true.
Those girls, they were just being nasty.
Then why did my mommy give me up?
You were just a baby
when the foster agency placed you with us.
- You didn't even have a name.
- But you did have something.
Something we've been waiting to give you
until you were old enough.
- What is it?
- It belonged to your mother.
Chuck asked a friend of his about it
and he said it was an "Anansi Totem."
- What's that?
- I don't know, sweetie.
But I have a feeling that one day
it might help you find the answers
to all your questions.
Dr. Macalester.
Uh, office hours were over 20 minutes ago.
I'm Mari McCabe. I called earlier.
Of course, my apologies. Come in.
You said you had an artifact
for me to look at.
- Yes. Though...
- I'm not sure it's an artifact.
Normally, this is where I'd say,
"My eyes are up here."
- This is extraordinary.
- Where did you find this?
I guess you could say it's a family heirloom.
I don't really know anything about it.
I... I don't even know where it's from.
That type of stone is indigenous
to the M'Changa province, in Zambesi.
And it has something to do
with "Anansi", right?
Anansi. The trickster god.
According to legend, he fashioned a totem
..which he gave...
- To a warrior named Tantu.
When I was a kid, I looked up
Anansi in the encyclopedia.
I'm sorry to waste your time.
I honestly don't know what I was expecting
to learn when I came in here.
What did you want to learn?
- I don't know. I...
- It's stupid.
Oh, I have three PhDs so...
How about you let me be
the judge of what's stupid?
I've had this thing since I was 10
and I always thought it was
just a piece of junk jewelry.
But lately, some things have happened to me.
And now, I think it might be the key
to finding out more about my family.
Who's your family?
That would be the $52 million question.
Sorry to waste your time.
It's said the totem grants its
wearer access to the "Ashe"
of the animal kingdom.
It means life force,
power, essence.
The totem harnesses the Ashe
of any animal the wearer conjures up.
You know, speed of a cheetah,
agility of an antelope,
strength of an elephant, etc.
All of this is just a myth.
In reality, that pendant is
just a finely polished piece of stone.
Too bad.
If it was magic, I might be able to
get something for it online.
Thanks for your time.
You know the McCabe woman?
The one who tuned up
the three gang-bangers you hired
to steal the Anansi Totem off her.
She just walked out of my office.
That certainly is a fortunate turn of events.
I can get her back here anytime you want.
But in return...
Relax, Dr. Macalester.
Once I have the totem in hand,
you can consider your next
expedition fully funded.
And the girl? What'll happen to her?
Don't worry about Mari McCabe, Professor.
I need her alive. For now.
Okay, explain that to me again.
- I think...
- You think your necklace is magic.
You didn't see it.
What I did to those guys.
What I could do.
- You think I'm crazy?
- I don't think you're crazy.
I think the idea that
your necklace is magic..
..might be a little bit crazy.
- I know, but, what if it's not?
Before coming back to Detroit,
I spent some time in Central City...
I know where you're going with this.
And believe me when I tell you that
crazy just might be the new normal.
Um, sweetie, what are you doing?
I think that guy hit me in the head
a little harder than I thought.
Four years you've been gone.
Please tell me you didn't come home
just to jump off the roof of my house.
Chuck! Are you seeing this?
Yeah. And I'm here to tell you that
seeing is definitely not believing.
Mari, whatever you're thinking about doing,
how about you don't do it?
You are so not going to believe this.
You know the facial recognition algorithm
Felicity hooked us up with?
I modified it to flag
any activity that could be metahuman.
Are you listening to me?
Sorry, I had a USB drive
containing crime scene stats
and I can't find it at the station.
So, I'm praying that it
might be here, which it's not.
- Barry, focus.
- Metahuman.
I am so dead.
Captain Singh is going to kill me.
Just look at this.
Our very first external metahuman sighting.
I'm calling her Vixen.
Because what,
she moves like a fox?
- Because she is a fox.
- Check out that hotness.
Wait, where in Central City is this?
That would be the less cool part.
I know, I know. Coast City or the Bahamas,
that would be better but...
You're still going to check this out, right?
Not alone.
A metahuman outside Central City
could be something more.
- I should bring backup.
- Finally.
I've been dying to get back out in the field.
Not you, Cisco.
Could you at least bring me back her...
And he's gone.
You know what this could mean for me?
A mask and a cape?
- My whole life there's been...
- Something missing.
This necklace could change all that.
I don't know how...
And I know it sounds crazy, but...
What if the most amazing thing
it can do is lead me to some answers?
To find out, finally find out who I am.
I'll get it.
Probably the magical necklace
collection agency.
Who's at the door?
People to see you, I'm pretty sure.
Mari McCabe?
- She moves fast.
- Compared to who?
Miss McCabe, stop.
I'm not letting you put me away.
I know, I know.
I failed my city.
Hold her!
Does it look like I'm not trying?
She can teleport. That is so cool.
It's not teleportation.
You never believe in superpowers.
- It's camouflage.
- Still, equally cool.
- Move fast.
- What I do.
Oh, crap.
Okay. That is actually cooler
than teleportation.
Enough! We're not putting you in jail.
We just want to talk.
- Just talk!
- Uh, let me handle this.
I kind of have a rapport with metahumans.
You throw them in your pipeline prison.
Not helping.
- Metahumans?
- People who got powers
as a result of exposure to
fallout from the S.T.A.R. Labs
particle accelerator explosion.
Yeah, sorry to burst your bubble,
but I wasn't even in Central City
when that went down.
- Felicity, you there?
- Just me and my fern.
Or, your fern.
Though, let's be honest,
I'm the one who waters it.
- Tell her I said hi.
- Hi, Barry.
Mari McCabe.
I need to know whether she was in Central
City the night of December 11th, 2013.
Miss McCabe was in Detroit
the night of the particle
accelerator explosion.
At least her credit card was
at the Big Belly Burger.
She has a thing for their iceberg shake.
She wasn't in Central City.
That's not possible. What we've seen her do
is not possible.
A lot of people would say
what you do isn't possible.
I mean, without reaction
to a dark matter explosion.
What I can do, I think it's magic.
But it's not against the law,
so I really don't see what
business I am of yours.
My colleague has friends who
can help people like yourself.
Look, the only thing I give a damn about
is nothing you two can help me with.
Why not give us a try?
We're actually pretty resourceful.
Show up at my father's house
and you're going to get a really good idea
of what it's like to be
disemboweled by a lion.
I think that went pretty well.
How do you figure?
Usually, when I meet a meta
for the first time, I get beat up a little.
I need to talk to you.
- Is everything all right?
- Yes.
No. I'm not sure. I'm...
It's okay. It's okay.
What's going on?
It's hard to explain, but, well...
There are two men after me.
- Did you call the police?
- It's not that kind of situation.
I need you to help me find out
where this came from.
How I got it, who gave it to me.
What makes you think
I could help you with any of those things?
I know you said this was all just myth.
I'm really hoping that's the last thing
you're wrong about.
I'm sorry, Mari.
I'm very sorry about this.
About what?
I tried to do this another way, Mari.
A more subtle way.
But your surprising capacity
has given me no choice.
Hand me the totem
or I will have one of these men kill you.
Fine! You think I want some
crazy, magic totem thing?
It's not my style even.
I just held onto it for sentimental reasons.
All I want to know is where it came from.
You tell me that and
I'll give it to you right now.
I can't get it off.
You're lying!
- Oh, no.
- What?
It's bound itself to you.
Fine. I'll remove it from her corpse.
Hey, crazy, lunatic lady.
Try to get this.
First, you committed kidnapping.
Second, I was being serious
about giving you the necklace
before you decided to go
all psycho on my ass.
So, we'll figure out a way to
get this thing off my neck
without me losing my neck.
There's absolutely zero need for all...
For all this. All right?
So, you were telling the truth
when you said you just wanted to know
where the totem came from.
Specifically, where I came from.
Who my family is.
My real family.
In that case, you're in quite a bit of luck.
I'm your family.
You're my sister.
Welcome home.
This is Zambesi.
It's in M'Changa province.
- Which is in...
- Africa?
You took me to Africa?
You kidnapped me all the way to Africa?
I'm giving you everything
you asked for, Mari.
I've brought you here because
this is where the totem belongs.
Where you were born.
Our people asked
the god Anansi to protect them.
He is known as a trickster,
able to take any shape
he wishes to combat his enemies.
In exchange for our worship,
he gave us a totem to channel his power.
A gift to be passed
from generation to generation.
I was but four when I was chosen.
One day,
the local warlord sent
his men to raid the village
for what little we had to offer.
Followed shortly after
by the burning of our village.
Our mother left
with two things most precious,
the totem and you.
I'm sorry. I had no idea.
I was the totem's guardian.
It was my responsibility
to see that our village
did not come to harm.
That's horrible.
Zambesi may be nothing but ash and cinder,
but it is still my home,
still my sacred obligation to protect it.
From who?
There's... There's nothing left.
There is responsibility, even to the dead.
Especially to the dead.
Obviously, there's a whole
lot I don't understand here.
Without the totem, I had to strike bargains
with others who also craved its power.
So, when I found out you had the totem,
I had to come after it.
The totem sensed me.
That's why it came alive for you.
Unfortunately, it also bonded with you.
And there is only one way
to sever that connection
- What are you...
- I'm very sorry.
We've only just been reunited,
but my first obligation is to Zambesi.
- You understand.
- Nope. Not at all. Bye!
The spider is the true form of Anansi.
- Through its bite...
The bond between you
and the totem will be broken.
She will not get far.
Awaken, my child.
It is not yet time for you, She-spirit.
You must stop the pretender.
- The darkness has infected her.
That is why your mother left this land.
She knew she had to put as much distance
between your sister and the totem and you.
Embrace your true calling.
We will stand with you
as long as you stand with us.
Do not fear the power within you.
Embrace your true calling.
We will stand with you
as long as you stand with us,
I will stand with you.
I know we just met,
but I'm pretty sure you're the history
of mental illness in the family.
The plains did not claim you.
I've heard about sisters
always stealing the younger one's stuff.
I've stolen nothing.
I've merely reclaimed
what was always mine by right.
The totem told me different.
According to the animal spirits,
Mom wanted to get
as far away from you as possible.
I must say, I'm disappointed.
What form should I use to kill you?
You think this changes anything.
I am the She-spirit now. Me.
I will not be afraid.
I will embrace my destiny.
I will cling fast to my ancestors.
- Ah!
You think a mere stick can harm me?
Looks like it worked just fine.
- Ah!
- Ah!
- No.
- What have you done?
Whatever's in that poison works a lot faster
when exposed directly to the bloodstream.
But that's just a guess.
This cannot be happening.
The totem is mine.
- It's mine!
- No!
The totem is ours.
Our family's.
This isn't over.
I gotta be honest, it looks pretty over.
My whole life,
I thought if I knew where I came from,
I'd learn where I was going,
what my purpose in fife is.
Turns out, I was right.
So now you're giving up
fashion design to become what, a hero?
I'm not giving up my art.
The truth is,
that jerk I stabbed in the hand,
he was right.
My work lacked identity
because I didn't have it.
And now I do.
So fashion design by day
and taking out muggers at night?
The totem is supposed
to help me protect my village.
Detroit is my village. It's my home.
You never said that before.
I haven't said a lot of things before,
things I should have said a long time ago.
- I love you, Dad.
- I love you, too.
Can you give me a minute?
I thought I told you if you
came back here I'd disembowel you.
We took that to mean you'd try.
I know he seems cold and off-putting,
but once you get to know him...
Well, then he's definitely
cold and off-putting.
My point is,
it was foolish of you to think we'd stay
away just because you told us to.
Almost as foolish as you taking
on Detroit's criminal element
in a brown leotard.
And what's wrong with brown?
I mean, you don't have any training.
Look. Give me a chance to figure things
out on my own for a while.
All right?
Sounds fair.
Good luck, Mari.
If you're ever in a bind,
you know who to call.
Hey, I thought I was supposed
to have a cool name or something.
You think the Arrow is cool?
Keep talking, Flash.
If it helps, Cisco's been calling you Vixen.
Not that Cisco is the name
of anyone affiliated with me.
He's not. I mean if there was a Cisco
affiliated with me. Which there isn't.
Were you and Felicity separated at birth?
I hope not because if we had been,
that kiss would be weird.
You kissed her?
You know what? I gotta run.
This life isn't easy.
I figure.
But I can handle it.
You sound pretty sure.
I know who I am.
I'm taking that fancy purse of yours.
And your ring and that necklace.
No, you're really not.
Who the hell are you supposed to be?
I'm Vixen.
How did that sound?
It's the first time I'm using it,
still getting the hang of it, you know.
I'm Vixen. I'm Vixen.
- Huh?
- I'll work it out later.
Are you okay?
I'm Vixen.
It was better that time. Wasn't it?
- Mari?
Sweetie, you scared the bejesus outta me.
What are you doing
sneaking around in the middle of the...
What are you wearing?
You like it?
That depends.
What are you wearing?
- It's my uniform.
- Looks like a costume.
Well, I'm a superhero now so...
Same thing.
Just like that?
My baby girl is a superhero?
Like the Arrow or the Flash.
I'm going with Vixen.
I think.
Mmm. Don't you think
that name is a little provocative?
It throws them off, that's for sure.
By "them," you mean...
The people in the city
who think it's okay to prey on innocence.
Desperate men are the most dangerous, Mari.
And this city is full of 'em.
Which is why I am needed out there.
I just wanna help protect my home.
You're not having any?
My daughter just told me she is a superhero.
I think I need something
a little stronger than tea.
If it makes you feel any better,
I'm not doing this on some huge
scale like the Arrow or the Flash.
I'm just going to help keep Detroit safe.
That's all.
I wonder if I even have
anything stronger around here.
Professor Macalester?
Can I help you?
I'm looking for Professor Macalester.
Regarding what?
He helped my sister kidnap me
and take me to Africa against my will.
Oh, uh...
Well, he's actually in Africa right now.
- What?
- He left yesterday.
Got a big research grant.
From my sister, I'll bet.
He's gonna be gone for about a year.
When he gets back, tell him that
Mari McCabe also made it back from Africa
and she wants to have
a very pointed conversation with him.
And here I thought chivalry was dead.
Ain't chivalry that thing
where you can turn lead into gold?
You're thinking of alchemy.
Don't worry, that won't be the last
thing I school you on tonight.
Who the hell are you supposed to be, lady?
Any animal I wanna be.
Okay, now I am pissed.
Screw this! I'm outta here.
I'm still counting that as a win.
So I take it you're still playing superhero.
Can we save the lecture for another time?
It's been a rough night.
That bad, huh?
It's like my powers don't wanna listen to me.
Lately every time I summon one of the
animals, I can't control them.
- Here, this will work better.
- Thanks.
What did I expect?
This thing didn't come
with an instruction manual.
Hey, what about your friend
at the university?
He might be able to help.
He's in Africa.
Probably spending my sister's blood money.
Well, maybe you're thinking
about this the wrong way.
That thing of yours might give you
a way to summon animals
but that doesn't mean
you know how they are going to act.
So how am I supposed to learn about animals?
Lucky for you
your dad's made a lot of friends
at the Public Works department.
There is a behaviorist at the
Detroit Zoo who might be able to help.
Dr. Lena Vargas.
And how exactly do you know her?
We, uh...
Might have gone out a few times.
Just some dinners. Nothing fancy.
So I shouldn't ask if she is
going to be my new stepmom?
So how is your father, Mari?
He's, you know, Chuck.
Right. I didn't mean to imply...
Let's just...
How can I help you?
I'm doing some research on animal behavior.
Are you studying zoology in school?
Post-grad, I take it?
Sort of. It's kind of an elective.
Could you give me an overview?
Like pretend I have never
taken a class before?
An animal's behavior
is the end result of three factors.
Its genes, which drive its instincts,
its ecology, how its environment
spurs its activity,
and its evolution, how it ultimately
deals with all of the above overtime.
So let's say I'm a gorilla
and I wanna run and jump
and do all the things gorillas do...
Mari, I don't know what you are doing here
but it clearly involves wasting my time.
A job, I came here looking for a job.
I know you haven't spoken to Chuck
in a while, but I kinda hit a rough patch
and I thought maybe you could use some help.
Somebody to assist you with your work?
What? What is it?
- Well, it's not up to me.
- It's up to them.
You'll have to, among other things,
clean their cages, fill their food troughs...
What is it?
Sorry, I've just never
seen one up close before.
It looks like Caesar approves.
I guess you pass the interview.
- Seriously?
- You named him Caesar?
They are going to rise up
and take over the world, you know.
- You're joking, right?
- Right?
That funny to you?
What are you doing here, Mari?
Cleaning up after gorillas isn't exactly
making you a better superhero.
- You like this?
- Wanna see what it can do?
- I'm sorry, Caesar.
- I didn't mean to upset you.
Everything okay in here?
Just made a mess which I will be cleaning up.
Amazing creatures, aren't they?
Caesar here is the dominant one of his group.
He's in charge
of protecting them at all costs.
I hate to ask,
but why doesn't he live in the wild?
Sadly, his home in the Congo
no longer exists.
Between deforestation and poachers,
gorillas have fewer and fewer
safe havens in the world.
We rescued Caesar five years ago.
- Brought him here.
- He's an orphan.
Yes. But he's got a family here now.
I come bearing a peace offering.
Not exactly sure
what you get to apologize to a gorilla.
I mean, I assume bananas
would be too on the nose?
It's okay. I'll check it out.
You have a nice situation here, Dr. Vargas.
I'd hate to see that change.
- Dr. Vargas?
- Is everything okay?
Everything is fine.
Isn't it, Doctor?
- Yes, Mari, everything's fine.
- Good.
Just don't forget about our arrangement.
Nice necklace.
I may not know much about animals,
but I know a shakedown when I see one.
- What do they want?
- This doesn't concern you, Mari.
For Chuck's sake, I want to keep it that way.
I'm a lot tougher than I look.
- Who are those men?
- They're smugglers.
They want to use my network of contacts
to help sell endangered
species on the black market.
So why not call the cops?
- You don't understand.
- Then make me.
Caesar and many other animals here
aren't exactly legal.
Because of the countries they come from,
shortcuts had to be made.
Payments to officials...
You did what had to be done to rescue them.
I swear if there were any other way,
I would have done it.
And if you refuse to help them?
I'm worried about the animals.
They'll take what they want
and leave them for dead.
- I can help stop them.
- And how can you do that?
Have you ever been to Zambesi?
But, how?
I don't understand.
I'm still learning how this all works.
My birth parents left this totem for me
but forgot to include the manual.
You came to me.
It all makes sense now.
Why didn't you say anything before?
How would that work?
Just introduce myself and say,
"Hi, I'm an aspiring superhero.
Wanna help me?"
You would have called
the loony bin before I sat down.
Point taken.
I've been having trouble controlling them.
The Ashes.
I thought spending time
with Caesar and the others would help.
- But it's not working.
- All evidence to the contrary.
That was just a demonstration,
I'm talking about in heat of the moment.
You don't get it, do you?
See, this is why I came to you
in the first place.
You think it's all about control.
The hawk, the rhino, the gorilla.
They're protectors of their clans.
Just like you and this city.
You can't control them
any more than I can control Caesar.
So I'm screwed, is what you're saying?
You're thinking about it like a human being,
not an animal.
When Caesar is attacked,
he attacks back without hesitation.
When you summon an Ashe,
you're tapping into that raw energy.
You have to embrace it.
Let the animal's instincts take over.
Only then will you be a part of it.
Okay then.
Set a meeting with the smugglers.
It's time they met the real me.
Dr. Vargas.
I'm so glad you have come
around to my way of thinking.
Just tell me exactly what you want.
This cargo freighter
is due to arrive tomorrow.
Use your port contacts to make sure
this particular container
isn't checked by security.
I got it.
What about you, Vixen?
I got them.
- What the hell?
- Get her!
Okay. Let's see if Dr. Vargas is right.
Whatever you are,
I'm sure I can find a bidder.
I really hope we're friends now.
I got myself a sidekick!
Okay, okay, a partner.
I've got this one.
So the good news is our friend
in the silk tie is going to jail.
Dr. Vargas is going to testify against them.
Turned out to be critical in shutting down
his global smuggling operation.
It's so big, she will get
immunity from her previous efforts.
The bad news is..
..she used this as an excuse
to reconnect with Chuck.
I know, I know...,
I should be happy for them.
But my dad dating?
It's just weird.
Ultimately, it looks like
I got my groove back.
Even got inspired
to give myself a real costume.
What do you think?
Yeah, well, what do you know about fashion?
You run around in your birthday suit all day.
Caesar's got his family to protect,
I've got my city.
Time to get to work.
Everyone okay?
- Thank you.
- No problem.
Can you turn that up for me?
Within Zambesi,
the M'Changa province remains
an archeological gold mine
for ancient Zambesian artifacts.
Zambesi has long been a fertile land.
The envy of West Africa.
The Zambesi people long
sought to protect themselves,
not just from their neighbors...
But from nature itself.
And so, the Zambesi people prayed.
And legend has it
that their prayers were answered
in the form of five totems.
One for each great Zambesi tribe,
allowing their bearers
to wield the powers of nature.
One totem for each of the elemental forces.
Air, earth,
water, fire,
and spirit.
For nearly a thousand years,
Zambesi existed in a rare state of harmony
and prosperity.
But as their civilization succumbed
to the forces of colonialism,
changing faith and war,
the totems were lost and forgotten.
Countless explorers and archeologists
have spent their lives searching
for the lost totems of Zambesi.
Ladies and gentlemen,
after thousands of years
of being lost to the sands of time,
it is my great pleasure to present to you
one of the lost totems of Zambesi.
Based on the location
of its discovery along the M'Changa River,
and its inscriptions,
we believe this piece to be
one of the original five totems
worn by Zambesian chiefs
more than a thousand years ago.
Although it has yet to grant me
magical powers.
Nevertheless, it stands as a testament
to the ancient Zambesi civilization.
The lost totem of Zambesi will be on display
at the Detroit Museum's hall of gemstones.
A gift to this beautiful city,
where it will remain indefinitely.
- Thank you, gentlemen.
- Great job.
You look surprised to see me, Professor.
What? Maybe you were expecting me to be dead?
I would have confronted you sooner,
but when I came back from being "kidnapped,"
I found out you'd gone to Africa.
I didn't know she was going to hurt you.
She was dangling enough money
to fund my expedition.
She said she wasn't going to hurt you
and the dollar signs I was seeing
blinded me to the fact that that was a lie.
But maybe there is a reason
it all happened this way.
That necklace you wear
is also one of the lost totems of Zambesi.
We both know the power within it is real.
And now that I have found one of its
siblings, think of what we could learn.
I think I have learnt enough, thanks.
And I haven't had much luck with siblings.
You're connected to this, Mari.
Whether you wanna be or not.
I've gotta make a call.
- Hey. Thanks for getting back to me.
- Why the 911?
Weather Wizard's tearing up Monument Point.
It's kind of an all-hands-on-deck
type situation.
Any suggestions?
Tornados aren't really my thing.
Superheating the air
around the tornados
should theoretically destabilize them.
We got the tornados, Firestorm.
Deal with the tsunami.
What? Sushi's attacking Monument Point now?
A tsunami is a catastrophic tidal wave.
You really thought I didn't know that?
Unwinding a tornado
was the very first trick I learnt.
Okay. I'm here.
Oh, your timing is beyond awesome.
I'll help Jax and Professor Stein,
you deal with Weather Wizard.
Why do you let Cisco name the bad guys?
I ask myself that question a lot.
- Mari.
- Mari!
Mari, sweetie?
Can you hear me? Mari?
Oh, thank God. There you are.
So have you thought about
giving fashion design a second chance?
Monument Point.
They're all fine, sweetie.
Thanks to you and your new friends.
They are not my new anything.
Thieves broke into the Detroit
Museum of Natural History late last night.
A spokesperson for the museum confirmed
that an unspecified number
of gemstones were stolen,
including the museum's most recent addition,
the lost totem of Zambesi.
Such a shame.
Patty and I used to love
taking you there when you were little.
Museum officials refuse
to speculate on the totems...
You need rest.
And I wasn't kidding about you
going back to fashion design.
You know what I like about fashion design?
Nobody shoots you with bolts of lightning.
I tried to beg off, believe me.
But don't worry,
I am sticking to my street corners.
Is that a promise?
In this city.
I've got more than my share of trouble.
Captain says we need to stay sharp.
We need to keep the crime scene clear.
You got it?
Any idea what kind of person
would target your stone?
Totem. It has more historic
than pecuniary value.
It looks like a ruby,
but it's actually a tourmaline..
..indigenous to Zambesi.
- Wow. Fascinating.
The museum heist last night,
I wanna know who was behind it.
- I don't know about that job.
- Don't insult me, Drake!
When things go missing in this town,
you always know about it.
Not this time. Scout's honor.
You know what animal has
the most acute sense of smell?
A bear.
I can actually smell the lie on you.
You don't look like a bear.
Give me a name
and I'll harass him instead of you.
I really don't know.
I don't know who did the museum job.
But word on the street,
it was bankrolled by some foreigner
from Africa.
- I'm not packing.
- And you're not taking.
Not until I get my money.
I've traveled all the way
from Zambesi, Mr. Jones.
I have no desire to waste time haggling.
I'm not haggling.
A hundred thousand, take it or leave it.
May I see the stones first?
I would like to inspect
what I'll be paying for.
- Ah.
- This is the one.
This stuff is mine till I get paid, asshole!
Your payment is forthcoming, Mr. Jones.
The hell...
You look just like your mother.
- My mother?
- How do you know my...
I've scoured all of Africa
for the lost totems of Zambesi.
And in one evening
I am presented with not just one,
but two of them.
Who the hell are you?
And how do you know my mother?
Look out!
Get away!
I think we can still part on good terms.
Hand over your totem
and I'll let you go peacefully.
Really? You promise?
So you actually witnessed him
use the totem to control fire?
No, I just burned myself on a curling iron.
Each totem harnesses
a different but equal force for a reason.
To maintain a balance.
How am I supposed to
"balance" that kind of power?
You didn't see what he was capable of.
Tell me something useful.
Something that will help me stop this monster
before he burns up half of Detroit!
I can only approach this as an historian.
What you need is someone
who understands the magic.
Do you know someone like that?
- I believe I do.
- And you know her too.
How does it feel to be back home?
Well, from what you told me,
can't go any worse than it did last time.
Wanna bet?
What are you doing here?
Come to see what you did to me?
I don't think either of us has the kinda time
it would take to explain
just how screwed up that statement is.
Instead, maybe let's stop
pretending you're not the villain here.
You're the one who abandoned her ancestors.
No. I left a sister who tried to kill me.
Oh, is that how you justify
what you did to me?
The poison you subjected me to did its work.
The magic I held at my disposal
for so many years...
...turned on me.
Now I'm just a hollow thing.
And you come here now to taunt me.
No, to ask about this man.
The Zambesian ambassador..
..who arrived at Detroit last week.
He said I looked like our mother.
- Did she know him?
- Do you?
I know this man.
Not as some government official.
As a murderer.
He led the raid that destroyed our village,
killed our father, killed everyone.
Kuasa! Kuasa!
Where are you?
Ah! Just what I was looking for.
There is nothing here for you, Eshu!
General Eshu.
And what I seek lies around your neck.
Our mother tried to
defend our village with the spirit totem.
In doing so, she nearly lost her life.
She had a choice.
To die fighting...
...or to save you.
It seems she only thought
one daughter was worth living for.
This man calls himself Eshu.
And now he's come to Detroit.
For you. For the totem.
I think this totem
is just an unexpected bonus.
He has the Zambesi fire totem.
Then Detroit will burn
until both totems are in his hands.
He craves dominance over all beings.
He already has one totem.
And if he gets ours...
You mean mine.
You tried a spell
lo sever my link with this totem.
Is there something similar
we can try with his?
Our ancestors relied on spoken word and song
to pass on such vital information.
And much has been lost.
There is a collection
of stories and poems from this region
in the university archives.
There may be a more direct option.
There are five totems.
Earth, air, fire, water and spirit.
Which one to best combat fire?
I spent six months in Zambesi.
The water totem wasn't here.
I have no idea where to find it.
I do.
And if you want it,
you'll let me join you in this fight.
You really expect me to believe that
an ancient all-powerful water totem
is just collecting dust
in some guy's house in Star City?
The water totem changed many hands before
finding its way to auction in your country.
Two months ago, it landed here.
Its current owner
believes it to be a collectable.
You've been tracking it all this time?
In the hopes that one day,
I might have the strength and the wealth
to bring it back to Zambesi.
Where it belongs.
First things first.
This is how I talk to you, right?
Loud and clear.
Speaking of clear, the house is empty.
We got to the big lion thing,
where do we go next?
Around the back. Wow! This place is big.
- Keep an eye out for...
- Guard dogs.
How'd you know?
Good doggies.
Third door on your left.
It's okay. I've got you.
This room must be worth a fortune.
Forget that. Look for the totem.
What are you doing?
I'm sorry, little sister.
But you have no idea
what it feels like to be this weak.
And now, I'll never have to again.
Uh, guys? Everything okay out there?
The spirit totem was always meant to be mine.
But I suppose I'll have
to settle for this one.
You lied to me.
I couldn't do this on my own.
And there goes the security system.
I'll let you handle them.
Sick 'em.
Hey, there. I'm The Atom.
Uh, but you can call me Plan B.
Turns out your sister
doesn't trust you as much as you thought.
Better hold on tight. She's slippery.
Come on! All this bleeding-edge tech and
you don't think I'd make it waterproof?
- Sit down. Stay a while.
- Thanks for the backup.
Atom and Black Canary, right?
- Happy to help.
Green Arrow would've come too.
But, he's a bit tied up.
Running for mayor.
Very long story.
You're gonna have to catch me up
on that one. Love your outfit.
Oh, thanks. I made it myself.
Looks like you've won again, little sister.
So now what?
Now you help us. Like you promised.
Eshu killed our father
and destroyed our home.
- You want revenge?
- Well, I do too.
Even if I have to work with you.
You have the water totem
which means we need your help to stop him.
You will all fight him?
And we'll win. Together.
Hey, guys.
I hate to break up the family reunion,
but we've got a problem.
Your fire guy's in Detroit and he's kinda
doing like a rampage-y thing.
Avenge your village. Save mine.
Good evening, people of Detroit.
My name is Benatu Eshu.
As of this message,
I am no longer a representative
of the Zambesi government.
Pain and destruction and fire
are about to rain down on your fair city.
For this, I apologize.
But one woman has it
within her power to stop this apocalypse.
She knows what she possesses.
And she knows that I want it.
And when it is mine, the death will end.
I promise you all that.
Really not a good time.
I found a song in the archives.
It says each totem has a center. Its ore.
It's like a soul.
If you crush the soul,
the totem will lose its power.
Okay, I'll just ask Eshu
if I can borrow his totem for a minute.
If anyone can do this, it's you.
You were meant for this battle, Mari.
Equal forces, different elements.
I think your fiery buddy
wants to get your attention.
- He's got it.
- Mari!
Dad, I need you to get
any place that's not here.
This is your dad? Hey, nice to meet you.
As you burn, try to remember that I wanted
to handle this as human beings.
He doesn't exactly come across
as an expert in that field.
Dad, you need to run.
Find a shelter, stay away from this.
How did he find us?
Maybe because we're wearing costumes.
Well, I'm wearing an advanced exoskeleton.
And actually, I meant Mari's father.
Oh, I helped him a little bit.
I can't fight him
if I know you're vulnerable.
I can't leave my daughter in danger.
- Dad, go!
- Mari, please!
Is that all you're able to conjure?
There is not a single animal
walking the earth that can hurt fire.
- Oh, I can think of one.
- Please, enlighten me.
A canary.
Do you have a single friend
who can defeat me?
Not a friend. A sister.
For what you did to my village,
my family, I will see you drown.
Keep hitting him, Kuasa.
Kuasa! Run!
No. I am not our mother.
I will not run from this fight.
Water cannot defeat fire.
Nor can your spirit.
And I will break your spirit, I promise.
And then I will do that
which I should have done to your mother.
I will kill you.
- You can't stop me.
- You're weak.
Pathetic. Not worthy
of the totem around your neck.
You know it in your bones
that you're not fit to wield the totem.
You can fight and fight and fight.
But you know there is no hope.
You're right. But I don't need hope.
I don't need faith.
I don't need magic.
I just need to beat you.
Not so tough in water, are you?
Please, tell me you've got it.
You should be the one giving me the jewelry.
See? That's what you get for being funny.
Please tell me you've figured out
how to sever his bond with the totem.
You have to smash it.
It took you reading
a really old book to tell you that?
Every totem has a soul.
And the soul will go back to the gods
when broken by someone of great akbara.
You sure? No exhibit for you then.
Smash the thing.
- You need more.
- More what?
More help.
By the way...
What's "akbara" mean?
Is that the place from Aladdin?
It means strength.
This had to be done by someone
with great strength.
- Beautiful dress.
- A Mari McCabe original.
I keep telling you, you've got
a future in design if you go for it.
- You look terrific.
- I'd have to agree.
Thanks, you clean up pretty well yourself.
Professor, this is my... Father.
Adam. Pleasure to meet you.
So, how do you two know each other?
Let's just say, since I met your daughter,
my life has never been the same.
Something we both have in common.
He's been helping me with my... Side project.
Well, it's comforting to know
she's not alone out there.
It's lost its sparkle.
Now it looks so dim and dark.
On the contrary.
Like most things that seem rough and dark,
the beauty will always remain.
We weren't sure you'd come.
Uh, he wasn't sure.
You owe me 20 bucks, BT dub.
When did everyone start saying that?
Uh, that was my thing.
Oh, maybe it's... Catching on.
I thought you didn't like leaving Detroit.
Whether it's in my village or someone else's,
it's my calling to help people in need.
Look out!
Ready to prove that, Mari?
Actually, call me Vixen.
What the hell was that thing?
Suriko doesn't pay us enough to find out!
Come on out. Face us like a man.
I have a better idea.
How about I kick your ass
like a woman instead?
What the hell?
Tell Albert Suriko these streets
don't belong to him anymore.
- I had that under control.
- I know.
What? Not enough in Star City
to keep you busy?
I need your help.