Viy 3D (2014) Movie Script

Film is based on the motifs of
N. V. GOGOL's story 'VIY'
Close your eyes, don't move and pray!
Fear the sight of Viy, the ancient God,
who dwells in eternal darkness under ground.
His eyelids are roots,
coming to the surface.
If a man looks in his eyes,
he will die instantly!
So speak the old ones.
So spoke their ancestors.
From the time when both Earth and Gods were
still young, this tradition lives in the souls of Slavs.
Long before the arrival of Christianity.
So overlaps present
religion and ancient traditions.
As on St. Ivan's day (Midsummer's day) young girls release
downstream wreaths of flowers with burning candles.
If a young man takes the wreath,
It was believed that he was her destiny.
And flames sail through the darkness...
And that will never end.
Miss, sister, where are you?
Where are you, Miss?
Sin has
arrived in our lands!
- What happened? - My sin
didn't die. - Speak up already!
Again, on St. Ivan's day
monsters appeared .
Tonight someone has disappeared.
Who did this?
Who did this?
I told you to
have no business with the devils ...
Who did this?
- Let me take her confession.
- Do not let anyone read prayers for me.
Send someone to bring seminarian Khoma.
Let him pray for my sinful soul three nights.
He knows who ...
- Nastusya, are you okay?
- Move away!
Daughter... What's with you?
There, we invoked misery!
It deprived them of reason ...
You're good, holy man,
known for godpleasing deeds.
- It's possible she have heard of you.
- For me? God be with you, pan Sotnik! What are you saying?
This was ment to be.
It may not be appropriate, but I must
say that I didn't fast on Maundy Thursday.
- Today you have to start with a prayer.
- You need a deacon, or a good cantiniere.
My voice does not serve me,
I myself do not know why ... Forgive me, Lord!
All that my dove wanted of me, I shall fulfill!
You know what the whip is?
- In larger quantities it is unbearable.
- If you do not do this, you will not be able to sit.
If you do this, I'll give you 1000 chervons.
Pan Sotnik...
Damn ... Why do I fear?
No one from the outside can not enter.
Nor will she come back from the other world.
After all, when I read the prayers,
I'll be safe whatever happens.
To proceed...
Nothing is sacred to you , sir! And you miss are giving in to sin, in your father's house
- With a common teacher! - I am king's courtier, not a common teacher.
- Expert in geography and cartography!
- Do not waste your words, charlatan!
You've infected half of Europe
with your apples!
- Dad, I love him! - Love him? Him
who wears such indecent pants ?
- I have plans and will become famous in the future.
- Plans to marry my daughter? - No.
- What do you mean, no? - Of course I'll marry you.
Not just now, but in the near future.
In my opinion you do not have
any future. Get him!
Jonathan, run!
-Run, Jonathan, run!
- Your dead mother has better future!
- Let the dogs at him! - Honey, I
I love you! - I love you too, darling! Trust me!
Don't forget the birds.
Dear Miss Dudly, I deeply
apologize for my quick departure.
I find it hard to admit, but your father is
right. I have lost my estate.
But I have not spent it on wind,
as many believe, but on my invention.
It will make a revolution in cartography
and will show people the real image of our world.
I decided that this grandiose project
starts from our beloved Greenwich.
In my measurements, I took it as a starting point.
Our town will become known throughout the world.
Everywhere on Earth time will be determined by it.
This is my dream.
Dream that will come true
only if you believe in me.
Of my adventures I will notify you
coded according to the method of Leonardo Da Vinci.
So those who are not intended will not read them.
I love you and I do not want you to be subject of
gossip. I will prove to everyone that they are wrong.
Reports will be brought to you by carrier pigeons
So I shall feel you close, feeling which
will warm my heart in difficult moments .
You're holy man,
known for godpleasing deeds.
All your wisdom serves the church.
See if Khoma is doing everything properly.
You know the best of it.
Dorosh is watching the theologian.
Here is a thousand chervons. Take!
Much obliged!
- This can build an entire monastery!
- You will give this to Khoma.
Go, go! Prepare everything for the eulogy.
- We should hurry. - What? - To bury the mistress.
It's third day, there's no use.
I, of course, trust the master.
But, those attacked by the witch...
- What's that?
- For Khoma. Pay from Sotnik.
I have never held so many
in my hands ...
The key!
This place is cursed...
This place is cursed! There is no holy spirit here!
God's sacred place is desecrated!
- There can be no more service here.
Nail the windows and doors! - The witch...
Look! Money!
- This place is cursed!
- Good, good that it's cursed...
We share? Evenly?
Don't go there! It's cursed!
Don't go there, pan Sotnik...
Place is cursed! Cursed!
I don't understand. What are you talking about?
Not there! Don't go there!
If you don't think of yourself, think of the people!
How will they do without a leader?
Do not put sin on your soul!
- Where do we go now?
- I said you can't go this way!
- Don't you have any conscience?
- Do you have a mother?
Kill him...
In the name of the Father , the Son...
And the Holy spirit...
Son Christ let us close the circle so
the unholy one wouldn't crawl up to our homes ...
We must suffer and pray ...
Lord, help me protect
my children from the unholy one!
Let them believe that in the sealed
old church miracle will happen!
Help me!
Show them what will happen to them,
If they do not listen!
Today is the first day of April.
Spring has probably already arrived in Greenwich.
I imagine you at the window.
In front of you is a flower garden.
The spring sun caress your hair ...
- Thank you, nanny!
- Shame on you!
- Shut up, witch!
- Carrier pigeons, isn't it?
- Dad, look at me ...
Oh, Lord...
I'll kill him!
It's been exactly one year
since the beginning of my journey.
Luck, that followed me,
abandoned me.
I swerved out of the way, that's clear.
I have not eaten for several days.
I have no more money
to continue my journey.
- Don't shoot! - Who are you?
- Theologians from the Kiev seminary.
- Food ... Food ... You have any?
- You want to eat? - Yes. I want.
Why didn't you say so ...
Here, help yourself!
- You hid it? - I?
- From me!
- Oi! - What do you want? Move that away!
That's not food, that's snack! - Here!
This one, for friendship
- Gentleman, then, is a scientist?
- Yes, yes, a scientist. - Us also.
I am rhetor Gorobets.
And this is theologian Khalyava.
- City, town ... Where is it?
- There's one nearby. Hutor.
- I would not advise even the devil to go there.
- Why? - Last spring, we lost a friend there.
- Scientist? - Yes, scientist.
Philosopher. Khoma Brut.
Last year I, Khoma and Khalyava were coming home
through that place.
Because of the fog, or, devils led us astray,
we got lost.
- Panas, where are you going?
- Sorry, Taras, but duty is duty.
- For the commemoration?
- We drank.
- For the soul? - That we can.
For the soul...
- Who's there? - Grandma, let us spend the night.
- A lot of people here, where to put you?
I'll let you.
Listen, grandma, my stomach churns
like ungreased wheel.
What does he want?
I have nothing.
Remember what she said?
I'll sell you green beans!
Crooked old woman
- And her nose is not pretty. He hands are
dirty. - All old women witches.
- Ones on the markets are really witches.
- From the weariness we dozed off ...
Listen, granny, it's fasting days.
I'm that kind of guy, not even for a
1000 chervons, would I break my fasting...
No, granny, no...
You're old, old...
The old woman was actually the young mistress,
but she was a witch. I know for sure.
My teacher Isaac Newton discovered the law
of gravity and that free flight is impossible.
But free fall you have as much as you want.
You're saying we're wrong?
Fact, colleague! Argument
If I'm lying,
may I fall down into the ground!
Laugh if you will,
but after that we saw Khoma no more.
- Get lost reprobates! Devil's seed!
- What did we do, mister?
Your friend Khoma let a witch near him
and other unholy forces. That's how he died.
- Now he's on the other world. - Dead?
You lie! - By God, he died!
Let me taste a bit of that!
- The best, yes?
- Not bad.
Devil's works are happening in Hutor.
They were seeing the Lord.
He said Khoma was afraid!
- He lies. - What if he's not lying?
-It has long been on my mind ...
How is it that he's just gone?
Where could have he disappear ?
He said, he was terrified by the witch and he died...
Maybe we should go back to Hutor?
Where are you going?
I know why he died.
Because he got scared! If he haven't get
scared, nothing would have happened.
He should've only cross himself,
Spat on her tail and that's it!
Then nothing would have happened.
I'm sure!
What about me?
Illustrious man was Khoma.
And noble.
But he's gone.
Unclean spirit! Satan!
Lord, what do we do...
- Strange sound?
- Exactly, strange!
- And you claim it's a monster? And it has
nine horns? - Seven horns. Seven!
Stop, stop!
You go on ahead,
we're not going there!
Hey, colleagues!
Ridiculous story...
Wait, where are you going?
- What the hell was that, lads?
- Repent!
This is a sign! Emissary of the devil
broke through the circle!
What kind of emissary of hell is he
when he got his feet so muddy?
He doesn't look like no emissary.
Pan Sotnik...
Nobody inside.
Emissary of hell.
- Jonathan Green?
- Jonathan Green, yes!
Yes, Jonathan Green.
Scientist, cartographer ...
Subject of Her Majesty
Queen of England.
I salute you...
All those stranded on our shores...
All have fever!
I steered the spyglass toward the fire.
I saw the savages well. I was sure
they are baking their terrible meal of human flesh.
What are you reading?
Latest bestseller of Mr. Defoe about
the adventures of Robinson Crusoe.
So many great writers and
you pick to read this?
- And what is this, madam?
- Give it back! - From him?
I asked you to break up with him! I don't want
anything reminding me of him in my house.
Quiet, dad! You forget that he's the father of my
child and perhaps is now in grave danger!
- Surrounded by savages and pirates on a
desert island! - Savages? Island?
What island? This is
the largest continent on Earth!
And your no good cartographer Jonathan
Green, is located in the center of that continent!
- Continent?
- Yes! Silly girl ... An island!
Excuse me sir ...
It is very important ...
- Wheel. - Wheel? - Yes.
- Our blacksmith makes such mechanisms.
Come on. He invented a
vodka distiller. Clean as a whistle!
- Although I do not drink, of course.
- I know what vodka is.
- It is mechanics ... mechanism.
- Oh, it's quite simple!
No, he does not drink!
He stoped drinking a year ago, when his daughter became
mute. Now he sits in the smithy and contrive.
- He forged sabers his whole life.
- Sabers? - Sabers.
- Is there anyone there? Taras, It's me!
Foreigner is here for a visit. - Visit?
This is the foreigner coach.
Moves and steers on it's own.
No need for a coachman.
- Like that's something! We can do that too.
- No, no... It's Dutch master.
Dutch, you say ...
And what does this look like,
pan scientist?
- The flying machine of Leonardo da Vinci!
- I do not know who that is, but it can fly.
How do you land?
Pan scientist, you'll be
my guest. That is the custom.
Put yourself where there's space
and do not worry about your coach.
- Why do you want the scientist here?
- That's not why I called.
Almost a year passed since my dove flew away from us.
Tomorrow, I want funeral service in the old church.
I'll order the boys and
they'll clean the road in a second.
- You said nothing, I heard nothing! Forget it!
- I waited 9 days, then 40.
- Almost a year. How much more?
-You shouldn't be waiting, but praying earnestly.
Something bothers me.
What did you saw there, last year?
Petrus! Petrus!
- Yes, pan Sotnik?
- Tell me, what is drawn here?
Map of some area.
Get me this... scientist.
But quietly!
Sorry... Hello, do you speak english?
What's your name?
She is mute.
What devil brought him so gentle...
This is for back scrubbing.
Your brother scientist likes these things.
Decided to fly far, pan scientist?
- What's the problem?
- Pan Sotnik is calling for you.
But, quietly!
Nastusya... Nastusya!
I love you, but you're avoiding me!
You know how hard it is for me to not be able to see you
but you're letting me suffer for a year already
When I saw shadows of horses in flames,
I thought... we all did... in fear: I repent!
My wheel...
Spirid! Do you smell that?
All women are witches,
the older, the bigger!
It's faster by river.
Clean as a whistle!
Pan Sotnik... The scientist.
- Cartographer, do you believe in God?
- What can I tell you? I'm a scientist.
- Then, you don't believe in the devil, either?
- I don't. - I thought so.
This I need! The church to be drawn on the map
and all my land be on the map.
Map? I need time.
1000 chervons.
- What did pan Sotnik want?
- He asked about the cursed place.
- Same old tune. - He says that
his boys will clear the path no time.
I'd like to see those lads
that dare go to the cursed place.
No such heroes!
And the foreigner?
This is advance.
- I need an assistant.
- You'll get an assistant.
Start from the old church,
But not a word to anyone!
Pan Sotnik, hurry!
Hurry, pan scientist!
- You have to forgive him. - What happened?
- Since his daughter's death he's not quite himself.
People think that the Mistress was actually a witch.
Her soul is wandering the swamp and can not find peace.
That's why Khoma was brought to church.
It's closed in the circle so the unclean force can't come out.
The bravest of the Cossacks do not go there.
Come on, go, go!
I need facts.
Don't tell anyone you
went to see pan Sotnik.
- Maybe Paisiy is right?
- We'll see.
- Where is the scientist?
- Here he is!
-Sit down everyone. - Pour that good vodka
of yours to pan scientist. He never tasted such.
Cheers lads! May we be alive and well,
and may all be well.
- For which area are you scientist?
- How many scientists have you met in your life?
- I, for example, know those who watch
the stars. - Where's the science in that?
Those of whom I speak,
watch the stars through the glass!
Taras, bring more vodka.
There are those who don't look at the stars.
One came here. Also scientist.
- Philosopher!
- Khoma Brut. Brutus.
And you, pan scientist,
how do you know of him?
- I've heard of him. Everyone knows such a person .
- Who would not know a celebrity.
We were ordered by pan Sotnik to bring
the theologian Khoma Brut.
You're trying in vain!
- From here you can not escape.
- What a beautiful scenery!
To fish here!
Or hunt!
I think there's birds also,
in these woods.
Fruit that you can dry and sell in town.
Even better is to make vodka of it!
Because with vodka made of fruit,
no beer can compare!
Why did pan Sotnik chose him for such an
important job? He didn't have courage for it.
It is known that, when pan conceives something,
Even the most educated person can't see why!
We took Khoma to the church.
- Let me go, lads!
- I remember that dogs were barking.
What kind of Cossack am I,
If I'm afraid?
I could smell tobacco a bit.
Good tobacco....
What a terrible, radiant beauty.
- Where is that church? - Why do
you care , pan scientist?
- Never mind. - This is the most important
thing in Hutor. With this, draw a circle!
- And don't be afraid of the devil
- Not even a witch.
- They say that every witch has a small tail.
- Daughter, where are you going? In the swamp?
- I told you not to go!
- These are just stories and prejudices.
Maybe you, in Europe, have no witches.
But here, in Kiev, all women are witches.
It's obvious that pan scientist did not understood. Girl
sinned with the devil and became a witch!
- Yavtukh, he drinks?
- His skills, he can't drink away.
You, why did you interrupt us?
Let me go!
Where to, scientist?
Don't insult the lads! Sit, drink...
- But, what of Khoma?
Facts! - Evidence!
Here they are!
This is my evidence.
I secretly watched with one eye.
Listen carefully...
Only the first time is scary.
Or, maybe, it is not so scary.
Not scary at all.
Not scary.
I should illuminate the whole church,
to be as bright as day.
He's under the table!
That hurted my ear.
Help me!
He wants to escape!
I can't see anything!
Do not let him take the chalk!
Turn around!
Do not let him reach it!
Do not let him take the chalk!
I can't see him!
Where is he?
Grandma Ganna!
The mistress!
Where are you?
Call Viy!!
Raise my eyelids!
Here, he's yours now!
Your soul is eternal!
If you save your soul,
I will leave you among the living!
You saw how many of them are there?
They live in people and everywhere.
Only with the cross you can
defend from them.
But there's no cross in you.
It's easy if you're dressed in clean clothes
and spend your entire life in the circle.
The mistress has chosen you. She invited
Viy personally, so you would come out of the circle.
You saw his eyes and lived!
You have a strong heart.
Help the mistress find peace.
Help her!
Pan scientist, pan Sotnik is angry.
You took the money, and ...
I have to go.
- The high place, where is it?
- The old church. There!
Let's go, Peter!
Give it here!
How is our scientist?
He picked up his things and left.
Devil's work! They left the protection circle!
She saw. Speak!
- Lord, what will happen with us?
- Go and alarm the people!
- Listen, it looks like you got 200
more? - How is that possible? - How, how ...
Pan Sotnik asked about them. Have you seen,
he asks, a 1000 chervons I sent for Khoma?
I saw, I saw all.
Then, to the church!
Consider it, secret from confession.
You know what... Do as you want,
I'm not going further.
This is the cursed place?
Take the rope! Hold it!
Peter, hold on tight!
I'll take the swamp,
and you go to the cursed place.
I'll buy you a new saddle.
Plenty of chervons, we have.
You see how much there is?
Peter, hold the rope tight!
I'm holding, I'm holding...
Petrus, from here I can draw everything!
Lift my instruments!
draw, draw...
Have you heard?
Scientist sucked all the blood from
Petrus, on the cursed place! He's completely pale!
I saw something exactly like that
in my dreams...
Gather people, father Paisiy calls for the sermon!
Get up, you old devil, the scientist...
Great efforts and exhausted organism made me
succumb to the influence of these stories.
They reminded me of pirates, bandits without
consciences, that ended their lifes hanged,
to the satisfaction and delight of the audience.
Fear not, darling, first impression often deceives.
- To hell with you...
- Overko!
- What is it friend? - Scientist is on the old church.
- Damn him! - And you're hiding money again?
Inform Paisiy,
I'll go to the cursed place!
We didn't make it. We came to the cursed place, and
scientist was already standing on the roof. And Petrus is there.
It does not matter, Overko is there. If something
happens, the scientist will get a bullet in the back.
Tell me, what do we do next?
We'll put the blame on pan Sotnik.
Nothing... People trust me
and they're ready to punish the infidels.
Pan Sotnik wants eulogy for
his daughter. So be it...
Stay there, I'll need you.
In front of you, does not stand
the shepherd, with the right to judge you.
In front of you is a slave, a worm,
that you can spit upon.
But I call on you...
Do not try to understand the reasons,
or search the reason behind everything...
They say we are in darkness and ignorance.
Let them talk.
Send away from you those
carrying the light of knowledge ...
Where to, pan Sotnik? Have you
no love for the flock of Christ?
Where to?
A flock indeed.
We're doomed.
Pan Sotnik's pride is to be blamed for everything.
And scientists that think they are all knowing!
My gold ...
I must hide it better.
Scientist isn't going anywhere, anyway.
Fear the newcomer!
I can see Satan's army going behind him!
Chase the demon far away,
make it burn under his feet!
- My instruments are up there.
Petrus, pull me up! - Where?
- What was that, Peter? I don't understand.
- I told you this place is damned.
We should run!
- My Maps ...
- Run!
Go to Sotnik!
- What did you saw there?
- Work of the devil...
-You too? - You weren't there!
- Any connection with the scientist is damned!
- Go! - You don't understand...
- Go and finish your job!
If you do not,
you will not be able to sit!
I have to go there myself.
You said Overko will not let him leave alive.
And now, he came back and went to Sotnik.
- Who? - The scientist!
Bring him here!
- Who?
- Petrus!
- I asked you to fix it,
and you broke it. -No.
You scientists can't
know what I know.
- Put him here.
- Dorosh, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
Close his mouth, Dorosh,
he'll alarm the whole Hutor!
- With this?
- No, find something else.
No, Dorosh! Father Paisiy,
stop this joke, that's enough! Enough ...
What was the scientist doing there?
Pan Sotnik sent him!
He promised him a 1000 chervons,
that you left on the cursed place.
Bravo... Bravo.
In the future, you will inform me,
about everything you find out.
Go, but let no one see you!
I'm going, but I'll not serve you!
This time do not let the scientist out of your
sight, and I will gather the people!
All right.
Where had Overko disappeared?
To the church!
Pan scientist, Paisiy will
send the Cossacks, you should run!
- I'll go with you, under one condition!
- What? - I'll take Nastusya with me.
Nastusya, get ready, I came to get you.
Take nothing unnecessary. I have some toast.
Or you don't agree? You hear me?
Then I'll steal you, by God!
Look, I've prepared a rope, but I wont tie you,
because you'll come with me. Right, Nastusya?
So, no.
I'll go alone.
I'll go and you wont see me again.
Maybe, latter, you'll cry
for me. Goodbye.
My love, come with me.
- Let's go!
- We'll wait for you. In the boat.
Overko! Overko!
Where are you? Friend!
What the hell is wrong with you?
I'll kill you!
Where did you hide my money?
- What's wrong with you? You're out of your mind
because of that money! - You stole it!
- You think you can say whatever falls on
your mind, is it? - Brother Dorosh, shall we smoke?
Where's my pipe?
Overko! Overko!
Nastusya, we're here!
- Petrus, where to?
- I'm going after her!
Overko! How many times did we
save each other? What is this now?
Forget the hatred! Let's go to pan Sotnik and
recall Cossack feats. And we'll drink!
Nice pipe, you have. No one else
has such. Here, have a smoke!
Viy! Viy...
There, in the swamp.
Viy, the horned monster!
Time has come to eradicate devil's seed, with the
word of God, with the flame and the sword!
Why so little?
Mute girl... Good that you're mute.
Come here... Come...
Mute girl.
Don't kill me!
She killed Dorosh!
She's a witch! Witch!
Father Paisiy, Nastusya didn't do this,
it was the unholy one. I saw him!
Father Paisiy, I saw him!
With seven horns. It wasn't Nastusya!
What do I do...
Hold him...
Hold him...
You wont escape!
Map. But, map is not what you wanted.
You wanted to find out what happened to your daughter.
- Find out what?
- I know what happened.
You know who it is?
Hold him!
Animals know everything...
Find him! I'll spare no expense.
My terms are, save Nastusya
and guarantee my safety.
We'll do that now!
What demonic deeds are done here?
Release Nastusya now!
That girl had split Dorosh at half,
in front of my very eyes!
- What are you saying, bastard?
- Witch ... - Open up!
- No.
- What, what?
No. It's not permitted.
-Who does not permit?
Who does not permit? -Me.
I would watch what I'm saying,
if I was you.
Do not keep people here.
Filth! Demon's seed!
Catch him!
Hold him...
Throw him in the pit with the witch.
We will interrogate him later.
No escape from here!
Knowledge is the light.
- Let's see what that punk is writing.
My darling, miss Dudley...
Like this...
The wings of local residents resemble
the wings of some species of bats.
Their wingspan is greater than three meters.
I felt their breath so close, that if
I've reached out, I would've touched their skin.
They, also have, hooves.
Did you hear this?
Do you remember the one-legged sailor
that we met in London's docks?
He showed us a huge octopus.
Why are you crying?
- I haven't got a letter from him in a while.
- Don't think about him. He's not worth the tears.
Dad, please!
Here, they have a ten times bigger one.
It has six eyes and is called Viy.
He's insane!
If I don't return,
search for me in the cursed place!
Lord, make it be so.
Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you.
It will be all right.
The swamp...The monster...
Are you feeding him long?
A month? A year?
This is a map.
My life's work.
Now, it may be gone forever.
Wait ... these are not my markings!
This is an escape route.
Sotnik is a dangerous man.
What the hell are we waiting for?
I want power!
And money.
Money is for the temple.
We have to decide,
she saw everything.
I want the ritual, to be performed,
in the swamp.
All people must be
involved in her death.
You devised that nicely.
I would like to know,
who is hiding under that skin?
Go now!
What is it, witch?
Taras ... conspiracy!
Run, Nastusya!
Where to stupid woman?
You want to watch someone suffering?
- Let's go!
- Where to? Sit down!
Old devil!
From here, you will not escape. It's nicely said,
all trouble comes from knowledge.
- What are you doing here?
- A miracle happened! - What miracle?
From Paisiy's holy water!
My daughter got angry and
began to swell, swell ...
And turned into a frog!
-Paisiy's holy water turned her back human, again.
- You're lying, aren't you? You're lying, Yavtukh?
Dog lies!
You want the truth?
- Don't ever get angry!
- You speak like a woman, Yavtukh!
You hear? When they put the witch
in the water, she'll fly !
- Can you take my watch? - No... - Come on, Yavtukh!
You're not doing anything, anyway.
I'd really like to see that...
Fine, I'll keep an eye on.
But don't stay long!
Hello, pan scientist!
Go through the swamp.
I stole these two horses.
Go forward, don't do anything,
and you'll live.
Paisiy. Paisiy and Overko.
- Beware of them!
- I understand! Go! - Thank you!
This woman may be a witch!
What are you doing with those stones?
- Paisiy said, everyone should take a stone.
- ...and will be tested in water.
If she surfaces, she's a witch!
Brothers and sisters, punishment will come to
anyone who doesn't listen to me.
- Done.
- Finish it up.
- Peter! Peter!
- Go away!
- You should have let me disappear!
- 'Disappear'...
What are you saying?
Khoma 'disappeared'. What does that mean?
- It means he's gone! -No, no, I don't understand!
Where did you bury him?
-There was nothing to bury!
- Listen, Peter, we can save Nastusya.
- I know what you saw. - What?
- Sheep skin with horns.
It's in the swamp. Wear it and divert their
attention. They will run after you. Understand?
- I get it! I get it!
- Get up and go!
Lead them to the cursed place!
I didn't know... I didn't know
I'll live to see such shame.
Shame to the people.
Now everyone come here, let her be judged,
let her be send to God's judgment.
Look, he fell! He fell!
Stop! Stop...
Catch him!
Looking for this?
Khoma Brutus...
You wanted to kill me, didn't you?
To take my maps and get away unpunished?
Facts are important. These are facts!
You liked the young mistress.
In argument you wounded her, and left her to die.
And she believed that, after three
days of reading prayers over her, you will repent.
But you showed your cruelty. 'He knows who...'
These were her last words before death.
With one sheep skin, you kept whole Hutor in fright,
for a year.
I'll show you to the people.
Get up!
What do you want of me?
I'm tired from it all. I had enough.
- You won't believe me anyway. - Where did you get that belt? - When I pulled you, the case unhooked.
- You're lying. - I told
you wouldn't believe me.
- Why did you need my maps?
- It was the only way to salvation.
Where could I go?
To the seminary? You don't leave that world so easily.
Or, like you, they would think that I killed the girl.
- Unclean spirit!
- Lads, it's me, Khoma!
You tricked Overko and Dorosh into quarrel?
- Their greed destroyed them.
- Why did the mistress chose you?
Year ago, Gorobets, Khalyava and me,
we strayed to this place and spent the night here.
What is your name, boy?
Khoma. Philosopher.
Come here, philosopher.
Khoma... Don't be afraid,
I won't bite.
We just met, but I
won't refuse you...
It was destiny that brought us together.
Nastusya could have thought that I
did it, so I've put on the sheep skin.
She saw me,
but only as a monster.
Out of gratefulness for saving her,
she was bringing me food.
Entire year, I'm praying here,
for salvation of the soul of young mistress.
First three nights were terrible.
I survived all sorts of horrors.
On the third night, I was completely exhausted.
And when the roosters sang, he came!
- I already know who is Viy.
- He's even more terrible. - Who? Who is he?
That's him!
Are you tired, little devil?
Have you recognized me, Khoma? How is
life without her? She seduced me too!
I thought you're dead, but you're alive.
I wanted to scare them with sheep skin and horns.
But she tempted me ... Oh, just how were
glistening, her black devilish eyes!
There's no sin on me. It is said, sinner is not
the one who is tempted, but the one who tempts!
Also, he doesn't know what kind of pleasure
is hidden in fornication. She made me hate her.
Somebody help me...
No one can help you.
Dead mouth can't talk,
it is said! No one will ever know!
- Where did you hide my gold?
- Let him go!
Or you'll lose your larkspur
and your head.
Run, save yourself!
People want miracles and
I give them miracles!
I spent many years as a
missionary in Europe.
I know how to create a new religion.
Without miracles! With the help of your inventions!
I am the new prophet!
And you will die.
As a priest, I can't
let you die without repentance.
Read the prayer.
I want you to know that your
life is not in the hands of the Lord ...
But in my hands.
I decide who will
live and who will die.
Be damned!
Go do something else.
Little Daniel... Forgive me.
I'm ashamed to admit it,
but I was wrong about your father.
Trust me, he is great and brave man.
These are his letters to your mother.
I intend to publish them.
I want the world to know, that it's wrong to
judge someone so rash as I did.
Unfortunate Bruno was burned at the stake,
and then they realized that the Earth is round.
Letters are now in your hands.
Keep them with you.
Another pigeon. We will
find out together how the story ended.
- Yavtukh, where are you going? - There!
- You're not afraid? - Cossack fears nothing.
I want you to know that your
life is not in the hands of the Lord, but in my hands.
I decide who will
live and who will die.
Paisiy is shouting, I can hear him clearly.
Be damned!
A miracle happened./i
I felt the breath of God and His touch,
that changed my fate.
Never before or after, have
I felt anything like it.
My whole previous life
flew in front of me.
I thought, after I die,
who will succeed me?
Darling, I want us to have a child.
I want to tell you, how good friends
your master and I were.
Evil was punished and I received a fee.
- Those are Sotnik's chervons!
It's my money! My!
The body and the soul of the mistress found peace,
and her father, serenity.
Khoma, with a touch of distrust toward
science, reminded little of the former seminarian.
And fate had brought me to this remote place,
to finish the story that he started.
Out of the way!
This is a magic lantern!
Miracle created with human genius!
It can build, but, it can also destroy,
depending on the hands that posses it.
Pictures will come alive, and we will see
beautiful cities and lovely people.
- Did you find Paisiy?
-No. He's no where to be found.
He 'disappeared'.
Two peculiar rats
extremely and unnaturally large...
They sniffed, sniffed...
And went away.
Say, was it so?
- All women are witches.
- The older, the bigger.
What's the problem?
- Pan scientist, one toast before the trip?
- I drank. - For the road? - I drank.
- What about the memory?
- For that, I didn't.
True cossack!
I don't know where
this cogwheel should go...
Now, when the passions subsided and cold
logic again mastered my reasoning,
I can say that all
fantastic events of the last few days,
were only images created
by human brain,
that still remains poorly studied
by modern science.
Serbian subs: tplc
English subs: StImPsKy and wHiTeBoIi