Vodka Diaries (2018) Movie Script

Yes, sir? - ACP Ashwini Dixit.
(Pistol cocking)
Ashwini. - (Pistol cocking)
"Where there is love everywhere.." - Not there.
Why are you reading poetry all the time?
You are ACP Ashwini Dixit's wife. You should read crime novels.
Please don't try to mix crime with my poetry.
Ma'am, crime could be poetic as well.
And for god's sake don't compare crime with poetry.
Why not? Don't you say, 'Breath has stopped.'
We say it is a murder. Simple.
The problem is, in poetry..
..people take and give away hearts. I don't know how.
Let someone give away a heart. The person would be dead. - (Laughs)
Finish. Homicide. (Laughs)
Everything's illogical there and then they praise the poem.
You will never understand art.
For you, it's guns, crime, murder. That's your thing.
Crime is also an art. - Really? (Chuckles)
Teasing you is also an art. I know that well.
By god, you get beautifully angry.
You want to hit me?
Do that. Section 307.
What's that? - Attempt to murder. - I should try that.
Okay. Read me a poem, please.
You have ruined my mood. Definitely not.
Very well.
I am in the mood. I'll read it myself.
Is this a new poem? Very good.
'How do I believe, oh tears, that you have seen my beloved arrive?'
'How do I believe, oh tears, that you have seen my beloved arrive?'
'The crow is quiet. The peacock does not dance.'
'Koel doesn't sing. Nor did the buds bloom.'
Great! Well written, Shikha.
Wonderful. How can I make you happy?
There is no eyewitness.
If I read the poem, it would be a post mortem.
'Matters of the heart remain in the heart..'
'..hidden due to stubbornness.'
'I would like to hear you speak.'
'He likes his eyes to do the talking.'
Three times, right?
(Clears throat)
'What is love? What is love?'
'What is love?'
'Fire in the breaths.'
'Pining in the eyes.'
'Restless souls.'
'Beating hearts.'
(Bottle shatters)
The same dream again?
Yes. It doesn't let me be.
(Phone ringing)
(Phone ringing) - Won't you take the call?
It must be Ankit at the reception.
Right on time.
One more time. More angrily.
Right on time! Go get it!
(Phone ringing)
Sir, how were the holidays?
I hope you had fun, sir.
Policemen and fun?
Beer, vodka, and all.
And Kishore's..
Sir, you look at her with so much love.
Do you have a problem? - Your love scares me, not your anger.
Think about me then.
It feels nice to see you relaxed.
I am thinking of making plans for the weekend.
Plans? Will you get the leave?
I won't, sir.
These media guys make us work harder.
They reach everywhere before us.
They are raking up the writer's case too much.
Sir, you were right.
The fingerprints match with those of the suspect's.
Tell me something. - Yes, sir?
Can a writer commit a murder during his book launch?
I am not convinced.
Sir, negative publicity.
Negative publicity is fine, but why are you discussing work?
We are holidaying.
Well, several poems must have been written during these holidays.
Yes. - Read a poem then.
Shall I? - Yes. - Okay.
'These come down from the sky to the valleys.'
'These spread a white cover over the mountains.'
'That is I.'
'The one who plays on the leaves of lush green trees.'
'The one who becomes dew and tolerates every season.'
'That is I.'
(Car door closes)
Okay, sir. - Okay. - Good bye.
What's wrong?
I don't want to enter this house. - Why not?
Because you change completely here. This is a different world.
Your cases, files and cases leave no place for me.
'This face of the house and your case..'
Madam, listen to the rest of the poem.
(Phone ringing)
Yes, Ankit. Tell me.
Really? I see.
I'm on my way. No. I'm will be there. Okay.
Shikha, where are you? - Changing.
I'll be right back. - No.
Not there. I'm going out.
You just arrived. Why are you going back?
It's important. I'll be back in half an hour.
Wait. I'm coming. Wait. - Okay.
(Brakes squeal)
Tell the officer the truth. Got that? - Yes, sir.
Sir. Sorry, sir. I had to call you immediately.
Come on. Shikha will scold you. - I will bear it, sir.
Who is the witness? These people?
Sir, they were the first to see the dead body.
Tell the officer what you saw!
Sir, I had rang Ms. Meghna's bell at around 4 o'clock.
(Door bell rings)
What is it? - Nobody's opening the door.
I have been ringing since long.
Wait a while. She'll open.
I've been waiting since long. The door is also open.
Sir, the hair is conditioned.
I mean bad condition, sir.
(Camera clicks)
Sir, who can think of killing her?
The murderer would die upon seeing her.
Why? - She is so beautiful.
Oh, I see.
You should also be a writer. Quit being a policeman.
No, sir. I like to be a cop.
I earn more than a writer.
Really? Have you tried it?
Sir, I'll check the other rooms. - Okay. - Very important.
Check properly.
(Camera clicks)
'Park your demons in the dark.'
Take these files in custody. - Okay, sir.
Did you open the door? - No, sir.
It was like this. - Yes, sir.
Sir, we have investigated the flat. Just the post mortem..
Sir, this is the night club.
Remember you had gone there last year with a warrant.
Find out with whom she was supposed to go. These are VIP passes.
Perhaps she was going alone.
Yes, not everyone is virtuous like you.
Vodka Diaries. Fingerprints.
Hi. - Hi.
Room is available? - Yes..
Submit copies of your PAN card, Aadhar card and ration card.
And submit four passport sized photographs at the reception.
And then.. - Excuse me. - Excuse me.
I need a room, not a Visa to London.
(Laughs) I told you it works.
The manager is too good.
What? - Sense of humor. (Laughs)
Actually, I was teaching my staff how to receive the guests.
How to be friendly with them. (Laughs)
Are you done? Now tell me.
No, you tell me. What will you have?
Tea, coffee, cold drinks. What will you have?
A room.
Sense of humor. (Laughs)
The manager is too good.
Give me the key.
(Door opens)
Welcome! Come in.
Not bad. Nice room.
I told you I will give you the best room.
By the way, I have designed it myself.
Really? - Yes. - You are a good designer.
Yes, nice arrangement.
You know what, Ronnie. You sleep there and I will sleep here.
Mind the duck please. - Okay.
We will mind the duck.
But do you have anything to get on a high?
(Coughs) (Clears throat)
Tell me.
I think you will make all other arrangements.
I'll take your leave. Have a nice day. - Thank you.
Thank you.
So, what's next?
Shall we ruin the duck?
First a hot shower? - Hot shower? Nice idea.
Easy, Ronnie. Just me.
Is that so?
(Door opens)
Oh! I'm so sorry.
No. It's okay. - I forgot to tell you something.
Is the duck all right? - Yes.
It's our club's anniversary night.
I would like both of you to join us. Here are the passes.
Please do not miss this night.
And believe me, you will drop your plans to get high.
(Laughs) - Thank you.
What if your mom finds out?
My mom is a sweetheart. She doesn't mind boyfriends.
But all this is too much for her.
You know, Kavya. I still don't believe..
..that finally this is happening.
I have never done this before either.
This is first time for me.
But I have no clue what's going to happen.
I'm scared.
(Keyboard clacking)
Please isolate this.
Oh, no.
Nothing further? - No, sir. No more footage.
Okay, Show me the lift video. Play it frame by frame.
..sorry, I had to leave.
Hold. Go to the previous frame.
I'll have something to eat. Okay?
Hold. Zoom in.
No, you can have it.
Shikha, I am busy. Shall I call you later? Okay?
Zoom in further. That's it.
Am I the only one seeing those passes or you see them too?
No, sir. Those are two passes.
Sir, you were absolutely spot on.
Vivek Rajput..
..had a relationship with Meghna.
They had tonight's reservation at Vodka Diaries club.
Show me the video of the man pulling her?
(Clears throat)
The one pulling the girl.. - Yes, sir.
Is it love or some other intention?
Sir, how can I say that? - You are experienced in such matters.
Sir, you have..
Let's go. - Okay.
He pulled her in an odd way.
(Brakes squeal)
Thank you.
Nice game.
I said nice game.
The game began just two minutes back.
You're appreciating it already.
By the way, I am Vivek. Vivek Rajput.
I see.
Well, you need to introduce yourself if someone introduces himself.
Are you generally so cheesy or is it something special today?
No wonder.
You are alone in such a crowd.
You are alone.
Come. Join us.
Sorry. I don't go anywhere with strangers.
Roshini Banerjee.
If you insist.. - Come on.
Do you only flirt or you do something in life?
Flirting is just a hobby.
Basically, I am a killer.
Kill what? Time?
I kill beautiful girls.
Have you found someone here?
I did.
But I think she's also a professional killer.
It's tough to impress your friend.
Nothing is easy in this world, my friend,
This makes everything easy.
Take it once and everything is easy.
No thanks. I will manage.
Hi. - Who are you searching for?
I was just..
We're done with the club. Shall we do something new?
How about a long drive?
As long as you promise not to kill me, Mr. Professional Killer.
(Brakes squeal)
Where's your manage? - Sir, he's in the club.
Check the club. - Yes, sir.
The guest list please. - Yes, sir.
Ankit. - Yes, sir?
You're going on official duty. - Yes, sir.
Is this the entire list? - Yes, sir.
No problem. Everything is under control.
What's wrong, sir?
If you didn't like the song, you could have changed it?
You didn't have to stop the music for such a minor issue.
Meghna and Vivek Rajput had booked a table tonight.
I am so sorry, sir. According to the club's policy.. last minute cancellations.
Should I get your club's license canceled?
Sir, what is the matter?
There are no surnames in some places.
There are Kushal, Srivastava, Pandey.. How will I know?
Very sorry, sir. I'll get the details. - Yes, please.
Sir, this is Sam.
Hi. - He was the last person to see Vivek leave.
I never saw anyone.
You said you saw Vivek leave. - I never said anything.
He is lying. I never said it. - But..
You said you saw Vivek leave. - No, I said nothing to anyone.
Sam.. - It's not Sam. It's Som.
Darn you. - What? - Tell us what you know.
(Scoffs) I know nothing.
Nobody knows who know it. I know people who are unknown.
I know them.
Look through your soul. He is here with us.
He knows everything. He is watching.
He says to look at them.
He meant you.
And you..
Sir, they left half an hour back. - I see.
There was a girl with him.
I don't know them. - Where did they go?
Sir, I don't know where they went, but..
..I met them today. I came from Delhi this morning.
Teach him to shut the zip. - Sir.
Yes, Shikha. Sorry, I had to hang up.
I never knew it would take so long.
It's a bit complicated case.
No, I am leaving. I'll be there. Okay?
Shall we go? - Yes, sir.
Are you crazy? How much more will you drink?
This is our first date, Kavya.
So it has to be amazing.
I am quite angry with you right now.
And you know what?
You look very cute.
(Phone ringing) - Oh no!
Mom's call.
(Phone ringing)
(Phone ringing)
Hello. Yes, brother. Tell me.
Where did you disappear?
Your family has been calling me.
Well, I got an important assignment.
The assignment must be in your lap right now.
How's the weather there?
Hello? Ronnie?
Hello? - What? - How is the weather?
It's quite hot. Quite hot.
What? Is it hot in Manali?
Yes. Wait a second.
How do I look? - Great!
Really great! Very good. Beautiful. - Let's go.
Are you scared?
Are you asking or telling me?
May be both.
Fear is also intoxicating in a different way.
You should try it sometime, you know?
Of course.
Don't take advantage of this situation.
There's a lot to happen.
(No lyrics)
"Oh, baby."
"Oh, baby."
"If I am drunk, so what?"
"What's wrong with it? Baby."
"Whether it is gin or Johnny.."
"..the queen of intoxication is a bottle of liquor."
"Oh, baby."
"Oh, baby."
(No lyrics)
"Life is already ruined."
"A bottle of liquor alleviates all forms of sorrow."
"I have had liquor for the first time. I am intoxicated."
"It felt nice having liquor."
"Swinging around, started dancing on the dance floor."
"No matter how much I drink, I digest a bottle of liquor."
(No lyrics)
Sorry for the delay, ma'am.
Your drinks.
It's about time. You kept me waiting. Thank you.
You were busy so long.
I'm sure there was something happening.
The thing is there is no problem.
Because you are here.
You know, beauty and all that. Very difficult.
How was your day? What happened?
The same thing.
A guy gave away his heart.
The girl didn't.
The guy said he would snatch it.
Game over. Homicide.
What else did you do apart from calling me?
Did you write anything?
So read it for me.
So you want to listen to something other than homicide.
Yes, I am always ready.
'This thought is wrong.'
'That you are not being watched.'
'I am busy..'
'..but not unaware.'
That is wonderful.
Good poem for security cameras.
I mean I am being watched.
24 hours. But you are unaware.
I promise I won't say a word other than wonderful.
I don't want to recite it. - Please recite it.
Please do. - One more. - Yes, sure.
Say go ahead. - Go ahead.
'Even ashes have some sparks left in them.'
'Do love someone, but not to the extent.'
Too much. It was quite deep.
I am dumbfounded.
Did you understand a word?
(Phone ringing)
(Phone ringing)
Yes, Ankit. Tell me.
Oh, no.
I'll be there. Okay?
Forensics has reached there. On the way? Good.
Yes, Ankit. I am here.
Where are you? Okay.
He looks like Batman, sir.
Get him down. And check on the girl who was with him.
Okay, sir.
(Phone ringing)
Sir, one more.
Vodka Diaries.
Sir, last man sleeping.
Manager. - Sir, I swear..
..I know nothing about this.
So god came here and took Ronnie with him.
You know, they were talking about going to another world.
If you talk rubbish, I'll send you to that world.
Who saw Ronnie first?
Him.. - Sir, when housekeeping rang the bell in the morning..
..and the door was not opened, he informed me about it.
I saw that.. - Ankit! - Yes, sir.
Yes. - Hey, seal the hotel quickly.
Interrogate everyone. Fast! - What are you saying, sir?
We'll be in trouble. What about my guests and my staff?
There's no problem. There's a good match today. All of you watch together.
Sir, please. Our business will be ruined if you do that.
Business? It's none of your business now.
Murderers are happening here. - But sir.. - Do you have a lawyer?
What? - Lawyer.
Get one. Will be handy.
Where is the girl?
She is downstairs.
(Door creaks)
We shouldn't have come here.
(Door closes)
We shouldn't have come here.
We had told him not to.
We shouldn't have come here.
Everything was so perfect.
We had this relationship for years.
But... he destroyed it in a snap.
She killed him.
She is dangerous.
She will kill everyone.
Who is dangerous?
She will kill everyone. Everyone.
Who is she?
Has she done something to you?
The one who is dangerous. Who is she?
Who is she? - The one who killed Ronnie..
She's dangerous. She's dangerous.
Who is she?
Who are you talking about?
Who is she?
We'll find her.
Dangerous. We'll find her. Okay.
(Clears throat) Take care.
(Door creaks)
What do you think, sir?
She needs a psychiatrist.
Exactly, sir.
What's going on over there?
Excuse me. Move aside.
Excuse me. Please move, madam.
Sir, I can't tell him to freeze.
Because he's already frozen.
Deep freeze.. Get him out. - Manager!
Move back, please.
(Phone ringing)
Hello. - 'Welcome to Vodka Diaries.'
'ACP Ashwini Dixit.'
Who is this? - 'Are you enjoying these murders?'
'What?' - 'By the way, how is Shikha?'
What nonsense is this?
Hello. Hello?
Yes, Shikha.. - 'She's beautiful.' - What?
Hey! How dare you..
You don't know who I am.
If something happens to my wife.. - 'What is love?'
Shikha.. Shikha.. Hello? - 'What is love?'
(Horn blares)
Sir, Two States, Three Mistakes, Five Point Someone. - I don't want any.
Sir, I have Half Girlfriends as well.. - Get lost!
I'm sorry, ma'am. - I know it's annoying sometimes.
Sorry, dear. - It's all right.
By the way, it is worth reading.
Yes, the book is quite popular.
Brother! - What? - Brother, move it.
The traffic has been cleared. - Yes. One minute.
(Horn blares)
Move the car. - I am leaving. Wait up.
There was a bookseller here. - Who?
There was a girl too. - There was no one here. Move it.
(Horn blares) Get going, brother. - Yes, sure.
(Horn blares) - I am moving.
I am leaving!
(Brakes squeal)
(Dial tone)
(Phone ringing)
(Phone ringing)
(Phone ringing)
(Phone ringing)
(Pistol cocking)
Are you all right?
You get so worried.
Why do you think so much?
The case is complicated.
I have to think.
(Door bell rings)
Must be Ankit.
I got it. - Thank you.
(Glass shatters)
(Glass shatters)
Shikha.. Shikha..
(Glass shatters)
(Bottle shatters)
Sir.. Sir, I am Ankit..
What are you doing, sir? I am Ankit.
Sir, I am.. - How did you get in?
Sir, the door was open. So I.. I am Ankit, sir.
Vodka Diaries. Murderers.
We were solving a case.
What happened to it? Vodka Diaries. What happened?
Sir, I checked the CCTV footage.
At the night of murder, Ronnie had gone to his room with a girl.
All murders point to Vodka Diaries.
CCTV footage. - Yes.
So we can catch her. - Yes, sir.
Shikha is missing.
Shikha is missing.
She threatened me on the phone.
She's missing with Ashwini Dixit.
I'll mess her life.
Don't worry, sir. - No, I got a call.
This phone is..
Trace the last call.
Find out where that bloody.. stays. Go
I'll do that. - And meet me at Vodka Diaries. - Yes, sir.
(Engine starts)
Hey! - Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday dear Shikha.
Happy birthday to you. - Happy birthday.
Happy birthday, Shikha.
Yes? - What is going on?
Who gave you the permission to open the hotel?
The municipality did. We renewed the permissions last week.
Are you from the municipality?
One second.
Don't you know me?
Is the name of the property Vodka Diaries?
Of course. - Thank God.
Mr. Manager..
..this is a lousy attempt to cover up the murders in your hotel.
Murders? What are you talking about?
Nick Bhatia, Ronnie Duggan have checked out.
What kind of joke is this?
Are you drunk this early in the morning?
Who let you in? - I have had three bottles.
I am from the municipality. - Hello. What are you doing?
I am cleaning up. - Security!
What nonsense is this? Get lot.
Take me to Sara's room. - Sara.
Take me there or else I'll destroy everything in this office.
What is going on? - Come on!
Security! Anybody!
Why are you pushing me?
Take off your hand. I'm coming with you.
You don't understand. - I understand everything.
What? - The game you are playing.
We can't go to a guest's room without intimation.
I will show you how to do that.
We have a reputation. - (Door bell rings)
If you behave like this, people will not come to our hotel.
(Door bell rings) - She could be resting.
There you are. There's no water.
Please do something about it.
Yes. - Hi, Sara. - Hi.
So good to see you normal.
You are?
Excuse me, sir. You can't barge in like that.
I am inside.
One second. - What will you do? - This is my room.
Please leave right now. Who is he?
I don't know, ma'am. - How can he barge in my room?
What are you doing?
Great! You have cleaned up everything.
You got the fridge set up too. Great.
Ask him to leave.
What are you doing? Why are you opening these?
Everything is in place.
Excuse me. - Please leave. - Just leave the room right now.
Please leave. - I'll call the police. I'll shut down the hotel.
Ask him to leave right now. - Sorry, ma'am.
Please come here. Please come outside. - What sorry!
Leave right now. - Leave the room. - Mr. Manager, I will deal with you.
You're taking advantage of her mental instability.
Who is mentally unstable?
Who do you mean? - I didn't mean that. - What nonsense?
You called me mad. - Sara, no.
Is he made or what? - Who are you shouting at?
Manager, we don't have hot water yet.
I used cold water for the bath.
What kind of a hotel is this? - I'm sorry, sir. But..
Who are you?
Who are you? - How is this..
You were frozen.. - What?
Manager, who is he?
I don't know that, sir.
He barged in my room and.. - Hold it. Please come outside.
He says I am mentally unstable. - What?
He said I am mad. I am mentally unstable.
Come outside. Mentally unstable?
Let's go outside.
Okay. Let's go. - What kind of a hotel is this?
No water. People barging in the room. Why are you still here?
Why are you staring at me? Get out. - Come on. Please come out.
No hot water. People barging in.
Should I tell you again? Cone on, get out.
Come on. I told you. - Please leave them.
Come on. - Enough!
Sir, I found the address you asked me to trace.
This address that you.. - Yes.
Right. - Yes, sir.
Yes, sir?
Listen, go to the morgue. - Okay.
I need photographs of all the bodies at the morgue. I want proof.
Why the proof? But.. - I want proof.
You seem disturbed, sir.
No. I want.. I want proof. I..
Sir, I am your assistant. If you don't tell me..
I.. - Any problem, sir. Please tell me.
Please, sir. - My wife is missing.
What do I do? Dance?
Sorry. - No, it's okay.
I'll go check.
Okay. - Okay.
(Car lock beeps)
What nonsense is this? Who are you?
Depends on who is asking.
Meghna or Late Meghna?
What's your problem?
The problem is I have never seen you alive.
You were dead. - Are you out of your mind?
Watchman! Wait.
I'll call the police. - Please call the police.
Do you want the number?
Hello. Police station. - Women's safety all that. Very good.
A guy is troubling me. - And old rowdy guy. Rowdy.
Please come soon. Kais Villa. Please come soon.
Hang up now. You're done, right? Hang up.
Hang up the phone!
Don't tell me you are twin sisters. The movie crap.
Got that? How many people in your gang?
That's nonsense. - You.. - Stay away from me.
You are dead. - Stay away from me.
You're being psycho, right now. - You guys are making me psycho!
You are dead. (Thud) - Shut up! Help!
Help! - You are dead! - What are you doing?
What happened, baby? Are you okay?
Madman. Who are you?
You too are alive? You were dead.
Dead? Am I a ghost?
I don't know. The morgue must be empty that all of being alive.
He is talking nonsense. - You will get beaten up.
Call the police. - She made the call. The police is on its way.
I'll straighten all of you. And you rascal..
You told me you rang Meghna's door bell at 4. - I never said that.
He rang the bell? - I am seeing you for the first time.
Are you mad? - Everyone is trying to make me..
You were hanging.
By the tree. Got that?
I was hanging? - Yes. - You won't stop it.
Oh, no. - Are you okay?
Are you fine?
Listen. Are you hurt? - You hit him hard. He is hurt.
Okay. Sorry. Apply some ice. He'll be all right.
Tell me something. Are you compelled by something?
I don't understand this conspiracy.
I saw myself that she was..
..sitting on her bed dead.
I saw you hanging.
What's going on here?
Sir, what are you doing here? Bahadur, let him go.
You came so quickly.
Should have taken more time.
Take these three in custody.
What are you doing here?
I told you to arrest them. - Stop your drama.
Do you think we are mad?
You think they are dead.
Do you have any proof that you are alive?
Do you want proof? - Do you have it? - You want proof?
This will take care of your arrogance.
Great! You have got a good ID card.
There are many who come up with fake IDs.
Come with me quietly.
..were you looking for this?
Come with me. Else I'll bump you off right here. Come on.
What is your problem?
Is he drunk? - Sir, he had an entire bottle.
Why are you staring at me?
Lower your gaze. - One star is missing from your uniform.
Yadav, my wife..
..I warned her against putting my uniform in the washing machine.
She doesn't listen. She got me demoted.
Yes, sir.
You have done deep research on the police force.
Listen, get in the back.
Take him in front. He got away. Catch him.
Don't worry. I will handle everything.
(Thunder crashing)
Yes, sir. - ACP Ashwini Dixit.
Do you want anything, sir?
Vodka. - Okay.
Ice. - Sure, sir.
Do you like ice?
What? - Ice.
Do you like ice? - Yeah. - You like it? - Yes, sir.
There. I knew it.
I know you so well.
Do you know what's special about ice?
It doesn't let a dead body to decay.
(Phone ringtone)
Ankit. - Sir, you?
Sir, there is no body in the morgue.
For the past week, no entry has been made for Ronnie, Meghna, and Vivek.
What is happening?
Yes, I..
Come home. I want to talk to you.
Sir, shall I inform the station?
No. Don't inform the station.
In fact, don't talk to anyone. Just come straight to my house.
Okay, sir.
(Door opens)
(Phone ringing)
Hello. Hello?
I will find Shikha.
But when I find you, you have no idea what I'll do to you.
I am so disappointed. I had heard you are a great detective.
You solve cases quickly, but you can't find your wife.
Are you sure you are ACP Ashwini Dixit?
I had left so many clues.
But still you can't reach there.
Well, I'll give you another clue.
There is only one reason behind these murders.
Find the reason and that will lead you to Shikha.
Don't disappoint me now.
Hey, listen! Hello! Hello?
(Door slams)
'There is only one reason behind these murders. Find the reason..'
'..and that will lead you to Shikha.'
'She's so beautiful.'
'On the night of murder, Ronnie went to his room with a girl.'
'There was a girl with him.'
'She's dangerous. - Do you like ice?'
'All murders point to Vodka Diaries.'
(Phone ringtone)
Pick up.
(Phone ringtone)
(Door knocking)
(Door knocking)
(Door knocking)
I'm coming.
(Door knocking) - I'm coming.
Ankit? Where were you? Come in.
Ankit, I..
..I had gone to Johnson. - What?
Over there.. - Who are you?
Bad joke. Listen.
There.. - Hello. Mister..
..what is it? Who are you looking for?
I got the joke.
Will you repeat it? Forget it.
Listen, I think..
Mister, leave. - The address.. - Hello. What is this?
There is no address. Get going. - Ankit.
Enough. - Who is Ankit?
I said enough. - I am not Ankit.
Get lost. You had locked the door.
Are you here to steal?
You aren't Ankit.
I am not Ashwini Dixit. - I don't know who you are.
Get lost!
You barged in my house. You locked the door. You thief!
Are you drunk? - Do you think I am drunk?
Are you out of your mind? - What's wrong with you?
Come on, get lost. - Get lost!
Ankit, what's wrong with you? - I am not Ankit.
Ankit, what's wrong with you? - Hello! - Ankit!
Ankit doesn't live here. - Ashwini Dixit.
To hell with Ashwini Dixit! Who is he? Get lost!
You are one of them? - Whom?
Ankit, you are with them? - With whom?
Ankit. - Hello. - Are you one of them?
Who is Ankit? - Where is Shikha? - Shikha who?
Where is Shikha? - Mister, get out of here.
Where is Shikha? - Get out of my house!
Where is Shikha? - Who is that? - Where is my wife Shikha?
Mister, just a second. - Where is my wife? - Hold on. - Where is Shikha?
This is not right. - Where is Shikha? - Listen.. - All are pretenders here.
What did you do with Shikha? - I am speaking with respect.
Let go.
Whose house is this?
I will hit you. Get lost.
There's no Ankit here.
Get going.
Why did you barge in my house?
Run along!
Get out! What are you looking at?
Will you hit me? I will break your head. You'll die right here.
Where is Shikha? - To hell with Shikha.
Get lost! (Door slams)
"What did the night do? What did the liquor do?"
"Why were you so negligent?"
(No lyrics)
"The world is full of hearsay. Fame is nothing here."
"You brought nothing and will take nothing from this world."
"Oh, meaningless presence."
"Hope this is not the last message."
(No lyrics)
(Keyboard clacking)
Well done.
(Clicks tongue)
I caught you.
Should we go in now?
He doesn't like to wait.
I know him.
Won't you salute me?
People change with time. Right?
Where is Shikha?
You had gone to search for her.
You can come in, Shikha.
I found out about your game.
I've seen it all.
What have you seen?
Wallpaper on the computer.
Shikha's picture with..
..her boyfriend.
You should have told me before.
I would have quietly left.
From your life.
All this..
(Clicks tongue)
Shikha was behind all this, right?
Yes. Everything was planned.
And successfully too, sir. - So far.
So far successful.
Nice try.
Nice try.
But you messed with the wrong person.
What's the name of the bearded guy?
Rishi Gautam.
How long has this been going on? - Since July 27.
The day this book was launched.
I had met Rishi Gautam on July 26.
And I think you were also there. Am I right?
After the success of the last book..
..he's back with his next thriller..
..Redemption of a Murderer.
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the master of mysteries.
The very talented wordsmith Mr. Rishi Gautam.
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
(Camera clicks)
Thank you.
We love you, Rishi!
Oh, I love you too.
Sometimes I think of becoming a romantic writer.
I am getting so much love.
Love is such a thing.
It is a concept, it is an orthodox principle in our minds.
If there is a change, we don't accept it.
When love and lovers change..
..the entire world changes.
This change and its adventures make the story of..
..Redemption of the Murderer.
In this book, I have said..
..park your demons in the dark.
If you have some weird, indecent, immoral feeling..
..please keep it under wraps.
Or else ACP Ashwini Dixit will be there.
Sir, the characters in the book seem real.
As if everything is happening in real.
Are your characters inspired by real characters?
I try to make the characters and situations seem real.
Then I control their lives.
Sir, do you think Ashwini Dixit is more famous than Rishi Gautam?
Who is Rishi Gautam?
It's not so easy.
To make a character come alive, you need to reach his soul.
And I.. - Congratulations on the launch of your new book, Rishi Gautam.
Thank you, dear.
As I said, if you write something psychological.. - Hi.
Quick question. - Yes?
I was just wondering how you manage to write such complex characters.
Your understanding of human behaviour is extraordinary.
Have you studied it somewhere? - Yes, I have studied.
I have studied in a grand university.
It is called the university of life.
(Chuckles) No. I meant to say..
Oh, god. Just a minute. I'll just attend to my wife.
Shikha! Shikha, what are you doing? Where are you going?
I am tired. I am going upstairs.
Shall I.. - So how is this all feeling?
Well, it wouldn't have been possible without you.
Along with the new book don't bring a new wife.
Because I am not going to leave you. - Control yourself.
Listen, I'll drop you. - Excuse me, sir. - Yes?
Sir, how about some photos and book signing? - Yes, let me just..
Rishi, wait a minute.
I think you forget something.
My phone.
Are you sure? You..
(Lift door closes)
Are you okay?
Why did you leave the party?
I said I am fine.
I'm okay. I'm okay.
I thought I would celebrate my birthday alone.
Thank you.
My pleasure.
Why aren't you always like this, Rishi?
Shikha, the press loved the book title.
Who are you? - Who the hell are you?
My husband.
Listen.. - Get out!
Nothing happened. Relax. - Get out! Get out!
Relax. - Out!
(Bottle shatters) - Stop it, Rishi! Stop it.
How dare you? Who was he?
He was my guest.
He was your guest?
You are so hospitable toward your guests.
You offer the bed instead of the sofa.
You offer yourself to them.
Isn't that why you left the party?
Oh, I am so tired and all that.
I left the party because you didn't want me around.
You seemed to be enjoying yourself so much.
How long has this been going on?
Ever since you got busy with work..
..a lot busy and.. - Stop your nonsense.
Who was he?
He was someone real.
Who is there when I needed him.
Not like some fictional character from your book, Rishi.
I came for you, Shikha.
I thought you were unwell. So I came to check on you.
And what a bloody surprise. - Calm down, Rishi.
You're never there for me.
Get out of your fictional life.
Rishi Gautam's merry go round life. Round and round. The same thing.
I can't remember when you and I last had our decent conversation.
It's you and your bloody work.
I am tired.
You can't tolerate my success.
You take revenge by doing this.
Just listen to yourself. - There are other ways.
Listen to yourself. This is what you have become.
You are so busy with success and work..
..that you have absolutely no idea.. I feel? - Did you have to do this today?
I'll tell you what.
I'll tell you what.
Let's you and me celebrate our successful relationship.
Cheers! - How dare you! I'll kill you.
I couldn't even think that you..
..would be with a man.. - Don't even compare.
He was always better than you. - That's enough!
(Bottle shatters) - What are you doing here?
I told you to get out!
What have you done?
What happened?
What happened..
Hello ambulance. It's an emergency.
Hey, Shikha.
Get up.
Don't do this, Shikha.
I didn't forget anything.
You come with me downstairs.
There's a surprise for your birthday.
I was pretending. You said you forgot something.
I thought I got caught.
I thought my plan has failed.
You gave me the phone and I thought good.
It was a lucky escape. I was going to surprise you.
You couldn't bear the trauma of Shikha's death.
Through some tests I performed your psychological evaluation.
But you were not responding.
In medical terms, this condition is called..
..intensive obsessive identification disorder.
Your suppressed memories..
..made you see that Shikha was dead.
You hated infidelity.
In fact, in your novel..
..infidelity was the reason for all the murders.
You couldn't get out of that trauma.
So you took on the identity of the favorite character..
..of your novel ACP Ashwini Dixit.
It's been half an hour since she died.
Find out whose fingerprints are on the bottle.
Tell forensics to search every nook and corner.
I want all the evidences fast.
Ankit. Tell Ankit to meet me at the office.
She's beautiful.
I want this case solved fast. Come on.
You had taken up ACP Ashwini's personality so perfectly..
..that it was impossible to get Rishi Gautam out.
So there was only one way out.
A complete psychological breakdown of ACP Ashwini Dixit.
So I had designed a special program for you.
I recreated the story of your novel, Redemption of a Murderer, for you.
And made them play the characters in the novel.
There was no way we were getting in.
So I helped you get out.
I broke down Ashwini Dixit.
I was so happy that you found your house.
Ankit gave you Rishi Gautam's house address.
We created a set up..
..that you would suspect Shikha like Rishi did.
And that's what you did.
I was sure that ACP Ashwini Dixit would track the clues..
..and find Rishi Gautam.
So what now? Jail?
Mayuk is a witness in the case.
He stated in court that it was an accident.
Who is Mayuk?
'When Shikha was going to her room..'
'..Mayuk helped her to get to her room.'
'He went back because of his guilt..' - Hey!
He saw everything.
Mayuk's statement in court..
..has got you acquitted.
You're a free man now.
Don't worry.
Wherever you go..
..I will visit you.
But there's a condition.
Never stop writing.
Thank you. All of you. Thank you.
How are you? - I am fine. Please come.
So. - So.
Are you writing something new?
I have written something. - Really?
Yes.. - What? - A novel.
This is my first copy.
You can read it.
This is a writer's way of saying thank you.
Vodka Diaries.
Thank you so much.
Autograph? - Yes.
What do I sign as? Ashwini Dixit or Rishi Gautam?
I think you'll like it.
Keep writing. - Yes, I will.
I have included all your poems in this new novel.
Did you understand any? Or you added them just for the sake of it?
It's great if things become clear slowly.
All this is becoming..
..clear slowly. - Is that so?
What? - Roshini?
You are suspicious. Dangerous.
Something has been omitted.
What now?
Is this fine?
Tell me something.
What made you think of Roshini?
(Laughs) All right. No. No.
I had said that as a joke.
Why do you always..
"Dear, if I don't see my beloved."
"How can I spend dark nights?"
"Dear, if I don't see my beloved."
"How can I spend dark nights?"
"With light of their own.."
"..bring me such eyes."
"Dear, if I don't see my beloved.."
" can I spend dark nights?"
(No lyrics)
"Matters of the heart remain in the heart.."
"..due to a bit stubbornness."
"He wants to hear everything I speak."
(No lyrics)
"He wants to hear everything I speak."
"I would like to let my eyes do the talking."
(No lyrics)
"What is love?"
"What is love?"
"Fire in breaths, pining in the eyes.."
"..restless souls and beating hearts."
"How do I accept, O tears.."
"..that you have seen my beloved coming."
"Crow doesn't say a thing. The peacock does not dance."
"Koel does not sing, nor have the buds blossomed."
"Dear, if I don't see my beloved.."
" can I spend dark nights?"
"..if I don't see my beloved.."
"How can I spend these dark nights?"