VooDoo (2017) Movie Script

Oh, g...
No! Frank!
Higher, higher, mommy!
I want my mommy!
Come with me!
Let me go!
Innocent blood,
young and sweet.
Revenge will come.
The master will meet.
Innocent blood,
young and sweet.
Revenge will come.
The master will meet.
Thank you so much.
It'll just take a quick sec.
Okay, lady, please.
I gotta go.
What button am I pressing?
No, you just hold it,
it's already on.
Here I am in union station.
Finally made it to la.
Hi, dad.
So excited!
So, I'm on
the famous 101 freeway.
And I understand now
why it's so famous.
Looks like the traffic's
finally starting to move.
We should be there soon.
Oh, this is my cab driver Dave.
Say hi, Dave!
Yeah, hi.
He's pretty much
the best driver ever.
Oh my god! Is that Melrose?!
I heard of that.
Hey, Dave, do you know where
any famous people live?
Lady, I don't care
about famous people.
Oh, come on Dave,
you live in la.
You telling me you never, like,
gave a famous person a ride
or something before?
Hey, do you have
any celebrity friends?
No. It's my cab, my wife
and that's it.
Oh, come on,
there has to be someone.
What about Miley?
Have you see Miley Cyrus?
I don't watch baseball.
Thank you, Dave!
You're the best cab guy
in the world!
- Girl!
- Oh my god, stace!
You made it!
How was the trip?
It was good.
You look great!
I know!
You do, too.
What's with
this whole camera thing?
Filming the whole trip?
- Of course!
Okay, thank you.
Yo, no, dude,
aren't you gonna help us with
those bags, up this hill?
No way.
I just tipped him
like three dollars.
Naw, naw, man.
Come on, hey!
What the hell, Dave?!
Dude, can you believe
that terrorist?
I know!
Who makes girls carry luggage
up a steep ass hill like this?
Welcome to la.
Dude, you brought
a butt-load of luggage.
Yeah, but I'm gonna be here
for like a month.
A month, not a decade.
Okay, I've seen you travel
with way more stuff than this.
- Fuck this. I am taking the camera.
- No! Wait!
Is this it?
Yep. Go on in.
Hey, y'all!
This is my cousin from N'Orleans
I was tellin' y'all about.
Hi, cousin from New Orleans.
Hi, guys.
My bitches.
Hey, come drink with us, babe.
Yeah, just let me get her
settled in right quick.
Hey, can you bring the radio?
My phone died.
All right.
They're nice.
Yeah, if you're into
pervs and hos.
Nice, cuz!
Yep, this is the palace...
Oh, yeah, go ahead.
Just drop your fucking shit,
Dani, that's cool.
Oh, man.
I can get used to this!
Don't. Your dad made me promise
I wouldn't keep you.
Whatchya readin'?
I don't read, you tard.
That's my stash.
You're actin' like you don't
know your fucking cousin.
Is that how you do it here? Just
leave it right on the coffee table?
Welcome to California, baby.
Oh, this is cute!
I'm gonna take this.
Here for five minutes
and you're stealing my shit.
Let's go see what else
looks good on me.
Oh, shit!
Uh, art?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Oh, that's Trey's room.
I'd steer clear of that
if I were you.
Yeah, he's into cute babies
and dead things like that.
And that is my room. That's
where all the magic happens.
Mm, nice.
Exactly as I pictured it.
I know, right?
I think I should be like an
interior designer or somethin'.
What the hell are you doing
with voodoo beads, crazy?
I had this boy who decided
to cheat on me
so I figured voodoo curse.
Shit didn't work though,
damn it.
Yeah, I'm kind of going through
that myself, actually.
Oh, god.
This would be the dinin' room.
Slash hoarders paradise.
Okay, that's all the band shit.
We're gonna need that when we're
one of the greatest bands ever.
That's our studio there
on the right.
Oh, wow!
It's like my sanctuary.
That's where I like to go
and, you know, reflect.
I'm a very angry person, Dani.
Oh, is that what it is?
This place is huge.
Your ass is huge.
Oh, miss Donna.
She misses you.
And she always will.
Oh, I like this one.
Who's is this?
It's all yours, kiddo.
It took me four fucking days
to clean this place.
I get my own room?
Holy shit, I thought for sure
I'd be staying on the couch!
And you get your own bathroom.
Don't you dare go using mine.
I'm super anal
about my bathroom.
Ba dum ch.
Yes, I got lines.
Are you happy, Princess?
Maybe a little.
Oh, yeah.
This feels so good.
Try stayin' on a train
for three fuckin' days.
Well maybe...
somebody should've taken
a plane like I told them to.
Ah, well maybe I like trains.
Did you bring a bathing suit?
Yeah. Who doesn't bring
a bathing suit to California?
Stupid N'Orleans bitches
like you.
I can't believe
I'm finally here!
Only took you two fuckin' years.
I know, I'm sorry.
It's just things were
so crazy back home and...
and then work
was driving me nuts,
and then
that whole thing happened...
Blah blah blah blah blah.
Just put your swim suit on.
You'll be over that douche
in 24 hours.
You're too good to me, cuz!
No, don't! No!
Say hi, bitch.
You up for a drink?
- Um, Jack? How 'bout Jack?
- You should go get us drinks.
Oh! That's pure vodka,
fuck face.
Hey, how long ya here for?
Uh, 'til the 28th.
No, you should stay
'til Halloween,
because then we can go to Weho
and you can see
the crazy costumes.
- Weho?
- Yes, it's so fun.
- What's Weho?
- Okay, no. Well, first off...
Weho is west Hollywood.
Halloween is so much better
in N'Orleans.
- No, that's true. New Orleans Halloween...
- who says "Nawlins"?
You wish you sounded
as good as us!
I was there for Mardi Gras
a few years ago.
So fun!
Oh, my god.
I love Mardi Gras.
You, sweetheart, love
showing those tits off.
Hey! She did it for the beads.
There's nothing wrong with that.
It's kind of true. I would
do anything for the beads.
I mean Mardi Gras girls
are fucking insane.
Think about it, no daddies
stifling their creativity.
Titties, titties, more titties.
Yeah, no, these girls seriously
come from all over the world
just to whip their boobs
all over town.
I mean, it's nutty.
Yeah, but I heard
if a guy whips out his dick
then he goes to jail.
What's that about?
The bad guys go to jail.
Because nobody wants
to see a bunch of guys
whipping their dicks out.
- Bullshit!
Trey! Trey! Trey!
Boys, boys, it's only five P.M.
Don't gotta start getting
gay on me now. Stop it.
Too soon?
Okay, wait, I have a question.
So stace, so this one
and this one that's the band?
Bandmates, and these beautiful
ladies are my co-tenders!
- Whoo!
- Co-tenders?
Keep it in the pants.
- False alarm.
Wait, so what is-what is
this so-called band called?
- Rapeseed!
- Rapeseed forever!
I will not be seeing that.
I'm a little scared.
So anyways, what are you gonna
be doing while you're here?
I dunno, ask that one.
She's the one in charge.
To start off with,
we are going
to Hollywood blvd tonight.
We are not doing you tonight.
We are going
to Hollywood blvd tonight,
and then we are going
to the rainbow.
Ooh, love the rainbow.
Rainbow's cool.
You're gonna like that.
Not the gay bar rainbow.
Oh, my god! You guys should
come out with us tonight!
Oh, no, we're going
to Vegas tonight!
You're still going to Vegas?
Okay, so tell us
some good Stacy stories.
You can shut your mouth.
Like there's not enough
of those going around!
I've got a few of those!
I know there's some deep down
secrets you ain't telling us about.
Deep down secrets!
No, she looks sweet,
but once you get to know her...
So, is that just a front,
the sweetness, or...
Hey! Shut up! You see
what I have to live with?
Oh, yeah, what you
gotta live with, huh?
Oh! Two!
It's always better than one.
Ooh, look at me!
I'm walking on famous people!
It's the walk of fame, moron.
Look! We have one of those
back home!
There she is,
ladies and gentlemen.
The hottest thing this town
has ever seen.
Oh, this is nice!
Hey, was Mann really Chinese?
Dani, whose hands are those?
It's Marilyn!
She found her, uncle Johnny.
Hi, daddy!
Who's next to her?
I don't know who that is.
Jane Russell.
She's not as cool.
You don't, who Jane Russell is,
you tard?
Um, she's not Marilyn,
I know that.
Ooh, Kevin Costner, he's so hot.
Ooh, Hannibal!
"I'm having
an old friend for dinner."
Stacy's got doors-dar so of course
she found them right quick.
Yay, you found him, whoo.
Let's get outta here,
I wanna get stoned.
Stop with the horns.
It's Spielberg, not Dio!
Take it to the head, cuz.
Oh, that's so strong.
It's that Californ-i-a
kushy kushy Kush, baby.
Hand that over here.
- Yep.
Here, give me that.
I think I'm already stoned.
- Don't smoke in the cab.
Okay, stace, die it out,
he's gonna roll on us.
Whatever, officer.
Roll down the window.
Stacy, oh, my god, stop.
We're seriously going to prison.
Aw, yeah.
Would you quit walking so fast?
I'm just-
I'm fucking paranoid right now.
Dude. Insane.
Your eyes are fucking glassy.
I'm so stoned!
What have I done?
It's your first day
in Hollywood.
Are you stoked or what?
Oh, my god, I love it.
Love, love, love it.
Oh, my god, it's Ron Jeremy.
What? Where?
Hi, how are you?
I'm Ron.
Hi. I'm Dani.
Nice to meet you, Dani.
You know, you're very pretty.
Take my card.
Gimme a call.
I have something
you might be interested in.
Um, okay, I-i will do that.
Nice to meet you.
- Same here.
- [Stacy bye bye, Ronnie.
- Bye bye.
Oh, my god.
Ron Jeremy just made you
his concubine.
He has the biggest whore-dar
in the world
and he came and talked to you.
What does that say?
Fuck you.
This place is trippy.
I feel like I'm in Pantera's
basement or something.
Dude, I totally
brought this guy here once.
Never talked to me again.
Speaking of that, what's
up with you and Spencer?
Nothing serious,
we're just friends.
No, you know what?
Dani, you tell me all about
what's going on with you.
Tell me everything about frank.
- Oh, god.
What a fucking asshole.
He told me he was single. No.
He ended up being married
the whole fucking time.
- No way.
- Uh-huh.
And then his wife
ended up being like some voodoo
priestess or some shit.
- Get the f...
- Yeah, get this.
She comes to my work.
- Your work?!
You can believe this bitch?
She comes to my work and starts
cursing and screaming at me
in some, like,
some weird language.
Telling me how I fucked up
her home.
- Just fuck that bitch.
- I know.
You're such a Jezebel.
- Fuck you.
- - I'm gonna start calling you Jezzy.
That was it, though.
I mean, I bought my ticket here.
I just had to get out of there.
You know?
That's really shitty, Dani.
I'm sorry.
It's all right.
I fell in love with him, though.
That's the part that sucks.
And his wife man,
she was so scary.
I mean,
you know, I don't-
I don't believe
in that kind of like
voodoo stuff,
but there was something a
bout her, man.
- What?
- She tripped me the fuck out.
Just 'cause she showed up
to your work?
No, no. It was like-
it was like what she was doing.
I mean, she-she started, like,
speaking in this weird language,
then her eyes started rolling
in the back of her head.
I mean, it was nuts.
Don't look at me that way!
Trust me, it was scary.
You would've been scared, too.
I'm sure it was, Dani.
But you realize that none
of that, none of that is real.
Yeah, yeah.
But you know people back home,
I mean...
everyone's superstitious.
I mean, you start to kinda buy
into it after a little while.
Plus, you know,
my mom dying and stuff.
It was all just kinda playing
on me at the same time.
How you doing with that, kiddo?
Are you okay?
Hmm, yeah, I mean,
good as can be expected, right?
Is that the necklace
she gave you?
Kind of makes me feel like
she's always a part of me,
you know?
You were always closer
to your mom than I was.
Sorry I didn't make
the services, Dani.
Naw, it's all right.
You know what? No.
We are not doing this.
This is your vacation.
We're gonna have some fun.
- Okay.
- Talk about good things, happy things.
All right. You first.
Um, you know,
we should get some Jack.
- Jack? No.
- Jack. Yes.
Are you out of your damn mind?
I am always out of my damn mind.
But we are having some Jack
and it is happening.
I fucking hate you.
Are you really gonna make me do this?
- Oh, yeah.
- All right, here we go.
- Cheers.
That's the face
I was looking for!
- I hate you.
- Oh, you can hate me.
But you'll love me when
it hits you in the morning.
Right now, it's dance time.
- Dance!
- Dance time!
You're clinically insane, child.
You need help.
I'm taking you home,
and putting you to bed.
Oh yeah, 'cause you never
stripped at a bar. Okay.
Yo, yo, yo! Where you
ladies headed tonight?
Oh, god.
He's cute. What?
Why do these fuckin' cab guys
keep makin' us walk
up this hill?
Because they suck.
Next time,
we're not getting out
'til they take us all the way.
Fo Shiz.
What's that?
Did you hear that?
Dani, don't go over there!
Just give me a second.
- Oh, my god!
- You assholes!
- Oh, we got you both.
- Oh, my god, you did.
That was so good!
All his idea.
I am the creative one
in the relationship.
You're both dead, and that
little one has to go to bed.
- No!
- What?
This little lady
just got here, mom...
- Yeah!
- So hook up.
She always tries
to keep me chained!
Let's get this camera
outta here real quick.
Oh, I like this thing.
You've seen our house.
I was gonna take her for a walk.
- Ooh, yes, yes, yes.
- No, no.
Mommy, can I please
go for a walk?
- No, no, no, no, no.
- Yes, yes.
- No.
- We can hang out, they can hang out.
- Okay fine, you can go.
- Yay!
I get to do big girl things!
Not to worry, stace.
I'll protect her from these
dangerous Hollywood hills types.
- Yes, you will.
- Dani!
How was the rainbow tonight?
It was good!
It was, um...
Well, we-we ran into
Ron Jeremy, the porn actor.
Um, he gave me his card.
That's cool...
- Yeah, yeah, yeah. - ...And
scary, all at the same time.
Man, this camera is like
fucking ridiculous.
Most people
just use their phones.
I know. My, uh...
my dad found it for me
right before I came out here
to film my trip.
Your dad?
Wow, that's sweet.
I love my daddy.
I love him, too.
So you're a filmmaker?
Oh, yeah, I'm thinking about it.
I mean, right now I'm just,
um, working
as an account executive,
but you never know.
Well, might as well start now.
Yeah, but I mean, I have
to wait a little while.
Waiting sucks. Fuck waiting.
Waiting does suck.
- I hate waiting. Right?
- I hate waiting.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry, too.
- No, I just-i just...
- What's wrong?
Can't do this right now.
I'm sorry.
I know, I...
- We were so close!
It's not you.
I got out of a really,
really bad recently...
I thought so.
And, um...
thought I wanted this,
but I just-
I don't think I'm ready yet.
Yeah, well...
But, you know,
I'm gonna be here for weeks,
so maybe I'll feel differently
on Thursday,
so just wait a little.
- I understand.
We hate waiting. We talked about this.
- I know we do.
But um, yeah, I'm just-
I'm gonna go
make sure Stacy's okay.
Ah, come on!
Watch as the dirty slut
begins the mating process
with her unaware prey.
Uh, I hate to interrupt,
but I'm going to bed now.
Good night, guys.
Aw, you were such a cute kid.
What the hell happened?
I'm gonna fuck with her.
Oh, my god. This is the scariest
house I've ever been in.
Who the fuck has this shit
in their house?
Goddamn it.
And in we go!
Oh, goddamn,
she is so fucking messy.
Let's see...
What do we have here?
Could use a decorator. Ooh!
There we go, mama like.
Thank you.
Sorry, stace, but...
you deserve it.
It's play time.
I'm still a little wasted.
I drank just a little bit more
than I should've, but...
that's what vacations are for.
Sorry, daddy.
Anyways, it was a great
first day here in sunny c.A.
And tomorrow we're going
to the beach.
I think she said Venice,
which is awesome.
I've always wanted to go there.
The doors, baby, yeah.
It's where Jim and Pam
met first, I think.
Anyways, I'm tired, so...
I'm gonna go to sleep, but...
I love you, daddy.
I hope you're okay.
Good night.
Oh, I think I hit
the night vision button.
For real this time.
Night, daddy.
That's it! See?
Big sign that says "Venice."
Yay, we made it!
Hey, I really gotta pee.
Should I just, like,
pee in the ocean?
Ew, Dani!
Dude, you're gonna
love this place.
It's full of transient
psychopaths like ourselves.
Ugh, I'm so hung over.
You know the best cure for that?
Uh, more booze?
- Oh, me god.
- Voila!
Oh, okay, gimme the camera.
- Take it.
Gimme your camera.
All right. You better taste
my bomb bloody Mary,
'cause I make
the bombest bloody marries.
Oh, that is so good.
I know! And it looks like juice
so the po-po don't even know.
- You're a genius.
- I know.
Let's go.
Why is it so crowded?
Welcome to Venice.
It's kinda dead, actually.
Is that your new dance moves,
I think he's gonna try
to jump over everyone.
Yeah, that's exciting stuff.
Come on, let's go.
I wanna go.
Go down the beach.
Holy shit! It's so cold!
- Get your ass back in there.
- It's like ice!
You do it!
- What did you do...
This is how it's done.
Oh, my god, she's nuckin' futs!
Hey, they say mental illness
is hereditary!
Oh, yeah! See?!
Wait, hey!
What'd you do to my camera?
You turned the exposure
all the way up.
Don't play
with things you don't...
Um, hi!
Dude, we ain't got no money.
Move on.
He's kinda creeping me out.
Just give him some change
or something.
Dude, seriously, why you
creeping on young girls?
- Stace.
- No.
Seriously, dude.
Get outta here. Leave.
He's sorry.
He should be sorry.
Have a good day, buddy.
That's sad.
He's just off is meds.
Kinda gettin' hungry.
- Go get somethin'.
- Are you sure?
Yeah. It's fine.
Okay, I'll be back.
Stace, let's go walk around.
The boardwalk's really cool.
Fuck man!
Jesus Christ!
Was I sleeping?
Dude, I was only gone
for, like, 20 minutes.
Come on!
Let's go walk around.
Kick your ass for that.
Dude, we can go and get
a tattoo right here.
I am not getting
a tattoo, crazy.
- Why not?
- My dad would kill me.
More Sage.
I'm telling you, I really think
we should Sage the whole house.
I think you're just paranoid
and have...
You're not back home, anymore.
It's not always hot.
Ooh, Stacy, a psychic!
Dani, no.
Ten bucks?!
I can just call my cousin
and see one for free.
- Yo, kiddo, look at those.
- - Hello.
- These are nice.
- - These rocks are beautiful.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Hi, how are ya?
- Oh, hello, hello.
- These are pretty.
- Oh...
They are good for la protection.
- For the protection?
- You need these.
Yes, yes, yes.
- Oh, I need these.
Yes. You should try this.
Yes, yes, yes.
This good for the soul.
- Oh.
I think I'm-I'm good, though.
I just wanted to look.
No, no.
- Lady, lady, really.
She's Christian.
She won't wear those.
It is good for the soul.
Oh, okay, um, I'm okay,
but thank you.
I just wanted to look.
- Uh-huh?
- I can read the hand.
Tell her what she's won, lady.
You had...
Abortion recently.
No... no.
I... what?!
- Leave!
- What?!
- Leave!
- Okay, Jesus!
You crazy bitch!
Dani, wait up!
Dani, are you okay?
I am so freaked out right now.
It's usually really fun here.
I'm sorry.
Naw, it's fine.
So, where to now?
You pick.
Where you wanna go?
I've never been here. How the
hell am I supposed to know?
Oh, okay.
So, in your whole life,
you never said "if I ever get
to la, I'm gonna try this out."
Never happened?
Um... oh!
Let's be contestants
on the price is right!
Oh, hell no.
Okay, uh, wheel of fortune?!
Strike two, kiddo. One more.
Oh! I know! I know!
I know! I know!
I'm like a stripper on a pole.
Two words: Ron Jeremy.
This is the greatest street
in the world!
Now you're fuckin' skippin'.
Yeah, yeah, blow a kiss
to the camera.
There you go!
I'm so glad those douchebags
peaced out.
Not me!
Oh, my god.
And it will never be yours.
Dude, you look just like it!
You're creepy.
Those are awesome, man!
I want those...
I would kill to see you
in that, actually!
That's ugly.
- Oh, my god, Stacy.
- Now that's awesome!
- Dude!
You would never be caught dead in that.
Are you kidding me?
Matching pants and purse.
That's hot.
This place looks nice.
You wanna stop here?
No, Dani, can we go now?
It's getting dark soon.
- Hold on. Hold on.
Son of a bitch.
Who is it?
It's frank.
Dani, don't answer it!
Why are you callin' me?
Dani, you're fucking stupid.
Get off the phone.
Whoa, whoa, slow down.
I can't understand you.
Okay, don't talk to me about Serafine.
You know better.
Who's Serafine?
His wife.
Really? Serafine?
Serafine's her name?
No. I don't give a shit.
Call the police if you want.
Why-why are you
telling me this?
Look, I'm not even at home.
I'm not even in the state...
How do you know
I'm in California?
Dani, just hang up the phone!
Just give me a second!
Frank, I don't need
this fucking shit
right now, okay?
Stop trying to scare me, okay?
I don't believe in it.
I don't believe in any of it,
so just fucking stop!
No, I told you before!
Listen to me!
I told you before,
I don't want nothing to do
with you or your fucking wife,
okay, so just leave me
the fuck alone!
I swear to god.
Whatever, dude.
I don't even fucking care.
All right, I'm hanging up
right now, don't you ever...
fucking call me again!
Are you okay?
I'm fine!
No, you're not.
What did he say?
- She's here.
- What do you mean?
Apparently she's in Los Angeles.
And I'll strangle that bitch
if she goes anywhere near you.
I mean he's just trying
to scare me, right?
I mean, there's no way
she could possibly...
know where I am, right?
Dani, yeah,
she has voodoo powers.
Why, why can't I just be
in a normal relationship?
Why do I have to get involved
with these fucking douchebags
who either are married
or have girlfriends...
You didn't know
he was married, Dani.
That doesn't count.
- It doesn't matter!
- He's the asshole. Not you.
- It fucking happened, okay?
I mean fuck, maybe your dad was right.
- Don't you dare go there.
Maybe-maybe I just don't
deserve to be with anyone,
and everyone is too good for me and...
- Dani, stop it!
- I'll be alone the fucking rest of my life.
- Just stop it!
- What?! Why can't we talk about it?!
- You know why, Dani!
- Why can't we talk about it?
- Dani, shut up!
Oh, Jesus.
Dani, look.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
- I'm sorry.
- No.
Oh, babe, I'm so sorry.
- It's all right.
Babe, I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have said all that.
I shouldn't have brought it up.
You have every right
to be angry right now.
I get it, okay?
Look, you came here to
get away from everything, right?
Okay, then get away
from everything.
It just seems like
no matter what I do,
my past just follows me
wherever I go.
Only if you let it follow you.
What do you have to worry about?
You really think that crazy,
psycho lady is out here in la?
Ok. You know better.
Since have you ever started
believing in that shit?
I just-i just want to have
a normal life.
A normal relationship.
Have you met our family?
It'll be fine. It's just...
I don't know.
We could go kill her.
- We could.
- We could.
- We should.
- We should.
Be fun.
Am I seeing a smile?
No? Not yet?
Not quite?
Can we get out of this
fucking parking garage, please?
No. I'll make you stay here.
You walked down here.
I could show you
a really cool place, though.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I like cool places.
Do you?
This one's pretty cool.
Lots of lights.
Fun times.
But you have to smile.
Yay. All right,
get your ass up.
Don't peek! Don't peek!
Don't peek!
- I'm not peeking!
- All right. Come on.
Just a little further.
- What is it?!
You'll see.
Come on, slow poke.
Come on, come on!
All right! Stand there.
Wait for it.
All right, open your eyes!
Oh, stace!
It's beautiful!
Stace, can you bring me
my jacket while you're there?
Yeah, yeah, fine!
- Ouf!
- Wimp.
Is it always this cold at night?
You're not
in New Orleans anymore, Dorothy.
You don't want one?
No, I'm not cold.
Girl, you're crazy.
Oh, man, look at these lights.
It's so beautiful.
I love coming up here.
Chill out.
Get out of the world,
kinda thing.
I wanna live here.
Do it.
It's easy.
Yeah, right.
My dad would kill me.
I'll protect you.
Remember back...
when I beat the hell out of
that chick Lindsey Woodfield,
back in the fourth grade,
when she pulled your hair in PE?
Yeah, you beat the shit
out of her.
Mt protector.
You're like my little sis.
Gotta protect you.
And now I'm all alone
'cause you wanted to go
and be some rock star.
You know, I blame MTV.
Fuck MTV!
I miss you.
I'm scared, stace.
Oh, man. I'm exhausted.
Really? I feel fine.
I smell fire.
Yo, yo, yo!
What's goin' on?
Hi, guys.
Gonna jam a bit.
You wanna hang?
Mm-hmm. Yeah.
You wanna hang?
Naw, I'm good.
You go ahead.
I'm beat.
- You sure?
Yeah. Just tired.
Just one drink.
We can play for you.
You can be our audience.
You can tell us
how awesome we are.
How awesome I am.
All right.
How awesome he is.
Oh, check this out.
I just wrote this.
Sorry guys, we just had
a really long day.
Another time for sure, though.
I'm gonna hold you up to that.
I'll see you soon.
All right. Bye, guys.
Good night.
Your cousin's fucking hot, dude.
She can hear you, retard.
Shut the fuck up.
Night, daddy.
I woke up to some kind of drums
or something from downstairs.
It finally stopped.
So I'm having a smoke for now.
They must've moved the party
into the studio,
which is directly
below my bedroom.
Thank you, Stacy.
I hate it when I can't sleep.
There it is again.
Come on, stace.
I can't sleep.
Can you please keep it down?
I can't sleep!
I don't know what the fuck
she's doing down there.
Like this house
wasn't scary enough.
Quit beating the drum
at three am, crazy!
I'm trying to sleep!
All right. Whatever!
Sorry to interrupt
your bang session!
All right.
Take two.
What the fuck?
Stacy, you fucking bitch.
Stacy! Stacy!
Stacy, where are you?!
What the fuck?
Oh, my god! Oh, my god!
Oh, my god!
What the fuck was that?
Fuck. Please. Okay.
Okay. Okay.
Please answer. Fuck.
Stacy... come on! Fuck!
Stace, it's me.
I was just downstairs and I don't
know what the fuck is going on!
But, there's something
down there
and if this is a joke
it's not funny!
Please come get me! I'm at the top of the
stairs and I'm really fucking scared.
Okay, I'm up in my room.
Please come get me.
Oh fuck.
I don't think that's her.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, god.
Why is this happening?
Stacy? Stacy?
Stacy, is that you?
Leave me alone!
Stacy. Stacy, is that you?
Oh, Jesus Christ!
No! No, no, no, no!
Stacy! Stacy! Stacy!
You thought you could get
away with what you've done.
There's nowhere to hide now.
Frank's suffering
is nothing compared to what
you will now experience.
Your cousin already rots
for what you've done to my home.
The master will show you
the true meaning
of pain eternal.
Leave this world forsaken.
I curse you to hell!
Help me! Help me!
Whoa! Whoa!
Let me out!
Oh, my god!
Let me go!
Help me!
Let me go!
Oh, god!
Please! Somebody help me!
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
Where am I?
Why? Why?
Who would do this?
God, help me!
He's not here.
Help me! Help me!
No! Please!
Please, stop it!
Stop it! Stop it!
Leave me alone!
Leave me alone. Please.
Please. Please.
She's so thin.
Greetings, Dani.
Please help me. Please.
False hopes have no place here.
Get back!
You smell delicious.
Satan! Satan!
He cannot help you here.
There is no return.
You have only just begun.
Circles do not connect here.
There is only forward.
Now go.
Feast on her false hope.
No! No!
You don't want to miss this.
Fucking bitch!
We own your soul!
Eat it!
Eat it 'til you choke!
Feed us!
Feed us!
It's dead!
My baby!
Give me my baby!
No! No!
Remember when
you killed your baby, Dani?
We do! We do!
We do! We do! We do!
We do! We do!
There's more!
See his servants now.
I want to play.
Suck your cock, priest.
Suck your cock!
- Say it. Say it.
- Jesus is dead.
Take it, nun.
It belongs to the one.
Our father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name!
Thy king...
Pray to your god in here.
It's just us.
You will silence
your prayers here.
All imagined
will bleed throughout.
Empty your fears and become one.
Oh, god, why won't you help me?!
Abandon all hope.
This is eternal.
He deserted you.
He deserted you!
Your journey, 'tis not complete.
We have much more to show you,
Danielle lamb.
Enter your fate.
Your hair is so pretty.
Just like you.
Oh, god, why?
Hello, Danielle.
I've been waiting for you.
Remember your uncle Jakey?
Please, please.
Remember how we
used to play together?
Me, you, and Stacy.
It's impossible. You're dead!
Stop it!
That's what you used to say.
I used to love it
when you would tell me to stop.
Keep saying it, baby.
Keep telling me to stop.
Ah, okay.
I understand.
Come here, sweetheart.
It's okay.
She's mine now.
She wants to be with me.
Just like you did
when you were small.
Fuck you!
Not yet, baby.
I have to wait
just a little bit longer.
Oh yes. I almost forgot.
There's a surprise for you.
We can have play time
after your surprise, Danielle.
Go ahead, get your surprise.
Hurry back.
You know how your uncle Jakey
doesn't like to wait.
Oh! Oh, my god!
How are you here?!
I'm here, baby.
It's me.
Mama, where are we?
I just wanna go home.
Can't you take me home, please?
Oh, dear.
You are home.
I'm here now,
and I won't let them
hurt you anymore.
Please, let's just
go home, okay?
I don't know why
this is happening to me.
There, there, there.
You just don't realize
how important you are.
He's been asking about you.
And everyone's been so anxious
to finally meet you.
It isn't every day he personally
requests somebody to join us.
Oh, Dani.
Don't you understand?
- No.
The one.
There is only one.
And you'll be with him soon,
And then everything
will be all better.
Oh, dear.
I shouldn't have said that.
No, no, no, no!
Please don't hurt her!
Please, just leave her alone!
Oh, baby, please don't fight!
Mama! Mama!
Choke on your mother's bowels,
you fucking cunt!
Oh, mama.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Please... please let me die.
Then it is time.
We invoke thee.
- Stacy!
- Dani!
It's okay.
I'm right here.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Don't be afraid.
Stacy! Stacy!
Aeternum Meus.
Your soul endures.
It is complete.
It's over... it's over.
It's over.
You're dead!
You're dead.
You're dead!
You're dead! You're dead!