Voodoo Possession (2014) Movie Script

My boys.
Oh, shoot.
You're not real.
You're not real.
Go away!
Go away, leave!
No, go away.
I can't.
No baby, no, stay up there, Aiden!
Stay up there.
Don't you come down here,
you stay with your brother.
No, no, no, no, you stay right there.
Don't you go, you leave them alone.
Take me!
I'll go.
I'll go if you leave them alone.
I swear.
I deserve it.
I deserve it.
An American doctor, living
in Haiti, has vanished,
and with him, thousands of dollars
of earthquake relief money
that he was in charge of.
Dr. Cody Chase, who ran
a mental health hospital
outside of
Port-au-Prince, Haiti,
has been missing for three weeks.
Local authorities have
suspended their investigation.
After the earthquake that
rocked Haiti, in 2010,
Dr. Cody Chase was put in charge
of hundreds of thousands of dollars
of earthquake relief money,
and became a bit of a local hero.
But "Hardline Investigates"
discovered a checkered past,
involving drug dealing, assault,
and accusations of embezzlement.
This raises even more questions
about what really happened.
Did Cody Chase revert
back to his old ways
and abscond with the money?
Or did the darker forces of Haiti,
filled with corruption,
violence and gangs,
get the best of a man just trying to
turn his life around?
Only Haiti knows.
I'm looking at your records, Mr. Chase,
and you did previously
request an extension.
Unfortunately, we can't
do that, since we have
some past due payments.
I- I understand,
I- I just,
you would really be doing me a favor
if you could just help me out
and extend my prescription.
I haven't been late on my payments
until recently.
But why do you need an extension?
Because my prescription is
only good for three months,
and, please, you would
really be helping me out.
I'm sorry, sir, that's
the best I can do.
Okay, look.
I am trying to make ends meet, okay?
I lost my job, I lost my benefits,
I am moving out of
my condo, as we speak.
I don't have time to
keep going back and forth
to the doctor's office.
I'm sorry, sir, that's
the best I can do.
Oh, my God.
Dammit, you suck.
No need to be rude, sir.
Thank you for calling.
No, no, no, no!
No, hello, hello, hello?
Oh, what next?
So much for sentimentality.
I gave at the office.
Nice to see you, too.
Pack your bags.
HI wants us to go to
Haiti for a longer segment
about Cody's disappearance.
You're the tabloid TV reporter.
Dirty laundry is your gig, not mine.
Oh, come on, Aiden.
You know what I do,
so I had to twist things around a bit,
that's part of the job, and it worked.
And I got you a spot on the crew,
which wasn't easy.
I was expecting a "thank you".
Got it all figured out, as usual, huh?
Everything except why
you're so goddamn stubborn.
Cody and I lost each
other a long time ago.
You should know that.
You were there.
And I put that behind me.
You should, too.
Behind me?
My entire life has
fallen apart since then
and I don't know why.
I was on track to be Vice President,
now I can barely hold a job.
I have been popping Benizone
for the last five years
just to keep myself
from jumping off a bridge
in my sleep!
That's how much that fucked me up
five years ago.
And you want me just
to put that behind me?
And on top of that my
benefits just ran out.
We're dead to each other.
Why should I help him now?
Because he's your brother.
Despite all your rivalry bullshit
he wouldn't give up on you.
So don't you dare give up on him.
He gave up on me first.
I don't know why, and it doesn't matter.
But we're in different worlds now.
And wherever we end up...
...that's where we should stay.
You know the past can only haunt you
if you let it.
Take care of your brother.
I abandoned him.
Aiden, wake up.
They're getting worse.
More real each time.
I came by to give you these.
Guess I was a little late.
Where did you get this?
Being a B-list celebrity has its perks.
I need something stronger than this.
Let's go find my brother.
Haiti is a nation in recovery.
Since the 2010 earthquake,
Haiti has struggled
to get back on its feet.
But if anyone has the spirit in them,
to fight back from tough times,
it's the Haitians.
This is where Cody Chase decided to try
and make a difference.
Perhaps in a land full of people
trying to start their lives over,
he could as well.
He found this vacant
building in a remote village
thirty minutes outside
of the Haitian capitol
Here he took his patients
in an effort to build again.
This is the last place Dr.
Cody Chase was seen alive.
This is where Hardline Investigates
begins our search for a man in turmoil,
a man shrouded in mystery,
a man gone missing.
That's a bit overly dramatic, isn't it?
Do you mind?
We're still filming.
That's good, thanks.
Don't you think we should
at least meet our host
before you try to win your Emmy?
We might as well get some work done
while we're waiting
for the welcome wagon.
Dr. Yveline Montase, hospital director.
I apologize for my tardiness,
but we had a patient emergency.
Nice to finally meet
all of you in person.
This is Duane, my cameraman.
- Hi.
- Bonjour.
And Peanut, my associate producer.
Welcome to Haiti.
And you are?
Oh, hi.
This is Aiden Konstipovan.
Aiden Konstipovan my assistant.
Please, come.
Let me show you around.
I am so grateful that
you can do this story.
It's important that the
world know how far we've come.
And yes, how far we've yet to go.
This place is massive.
Oh, yes, it is.
Most of it is abandoned and boarded up.
Not touched in years.
But we fixed up a small
area that we can use.
Still a work in
progress, as you can see.
If this place doesn't
have hot water, I'm out.
Who cares?
It's badass.
Think of it as urban camping.
You mean the ghetto.
Something only hipsters think is cool.
Um, "Konstipovan"?
We don't want them to know
that you're his brother.
Could be dangerous.
Yeah, but, "Konstipovan"?
It's Croatian for "constipated".
Thought it fit.
Dude, this place is freakin' amazeballs.
Wow, is that what
they're saying these days?
I am getting old.
Stick with me, Pops, I got your back.
I'll make you relevant again.
What made you think I was
ever relevant to begin with?
Doctor, when did you
first start working here?
I started shortly after
our last hospital director,
Dr. Chase, went missing.
He did a very good thing
founding this hospital.
Mental illness is highly
stigmatized in our culture.
It's a shame what's happened.
Was there ever any investigation?
Any police that we can speak to?
The local police were
of little assistance
and no one else here cares to talk.
This village doesn't exactly
embrace western beliefs
and medicine.
And the things that they do believe in
are not to be talked about.
You'll find this
village has many secrets.
Is there a secret
Starbucks around somewhere?
'Cause I'd love a Frappuccino.
Jeez, pussy.
Please, let's continue.
Maybe I should get your back.
What was that about?
My apologies.
We are in a mental hospital
with very few staff.
Some patients we allow to roam freely,
but others we must restrain.
We've had to move this
one a few times already.
Let's get you settled, huh?
Feel free to use our
lobby as your workplace.
It is much more comfortable here.
Oh, hello.
It's great.
Welcome home.
This is really great.
Ewenso, desann bou ou
ak pran yo nan chanm yo!
Hey, Boss.
We're American news crew, right?
Well, I was gonna go
on that Starbucks run,
just fuckin' with you,
there's no Starbucks,
but when I came back
this was on the doorstep.
Has Bree seen this?
No, you're the first.
"I heard you're investigating
the hospital disappearances.
"My friend worked at the hospital,
"he sent me this before he vanished.
"I am not in a position to help,
but maybe you Americans can.
Sincerely, a friend of Emmanuel. "
Shall we?
Yes, indeed.
All right, so these files are huge
so they're taking forever to load
so we're just gonna watch
them, one by one, okay?
Is the camera on now?
It's on?
Okay, here we go.
Entry number seven, in
Project Resurrection,
exploring voodoo's role in seizures
associated with autoscopy
of temporal lobe epilepsy.
I'm Dr. Cody Chase.
This is hospital
administrator, Billy Kross.
Behind the camera is
our assistant, Emmanuel.
And this is our newest patient,
dubbed by the orderlies
as, Ke Kontan Nonm,
or Happy Man.
So, what's this guy's story?
School principal.
Post traumatic stress disorder
after the earthquake killed
a bunch of his students.
Probably couldn't handle the guilt.
Looks like he had time for art classes.
Yeah, he's been drawing
these voodoo symbols
the last few days.
We're gonna need a real voodoo priest
to analyze this.
Have to call Papa J.
Doc, the voodoo in this
place is off the deep end,
even for Haiti.
I don't like swimmin' in the deep end.
The fact that the
village is, is a magnet
for Haitian black magic,
could be a godsend.
I mean, we have all these resources
at our fingertips to help us.
Help us?
They think this place is cursed.
They say these patients aren't crazy.
They're possessed by voodoo spirits.
You- you sound like you're
starting to believe it.
All I know is, patients
have been disappearing.
- I've heard rumors.
- Yeah.
Or, or they could
have just wandered off.
We don't have the resources
to watch every patient 24/7.
I'm saying there's some strange
stuff going on in this village.
Stuff that we will never
even begin to understand.
Alright, well, what
do you want me to do?
We've done everything
known to western medicine
at our disposal,
it is time to try something else.
It's easy to fear the
things we don't understand.
We just need to understand it.
I need you to document some
research on this for me.
I'll review it when I get back.
Where are you going?
Gonna go to the village.
I'm gonna find Papa J.
We need our voodoo priest back.
Entry 12 in Project Resurrection.
Today's class: Voodoo 101.
"Voodoo is an ancient religion
"that worships a supreme, silent god.
"This silent god works through
countless lesser spirits
"who interact with the human world. "
Okay, now can you get
some shots of this stuff,
you know, and edit it in?
"Each spirit has their
own aspect of life
"they rule over.
"Such as Erzulie Dantor,
the goddess of romance
"and jealousy.
"Baron Samedi, the god of death.
"Kalfu, black magic,
"guardian of the entrance
to the spirit world,
"the crossroads. "
Boy, this stuff is
really creepin' me out.
This is about the drawing
we found in Happy Man's room.
"Voodoo has symbols representing
"various voodoo spirits.
"Each spirit has his or her own symbol
"which can vary from region to region
"and serves as a beacon
for the spirit world.
"During voodoo rituals the
symbols are usually drawn
"on the floor and call the spirit
"to descend towards earth. "
Every house of voodoo
worships differently.
Papa J's house believes that the demons
are in the deepest, darkest corners
of the spirit world.
Papa J gives this place a name,
lanfe' vodou.
This is where they keep
their possessed souls.
Here, Cody, check this out.
"The bizango
"are a black magic secret
society of sorcerers
"who use voodoo to serve the more evil
"and violent spirits. "
See, this is what I was talking about.
I been hearing rumors about the bizango
kidnapping patients.
People say they take them
deep into the abandoned
areas of the building
for human sacrifices.
I been hearing things at
night, and I know you have, too.
This place is cursed.
And if we don't leave, so are we.
Check this out.
No, no, no, no.
It froze, this video's
corrupt or something.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Can you fix it?
Y... Yeah, I think so,
it's just, last time
this happened it took,
like, a whole day to debug, so...
Come on, man.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Yes, I am looking for Papa J.
My name is Aiden,
I'm with a television
company from the United States
and I was wondering
if I could just ask you
a few questions...
Well, yes, I am staying
at the Saint Dymphna.
Um, is there any way
that I could just as...
Hi, yes, uh, my name is Aiden
and I'm working with an
American television company.
I was wondering if I could
just ask you a few questions
regarding the disappearance...
How's it going?
Something's wrong with
the phones in this country,
they keep dropping my calls.
Maybe they didn't like
my brother, either.
Yeah, you hate your brother so much
you flew all the way
over here to save him.
You have a lump of coal for a heart.
I have a heart?
Maybe I should get
one these witch doctors
to operate on me to find it, huh?
Actually, we prefer houngan.
Jean Drouillard, assistant to Papa J,
at your service.
Witch doctor.
I assisted Papa J when
he consulted Dr. Cody
on voodoo treatments for the patients.
I was not here when he disappeared.
Well, we do appreciate your help.
The best way to help you,
and your stupid American reality TV,
is to ask you to leave this village.
You trying to scare us
stupid Americans away
with your voodoo bullshit?
Ah, stupid Americans.
Voodoo is a world religion.
Over 400 years old.
It's a melange of African traditions
and European Christianity.
You should not reject
what you do not understand.
You should not fear the people of Haiti,
you should fear its spirits.
What happens to all of us in life
is the will of the spirits.
They must be honored
in ceremony and ritual.
If the spirits are
satisfied with our offerings
they will bring good fortune.
And if they're not satisfied?
What do they bring?
By whom?
The spirits?
Or the bizango?
I should go.
Cody is my brother.
I have to find him.
If someone was kidnapping the patients
then maybe Cody was trying to stop them.
Maybe he...
Maybe he took the money and ran, hm?
I don't believe he did.
I found this video
with their experiments
on the patients.
He was exploring the
effects of voodoo on them.
Where did you get that?
It's complicated.
Us stupid Americans are like that.
Where is Papa J?
I need to talk to him.
Papa J disappeared
with the rest of them.
I've been looking for
that old man ever since
without a clue.
Until now.
We still have a couple
videos we've yet to view.
You wanna find out
what happened to them?
Let's find out together.
The last few days
we've been experiencing
some oddities.
These bloody handprints
appeared out of nowhere.
Reminds me,
when my brother and I were little,
we used to paint our hands
and put 'em on the wall.
Mom was pissed.
Got this?
This viscous fluid
emanating from the walls
has yet to be thoroughly tested,
but it appears to be blood.
Is this really necessary, Kross?
Unfortunately, yes, Doctor.
This place has gotten weird
ever since we admitted him.
He makes the other patients go bonkers.
Okay, look, I just don't
like to restrict him
if we don't have to.
It's my job to keep this place safe.
Let me do my job.
That's what I mean.
Look, fine, fine.
You do your job your way and
let me handle this mess mine.
Voodoo is not the answer, Doc.
I am trying to use it to save them.
They believe their curse.
They have to confront that curse
in their own minds.
What do you know about being cursed?
We all have our demons, Kross.
Even you.
What would you give
to be rid of that thing
that haunts you the most?
So would I.
So would they.
I'm scared, Aiden.
I'm really scared.
You gotta get out of here.
You were protected, but
he's coming for you, too.
He's coming for you, too.
Who, who?
Who's coming for me?
The Tormentor.
Holy shit.
I was just in my childhood
basement with Cody.
It was so,
it was so real.
The Tormentor was there.
The Tormentor.
It's what we used to call a night terror
that Cody would have
when we were younger.
I didn't start havin'
'em until a few years ago.
I was standing on that thing.
Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait.
That is Kalfu.
The dark guardian of the crossroads,
who allows access in and
out of the spirit world.
You traveled into the spirit world.
The spirits must be using your memories
to draw you and Cody together.
For what?
I do not know.
Happy Man was there.
He knows something,
we need to talk to him,
he knows something, now.
Happy Man is possessed.
He cannot respond because
he's not of this earth.
We should ask the
spirit who possesses him.
How do we do that?
The last staff member has left
and the patients are locked down.
Ewenso, mwen te panse mwen
te di nou ranje sa yo limye.
For the record, I do
not agree with this.
But out of respect for Dr. Chase's work,
I will allow this to proceed.
Let's get this over with.
Before a spirit helps us
we must satisfy them with offerings.
Usually food, drink, and blood.
The fresher and warmer the blood,
the more life power for the spirit.
Sometimes the spirit possesses people
to continue its quest for blood.
Don't be afraid.
When an angry spirit possesses a person,
the spirit must be appeased.
If the spirit is satisfied, he, in turn,
releases the body and
blesses us with rain,
crops, good luck.
If he's not satisfied, he will be angry!
Duane, wait, don't go!
Lespri, tanpri pale ak nou.
Ou te rele m', Linglesou,
lespri a krwaze semen yo.
He said,
"You have summoned me, Linglesou,
spirit of vengeance, to assist you
in finding the spirit
lost in the darkness. "
Peanut, why?
Yon ansorseleur majik
nwa reklamasyon
domen sou kote sa a nan mond ou.
"A black magic sorcerer
has claimed domain
over this place in your world. "
Jwenn sa a ansorseleur epi w ap jwenn
nanm pedi ou bloke nan kacho I 'yo.
"Find this sorcerer and you will find
your soul trapped in his dungeon. "
Help, Aiden, help!
Si ou sove I 'soti
nan prizon an mwen
pral pemet ou ale ak ke poze.
Si ou pa fe sa,
ou pral peye omaj
a m 'pou letenite
ak san ou!
"If you rescue him from the dungeon,
I will let you go in peace.
But if you do not,
you will pay homage
to me for eternity...
...with your blood!"
No, no, no!
No, no!
Nan san yo nan lespri mwen!
Where'd they go?
It's... it's Happy Man.
He has taken her into the spirit world
to escape us.
But he will be back.
Wait, wait, wait, what?
He's going to sacrifice them.
He'll be back for our blood, too.
Oh, ding-ding-ding-ding-ding,
I'm sorry,
this is where I get off.
Wait, Duane, wait!
What about Bree?
I'm sorry.
I can't do this.
You selfish prick!
What the fuck just happened?
That is enough!
You tell us exactly what
in the world is going on!
Of course.
But we are no longer in our world.
I will try to explain.
We were in the real world,
where only humans dwell.
For the spirit to come here
they need to possess a human.
The ceremony pushed
us into the crossroads
where we are now trapped.
We are still part of the physical world,
but the spirits have
much more power here.
We cannot leave until we appease them.
Happy Man has taken Bree and the others
into the spirit world to escape us.
But blood that is
sacrificed to the spirits
must come from the
physical plane of existence.
So, Happy Man will emerge,
no doubt, back to the crossroads
to take Bree to the sorcerer
as a sacrifice to the spirits.
Well, then we don't have much time.
We need to find this
black magic sorcerer
and get Bree back.
Is Happy Man the sorcerer?
Maybe someone from the village?
I don't know.
It could be one of the patients as well.
What about Papa J?
Oh, my lad, it could not be him.
Are you sure?
Then who?
Like, well, how can we trust you, Jack?
Duane, come on.
No, man, I'm having trouble processing
all this crazy shit.
People are dying and disappearin'
and reappearin' out of thin air.
Bree and Happy Man and my ex.
Who did you see?
For a minute there I thought I saw
my ex fiancee.
Wh... what happened with her?
I got her pregnant.
And I told her I would take
care of her and the baby,
but I thought she was cheating on me so,
as a huge "fuck you" I left them both.
And she tried to kill
herself because of it.
Anyone else have a
vision from their past?
I uh...
I thought I saw my big brother.
Please, tell us.
Ricky was your basic,
overprotective big brother
and got mad at my asshole
boyfriend at the time, Puck.
I told Ricky I'd break up with Puck,
but I lied.
I saw Puck about to jump
Ricky, but I was so mad at Ricky
I didn't warn him.
He broke Ricky's jaw.
He's my big brother, I
should have had his back.
Of course.
During the ceremony Happy Man revealed
that this place was cursed
by the spirit Linglesou.
Is that bad?
Linglesou is the evil
spirit who punishes those
who go back on their word.
Tears the flesh of humans.
Craves fresh, warm blood.
Oh, that sounds bad.
He's punishing us for
our broken promises.
Our broken promises?
What did you do?
I assisted Papa J and Cody.
But, I ran.
I'm here now to keep my
word to Cody and find him.
What about Bree?
Look, we gotta save her from crazy guy
who can teleport people through space.
God, I wish we could do that.
Then we could just follow 'em.
If Happy Man can take passengers, can I?
It's worth a try.
Who do we rescue first?
Bree or Cody?
The spirit world is
composed of our memories.
Aiden's memories of
Cody trigger his descent
into the spirit world.
So we will start our search for Bree
in Aiden's memories of Cody.
I don't understand.
This line is Cody's memories.
He is here, we hope.
This line is Bree's memories.
This is where she will be.
This line is your memory, Aiden.
We need to follow your memory to a time
you, Bree, and Cody shared together.
From this moment we can go
down Bree's line of memories.
Those will lead us to the whereabouts
of where she is now.
Did you share a moment
like that together?
Did you?
Yes, we did.
Then we must find this moment.
Is that last video ready yet?
Find something specific
that triggers a memory
you both share.
You want blood?
Take mine!
Take mine!
Kross, what happened?
He said in order to free my grandson
I needed to provide
a sacrifice of blood.
So I did.
Who said that?
The spirit.
Kross, your grandson has
been dead for five years.
The chicken wasn't enough.
He needs more blood.
Help us.
Help us all!
Hey, help yourself.
We'll go into the crossroads, hey.
And we'll find our demons together.
We need to leave this place!
It's cursed!
We gotta get out of here...
We make our stand now!
Look, I've learned enough
voodoo to take the fight
to our demons in the spirit world.
G... God be with you, Cody.
'Cause I can't.
Kross, Kross!
If I don't come back,
tell my brother, tell my brother I um...
Tell him he didn't bring me into this.
I brought it to him.
And I'm sorry.
Go Crocs.
It's a poster.
It's my brother's old apartment.
We are in your memories.
Oh, your memories stink.
What's with the plastic?
I have no idea.
But this is definitely my
brother's old apartment.
How could you do this to me?
I took care of you after Mom died!
It's your fault she died.
I didn't wanna do it, but you made me.
You brought me into this!
Into what?
You've lost it, man.
Holy shit.
What's happening to me?
Aiden, you must
remember, this isn't now.
This is a memory.
Don't get lost in it.
But I've been here before.
I am seeing things, I'm hearing things,
I'm feeling things
that I have felt before.
It's like I'm reliving
this and I don't know...
You're not.
This is five years ago.
What, why can't they see us?
They're in their own reality.
We have to breech it to make contact.
Do not talk to them.
And if we do?
We may be pulled in by their reality
and lose ourselves.
I stuck my neck out to get you
that job interview and you blow it off
to get drunk?
Look at you!
You're a goddamn waste of space.
Damn you, Cody.
How many more second chances
can I hand you to fuck up?
How many you got?
This was a few months before our fight.
We're moving backward
through your memories.
Oh, Jesus Christ!
Many believe that voodoo spirits
are ghosts of ancestors past.
A person's special
talent or skill in life
comes from a spirit.
When the person dies,
the spirit must be
transferred to a living person.
If it's not,
then the dead person
will return to plague
their living relatives.
Hey, where's Cody?
Where's my buddy?
There's my favorite guy.
Oh, don't cry.
Aiden, go play.
Come on.
Come on, now.
You just do as I say,
everything will be all right.
What are you doing?
Stop it!
No, stop it!
Stop it!
Help, Aiden, help!
Whoa, easy.
Dude, we lost ya there for a second.
Yeah, I'm fine.
But, what is this?
Damn you, Cody.
How many more second chances
can I hand you to fuck up?
How many you got?
We can't all be perfect like you, Aiden.
Your perfect suit and your perfect job
and your perfect girlfriend.
Oh, yeah, right, Bree perfect.
You just don't know what you got.
If only you could see it.
I've seen enough to know
that she's not the one.
Wait, no!
Don't stop her.
We'll follow her memory
back to the present.
Up a level to the crossroads.
It's my fault.
I brought her here.
At least we know what happened
to Dr. Yveline and Papa J.
I stopped Cody's bleeding, for now.
I should have foreseen it.
Foreseen what?
Me and Papa J
helped train Dr. Cody
in just enough voodoo
to care for the patients.
But he always wanted more.
Pompous American fool, I thought.
I never believed he
would call upon Linglesou
to achieve that power we denied him.
The power to fight the Tormentor.
But he lost.
So Linglesou claimed
Cody's body as his own
and became the black magic sorcerer.
Can we get him out of here?
His soul is lost somewhere.
His body will not survive
unless we find his soul.
Oh, good Lord!
What the...
Is that...?
This is the same image from the videos.
Jean, what does this mean?
This is a message from Dr. Cody.
He is trapped in lanfe' vodou.
Voodoo hell.
So all we have to do is go down there
and get him, then.
Go down there,
evade demons who swallow your soul,
defeat the Tormentor,
who imprisons Dr. Cody,
and bring his soul back alive.
Is that all?
But you said if we don't
mess with the memories,
they won't mess with us.
This place is different.
In voodoo hell everything and everyone
can hurt each other.
And they will try.
If your soul dies down
there, your body dies up here
and vice versa.
The body cannot live without the soul.
Well, what are we waiting for?
We're not getting any younger.
No, no.
He is my brother, my battle,
I go alone.
A long time ago when we were together
I told you I'd follow
you to hell and back
no matter what.
Well, here we are.
Make room.
This whole thing is making
me see things clearly now.
My whole damn life I've
been living for myself.
But no more.
I gotta get my daughter back
and if this is gonna help me do it,
then I'm in.
That makes four of us.
I must remain here
and send you deep into the spirit world.
It's the only way.
Besides, I know what's down there.
I will stay with Dr. Cody.
You Americans may be simple,
but you are braver than I.
So how do we know when
we get to voodoo hell?
Does it look like the DMV?
These will be Aiden's memories.
He will know where to find it.
Are you scared?
I'm terrified.
Just wait.
This is officially the worst shoot
I've ever been on!
Who's that in the picture?
Hey, where's Cody?
Where's my buddy?
Our stepfather, Bob.
Aiden, go play.
Cody was frightened.
Didn't want the monster
to hurt him anymore.
Is Bob your Tormentor?
I totally blocked...
I totally blocked it out of my mind.
We were just kids.
I promised Cody from
then on I'd protect him.
I remember poisoning Bob's scotch.
He wanted a nightcap.
So we gave it to him.
He had it coming!
You knew and you didn't do anything!
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'll make it up to you.
I'll make it up to you!
Cody blamed it on me.
He said he didn't want to do it,
but I made him.
Why did you do that to Bob?
For you!
I did that for you!
Come on back now, Boss.
I got your back.
I remember now.
I remember all of it.
After we killed Bob,
Mom covered up the evidence.
She buried his body parts
in the hole in the basement.
But she couldn't bury her guilt.
I'm sorry.
This is when Cody's
night terrors started.
When the Tormentor came.
She had us all hypnotized
that we would bury the memories
deep within us.
So that they wouldn't haunt us.
But I don't think it worked on Cody.
Or my mom.
I deserve this.
I deserve this.
Cody blamed me for Mom's suicide.
I never wanted to do it, but...
I didn't want to do it, but you made me!
You brought me into it!
But it was really all...
But it was really all my fault.
Wait a minute.
Who... who's coming for me?
The Tormentor.
I'll make it up to you.
I'll make it up to you.
I know what it is.
The Tormentor wasn't Bob.
It was our guilt.
It always lurked there
like a creature in the darkness until...
until it finally became one.
Drove Mom mad.
Cody tried to fight it, but he lost.
And now...
now it's my turn.
We have to rescue Cody.
Where is he?
He would have taken Cody to the place
where he was most afraid of.
Where Mom buried Bob.
The hole.
Okay, we got a problem.
Happy Man's guarding Cody.
Tortured souls are in there.
God, of all the crazy
people in this place
I definitely hate him the most.
Okay, we need to get him out of there.
One of us needs to be bait.
Not it.
You stay.
You need to find Cody.
We'll create a diversion.
A diversion?
Introduce him to Bob, the pedophile?
Yeah, sure, they can have a
"Hey, we're all crazy" party.
That's not a bad idea.
No, no, no, it's a bad
idea because I was joking.
Look, I know where to
hide in Aiden's memories.
We could lead Happy Man back up there,
buy Aiden some time.
Well, how will we
know that the Tormentor
didn't get you?
Because if I fail we all
end up rotting in there
for the rest of eternity.
I was hoping for a text message.
This is it.
When I said "hell and
back" I should have kept
my big mouth shut.
Well, we made it to hell.
Now we just gotta make it back.
Don't quit on me now.
I never have.
Let's go get your brother.
All right.
- Go, go, go, go!
- Go, go, go, go, go!
Under the bed, under the bed.
That's the worst place to hide!
Do you have a better idea?
Shit, shit, shit, shit.
This is a really fucking bad idea.
Sh, sh.
Come on, come on.
Stop it!
Come on.
You are such a goof.
What am I gonna do with you?
We shouldn't do this.
Happened once, let's just
leave it at that, okay?
Aiden's acting weird.
Yeah, but he deserves it.
Treating us both like shit.
You deserve better.
Oh, gosh.
Oh, shit, it's Aiden!
Ohhh, shit.
Hide under the bed.
That's a terrible idea.
Oh, shit.
Just be quiet.
Where is she?
What the hell are you talking about?
I know she's in here.
Tell me where she is.
Don't ever tell me what to do again.
Oh, so you're gonna be a man now?
Because you weren't man enough.
You motherfucker!
Get off of me!
How could you do this to me?
I took care of you after Mom died!
It's your fault she died.
I didn't wanna do it, but you made me!
You brought me into this!
Into what?
You've lost it, man!
Bree get out here, I
know you're in here.
You know why.
'Cause I was never good enough for you.
Why him?
Because he sees me.
You don't see anything, Aiden.
I mean, you used to be so full of life,
but it's been replaced by this darkness.
And there's this part of you that,
that's missing.
The part of you that loved.
It's gone.
But I still have the part that hurts.
And the part that hates.
Why have you become like this?
You did this to me.
I've tried our whole lives
to protect you from yourself.
Drugs, jail.
But your demons won't let you go,
and now they're trying
to take me with you.
You're right.
It's him.
It worked on you.
You were protected.
How could I have not
seen this the whole time?
Seen what?
He can't get to you.
So he's pulling you into his darkness
through me.
I hope you never know, Aiden.
I hope you never know.
I go...
I gotta go somewhere where
he can't reach you from.
And I gotta...
I gotta find a way to stop this.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Cody, it's me, Aiden.
Cody, Cody, it's me, it's me.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
What are you doing here?
I'm saving you.
I am so sorry.
I... I understand it all now.
You, Mom, the Tormentor.
Why didn't you protect me, Aiden?
Like you said you would.
I'm here now.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
It's locked.
No, no, no!
Hold on.
Step away from the ledge.
It won't break!
Let's go, let's go, right now!
Okay, let's go, right now!
Holy shit, your leg!
Oh, my God, oh, my God.
Shit, shit!
The Tormentor.
He's been with me this whole time.
I can't kill my guilt.
He'll always be with me.
I promised Mom I'd take care of him,
but I failed.
I failed.
You can't hurt us any more.
It is too late.
Get out of my head!
We're both his now.
There's no use for you any more.
We did what we had to do!
He was supposed to protect me.
He did all he could!
He kept his word.
He came back to save me.
He hasn't saved you yet.
It doesn't matter.
I forgive him.
I just hope he can forgive me.
We got him, bro.
We got him.
You saved my ass again, huh?
No, Cody.
This time, you saved mine.
I'm so sorry.
No, no, no, no.
No more guilt.
No more guilt.
All our lives I've been
trying to protect you.
You were trying to protect me from him.
Thank you.
Don't say "thank you".
I just, I just wanted to be like you.
I miss Mom.
Take me home, Aiden.
Take me home.
One, two,
Cody, wake up.
Hey, we did it, we did it!
We killed the Tormentor, it's over.
It's over.
I'm sorry, Aiden.
I tried, but the bleeding never stopped.
He just passed a moment ago.
We lost Duane, too.
My brother!
I wish you had a chance to talk to him
before he passed into the next world.
I did.
I did.
He's with Mom now.
And they're both safe.
He made his big brother proud.