Voodoo Rising (2016) Movie Script

Reading, writing
Hey route 23 gonna
take you to a good life
You have never seen
Reading, writing
Hey roads to the north
To the luxury and comfort
gold miner can afford
Reading, writing
Hey route 23 gonna
take you to a good job
In the city factory
- Good boy, that's a good boy.
Vernon you up there?
Oh you better not be doing
something up there you're
not supposed to.
Vernon you know I can hear you up here.
- Do you know we're in a
Mercury retrograde right now?
- What the fuck did you just say?
- Mercury retrograde, it's weird,
whenever Mercury goes
retrograde communication gets
really fucked up.
I mean cars break down,
sometimes relationships break up.
I mean I think it's kinda
weird that we're going
to Black Hill during one of these times.
- Peyton what are you talking about?
You know witchcraft it's nonsense.
- No Sally it's not it's just
her religion like any other.
You know back home I
used to study Santeria
and you won't believe
how many people actually
believes in that like
voodoo, witchcraft, Santeria,
blah, blah, blah, it's crazy
but you know they take it
very seriously actually.
- You know there's a full
moon out tonight right?
- Oh so what does that mean?
Is one of us going to grow
fangs and start barking
at the moon?
- Well if shit hits the fan this weekend,
don't try to say I didn't warn you.
- Mon dieu this is ridiculous.
My god!
Get out of here.
I have had it with you
it is the last time!
Good morning Miss Ellie.
- Huh!
- I said good morning Miss Ellie!
- Oh hello Miss Claudette.
- Did you hear what happened yesterday?
- I heard he bagged himself
another one last night, ohh!
- Well sheriff told me not
to run me mouth about it,
but he sure did.
- That damned sheriff better
bring that retard in before
he's the death of all of us.
- Well maybe the sheriff feel
like he owe the boy something
after he tried to save Vernon.
Don't Miss Ellie anybody with
half a brain would know that
Vernon was just a murderer in the making.
- Don't I know that too.
But listen here we better keep
this just between ourselves.
Don't want the sheriff
getting wind of what we're
talking about.
- But Miss Ellie it just
tears me up and all,
knowing that that boy
out there running rampant
in them woods.
- I'll have the usual.
- Well Miss Ellie this
must be your lucky day.
That will be three dollars.
- Well I better be going, I
gotta get home I got work to do.
That damned daughter-in-law
of mine she don't do nothing.
Curtains are dirty, dishes ain't done,
just sits on her backside
all day and does nothing.
Stupid bitch.
- Charlie we are in the
middle of bum fuck nowhere,
you said we were going
camping not searching
for fucking inbreds.
- Ok Porter don't worry about it,
everybody goes camping here it's fine
- Yeah and then they end up
over the spit in some mutants
backyard barbecue.
I've always dreamed of getting
roasted over an open fire.
This is fantastic, this is
great, this is fantastic.
- Ok I'm hanging up now.
Ok how's that?
Good, I know, yeah alright, bye.
Ok we are never taking Porter
on another camping trip again.
- Oh yeah, he's so gay.
- Rags slow down man, there's a,
there's someone on the side
of the road, slow down.
- Why are we stopping?
- There's nobody
on the side of the road.
- Why are we stopping?
- Fuck.
- Yeah there is.
- It looks like a cop.
- What?
Yeah, hey, hey you guys got
any dope on you stuff it now.
- We don't have any dope.
- Hi sexy.
- What's going on?
- I don't know.
- Are we helping that dude out?
Do we have a jack?
- Do we have cables?
- Why the hell are we stopping?
- This is awesome man.
- Just be cool guys, be cool.
Everything alright?
- Hey I'm always cool.
- Reckon I could use a jump.
Ya all got cables?
- Naw, can give you a lift.
- Much obliged.
- Hello officer.
- Hi.
- Oh my, this just got insane.
Just follow them.
- So where are you kids heading?
- Black Hill.
- Black Hill?
- Yes.
- Yeah Black Hill.
- You like snakes.
- No.
I hate 'em why?
- They got all kind of
snakes up in them hills.
'Conda's, moc's, rattler's,
I've seen 'em all up there.
- Rags they don't have
snakes up there do they?
- Garter's maybe, sure
as shit ain't no anaconda's.
- You're just messing with us.
- Let me tell you something
darlin' I've lived
up in these hills my whole life,
I've seen 'em all.
You campers running me
all the time on the radio,
come get this snakes outta their tents.
- Seriously come on stop
screwing around with us.
- Imagine you're lying up in
your tent all comfy and cozy,
and here come this rattler
snake slithering up your thighs,
ts, ts, ts.
- Alright I
think we've heard enough.
- What you think I'm lying?
You pull this van up on to the side,
I'll show you what I'm talking about.
You folks wait right here,
try not to get scared.
- We gotta go.
- Say hi to.
- Christ.
- Ah get outta here
you god damn city folk.
- Let's check it out.
- I go drain the 'conda.
Hey fill 'er up dip shit.
- Yeah dip shit.
- Howdy, show you folks anything special?
- You make these yourself?
- Sure do Miss girl.
- How about this, how much is it?
- For you three bucks.
- That's all?
- It's so hot out here,
it's like this all the time?
- Mmhmm.
- Makes my skin so fucking dry.
- You watch your mouth
in front of my son boy.
Guess you wants to have real nice skin.
- Yeah, yeah, I moisturize
like 10 times a day.
- That's cause he doesn't do
anything but sit on his ass
all day and primp.
- Fuck you.
- Excuse me?
- Watch your mouth.
- Sorry.
- Thank you so much.
- Bye.
- That's pretty.
Look at this.
- Be careful with that.
Don't go!
- Don't go where?
- Do not go there!
- She's crazy,
let's get out of here.
- Holy shit man!
You scared the hell outta me.
- It ain't safe to be here
boy, turn back, save yourself.
Them woods is evil,
pure unadulterated evil.
- I'm sure they are sir.
- What's up old man you got a problem?
- Naw sonny, but you will,
specially carrying that attitude
that's you's got.
- You just button it and
be on your way old man.
- Howdy Sheriff didn't hear you pull in.
- How you doing there Earl?
Is there a problem here?
- Damn stupid ass red neck.
- No problem here.
- What's the matter
boy, don't like niggers?
- No problem sir.
- You know I'm the law around
here, these are my people,
you hold your tongue you hear?
- Will do.
- Shoot Earl can't stay
outta trouble now can ya?
Take care.
- Hey guys, um I don't like
the feeling I'm getting
from this place, I think we should go.
- Ah, it's just all the
road kill getting to ya.
- No, ha, I really don't
like the feeling I'm getting.
- What do you expect?
We're in the middle of bumpkin ville.
- Pull over now.
You pull that thing over young lady.
Pull right over here.
- Oh my god are you kidding me?
- Oh my young lady were
ya going to a fire maybe?
- Um no just driving.
- Well seems to me you
were speeding a little bit.
Going a little about 12, 15
miles over the speed limit.
- I was not going that fast.
- Oh well see here the old
sheriff he isn't blind you see,
he could see his speedomoter
and I, you know tracked you
up a little bit, you
was going pretty quick.
- A little.
- Don't get lippy with me girl.
- Sorry.
- Now I'm going to have
to write you a ticket.
- No, I can't get another ticket though,
like you don't understand
they're going to take my license.
- Well you know that's not
the old sheriff's problem but,
what do you suggest we do to
rectify this here situation.
- Um, I could just drive really carefully.
- Yeah that would be the right
thing to do don't you think?
- Yeah.
- Well it ain't gonna
happen, you understand?
Maybe what the sheriff will
do here, maybe take you
or your skinny little friend over there,
into the woods, we'll just
take care of the ticket
and we'll just forget about
the whole thing like it never
- Are you fucking kidding me?
- Oh no young lady I ain't
fucking kidding no body,
see I'm the law around here,
and I'm the only law around here.
Out in the middle of nowhere.
So you gotta make a decision, my jail,
or you know just take
care of the old sheriff
and I'll let you be on your way.
- Jules you fucking owe me.
- Oh my god.
- Well now young lady I ain't got all day,
let's get a move on here.
Come around to my.
- Oh my god.
Are you Ok?
- Should come speeding
through here more often
I always told you I
liked a man in uniform.
- Oh my god.
- Where's my cousin and Charlie?
- Fornicating in the van.
- Oh please!
- What?
What's the problem?
What'd I do?
- I don't know I think we should go out.
- Why?
- I don't know they're waiting for us.
- Yeah I know they're probably
just setting up the camp.
It's cool they don't care.
- Well Ok.
- There you go.
Ah no, no, no.
What, what is wrong now?
- I don't know, come on let's just go.
- Oh, are you serious?
- Yeah, they've been waiting for us.
- That doesn't ma, are you kidding me?
You're going on my list as
shit that's bothering me today.
- Come on, get off yourself.
- Jesus.
- Oh sweet Jesus, Ok.
Fucking a.
Wow um, this place is disgusting.
- Yeah, sucking cock and eating ass
just fucking clean as shit.
- Oh fuck you Rags.
Thank you.
- Man I can't believe Derek.
Like he's going down there without me
and he probably thinks I'm
not even going to show up.
I see you're going without me.
- Jules just don't make a scene.
- Oh don't worry I won't.
- So you coming to night?
- I don't know should I?
- I want you to.
- You're sure you do?
- Come on Jules you know I do.
- Fine I guess I'll see you later.
- He's just an asshole,
probably just trying
to spin his game and get laid,
all men are pigs.
- Yeah whatever I don't know, you know,
I hope I catch him seriously.
- Yeah just watch
the look on his face
as soon as we go down there
and he's going to see how hot you look
and he's laid up with some little hussy
that he's just there with
to have a one night stand.
Oh shit!
Look out!
- Hey you stupid
little bastard get back here.
- Forget it Carly and get back in the car.
Oh, you gotta be fucking kidding me.
- Hey you little shit, where'd you go?
Where the fuck did he go?
You know we could've almost
fucking killed you right?
- Carly!
Oh, ew, Carly!
God damn it Carly where are you!
Oh ew.
- I got you now you little bastard.
Get the fuck off me!
Get off me!
Stop it!
- Carly!
- What's the matter girl?
Why'd you run from me?
Don't you recognize me?
- No.
- Tina it's me.
What'd they do to you girl?
I've been waiting five
years for you to return
and you gonna run from me?
It's alright.
- I'm not fucking Tina,
I'm not fucking Tina.
- What's
wrong with you?
- No.
- That enough.
- Where's Porter and Taylor?
- I think they're on the tire.
- What, dude this is a group outing,
that's why I wanted everybody here.
Yeah, where's Rain too?
- On the fucking rag.
- So you're not getting any pussy tonight.
- What'd you think?
Why do you think they call me Rags?
- That's gross.
- Yeah, that's disgusting dude.
- There'll
be another one passing
around here in a minute.
- What smoke that shit?
- Yeah.
- You know Charlie, the more
I drink the better you look.
- The more I smoke the
more attractive you get.
- I can't believe you
just said that to me.
- Sorry.
- You know what?
I think I kinda liked it.
Hey Peyton remember that story
Uncle Pat used to tell us?
- Sally Uncle Pat was a total
weirdo and I'm surprised that
your mom even left us alone with him.
- You gotta tell 'em it's so creepy guys.
- It's not even the truth.
- Just tell the fucking story.
- Come on tell us.
- When me and Sally were
younger our Uncle Pat
used to take us here camping
to Black Hill every summer.
And every night we would
sit by the campfire,
same old, same old he
would tell us the same
creepy old stories.
But um, one night it was different.
He told us a story about this
family that used to live here
on the property before it
even became a campground.
And one night that family was murdered,
and the only survivor was the mom.
And she was really freaked
out and messed up by it.
And she tried everything that
she possibly could to bring
her family back and so she
adopted the practices of voodoo.
- Voodoo?
What has it got something
to do with that Mercury
retrofit dealy?
- Babies from trees?
- Tell 'em what she really did.
- So I guess she would um, she
would try to take souls um,
and use human bodies as hosts
and try to bring her family back.
I mean my uncle, um he always
used to try to scare us,
and he would tell me and Sally
not to go back in the woods
alone because you could hear
her voice calling out to us.
- With what a hook?
- You know what screw you,
I'm going to bed Ok?
- Oh come on.
- Now you guys really pissed her off.
- We're sorry.
- Who are we gonna fuck with now?
- Yo god, stupid blonde
bitch fucking ghost stories.
Voodoo my ass.
Rags if that's you I swear to god!
Oh my god!
Dude you just scared the shit out of me.
- Got a light?
- You have a light.
- Really.
- Can I help you with something?
- What you doing out here boy?
- Camping with my friends.
- Camping huh?
- Black Hill.
- It's a full moon tonight son.
- How ironic.
Listen um, what was your name again?
- Zack.
- Zack, well Zack, it was a
pleasure meeting you out here,
in the middle of no where.
- The Balmer's don't like your kind son.
- My kind?
- Your kind.
- I don't get it.
- You get it.
Little bit of a buddy helmet.
- Buddy helmet?
Bye Zack.
- Don't say I didn't warn ya son.
- Hey Rags.
- What's up?
- You know what I was thinking,
it's kinda weird actually,
that cop we picked up today?
He could have easily radioed in for help,
but he didn't,
isn't that kinda strange?
- I didn't think about that.
- Oh.
- That, doesn't freak you out does it?
- You know what is freaking me out though?
Sally's cousin Peyton.
I mean what was with all that
voodoo stuff in the van right?
- I'm gonna stay away from that bitch man.
Lost her fucking mind.
- Yeah.
Course then you have Taylor
who's just smoking hot.
My goodness I would love
to give it to her huh?
- Yeah good one.
- Good luck?
PFT, please dude.
You know Sally kinda does that to me too.
- Yeah so I've heard.
- I don't know what it is she
just kinda messes with my head
you know?
- Yeah get a few drinks in her,
a little roofies, in like Flynn.
- Yeah, no she'll give it up soon enough.
- Sure.
- Fucking dogs.
Fuck this, I'll throw it to the burrito.
- Good luck dude.
I'm the fuck outta here buddy.
- Rags, Rags wake up.
- Again you fucking animal.
- No look.
There's somebody Rags look at that cock.
Rags that cock is so big.
Rags the cock is pissing on our tent.
What are you doing?
Don't go out there.
- Just pissed on our fucking tent,
you're gonna let that fly?
- Hey oh shit!
What the hell you're
point a gun at me for?
- Did you just fucking piss on our tent?
- No.
Look I thought I saw somebody
I wanted to come check it out.
- Stay here.
- No, that's crazy.
- We gotta check this out.
Get a look at him?
- Naw, I couldn't see man.
- Taylor!
Wait up!
Ah which way did you go?
- Hey Rags, why don't you tell
us what happened last night?
I overheard you on the
walkie talkie to the sheriff.
- There's nothing to tell.
Some asshole pissed on
our tent last night.
It's not funny.
- It's not guys.
- Morning everybody.
- Oh hi.
- Hey sheriff how's it going?
- Good, good.
Oh do you mind?
- Guess not.
- I understand you had a
problem here last night?
- Yeah some freak pissed
on our tent last night.
- Did you get a look at him?
- No.
- Well I did, you know the guy
just came out of the woods,
and piss all over my tent.
- Oh, that's just old Vernon.
- You know him?
- Yeah, he's a local boy.
He's got this thing,
he just likes messing with
you campers that's all.
- And you're Ok with this?
- I can't lock him up, he's retarded.
Tell you what I can do though,
I can talk to his mama,
She'll give him a good talking to.
She'll take care of him.
- Alright well thank you
sheriff, have a good one.
- See you sheriff.
- Bye.
- You all take care now.
- Well that was weird.
- Guy pisses on my tent and call his mama.
- Hey guys we're going to the lake.
- Taylor!
- Shit.
- Taylor!
I need to get in your car.
All my capri's are in the trunk.
Listen, Taylor come on.
You again?
What is going on?
- Got a light?
- No, no I don't have a light actually.
I know you have a light.
What are you doing, are you
following me or something?
- You having fun up here boy?
- Not really.
- I think so.
- No none of the other
guys are gay unfortunately.
But I'm having a great
time, thank you for asking.
Wonderful I love camping, one with nature.
- You're tent get a
little wet last night boy?
- What do you know about our tents?
- I know a lot.
- Alright listen, I'm
going to be really honest
with you Zack, you creep
the hell out of me, Ok?
Like I can see you, I don't
know, um kidnapping one
of my female friends, hogtying
her and throwing her in
the back of your truck.
So I'm going to be real honest right now.
If I run into you again
I will be armed with mace
and a Taser and I will
call the sheriff, Ok?
So have a great life, it was a pleasure
and I hope to never run into you again.
Have a great one.
- Sheriff ain't gonna help that boy.
- I warned you about
them kind of things now.
I warned you about them kind of.
Come here little girl.
Come here.
Warned you about them rattlers didn't I?
I warned you about them rattlers.
- Come on I warned you
about them rattlers.
- Derrick!
- Get up here!
Get up here!
- I'll be heading back very soon.
Hold it honey hold it, where you going?
- Help!
There's a man after me!
- What, where?
- He's down by the lake.
- Whoa!
- Stop right there boy!
- Not me!
Not me!
- No stop it's not him!
- Damn if it ain't you boy!
- Will you wait for me?
- What the hell's going on?
- By the lake there's a man
there he tried to rape me!
- What man?
- Sir I just fought this guy at the lake.
- What guy.
- I don't know, some
hippie guy with long hair.
- Now listen calm down.
Calm down!
Listen to me now.
Listen to me.
Want you to go by the campsite, stay put,
don't go nowhere.
Now get, I'm gonna check it out.
Don't leave the campsite, get over there.
God damn it.
- Go sit down Ok?
Go sit down.
Some on give me that blanket.
- What happened?
- It's alright, alright.
- She's my cousin.
- She needs sometime, she needs sometime.
- Peyton, what happened?
- Oh Sally.
- What happened?
- Why are we just standing here?
We should be out looking for
that mother fucker who tried
to rape Peyton.
- Yeah I'm in if you guys are.
- You guys I think this is a bad idea.
- I think this whole camping
trip has been a bad idea.
- It's a matter of principle,
be a fag you're good at it Ok?
I'm looking.
- Wait.
Come on.
- Oh you're going to?
Great, well I guess it's you and me now.
- Yeah let's go look over here.
- Yeah let's go do that.
- Norm!
- Zack.
How you doing?
- Not bad.
What you doing?
- Well we got us a little problem.
- Oh yeah, what would that be?
- Well one of them girls
got attacked, down at the
- Yeah?
- You didn't see anybody
down by the lake did you?
- Yeah I did.
- Now who might that be?
- Heh Clarence.
- Damn, now that is a problem.
See about five years ago
Clarence came down to the
campground with his wife.
Well you know how Vernon is
when he sees one of those
pretty little things running
around the campground
Well he went up and took her,
so I couldn't begrudge the boy
you know, so we put her up in the barn.
- Get the fuck outta here.
- Well Clarence he went
crazy, lost his mind.
Well I didn't want to kill him
you know, I like the boy so,
I took him to the voodoo
lady and well we had his
mind erased.
Problem is though, is that
you know every time he sees a
girl that remotely reminds
him of her, well he goes crazy
and loses his mind all over again.
- Don't you remember me?
Tina it's me.
- No, I'm going to have
to take care of him,
find him and straighten him out.
- You know what Norm?
I don't recall ever seeing
her, round the campsite.
- Well now that's a funny story,
you know how I had them dogs?
- Yeah?
- Well, Vernon had her up in the barn,
I mean you know doing what
Vernon does well one day
he left the barn and dogs got into it.
Turned that poor girl into dog food.
It was a hell of a mess.
- Oh shit.
- Oh yeah, well listen,
I'm gonna have to go find
Clarence and get him all
straightened out now.
You take care Zack, it's good to see you.
But if you see old Clarence
you give me a yell alright?
- Alright.
- Alright.
- This one time I shot a buck
like right in the back of the
fucking head.
- What?
I can't believe you how could
you kill an adorable deer?
- Adorable.
- I never thought you
were that kind of guy.
Wait did you hear that?
- Came from over there.
- Probably just an animal.
- I left my gun at the fucking campsite.
- Pack.
- Let's go.
I'm gonna go change Ok?
- Ah be careful that's loaded.
- I got it.
- Just you.
- What's up?
- You see anything?
- Ah, I didn't see anything.
- Where'd the faggot go?
- I think he an Taylor
went back to the campsite.
- What was that.
- Dude we gotta go to the campsite.
- We heard a gunshot what happened?
- She just killed somebody with your gun.
- Fuck.
- Let's get
out of here, come on.
- What happened?
What happened?
Well somebody please explain
to me what just happened.
- She shot a man!
- We can't just fucking leave him here.
- What else are we going to do huh?
What else are we gonna do?
- They're gonna fucking know it's us.
- No one saw
except for me and her.
- Well fuck it.
- Just pack up and come on.
- Let's throw his body in the river.
- What?
- Maybe then they'll think
the local hunters did it.
- That's insane.
- Oh fuck no!
Rags if you think that's
what we're going to do
you're even more of a fucking
idiot than I thought you were
to begin with.
- You know what you got a better idea.
- Yeah Rags I do, Ok, we're
gonna go to the sheriff,
we can't just leave him
here and not tell anybody.
- Oh yeah the fucking sheriff,
that creepy fucking weirdo,
think he's gonna help us out with this?
- Well what do you
think we're going to do?
- Fuck this.
Ok ah fuck!
Charlie, we'll take him
to the river come on.
- I'm having nothing to
do with this bull shit.
- No do what the fuck you,
do what the fuck you want.
- Guys just stop.
- We're going come
on Taylor let's get the
fuck out of here.
I'm having nothing to do with this shit.
- Fuck you're a cock sucker.
Rain come on.
- Agh fuck.
Fuck my ankle.
- What's wrong?
- I think I broke my ankle.
- Shit ah, Ok, ah what,
what do you want to do?
- Don't don't move it,
have to move it.
- We try to move her, it's only
going to make things worse.
- Go back to camp and radio for help.
- Ok I'll be right back.
- It's going to be alright.
- Ok.
- Right over here.
- Dear God boy.
Gal can you walk?
- Who the hell is she?
Get me the hell out of here.
I'm in pain.
- Damn good thing you ain't a horse
cause I'd have to take
you out back and shoot ya.
You two, you're gonna have
to carry her up here and
we'll take her back to my place
so that I can doctor her up.
- You'll be fine, don't worry.
- It hurts.
- I know, I know.
Wouldn't have volunteered if
I'd known it was all up hill.
- Are we there yet lady?
- It ain't much
farther as the crow flies,
course you boys ain't crows.
- What the hell does that mean?
- I don't know.
- Go ahead.
- Careful, careful.
- Agh.
- Ok?
- Yeah.
- You'll be fine gal just
put your foot up there,
keep it up.
- Thank you guys.
- You two can get in the back seat.
Doors are unlocked.
- Charlie what's up man?
- Rain fell and broke
her ankle or some shit,
we found a midwife but
she's taking us up to the
house right now, if you
want to meet us there,
I guess it's up by the gas station.
- Yeah fine we'll meet you up there.
- Derrick did he just say fucking midwife?
- Yeah he said midwife.
- What the fuck is this
15th century France?
- I don't know.
- What are they going to do
put leeches all over her leg?
We gotta get her to a
fucking hospital dude?
- How are we going to do that?
- Hey we could take my
car to the next town.
- Ok well.
- We gotta get back to the vehicle.
- Right.
- Hey weren't
you the lady that sold my
girlfriend the purse the other day?
- So you two are related?
- Both.
- Do we even know where we're going?
- Look I know, I figured we
just jump on 90 and um get
off at the next exit.
- Do you think they're going to be Ok?
- As long as they keep their mouths shut
they should be fine.
- Are you the midwife?
- Matter of fact I am.
And you, done killed my boy.
- Where's our friend?
- She's a little tied up at the moment.
- It won't start.
- Are you fucking kidding me?
- It was working yesterday.
Can you check under the hood?
- Do I look like I would know
what to do under the hood?
- Do I?
Fine I'll do it.
Everything's fine.
I think.
Try starting the car again.
- Nothing.
Try checking the oil or something.
See if it's leaking.
Por you need to come check this out.
- Taylor?
Shit, oh shit,
oh shit!
Oh fuck!
- Hey faggot!
- Oh god!
- Boy, boy.
Wake up, wake up.
- Don't you fucking touch
me boy, oh see shut up!
You understand me son?
We ain't having none of this now.
- What the fuck is happening?
- Son you have a few.
- Looks like one of you pretty
ladies gonna have to make
yourselves a decision.
Which one of you two get to die?
And which one of you two
get to get fucked nightly?
You already fucked you
just don't know it yet.
- Court is now in session.
There will be no talking
during the procedures.
- We call to the stand Miss Agnes Balmer.
- State your name for the court honey.
- Agnes Balmer.
- Swear to tell the whole
truth say nothing but the truth
so help you god.
- I do.
- Can you tell me
what happened to the deceased,
Vernon Balmer?
And what went on that day?
- Well he was out scaring pigs
down by the river you know,
like he always does.
Then he went up to scare her
and she just pulled out a gun
and shot Vernon dead.
- And then what happened?
- They rolled him up like a
saw and threw him in the river.
- Who did?
- She did it!
That girl right there she did it.
- That girl right there?
You show me darlin' you show me.
This one right here?
This is the one?
That'll be all dear one, you sit down.
Court calls to the stand Vernon Balmer.
Vernon Balmer you swear to tell the truth
the whole truth and nothing but the truth
so help you god?
Vernon I can't hear you.
- Pa!
- Speak up boy.
- Why you do this to yourself,
you know he can't hear you.
- I want them to see what
they did to our boy Ma.
- Daddy come on take him down.
- What?
- It's just enough.
- Well it appears to me we've
had us a fair trial here.
Mama, jury have you reached a verdict?
- Jury.
We the jury find you guilty
of the murder of our son
and brother and will
sentence you to death.
A sentence to be carried out immediately.
- Round here I am the
judge, jury and executioner.
And by god you will pay
for what you've done!
Stevie go get my bible
and get your grandma.
Oh look at this here.
Look at this here ma.
- Looks like we got ourselves a bleeder.
- Hurry up I'm bleeding,
dance for me boy.
- Stop it!
Stop it you sick fucks!
- Shut your cock sucker.
- Get the fuck away from me!
- Shut your mouth.
- No!
- I said shut your mouth filthy boy.
I know your kind.
I seen your kind before.
- Daddy I think this one's a faggot.
- What's a faggot?
- This here's a faggot son,
this here, here's a faggot.
You like taking it in
the ass don't you son?
You like it up your ass.
Say it!
- Yes.
- Maybe your pretty little
friend would like it up the ass.
Maybe she don't like it at all.
See, we'll just see if
she don't like it none.
You ain't feared of an
anaconda mother fucker?
Well you're about to right now!
- Leave her alone!
Leave her alone!
- I'm in charge now boys and girls.
I'm gonna fry me a faggot.
Hey ma you take this gun here,
you point it at them kids right there,
if any of them try to make a
run for it you gun 'em down.
Agnes hold that boy straight,
we're gonna make this one extra crispy.
You ain't done yet come on.
- Good work boy, good work.
- Mama can I keep her now.
- Go ahead girl you're gonna
do what you want anyway.
And both of you be careful
with them, don't mess them up
to much.
Got a feeling your pa has
a hankering for me to start
making some new handbags.
- You be a good little pig,
you get up and you behave
don't make me shoot you
any sooner than I have to,
you hear me?
Get up!
Get up, get the f.
- Stupid bitch, there's one let.
- He ain't goin' no where.
- Sorry I had to change
out of my other overalls.
You know what I'll do to you.
I'm gonna fuck you.
Well and then I'll kill ya.
And then I'll fuck you again.
- No.
- You like that huh?
You know, I think my mama'll like you,
my daddy don't like you, my daddy like me.
Well, you know, Agnes were aboard,
what do you think?
Agnes could do?
Oh please let you go?
- Let me go please.
- Please let you go please.
- Please, I didn't do anything.
- Oh let you go?
Let you go?
- Let me go please.
- Please let you go?
- I didn't do anything.
- Well?
You gonna get gone?
- Don't hurt me.
- Well then get gone.
Get gone.
- Oh, souee!
Where'd you go?
- What are those Balmer's up to now?
What do you think girl?
- Down, down.
- You might want to start
saying your prayers.
Get this over with as fast as you can.
- Did you get him?
- I think so.
- Norman get your pants
on he's getting away.
- I'll kill you when I find you boy.
- You wanna go and take care of her?
- Mama that's gonna be my pleasure.
Come 'ere girl.
Doesn't that make sense that
a piggy wants to play hide
and get fucked.
- I told you I'd kill you
for what you did to my boy.
- Please help me I need a ride.
- What's wrong what happened?
- My cousin, my friend's they're all dead,
the crazy town, the sheriff, the deputy.
- Calm down, calm down.
I'll give you a ride.
- Thank you.
I'll do anything please!